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01:05 We want to know the truth! Amen.
01:10 We want to be sure That the bridge
01:13 that professes to take us on into eternity
01:16 is going to do just that.
01:19 How can we know the truth?
01:24 God has provided a means for us to know the truth
01:29 and that is through the scripture and his church.
01:36 The church is a safeguard for the truth.
01:40 So, the next question would be
01:42 what is the church and if we open our
01:46 Bible's to Colossians chapter 1 verse 18,
01:49 it says, he, speaking of Jesus,
01:51 he is the head of the body, the church.
01:57 So, what is the church? The church is the body
02:00 of Christ. Where is the church? wherever there is
02:03 someone who believes in Jesus Christ.
02:06 It doesn't matter what building you're in,
02:08 any building or no building,
02:10 it doesn't matter what country you live in,
02:13 it doesn't matter what color your skin,
02:15 it doesn't matter the blood flowing through your veins,
02:18 the only thing that matters is
02:19 do you know Jesus Christ?
02:23 And if you are in Christ then
02:24 you are part of his body, which is the church.
02:33 This is what Luther called
02:36 The invisible body of Christ.
02:41 Invisible because it's not located
02:44 in any one particular place, it's located in every place,
02:48 there is a believer in Jesus.
02:50 But the question is does the invisible body of Christ ever
02:58 become a visible organized structure in the world?
03:06 And to answer that question we turn to the Book of Acts,
03:09 in Acts chapter 13 verse 1, in the church,
03:15 he writes, in the church at Antioch
03:18 there were prophets and teachers,
03:20 and the Holy Spirit said set apart from me
03:23 Barnabas and Saul, and so they place
03:27 their hands on them and sent them off.
03:29 Now, notice he is speaking of the church at Antioch,
03:34 this is not the invisible body of Christ consisting of
03:37 all believers in everyplace,
03:39 everywhere, this is one local congregation
03:42 in a particular city just like here the church in Pasco.
03:49 So, not only is the church an invisible body
03:51 consisting of all believers now we see the church
03:55 referred to in the Bible as a local congregation,
03:59 this particular one located in Antioch.
04:01 Acts chapter 9 in verse 31, then.
04:04 "The Church" again the church throughout Judea,
04:08 Galilee and Samaria enjoyed a time of peace,
04:11 it was strengthened and encouraged
04:13 by the Holy Spirit and it grew in numbers,
04:17 living in the fear of the Lord.
04:18 So, now we see again "The Church" consisting
04:24 all around the area and it grew in numbers,
04:27 someone was counting
04:29 of various different congregations
04:30 all around the area and it grew in numbers,
04:31 someone was counting
04:32 how many people were a part of the church?
04:33 And as we read these texts, we can easily see that
04:36 the church is becoming more and more of a visible
04:40 organized structure in the world.
04:44 In Acts the 2nd chapter, we learn this morning
04:46 that Peter preached a Sermon on the Day of Pentecost
04:50 filled with the power of the Holy Spirit
04:51 and 3000 people were Baptized
04:54 and added to their number that day.
04:57 Again, added to their number means
04:59 that there were people who were in some way affiliated
05:03 with and belong to a body called "The Church"
05:07 and there were others who were not a part
05:09 of the body of the church.
05:10 One lady said do you mean to tell me
05:12 I need to be a card carrying member of the church?
05:16 I said well, I don't see anything about
05:18 carrying cards in here,
05:19 but I know one thing
05:21 if we want to be a part of the body of Christ,
05:23 if we want to be a part of the church
05:24 we need to be added to their number
05:27 just like they were in Bible times.
05:29 You can call it joining, you can call it membership,
05:32 you can call it adding to the number,
05:34 it doesn't matter what you call it,
05:35 what matters is that we're all a part
05:37 with some kind of a commitment to the church
05:40 of Jesus Christ! Amen.
05:42 And again the church is becoming more and more
05:45 of a visible and organized structure,
05:48 but all wasn't well with the church,
05:50 we find trouble in the camp. In Acts chapter 6 verse 1,
05:54 in those days a number of the disciples were increasing,
05:58 the Greek Jews among them complained against
06:02 the Hebrew speaking Jews
06:04 because their widows were being overlooked
06:07 in the daily distribution of the food.
06:09 Now, we find a kind of racial discrimination
06:13 Taking place in the church, problems in the church,
06:17 so what did they do? In verse 2, the 12
06:20 gathered all the disciples together and said
06:22 it would not be right for us to neglect
06:26 the ministry of the word of God
06:28 in order to wait on tables, brothers choose seven men
06:32 from among you who are
06:34 known to be full of the spirit and wisdom
06:36 and we will turn this responsibility
06:39 over to them and give our
06:41 attention to prayer and ministry of the word.
06:43 You see what was happening was that the leaders
06:45 of the church were having to spend so much time
06:49 putting out the fires
06:50 and dealing with administrative problems
06:52 and hurt feelings that they didn't have time
06:55 to preach the word.
06:57 And so they organized, they said appoint some men
07:00 to be deacons and those men would take care
07:02 of the administrative chores of the church
07:04 And set the pastors free to preach the word of God
07:07 and minister to the people.
07:10 Again the church is becoming more organized and visible
07:17 and the purpose was to facilitate
07:19 the preaching of the word of God,
07:22 which was the purpose of the church.
07:25 Another problem, in Acts chapter 15 arises, verse 1,
07:29 some men came down from Judea to Antioch
07:32 and they were teaching the brothers,
07:33 unless you are circumcised,
07:36 according to the custom taught by Moses
07:38 you cannot be saved.
07:43 Now, this didn't go down too well with Paul and some
07:47 of the others who have been preaching the Gospel
07:49 that we're saved by grace through faith
07:51 and not by works, it's the gift of God.
07:54 And so that brought
07:56 sharp dispute and debate to the church.
08:01 So, how did they handle it, now here is the church
08:04 being divided and disputing in debate
08:07 over doctrinal issues and the central issue
08:10 was the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
08:12 So, how did they solve the problem,
08:15 he tells us, Paul and Barnabas were appointed along with
08:19 some other believers to go up to Jerusalem
08:23 to see the apostles and the elders about this question.
08:28 So, Paul and Barnabas went to Jerusalem
08:31 there they met with the apostles and the elders,
08:34 they met with the leadership of the church
08:37 and they debated, they discussed the issue,
08:39 they prayed about it, they appealed
08:41 to the Holy Spirit.
