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01:04 John the Baptist, who was standing on the bank
01:10 or in the water at the Jordan River, baptizing
01:15 people and he saw a man, he pointed and said look
01:25 the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
01:37 He was stunned at what he saw next because Jesus
01:42 took off his outer robe and began to walk down
01:46 into the water and said John baptize me.
01:54 Jesus was baptized in the water of the Jordan River
02:00 and when he came up out of the water his Father spoke
02:08 from heaven saying this is my son and I'm well pleased
02:17 and he sent the Holy Spirit which came down in the form
02:21 of a dove resting on Jesus anointing him, empowering him
02:27 to carryout his ministry on this Earth as
02:32 the Son of God. A ministry that came to an abrupt
02:37 end when Jesus received a deadly wound and died
02:41 on the cross, three and a half years later.
02:49 But then, three days later he came up from the grave
02:55 he rose again, he ascended to heaven to the right hand
03:00 of the Father and then he sent the Holy Spirit
03:05 to perform signs and wonders miracles and by the power
03:11 of the Holy Spirit Jesus gathered the whole world into
03:16 his Church to worship him, God, the Father, the Son,
03:22 and the Holy Spirit. What a God we serve!
03:34 But in Revelation Chapter 13 we see a different picture.
03:38 In Revelation Chapter 13, Verse 1, the dragon stood on
03:44 the shore of the sea and I saw a beast coming up
03:50 out of the sea. So, just as Jesus came up out
03:55 of the waters of the baptism now we see a beast coming up
04:00 out of the sea, and then the dragon gave the beast
04:09 his power, his throne, and great authority just as God
04:14 the Father gave his son his power, his throne, and
04:19 his authority, so the dragon gives the beast his power
04:23 his throne, and his authority. Verse 4, men worshiped
04:30 the dragon, that's the devil because he had given
04:34 his authority to the beast and they also worshiped the beast.
04:40 Verse 7 says he was given power to make war against
04:44 the saints and to conquer them, and to exercise his
04:51 authority for 42 months. Let's see 42 months divided
04:59 by 12 months in a year that equals three and a half years
05:06 Just as Jesus Christ came up out of the water received
05:10 his authority from the Father and began his ministry for
05:14 three and a half years, so the beast comes up out of
05:17 the water receives his authority from
05:19 the dragon that's the devil for three and one half years
05:22 coincidence? Absolutely not, that isn't all.
05:31 Verse 3 says one of the heads of the beast seemed to had
05:35 a fatal wound, but the fatal wound was healed just as
05:44 Jesus suffered a fatal wound when he died on the cross.
05:49 The beast has a fatal wound just as Jesus was raised
05:55 up again, so the beast, fatal wound is healed,
06:02 that isn't all. In Verse 11, it says another beast came
06:07 up out of the earth, he had two horns like a lamb, but
06:10 he spoke like a dragon and he exercised all the authority
06:13 on the first beast on his behalf and he made the earth
06:16 and its inhabitants worship the first beast performing
06:19 great signs and wonders, miracles, that's the false
06:24 prophet, we've already seen. So, look at it, Jesus came
06:27 came up out of the waters of baptism, the Father anointed
06:30 him with the Holy Spirit giving him his authority
06:33 to conduct his ministry on this Earth for three and
06:35 one half years after which he died on the cross.
06:38 Three days later he was raised up again and he sent
06:42 the Holy Spirit to come into this world to gather
06:44 the world into his Church to worship the creator of
06:48 the Heavens and the Earth and so the dragon gives his
06:56 authority to the beast who comes up out of the water.
07:02 For three and a half years he performs his Ministry
07:08 and then he receives a deadly wound. But, the deadly
07:13 wound is healed and he sends the false prophet
07:18 to perform miracles, signs and wonders to the whole
07:21 world to gather the world together to worship him,
07:28 the dragon. You see the dragon, the beast,
07:32 the false prophet form a counterfeit to the Father
07:39 his son and the Holy Spirit. The dragon is no dummy.
07:48 He knows that if he is ever going to secure
07:51 the elegance of men and women on this Earth he has
07:54 to appear as though he were God. He is no dummy
08:01 and in order for it to work the counterfeit must look
08:04 almost exactly and precisely the same as the truth
08:11 and it does what he makes, he is not perfect, he makes
08:19 mistake. Bible says he was given power to make war
08:25 against the saints and to conquer them, in other words
08:28 in order to secure his allegiance he uses deception
08:33 and force. God uses truth and love. The beast is
08:52 a counterfeit system of worship designed by
08:57 the dragon to look at it as though it were the true
09:02 worship of the true God and practically the entire world
09:08 is going to worship the beast believing that they are
09:13 following the lamb. Second, we shouldn't be surprised
09:20 in 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2. In 2nd
09:24 Thessalonians Chapter 2, Verse 3, don't let anyone
09:27 deceive you in anyway for that day will not come
09:31 until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness
09:35 is reveled someone in Thessalonica had been
09:38 teaching and the people were wondering well has the end
09:41 come, has the Kingdom of God been established, has Jesus
09:44 come back again and we missed it. No, that day
09:49 will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man
09:52 of lawlessness that's the Antichrist is revealed
09:56 first the man doomed to destruction. Watch this,
10:01 Verse 4, he will oppose and exalt himself over
10:06 everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that
10:14 he sets to himself up in God's temple, proclaiming
10:18 himself to be God and that's the secret of the Antichrist.
