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01:05 Let's pray together before we begin this evening.
01:13 Our father in heaven, once again we've come
01:19 together in this place to open your word and lord
01:25 we dare not, we dare not open your word without
01:29 first asking for your holy spirit.
01:32 To open our minds, open our eyes, open our hearts
01:36 so we can see and believe and understand your truth
01:41 for these days as we look at angel warfare.
01:47 We ask in Jesus name. Amen!
01:57 Betty Fetters had decided one afternoon that
02:02 she would explore some of the back acreage in the,
02:05 in the property that she and her husband
02:07 had just purchased out in the country.
02:09 While she was out, walking through the wilderness,
02:13 she fell into an abandoned well.
02:18 As she found and felt herself hurling down into the
02:22 darkness, bracing herself expecting to impact
02:26 on those rocks below at any moment, she saw a white
02:29 being of lights swooping down into the well, she nestled
02:34 into its arms and the next thing she knew, she was
02:37 standing on the ground beside the empty hovel.
02:43 You would have a hard time convincing Betty Fetters that
02:47 there are no such thing as angels.
02:52 Little Joanna, she was only 8 years old,
02:59 and after her mother had said the prayers together tucked her
03:03 in the bed, kissed her good night, shut off the light,
03:05 closed the door. Joanna suddenly saw a
03:10 white being of light appear right in the center of her
03:13 bedroom, it was an angel saying,
03:15 "Hello Joanna, I'm an angel sent from Jesus. "
03:21 Even though Joanna had been raised in a Christian Home,
03:24 she was scared. And she looked at the angel
03:30 and she said, "You are not from Jesus. "
03:33 The angel says, "How do you know?"
03:37 Because every place in the Bible where an angel appeared
03:41 and the people were scared, the angel said fear not.
03:44 I'm scared and you didn't say fear not,
03:46 you can't be from Jesus.
03:50 Right on! Instantly the angel turned into a hideous demonic
04:00 looking being that swooped down on her and said,
04:04 "Would you rather see me me looking like this and
04:06 vanished away into darkness. "
04:10 It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do
04:14 in order to please God.
04:20 Sharon Lee Halstead told her pastor as she sat across
04:24 table from him, in the women's pentitentiary in Sale, Oregon.
04:29 She said, as I left the Greene's home with the gun
04:34 still smoking in my hand, I realized that I had only
04:39 half way finished the assignment that God have given me to do.
04:43 Lynn Greene was dead, her three-year old boy
04:46 Nathaniel was shot, but her husband David
04:49 had managed to escape, will God ever forgive me
04:53 for having done the job so poorly.
04:58 You see Sharon Lee Halstead had become convinced by
05:02 by an angel of light, that it was God's plan
05:06 to destroy the Greene family.
05:13 Obviously a bad angel, but here is the question.
05:23 That angel, that angel that swooped down into the well
05:27 and lifted up Betty Fetters and brought her back out
05:32 to the surface before she could be dashed to death
05:35 on the rocks below, that angel that saved her
05:37 life was it a good angel or a bad angel.
05:47 How do you know? 2 Corinthians chapter 11 verse 14,
05:57 "Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light,"
06:02 is it not surprising then, that if his servants
06:07 masquerade as servants of righteousness.
06:13 Tell me, many ask, why would the devil save someone's life.
06:23 Do you think that Satan would save a life, if he thought
06:29 that by doing so he could win a soul?
06:37 You see that's the way he works.
06:41 Don't believe that the devil runs around dressed in his
06:44 little red jump suit with two horns on his head,
06:46 a long tail with an arrow on its end and
06:48 a pitch fork in his hand, don't believe him.
06:52 He appears masqueraded as an angel of light, even willing
06:58 to do good in order to win souls for himself.
07:03 Angel Warfare, Revelation chapter 1 verse 1,
07:10 in Revelation, the first chapter, the first verse,
07:13 "The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him to show his
07:18 servants what must soon take place, he made it known
07:22 by sending his angel to his servant John,"
07:28 who testified to everything that he saw.
07:30 The word of God, the Book of Revelation was delivered
07:34 to us from God by an angel, a good angel. Amen. Amen.
07:46 Verse 13, "I saw, I turned to see the one standing among
07:50 the who was speaking and I saw someone like a son of man,
07:53 his eyes were like blazing fire, in his hand was seven stars. "
07:58 Verse 20, "The mystery of the seven stars that you saw
08:02 in my right hand, and of the seven golden lamp stands
08:05 is this the seven stars are the seven angels of the seven
08:09 churches, good angels. " In fact he said
08:14 in chapter 2 verse 1, 2, "The angel of the church in
08:17 Ephesus write these words to the angel of the church in Smyrna,
08:21 to the angel of the church in Pergamon,
08:24 to the angel of the church in Thyatira, to the angel of
08:27 the church in Sardis, in Philadelphia, in Laodicea,
08:31 write these words, angels are God's messengers,
08:34 in fact the word angel means in Greek angelos means messenger
08:38 and good angels are God's messengers.
08:42 They bring messages to earth from God.
08:47 And we turn to Revelation chapter 12 in verse 7,
08:51 "There was war in Heaven, Michael and his angels,
08:56 good angels fought against the dragon and his angel's,
09:00 bad angels, but there were not strong enough and they lost
09:06 their place in heaven, the great dragon was hurled down
09:09 that ancient serpent called the devil or Satan
09:11 who leads the whole world astray, he was hurled
09:14 to the earth and his angels with him,
09:16 bad angels on the earth, bad news.
