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01:04 Open your Bibles to the 4th chapter of Revelation.
01:07 In Revelation Chapter 4, John writes, after this I looked
01:11 and there before me was a door standing open in heaven
01:15 and the voice I heard speaking before that sounded like
01:18 a trumpet said come up here and I'll show you what will
01:21 happen after this. Verse 2, once I was in the spirit and
01:27 there before me was the throne, now try to picture in
01:30 your mind what John sees as he is brought into the presence
01:33 of God in the spirit. Verse 4, surrounding the throne
01:37 were 24 other thrones and seated on them 24 elders.
01:42 In Verse 5, from the throne came flashes of lightning,
01:45 rumblings, peels of thunder, before the throne seven lambs
01:50 were blazing and these are the seven spirits of God and
01:53 also before the throne there was what looked like a
01:57 sea of glass as clear as crystal, in the center around
02:01 the throne were four living creatures. Day and night
02:06 they never stop saying, "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord
02:13 God Almighty, who was and is and is to come." And when
02:18 other living creatures give glory and honor and thanks
02:21 to him who sits on the throne, who lives forever and ever,
02:25 the 24 elders fall down before him who sits on the throne
02:30 and they worship him. Why do they worship God?
02:43 Why do we worship God? The book of Revelation shows
02:49 two reasons why we worship God and we are
02:53 gonna look at the first one tonight in fact it's in the
02:57 next Verse, they throw down their crowns before the throne
03:02 and they worship God saying, "You are worthy our Lord
03:08 and God, to receive Glory and Honor and power for you
03:14 created all things and by your will they were created
03:19 and have their being." We worship God because he is
03:24 the creator of the Heavens and the Earth. We worship
03:29 God because he created all things. And the old dragon
03:37 who craves worship and wants the world to worship him
03:44 knows that as long as men and women acknowledge
03:49 that God is the creator of the Heavens and the Earth no
03:52 one will ever give allegiance to him. And therefore
03:58 somehow he must obscure the power, obscure the significance,
04:03 obscure the reality of God as the creator of the Heavens
04:07 and the Earth and in the mid 1800s the dragon began to
04:11 launch the final phase, the final thrust of his war against
04:15 God, in the mid 1800s he managed to seduce the church
04:20 into joining forces with modern science and
04:23 infiltrate the ranks of God's people with a new
04:26 philosophy that would undermine and obscure the
04:31 power of God as a creator of the Heavens and the Earth.
04:34 In the mid 1800s, Charles Darwin published his book,
04:38 the Origin of Species, making popular the theory
04:42 of evolution and since that time neither the world nor
04:45 the church have been the same. But God was not
04:52 caught by surprise. God always knows what's
04:58 coming and so at the very same time that the theory of
05:04 Evolution was beginning to take route, God launched
05:09 the final phase, the final thrust of his war against
05:13 the dragon and in Revelation Chapter 14, we see it in the
05:16 form of three angels messages, we're only going
05:19 to look at the first one tonight. In chapter 14 verse 6,
05:23 I saw another angel flying in the mid air, he had the
05:26 eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the
05:30 earth to every nation, every tribe, every language, every
05:34 people he said in a loud voice.
05:38 Sometimes people say preacher, why do you preach
05:43 so loud. Because every place in the Bible where God has
05:48 something important to say, he says it in a loud voice.
05:51 Amen. If you want to be like God, then make sure you
05:56 understand you've to wake up the sleeping saints sometimes.
06:01 So he said in a loud voice. "Fear God and give him
06:06 glory because the hour of his judgment has come,"
06:10 now watch this, worship him. Who? Worship him
06:17 who made the Heavens, the Earth, the Sea and all that is
06:21 in them; worship God, the creator of the Heavens and
06:26 the Earth. In other words, at the very same time and I'm
06:29 gonna show you on another night at precisely the same
06:32 time that Darwin was launching the theory of
06:35 Evolution taking route, making it popular, God
06:39 raises up a message for the last days to counter act
06:42 Darwin's theory of Evolution and his call is to
06:46 every tribe, every language, every nation,
06:48 every people saying fear God, give him glory because
06:52 the hour of his judgment has come, worship the creator of
06:56 the heavens and the earth. In other words worship the
06:58 creator not the creature, worship the creator not the
07:01 beast. Practically the whole world, Revelation 13 says,
07:07 all the inhabitants in the earth will worship the beast,
07:10 that's the creature. Except those whose names are
07:14 written in the book of life belonging to the Lamb, be
07:16 sure your name is written in that book. So, I hope you're
07:22 beginning to sense that Revelation especially
07:26 Chapters 13 and 14, Revelation is a battle over
07:31 the true worship of the true God, the creator and the
07:35 false worship of a false God, the creature who is the beast.