08:43 In verse 8 it says, God who knows
08:45 the heart showed them, showed that by accepting
08:48 them by giving his Holy Spirit to the Gentiles.
08:51 So they were using the word of God and the Holy Spirit
08:55 as their guide in this debate.
08:58 Finally after the debate had finished,
09:02 James stood up and spoke in verse 13 and James said,
09:07 brothers listen to me Simon has described to us
09:13 how God has first showed his concern
09:15 by taking from the Gentiles
09:17 a people for himself and the words
09:19 of the prophet are in agreement
09:21 with this and he quoted the prophecy of Amos.
09:24 So, here we see James standing up and presiding
09:29 in this meeting over the church leaders,
09:31 they used the Holy Spirit, they used the scripture,
09:35 they made a decision. In verse 19,
09:37 James said it is my judgment
09:40 therefore that we should not make it difficult
09:43 for the Gentiles and then they all decided,
09:46 they all voted and decided
09:48 what the church should teach and that was that
09:50 the Gentiles should not need to be circumcised.
09:53 In verse 24, they sent a letter
09:55 out to all the churches requesting that they,
09:59 demanding that they preach the Gospel
10:02 that they stick to the word of God and then
10:05 in verse 24 he says we've heard
10:07 that someone out from us
10:09 without our authorization disturbing you.
10:12 So, this clearly shows that there was a leadership
10:16 group in Jerusalem and all of the rest
10:19 of the church was subject to the decisions
10:22 that this group of leaders made and they were
10:25 expected to abide by those decisions.
10:30 And this was God's way of safeguarding the truth.
10:35 Now, I know for a fact
10:38 the Bible makes it clear that there were some people
10:41 who went away from that meeting
10:44 convinced that the church had made a mistake.
10:49 Because they went out stirring up trouble,
10:52 but you see God expected them to abide by the
10:56 decisions made at the leadership level
10:59 of the church, whether they agreed to it or not,
11:04 this was God's way of safeguarding the truth.
11:09 And then in Matthew chapter 18,
11:12 in Matthew the 18th chapter,
11:14 Jesus gives us some wisdom that would be
11:16 good for us to follow today.
11:18 In verse 15, if your brother sins against you
11:23 get on the telephone and tell everybody in the church,
11:28 is that what it says, they guess
11:31 what we do sometimes, that isn't what it says,
11:34 what does he say, if your brother sins against
11:36 you go and show him his fault
11:39 just between the two of you.
11:43 But if you're not listened,
11:45 if he listens to you then you have won your brother over,
11:47 but if he'll not listen to you then take one or two others
11:51 along so that every matter maybe established
11:54 by the testimony of two or three witnesses.
11:58 If he refuses to listen to them,
12:00 tell it to the church.
12:04 Now, how do you tell it to the church?
12:06 The only way I know of to do
12:08 that is to have some kind of a meeting
12:11 for the whole church to deal with the problem
12:13 with his brother who refuses
12:15 to listen to the leaders of the church,
12:17 that's not very popular today.
12:20 But isn't that what Jesus said to do,
12:22 tell it to the church
12:25 and if he refuses to listen even to the church,
12:29 treat him as you would a pagan or a tax collector.
12:33 Pagans and tax collectors are not a part of the church.
12:38 So what is Jesus saying to do?
12:41 How do we treat pagans and tax collectors?
12:44 Did he expect them to be mean to them?
12:46 Did he expect them to be ugly to them? He expected
12:51 them to love them and to reach out to them and to
12:56 restore them back to the fold of the church again.
13:01 But the point is that Jesus gave the church
13:06 the local congregation, the authority to decide
13:10 who is and who is not to be a part of that congregation,
13:15 he went on to say I tell you the truth
13:17 whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven
13:19 and whatever you lose on earth
13:20 you'd be losing in heaven.
13:21 He gave the local church the authority to decide
13:24 who is and who is not to be added
13:27 to their number in that church.
13:30 Now, we may not like that, but he doesn't ask us to like
13:34 it he asks us to do it and he does it with wisdom.
13:39 Now, we are not saying that as some do that
13:43 Jesus gave the church the authority to decide
13:46 who is saved and who is lost.
13:49 No man decides that, that's God decision! Amen.
13:54 But he is absolutely giving the church the authority
13:57 to decide who is and who is not
13:59 to be a part of that congregation
14:02 and again the church is becoming more visible
14:05 and more of an organized structure.
14:09 In first Timothy, first Timothy the 3rd chapter,
14:13 he gives us instructions and qualifications
14:18 for a man who wants to be an elder of the church,
14:22 a leader or a pastor of the church
14:25 and he lists the requirements.
14:27 Now when he list the requirements
14:29 for the officers of the church then you can see that again
14:33 the church is becoming more organized
14:36 into a visible organized structure,
14:38 a institution on the earth. In verse 8,
14:40 he gives the requirements for deacons of the church again
14:43 more and more the church is becoming
14:46 a visible organized institution on this planet.
14:51 Then he addresses the issue in verse 14 of chapter 3,
14:55 although I hope to come to you soon,
14:57 I am writing you these instructions
15:00 so that if I am delayed you will know
15:03 how people ought to conduct themselves in
15:06 God's household which is the church of the living God,
15:10 the foundation and pillar of the truth
15:12 and now he is telling us I am giving you some rules,
15:15 I am giving you Some regulations,
15:17 I am giving you some instructions
15:18 and this is the way you ought to behave in God's church
15:23 and some of those instructions we saw last night
15:25 were even instructions concerning the way we ought
15:28 to dress if we want to be a part of God's church.
15:32 Now again today it's not popular to say
15:36 that here are rules, here are instructions,
15:38 here are regulations,
15:41 but the church gives instructions to people
15:44 as to how they ought to behave in the church,
15:46 which church, the church of the living God,
15:50 the pillar and foundation of the truth.
15:53 The problem is there is only one invisible body of Christ
15:59 consisting of all believers, but there are
16:05 many local visible institutions
16:09 all calling themselves The Church.
16:14 And they all teach something different from each other or
16:18 they would have no reason to exist separately.
