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01:04 The great Judgment Day it was the 3rd of October,
01:10 October 1995, a group of us had assembled
01:13 around a little radio set in Dina's office waiting
01:19 for the announcement of the verdict, later on
01:27 we had the opportunity to see it on television, it
01:33 was amazing, in that courtroom there was not
01:34 a sound as a little envelope was opened
01:38 and the verdict was read, everyone holding
01:41 their breath in anticipation, waiting to
01:46 hear the answer and finally we heard it.
01:52 Orenthal J. Simpson not guilty, instantly there
02:00 was a celebration in half of the courtroom,
02:03 but the other half shook their heads in disbelief.
02:08 Half went out believing that justice had been
02:11 served, the other half believing it had not.
02:18 Both leaving equally convinced. What was
02:23 the truth? Did he kill her or not? And the
02:28 truth is that no one knows the answer to
02:31 that question for sure except O. J. Simpson
02:35 and God. How would you like to face
02:42 a written transcript of everything you have
02:45 ever done, every word you've ever spoken in
02:49 your whole life, every thought that you have
02:52 ever thought. You say well I'm glad I don't
02:58 have to do that, you do. Ecclesiastes, chapter 12
03:08 verse 13, now all has been heard and here is
03:12 the conclusion of the matter, fear God and
03:15 keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of
03:18 man, for God will bring every deed into
03:22 judgment including every hidden thing
03:24 whether it's good or evil. The judgment and
03:28 folks there are no blank spaces on God's tapes.
03:34 It's all there, everything you've ever done, every
03:37 word you have ever spoken, every thought
03:39 you've ever thought, it's all there, nothing is
03:41 missing, what would it be like. If you have to
03:46 face a transcript of everything you've ever
03:48 done in your life. Oh! I'm glad I don't have to
03:50 do that, you do, every hidden thought. Oh!
03:57 That isn't for Christians, no that's not
03:59 for believers, that's just for the wicked people.
04:03 Paul said in Second Corinthians, chapter 5,
04:06 verse 10, we, that's us, we must all, that's us,
04:14 we must all appear before the judgment
04:17 seat of Christ, so that each one may receive
04:19 what is due to him for the things done in the
04:21 body whether good or bad. Everyone must
04:26 appear before the judgment seat of Christ,
04:28 well then when is this going to take place,
04:30 when is this judgment, the last Bible book,
04:34 Revelation chapter 22, the last chapter, verse
04:37 12, Behold, Jesus said, I'm coming soon and
04:42 my reward is with me and I will give to
04:45 everyone, can you see it, sometime before
04:48 Jesus comes he has to finish the judgment
04:52 because every decision is made when he comes
04:55 he brings his reward with him. So when is
04:58 the judgment, sometime before Jesus comes. But
05:04 the Bible gets even more specific than that.
05:07 Revelation, chapter 14, in Revelation chapter
05:12 14 verse 6, I saw another angel flying in
05:15 the midair, you know this, this is the first of
05:18 the three angels' messages we have been
05:19 looking at on night after night each night of
05:22 Revelation Now, reviewing again the first angel,
05:25 when do the three angels messages take
05:28 place. Revelation 14 shows us the harvest, Jesus coming
05:31 on the clouds with his sickle to reap for the
05:33 time to reap has come. So just before Jesus
05:37 comes, just before the end time Verse 6, I saw
05:40 another angel flying in the midair, he had the
05:43 eternal Gospel, to proclaim to those who
05:46 live on the earth. Who does he proclaim it to,
05:48 to every nation, tribe, language and people,
05:51 every living being on this earth, every living
05:54 soul is going to have the opportunity to hear the
05:57 Gospel of Jesus Christ before he comes on the
06:01 clouds and he said in a loud voice, fear God
06:04 and give him glory, because the hour of his
06:08 judgment has come. Think about it,
06:17 sometime before Jesus comes, while the gospel
06:23 is being preached to the whole world, while men
06:28 and women still have the opportunity to
06:32 accept Christ as their savior, while the Gospel
06:36 is being preached at the same time the angel
06:39 announces the hour of God's judgment has
06:43 already come. Now in order for anyone to ever
06:49 be able to say that God's judgment has
06:52 come they would have to know when it began.
07:01 When did it begin, first of all, I'm going to
07:05 show you tonight that, that judgment is going
07:12 on right now, at this very moment, while
07:18 you and I are sitting here in this comfortable
07:20 building, the judgment has already begun. How
07:28 can I be so sure? Turn with me to the Book of
07:32 Daniel, in Daniel chapter 7, we are gonna
07:39 to do some review and some new things
07:42 tonight and tonight we are going to go very,
07:44 very deep into the prophecies when we
07:47 look at the great Judgment Day. So
07:50 follow along, shake the cobwebs out, get your
07:53 minds alert, pray for the Holy Spirit to open
07:56 your mind for understanding because
07:58 you are going to see the good news about the
08:03 Judgment Day. So, let's take a look, when is the
08:07 judgment, I want you to notice as we review the
08:11 prophecies that we have already studied, the flow
08:14 of time through history. Daniel, chapter 7 verse 4,
08:18 the first beast came up out of the sea looking
08:21 like a lion that was Babylon in 605 BC and
08:25 then the second beast looked like a bear that
08:27 one symbolized Medo-Persia in 538 BC, notice we're
08:32 moving through time and then the Greek Leopard
08:35 arises out of the water 331 BC, then a terrifying
08:40 frightening beast 169 BC representing the Roman Empire
08:44 notice we are moving along in time now to
08:48 169 BC and then it says that he had 10 horns,
08:54 the division of Rome into the nations of
08:56 Europe we saw that happening by the year
09:00 476 AD, so notice again we're moving along, we
09:05 are flowing in time, this is a historical record
09:09 giving us an anchor in the prophecies, so that
09:12 we can know where we are now and see where
09:16 we're headed that's the importance of the flow
09:20 of history. So we finished the Roman
09:23 beast and the Rome divided into the 10 horns
09:27 formulating the nations of Europe by 476, but
09:31 then notice he saw another horn. In Verse
09:37 8, a little horn that came up among them and
09:41 three of the first horns were uprooted before it.
