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The Lamb Among The Beast

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01:05 In the 4th chapter of Revelation, verse 6,
01:14 John wrote, I saw a lamb looking as if
01:20 he had been slain standing in the
01:24 center of the throne, a pitiful, poor, bleeding,
01:34 slain lamb standing in the center of the throne.
01:43 In Revelation chapter 17, the ten horns you saw,
01:48 verse 12, are 10 kings who have not yet
01:52 received a kingdom, but who for one hour
01:54 will receive authority as kings along with the
01:58 beast and they have one purpose and
02:00 they'll give their power and authority to the beast
02:03 and they will make war against the lamb.
02:10 All the kings of the earth, the powerful beast
02:16 united together in one purpose and that is to make
02:21 war against the lamb, the pitiful, poor,
02:24 bleeding lamb what chance does a lamb
02:26 have against the beast and the kings of the earth.
02:32 But, the lamb will overcome them.
02:38 How? How does the lamb overcome them?
02:42 Who is the lamb? Because he is Lord of Lords
02:47 and King of Kings, the lamb is Jesus.
02:51 And he is Lord of Lords, he is King of Kings
02:54 and with him are his called and chosen followers,
02:57 those who follow the lamb are with him
02:59 and those who follow the lamb will be victorious
03:03 against the beast and the kings of the earth.
03:09 Who is the lamb? The lamb is Jesus, who is Jesus?
03:15 Revelation chapter 22 verse 16,
03:18 I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you
03:21 this testimony for the churches.
03:23 I am the root and the offspring of David
03:29 and the bright morning star, I'm the root of David,
03:32 I'm the offspring of David, how can Jesus be
03:36 the root of David and the offspring of David?
03:39 how can Jesus be the root of David?
03:41 David would have come through him, how can he
03:44 be the offspring of Jesus coming from David?
03:47 How can he be both the root and the offspring of David?
03:51 Because, he is God,
03:52 the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
03:55 In chapter 1 of Revelation, verse 18,
03:57 in chapter 1 verse 18, John had just seen Jesus
04:01 in vision and he fell down to the feet of the
04:05 angel of Jesus as though he were dead and he placed
04:09 his right hand on him and he said
04:11 don't be afraid I am first, I am the first and the last,
04:17 I am the living one, I was dead
04:19 and behold I'm alive forever and ever.
04:23 Who is Jesus? Jesus is the first and the last.
04:33 He was alive, but then he died
04:37 and now he is alive again.
04:41 He has to be the Son of God,
04:47 but yet he said, I am the first and the last.
04:56 Who is the first and the last?
04:59 What does that mean?
05:01 Remember the Book of Revelation quotes to or
05:03 alludes to the Old Testament over how many times?
05:07 This is another one of those 600 times.
05:11 Isaiah, chapter 44, in Isaiah chapter 44, verse 6,
05:16 this is what the Lord says.
05:17 Now notice the word Lord is in all capital letters
05:22 in my Bible that's significant because
05:25 in the New International version when the word
05:27 Lord is in all capital letters that means it
05:30 translates what is called the Tetragrammaton,
05:34 the Tetragrammaton is for a word consisting of
05:38 four consonants and no vowels and the
05:42 four consonants the JHVH, try pronouncing that,
05:49 you can't pronounce it, it's unpronounceable
05:52 that's the idea, it's unpronounceable
05:55 because they felt that pronouncing the name
05:57 of God would be blasphemy that's why
06:00 they wrote it in an unpronounceable way
06:02 JHVH, so that every time they came to the
06:05 Tetragrammaton they couldn't accidentally
06:08 say the name of God because it was
06:10 unpronounceable, but when the Bible was translated
06:13 into English they have to somehow put something
06:16 there that we could read when we came to it.
06:18 So, there was another name for God called Adonai.
06:24 They took the vowels from Adonai
06:29 and place them in the Tetragrammaton JHVH
06:34 and they got the name Jehovah.
06:39 The Lord God Jehovah, is simply a manufactured name
06:45 that we could pronounce when it translates
06:48 the Tetragrammaton of the name of God.
06:52 And so here is Jehovah, this is what the Lord
06:57 Jehovah says that God Almighty
07:00 Israel's king and redeemer, the Lord Almighty,
07:03 I am the first and the last.
07:11 Now, either we have two firsts and lasts,
07:17 which can't be or Jesus is the Lord God Almighty.
07:27 Jesus is the first and the last the Lord God Almighty.
07:35 Yes, there is a father and he is God
07:40 and there is the Son Jesus Christ and he too is God,
07:45 and there is the Holy Spirit and he is God,
07:49 the three become one God.
07:53 The Lord our God is one and when God
07:57 said let us make man in our image
07:59 the Father was there, the Son was there,
08:02 the Holy Spirit was there,
08:03 hovering over the deep, but it was the Son of God
08:06 that knelt down, formed the body of man
08:09 from the dust of the ground,
08:10 breathed into that body the breath of life,
08:12 watched him become a living soul,
08:14 it was the Son of God, the Lord God Almighty
08:17 Jehovah, who became a man to live in this world
08:23 for us, what a God we serve!
08:29 And one of the most favorite of all the
08:32 prophecies in the Old Testament
08:36 prophesying the appearance of the Messiah,
08:39 the Lord God Jesus Christ is in Isaiah chapter 7 verse 14,
08:45 the virgin will be with child and give
08:48 birth to a son and will call him Immanuel.
