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The Dragon And The Woman

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01:04 Oh! Lord once again, we gather into this place expecting to
01:12 hear your word expecting to hear your voice speaking to our
01:21 soul. Lord we want to find answers to some of the deepest
01:27 most painful questions that men and women can ever ask. Please
01:30 give us those answers this evening. As we look at the
01:37 dragon and the woman of Revelation chapter 12,
01:41 we ask in Jesus name, amen.
01:50 Last August 14th, it was just 3 weeks
02:08 before our 27th wedding anniversary, 6 days before
02:12 Dina's birthday, 5 days before my birthday, 4 days
02:18 before we would be leaving on a vacation, we've been looking
02:22 forward to for a long time. I had 2 frequent flyer tickets to
02:28 the Caribbean Cozumel, Mexico and my father in law owns it.
02:33 Time share and they weren't using it last year so they let
02:38 us have it and we have a whole week in luxury motel in Cozumel
02:42 Mexico. A dream vacation, we're both avid scuba divers
02:46 and we were just going to dive and dive and have a great
02:50 time. We were sitting in the doctor's office
02:55 just for a routine visit I was sitting in the doctor's
02:56 before we rushed out and went to pick up our dive equipment
03:05 from the dive shop and the doctor came in, shook his head
03:14 said, I'm sorry, I was wrong, Dina has cancer, I couldn't
03:31 believe it. I sat there stunned Vacation, dream vacation, it
03:45 didn't even matter anymore; it's gone, but even worse. We
03:54 were getting regular leave in three weeks for Bozeman,
04:03 Montana for our next revelation now meeting. We've been doing
04:04 Revelation Now together for 27 years almost 28.
04:09 I asked the doctor, what about it? She can't go! No way!
04:27 The next day we took off for the mountains,
04:30 went to Mount Rainier, that's Dina's favorite place.
04:34 She loves that mountain. We just needed to get away,
04:38 we needed to able to think, to talk, to decide
04:44 what are we going to do?
04:45 One of the things I needed to process was the question, why?
04:57 We've given almost 28 years of our lives to God and to His work
05:03 living on road, living out of suitcases, 7 months out of the
05:05 year in an RV or motel or a jungle hut, this is what we get?
05:13 Why? We follow the instructions in the ask the pastor friends
05:27 and couple of church leaders to come over to
05:30 our house and pray and anoint her with oil just like the Bible
05:33 say we did. Couple of days later we went back to the
05:41 doctor and was even worse. It spread to her bones, so wide
05:47 spread they couldn't do chemo, radiation, wouldn't work.
05:56 Why? Unfortunately, they did find a new drug that worked
06:06 some of time and just a couple of months ago after her first
06:10 round to treatment we found that it was working and
06:12 hopefully they plan contain the cancer and it won't spread and
06:17 fortunately she have a lot of symptoms, no pain, no hair loss
06:22 and we thank God that and thankfully she's here, me now.
06:29 And we want to do a lot more Revelation Now meetings for
06:37 God, but why? Can you imagine how young Cassie Bernall's
06:45 parents must have felt? April 20, 1999 when they kissed their
06:51 teenage daughter goodbye, send her an off for a day at high
06:57 school she had a little What Would Jesus Do bracelet on that
07:02 she always wore. She even had her Bible with her
07:04 She always took it to school, looking for an opportunity
07:08 to share her faith.
07:09 So, she left to go to school, Columbine High School and lived
07:15 in Colorado. Two teenage boys confronted her in library. Do
07:19 you believe in Jesus? Yes, Jesus is my Lord and savior and
07:23 they blew their brains out. Why? Oh, why? If God is a God
07:31 love why didn't he stopped it? could have? Couldn't he?
07:38 He could have.
07:43 What kind of a world are we living in today?
07:46 Bombs, terrorism, anthrax, gas, Middle East fighting all the
07:57 time and they sign a treaty, before the inks dry
08:00 they are fighting again.
08:01 What kind of a world that we're living in parents strap a pack
08:05 of explosives on the back of a
08:07 four year old kid sending him to a building them and
08:09 everyone else Why? The Bible tells us, why? In Revelation
08:21 chapter 12:17 and the dragon was angry at the woman and
08:29 then, he went off to make war against the remnant of her
08:33 offspring those who obey God's Commandments and have the
08:37 testimony of Jesus. The for the heartache, the reason for the
08:39 testimony of Jesus. The violence, the reason for the
08:43 terrorism. The reason is because there is a battle
08:48 between the dragon and the woman raging in this world
08:52 today and notice the dragon is angry with those who obey God's
09:00 Commandments. That's you, if you're determined to be faithful
09:04 to God and as long as
09:07 the battle between the dragon and the woman rages, there will
09:11 be heartache and suffering in this whole world then, why
09:14 doesn't God stop it? He could, couldn't he? He can. Why
09:20 doesn't he? That's what we want to find out tonight. Revelation
09:27 12:1 read through it with me the first six verses. How great
09:29 and wonderful sign appeared in heaven. A woman clothe with the
09:34 sun, pictured in your mind. A woman clothed with the sun, the
09:39 moon under her feet and a crown of 12 stars on her head. She
09:42 was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give
09:46 birth and then, another sign appeared in heaven an enormous
09:51 red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on
09:54 his head so, here's this beautiful woman clothed with a
09:58 son and a red dragon appears in front of the woman. The Bible
10:03 says his tails swept the third of the stars out of the sky and
10:06 flung them down to the earth. The dragon stood in front of
10:09 the woman who was about to give birth so that he might devour
10:12 her child the moment it was born. She gave birth to a son,
10:15 a male child who will rule all the nations
10:20 with an iron scepter.