10:27 He doesn't go around hollering and complaining
10:30 there is no God, no, he goes around saying
10:34 I am God, worship me and almost the whole world
10:40 follows in wonder after the beast. He sets himself
10:47 up in God's temple saying I am God. We have learned
10:53 from the scripture,comparing scripture with scripture
10:56 that the Israel of God today is the Church of Jesus Christ
11:01 and the Temple that is being rebuilt now is the Church
11:05 and today practically the entire Christian world
11:09 following the lead of the popular writers like left
11:12 behind Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins are looking for
11:16 the Antichrist to arise sometime in the future after
11:21 the Church is ruptured out of the way to rebuild the temple
11:26 in Jerusalem and to desecrate the temple when the
11:29 Antichrist, one Nicolae Carpathia from
11:32 Romania comes riding on the back of a fat pig and
11:37 offers the pig as a bloody sacrifice on the alter that's
11:40 what everyone is looking for today, but the Bible
11:43 says no it is going to happen in the Church
11:49 and it's happening right now. I'm going to show you
11:53 one Bible text that delivers the death blow to the idea
11:59 that you've just heard. One text, First John
12:05 Chapter 2 Verse 18, First John, the 2nd Chapter
12:11 the 18th Verse, Dear Children, John writes, this is
12:20 the last hour and as you have heard that the Antichrist
12:25 is coming even now, many Antichrists have come, this is
12:38 how we know that it's the last hour, they went out from
12:43 us now this is a remarkable Verse. John wrote this almost
12:53 2000 years ago and he wrote it to a Church that was
13:00 looking for the Antichrist to come in the future and
13:04 John says just a minute I'm telling you even now
13:09 many Antichrists have already come. Now listen to
13:17 me, if John could write 2000 years ago that even now many
13:29 Antichrists have already come then we had better
13:34 believe that Antichrist is still at work in this world
13:40 today. Even now they thought it was going to be in
13:45 the future and John says no, it's now and then another
13:52 remarkable part of this Verse, this is how we know
13:57 that it's the last hour because many Antichrists
14:00 have come and look Verse 19, they went out from us
14:05 in other words they were once a part of us.
14:09 Antichrist is doing his dirty work in the Church
14:13 and many are departing from the Church because of the
14:17 work of Antichrist and today practically the whole world
14:25 is looking over to the Middle East wondering when
14:28 is the Antichrist going to appear when he is already
14:33 doing his dirty work in the Temple of God.
14:37 Then who is Antichrist, let's let the Bible answer for us
14:43 back to Revelation Chapter 13, In Revelation, the 13th
14:49 Chapter, Verse 1, the dragon stood on the shore of the sea
14:54 and I see a beast coming up out of the sea with 10 horns,
14:57 7 heads, and 10 crowns on his head. He has 10 horns,
15:02 but only 7 heads. The ten horns, 7 heads, and 10 crowns
15:08 so why does he have 7 heads and 10 crowns, where the other
15:12 three heads. Now we'll see that a little later hang on!
15:18 And this beast goes off to make war against the
15:22 saints of God. It is no small matter to look at the end
15:28 of this conflict and struggle between the beast and
15:32 God's people. In Verse 12, this calls for patient
15:35 endurance on the part of the saints, who obey God's
15:37 commandments and have the faith of Jesus.
15:39 In Revelation 14:12 and Revelation 12:17, the dragon
15:44 was angry at the woman, went to make war against the remnant
15:46 of her offspring, those who obey God's commandments and
15:49 remain faithful to the testimony of Jesus.
15:52 We find two identifying marks two points of attack, where
15:56 the Antichrist attacks God's Church, obedience to
15:59 the commandments of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
16:04 but who is he. Look at Verse 2, the beast I saw
16:11 resembled a leopard, but he had feet like those of a bear
16:16 and a mouth like that of a lion. Now God's using
16:20 three animals to describe this beast, he look like
16:23 a leopard, but he had feet like a bear and mouth like
16:27 a lion. Remember that, leopard, bear, and lion;
16:35 leopard, bear, and lion; I think at this point John is
16:40 telling us, John wrote the Book of Revelation, I think
16:43 John is saying stop, don't read any further until you
16:49 understand the 7th Chapter of the Book of Daniel.
