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01:04 In Revelation the 7th chapter, 7th chapter,
01:09 verse 2, I saw another angel coming up from
01:14 the east having the seal of the living God
01:22 and he called out in a loud voice to the four angels
01:27 who have been given power to harm the land and the sea.
01:33 Do not harm the land and the sea or the trees
01:36 until we put a seal on the foreheads of the
01:41 servants of our God. We hear so much
01:47 today about the mark of the beast, but many
01:52 are not even aware that God has a mark on the
01:57 foreheads of his servants. In chapter 13, in Revelation
02:08 chapter 13, verse 15, he was given power to give
02:11 breath to the image of the beast so that it
02:15 could speak and cause all who refused to
02:18 worship the image to be killed and he also
02:22 forced everyone small and great, rich and
02:24 poor, free and slave to receive a mark on his
02:28 right hand or on his forehead so that no one
02:31 could buy or sell unless he had the mark.
02:37 So, John is looking forward into the future to the time
02:41 when the whole world will receive a mark on
02:44 their forehead or on their hand, those who
02:47 follow God receive God's mark and those
02:50 who follow the beast receive his mark.
02:58 In Revelation 12, verse 17, the dragon was
03:01 angry at the woman and he went off to
03:03 make war against the remnant of her
03:06 offspring, those who obey God's commandments
03:10 and hold to the testimony of Jesus. The dragon is
03:13 at war with those who want to be obedient to
03:16 the commandments of God. So, how does this
03:19 war unfold. I saw a beast coming up out of
03:23 the sea. We have identified the beast as a counterfeit
03:27 system of worship developed in the medieval church
03:30 during the Dark Ages that was designed to
03:33 replace the authority of God with the authority
03:36 of man and then the Bible says in verse 2,
03:40 one of the heads of the beast seemed to have
03:42 had a fatal wound but the fatal wound was
03:44 healed and the whole world was astonished
03:47 and followed the beast, men worshiped the
03:50 dragon because he had given authority to the
03:55 beast and they worshiped the beast.
04:02 But God isn't silent during this time.
04:06 In chapter 14 verse 6, I saw another angel
04:09 flying in the mid air and he had the eternal
04:11 Gospel to proclaim to those who live on the
04:14 earth to every nation, tribe, language, and
04:16 people. The Gospel is the good news they
04:19 were saved by grace through faith in
04:21 Jesus Christ and not by works, it's a gift of
04:24 God and this goes to every tribe, every
04:26 language, every nation, every people, every
04:29 living being on this earth at that time will
04:32 have the opportunity to hear the Gospel of
04:34 Jesus Christ. That isn't all, he said fear God
04:38 and give him glory because the hour of his
04:41 judgment has come if there was ever a time
04:43 that we needed the Gospel and we need to
04:46 cling to the cross of Jesus Christ, it's during
04:48 the judgment hour. Notice the Gospel goes
04:51 to the whole world and the angel also
04:53 announces the hour of his judgment had
04:55 come. We've already read in James the 2nd
04:58 chapter the 12th verse. The standard in that
05:01 judgment is the law of God. So, once again
05:04 we see the law of God and the grace of God
05:07 intimately intertwined in this last morning
05:10 message to the world. And then the third
05:14 angel in verse 9, the first angel isn't finished
05:18 yet. He says in a loud voice fear God and
05:21 give him glory because the hour of his
05:23 judgment has come, worship him who
05:25 made the heavens, the earth, the seas and the
05:27 springs of water. In other words every
05:29 living being on this earth, every tribe,
05:31 every language, every nation, every people is
05:34 going to hear not only the Gospel not only the
05:37 law of God but also the call to worship God
05:40 the creator of the heavens and the earth,
05:42 but practically the whole world worships
05:44 the creature who is the beast. You see the
05:48 battle in Revelation is not over oil, it isn't
05:52 over Iraq, it isn't over territory, it isn't over
05:56 lamb, the battle is over who do you worship
05:59 the creator or the beast, who do you worship
06:02 the creature or the creator? Who do you
06:05 worship the beast or the lamb? Who do you
06:08 follow? That's the battle. Verse 9, third angel followed
06:18 me said in a loud voice if anyone worships the
06:20 beast and his image and receives his mark
06:23 on the forehead or on the hand he will also
06:26 drink the wine of God's fury, which has
06:30 been poured full strength into the cup of
06:32 his wrath and he will be tormented with
06:34 burning sulfur in the presence of the holy
06:36 angels and the Lamb. There is no rest day or
06:40 night for those who worship the beast and
06:42 his image, no rest day or night. This calls
06:50 verse 12, this calls for patient endurance on
06:56 the part of the saints who obey God's
07:00 commandments and remain faithful to
07:02 Jesus. I want you to clearly notice the
07:07 contrast between those who follow the beast,
07:12 worship the beast take his mark and those
07:16 who follow God and receive his mark.
07:19 Look at it again, this calls for patient endurance
07:23 on the part of the saints who obey God's
07:26 commandments and remain faithful to Jesus.
07:31 The distinguishing factor, the contrast between
07:33 the two is those who follow the lamb are the
07:37 ones who obey the commandments of God.
