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Babylon Has Fallen

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01:03 Elijah, the return of Elijah and the fall of Babylon.
01:09 Let's pray together before we begin.
01:16 Dear Lord we just once again
01:18 pause for a moment, about to open your word
01:25 and anxiously seeking your truth,
01:28 for these last days that we know we are living in.
01:34 But tonight Lord I again plead for
01:36 for a special outpouring of your Holy Spirit,
01:41 that you'll enable me to be clear.
01:44 The message be understood and yet to speak it in love
01:51 because all we want to do is to follow the lamb.
01:54 So we thank you and we praise you in Jesus name, Amen.
02:04 Elijah, what a man, he entered the Bible story
02:12 in one giant stride and left in a flaming chariot.
02:17 Elijah, what a name, it means the Lord is my God
02:26 and what an appropriate name it was.
02:30 Because the Elijah lived at a time
02:33 when Israel was at a low point
02:36 in her relationship with God.
02:39 The spineless vacillating King Ahab
02:42 had married a wicked Phoenician princess Jezebel
02:46 and Jezebel somehow managed to deceive God's people
02:51 into mixing the worship of her God Baal
02:55 together with the worship of the Lord.
02:58 And so we find the people of God worshiping Baal
03:03 and the Lord at the same time
03:05 and that has always and forever been
03:08 the method that the old devil uses.
03:10 He takes a lot of truth and sprinkles in a little error
03:16 and manages to corrupt and distraught
03:20 the true worship of God.
03:22 Elijah did the only thing that a man of God
03:24 can do in a time like that,
03:27 he prayed and God gave him a message.
03:31 So picture in your mind,
03:33 in First Kings chapter 17 verse 1,
03:37 Elijah dressed in his camel haired robe,
03:44 marching past the temple guards
03:47 into the king's chamber appearing before
03:50 before the king saying in verse 1,
03:53 as the Lord God of Israel lives,
03:56 whom I serve, there will be neither dew
03:59 nor rain in the land in the next few years
04:02 except at word and just as mysteriously
04:05 as Elijah had appeared, he disappeared,
04:07 leaving the king and his men scratching their heads,
04:11 wondering what was that.
04:15 Who did he think he was and did you notice that funny
04:18 looking camel haired robe he was wearing,
04:21 that went out in the 50s.
04:24 How can he lockup the keys, how can he lockup the heaven,
04:29 so that there will be no rain, no dew in the land.
04:32 But those weeks passed into months,
04:35 the months into years
04:38 and after three years there were still
04:41 not a drop of rain in the land.
04:43 The crop had failed,
04:44 the cattle dying, people dying,
04:46 people leaving by the droves,
04:49 until finally Elijah summoned
04:54 King Ahab for a meeting
04:57 and you can read about it,
04:58 it's in First Kings chapter 18,
05:00 Ahab verse 16 went to meet Elijah,
05:04 in verse 17 when he saw Elijah he said to him,
05:07 you're the one, you troubler of Israel?
05:10 Now imagine Ahab in his finest chariot
05:14 with his shiniest white horses
05:16 trying to maintain his kingly composure,
05:19 he sees Elijah and immediately points his fingers saying,
05:23 you're the one, you troubler of Israel,
05:25 notice that those who do right
05:30 right are always blamed for the problems.
05:34 But Elijah was not one to be intimated,
05:37 not even by the king himself
05:40 immediately seizing control, Elijah said in verse18,
05:44 no I've not made trouble for Israel,
05:46 but you and your father's family have,
05:49 you've abandoned the Lord's commands
05:51 and followed the Baals,
05:53 now summon the people from all over Israel
05:56 to meet me on Mount Carmel
05:58 and bring the 450 prophets of Baal.
06:01 Go head and bring the 400 prophets of Asherah
06:03 who eat at Jezebel's table,
06:06 what else could he do.
06:07 He had no choice, so he accepted the challenge
06:09 and the day arrived on Mount Carmel.