16:22 So, how can we find the church that
16:27 God has especially preserved to safeguard the truth
16:32 for the last days, they cannot all be teaching
16:36 the truth because one says you should pray to Mary
16:39 and other says no don't pray to Mary,
16:42 one says Baptism by immersion
16:44 and another says a few drops will do,
16:45 one says that we should keep Sunday
16:49 another says no we should keep the seventh day holy
16:51 and on and on and on
16:53 the differences go between the churches.
16:55 So which church is safeguarding the truth?
16:59 Because the Bible says, the church of the living God
17:03 is the pillar and foundation of the truth.
17:08 Does this mean, that we have to look
17:10 at all of the churches and compare their teachings
17:14 to the scripture to find out which one teaches the truth,
17:17 that would take the work of a lifetime,
17:19 in fact you probably couldn't finish it in a lifetime.
17:24 But God has given us a shortcut.
17:27 When you understand the church in Revelation,
17:30 but first let's answer the question,
17:34 why are there so many churches today?
17:38 Why are there so many denominations
17:41 all claiming to have the truth and
17:44 all claiming practically to get their truth
17:47 from the scripture? Why are there so many?
17:51 The Book of Revelation answers that question for us,
17:54 let's begin our search
17:55 in the Book of Revelation with chapter 2,
17:57 Jesus issuing seven letters to the seven churches
18:02 and the first one is the church in Ephesus
18:05 and he says write these words,
18:07 if you go down to the middle of verse 2 in chapter 2,
18:10 he says I know that you cannot tolerate wicked men
18:13 and you have tested those who claim to be apostles,
18:16 but are not. So Jesus is commanding
18:20 the church at Ephesus because they cannot tolerate
18:23 wicked men and they test the words of those
18:27 who claim to be apostles, how did they test it?
18:29 With the word of God, that's the only way
18:31 you can test anyone. With the scripture
18:34 and then he goes so far as to say in verse 6,
18:37 you hate the practices of the Nicolaitans,
18:40 which I also hate. Now, they don't hate
18:42 the Nicolaitans and God doesn't hate the Nicolaitans,
18:46 but he hates their practices because they are false
18:49 and they turn people away from the truth.
18:52 He says therefore I'll give you
18:54 the right to eat from the tree of life
18:56 God commends the church at Ephesus because
19:03 they don't tolerate wicked men and they test those
19:07 who claim to be apostles and they shunned,
19:10 they abhor false doctrines and false teachings,
19:14 he commends them for that.
19:15 Then we go to the church at Smyrna
19:17 and he says don't be afraid in verse 10,
19:19 of what you're about to suffer.
19:21 Now, in the early stages of the church,
19:24 the church began to grow rapidly and the devil realized
19:28 that he had to do something to stop this growth
19:30 or he thought well I'll try persecution
19:33 and he begins persecuting the church,
19:35 and he says you're about to suffer,
19:37 you're be about to, you're about to
19:39 be put into prison and you'll be tested,
19:41 you'll suffer persecution for 10 days,
19:44 but hold on, don't be afraid and so here is the church
19:47 now plunged in to the mist of persecution.
19:51 Stay pure he says
19:53 and you'll not be hurt by the second death.
19:55 Then the church in Pergamum,
19:58 persecution seizes, the devil realized
20:00 that as he began to persecute the church
20:02 the more he persecuted it the faster it seemed to grow,
20:05 it was backfiring, his plans always backfire.
20:08 So now he'll try something else, he says,
20:10 I'll leave them alone, I let them prosper,
20:13 I may even help them a little bit,
20:14 may be they can handle persecution,
20:17 but they can't handle prosperity.
20:20 And he was right because in the church in Pergamum,
20:23 Jesus wrote in verse 14, Nevertheless
20:26 I have a few things against you,
20:28 you have people there
20:29 who hold to the teachings of Balaam,
20:32 repent of this otherwise I'll come and fight against them
20:36 with the sword of my mouth, in Revelation 19.
20:41 So, Jesus is saying hey you're doing some good things,
20:45 but you've got a problem what's the problem?
20:47 You've got people among you
20:49 who hold to the teachings of Balaam.
20:51 Remember in Ephesus
20:52 They did not tolerate false doctrines,
20:55 but now they have people there who teach false
20:58 doctrines and he condemns them for that.
21:01 In chapter 2 verse 29, now we're looking
21:05 at the church in Thyatira and the church is plunging
21:07 more and more into darkness here in verse 20,
21:10 I have this against you, you tolerate that woman
21:13 Jezebel who calls herself a prophet
21:15 and by her teaching she misleads my servants,
21:18 not only are there people there,
21:19 but now they tolerate false doctrines,
21:22 they tolerates false teachings.
21:24 It sounds like the church
21:25 Today people boast about being tolerant.
21:31 Oh! Whatever you believe is okay,
21:32 we're just all one and we love one another,
21:34 but Jesus said he abhors,
21:36 he hates false doctrine, why?
21:38 Because it leads people down the pathway to destruction,
21:42 the people that he loves, the people that he cares for,
21:45 the people that he died for. And he has a church
21:49 that boast about being tolerate.
21:52 The church is being plunged into the darkness
21:55 of the Dark Ages in the Thyatira.
21:57 The first of the Doctrines to go,
21:59 we've already seen, was the Gospel of Jesus
22:02 Christ and they began to teach that you are saved
22:04 by works and not by grace
22:06 alone and then once the Gospel went,
22:08 it was easy for the rest of the doctrines
22:10 to begin to tumble
22:11 like dominoes and they began to teach that Baptism
22:14 by sprinkling is enough, you don't need to be
22:17 immersed under the water,
22:18 when you die you go straight to heaven,
22:20 you don't sleep in the grave waiting for the resurrection.
22:23 All of the false doctrines
22:24 began to creep into the church.
22:26 The Sabbath was changed from the seventh day
22:28 to the first day in the year 364 at the council
22:31 of Laodicea and again the church is being plunged
22:34 into the depths of darkness and despair.
22:37 But God always has true believers on the earth.
22:41 The visible church had fallen, but there is always
22:45 an invisible body of Christ present,
22:48 the Waldensians and Albigensians
22:50 and others would hide in the mountains,
22:52 they'd hide in caves with the scripture
22:55 and they'd write little pieces of scripture
22:58 on little pieces of paper
23:00 and put it into the helms of their garments
23:02 and smuggle it out into the communities.
23:04 God has always had true believers,
23:06 the church was invisible,
23:08 the visible church was plunged into darkness,
23:11 but the invisible church was always present on this earth.
