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01:05 Dear Lord, we pause for a moment because we are about
01:13 to once again open your word and this time we want to take
01:19 a look at the Cross. And there Lord we'll begin to just catch
01:27 a little glimpse down into the depths of the love that you
01:33 have for us in your heart, and let it ignite a spark
01:38 in our own lives Lord. And we'll walk away from this
01:42 place different, from the people who came.
01:48 We ask in Jesus name Amen.
01:56 Revelation Chapter 13, but before we get into 13,
01:59 lets read just the very tail end of Chapter 12 Verse 17,
02:02 they gave us an introduction, an overview
02:05 of what is about to happen. In Chapter 12 Verse 17,
02:08 it says, the dragon was enraged at the woman and he went off to
02:13 make war against the rest of her offspring those who obey
02:18 God's commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus.
02:23 So, here is the dragon at war against whom,
02:28 against those who want to be faithful to God and to obey
02:33 His commandments and that means, that if you
02:36 in your heart want to be faithful to God then the
02:40 dragon is at war with you, right here this evening.
02:45 Now, how does he unfold this battle? What is the war like?
02:51 Watch Chapter 13, Verse 1, the dragon stood on the shore
02:54 of the sea and I saw a beast coming up out of the sea,
02:59 he had 10 horns, 7 heads, 10 crowns on his horns.
03:02 Now, I know that you want to know who the beast is?
03:05 Am I right? You want to know who the beast is?
03:08 And I'm going to tell you, not tonight, next meeting,
03:13 Friday night. Tonight, it doesn't matter who he is?
03:17 What matters is, what he does?
03:21 So, here is this beast coming up out of the water.
03:24 In Verse 2, in the middle of the verse, it says the dragon
03:27 gave the beast his power, his throne, and great authority.
03:31 So, where does the beast get his authority?
03:34 He gets it from the dragon, who is the dragon,
03:37 the devil or Satan, you're right.
03:40 Now watch this, Verse 4, men worshiped the dragon,
03:48 who is the dragon, the devil, Satan.
03:52 Men worshiped the dragon. Now, how does this ever
03:55 happen? How do they worship the dragon? Watch.
03:58 Men worshiped the dragon because he had given
04:02 authority to the beast and they also worshiped the beast.
04:07 And there you have the master plan, the dragon gives his
04:11 authority to the beast, therefore, whoever worships
04:14 the beast, is actually worshiping the dragon.
04:22 Well, I'll never worship the beast.
04:25 Many say the problem is that most of the world does;
04:33 look with me, Verse 8, all of the inhabitants of
04:37 the Earth will worship the beast, all whose names have
04:41 not been written in the book of life belonging to the lamb.
04:46 Now, we want our names written in that book, Amen. Amen.
04:53 But, practically the whole world does not have their
04:57 name written in that book, only a few and just those
05:01 who have their names written in the lamb's Book of Life,
05:04 they are the ones that do not worship the beast.
05:10 What makes the beast so effective and this is
05:15 the frightening part of Revelation. Verse 11,
05:22 I saw another beast coming up out of the Earth,
05:26 remember the first one came up out of the water,
05:28 this one comes up out of the Earth.
05:29 It's a different beast. Look, he has 2 horns
05:33 like a lamb, but he spoke like the dragon.
05:38 So, here's a beast coming up out of the Earth.
05:41 He has two horns like a lamb. He looks like
05:45 the lamb, so that those who worship him
05:50 think they are worshiping the lamb. Those who follow
05:54 this beast think they are following the lamb.
05:59 And the only way you can tell the difference
06:01 between the true Lamb of God
06:03 who is Jesus Christ and this one who looks
06:07 like a lamb is that this one speaks like the dragon.
06:13 That's why we better understand what God's word
06:16 says, so that we can distinguish between
06:20 the true and the false because the false seems true.
06:26 It looks like a lamb, and that isn't all.
06:31 But the Bible goes on to say, Verse 12, he exercised
06:34 all of the authority of the first beast on his behalf
06:37 and he made the Earth and its inhabitants worship
06:40 the first beast. Now, how did he do it?
06:42 In Verse 13, he performed great and miraculous
06:45 signs even causing fire to come down from heaven
06:49 in full view of men and because of these signs or
06:52 miracles that he was given power to do on behalf of the
06:56 first beast, he deceived the inhabitants of the Earth.
07:02 Now, when we turn, all you please,
07:04 and turn over to Revelation, the 20th, the 19th chapter
07:09 in Revelation, in Revelation Chapter 19,
07:13 we discover at the end of that passage and
07:18 let's look Verse 20, the beast was captured
07:22 and with him the false prophet who had
07:24 performed miraculous signs on his behalf,
07:27 with his signs he diluted those who had received
07:29 the mark of the beast and worshiped his image.
07:32 So, now we know that this two horn beast, with
07:35 two horns like a lamb that comes up out of the earth
07:38 is none other than the false prophet.
07:40 We'll name him on another night also,
07:43 tonight, it's enough for us to see that the false prophet
07:48 claims to be a true prophet, he looks like the lamb,
07:51 the lamb is Jesus, he speaks like the dragon.
07:54 So, the only way you can understand the truth is
07:56 to know what God says about the truth.
08:01 And that's the only way you can distinguish
08:04 between the beast who looks like the lamb and the lamb.
08:10 That's why we need God's word, Amen. Amen.