07:39 The battle in the book of Revelation is an intense
07:43 spiritual warfare over who is going to be worshiped, the
07:47 creature or the creator, the beast or God. Fear God, give
07:54 him glory worship who made the Heavens, the
07:57 Earth, the Sea and the springs of water. I don't
08:00 know if you have connected it together or not, but the
08:02 book of Revelation the last Bible book takes us all the
08:05 way back to the beginning to the first book in the Bible in
08:09 the first verse in Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 1, in the
08:12 beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth, and
08:16 the Earth was without form and empty and darkness was
08:20 on the surface of the deep and the Spirit of God was
08:24 hovering over the waters. Isn't it interesting that even
08:30 the Holy Spirit was present there at creation time. And
08:38 then in Verse 3 God said let there be light and there was
08:42 light, all he had to do is speak and it came into
08:45 existence and there was evening and there was
08:47 morning, the first day, how long was the first day of
08:51 creation week, evening and morning 24 hours. And then
08:56 on the second day the Bible says God created the sky,
09:00 and there was evening and there was morning, the
09:02 second day, and on the third day God created dry ground
09:06 and let the land produce vegetation and plants and
09:10 trees and there was evening and there was morning the
09:13 third day, how long did it take God to make a tree?
09:20 One day. He did it during the day. Doesn't take God long
09:28 to make a tree, all he has to do is say the word tree.
09:35 And his word has the power of the creator to make it
09:39 happen. Now that's power, Amen. And then on the
09:44 fourth day God created the Sun, the Moon, the stars,
09:48 by the way if these creation days took billions of years
09:54 and God made the plants on the third day and the moon,
09:57 the Sun on the fourth day everybody knows that the
10:00 plants require Sun in order to grow, how could there be
10:04 plants if there was no sun for billions of years.
10:08 On the fifth day, God said let the waters
10:11 team with living creatures, let the birds fly above the
10:15 sky and then on the sixth, by the way and there was
10:19 evening and there was morning Fifth day, how long did it
10:24 take to make the birds and the fish? One day.
10:30 On the sixth day, God said let the land produce living
10:34 creatures, livestock, animals that move on the ground
10:39 and then on the sixth day, in Verse 29,
10:43 God said let us make man in our image.
10:52 Who is the us? Who is the our? Who is man?
11:01 Chapter 2 verse 7, the Lord God formed the man from the
11:07 dust of the ground and he breath into his nostrils, the
11:11 breath of life and the man became a living being
11:19 and then Verse 2, by the seventh day,
11:23 God had finished the work he had been doing.
11:30 By the seventh day, he was done, he was finished.
11:34 What does that mean? He didn't need to create anymore,
11:37 creation was done, after the seventh day.
11:40 Seven 24 hour days, one week, evening and
11:43 morning actually six because he rested on the
11:46 seventh day, he was finished it did not take billions of
11:50 years. It did not take millions of years. It took six
11:53 days for God to make this world the way it is.
11:59 And you know the Bible writers loved to refer back to
12:03 the creation story. One of my favorite places is in Psalm.
12:10 In Psalm, 33 Verse 6, by the word of the Lord
12:15 were the heavens made and their starry host by the
12:19 breath of his mouth. In verse 9,
12:21 for he spoke, he spoke and it came to be.
12:25 He commanded and it stood firm.
12:27 When God wants a universe he just says the word
12:30 Universe and its there. Amen. Now that's power.
12:37 I saw on the news people lining up block after block
12:41 after block waiting to go and see the premier of Star Wars.
12:50 That's just fiction, this is true
12:54 and God can do more than anyone in Star Wars ever
12:58 thought about doing. Why do we get so excited about
13:02 fiction when we have a God who is all powerful,
13:05 Almighty who can do anything even create a universe. Amen.
13:10 No wonder we worship God. Because he is the
13:14 Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.
13:18 I, I believe in the Bible account of creation.
13:23 I believe God made this world in six days and by the
13:28 seventh day he finished his work, he was done,
13:31 I believe that. And I also believe that it's absolutely
13:36 essential to accept the Bible account of creation, if you
13:39 are ever going to understand the book of Revelation.
13:44 The last book is based on the first book and that's why we
13:48 are gonna take the time to examine the issues, because
13:51 what I have just read to you tonight is not very popular.
13:56 Most people believe something different from what we've
13:59 read and your children are being taught in public school
14:03 system something entirely different from what we've
14:06 read, this universe did not come into existence in the
14:10 hands of a loving God, but it came by accident
14:14 by chance, an explosion, they call it the Big Bang theory.
14:19 Hey, I believe in the big bang theory.
14:22 God said it and bang it happened. Amen.
14:30 Your children are being taught that there is no
14:34 creator God, and therefore they are being setup to
14:41 worship the creature instead of a creator.
14:47 It's time that somebody tells them the difference.
14:55 Most of time people that claim to believe in the Bible
14:59 account of creation are put down, ridiculed,
15:04 made fun of, when the debate broke out as to
15:10 whether or not they should include teaching of creation
15:12 in the science classes along with the theory of evolution,
15:16 Dr. Gerard at the University of Southern California said,
15:20 teaching the Bible theory in science class makes as much
15:24 sense as including the stork in classes on reproduction.
15:30 I don't know of any intelligent person who has
15:33 examined the evidence that doesn't believe in evolution.
15:38 Isn't that interesting? May be he never heard of a man
15:41 like Dr. Wernher Von Braun, father of American Space
15:44 program, who developed the space, the rocket ships that
15:50 propelled man into space and he said the more we
15:53 probe the vast mysteries of this universe, the more
15:56 convinced we become, that there is a creator God.
16:00 May be he never heard of men like
16:02 Dr. Wernher Von Braun or may be he never heard of
16:04 men like Dr. Robert Jastrow, Director of the Goddard
16:07 Space Institute that said, that new electronic devices
16:10 are proving that this world came into existence
16:13 suddenly and at a maximum of 20,000 years ago.