06:14 It was King Ahab, all of his guards
06:18 dressed in their finest robes
06:21 and then there were the 450 false prophets of Baal.
06:26 The 400 false prophets of Asherah,
06:29 850 false prophets, 850 of the most powerful,
06:36 most respected, religious leaders in the land
06:39 and the king himself on one side with all
06:43 of the people of Israel and on the other side
06:46 was one man of God dressed in his funny looking
06:50 camel haired robe.
06:56 Which side would you've been on if you were that day,
07:01 would you've stood with the Elijah,
07:06 the one man of God or would you've gone along
07:10 with the crowd,
07:14 where would you have been.
07:16 Well I like the thing that each one of us here
07:20 would be standing with Elijah,
07:23 that's why you're here
07:24 because you want to know the truth
07:25 and you're committed to know the truth.
07:28 The Elijah stood for the truth,
07:30 I think you would be standing with Elijah,
07:32 but what I want you know is
07:35 that it would not have been easy,
07:39 it's never easy to go against the crowd,
07:43 it's never easy to stand alone for God,
07:47 it wouldn't have been easy.
07:51 So Elijah preaches shortest sermon in the Bible
07:56 and probably, at least I think
07:58 one of the most powerful sermons.
08:01 He stands there before those 850 false prophets
08:03 and all the people of Israel and he says in verse 21
08:07 how long will you waiver between two opinions,
08:12 if the Lord is God then follow him,
08:16 but if Baal is God then follow him. Amen.
08:20 Sermon over.
08:22 What a Sermon?
08:26 If the Lord is God then follow God,
08:31 if Baal is God then follow Baal,
08:35 but stop claiming to worship God
08:38 while you're going after Baal,
08:41 how long will you waiver between two opinions,
08:44 how long will you claim to serve God,
08:47 while you mixing the worship of God
08:49 with the traditions of man.
08:51 How long will you waiver between two opinions.
08:54 If the Lord is God then follow him,
08:56 if Baal is God then follow Baal,
08:58 but quit claiming to follow God,
09:00 while you're going after Baal.
09:05 What a Sermon.
09:07 And then he proposed the test,
09:10 he said look you build an altar to Baal
09:13 and I build an altar to God,
09:14 you pray to Baal that he'll send fire
09:18 to consume the offering, I'll pray to God
09:19 that he sends fire to consume the offering
09:21 they said fair enough because Baal
09:23 was supposed to be a God of fire
09:26 and that he was also supposed to be
09:27 the God of rain, hadn't been unable to do
09:30 anything about that for 3-1/2 years,
09:32 let's see what he can do with the fire,
09:34 so they build their altar,
09:35 they put the offering on it and then he began to pray,
09:38 Oh Baal, Oh Baal send the fire, send the fire
09:42 and they prayed on and on and on
09:45 screaming into the heavens,
09:46 Oh Baal. Finally, Elijah stood up,
09:49 the Bible says Elijah stood up and he taunted them,
09:53 well, may be he is taking a trip, cry a little louder,
09:55 may be he's taking a nap, wake him up,
09:57 maybe he stepped out back for a moment,
09:59 just cry out a little louder
10:02 and then after a while it was obvious that Baal
10:04 wasn't gonna answer.
10:07 So Elijah said that's enough,
10:09 prepare the old broken down altar to the Lord,
10:12 put an offering on it
10:16 and the Bible says that he had them douse
10:19 that offering with water,
10:20 they went down to the sea filled the big jars
10:23 with water and dumped it on that altar,
10:26 it was standing in a ditch,
10:27 a trench around the altar just to be sure,
10:29 no one could ever say that there was a hidden spark
10:32 in the wood.