08:14 The whole world goes after the lamb thinking that they
08:23 are following, goes after the lamb like beast thinking
08:28 that they are following the lamb, Jesus Christ.
08:33 After describing this intense conflict that we're gonna
08:37 look at in much, much more depth than we do tonight.
08:40 This is just an overview, but after describing this battle
08:44 between true worship and false worship,
08:47 In Chapter 14 Verse 12, John writes this calls for
08:50 patient endurance on the part of the saints who obey
08:54 God's commandments and the faith of Jesus.
09:01 The same two points that he began
09:03 with in Revelation 12:17. In other words,
09:05 these are the two points of attack, the
09:07 commandments of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
09:10 the two points of attack that the dragon makes through the
09:13 beast and the false prophet trying to deceive and
09:16 force God's people into worshiping the
09:18 beast instead of worshiping the lamb.
09:22 That's why we need to understand the Gospel,
09:26 because it's the cornerstone of the dragon's attack.
09:32 In fact, Jesus warned us about this.
09:35 In Matthew the 7th Chapter, in Matthew Chapter 7,
09:40 Verse 15, Jesus said watch out for false prophets,
09:44 they come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly
09:48 they are ferocious wolves, they are beasts.
09:51 They look like a lamb, but they are the beast,
09:53 watch out for them Jesus said.
09:55 The same thing we saw in Revelation, but watch this.
09:58 In Verse 21, not everyone who says to me,
10:02 Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven,
10:06 not everyone, not everyone who calls on the name of
10:09 Jesus is gonna enter the Kingdom of Heaven,
10:11 not everyone who says Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom,
10:14 Well, then who will? Only he who does the will of
10:17 my father, who is in heaven, listen, many will say to me,
10:21 Verse 22, many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord
10:27 did we not prophecy in your name and
10:32 in your name drive out demons and perform many
10:37 miracles in your name, Lord. Watch this, and then
10:44 Jesus said, I will tell them plainly, I never knew you,
10:53 away from me you evil doer. Interestingly,
11:01 the word evil doer here in Greek is
11:04 Anomia, which means you lawless one.
11:10 Remember, the dragon attacks those who would obey the laws
11:16 and the commandments of God and Jesus said away from me
11:21 you evil doer, you lawless one, I never knew you.
11:27 Now, here are people who say Lord, Lord.
11:32 I mean he is not talking about that vicious terrorist
11:37 element of society. He is talking about people
11:41 who think they're following the lamb.
11:44 They say Lord, I have prophesied in your name.
11:47 I have done miracles in your name.
11:49 I have healed in your name, I have spoken in tongues
11:52 in your name, I have cast out demons in your name.
11:55 Oh Lord, I love you I've lived my life for you.
11:58 I have given my heart to you. I'll do anything for you.
12:01 I'll die for you and Jesus said,
12:03 away from me you evil doer I never knew you.
12:07 Wow! And I'm gonna ask you a question
12:15 and this is a hard one, but it's an important one.
12:25 How do you know that you are not one of those
12:31 people who think they're following the lamb,
12:37 but only in the end they find out that they weren't?
12:43 I asked you a question in the beginning.
12:46 I asked you, if you come to the place in your
12:50 Christian life, where you know that if you would've
12:52 died right now, you would have eternal life and many,
12:57 many raised your hands and said yes, I know, praise God.
13:02 But tell me, what do you think these people
13:06 would have done if they were here tonight?
13:11 They would've been the first ones to raise their hand.
13:14 Oh! Yes, I know man, I know. So, how do you know
13:20 that you are not one of those who thinks
13:24 that you have eternal life only to find out
13:28 in the end, I never knew you.
13:33 Is that a fair question to ask? How do you know?
13:36 Don't say, because I know my spirit bears witness
13:39 that's exactly what they would say.
13:43 You got to come up with a better answer than that.
13:46 I wonder if I ask that question again,
13:49 how many would raise your hand?
13:51 I know this is a little hard, but folks, we're living in the
13:55 last days and some of you are building your hope and
13:58 your faith and your trust on the foundation of sand
14:01 and if you are, I want to knock it down
14:03 and help you build it on the solid rock of Christ.
14:06 Amen. So, how can we know? Listen to what Jesus said
14:13 again, not everyone who says to me,
14:16 not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, will enter
14:22 the Kingdom of Heaven, only he who does
14:28 the will of the father, God is not interested in
14:33 lip-service folks, words come cheap,
14:39 not everyone who says praise the Lord, Hallelujah.
14:42 Oh! I'm such a wonderful Christian. Not everyone.
14:48 only he who does the will of the father.
14:54 Well, that raises an interesting question.
14:56 If only he who does the will of the father
15:00 enters the kingdom and that's true because Jesus said it,
15:03 then how much of the father's will
15:06 do I have to do before I know that I have done
15:09 the will of the father enough to enter the kingdom.
15:14 In other words, how good do I need to be?
15:16 How obedient to God's law should I be? Bad news,
15:21 James said in James Chapter 2, Verse 10,
15:24 he who keeps the whole law of God and yet stumbles at
15:28 one point, is guilty of breaking all of it.
15:33 And he goes on to say, for he who said,
15:35 do not commit adultery, also said do not murder,
15:38 if you do not commit adultery, but you do commit murder
15:40 you have become a law breaker.