16:17 Some say even ten, or the Bible time period of 6000
16:21 years is more likely. May be he never heard
16:23 of men like Dr. Robert Jastrow or Dr. Paul Davies.
16:27 I don't know if you're aware of the Heisenberg uncertainty
16:30 principle, you're probably not, and you are not gonna
16:33 be able to understand it, not very many people can,
16:35 but we can understand this one thing. The Heisenberg
16:38 uncertainty principle is developed by Dr. Heisenberg
16:41 in 1927 and basically it goes like this, the more precisely
16:46 you know the position of a subatomic particle the
16:49 less precisely you can know its momentum.
16:52 In other words, you cannot know both the position
16:55 and the momentum of a subatomic particle,
16:58 momentum is the mass times of velocity. So, you cannot
17:02 know the mass, you cannot know the position,
17:05 you cannot know its velocity all at a same time.
17:10 So, therefore you cannot know where its
17:12 gonna go and the projection of where a subatomic
17:16 particle is gonna hit, is an estimation it's a guess, that's
17:20 the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Then once that was
17:23 accepted as quantum of mechanics by the physicists
17:26 then there were forced by the body of evidence to take
17:29 the next step and that is, that it is the observation
17:32 of the particle that determines where it goes.
17:37 Now you don't understand that, I don't understand it.
17:39 But that's where there are today, it's the observation,
17:43 observing the particle determines where it goes
17:45 and now once they've taken that step they are forced to
17:47 take the next one and that is this, that the particle does
17:51 not even exist until it is observed. Folks, that's not
17:58 science fiction, that's science. That's quantum
18:01 mechanics and Dr. Paul Davies said this in his book
18:04 the new physics, he says you can always claim that
18:07 everything you perceive is real because there exists a
18:11 larger system which collapses it into reality by
18:17 measuring or observing it. In other words, everything
18:22 that you see is real, because someone observed it and
18:26 collapsed it into existence. The quantum theory of the
18:30 universe however is a recent study being done by
18:34 physicists and by definition there can be nothing outside
18:37 of the universe to collapse this whole cosmic
18:40 panorama into existence, he says except, God.
18:49 Isn't that amazing? You may not understand
18:52 all of that, but you can understand one thing that
18:55 scientists are being forced into a box and if they are
18:59 going to be honest with the data that they are
19:02 discovering they are gonna have to come to the place
19:04 where they must conceive that there is a God,
19:07 it's happening in the world of molecular biochemistry.
19:11 Dr. Michael Behe has recently turned the scientific
19:14 world upside down, with what he calls the in
19:17 irreducibly complex system. Behe says that irreducibly
19:23 complex system is a system that is so complex, that if
19:26 you take away any single part then it no longer can
19:29 function, therefore it could not be the result of a gradual
19:33 evolutionary process, because if only one part is
19:37 missing it has no function and no way to exist anymore.
19:44 And an example that he gives is our friend the
19:47 bombardier beetle, you see the bombardier beetle is
19:51 called the bombardier beetle because he has in his body,
19:55 two chemicals hydro quinine and hydrogen peroxide,
19:58 that when they're mixed together and he squirts it out
20:01 of his tail they explode in the face of his enemy.
20:06 Now, you can ask the question why don't they
20:09 explode in his belly? Because there is a chemical inhibitor
20:14 in his belly that prevents them from mixing together
20:18 and exploding and once he squirts them out of the tail
20:21 there is an anti-inhibitor that neutralizes the inhibitor and
20:26 allows them to explode and mixed together and explode.
20:31 Now, here is the question, if evolution took place and all
20:39 of this happened as a result of natural selection choosing
20:43 between the stronger of two systems that already exist,
20:49 then which came first, the chemicals or the inhibitor.
20:57 If you say well the Inhibitor had to come first
21:00 then why is it there, what's it inhibiting?
21:05 If you say the chemicals came first well so much for
21:08 the bombardier beetles. And Michael Behe has become
21:17 so powerful that he concludes that his, his,
21:22 his discoveries are so powerful it forced him to conclude
21:25 that life on Earth at its most fundamental level, in its
21:30 most critical components is the product of intelligent
21:34 activity; in other words the conclusion of intelligent
21:39 design flows naturally from the data itself and not from
21:44 the sacred books, amazing. A friend of mine, a scientist
21:52 has attended several conferences where Dr. Behe
21:55 speaks and he said, you know whenever a scientist
21:58 presents his paper they open it up for questions and
22:00 answers and they have some pretty, pretty husky dialogue
22:05 going on, but when Behe presents his papers and
22:08 opens it up for questions and answers no one dares to
22:11 challenge him, because he chews them up and spits them
22:13 out. You can't confront the truth with anything but the
22:20 truth. Dr. G. A. Kerkut, Professor of Physiology and
22:27 Biochemistry at the University of Southampton,
22:29 England said the supporting evidence for evolution
22:33 remains to be discovered, we can, if we like believe it's
22:37 such an evolutionary system has taken place, but I for one
22:40 do not think it's been proven beyond all reasonable doubt.
22:44 Then why does he believe it? If it hasn't been proven
22:48 beyond all reasonable doubt why does he believe it.
