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01:04 In Mark chapter 16, verse 15, he said to them
01:08 this is Jesus speaking, he said,
01:10 "Go into all the world, and preach the good news to
01:12 all creation whoever believes and is baptized will be
01:16 saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned
01:19 and these signs will accompany those who believe.
01:23 Now those, these signs will accompany those who believe,
01:27 in my name, they will drive out demons.
01:30 They will speak in new tongues.
01:31 They will pick up snakes with their hands
01:37 and when they drink deadly poison it won't hurt them.
01:41 And then they will place their hands on sick people
01:44 and they will get well, the gift of healing.
01:52 What a precious gift that God has given!
01:56 They will get well. And over and over again
01:59 throughout the New Testament there are promises,
02:01 over and over saying if you ask for anything
02:04 in my name I will answer you.
02:07 Is it God's will for everyone to be healed, absolutely?
02:11 Does God want anyone to be sick,
02:13 never, it's not God's will?
02:16 In fact, in James, look with me,
02:18 in James the fifth chapter, in verse 14, James writes,
02:23 if any one of you is sick, then he should call the
02:25 elders of Church to pray over him and anoint him
02:28 with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer
02:31 offered in faith will make, notice, the prayer offered
02:34 in faith will make the sick person well
02:36 and the Lord will raise him up.
02:39 If he has sinned he'll be forgiven,
02:40 therefore confess your sins to each other
02:42 and pray for each other so that you may be healed,
02:45 the prayer of a righteous man is powerful
02:47 and effective and I'll never forget the day
02:49 we sat in the doctor's office and that doctor
02:51 told me that my wife had cancer.
02:54 The first thing I thought of was James.
02:57 And so we called the elders of the Church.
02:59 They came together, had a big group of people in our house.
03:02 All of my friends, people that had served
03:04 together with me through the years and we prayed.
03:06 We anointed her with oil. We prayed and I knew
03:10 that God was going to heal my wife.
03:11 After all it wasn't a selfish thing; it was like
03:14 I need her. I need her to do God's work and so
03:17 I knew He was going to answer that prayer
03:19 and two days after we anointed her with oil,
03:22 we went back to the doctor to get the final test
03:24 of all the different testing that they had done
03:26 and I went in there really believing
03:28 that those tests were going to show zero.
03:30 The cancer was gone. There was no doubt because
03:33 my God is powerful enough to do that and we sat there,
03:37 the doctor came in and he shook his head.
03:41 He said, you know it's worse
03:44 than we thought, it's even in her bones.
03:49 We can't do radiation it's too wide spread.
03:53 Chemo doesn't work on this
03:54 kind of cancer and there is no cure.
04:01 Why didn't God answer?
04:03 I believed; why didn't He answer?
04:07 And you know what it brought me back to a passage
04:10 in Second Corinthians, chapter 12, in verse 7,
04:12 Paul wrote; 'to keep me from becoming conceded
04:16 because of these surpassingly great revelations there was
04:19 given to me a thorn in my flesh,'
04:22 so Paul was afflicted, why?
04:24 To keep him from becoming conceded.
04:27 A messenger from Satan to torment me,
04:30 three times I pleaded with God, take this away
04:33 from me, but he said to me, "my grace is sufficient
04:37 for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness,
04:41 therefore I will boast all the more gladly
04:43 about my weakness, so that Christ power
04:46 may be rest on me, may rest on me."
04:49 So, here was Paul with an
04:50 affliction, a thorn in the flesh.
04:52 We don't know what it was, it doesn't matter.
04:53 Whatever it was, he wanted it out of there.
04:55 He wanted it off. He prayed.
04:57 I don't know any one more spiritual in the Bible
04:59 than Paul was, except Jesus, Amen.
05:00 He prayed, he said God take it away three times.
05:03 And God did not take it away.
05:05 He said it's better for you to live with it because
05:07 if not you might get puffed up and proud.
05:11 And if case that's not enough, our Savior prayed.
05:16 "Father, let this cup pass for me.
05:22 Nevertheless not my will, let thy will be done."
05:25 Jesus did not want to go up the hill to Calvary.
05:30 He did not want to die on the cross.
05:33 He was saying father, let it pass.
05:35 I don't want to go. Take it away from me,
05:38 but you're will, not my will be done.
05:40 God did not answer that prayer
05:43 the way Jesus wanted Him to answer it.
05:46 He didn't want to go and God said, no, you need to go.
05:55 So, what about James?
06:00 Is it always God's will to heal, absolutely?
06:03 Is it always God's will to heal
06:04 and answer our prayers right now, no.
06:08 Because remember God had to give
06:09 the devil a little room to operate.
06:12 He had to give him room to show what sin is really
06:15 like and if he every time a Christian or believer
06:19 was sick and afflicted then if he healed them
06:22 then everybody wanted to be a Christian because
06:26 they could get healed and by the way every
06:29 Christian in the New Testament is dead today.
06:34 Why did they die? They didn't want to die.
06:38 But, the Bible says if any one of you is sick,
06:41 God will hear the prayer and
06:42 He will raise him up and the word "raise him up"
06:45 is the same word used for the resurrection day.
06:49 And so when we pray, we pray like Jesus,
06:51 father, not will, my will, let thy will be done, Amen.
06:56 Okay. The day finally arrived the town
07:02 had been looking forward to with eager anticipation
07:05 for weeks because they promised God
07:07 was going to do something special.
07:09 God was going to work miracles.
07:11 The big tent was set. The time for the meeting
07:14 to begin packed with people from over town,
07:17 the Evangelists came out and just as he was about
07:20 to deliver his opening words a gentleman in the
07:22 front row stood up and began to speak in tongues.
07:27 The Church was quite. He sat down and everyone said, Amen.
07:32 A gentleman, elderly gentleman in the rear of
07:34 the tent stood and said, I am a Hebrew, I am Jewish.
07:39 I speak Hebrew and that man spoke perfect Hebrew.