15:43 So, speak and act as those who are going
15:46 to be judged by the law that gives freedom.
15:51 In other words, James is writing to Christians and he
15:54 says we should speak and act as those who are going
15:57 to be judged at sometime in the future by the law.
16:00 Jesus said only he who does the will of the father.
16:02 James said if you break one, you are guilty of breaking
16:05 them all, in fact that's what sin is.
16:07 In First John Chapter 3, in First John Chapter 3,
16:10 Verse 4, sin is lawlessness. He who sins breaks the law.
16:16 The law says, Thou shall not commit adultery.
16:19 One who commits adultery has sinned
16:20 because he broke the law. Thou shall not lie,
16:23 the one who lies has sinned because he broke the law,
16:26 and if you break one you are guilty of breaking them all
16:29 and law breakers have no place in the Kingdom of Heaven.
16:32 God demands perfect obedience to the law.
16:38 That's scary, bad news and the bad news gets even
16:44 worse because in Romans Chapter 6 Verse 23,
16:48 it says the wages of sin is death.
16:53 He who sins dies and it gets even worse.
17:00 You say, well pastor, I didn't come here to hear bad news.
17:04 Well, you got to hear the bad news before
17:06 you can appreciate the good news.
17:08 It get even worse, Romans Chapter 3, Verse 10,
17:13 there is not one righteous among you,
17:15 not even one, Verse 23, because all have sinned
17:19 and fall short of the glory of God.
17:21 The wages of sin is death. What is sin?
17:24 Sin is transgression of the law.
17:25 You break one you are guilty of breaking them all.
17:27 We are law breakers and the wages of breaking
17:31 the law is death and we have all sinned.
17:35 We all deserve to die and no amount of doing
17:38 good can change that even if you could be
17:40 perfect from now on for the rest of your life
17:42 you have still sinned and you still deserve to die.
17:49 Now we can understand the good news.
17:52 Because he goes on to say in Romans, the 3rd Chapter,
17:56 in Verse 20, therefore no one will be declared
18:01 righteous in his sight by observing the law,
18:04 rather through the law we become conscious of sin.
18:08 Keeping the law won't save anyone.
18:10 Even though God demands perfect obedience to the law,
18:13 you cannot become perfectly obedient to the law by
18:16 obeying the law, because you have already broken it.
18:21 Well, then how do we get perfectly obedient to the law
18:23 so that we can be saved and here comes the good news,
18:26 the real good news, Verse 21, but now a righteousness
18:31 from God apart from the law has been made known.
18:35 This righteousness from God comes through
18:39 faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.
18:42 God does demand perfect obedience to the law.
18:46 We cannot render that obedience, but
18:49 Jesus came into this world, he lived a perfect life.
18:53 He never sin not for one moment, not in word,
18:56 not in thought, not in action and Jesus wants to give
19:00 us his righteousness, his obedience, it comes
19:04 from God as a free gift to us, the obedience that God
19:08 demands, is the obedience that God gives us, the
19:12 perfect life that Jesus lived 2000 years ago on this planet.
19:17 Good news. Amen. Amen.
19:20 That's why the Bible says we can't be saved by works,
19:23 we can't be saved by obeying the law,
19:26 it is by grace that you are saved, through faith,
19:29 and not by works, but it is a gift of God.
19:32 You don't pay for a gift, you don't work for a gift,
19:36 you don't earn a gift, God gives it to you,
19:39 unmerited, undeserved, that's grace.
19:43 So, God demands perfect obedience to the law.
19:47 We can't render that obedience. Jesus came
19:50 and he kept the law perfectly as a man
19:54 and now he wants to give it to you as a free gift.
20:01 So, if God would say why should I let you into heaven,
20:03 you can look at yourself and say I didn't do anything
20:06 right God, but you point to Jesus and say he did
20:09 everything right God, and God says that's good enough.
20:16 Wait a minute, God, the old devil says,
20:22 you can't do that, you can't demand
20:26 perfect obedience and then give it them, if you do that,
20:29 just give it to me and I'll be saved too.
20:32 How can you demand their obedience and
20:37 then turnaround and give it to them and
20:39 save them and still be fair, good question isn't it?
20:45 Paul answers it right here, and this is what a lot of
20:48 people don't understand about the Cross, Verse 25,
20:53 God presented him, that's Jesus, as a sacrifice of
20:59 atonement through faith in his blood.
21:02 Now, why did he do it? Right here, he tells us,
21:05 he did this to demonstrate his justice.
21:09 In other words, God presented Jesus as a sacrifice
21:13 of atonement in order to demonstrate his justice
21:17 in order to demonstrate that when he saves us,
21:21 who receive that free gift of Jesus life that he is being
21:25 fair, he is being just, he is doing the right thing.
21:33 Well, devil isn't happy about that,
21:37 he says God you can't do that.
21:40 Colon sinned and Colon deserves to die,
21:44 not Jesus. You save him, you've to save me.
21:51 And God says, devil you don't understand.
21:55 Verse 26, he did it to demonstrate his justice at
21:59 the present time and so to be just and
22:03 the one who justifies those who have faith in Jesus.
22:09 You see God sent Jesus to die in our place,
22:13 so that when he saves us, he is doing the right
22:17 and the fair thing, if we have faith in Jesus,
22:23 but God you said, if they sin they would die,
22:27 so how can you be telling the truth if you just
22:32 fictitiously give them Jesus obedience.