07:42 The ones who worship God are the ones who obey God in
07:47 contrast to those who worship the beast. You
07:50 cannot separate obedience to the commandments of
07:53 God from the beast and his mark, they are
07:57 intimately intertwined. That's the fatal mistake
08:03 that so many make. Understand it, mark it,
08:07 underline it, memorize it, the issue in this
08:10 battle is spiritual, it is over worship, it is over
08:15 whom do you worship. And those who
08:19 worship God are the ones who obey God's
08:23 commands. This is not Jac Colon speaking,
08:29 this is God speaking. That's the issue. Now
08:35 what is the mark, for the next five minutes
08:39 more or less I am going to share with
08:42 you what I called the mark of the beast
08:46 principle. At first you are going to think it
08:49 has nothing to do with the mark of the beast
08:53 but it's the principle and then we'll apply it
08:56 and you are going to see it before I even tell
08:59 you what it is, when you apply the principle.
09:03 But if you miss the principle you'll leave here
09:07 wondering what is the mark. So, if you have
09:11 to take a siesta wait until after the next five
09:15 minutes are over, don't go to sleep now and if
09:20 someone is next to you sleeping give him
09:23 a little jab in the ribs, you must understand
09:28 the principle and ought to know, in order to
09:30 know what the mark is? So, what is the
09:33 mark of the beast principle, Matthew
09:35 chapter 15. And folks suddenly you are gonna
09:40 see why we have spent so much time talking
09:44 about some of the things we have been
09:46 talking about. It's going to be clear,
09:49 watch. Matthew 15, verse 1, some Pharisees
09:53 and teachers of the law came to Jesus from Jerusalem
09:55 and they asked him. Why do your disciples
09:57 break the tradition of the elders? Oh! Isn't
10:02 that interesting? They are worried because
10:05 the disciples were breaking the tradition
10:07 of the elder. What tradition? They don't wash their hands
10:11 before they eat. Now, you need to know they
10:15 are not worried about the disciples getting
10:17 little germs on their food. That isn't the
10:20 issue here. The issue was that they had an
10:24 elaborate ritual they went through in
10:27 washing their hands and it was a tradition
10:29 and every Godly person had to do, but
10:32 the disciples didn't do it. So, why are your
10:34 disciples breaking the tradition. You see they
10:36 are concerned about the tradition, now we
10:38 learned last night that Jesus had a way didn't
10:41 he? He had a way of just cutting right to the
10:43 core and getting to the heart of the issue with
10:45 one single question. Here he does it again.
10:48 I love the way Jesus operates, wish I could
10:50 do like he did every time. Here's what he
10:53 says and why do you break the command of
10:59 God for the sake of your tradition? Wow!
11:04 They were all huffing and puffing about
11:07 breaking tradition. And Jesus said, you are
11:12 worried about traditions while you're breaking one
11:14 of the Ten Commandments and he goes on to talk
11:17 about honoring your father and mother.
11:21 Now, watch how he pulls it all together,
11:26 you're breaking the traditions, are you breaking
11:30 one of the commandments he said and honoring your
11:34 traditions. How does Jesus feel about this?
11:39 Verse 6 tells us, ''Thus you nullify the word of
11:46 God for the sake of your tradition."
11:51 In other words when you put your tradition over
11:54 the commandments of God, you are nullifying
11:57 the word of God. Are you getting it?
12:01 That's not all, you hypocrites, Isaiah was
12:04 right when he prophesied about you, these people
12:07 honored me with their lips. Oh! But their hearts are far
12:11 from me. They worship me in vain, why? Because their
12:17 traditions are but, their teachings are about
12:20 rules taught by men. Now, get the full
12:25 impact of what Jesus is saying, he is saying
12:28 that you put your traditions over the
12:31 commandments of God and when you do
12:33 you nullify the word of God and your worship
12:35 is no worship because you're worshiping me
12:38 vain. It's like not worshiping me at all.
12:42 Folks am I being fair with the word of God,
12:46 is that what Jesus is saying I want you to
12:49 see it, I want you to see it crystal clear this
12:51 is not my interpretation, I am just reading what Jesus
12:54 said and that is, that anyone who puts their
12:58 traditions of man over the commandments of
13:01 God no matter what he says, no matter how
13:03 righteous he appears, no matter how many
13:05 prayers he prays, no matter how many
13:07 times he goes to church, no matter how
13:09 many healings he does, no matter how many
13:12 languages his speaks tongues in, no matter
13:14 how many prophesying and demons he cast out, if
13:17 he puts the traditions of men over the
13:19 commandments of God. He is not
13:21 worshiping God at all. That's what Jesus said,
13:26 not everybody who says Lord, Lord, we'll
13:28 enter the kingdom who then, only he who does
13:32 the will of the Father. Well, what's the mark
13:37 of the beast principle, it's simple. The devil
13:40 wants your worship but he knows you are
13:43 not going to worship him, he stands here
13:45 with his little red jumpsuit long tail with
13:47 an arrow on the end and his pitchfork in his
13:50 hand and say worship me, none of you are
13:52 going to go for that. But if he can establish
13:58 a church who would try to put its traditions
14:04 over the word of God and the commandments of
14:07 God and if anyone pledges allegiance to
14:11 those traditions instead of the commandments
14:14 of God they would be worshiping the dragon
14:17 because he gave his authority to the beast
14:19 and tradition nullifies their worship, they're
14:23 worshiping God in vain. Do you follow?
14:27 The devil's no dummy. And that's exactly what
14:32 he does. He knows that if he can get anyone to
14:38 put the traditions of Rome over the
14:42 commandments of God. No matter what
14:45 they say no matter how holy they may appear.
14:50 They're nullifying the word of God and
14:54 worshiping God in vain. It's as simple as
14:58 that, can you see it? We're not done yet
15:01 there's more, then if that's the principle,
15:06 what is the mark? The mark of the beast we
15:09 have already seen is a counterfeit to the mark
15:11 of the God. The devil counterfeits everything
15:14 that God does. And the counterfeit in order to
15:20 see so many people must look as though it
15:22 is the genuine thing. You don't try to pass
15:26 the counterfeit $11 bill and Satan doesn't try to
15:30 pass counterfeits that they don't look like the
15:32 real thing. So, the counterfeit mark must
15:36 appear as though it is the mark of God.