08:52 A virgin would conceive and give birth to a son
08:55 his name would be Immanuel,
08:58 already in the Old Testament
09:00 the Bible says that when the Messiah
09:02 appears he will be born of a virgin,
09:04 his name Immanuel, Immanuel was a Hebrew
09:07 word actually three Hebrew words.
09:09 In Hebrew, the word IM means 'with',
09:13 MANU means 'us', and EL means 'God'.
09:20 His name will be, 'God with us.'
09:26 A virgin will conceive and give birth to a son
09:31 so that the omnipotent, almighty, all powerful God
09:35 can become man and be with us,
09:40 what a God we serve!
09:44 And we find the remarkable fulfillment
09:46 of this prophecy in the Gospel of Luke
09:50 in one place anyway in the New Testament,
09:52 one of my favorites is the Gospel of Luke
09:54 chapter 1 verse 26, in the six month
09:57 God sent the angel Gabriel to a town in
10:00 Galilee to a virgin pledged to be married
10:04 to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David.
10:09 The virgin's, Mary, the virgin's name was Mary,
10:12 now remember Jesus would be the root and
10:16 the offspring of David, the root of David because he
10:19 was God and now he would be a descendent of David.
10:25 The angel went to Mary and said greetings,
10:27 you who are highly favored the Lord is with you.
10:30 Mary greatly troubled as you can imagine,
10:33 be awakened from your sleep, there is an angel
10:35 saying greetings the Lord is with you.
10:38 Mary says, what's this? what kind of greeting
10:41 is this? But the angel said, don't be afraid
10:45 Mary you've found favor with God,
10:52 you will be with child and give birth to a son,
10:54 and you are to give him the name Jesus,
10:59 and he will be great and he will be called
11:02 the son of the most high, the Lord God
11:06 will give him the throne of his father David
11:11 and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever
11:14 and his kingdom will never end.
11:18 Imagine, a young girl perhaps like
11:23 some of you here this evening, awakened
11:28 in the middle of the night, a virgin and the angel says
11:34 don't be afraid Mary, I've good news for you,
11:37 you're gonna have a child, and he will be
11:41 the son of the most high God.
11:44 Imagine the thoughts that must have
11:47 gone through the mind of Mary.
11:52 Now, I know one thought she was thinking,
11:54 it tells us right here,
11:56 how can this be? she said, I'm a virgin.
12:03 And the angel answered the Holy Spirit will come
12:08 upon you and the power of the most high God
12:13 will overshadow you so that the Holy One
12:17 to be born will be called the Son of God.
12:25 The Holy Spirit will conceive, the power of
12:30 the most high God will come over you
12:34 and the Holy One to be born will be called
12:38 the Son of God, what unsearchable love
12:41 we can't begin to plumb the depths of God's love.
12:47 And I believe, I believe that sometimes
12:50 we're so afraid of placing Mary in such a high
12:55 unwarranted place as some do that we don't even
12:59 recognize what God accomplished through Mary.
13:04 And maybe we ought to think a little more of the
13:07 life of this young girl, who was dramatically
13:12 changed forever and she became the mother of the
13:16 Son of God, Jesus, who was God
13:24 became a man just like the men that he created.
13:30 So, that he could be among us
13:32 and show us what God is really like.
13:39 What a sacrifice, what a price he had to pay
13:43 to give up the throne of the Universe
13:45 and to live in this sinful world and I believe that
13:49 so many times we overemphasize the divinity
13:51 of Christ that we fail to recognize his humanity.
13:56 He was a man, he was God and
14:01 he was man and he set aside his divinity,
14:09 it was there, he was always God, he never gave it up,
14:13 he never stopped being God, but he set it aside,
14:16 he refused to use it, in order to demonstrate that
14:20 a human being could in fact be
14:23 obedient to the Father and the law of God.
14:29 What a God! He was just like us,
14:34 we see pictures of Jesus in a white robe,
14:36 immaculate, spotless, clean every hair and place,
14:39 the halo of light above his head,
14:41 he wasn't that way, he was the carpenter's son,
14:43 he worked in a carpenter shop,
14:45 his hands must have been rough and callus,
14:47 he lived in a hot desert country, I'm sure his
14:50 robe was stained with sweat, his feet dirty
14:53 from the burning sand, he was a man.
14:55 Isaiah said there was nothing about him that
14:58 men should desire him, if you saw Jesus walking
15:00 down a desert road with his disciples
15:03 there would be no way for you to know that
15:04 he was the Son of God except as the father
15:07 revealed it to you, he was a man,
15:11 he was a man just like us.
15:13 The Bible says in Hebrews the
15:15 4th chapter and the 15th verse in Hebrews
15:18 chapter 4, in verse 15, he says we do not have a
15:25 high priest who was unable to sympathize with our
15:27 weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted
15:31 in every way just as we are yet he was without sin.
15:36 Now, I want you to notice something
15:38 here it does not say he did not sin.
15:42 We know he did not sin, Jesus never sinned,
15:46 not in word, not in action, not even in thought,
15:49 he did not sin, but that's not
15:51 what it says here, it says he was without sin.
15:56 That's something far deeper than not sinning,
15:59 we are not without sin, we are born sinful,
16:04 we are born with a natural tendency to be
16:06 selfish, to be sinful, to do things for ourselves
16:11 and not to be, not to be the kind of a person
16:15 who is committed and surrendered to God,
16:18 we are not born that way, we need to be born again.