09:43 We've identified this little horn as a counterfeit
09:46 system of worship, developed in the church
09:50 of the Dark Ages at Rome and it had both political
09:54 and religious authority to enforce its doctrines
09:58 by force and death on those who refuse to
10:02 accept the teachings of the church. We have
10:04 already studied this nothing new here, but
10:07 the little horn reigned from 538, 1260 years
10:11 until 1798 and I promised you that I would show
10:15 you in prophecy that a year is a symbol for
10:18 a day, we're gonna do that tonight. But first of
10:21 all notice the flow in time to 1798 and then
10:26 the very next thing we see happening in verse 9,
10:29 as I look thrones were set in place and the
10:32 ancient of days took his seat on the throne that's
10:37 God, the father, sitting on the throne. Verse 10,
10:41 thousands upon thousands attended him
10:44 10,000 times, 10,000 stood before him, the
10:48 court was seated and the books were opened
10:53 and there is the judgment. When?
10:59 Sometime between 1798 and the return of
11:03 Christ. Notice we're narrowing it down and
11:08 it's getting very, very close to our own time.
11:13 And in verse 13 notice the father is seated on
11:16 the throne Verse 13, in my vision at night
11:19 I looked and there before me was one like a son
11:21 of man coming with the clouds of heaven not to
11:25 this earth, but he approached the ancient
11:28 of days and was led into his presence so here is
11:32 Jesus coming into the presence of the father as
11:36 he sits on the throne, the court is seated, the
11:39 books are opened and Jesus is standing there
11:42 what is he doing there? That's the question we
11:46 need the answer tonight. How long do
11:52 they stand there? What's going on. Verse 21,
11:56 I watched this little horn was waging war
11:58 against the saints and defeating them, how
12:01 long does the little horn persecute God's people
12:04 until the ancient of days came and pronounced
12:08 judgment in favor of the saints. So now we don't
12:14 have to be afraid of the judgment if you are one
12:17 of the saints, but here's the point that's
12:22 important for us to recognize that if he
12:26 pronounced judgment in favor of the saints
12:33 then the saints were being judged. You
12:40 don't pronounce judgment in favor of
12:42 someone who is not being judged, I mean
12:47 that would be like you sitting in on the
12:49 O. J. Simpson trial and someone says you are
12:53 not guilty. Oh! Hey, I'm not even on trial.
12:58 So the fact that he pronounces judgment in
13:01 favor of the saints means the saints are
13:02 being judged, don't let anyone tell you that
13:05 believers are never judged, but why? Well,
13:10 we'll have to answer that question in a moment
13:13 one of the things the little horn does in
13:15 chapter 5 verse 20, in chapter 7 verse 25,
13:18 remembers to try to change the set times
13:21 and the laws, and we've already seen that he
13:23 would try to change the law of God. Verse 26,
13:25 but the court will sit and his power will be taken
13:29 away and completely destroyed forever. That
13:34 hasn't happened yet, hasn't been completely
13:37 destroyed forever, but it will come when the
13:41 court sits in judgment. Verse 27 and then the
13:45 sovereignty, power, and greatness of the
13:46 kingdoms under the, under the whole
13:48 heavens will be handed over to the saints, to the
13:51 people of the most high God and his kingdom
13:55 will be an ever lasting kingdom and the rulers
13:58 will worship and obey him. Good news about
14:02 the judgment! Amen. "Amen."
14:06 We don't have to be afraid of the judgment.
14:12 Why are the saints judged? What is Jesus
14:16 doing standing there? When is this judgment?
14:21 Anyway, these are the questions that we need
14:26 to answer tonight. And this is an exciting
14:34 message, so hold on, in fact you may as well
14:35 practice right now saying Amen, because
14:37 you're gonna want to say it over and over
14:38 tonight, right. So, it's the good news, it's the
14:41 good news about the judgment for us to hear
14:43 tonight, can you say Amen. "Amen."
14:45 A little better, Amen. "Amen."