15:41 So, the best way to recognize a counterfeit
15:44 is to know the truth. Amen.
15:48 You can take a $20 counterfeit bill and
15:52 memorize every color and every line and
15:54 every curve and make sure that you can spot
15:57 that $20 counterfeit bill anytime, anywhere,
15:59 any place but it won't prevent you from being
16:02 deceived by a different kind of counterfeit $20
16:06 bill. Isn't it better to just memorize the real
16:09 thing. So, what is the truth? What is God's
16:12 mark? Turn with me to Deuteronomy 6th
16:15 chapter and we are going to find a surprise here.
16:19 Deuteronomy chapter 6, verse 6, he had just
16:21 finished reviewing the 10 commandments that
16:24 God gave to Moses. Moses had just finished
16:27 reviewing them and he in verse 6 he concludes these
16:30 commandments that I give you today are to be upon
16:33 your hearts, in verse 8, tie them as symbols on your
16:37 hands and bind them on your foreheads. How about
16:41 that? God wants his commandments on our
16:44 hands and on our foreheads, the beast wants
16:47 his mark on our hands and on our foreheads.
16:51 So, what is God's mark? His commandments, it
16:56 shouldn't be a surprise because Revelation 13
16:58 shows that the real battle is over
17:00 obedience to the commandments of
17:01 God, but that isn't all. Lets turn to Exodus
17:05 chapter 13, verse 9. Exodus 13th chapter,
17:08 9th verse. This observance will be for you like a sign
17:12 on your hand and a reminder on your forehead that
17:15 the law of the Lord is to be on your lips.
17:19 Again, God wants his law on our hands, he
17:23 wants his law on our forehead, now the
17:25 Jews made a fatal mistake with this verse
17:29 and the problem is that most Christians today
17:33 are making the exact same mistake the Jews
17:36 made. They tried to understand this verse
17:40 literally without recognizing the Bible
17:44 as a spiritual book. What did they do?
17:48 How did they get God's word on their
17:50 hand and on their forehead? They
17:53 developed what was called in that day
17:55 a phylactery, a little leather pouch and they
18:01 would take pieces of scripture written on
18:04 little scripture, written on little pieces of
18:07 papyrus or whatever they wrote on at that
18:09 time, memorize it and put it in the phylactery,
18:13 it had straps on it so they could tie it around
18:16 their head and now they have the word of God
18:21 on their forehead and they put another one
18:22 on their arm so now they have the word of
18:23 God on their hand and the forehead. And the
18:26 more of the scripture they memorized the
18:28 bigger phylactery they would have going
18:30 around. They missed the whole point, look
18:36 at the text again. This observance of God's
18:43 commands, this observance will be for you like a sign
18:50 on the forehead and a reminder on your hand
18:54 that the law of Lord is to be on your lips.
18:56 The observance is like a sign, he doesn't say
19:00 write the law on your forehead, you don't go
19:03 to the nearest laser shop and say tattoo the
19:06 10 commandments up here for me, he said
19:11 the observance of the commandments is like
19:14 a sign on the forehead. When you obey God
19:19 it's like a sign, you see God wants us to
19:26 believe in him. He wants us to believe his
19:27 law, he wants us to choose with our mind
19:28 that we obey him and his law but it isn't
19:32 enough to just believe God. He wants you to
19:35 do his will and that's what it means to write
19:38 it on your hand, the observance of the law
19:40 is like a sign on the hand that the law of
19:43 Lord is on your lips. They missed it, that's
19:49 why they missed Jesus. And today they are
19:54 doing the same mistake and I am
19:55 scared that many are going to miss Jesus.
19:59 Looking for something else, I read a book one
20:03 time about the mark of the beast by a lady
20:07 who claimed to be a PhD in economics and
20:11 theology. So, I thought well, she must really
20:15 have it together. I want to know what she has
20:17 to say it must be right. And as I read through
20:20 this big book the bottom line was that
20:23 she said that every Visa card has
20:28 a magnetic strip on the back. So, I took my
20:33 Visa card out looked in it and it had a magnetic
20:36 strip on the back. And she said encoded in
20:40 that strip are a bunch of numbers and I believe
20:44 that, she also said among those numbers on the
20:51 magnetic strip are the numbers 666 and if
20:59 you get a Visa card in the mail. She wrote
21:03 and you don't send it back you have taken
21:06 the mark of the beast. Now, folks I have
21:12 a little problem with that, I have a little
21:16 problem with a God who would condemn
21:18 someone to help because he took the
21:21 wrong credit card or maybe you've heard
21:27 that the mark of the beast is going to be
21:29 a computer chip in the hand or the forehead.
21:34 Sure enough almost a year ago now in the
21:36 Seattle Times, Friday, May 10, 2002 chip
21:41 implants in human beings begin today and
21:44 there it is. Los Angeles eight people will be
21:46 injected with silicon chips today making
21:48 them scannable just like a jar of peanut
21:51 butter in the supermarket checkout line.
21:54 These miniature devices are about the size of a grain
21:57 of rice, it is just a safety precaution for people
22:04 with Alzheimer's or heart disease. Yeah
22:07 right, safety precaution. Now listen to this, it's
22:13 developed by Applied Digital in Florida and a few
22:16 religious groups feel that the chips are the
22:19 mark of the beast referred to in the Bible.
