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01:04 We're in a Revelation Now meeting in Washington DC.
01:08 Our boys were still with us at the time, they were little and
01:12 we always tried to do something fun on our day off.
01:15 This particular Thursday we were going to take them down
01:17 to the Smithsonian Museum at the Smithsonian Institute, the
01:21 flight museum. They were all excited about that and on our
01:25 way downtown I just, I said to my wife, look I have never
01:30 been to see the wall. Let's just stop by there on the way
01:42 and so we did you know what I'm talking about, the big stark
01:49 granite wall and we walked down there and I began to
01:58 look. Looking through the hundreds, thousands of names
02:03 inscribed on the wall and finally I saw it.
02:17 Captain Thomas T. Norman, one of my best friends he had
02:27 been shot down in Vietnam and I just put my hand out and
02:35 touched it. And you know instantly it brought back all of
02:42 the feelings, all of the experiences, all of the good
02:46 times that we had together. Instantly I could remember the
02:52 work, the hard work, flight planning, mission planning.
02:55 I could remember the fun, playing football, nobody could
03:00 throw a tighter spiral than Tommy and it would just
03:02 settle into hands like catching an egg. I remember when he
03:06 and Janet were married and when little Tara was born.
03:11 It seems as though that monument just brought back
03:14 all of those experiences and made him so real you could
03:17 just relive it over-and-over again you see that's what a
03:20 monument is supposed to do, it's suppose to bring us back to
03:25 the original experience, so that we can relive it over-and-over
03:30 again. We've learned in the Book of Revelation that the
03:39 world is going to be divided into two groups. Those who
03:41 worship God the creator and those who worship the beast,
03:46 the dragon craves worship. The Bible tells us that the
03:51 whole earth, all the inhabitants of the earth will
03:53 worship the beast except for those whose names have been
03:57 written in the book of life belonging to the lamb that was
03:59 slain from the creation of the world so they worship either
04:03 the lamb or the creator, the lamb who is the creator or
04:07 the beast who is the creature. In Revelation chapter 14
04:11 Verse 1, I looked and there before me was a lamb standing
04:14 on Mount Zion and with him 144,000 who had his name
04:19 and his Father's name written on their forehead. Everybody
04:22 wonders about the number 144,000 we are not going to
04:25 talk about that tonight. That's coming up in another
04:27 lesson for tonight, it's enough for us to recognize
04:30 this that those were the ones in Verse 4, who follow the
04:34 lamb where ever he goes. The only safe course, the only
04:38 safe path that Revelation points out for us is one and
04:43 that is to follow the lamb and those who follow the lamb,
04:47 worship the lamb. The creator of the Heavens and the Earth.
04:50 Those who don't follow the lamb worship the creature
04:53 who is the beast. We learned last night that the dragon knew
04:57 if anyone would ever worship him some how he would have
05:00 to obscure and remove the reminder of the significance
05:03 that God is the creator. As long as we acknowledge
05:07 God as our creator no one would ever worship the beast
05:11 or the creature. And we learned last night that in the
05:15 mid 1800's he managed to seduce the church into joining
05:18 forces with modern science and infiltrate the ranks of
05:20 God's people with the theory of evolution, but at the very
05:23 same time God began his last thrust, his counter movement
05:27 and the first angel's message said worship God the creator
05:31 of the Heavens and the Earth. You see God knew that in the
05:34 last days his authority as the creator would come under
05:38 attack. God knew in the last days that the devil would try
05:42 to change men from worshiping him as the creator
05:46 to believing and accepting the theory of evolution.
05:49 So in order to try to prevent that, in order to give us
05:52 every opportunity to remind us that he is the creator God
05:57 said, I'm going to give you a monument, a memorial so that
06:01 you can never forget. He knew that it's he carved it out of
06:04 stone that the devil could remove it, he could erase it,
06:07 he could eradicate it or worse yet even get us to worship it
06:11 instead of the creator. He knew that if he made a
06:14 pyramid that could be destroyed. But God did
06:17 something better than this instead of carving it out of
06:20 stone he carved it out of time and took it out of the reach
06:25 the devil forever. Genesis Chapter II, Verse 6, by the
06:33 seventh day God had finished the work that he had been
06:37 doing. So on the seventh day he rested from all of his work
06:42 and God blessed the seventh day and he made it holy
06:47 because on it he rested from the work of creating that he
06:50 had done. Exodus, Chapter 20, in the heart of
06:53 10 commandments number 4, remember the Sabbath day,
06:58 God says to his people by keeping it holy, six days you
07:03 will labor and do all of your work, but the seventh day is
07:08 the Sabbath to the Lord your God on it you will not do any
07:13 work because in Verse 11, in six days the Lord made the
07:17 Heavens, the Earth and the sea and all that is in them,
07:21 but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord
07:25 blessed the Sabbath day and he made it holy. In other
07:28 words instead of carving a monument out of stone that
07:32 the devil could destroy or remove he carved it out of
07:36 time. He gave us a week, he worked six days and rested
07:40 on the seventh day and he said I want you to work six days
07:44 and rest on the seventh day as a reminder to remember that
07:49 I am the creator of the Heavens and the Earth. Amen.
07:56 And I want to suggest to you this evening that if men and
07:59 women would have continued to observe the Sabbath as a
08:04 reminder that God is the creator, there would be no
08:07 theory of evolution today. The Sabbath, Jesus said was
08:15 made for men it was made for us, God didn't create this
08:23 world in six days, rest on the seventh day to say I have
08:27 got a sabbath here what I'm going to do. Oh! I'm going to
08:29 create a man to keep it. No, God created man on the sixth
08:36 day and then the very first day in the life of the man and
08:40 the women was the day that God rested and they rested
08:44 with God, they were with God and they were forever to
08:48 remember that God was their creator. He made it
08:52 for them. You see there was something in the heart of God
08:56 that caused him to decide to work six days in creating
09:02 the Earth and then to rest on the seventh day and God made
09:08 man in his own image and he wants us to follow the same
09:13 pattern, the same rhythm of working six days like he did
09:18 and resting on the seventh day. The creator we learned
09:23 last night was the Lamb, the Son of God and it was
09:26 Jesus who worked and made this world in six days and it is
09:30 Jesus who rested on the seventh day and it is Jesus
09:34 who said remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy,
09:38 because I'm the creator of the Heavens and the Earth.