16:54 Remember the Book of Revelation quotes to or alludes
16:58 to the book of the Old Testament how many times
17:02 over 600 times, that's right. Here is another one of those
17:06 places the leopard, the bear and the lion. Watch this,
17:11 Daniel Chapter 7, turn with me in your Bibles to Daniel,
17:16 the 7th Chapter, this time Daniel has a vision and he
17:25 sees the sea, the waters of the sea being stirred up
17:28 by a mighty wind and in Verse 3, four beasts each
17:32 different from the other came up out of the sea.
17:35 Now what were these four beasts that Daniel saw in
17:39 Verse 4, the first one looked like a lion
17:41 in Verse 5, the second one look like a bear in Verse 6
17:44 the third one look like a leopard sound familiar
17:49 lion, bear, and leopard, but John saw in Revelation first
17:55 he mentioned the leopard, the bear and the lion.
18:00 Daniel says the lion, the bear, the leopard, what's going
18:05 on here? What are these four beasts symbolize. Remember
18:11 the secret to understanding prophecy is to interpret
18:15 the symbols, but not just to interpret them but to let
18:18 the Bible interpret itself for you by comparing scripture
18:21 with scripture so what do these beasts symbolize.
18:24 Verse17 of the same chapter says the four great beasts
18:28 or four kingdoms that will rise up on the earth,
18:32 so now we see four beasts coming up out of the water
18:35 they rise up out of the earth. Hey we've
18:37 already identified and we did that on the first night of
18:39 Revelation, now remember on the very first night
18:42 Nebuchadnezzar saw a dream and that dream he saw, in his
18:45 in his dream he saw a big image with a head of gold,
18:47 body, the breast and arms of silver, body of bronze,
18:51 and legs of iron and then the toes were iron and clay,
18:54 you remember that the first night and the head of gold
18:57 symbolize Babylon, then the breast and arms of sliver
19:01 the Medo-Persian Empire, and then the body of bronze
19:04 the Greek empire led by its first king Alexander the Great
19:08 the legs of iron the mighty Roman Empire with her
19:11 Caesars and so. Daniel sees it again, Babylon, the lion;
19:21 the bear, Medo-Persia, even says the bear was lopsided.
19:25 He raised himself up on one side because the Medo-Persian
19:28 Empire were two empires together one bigger than the
19:31 other and then the leopard symbolizing Greece.
19:38 So Daniel lived during the time of Babylonian Empire.
19:42 Daniel saw Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece
19:46 and then Rome, but John was writing during the time of
19:49 the Roman Empire and that's why he saw the leopard,
19:52 the bear, the lion because he saw Greece, Medo-Persia and
19:56 then Babylon. In another words, he was looking backward
19:59 after this had already unfolded and now he is living
20:03 in the time of the Roman Empire, the legs of iron
20:05 and that fourth beast that comes up out of the sea.
20:09 What do we have, this is so important to recognize is that
20:13 that God is giving us a road map through history as
20:18 an anchor to help us be sure that when we interpret the
20:22 rest of his prophecy that we will be sure we are on
20:25 the right track because we are moving within the historical
20:30 flow of time Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and
20:35 then Verse 7, I looked and there was a fourth beast
20:38 terrifying and frightening, he could not even name it,
20:41 but we have already identified it because it was the Pagan
20:46 Roman Empire. By Pagan, I mean the mighty Roman Empire
20:50 under the leadership of the Caesars and the people
20:54 were required to worship their emperor as though he
20:57 were God, they thought that he was God and this just
21:02 paved the way for what was to come next and let's take
21:08 a look at it in Verse 8. This beast was different from
21:16 all the others and he had ten horns on his head.
21:20 Now Daniel saw in Nebuchadnezzar's dream
21:24 ten toes on the image. The beast has 10 horns.
21:29 What does the 10 horns symbolize, Verse 24,
21:33 compare scripture with scripture, let the Bible
21:35 interpret it for us. In Verse 24, the ten horns
21:38 are 10 kings who will come from this kingdom. And so here
21:43 Rome is divided into the ten nations we saw that already,
21:47 the massive Barbarian invasions that took place
21:50 across the mighty Roman Empire. They were
21:53 completed by the year 476 AD and there we stand in time.
22:01 Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome. Rome divided into
22:06 the 10 nations, 7 of which would become the modern nation
22:09 of Europe today, by the year 476 AD. You see we are moving
22:15 along within the historical flow of history on this planet.