22:24 A few? Over 80 million that read the
22:27 the left behind series believe that, they don't
22:31 read the Bible. The computer chip is not
22:35 the mark. The mark of God is obedience to
22:43 his law on the forehead and on the hand. Now,
22:44 the computer chip can easily be used to
22:45 enforce the mark. The time is coming when
22:47 you can't buy or sell unless you obey the
22:49 beast and take his mark and so, you go to
22:51 grocery store and you buy some groceries
22:54 and they say stick your hand in there gotta
22:55 scan you like a jar of peanut butter and they
22:58 put it in there and it says no. He doesn't go
23:03 along with the world global religion. Don't
23:06 sell, sure, it can be used to enforce the
23:09 mark but it isn't the mark. The devil's no
23:14 dummy, who on earth would take a chip if
23:18 that was the mark of the beast? No, he is
23:21 much more subtle than that. God's mark is
23:25 obedience to the commandment like
23:27 a mark on the forehead or on the hands.
23:30 In fact, God gets even more specific than that
23:35 in Matthew chapter 31, verse 12, he said you
23:39 must observe my Sabbaths, this will be
23:47 a sign between me and you for the generations
23:50 to come so that you will know that I am the
23:53 Lord who makes you holy. Verse 16,
23:55 observe the Sabbath celebrating it for the
23:58 generations to come as the lasting covenant it will
24:01 be sign between me and the Israelites
24:03 forever, for in six days the Lord made the
24:06 heavens, the earth and the seventh day he
24:08 abstained from work and rested. Now, don't
24:10 get thrown by this sign between me and the
24:13 Israelites because we know now who the
24:15 true Israel of God is, and that is those who
24:18 follow Jesus because there is no slave nor
24:21 free Jew nor Greek, that we are all one in
24:23 Christ and if you have put on Christ you are
24:26 Abraham's seed and you're the Israel of
24:28 God today. So, don't let anybody tell you
24:31 well that's for the Jews. True it is but who is
24:35 a Jew, those who have put on Christ.
24:42 So, notice the Sabbath again folks this is not
24:46 Jac Colon this is not even my church, this is
24:49 the word of God singling out the
24:52 Sabbath as a special sign between you and
24:56 God. So, that you can know that he is the one
24:59 who saved you. Well, Why do I need the
25:00 Sabbath to know that God saved me?
25:02 Because when we sin, we are broken,
25:13 smashed, and only the God who made us can
25:20 remake us and recreate us in his image anew.
25:26 You see it takes the creator who made us to
25:30 be the God who saves us and that's why the
25:35 Sabbath is a sign between you and God,
25:38 the Bible says that folks not me. Am I
25:41 being fair with the text? Is the Bible
25:44 saying the Sabbath is the sign between us
25:47 that we can know that he has saved us? I am
25:50 not making the Sabbath more
25:52 important than anything else. I am not
25:54 singling it out. The Bible is singling it out
25:56 as a special sign for God. In fact, if you
26:00 think about it among the Ten Commandments,
26:04 the Sabbath is the one that qualifies as a seal of
26:08 God why? Because a seal in Bible days had
26:11 the name for example in Babylon the king
26:15 Nebuchadnezzar, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon
26:20 was on his seal, his name, his territory and
26:23 and his authority. And the Sabbath begins,
26:27 the Sabbath commandment says remember the Sabbath
26:29 of the Lord your God, that's his name, he
26:33 works six days. In six days he created the
26:37 heavens and the earth that's his authority as
26:39 the creator, the heavens and the earth are
26:41 the territory the Sabbath's commandment has a seal
26:44 of God right in the center of the law of
26:46 God. And the Bible points to it as a special
26:51 sign. Now, we are not saved because we keep
27:01 the Sabbath, we keep the Sabbath because
27:07 we have been saved by the Creator and
27:11 Redeemer, who are one. Nobody is saved
27:17 by works, but works show that our faith is
27:22 real. Anyone who says I know God, I can do
27:26 miracles, I can pray, I can cast out demons
27:29 but does not do what he commands is a liar.
27:33 In fact, watch this. In First John chapter 2, in
27:37 first John chapter 2 this is in the New Testament now,
27:39 chapter 2 verse 3 we know that we have
27:42 come to know him and Jesus said this is life
27:44 eternal that we know God. So, how do we
27:47 know that we have eternal life? How do we
27:49 know that we know God? How do we know?
27:51 If we obey his commands, Now watch this, I would
27:55 never ever have the courage to say what
27:58 I am about to say right now. I mean John had
28:02 some courage. So, I am not going to say it
28:05 I am going to read it and this is the same as God
28:10 speaking. Isn't it? When we read his
28:12 word it's the same as God speaking are you
28:15 with me now. Okay, so, if you want to get
28:17 mad at what I say don't get mad at me, get mad
28:19 at God because he is the one who said this.
28:23 Here it is, we know that we have come to
28:25 know him if we obey his commands. Now,
28:31 does that mean all of them or the ones that
28:32 we pick and choose to obey? He means all of
28:34 them, because he who keeps them all but
28:36 breaks just one is guilty of breaking all
28:38 of them. Remember, so, we know that we
28:41 come to know him if we obey his commands.
28:42 The man who says I know him, oh! I know
28:46 God, Hallelujah, praise the Lord, I know him.
28:50 But does not do what he commands is a liar
28:56 and the truth is not in him. I don't care how
28:59 righteous he is, how many visions he's had?