14:47 Oh, good, even if you sitting at home,
14:48 watching on the broadcast, give a big
14:50 loud Amen. I can almost hear you from
14:52 here. Okay, chapter 8, when is the judgment
14:59 going to take place. This time Daniel sees
15:03 another vision, a Ram and the Goat, and the
15:06 Goat comes and tramples the Ram
15:08 underfoot. Now remember our principle of outline
15:14 prophecies that repeat, they're parallel prophecies
15:17 the instant replay principle. Remember,
15:20 we've been talking about that, he shows us
15:22 the big picture in a vision and then he
15:24 comes back and he shows us again and then
15:26 he comes back and we see it again each time
15:29 from a little different point of view getting
15:31 a clearer and clearer picture of what takes
15:35 place in the end time. So, now the cameras go
15:37 back and now we're looking at the same
15:39 thing again, this time the Ram and the Goat,
15:41 the Goat tramples the Ram, who is the Ram
15:43 and who is the Goat. Verse 20, the two
15:45 horned Ram you saw represents the Kings of
15:47 Media and Persia and the Goat is the King of
15:49 Greece. There you go, now he is showing us,
15:53 where we are once again in the flow,
15:55 historical flow of time. And then he shows after
16:00 the Goat is defeated, after the Goat, after the
16:04 Ram tramples on the Goat, I'm sorry, after
16:08 the Goat tramples on the Ram, the big horn,
16:11 the Goat has a big horn between his eyes,
16:13 the big horn he says is the first King of Greece
16:15 that is the Alexander the great, horns broken
16:18 off remember he died at the peak of his power,
16:20 drunk at the age of 32 in despair because he
16:23 had no more nations to conquer. And then
16:26 a little horn comes up and the Bible describes
16:29 that little horn, look at it with me in verse 9, out
16:33 of one of them came another horn a little
16:34 one, which thought it's small, but grew in
16:37 power. Verse 10, it grew until it reached the
16:39 host of the heavens and it threw the starry hosts
16:42 down to the earth and it trampled on them, and
16:45 he set himself up to be as great as the prince of
16:48 the host. Here we see the little horn starts off
16:51 little, but he magnifies himself to be as great as
16:54 the prince of those, who is the prince of the
16:56 hosts, that's Jesus, that's God and Jesus
17:00 and here, the little horn is putting himself in
17:02 God's place, remember making himself as great
17:05 as the prince of the hosts. So we are just
17:08 reviewing what we saw in Daniel 7, but then he
17:11 adds a new piece watch, he set himself up in
17:16 verse 11 to be as great as the prince of the
17:18 hosts and he took away the daily sacrifice from
17:22 him. Remember we learned the other night
17:25 when we are identifying the little horn how that
17:27 he take away the daily sacrifice, because in the
17:30 mass they claim that they are sacrificing
17:33 Christ for sins over and over and over again,
17:37 which would mean that one time on the cross
17:39 was not enough, but you and I know that one
17:42 time was enough! Amen. "Amen."
17:46 And so, he would take away the effectiveness
17:49 of that sacrifice by insisting that it had to
17:51 be done over and over again on the alter of the
17:55 mass. And then the place of his sanctuary
18:00 was brought low, so the little horn even tramples
18:05 God's sanctuary and brings it low, we'll look
18:09 at that again in a moment and because
18:12 of the rebellion, the host of the saints and the
18:14 daily sacrifice were given over to it, it
18:18 prospered in everything that it did and truth was
18:21 cast down to the ground. So what does the little
18:26 horn do, the little horn takes away the daily
18:28 sacrifice, the little horn tramples God's sanctuary
18:32 underfoot and the little horn cast the truth about
18:35 God down to the ground. And then in
18:41 verse 13, I heard a Holy One speaking and
18:44 another Holy One said to him, 'how long, Oh!
18:49 Here's the question folks, how long, how
18:53 long will it take for the vision to be fulfilled
18:58 and he said to me in verse 14 after 2300
19:02 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed
19:08 or as the new international version
19:10 puts it then shall the sanctuary be
19:12 reconsecrated or restored. How long will
19:16 this go on, 2300 days the sanctuary will be
19:23 cleansed? Now I want you to notice carefully
19:26 in Daniel chapter 7, we had Babylon and then
19:31 Medo-Persia and then Greece and then Rome,
19:34 Rome divided into the 10 horns, the little horn
19:37 came and then the next thing that happened was
19:40 the judgment. In Daniel 8, Babylon's almost history,
19:46 we start with Medo-Persia and then Greece and
19:49 then the Roman beast, Rome both Pagan and
19:52 Papal symbolized by that little horn, he is not
19:54 so interested in the early stuff, he wants us
19:57 to focus on the end time, the things that
20:00 happened at the end, the little horn magnifies
20:02 himself to God trampling and persecuting the
20:05 saints and then the next thing is the cleansing of
20:08 the sanctuary. So, what does it tell us, if the
20:11 cleansing of, if in Daniel 7 the judgment
20:15 comes after the little horn is persecuting
20:17 God's people and in chapter 8th,
20:19 the judgment, the cleansing of the
20:21 sanctuary takes place after the little horn is
20:23 persecuting God's people. Then can't you
20:25 see the parallel prophecy shows us that
20:29 the cleansing of the sanctuary is just another
20:32 way of looking at the judgment and the
20:36 judgment is just another way of looking at the
20:38 cleansing of the sanctuary both of these
20:40 together give us a clear picture of what really
20:43 happens at the end time just before Jesus comes.
20:48 And now it gets exciting, because he
20:52 says after 2300 days the sanctuary will be
20:56 cleansed. Now remember a day is a symbol for a year,
21:00 so after 2300 years the sanctuary would be
21:03 cleansed. We are going to prove that to you in
21:06 just a few moments, but before we can do that
21:09 we have to ask ourselves another
21:11 question. What is the cleansing of the
21:16 sanctuary, now we have already seen that the
21:19 cleansing of the sanctuary and the
21:21 judgment both are two ways of looking at the
21:24 same event, so we can identify the cleansing of
21:26 the sanctuary with the judgment, but why does
21:29 God say that after 2300 days he would restore
21:33 or cleanse his sanctuary, because you have to
21:36 understand what that means and then the
21:38 second thing you need to know is when do the
21:46 something happens at the end of the 2300 days
21:48 or 2300 years is meaningless, unless you
21:51 know when the 2300 years begin. So two questions
21:56 that we need to answer and we are gonna
21:57 answer tonight. First of all what is the cleansing
22:00 or the restoring of the sanctuary maybe we
22:02 should start with another question, a third
22:04 question, what is the sanctuary? When Moses went
22:09 on the mountain, as we are gonna see in a moment
22:11 he received not only the 10 commandments on
22:14 the tables of stones, but God also gave him
22:17 a pattern, a blue print of a sanctuary and they
22:24 built the sanctuary, they made it out of, made it
22:27 into a big tent just exactly the way God
22:30 said and that sanctuary was the focal point of
22:34 Israel's worship. The sanctuary was the place
22:37 where God said he would meet with his
22:40 people. And they carried that sanctuary
22:47 around every place that they went and they set it
22:50 up wherever they stopped, but when God
22:53 said he would cleanse the sanctuary after 2300 days,
22:57 he wasn't talking about the one Moses built.