09:41 It's a gift that God has given us because he wants to
09:45 spend time with us. Well some say, well if it's so good to
09:51 keep the Sabbath and to rest and to make it Holy then I'm
09:54 going to do that everyday. Wow, you can't do it everyday.
10:01 The Bible says God worked six days, I want you to work
10:06 six days and rest on the seventh day. Working six days
10:10 is just as much a part of the commandment as resting on the
10:14 seventh day, no such thing as lazy Christians. Then there
10:21 are others that say well then, I start my work week on
10:26 Wednesday, so I'll do Tuesday as my Sabbath, or I start my
10:32 work week on Monday so I will keep Sunday as my seventh
10:35 day, but I would ask you where in the Bible does it
10:41 ever say to pick a day to be your Sabbath day. The Bible
10:47 says God worked on the first day, second day, third
10:51 day, fourth day, fifth day, sixth day and then he rested
10:55 on the seventh day and he blessed it and he made it Holy
10:59 and he did not bless any other day, you can't make
11:03 a day holy. All you can do is keep holy a day that God
11:06 makes holy. Only the creator can make something holy,
11:11 but we don't need a Sabbath in the New Testament because
11:14 we can rest in Jesus. And that's true that there is
11:20 a sense in which we rest in Jesus, but did you notice that
11:24 the Bible says God rested on the seventh day. God rested,
11:31 if God rested on the seventh day how can we say we
11:36 don't need to rest. Now what does it mean, does it mean
11:41 that God worked so hard six days, making this world
11:45 and putting everything in place and then by the
11:47 seventh day, whew! Man am I pooped, I'm going to take
11:51 a siesta. Is that what it means, no that's not what it
11:57 means when it says God rested. I want to share with you
12:04 a paper that I found and I think that he has caught,
12:08 he has captured the essence of what it meant. In the Bible
12:11 when it says God rested on the Sabbath this is a paper
12:15 called Dies Domini, the apostolic letter of the
12:18 holy father John Paul II to the bishops and clergy and
12:21 faithful of the Catholic Church on keeping the Lord's
12:24 day holy. And I think he hit the bull's eye. Watch this,
12:29 the Sabbath rest speaks as it were of God lingering before
12:36 the very good work which his hand had wrought. In order
12:43 to cast upon it a gaze full of joyous delight. This is
12:50 a contemplative gaze in which God enjoys the beauty of
12:56 what he had already created, don't you like that. That's
13:02 the essence of God's rest and that's what he wants us to
13:06 enter into with him each week resting and enjoying the
13:10 beauty of what he had already made. Can't you see God
13:16 enjoying his creation, you know when we were in
13:19 school, in the seminary after we got married. One of the
13:24 things you need to know is seminary students don't have
13:26 very much money. It goes all to their school bill and so
13:31 Christmas came around and we didn't have a lot of money
13:34 to buy gifts for our family and friends, then my wife
13:37 got a good idea she said why don't you buy me some
13:40 canvases and I can paint oil paintings and that way we can
13:44 give them as gifts and they will appreciate it and it won't
13:47 cost us very much. Well if it didn't cost much sounded
13:50 like a great idea to me. So we went shopping and bought
13:53 some paints and some canvases and she set it up
13:56 there in our little apartment and began to paint. Now,
14:01 I thought she was finished. Long before she thought she
14:06 was finished, I'd look at that picture, oh! That's pretty,
14:10 now go do the next one, time is running out, we don't
14:12 want to have to go shopping for Christmas presents.
14:16 Oh! No, no it's not done yet. I said well, why not?
14:20 She said look, put a little dab of blue paint on her brush
14:24 and she did that I couldn't even see the difference,
14:28 said you see and then she says no a little more here
14:32 and always more and more to do, but finally she put
14:40 down the brush and stepped back and rested enjoying the
14:50 painting that she had just made. That's what God did
14:55 on the seventh day he put down the brush, he rested
15:01 and he enjoyed the work he had just done and the crowning
15:09 act of that work was when he made the man and the woman.
15:14 Imagine the first day Adam and Eve spent on this Earth
15:18 was entering into that Sabbath rest with God
15:22 enjoying the beautiful creation that came from
15:27 his hands. Can't you look forward to that kind of an
15:32 experience with God? That's what the Sabbath is
15:36 all about. Well then, how can I have it, how can I know
15:42 creation was so long ago, how can I know which day
15:45 God blessed good news, God doesn't bless something
15:49 and make it holy and then let it get so confused and
15:52 mixed up we can't figure out how to get it. Now God
15:55 isn't that way. In fact Jesus made sure in his death that
16:01 we would know when to receive that special blessing that he
16:08 wanted to give us. Look at Luke the 23rd Chapter, the
16:13 gospel of Luke, Chapter 23. Time, where Luke describes
16:23 the crucifixion of Jesus and after he had died, they took
16:29 his body down he said and they laid it in the tomb and
16:32 then in Verse 54 it was preparation day and the
16:41 Sabbath was about to begin. So when did Jesus die
16:47 according to the Bible. The Bible says he died on
16:52 the preparation day. When is the preparation day? It's the
16:57 day before the Sabbath. He died on the preparation day,
17:02 the Sabbath was about to begin and Verse 56 says
17:07 they went home and prepared spices and perfume but they
17:11 rested on the Sabbath according to the commandment,
17:15 so he died on the preparation day and they rested on the
17:20 Sabbath which was the next day after the preparation day.