23:16 Amazingly some of the more recent discoveries
23:19 of those times are showing that
23:21 there were even people keeping the Sabbath,
23:24 even after it had become outlawed and banned.
23:30 Now we come to the Church in Sardis,
23:32 something special is beginning to happen.
23:35 In chapter 3 verse 4, he says
23:37 you have a few people in Sardis
23:38 who have not soiled their clothes,
23:40 they will walk with me dressed in white and
23:42 he who overcomes will like them be dressed in white.
23:47 The white robe of Christ
23:48 Righteousness is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
23:52 And we've already discovered that Martin Luther
23:55 was a Roman Catholic priest who discovered that
23:57 we are saved by grace through faith
23:59 and not by works. So now we discover
24:01 that the church in the depths of the Dark Ages
24:04 is beginning to step by step restore
24:07 the truth that had been lost through the ages
24:10 and fallen into darkness, now it's coming back
24:13 and he begins with the Gospel of Luther,
24:15 but then Luther died and the church was afraid
24:22 that the false doctrines of Rome,
24:25 the false Gospel, that we're saved by grace
24:27 and works would begin to creep back into the church.
24:30 So, they establish a creed and they said this is
24:34 what we believe, this is the meaning of the church,
24:39 this is what we believe, no more no less,
24:41 the creed was intended to be a fence
24:44 to block out false doctrine, but it stunted their growth.
24:48 Because Luther as great a man a God as he was,
24:51 Luther had come out of incredible darkness and
24:53 we need to praise God for what he saw,
24:56 he saw the light of the Gospel,
24:58 but he didn't see everything.
25:01 Someone asked me
25:02 why didn't the Luther see the Sabbath?
25:04 Hey, he was doing good in the darkness
25:07 that he came from to see the Gospel,
25:09 but we need like one of my professors said,
25:11 we need to stand on Luther shoulders
25:13 and then we can see further than Luther saw.
25:16 But the church boxed themselves in,
25:19 they were afraid of false doctrine,
25:20 so they boxed themselves in
25:22 and they couldn't grow anymore.
25:24 John Calvin comes along and says,
25:25 yes Luther was right about the Gospel,
25:28 but not about the sacraments, not about the Lord's supper
25:31 and so the reformed tradition was established
25:33 and they boxed themselves in with a creed
25:36 and then the Wesley's come along and they say yeah,
25:39 Luther and Calvin were right as far as they saw,
25:41 but they didn't understand the importance of holy living.
25:44 And the Methodist church was established
25:46 and then there the Anabaptists who said, oh!
25:48 This is all good, but they are not baptizing right
25:51 and the Baptist church was established
25:53 and each one contributing one more piece of the truth
25:57 that had been lost in the Dark Ages.
25:59 Pentecostals come along and said well,
26:02 this is alright but we need the Holy Spirit
26:04 and the Pentecostal Church was established,
26:07 and then there was Alexander Campbell who said
26:09 look they are still locking themselves in with creeds,
26:12 we need to have a creed of the scripture and
26:14 the scripture only for the church and he was right.
26:17 But the problem was that he never saw it all and
26:20 they still never observed the Sabbath that the Bible taught
26:23 and that the apostles taught in Bible days
26:25 and finally in 1844 the hour of God's judgment has come.
26:30 God raised up a people to announce to the world
26:33 that God's judgment has began, fear God, give him glory,
26:38 worship God the creator of the heavens and the earth,
26:40 the God who made this world in 6 days and rested
26:44 on the seventh day and blessed it and made it holy,
26:47 and now finally the truth from the New Testament
26:52 and the Old Testament has been restored
26:56 and God has a beacon light shining
26:59 on this earth like never before.
27:01 But then there is another church in chapter 3 verse 14,
27:09 write to the church in Laodicea verse 15,
27:12 I know your deeds, you're neither hot nor cold,
27:16 I wish you are one of the other
27:17 because you are lukewarm neither hot or cold,
27:19 I am about to spit you out of my mouth
27:23 and there is the judgment.
27:25 God sifting and God judging and God determining those
27:32 who are faithful and those who are true
27:34 and those who are not
27:35 and the ones that are not are
27:37 spit out of the mouth of Jesus.
27:40 So, now the truth has been restored,
27:42 where can we find on this earth a church
27:48 that is the safeguard for the truth,
27:50 the same truth that was taught
27:52 in the New Testament by the disciples
27:55 and the apostles and Jesus himself.
27:58 God has given us a shortcut it's in the Book of
28:01 Revelation, chapter 12, in Revelation the 12th chapter,
28:05 I want to start with verse 13, remember this is the dragon,
28:09 the battle between the dragon and the woman,
28:11 the dragon is whom.
28:12 The devil or Satan, and the woman who is the woman,
28:17 the woman always symbolizes
28:19 God's people in the Old Testament, the woman
28:22 was the nation of Israel in the New Testament,
28:24 the woman is the church of Jesus Christ.
28:27 So here in verse 13, we see the dragon had been hurled
28:31 down to the earth and then he pursued the woman.
28:35 So, who is this woman? Let's compare
28:37 scripture with scripture, let the scripture,
28:40 let the prophecy interpret itself, who is the woman?
28:44 The woman before Christ was the nation of Israel,
28:48 the woman after Christ is the church,
28:50 so it's easy to ask the question is this woman
28:54 before Jesus or after Jesus
28:56 and the answer is right there in the same verse.
28:59 The dragon saw he had been hurled to the earth,
29:01 he pursued the woman who had given birth to the male child
29:07 that was Jesus Christ.
29:08 She had already given birth to Jesus.
29:11 So who is the woman, the woman symbolizes the church,
29:16 because the Jesus Christ had already come.
29:18 And so now we see the dragon is at war with the church.
29:22 Verse 14, the woman was given two wings of a great eagle,
29:25 so that she might fly off to the place prepared for her
29:28 in the desert where she would be taken care of for time,
29:31 times and half a time out of the serpent's reach,
29:33 1260 years, we've already looked at that prophecy,
29:36 the very same time that the beast or the
29:39 Antichrist is persecuting God's church trying to
29:42 stamp out God's truth on this earth,
29:45 the very same time we find God protecting
29:48 the woman by hiding her in the wilderness.
29:51 In other words now the church is invisible because
29:54 the visible body of Christ had fallen in to darkness.