10:24 And the child was snatched up to God and to His thrown. Three
10:32 characters in this Prophecy, the dragon, the woman, and the
10:39 child. And we're going to identify them. I want to start
10:45 with the easiest one first. The easiest is the dragon. Who is
10:54 the dragon? Remember the book of Revelation we learn on the
10:57 first night is the symbolic book and the secret
10:59 understanding revelation is to learn how to interpret the
11:02 symbols but the only way you can safely interpret the symbol
11:05 and be sure that you're getting the interpretation that God
11:08 intended you to get is to let the Bible interpret itself,
11:12 remember? And how do you do it, by comparing Scripture with
11:16 scripture. Now I could tell you that the dragon is a symbol for
11:20 the devil and you could say yeah that sounds good to me or
11:24 you could say I don't believe that, it doesn't matter.
11:27 You don't don't have to believe what I say.
11:28 But let's compare a Scripture with the Scripture.
11:32 Let the Bible tell us what the dragon symbolizes. Just go down
11:34 to verse 9, it's right there same chapter, Revelation 12:9,
11:38 the Great Dragon was hurled down that ancient serpent
11:43 called the devil or Satan. And now you have to believe that
11:47 the dragon symbolizes the devil because that's what the Bible
11:48 says. You see when you let the Bible interpret the symbols.
11:54 It's simple and clear and sure, certain. Now that was an
11:59 easy one. Let's go to ones to a little more difficult. Who is
12:06 the son that the woman gave birth to? The reason that's a
12:11 little more difficult is because I believe that the son is Jesus.
12:14 Again it's doesn't matter to you what I believe.
12:16 That's not what we're here for tonight.
12:18 There are others who say no, it cannot be Jesus
12:21 because it says that he rules the nations with an iron rod
12:25 and Jesus is a God of love and He would never rule with an
12:30 iron rod. Well then, who is the son? Is it Jesus or is it not?
12:37 Compare Scripture with Scripture or hold your place in
12:39 Revelation chapter 12 and just turn a few pages back towards
12:44 the back to the 19th chapter of Revelation 19:11, comparing
12:47 Scripture with Scripture.
12:49 Let the Bible interpret itself. Who is the son?
12:52 Revelation 19:11,
12:54 I saw a heaven standing open and there before me was a
12:59 white horse whose rider is called faithful and true. So
13:03 picture this, a rider riding through the sky on a white horse
13:05 what's his name, faithful and true. And noticed in verse 17,
13:10 in verse 16 it says that on his robe then on his thigh, he has
13:15 this named written King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Who is
13:20 that? That's Jesus. It cannot be anyone else. The rider on
13:22 the white horse has to be Jesus Christ, amen? Now watch
13:25 this? Verse 15, out of his mouth comes a sharp sword with
13:34 which to strike down the nations and he will rule them
13:41 with an iron scepter. Jesus does rule with an iron scepter.
13:49 So when we compare a Scripture with Scripture, we can let the
13:52 Bible interpret self. In fact, remember the other principle is
13:56 that book of Revelation quotes the Old Testament or alludes to
14:01 the Old Testament over how many times, over 600 times? And
14:06 here is one of those places where it says that he will rule
14:11 with an iron scepter and iron rod.
14:13 He's quoting the Old Testament and actually quoting Psalms 2.
14:16 I'm not going to read it tonight.
14:17 It's in printed copy. You can go home and study it.
14:20 Psalm chapter 2 where it is a Messianic Psalm,
14:24 a Psalm that sings about the Messiah when he would come
14:29 in the future and in Psalm chapter 2,
14:32 it says that when he comes, he will smash the nations
14:36 like an iron rod smashing a piece of pottery. We saw that
14:42 on the first night, remember? Symbolized by the stone that
14:46 comes and smashes the image symbolizing the nations of the
14:49 earth. And so again we have perfect harmony in the
14:56 scripture when we let the Bible interpret itself. There's
14:58 another identifying marks about this child. It is a son. Jesus
15:01 was a son, male child. And the Bible says that dragon tried
15:06 to devour that baby the moment it was born. Well you know
15:09 that story. The Bible tells us in the Gospel in Matthew that
15:13 when Jesus was born and King Herod of the Roman Empire
15:17 discovered that the Messiah was born, he issued a decree, all
15:20 baby boys under the age of two would be put to death. And so
15:23 there, he's trying to devour that child the moment he's
15:27 going the third identifying mark, he was snatched up to God
15:29 and to His Throne. Jesus was in fact caught up to God to his
15:34 Throne where he rules and reigns today, amen? No doubt
15:39 about it. When you compare a Scripture with Scripture then
15:42 we find the interpretation is true, it is sure. You can
15:46 believe that without any doubt, the dragon is the devil, the
15:51 son is Jesus Christ. Well that shouldn't surprise us because
15:55 remember, we learn the first principle to understanding
15:59 Revelation is that the Book of Revelation is the Revelation of
16:05 Jesus Christ. And he has to be the center of every one of
16:08 the prophecies. There he is in this one. Now let's go to the
16:11 third one. This one is the most complex. The most difficult to
16:17 understand and that is the woman.