17:24 Then in chapter 24 verse one on the first day of the week
17:29 early in the morning the women took the spices they
17:32 prepared and they went to the tomb and they found the
17:36 stone rolled away but when they entered the tomb they
17:40 did not find the body of the Lord Jesus there. Why not
17:47 because he had risen when on the first day of the week,
17:52 so line him up with me. He died on the preparation day.
17:56 They rested on the next day, the Sabbath day and on the
18:01 first day of the week he was resurrected. Now practically
18:07 the whole Christian world observes Easter Sunday in
18:15 honor of the resurrection and no one except a very few
18:20 people no one will challenge Sunday is not the resurrection
18:26 day, everybody observes Sunday and honor the resurrection.
18:30 They know that Sunday is the resurrection day, no one
18:33 questions it, they don't doubt it. We know Sunday
18:36 is the resurrection day in fact most folks observe
18:39 Sunday every week in honor of the resurrection, but the
18:44 Bible says that the resurrection occurred on the
18:47 first day of the week. Now if the resurrection day is
18:54 Sunday and Sunday is a resurrection day then it has
18:58 to be the first day of the week then it doesn't take
19:01 a computer to figure out that the seventh day has to be the
19:06 day before Sunday and that's Saturday, the seventh day of
19:11 the week it has always been on Saturday. The Jews have
19:15 kept the seventh day on Saturday since way back in
19:19 the beginning, Jesus died on the day before Good Friday
19:23 the day before Saturday which the Bible says is
19:25 preparation day, they observe the Sabbath on Saturday and
19:29 Sunday morning, the resurrection day, they went
19:32 to the tomb and it was empty. We can know which day
19:37 is the Sabbath, it's the seventh day Saturday.
19:42 According to the scripture, now here is the point that
19:45 I promised you. In Greek, every time you read the word
19:51 the first day of the week it actually in Greek says
19:56 "mia ton sabbaton", which means the first day after
20:04 the Sabbath. That's the way they numbered the days of
20:08 the week, they didn't call them Saturday, Sunday, Monday,
20:11 Tuesday in Bible times, the Pagan Romans did that
20:14 after the Bible was written, that's why it doesn't say
20:17 Friday he died, Saturday in the tomb and Sunday
20:20 resurrection, because they weren't named by then.
20:22 They were first day after the Sabbath, second day
20:26 after the Sabbath, third day after the Sabbath, fourth day
20:29 after, fifth day after, preparation day. That's the day
20:31 before the Sabbath and then the Sabbath. So you see it's
20:36 impossible for the first day of the week to be the Sabbath
20:42 because the first day is the first day after the Sabbath.
20:48 It can't be the Sabbath and that means it's impossible to
20:52 pick a day to observe as the Sabbath because the days are
20:56 numbered in the Bible by the day after the Sabbath. And it
21:02 become so simple, the seventh day is the Sabbath, it's
21:06 Saturday, the day that has been kept all the way back
21:09 from ancient times. We have calendars that go back to the
21:12 time of Abraham, 2500 some years before Christ and it
21:19 shows the weekly cycle has never been changed. God is not
21:25 going to let it get so confusing and messed up that
21:29 you can't take that blessing from the Sabbath that he wants
21:32 to give you even now in the 21 century. Praise God, Amen.
21:36 Amen. Well, what did Jesus do? What did Jesus do on the
21:46 Sabbath, in Luke, in Luke Chapter 4, look with me in
21:50 Luke the 4th Chapter Verse 16, he went to Nazareth where
21:55 he had been brought up and on the Sabbath day he went
22:01 into the synagogue as was his custom, when did Jesus
22:08 go to church he went on the Sabbath day and it was his
22:12 custom to do. Isn't Jesus our example, isn't he, nod your
22:23 head, raise your hand say amen to something, so I'll
22:25 know you're out there. He is our example, don't we follow
22:29 the lamb. Amen. I got a hunch, I got a hunch, if God would
22:35 ask me Colon, why did you keep the seventh day instead
22:39 of the first day like everybody else, I would say
22:41 because Jesus did, I think he'd say that's good enough.
22:44 You're safe when you follow the Lamb. Now I want to make
22:49 something very, very clear here when we talk about
22:51 the Sabbath. Jesus didn't worship on the Sabbath,
22:55 the Bible does say the Sabbath is the day of holy
22:57 congregation, Leviticus 23, it's a day of worship. But one
23:01 thing I want to make crystal clear we should worship
23:06 God everyday. It is never a sin to worship God.
23:17 The question about the Sabbath is not so much when
23:21 you go to Church, the question is working six days and
23:27 setting aside the seventh day fully and completely for God.
23:33 We can go to Church everyday any day folks, it's never
23:38 wrong to go to Church, Amen. Amen. Did everybody understand
23:43 that. Is it ever wrong to go to Church? So, don't leave
23:48 here saying that preacher said that it's a sin to worship
23:51 on Sunday or Monday or any other day, that's not what
23:54 I'm saying, you're bearing false witness against me.
