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01:05 Dear Lord, we are probing and digging
01:07 deeper and deeper into your word.
01:12 We're finding the precious truths like gems,
01:15 like treasure that you have buried there for us.
01:19 And tonight we want to see more, our souls
01:22 are hungry for your truth and for your word.
01:26 Please Lord make it clear. We ask in Jesus name, Amen.
01:43 I don't know, if you've been following,
01:44 I've been following with interest,
01:47 Judge Ray Moore in Montgomery, Alabama,
01:52 Chief Justice for the state of Alabama,
01:55 he erected a monument made out of graphite
01:59 carved with Ten Commandment in tables of stone,
02:03 weighs 2 ½ tons sitting there in the
02:07 State Court House and he is defying
02:10 the federal government, who is saying
02:12 that it's illegal for him to have the
02:14 Ten Commandments in the court house.
02:17 And the reason that I've been following this
02:19 with interest is because it gives us just a little
02:23 insight, a little glimpse like a little mini prophecy
02:28 of the battle that's raging behind the scenes today
02:32 that comes to the climax in the Book of Revelation,
02:34 because we discover in Revelation chapters 13 and 14,
02:38 this cosmic struggle over true worship,
02:42 the worship of the true God, the creator of the
02:45 Heavens and the Earth or the worship of the
02:47 beast and at the climax of this struggle
02:50 we read in chapter 14 verse 12,
02:52 this calls for patient endurance
02:55 on the part of the saints who obey
02:57 God's commandments and the faith of Jesus.
03:02 It becomes very clear in the
03:04 Book of Revelation that the object of the
03:06 Antichrist attack is the law of God.
03:09 The devil wants to do away with God's law,
03:13 he wants to do away with God's commandments
03:16 and only those who patiently endure
03:19 all the way through to the end faithful to the
03:22 commandments of God and faith in Jesus Christ,
03:25 you see the two points of attack in the
03:28 Book of Revelation that the Antichrist launches
03:30 against God's church are obedience to the
03:32 commandments of God and the gospel that we're
03:35 saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
03:38 We have already discovered how the beast,
03:42 the little horn, the beast, the Antichrist
03:45 working through the time of the Dark Ages
03:47 establishing a church, the medieval church
03:50 in Rome that would very well stand
03:52 in the face of the gospel of Jesus,
03:56 saying that we're saved by
03:58 grace and works instead of faith alone.
04:04 And last night, we began to catch a glimpse of
04:06 how he moved to the next step and tried to
04:09 change the very set times and the laws.
04:12 The Book of Revelation says that
04:14 the Antichrist or the little horn would
04:16 try to change God's set times and laws.
04:19 Somebody asked the question,
04:20 why are you talking about the Sabbath?
04:23 We came to hear about Revelation,
04:25 we didn't come to hear about the Sabbath,
04:28 we didn't come to hear about the commandments,
04:30 we want to know Revelation.
04:31 Well, the Book of Revelation reveals a
04:34 massive struggle going on the basis of the principles
04:38 established in the church of the Dark Ages
04:41 which we identified as the beast of Revelation 13,
04:45 and the one thing that he is after
04:47 more than anything else is the law of God
04:49 and right at the heart of the law is the Sabbath.
04:52 You can't separate it from the Book of Revelation
04:55 and you will never understand the
04:57 Book of Revelation without it.
04:58 Let's go a little deeper tonight
05:00 and you'll see what I mean,
05:02 the devil is at war against God and against His law.
05:05 He wants to replace God's law with his own,
05:07 he wants to secure your allegiance to him
05:10 and he is very well almost succeeded today.
05:14 You've heard that the law has been done away with,
05:17 you've heard that we're no longer
05:19 under the law, we're under grace
05:20 therefore we're free to disregard
05:24 the Ten Commandments, you've heard that in the
05:26 New Testament we have a new law, a new command
05:29 and that is to love the Lord, your God
05:31 with all of your hearts and all of your soul.
05:33 Didn't Jesus say, I give you a new
05:35 command, love the Lord your God with
05:37 all of you hearts with all of your soul.
05:39 He did say that, but it wasn't new.
05:44 How can you say that Pastor? Because when he
05:47 said it, he was quoting the Old Testament.
05:51 In Deuteronomy Chapter 6 Verse 5
05:53 it says you will love the Lord your God
05:55 with all of your heart and all of your soul.
05:58 In Leviticus Chapter 19 Verse 18,
06:00 he says that you will love your neighbor as yourself.
06:05 So, when he says I give you a new command
06:06 love the Lord, your God with all of your heart
06:08 and all of your soul it wasn't new.
06:09 He already gave it in the Old Testament,
06:11 why did he say it was new,
06:13 because it was new, to them.
06:18 You see there are two words
06:19 for New in the Greek Bible text, Neos and Kainos.
06:23 Neos means New as though it never existed before,
06:26 when God said let there be a world,
06:29 there was a world; it had never existed before,
06:32 but now there it is, and it's new.
06:36 But Kainos means New only to the individual,
06:41 it's something that existed before,
06:43 but they didn't know about it and now
06:46 they know about it and it's new to them.
06:48 And you see, the law, love the Lord your God
06:50 with all of your heart and all of your soul,
06:51 that existed before, but they didn't understand
06:54 that God's law was the law of love.
06:56 In fact, John said in 2nd John only 1 chapter
07:00 there, in 2nd John verse 5, he says
07:03 now dear lady, I'm writing you a new command,
07:07 I'm not writing you a new command,
07:11 but one that we've had from the beginning.
07:14 Now, what is this command that is not new,
07:17 but what we had from the beginning
07:18 I asked that we love one another, it's not new.
07:23 We've had it from the beginning, he said.