16:23 But, Jesus was born that way, he was born
16:26 the Holy One the Bible says.
16:29 He didn't have the same sinful tendencies
16:33 that we have, he was without sin.
16:36 Yet, somehow he was tempted in every way
16:40 just as you and I are.
16:42 How can that be? How could he be tempted
16:45 just like you and I and be without sin,
16:49 how can he be the Holy One and be tempted
16:51 like us, he was never hooked on cigarettes,
16:54 he was never hooked on drugs, he was never hooked
16:57 on pornography, we know that when we sin one time
17:00 it degrades us, making it easier to do it again.
17:03 Jesus never experienced the degradation of sin,
17:07 how could he be tempted in every way just as we are.
17:14 In Luke 3rd chapter verse 21,
17:20 the Bible doesn't tell us a lot about
17:22 the early childhood of Jesus.
17:25 But, in Luke chapter 3 verse 21,
17:29 it says when all the people were
17:30 being baptized, Jesus was baptized.
17:33 We already studied about that and
17:36 as he was praying heaven was opened
17:39 and the Holy Spirit descended on him
17:41 in bodily form like a dove and a voice came
17:44 from heaven saying you are my son
17:48 whom I love and with you I am well pleased,
17:51 he heard the voice of his father proclaiming
17:54 that he was the Son of God, remember Jesus had laid
17:58 aside his divinity, he was a man,
18:01 he lived his life as a man just like you and I,
18:05 but when he was baptized he heard the voice of
18:08 his father in heaven saying you are my son
18:14 and then he was led off into the wilderness,
18:17 chapter 4 verse 1, full of the Holy Spirit
18:20 he returned from the Jordan led by the spirit
18:22 into the desert, where for 40 days
18:24 he was tempted by the Devil; he ate nothing
18:28 during those days and at the end of them he was hungry.
18:32 Oh! I don't have any problem believing that.
18:35 I haven't eaten in for hours and I'm hungry,
18:39 40 days without eating remember he set aside
18:44 his divinity, he couldn't use it for his own benefit,
18:48 he couldn't use it for his own power,
18:50 he laid it down and there he was
18:52 40 days praying and fasting.
18:55 Imagine how he must have looked after 40 days
18:58 without eating, weak and frail,
19:02 first wind comes along, blows him away.
19:08 Who do you think is always there
19:11 when we're weak in our weakened condition?
19:15 The Devil comes, what a coward!
19:20 He waits until it looks like we can't
19:21 defend ourselves and then he comes,
19:24 he is not afraid to kick when we're down
19:26 and so he appears before Jesus and he said to him
19:29 in verse 3, if you are the Son of God
19:32 tell this stone to become bread.
19:36 And Jesus was tempted in every way just as we are.
19:41 I've never been tempted to turn stones into bread
19:48 because I can't, but he could have,
19:54 he could have done it.
19:56 But in order to do it, he would have to pick up
20:00 that divine power that he laid down and do it as God,
20:05 not as a man and had he done that he would have
20:10 demonstrated that a human being cannot survive
20:16 the temptations of the Devil,
20:17 a human being cannot live on this planet
20:21 in obedience to God the Father,
20:23 he couldn't take up his divine power
20:25 to save himself, he had to be a man.
20:34 And so the Devil, so Jesus said to the Devil,
20:38 it is written, man does not live on bread alone.
20:43 Now, do you want to know the secret
20:44 as how to withstand temptation?
20:46 There it is, it is written, all you need to do is
20:52 understand the scripture, but in order to say that you
20:55 have to know what is written that's why we need to spend
20:57 time in the word of God with Jesus everyday.
21:00 It is written man doesn't live by bread alone.
21:05 And then the Devil led him to a high place
21:07 and he showed him in an instant
21:08 all the kingdoms of the world and he said to him
21:10 I'll give you all of their authority
21:12 and splendor because it's been given to me
21:13 and I can give it to anyone I want to.
21:15 So, if you worship me it will all be yours.
21:19 I've never been offered all the kingdoms of the world.
21:25 The truth is I gave in
21:27 long before he ever had to get to that point.
21:32 We sell out for mere pittance,
21:37 Jesus withstood to the very end.
21:42 But, I want you to see what really happened here,
21:46 how does Jesus withstand temptation once again?
21:50 Watch this, it is written worship
21:53 the Lord your God and serve him only.
21:58 Now watch what's happening,
22:01 he is the Devil, Jesus is weak,
22:02 he is frail, if you are the Son of God.
22:08 Oh! Notice the implication of doubt,
22:11 if you are the Son of God turn the stones into bread,
22:18 he was planting seeds of doubt in the mind of Jesus,
22:24 you think you're the Son of God?
22:28 man you look like if a good stiff wind
22:31 comes along you'll just blow away.
22:34 Now remember, the Devil was not standing there,
22:37 dressed in his little red jump suit
22:39 with two horns on his head, a long tail with an arrow
22:42 on the end and a pitchfork in his hand, no.
22:45 He appears how, masqueraded as an angel of light.
22:52 And so here is this beautiful angel of light,
22:54 here is Jesus in his weakened condition,
22:55 if you are the Son of God, you think you're the
22:59 Son of God, if you're the Son of God
23:00 you wouldn't be looking like this,
23:02 he wouldn't let this happened to you,
23:03 look at me I'm the beautiful angel,
23:05 you're the fallen angel, I'm the Son of God,
23:07 worship me and I'll give you everything.