22:37 And now, God takes us to the depth
22:41 of what really happened on the cross.
22:45 In the Second Corinthians Chapter 5, Verse 21,
22:48 probably the most important Verse in the Bible underline it,
22:52 circle it, memorize it, just write it in your minds.
22:56 Verse 21, Second Corinthians Chapter 5,
23:01 God made him who had no sin to be sin for us,
23:12 so that in him we might become the
23:15 righteousness of God. What does it mean?
23:21 Let me help you understand. God made him, Jesus,
23:28 who had no sin to be sin for us.
23:33 Tell me something, was Jesus Christ sin?
23:42 What do you think? Was he sin?
23:49 I hear some no's, let me read the Verse again.
23:54 God made him who had no sin to be sin for us.
24:02 Now, if God made him to be sin for us, was he sin?
24:08 What does the Bible say? Don't go with what your
24:12 heart says, go by what the Bible says. Amen.
24:16 What does the Bible say? God made him to be sin,
24:19 folks, if the Bible says God made him to be sin
24:23 then he was sin. Now, don't get up and leave.
24:30 It doesn't say he sinned, he never sinned.
24:35 Jesus didn't sin in action, he didn't sin in word,
24:40 he didn't sin even in thoughts,
24:44 but by a miracle God made him to be sin.
24:49 How do we understand this? Simple, you sinned,
24:54 everyone of you here, I sinned and by a miracle
24:59 and this is the greatest miracle of all,
25:01 by a miracle God takes the guilt for our sins away
25:07 from us and he made Jesus to be guilty, exactly the
25:14 same as though he had done it himself, even though
25:18 he never sinned, Jesus never sinned,
25:21 but he became guilty, he bore in his body
25:24 our sins the Bible says. So, when he died
25:28 on the cross the death for sin, the price for sin,
25:32 the penalty for sin is paid in full.
25:38 And, God can look at you and me, as though we
25:42 had never sinned, that's what it means when
25:46 it says he was made to be sin for us.
25:51 No, make it clear Jesus never sinned,
25:55 but he kept the law perfectly, he was made to be guilty
26:00 for our sins by a miracle, he died on the cross
26:03 in our place. By the way, Why do you think Jesus died?
26:09 It was not because of the nails in his hands,
26:13 it wasn't the crown of thorns,
26:17 it wasn't even the Cross that killed Jesus.
26:21 He died because he bore our sins, in his body.
26:33 Have you ever sinned? Of course you have.
26:39 How did it feel? Do you ever feel guilty?
26:46 It's what, a shameful feeling, a dirty feeling,
26:58 guilt, sick, feeling, isn't it? Jesus bore in his body
27:09 the guilt for every sin you've ever committed
27:12 the whole world and me and you.
27:16 He bore those sins in his body,
27:18 he felt the guilt, he felt the sick,
27:22 dirty shame that goes with sin, and that's what
27:26 crushed his life, but the last half of the
27:31 Verse says, wasn't enough for him to be made to be sin,
27:37 but in him we become the righteousness of God.
27:42 You see, I've sinned and the guilty is weighing
27:45 heavy on me, but God takes the guilt from me.
27:48 Jesus became guilty, he died on the cross
27:51 in my place and now God looks at me
27:53 as though I had never sinned, but that isn't all,
27:57 he then gives me the perfect life that Jesus lived.
28:02 So, now when my name comes up in the judgment,
28:05 I don't have to be scared of what God thinks of me,
28:08 I need only be concerned about what God thinks
28:11 of him, I'm not judged by what I do,
28:15 I'm judged by what he has done.
28:19 And, that was perfect 2000 years ago.
28:21 I can't add to the righteous life of Christ, I can't take
28:24 away from it by my own sins, I can only receive it
28:28 and that is the only way that I can never know
28:31 that I've eternal life, if I present to God the perfect
28:34 life of his son Jesus Christ. Good news. Amen.
28:39 Yeah, but that doesn't answer it all because
28:41 how do I know he did it for me, not everyone,
28:44 most of the world goes after the lamb, after the beast.
28:46 Most of the world is deceived. Most of the world
28:49 will find out on the last day, I never knew you.
28:52 So, how do I know that he did all this for me?
28:55 Good question. Here is the answer, in
28:58 First John Chapter 5. First John Chapter 5, Verse 11.
29:03 And, this is the testimony, God has given us eternal life,
29:09 you know, I never was that good in English class,
29:12 remember they used to make us diagram the sentences and
29:15 verbs and conjugate verbs, you remember all that,
29:18 they still do that today, you've to conjugate the
29:21 verbs and I thought what a waste of time,
29:24 I wanna go play baseball and football and basketball,
29:27 I don't wanna conjugate verbs, but I'm so thankful
29:30 I learned how to do that now, because you know what it says,
29:34 it says God has given us eternal life that means past, isn't it?
29:43 With ongoing results, he has given it to us,
29:48 doesn't say God is going to give us eternal life,
29:53 it says God has given us eternal life and this life is
29:58 in his son Jesus, he who has the son has life,
30:02 he who does not have the son of God does not
30:03 have life, so how do we get eternal life?
30:05 We get Jesus. If you've Jesus, you've eternal life.
30:10 If you don't have Jesus, you do not have eternal
30:12 life, no matter what kind of words you speak
30:15 or miracles you do, you have to have Jesus.