23:01 Later on David established plans, King David and
23:05 his son Solomon executed the plans and
23:08 they built a permanent building, a magnificent
23:11 temple, a sanctuary. It's a place where God
23:16 would meet with his people, the focus of
23:18 Israel's worship. But he is not talking about
23:25 cleansing that sanctuary either. In fact, in Daniel
23:30 8:14, when he says after 2300 days the sanctuary
23:33 would be cleansed, he is not talking about any
23:35 sanctuary on this earth at all. He is talking
23:39 about a sanctuary in heaven. Now, how do
23:46 I know this, watch. After Daniel saw the
23:51 vision in verse 17, he was terrified and fell to
23:55 the ground, an angel came and said son of
23:58 man understand that the vision concerns the time
24:02 of the end. He goes on to say in verse 19, the
24:08 vision concerns the appointed time of the
24:12 end. In other words, God has appointed a time
24:16 at the end and that's what this vision is all
24:19 about and then we go again down to verse 26,
24:23 seal up the vision Daniel because it
24:26 concerns the distant future, it does not apply
24:29 to you Daniel, it doesn't even apply to your
24:32 people Daniel, it applies to the distant future, so
24:36 seal it up. Only book in the Bible that's ever
24:39 been sealed up. So, if the vision of the
24:45 sanctuary applies to the time of the end then
24:49 when is the time of the end and what is the
24:53 sanctuary? We've already answered that
24:55 first question, the time of the end is the last
24:57 days, the time since Jesus has come, we are
25:01 living in the time of the end now, but what is
25:05 the sanctuary? Is there really a sanctuary in
25:10 heaven and if so what could possibly be up
25:13 there that would need to be cleansed. See these
25:16 are all good questions so turn to verse, to
25:20 Hebrews chapter 8, now we are in the New Testament
25:23 in Hebrews chapter 8 verse 1, the point of
25:27 what we're saying is this, we do have a high
25:31 priest who sat down at the right hand of the
25:33 throne of the majesty in heaven the Bible says,
25:38 and he serves in the sanctuary, the true
25:42 tabernacle set up by the Lord and not by man.
25:47 So, if Jesus is our high priest and he serves in
25:50 the sanctuary in heaven set up by God and not
25:53 man then there must be a sanctuary in heaven!
25:56 Amen. "Amen." And he is our priest and
26:01 he is our high priest and you do not have to go to
26:04 any man to confess your sins, you and I can
26:08 go directly to Christ in the sanctuary in heaven
26:11 to confess our sins and he forgives us directly
26:14 by grace through faith in him! Amen.
26:18 You do not need a man to intercede between
26:21 God and you. That's what Jesus is
26:25 doing in the sanctuary in heaven, he is there
26:28 for you. So, there is a sanctuary in heaven
26:34 and he is up there as our high priest. Verse 5,
26:45 talking about the priests who served in the
26:48 sanctuary on earth, in Moses tent, in David
26:52 and in Solomon's permanent structure,
26:54 those priests who served in the sanctuary
26:56 on earth. Verse 5 of Hebrews 8, they serve
27:01 at a sanctuary that is a copy and a shadow of
27:04 what is in heaven, you see they built a sanctuary
27:08 on earth, that was a copy and a shadow of the one
27:10 in heaven. So there must be something in
27:11 heaven that he copied and then he says this is
27:16 why Moses was warned when he was about to
27:19 built the tabernacle. See to it that you make
27:21 everything according to the pattern shown you
27:24 on the mountain. So, Moses saw a pattern
27:28 and he reproduced that pattern in the sanctuary
27:31 on earth. It was a reflection of what he
27:35 saw in heaven, now it's there for reason and for
27:39 a purpose, but watch this in Verse 6, the
27:42 ministry that Jesus has received is as superior
27:46 to those earthly priests as the covenant of
27:49 which he is a mediator is superior to the old
27:52 one. The ministry of Jesus as our high priest
27:56 is far superior to the ministry of those priests
27:59 in the earthly sanctuary. In fact, as superior as
28:06 the new covenant is to the old covenant, now
28:10 what's the new covenant, he tells us right here
28:14 in verse 10. This is the covenant I'll make with
28:17 the house of Israel after that time declares the
28:19 Lord, I'll put my laws in their minds, I'll write
28:22 them on their hearts and I will be their God and
28:25 they will be my people. In other words the same
28:29 laws that were written on the tables of stone
28:32 when Moses received the Ten Commandments
28:35 and the blue print for the sanctuary, the same
28:38 laws that God wrote with his finger on stone
28:40 now in the new covenant he writes in
28:43 our minds and in our hearts.
28:46 Don't let anybody tell you that the Ten Commandments
28:50 for the old covenant and the new covenant, we
28:52 can break the Ten Commandments.
28:54 I've had people going doing all kinds of
28:57 mental gymnastics trying to explain to me
28:59 why we don't have to keep the Ten Commandments
29:01 anymore. But the same law that was written on
29:06 stone is now written in our hearts, the new
29:08 covenant does not do away with the law in
29:11 fact Jesus showed us that the spirit of the law
29:15 is much more intense even then the letter of
29:18 the law. Amen. That's why even every
29:23 thought is brought into judgment. And now it
29:28 all begins to make sense, back to our
29:31 opening text Ecclesiastes 12:13 now all has been heard
29:35 and here is the conclusion of the matter.