09:22 Good angels on the earth good news.
09:25 Better news I'll show you tomorrow night,
09:28 that for every bad angel on this earth,
09:29 God has two good angels.
09:34 chapter 14 verse 6, "I saw another angel flying
09:38 in the mid air and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim
09:41 to those who live on the earth, every tribe, every language,
09:44 every people, a good angel. " Chapter 14 verse 8,
09:49 " a second angel followed him and said in a loud voice,
09:51 fallen, fallen is Babylon the Great that made all the
09:54 nations drink the maddening wine of her adultery,"
09:57 is a good angel, scary message but a good angel.
10:00 And then chapter 14 verse 9, "a third angel followed them
10:06 and said in a loud voice, if anyone worships
10:08 the beast and his image and takes his mark on the
10:11 forehead or on the hand, he will also drink the wine of
10:14 God's fury, fury poured full strength
10:16 into the cup of his indignation,"
10:18 another good angel, scary message but a good angel.
10:26 Chapter 16, "Heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the
10:31 seven angels go and pour the seven bowls
10:34 of God's wrath on the earth. "
10:38 Chapter 16 verse 12, "The sixth angel poured out his bowl
10:41 on the great river Euphrates, as water was dried up to
10:44 prepare the way for the kings from the east and I saw
10:47 three evil spirits, they look like frogs coming
10:51 out of the mouth of the Dragon, out of the mouth of the beast,
10:53 out of the mouth of the false prophet, they are the spirits
10:56 of demons and they go out to the kings of the whole of the world
10:59 performing miracles and signs to gather them for the
11:03 battle on the great day of God Almighty. "
11:06 We are gonna take a look at that battle on the great day of
11:09 God Almighty, the Battle of Armageddon
11:11 coming upon another night.
11:12 We are gonna take a look at the Dragon, the beast,
11:15 the false prophet, tomorrow night we will identify
11:18 the Dragon for you, on another night we will identify
11:20 the beast and that number 666, you know exactly who
11:24 the beast is, you know exactly what the number means,
11:26 God doesn't warn us against taking the mark and then let it
11:31 get so confused that you can't know what the mark is.
11:35 We are gonna show you comparing scripture with scripture,
11:37 letting the Bible interpret itself, you will discover
11:40 for yourself what the mark is on the right hand or the forehead
11:43 but not tonight we are not ready for that yet, we have to be
11:46 able to crawl before we can walk, we have to walk
11:49 before we can run. The problem everybody wants
11:51 to hit the ground running.
11:55 For tonight, it's enough for us to just recognize this,
11:58 that a prophet is one who has a message from God.
12:02 A false prophet then must be one who claims to have a
12:07 message from God, but actually it comes from someone else.
12:16 And in the book of Revelation, it shows that the false
12:18 prophet performs miracles, signs and wonders in order to
12:23 deceive people into believing that he speaks in fact for God.
12:29 Don't be surprised, even the devil himself appears
12:32 masqueraded as an angel of light.
12:34 I'm gonna show you on another night, he even quotes
12:36 scripture probably knows it better that you do.
12:40 The false prophet in order to deceive anyone must appear
12:45 as though he were a true prophet, and he must be so
12:50 convincing because he deceives almost the
12:53 whole world, the book of Revelation says.
13:03 In other words, three unclean spirits coming out of the
13:06 mouth of the Dragon, the beast, the false prophet, shows us
13:09 that in the last days, there will be a massive revival,
13:14 an explosion of interest in supernatural
13:17 psychic phenomenon. And I don't know if you have
13:23 been paying attention lately, but it's happening
13:27 all around us today.
13:30 Paul even predicted it, Paul tells us
13:33 in First Timothy chapter 4 verse 1,
13:37 "The spirit clearly says that in the last days, some will abandon
13:44 the faith and follow deceiving spirits
13:47 and things taught by demons. "
13:52 So here is the Apostle Paul, and he is looking forward
13:57 to the last days. And if you are not convinced yet you will be
14:02 in just a few more nights folks that we are in fact living
14:06 in the last days. So the Apostle Paul is looking forward to
14:13 our time, and he says in these last days many will depart
14:19 the faith following the doctrines of demons.
14:24 Now listen to me, in order for someone to depart
14:27 the faith that means they will have at one time must have
14:31 been a part of the faith, you cannot depart
14:34 something you've never been a part of.
14:39 Many will depart the faith, why? Because they follow the
14:43 doctrines of demons and remember the demons are going around
14:47 performing miracles, signs and wonders, the devil loves
14:52 to counterfeit everything that God does.
14:56 And think about it for a second. If the false prophet does
15:04 miracles in order to gain credibility, in order to gain
15:10 confidence, in order to deceive people into thinking
15:15 that he is a true prophet.
15:17 If the false prophet as the Bible says does miracles
15:20 then miracles can never be the test that God is at work.
15:30 In the last days, there will be an explosion
15:34 of interest in the occult, witch crafts, psychic phenomenon.
15:37 Just walk past when I call the grocery store scandal sheets
15:45 at the checkout stands of every grocery store and
15:48 look at the headlines in those little newspapers there,
15:51 almost every time you're gonna to see something dealing with
15:54 supernatural psychic phenomenon why?