24:00 It's never a sin to worship, we can worship God any day,
24:04 we should worship God everyday, but there is only
24:06 one day that God blessed and set aside and made Holy and
24:10 that's the seventh-day Sabbath, which is on Saturday,
24:15 that's what we're talking about here tonight. And then
24:19 what did Jesus teach about the Sabbath. In Matthew the
24:22 12th Chapter, in Verse 9, he went to the Synagogue,
24:25 in Verse 10, there was a man there with a shriveled hand,
24:28 he was crippled. Now, the Jews were looking for
24:30 a reason to accuse Jesus, so they asked him is it lawful
24:33 to heal on the Sabbath because they thought that if
24:37 he healed on the Sabbath that's work. Oh! And he would
24:40 be breaking the Sabbath, not true because Jesus
24:44 immediately, you know, I love the way Jesus works, I mean
24:47 they would ask him questions and they would just really
24:50 look like they had him nailed to the wall and he could just
24:53 defuse and disarm it with one little question. That's
24:57 what he does here. They're trying to pin him to the wall,
25:00 they're trying to show he was breaking the Sabbath,
25:02 watch what he does, he said, if any of you has a sheep and
25:05 it falls into a pit on the Sabbath won't you take hold
25:09 of it and lift it out, of course they would because
25:12 that's money for them. Oh! Yeah, that's okay for us to do
25:18 they would say because of the poor sheep. Well, Jesus said,
25:21 how much more valuable is a man than a sheep, he knew
25:26 how to deal with their questions didn't he, therefore
25:29 it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath. You see they had
25:36 a list of hundreds of traditions saying what you
25:40 can do and what you can't do on the Sabbath and it was so
25:43 confusing that they were scared to get out of bed on
25:46 Sabbath morning because they might break one of those rules
25:49 or traditions, not scripture, but traditions of man
25:54 and Jesus was stripping away the traditions and showing
26:01 them that it is lawful to do good, in fact to think
26:05 about it, he is teaching them how to observe the Sabbath
26:09 properly. Now, you may think that Matthew was written as
26:14 the First Book in the New Testament, you might think
26:17 it was written first, but Matthew wasn't. Matthew is one
26:20 of the latest books, the last books written in the Old
26:23 Testament. Some think it was his latest 60-65 or 70 A.D.,
26:27 which would be 40 years after the Cross when Matthew was
26:31 written. So, here is Jesus, 40 years after the Cross and
26:34 he is teaching them how to observe the Sabbath. By doing
26:41 good for other people, watch what they, how they responded
26:45 to this, when the Pharisees went out and they went out,
26:48 they plotted how they might kill Jesus. The Devil hates
26:55 the Sabbath folks, he hates it because it's the memorial,
27:00 the reminder of something he can't do, he can't create.
27:05 He hates the Sabbath and you're going to discover,
27:09 you find precious truth here in the Bible and you get all
27:12 excited about it and you go run and tell somebody, but they
27:15 might not be as excited as you are, because the Devil
27:19 hates the Sabbath. Every once in a while somebody comes
27:24 not often, but once in a while, you're here I think
27:27 'cause you wanna know the truth, am I right? Yeah.
27:30 But every once in a while somebody comes and they say
27:33 pastor, I've been enjoying Revelation Now, but I didn't
27:37 like what you said tonight. The question is not whether
27:43 or not you liked it, wrong question. The question is,
27:50 is it true, whether we like it or not isn't important,
27:58 is it true. Jesus said, you'll know the truth and
28:03 the truth will set you free, we do not have to be afraid
28:08 of truth. Amen. Amen. We had better be afraid of not
28:12 knowing the truth, so the question isn't. As you see
28:15 here tonight. Do I like what I'm hearing? We're not here
28:19 to tickle the itching ear. We're here to learn the truth
28:25 and the truth will set you free. By the way, I wanna
28:33 show you what I think is the clearest evidence that God
28:37 still intended for New Testament believers,
28:39 Christians, to be receiving a Sabbath blessing, long after
28:46 Jesus died on the Cross. Don't let anybody tell you
28:49 that ended at the Cross, does that make sense, that God
28:53 gives us a blessing, he says this is a blessing for you,
28:56 I want to meet with you, I want to spend time with you,
28:59 I wanna enter into a relationship with you that only
29:01 friends can have, this is special day for you and then,
29:04 whoa, I can't give that to you anymore, your
29:06 New Testament. That doesn't make sense to me, don't let
29:10 anybody tell you that. Here is the clearest evidence
29:13 that extends way beyond the Cross in Matthew, Chapter 24,
29:17 Jesus left the temple and he was walking away in Verse 1
29:20 with his disciples, they came up to him, they call his
29:23 attention to the building you know, it seems like we're
29:25 always looking at material things. Now look how the
29:28 beautiful buildings here, Jesus said, yeah I see that,
29:33 but I tell you the truth not one stone here will be left
29:36 on another everyone will be thrown down. Wow! When will
29:40 this be they asked tell us, when will this happen and
29:43 what will be a sign of your coming and the end of the age.
29:46 So, Jesus gave him some signs, they would know when that
29:50 was about to happen that the temple was going to be
29:52 destroyed and then he said, when you see these signs
29:56 unfolding you need to flee from the City,
29:58 don't hang around Jerusalem, get out of there.
30:02 Watch this, Verse 20 and when that time comes
30:05 when you flee from the City, when that time comes pray that
30:10 your flight will not take place in the winter or on
30:14 the Sabbath. You know that's dynamite to me, why?
30:19 Because Jerusalem was destroyed in the year 70 A.D.
30:25 we learned that on the fourth night, in the year 70 A.D.
30:27 Titus the Roman general marched into Jerusalem,
30:30 destroyed the temple, not one stone was left standing on
30:32 another, exactly the way Jesus said it would be, when was
30:35 that 70 A.D. Well, here's Jesus in the year 30,
30:40 before 31 A.D. because that's when he died on the cross
30:44 in 31 A.D. So, sometime before he died, sometime
30:47 before 31 A.D. Jesus is looking ahead, he is looking
30:51 into the future to 70 A.D. 40 years ahead and he is saying
30:56 when that time comes you pray you'll not have to flee on
30:59 the Sabbath day, Jesus it proves without a shadow of
31:03 a doubt expected New Testament Christians to still be
31:07 observing the Sabbath 40 years after he died on the Cross,
31:11 don't let anybody tell you that the Sabbath isn't for you.
31:15 Bible says, God withholds no good thing from those
31:18 who walk uprightly and the Sabbath is a good thing,
31:22 because God made it, Jesus made it.