10:34 and then at the time of the evening sacrifice
10:38 Elijah stepped forward to pray, in verse 36,
10:42 he said, Oh! Lord God of Abraham,
10:45 Isaac and Israel, let it be known today
10:49 that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant
10:54 and I've done all of these things at your command,
10:56 answer me Oh Lord, answer me,
10:59 so that these people will know that
11:01 that you Oh! Lord are God and that your
11:04 turning their hearts back again
11:05 and they heard a loud roar, they looked up and saw
11:08 a big ball of fire came down from heaven
11:11 and it burned the offering,
11:12 it burned the altar, it burned the water
11:15 and the trench around it
11:17 and the people fell to the ground across straight,
11:19 they cried out. The Lord he is God,
11:22 the Lord he is God and there was a mighty revival
11:28 in Israel led by Elijah,
11:32 the man of God.
11:33 Elijah the man who restored the true worship
11:37 of the true God in the face of 850 false prophets,
11:41 in the face of the king himself,
11:44 he was willing to stand alone for God, Elijah.
11:52 And Elijah commanded them seize the prophets of Baal,
11:55 don't let anyone get away, they seized them
11:58 and Elijah had them brought to the Kishon Valley
12:01 and slaughtered there.
12:04 What we see here is an intense spiritual battle,
12:10 a clash between the true worship of the true God
12:14 and the false worship of a false God,
12:16 and a climax is in sudden divine glory
12:19 and the destruction of the false prophets.
12:23 Just a little glimpse of the future in the end time.
12:30 Elijah stuck his cloak under his belt,
12:35 and the Bible says, after he prayed for rain
12:38 and the clouds came on,
12:39 and he ran ahead of King Ahab all the way to Jezreel.
12:44 Elijah was the forerunner to the king
12:50 and the amazing thing is that the prophesy tells us
12:54 that again two times in the future Elijah will return
12:59 and this time both times he will be the forerunner
13:02 to a greater king then Ahab,
13:04 he would be forerunner to king Jesus.
13:08 I want to read that prophesy it's in Malachi,
13:10 in Malachi chapter 4,
13:12 this is the last chapter of the last book
13:15 in the Old Testament before Jesus would come.
13:19 The last book in the Old Testament,
13:21 in Malachi chapter 4 verse 4,
13:25 remember the law of my servant Moses, the decrees
13:29 and laws that I gave him at Horeb for all Israel.
13:32 Behold I will send you the prophet Elijah
13:36 before the great and dreadful day of the Lord comes.
13:43 So Malachi says that two times again
13:46 in the future Elijah will come,
13:50 but I want you to notice something else.
13:52 First in verse 4, he said remember the law
13:57 of my servant Moses, the decrees and the laws
14:01 I gave him at Horeb for all Israel,
14:02 the return of Elijah presupposes a falling
14:07 away from the law of God and Elijah is a restorer,
14:11 restoration of the Law of God,
14:14 before the great and dreadful day of the Lord comes.
14:19 In others words the prophet is looking ahead
14:21 to the time, when everyone practically on earth
14:23 will be saying wow!
14:24 The law has been done away
14:25 with that's old covenant, that's for the Jews,
14:28 Ten Commandments, don't bother.
14:29 God will raise up another Elijah saying
14:33 remember the law of my servant Moses
14:37 that I gave him at Horeb,
14:39 in another words the return of Elijah is the restoration
14:41 of the law of God in the last days,
14:43 two times again in the future it says,
14:46 you say well I don't see two times there,
14:50 he says one time before the great and dreadful day
14:53 of the Lord comes.
14:56 Well, then let's ask, the best interpreter
15:02 of the Old Testament prophesies,
15:05 let's ask the best interpreter,
15:07 who is the best interpreter.
15:09 I want you listen carefully to
15:10 what I am saying right now,
15:12 don't miss a thing.
15:13 Because this is crucial for us,
15:15 who is the best interpreter
15:17 of the Old Testament prophesy.
15:20 Jesus, can you trust him?
15:21 If we can't trust him, who can we trust.
15:23 So lets ask Jesus what about Elijah,
15:26 what about that.
15:27 In Mathew chapter 17,
15:29 the disciples asked him that very question,
15:31 they said in verse 10,
15:32 the disciple asked him why does it teach us
15:34 a law saying Elijah must come first.