15:57 Because that's what people are interested in
15:59 and that's what sells newspapers.
16:02 I just for fun the other day I did a search on the Internet
16:06 looking for witchcraft, occult, psychic phenomenon
16:14 and I found over 4 million hits.
16:21 Folks it wouldn't be out there if no one was interested in it.
16:25 And the fact that it's there means that there is in
16:29 fact an explosion of interest in the supernatural.
16:33 Hundreds of people spend thousands of dollars to make
16:36 the journey to Yelm, Washington, a little town just 50 miles
16:40 from where we live.
16:43 In order to receive guidance and council from Ramtha,
16:47 a warrior who supposedly died 3500 years ago and speaks
16:52 through his channel JZ Knights. Channeling is one of the most
16:58 popular phenomenons happening in the spirit world today.
17:02 June 14th in the year 2000, John Edwards stood center stage
17:08 inaugurating his new program crossing over.
17:14 And in his program crossing over, John Edward first
17:19 of all welcomes his spirit guides.
17:24 And he says, I am John Edward, I talk to dead people.
17:28 And John Edward begins to reveal information to the families
17:34 eagerly waiting for information from the other side.
17:37 And he flawlessly delivers information that only
17:41 the deceased person could possibly have known.
17:47 You can watch it on your own television set.
17:49 I am not suggesting you do in fact I'm saying don't.
17:54 But that's where it is and why it's so popular today.
17:59 Movies, dealing with the occult, supernatural, with the dead,
18:05 the sixth sense, crossing over, dragon fly, even
18:11 our good friend Harry Porter.
18:13 Oh! What's wrong with Harry Porter
18:16 nice little children story, but the idea is that
18:22 those things are popular because that's what
18:24 people are interested in today.
18:26 Montel Williams was writing an endorsement for
18:31 Sylvia Brown's book and Sylvia Brown he described
18:34 as listen psychic, medium, clairvoyant, channel,
18:41 these are all words to describe Sylvia Brown's unique powers.
18:47 Montel Williams said, I have personally witnessed
18:50 Sylvia Brown bringing closure to distract families, helping
18:55 the police close cases and open people's hearts to help
18:59 them see the good in themselves.
19:01 What could be more harmless? Who wouldn't want to help
19:07 others in these ways? Sylvia Brown herself said
19:11 this book is about you, it's about your God given
19:15 powers and how to reconnect with it
19:18 and how to put it to good use.
19:21 I mean that should settle it, shouldn't it?
19:23 If it's about our God given powers and how to put it
19:26 to good use, we should all want that and if
19:29 Montel Williams endorses it, it's got to be right. Amen.
19:39 Mr. Williams chooses words psychic, medium, clairvoyant,
19:44 channel that should raise red flags in our minds.
19:51 You see a channel is one who claims to communicate
19:55 with the dead. John Edward says that he is a channel.
20:00 JZ Knight claims to be a channel, Shirley MacLaine
20:03 claims to be a channel; because they think
20:07 they can communicate with the dead.
20:10 But another seer who wrote 100s of years before Jesus was
20:15 even born said that when men tell you to consult mediums
20:20 and spirits, that's channels who whisper and mutter
20:23 should not a person inquire of God, why consult the dead
20:27 on behalf of the living Isaiah 8:19.
20:30 God says, don't communicate with the dead, communicate
20:34 with me. I am alive, I am here.
20:37 And I want to help you.
20:45 What's wrong with Harry Potter, the title of the first movie
20:50 was the sorcerer's stone. What's a sorcerer?
20:56 A sorcerer is a channel, one who communicates with
21:02 the dead and can't you see how subtly and silently the old
21:09 Dragon introduces his warfare into the minds of
21:13 children making it seem like it's harmless and fun.
21:18 The old devil plays the keeps folks and never forget it.
21:26 The question we have to ask ourselves is who is it on the
21:33 other side that the John Edwards, JZ Knights,
21:38 Shirley Maclaine's, who is it that these channels are
21:44 communicating with on the other side.
21:49 One time a lady came up to me, we were in Oklahoma City
21:51 doing Revelation now meeting and the, one night after that
21:55 first sermon, the lady came up and she said you know pastor,
21:59 I just want to introduce myself. Chatting with her a little bit
22:03 and talked about, the issue came up about how can we know
22:07 that we're saved and I asked her, I said do you have
22:09 eternal life, do you know without a doubt that
22:11 you're saved and you have internal life and she said
22:13 oh yes praise the Lord I do, I said praise God
22:15 we have to have that kind of assurance. Amen.
22:18 Are you with me tonight. Amen. Okay, just wanted to make sure.
22:24 And then I asked her, how do you know that you're saved,
22:27 you know what she told me, she said Oh, because
22:31 my husband died 4 years ago and just shortly after he died
22:34 he came back and he told me that he had been to heaven,
22:37 he saw God, he saw Jesus and they told him to come,
22:40 told me to come back and to tell you that everything is fine
22:44 you just go on living the way that you are and
22:46 you will be in heaven too soon with me.
22:48 You see she had her assurance from the spirit.
22:52 The tragedy was that she said she was wasn't really
22:56 interested in studying the Bible any more because
22:59 she got her assurance from the spirit.
23:01 Now folks, if the spirit leads you in any direction other than
23:06 the word of God you are following the wrong spirit.