16:19 Who is symbolized by the woman?
16:28 Let me just give you a clue. Right here in the very
16:35 chapter that we just reading, who is symbolized by the woman?
16:40 Watch this, verse 9, now get your minds to work, remember
16:45 compare a Scripture with Scripture, Book of Revelation
16:47 quotes the Old Testament over 600 times. Put it all together,
16:50 who is the woman? Verse 9 the great dragon was hurled down
16:59 that ancient serpent called the devil or Satan. Now tell me,
17:07 where in the Bible do you find the story about a woman and an
17:17 ancient serpent called the devil? Of course all the way
17:23 back to the beginning. In Genesis the second chapter, in
17:30 Genesis 2, the Bible tells us first of all that God created
17:31 this world. He created the man Adam and the woman Eve.
17:35 And he put them in the garden of Eden. And he told them,
17:39 plainly he told Adam you can eat the fruit from any of the
17:42 trees in this garden. You have your pick. You can have them
17:46 all. Eat all that you want but there's one tree right in the
17:50 middle of the garden, don't eat from that one. If you do,
17:54 you're going to die. Now the devil knew that. And so there
18:02 was Eve. In the third chapter verse two, standing under the
18:10 tree, looking up that big shiny apple or whatever it was. And
18:17 guess who appears? The serpent, the devil. Now we ought to ask
18:23 ourselves first of all what was she doing under the tree?
18:26 You see when God says to avoid something we should stay as far
18:33 away as we can. Don't play on the devil's turf. If she never
18:38 gone under tree, she wouldn't have eaten the fruit but there
18:43 she was under the tree and the old devil appears.
18:46 He knows how to get us in our weak moments
18:48 and the old devil is there and in verse two the devil says
18:52 did God tell you must not eat the fruit from the tree
18:55 in the middle of the garden or you'll die?
18:57 And the woman said yeah God said we shouldn't eat the
19:03 fruit and we'll die. And so those serpents said in verse
19:07 four, the serpent said you will not die. You wont die? God
19:20 knows that when you eat it, your eyes will be open and you
19:26 will be like God knowing good from evil. Eat it. You won't
19:31 die. Now she had to make a decision. She should have never
19:36 had to make and here's the decision, who was telling the
19:41 truth, God or the serpent? Go ahead and eat it. You won't die
19:49 God's lying. He's holding back from you because he knows that
19:58 if you eat that fruit then you will know good from evil
20:03 yourself. You will be like God. Your eyes will be opened. You
20:06 won't need God to tell you what is right and what is wrong. You
20:13 can decide for yourself, go and eat it. Now, watch this. I
20:15 want you to get what I'm talking about, what the Bible
20:19 is talking about here because this is deep and profound but
20:28 crucial for us to understand. You want to know about the
20:34 world today. Watch this. Verse 6, when the woman saw that the
20:41 fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eyes
20:48 and desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate
20:52 it. Now how did she decide that it was okay to eat the fruit
20:57 from that tree. She saw it, it was pleasing to the eye, it
21:06 seemed desirable to her. In other words, before that time
21:14 the way that she could tell if it was right or wrong to eat
21:19 the fruit was to simply believe what God said. In other words,
21:25 God's word was to standard to determine what is right from
21:31 what is wrong. But at that moment, we see a huge paradigm
21:39 shift instead of relying on God's word to decide what is
21:44 right and what is wrong. She relied on what she saw. She
21:49 relied on what she desired. She relied on what seemed right
21:59 to her. And the problem is, there what seems right is not
22:08 always the same as what is right. And if you can
22:10 understand what we're talking about right now, you can
22:13 begin to understand what's happening around us in the
22:19 world today. We have reached the place where among the
22:23 intelligencia and the thinking people. There is no longer a
22:26 right or wrong. But that which is best for that particular
22:33 moment or situation. Now, who is the woman In Genesis 3:15?
22:46 Adam and Eve had just both sinned, plunged the world
22:49 into the depths of sin and despair and then we see in
22:52 verse 15, God, I love this. Actually,
22:55 even before that in verse 9, God comes down. He had been
22:59 used to speaking with them, visiting with them one on one
23:01 Wouldn't you love to have been there? Meeting God
23:04 everyday in the cool of the evening? He comes down to
23:06 have this little appointment with them and they got scared
23:08 and they run and what does God do? He goes after them, He
23:11 says, Where are you? We run from Him, He runs after us.
23:16 Praise God. That's a good God that we have. Amen. Where are
23:23 you? He finds them. And then He is the first prophecy and first
23:27 promise in the Bible. In chapter 3:15, God said to the
23:32 serpent, I'll put enmity between you and the woman and
23:37 between your offspring and hers and he will crash your head and
23:39 you will strike his heel. That's the first prophecy in
23:43 the Bible. What was that all mean? He is speaking to the
23:46 serpent and He says to the woman, I'll put enmity between
23:51 you and the serpent and between your offspring and serpent and
23:54 her is speaking to serpent. I may have put enmity between you
23:56 and the woman and between your offspring and hers. Now, what
23:58 is he really is saying here, is he saying that it's going to
24:00 be a fight with all these little babies snakes running
24:02 around on the ground. No!