23:10 You see, he is a master at taking things
23:13 that are wrong and making them look right
23:15 and taking things that are right and making them
23:17 look wrong, everything inside of Jesus,
23:20 everything he saw, everything he felt,
23:23 everything he heard was saying that, that is true,
23:26 I don't look like the Son of God,
23:27 I don't feel like a Son of God,
23:29 he looks like a Son of God,
23:31 but Jesus knew he was the Son of God.
23:35 How did he know? Remember, he set aside
23:39 his divinity, here's how he knew,
23:43 he had just heard the voice
23:46 of his father saying you are my son.
23:53 The Devil was just trying to get him to doubt
23:58 God's word and in that way you and I are tempted
24:04 in every way as he was, he is tempted in every way
24:08 as we are, because temptation is nothing
24:11 more than the attempt by the Devil
24:14 for you to doubt God's word.
24:20 And he wasn't finished yet,
24:23 he comes to Jesus and he says in verse 9,
24:28 he led him to Jerusalem, had him stand
24:29 on the highest point of the temple,
24:31 if you're the Son of God,
24:32 there he goes again, if you are the Son of God
24:36 then throw yourself down from here; prove it.
24:40 Now watch this, because it is written,
24:45 who is speaking, the Devil,
24:48 it is written he'll command his angels
24:50 concerning you to guard you carefully,
24:51 they'll lift you up in their hands
24:53 so you'll not strike your foot on a stone,
24:54 just throw yourself off, the angels are going to
24:56 catch you, the Bible says so
24:57 it's written, it is written,
24:59 don't be surprised if the Devil says it is written,
25:04 don't be surprised if the Devil quotes scripture.
25:08 He knows it better than you do folks,
25:10 he has been around a lot longer than you have
25:11 and he'd seen it all unfold.
25:17 And so Jesus said, I like the way Matthew remembered it.
25:21 Jesus said, it is also written,
25:24 don't put the Lord your God to the test.
25:26 Folks, it isn't enough to know what is written,
25:29 we need to know what is also written,
25:32 you understand what that means?
25:34 It means compare scripture with scripture.
25:37 Can't just take one text and say that's it,
25:40 you need to know what else the Bible says
25:43 and Jesus knew what else, he knew what is also written,
25:46 you should know what is also written,
25:48 temptation is nothing more than the temptation,
25:51 and the attempt by the Devil to get you to believe
25:54 something other than the word of God.
25:58 But, God doesn't want us to put him to the test,
26:00 he wants us to believe what he says
26:02 no matter what we see, no matter what we hear,
26:06 no matter what we feel on the inside,
26:08 no matter what everybody on earth is telling you,
26:11 God wants you to believe what he says.
26:16 God said it, I believe it, it's good enough for me.
26:23 So, many times people come to me saying,
26:26 if what you're saying is true,
26:28 why doesn't everybody else believe it?
26:30 A meaningless question; a meaningless question.
26:38 The question should be, what does the Bible say. Amen.
26:46 And that way Jesus was tempted just like you and I.
26:52 What a man! He went on from there,
26:55 hadn't even done his first miracle yet,
26:57 but he went home and one day after he finished
27:00 doing his work in the carpenter shop,
27:02 he came into the house, his mom was just sorting
27:05 through the mail noticed a little envelope
27:07 with gold trim around the edges
27:09 in nice handwritten calligraphy and oh!
27:12 that's an invitation, mom, who is it?
27:14 What is it? and she opens it and reads it,
27:18 it's a wedding invitation, she says your cousin
27:20 in Cana is getting married, what do you think,
27:23 should we go? oh! Let's go.
27:26 Why did Jesus want to go to the wedding?
27:29 A wedding is a place where people are happy,
27:32 it's a place where they're celebrating,
27:34 you know I see so many pictures of Jesus with a
27:37 long solemn face, I think Jesus was a happy man. Amen.
27:41 And the fact that he went to the wedding,
27:43 where people are happy means
27:44 that he wants to be with happy people.
27:47 What kind of man was Jesus, he was a happy man.
27:52 But it isn't all. He was also strong
27:59 and brave, a courageous man.
28:04 He had been working all day one time
28:06 with disciples and he decided,
28:10 he decided that it was time to take a little break
28:13 so they jump in the boat and
28:17 they row across the sea of Galilee,
28:20 pulled the boat up on the beach and
28:21 then looking around for a little place to go
28:23 to rest and just relax away from the crowd
28:28 and when they turned to walk up the beach they saw,
28:32 they saw this man come running towards them
28:35 long wild hair, eyes blazing like demons,
28:39 chains dangling from his wrist and from his ankles,
28:41 he was a man possessed by demons,
28:44 his name was Legion because he was possessed
28:46 by a legion of demons and he is bearing down
28:48 on the disciples and Jesus, and
28:51 can't you just kind of see the disciples?
28:53 Oh! They see this guy coming,
28:54 Oh! They turn around, they run,
28:56 they jump in their boat, roll back out in the water
28:59 and they look back and there's Jesus,
29:02 he is still standing there straight and tall,
29:07 he wasn't scared of the demons, Jesus was fearless.
29:14 In fact, the demons were scared of him
29:20 and they said oh! We know who you are,
29:21 you're the Son of God, get us out of here,
29:22 cast us out, even into that
29:24 herd of pigs and Jesus cast out
29:26 the demons in the herd of pigs,
29:27 the disciples looked again and they saw
29:30 the man sitting there in his right mind.