30:00 But the woman is hidden in the wilderness.
30:02 God still had an invisible church present on this earth.
30:06 He always has and he will all the way through to the end.
30:13 In verse 15, things are beginning to change,
30:16 out of the serpent's mouth he spewed water like a river to
30:18 overtake the women and sweep her away with the torrent,
30:21 but the earth helped the woman by opening his mouth
30:23 and swallowing the river that the
30:26 dragon had spewed out of his mouth.
30:30 When did the earth helped the woman,
30:33 who was being persecuted by the Antichrist
30:37 taking place in Europe, as we've already
30:39 seen during the time of the Dark Ages,
30:42 when did the earth help the woman.
30:44 We've already learned that the false prophet
30:47 was that beast in Revelation 13,
30:50 that came up out of the earth.
30:51 The first one came up out of the water,
30:53 the false prophet comes out of the earth,
30:55 we identified it as Protestant America.
30:58 So now we see the earth helping the women by
31:01 opening his mouth, swallowing up the river,
31:05 the dragon had spewed, so the river,
31:06 the waters represent multitudes of people
31:09 persecuting God's church,
31:10 trying to wipe her off of the face of the earth,
31:13 but the earth helps the woman, swallows up the river.
31:16 That's when the puritans, that's when the pilgrims,
31:19 that's when the people came from Europe
31:21 over to this country to establish a nation
31:24 that would be free to worship God,
31:26 as they pleased and the earth helps the women.
31:31 Now watch, around this time, late 1700s and thereafter
31:39 the dragon in verse 17 was angry at the woman and went
31:44 off to make war against the remnant of her offspring,
31:49 those who obey God's commandments
31:51 and have the testimony of Jesus.
31:53 Once again the invisible church is becoming a visible
31:58 organized force in the world today.
32:01 When is it, after the earth helps the woman,
32:04 sometime in the late 17 or early 1800s,
32:08 we should be looking for a church to become visible,
32:12 to become organized, to be a force in the world today
32:14 and it's called the remnant church
32:17 because the word remnant means the last, the end.
32:21 Those of you ladies who have ever done a little sowing,
32:24 tell me if I'm right, they tell me that if you go to
32:26 the material store and buy some material and you get
32:29 a roll of the remnant that means there is no more left
32:32 after that, am I right? I see some nodding your heads,
32:36 when you buy the remnant, men, you need to understand
32:38 this, the ladies already do, when you buy the remnant
32:41 that means that's the end of the roll,
32:43 there is no more, that's it.
32:45 And so here we see the remnant, the rest,
32:47 the last of God's people on this earth,
32:50 there are no more after this.
32:52 No wonder the dragon is so angry,
32:55 no wonder he launches to make war
32:57 against the remnant of God seed, who are they?
33:01 Two identifying marks, that's all,
33:04 just two, you see God gives us a shortcut.
33:07 They obey the commandments of God
33:09 God and have the testimony of Jesus.
33:12 Now, I want you to listen to me carefully, if this church,
33:16 this remnant church that's becoming visible
33:19 for the last time in early 1800s, if this church
33:25 teaches obedience to God's commandments,
33:29 then any church on this earth that does not teach
33:35 obedience to God's commandments, all of them,
33:39 cannot be this church.
33:42 Are you with me now.
33:44 Any church that does not teach obedience to all of
33:47 God's commandments cannot be this remnant church
33:51 because here they're identified as obeying
33:54 the commandments of God and that means all of them
33:57 because if you break one,
33:59 you're guilty of breaking them all.
34:00 This is a shortcut folks, this allows us to
34:05 immediately eliminate a whole bunch of churches
34:08 all claiming to be the true church.
34:11 Some say, well we're the true church because
34:13 we're the biggest,
34:14 but the Bible says straight is the way that leads to life
34:18 and straight is the way, broad is the way that
34:22 leads to destruction and many are gonna go there,
34:24 but straight and narrow the way that leads to life
34:27 and only a few that are gonna find it.
34:28 So the biggest church can't be the one that's talked
34:31 about here as the remnant because the remnant
34:33 is gonna be a small group.
34:35 There are those who say, Wow!
34:37 The true church has to have a certain name,
34:39 the church of God, the church of the first born, the
34:42 church of Christ, the church of this, the church of that.
34:45 Well, if the Bible ever said the true church
34:47 has a certain name then everyone would put
34:50 their name on the church,
34:51 you don't find truth by looking
34:52 at science over church doors.
34:54 You find truth by the word of God.
34:58 And the Bible says,
35:00 the remnant is the one that teaches obedience
35:05 to the commands of God, some say,
35:06 well we need to be able to trace ourselves back all the
35:10 way to the beginning,
35:11 and then you'll know that's the true church.
35:13 But the Bible says that the organized church
35:15 was plunged into darkness and it becomes visible
35:18 again after 1798, after the infliction of the deadly
35:22 wound it becomes visible. So, you cant' trace it back
35:25 to the roots that way folks
35:26 there is only one way to trace it back
35:28 and that is does it teach everything
35:31 according to the scripture.
35:35 Does it teach obedience to the commandments of God?
35:38 Any church that does not teach obedience to
35:41 all of God's commandments, including the fourth one,
35:43 that says remember the Sabbath day
35:45 to keep it holy cannot be this church
35:46 In Revelation 12, verse 17.
35:50 Now, Seventh Day Adventists believe that
35:56 this prophecy identifies the Adventist movement
36:01 as the remnant that God raised up to preach the
36:05 Gospel to the world,
36:06 to announce the judgment hourhas begun in the 1844
36:11 as we learned last night and to teach obedience to all
36:14 of God's commandments, but don't say Amen,
36:18 very loud, that's strange coming from me, Amen.
36:22 Not too loud, why not?
36:26 Because Revelation chapter 3 says that the last church,
36:30 which is that remnant church that you would
36:33 think would be on fire for God is lukewarm.
36:39 And Jesus even said, I'm about to spit
36:41 some of you out of my mouth.
36:44 There is no room to boast,
36:46 the Seventh Adventist church is no better
36:49 than any other church, but in one sense
36:53 God raised up the Seventh Day Adventist
36:55 to proclaim the three angels messages
36:58 and folks I've never heard anyone else,
37:00 I've never heard any other church even claim to preach,
37:03 the three angels messages of Revelation,
37:05 God's last warning to a perishing world.