22:23 Then while I was thinking about the horns in Verse 8,
22:29 there before me was another horn, a little one and he came
22:35 up among them, so there he was looking at the 10 horns
22:40 on that beast and he sees a little horn coming up among
22:43 them and three of those first horns were uprooted before it,
22:50 three. Now, you know, why the beast in Revelation only
22:55 has 7 heads because 3 got chopped off, uprooted, we are
23:02 gonna comeback to that, isn't this exciting, we're gonna
23:05 comeback to this in a minute. This horn had the eyes like
23:09 the eyes of a man, but a mouth that spoke boastfully
23:16 Revelation says blasphemously. Eyes like the eyes of
23:23 a man and mouth that spoke boastfully. He claimed to
23:27 be God. He was only a man. So far all of the pieces are
23:36 lining up aren't they and if we can just identify
23:39 who that little horn is that comes up among the ten uproots
23:43 three speaks boastfully even though he is just a man.
23:49 If we can identify that little horn then we'll know who
23:52 the beast and the Antichrist is because almost every Bible
23:56 scholar agrees that the little horn in Daniel 7 is the beast
24:00 of Revelation Chapter 13. So, who is that little horn,
24:07 that's what Daniel wanted to know. Daniel was looking
24:11 at the little horn and he said I want to know the truth
24:14 about those horns. I want to know the truth about
24:16 that little horn that came up and so the angel appeared
24:19 to interpret the vision for Daniel and here we read about
24:22 it in Verse 23. He gave me this explanation, the fourth
24:28 beast is the fourth kingdom that will appear on the Earth.
24:31 It will be different from all of the other kingdoms and
24:34 it would devour the whole earth, that's the Roman Empire
24:38 and remember their emperors were considered Gods and
24:42 everyone was expected to worship the emperor to worship
24:46 their God. Verse 24, the ten horns are 10 kings, who will
24:56 come from this kingdom. Now I want you to get this
24:59 point, this is so crucial. The ten horns are ten kings,
25:06 ten nations as he said that come from this kingdom.
25:11 Now what is this kingdom, the fourth kingdom,
25:15 the Pagan Roman Empire with her Caesars, with her
25:19 emperors, with people who worship their emperors,
25:22 so the ten horns come from that kingdom. They have to
25:28 come from the Roman Empire because that's where
25:31 the ten horns arise and he specifically says they come
25:37 from this kingdom, Rome, now why is that important
25:41 because almost everybody today is saying no, no.
25:46 Nicolae Carpathia divides the world into ten different
25:50 regions and appoints kings over the those regions
25:54 sometime after the rapture of the Church, but the bible
25:59 says that those ten horns come from this kingdom,
26:03 which is the Roman Empire, so if they come out
26:06 of the Roman Empire then they can't be ten parcels
26:10 of the land divided up 1000s of year after the Roman Empire
26:14 fell. Can't be? No, we have Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece
26:22 and then Rome. Rome itself was divided into the ten and
26:27 out of those ten come the little horn. And now
26:31 everything flows in order, I hope you are with me
26:34 on this tonight, that's a crucial point. Then he
26:39 identifies, who the little horn is with nine identifying
26:43 marks. He says after them another kingdom will arise
26:47 different from the earlier ones that's Rome, I'm sorry,
26:50 after them another king will arise different from the
26:52 earlier ones, that's the little horn that comes up
26:55 among the ten. And he will subdue three kings and he will
27:02 speak against the Moshi, that's blasphemy and he will
27:06 appraise and prosecute the saints of God and he will
27:11 try to change the set times and the laws, and the saints
27:15 will be handed over to him for time, times and half a time,
27:17 I found the nine identifying marks of that little horn.
27:22 We are going to look at each one of them and when we do
27:26 we are gonna discover they can only point in one
27:28 direction to one power that is the Antichrist or the beast
27:32 in Revelation Chapter 13. So who is that little horn?
27:38 Let's look at the nine identifying marks; first
27:41 of all he describes the fourth beast that's
27:44 the Pagan Roman Empire, the mighty Roman Empire in history
27:48 The ten horns are ten kings who will come from this
27:52 kingdom, so he arrives as among the ten that come
27:56 from the Pagan Roman Empire, so things are flowing along
28:02 here. He has to arise among the ten, somewhere among
28:09 what we would call the modern nations of Europe
28:12 because that's what the ten horns are. And therefore,
28:18 it would have to be sometime after, sometime after Rome is
28:24 divided by those Barbarian invasions into those
28:28 ten nations or ten states. That was completed by
28:34 the year, by the year 476 AD, so what are we looking at?
28:38 We should be looking for the little horn or the Antichrist
28:42 who arise somewhere within the confines of Europe
28:46 that comes out of that Roman Empire. It would be after 476
28:51 when Rome is divided among the ten horns or the ten nations.
28:55 Sometime after that, sometime among them, we should be
28:59 looking for the little horn to appear and then the fourth
29:04 identifying mark. He would be different from all
29:11 of the other kingdoms. The other kings, he would be
29:15 a different kind of power, so this little horn that grows
29:22 up among the ten would be different, a different
29:27 kind of power. We'll come back to that in a moment
29:30 and then it says he would subdue or uproot and destroy
29:36 those three kings. In order to understand this we have to
29:43 go back into history because in the fourth century,
29:51 the emperor Constantine was the emperor of Rome.