07:25 Now watch this, and this is love,
07:31 now we see a lot of definitions of love today,
07:36 I can tell you what love is not,
07:39 love is not what you see on television.
07:43 Well, then what is love? As far as I know,
07:46 and somebody can correct me if I'm wrong,
07:48 but I have never found any other place in the Bible
07:52 that defines love, except right here.
07:56 There are lot of places that describe love,
08:00 love is kind, love is patient,
08:02 so forth it describes what love is like,
08:06 but here he says this is love.
08:10 So, what is love? This is love
08:13 that we walk in obedience to his commands.
08:19 That's love, you can't separate
08:22 obeying God's commands from God's love.
08:26 Love does not replace the Ten Commandments,
08:29 the Ten Commandments are love.
08:32 In fact, it goes even further than this.
08:36 The Bible says this is love that we
08:38 walk in obedience to His commands,
08:42 the Bible also says God is love.
08:47 Now, I learned through my mathematical studies
08:50 in high school and college, I learned that
08:53 two things that are equal to a third thing
08:55 are equal to each other, isn't that right? Its right.
08:59 Two things that are equal to a third thing
09:01 have to be equal to each other.
09:03 Now, if God is love and love is obedience
09:07 to God's commands then obedience to the
09:10 commandments of God is some kind of a
09:13 written description of who God is.
09:18 It describes the character of God.
09:23 Now, if you ever thought about it that way
09:25 before, but the Bible says the commandment says
09:30 thou shall have no other Gods before me.
09:33 Jesus said I'm the first and the last.
09:36 The commandments said not to worship images,
09:38 Jesus said that we should worship
09:40 the creator of the Heavens and the Earth.
09:43 The commandment says that we should
09:45 not take the Lord's name in vain.
09:49 The Bible says there is no other name unto heaven
09:52 whereby we can be saved, except Jesus Christ.
09:57 Commandment says only your father and mother,
09:59 Jesus said I've come to do the will
10:00 of my father who is in heaven.
10:03 The commandment says thou shalt not lie,
10:05 Jesus said I'm the truth. Thou shall not kill,
10:09 I am the resurrection and the life.
10:11 Thou shall not commit adultery.
10:14 He alone is faithful and true.
10:16 Thou shall not covet,
10:19 I've come to give life abundantly.
10:24 Remember the Sabbath day
10:26 and keep it holy, six days you labor
10:30 and do all of your work, but the seventh day is
10:32 the Sabbath on it you will not do any work,
10:34 you will rest and Jesus said
10:38 come to me and I will give you rest.
10:45 You see, the commandments define
10:47 and describe for us, the love of God.
10:54 Paul made it very clear in Romans, you look
10:57 with me in Romans, Chapter 13 verse 8,
11:00 let no debt remain outstanding except
11:03 the continuing debt to love one another
11:05 for he who loves his fellow man
11:07 has fulfilled the law, which law, he goes on
11:12 to say verse 9 the Commandments,
11:14 do not commit adultery, do not murder,
11:16 do not steal, do not covet
11:18 and whatever other commandments
11:21 there maybe, they're all summed up,
11:26 they're all summed up in this one rule
11:28 love your neighbor as yourself.
11:32 Love does no harm to its neighbor.
11:33 Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.
11:39 Folks, he is not saying that we don't have
11:41 Ten Commandments anymore,
11:44 he simply saying that love, love is the
11:48 embodiment of the Ten Commandments.
11:54 Do not murder, do not steal,
11:56 do not covet and whatever other
11:58 commandment there maybe that includes the
12:00 fourth commandment, remember the Sabbath day.
12:04 They're all summed up in this rule,
12:05 love your neighbor as yourself.
12:07 Now, the work summed up means
12:09 that you add them all together and it equals love.
12:13 You take the commandment that says,
12:14 thou shall not lie and add to it
12:17 the one that says thou shall not kill
12:18 add to that one, the one that says
12:20 thou shall not commit adultery,
12:21 add to that one the one that says
12:23 thou shall not steal, add to that one
12:25 remember the Sabbath day, add all the rest
12:27 of them up and they equal love.
12:30 Take one away and you don't have love anymore.
12:36 Can I claim to love my neighbor, if I say
12:39 halleluiah praise the Lord, neighbor I love you.
12:41 While I'm stealing his wallet from his pocket,
12:44 is that love? Of course not.
12:48 Does a man really love his neighbor if he is having
12:50 an affair with his neighbor's wife, that's not love.
12:55 All of the commandments, whatever other command,
12:58 all ten summed up, added together equals love
13:03 take one away and you don't have love anymore.
13:07 Now, you can see that the
13:08 Antichrist job gets a little simpler.
13:12 He doesn't have to do away with all of them,
13:15 he just needs to do away with one
13:18 because if you take away one
13:19 you don't have love anymore.
13:21 In fact, James tells us that very thing in the
13:24 little book of James the 2nd chapter verse 10,
13:26 he who keeps the whole law and yet stumbles
13:31 at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.
13:35 Why? Because all ten summed up equal love
13:39 and if you keep nine, but you don't keep ten
13:42 then that's not love anymore and
13:44 you're guilty of breaking the whole law.
13:46 James says, but he who said
13:49 do not commit adultery also said do not murder.
13:51 If you do not commit adultery, but you do
13:53 commit murder you become a law breaker.
13:56 So speak and act as those
13:58 who are going to be judged by the law
14:02 that gives freedom, that puts an
14:05 exclamation point on it, that should settle it for us.
14:09 What is he saying? He is saying
14:11 you are Christians, he is writing to the
14:14 church and you should speak and act
14:19 as those who sometime in the future are going
14:23 to be judged and the standard of that judgment
14:26 is the law of God, that ought to settle it for us.