37:11 And, then what about the other identifying mark,
37:14 says they hold to the testimony of Jesus,
37:16 what's the testimony of Jesus comparing
37:18 scripture with scripture,
37:19 we go to Revelation chapter 19.
37:22 John had just seen a vision, an Angel was there,
37:25 he fell at the feet of the angel
37:26 and he went to worship the angel,
37:28 but the angel said in verse 10, do not do that,
37:31 I'm a fellow servant with you and with your brothers
37:34 who hold to the testimony of Jesus,
37:36 worship God for the testimony of Jesus
37:39 is the spirit of prophecy.
37:41 Now, we see the second identifying mark and that is
37:44 that God's true church would be identified as
37:46 as not only obeying all of God's commandments,
37:49 but it would have the testimony of Jesus,
37:51 which is the spirit of prophecy.
37:55 So, we should be looking for a church
37:57 coming visible in the late 18, in the mid 1800s,
38:01 just in time to announce the judgment hour
38:03 that taught obedience to all of God's commandments
38:06 and has the gift of prophecy manifest
38:08 in that church as it is becoming visible.
38:11 Now, some say, what a prophet in the last days,
38:14 no way, we don't need prophets.
38:17 The Bible says that we should not despise
38:19 prophecy. First Thessalonians chapter 5:19-22,
38:23 don't despise prophecy,
38:24 but test everything and hold on to the good.
38:27 How do you test it with the word of God,
38:29 don't despise it, test it.
38:31 In Joel 2, he said, I'll pour out my Spirit on
38:33 all flesh and many will prophecy in the last days.
38:36 We should be looking for an explosion
38:39 of the gift of prophecy in the last days,
38:41 and Jesus himself said, there will be many
38:43 false prophets coming in my name.
38:46 You don't have a false prophet,
38:47 if there is no true prophet, you don't
38:50 counterfeit something that it doesn't exist.
38:52 You don't make a counterfeit $11 bill,
38:54 the fact that there would be many false prophets,
38:57 Jesus is pointing to show that the devil
38:59 would make a smoke screen,
39:01 so that when the true prophet would appear
39:03 no one would wanna listen to it.
39:06 And, then Revelation says, that when
39:09 God's church is becoming visible for the last time,
39:12 it would teach obedience to the commandments of God
39:14 and it would have the spirit of prophecy
39:16 manifested in that church at that time and
39:18 the Seventh Day Adventist church does believe that
39:20 the gift of prophecy was manifest in the
39:23 ministry of a woman named Ellen G. White.
39:27 Have you ever heard about her yet,
39:29 at least most of you haven't
39:31 and there is a reason for that,
39:34 because we believe that all of our teachings
39:36 and all of our doctrines should come from the
39:38 scripture and the scripture alone.
39:41 In fact Ellen G. White herself said,
39:44 the writings of Ellen White should
39:47 not be carried to the front.
39:50 God's word is the un-airing standard.
39:53 Ellen White is not to take the place of the word of God.
39:57 Let everyone prove their point from scripture
39:59 never do we want anyone to put Ellen White
40:02 ahead of the Bible.
40:03 That's what I would expect a prophet to say,
40:07 you test the prophet by the scripture.
40:10 She said she is the lesser light to lead us
40:13 to the greater light which is the Bible.
40:15 One day, my door bell rang and I came to the door
40:19 and there was some really two handsome
40:21 looking young man dressed nicely,
40:23 that were out witnessing, sharing their faith
40:25 and they said we want to tell you about God,
40:28 I said, come right in.
40:29 Oh! I love for people to come in to tell me about God,
40:32 because I've good news for you too.
40:35 So, come in here and tell me,
40:37 and they said, did you know that God has prophets
40:40 in the last days, I said, yep, I know that,
40:42 they said you do.
40:44 I do, the Bible says it and I believe it,
40:47 I said then I've a question for you,
40:49 tell me, if the prophet says something
40:54 that contradicts the scripture,
40:56 which one would you believe the prophet or the scripture.
41:00 And, they said, Oh! Well, we believe the prophet.
41:04 I said, well why would you believe the prophet
41:07 over scripture, he says
41:09 because he is a prophet and he has to tell the truth
41:14 and I said, but just a minute,
41:18 if the Holy Spirit gave us the scripture
41:21 and someone shows up at my door claiming to be a prophet
41:25 and he contradicts the scripture,
41:27 how do you know that he is really a prophet.
41:31 Oh! You can feel it in your heart.
41:33 Well, I can feel it in my heart that he is not.
41:37 Now, where all we, your heart against mine,
41:41 is that how we find truth?
41:42 We find truth by the word of God, Amen.
41:47 And, I would expect a prophet
41:48 to say to the law and the testimonies,
41:51 if they speak not according to these,
41:52 there is no light in them.
41:54 Then why do we need to gift the prophecy,
41:56 if we have the scripture, because the world
41:58 had been plunged into the depths of darkness
42:01 and despair and God was finally letting that light
42:04 shine and establishing His remnant church and He
42:07 wanted to give it help with the gift of prophecy.
42:11 And, let me share with you
42:12 just a few things about Ellen White.
42:15 First of all, she only had a third grade education
42:18 because she was injured when she was a youngster
42:20 and in spite of that she wrote more pages of
42:23 manuscript then any women who has ever lived
42:25 on this earth, wrote a book called Steps of Christ.
42:28 It has been published more than any other book
42:30 expect the Bible in more different languages
42:32 than any other book except the Bible.
42:34 She wrote a book called Education, that
42:36 was used as a text book for years at universities
42:39 and colleges across the country and all she
42:41 had was a third grade education, but let me
42:44 show you how God used the gift of prophecy.
42:47 Last night, we discovered that there was a great
42:49 disappointment in 1844 and that many people following
42:52 the teachings of a baptist minister named William Miller
42:55 believed that Jesus was coming October 22 1844.
42:59 But he didn't come and what a bitter disappointment
43:02 it was and during that time a group of men got together,
43:05 they began to study and they began to pray
43:07 and they understood from scripture
43:08 that 1844 was indeed the correct date, but it
43:12 didn't refer to the return of Jesus to this earth,
43:14 it referred to Jesus into the presence of the father
43:17 to begin the judgment and we saw that
43:20 last night and that's when they discovered
43:22 that the standard of the judgment is the law,
43:24 the Ten Commandments and so God restored the law
43:28 as a part of the new covenant Gospel in 1844
43:32 in the judgment setting like it had never been before.