29:56 And Constantine recognized that his empire was rapidly
30:03 weakening and falling apart, looking like easy prey for
30:08 the Barbarians standing at the gates, ready to come in,
30:14 so he did two things to expand his influence and
30:18 strengthen his empire. Number one, he became
30:23 a Christian because at the same time,
30:26 the Christian Church was gathering, gaining momentum
30:30 and growing across the Roman Empire,
30:33 so in order to expand his influence with the people,
30:36 Constantine became a Christian in name and he did something
30:44 else. He moved the capital from Rome over to the Eastern
30:50 Front in Byzantium thinking that it would strengthen
30:54 his hand to stand against the Barbarians, but he realized
31:01 that through the centuries the world had become accustomed
31:05 to looking to Rome for guidance and leadership.
31:09 And he knew that as soon as he left, it would be
31:13 a simple matter for a political or a military
31:18 man to exert his influence in Rome and begin to gain
31:23 power and become a threat to the empire himself because
31:28 he knew that when he moved he left the political vacuum
31:32 there, so he had to do something to fill that vacuum
31:36 who could he put in power. It couldn't be a military
31:39 person, it couldn't be a political person because
31:41 they would be a threat to the empire himself, but there
31:44 was another leader beginning to emerge as a very, very
31:49 powerful leader and that was the Bishop of the Church
31:57 at Rome. And so Constantine and the Pagan Roman Empire
32:05 gave his thrown, his power and his authority to
32:11 the Bishop of the Church at Rome and now for the first
32:18 time in the history of God's Church, the Church had
32:23 religious authority and the political power of
32:28 the state to enforce that authority. In other words,
32:33 the Church and the state were joining together to enforce
32:38 the doctrines of the Church and that's exactly what
32:42 happened because as the Bishop of Rome began to expand
32:48 his influence over the empire he found himself bitterly
32:52 opposed by three of those little horns, the Vandals,
32:57 the Ostrogoths and the Heruli These were called Arian
33:02 nations because they accepted the teachings of a man
33:06 named Marcus Arius who taught that Jesus Christ was a man,
33:11 and Jesus Christ was a man and not God at all. Now we
33:20 know that Jesus was a man, but at the same time
33:25 Jesus Christ was God, Amen. So obviously the Church
33:31 could not accept the teaching of Arius, but opposition
33:39 between the Church and those three tribes became so intense
33:45 and so severe that war broke out and the Bishop of Rome
33:50 summoned the emperor Justinian who send his troops in and
33:56 by the year 538 uprooted and destroyed those three nations,
34:01 those three horns, the Vandals, the Ostrogoths,
34:05 and the Heruli, and now the Bishop of Rome was
34:08 virtually unopposed in his quest for power. That's all
34:13 that happened. Now I feel like it's important to say
34:18 something before we go any further. Most of you
34:21 I can tell have already got it and you can see who
34:27 the little horn is. If you haven't gotten it,
34:31 well let me tell you now and we'll substantiate it
34:35 a lot more, it was the Medieval Church in Rome,
34:41 which was a dark, dark chapter in the history of
34:46 the Church, but having said that I want to make a couple
34:49 of things crystal clear. I'm not a Catholic-hater,
34:56 I'm not a Pope-hater. I don't hate anyone.
35:00 God loves everyone and we should love everyone, Amen.
35:07 We are looking at a period of time in the history of
35:12 the Church, where the Church made some very, very serious
35:18 mistakes. We are looking at a time that I'm gonna
35:22 show you even John Paul II himself acknowledged as a dark
35:27 chapter in the history of the Church and he publicly
35:31 confessed to the world that the Church made serious
35:36 mistakes during the Dark Ages. And I think it takes
35:41 mighty big man to admit that he or his Church has made
35:48 mistakes and I respect him for that. I respect John Paul II.
35:53 John Paul II has done wonderful things in trying
35:58 to bring peace to the world and we should respect him
36:02 for that, but just because I respect someone doesn't
36:06 mean that I have to agree with everything that they
36:10 believe and just because I don't agree with everything
36:15 that he believes, doesn't mean that I'm being
36:17 disrespectful and hateful as some would have us
36:20 believe today. You see there is a new way of thinking out
36:24 there that there is no such thing as truth or error.
36:29 Everybody is right as long as they sincerely believe it
36:32 in their heart and someone who dares to stand up and
36:36 say that something is wrong is now considered hateful
36:41 and is playing right into the hands of the devil.
36:45 Jesus said I'm the way, the truth and the light,
36:50 and anything outside of Jesus is not truth, Amen.
36:55 That does not mean that we need to be hateful. We don't
36:59 have to agree on everything to love one another.