29:01 How many tongues he's spoken in? How many
29:02 demons he's cast out? If he says I know God
29:05 I don't care how many television programs he's been
29:08 on the air? If I know God, but he doesn't do
29:12 what God commands to do he is a lair. He's
29:17 a lair, now that's what God says folks. If
29:23 anyone obeys his word God's love is truly
29:26 made complete in him. This is how we know
29:27 that we are in him, whoever lives in him
29:29 must walk as Jesus did, in other words we
29:32 must follow the lamb. And folks the lamb
29:36 kept the Sabbath and that's all should be all
29:40 we need to know. The lamb kept the Sabbath
29:45 and the Sabbath is God's mark on the
29:48 forehead in hand the Bible tells us. You know,
29:56 some people get a little upset about that
30:00 and they say well you, you make Sabbath be
30:02 more important than all the other commands,
30:03 that's all you talk about it's the Sabbath. You know
30:08 I don't think I singled out the Sabbath. I think
30:11 everybody else has singled it out by saying that's
30:13 the one you don't have to keep and then it forces me to have
30:18 to spend a little bit more time to show you why you need
30:20 to because everything else out there is saying
30:22 you don't need to. The Sabbath is no more important
30:26 than the other nine. It's no more important, it is no less
30:32 important than the other nine but since the whole world
30:36 is practically thrown it out. It forces us to spend a little
30:41 more time and the Bible singles the Sabbath out
30:47 as a special sign of allegiance to God
30:51 and in that sense it is singled out from the
30:54 other commandments, there is no doubt about it.
30:56 The Bible does that. John Calvin one of the
30:58 reformers that came after Martin Luther said the Sabbath
31:02 is a sign of total commitment and obedience to God,
31:06 if you keep the Sabbath you probably going to
31:08 keep the rest of commandments. Now of course he was
31:10 thinking Sunday. That's okay back then that was all he knew
31:14 and understood but now we have more light and we have
31:18 no excuse. Sabbath is to keep the Sabbath and you are not
31:22 going to say it's okay to kill and murder and lie
31:24 and commit adultery. In fact, isn't it interesting that
31:30 Daniel chapter 7 verse 25 says that the Antichrist would
31:34 try to change the set times and the laws and that's the
31:38 only one of the Ten Commandments that
31:40 deals with time. This thing should be jumping out all
31:44 over us here. The Sabbath then becomes the ultimate test
31:51 You see I, any God, Confucius, Sun Myung Moon, Buddha,
31:56 anyone claiming to be God could say it's a sin to lie.
32:02 It's a sin to commit adultery, it's a sin to kill people, any
32:06 God can say that. Now even politicians say that today,
32:11 it's a sin to not honor your father and mother, anyone
32:16 of the nine of the commandments we can
32:19 give a long list of, I even know people that don't even
32:21 believe in God who won't take his name in vain,
32:24 because there is just something about that.
32:25 Just doesn't seem right. You kill somebody you know
32:29 you did wrong, but you will never get up on a Saturday
32:31 morning mow your lawn and be stricken with pains of
32:34 conscience that you did the wrong thing because there
32:38 is no difference between Saturday and Sunday or
32:41 any other day, same number of minutes,
32:43 same number of seconds, smells the same. See the
32:48 only way you can know I said no difference that's not true.
32:51 The only way you can know that the Sabbath is on Saturday
32:55 and not Sunday or any other day is because
32:58 the Bible says, the seventh day is the day that God
33:02 blessed and made it holy. In that sense folks
33:07 the Sabbath becomes the ultimate test as to whether
33:10 or not we believe God, the issue isn't when do you go
33:12 to church or what day do you observe the issue is, do you
33:15 believe what God says? God says, I blessed the
33:19 seventh day, I made the seventh day holy, keep it
33:22 holy, do you believe that. If you keep the Sabbath then
33:25 you're showing you believe God, if you refuse to keep
33:28 the Sabbath and put the traditions of man over it.
33:31 It simply shows that we doubt God and that's what
33:35 Eve did, the big problem with Eve wasn't eating the
33:37 fruit, the problem was she didn't believe God that's the
33:41 problem. In that sense the Sabbath becomes the
33:43 ultimate test. People say wow! You're teaching works
33:46 brother, no way the Sabbath is a sign of faith and not
33:49 works because you can only know by faith in the word
33:52 of God that the seventh day is a Sabbath. Well then if
33:56 the Sabbath is God's mark and God's sign and folks the
33:59 Bible is so clear about that, what is the mark of the beast?
34:02 What does the Church of Rome point to as the mark of her
34:05 authority? Martin Luther was a
34:12 Roman Catholic priest and he began to teach a class on
34:16 Romans in the University of Wittenberg discovering
34:19 from the Bible that we're saved by grace through faith
34:21 and not by works but it is a free gift from the God.
34:24 And the church of Rome said no, no, no Luther, we are
34:27 saved by grace and works, not faith alone and
34:32 Luther said but the Bible says we are saved by faith
34:35 alone and the church said Luther, the Bible is not the
34:39 final standard, it's the Bible plus the traditions of the
34:42 church and Luther said maybe for you but not for me.
34:45 For me sola scriptura, the scripture and the scripture
34:49 alone and the battle line was drawn in the sand.