14:31 You break one he says
14:32 you're guilty of breaking them all.
14:34 Folks, the truth is that no one really
14:40 has a problem with the law.
14:44 I'm always amazed, when people try to tell me that
14:49 the Ten Commandments are done away with.
14:53 I usually ask the question, does
14:56 that mean that we're free to break them.
14:59 Well, no, well, if they're done
15:02 away with and we can't break them
15:06 then they must not be done away with.
15:09 Well, yeah, they are done
15:10 and we go through all kinds of convoluted reasonings
15:14 trying to show that they have been done
15:15 away with but you can't break them anymore.
15:19 I've discovered, the real problem
15:21 is not the Ten Commandments.
15:24 I can go practically any place on this Earth
15:28 and preach that it's a sin to kill
15:31 and everyone would say, Amen preach the word,
15:33 I can say it's a sin to steal and everyone agrees,
15:38 I can say it's a sin to take God's name in vain
15:42 and everyone says, Amen,
15:44 it's a sin to commit adultery,
15:46 go after those adulterous preacher,
15:49 but the moment we get down to number four,
15:54 remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy,
15:59 Oh! The Ten Commandments were done
16:00 away with and we just need to love in the
16:04 New Testament or we're under grace now,
16:08 we're not under the law anymore.
16:11 What does it mean to be under grace,
16:15 if we're under grace and not under the law,
16:18 does it mean we're free to break the law,
16:22 can we break the Ten Commandments?
16:24 Well no, you can't break Ten Commandments,
16:26 because he did away with them at the cross
16:30 and in the New Testament he brought back nine.
16:35 You see, it's amazing the convoluted kind of
16:39 reasoning that people go through to not to worry
16:44 about the law that's not the problem,
16:46 the problem is the Sabbath, that's the problem.
16:53 Now, just in case it hasn't really gotten clear
16:57 we are gonna go to the master teacher
17:00 you know who that is don't you? Jesus.
17:02 What about the law? Did you come
17:04 to do away with the law?
17:06 Did you do away with the Ten Commandments?
17:08 Jesus said in Mathew chapter 5 verse 17,
17:11 do not think that I've come
17:15 to abolish the law or the prophets theory.
17:20 Now, that should settle it for us, Amen.
17:23 I mean, if Jesus said don't even think
17:26 it, no matter who tells you,
17:29 no matter what authority they claim to have,
17:31 no matter how powerful they are,
17:33 no matter how bigger church they represent,
17:35 do not think that I've come to abolish the law.
17:41 And then he goes on to say, I have not come
17:44 to abolish them but to fulfill them.
17:50 He didn't come to do away with the law,
17:53 he came to keep the law, because we can't,
17:57 we can't obey the law perfectly.
17:59 So God sent his son Jesus, he kept the
18:01 Ten Commandments, he died on the cross
18:03 in our place, he ascended to heaven
18:05 and if you and I confess that we're sinners
18:08 then he forgives us and gives us the perfect life
18:11 that he died on the cross to enable us
18:14 to receive as a gift, does that set me free
18:17 to break the law that Jesus had to die
18:20 on the cross to save me for?
18:23 Because he set me free, don't even think it,
18:26 I haven't come to abolish it.
18:28 In fact, he says, I tell you the truth,
18:32 what do you say if Jesus says
18:33 it's the truth is it the truth?
18:36 I tell you the truth until heaven and earth
18:38 disappear, the smallest letter not the least
18:40 stroke of a pen will by any means
18:42 disappear from the law until everything is fulfilled,
18:45 anyone who breaks one of the least of
18:47 the commandments and teaches others to do the
18:49 same will be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven.
18:52 I don't know how he can say any better than that.
18:53 In fact, he goes on to say you've heard it
18:55 we said long ago do not murder
18:57 and anyone who commits murder
18:58 would be subject to judging,
18:59 but I tell you anyone who is angry
19:01 at his brother would be subject to judgment.
19:04 He goes on to say in verse 23
19:06 you've heard it was said do not commit adultery,
19:08 but I tell that anyone who looks at
19:09 woman lustfully has already
19:11 committed adultery whether in his heart.
19:14 Now, folks Jesus is not saying its okay
19:22 to murder someone, just don't get angry at him first.
19:26 He is not saying it's okay to commit adultery
19:31 just don't look at her lustfully.
19:35 Now, some people might wished he was saying that,
19:38 but that's not what he is saying.
19:40 He is saying you think that you have kept
19:44 the law and therefore God is obligated to save you,
19:49 let me tell you something; if you even get so much as
19:54 angry at a brother you're guilty of breaking the law
19:59 that says Thou shall not kill.
20:03 Was Jesus doing away with the law
20:05 that said thou not kill, no way,
20:08 what was he doing? He was lifting it up,
20:11 he was intensifying it, he was making it
20:14 impossible for anyone to ever say God
20:17 I've kept the law and now can save me.
20:20 That doesn't mean you never got angry.
20:22 You never peaked at a playboy magazine.
20:29 Oh! I guess I did God, you're guilt of adultery.
20:34 No one can ever claim to obey the law
20:37 good enough for God to save him.
20:41 Jesus wasn't doing away with law; Was he?
20:43 He was intensifying it. He was lifting it up.
20:46 He was making it impossible for anybody to
20:49 be saved by obeying the law, so that we can be
20:51 saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.
20:57 Don't let anybody tell you the law has been
20:59 done away with, they're gonna try.
21:01 Some people leave and preach sermons
21:03 on texting the Bible, taking Paul's text
21:05 out of context to try to make it
21:07 look like Paul's teaching the law that's been
21:09 done away with, but don't listen to it folks.