31:25 Somebody gave our little boys one time when they were little
31:27 gave them new T-shirts and it said, I know I'm somebody
31:31 because God don't make no junk. The Sabbath is not junk
31:37 folks. God made it good. Everything he made was good
31:42 and he is not gonna hold it back from you, he is not
31:44 gonna let you not have anything good. He said,
31:49 I've come that you can have life and have it abundantly.
31:53 By the way, who wrote that commandment, remember
31:59 the Sabbath day you should already know, but let's
32:01 just make it crystal clear to make sure there's not
32:04 a shadow of a doubt in our minds, to texts.
32:06 In the book of Acts, Chapter 4, Verse 12
32:09 and James 4:12, isn't that interesting Acts 4:12,
32:14 James 4:12, maybe God did it that way so we can remember
32:16 it easier. Only have a few numbers to remember instead of
32:19 a bunch. In Act 4:12, it says there is no other name under
32:25 Heaven whereby you can be saved. What name is that?
32:31 That's Jesus, that's the Lamb, Amen. Is there any other
32:34 name besides Jesus whereby you can be saved? No other
32:38 name, only Jesus, but then when you go to James 4:12,
32:41 it says there is only one judge, there is only one
32:44 lawgiver and that's he, who is able to save, who is
32:48 able to save? Only Jesus, there is only one lawgiver,
32:52 who is the lawgiver? The one that's able to save.
32:55 Who is able to save? Jesus, there is only one lawgiver,
32:58 the one able to save, the lawgiver has to be,
33:00 say it, Jesus, what does it mean? It means that when
33:08 Moses went up on that mountain ascended into the dark cloud,
33:15 carrying the two tables of stone in his arms and then
33:20 he raised those tablets of stone up into the dark cloud,
33:25 he felt the hand of God reach down, take them out
33:31 of his hand. And, God wrote on those tables of stone
33:37 the Ten Commandments and the fourth one, remember
33:41 the Sabbath day to keep it holy. The lawgiver that wrote
33:45 that law was the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Notice it says,
33:53 remember the Sabbath to keep it holy,
33:58 six days you'll labor and do all of your work,
34:00 but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God,
34:06 is it any wonder Jesus said in Matthew Chapter 12,
34:09 Verse 8, the son of man is Lord of the Sabbath,
34:13 because he made the Sabbath, he created the Sabbath,
34:16 he rested on the Sabbath, he blessed the Sabbath,
34:19 he made the Sabbath holy and he wrapped it in paper
34:22 and gives it to you as a gift. Remember the Sabbath of
34:27 the Lord your God, the son of man is Lord
34:30 even of the Sabbath. But almost everybody observes
34:39 the first day of the week today, so surely there must be
34:43 some place in the Bible that changes the Sabbath from
34:46 the seventh day to the first day. We're told there
34:50 are only eight texts in the Bible that mention the
34:53 first day of the week, just eight places. Six of them
34:58 six of them are just like that one that we already
35:01 read early in the morning on the first day of the week,
35:04 they went to the tomb and found that it was empty,
35:06 six of them, six of the eight. No hint there of changing
35:11 the Sabbath, in fact when it says first day of the week
35:13 it is first day after the Sabbath, so it could not
35:16 have been the Sabbath. No hint the Sabbath has
35:19 changed there. They just went to the tomb. Jesus was
35:22 raised up on the first day of the week that's all it says
35:25 no hint that the old seventh day is finished, new seventh
35:28 day is now the first of the week, new Sabbath day.
35:30 Not a hint in those 6, but there are two. There are
35:35 often pointed to two texts that mention the first day of
35:37 the week. They're often pointed to prove that Saturday
35:39 is not the Sabbath anymore. It's changed to the first day
35:43 of the week. The first one is in First Corinthians,
35:47 First Corinthians Chapter 16, Verse 1. Now about the
35:50 collection for God's people, do what I told the Galatians
35:54 churches to do. On the first day of every week,
36:02 each of one you should set aside a sum of money
36:06 in keeping with his income, saving it up, so that when
36:09 I come no collection will have to be made.
36:14 Now many will be quick to point out that see they
36:19 had a religious Church service they were worshiping on the
36:22 first day of the week because they pass the offering plate.
36:25 I'll confess that when we have Church services we often
36:29 pass the offering plate, we do, but nothing in this
36:35 text says anything about passing the offering plate
36:39 in Church. It doesn't even say anything about going
36:43 to the Church? All it says is on the first day of every
36:47 week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money
36:50 in keeping with this income, saving enough, so that when
36:54 I come no collection have to made, in fact if you
36:56 can understand this, in original Greek it means set
36:59 aside by himself on the first day of the week and Dr. Carson
37:04 who wrote the book from the Sabbath to the Lord's day
37:06 trying to prove that the Lord's day is now Sunday and
37:10 not Saturday anymore, he said to putting aside of fund for
37:13 the collection for Jerusalem Church with probably required
37:16 on the first day of the week is not directly connected with
37:19 public worship. This was to be done privately, so he's
37:23 saying don't use that first to try to show that the
37:26 Sabbath is changed from the seventh day to the first day
37:29 of the week. Don't use that one. All he is saying is on
37:35 the first day of the week before you do anything else
37:38 you set aside your funds for God. Don't wait till
37:42 the end of week and give him what's left over,
37:44 but you set it aside for God first. That's all he's
37:48 saying, nothing here about changing the Sabbath,
37:50 in fact it says on the first day after the Sabbath of every
37:54 week because remember ''mia ton sabbaton''
37:56 means first day after the Sabbath, so how can he
37:59 be saying now, the first day of the week is the
38:01 Sabbath because here it says on the first day after the
38:03 Sabbath set aside a certain sum. That's one text.