34:52 The Bible and the Bible only or the Bible and the
34:55 traditions of the church, the church taught tradition
34:58 and the Bible said and Luther, the Protestants said
35:02 no it's scripture alone. And many were protesting
35:07 Rome, leaving the church, standing on the scripture
35:10 and the scripture alone and they were called Protestants,
35:13 that's what a Protestant is, if someone who believes the
35:16 Bible is the only rule of faith and practice for the
35:19 Christians and so many were leaving the church
35:22 that Rome had to do something to stop this massive outflow,
35:26 so they called a special Council of Trent. 18 years,
35:29 1545 until 1563 trying to plug up the leak and stop
35:35 this massive outflow from Rome to those Protestants,
35:38 those protestors protesting the church, claiming the
35:42 scripture alone and not the traditions of Rome towards
35:45 the end of Council of Trent. In the year 1562, a powerful
35:51 argument emerged when the Archbishop of Reggio openly
35:56 declared in a speech that tradition stands above the
36:02 scripture because the church changed the Sabbath from
36:06 Saturday to Sunday not by the command of Christ
36:10 but by her own authority and now the gauntlet was laid
36:14 down. Now, the challenge was laid bare, if you want
36:17 to be a Protestant and stand on the scripture alone then
36:21 you need to believe in the Sabbath. In fact, In John
36:23 O'Brien's book, the former dean from the University of
36:26 Notre Dame which has the Pope's imprimatur
36:28 enstamped in the cover, we looked at his before in an
36:30 other night. I want to read it again, he says on page 136,
36:34 the Bible does not contain all the teachings of the
36:36 Christian religion nor does it formulate all the duties
36:39 for its members, take for example the matter of
36:41 Sunday observance. Let me address my dear non-Catholic
36:45 leaders you believe that the Bible alone is a safe guide
36:49 in religious matters. You also believe one of the
36:51 fundamental duties enjoined upon you by your Christian
36:53 faith is that of Sunday observance, but where does the
36:56 Bible speak of that obligation. I've read the
36:58 Bible from Genesis to Revelation and found no
37:01 reference to the duty of sanctifying Sunday. The day
37:04 mentioned in the Bible is not Sunday the first day of the
37:06 week, but Saturday the last day of the week. It was the
37:09 church which by virtue of her own authority changed
37:13 the observance to Sunday in honor of the day that
37:17 Christ rose from the dead. In observing Sunday as you
37:20 do isn't it apparent that you are really acknowledging
37:24 the insufficiency of the Bible alone as a rule of faith and
37:27 practice for the Christian and proclaiming the need of
37:30 a divinely established teaching authority which in
37:33 theory you reject? The same argument echoed at the
37:39 Council of Trent. In fact Cardinal Gibbons wrote in
37:47 his book the Question Box page 179, if the Bible is the
37:51 only guide for the Christians then the Seventh Day Adventist
37:54 is right in observing Saturday. Isn't it strange
37:58 that those who make the Bible their only teachers should
38:00 inconsistently follow in this matter the tradition of the
38:05 Catholic church and remember Jesus said if you put the
38:13 traditions of man above the commandments of God
38:16 you are nullifying the word of God and worshiping
38:19 God in vain. C.F. Thomas,
38:24 Chancellor Cardinal Gibbons wrote of course the
38:26 Catholic church claims that the change was her act and
38:30 that act is the mark of her authority in religious
38:36 matters. We changed the Sabbath but we can change
38:44 God's law. We have authority to do it and the proof is we
38:49 changed the Sabbath from the 7th, from the first day
38:51 to the 7th day of the week. It was the dragon who gave
38:57 the beast his authority and to acknowledge that authority
39:01 is to worship the dragon. The real issue its not which
39:09 day did you go to church. The real issue is who do
39:13 you believe, who do you trust, who do you obey.
39:19 Paul said in Romans 6:16 don't you know that you are servants
39:22 of the one that you choose to obey. I think it's clear.
39:30 Cardinal Gibbons said reason and sense demand the
39:32 acceptance of one of the other of these alternatives, either
39:35 be a Protestant and keep holy Saturday or be a Catholic
39:38 and keep Sunday compromise is impossible. And he is right,
39:45 because a Protestant is one who stands on the scripture
39:47 alone. The Church of Rome says no its tradition. When we
39:51 put tradition over scripture we are honoring Rome and
39:54 her traditions over the word of God. He is right compromise
39:59 is impossible. Bible says remember the Sabbath day
40:03 to keep it holy, but the church of the Rome says no
40:06 we have changed it to the first day of the week and low
40:10 practically the whole world bows down in reverend
40:12 obedience to the beast. We can know what his mark is. A man
40:21 was coming to our meetings one time he was a minister
40:23 of music in a large, large church and after he
40:28 heard about the Sabbath for first time. He went to his
40:31 pastor and said pastor what about that. That man stood
40:34 there and from the Bible he showed that Saturday is a
40:36 Sabbath day and the pastor said I know it is, well then
40:43 why don't we keep it? Well it's just not important.
40:47 And some of you have said if you believe Saturday is
40:50 Sabbath day, you saw it clear in scripture and I said
40:52 you thought about keeping it and you said well I don't
40:54 really think it's that important which day.
40:57 I haven't said a lot about it up until now, but I'm saying
41:00 it now, it is important to do exactly what God says.
41:11 The mark of God is obedience to the law of God and his seal
41:14 is the fourth of the Ten Commandments, the Sabbath.
41:17 What is the mark of beast? I think it's clear.
41:20 I have already seen some of you got up, 'cause I don't
41:26 want it to be fuzzy and I'm going to take a great risk.
41:32 I'm going to tell you exactly what the mark of the beast
41:34 is or will be. The mark of the beast will be forced
41:42 Sunday observance, it is the sign that Rome points to as
41:47 the mark of her authority in religious matters. It will be
41:52 forced Sunday observance, the time is coming when
41:56 you'll be forced to acknowledge the authority of
41:59 Rome to change the word of God.