29:37 Fear God and keep his commandments, for this
29:40 is the whole duty of man. But what about
29:45 love, oh! don't miss it. We've done it over and
29:50 over again, what is love? Love is keeping
29:55 God's commandments. This is the whole duty
30:01 of man. Therefore God will bring every deed
30:05 into judgment and it is not an insignificant fact
30:09 that James said in chapter 2 verse 12 to
30:12 the church, speak and act as those who are
30:14 going to be judged by the law. So Jesus is our
30:23 high priest in the heavenly sanctuary, but
30:26 how does the little horn trample God's sanctuary
30:31 underfoot. Now we can understand in Roman
30:38 and Hebrews, chapter 10 verse 26, if we
30:42 deliberately keep on sinning after we have
30:45 received the knowledge of the truth, there is no
30:48 sacrifice left for sin. No sacrifice for deliberate
30:55 willful sin. What is sin? Transgressing and
31:00 breaking the law of God. To willfully break
31:03 the law of God. No sacrifice for sin, now
31:06 watch this, only a fearful expectation of
31:11 judgment and raging fire that will consume
31:14 the enemies of God. Anyone who rejected
31:18 the law of Moses died without mercy on the
31:21 testimony of two or three witnesses. How
31:24 much more severely do you think a man
31:27 deserves to be punished who has trampled the
31:30 son of God underfoot and treated as an unholy
31:34 thing, the blood of the covenant that sanctified
31:37 him and who has insulted the Spirit of
31:39 grace. Willful, deliberate sin is trampling the Son
31:47 of God and his sanctuary underfoot and
31:51 insulting the Spirit of grace. Don't let
31:54 anybody tell you, you can break one of God's
31:57 commandments, because sin is transgression of the law
32:02 and willful deliberate sin is trampling Jesus Christ
32:06 and he is our high priest in the sanctuary, it is
32:09 trampling God's sanctuary underfoot and
32:12 there is no sacrifice for willful sin. So Jesus is
32:18 our high priest in the sanctuary, the little horn
32:21 trampling the sanctuary how, by thinking to
32:24 change the set times in the law saying that it's
32:27 okay to break God's commandments especially
32:31 the Sabbath. Because we changed it from the
32:34 seventh day to the first and that is trampling
32:38 Jesus Christ underfoot. You know what, what is
32:44 the purpose of the sanctuary. In chapter 9,
32:51 Paul tells us about the Old Testament
32:53 sanctuary and he talks about how the furniture
32:55 was arranged and how they had two
32:57 apartments, the holy place and the most holy
32:59 place, and how whenever a person sinned they
33:01 would bring their, their offering a perfect lamb
33:04 without spot or blemish, what did the lamb point
33:06 forward to, I should say who did the lamb point
33:09 forward to, pointed to Jesus. So he confessed
33:12 sin on the lamb's slaughter, the lamb shed
33:14 his blood and then the priest would sprinkled
33:16 that blood in the holy place just before the
33:18 veil that separate the most holy place in the
33:20 advanced seminar. Tomorrow I'm gonna
33:21 have charts to show you how will this work, but
33:23 just imagine there was a inner apartment, the
33:26 holy place, a veil separating from the
33:27 most holy place and there was the Ark of the
33:29 Covenant, the Ten Commandments and
33:31 on the top was a mercy seat, the presence of
33:33 God and in the Ark was the law, so there was
33:35 the law, and God, and grace always together.
33:38 Even in the Old Testament sanctuary, so the blood
33:41 was sprinkled before the veil thus transferring
33:43 the guilt of those sins into the most holy place
33:46 of the sanctuary. But once a year on the day
33:48 of atonement, it was the time to cleanse the
33:50 sanctuary. And why did he do all of this.
33:55 Because in verse 8, the way the Holy Spirit was
33:59 showing that the way into the Most Holy
34:01 Place had not yet been disclosed as long as the
34:05 first tabernacle was still standing, it is an
34:08 illustration for the present time, as long as
34:11 they were in the sanctuary on earth, as
34:13 long as they were offering sacrifices, as
34:15 long as they were shedding the blood,
34:16 then the way into the most holy place of the
34:19 heavenly sanctuary had not yet been revealed,
34:21 because Jesus hadn't died yet. But when
34:25 Jesus died that veil was torn from top to bottom
34:28 and that put an end to those sacrificial
34:30 offerings and now he is our high priest in the
34:33 sanctuary in heaven, the Bible says. Well then
34:35 what is the purpose, this is an illustration for the
34:38 present time. The things that happened on the
34:41 earthly sanctuary is like a sandbox illustration to
34:45 show us what Jesus is doing in the heavenly
34:47 sanctuary now when we can't see him, so we
34:51 learned from the pattern what's happening in the
34:54 reality. What is he doing up there. Verse
34:59 11, when Christ came as high priest of the
35:02 good things that are already here, he went
35:04 through the greater, more perfect tabernacle
35:06 that is not made man, man made. Verse 12, he
35:09 did not enter by means of blood of goats and
35:11 calves, but he entered the Most Holy Place
35:13 once for all with his own blood having
35:15 obtained eternal redemption. So Jesus
35:19 didn't bring the blood of goats and calves, he
35:21 went with his own blood. Just as the priest
35:24 every year sprinkle that blood before the veil,
35:27 transferring those sins into the Most Holy
35:29 Place. Jesus uses his own blood and he
35:32 ascends to heaven with his own blood for our
35:35 sins. Verse 23, now watch this, what could
35:40 possibly be in heaven that needs to be
35:42 cleansed, here it is. In verse 23, Hebrews
35:46 chapter 9, it was necessary then for the
35:50 copies of the heavenly things, that's the earthly
35:53 sanctuary, it was necessary for them to
35:55 be purified with these sacrifices that is the
35:57 blood of goats and calves, but the heavenly
36:00 things themselves with better sacrifices than
36:03 these. If the earthly sanctuary was cleansed
36:06 with the blood of goats and calves then the
36:08 heavenly needed to be cleansed with something
36:10 better, the blood of Jesus. But it needed to
36:15 be cleansed, it needed to be cleansed. It was
36:22 necessary for the heavenly to be cleansed
36:25 with better sacrifices then these. For Christ,
36:29 did not enter a man-made sanctuary, it was only
36:31 a copy of the true one, he entered heaven itself
36:33 now to appear for us in God's presence. So how
36:44 does the cleansing of the sanctuary and the
36:47 judgment day fit together. How does
36:50 God cleanse the sanctuary through the
36:52 judgment. How does the sanctuary get
36:55 trampled underfoot by the little horn. Willful
37:01 transgression of the law of God is trampling the
37:05 sanctuary underfoot. The little horn is
37:10 persecuting the saints, remember, but never
37:16 forget that he is doing it in the name of God
37:19 claiming to be the true followers, the true
37:22 saints of the true God. And so before Jesus
37:28 comes, God has to show to all of those thousands
37:33 up on thousands
37:35 times, 10,000 that when he saves the saints and
37:40 condemns the little horn that he is doing the right
37:43 thing, it's like that old and I shouldn't even
37:48 started to say this because I never can
37:50 remember the name of the game, but some of
37:52 you can help me. That old game quiz show
37:54 that used to be on television, when they
37:56 would have three people all claiming to
37:58 be the same person and you know the panel
38:01 would ask them different questions and
38:03 finally he would say will the real John Smith
38:07 stand up. Remember that game.