38:11 Suppose there was a meeting there on the first day of
38:13 the week would that prove that Saturday is now changed,
38:16 the Sabbath now changed from Saturday to Sunday.
38:19 We can have Church meetings everyday. We do here almost
38:22 every night of the week, five nights a week.
38:24 That doesn't mean that every night is now the Sabbath,
38:27 in fact they worshiped everyday in the New Testament.
38:30 They gathered together everyday studying the word
38:33 of God, but there is a place. There is a place in
38:37 the book of Acts the 20th Chapter, Verse 7, where
38:40 there was a Church service and may be it would be better
38:43 to say a worship service on the first day of the week
38:45 and there it was in Chapter 20, Verse 7 in the book
38:49 of Acts, on the first day of the week, we came together
38:52 to break bread. Now when was this? First day of
38:57 the week is ''mia ton sabbaton,'' first day after
39:00 the Sabbath, so were they celebrating the Sabbath on
39:02 that day, absolutely not. Sabbath was already done.
39:05 It was the first day after the Sabbath. Now when was
39:08 this meeting? Paul spoke to, by the way the book of Acts
39:13 Chapter 2 says they met in their homes daily and broke
39:16 bread together daily. So we can't say just because they
39:20 broke bread together it means that it's now the Lord's
39:22 day the holy day. Paul spoke to the people and because he
39:25 intent to believe the next day he kept talking until
39:28 midnight. Oh! Man, you know, I have often thought why did
39:33 I have to born now? I like to have been born back then.
39:36 They get to preach till midnight and I got stop at
39:38 quarter to nine. It doesn't seem fair to me.
39:41 Paul preached until midnight but when was this meeting?
39:49 It's on the first day of the week, first day after
39:53 the Sabbath. And it was at midnight, at night time.
39:58 Now follow me closely, 'cause it's going to take
40:01 some thinking, because see the Bible was written not
40:04 in modern times but in ancient times.
40:07 And incidentally in case you did know it Adam and Eve
40:10 did not have clocks or wrist watches on their arms.
40:14 They didn't have clocks back then, the sun was
40:17 their clock and so when the sun set the day came to
40:21 an end, that's kind of neat, you get to see the day end
40:24 that way. At midnight, the middle of the night you
40:26 don't see anything. When the sun sets the day came to
40:29 an end. Evening and morning were the first day. The dark
40:33 part of the day comes first, so when the sun sets,
40:38 a day comes to an end and it gets dark and now we are
40:43 in the next day. And so if it was the first day of
40:48 the week in the evening time they were together on Sabbath
40:54 and then the sun set and now it's what we would think
40:58 of as Saturday night, but actually it's the first day
41:02 after the Sabbath. So in actuality they were not having
41:08 a Sunday morning worship service on the first day of
41:11 the week. There were meeting on Saturday night.
41:14 The day after the Sabbath because he had been together
41:17 with him all day Sabbath and he was about to leave
41:19 the next day, so that's why he preached and preached
41:23 until midnight. There was nothing here about changing
41:28 the Sabbath, because the first day of the week is
41:30 after the Sabbath. He had been with them all Sabbath
41:33 and now he preaches until midnight. Watch what happens
41:36 there? In verse 8, there were many lamps in the
41:39 upstairs room where we were meeting and seated in a window
41:41 was a young man named Eutychus who was sinking into
41:47 a deep sleep as Paul talked on and on till midnight.
41:56 I don't feel so bad now when I see some of you heads nod,
42:02 sometimes people come and apologize, I am so sorry,
42:05 I was just tired today I couldn't keep my eyes open.
42:07 Don't apologize, they felt asleep when Paul was
42:10 preaching. And when he was sound asleep, Eutychus, when
42:18 he was sound asleep, he fell to the ground from the third
42:22 storey and was picked up dead. Now let that be
42:27 a warning for anyone who falls asleep in Church.
42:32 Paul went down, he threw himself on the young man,
42:35 he put his hands around him and said don't be alarmed,
42:36 he's alive and then he went upstairs broke bread again
42:39 and ate and this time after talking until daylight
42:43 oh my Lord, I bet nobody felt asleep after that,
42:47 what do you think? After talking until daylight he left
42:50 and the people took the young man home alive greatly
42:53 comforted. Verse 13, the next verse we went
42:56 on ahead to the ship and sailed for Assos where we are
42:59 going to take Paul abroad. Paul hiked fourteen miles
43:03 on Sunday morning to go catch a ship. Hardly to be
43:08 understood as keeping the Sabbath. No the
43:12 seventh day, Saturday is the Sabbath, that's the day
43:15 that Paul kept, well did the disciples ever change it
43:21 to Sunday, the first day of the week. Let's take a look
43:24 in the book of Acts starting with the 13th chapter
43:27 I am just going to go quickly a little survey
43:30 of what the disciples did in Acts the 13th Chapter.
43:34 Okay, look at it with me, in verse. In verse 14, they
43:38 went on to Antioch, and on the Sabbath they enter
43:42 the synagogue and sat down and reading from the, after
43:44 reading from the Laws and the Prophets, so synagogue
43:46 rulers send word to them saying brothers if you have
43:48 a message of encouragement for the people please speak,
43:51 so there was Paul sitting in the synagogue worshiping
43:56 on the Sabbath day and this was after Jesus had been
44:02 crucified on the cross and it says on the Sabbath that
44:05 can't be Sunday, because Sunday is the first day of
44:07 the week, is the first day after the Sabbath.
44:10 So there he was celebrating the Sabbath worshiping on
44:15 the Sabbath day in the synagogue, now some
44:18 people say well, yeah, that was only because the
44:20 synagogue was there, well hang on for just a minute.