15:37 Jesus replied to be sure,
15:40 Elijah comes and he will restore all things.
15:44 Now that's future isn't it,
15:47 Elijah will come and Elijah will restore all things.
15:54 But Jesus said I tell you, Elijah has already come.
16:04 They didn't recognize him,
16:05 they did to him whatever they wished
16:07 and in the same way the son of man
16:09 is gonna suffer in their hands.
16:11 Verse 13, then the disciples understood
16:13 he was talking to them about John the Baptist,
16:18 now notice Elijah will come in future
16:23 and he will restore all things in future,
16:26 but I tell you Elijah has already come,
16:29 past and it was John the Baptist,
16:33 so you see Jesus is saying
16:35 they will be a two full fulfillment
16:37 of the Elijah prophesy.
16:39 Jesus comes two times, one as a baby in a manger
16:42 and the second time when the clouds of glory
16:44 and both times there will be Elijah to prepare the way
16:49 for the king just as surely as he was forerunner
16:52 to the King Ahab,
16:53 he will be forerunner to Jesus Christ both times.
16:57 It wasn't necessary to raise up the man Elijah,
17:01 the prophet Elijah.
17:04 It wasn't necessary to reincarnate Elijah,
17:09 but in John, in the Gospel of Luke,
17:13 in the Gospel of Luke the 3rd chapter,
17:16 he says that Elijah in verse 3 went through out all,
17:19 John the Baptist, in verse 3 went through out all
17:21 country around the Jordan preaching of baptism
17:23 of repentance for the forgiveness of sins,
17:26 as it is written in the book of the words
17:28 of Isaiah the prophet, a voice of one calling out
17:32 in the wilderness makes straight the way of the Lord,
17:35 makes straight pass for him, every valley will be
17:38 filled in, every mountain and hill made low,
17:41 the crooked roads will become straight,
17:42 it wasn't necessary to bring the man Elijah,
17:45 but it was the message of Elijah with the spirit
17:48 and the power of Elijah that God brings
17:51 back through John the Baptist,
17:53 and again before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.
17:58 What did John have to say to the crowds,
18:00 in verse 7, John said to the crowds coming out
18:03 to be baptized by him, you brood of vipers,
18:07 you bunch of rattlesnakes, he said.
18:11 Wow! how was that for
18:14 winning friends and influencing people,
18:16 you brood of vipers,
18:18 who warned you to flee from the coming wrath.
18:21 You see, they only wanted to be baptized
18:23 to escape burning in hell,
18:24 not out of the burning love for God,
18:26 not out of the desire to do what is right,
18:28 they just didn't want to burn in hell.
18:29 Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath,
18:33 produce fruit in keeping with repentance
18:36 and do not begin to say to yourselves,
18:38 we have Abraham as our father,
18:40 I'll tell you out of these stones God
18:42 can raise up children of Abraham.
18:44 So many times people come to me
18:45 and they say you know Pastor Jac,
18:47 I understand what you saying,
18:48 I want to be baptized,
18:50 but I don't wanna to give up the work that I'm doing,
18:53 I don't think that I need to keep the Sabbath
18:56 because my church doesn't
18:57 or I don't need to be baptized by immersion
18:59 because my church just sprinkles
19:01 or I don't need to worry
19:02 about stopping smoking cigarettes
19:04 because my pastor does and a little beer once
19:06 in a while doesn't matter,
19:09 because my church says it's okay.
19:13 God can raise up church members out of stone,
19:17 nobody is gonna be saved because they follow a church.
19:23 Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian,
19:25 Catholic even Seventh-Day Adventist,
19:28 we're saved because we follow the Lamb.
19:33 They were relying on their tradition,
19:35 they were relying on their heritage,
19:36 but they weren't following the lamb.
19:38 The lamb kept going places that they didn't want to go
19:41 and the same thing happens today
19:44 the lamb goes places where many don't want to go.