23:09 Because this book was given to us by God through his
23:13 Holy Spirit and God will never lead you in any direction
23:16 other than what is written here in this book, this is the
23:19 safety, this is the guide that we have.
23:24 So, the question we need to ask ourselves and
23:26 the answer ought to be obvious, is it safe for a Christian
23:30 to indiscriminately involve ourselves in any kind and
23:34 all kind of supernatural phenomenon. Is it safe
23:37 or should we as Christians distinguish between the spirits.
23:41 In First John the fourth chapter, First John chapter
23:44 4 verse 1. John wrote, "dear friends do not
23:48 believe every spirit. But test the spirits to see
23:54 whether they are from God. " Why? Because so many
23:57 false prophets have gone out into the world.
24:00 Don't believe every spirit, test the spirit first see if he
24:03 comes from God because there are false prophets in the world,
24:07 in fact he goes on to say this is the spirit of the Antichrist
24:10 which you ever heard is coming even now, he is already in the
24:14 world, well how can that be practically the whole Christian
24:17 world is looking for the Antichrist to appear and
24:21 the Bible says even now the spirit of the Antichrist
24:23 is present that's saved for another night.
24:26 I wouldn't miss that one for anything if I were you.
24:30 But the fact that John tells us to test the spirit,
24:35 to see if it's from God because false prophets are in the world
24:41 tells us that we should distinguish between the spirits,
24:45 First Timothy or First Thessalonians in chapter 5,
24:48 First Thessalonians chapter 5, verse19 says,
24:56 "do not put out the spirit's fire. Do not treat prophecies
25:00 with contempt. Test everything hold on to the good,
25:04 avoid every kind of evil," you see these verses are telling
25:08 us even one the gifts of the spirit is to, the ability to
25:12 distinguish between the spirits, can't you see these versus
25:15 are telling us that we must test the spirit because there are
25:19 two spirit realms, a realm of good spirits, a realm of evil
25:24 demon spirits and we must distinguish between the two?
25:29 Well, how do you do it? How can you test the spirit?
25:35 You can't test it by miracles. Because demon spirits
25:40 and bad angels do miracles. You can't test it by doing good
25:44 things, because the angel that saved Betty Feathers may have
25:49 been doing it in order to gain confidence.
25:51 How do you test the spirit? Folks there is only way to test
25:57 the spirit. And that's why this book Isaiah tells us.
26:03 Isaiah chapter 8 verse 20, to the law and the Testimony,
26:06 that's the word of God if they speak not according to
26:09 these words there is no light in them.
26:13 Test the spirit with the word of God, don't test it by
26:17 how nice a person is, somebody told me, oh I know that
26:22 what I'm hearing is the truth because he is
26:23 such a wonderful nice man.
26:27 The false prophet is a wonderful nice appearing man.
26:32 The false prophet knows how to say the right things,
26:35 the false prophet knows the Bible better than you do.
26:38 The false prophet quotes the Bible, he could even be a
26:40 pastor, he could even be a popular Evangelist,
26:43 he could even be an Evangelist that travels around the world
26:46 and does revelation now meetings.
26:53 You smile, how do you know that you are not listening to the
26:59 false prophet right now. How do you know, you don't know.
27:08 You see that's the point, the only way you can know is
27:12 to test what I say by the word of God.
27:15 And I am not afraid for you to test me by the word of God.
27:18 That's why I give you the print out every night, take it,
27:22 go home. This isn't just for you to have something to throw on
27:25 your coffee table or your book case, this is for you to test
27:28 the spirit, to see if in fact what you're hearing
27:31 night after night is true. If it measures up to the
27:33 word of God then whole fast, if it contradicts the word
27:36 of God then don't come back, is that fair enough?
27:39 I am not afraid to put my face to the acid test of the
27:43 word God and you shouldn't be either.
27:49 Ephesians, in Ephesians the 6th chapter, goes a step
27:54 further in verse 12, Paul writes, our struggle is not
27:57 against flesh and blood, it's not against flesh and blood,
28:01 things that we can see and watch and see it coming no, he says,
28:05 our struggle is against the rules of the authorities,
28:07 against the powers of this dark world, against spiritual forces
28:11 of evil in heavenly realms. The battle, the angel warfare
28:17 is not something that you can see. It's not a gun pointing
28:21 at your head, it's not a fist that can dodge a blow,
28:25 it's spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms,
28:29 it suddenly and secretly sneaks into your life
28:32 and grabs hold before you now it's even there.
28:37 Somebody told me one time, she said pastor,
28:39 I don't want be in that war. I am sorry you are,
28:44 you have no choice about that. The only choice you have is
28:49 which side are you on and we want to be sure
28:53 we are on the side of good angels. Amen.
28:55 And the only way that you can know that is to test it by
28:58 the word of God. That's angel warfare.
29:03 That's what John saw in Revelation chapter 16,
29:06 that's what Jesus saw as he cast out demons
29:09 in his ministry when he was here on this earth,
29:11 it was angel warfare. Bible tells us in
29:15 Deuteronomy chapter 18th, Deuteronomy the 18th
29:20 chapter in verse 10, "let no one be found among
29:25 you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire.
29:31 " Now you say, well that's back in the olden days,
29:33 they don't do that any more, just hold on to that thought
29:35 for a moment, I'm gonna come back to it.