43:36 And then they discovered we're not keeping the law
43:40 because the fourth commandment said remember
43:42 the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.
43:44 Now, after all of this had been hammered out from
43:48 scripture and scripture alone then God gave his prophet
43:55 Ellen White a vision and she saw Jesus going into the
43:59 most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary,
44:02 she saw the Ark of the Covenant open,
44:04 the Ten Commandment tables of stone
44:06 with a ring of light around the fourth commandment.
44:10 Now, they had already, it's important to know
44:13 they had already hammered out their positions from
44:15 the scripture and God was using the gift of prophecy
44:20 to confirm and affirm that they were on the right track
44:24 because they had just gone
44:26 through the great disappointment,
44:27 the whole world was laughing at them
44:30 and now they've discovered that in spite of
44:32 what everyone else practically on earth is teaching
44:35 that Sunday is the first day,
44:37 they're discovering the Lord's day
44:39 is the Sabbath and not Sunday,
44:41 Saturday and not Sunday,
44:42 and God was saying with his stamp of
44:45 endorsement of the Holy Spirit,
44:46 you're on the right track,
44:48 you got it from scripture, keep your
44:50 nose in the Bible and out of the world. And
44:54 you'll always be safe, in other words follow the lamb.
44:57 So, he used the spirit of prophecy to endorse
45:01 the scripture not to give new doctrines,
45:04 come from the scripture and the scripture alone.
45:08 Another way he used the gift of prophecy,
45:10 Ellen White had a vision,
45:12 this little church was beginning to grow
45:16 and the message was going around the world
45:18 because the first angel said, to every nation,
45:20 tribe, language and people, but it wasn't going
45:22 fast enough and God gave her a vision.
45:25 She saw a printing press with streams of lights,
45:27 circling around the globe and she understood that
45:31 to mean that we need to establish a publishing house
45:34 and they did, they saved their money, they bought
45:37 a press and began to publish the messages of
45:39 the three angels and it began to go around the globe
45:42 and that is one of the largest Protestant publishing
45:44 houses in the world today.
45:48 Third way that God used to gift the prophecy
45:51 to help this fledgling church grow.
45:54 One day God gave her a vision that we needed to
45:57 be establish in the medical work in the healing arts,
46:02 and he showed her a little plot of land and said,
46:05 I want to see a medical college on that land
46:09 and shortly after that Ellen White traveled to California
46:13 and pointed out to some of the leaders in the area there
46:16 that was the very spot that God showed her in vision
46:20 and it was a little town called Loma Linda,
46:23 California and today Loma Linda University
46:26 is one of the foremost medical institutions
46:29 on this earth.
46:31 and the purpose was to train mena and women
46:34 in the medical arts.
46:35 So that they could reach out in the healing
46:38 and taking care of patients to do more
46:41 than just heal the body,
46:42 but heal their souls by leading them to the lamb
46:44 Jesus Christ
46:46 and in that way those things helped the church to grow,
46:50 to become one of the fastest growing bodies
46:53 today on this earth, going around the world,
46:56 preaching the three angels messages
46:58 like it has never happened before.
47:02 One thing, I do want to make it clear
47:04 is that we don't require Seventh Day Adventist
47:07 to testify that they believe that Ellen White was
47:09 a true prophet,
47:10 we just ask that people are open to the gift of prophecy
47:14 and to test it with the word of God,
47:16 if it squares up with scripture than hang-on,
47:19 if it doesn't square up with scripture
47:21 then let it go that's all we can do, Amen.
47:24 To the law and the testimonies that
47:26 they speak not according to these,
47:27 there is no light in them.
47:29 Well, if God raised up the Adventist church
47:34 to be that remnant church of Revelation 12:17, do
47:37 I have to join it, do I have to be a part of any church,
47:41 a lot of people ask that question and of course
47:44 we're not saved by joining a church,
47:47 we're saved by faith in Jesus Christ alone.
47:50 But should we become a part,
47:53 should we be added to the number
47:56 of an organized church,
47:58 I guess that would depend on the reason
48:00 people give for not wanting to be a part of the church.
48:03 There are some people say,
48:04 well, I won't join a church because I'm not good enough.
48:08 Well, Jesus said in Luke chapter 5, verse 31,
48:11 it's not the healthy who need a doctor it's the sick,
48:14 I've not come to call the righteous,
48:15 but sinners to repentance.
48:17 Did you know that the church is the only organization
48:21 on this earth where the requirement to be a part of
48:23 it is that you not be good enough,
48:25 did you know that?
48:26 If you're good enough, you wouldn't need the church.
48:29 So that's not a good enough excuse,
48:32 then there were those who take the opposite extreme
48:34 and they say, well, I would join the church,
48:37 but I'm too good to join the church.
48:40 Oh! I never heard anybody say that.
48:42 it doesn't come out that way,
48:44 it usually comes out like this.
48:47 I would join the church,
48:49 but there are hypocrites in the church.
48:54 Have you ever heard that, I would join,
48:57 what are they really saying,
48:58 what's a hypocrite,
48:59 hypocrite is somebody who knows what they ought to do,
49:00 but they don't do it.
49:04 I would join the church,
49:05 but look at those people in there,
49:06 they're no better than I am,
49:07 in fact I'm better than those people,
49:09 I don't need the church.
49:12 You know, I think there are more people on the outside
49:17 of the church that know that they ought to be inside
49:18 the church then they are hypocrites in the church.
49:22 But what about the hypocrites in the church.
49:25 What did Jesus have to say about them?
49:28 In Matthew chapter 13, verse 24, Jesus told
49:31 this parable the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man
49:33 who sowed good seed in his field,
49:34 but while everyone was sleeping,
49:36 the enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat,
49:38 he went away and when the wheat sprouted
49:41 and formed heads than the weeds also appeared.
49:44 In verse 27, the servant said, well where these
49:47 weeds come from, an enemy did this he replied,
49:50 servants said you want us to go and pull them up.
49:52 Oh! The church is always wanting the weed out,
49:55 the hypocrites, you want us to go pull them up,
49:59 Jesus said no, because while you're pulling out the weed,
50:04 Oh! The church is always wanting the weed out,
50:05 the hypocrites, you want us to go pull them
50:06 up, Jesus said no,
50:07 because while you're pulling up the weed,
50:08 you might pull out some of the wheat with them.