24:06 We know that, serpent was the devil, and the offspring
24:11 of the serpent? Those who choose to follow the devil
24:17 and seeing there be conflict between those who choose to
24:22 follow the devil and the offspring of the woman. Now,
24:23 who was the offspring of the woman? I'm going to show you
24:25 tomorrow, we'll finish this for I'm going to show you
24:27 without a doubt tomorrow the offspring of the woman is Jesus
24:32 Christ because the offspring of the woman gets a bruise on the
24:38 heel from the serpent. And Jesus received the bruise on the heel
24:43 when he died on the cross. But it was only bruise on the heel
24:48 because three days later, He was raised up again. Amen.
24:53 Ascended to heaven and the prophecy says, one day, He is
24:59 going to come back and crush the head of the serpent. Now
25:06 listen to me, all of the rest of the Bible from Genesis 3:15
25:16 to Revelation 22, all of the rest of the Bible is unpacking
25:26 and explaining this one prophecy about how is the seed
25:33 of the woman going to one day deliver the death blow to crush
25:39 the head of the serpent. All the rest of the Bible and
25:43 that's why when we get to Revelation 12:17, we see the
25:47 dragon at war with the remnant of the seed of the woman the
25:48 very last to God's people on this earth. Those who obeyed
25:50 Commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus
25:52 It's the final phase; revelation takes us to final
25:55 phase, the very end of this conflict between the dragon and
25:59 the woman. All the rest of the Bible unpacks that one prophecy
26:06 and do you want to know how the seed of the woman is going to
26:08 ultimately crush the head of the serpent? Do you want to
26:11 know how? He gives us a clue and a remarkable clue, right here
26:16 in the Same passage verse 21, remember when God saw Adam and
26:22 Eve they sensed they were naked and they ran and they got
26:24 some leaves to cover themselves because they were ashamed.
26:29 Verse 21, the Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and
26:34 his wife and clothed them, where did he get that skin. You see,
26:41 for the first time on this beautiful planet, for the first
26:49 time in God's infinite universe innocent blood have to be shed
26:57 to cover a sinful human being. Does it sound familiar? How
27:05 will the seed of the woman deliver the death blow to the
27:10 head of the serpent? We'll see more about that tomorrow. Let's
27:15 go on tonight back to Revelation chapter 12 and
27:20 answer the question Where? Where does this battle begin?
27:24 Revelation 12:7, we find a surprise, there was war in
27:29 heaven. Imagine, man thinking that they can bring about peace
27:33 on earth when war actually began in heaven. There was war
27:37 in heaven, Michael and his angels fought against the
27:38 dragon, the dragon and his angels fought back but he was
27:40 not strong enough. Praise God and they lost their place in
27:44 heaven and where did they go? Verse 9 says, The great dragon
27:49 was hurled down that ancient serpent called the devil and
27:52 Satan who lives the whole world astray. He was hurled to the
27:55 earth and his angels with him. His tails swept third of the
27:57 stars out of the sky and flung them down to the earth. Those
28:00 are the demon angels. Those are the bad angels that we talked
28:03 about last night. Remember, I said for every good angel there
28:07 is, for every bad angel that took good angels his tail only
28:09 got the third of the stars. Two thirds were left faithful to
28:13 God. That's why you don't need to be scared of the demons, the
28:16 bad angels. But now they were on the earth, the only way we
28:20 can really understand the book of Revelation is to understand
28:23 the real nature of this battle between the good angels and the
28:27 bad angels. What are they fighting over? What is the
28:34 issue there? Again, the secret is to compare scripture with
28:38 scripture. Let the Bible interpret itself over 600 times
28:41 of book of Revelation alludes to the Old Testament. Here's
28:45 another one, the dragon hurled down to the earth. Where do we
28:50 find that in the old testament? Isaiah chapter 14, the prophet
28:52 Isaiah says in verse 12, how you have fallen from heaven,
28:54 Lucifer, son of the dawn. Sound familiar? You've been
29:00 cast down to the earth, you who wants laid low the nation. You
29:04 said in your heart, I will ascend to heaven. I will raise
29:08 my throne above the stars of God. I will sit enthroned on
29:12 the mount of the assembly, utmost heights of the sacred
29:15 mountain. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds. I will
29:19 make myself like the most high. Somebody says the only thing
29:23 wrong with Lucifer was he had problems. It's true.
29:27 God made a beautiful angel, perfect in every way.
29:30 But he stood in front of the mirror too long one morning
29:34 combing his hair and he began to see how beautiful he
29:39 was and he started taking credit for all that beauty and all that
29:43 wisdom to himself and he rebelled about God. Look, he
29:49 wanted to put his throne above God's throne. Now, the throne is
29:55 the seed of government, isn't it? Throne is always the seed of
30:01 government. God rules the universe from throne. Now here
30:05 is Lucifer who was an angel he wanted to sit on God's throne.
30:09 He wanted to rule the universe. He wanted to be ruler of the
30:13 seat of the government. The throne is the seat of the
30:15 government and the heart of every government, is his law.
30:18 So in effect this Lucifer, this angel
30:20 rebelled against God but he rebelled against God's law. He
30:24 rebelled against God's rules.
30:26 He said, look God is too restrictive.
30:28 God is no fun. God won't let you do anything. Has he ever
30:33 asked you your opinion about anything around you. No he just
30:36 tells us what to do and we have to do it.
30:38 You put me on the throne.
30:39 I'll show you how to have a good time. You see, he was rebelling
30:44 against the law of God.