29:37 Let no one be found among you who practices divination,
29:40 sorcery or interprets omens, that's astrology.
29:46 Oh, what's wrong with astrology? I know, a lot of people
29:49 who never leave their home until they check the
29:51 horoscope in the morning. Leo, Sagittarius or
29:56 whatever it is, what's wrong with that? I tell you what's
30:02 wrong with it, astrology is based on the basic idea
30:08 that your fate, your destiny is fixed by the position
30:13 of the stars at the moment of your birth.
30:17 But we know, don't we? We know, that we're born sinful that
30:26 we're born with a fate, with a destiny of destruction,
30:30 but the moment we accept Jesus Christ as our savior
30:34 we're born again and our destiny changes. Amen.
30:38 I've never heard an astrology ask, when were you born again,
30:41 have you? You see, when you look to the stars
30:47 for guidance and direction, you're turning your back on
30:50 the God who made those stars, who wants to lead you
30:53 and guide you. Let no one be found among you who
30:58 engages in witchcraft or cast spells, who is a medium,
31:03 a spirit or so who consults the death, that's a channel.
31:07 That's what's wrong with John Edward,
31:10 that's what's wrong with JZ Knight.
31:12 They consult the death instead of consulting God
31:15 then I'm gonna show you on another night why it's so wrong.
31:22 Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord.
31:27 Ruth Montgomery who was a spirit medium, wrote in
31:33 her book a search for truth. A chapter entitled
31:38 the Doubter's Dilemma. And, the Doubter's Dilemma
31:44 goes like this. If the spirits that we're communicating
31:53 with on the other side are truly the spirits of departed
31:59 loved ones, then why all the lies, why the cruelty,
32:08 why the gross immorality involved in witchcraft,
32:17 channeling, spirit mediums, why all the lies,
32:22 why the cruelty? Bishop Pike, a medium and his secretary,
32:29 who also communicated with the spirits explained how she
32:34 would constantly be awakened in the middle of the night
32:39 with terrible nightmares, dreaming that someone was
32:44 driving sharp instruments under her finger nails only to
32:48 wake up finding her hands drenched in blood.
32:56 She would have nightmares dreaming that her hair
32:59 was on fire and wake up with her hairs of singed, burned
33:06 and gone. Why the cruelty, if these are in fact the spirits
33:14 of departed love ones. The Doubter's Dilemma,
33:20 why the lies. A young lady, whose husband was off to war,
33:28 was faithfully writing to her husband everyday and his
33:34 letters came in return not so much, but she understood that.
33:38 And, she just lived for that time when the mailman came.
33:42 She could run to the mailbox and get those letters and
33:45 be in touch with her husband she missed so desperately and
33:48 so much. But the time went by and there were no letters.
33:55 The days turned into weeks, no letter.
34:02 After a month, she was really getting worried.
34:07 No one had any answers for her. So, some friends of her said,
34:12 why don't we go visit a spirit medium or a channel and
34:18 they can find out what happened, she was a little nervous,
34:23 but she was getting desperate. So, she decided to go.
34:28 They went to the Sayons and she saw what appeared
34:34 to be her husband. He told her how he had been
34:38 killed in the war, but that he was okay,
34:42 safe on the other side and that some day she would
34:47 be joined together with him. She left their feeling
34:51 a little relief that at least now she knew what
34:55 had happened. And, just a few days later, she heard
35:01 a knock on the door. She knew what it was. It was gonna be
35:05 someone from the military with a news about her husband.
35:09 She already knew. She went and opened the door and
35:14 there was her husband, unharmed, hadn't been killed at all,
35:21 he was just missing in action. Why the lies, if they're
35:28 communicating with the spirits of loved ones, why the lying?
35:31 Why the cruelty, why the hatred, why the lies.
35:40 JZ Knight wrote in her book, "a state of mind, my story. "
35:45 She wrote about a conversation that she had with Ramtha
35:54 3500 year old warrior that had died. And, she was
35:58 channeling for Ramtha. Hi Ramtha am the enlightened
36:04 one he said, and I know, that I'm God and you do not know
36:10 that you're God, but I know what you know,
36:13 that's interesting. JZ Knight said, okay, but I'm going
36:21 to have to Safeway. Ramtha says, what Safeway? JZ Knight,
36:30 that's a market where you buy groceries. Groceries?
36:35 what's groceries? Some God isn't he?
36:40 Doesn't even know what groceries are, why the lies,
36:46 why the cruelty, why the deceptions,
36:51 why the immorality, if these are the spirits of loved ones.
36:58 My wife and I saw a gospel film one time, was about
37:01 two young ladies that have been involved in witchcraft
37:03 and praised God he had delivered them and they gave
37:07 their testimony. One of the girls said that she okay,
37:11 always will remember vividly how she and all of her
37:16 friends stood it in the big circle, nude, joining hands,
37:21 singing spirit of the living God for all the fresh only.
37:28 She said, she was filled with overwhelming feelings
37:32 of love and compassion while she watched her 18-month-old
37:38 baby boy being consumed in the flames as a living sacrifice
37:42 and the other girl said that the only thought that possessed
37:46 her mind at that time was that she wished that she
37:48 had a baby that she could offer as a sacrifice too.