07:44 The man in the front row stood and said I don't know
07:46 a word of Hebrew and everyone said
07:48 praise God we've heard a miracle.
07:51 The gentleman in the back said that man cursed
07:53 the name of God in Hebrew and the big tent went silent.
08:01 For every good gift that God has
08:03 Satan counterfeits and deceives.
08:08 And we need to learn how to tell
08:10 the difference between the genuine and the false.
08:17 The Baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues,
08:23 tongue is by far the most popular of the gifts of the
08:25 Spirit and it's also the most, the least understood.
08:32 Sooner or later you're going to hear
08:33 someone ask the question, have you ever received
08:36 the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?
08:38 evidenced by speaking in tongues.
08:41 I hear it all the time.
08:42 And the implication is that if you have not
08:44 spoken in tongues then you have not
08:46 received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
08:51 That comes from the failure to recognize the
08:54 purpose of the gifts of the Spirit.
08:59 What is the purpose of the gifts?
09:02 The very last words that Luke recorded in the
09:05 Book of Acts before Jesus ascended to heaven.
09:08 The last words of Jesus in Acts, chapter 1, verse 8,
09:12 he said, you will receive power
09:15 when the Holy Spirit comes on you.
09:20 Now, why does God want us
09:22 to receive power from the Holy Spirit?
09:25 He tells us and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem,
09:30 Judea, Samaria and to all of the Earth.
09:33 The purpose of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit,
09:37 the purpose of the power of God's Holy Spirit
09:39 is to empower us, enable us to be his witnesses,
09:44 to share the Gospel to the world.
09:48 That's Jesus yardstick for measuring the gifts.
09:52 Does it enable us, empower us to preach the Gospel?
09:59 Paul said the same thing, Paul said the same thing
10:03 in little book of Ethesians, his letter to the Church at
10:06 Ephesus, fourth chapter, seventh verse, to each one
10:10 of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned,
10:14 notice Christ is the one who makes the decision
10:17 as to what each one of us receives.
10:20 This is why he said when he ascended on high,
10:23 he led captives in his train and he gave gifts to men.
10:28 What were the gifts that Jesus gave?
10:31 Verse 11, he gave some to be apostles, some
10:33 prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers.
10:37 Why did he give these gifts?
10:38 In order to prepare God's people for works of service
10:44 so that the body of Christ may be built up.
10:48 The purpose of the gifts of the Spirit,
10:50 the purpose of the Baptism of the Spirit
10:52 are one and the same, to build up, empower
10:56 the body of Christ, so that the Church can be built up.
11:02 Jesus said it again in Mark at the end of the
11:05 Gospel of Mark, 16th chapter, in verse 15; he said,
11:10 "Go into all the world and preach the good news,
11:13 that's the Gospel to all creation, whoever believes
11:17 and is Baptized will be saved, but whoever does not
11:21 believe will be condemned and all of these signs will,
11:26 and these signs will accompany them.
11:31 In my name they will drive out demons,
11:34 they'll speak in new tongues,
11:36 they'll pick up snakes with their hands,
11:39 when they drink poison it will not hurt them at all.
11:42 They will place their hands on
11:43 sick people and they will get well."
11:47 Now this is an interesting passage.
11:49 He has just finished saying, go to all the world with
11:53 the Gospel and then talks about the manifestation
11:57 of the Holy Spirit, never is the manifestation
12:00 of the Holy Spirit apparent without the proclamation
12:03 of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
12:05 They always go together.
12:08 But, he did say you will speak in new tongues.
12:14 Now what does new tongues mean?
12:18 The word tongues in Greek is Glossa,
12:20 which actually means languages,
12:23 you will speak in new languages.
12:25 What does the word new mean?
12:28 You see there are two Greek words for new Kainos and Neos.
12:34 The Bible here Jesus used the Greek word Neos.
12:38 Kainos, means something he used the Greek word Kainos.
12:43 Kainos means something new only to the person, new to me.
12:50 For me to start speaking to you in Swahili
12:53 would be Kainos that's a new language to me.
12:56 Neos, means new and that it never existed before,
13:02 but Swahili existed before so it's not new
13:05 in the Neos sense that it never existed before,
13:08 it's new because it's new to the one speaking it.
13:12 And that's the word the Jesus used. They will
13:14 speak in languages that they had never learned before.
13:19 Now some would point to this as proof
13:22 that everyone who receives the Holy Spirit will
13:27 speak in new tongues or new languages.
13:30 But the text also goes on to say
13:32 they will pick up snakes with their hands.
13:36 And I have never heard anyone say,
13:38 everyone should pick up deadly snakes
13:40 with their hands or drink poison.
13:43 In fact, there was a time when down in the South,
13:47 in the Bible Belt, there were some evangelists
13:49 who were preaching that we can with the power of
13:52 the Holy Spirit pick up deadly snakes and they won't
13:54 hurt us and they used to have snake worship services
13:56 where they'd stick their hands in the basket and pull
13:59 out a deadly snake and it went on for a little while
14:02 until they started getting bit and dying and that stopped.
14:07 The point is, he is not saying
14:10 that everyone will do all of these things.
14:13 He is just describing some of the miraculous
14:16 gifts that will be given to the Church as she
14:19 proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
14:24 We find the fulfillment of this prophecy
14:26 in the book of Acts of the second chapter.
14:29 In Acts chapter 2, verse 1, the day of Pentecost
14:33 had come and they were all together in one place
14:38 and suddenly like a sound like, and suddenly a sound
14:41 like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven
14:44 and filled the whole house where they were seating.
14:46 So, here were the disciples about a 120 in number
14:49 and they were all together in one place and
14:52 the Holy Spirit came like the rush of a mighty wind.
14:57 In verse 3, they saw what seemed to be
15:02 tongues of fire coming down separating and resting
15:06 on each one of them and all of them were filled
15:12 with the Holy Spirit and began to speak
15:15 in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.