21:13 I'm gonna share with you tonight,
21:15 I'm gonna share with you three keys to understand
21:20 the difficult passages that Paul, I acknowledge
21:23 Paul wrote some things that are hard to understand.
21:27 Did you know that Peter even said that?
21:30 Peter said that God wrote, Paul wrote some things
21:32 about the Gospel that were hard to understand,
21:34 that ignorant unstable man twist to their
21:37 own destruction even called them lawless men,
21:40 men who do away with the law
21:41 and Paul wrote some things that you can take
21:44 out of context and twist to make it look
21:46 like he is saying the law has been done away with.
21:48 Peter says watch out for those guys.
21:51 Paul did write hard things and when I get to heaven,
21:55 I'm gonna ask him some questions.
21:58 I'm gonna ask him Paul, why did you write that?
22:02 You know how much trouble you've caused me?
22:05 I'm gonna ask him and he is gonna have a
22:07 good answer for me, but in the meantime
22:09 I wanna show you three keys,
22:11 we're gonna look at three difficult texts and
22:13 I'm give you three keys and these three keys are
22:15 gonna help you to unlock everyone of the difficult
22:19 texts that Paul has in the New Testament.
22:22 So, get your cobwebs out of your brain
22:25 and get your minds alert because we are gonna
22:28 go deep in the scripture tonight.
22:30 Let's take a look at the first one.
22:32 In Romans, Chapter 3, Verse 28,
22:35 for we maintain that a man is justified
22:39 by faith apart from observing the law,
22:45 what's he saying? We're saved by faith.
22:48 We're not saved by obeying the
22:51 Ten Commandments. No one is saved by
22:55 obeying the law, we're saved by faith.
23:00 Now, if that was the only thing that Paul said about it
23:05 we could possibly take that text to mean
23:09 that the law is no more for us,
23:15 but that isn't all that he has to say about it,
23:17 in fact in just three verses down in verse 31,
23:21 he says do we then nullify the law by this faith,
23:25 not at all, rather we uphold the law.
23:30 Now, I want you to me follow me carefully
23:32 because this is the basic foundation for
23:36 understanding Paul on the law and grace, this is it.
23:41 We're saved by grace through faith
23:43 apart from observing the law,
23:46 no one is saved by keeping the law.
23:48 Does this grace abolish the law?
23:53 No way he says, it upholds the law.
23:58 Now, follow me, maybe you don't understand
24:03 how Paul got from verse 28 to verse 31,
24:07 maybe you don't understand how Paul
24:09 can say that we're saved by faith apart
24:11 from observing the law and then conclude in
24:13 verse 31 that this faith does not abolish the law,
24:16 it upholds the law, that might not be crystal clear.
24:22 You might not be able to follow all of his steps,
24:24 but here is the key, even though
24:28 we don't understand all of his steps,
24:32 we still have to come out where he came out.
24:37 We have to accept his conclusion, Amen.
24:43 And his conclusion is that faith does not
24:48 abolish the law it upholds the law,
24:53 that means that anyone who takes any verse
24:57 that Paul wrote and comes to the conclusion that
25:01 Paul is saying the law has been nullified
25:05 or done away with, that person is distorting
25:09 and misinterpreting Paul; Don't believe it.
25:16 Do you understand? We have to agree
25:19 with his conclusion even if we don't understand
25:21 everything about law and grace and once you
25:25 get that principle then you'll never
25:28 be thrown off track by the false prophet,
25:32 because the false prophet is gonna tell you
25:35 the law has been nullified and done away with.
25:40 It can't be, because Paul said
25:42 the same thing that Jesus said, he did not come
25:46 to abolish the law. Alright,
25:49 that's an easy one, but let's put it to work.
25:51 Let's put it to work with a verse that
25:53 I know many of you've been thinking about
25:54 and I saw it written on a couple of cards
25:57 last night after we talked about the Sabbath,
26:00 In Romans, chapter 6, verse 14,
26:03 you're not under the law, but under grace.
26:07 Now that's seems again, if you just take
26:11 that part of that verse, you could make a case
26:15 for saying, we're not under the law
26:17 therefore the ten commandments
26:20 are no longer valid for Christians
26:24 because we're under grace now,
26:27 but that would violate Paul's basic principle
26:31 that grace does not abolish the law.
26:35 So, that cannot be what Paul is saying,
26:37 are you with me tonight? Cannot be what he is
26:40 saying. Well, then what is he saying?
26:43 If we're not under the law, we're under grace,
26:46 what does it mean? Let me help you understand
26:49 about oh! my, getting to be a few years ago,
26:53 about 23 years ago now, we were doing a
26:57 Revelation Now meeting in Mobile, Alabama
27:01 and that was on Friday morning,
27:02 we're gonna open that Friday evening
27:04 in the National Guard Armory in Mobile,
27:06 we had our RV parked in a little RV park
27:09 on the outskirts of town, we were in the morning
27:12 we were over at the National Guard Armory
27:14 working really hard, getting all the equipment
27:16 set-up, getting everything ready and then the
27:18 afternoon we were done thought we'd scoot out to
27:20 the house, get a little something to eat,
27:21 out to the RV, get something to eat and get a
27:23 little rest and then be ready for opening that night.
27:26 Well, in between Downtown and the RV Park
27:29 was wide open highway and I was kind of anxious
27:33 to get home and rest on the rack,
27:35 relaxed a little bit, so we're driving along
27:37 in our little Red Ford F-150 pickup truck,
27:42 wide open highway and all of a sudden
27:46 this man dressed in a blue uniform and a white helmet
27:50 comes running out from behind a bunch of bushes
27:53 and he had a radar scope in his hand. And, he goes
27:56 like this, now in Mobile that means pull over.
28:02 So, I pulled over to the side,
28:05 I got out of the car and he comes walking
28:08 over to me and he has his radar gun.