37:05 My wife and I don't even agree on everything and she
37:09 likes the Dallas Cowboys, but I still love her and
37:18 so I have no desire and no intention to be disrespectful
37:21 to John Paul II or anyone of that faith, but what we're
37:25 doing tonight is looking back into the flow of history at
37:28 a period which he called the dark chapter in the history
37:32 of the Church looking at mistakes that the Church made
37:35 and the only way we can be sure that we never make those
37:38 mistakes again is to learn from them. Amen.
37:41 Not to ignore them, and so let's look in the right light
37:45 with the right mind and the right heart. It says that
37:50 he would speak against the most high Revelation
37:54 says it would be a blaspheming power. So what does
38:00 blaspheming mean? Jesus when he was on this Earth, healed
38:10 a man, crippled man, but it was interesting when he
38:16 healed him. He said your sins are forgiven. Remember the
38:25 story and then the religious leaders were so incensed that
38:29 they picked up stones to stone Jesus because they said
38:34 only God can forgive sins, true. What they didn't
38:40 understand was that Jesus was God and he has
38:45 the authority to forgive sins, but they accused him
38:49 of blasphemy, blasphemy is man putting himself in God's
38:54 place. Man taking to himself that which can only pertain
39:00 to God, that's blasphemy. Now what did the Church do?
39:06 That could be considered blasphemy. It is to be
39:10 observed and I'm reading from the faith of millions
39:14 written by the Reverend John O'Brian former Dean of
39:17 Notre Dame University as the Imprimata of the Pope
39:21 stamped inside the cover meaning there is no heresy
39:24 in this book according to what the Church itself teaches
39:28 from Rome. Christ gave the Church not the power to
39:36 simply announce that sins are forgiven, but to actually
39:40 forgive them. You see when a person goes to confession,
39:47 they confess their sins to the priest and the priest
39:51 raises his hand says ego te absolvo and instantly
39:57 they claim the priest has the authority to forgive
40:00 the sins and God has to obey what the priest says in heaven
40:04 but the Bible says only God can forgive sins and that's
40:09 man putting himself in God's place, man can't forgive sins.
40:21 There are other ways to blaspheme God and again
40:29 I'm reading from the same book. In the mass, most
40:34 people don't understand what the mass is. Protestants teach
40:39 that the bread is the symbol for the body of Christ and
40:44 the wine is the symbol for the blood of Jesus Christ
40:49 as we celebrate the Lord Supper, but in the mass,
40:53 the Church says no, the priest takes the wine and
40:59 the bread and he prays over it lifting it up to heaven and
41:04 in what is called the prayer of trans-substantiation,
41:08 the bread they claim actually becomes the body of Christ
41:14 and the wine becomes the blood of Christ, so
41:18 that in the mass the priest is offering the body and
41:22 shedding the blood of Jesus as a sacrifice again
41:27 for the sins of men, most people don't understand that.
41:31 Let me read it to you, the power of the priest
41:35 in conducting the mass is equal to that of Jesus Christ
41:41 because in this role the priest speaks with the voice
41:44 and the authority of God himself. He reaches up into
41:48 heaven brings Christ down from his thrown and places
41:53 him upon our alter to be offered again as a victim
41:58 for the sins of man not once, but a 1000 times.
42:02 The priest speaks and lo Christ, the eternal and
42:06 omnipotent God bows his head in humble obedience to
42:10 the priest's command. No wonder the name which
42:15 spiritual writers are especially fond of applying to
42:18 the priest is that of Alter Christus for the priest
42:21 is and should be another Christ. He would set himself
42:28 up in God's temple and proclaim himself to be God.
42:39 And that's exactly what happened in the Medieval Church.
42:47 And then the Bible says that he would be
42:51 a persecuting power. Let me back track for just
42:57 a minute, this idea of forgiving sins, remember
43:04 the two points of attack by the Antichrist in the
43:07 Book of Revelation with the Gospel and the law of God.
43:12 And when a man takes the authority to forgive sins,
43:17 it flies in the face of the Gospel that teaches us
43:21 we're saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.
43:26 And not only that, but it led to, it led to the Doctrine
43:32 or the teachings of indulgences where the Church
43:35 was actually selling forgiveness for sins and if
43:41 you had enough money and made a large enough donation
43:45 to the Church you could purchase an indulgence that
43:48 would allow you to continue sinning without any penalty
43:53 or price. It would be a blaspheming power and
43:59 he would attack the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which says
44:02 that we're saved by grace through faith and not by
44:05 works. And then he would a persecuting power and oppress
44:13 the saints. I don't need to go into all the gory details
44:18 of the Dark Ages, the Saint Bartholomew massacre,
44:22 the Spanish Inquisition, where millions of Christians
44:26 lost their lives, blood was flowing through the street
44:29 because they stood on the scripture and the scripture
44:32 alone. We did a Revelation Now down in Peru
44:42 and while we were there we stopped in Lima to do
44:44 a little sight seeing and the first place we went to
44:47 was called the Church of the Inquisition and the
44:51 Church of Inquisition was one of the Churches that
44:54 was build during the time of the Spanish Inquisition
44:57 where anyone suspected of teaching anything other than
45:01 what the Church gave them permission to teach was
45:03 tortured and even put to death and they took this
45:06 down in the Catacombs, I have pictures of a large
45:10 room with skulls arranged in concentric circles like
45:14 a bulls eye and then bones going out in radiating
45:20 patterns from the skulls in room after room,
45:23 place after place we saw bones and skulls and I asked
45:27 the lady that was our guide there I said how many
45:30 skeletons have they found here. She said about 75000
45:35 so far and they're finding more. I said 75000!