29:34 Little sanctified imagination
29:36 can't you see him quietly rowing that
29:38 boat back to the shore, slipping up there
29:40 behind Jesus, hoping that he didn't see
29:42 they have turned and runaway, what a man!
29:48 Happy, cheerful yet fearless, brave,
29:56 not even afraid of demons.
30:00 And yet at the same time
30:04 there was no man on this earth
30:08 more compassionate than Jesus.
30:13 He understood, somehow even though
30:18 he never sinned he understood
30:21 what it was like to be like us; he understands us.
30:28 One day a group of the priests and
30:31 the Pharisees, the religious leaders of the area,
30:34 oh!, they were so righteous in their own eyes.
30:39 They found a filthy woman, guilty of adultery,
30:45 dragged her to Jesus, casting down,
30:48 her down before his feet and triumphantly
30:54 declaring, ''we've found her guilty of adultery,
30:58 Moses says, that we should stone her
31:01 '' What do you say we should do?''
31:06 You see they had him, didn't matter how
31:11 he answered, they had him.
31:14 If he said stone her, well all they needed
31:19 to do was turn him into the Romans because
31:22 it was illegal for a Jew to do capital punishment.
31:27 If he said let her go, well, they had him again,
31:33 they could discredit him with all of the rest
31:36 of the people for ignoring Moses.
31:41 He doesn't care about the Bible.
31:42 He does not follow the Bible.
31:44 You see either way, no matter how he
31:46 answered oh! they had him.
31:48 They couldn't wait for him to answer.
31:50 They are standing there,
31:51 holding their breath, waiting to celebrate.
31:57 They weren't prepared for the answer that he gave.
32:00 At first, he didn't say anything.
32:05 He just knelt down in the sand
32:08 and he began to write with his finger.
32:12 Bible doesn't say what he wrote, just says he wrote.
32:19 And after a little bit, he looked up at those men
32:22 and he said, okay. Let the one that standing
32:26 among you, who is without sin cast the first stone,
32:32 then he started writing again.
32:35 Now it doesn't say what he wrote,
32:38 but whatever it was he was writing,
32:41 they didn't like it because it does say that
32:46 one by one they began to make excuses,
32:49 one said, oh! I got a doctor appointment in 10 minutes
32:52 I'm going to have to run, another oh! I got to go
32:54 pick up my wife she gets off work
32:55 in just a few minutes, pick up my wife,
32:57 another one says, yeah, I got to go too,
32:59 I've been pretty busy I got other things to do
33:01 and pretty soon there wasn't anybody left
33:04 except Jesus and the woman, and he said
33:09 isn't there anybody here to condemn you
33:13 and she said no and Jesus said,
33:18 neither do I condemn you.
33:21 Now you go, don't do it anymore.
33:28 He didn't say I forgive you now you can go do it again.
33:33 He said neither do I condemn you.
33:38 Now go and sin no more.
33:42 What a man! Took this attempt
33:46 to destroy and crush a life and changed it
33:49 to an opportunity to save a soul.
33:53 That's the kind of man Jesus was.
33:59 You want to know what he wrote
34:01 in the sand, do you? I do too.
34:11 The Bible doesn't tell us what he wrote,
34:14 but I'll tell you what I think he wrote
34:17 now I'm not preaching anymore, I'm speculating.
34:21 So, don't hold me to this, this is just
34:23 my speculation, I think it's pretty accurate.
34:28 Whatever it was he wrote they didn't like it,
34:32 because they started making excuses and they left.
34:37 And remember what he said,
34:38 let the one who is without sin
34:41 cast the first stone and start writing again.
34:45 I think he was listing their sins in the sand.
34:49 That's what I think and I'll tell you something else.
34:53 I wouldn't be surprised to find out that one of those
34:57 men or may be more than one were the one's
34:59 guilty of committing adultery with that woman.
35:04 Now how do I know that? I don't know that.
35:08 But, I understand human nature
35:10 enough to read in between the lines here
35:12 and when I get to heaven I'm going
35:13 to find out, I got it on my list of things
35:16 to ask Jesus what did you write in the sand?
35:20 Now, I'm preaching again, alright,
35:22 I want to make a distinction here,
35:25 preaching again, what I'm
35:26 about to say is absolute truth.
35:29 No doubt about it, Jesus was a
35:31 compassionate man, brave man.
35:36 When those Pharisees needed
35:37 to be unmasked, Jesus was the one
35:39 who was strong enough to do it.
35:43 Matthew 23, verse 25, Woe to you,
35:46 teachers of the law of Pharisees,
35:47 you hypocrites! This is a strong language.
35:51 You clean the outside of the cup and the dish,
35:53 but inside they are full of greed
35:55 and self-indulgence you blind Pharisee,
35:58 first clean the inside of the cup
36:00 and the dish then the outside will also be clean.
36:03 Woe to you, you teachers of the law, you Pharisees,
36:06 you hypocrites! You are like whitewash tombs
36:08 which look beautiful on the outside, but inside
36:11 are full of dead man's bones and everything
36:14 unclean. In the same way on the outside
36:16 you appear to people as righteous,
36:19 but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy
36:21 and wickedness, you snakes,
36:24 you brood of vipers how will you
36:26 escape being condemned to hell.