28:13 And, he shows me the radar gun
28:16 and he says you were doing 55,
28:20 did you know that? Yeah, It's right there. Yes sir.
28:25 You've to be polite, yes sir.
28:29 The speed limit here is 45, did you know that?
28:34 No sir. Well it is. Yes sir.
28:40 Let me see your license, you know that
28:43 sinking feeling you get.
28:46 Take my license out and he takes out
28:49 his little book, and he clips it on there
28:52 and he starts to write and I'm thinking,
28:55 oh! man, you see the law said 45, I was doing 55,
29:04 he caught me, I'm under the law
29:07 condemned by the law and I was gonna have to
29:11 pay a fine and nothing could change that.
29:16 I was under the law; it does feel very good
29:19 to be under the law, does it?
29:23 And so he is right. He looked at my license,
29:28 Tennessee? How long are you down here for?
29:35 About five weeks.
29:37 Military huh? No sir.
29:41 Vacation? No sir.
29:44 What are you doing down here for five weeks?
29:50 I'm a Preacher. Oh! Man,
29:58 I'm under the law sweating bullets
30:05 and he looks at my license again,
30:07 it has a little picture there, Tennessee license picture,
30:11 he looked at that and then he looked up at me.
30:15 Looked at that license again, looked at me.
30:19 He said, I know who you are.
30:22 Aren't you the guy doing those meetings
30:24 at the National Guard Armory on Revelation?
30:28 Yes sir. He looked, smiled,
30:37 tore up that ticket, gave me my license back.
30:42 And he said, keep up the
30:44 good work preacher, but slow down.
30:53 I am not under the law anymore,
30:56 I am under grace.
30:58 He didn't have to do that.
31:00 Out of the goodness of his heart,
31:02 he tore up the ticket, that's grace.
31:06 I didn't deserve it, I didn't earn it.
31:09 I deserved to pay the fine but out of the goodness
31:12 of his heart he tore up the ticket.
31:14 So, now I am not under the law.
31:16 I am not condemned by the law. I do not
31:19 have to pay the fine. I am under grace
31:21 and it feels good to be under grace.
31:25 So, I jumped back up into that pickup truck
31:27 went home and got cleaned up
31:29 and then that night we were going to the
31:31 meeting to do Revelation Now,
31:32 oh! It feels so good to be under grace.
31:35 I am not under the law, I passed that clump of
31:38 bushes so thankful and so grateful.
31:41 Now, I am under grace, I don't have to worry
31:43 about the law anymore, I put my foot down
31:45 and went as fast as I could go past
31:47 those bushes. You believe that?
31:56 The speed limit was 45, I did 35
32:06 because out of the goodness of his heart
32:11 he forgave me, and I was not about to let him down.
32:19 Grace doesn't abolish the law, it lifts up the law
32:26 and gives us a determination to do
32:29 better and better and better because out of the goodness
32:32 of his heart he tore up the ticket.
32:35 He died on the cross enable to,
32:37 enable him to do that, to give you grace,
32:40 to give you life so that you can live,
32:43 Is there anyway that we are
32:45 going to break the law, willingly?
32:48 No, we are going to go 35 instead of 45.
32:56 Now, we can understand grace doesn't do away with
32:59 the law it's like Jesus said, it intensives it,
33:03 it lifts it up, it makes us what to obey more,
33:07 and more, and more that was an easy one.
33:10 Now, let's go to one of the harder more
33:12 difficult texts Colossians, chapter 2 verse 14.
33:19 Let's look at verse 14,
33:20 actually I am going to the middle of Verse 13
33:23 to get us a little bit of a background here.
33:24 Watch this one, God made you alive
33:27 with Christ, he forgave us all of our sins, having
33:31 canceled the written code with its regulations
33:35 that was against us and he stood opposed to us.
33:39 He took it away, nailing it to the cross.
33:42 There it is that proves it,
33:45 the Ten Commandments were nailed to the cross
33:47 we don't have to keep them anymore.
33:49 Wait a minute, Paul said that
33:52 grace does not abolished the law,
33:56 so it must be saying something else,
33:59 what is it saying? Then, he goes on to say
34:03 in verse 16 it gets even worse,
34:05 therefore do not let anyone judge you
34:08 by what you eat or drink or regard to a religious
34:12 festival, new moon celebration or Sabbath days.
34:19 The law has been nailed to the cross
34:21 taken out of the way, it stood against us.
34:24 Therefore, let no one judge you by Sabbath days.
34:27 Now that sounds like it does it
34:30 way with everything we talked about
34:32 so far tonight and last night,
34:35 but Paul said that grace does not abolish the law.
34:41 Jesus said that he did not
34:44 abolish the law, don't even think it.
34:48 So, how do we understand this,
34:50 is he contradicting himself?
34:53 I don't believe that; first of all
34:57 if you're reading in the King James
34:58 you know I stopped in the middle of the sentence.
35:01 Let no man judge you by Sabbath days,
35:03 which are a shadow of things to
35:07 come, the reality however is Christ.
35:12 So, we need to stop here
35:14 and pause for just a movement.
35:16 Let no one judge you by
35:17 Sabbath days, which are a shadow.
35:21 Now, I am going to ask you for just a second
35:24 to forget about the shadow part.
35:29 You may not understand or know what the shadow
35:31 means, we going to do that in just a moment,
35:34 but we need to see something else
35:35 first, before we deal with what the shadow is.
35:38 He is saying, let no one judge you by
35:40 Sabbath days, which are shadows.
35:45 Does that mean that he is talking about
35:48 Sabbath days which are not shadows?