45:40 Who are they? She said oh, those are the priests and nuns
45:44 that worked here. I said 75000 she said well there may be
45:50 a few others in there too, well there were a few others
45:54 in there because the very next place they took us was
45:57 to the Wax Museum showing us the instruments of torture
46:02 that were used to torture people who decided to stick
46:06 with the scripture and the scripture alone, against the
46:09 teachings of the Church. One, I'll just read one
46:13 letter this was written by Pope Martin V, he wrote
46:19 to the king of Poland, know and one understand
46:21 the interest of the Holy See and those of your crown make
46:23 it a duty to exterminate the Hussites. Hussites were
46:26 those who choose to follow John Huss who taught that the
46:28 Bible and the Bible alone is the only rule of faith and
46:31 practice for the Christian. So, he said while there
46:33 is still time then turn your forces against Bohemia;
46:36 burn, massacre, make deserts everywhere for nothing
46:39 could me more agreeable to God are useful to the cause of
46:42 kings then the extermination of the Hussites.
46:45 It would be a persecuting power, the Bible says
46:48 and it was. And then the next identifying mark
46:54 he would try to change the set times and the laws,
47:00 he would try to change the times and the laws
47:03 now this has to be God's laws because man's laws change all
47:06 the time, he would try to change God's laws, he would
47:10 try to change the set times well what gives him the
47:13 authority to change God's laws and here, and
47:17 this is in John Paul II's Catechism, just put out a few
47:19 years ago, you can buy at almost in any bookstore
47:22 and here's what he says in article 82, the Church does
47:26 not derive all of her certainty about revealed truth from
47:29 the holy scripture alone, both scripture and tradition must
47:34 be accepted and honored with equal sentiments of devotion
47:37 and reverence. He would change the set times
47:42 and the laws even the ten Commandments in the
47:46 Catechism, the second commandment not to worship
47:48 idols has been taken out of the ten commandments
47:52 and the last one has been split into two.
47:54 He would try to change the law, but look I'm going
47:57 to show you something that's going to make your head spin
47:59 on another night coming. Man can't change God's laws.
48:04 I believe the truth is found in the scripture and
48:07 the scripture alone. How long would he have this power to
48:13 persecute those who oppose him? We find it in
48:16 25th Verse at the very end it says that the saints would
48:20 be handed over to him from time, times and half the time.
48:24 Sounds like a riddle, it's not really that hard to
48:26 understand when you let scripture interpret scripture
48:28 remember, back to the Book of Revelation again this time
48:31 in Revelation Chapter 12 look with me in Revelation the
48:34 12th Chapter in the 14th Verse the woman was given the great
48:38 wing, the wings of the great eagle, so that she might fly
48:40 to the place prepared for her in the desert where she'd
48:43 be taken care of for time, times and half a time out
48:46 of the serpent's reach. Woman is God's people,
48:51 the Church and here she would be protected for time,
48:54 times and half a time out of the serpent's reach exactly
48:57 the same period of time where the dragon is persecuting and
49:01 destroying God's Church through the little horn,
49:03 the Antichrist, the beast during the same time we find
49:07 God protecting his Church hiding here in the wilderness
49:11 for time, times and half a time. Well, how long
49:14 is that? Back to Revelation Chapter 12 and this time
49:17 we look in the 6th Verse compare scripture with
49:20 scripture, the woman fled to the desert or place prepared
49:22 for her by God, where she would be taken care of
49:24 for 1260 years. So, time, times and half a time is
49:29 1260 years. But 1260 days is three and a half years,
49:39 but I was right, just got a little ahead of myself because
49:45 you see in prophecy a day is a symbol for one year.
49:54 Now unfortunately I can't prove that to you tonight,
49:59 I can prove it to you absolutely without a doubt
50:02 and we're going to do on that another night. But,
50:05 let's start with a day being a symbol for year and most
50:08 people agree with that. A day is a symbol for year
50:11 so 1260 days would be 1260 years. Now remember
50:16 the last of those three horns, the Vandals, the Ostrogoths,
50:20 and Heruli, the last traces of those three horns were
50:23 uprooted by the year 538 A.D. So, 1260 years after that
50:29 would be 1798. What happened in 1798? Amazingly, Napoleon
50:40 sent his General Berthier down to Rome with orders to capture
50:46 the city, which he did and brought the Pope back captive
50:51 in Paris, where he died 1260 years after coming into power.