37:51 It's almost too gruesome to be told, but it needs
37:55 to be told because that's where spiritism ends,
37:58 that's where channeling leads, that's where the occult
38:01 takes you, that's what witchcraft is all about.
38:05 Well how could people ever do that, how? I wanna show you, in
38:13 the book of Isaiah. In Isaiah, the 9th chapter, verse 15,
38:20 "the elders and prominent men of the head, prophets
38:23 who teach lies are the tail, those who guide those
38:25 people mislead them and those who are guided by them
38:28 are led astray," notice now the people are being mislead
38:32 and guided by false teachers, false leaders,
38:37 false preachers, false prophets. Now, what's the result of
38:42 following these false men, verse 20,
38:46 "each one will feed on the flesh of his own offspring. "
38:51 The problem is that they're following men instead of
38:54 following God and it scares me to see how many people today
38:58 are following men instead of following God.
39:06 Christine Cobb left her, a young steel worker's wife,
39:12 left her neighborhood Baptist church and joined with the
39:17 Peoples Temple in Indianapolis, Indiana because she
39:20 liked the dynamic on fire young pastor who was there,
39:27 Archie I. James, Black Methodist pastor, left his Methodist
39:31 Church, joined the Peoples Temple impressed with
39:34 the way that they went after and helped minorities.
39:38 Ross Case, 32-year-old attorney left his church joined
39:42 the Peoples Temple impressed with their civil rights and
39:48 the work that they did for civil rights in the
39:49 community and then there was little 16-year-old
39:53 Loretta Stuart, on her way to a high school dance
39:56 and raptured by the sounds, the joyful sounds of the
39:59 music coming from the Peoples Temple and she joined
40:03 that church. The Peoples Temple was a comfortable church,
40:06 a warm friendly church, mainline protestant
40:10 denomination in the Indianapolis chapter of the disciples
40:12 of Christ, a respected church, a safe church.
40:15 The pastor was warm, compassionate, a loving man,
40:21 dynamic and young, he had been received, he had received
40:26 recommendation from Presidents, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan,
40:30 Columnist Jack Anderson, Drew Peterson, Jay Edgar Hoover,
40:33 director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,
40:36 he was appointed by the Mayor of Indianapolis, Indiana,
40:39 as the Director of the Human Rights Commission in
40:43 Indianapolis. Archie I. James, Ross Case, Loretta Stuart,
40:49 Christine Cobb all loved their pastor and they followed
40:55 their pastor. The Reverend James Jones, all the way to Guyana and
41:03 were numbered among the 900 plus who drank poisoned Kool-Aid
41:07 at their pastor's command. And the reason I'm telling
41:11 you that story tonight, is that Archie I. James, Loretta Stuart,
41:16 Ross Case, Christine Cobb were not weirdos,
41:18 in fact exactly a year ago from right now were
41:22 doing a revelation now in Portland, Oregon and after
41:25 this particular message a lady came up to me and
41:28 she said, pastor, I'm Christine Cobb's cousin.
41:32 I said tell me what was she like, was she weird,
41:35 what was she like, she said no, she was just like us,
41:37 in fact I almost went with her except my Godly
41:40 grandmother wouldn't let me go. She was just like you and I,
41:43 they were not weird people, they were not some moronic
41:47 segment of the population, they were people just
41:50 like you and I here tonight, the difference was
41:53 they made one mistake, they followed a man instead
41:58 of following God. And it wasn't as though
42:02 they had no warning. Because they were times
42:06 when he would preach warm compassionate loving sermons,
42:09 but they would contradict something in scripture and
42:12 they would go to him and say what about it,
42:13 you know the Bible says here and you said that,
42:15 and he said don't worry about doctrines, it's people
42:18 that are important, not doctrines, we need to
42:21 love one another. That's what important, and it
42:27 cost them their lives. People are making the
42:31 same mistake may be even some of you here tonight,
42:34 a lady came up to me one night she said pastor what
42:36 should I do, I wanna be a Christian, I wanna be
42:38 saved and, but yet I have a job that makes me do
42:42 things that the Bible says I shouldn't do,
42:44 pastor what should I do tell me. I said what does the Bible
42:49 say to do, she said, well the Bible says
42:52 I shouldn't do that anymore, I said well do that.
42:55 Don't ask me what to do when God is already telling you,
43:01 don't rely on me, don't rely on pastor,
43:03 don't rely on evangelic, don't rely on elder,
43:06 don't rely on friend, rely on God. Amen.
43:14 I want to shift gears for a last few minutes here tonight.
43:18 That's enough of the negative stuff,
43:20 I want to talk about positive stuff. I want to talk about
43:24 the spirit communion that God has planned for us.
43:28 Did you know that, God wants us to have communion,
43:33 spirit communion with a spirit realm,
43:36 even with angels. In Psalm 34, verse 7 the Bible says,
43:40 "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him. "
43:45 In Hebrews, chapter 1 verse 14, towards the back of the
43:49 New Testament, Hebrews, the first chapter verse 14,
43:55 "Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve
43:58 those who will inherit salvation. "
44:00 Now the Bible says the angel of lord encamps around
44:03 them, he stays there, he is with us, if you are one
44:06 who fears God, he is with you, he is around you.