35:54 Do you follow me? Imagine, let's do it this way,
35:56 imagine that I have a nice big base
35:59 full of flowers, roses either and
36:04 there are red ones there and white ones there
36:07 and I would have say that I am going to invite
36:10 one of you ladies to come up here and I'm going to
36:13 give all of those roses which are red.
36:18 Am I talking about the white ones?
36:22 No, I am only talking about the ones
36:25 which are red, Are you with me?
36:28 So, when he says let no one judge
36:30 you by Sabbath days which are shadows,
36:34 he is not talking about
36:36 Sabbath days which are not shadows.
36:39 So, now we have to figure out
36:41 what does he mean by shadows,
36:44 and the best way to understand that is to go
36:46 back to the Old Testament, remember I showed,
36:48 told you last night that we are going to see
36:50 an underlying beauty and harmony of the
36:52 Old Testament and the New,
36:53 here it comes, this is deep, but it is so beautiful.
36:56 Leviticus chapter 23, in Leviticus 23,
37:01 there are, verse 3, there are six days when you
37:07 may work but the seventh day is a
37:09 Sabbath of rest, a day of sacred assembly,
37:14 you are not to do any work on it
37:15 wherever you live it's a Sabbath to Lord
37:16 So, here we're saying there is a Sabbath day
37:19 and it comes every seventh day
37:22 and on it you are to assemble together
37:25 to worship God, it's a day of sacred assembly,
37:29 it doesn't mean you can't ever worship God
37:31 any other time we talked about that last night,
37:33 you should worship God everyday. Amen.
37:36 But, he is saying the day when you all
37:38 assemble together that's the Sabbath day
37:42 and it occurs once a week every seventh day,
37:47 that Sabbath day can we call it just to
37:49 simplify things tonight; can we call it
37:53 a weekly Sabbath, is that fare enough,
37:56 a weekly Sabbath, that's okay because
37:58 it comes every seventh day once a week.
38:00 Alright, the weekly Sabbath, the seventh day,
38:03 it's in the heart of the ten commandments,
38:04 remember the Sabbath day, because God made the
38:07 world in six days and he rested on the seventh.
38:10 So, the Sabbath, then the weekly Sabbath
38:13 points backward to creation to remind us
38:16 that God is the creator. Now we learned that
38:19 last night, but then we go a little further
38:22 in to the same chapter, verse 26 of Leviticus 23,
38:26 the Lord said to Moses the tenth day of the
38:30 seventh month is the day of atonement and
38:35 he said in verse 32, it is a Sabbath of rest for you.
38:42 Now, here is another Sabbath
38:45 but this one doesn't come every week
38:47 it comes on the tenth day of the seventh month.
38:51 How often is that one? That's once a year, isn't it?
38:57 like the fourth of July, once a year
38:59 like your birthday once a year,
39:01 The tenth day of the seventh month comes
39:04 once a year and it's a Sabbath day,
39:06 so let's to keep things simple let's call that one
39:10 a yearly Sabbath and the other one the weekly
39:13 Sabbath that's in the Ten Commandments.
39:15 Now, everybody with me so far.
39:17 Okay, if you got that far then you got it made.
39:20 Here we go, we have two Sabbaths now,
39:23 one is a weekly Sabbath, points backward to creation
39:26 then a yearly Sabbath, it only occurs once a year,
39:30 what does it point to?
39:32 Go back again this time to verse 27,
39:36 hold the sacred assembly, deny yourselves and
39:38 present an offering made to the Lord by fire.
39:43 Everyone of the yearly Sabbaths involved
39:46 some kind of sacrifice or offering.
39:53 The pass over was a yearly one and it involved
39:57 a sacrifice offering of the lamb,
40:00 the Day of Atonement is a yearly Sabbath
40:03 and it involved an offering.
40:05 Every yearly Sabbath had an offering
40:07 now when they offered a lamb,
40:08 when they offered an animal,
40:10 when they made any kind of sacrifice
40:14 that lamb didn't save anybody, did it?
40:19 Of course not, the lamb never saved
40:21 anyone but the lamb pointed forward to the
40:26 lamb of God who would die on the cross
40:29 to save everyone who believes in him.
40:33 Can you see it? So, the little lamb that was
40:36 offered as a sacrifice on the yearly Sabbath
40:39 was pointing forward to Jesus, the lamb of God.
40:42 So, in that sense it was a shadow of the reality
40:46 to come who was Christ and every offering
40:51 every sacrifice that was offered in the
40:53 Old Testament was pointing forward to Jesus.
40:58 So, it's like a little passion play acted out
41:02 in the desert, day after day after day
41:06 reminding them that the lamb of God
41:08 is going to come and he will die on the cross
41:10 to save you from your sins, isn't that beautiful?
41:14 This is beautiful stuff, those were yearly Sabbaths,
41:18 every yearly Sabbath had a sacrifice
41:22 and every yearly Sabbath was a shadow
41:26 pointing forward to the reality
41:30 of Christ, who was to come.
41:33 So, now we see we have two Sabbaths,
41:37 we have weekly Sabbaths, once a week
41:40 pointing backward to creation and remind us
41:42 that God is the creator and then we have
41:44 yearly Sabbaths once a year
41:46 pointing forward to Jesus when he come to forgive us
41:49 and save us by dying on the cross.
41:53 So, we have two kinds of Sabbaths.
41:57 The weekly Sabbath is in the heart of the
41:58 Ten Commandments, which is the moral law
42:00 of the God defining right from wrong.
42:04 A law of love, that teaches us
42:06 what God is like, but the yearly Sabbaths,
42:12 they had laws, governing how to offer
42:14 those sacrifices, not the Ten Commandments,
42:18 they were different kinds of laws,
42:20 we'll call them sacrificial laws
42:23 governing the ordinances, the ceremonies.