38:09 "NO." No, sure, what is it. To tell the truth.
38:14 To tell the truth. That's it. Wow! Very good, to
38:16 tell the truth, that's even better than I remembered
38:18 To tell the truth. So, here are two people
38:20 pretending to be John Smith and the other one
38:22 really is John Smith. Who's telling the truth
38:24 and here we see in God's judgment, a whole
38:27 bunch claiming to be the saints of God and
38:29 others who are really the saints of God, who
38:31 is telling the truth. It's the judgment, what's the
38:35 standard of the judgment, law of God.
38:38 You see the little horn stands before the
38:40 judgment and I stand before the judgment.
38:44 We all will. Colon, my turn comes up, thou
38:53 shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in
38:55 vain, thou shalt not lie, thou shalt not kill, oh!
39:02 Vietnam, bombs, oh! It just doesn't look very
39:07 good, down the list, no hope for me, I'm about
39:12 to just give up and walk away. But remember
39:14 there is somebody else standing there, who was
39:17 it? Jesus. It was Jesus. He stands
39:20 up and he says my blood, my blood, sure
39:24 he's sinned, he's done a lot of bad things, but
39:27 he confessed, look it's in the books. He confessed,
39:30 he asked for forgiveness and he has strived to
39:33 live his life to honor and please me and
39:35 glorify the Father. My blood has cleansed him.
39:40 "Amen." The judge says good
39:44 enough, Colon not guilty. Little horn comes up,
39:54 not lie. Oh! I never told a lie in my life, good,
40:00 not take God's name in vain, never have done that,
40:02 not committed adultery. Oh! I've been so good
40:06 and faithful. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
40:09 Oh! I've done that too, but God says wait a minute,
40:15 have you kept the seventh day. No, no, no we kept the
40:17 first day. Why did you keep the first day? Well we
40:20 changed it from the seventh to the first. But what does
40:24 the Bible say. The Bible says the seventh day. But my
40:30 Pastor said it didn't matter 'cause I'm under grace,
40:33 but what does the Bible say. No confession,
40:38 no forgiveness, willful sin. But I didn't think it made
40:44 any difference because everybody else keeps Sunday.
40:50 But what does the Bible say. I guess I just didn't
40:53 understand it. Didn't I send you to Revelation Now.
41:08 It's not as though the saints never sin, we do, but the
41:12 good news about the judgment is that Jesus never did.
41:16 "Amen." And he stands in our place.
41:19 We don't have to be afraid of what God thinks of us.
41:23 All we need to concern, be concerned about us what
41:25 God thinks of him. But we need to surrender to him, we
41:29 need to follow him, we need to obey him and keep his
41:32 commands. Well then when is the judgment, when does
41:36 the judgment begin. Back to Daniel chapter 8 verse 14,
41:42 after 2300 days, wow! We can't, that doesn't mean
41:46 a thing, unless we know when the 2300 days begin. So let's
41:51 turn now to Daniel chapter 9 in verse 24, Daniel didn't
41:56 understand it either folks. He was just weeping and pray,
41:59 even got physically sick because he couldn't
42:02 understand it. So the Angel Gabriel appears and he said
42:04 that he's come to give him understanding therefore in
42:07 verse 23, understand, consider the message,
42:10 understand the vision. Verse 24, 70 weeks are
42:13 decreed on your people, your Holy City to finish
42:16 transgression, put an end to sin, atone for wickedness,
42:20 bring in everlasting righteousness, seal up the
42:24 vision and the prophecy and anoint the Most Holy.
42:27 Who alone can do that? Who? Only Jesus. Who can
42:34 put an end to sin? Who can bring an everlasting
42:36 righteousness? Only Jesus. So what is he saying
42:40 70 weeks are decreed upon the people of Israel to get
42:44 ready for the Messiah? Because he is coming
42:50 within 70 weeks, kind of a period of probation,
42:54 the time of probation for Israel, but he still doesn't
42:57 say when do the 70 weeks begin. Well he
43:01 does in the next verse 25, know and understand this,
43:05 from the issuing of the decree to restore and to
43:07 rebuild Jerusalem until the anointed one, that means
43:13 Messiah, the ruler comes, that will be 7 weeks and
43:17 62 weeks. So now we have a starting point, what is it,
43:21 the decree to restore and build Jerusalem. Because
43:23 remember Daniel was in Babylon, Jerusalem was in
43:26 ruins, so the angel was saying when you here the
43:28 decree to restore and to build Jerusalem. Then you'll
43:31 know when the 70 weeks begin. That decree was given.