30:50 He said God laws are arbitrary.
30:51 He is just trying to control us.
30:52 He didn't recognize that God's laws are laws of love.
30:56 He didn't know that to see Gods law is to know love and to know
31:01 love is to see the death and the beauty of God's law. His laws
31:06 teach us how to love God, how to love one another, I don't know
31:10 if you ever thought about it that way before or not.
31:12 God has lots of different of kinds of laws.
31:14 He has physical laws, laws that keep the universe in order.
31:20 What would it be like if there were no physical laws,
31:22 stars and planets that be crushing into one
31:24 another all the time.
31:25 The law of gravity is a law of love.
31:30 You know we can take it for granted and we may not think
31:33 of it if it's a law of love but it is.
31:34 Imagine sitting here in this auditorium tonight without
31:37 gravity. Now some of you saying, oh yeah
31:40 that will be fun, would be like the space man floating around.
31:43 Well, they had problems too. Did you know the first spaceman
31:47 in space? Didn't know what to do with their whiskers when they
31:49 shaved them off because they've floating all around the capsule.
31:53 The gravity is the law, love. Now you could say well I don't
31:56 care. I don't like gravity. I don't want gravity.
31:59 I want to be free from gravity.
32:01 I want to just be able to kick my legs and wave
32:03 my arms and float around and you can choose to be free from
32:06 gravity. I will climb up to the top of the space needle in
32:10 Seattle and I'll jump off and kick my legs and wave my,
32:12 oh that will be so much fun, I'm free for gravity and you
32:15 will be free from gravity all the way down to the bottom
32:20 and then you free from everything.
32:22 You see we can choose to ignore God's laws of love
32:25 but you cannot avoid the consequences on the other end.
32:30 The other physical laws, I don't know if you ever thought
32:33 about this way but the Bible is the best book
32:35 on health is ever written.
32:37 The Bible says, your body is the temple of the holy
32:39 spirit, don't put anything into your body that destroys or
32:41 defiles it and I think that means that as Christians, we
32:47 should uphold and take care of the body that the God gave us,
32:50 shouldn't we? We should be health conscious. We shouldn't
32:53 be putting things into our bodies that can be destroying.
32:56 We are going to watch what we eat, we are to watch we drink,
32:59 we are to make sure that we get plenty of exercises and drink
33:01 a lot of water and leave a good healthy balanced life,
33:04 take care of the body.
33:06 Physical laws, laws of love because God has good things in
33:09 store for you.
33:14 He doesn't want you lying on a hospital bed with tubes
33:16 coming in out in your chest gasping for every breath of air.
33:18 And then, there are other kinds of laws, maybe you never
33:25 thought about this way but the Ten Commandments
33:28 are laws of love.
33:31 The last six of the Ten Commandments teach us how
33:34 to love one another, honor your father and mother. Wouldn't you
33:37 like to live in a place where everybody always honored their
33:42 father and mother? Thou shall not kill, oh I'd like to live in
33:44 a place where nobody was ever killed.
33:46 Though shall not commit adultery.
33:47 Some people think that it will be fun to live in a place
33:51 where it is okay to commit adultery and almost to be
33:55 getting to be that way here but it's not.
33:57 You know, I've been in countries where people are free
33:58 to do whatever they to do and it degrades,
34:00 it degrades humanity to the point that you become almost
34:03 like animals because God's laws are laws of love. They teach us
34:08 how to love one another.
34:10 Does a man really love his neighbor if he says,
34:13 oh alleluia praise the Lord, my brother I love you
34:16 while he's stealing his wallet from his pocket. Is that love?
34:20 Does he really love his neighbor if he is having an affair with
34:24 his neighbor's wife? Is that love?
34:26 Of course not. God's laws teach us how to love one another.
34:32 The first four of the commandments teach us
34:40 how to love God. Can we really claim to love God if
34:45 where having other Gods? Can we claim to love him if we're
34:49 taking his name in vain all the time?
34:55 I know people that don't even claim to be Christians
34:57 that feel like it's wrong to take God's name in vain.
35:01 Can we claim to love God if we're worshiping idols?
35:05 Nobody worships idols anymore today, that was back in
35:10 the olden days when they carved them out of wood and stone in
35:12 gold and bow down and worship or maybe we don't have idols
35:15 like that but we have different kinds of idols today.
35:20 Some of our idols have four wheels on them.
35:23 Some of our idols are one- eyed idols
35:27 sitting in the living rooms. Some people don't want
35:31 to study their Bibles or go to Revelation Now because they'd
35:34 rather worship their one-eyed idol.
35:36 I'm not saying that televisions are bad and you need to
35:41 go home and smash the television sets,
35:43 no because you can Revelation Now tapes to put
35:47 on your television set and that's okay.
35:49 What I am saying is that anything that comes
35:53 in between you and God becomes an idol.
35:58 Then, there's another kind of idol, a sophisticated kind of
36:07 idolatry.
36:10 A God that exist only in our own minds, a God of our
36:16 own creation, a God who approves of the things that we
36:20 approve of and condemns the things that we don't like.
36:25 We've already looked at it, we call it today, we call it doing
36:38 your own thing finding your self, situation ethics,
36:43 existentialism even have big words for it,
36:46 it simply means that in any particular situation, the
36:50 right thing to do is what seems like the loving thing to you
36:55 at that time. The Bible calls it sin.
37:07 All like sheep have gone astray each to his own way.