15:21 Now, notice it's always the Spirit enabling one
15:25 to speak in other tongues or languages.
15:29 Wouldn't you love to have been in that room
15:33 on the day of Pentecost and to feel the Spirit
15:37 coming in like a mighty wind and to see the
15:40 tongues of fire and experience everyone there
15:43 speaking in tongues, wouldn't you like to
15:45 have been there on the day of Pentecost, Amen.
15:49 Get excited this morning folks.
15:50 We are talking about the Holy Spirit and
15:52 that's something to get excited about, Amen.
15:55 Alright. Good. Now why did the
15:59 Holy Spirit give them other languages?
16:01 Why did He able them to speak in other languages?
16:05 He tells us in the next verse. In verse 5,
16:07 now they were staying in Jerusalem.
16:09 God-fearing Jews from every nation
16:11 under heaven and when they heard this sound,
16:15 a crowd came together in bewilderment.
16:17 Now, notice here they are for the day of Pentecost
16:20 representing every nation on earth, every tongue,
16:22 every languages there and they heard this sound.
16:25 They came together and they were amazed.
16:28 They were bewildered because each one heard
16:32 them speaking in his own language.
16:37 Can you see what's happening at Pentecost?
16:39 They spoke in the language of the people that were
16:43 hearing them speaking in their language from all the
16:47 different countries on the earth and he list all the
16:50 different nations that were present there and they said,
16:52 again declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues,
16:59 so they were declaring the wonders of God
17:03 in the languages of all of the people that were
17:07 present and everyone there understood what was being
17:12 said in their own language. What a miracle!
17:17 All of the people from all nations gathering together
17:20 to hear the Gospel in their own language,
17:23 so they could go back to their own countries
17:26 and spread the Gospel to the world
17:28 just like Jesus said it would happen
17:31 and it would build up the body of Christ.
17:35 And then Peter stood and preached the Gospel sermon.
17:40 And after he talked about Jesus being crucified,
17:42 buried and raised up again from the dead,
17:46 the men came to him and said brothers
17:48 what shall we do in verse 37,
17:51 that must have been a powerful sermon,
17:54 filled with Holy Spirit, preaching the Gospel
17:57 what shall we do he said; they said, Peter replied,
18:02 repent and be baptized everyone of you.
18:07 In the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your
18:10 sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
18:16 Repent and be Baptized and
18:20 you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
18:25 Verse 41, says those who accepted
18:29 his message were baptized and about
18:31 3000 were added to their number that day.
18:36 Now, that is the evidence,
18:39 of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
18:43 Three thousand people added to their number
18:46 and the Church was being built up.
18:50 You see the purpose of the gifts of the Spirit are
18:54 always and forever to build up the body of Christ.
18:59 I want you to notice something else.
19:01 It says that they did repent,
19:03 they were baptized and Peter said,
19:06 if you repent and are baptized
19:07 you will receive the Holy Spirit.
19:09 They did repent. They were baptized.
19:11 Did they receive the Holy Spirit?
19:14 Absolutely; but it does not say
19:18 that any of them ever spoke in tongues.
19:23 Now, they may have, but the point is
19:27 we just don't know whether they did or not.
19:31 Therefore, it is not correct to say that every place
19:37 in the Bible that mentions the Baptism
19:40 of the Holy Spirit they always gave evidence
19:43 by speaking in tongues because it just isn't true.
19:52 Let's look at some other examples
19:53 of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
19:54 In fact, I want to look at all of them in the Book of Acts.
19:56 The next one is found in the fourth chapter, verse 31.
20:00 After they prayed, the place where
20:02 they were meeting was shaken and
20:04 they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and
20:05 spoke the word of God boldly.
20:08 Two points; number one, the same people that were
20:12 filled with the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost
20:14 prayed and were filled with the Holy Spirit again.
20:18 This means that the Baptism of the Spirit
20:21 is not a one time thing.
20:23 It's not just some miraculous thing
20:25 that happens once and goes on.
20:27 It's a continuing ongoing process.
20:30 The more you know about God,
20:33 the more you can you tell about God
20:36 and the more God enables you to tell about God.
20:40 So, we can be baptized more than once.
20:42 We should be baptized more than once.
20:44 We should be baptized with the Spirit every day. Amen.
20:49 Notice something else. They were baptized with the Spirit.
20:51 It does not say they spoke in tongues, it says they
20:54 spoke the word of God boldly and I pray everyday.
20:59 I pray God fill me with your spirit, enable me,
21:03 empower me to speak your word boldly.
21:07 And that's just as much a manifestation
21:09 of the gifts as speaking in tongues.
21:13 So, here are two examples;
21:14 one, 3000 baptized on the day of Pentecost
21:17 and here the disciples filled with the Spirit
21:20 and preaching the word of God boldly.
21:22 It does not mention that they spoke
21:25 in tongues after the Baptism of the Spirit.
21:28 Here is another example, this time we find it
21:33 in Book of Acts chapter 10, verse 40;
21:36 again in chapter 10, Peter this time is preaching a
21:40 Gospel sermon to the Gentiles at Cornelius' house.
21:44 He spoke to them the Gospel and
21:46 then in verse 44, while Peter was still
21:49 speaking these words that is the Gospel,
21:51 notice the Gospel is always together with the Spirit.
21:55 While Peter was speaking these words,
21:57 the Holy Spirit came on all who heard
21:59 the message and the circumcised believers
22:02 who had come with Peter were astonished
22:05 that the gift of the Holy Spirit had been
22:08 poured out even on the Gentiles.
22:12 Now, how did they know it was poured out on the Gentiles?
22:15 Because they heard them speaking
22:17 in tongues and praising God.
22:20 And so Peter said, can anyone keep these
22:24 people from being baptized with water?
22:26 They have received the Holy Spirit just as we have.
22:32 Now, why did God pour out the Holy Spirit on those
22:36 Gentile believers at Caesarea Philippi in Cornelius' house?