22:50 Charles Singer frankly confesses his faith in
22:53 evolution, he says evolution is unique among major
22:57 scientific theories and that the appeal for his acceptance
22:59 is not that there is any evidence for it then why do
23:03 you believe it, because any of the proposed interpretation
23:06 of the data is just too incredible to believe.
23:12 Look I believe evolution, where is the evidence?
23:15 Oh! No evidence, why do you believe it?
23:16 Because, I can't believe that.
23:21 How's that for scientific reductions and conclusions,
23:26 Now I don't stand to claim to be able to stand here tonight
23:29 and to be able to prove that the Bible account of creation
23:34 is true. That can't be done, because you see there was
23:39 no one here when it happened except God. Amen.
23:42 If you want to believe in the Bible account
23:45 of creation you're gonna have to believe
23:46 it by faith in the word of God. Amen.
23:50 I can't claim to stand here and prove that
23:53 the theory of evolution is false, but I do want to show
23:58 you that if you choose to believe the theory of
24:01 evolution you going to have to choose to believe
24:02 that by faith too, faith in chance, faith in miracles.
24:08 And I think that I can show that it makes more
24:10 sense to believe in a loving creator God. Amen.
24:16 And furthermore we wanted to take a look at the motive,
24:19 the motive that men would have for choosing to believe
24:23 in the theory of evolution as opposed to the fact that life
24:27 as we know it today came from the hands of a loving
24:30 intelligent creator God. Why are they so desperate
24:36 to believe in evolution and what does that help us,
24:40 how does that help us in understanding the events
24:43 taking place on this world today
24:46 prophesied in the Book of Revelation.
24:50 The Bible warns us against the theory
24:53 of evolution in First Timothy Chapter Six,
25:00 in First Timothy the Sixth Chapter, I can find it here,
25:06 you see here this morning come on Timothy,
25:11 here we go, First Timothy, Chapter 6 in Verse 20.
25:16 Timothy: God what has been entrusted you can't turn away
25:18 from Godless chatter and opposing ideas of what is
25:24 falsely called knowledge or science, which some have
25:28 professed and so doing have wandered away from the
25:31 faith, turned away from what is falsely called Science.
25:41 You see here we have the answer to the question,
25:44 what should a Christian do, when the discoveries of
25:48 modern science contradict the word of God, the answer is,
25:54 it's not Science, but it's falsely called Science.
26:00 This book was given to us by God through his Holy Spirit,
26:04 God made this world, He knows more about
26:07 this world than anyone else could ever know
26:09 and He will never contradict Himself
26:12 about anything, you can trust this book.
26:18 Now, I'm not making fun of science, I'm not
26:21 putting down science, I believe in science,
26:23 I believe in the scientific method, I graduated
26:26 with a degree in chemistry, I did my graduate work
26:29 in organic chemistry and so I understand the scientific
26:32 method, I believe in science, what I'm telling you is
26:35 that Evolution is not a science, it's a theory,
26:39 it's a philosophy, but it's not science,
26:42 it's presented to your children as science,
26:44 it is presented as though it were a fact
26:47 when it's a theory, an unproven theory.
26:51 What is Evolution? Just for our purposes tonight
26:55 a quick and easy definition I know its complex and
26:58 there are many, many types of Evolution, but for tonight
27:00 lets call it anything that contradicts the Bible
27:02 account of creation and either time 6 days that it
27:05 took God to create the world or the manner of life
27:08 producing life each after its own kind, any theory,
27:11 any idea of the origins that contradicts the two
27:14 principles of 6 days to create this world, time or life
27:19 creating, life each after its own kind anything that
27:21 contradicts that we'll call the theory of Evolution,
27:23 what is the evidence? The evidence is by far
27:27 the body of evidence pointed to by Evolution is the
27:30 geological column, now that sounds complicated
27:34 but it's not, it's simple, you've seen pictures
27:37 of the Earth sliced in half, looks like an onion,
27:39 all the different layers and the idea is this that
27:42 the each layer forms a period of billions of years
27:46 and the deeper layers are the older periods
27:48 and the surface layers are the one's closer to the
27:51 surface or more later times and the fossils in those
27:55 layers are simple fossils and the deeper ones and more
27:58 complex as you move out towards the surface,
28:01 the problem is that there is no place on this Earth
28:04 that exist the way they put it in the science books.
28:08 In fact, there are millions and millions of acres
28:11 where it's just the opposite and there are
28:13 complex life forms in the deeper layers
28:15 and simple life forms in these outer layers.
28:23 And two scientists, two Italian scientists
28:25 in August 1958 published a paper
28:29 reported in Time magazine, they discovered the skeleton
28:33 of a man, in a coal vein, now coal exists in a level
28:42 that was supposed to be billions of years before man
28:46 could ever have time to evolve and the very fact
28:50 that they find the skeleton of a man in a coal vein
28:54 in layers billions of years before man had time to
28:58 evolve proves without a doubt that man cannot
29:02 be the result of billions of years of Evolution
29:04 yet they go on believing anyway, why?
29:09 More recently a lady breaking open a piece
29:13 of coal to put in her furnace broke it open
29:16 and found a gold linked chain embedded in the coal,
29:21 how do that get there billions of years before man?