37:17 It's dangerous for us to try to choose what is right and what is
37:23 wrong because what seems right s not always the same as
37:26 what is right.
37:27 I always remember the time when I was on a trip to Chicago
37:32 for a special meeting and happened to sit next to a lady
37:37 from New York city on the airplane
37:41 and I always like to pray when I'm going somewhere
37:43 and God, sit me next to somebody that I can witness too and so
37:48 don't sit next to me on the airplane if you don't want to
37:49 talk about the Lord.
37:50 I'm sitting there next to the lady and I started talking
37:53 a little bit, she's from New York. I can tell instantly
37:57 that she was an educated person. I found out that
38:00 she had a PhD and sociology and she was in charge in one huge
38:03 program over all New York city for helping underprivileged
38:07 children. Her husband was an archaeologist, PhD in
38:12 archeology and these are really, really special people.
38:15 So we had nice little visit and I kept asking her what she did
38:19 and her husband did and finally she got the clue and she said,
38:23 well what you do?
38:24 I thought you've never ask, I said I'm an evangelist.
38:30 She says, oh, my husband and I are atheist and so I'm licking
38:40 my lips now and God give me the right thing to say. So finally I
38:47 said, you know can I ask you a question? She said, sure. Said I
38:54 can tell that you really love those children that you
38:57 work with, am I right?
38:58 Oh yeah, I love them so much, that's my whole life
39:01 next to my husband. So tell me this, suppose you have a little
39:05 group of kids and you're working with these children
39:07 and one of them comes in the morning with two $5 bills in his
39:11 pocket. Another little boy comes in no money, hungry, starving to
39:14 death, haven't eat in three days, he goes to his friend
39:20 and he says, you have two $5 bills, I'm hungry,
39:23 I haven't eat in three and my family is poor,
39:25 can I have one to buy some food for my family?
39:27 And the little boy says, no it's my money not yours.
39:30 So while they're taking their rest, a little fellow
39:33 slips over there and he steals one of those $5 bills out of his
39:36 friend's pocket.
39:37 I said, tell me would that be okay with you?
39:38 She said, of course not. I said, why not?
39:43 Because that's stealing. I know but I mean would it be
39:46 right for him to take it if he is just getting the money
39:50 to feed his family if he is hungry?
39:53 And she said, no it wouldn't be right. I said, why?
39:55 Because it's stealing, stealing is wrong.
39:57 I said, but why is it wrong?
40:00 You know, I'm not sure I can answer that question.
40:08 Could I ask you another question?
40:15 I guess.
40:19 I can tell, you really love your husband?
40:23 Oh, yes I do I love my husband, so tell me?
40:26 Supposed he had a secretary that's married to an alcoholic
40:29 abusive man that beats up on her every night and just really
40:32 an awful person and finally she comes in and says,
40:35 you know I've had it, I am ready to just end it,
40:37 I can't go on living like this anymore, I want to just die,
40:40 I think I'm gong to take my life and you have such a wonderful
40:43 husband. If my husband like that, I know that I would have a
40:46 happy life. Tell me, If I could just spend one night a week with
40:50 the husband, I think I could get through the rest of the week.
40:53 Can I have one night with your husband? Just one, what
40:57 would you say? You say no! Why not, because he is my husband,
41:01 I know but wouldn't it be right if you could just help
41:04 her to survive by letting her have your husband,
41:06 she said no that would be wrong.
41:08 Why? Because that's adultery,
41:09 yes I know but what's wrong with it?
41:15 What would make it wrong? And his PhD in sociology said,
41:26 you know you're asking me questions that I can't answer
41:30 and there are no answers unless you have God's word to tell you
41:34 what is right and what is wrong.
41:36 See the problem is today that several years ago
41:42 it was just symbolic that happened long before that
41:44 but they ripped those Ten Commandments of the classroom
41:47 walls and now they realize that it was a mistake.
41:52 They want to nail them back on it's too late,
41:58 the damage has been done. We need God to tell us
42:00 what is right from what is wrong.
42:01 You can't do what seems right,
42:03 because the Bible says in Proverbs 14:12.
42:05 There is a way that seems right to a man, but in end
42:07 it leads to death.
42:11 Listen to me in the end some people are going to be lost
42:14 doing what's seems right to them.
42:15 You can't do what seems right, folks, you need to do what is
42:20 right.
42:21 So battle rages, the dragon is there, he is saying
42:25 look God's restrictive. He doesn't want you to have any
42:29 fun, do it my way and the Bible says God withholds no good thing
42:31 from those who walk uprightly.
42:32 You will always be better off ordering your life in harmony
42:35 with God's word but the battle rages.
42:38 Who do you believe? Who do you trust?
42:39 Who's telling the truth?
42:46 Have you ever wondered that tree that's problem. Why did God put
42:52 that tree there in the Garden of Eden. If He wouldn't have put
42:56 that tree there we wouldn't be in this mess that we are in
42:58 today.
42:59 Do you ever wonder that? Why did they put the tree there? Why
43:01 did they make us, so we could sin?
43:03 He could have made us so that we had no choice
43:05 in the matter that we could only serve Him, always be
43:08 obedient to Him and sin would never come in.
43:10 Why did He put the tree there? I'll tell you why, because He is
43:12 God of love. I want you to follow me. Love involves more
43:16 than one person, did you know that? Can't love alone,
43:21 try it sometimes.