22:41 Why did God do that? For two reasons,
22:44 number one, Peter, if you read through the
22:48 New Testament had a very difficult time acknowledging
22:53 and accepting the fact that you do not have to be
22:57 a circumcised Jew in order to be saved.
23:01 Peter had problems with that.
23:03 He even discriminated at the Church of Galatia
23:06 against those who were circumcised,
23:08 against those who were not circumcised yet.
23:11 And Paul had to call him down.
23:13 Peter had trouble with it.
23:15 So, God is kind of like taken a 2/4 and blapping
23:20 him over the side of the head to get his attention
23:23 saying, Peter I want you to know that the Gentiles are
23:27 equally, have equal access to the Church as the Jews do.
23:31 So, he really got his attention with the
23:34 vision of the sheep and saying do not call
23:37 any man common or unclean and then pouring
23:40 out the Holy Spirit on the Gentiles,
23:41 they began to speak in tongues the same way
23:44 the disciples did on the day of Pentecost.
23:48 That means that everyone understood in their own
23:51 language because that's the way it happened at Pentecost.
23:56 The second reason God poured out the gift
23:58 of tongues not just to get through Peter,
24:00 to break through the barriers and build up
24:02 the Church by letting Gentiles come in.
24:04 The second reason was that Caesarea Philippi
24:06 was a major, on a major route,
24:09 a major cross roads where people from
24:11 various different countries and dialects and tongues
24:14 came through and now they had the gift of tongues.
24:16 They were enabled to speak in the languages
24:19 of the people that came through,
24:20 thus facilitating the preaching of the Gospel to
24:23 the world and building up the Church of Jesus Christ.
24:28 But, they did receive the Spirit and it was
24:31 evidenced by speaking in tongues.
24:34 So far, two times on Pentecost and at Caesarea
24:37 the gifts of the Spirit was evidenced by speaking
24:39 in tongues and we have seen two times when it was not.
24:42 There's a third example and that's this time
24:45 in the Book of Acts, the 19th chapter,
24:49 Paul went to Ephesus and he found some disciples
24:53 there, in verse 2, he asked them,
24:55 did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?
24:59 And they said, no. We don't know even know what that is.
25:03 And so Paul taught them and then
25:08 he taught them and told the people
25:10 in verse number 4, he taught them
25:12 to believe in the one coming after him
25:15 that is Jesus and on hearing this they were
25:17 baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus
25:20 and Paul placed his hands on them the Holy Spirit
25:23 came on them and they spoke in tongues and prophesied.
25:28 So, here again, is an example of them receiving
25:32 the Holy Spirit and then speaking in tongues
25:35 as evidence but they also prophesied as evidence.
25:40 So, they did speak in tongues.
25:43 Why did God enable them to speak in tongues at
25:46 Ephesus, because Ephesus was another major trade route.
25:50 It was at an intersection, a crossroad where people
25:54 from all various different countries came through
25:57 trading and this speaking in the languages of the people
26:01 would enable the Church to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus
26:04 and again the Church would be built up.
26:08 The gift of the Spirit speaking in tongues
26:11 or any gift is always manifest in along side
26:15 with the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
26:20 So, we have seen on the day of Pentecost,
26:22 they did receive the Spirit,
26:24 they did speak in other tongues.
26:27 We have also seen that at
26:30 Cornelius house in Caesarea Philippi,
26:32 they received Holy Spirit and they spoke in tongues.
26:35 And now at Ephesus they received
26:37 the Holy Spirit they spoke in tongues.
26:39 Five times, the Bible, the Book of Acts
26:42 mentions the Baptism of the Spirit.
26:44 Three times they spoke in tongues those
26:46 other two times it just doesn't say.
26:50 Now folks, these are the only three places
26:53 in the entire New Testament that describes God
26:58 using the gift of tongues, just three, that's all.
27:06 Now, there is another place where he deals,
27:10 Paul deals extensively with speaking in tongues.
27:14 And we are going to take a look at that now
27:17 because it's at the Church of Corinth in Corinth,
27:22 but before we look at Paul dealing with tongues
27:26 in Corinth, we have to ask ourselves a question.
27:30 What was going on in the Church at Corinth
27:35 at the time Paul wrote this letter?
27:39 What was going on there, a surprise?
27:42 In First Corinthians chapter 3, verse 1,
27:45 Paul said, brothers I could not address
27:49 you as spiritual, but worldly.
27:54 Mere infants in Christ.
27:57 You were not yet ready, mere infants in Christ.
28:01 I gave you milk, not solid food
28:04 because you are not yet ready for it,
28:06 indeed you are still not ready.
28:09 You are still worldly.
28:13 Now here is a Church and there were believers
28:16 in Jesus, but yet Paul calls them unspiritual
28:20 and worldly, hardly a model Church.
28:26 Are you with me? Corinth was not a model Church.
28:29 They had serious problems.
28:31 In fact, the problems were so serious
28:34 that Paul wrote in chapter 11, verse 17,
28:38 in the following directives I have no praise for you
28:43 because your meetings do more harm than good.
28:47 So, here is a Church that had such serious
28:50 problems that when they came together for
28:52 Church meetings, their meetings did more harm
28:56 than good, hardly a model Church.
29:02 Should we pattern our worship services and
29:07 our Church worship meetings after the Church of Corinth?
29:12 Their meetings did more harm than good.
29:16 I hear when you come together
29:18 as a Church there are divisions among you.
29:21 Now, we have to ask ourselves why were
29:25 there divisions among them in Corinth?
29:27 What was dividing the Church of Corinth?
29:30 And we are going to discover
29:32 as we go through the next two chapters.
29:34 That they were divided over the gifts of the Spirit
29:37 specifically the gift of tongues.
29:43 Now what does this mean?
29:45 This means that whatever Paul writes to Corinth
29:54 we have to be very careful that we don't take it
29:59 as a model for what we are supposed to do today,
30:04 because Paul is dealing with a problem in Corinth.