42:02 I said I would tell you a great risk because some of
42:04 you if this is true to form every place we go someone
42:08 is going to leave here and say that that pastor said that
42:11 everybody who goes to church on Sunday takes the mark
42:14 of the beast. And I didn't say that, I said Sunday will
42:20 be forced and the mark is when Sunday observance is
42:28 forced upon the people. No one has the mark of the beast now.
42:35 Did you hear that? If anybody is sleeping,
42:38 jab them in the ribs good, cause I want them to hear
42:40 this. How many people have the mark of the beast now?
42:44 "No one." How many? "None." Say it again. "None."
42:48 Okay and if you leave here saving that pastor said
42:51 everybody who goes to church on Sunday has the
42:53 mark you are bearing false witness, because no one has
42:58 the mark and no one will have the mark until it is forced
43:04 with a death decree. Well, that raises
43:07 another question. Who is going to want to kill me over
43:11 when I worship or how I worship. I live in a free
43:16 country, we even sang about it tonight. We live in the
43:20 land of the free and one of the things guaranteed by
43:23 the constitution is the freedom to worship God
43:26 as we choose. Well how does the United States fit in all
43:31 of this? Revelation chapter 13 verse 11, I saw another
43:37 beast coming up out of the earth. First one came up out
43:40 of the water. Water symbolizes multitudes of people we have
43:44 already talked about all of this and that was in Rome
43:47 the Church of Rome, but this one comes up out of
43:49 the earth. A quite relatively uninhabited part of the world.
43:53 He comes up out of the earth he has two horns like a lamb
43:56 a Christian nation coming into power in a relatively quite
44:01 uninhabited part of the world. He exercised all of the
44:04 authority of the first beast on his behalf and he made
44:07 the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast
44:09 whose fatal wound had been healed. So sometime after the
44:13 infliction of the fatal wound in 1798 sometime in the
44:17 late 1700s, we should be looking for a nation rising
44:22 to power in a relatively quite, relatively uninhabited
44:27 portion of the world at least compared to Europe and it
44:30 would be a Christian nation because he looks like a lamb.
44:35 There is only one nation coming into power around
44:38 the mid, the end of the 1700s, there was Christian nation
44:42 in a relatively quite part of the earth and you live there.
44:47 This is Protestant America. It began with the pilgrims
44:51 escaping the religious persecution under the
44:54 authority of the Antichrist, the beast, the little horn in
44:58 Europe, they came here with a right to worship God as we
45:02 please, to establish the freedom of religion and it
45:06 was to be a Christian nation, but the prophecy says he
45:11 spoke like a dragon. And he forces everyone to worship
45:18 the beast and I don't want to be misunderstood again and
45:24 I'm not anti-American. I'm proud to be an American,
45:31 we sang America today, God bless America and I pray
45:37 that everyday. I risked my life for the principals that
45:41 this country is established on, I believe in this country,
45:47 but I don't like what the prophet said is going
45:49 to happen. Protestant America is going to reach across the
45:55 gulf join hands with Rome and force the world to worship
46:00 and acknowledge her authority to change the word of God.
46:06 We are halfway there folks because protestant America
46:09 already acknowledges the authority of Rome to change
46:13 God's word. And who else on earth is strong enough
46:20 to enforce her church state religion, if it ever came
46:27 to that point which it will because that's exactly what
46:30 the prophet said is going to happen. Who on earth is
46:32 strong enough to do it? I love America, but I don't
46:37 love what the prophet said is going to happen.
46:39 America is going to change and you are going to lose
46:42 your freedoms and understand this every law that is passed
46:45 in order to protect you from terrorism is stripping away
46:49 some of your freedoms. And I have a lot more to say
46:54 about that on another night. But for tonight I just want
46:57 to take a quick look at how, how a nation speaks because
47:04 a nation speaks through her laws. And listen to what
47:08 John Paul II has to say about how the
47:11 United States of America is going to speak like
47:14 the dragon. In a extremely significant letter
47:20 Dies Domini written by John Paul II to try to
47:22 encourage more and more of his people to observe Sunday
47:25 and to go to church on Sundays because it's a tremendous
47:28 problem in the church. John Paul II makes an
47:31 impassion plea for Sunday observance based on the
47:33 fourth commandment, remember the Sabbath day. He concludes
47:36 with an appeal for Sunday legislation enforcing Sunday
47:41 observance. In section 64, he cites the Sunday laws in
47:47 the fourth century established by the Emperor Constantine
47:53 and based on those Sunday laws enforcing Sunday
47:56 observance by Constantine in the fourth century,
47:59 he goes on to conclude that therefore the particular
48:03 circumstances of our own time Christians will
48:06 naturally strive to ensure civil legislation, respects
48:10 their duty to keep Sunday holy. In other words
48:16 he's encouraging; he's encouraging his followers,
48:20 he's encouraging his believers to move towards
48:23 enforcing Sunday legislation, in fact I just saw an article,
48:29 I have it right here, just at the first of the year it
48:31 happened this was January 16. USA Today reported,
48:35 the Vatican issued a new set of guidelines for
48:38 Catholic politicians Thursday reminding them to heed
48:42 the churches "non-negotiable teachings on abortion,
48:46 Euthanasia, same sex marriage and other issues when making
48:50 public policy" and this is from Vatican issues,
48:54 Vatican issues guidelines for Catholic politicians.