43:36 In the year 457 BC by the King Artaxerxes and that is
43:42 one of the clearest most firmly established dates in
43:45 the Old Testament times. God wants us to be sure,
43:49 so that we can know when the starting point for this
43:51 prophesy is 457 BC, why was that so important to God
43:56 to make sure we had that date firmly established.
43:59 Because after 69 weeks then the anointed one,
44:05 the Messiah would come. The Messiah is Jesus.
44:12 Here's a prophesy predicting when Jesus would come
44:15 and it would be exactly 69 weeks from the decree
44:20 to restore and rebuild Jerusalem, because that decree
44:22 was given in the year 457 BC, 69 weeks, let's see that
44:27 would be 7 days in a week times 69 is 483,
44:33 my calculator tells me. So that's 483 days until the
44:38 Messiah comes, but remember a day is a symbol for a year.
44:42 So it will be 483 years, if it started at 457 BC
44:46 than that comes to an end in the 27 AD.
44:54 What happened in 27 AD. Jesus Christ was baptized
45:01 in the Jordan River. And when he was baptized remember,
45:05 the Holy Spirit descended on him like a dove anointing
45:09 him to begin his ministry as the Messiah, 69 weeks until
45:15 the Messiah comes. Now you have it, we know
45:20 that a day is a symbol for a year. Who do we know?
45:22 Because Jesus was baptized exactly on time according
45:27 to the prophesy, but he even gives us another proof.
45:34 Look at the next verse 26, after the 62 weeks
45:40 the anointed one, that's actually 69, because there
45:43 was 7 weeks and 62 weeks. So at the end of that period
45:48 it says after that he would be cut off, have nothing for
45:53 himself. Verse 27, he will confirm a covenant with
45:58 many for one week, that's one week left, remember
46:01 70 weeks of decree to your people, 69 weeks the
46:04 Messiah comes. One week left that seven years,
46:06 he will confirm a covenant. He will confirm a covenant
46:10 with many for seven years one week, in the middle of
46:13 that week he will put an end to sacrifice and offering.
46:16 So that's three-and-half years pass the time he
46:18 began his ministry, three-and-half years from
46:21 27 AD is the year 31 AD, what would have happened
46:25 in 31 AD. He would put an end to sacrifice and offering.
46:29 What happened in 31 AD? In 31 AD, Jesus Christ
46:33 died on the cross. And when he died, the veil in
46:36 the temple was torn from the top to the bottom
46:38 by unseen hands of angels and he put an end to the
46:42 sacrifices and the offerings. What a prophecy pinpointing
46:47 precisely when Jesus would appear as the Messiah
46:51 and precisely when he would die on the cross. You can
46:54 be sure that a day is in fact the symbol for a year
46:57 in Bible prophecy. Now we have the starting point.
47:03 Because if he came on time and died on time than a
47:06 starring point has to be correct also. So now we know
47:10 that 457 BC is the starting point for the prophecies
47:13 and if you add 2300 years to that. It comes out to the
47:17 year 1844 remember sometime between 1798 and return of
47:22 Christ the judgment would begin, when after the
47:25 2300 years. The 2300 years ended in 1844, so that's
47:32 when the judgment began. How do you know Pastor?
47:36 Because the prophesy said. After 2300 years,
47:40 the starting point is right. Jesus came on time.
47:43 Jesus died on time and he will come again on time.
47:48 What else happened in 1844. A number of things happened.
47:55 First of all, Daniel is the only prophesy that was ever
47:58 sealed up, we read the verse, he said seal it up till the
48:01 time of the end. An amazing thing, shortly
48:05 before 1844 all around the world in different locations
48:08 scholars each independent of the other not knowing
48:11 what the others were doing came to the understating
48:14 that this prophesy was pointing to the year 1844.
48:19 The only problem was they thought that the cleansing
48:22 of the sanctuary, the sanctuary being the earth,
48:26 they thought that that sanctuary was the earth and
48:28 the cleansing of the sanctuary would be the cleansing
48:30 of the earth. Therefore, that would mean that Jesus would
48:33 be coming in 1844 to this earth. And there was a
48:38 global revival of people wanting to be ready for
48:43 Jesus to come, a revival of Godliness. In this country,
48:48 it was started by a young Baptist lay minister
48:52 his name was William Miller. And this young Baptist
48:56 Pastor began to preach in the Baptist churches
48:59 that Jesus was coming in 1844. And it began to spread like
49:04 wildfire and he was invited to preach in other churches
49:08 and so he was going to the Methodist, the Presbyterian,
49:13 the Episcopal, all the different churches preaching
49:15 that Jesus is coming in 1844 and those who believed him
49:20 were called Adventists. Why? Because Adventist is one
49:27 who is waiting for Jesus to come. They were
49:30 Methodist Adventists, Baptist Adventists,
49:32 Presbyterian Adventists; every Christian ought to be
49:35 an Adventist because we are all waiting for Jesus to come.
49:39 Amen. "Amen." And that's what it meant.
49:44 Can you imagine what it would have been like to
49:45 been alive in those days and really believe that Jesus
49:48 was coming, they even figured out a date October 22, 1844.