30:10 So, when we study the next two chapters,
30:12 we've to always ask ourselves with every piece
30:15 and every verse and every word
30:17 we've to ask ourselves, is this the true way to
30:21 worship God or is this a part of the problem.
30:25 We cannot take everything that was going on in Corinth
30:29 and say that's what God wants us to do today because
30:33 if we do our meetings will do more harm than good.
30:38 So, we have to ask ourselves,
30:40 is this the problem or is this the truth?
30:45 You follow me? That's the most important thing,
30:47 is it a problem or is it the truth?
30:49 So, what was going on in Corinth,
30:51 first of all in chapter 12,
30:52 he gives us a background to the gifts of the Spirit.
30:55 Chapter 12, verse 1, now about spiritual gifts
30:58 brothers, I don't want you to be ignorant,
30:59 I want you to understand this.
31:02 In verse 4, there are different kinds of gifts,
31:04 but the same Spirit, the unity is in the Spirit
31:08 with different kinds of gifts.
31:09 Verse 7, now to each one the manifestation of the
31:12 Spirit is given for the common good, that is
31:15 for the good of the church, to build up the church.
31:19 To one there is given through the Spirit
31:21 the message of wisdom, another knowledge,
31:23 another faith, another healing,
31:25 another miraculous powers, another to the ability
31:28 to distinguish between Spirits,
31:31 so another prophecy, and another speaking in tongues,
31:36 and to still another interpretation of tongues.
31:39 Now watch all of these are the work
31:43 of the one and the same Spirit.
31:48 And, He gives them to each one just as He determines.
31:58 Who decides which gift of the Spirit
32:02 you should receive, God decides that.
32:06 Remember that, verse 12, the body is a unit
32:11 though it is made up of many parts
32:13 and though all of its parts are many,
32:15 they form one holy, they form one body
32:20 and so it is with Christ, for we were all baptized
32:25 by one spirit into one body.
32:30 Note that, we are all baptized
32:33 by one spirit into the one body.
32:36 So, anyone who is a part of the body of Christ
32:40 has been baptized by the Holy Spirit,
32:45 because that's how we become a part of the body.
32:48 We're baptized by the Spirit into the one body of Christ.
32:52 So, everyone that's a part of the body of Christ
32:56 has been baptized by the Holy Spirit.
33:00 Therefore, if one is not a part of the body of Christ
33:04 then they're not baptized by the Holy Spirit.
33:08 Remember that, we're gonna come back
33:10 to that important point in a few moments.
33:13 Verse 14, and this one gets to be a little fun,
33:17 he says now the body is
33:18 not made up of one part, but of many.
33:23 If the foot should say because I'm not a hand
33:25 I don't belong to the body, it wouldn't for that reason
33:29 seize to be a part of the body.
33:30 The body is not a big foot,
33:33 nor the body is not a big hand,
33:35 the body is not a big ear,
33:38 and it's not a big tongue,
33:41 but it's made up of all of the parts put together.
33:45 The body is not made of one part,
33:47 but of many and then in verse 15,
33:50 if the whole body was an ear where would
33:53 the sense of smell be, but in fact
33:56 God arranged the parts of the body everyone
33:59 of them just as He wanted them to be.
34:05 You see God is the one who decides
34:08 which gifts should be present in the body.
34:12 That's the second time that he said that, verse 21,
34:17 the eye cannot say to the hand I don't need you.
34:21 Do you see what he is saying the foot can't say since
34:24 I'm not a hand, I must not be a part of the body.
34:26 You can't tell yourself since I don't have one
34:29 particular gift, I'm not a part of the body.
34:32 Why not? Because God arranges the parts the way
34:35 He wants them and therefore the eye cannot
34:39 say to the ear you're not a part of the body.
34:41 No one can tell you because you do not a particular gift,
34:44 you're not a part of the body. Why not?
34:46 Because God arranges the gifts and the parts
34:49 the way he wants them to be.
34:53 So, no one can tell you, if you've not spoken in tongues,
34:58 you're not a part of the body
35:01 because the body is not one big tongue.
35:06 Now, for some people it may seem like that.
35:09 Sometimes, we wish we could improve on what God has done
35:14 there were times when I wish I had an extra eye on the
35:17 back of my head, but if I did
35:20 you would feel sorry for me. Why?
35:22 Because God made us in a way to function
35:25 absolutely the best way that we can.
35:28 We can't change what God wants to do,
35:31 we should be satisfied what he wants.
35:33 Now, what God has combined the members
35:37 of the body and He has given greater honor
35:39 to the parts that lacked it, in verse 25,
35:41 so that there would be no division in the body.
35:45 Now, that's interesting because in Corinth
35:49 they were divided Paul said, and
35:51 the division came over the gifts of the Spirit.
35:56 Now, verse 27, you are the body of Christ
35:59 and each one of you is a part of it.
36:02 And, in the church God has appointed
36:06 first of all Apostles, second Prophets,
36:11 third teachers, then workers of miracles,
36:14 also those having gifts of healing,
36:16 those able to help others, those with gifts of
36:19 administration, those and finally
36:22 those speaking in different kinds of tongues.
36:25 And, in significant that he said first Apostles
36:29 and finally those speaking in tongues,
36:31 he was kind of ranking them to make sure
36:34 that nobody put tongues over any of the others,
36:38 because that's exactly what they were doing at Corinth.
36:45 Then, he asked a series of questions
36:47 in verse 28 and verse 29, are all Apostles?
36:51 What's the obvious answer to that? No.
36:54 Are all prophets? No. Are all teachers? No.
36:59 Do all work miracles? No. Do all have gift of healing? No.
37:03 Do all speak in tongues? No. Do all interpret? No.
37:14 But, eagerly desire the greater gifts.
37:16 Now he did say we're all baptized by the Holy Spirit
37:21 into the body of Christ, but he makes it clear
37:25 that we're not all to speak in tongues.