48:59 What are the other issues that he has in mind. We can
49:04 catch a glimpse into the mind of John Paul II in his letter
49:11 as we consider the coming test here in America. All we
49:20 have to think about is the change, the change in the
49:24 attitudes of the people since September 11. Now since
49:28 September 11 more and more people are looking to the
49:31 government to protect us in any way that you can even
49:36 at the cost of our freedoms, but there is another ground
49:42 swell that's beginning to emerge, evangelical Christians
49:46 right here in America. Increasing the call and the
49:53 demand to make America be a Christian nation again
49:56 obeying the commandments of God. None other than
50:01 doctor James Kennedy, one of the foremost and most
50:05 respected pastors of the Evangelical Movement and
50:10 I have learned so much from Dr. Kennedy I accredit him
50:14 with a large part of my understanding of the Gospel,
50:17 in his book Evangelism Explosion, I respect him,
50:21 I love the man, but I don't like what he said. He said
50:26 in his sermon on the Ten Commandments especially
50:28 the fourth one the gift of rest, we live in a time when
50:31 the institution of the Sabbath has come under
50:32 great attack, there are those who declare that it abolished
50:36 by Christ and it is no longer in effect today.
50:38 The scriptures do not teach that Christ ever annulled,
50:41 abrogated or abolished the Sabbath or any of the
50:44 commandments on the contrary the scripture plainly teaches
50:47 that the commandments remain in effect today and have been
50:50 strengthened by Christ who declared not only the deed,
50:53 but the thought and the word are a part of what God has
50:56 given us. He clearly states, Jesus clearly states Kennedy
51:00 says, if we love him we will keep his commandments,
51:04 even as late as the Book of Revelation we read that
51:07 here is the patience of the saints of God, those who
51:10 have the faith of Jesus and keep the commandments of God.
51:14 The very last chapter of the Bible, Kennedy says we read
51:18 of those who keep the commandments of God and have
51:20 the right to the tree of life, I couldn't have said it any
51:23 better. The only problem is he has the wrong day folks,
51:29 he is talking about Sunday. Referring to the Sabbath
51:37 and this is chilling, Kennedy goes on to say the benefit
51:43 of the human race that has come through the institution
51:45 of the Sabbath can hardly be overestimated. There is an
51:49 old maxim that states 'as goes the Sabbath so goes
51:52 the nation,' are you understanding this? Here is
51:57 a prominent evangelical leader saying there is an
52:00 old maxim folks, 'as goes the Sabbath so goes the nation.'
52:07 And we might do well to ponder that thought and what
52:10 it portends for America? He goes on to say as the
52:14 Sabbath is desecrated, church attendance is ignored and
52:19 nation sink deeper and deeper into the mire of sin, there
52:23 are those today who say the low moral condition of
52:27 America is related to our breaking of the Sabbath and
52:32 it doesn't take much imagination to see how this
52:36 mind set, however true it may be, how this mind set
52:40 coupled with the desire of the masses today for the
52:44 government to protect us from evil can easily arouse
52:48 the masses to a frenzied element to remove those who
52:52 refuse to go along with observing the Lord's day
52:56 because they are the ones that are causing the problem.
52:58 It doesn't take a leap of imagination to understand
53:00 that, why? Why would anyone want to murder you because
53:08 of the way you worship? First John chapter 3
53:15 in verse 12, do not be like Cain who belonged to the
53:18 evil one and murdered his brother and why did
53:23 he murder him? Because his own actions were evil
53:26 and his brothers actions were righteous. Well, what
53:29 did Cain do that was so evil? He worshiped God with
53:36 tradition instead of the word of God, and his own
53:42 actions were so evil that he murdered his own brother,
53:46 do not be surprised my brothers if the world
53:48 hates you. In fact Jesus said in John 16:2, the time is
53:55 coming when anyone who kills you will think he is
53:57 doing a service to God. Folks we are getting close
54:03 to that time. There is a lot more that I could say but
54:06 I'm out of time tonight, besides that I've got to
54:09 give you reasons to come back on other nights. But for
54:14 tonight it's enough for us to recognize that we need to be
54:19 prepared to follow the lamb and not the beast. Years ago
54:28 a Pope, not the current Pope, but a Pope died and the
54:32 Cardinal Bishops met in the Sistine Chapel cast their
54:35 ballots and elected a new man to replace him. And the day
54:39 for his carnation came and they lifted the huge triple
54:42 tiara, placed it on his head and with almost every
54:45 television camera in the world focused on him I now
54:49 crown you Pope, king over heaven and earth and hell.
54:57 And practically the whole world followed in wonder.
55:00 Do you know there was another coronation scene? This man
55:05 didn't look like a king. As he hung dying on a cross,
55:12 he didn't wear a triple tiara, he had a crown of thorns
55:16 on his head, but he said he was a King, he has said he was
55:24 King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He died, he was
55:33 buried and three days later he rose up again. He ascended
55:39 into heaven and that story isn't over yet because one
55:44 day soon he is going to come again. The skies are
55:48 going to open like a scroll, Jesus is going to descend
55:53 and those who have been faithful will be caught up to
55:55 him and we'll join that great choir in the sky, cast our
56:00 crowns at his feet and sing out all hail the power of
56:04 Jesus name. Let angels prostrate fall, bring forth
56:09 the royal diadem and crown him Lord of all.
56:16 "Amen!" Jesus said, the son of man
56:22 is Lord, even of the Sabbath. Is he Lord of all
56:31 in your life? Even of the Sabbath. Follow the lamb.
56:43 Amen. Oh! Lord, it isn't easy to say some of these
56:56 things because I know that there are people sitting here
56:59 right now that are maybe a little confused, maybe
57:04 a little hurt, perhaps angry. And I know that sometimes
57:11 words have a way of coming out hard and harsh and unloving.
57:16 And Lord I pray if my words came out that way
57:21 that you'll forgive me and through your grace and
57:25 your power let the truth be clear because we want
57:31 to follow the lamb. Amen.


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