43:22 A beautiful moonlit night, row out in the middle of the
43:26 lake get romantic all by yourself. Can't love alone.
43:29 Love involves more than one person
43:34 and that's why God created the man and the woman
43:39 and He said be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.
43:43 Because He wanted beings who would love Him
43:47 and the Bible even says He made them
43:50 in His own image and I'm not going to go into all the
43:55 theological debate about what image of God really but I think
43:59 we're safe to just assume that if it says God made me in His
44:02 own image it means that he made us in such a way that He could
44:06 could love Him in return. See that's something special about
44:08 having someone in your own image, it makes you love
44:10 smile them all the more and God made us in His image so that He
44:15 could love us and that we could love Him in return.
44:22 There is another thing about love that we need to understand
44:24 and that is that love involves a choice.
44:29 He could have made us like robots.
44:34 We could all be robots, we'd wake up with an alarm going off
44:39 and we jump out bed and say hallelujah praise the Lord,
44:42 smile at everybody, isn't it a wonderful day, brush your teeth,
44:44 get dressed go to work, singing hymns all day long, hallelujah
44:47 praise the Lord, don't you love Jesus my friend and
44:49 everybody said, yes!
44:50 Yes! I love Jesus too because we can't do anything else,
44:53 is that love?
44:55 I mean that is like back to old cavemen days if man wants a
45:01 wife goes in his neighbors cave, grabs his daughter out by the
45:03 hair, throws into his cave and now he's got a wife but he
45:06 doesn't have love, why not?
45:08 Because love involves a choice. I remember when our
45:15 younger son, about two or three years old and as I mentioned we
45:22 were on the road all the time, we lived in an RV with two boys
45:27 and my wife and I, it was kind of crowded in there.
45:29 If ever I wanted to have place where I could study
45:31 I needed to be out of there, so we bought an old mayflower
45:36 moving van, to put all of our equipment in and then I built
45:39 an office in there with all my books and everything so I
45:41 could go in there and I could study all by self undisturbed
45:43 and one day I was sitting and studying and then I'm really
45:47 intense on what's going on and I heard that, big door creaking I
45:53 turn around to see what's going it was open about that wide and
45:57 there was my little boy sticking that big round face with the big
46:01 round brown eyes glistening the looking up and saying hi dad I
46:03 love you and turn around and run away. I want to tell you to
46:08 burst into tears right now just telling you the story, why?
46:16 Because he didn't have to say that. He didn't have to love me,
46:22 lot of children don't love their parents, the fact that he didn't
46:27 have to love me makes his love all most precious to me, that's
46:34 why God made us we the choice so that we could
46:37 choose to love Him, because it's only when we choose
46:41 to love God that love is really love. Then if God gave us
46:49 the choice to love him. How can He just destroy
46:55 IN hell everybody who refuses to love Him. How can he
47:00 just let go of all the wicked who reject him and still be a
47:03 God of love, how can He just let them all go?
47:05 It's because of love.
47:11 Think about it. If God ever hope to peace and harmony in this
47:14 Universe again, He is going to have to remove sin. He is going
47:20 to take it out of way, because sin brings pain and since He
47:26 gave us the choice to sin or love Him and He's going to have
47:31 to let those who sin and choose to sin.
47:33 He's going to have to let them go if He ever hopes to have
47:37 peace and harmony in the earth and in the universe again.
47:41 It isn't going to be a fun day for God.
47:42 The Bible says it is strange act but think about it.
47:46 Imagine that you had family with 10 children
47:50 in it and you loved everyone as much as you could possibly
47:56 love, but one of those children started doing some bad things
48:00 and started beating up on the other kids, cutting off
48:06 their finger, cutting their hands, cutting off their hand,
48:09 cutting off the foot and then he starts killing the rest of his
48:15 brothers and sisters one and then another and then another.
48:18 How long are you going to let this go on finally you are going
48:21 to have to say wait a minute.
48:22 You see God is looking at His children and this
48:27 old world suffering day after day doing battle with disease,
48:31 calamity, disaster, cancer and all of these other things and
48:36 finally God is going to say that's enough, it's enough! It's
48:40 over! And He's going bring it to act stranger act but it's an act
48:49 of love we can't understand it, but we can know that we can
48:55 trust Him. Well, then why didn't he just zap Lucifer the moment
48:59 he rebelled in heaven when he was that perfect angel that
49:01 rebelled against Him.
49:02 Wouldn't it be better, if he would just got rid of him
49:03 right then. It's because of love. Imagine we're on the big
49:07 meeting, a big rally, and all the angels, we're all together
49:12 with the angels and He's got a big as football stadium in
49:15 heaven all filled with the angels and has Lucifer on the
49:18 stage and he is saying God isn't fair, God's rules are too
49:20 restrictive put me on the throne,
49:22 you'll see how to have fun about round this place
49:24 and about that time God walks in and zap there goes Lucifer.
49:28 Now how do you feel about God?
49:32 Whoa, better watch what we do around here.