37:28 Therefore, speaking in tongues cannot be
37:32 the only evidence for the baptism of the Holy Spirit
37:36 because we're all baptized but we don't all speak
37:39 in tongues, it can be an evidence that's clear the
37:42 Bible is clear, but it is not always the evidence.
37:45 Therefore, since someone has not spoken in tongues, it
37:48 does not mean they would not been baptized by the Spirit.
37:52 In fact, to say so is the most unchristian thing to say
37:58 because it's basically saying that
38:00 you haven't even been baptized, you're not even a
38:03 part of the body of Christ, you're not even saved.
38:05 And I've had people tell me that, if you've been baptized
38:08 by the Spirit, its evidenced by speaking in tongues.
38:11 Then, I say well, I've been baptized by the Spirit.
38:13 Yeah, but if you spoken in tongues.
38:14 No, well then you're not baptized by the Spirit,
38:16 you say you mean I'm not a part of the body of Christ,
38:18 that's right, you mean I'm not saved,
38:20 that's right, why not?
38:21 Because you haven't spoken in tongues, folks we're not
38:23 saved by speaking in tongues we're saved by
38:26 grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone, Amen.
38:34 So, we are beginning to get
38:36 a glimpse of the problem in Corinth.
38:39 They were divided over the gifts and they were
38:42 emphasizing one gift over all the others.
38:45 Now, let's see if we can figure out
38:47 what gift they were over-emphasizing and
38:50 how did Paul deal with it in the 14th chapter,
38:54 in the 14th chapter First Corinthians,
38:57 follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts,
39:04 especially the gift of prophecy.
39:09 Is Paul emphasizing especially that we should
39:14 all speak in tongues, if he's singling out
39:18 any gift at all, we would have to say
39:20 he is singling out the gift of prophecy.
39:25 Now, why would he do that?
39:28 Why would he single out the gift of prophecy?
39:32 Do you want to know the answer to that question?
39:34 Be back here tonight at 7 O' Clock
39:37 and we'll answer it for you tonight.
39:41 Follow the way of love eagerly desire spiritual gifts,
39:44 especially the gift of prophecy.
39:46 Now, watch this. For anyone who speaks
39:49 in a tongue does not speak to men, but to God.
39:55 Now, let's remember our principle
39:59 that we established at the beginning.
40:01 Something was going on in Corinth
40:04 that was dividing the church so badly
40:08 that their meetings were harmful and not good.
40:15 So, we have to ask ourselves anytime
40:17 we see him describing what was happening in Corinth,
40:20 was this a part of the problem
40:22 or was this what God wants us to do?
40:26 Anyone who speaks in a tongue does not
40:29 speak to men, but to God.
40:31 We could say that here Paul is telling us
40:35 that we should speak in tongues to God,
40:40 but the question we have to ask first is,
40:43 was that a part of the problem at Corinth?
40:46 If it was then he is not telling us to do that today.
40:51 If it was not a problem or a part to a problem
40:54 then may be he is telling us to do it today,
40:57 you understand, the test has to be,
40:59 was it a part of the problem?
41:01 So, anyone who speaks in a tongue
41:03 does not speak to men, but to God,
41:05 but there is a little bit of a question here
41:07 because the purpose of speaking in tongues
41:10 was to build up the church and preach the Gospel.
41:15 Here he says, those who are speaking
41:17 in tongues in Corinth are not speaking
41:18 to men, they are speaking to God.
41:20 There is something a little different here
41:22 then what happened at Pentecost,
41:23 indeed no one understands him,
41:26 but he utters mysteries with his Spirit.
41:29 Oh! He's got Spirit, he is pumped up,
41:32 he is excited about what's happening,
41:34 but nobody understands what he is saying
41:37 that did not happened at Pentecost.
41:40 Pentecost everyone understood what was being said.
41:45 Now watch this, but everyone who prophesied
41:48 speaks to men for their strengthening,
41:50 encouragement and comfort. So, is he
41:53 saying that we should all speaking in tongues to God?
41:56 He is saying, he who speaks in a tongue especially
41:59 at Corinth, they were speaking only to God,
42:00 the purpose of the gifts are to speak to man,
42:02 he who prophesies is speaking to man,
42:05 he says for the building up of the church.
42:07 Can you see how it all fits together now?
42:12 Verse 4, he speak, he who speaks
42:14 in a tongue edifies himself.
42:16 So, is Paul telling us to speak
42:19 in tongues in order to edify ourselves?
42:23 The purpose of speaking in tongue
42:25 is not to edify ourselves;
42:27 it's to edify the church to build up the church.
42:32 Is it possible that speaking in tongues to edify
42:36 oneself was the part of the problem at Corinth?
42:39 We've to ask that question
42:40 about every piece of what's happening here.
42:44 He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself but,
42:48 'but' can be a mighty big word, can't it?
42:51 He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself
42:53 Oh! Good I'll edify myself, but, oops, but he who
43:00 prophesies, edifies the church because prophesying
43:07 builds up the church, tongues was building up self,
43:11 the purpose of the gifts of the Spirit are not
43:14 to build up self, but to build up the church.
43:18 Can you see how things were getting confused at Corinth?
43:23 So, is Paul telling us to speak in tongues
43:25 to build up ourselves or is that a part
43:28 of the problem in the church at Corinth.
43:32 Then, in verse 5, I would like
43:34 for everyone of you to speak in tongues.
43:35 Ah ha! There it is, you see he wants us
43:38 all to speak in tongues, but he has already said,
43:41 we're not all to speak in tongues.
43:43 So, what is he saying?
43:45 It's followed by the word 'but' again.
43:50 I would like all of you to speak in tongues,
43:52 but I would rather have you prophesy,
43:55 because he who prophesies is greater
43:57 than the one who speaks in tongues.
43:59 Unless he interpret it, so that the church
44:01 may be edified and built up.
44:04 You see how it all fits together,
44:05 sure I would like for you all to speak in,
44:08 because remember they were teaching
44:09 that everybody had to speak in tongues.