29:30 Or in 1922, a farmer was plowing his field and he
29:36 plowed up a tooth and so he took it in and gave it
29:42 to the scientists and from that tooth they constructed
29:45 what the jaw must have looked like and from the jaw
29:49 bone they constructed the skeleton, the skull, the face
29:54 and from the skull they constructed what the body
29:57 must have looked like and they called him the
30:00 Nebraska man, he was the missing link
30:02 and by the time it got to the British museum there was
30:05 even a Nebraska mom within there, until several years
30:10 later they found another tooth just like it
30:13 in the same area, this time it was
30:15 attached to the jaw bone but it was jaw bone of
30:19 a wild pig and yet Nebraska man is still a missing link,
30:26 Why they deny the reality of the facts
30:32 that contradict the theory of Evolution?
30:35 Why they so desperately want to believe?
30:37 God is never embarrassed by the evidence.
30:41 In the little book of Joe the 12th Chapter Verse 7,
30:44 ask the animals and they will teach you, the birds
30:46 of the air they will tell you, speak to the earth
30:48 and it will teach you, let the fish of the sea
30:50 inform you which of all of these does not know
30:53 that the hand of the Lord has done this. Amen.
30:56 Study nature, study the animals,
30:58 look at the squirrels, look at the birds,
31:00 look at the fish, how can this thing be anything but
31:06 the result of an intelligent loving creator God. Amen.
31:10 God is never embarrassed by the evidence,
31:12 the flood and can easily explain the geological column,
31:17 because small particles will settle down to the bottom
31:20 quicker than the larger particles creating the
31:22 geological column, any exception is easy to
31:25 understand, but one exception is an impossible
31:28 dilemma to a scientist who says that life
31:31 could not be that complex in those deeper levels
31:35 before Evolution had time to occur;
31:38 an impossible dilemma, yet they go on believing.
31:44 You know anytime we take a look at the
31:46 theory of Evolution verses Bible account,
31:48 the Bible account of creation we always have to ask two,
31:52 I call two ultimate questions and the first one is that if
31:58 life as we know it today begin with one single cell
32:01 and that cell begin to multiply getting more and
32:03 more complex until the cell finally get evolved into fish
32:08 and the fish into reptiles and the reptiles into birds,
32:12 the birds into mammals and the mammals
32:14 into monkeys and then along comes man
32:17 at the end of the list, probably didn't get the
32:20 sequence right, but you understand what I'm saying.
32:27 If all of life came from one cell then with all of the
32:35 millions of different life forms around us today and
32:40 all of modern technology and trained technicians
32:44 we should see Evolution exploding all around us.
32:50 But, no one has ever seen one change
32:54 of the species to another, not one.
32:57 In fact, Charles Darwin himself lamented
33:00 at the close of his life there is sufficient field
33:04 with two or three millions species on earth one might
33:07 think for observing, but it must be said today in spite
33:10 of all the evidence of trained observes not one change
33:13 of the species to another is on record, not one.
33:19 God is never embarrassed by the evidence,
33:22 God said let the earth bring forth living creatures
33:25 each after its own kind and its always been that way.
33:28 No one has ever planned to have potatoes
33:30 and got a crop of tomatoes, no one has ever
33:33 bred cattle and got a horse, now we laugh,
33:36 no one really believes that a horse had a cow.
33:41 They teach that it was such a long gradual period
33:44 of time that the change was imperceptible.
33:48 But the point is no matter how long
33:50 it took to happen somewhere along the line
33:53 the horse had to stop being a horse and
33:55 start being a cow and it has never happened.
33:59 God is not embarrassed by the evidence.
34:06 And, then there is another question,
34:11 I call it the ultimate, ultimate question,
34:15 if life as we know it today is the result of
34:18 one single cell multiplying and dividing and becoming
34:21 more complex then where did that one cell come from?
34:26 If you say, by accident, by chance both the lightning
34:33 struck a pool of slime and it turned into a living cell
34:37 then where did the lightening come from?
34:41 Where did the pool of slime come from?
34:44 If you say well God made them, God made
34:48 the cell and you may as well believe what else
34:52 God says about what He made, Amen. Amen.
34:57 If you say no it happened by chance then you've got
34:59 to believe in the theory of spontaneous generation.
35:03 Spontaneous generation is that life can spring
35:07 forth from non-living matter. That's what they used
35:12 to believe in the Dark Ages, they used to believe that,
35:17 they used to believe in fact, that if you left dirty filthy
35:20 rags in a dark closet for a long time
35:22 they turn into mice, it's a fact,
35:27 I mean they used to believe that as a fact.
35:31 Until Galileo looking through the lens of the
35:35 microscope and they discovered that those mice
35:40 didn't come from the dirty filthy rags anymore.
35:44 Now, the evidence was pretty good,
35:46 dirty filthy rags left in a closet
35:48 for a long time mice would appear
35:52 and now we know they did not come from the rags,
35:54 they used to think that body filth, left on the body
35:58 for a long time turned into lice.
36:01 Again, the evidence was pretty good. But, now we
36:06 know that the lice don't come from the filth.
36:10 And nobody believes in, in
36:12 spontaneous generation anymore, do they?