44:09 In Bible times they saw their angels, I believe today
44:15 we are too busy, we are running around here and there
44:18 having two three cars and television sets and
44:21 everything else keeping up with the Jones as we
44:23 are just so busy trying to earn a living that we don't have
44:26 time to look for angels. Maybe we should take time,
44:31 maybe we should be more in touch with the spirit, may be
44:35 we'll see those angels and have experiences like
44:37 they did in Bible times. If you're as great as the
44:41 angels are God has something even better planned for us.
44:45 In John the 16 chapter, Jesus makes a curious statement.
44:49 Jesus said in verse 6, he said "it is for your good that
44:54 I'm going away. " Now that doesn't seem like the truth
44:58 to me, I mean what could be better than to have
45:01 Jesus here with us in person. Amen.
45:04 We would have this place so packed would have to go
45:06 to a football stadium, if Jesus was here in person,
45:10 but he says it's for our good that he goes away,
45:14 unless I go away the councilor that's the Holy Spirit
45:19 will not come to you, but if I go I'll send him to you.
45:21 Jesus said it is better for us, for him to go and to send
45:25 the Holy Spirit to be with us then for him to be here himself
45:29 if that's true and it has to be true, that's in here,
45:31 if that's true then we have not begun to understand or
45:34 grasp the significance of what God's wants to do through
45:38 us today, for us today through his Holy Spirit.
45:41 And so, for this the last part I just marked down a
45:44 few things in my Bible, benefits that we can
45:46 experience right now as a result of the Holy Spirit of God
45:50 and the first one is right here in the same chapter, verse 13,
45:53 "when he the spirit of truth comes, he will guide
45:56 you into all truth," do you want to know the truth.
46:00 I believe you do, you wouldn't be here,
46:02 if you weren't seeking truth, but do you want to know if
46:06 what you're hearing is true, here at Revelation now,
46:09 of course you do. How can you know,
46:13 the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth.
46:18 Now remember the Bible was given, by the Holy Spirit,
46:22 and so the spirit, it takes the spirit to open our minds
46:28 to understand what's written on the printed page.
46:31 This is not like any other book, you can't pick it up,
46:34 and while you are jogging read this book and get it all,
46:40 you need to say God, give me the meaning of what
46:44 you're saying by the Holy Spirit and he will guide you
46:48 into all truth. Another thing the Bible
46:51 says right here, he says he will tell you what is
46:55 yet to come, now we saw last night that the Bible
46:59 through the Holy Spirit predicts the future, through prophesies,
47:05 the rise and fall of the nations, we saw that,
47:07 but I believe that this is even more personal than that.
47:12 If you ever had to make a decision and you thought
47:15 something like this, if only I knew what
47:17 was going to happen tomorrow. You ever thought that,
47:20 if only I knew what was going to happen next week,
47:22 man if I knew what's gonna happen next month
47:23 it would be so easy for us, if you ever thought that
47:25 way or am I the only one. Listen to this,
47:30 "he, the Spirit will tell you what is yet to come,"
47:34 you know one of my very favorite verses,
47:37 Isaiah 30, verse 21 says, "You'll hear a still small
47:40 of voice behind you saying this is the way walk in it
47:44 whether to the right or to the left. "
47:46 But you see we have to be listening to the still small
47:51 voice of God in order to hear it and he will lead you,
47:55 he will guide you, we've had to make some
47:58 tremendously difficult decisions, but when we
48:01 learned to listen to the Spirit, it's all, it's both,
48:04 it's better than astrology charts, it's better than
48:08 crystal balls, it's better than Weegee boards,
48:13 because God alone knows the truth. And that isn't all,
48:18 in Romans the 8th chapter there are a lot of things that we
48:22 can see here of the benefits of the Holy Spirit.
48:25 In Romans chapter 8 verse 11, have you ever been lonely,
48:28 ever been lonely listen to this verse 11,
48:33 "The spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead
48:35 is living in you," your body, he says it's the temple
48:39 of the Holy Spirit, God's spirit wants to live in you,
48:42 Jesus wants to live in you through his spirit,
48:44 that close folks. That's closer than any husband
48:48 or any wife could ever be that's closer than any son
48:50 or daughter any mother or father, God's spirit wants
48:53 to live in you, you never need be alone anymore
48:56 ever again because the spirit of God is in you,
48:59 that's close. You are never alone, and not only that, the
49:04 "same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you"
49:09 and he'll give life to your mortal bodies, if by
49:12 the spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body
49:14 you lived, he lives in us what us he do in us,
49:17 he gives you by the same power that lifted Jesus from
49:20 the death, that power can be in you and put to death
49:24 the misdeeds of the body. You do not need to be
49:27 enslaved by alcohol, drugs, tobacco, you don not
49:31 to be enslaved by habits like pornography or other things
49:35 that destroy the mind, you do not need to be enslaved
49:38 by gossip if you think you don't have any of
49:40 those other problems, something there for everybody.
49:44 Amen. The spirit of God is here to put to death the misdeeds
49:50 of the body and I see men and women over and over
49:53 again 100s and 1000s of times claiming the power of
49:57 this spirit and set free the shackles that had destroyed
50:00 their minds and bodies and God can do that for you,
50:02 through the ministry of the Holy Spirit,
50:04 that's good news tonight. Amen. That isn't all,
50:09 one lady said you know pastor I wish I didn't come tonight,
50:11 why? Because I didn't know about all of demons spirits,
50:15 now I know about them and I'm scared.