42:27 So, these sacrificial laws dealt with
42:31 being a shadow of Christ but when Jesus
42:34 came and died on the cross,
42:35 we don't offer those sacrifices anymore
42:40 because our lamb of God has died. Amen.
42:43 We don't need to offer those sacrifices anymore
42:46 and therefore all of those laws that taught how to
42:50 offer the sacrifice, all of those
42:52 sacrificial laws were nailed to the cross.
42:58 They're done away with; he is not talking about
43:01 the Ten Commandments, he is talking about
43:04 the offerings, he is talking about the sacrifice.
43:06 The Ten Commandments that's in the heart of God,
43:09 you can't change God no matter how hard
43:11 the devil tries he can't change God, because
43:14 he is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
43:18 So, now it's simple, when you read in the
43:20 New Testament, Paul seeming as though
43:23 he is doing away with the Ten Commandments
43:26 are a law, you have to say which law.
43:28 The sacrificial law, which was temporary
43:31 ended at the cross or the Ten Commandment law,
43:34 not the Ten Commandments because
43:35 he didn't come to change that,
43:37 even Jesus made that clear,
43:39 it's that sacrificial law, that was done away with.
43:43 In fact, let me show you how they illustrated it
43:46 even in the Old Testament times in Deuteronomy
43:48 chapter 10 verse 1, the Lord had said to Moses,
43:52 chisel out two stone tablets and come up to me on the
43:56 mountain and also make a wooden chest and God said,
44:01 I will write on those tablets
44:05 and then you put them inside the chest.
44:10 So, Moses said I made the ark that was
44:12 his chest out of wood overlaid with gold.
44:17 And he took those stone tablets
44:18 and handed him to God and God wrote the law,
44:21 the Ten Commandments including the Sabbath
44:23 commandment with his own finger in stone
44:27 and then the Lord wrote, verse 4,
44:30 before the Lord wrote on these tablets
44:32 what he had written and they were the
44:34 Ten Commandments and Moses put them inside
44:40 the ark of the covenant of that wooden chest.
44:44 So, they are written on stone by God with his
44:47 finger and he put them inside the ark
44:50 but then we go to Deuteronomy chapter 31,
44:54 in Deuteronomy 31, after Moses finished
44:57 writing in a book the words of
45:00 this law, the sacrificial laws from the beginning
45:04 to end. He gave this command to the priest
45:08 who carried the ark of the covenant of the Lord.
45:11 He said take this book of the law and place it
45:17 beside the ark of the covenant of our God
45:21 and there they remain as a witness against you
45:25 Do you see the difference, the Ten Commandments
45:28 were written by God himself, this law
45:31 was written by Moses. The Ten Commandments
45:34 were written on stones, so they would endure
45:36 forever. The law of sacrifices was written
45:39 by Moses on paper, the Commandments were put
45:42 inside the ark and the law of sacrifices were put on
45:45 the side of the ark. God couldn't have made it
45:49 any clearer that there are two kinds of laws, one is
45:53 the moral law, his own heart, his own love and
45:57 the other one the law of sacrifices that was nailed
46:00 to the cross and done away with. It was a law that
46:04 stood against you, Moses said, isn't it interesting,
46:08 back to Colossians back to the little book of
46:10 Colossians, chapter 2 and verse 14, it says God made
46:16 you alive with Christ. He forgave us
46:18 all of our sins, having canceled the written
46:20 code with its regulations that was written,
46:23 which is regulations that was against us
46:26 and stood opposed to us, he took it away nailing it
46:29 to the cross. He forgave us of our sins,
46:32 it was his sacrifice that he died on the cross to
46:35 forgive us and therefore those sacrificial laws
46:39 were taken away, nailed to the cross. And we don't
46:43 offer sacrifices anymore, Ten Commandments were
46:46 not nailed to the cross, the grace of God upholds
46:50 the law of God and so you see when you apply the keys
46:55 that the Bible gives us there is no contradiction
46:58 in the scripture, it all comes together.
47:01 Then the third one, not quite as difficult
47:05 but we have to understand it. This one is in Galatians
47:08 the second chapter. In Galatians chapter 2,
47:14 look at verse 21 with me. Paul said I do not set
47:17 aside the grace of God for if righteous could
47:20 be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing.
47:25 So, here is the second one,
47:27 we do not get righteous by keeping the law
47:30 that would do away with the sacrifice of
47:32 Christ, verse 10, all who rely on observing the
47:37 law are under a curse because it is written
47:41 cursed is everyone who does not continue to do
47:45 everything written in the book of the law,
47:47 clearly no one is justified before God by the law,
47:52 because the righteous will live by faith.
47:55 The law is not based on faith, on the contrary
47:58 the man who does these things will live by them.
48:01 Now it sounds as though he is saying that don't
48:05 worry about the law, but it's not what he's saying
48:07 because faith does not abolish the law
48:10 it upholds the law. So, what is he trying to tell us here?
48:15 Notice he says, that we are not made righteous by
48:20 observing the law. He is talking about the law as a
48:24 method of salvation, the Jews thought that you're
48:27 saved by keeping the law and Paul is saying, no, you
48:32 are not saved by keeping the law, the law doesn't
48:35 save you, if it did you would have to keep all of
48:38 the commandments, all of the time continually
48:40 and no one has ever been able to do that.
48:43 In fact, he tells us in Romans, this time in
48:51 Romans chapter 3. In Romans the 3rd chapter
48:54 in verse 20, therefore no one will be declared
48:57 righteous in his sight by observing the law but then
48:59 why the law because through the law we become
49:06 conscious of sin. The law was not given to save,
49:12 that's the third key, the law was not given to save
49:15 anyone, you are not saved because you keep God's law,
49:19 you're not saved because you keep the Ten Commandments,
49:22 you're saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
49:24 Well then why the law, The law was given because
49:29 through the law we become conscious of sin.