44:11 Oh! Yes, I wished you all would,
44:14 but I'd rather have you prophesy,
44:16 does it mean that he wants them all
44:17 to speak in tongues, no.
44:18 Because he has already said not to.
44:20 He says it's better to prophesy,
44:22 it would be like me saying I wish
44:24 that you could all be evangelists,
44:26 I wish that you could all quit your jobs,
44:30 buy yourself a trailer, sell your house and go
44:33 traveling around preaching the Gospel, but if everybody
44:35 did that there wouldn't anybody to preach to.
44:40 Sure, I wished you all could, but it's better
44:42 for you to use the gift that God has given you.
44:46 And, that's not all that Paul is saying here.
44:50 Now brothers, now listen, now brothers,
44:53 if I come to you and speak in tongues what good will I
44:55 be to you unless I bring you some revelation
45:00 or knowledge or prophecy or a word of instruction.
45:05 It's not going to do any good unless you can understand
45:07 what I'm saying and you're built up in fact he says,
45:10 he says in verse 9, so with you unless
45:12 you speak intelligible words with your tongue
45:16 how will anybody know what you're saying,
45:18 you'll just be speaking into the air.
45:22 Undoubtedly, there are all sorts of languages
45:24 in the world, yet none of them is without meaning.
45:28 So, what is he emphasizing here that whatever you say in
45:31 church should be with meaning so that people can understand
45:35 what you're saying and the church can be built up.
45:38 There are all kinds of languages, but none
45:40 of them is without meaning, if I then do not grasp
45:43 the meaning of what someone who is saying
45:46 I am a foreigner to the speaker and he is a
45:49 foreigner to me, so it is with you.
45:54 What was going on in Corinth?
45:57 They were speaking in tongues,
45:59 but no one understood what they were saying
46:02 because they had no meaning to what they were saying.
46:05 Then he goes on to say, since you're eager to have
46:09 spiritual gifts, try to excel in the gifts that build up the
46:12 church, tongues were not building up the church
46:16 in Corinth, it was dividing the church.
46:19 Then, for this reason anyone who speaks in a tongue
46:23 should pray that he may interpret what he says and
46:26 then you have meaning again for,
46:29 if I pray in a tongue, my spirit praise
46:32 Oh! Yes, I'm excited, I'm in enthused,
46:35 I'm speaking in tongues, I'm praying in tongues.
46:37 Wow! It's powerful, but my mind is unfruitful,
46:42 I don't know what I'm saying.
46:45 So, what do I do, do I quit praying in the Spirit? Nope.
46:50 So, what shall I do? I will pray with my spirit,
46:54 but I'll also pray with my mind.
46:57 See sometimes we can get so spiritual
47:02 and so emotional and so powerful that
47:05 nobody even knows what's going on.
47:09 Oh! They're excited and they're rejoicing
47:12 and they walkout, I remember one time
47:14 I went to a worship service and they had a big band
47:16 and it was loud and people were dancing in the aisles
47:20 and singing and they were tongues and nobody even
47:22 knew what was being said, but boy on the way out,
47:25 one fellow said, whew! Man we worshipped.
47:31 Is that worship, when nobody
47:34 understands what's going on?
47:37 We're only in the Spirit, but not the mind, you know,
47:42 what does he say? I'll worship in the Spirit.
47:44 I mean God made us with feelings, folks.
47:47 Sometimes people come up to me and say
47:49 Pastor you get too excited up there,
47:51 I can't help it, God put feelings in me
47:55 and he put them in you,
47:56 sometimes you suppress Him so much that
47:58 you sit there like the frozen chosen.
48:02 Because we're so scared of the happy clappies.
48:05 We need to be the happy chosen. Amen.
48:10 I'll pray with my mind, but I'll pray with my Spirit.
48:13 So, they understand what's going on. Verse 18,
48:18 I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you.
48:23 Now, there it is Paul speaks in tongues
48:25 more than all of them, but, there's that little word again,
48:29 but in the church I would rather speak five intelligible
48:33 words to instruct others than 10,000 words in a tongue.
48:38 Was he really saying that we need to
48:40 be speaking in tongues all the time? No.
48:41 what is he really saying? We need to understand
48:44 what's being said in church, that comes clear
48:47 and it's obvious that the manifestation of tongues
48:50 in Corinth was done in such a way that no one
48:54 understood what was going on,
48:55 in fact he concludes in verse 22, tongues then
48:58 are assigned for believers, tongues then are assigned
49:03 not for believers, but for unbelievers.
49:07 Remember that's what happened at Pentecost,
49:08 it wasn't a sign for the believers,
49:10 it was for the unbelievers,
49:11 they heard it and then they became believers, why?
49:14 Because they understood what was being said,
49:16 tongues are assigned not for believers,
49:19 but for unbelievers, prophecy however
49:21 is for believers not for unbelievers.
49:23 So, if the whole church comes together and
49:25 everyone speaks in tongues and some who do not understand
49:29 or some unbelievers come in, they will, will they not say
49:32 you guys are out to your mind, I'm out of here.
49:36 I don't know what's going on,
49:37 everybody just babbling away,
49:38 I can't understand this, I'm out of here.
49:41 That's what was happening in Corinth. Verse 24,
49:45 but if an unbeliever or someone who does not
49:47 understand comes in while everybody is prophesying
49:50 you will be convinced by all and that he is sinner
49:52 and he will be judged by all and his soul will be saved
49:56 and the church is being built up.
49:59 You see the same message comes through over and
50:02 over, loud and clear, the purpose for the gifts
50:05 of the Spirit are to build up the body of Christ.
50:11 Wasn't doing that in Corinth?
50:13 In Corinth their meetings did more harm than good,
50:17 but what were their meetings, have you wondered?
50:19 What were their meetings like, have you wondered?
50:23 Not yet, raise your hand, say Amen or something,
50:25 so I'll know you're awake out there.
50:28 Have you wondered what their meetings were like?