19:49 So what did he say in verse 10,
19:52 what should we do then the crowd asked,
19:54 John answered in verse 11 share,
19:56 says the man with two tunics should share,
19:59 thou shalt not covet.
20:00 Verse 13, don't collect anymore than
20:02 you're required to.
20:03 Verse 14, don't extort money, thou shalt not steal,
20:07 don't accuse people falsely, thou shalt not lie,
20:10 be contempt with your pay,
20:12 thou shalt not covet,
20:13 even when after the King Herod perhaps committing
20:16 adultery with his brother's wife.
20:19 In other words, remember the law of my servant Moses,
20:23 John the Baptist restored the law of God.
20:28 And Elijah comes again before Jesus comes the second time,
20:34 where can we find Elijah.
20:36 Who is Elijah?
20:37 We better understand that because already
20:40 men have come claiming to be Elijah.
20:45 So where can we find Elijah?
20:47 We already know that we don't need to look for
20:49 the man, we look for the message of Elijah given in
20:52 the spirit and the power of Elijah.
20:56 Where does the Bible talk about of the return of Elijah?
20:59 The message of Elijah given
21:00 in the spirit and power of Elijah before Jesus comes
21:03 the second time, you should know the answer
21:05 to that question now,
21:06 you should know the answer.
21:08 It's in Revelation chapter 14 verse 6,
21:12 and then I saw another angel flying in the mid-air,
21:14 he had the everlasting Gospel to proclaim
21:16 to those who live on the earth to every nation, tribe,
21:19 language and people and he said in a loud voice,
21:21 fear God and give him glory because
21:24 the hour of his judgment has come,
21:26 in another words this is the message that church
21:28 has for the last days, it's the Elijah message,
21:31 it goes to every tribe, every language,
21:33 every person on earth will hear the everlasting Gospel
21:36 of Jesus, every living soul on this earth will be called
21:39 to the recognition of the judgment hour.
21:42 The hour of God judgment has begun
21:44 nd the standard of the judgment is the law of God.
21:47 Remember the law of my servant Moses, don't let
21:50 anyone tell you that the law has been abolished,
21:53 that the law has been done away with,
21:55 that it doesn't apply to Christians today.
21:57 God has an Elijah for the last days
21:59 and Elijah restores the law of Moses
22:02 that has been brushed aside for so many years.
22:04 He is calling the world to be obedient to God,
22:07 but not only that he says worship God
22:09 who made the heavens and the earth.
22:11 In other words, the Elijah message restores the
22:13 true worship of the true God.
22:15 When so many people are mixing the traditions
22:17 of man with the worship of God.
22:19 If our Lord is God then follow him,
22:21 If Baal is God then follow him.
22:24 But stop claiming to follow God while you're going after
22:27 the traditions of the beast.
22:30 God has an Elijah message for the last days
22:34 and you have been hearing it.
22:35 I am not Elijah, God doesn't need a man Elijah,
22:38 he needs is the message of Elijah
22:40 in the spirit and the power of Elijah.
22:45 And then the second angel says Babylon has fallen.
22:52 Babylon has fallen,
22:56 she made the nations drink the maddening wine
22:58 of her adulteries.
23:03 You know, this is the first time that Babylon
23:06 is mentioned in the Book of Revelation.
23:10 So John assumes that the people are going to
23:13 understand what he means when he says Babylon
23:15 has fallen.
23:17 Well, how could they possibly understand it.
23:22 You know, the Book of Revelation quotes
23:23 the Old Testament how many times?
23:25 Over 600 times and here is one of those places,
23:29 the only way to understand the fall of Babylon
23:31 here in the Book of Revelation is to
23:32 understand the fall of Babylon in the Old Testament.
23:35 So, if you would turn with me now to the Book of Daniel,
23:38 actually I'm gonna start in Daniel I
23:40 this is where we began Revelation Now
23:42 on the very first night.