49:55 We took a trip to New England and went
49:59 to some of the place, I saw William Miller's little
50:01 Baptist Chapel and we saw some of the different places
50:05 where this revival really took route, but the site that
50:09 really impressed me the most were two. One was
50:12 William Miller's tombstone it said 2300 days then
50:17 shall the sanctuary be cleansed for all. Wow,
50:20 you know, how neat it would be to be known for your
50:24 love and your desire for Jesus to come. Then the
50:27 other thing behind that little chapel was a huge
50:30 flat rock about the size of this building. May be a
50:34 little smaller and they call it today, they call it
50:37 ascension rock because that's where the story goes
50:41 that all of those people on October 22 that were
50:44 listening to William Miller, this young Baptist pastor
50:47 they were all standing on ascension rock waiting for
50:50 Jesus to come. It was awesome to stand there and realize
50:55 that just a few years ago they were people expecting
50:58 at any moment the skies were gonna open and Jesus
51:01 was gonna come. But we know the end of that story
51:05 don't we. We're still here today and he hasn't come yet,
51:10 what a bitter, bitter disappointment. And many of
51:13 those people were so disappointed they even
51:15 gave up their faith in God and the Bible completely.
51:19 But they were a few, they were a few who said we
51:23 know the word of God is true. And we know the prophecy
51:28 is true. We just made a mistake somewhere. So they
51:32 went back in the scripture, they prayed and they wept
51:35 and they prayed and they said God show us the truth.
51:39 God will answer a prayer like that and they found it.
51:43 Have you ever opened the Bible when you desperately
51:45 needed help from God, if you have opened the Bible and
51:47 there it was just exactly what you needed to hear,
51:50 has that ever happened to you? That's what happened
51:52 to them. They prayed God show us, where did we make
51:56 our mistake, what do we need to know and God opened
51:59 the text for them, you want to know what it was. Yeah.
52:04 I'll tell you anyway. Revelation chapter 10,
52:08 in Revelation of 10th chapter, I saw another mighty angel
52:12 coming down from heaven. Verse 2, he was holding
52:15 a little book, which lay open in their hand. Now think
52:18 through the minds of the men who had just been so
52:20 disappointed thinking Jesus was gonna come, they had
52:23 unsealed, they had open the Book of Daniel and it showed
52:27 them that in 1844 Jesus would be coming. So here
52:31 it is the book is opened and in their mind there was no
52:34 doubt that was the Book of Daniel and then verse 8 the
52:37 loud voice that I had heard from heaven spoke once again.
52:39 Go and take the book that lies open in the hand of the
52:43 angel who is standing on the sea and the land.
52:46 So I went to the angel and I asked him to give me the
52:49 little book and he said to me take it and eat it, it will
52:53 turn your stomach sour, but in your mouth it will be as
52:57 sweet as honey. So I took the little book from the
52:59 angel's hand and I ate it. And it tasted as sweet
53:03 as honey in my mouth, but in my stomach it turned sour.
53:10 Oh! That's exactly what they felt, that exactly what
53:13 they went through. little book had to be Daniel,
53:16 now it was opened it had been sealed and how sweet it was
53:20 in their mouth because Jesus is coming,
53:22 October 22, 1844, how sour it turned the stomach
53:27 when he didn't come. Oh! They're really pumped up now,
53:30 so saying God you are speaking to us what else
53:33 do we need to know you, you must prophesy again
53:35 about many peoples, nations, languages and kings. Oh!
53:38 God how can we do it, we were so wrong and we still don't
53:42 know what we did wrong. And then he told them,
53:45 they read the next verse. God speaks through
53:47 the word, Amen. "Amen". He told them I was given
53:51 a read like a measuring ride and I was told, go and
53:54 measure the temple of God and the alter and the
53:58 worshipers there. The temple of God is the sanctuary
54:06 and they thought wait a minute that's it, the sanctuary.
54:12 So they began to study the sanctuary. And they realized
54:17 that the sanctuary is not the earth at all. The sanctuary
54:21 is the sanctuary in heaven. And that Jesus did come
54:25 on October 22, 1844, not to this earth, but in the clouds
54:29 of glory to the ancient of days seated on the throne
54:33 in the sanctuary in heaven, so now what else. What's he
54:40 doing there? What else does God have for us. In verse 18,
54:44 the nations were angry and the time for wrath has come.
54:47 The time for judging the dead, rewarding your servants
54:50 the prophets has come. The judgment, so they
54:55 understood now, the cleansing of the sanctuary wasn't
54:58 Jesus coming to this earth. It was the Judgment Day.
55:03 The judgment had begun, but what is the standard
55:05 of that judgment. And they went on to verse 19,
55:09 then God's temple in heaven was opened and
55:11 within the temple was seen the Ark of his Covenant,
55:15 the Ten Commandments. Of course the law,
55:18 James had said speak and act as those who are going
55:22 to be judged by the law, so now it was beginning
55:25 to fall into place that the judgment began in 1844 and
55:29 that the standard of the judgment is the law and
55:32 the fourth commandment remember the Sabbath day and
55:35 they thought wait a minute. We are not keeping the
55:38 law of God. We have gone along with the traditions
55:41 of man. We have accepted Sunday, but the law says
55:44 the seventh day, so that little group of disillusioned,
55:49 disappointed Adventists from all denominations
55:53 began to keep the Sabbath and became Seventh Day
55:58 Adventists. Just in time for God to raise up a people
56:08 who would go to the whole world preaching the
56:11 everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ. To every tribe,
56:15 every nation, every language, every people and saying
56:18 in a loud voice fear God and give him glory because
56:23 the hour of his judgment has come. And if there was
56:28 ever a time that we, you and I need the Gospel
56:32 message that time is during the judgment hour.
56:38 And so God has a people on this earth, that were not
56:41 afraid to announce the judgment, not afraid to
56:45 proclaim the Gospel, not afraid to warn the world
56:48 of the errors of Babylon, not afraid to warn the world
56:51 against the mark of the beast and the traditions
56:54 of man, he raised up a movement at just
56:57 the right time. To announce the hour of God's judgment
57:03 has come. You see the Book of Revelation is not
57:08 about the distant future. The future is here.
57:16 The prophesy is now, Revelation is now.
57:25 You are hearing the three angels messages now.
57:31 If there was ever a time to follow the lamb, it is now.


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