36:30 Strong words, but they needed
36:34 to be said and he was the one who wasn't afraid
36:38 to say it, but you know from what
36:40 I understand about Jesus I've got to believe that
36:44 when Jesus spoke those words. There were
36:47 tears in his eyes because he loved those Pharisees.
36:54 He loved those hypocrites. He loved them enough
36:58 to die on the cross to save them.
37:02 That's the kind of a man Jesus was,
37:05 bold and brave, compassionate.
37:10 You know, there is something about a man,
37:12 a sense of completeness about a man
37:15 who can meet any emergency like Jesus did with
37:19 steel nerves and cool headedness and yet
37:22 not be so bold and brave and fearless
37:25 and callus that he wasn't ashamed to let a tear
37:28 trickle down his cheek at the graveside of a friend.
37:34 Shortest verse in the Bible, John 11:35,
37:37 Jesus standing by the tomb of his friend
37:39 Lazarus with his two sisters, Mary and Martha whipping
37:43 and the Bible says Jesus wept.
37:48 He understood sorrow. He understood loss.
37:53 He had emotions and feelings like we do.
37:57 He wept and yet he was so tender hearted
38:03 that even the children loved Jesus.
38:08 Did you know that adults can fool other adults?
38:14 Make you think you like them when may be you
38:16 don't, did you know that. But did you know
38:21 that you can't fool children.
38:26 They can see right through it.
38:30 And the fact that the children loved Jesus
38:33 proves that he loved them. They wanted to be
38:38 around him. They were always coming to Jesus
38:41 and the disciples would shoo away, we don't need
38:43 you here, Jesus said, don't you do that?
38:46 These are the precious ones in my kingdom.
38:50 And I like to see pictures in my mind of Jesus
38:53 sitting under a shade of palm tree in the
38:55 hot desert country with children sitting on his lap
38:59 telling them stories about his father in heaven,
39:02 or may be fixing a broken finger
39:05 and may be even praying for a sick pet. Jesus was a
39:12 compassionate, tender hearted man, human enough,
39:19 human enough to have physical needs we have
39:23 working all day comes in and he says
39:25 what you have to eat, I'm hungry, isn't
39:27 that just like a real man. Understood it so much that
39:31 when the disciples had been out fishing all night
39:33 there he was on the beach, he had breakfast ready
39:34 for them. Because he understood they'd be hungry.
39:41 I think he also had a need for human attention
39:46 and affection like we do. You know, Jesus never
39:51 complained not for one moment, not in word,
39:54 not in thought, never complained but I believe
39:58 at times when the curtain is kind of pulled aside
40:00 in scripture, we can catch a glimpse of a lonely man.
40:06 Perhaps it was a time like that when
40:11 an intelligent, good looking, well dressed
40:13 young man came to Jesus and he said, master I think
40:18 you got something going here. This looks to me
40:22 like you really have the makings of something
40:25 that is gonna grow and be big and there gonna
40:28 be a lot of funds coming in and you need somebody
40:32 to help with the finances, you need a CPA,
40:35 I'm a CPA. I can do all the book work for you
40:37 why don't you take me on. His name was Judas,
40:43 maybe it was a time like that when Jesus said,
40:46 you know, foxes have their holes, the birds
40:51 of the air have their nests, but the son of man
40:55 doesn't even have a place to lay his head.
40:59 Yeah, he was a lonely man. But you know i think
41:05 the thing I like best about Jesus was that
41:10 a hard burdened preacher, an evangelist, who
41:16 really cared about the souls that he was trying to win.
41:22 One of my favorite stories about Jesus is
41:25 when he and his disciples were approaching
41:26 the City of Jerusalem. And all of a sudden he stopped,
41:33 he said, I want you to go into town and he gave him
41:36 an address and he says go there and you're gonna
41:39 find an unbroken donkey, go get it, bring it here.
41:46 Oh! Disciples couldn't get down there quick enough,
41:49 they knew about that prophecy in Zachariah,
41:52 that said the Messiah would ascend to the throne
41:54 of David riding on the back of an unbroken colt,
41:57 so they thought now finally, now he is going to
42:00 become the Son of God, now he is going to become
42:04 the Messiah, now he is going to start acting
42:05 like a Messiah, now he is going to ascend to the
42:08 throne of David, now he is going to build Israel
42:11 into a mighty nation, now he will assemble a mighty army,
42:14 now he will crush the yoke of Roman oppression.
42:16 Oh! They raced into town, they couldn't get there
42:19 quick enough and they found it right there.
42:23 They brought that colt back to Jesus.
42:25 He climbed on that colt and he began to ride
42:28 into town. Oh! You know in undeveloped towns,
42:31 it's amazing how rapidly the word spreads.
42:33 Everybody knows what's going on
42:35 and the whole town gathers out there to greet him,
42:38 they pressed in close to Jesus and they see the
42:40 disciples just right there, right next to him.
42:42 They had been arguing about who was gonna to be
42:44 in the kingdom and so there they were next to Jesus.
42:47 They wanted to be the Vice-President.
42:49 They wanted to be Secretary of State.
42:51 They wanted to be Treasurer and there
42:53 they were getting as close as they could to Jesus.
42:54 They were going into town. Everybody is there, they're
42:57 lying out their cloaks before him, they were throwing
42:59 the palm branches in his path, they're putting
43:02 the flowers in the way and they were singing out
43:04 ''hosanna, hosanna, blessed it is the one who comes
43:06 in the name of the Lord'' and Jesus is
43:09 riding in to ascend to the throne of the Messiah.