30:20 But that still doesn't answer the question because a lot
30:23 of people think they have Jesus when they don't.
30:27 No, he is not finished yet. He goes on to say in
30:31 Verse 13. I write these things to you who believe
30:35 in the name of the son of God so that you will
30:37 know that you have eternal life. Good news.
30:39 God doesn't want you to doubt,
30:40 he doesn't want you to wonder,
30:41 he wants you to know for sure that you've eternal life.
30:46 How can we know? This is the confidence
30:48 that we have in approaching God,
30:50 if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us
30:53 and if we know that he hears us then we know
30:55 that we have whatever we've asked of him.
30:58 So, what is our assurance that you ask Jesus to come
31:01 into your life and if you ask him to come in then
31:04 you know that he hears you because he promised that
31:08 he will give you whatever you ask according to his will.
31:10 Is it his will to save us? Absolutely.
31:14 And so if you ask Jesus to come in he comes because
31:17 he promised and when he comes you've eternal life.
31:22 See, it doesn't depend on how you feel?
31:25 It doesn't depend on how good you are?
31:28 Somebody told me one time, Oh! Pastor,
31:29 I know I'm saved. How do you know?
31:31 Because when I got saved, I felt electricity go up my
31:35 spine. I said what verse is that? What verse is that?
31:43 It doesn't say anything about electricity,
31:46 it doesn't say anything about feeling, anything
31:49 and I'm thankful for that because I'll be honest
31:51 with you, there are days when I don't feel very safe,
31:54 but I know I am, because I asked Jesus to come in
31:57 and he said if you ask I will come.
32:00 My assurance is built on his promise not
32:02 the roller coaster ride of human emotion.
32:05 Then Jesus say, I stand at the door and I knock
32:10 and if anyone hears my voice and opens the door
32:13 I will come in and when he comes in you've eternal life.
32:17 Amen. But, one more thing, when you invite him in,
32:22 he doesn't come in just as your savior.
32:25 He also comes in as Lord. You see the others invite
32:30 him in as their savior, but not as their Lord.
32:34 That's what Jesus meant when he said not everyone who says
32:37 Lord, Lord, savior, they say it, but only he who does
32:42 the will of the father that means he is Lord.
32:44 Lord means that he is king, king rules,
32:47 what do you want? God is what I want,
32:49 not my will let your will be done that's
32:52 what it means to invite Jesus into your heart.
32:54 You can't go around and say hallelujah,
32:56 praise the Lord, oh! I'm saved.
32:58 God saved 20 years ago on a beach in California and lived
33:01 the same old sinful life, you're living in all alone.
33:03 No, you invite him as your savior,
33:05 but savior comes in as Lord also.
33:09 You know, it's like Jesus when he cleansed the temple.
33:11 You remember that story, he went to the temple and
33:13 there with money changes, selling animals
33:15 and doing all the taking advantage of the people,
33:18 extorting the people, he wasn't very happy about it.
33:20 So, what did he do? He didn't stand up, back on the steps
33:23 and say I want all of you out of there before I come in.
33:26 No, what did he do? He went in and drove them out.
33:31 You see, and you're the temple aren't you?
33:34 Didn't we learn that last night? He doesn't stay out
33:36 there saying get it cleaned up and I'll come in.
33:38 No, he comes in and we let him clean it up.
33:44 Now, I got a hunch that when he chase some of
33:46 those cows and goats and pigeons out of the
33:47 front door of the temple some of them went around
33:49 the back door and came back in again.
33:52 And sometimes that happens in our temple, doesn't it?
33:55 He chases something out, but it comes back
33:57 in the back door and we say God I'm sorry
34:00 forgive me, help me not do it again.
34:02 Keep chasing him out God and all the while
34:04 He is chasing these things out of our lives,
34:06 he is still in there and he who has the son in his life.
34:09 But, if you ever say God not that cow,
34:13 in chase out all of the other goats and pigs,
34:16 but not that cow. No, no, no pigs, but
34:23 then we are saying you're not Lord.
34:27 You see, not everyone who says Lord, Lord enters
34:30 the kingdom only he who does the will of the father.
34:35 When we come to Jesus Christ, invite him into our hearts and
34:37 lives he changes us, that's what it means to be born again.
34:40 He puts within you a desire to be obedient
34:43 to him and to his law. You're born again.
34:45 You're a new creation the Bible says.
34:47 He forgives you. All of your sins are washed away.
34:49 You become a new creature in Jesus,
34:51 the things you used to like you don't like anymore.
34:53 The things you never cared for, now you find
34:55 yourself enjoying. It's an eternal life, it's a
34:58 winning life, it's a successful life for Jesus Christ,
35:00 I know that because I haven't always been a Christian.
35:04 I was 12 years old, I went to a meeting similar to this,
35:07 this in the days of the hellfire brimstone preachers.
35:10 Remember that, and this preacher could
35:12 preach the hottest hell you ever heard just seem
35:14 to lift me up and chunk me right into the fire.
35:17 Scared me so bad, I jumped up in order to call and
35:20 said I want to be a baptized, I want to join a church,
35:21 whatever I need to do, I just don't want to burn.
35:24 So, I was baptized. You know when you serve
35:29 God out of the fear of hellfire then pretty soon those flames
35:34 begin to cool down and that's what happened to me.