44:23 In verse 44, it says on the next Sabbath, actually 43, 42
44:27 and they were leaving the synagogue. Paul and Barnabas
44:30 were leaving, the people invited him to speak further
44:32 about these things on the next Sabbath, he preached
44:34 a gospel sermon, he said oh man, we want to hear
44:37 more about that, tell us more. In verse 44,
44:40 on the next Sabbath, almost the whole city
44:42 gathered to hear. Now he didn't say Oh! You don't
44:44 worry about that because we do it on Sunday, you can
44:46 come tomorrow morning and hear it now, no, on the next
44:50 Sabbath, they met together again to hear the word
44:53 of God. Fourteen years after the cross and there they are
45:01 observing two Sabbaths. Was it only because there was
45:05 a synagogue there and it was handy? No, because
45:08 we can read in another place in Chapter 16 Verse 12,
45:15 we went on to a Roman colony the Philippi, the leading city
45:20 in the district of Macedonia There was no synagogue
45:23 there, a pagan place. Verse 13, on the Sabbath
45:28 we went outside the city gate to the river where we
45:31 would find the place for prayer. Twenty two years
45:35 after the cross, couldn't find a synagogue they worship
45:38 in, couldn't find a Church, but they knew a place out
45:41 there in nature that's where they went to worship God
45:43 on the Sabbath day, not a bad idea once in the while to
45:47 enjoy nature on the Sabbath day because it points us
45:49 to God as a creator. Chapter 17 in Verse 2,
45:53 as his custom was Paul went into the synagogue and on
45:56 three Sabbath days he reasoned with them from
45:59 scripture. Now here is three more times that's six times
46:02 that Paul is shown as observing the Sabbath.
46:04 Chapter 18, Verse 1, then he left Athens. He went to
46:08 Corinth, he met Aquila and Priscilla, he stayed with
46:11 them and he worked with them every Sabbath. Verse 4
46:15 he reasoned in the synagogue trying to persuade Jews
46:18 and Greeks every Sabbath, well how long was he there.
46:22 Paul stayed there a year and a half, teaching them
46:25 the word of God, let's see a year and half every Sabbath
46:28 year and half, that 78 times that Paul observed the Sabbath
46:32 six other times we have already seen, that's 84
46:36 examples of Paul and the disciples observing
46:40 the Sabbath in the New Testament and zero
46:42 example of anyone ever observing the first day
46:45 of the week, not a one. No, Jesus didn't change it,
46:52 the disciples didn't change it, who did. The answer's
46:56 found in the Old Testament and the prophecy we have
47:01 already looked at in Daniel, prophecy of Daniel
47:04 the 7th Chapter, the little horn came up among the ten,
47:07 we've identified the little horn as the beast
47:09 of Revelation Chapter 13, the Antichrist and one of
47:12 the identifying marks of the little horn in the 25th
47:15 verse of the same chapter is that he would try to change
47:19 the set times and the laws. And it has to be God's laws
47:26 because man's laws change all the time, so the little
47:29 horn, the Antichrist, the false system of worship
47:32 developed in the medieval Church at Rome between
47:35 538 and 1798. The little horn, the Antichrist,
47:40 the counterfeit system of worship would somehow
47:42 try to change the set times and the laws. There is only
47:49 one law in God's commandments in the Ten Commandments
47:52 that deals with time and that's the fourth commandment
47:55 remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy and he would
47:59 try to change it. Notice try he can't change it.
48:02 No man can change what God says, Amen.
48:05 So in Rome especially there where the early Church
48:10 Christians were converts not from the Jewish religion,
48:13 but from the Pagan Roman cults where they worshiped
48:16 the Sun. There they decided hey, we're being persecuted
48:20 because we keep the Sabbath, so let's keep the Sabbath
48:24 privately at home and worship together on Sunday.
48:28 There were accustomed to that and besides that there
48:31 was incredible peer pressure from their friends, you know
48:34 why do you want to go against the trend.
48:36 Everybody observes Sunday, so why don't you just make
48:39 it easier on yourself and you won't get persecuted.
48:42 So they began to observe Sabbath at home and Sunday,
48:47 not in honor of the Sun, but in honor of the Son of God
48:51 because they were Christians even though the Bible didn't
48:53 say to do it. Then in the fourth century Constantine,
48:58 the emperor of Rome remember became a nominal Christian
49:00 and he passed a law forbidding anyone from
49:04 the observing the Sabbath and forcing everyone to
49:08 observe Sunday and then by the year 364 AD at
49:13 the Council of Laodicea I have been reading this
49:15 for 30 years and just I am sure while I go I found it on
49:18 the Internet. In the Vatican archives I found it.
49:21 The Council of Laodicea at 364 A.D. I reproduced
49:24 it right here and we will give you a copy of that.
49:27 I will tell you more later. Canon 29 Christians must
49:30 not Judaiz by resting on the Sabbath, but must work
49:34 on that day rather honoring the Lord's day, Sunday and
49:38 if they can resting then as Christians, but if any
49:41 of found to be Judaizers, let them be a curse from
49:45 Christ and the Church at the Council of Laodicea
49:50 officially decreed that Saturday is not the Sabbath
49:54 anymore. It is Sunday the first day of the week.
49:57 The question is does the Church has the authority
50:01 to change one of God's commandments. Can the church
50:05 change the set times and the laws. "No."
50:11 John Paul II said, even though he got it right folks,
50:15 he got it right on the meaning of God's rest.
50:17 He goes on to say, God blessed the seventh day and
50:21 he made it holy, he is quoting the Bible Genesis 2:3
50:24 and then in the next paragraph, Sunday is the day
50:28 of rest because it's the day blessed by God and made
50:32 holy by him. Now how can he say this? How can he say
50:36 that God blessed the seventh day and then say Sunday is
50:40 the day that God blessed and made holy.