36:20 Dr. Wald, a Scientific American in 1954
36:24 said this, the most complex machine man has ever
36:28 deviced, say an electronic brain or a computer
36:31 is child's play compared to one simple living cell,
36:35 the most complicated computer you could
36:38 ever think of is nothing compared
36:40 to one living cell, he says and then he goes on
36:45 with refreshing frankness to admit that one has only
36:50 to contemplate the magnitude of the task
36:55 of building a single cell to concede that spontaneous
36:59 generation of living organisms is impossible.
37:04 Too complicated, that's just one cell,
37:08 too complicated, impossible, did you hear that?
37:13 Now, hold on to your seat belts, because you're not
37:18 ready for this, he goes on to say
37:22 yet here we are the result, I believe of spontaneous
37:27 generation, ain't that amazing?
37:31 One single cell so complicated
37:33 that's impossible to come from spontaneous generation
37:36 folks, too complicated yet here we are, the result is
37:40 spontaneous generation. Maybe that's the kind of
37:43 thinking it takes to be an Evolutionist.
37:49 Both creation and Evolution are a matter of faith
37:55 and we've choose which one we want to believe.
37:59 The late William Baston wrote even though
38:01 we cannot see any origin of species our faith in
38:05 Evolution remains unshaken. Why?
38:11 Dr. Moore from the University of Cincinnati
38:14 said the more one studies the fossils the more
38:17 certain one becomes that Evolution is based
38:19 on faith alone, exactly the same sort of faith
38:22 with which it's necessary to have when one
38:25 encounters the great mysteries of religion.
38:27 The evidence from the fossils
38:29 is for creation and only by faith
38:31 and imagination, is there any Evolution.
38:34 I believe that as Christians we can stand straight
38:40 and tall, look the Evolutionist in the eye
38:42 and say you don't have a leg to stand on. Amen.
38:46 But, I want you to notice that we must choose
38:50 by faith, the one that we want to believe.
38:55 I believe that makes more sense to believe
38:56 what God says. Amen. Imagine walking down
39:01 the beautiful beach one day and you see a
39:06 pile of shells, all stacked in a pile,
39:12 now you can decide either someone intelligent put
39:15 them there or the waves washed them up and they
39:19 got put up in a pile, we can choose either way,
39:25 but as you walk a little further you start seeing
39:29 something that looks like it could be a footprint
39:33 in the sand and then you see some shells
39:39 lined up in a straight line, those footprints
39:43 get a little clear, you could say well
39:48 you know some birds fluttered around there
39:51 and it looked like a footprint,
39:52 waves washed those shells in a perfect straight line
39:55 that could happen, you could believe that, but then as you
40:00 go a little further those footprints get pretty clear.
40:06 And, you stop to look down and you see the shells
40:10 arranged in the sand, in such a way,
40:15 that it says Jac Colon, I love you.
40:24 At some point it starts making
40:27 more sense to believe that an intelligent
40:30 person did that then it had happened by chance.
40:36 Look around at nature and the message is
40:39 loud and clear, I love you, signed God,
40:48 the creator of the Heavens and the Earth.
40:54 Dr. John Moore from Michigan State University
40:57 said you can face anyone on this Earth,
40:58 with the fact there is no experimental
41:00 evidence whatsoever for Evolution to occur
41:02 and it cannot be compromise with the one true faith
41:06 for all Christians in Christ that faith in the wonderful
41:09 word of God from Genesis to Revelation.
41:12 So, then the question is, should a
41:16 Christian believe in any kind of Evolution?
41:18 Many Christians are being taught today from the pulpit
41:21 that the Book of Genesis is poetic and those days are
41:24 expressions for long periods of time where
41:27 God was guiding the Evolutionary process,
41:30 but Jesus said in John 15:47, if you
41:34 don't believe what Moses said, you can't believe me.
41:38 Jesus believed it and by the way I'm aware of Theistic
41:45 Evolution, is being taught in many churches today.
41:49 Theistic Evolution is simply God guiding
41:52 the Evolutionary process and each of those days
41:55 represents billions of times, years of time
41:58 where God is guiding the process,
42:02 but you can't accept Theistic Evolution
42:05 and the Bible at the same time, because the Bible says
42:09 before sin came, there was no death.
42:15 Survival of the fittest could not have happened
42:18 before Adam and Eve sinned. No, it just makes
42:24 more sense to believe what the Bible says.
42:27 Then, what is the real issue? Why is it that men and
42:30 women so desperately want to believe in the theory
42:33 of Evolution instead of the Bible account of creation.
42:36 Peter tells us, in Second Peter Chapter 3, Verse 3,
42:40 first of all you must understand
42:41 that in the last days, that's now,
42:44 in the last days scoffers will come scoffing
42:47 saying where is this coming that
42:49 he has promised ever since our father died,
42:51 ever since our father has died everything
42:54 goes on as it has since the beginning of creation.
42:58 In other words, the end time, the return of Jesus
43:01 is intimately linked with creation.
43:05 And so they're saying well, how can this be?
43:07 Where is he? Why hasn't he come yet?
43:11 Verse 5, but they deliberately forget
43:14 that long ago by God's word, the heavens existed
43:17 and the Earth was formed out of water and by water,
43:21 and by these waters also the world
43:23 of that time was deluged, then destroyed.