23:43 Daniel chapter 1 verse 1,
23:45 in the third year of the reign of Jehoiakim,
23:49 the King of Judah, that's Jerusalem.
23:51 Nebuchadnezzar and Babylon came to Jerusalem
23:54 and besieged it and the Lord delivered Jehoiakim
23:57 the King of Judah into his hands
24:00 along with some of the articles from the temple
24:02 of God and these he carried off to he temple of his God
24:07 in Babylon and put them in the treasure house of his God.
24:10 So picture clearly what's happening.
24:12 Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon
24:15 sends his armies into Jerusalem,
24:17 they capture the city, they capture the people,
24:20 but even more importantly they went into the temple
24:23 and they took the golden cups that would
24:26 have been used only to worship the Lord God,
24:28 the creator of the heavens and the earth
24:30 and they brought them back to Babylon
24:32 and they put them in the Babylonian temple
24:35 and they used them to worship the Babylonian Gods.
24:38 They took those cups that God had set aside,
24:41 that God had sanctified, that God had blessed
24:45 and made Holy and they used them
24:47 in a common ordinary way.
24:49 They profaned the things that God
24:52 had set aside as Holy.
25:01 In chapter 5 of Daniel verse 1,
25:03 Belshazzar's now the king and he had a great banquet
25:06 in his banquet hall, he and his nobles drank
25:09 wine and while Belshazzar was drinking,
25:11 he gave orders to bring in the gold and silver goblets,
25:14 so they brought those golden cups, holy cups,
25:16 they were to be used only to worship the Lord God,
25:20 they filled them with Babylonian wine
25:22 and begun to drink to the Babylonian Gods,
25:24 when suddenly God sent a hand,
25:27 just a man's to hand cut off all by itself
25:30 and it began to write on the wall with its finger
25:33 a special message Belshazzar saw that,
25:37 the cup drops from his hand, his knees knocked,
25:39 the Bible says, his face turns white.
25:41 How's that for a kingly image.
25:48 And he asked someone To read the message,
25:50 nobody could read it and then they remember Daniel,
25:53 so they brought the prophet Daniel down,
25:54 Daniel said in verse 18 Oh! King,
26:00 the Most High God gave
26:01 your father Nebuchadnezzar
26:03 sovereignty and greatness and glory and splendor,
26:07 it was God who put him on his thrown
26:10 and even acknowledged it in verse 21,
26:12 he acknowledged that the
26:14 Most High God is
26:15 Sovereign over all the kingdoms of men
26:17 and sets over them anyone he wishes,
26:19 but you his son, Oh!
26:21 Belshazzar, you have not humbled yourself,
26:24 though you knew all of this
26:28 You see it wasn't as though Belshazzar was ignorant,
26:33 it wasn't as though oh! those look like nice cups,
26:36 I wonder where they came from,
26:37 I think I'll use them for my party tonight.
26:40 Belshazzar knew exactly what he was doing
26:43 when he profaned something that
26:45 God had said was Holy. He knew,
26:49 in fact verse 23, instead you've set
26:53 yourself up against the Lord of heaven.
26:56 How did he set himself up against the Lord of heaven.
27:00 You have the goblets from his temple brought to you,
27:02 you and your nobles, your wives,
27:04 your concubines, you drank wine from them,
27:06 you praised the God of silver,
27:08 gold and bronze, iron, wood and stone
27:09 which can't see, hear, understand,
27:11 but you did not honor the God,
27:13 who holds in his hand your life and your ways.
27:15 Therefore he sent the hand that wrote the inscription
27:19 and this is the inscription written on the wall.
27:21 The reason God sent that message was
27:23 Belshazzar had the audacity to take something
27:27 that God said was Holy and say it is not Holy.
27:31 That's why he sent the message,
27:37 what did the message say,
27:43 And this is what these words mean
27:44 Daniel went on to say,
27:45 MENE: God has numbered the days of your reign
27:49 and brought it to an end.