35:38 I went to a Christian school. I went to a Christian college
35:41 and there on the campus of the Christian college
35:44 I began to just gradually drift away from God.
35:46 I remember one day some friends came into
35:48 my dorm room and they said Jac we can go to
35:50 downtown and do something that I knew was wrong.
35:53 I'm not going to tell you what it is, it doesn't matter
35:54 what it is? What matters is, when you willfully go
35:57 against the will of God it does something back to you.
36:01 It makes it easier to do it again and then I found
36:06 myself drifting further and further away from God,
36:09 doing things I never dreamed I would ever do and
36:12 by the time I graduated at that Christian college
36:15 I didn't even believe in God anymore.
36:19 I was an atheist. Religion was fine
36:22 for weaklings and people, who need a crutch to get
36:24 through life, but I'm a man and I can make it on my own.
36:27 God go help somebody else, I don't need any help.
36:31 So, in order to demonstrate what a real man I was
36:35 I joined the Air Force. I went to flight school,
36:41 I was assigned as a navigator on a B-52 crew, flew 105
36:45 combat missions in Vietnam all without the help of God.
36:50 I didn't need him, I'm a man.
36:54 You know, I'll always remember,
36:58 I remember the first time we flew bombing missions
37:02 into North Vietnam. We've been hitting
37:04 all around South Vietnam as a piece of cake,
37:08 but in the North, they had MIGs, they had
37:13 surface to air missiles, they had anti-aircraft artillery.
37:19 They were playing for keeps up there.
37:24 And the closer we got to that target more
37:28 I began to realize that those missiles were like
37:32 telephone poles just waiting to knock us out of the sky.
37:38 And there was a chance that we might not be
37:40 going home and I got scared,
37:46 I got scared, in fact the closer we got the more
37:50 afraid I became until finally I got so scared,
37:55 you know, what I did, sure you do.
37:59 I prayed. I said God get me out of this mess
38:02 and I'll be good from now on I promise.
38:05 You ever done that? Made a deal with God,
38:09 well praise the Lord, he got me out of that
38:11 mess over and over again to as soon as we hit the
38:13 ground back to the officer's club, didn't matter.
38:18 I'm a man, I can make it on my own
38:20 I don't need God and it's interesting,
38:23 how the devil can confuse our minds like that?
38:29 Well, after about five years in the Air Force,
38:30 I finally felt that the way to really make your way
38:35 to make your mark on the world is to
38:37 have a lot of money and it was, since
38:40 I wasn't going to get rich in the military, so
38:43 I resigned my commission and I thought the quickest
38:47 way to get rich has got to be in the stock market.
38:50 So, I became a stock broker, the Paine Webber Jackson
38:54 and Curtis, one of the largest firms on Wall Street.
38:58 It wasn't long until I discovered that
39:00 the business world was just as vicious
39:02 if not more than fighting a war.
39:05 Only thing that mattered to me was making money.
39:10 I set a goal to be a millionaire by the time
39:12 I was 35, longtime ago haven't made it yet.
39:16 I have made it, but my millions are up there now.
39:21 I wanted to be a millionaire by the time I was 35 and
39:23 will be unto anybody that dares to get in my way.
39:31 Business was good for me. I was considered one of
39:35 the bright stars on the horizon in my firm.
39:39 I remember first two to $3000 pay day and
39:45 then two weeks later another one.
39:46 Now that, doesn't sound like a lot of money today,
39:48 but that was a longtime ago when it was a lot of money
39:51 and besides that it didn't even matter
39:53 because I knew that, that was just the beginning.
39:55 There was a lot more. Oh! I can remember
40:00 walking down the sidewalks of New Orleans, Louisiana
40:04 with a big roll of bills in my pocket making sure
40:07 the hundreds were on top so everybody could see
40:09 what a man I was. Felt good, I would look
40:13 at the big tall buildings, the cars, the people going by
40:17 and I feel like New Orleans this is my city,
40:20 I have got you in the palms of my hands.
40:22 Watch out New Orleans, Colon is here.
40:26 It felt good. Now I remember
40:33 some of the people that I did business with,
40:35 see I, I began to discover that in order to be successful
40:43 in the business world you need to look successful.
40:46 You know you have to wear successful looking clothes,
40:51 drive the successful looking car, well I
40:55 couldn't afford a Cadillac or Continental or anything
40:57 like that, BMW, but I got me a little Datsun 240Z.
41:02 Well, that was successful enough to start.
41:05 You have to live in a successful looking place
41:08 and you have to rub shoulders with
41:11 successful people and I began to discover that
41:15 in order to rub shoulders with successful people you
41:19 have to spend successful amounts of money.
41:22 And so I found myself working harder and harder
41:27 in order to make more money, so that I could
41:30 spend more money in order to make more money.
41:35 And I was caught in this vicious cycle and then
41:43 the people, my clients and friends, they had it made.
41:49 They had millions of dollars in the bank,
41:51 they had big mansions they lived in,
41:54 beautiful cars 3 or 4 parked in the garage,
41:57 they had yachts, they had planes,
41:59 they owned condos in Aspen, in the Riviera,
42:02 all over the place, they were jet-setters,
42:04 they could go anyplace they wanted to go anytime.
42:07 They had everything. Something was missing,
42:14 because I started to notice that they had to
42:20 turn to drugs, alcohol, cheating on their wives.
42:28 They weren't happy. They had everything
42:32 and they weren't happy and that began to haunt me.