43:27 Why do they deliberately forget,
43:30 by the same word the present heavens
43:32 and earth are reserved for fire being kept
43:34 for the Day of Judgment and destruction
43:36 of ungodly men, that's why because
43:39 if you accept the fact that God is the creator
43:42 then you have to believe that a loving God
43:45 and a loving creator would communicate with
43:47 those that he made and tell us what is best for us
43:50 and we have an obligation to worship the creator
43:54 and obey the creator, the one who made us.
43:59 If you don't want to obey the creator then you've gotta
44:01 come up with another source, an origin for life
44:05 and that's why men would rather point to a pool
44:08 of slime or a pile of garbage into to the hands of a creator
44:12 God, because if you accept the fact that
44:15 He made us then you got to believe what
44:17 He said to us, that He loves us and
44:19 He tells us what's best for us. That's the answer.
44:26 The result of Evolution, we find the result
44:28 of Evolution in the Book of Romans,
44:30 the First Chapter in Verse 20.
44:32 Since the creation of the world,
44:34 God's invisible qualities, His eternal power,
44:38 His divine nature have been clearly seen being
44:42 understood from what has been made,
44:44 so that man are without excuse look at nature,
44:47 study nature, you have no excuse for rejecting
44:50 the creative power of God, that's what he is saying,
44:53 but then in Verse 22, although men claim
44:56 to be wise, they became fools.
45:00 And, they exchanged the glory
45:02 of the Immortal God for images made to look
45:06 like mortal men and birds and animals and reptiles,
45:10 in other words, they began to worship
45:12 the creature, instead of the creator.
45:18 The result, Verse 24, therefore God
45:23 gave them over in the sinful desires
45:27 of their hearts to sexual impurity, for the
45:29 degrading of their bodies with one another,
45:32 they exchanged the truth of God for a lie and
45:35 they worshipped and served created things
45:38 rather than the creator, who is forever praised.
45:43 Washington Post of all newspapers,
45:46 put in their headline, the number one problem
45:49 in the world today is the declined immorality
45:56 and the declined immorality is the direct result of the
46:00 failure to acknowledge that God Almighty
46:03 is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.
46:07 And, when we reject the creator, we will inevitably
46:12 worship the creature, who is the beast.
46:16 And that's how your children are being setup
46:20 to take the mark of the beast, that isn't all.
46:27 In Verse 26, because of this God gave them
46:31 over to their shameful lust, even their women
46:36 exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones.
46:40 In the same way, men abandoned
46:43 natural relations with women and were
46:46 inflamed with lust for one another.
46:49 Men committed indecent acts with other men and
46:53 received in themselves to do penalty for their perversion.
46:59 And, folks I'm not a homophobe.
47:03 I don't hate homosexuals; but homosexuality is a sin.
47:12 God did not create us that way.
47:16 God made a man and a woman and
47:19 He said man should leave his father and mother,
47:21 cleave unto his wife and the two of them
47:26 will become one flesh, that's the way God made us.
47:30 And when we go outside of the parameters
47:33 that God made us, we're going to suffer
47:36 the consequences that inevitably result.
47:41 Now, if you accept the theory of Evolution then
47:44 it doesn't matter, it's simply a matter of choice
47:47 or preference what God made, what God suggest
47:51 is best for us, it's not important because there
47:54 is no God, you are only an accident that happened
47:57 to come along at this point and therefore what you
48:00 desire is the thing that decides what is best for you,
48:07 but the Bible says homosexuality is a sin.
48:14 Now, I don't believe in coming down on
48:18 homosexuals and ridiculing and putting them down
48:22 because you see it's no worse than any other sin,
48:26 including gossip, folks, in fact I'm gonna
48:30 show you it's right in there with gossip.
48:33 Just a minute, instead of pointing the accusing
48:37 and derogatory fingers at homosexuals, we need
48:41 to reach out to them with the cross of Jesus Christ
48:44 because it's the only hope that any of us have,
48:46 for anything better then what we have right now.
48:53 Verse 28, furthermore since they did not think it
48:55 it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God
48:57 He gave them over to a deprived mind
48:59 to do what ought not to be done,
49:01 they become filled with every kind of wickedness,
49:03 evil, greed depravity, they are full of envy, murders,
49:06 strive, deceit, malice and they are gossipers.
49:10 Right in there with the murderers, yeah sometimes
49:13 we think Oh! What terrible people and we go around
49:16 gossiping about the terrible people, and they're right
49:21 in there with them, slanderers, god haters,
49:25 insolent, arrogant, boastful, invent ways of doing evil,
49:29 disobey their parents, ruthless, senseless,
49:31 faithless, heartless, although ruthless terrorists.
49:35 You wanna stop terrorism, then get the whole world
49:39 to worship the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth,
49:41 it's free. Amen. Simple, although they know
49:46 God's righteous decrees and that those who do such
49:49 things deserve death, they not only continue to do
49:52 the very things but they approve of those who
49:54 practice and it sounds like reading today's newspapers.
49:59 The results of Evolution, Evolution is more than just
50:04 a science, it's infiltrated the ranks of the way that
50:07 we think and it's provided a whole new world view.
50:11 Because Evolution is based on the idea of survival with the
50:14 fittest, the natural selection, and the strongest survive.
50:19 And as it moves beyond the world of science and
50:22 into the arena of ideas, there is no such thing
50:25 as right or wrong, simply two opposing ideas
50:30 and out of the opposition of these two ideas,
50:32 something new emerges and that's what best and right.