43:12 Finally, he'll crush the yoke of Roman oppression.
43:15 The whole city is there. CNN is there
43:17 with their cameras and their microphones sticking
43:19 in his face and he stops, and hear a pin drop.
43:31 Everybody is standing on their tiptoes,
43:34 straining to hear, his kingly proclamation,
43:39 straining to see the kingly expression on his face,
43:44 but they didn't see a kingly expression on his face.
43:50 They saw tears. As he looked at the multitude
43:56 and he said, ''Oh! Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
44:04 how many times I would gather you in like a
44:07 mother hen gathers her baby chicks,
44:13 but you won't come. He looked at the rich
44:19 young man. Who turned away because he felt like it
44:23 would cost too much to follow Jesus.
44:27 The pretty socialite, that was afraid of what her
44:30 friends might think, if she should followed him.
44:36 He looked at them and there were tears
44:38 in his eyes as he wept over his people,
44:44 what a hard burdened preacher Jesus was,
44:51 and then the crowed disappeared, he told the
44:56 disciples to go meet him in the upper room.
45:00 Preparations were there to celebrate the Lord's supper
45:06 and so they went on down and they entered the room.
45:09 Everything was in order except for one thing
45:14 see they had the preparation for the meal all done.
45:19 There was even a wash basin and some water
45:22 and a towel for the servant to wash their feet
45:25 before they took part in the meal,
45:30 but there was no servant there.
45:36 Jesus was about to come.
45:38 He opens the door, still no servant.
45:41 Remember the disciples had been arguing
45:44 just a few minutes earlier over who was
45:46 going to be first in the kingdom
45:50 and so they weren't about to look up,
45:51 they kept looking down, afraid if they looked up
45:54 and caught his eye, he might ask
45:55 one of them to be the servant.
45:59 So, they were looking down and they are
46:00 waiting to see what was going to happen
46:02 and they couldn't believe what happened
46:06 because they saw Jesus walk over
46:09 to that table, pour the water into the basin,
46:14 takeoff his outer robe and wrap the
46:16 towel around his waist, pick up the basin of water
46:21 and approached his disciples one by one
46:24 and began to wash their feet.
46:29 Almighty God, Creator of the Universe
46:34 kneeling before the men and washing their feet.
46:46 Judas was there and Jesus knew
46:51 he'd already betrayed him for 30 pieces of silver.
46:55 Imagine how he felt. Peter, Oh! Not me Lord,
47:02 you'll never wash my feet. Peter, this must be done
47:08 if you want a place in my kingdom.
47:11 Peter never knew exactly
47:13 what to say, he just said it.
47:15 He said, well Lord wash me all over,
47:17 no Peter that's not necessary.
47:22 So, they celebrated the Lord's supper
47:24 and afterwards they sang a hymn,
47:27 the Bible says and they walked out
47:31 through the Eastern gate across the Kidron Valley
47:38 to the Garden of Gethsemane.
47:41 Disciples noticed that Jesus was being strangely silent,
47:48 not saying much, perhaps once in a while
47:52 groaning as though he were carrying a heavy load
47:58 and then they got to the garden,
47:59 he told the disciples you stay here
48:01 and you wait and pray for me.
48:05 To Peter, James and John, he said come with me
48:09 and they went a little further,
48:11 and he said I want you to stay here
48:13 and you three pray, you three pray for me.
48:20 They didn't know what was happening
48:24 and so they watched Jesus as he walked down
48:27 the path way in the garden,
48:30 they could see him in the moonlight filtering down
48:33 through the olive trees. He went a little ways and
48:36 then he just fell heavily to the ground.
48:40 And as he lay there on the ground
48:41 they heard him cry out my father,
48:50 if there's any other way, let this cup pass from me.
48:58 Nevertheless, not my will let your will be done.
49:05 What were these strange words coming from
49:08 the lips of Jesus, the one who up until that
49:12 time had been in perfect harmony with
49:15 the Father and his will was in perfect harmony
49:19 with the Father and now he is saying,
49:21 not my will, let your will be done.
49:26 You think that disciples would have understood
49:29 that something unusual was happening
49:32 there and they should have been alert
49:34 and awake praying for him,
49:35 but the Bible says they went to sleep,
49:40 the Church slept while Jesus was fighting,
49:47 the last gasp of his opportunity to save
49:52 mankind and the Church slept.
49:57 Sometimes, I wonder if the Church isn't still sleeping.
50:05 He got up and walk back, shook them,
50:07 can't you pray for just an hour and then
50:10 they watched him go back fall to the ground again,
50:12 father if there is any other way
50:14 let this cup pass from me. You see Jesus did not
50:17 want to march up that hill to Calvary.
50:22 He wanted to walk away from the cross.
50:29 Let this pass from me he said,
50:31 nevertheless not my will, let your will be done,
50:33 the disciples went to sleep again.
50:35 He woke them up again. They looked and
50:38 they were stunned that the agony written on his face,
50:41 the giant drops of sweat and blood
50:45 from his forehead, his robe stained
50:47 with blood looking as though he had been
50:49 trampling in the wine press. They didn't understand
50:51 what was happening. They didn't realize that
50:54 Jesus was bearing in his own body
50:56 the guilt for our sins. They didn't realize
50:59 that he would have died right there,
51:01 as he cried out my God, let this cup pass from me
51:06 and they fell asleep again. He would have died,
51:13 he would have died because the guilt of our sins
51:15 would have just crushed his life right then,
51:17 but it wasn't time for him to die.