50:16 Well, you don't have to be scared of the demons spirits.
50:21 For every bad angel God has two good ones,
50:24 I'm gonna show you that tomorrow and besides
50:26 that just the Holy Spirit by himself is more powerful
50:31 than all of the demons spirits put together.
50:33 You don't have to be scared. Look verse 15 says,
50:38 "You do not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again
50:41 to fear, but you received the spirit of sonship and by him
50:47 we cry father," the spirit himself testifies
50:50 with our spirit that we are God's children.
50:55 When our boys were little, my wife and I had
50:58 two little boys now they're big and grown up,
51:02 but when they were little, they used to always amaze me.
51:05 They'd be standing in a high place I be down below
51:08 just put my arms out and they would jump right into
51:10 my arms without hesitating. They knew their father
51:14 was not gonna let him down. Something about having
51:19 a father isn't it, that gives us a sense of security;
51:24 well listen to me, your father is the King of Kings.
51:29 The Heavenly Father, the Lord God Almighty,
51:35 and that means that if your father is a king
51:37 then you are a prince, you are a princess,
51:40 you are somebody in this world, you can walk with
51:44 your head held high because you are a child of the king,
51:47 and that makes you important. Sometimes people ask me pastor,
51:55 you keep saying we need to pray, I don't know how to pray,
51:57 you don't have to know how to pray.
52:00 You can talk to God like you talk to a friend,
52:03 you don't have to know how to say all the we's and though's
52:06 and woofs and cuffs, can't even say on myself.
52:13 You can say God, man, I need you, I really blew it
52:19 big time today, you know what I did. I'm ashamed,
52:23 I'm embarrassed I don't want to do things like,
52:25 God help me never do this again. See you can talk to God
52:29 like a friend, that's all you need to do,
52:32 but you know sometimes there are things that
52:34 we might want to say and we just can't think of
52:35 the words to say, you know what I mean. And listen to this,
52:40 in verse 26 in the same way the Spirit helps us,
52:44 "the spirit helps us in our own weakness,
52:48 we do not know what we ought to pray for, but the spirit
52:50 himself intercedes with groans that words could never express,"
52:54 don't you like that, you don't even need to know
52:56 what to ask for,you could say God, whatever you
52:58 want me to have, give it to me, you know that he is going to
53:00 give you the best thing for you. What a God we serve. Amen.
53:04 And then the fruits of the Spirit, Galatians 5:20,
53:07 the fruit of the spirit the Bible says, is love,
53:10 could the world use a little more that today,
53:12 "Love, joy, patience," oh I could use a lot more
53:16 that one, peace, doesn't the world need the presence
53:20 of God's Holy Spirit, we can have peace,
53:23 do you want to know the solution to the problems in Iraq,
53:26 here it's the Spirit of God, just submit to him
53:29 if the world would summit to him. We'd be in heaven
53:32 folks, that's the solution to the problem.
53:38 King, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness,
53:43 self control. Those are the things that the spirit
53:51 wants to do for you right now, do you want them?
53:55 It's simple, spend time in God's world,
53:59 spend time meditating on the Spirit. John Edward in
54:06 his book crossing over said, "I never do anything without
54:13 consulting my guides from the other side.
54:17 "To him his guides are the spirits of dead people.
54:24 He spends time everyday meditating on his guides,
54:28 and he says if you have spent time everyday meditating
54:33 on your guides you can have spirit guides too.
54:37 Well I hope that no one here tonight wants to be a channel.
54:43 At least that kind of channel, I want to be a channel
54:47 for the Spirit of God, don't you.
54:50 Spend time day after day in God's word meditating
54:54 on his Spirit and he'll lead you into the truth,
54:58 and you will be blessed. How can you tell the
55:03 difference between a true angel and a bad angel,
55:07 test it by the word of God, test it. And sometimes
55:14 I don't know how to test it, a lady said you know
55:19 God told me that I should go over and visit this
55:22 particular person at a certain time on a certain day.
55:25 Was that a good angel or a bad angel, I said you know,
55:30 I don't know. The Bible doesn't say anything about going
55:34 to visit that person at a certain time on a certain day.
55:37 So go, but sooner or later if it's a bad angel he is gonna
55:46 lead you in a direction other than the word of God
55:48 and then you'll know. That's all, spend time in the
55:54 word of God, fix your mind on the Spirit of God
55:59 and he'll do great and wonderful things in you.
56:01 Pray with me tonight. Oh! Lord God,
56:12 we have looked at a lot of things tonight and yes some
56:16 of it could be frightening, were it not for you and
56:19 your power and your spirit and so Lord, we do need
56:24 to be aware of the tactics of the enemy, he's there,
56:26 he is alive and well and he's working hard in this
56:29 whole world, but even more than that we need to be aware of your
56:34 Spirit in touch with your Spirit sensitive to the promptings
56:38 of your spirit and your word. And Lord let us never separate
56:43 the two, tonight while every head is bowed and every eye
56:46 closed in pray, if want to be lead by God's spirit and
56:51 feel the fruits and the benefits of the spirit in this whole
56:53 world in your life right now you just raise your hand
56:55 with me would you do that, just raise your hand,
56:58 every hand ought to go up, I can't imagine anyone
57:00 not wanting God's spirit to lead and guide, Oh Lord,
57:04 we thank you and we praise you in Jesus name. Amen.


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