42:39 I go home at night and I think what makes
42:45 you think you're any different from them.
42:46 You make all that money like they have, they're not happy.
42:50 Why do you think you're gonna be happy?
42:53 And There was this empty, empty feeling, begin to
42:56 work its way on the inside and I didn't like it.
43:02 So, I didn't stay home very much, I
43:04 spent more time working harder on my way home,
43:08 I stopped at the clubs, the lounges, but just
43:14 kept mind away and then the pressure, I had to perform,
43:20 I had to work, I had to work hard,
43:21 I had to make more money, so I could show how much
43:23 I had, so they could trust me to make more money for them.
43:29 The pressure continued to build, the tension,
43:32 the stress and when we were altogether
43:35 these people had everything they had it made,
43:37 but why that we passed volumes around like M&M'S.
43:43 And then pretty soon the volumes stop working,
43:48 you turn more to alcohol, experimenting with drugs,
43:52 anything to ease the pressure. I'll tell you something else
43:56 that was happening. I used to believe that a
43:58 real man never shows what's going on inside.
44:04 It's a sign of weakness I thought.
44:07 Now, I know it's just the opposite.
44:10 And so, I had to keep it all inside.
44:13 So, finally the pressure continued to build so much
44:18 that I felt like I just need to stay away from people
44:22 because if I didn't, I might slip and give them a
44:25 glimpse of the awful struggle going on.
44:30 So, I began to stay away from my friends,
44:36 I even felt like I needed to stay away from my family
44:39 because as far as they knew everything was just fine.
44:48 Have you ever been alone? I was alone.
44:53 I turned my back on my friends, I turned my back
44:56 on my family and I turned my back on God.
45:01 I was alone and I just wanted to die. And
45:08 I'm convinced now that God, as painful as it is for Him,
45:15 He lets us get beat down so low because sometimes He
45:19 knows that's the only way that we'll ever lookup.
45:22 And it was at that point that He began to work.
45:25 I, just at lunch time one day I just took off,
45:30 I had to get out of there, I was walking down
45:33 the street thinking what am I going to do?
45:34 What am I going to do? And I saw a big sign in the
45:39 window of a travel agency, it said Tahiti is calling you.
45:46 That struck a nice quote. But man you know that's,
45:50 that's a point. I just been working too hard,
45:53 I have been pushing myself too much.
45:56 I need to get away. Tahiti sounded good.
46:00 I usually went down to the Caribbean, Louisiana,
46:03 is right there. I'm a scuba diver,
46:05 I love scuba diving and I would go down to creek,
46:07 but Tahiti? See that's where God was starting to work
46:12 because He had to stop, He wanted me to make on the way.
46:14 I made arrangements for somebody to cover my
46:17 accounts for a couple of weeks, took vacation, and
46:20 I stopped in Los Angeles and spent about two nights
46:24 there with some friends of mine from that
46:26 Christian college that I graduated from years before.
46:31 And after the first day, I kind of went to bed,
46:34 tired, sat on the edge of bed looking at the book case I
46:37 love to read and I just found myself reaching out
46:39 for a book picked it up, looked at it, it was called
46:41 the "Planet in Rebellion" by George Vandeman, that
46:45 was via television evangelist and I started to read it.
46:51 And the first part was a little scientific and I did
46:54 my graduate work in chemistry, so I understand
46:57 and appreciate science and it got my attention.
47:00 So, next morning I said hey,
47:01 you mind if I take this with me to Tahiti.
47:05 And he looked at me kind of surprise
47:07 that I would want a book like that,
47:09 but they were happy yeah, sure, take it.
47:12 So, I got on the big jet for Tahiti with the
47:15 Planet in Rebellion in my briefcase.
47:18 We landed in Papeete and then they had a
47:21 little boat waiting to take us over to the
47:22 Island of Moorea at Club Med,
47:24 where I was going to be staying and after we
47:27 arrived at Club Med and those of you who probably
47:29 don't know anything, you're nice people,
47:30 you don't know Club Med is pretty wild.
47:32 Back then it was really a wild place,
47:34 where wild people went and so I got to Club Med
47:38 and they greeted us with some little refreshments
47:41 and the Tahitian dancing girls and they put the
47:43 flowers on our heads. Oh! Man,
47:45 I was feeling better already, it's all I need
47:47 just to relax and get away from everything.
47:51 So, after the first day, first day I went water skiing,
47:55 crystal clear water, scuba diving.
47:57 Oh! It was so beautiful. And then I played tennis
48:01 and enjoyed the dance band till late that night and
48:05 just barely able to make it to my room in
48:08 that Club Med in Tahiti, I thought that's all I need.
48:11 I just need to rest, play hard, and live hard and
48:15 just have fun and I'll be ready to go back to work.
48:17 Well, God had a different idea. As I woke up in the
48:20 middle of night with a headache you would've
48:22 never believe, it wasn't what you think it was.
48:25 No, I had gotten the ear infection in both of my ears
48:32 and only those of you whoever had ear infection
48:34 know the excruciating pain that goes with it, just agony.
48:37 I couldn't lie still, I stand up and it hurt
48:40 and so I did, there was nothing to do.
48:42 I just went out on the beach, walked up and down the
48:44 beach till the sun came up, infirmary opened.
48:46 I went in there, the doctor looked in my ears
48:48 said something in French I don't know what it was.