50:41 Well, maybe he thinks Sunday is the seventh day,
50:44 no, because in his Catechism right here, the Catechism of
50:48 the Catholic Church endorsed by John Paul II, Sunday is
50:51 expressly distinguished from the Sabbath, which it follows
50:55 chronologically every week, for Christians its ceremony
50:58 observers replaces that of the Sabbath well, how can
51:01 they do that? Sunday worship fulfills the moral command of
51:04 the Old Testament. Well, how can he say that?
51:07 Because in the foot note it says, the conference of
51:10 bishops can abolish certain holy days and transfer them
51:15 to Sunday. In other words, the church has the authority
51:20 to do that, well who gives the church that authority,
51:22 I read it to you before, let me read it again,
51:24 section 82, the church does not derive her certainty
51:29 about all revealed truth from the scripture alone, both
51:32 scripture and tradition must be accepted and honored with
51:35 equal sentiments of devotion and reverence and there
51:40 you have it, we changed the Sabbath from Saturday
51:44 to seventh day to the first day of the week. We have
51:45 power to do that, because tradition is equal
51:49 to the scripture. She would think to change the set times
51:55 and the laws. But God's laws God's word can never change,
52:01 so what do the Protestants have to say about that,
52:03 just a few quickly, there is a lot more in your printed
52:05 copy. This is Dr. Alexander Campbell,
52:08 founder of the Christian church, there is no testimony
52:11 in all of the oracles of heaven that the Sabbath
52:13 is changed or the Sunday came in its place, none he says.
52:17 This one Dr. Binney, a Methodist of the Methodist
52:19 church, he was a Methodist scholar who wrote
52:21 the Methodist Theological, the Methodist Episcopal
52:24 Theological Compendium, text book in the seminar yet to be
52:27 able to say that to graduate from the seminar. He says
52:32 that his book, he says it is true there is no positive
52:34 command in the Bible for keeping holy the first day
52:36 of the week, Methodist scholar not a command.
52:39 Dr. E.T. Hiscox, a Baptist scholar who wrote there was
52:43 and is a commandment to keep Holy the Sabbath day,
52:45 but that Sabbath was not Sunday. There is no scriptural
52:49 evidence of the change of the Sabbath institution from
52:52 the seventh day to the first day of the week, none,
52:54 Baptist scholar. In fact, I'll show how you to get rich,
53:00 I found this on the Internet world net daily by Joe Kovacs
53:05 he said, there is a pastor in Illinois who is taunting
53:08 with 50000 dollars of his own money if anyone can
53:12 produce a verse from the Holy Bible showing that
53:14 God commands us to keep holy the first day of the week
53:17 Sunday, instead of the seventh day is Saturday,
53:20 you want 50000 just find a text, but don't waste your
53:23 time it's not there, then you get even more, because he
53:27 says he is going to increase it in 25000 dollar increments
53:30 each week for 40 consecutive weeks, if no one sends him
53:34 a text and cap it at a million dollars, now
53:36 you can become a millionaire just find that one text,
53:42 don't waste your time. In fact, Dr. James Efird,
53:47 professor of Biblical interpretation at
53:48 Duke University the Divinity School in North Carolina said,
53:50 I'm afraid you're not going to find an exact Bible verse
53:53 to counter the good pastor's challenge and collect, as far
53:56 as I know there is no verse which specifies Sunday is
53:59 a day for Christians to observe, isn't that
54:01 interesting. Ever heard of Jerry Falwell,
54:05 Dr. Jerry Falwell said Saturday is clearly the
54:09 Sabbath as recorded many times in the old testament,
54:11 in Christian church tradition Sunday became the Lord's day
54:16 when Jesus rose from the grave, but what about
54:22 my grandma and grandpa, because they were such good
54:24 Christians and they always said that Sunday was the Lord's
54:27 day does that mean they're lost, Bible says, he who knows
54:33 what is right and does it not for him it is sin.
54:39 God doesn't hold you accountable for things that
54:42 you don't know. God isn't like that, he doesn't say well
54:46 I'm gonna punish you and you're like oh! God I didn't
54:50 know about that, too bad you should have known,
54:53 it's not the way God is. He said look, I want you
54:55 to have this blessing, if we rejected that's
54:59 something else. But once we know the truth then I think
55:08 God expects us to follow the lamb, Amen.
55:13 Now, don't even think it, I know some of you out
55:16 there are saying, you mean to say that if I didn't come
55:19 tonight, I would have known about it and then I wouldn't
55:21 have to worry about all this. Jesus said you will know
55:25 the truth and the truth will set you free. You do not
55:29 have to be afraid of the truth folks, we need to be
55:33 afraid of not knowing the truth, Amen.
55:35 "Amen." Well, if what you're saying
55:37 is true, why doesn't everybody else see it.
55:39 How do you judge truth by Gallup polls, now they change
55:44 everyday. Jesus said broad is the way that enters to
55:48 the destruction and many are going to go there, straight
55:50 and narrow the way that goes to life and only a few
55:52 are going to find it. Everybody believes one thing
55:55 and that not tells me, watch out, because the truth
56:00 only a few are going to find. You can't judge truth by
56:03 popularity, ask Noah about that, preached for a 120 years
56:09 and only got seven and they were his own family members.
56:16 We judge truth by the word of God, not by the size of
56:20 the crowd. In the Old Testament,
56:26 they were giants and the Lord who kept the Sabbath,
56:29 Adam his first Sabbath, Moses, Abraham, Isaiah,
56:36 giants in Lord, Daniel, faithful to God's commands.
56:39 In New Testament Paul, Peter, Mark the giants in the Lord
56:48 were all faithful to Jesus oh! There were others
56:51 around saying hey, don't pay attention, do what everybody
56:55 else does, don't make it any harder on yourself,
56:57 do what everybody does. But look at that group
57:01 again, it's not as big as those who follow traditions,
57:08 it's a small group, it's always been small. But there
57:12 is one standing head and shoulders above all the others
57:18 and that's Jesus and Jesus said, if you love me you
57:27 you will keep my commandments.


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