51:22 He had to be betrayed by one of his own disciples,
51:27 sold for 30 pieces of silver. He had to be dressed in
51:31 the purple robe and a crown of thorn
51:34 slammed on his head. It have a stick
51:37 shoved in his hand for a scepter.
51:39 He had to be beaten, knocked down, kicked and
51:42 spit on till his back was raw and bleeding.
51:45 He had to have the heavy cross thrust
51:48 on his shoulders he had to carry it up to hill
51:50 until his legs couldn't go anymore
51:52 and someone had to take it for him.
51:55 It wasn't time for him to die yet.
51:57 He had to be stretched out on those rough boards.
51:59 He had to feel the pain as the Roman soldiers picked
52:02 up the heavy hammer and drove those big nail
52:05 through his hands, the same hands that reached
52:07 out and loved and touched and healed.
52:10 And now they are Being nailed to the
52:12 old rugged cross. It wasn't time
52:14 for him to die yet. He had to be lifted up
52:17 like a serpent on the pole as the cross dropped
52:20 into the hole prepared for it with a sickening thud,
52:23 every cell in his body racked in pain,
52:25 but it still wasn't time for him to die yet.
52:28 He had to be the emblem of sin, hanging on the cross,
52:31 guilty for the sins of the world.
52:35 I believe that as excruciating as the pain
52:39 of crucifixion was, he didn't even feel it,
52:42 because of the pain in his heart.
52:47 As he looked at even his own disciples forsaking
52:51 him and running away, and even that pain is just
52:59 a shadow compared to the real pain of the feeling for
53:07 the first time throughout the sinless ages of eternity.
53:13 He felt the awful separation that sin brings between man
53:19 and God, and it caused him to cry out,
53:23 ''My God, My God why have you forsaken me''
53:31 and he hung his head and died.
53:38 For you and me and he would have died
53:45 even if he knew that you were the only one
53:50 that would ever love him, he would have done
53:55 it for you and that story isn't over yet.
54:04 He was buried in the tomb, but three days later
54:07 He burst forth from tomb. He ascended into heaven
54:13 and one of these days he is going to come back in the
54:17 clouds of glory, to receive you and me and anyone
54:27 else who loves him. He did it for you.
54:31 Don't let his death be in vain for you.
54:40 Now is the time to follow the lamb
54:47 and I just can't go on anymore in our studies
54:51 without once again extending an invitation
54:53 to some of you who have never yet opened the door
54:57 to Jesus and accepted him as your savior
55:01 and I want to give you the opportunity to do that
55:02 tonight or perhaps some of you have done
55:08 already in the past, but you have wandered far
55:10 away and now is the time to come back home.
55:15 So I am going to invite you to come forward
55:18 in just a moment as Dena sings
55:22 and then the third group, you've been Christians
55:26 all along and coming to the front doesn't mean
55:30 that you're not a Christian, but it does mean
55:32 that you have heard some new things.
55:36 And you've learned new truths about Jesus
55:38 and what he stands for.
55:40 And you want to take your stand along with him
55:43 Perhaps to be baptized like Jesus was,
55:52 Perhaps to keep the Lord's day holy like he did.
55:54 Perhaps there are some lifestyle issues
55:55 in your life, alcohol, tobacco, other harmful
56:00 habits that you need to surrender and give to Jesus.
56:06 For you coming to the front doesn't mean
56:09 you are not a Christian it just means you
56:10 taking another step in your journey to the
56:12 kingdom as you follow the lamb,
56:14 so three groups I want to call tonight those of you
56:17 that had never been to the cross,
56:18 those who of you that have and you've wandered
56:20 away and finally those of you
56:21 who have been Christians all along,
56:23 but you have a new decision to make about
56:25 new things you learned about God.
56:27 So while Dena sings, while every head is bowed,
56:30 every eye is closed, praying for the outpouring
56:33 of God's Spirit, would you just
56:34 stand right now, just stand and come,
56:37 And meet me down front, would you do that,
56:39 just come right now. Right now,
56:41 If God is speaking to your heart.
56:43 Just stand and come, please come down front.
56:45 Oh! Lord, we just thank you and we praise you
56:48 for what we have seen here tonight.
56:50 First of all we thank you for Jesus and the great love
56:56 that he has shown for us in the cross.
56:58 Lord our minds can't even begin to comprehend
57:01 it and then we thank you
57:03 for each person standing here.
57:05 You are the one who knows the desire of their hearts,
57:09 Lord, You know the needs that they have,
57:11 you know why they came and I just pray Lord
57:14 that you will touch each one and that you give them
57:17 exactly what they need, draw them close to you,
57:20 you said in the Bible that
57:21 when just one comes all heaven rejoices.
57:24 I can hear that choir singing right now
57:26 Lord and I rejoice with them,
57:30 I rejoice with each one, but yet there is still a note
57:32 of sadness because there are some who are seated
57:35 out there who should be standing here tonight.
57:38 For one reason or another they didn't come.
57:41 Lord, let there be no rest let's just keep striving
57:43 with every heart until every single soul is standing
57:46 safely inside the ark. We thank you
57:49 and we praise you in Jesus name. Amen.


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