50:09 Let them grow together until the harvest
50:13 and then I'll decide who is the weed
50:16 and who is the wheat,
50:18 and he never makes a mistake.
50:21 So Jesus expected hypocrites to be there until the harvest.
50:28 It didn't bother him, so don't let it bother you.
50:32 There are hypocrites in the church,
50:34 in fact some say well if our church
50:36 was like the early church in the times of the disciples,
50:39 in the times of Christ
50:40 then I would really want to be a member of that church.
50:43 No you wouldn't, one of the 12 was Judas,
50:48 it wasn't perfect,
50:50 not even when there was just Jesus and the twelve
50:52 and what about the Greek widows getting discriminated
50:55 against the Greek speaking Jewish widows.
50:57 They were getting, there was racial discrimination
50:59 in the early church. Anais and Sapphira lied
51:02 to the Holy Spirit, there was financial scandal
51:05 in the early church and what about Peter.
51:07 Peter goes to the church in Galatia,
51:09 refused to sit at the same table with the Gentiles.
51:12 Paul comes and sees This happening,
51:14 calls him down to his face in front of the congregation,
51:17 imagine two Pastors going at it in front of the church
51:19 what would you do if that happened in your church.
51:24 The church is not perfect. The message is perfect,
51:32 the church is not perfect
51:34 The church consists of men and women
51:36 who are growing in the grace of our
51:38 Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
51:40 Jesus knew that the church wasn't perfect.
51:43 Jesus knew that there would be hypocrites in the church
51:47 and yet the Bible says, Ephesians 5:25,
51:50 Christ loved the church and he gave himself up for her.
51:56 So, that's not a good enough excuse
51:58 either and there are others.
52:01 Charles Spurgeon had just preached a sermon
52:04 like this one time, a great preacher,
52:05 he preached his sermon on the church
52:07 and a man came up to him and said Pastor,
52:10 he said, I don't care what you say,
52:11 I'm gonna keep searching till I find the perfect church.
52:14 And when I find a perfect church,
52:16 I'm gonna join that one
52:18 and Spurgeon just smiled and he says you look,
52:22 but you'll never find the perfect church
52:26 and the even if you did find it,
52:28 when you join it, it wouldn't be perfect anymore.
52:33 The church isn't perfect,
52:34 the message is perfect not the church.
52:41 Then there are those who say well,
52:42 I'm not committing, I'm not joining,
52:45 I'm not adding to the number,
52:47 I'm not becoming a part of any organization,
52:50 I'm nondenominational, Nondenominational
52:53 was getting to be the biggest denomination today.
52:55 I'm nondenominational, I don't join anything,
52:59 you don't have to be a member
53:00 to enjoy the benefits of this church,
53:05 for example, you're welcome here.
53:07 One lady said, I'll never join the church pastor,
53:10 I'll come here after Revelation Now is over,
53:13 I'll come here, I'm even planning to send
53:15 my little girl to your church school,
53:16 and I'll come and attend and go to the Bible class
53:19 in Revelation Now, but I'll never join.
53:21 That's okay, you don't have to join to be here.
53:24 And, we hope you feel welcomed,
53:26 but you are a member here or not,
53:27 but what if everybody felt that way,
53:32 then there would be no church,
53:34 there would be no building, there would be no playschool
53:37 for you to send your girl to, she says you know,
53:40 I've really never thought about it like that before.
53:45 God needs the church, he choose to use the church.
53:50 Listen the church is God's idea,
53:55 as we can feeble as it maybe with members
53:58 who don't live up to everything
54:00 they ought to live up to, it's still God's idea
54:03 and to say I want to be baptized,
54:05 but I don't want to join the church is like saying,
54:08 I wanna go through your front door,
54:09 but I don't wanna be in your living room.
54:14 The church needs you,
54:16 we're gonna preach this Gospel to the world,
54:18 the church needs you, but you need the church,
54:25 forsake not the assembling together
54:28 for the encouragement of one another.
54:31 God needs you, the church needs you,
54:33 but you need the church, some say Oh! Not me,
54:35 I can handle it all on my own.
54:36 The church was God's idea because he knows,
54:39 he needed it, and he knows that you need it.
54:45 One day there was an elderly man
54:49 that had worked and slaved all of his life,
54:51 poor, didn't have hardly anything,
54:53 he saved every penny,
54:55 so that he could send his son to medical school,
54:57 he wanted his boy to be a doctor.
55:01 So, his son graduated from college
55:03 and went to medical school.
55:05 The old man just did without so many things
55:08 that you and I would never think of doing without,
55:10 but he didn't mind because his son was gonna
55:12 to be a doctor and the day for graduation came,
55:15 he didn't even have enough money to buy
55:16 a ticket to go and see his boy graduate,
55:20 but he didn't care because his son was a doctor now.
55:26 His boy came home from school and after a few days,
55:30 he said, dad I need to tell you something.
55:33 He said, dad, I'm not gonna
55:38 be going to church with you anymore.
55:43 And, the old man's heart was broken,
55:47 he knew that he couldn't argue with his son,
55:50 he was no match. He just put his arm
55:55 around his shoulder walked him over to the fireplace,
56:00 it's all he had for heat in his house,
56:03 he picked up the shovel next to the fireplace
56:07 and scooped out a beautiful white hot glowing coal,
56:11 put it on the heart and it wasn't long
56:15 until it was just grey and ugly and coaled.
56:18 Then he scooped it back up with that shovel again,
56:23 he put it back into the fire. It wasn't long until
56:27 it was white hot and glowing again.
56:31 We need each other, the church needs us,
56:37 Jesus needs us, he could have preached
56:41 the Gospel to the world all by himself,
56:43 but he choose you to do it and you need the church.
56:49 God's church is gonna march triumphantly
56:55 through the gates into that New Jerusalem City above.
57:00 God has a place for you there, the church is gonna
57:04 make it, doesn't matter what color your skin,
57:10 doesn't matter what blood flowing through your veins,
57:13 the only thing that matters is that you follow the lamb.
57:19 God raised up a church in the last days
57:23 just for the purpose of calling the world
57:26 to worship the creator and to follow the lamb.
57:31 Won't you follow the lamb wherever
57:35 he leads you, follow him.


Revised 2014-12-17