51:06 And that was to be the end of the Papal domination of
51:13 God's people, the infliction of the deadly wound.
51:19 But, the prophecy in Revelation says the deadly wound
51:22 is going to be healed. So, we should be looking
51:27 for another manifestation, a church, a movement built
51:31 on the foundation of the church laid in the Dark Ages
51:34 that's coming up in another lesson. Tonight I just want
51:39 to make it crystal clear, the Antichrist Christ would
51:43 arise in the Roman Empire, somewhere in Europe after
51:48 the year 476 when Rome was divided by the massive
51:51 Barbarian invasions. It would be a different kind of power,
51:57 a religious political power. He would uproot three horns
52:01 and he did. He would blaspheme God and put himself
52:04 in the place of God. In fact the book of Revelation says
52:07 his number is 666, six is man's number because
52:12 man was created on the 6th day. Three is God's number
52:15 for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,
52:18 666 is man putting himself in the place with God.
52:23 And it gets even more detailed in that, but you
52:25 have to study that in your printed lesson. He would
52:31 be in power for 1260 years and he was. You see there
52:38 is no power, there can be no power and there has been no
52:41 power on this Earth other than the Medieval church at Rome
52:46 that fills all the identifying marks of the little horn.
52:52 But, that isn't what most people are being taught today.
52:56 Most people are being taught to look for the little horn
53:00 in the future after the rapture of the Church,
53:04 where did that come from. Surprisingly Martin Luther
53:11 was a Roman Catholic priest teaching at the University of
53:15 Wittenberg a class on the book of Romans.
53:18 And when he was studying Romans this Catholic priest
53:21 discovered they were saved by grace through faith in
53:24 Jesus Christ alone and he began to teach it.
53:28 The Church said no Luther, we are saved by faith and
53:31 works, not faith alone. Luther said but the Bible says
53:36 we are say by grace through faith. And the church said
53:40 Luther the Bible is not the final answer. It's the Bible
53:44 plus the traditions of the church and Luther said not
53:47 for me. For me it's the scripture and the scripture
53:53 alone. And the battle-line was drawn in the sand.
53:59 Luther protesting against Rome saying that all truth
54:03 is found in scripture. Rome saying no, it's scripture
54:07 plus tradition. Many people began to follow
54:10 Martin Luther, standing on the scripture and the scripture
54:14 alone. Luther only intended to reform the Church.
54:19 He never intended to leave the church. But in the
54:22 Council of Trent, the church met for 18 years trying to
54:26 decide what to do about this massive outflow of
54:30 Protestants protesting Rome's stand on the scripture alone,
54:34 what can we do about this massive outflow?
54:41 And they came up with two approaches one was to
54:44 establish scripture and tradition equally.
54:49 Luther said, you are the Antichrist. Are you a Lutheran?
55:01 Your church began with the interpretation of the prophecy
55:05 that you heard tonight. It's not new. It's not
55:08 something I made up. John Calvin followed your
55:14 Presbyterian, your church began with the prophecy
55:19 that we heard tonight. The Wesleys followed.
55:24 Are you a Methodist? Your church began with the prophecy
55:28 you heard tonight, why aren't they teaching it today because
55:32 at the council of Trent two scholars Ribera and
55:35 Bellarmine came up with a new method for interpreting
55:38 prophecy and that was that the Book of Revelation is all
55:41 future. Everything is in the future and this church has
55:47 been around for 1500 years at that time and if we have
55:52 been around for 1500 years and revelation is all future
55:55 then we can't be the beast. So, you Protestants get off
55:57 our backs and they brought it today hook, line, and
56:01 sinker and that's what you're hearing. But, folks this
56:07 book is too clear to be misunderstood and the only
56:12 safety we have is to follow the lamb to stand on the
56:16 solid rock of truth. Amen. Follow Jesus Christ and
56:25 you'll never have to worry about the Anti-Christ.
56:31 Pray with me. Dear Lord, we've opened a lot of scripture
56:41 tonight and we have seen that, we have seen that there
56:49 are some things being taught today that just don't measure
56:53 up with what the Bible teaches. We also know Lord that
56:58 in the end most of the people are going to be deceived.
57:03 Most people are going to worship the Anti-Christ.
57:08 Let us worship the Christ. And tonight Lord I pray,
57:17 because sometimes, I know that sometimes words can come
57:21 out cold and harsh and unloving, if my words came
57:27 out that way, Lord I pray that you forgive me, but
57:33 nevertheless let the truth be clear. We ask
57:39 in Jesus name, Amen.


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