50:30 Yeah, well let me show you there's a peek right here.
50:33 Verse 26, what shall we say then brothers when you
50:38 come together everyone has a hymn or a word
50:41 of instruction or revelation, a tongue or an interpretation
50:44 and they were doing all of this together,
50:46 all at one time, it is like a big three ring circus
50:49 going on in Corinth for their worship services.
50:53 So, what does he do, he said
50:54 I want you to stop all of that.
50:55 Nope, that isn't what he does.
50:57 He says all of these must be done for the strengthening
51:01 of the church, all of it must be done, if anyone speaks
51:06 in a tongue or two at the most, three should
51:07 speak one at a time and someone must interpret.
51:11 If there is no interpreter the speaker should keep quiet
51:13 in the church and speak to himself and God.
51:17 You see what's happening here, there were some
51:20 people speaking in tongues in Corinth that should not
51:22 have been speaking in tongues. Isn't that obvious?
51:26 One at a time, two, at the most three no more,
51:28 but there everybody was doing it.
51:30 So, some people were speaking in tongues in
51:33 Corinth that should not have been speaking in tongues.
51:37 Now, you can't speak
51:38 in tongues unless the Spirit enables you.
51:41 So, follow me, was Paul when he said two at the
51:48 most three and one at a time, was Paul saying
51:51 Holy Spirit, you're moving too fast in Corinth.
51:56 Holy Spirit you're enabling too many people
51:59 speak in tongues at the same time
52:00 in Corinth, Holy Spirit slow down.
52:03 Would Paul do that? I don't think so.
52:07 Something else must have been happening in Corinth.
52:11 I know, they're probably some here
52:12 they want me to say they were all possessed
52:14 by demons and it was just the devils.
52:17 It is true that there are Pagan cults in their worship
52:23 services who speak in tongues and it sounds just
52:26 exactly like what we hear in some Christians services.
52:30 But, Paul did not say you're all possessed by the devil,
52:34 he didn't say that because they were Christians.
52:37 They were believers, they had a problem in church,
52:39 but they were still believers,
52:42 he didn't say brother your gift is genuine
52:44 and sister yours is false, he didn't even do that.
52:49 He gave them instructions, one at time, two, at the most
52:54 three and there better be an interpreter there.
52:58 I think there is another option the Holy Spirit
53:01 does enable people to speak in tongues and
53:04 it's true that being possessed by devils can enable speak,
53:08 people to speak in tongues and counterfeit
53:10 the true gift of tongues, but I think there
53:13 was a third option at Corinth, think about it.
53:16 If you were a member of a congregation
53:18 in Corinth where they were emphasizing that
53:19 everybody need to have this one super gift
53:21 that is speaking in tongues and if you haven't done it
53:24 yet, you're not even a part of the body.
53:29 How would you feel? What would you want more
53:33 than anything else? Wouldn't you want that super gift,
53:38 so that you too could become a part of the body.
53:42 Of course you would and that's
53:43 what was happening in Corinth.
53:45 When you combine that intense desire for something
53:49 that you don't have, couple it with an emotional
53:53 worship service where people are singing
53:55 in the Spirit shouting and making noise and speaking
53:59 in tongues, going on all around you and you have a
54:02 desire to speak in tongues more than anything else,
54:06 it's possible to get caught up in a trans like state and
54:10 come up with something that sounds like tongues.
54:13 Now, I've had people tell me so many times
54:15 you know, Pastor I've always wondered
54:16 if that was God speaking through me,
54:18 if I was just doing it on my own.
54:21 And when they follow the instructions one at a time,
54:25 two, at the most three and there must be an interpreter.
54:28 He is taking away that exciting extra emotional
54:31 environment, so that the whole thing can just die out
54:36 and God can exercise the gifts the way
54:39 He wants them to be exercised.
54:42 Pray for it, seek for it,
54:44 but seek the Baptism of the Spirit and like God
54:46 decide which gift we should have.
54:50 The purpose of the gifts of the Spirit
54:52 are to build up the body of Christ.
54:54 Why don't you speak in tongues in your church?
54:57 I hear this question many times,
54:59 the answer is we do, we do.
55:05 I know, some people that have been to other countries
55:08 and when they've spoken after the message was over,
55:10 people came to him and said we do know you
55:12 understood our language, I don't.
55:14 You spoke to us in perfect Swahili or
55:17 whatever language it was, I don't know that language,
55:20 that's the miracle gift of tongues. Amen.
55:23 It doesn't happen a lot, it doesn't happen often, but
55:28 it only happened three times in the whole New Testament.
55:32 God uses the gifts when He needs to for the purpose
55:36 of building up the body of Christ. Amen.
55:41 And I always liked to ask my friends if the purpose
55:43 of speaking in tongues or any other gifts is to build
55:47 up the body of Christ to win men and women to Jesus,
55:50 then how many people have you won to Christ?
55:54 Oh! But, I can speak in tongues, well that's okay,
55:57 but how many have you won to Christ?
56:00 You see that's the point, let's pray together.
56:08 Lord, we just thank you and we praise you for Jesus,
56:15 having the foresight to establish a church,
56:20 consisting of all of those who believe in him
56:24 and empowering us through the Holy Spirit
56:29 to use the gifts of the Spirit in order to reach out
56:33 to men and women for Jesus Christ, and so
56:37 this morning as we sit here in this comfortable church
56:40 auditorium, my prayer is that God will pour out His Spirit
56:46 upon each one and that He will bless us and anoint us
56:50 with gifts to be used by him in any way that he sees fit.
56:55 And, so if the desire of your heart this morning
56:59 is to receive a baptism of God's Holy Spirit
57:03 to fill your heart with his love and his power.
57:07 So, that you can reach out with the good news
57:09 about Jesus and lead men and women to follow the lamb,
57:13 won't you just raise your hand with me this morning,
57:16 and so doing you're saying Lord, send me, use me,
57:21 empower me, I ask in Jesus name. Amen.


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