50:36 There is no such thing as a God defining right from
50:39 wrong. It's just which idea is stronger than the other.
50:47 Herbert Spencer wrote in the 1800s of poverty
50:49 of the incapable to starvation of the idle,
50:51 the pushing aside of the weak by the strong,
50:54 a decrease of a large and farseeing benevolence,
50:57 in other words all of this is good. It's the survival with
51:00 the fittest and the strongest are overcoming the weakest
51:05 and humanity is becoming better and better.
51:08 I don't know how they measure that,
51:10 but it doesn't look like it to me.
51:14 In the process, racism began to burst forth
51:22 on the scene like never before.
51:25 In fact, Charles Darwin himself wrote
51:28 and you'll never see this on television
51:31 or in the text books today. Charles Darwin wrote
51:35 at some future period, the civilized races of man
51:39 will almost certainly exterminate and replace
51:41 the savage races throughout the world.
51:44 I'd like to ask Mr. Darwin, who are the savage races?
51:50 Why don't we hear this in the science books in
51:53 science classes today, because the theory of
51:56 Evolution gives birth to the idea and process of racism.
52:01 A powerful world leader in the late 1930s grasped
52:05 the theory of Evolution and the survival of the fittest.
52:08 He believed it. He accepted the idea
52:10 that man was not created, but came
52:13 into existence by Evolution, by survival of the fittest
52:16 and he wrote the law of nature must take
52:19 its course in the survival of the fittest.
52:22 The Christian notion of charity and love
52:25 should be replaced by the ethic of strength
52:27 over weakness signed, Adolf Hitler,
52:30 result, the gas chambers, he began to systematically
52:38 eliminate those races that he thought were weaker
52:41 in order to establish the super German race.
52:45 Now here is the question. Who can say that he was
52:50 wrong, if you accept the theory of Evolution?
52:56 How can you say that he was wrong?
52:59 You can't say that he was wrong.
53:02 You can simply say I have a better idea
53:04 and hope that you are stronger than he
53:06 was and praise God, it happened that way.
53:10 In fact, Professor Robert Simon in 30 years of college
53:14 teaching said in article in Reader's Digest,
53:17 I have never met a student who denied that the
53:19 holocaust has happened, but he says what I see
53:22 is increasingly worse. Students who acknowledge
53:25 the fact of the holocaust, but they cannot bring
53:28 themselves to say that killing millions of people
53:31 is wrong. While these students may deplore what the Nazis did,
53:37 their disapproval is expressed as a matter of
53:40 taste or personal preference, not moral judgment.
53:45 One student said of course I dislike the Nazi's but
53:48 who am I to say that they were wrong?
53:52 Well I'll say it, and he will say, well
53:56 what makes you think they were wrong.
53:57 I will tell you why they were wrong because
53:59 they ignored the fact that man is created in the
54:03 image of a loving God and that we are made to love
54:07 one another, as God loves us, that's why it was wrong.
54:10 Amen. But if you don't have the Bible
54:14 and you don't believe in creation, you can't even
54:17 say Hitler was wrong. You can't even say that
54:21 Osama Bin Laden crashing his planes into
54:24 the world tower, trade tower was wrong and notice
54:27 that many are not even saying that today.
54:35 Now, Hitler is out of the way, but we're still moving
54:39 in the same direction, they called it Euthanasia,
54:47 and when a person gets old enough to where somebody
54:49 feels like they are not very valuable anymore.
54:51 Let's just put them to sleep and get them out of the way,
54:53 it's just murder. How do you know God doesn't have
54:57 something special in store He had for that person,
55:00 who knows the mind of God except God.
55:04 A baby about to be born and scientists say he's got some
55:07 undesirable characteristic, let's just get rid of him.
55:13 Let's build a super race, let's just have
55:16 people here that are desirable.
55:17 Genetic engineering and cloning we can select,
55:20 scientist can select the desirable qualities and
55:23 characteristics of life and we can shape the beings
55:26 that we, that come into existence today.
55:28 It sounds good, but who decides which characteristics
55:32 are desirable? The politicians in Washington, God forbid.
55:44 Former First lady at the first inauguration said we must
55:50 redefine what it means to be human in the 20th century?
55:59 And I say, no. We must rediscover
56:06 what it means to be human in the 21st century.
56:11 Man created in the image of a loving creator, God.
56:17 That's the solution to the problems today.
56:20 And the greatest tragedy of the theory
56:22 of Evolution is that it denies Jesus Christ.
56:29 In the little book of Colossians Chapter I
56:31 in Verse 15, he Jesus is the image of the invisible God,
56:36 the first born over all creation, for by Him all
56:39 things were created in evident on Earth, visible and
56:42 invisible, all things were created by him and for him.
56:46 Who is the us, that said let us make man in our image?
56:50 Who is the our? Let us make man in our image.
56:54 The Holy Spirit was there. The Father was there, but
56:57 the one kneeling over the body of man and breathing
57:00 into that body the breath of life was the Son of God,
57:03 Jesus Christ before he became a man.
57:06 He created man. All things were made by him and for him.
57:11 He is the one who formed the world.
57:13 He is the one who said let there be light.
57:15 The God that made you is the God
57:18 who died on the cross to save you.
57:23 The Book of Revelation begins with the words,
57:26 the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
57:31 Worship him, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.


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