49:34 John even said sin is transgression of the law,
49:37 how do you know you sin? The law says thou shalt not
49:41 lie, therefore when you lie you know that
49:43 you have sinned. Now some people say well
49:46 we don't need that because we are so spiritual,
49:50 we just know when we sin. Well that's interesting
49:54 because Paul himself needed it. And I don't
49:57 anyone today as spiritual as Paul was. In verse 7 of
50:02 chapter 7 in Romans. Paul said, is the law sin,
50:05 certainly not, I would not have known what sin was
50:08 except through the law because I would have not
50:12 had know what coveting was if the law had not
50:14 said do not covet. Paul is saying I don't even
50:16 know when I am sinning, if the law isn't there.
50:19 If Paul needs the law to point out our sins
50:22 than how much more do we need the law to point
50:24 out our sins. Apart from the law the Bible even says
50:28 there is no sin, so if the law has been done away
50:31 with then no wonder people think they can do whatever
50:34 they want to do. We've been on the road
50:43 for years and years and kind of got tired of living
50:46 in motels and rented apartments and whatever
50:50 we could find. So finally we decided
50:53 that we'd get an RV, an RV is kind of expensive.
50:56 So we discovered that you can buy old buses at
51:02 pretty cheap price and have them fixed up like an
51:06 RV. So, we looked into that and I bought a 1975
51:11 Greyhound bus. You might have seen it
51:16 sitting out there in the parking, that's a 75
51:19 Greyhound bus. That's an old bus and
51:22 I am not a mechanic, I am a preacher, I don't
51:26 know much about it, even taking care of my car
51:29 but the bus when I opened that back compartment
51:33 and looked at the engine it is huge and is very
51:37 expensive to maintain. So, that was a little motivation
51:41 to learn how to do things like check the oil
51:44 and stuff like that. And you know I can't
51:46 enjoy going back there and tinkering around
51:49 a little bit with my bus, but every time I do man
51:54 I get grease on my hands. No matter how careful
51:59 I am I get grease all over and even on my face
52:03 sometimes and I don't like to get greasy and dirty.
52:08 I go inside, in the bathroom there's a nice mirror
52:11 there I look in there. Oh! I see all that grease on my
52:15 face oh! I get angry, I don't want that grease on my face.
52:20 So, you know what I do, I just take that mirror
52:23 and I'll yank it off the wall and smash it on
52:26 the pavement outside the bus, that will get rid
52:30 of that grease won't it. The grease is still there,
52:37 I just can't see it anymore and sometimes people
52:42 stand in front of God's law, which is his mirror
52:45 James said and the law says thou shalt not commit
52:50 adultery, it reveals the dirt, the grease, the sins.
52:57 And the law says thou shalt not lie and
53:02 it reveals the dirt. And the law says
53:05 thou shalt not take the Lord's name in vain
53:08 and it reveals the grime. Sins, we don't like it,
53:16 the law says remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
53:19 Oh! I don't like that, I know what I am going to do,
53:24 take that law and I'm just going to smash it on the
53:28 side walk, better yet, I'll nail it to the cross,
53:33 but you see the sins are still there, you just can't
53:38 see them anymore. There is something else
53:45 I could do, I could look in the mirror and see all that
53:48 grease, Oh! Man, I don't like that grease, I know
53:51 what I'll do, I'll take a mirror off the wall and
53:53 start washing my face with a mirror,
53:55 that just makes it worse and it ruins the mirror
54:05 and you know that's what some people do.
54:07 They stand before God's mirror, the law,
54:10 it points out their sins I know what I'll do,
54:13 I will keep the law. It just makes things worse.
54:19 It brings the law down to something that we can do,
54:25 we don't need to receive it by grace through faith
54:28 in Jesus Christ anymore, it makes it worse.
54:31 No, there is another option I see the grease and
54:37 the dirt in my face and I turn on the faucet,
54:39 pick up a bar of soap and I wash the grease away.
54:46 And we stand before God's mirror and it points out
54:49 our sins and we stand condemned, but we kneel
54:55 at the foot of the cross and confess our sins
55:00 and the blood of Jesus washes them all away.
55:05 And you know I get up, I look in the mirror again
55:11 and I see more. So, I am back at the foot
55:15 of the cross washing them away again
55:20 and I get up, I see more, and it's back to the cross.
55:29 You see it's the law of God that keeps us on our knees
55:36 at the foot of the cross. Is not law then and grace
55:44 now, it's always been law and grace together even
55:52 though I found grace in the eyes of God in the Old
55:55 Testament, even Abraham believed God and it was
55:58 credited to him his righteousness,
56:01 all the way through the Old testament and the New.
56:03 No one will ever walk on the streets of the
56:06 Kingdom above except by grace through
56:08 faith in Jesus Christ. The law of God keeps us
56:15 on our knees at the foot of the cross. Antichrist,
56:20 it's all changed don't worry about the commandments,
56:25 especially that one, the Bible says, that one
56:31 we're guilty of break the law. Let's just follow
56:39 the lamb. Amen. Let's just follow the lamb.
56:43 Pray with me. Oh! Lord, we thank you
56:50 that even the hard parts of the Bible can be clear
56:53 and easy to understand, that's only through the
56:57 power of your Holy Spirit, Jesus is the one who lifts
57:00 the scales off of our eyes. Lord, we understand
57:04 the law, how can we even think about breaking any
57:08 of your commandments. Lord forgive us for that,
57:12 we know that you already have but now Lord
57:15 empower us, enable us, let us live
57:18 our lives following the lamb.
57:20 We ask in Jesus name. Amen.


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