49:36 Who's next? See we start obeying God out of fear instead of love,
49:43 trust and so God head to let Lucifer to go. He had to let him
49:50 go He had to give him space. He had to give him time. He had to
49:54 give him room to show what sin is really like and once he has
49:58 demonstrated once and for all. how hideous, how ugly,
50:00 how mean, how cruel sin is then God can clean this thing up
50:06 and everyone will know that He did the right thing, that He's a
50:10 God of love. Now listen to me, that's the reason we have to
50:16 suffer. God knows that He's got to give Lucifer a little room to
50:23 operate, to demonstrate what sin is like. If every time Lucifer
50:29 wanted to attack me God put a hedge around me
50:31 and says no Lucifer, you can't touch. If every time He wants
50:34 one of you He puts a hedge around He saying, no Lucifer
50:37 you can't go there and Lucifer hey, you're not even keeping
50:39 your end of the bargain.
50:40 You're not giving me a chance to show what it's like if
50:43 I had control. And so God's walking a final line that only
50:47 God can walk. He has to let us suffer a little bit, but yet
50:54 He answers our prayers and He responds to us just enough so
50:56 that we can know that He's there because the more He intervenes
51:00 and the more He blocks Lucifer and the more He answers your
51:04 prayers and gives you good things the longer it's going to
51:08 take to demonstrate what sin is really like. Can you understand
51:13 Sometimes we just have to step back and watch our children
51:18 learn the hard way Sometimes they do suffer. I'll never
51:21 forget my boy he was riding his bike and he got on to the
51:24 edge of the trailer sliced his hand and I'm sitting there
51:27 with him in the doctor's office and the doctor gets his big
51:30 needle and he's takes it and he's about to stick it in my
51:33 boy's hand and he's sitting on my lap, he looks up with me
51:36 with big, round eyes and, dad you're not going to let him
51:39 do this to me are you?
51:40 And I had to let him do it. That's why we suffer. Oh,
51:50 God could have done some other things He could have just
51:54 left us here on planet earth. You made your bed now
51:58 sleep in it.
52:00 I'm glad you didn't do that because you knew
52:02 somewhere along the line, there would be some of us who would
52:05 choose to serve Him and love Him if we could. But how can
52:07 He save us? We've sinned and He said if you sin
52:12 you'll die. How can He save us and still be telling the
52:14 truth when He said, if you sin, you'll die.
52:15 How can he save us and still be telling the truth when He said,
52:17 if you sin you will die. God did the one thing
52:19 the old devil never dreamed he would ever do. The Bible says,
52:24 God loves the world so much That He gave His only begotten
52:29 Son that's whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have
52:35 everlasting life. The devil never dreamed he would
52:38 ever do that but He did and all we need to do is reach out and
52:42 take the hand of Jesus. Accept Him as your Lord and your
52:47 savior and you can have life. No I could never do that. I am just
52:54 too proud a person to accept Jesus Christ as my
52:57 savior. Don't be too proud. You know years ago in a community
53:05 not far from here at College Place, Washington. Before
53:10 modern firefighting equipment, a family, a house caught on fire,
53:15 was burning in the middle of the night and the family trying to
53:19 put the flames out and neighbors gathered around with their
53:22 little buckets of water and their gunny sacks and their
53:26 brooms trying to beat back the flames but finally they realized
53:29 that it was too late. They were not going to be able to do it
53:33 So they all got out of the house and was standing out in the yard
53:37 and there's the family watching everything that they had just
53:41 going up in flames and suddenly the mother realized that
53:44 she left her little baby asleep in the crib so she ran to the
53:50 house but they grabbed her and said you can't go it's too late
53:56 True love doesn't know when is too late and her oldest son
54:01 broke out of the crowd ran across the lawn up into the
54:05 house down the flaming hallway into the baby's room wrapped the
54:09 baby in a blanket held it close to his chest ran down that
54:13 flaming hallway tumbled across the lawn a human torch.
54:17 They unwrapped the blanket and the baby was unharmed
54:22 but he was so badly burned that the doctors said
54:26 he would never survive but he did
54:28 survive. And years later you would see a strange sight in
54:35 College Place, Washington A man whose face was so
54:40 badly disfigured and scarred that he was beyond human
54:45 recognition, he had no hair; no eyebrows; no eyelids, his eyes
54:50 peering through two holes where his eyelids had been. His hands
54:56 are solid mass of gnarled scar tissue. But that man would be
55:01 walking down the street with a, beautiful young lady hanging on
55:07 to his arm and she looked at him as though he
55:11 were the most handsome man in the world. She wasn't ashamed
55:15 of the scars on the hands of her brother who saved her life. And
55:22 don't you be ashamed of scars on the hands of Jesus Christ
55:30 that saved yours. Reach out and take the hand of Christ. Pray
55:39 with me. Lord we've answered some deep questions, questions
55:54 that had bothered the hearts of each person
55:56 here and Lord we know there are still a lot more questions.
56:03 We'll never get all of our answers until You come to take
56:08 us home to be with You on the other side but you've
56:12 answered enough, you've demonstrated enough. You've
56:16 shown us, Lord that we can trust You and we can love You and
56:20 that You can save us and so tonight while every head is
56:26 bowed and every eye closed in prayer if the desire of your
56:31 heart is to walk hand-in-hand with Jesus to take those
56:34 precious nails scarred hands in yours, accept Jesus as your
56:38 savior to walk with Him, to live with Him maybe you already are
56:42 Christian but you want to walk with Him day by day that's a
56:46 desire of you heart just raise your hand with me tonight. Raise
56:49 your hand say, yes Lord I want to love You, I want to learn to
56:52 love you even more and more everyday. Thank you for Jesus.
56:55 Thank you, Jesus. Amen.


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