27:52 You have been weighed in the balances
27:56 and found wanting. In others words
27:58 after a definite period of time,
28:02 the hour of his judgment came.
28:06 He was judged, he was found guilty,
28:10 PERES: Your kingdom is divided
28:13 and given to the Medes and the Persians,
28:15 in other words Babylon has fallen.
28:23 Belshazzar knew what he was doing,
28:27 he deliberately profaned the things
28:29 that God had set aside as holy,
28:32 used them in a common ways,
28:34 said it wasn't holy, it doesn't matter anymore,
28:36 that's all been changed.
28:41 You've been judged Belshazzar,
28:43 you're guilty and Babylon has fallen.
28:50 In the Old Testament, Israel was a nation,
28:55 the Israel of God was a nation
28:57 that was supposed to be committed to God.
29:01 Babylon was another nation,
29:04 the enemy to the Israel of God,
29:08 but in the New Testament
29:10 the Israel of God is the Church of Jesus Christ.
29:17 Babylon is the enemy to the Church of Jesus Christ.
29:25 Babylon isn't located in Baghdad only,
29:31 it's there, it's only there
29:34 because wherever there is a believer in Jesus
29:36 there's an enemy to the church.
29:37 Babylon is everywhere. Babylon is where ever
29:44 there is someone who opposes
29:45 the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the law of God,
29:50 because Babylon disregarded
29:53 God's commands, Babylon trampled on the things
29:56 that God said was Holy. Now we can understand
30:00 the fall of Babylon in the New Testament.
30:02 We find it in the 17th chapter of Revelation.
30:06 Revelation chapter 17 verse 1,
30:09 one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls,
30:11 that's the seventh last plagues,
30:13 we're gonna take a look at those coming up
30:14 on Friday night. I've got some new things
30:17 now, the way things are unfolding around us
30:19 in the world today, I've got some new stuff
30:21 that you are just gonna be stunned
30:23 Friday night when we look at the seven last plagues,
30:26 but tonight let's just take a look this 7th one,
30:29 this 17th chapter. One of the angels
30:31 who had the seven bowls came and he said to me,
30:33 come and I'll show you the punishment
30:35 of the great prostitute who sits on many waters.
30:38 The waters in verse 15, it says where the prostitute
30:41 sits are multitudes, nations, languages, people.
30:44 So here is this harlot
30:46 sitting on water symbolizing people.
30:48 A woman in the Bible,
30:50 the woman always symbolizes a church,
30:53 a pure woman a true church,
30:55 a fallen woman, a corrupt woman,
30:57 a prostitute a false church, a fallen church.
30:59 So here is a false church,
31:01 a counterfeit church and multitudes are supporting
31:04 or multitudes doing her bidding
31:06 and she sits on many waters.
31:08 Verse 2, with her
31:09 the kings of the earth committed adultery,
31:11 she even manages to take the political powers
31:13 of the earth and use them to enforce her doctrines
31:16 and her decrees and the people of the earth
31:18 are intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries,
31:21 what's her name? Verse 5,
31:23 she has this title written on her forehead,
31:25 mystery Babylon the great,
31:28 and there she is, false church.
31:33 But notice he goes on to say
31:35 the mother of prostitutes
31:37 and abominations of the earth.
31:40 She has daughters with her, who are they?
31:45 Look, verse 3,
31:46 the angel carried me away in the desert,
31:48 in the spirits of the desert and I saw a woman
31:50 sitting on a scarlet beast
31:51 covered with blasphemous names,
31:52 it had seven heads and ten horns,
31:54 we know that beast don't we?
31:56 Remember the deadly wound
31:57 would be healed and so here we see another power,
32:00 another church raising to power,
32:02 her name is Babylon, built on the foundations
32:05 that was established in the church of the Dark Ages
32:07 during the Roman time
32:08 and the name of the church is Babylon,
32:11 the harlot is named Babylon,
32:13 but she has daughters,
32:14 she has Protestant daughters who join with her
32:18 in the filth of her adulteries
32:20 and her unfaithfulness to God.