48:49 A nurse translates saying, no water.
48:53 You can't go swimming, you can't go skiing.
48:56 I said scuba diving. No scuba diving.
49:00 Great, traveled half-way around the world to do
49:03 some diving and now I can't even get my feet wet.
49:06 So, I thought I go play some tennis.
49:09 Every step was just shear agony. There was nothing
49:14 for me to do in Tahiti except to lie on my bed
49:22 and read that little book, the Planet in Rebellion.
49:26 So, I began to read. I came to the part that
49:32 talked about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.
49:38 How he went down to the garden to pray?
49:42 He fell to the ground and he prayed, Father
49:47 if there is any other way let this cup pass from me.
49:53 It just seemed so real to me, it was like I was watching.
49:59 And I realized, hey, Jesus didn't want
50:04 to go to the Cross. He wanted it to pass from him.
50:13 Nevertheless, he said, not my will, let your will be done.
50:19 He didn't want to go, then the awful feeling came,
50:28 why did he go? He did it because of me
50:34 and he did it for me. And for the first time in my life
50:43 I began to understand what real love was all about
50:51 and I began to understand that Jesus was a real man,
50:59 Colon, was just a phony. And then a few more pages
51:12 and I came to Calvary. Jesus betrayed, dressed
51:22 in a purple robe, mocked as the King of the Jews,
51:25 beaten till his back raw and bleeding, cross thrust
51:28 on his shoulders, carrying up the hill till he couldn't
51:32 go anymore, somebody had to carry it for him.
51:36 He was doing all of that for me, with love,
51:44 what kind of man he had to be, it just seems so real
51:52 as I read, I just thought, I was seeing it all.
51:58 As they stretched his body out on those rough boards
52:02 and I can see the Roman soldiers just picking up
52:05 the big heavy hammers, the nails, driving those nails
52:09 through his hands, the same hands that
52:13 reached out and touched, healed, loved,
52:19 now they were nailing them to the old rugged cross
52:25 because of my sins, it seems so real.
52:32 I could see the soldiers as they lifted that cross,
52:35 dropped it in the hole prepared for it,
52:39 sickening thud. It's like I was standing
52:45 right there, looking up at Jesus as he looked over
52:52 the multitude around him, it seemed like his eyes
52:57 were locked on to mine when he said, father,
53:03 forgive him, because he doesn't even know what he is doing.
53:10 And that was it for me, it was all I could take,
53:16 I slipped down to my knees beside my bed
53:19 in Club Med in Tahiti, and I said God, I give up,
53:25 I give up, if anyone is going to do anything with this
53:29 miserable life it's going to have to be you because I can't.
53:35 At that moment, it was like a heavyweight was just lifted
53:39 off of my shoulders and at that moment, God
53:45 told his angel to go and write Jac Colon,
53:55 the Lamb's Book of Life. As far as I know,
54:05 I'm the only person on this planet
54:06 that ever got saved in the Club Med.
54:11 You can't get too far away for God to be able to
54:15 reach you, just give him a chance,
54:19 came back to the States and I just felt like
54:23 I can't be a stock broker anymore, not because
54:26 there is anything wrong with it, I just,
54:28 it was not for me anymore, but I didn't know
54:30 what else to do there is not much of a demand
54:32 for dropping bombs in civilian society and
54:34 so, what am I gonna do? So, I prayed, I said God,
54:39 whatever you want me to do you open the door
54:41 I'll go through it, don't ever pray that prayer
54:43 unless you mean it, because just a few days
54:47 after that I was in church one evening and
54:50 an Evangelist was preaching and while he was preaching
54:53 it was almost like God speaking in an audible voice
54:56 saying Colon, I want you to be an Evangelist.
55:00 God, I don't even know how to be a Christian yet,
55:04 so I went up to Evangelist afterwards, I told him
55:06 what had happened, then he said look,
55:08 I'm going to be teaching a class for young Evangelists
55:10 at a Bible College in Oklahoma, Oklahoma City,
55:13 it's gonna start in just a couple of weeks
55:15 and it lasts for the rest of the summer,
55:19 why don't you come, learn how to do it?
55:21 He said I can only pay you $200, it doesn't matter,
55:25 it doesn't matter anymore, money doesn't matter
55:27 anymore, only thing that matters was to be
55:31 following God and so I went and I learned
55:35 how to do it and God blessed my work there
55:39 and some people took notice because of the way
55:43 God blessed my work there I received an invitation
55:48 to be a pastor two months after I was baptized,
55:52 I was a pastor in a little church in Oklahoma,
55:55 hardly knew the difference between David and Goliath,
55:58 but I knew Jesus and that's what mattered and then
56:03 something else happened while I was at that
56:05 Evangelism school, because on the last weekend
56:10 of the prophecy seminar I met the Evangelist's daughter.
56:24 We believe with all of our hearts that God
56:28 brought us together, just so we can tell the story of Jesus
56:34 to you and to anyone else who wants to hear.
56:38 God has made something beautiful out of my life
56:42 and he wants to do the same for you.
56:48 The story isn't over yet, we still have battles,
56:51 we still have challenges to face, but the interesting
56:57 thing is that when you have Jesus on your side, everyday
57:03 it's better and better and better. God has made
57:08 something beautiful out of our lives and he wants to do
57:14 the same for you, just giving the opportunity.


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