32:22 What does a harlot symbolize in the Bible?
32:24 For woman symbolizes a Church
32:26 then a harlot has to be a fallen church,
32:28 but there is even more to it than that.
32:30 Compare scripture with scripture,
32:31 Judges chapter 2, this time in verse 17,
32:35 they would not listen to their judges
32:37 but they prostituted themselves to other Gods
32:40 and worshiped other Gods, unlike their fathers
32:44 they quickly turned from
32:45 the way in which their fathers had walked,
32:47 the way of obedience to the Lord's commands.
32:50 So the Bible shows that any church
32:53 who is unfaithful to the commandments of God
32:55 is symbolized by the harlot. Mystery, Babylon the great,
33:02 the mother of prostitutes
33:03 and abominations of the earth,
33:05 simply shows that in the future
33:06 and now it's happening
33:08 that a new super church will arise,
33:10 built on the foundation of the Roman church,
33:12 but the Roman church will reach across
33:14 the gulf to her Protestant daughters,
33:16 bringing her back into the full
33:17 and what is the one thing that holds them together,
33:20 that binds them together?
33:21 She has a golden cup in her hand.
33:29 A golden cup! That was made Holy by God,
33:33 trampled upon and treated
33:36 in a common way in the Babylon of old.
33:38 Now the new Babylon,
33:40 the church has a golden cup,
33:42 something made Holy by God is trampled
33:44 on in a common way not a cup, but a day, a time,
33:48 the Sabbath and the whole world
33:52 joins together with her, even the kings of the earth.
33:56 A super church, where all of the churches
33:58 will unite together, except for those
34:01 whose names are written in the Book of Life
34:03 belonging to the lamb.
34:06 There are four things that have to happen for this
34:08 prophesy to be fulfilled. First of all,
34:11 all the Protestant churches need to unite.
34:15 Secondly, the Protestant churches
34:21 need to reach across the gulf,
34:22 join hands with the Church of Rome
34:24 and form a super Church. Third,
34:27 this super church must reach out
34:30 to other worship entities and other religious entities
34:36 and bring them into the fold,
34:39 and number four, once that worldwide,
34:42 once that global super church is formed,
34:44 they must somehow manage to secure
34:46 the political powers of the state
34:48 and the nations of the earth to enforce
34:50 her doctrines and her decrees.
34:53 How can that ever happen? Wrong question,
34:57 it is happening, it's happening now.
35:02 Associated press report of January 24, 1999,
35:05 nine Christian denominations voted
35:08 Sunday to move towards
35:09 the broader affiliation of churches and unite
35:12 20 million Protestants despite their differences.
35:17 Now I believe that Jesus wants unity,
35:20 he wants his Church together.
35:21 Jesus never Intended to have
35:23 so many different denominations
35:25 and so many different churches,
35:26 he established his Church to be the one Church
35:28 on earth that maintain the
35:30 truth as it is in Jesus Christ
35:32 and he wants one Church, but never
35:34 at the cost of compromising the truth
35:38 and when church is unite
35:39 without resolving their differences,
35:41 then the people get confused
35:43 and they don't know right from wrong,
35:45 and they don't know what's true and the true worship
35:47 of the true God gets lost in the shuffle.
35:52 Those churches that are involved,
35:54 the nine churches that signed the document,
35:56 Presbyterian, Episcopal, Disciples of Christ,
35:59 International Council of Community Churches,
36:01 United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church,
36:05 African Methodist Episcopal Church,
36:07 African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church,
36:09 and the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.
36:14 The march has started, in another paper
36:16 Evangelicals and Catholics together,
36:18 leading Catholic and Evangelical scholars
36:20 outlined their plans to bring
36:22 the two wings of Christianity together.
36:26 Signed by leading Evangelical,
36:28 Protestant scholars and leading Catholic scholars
36:33 and in the years leading up to the year 2000,
36:37 Pope John Paul II launched his plan in a document
36:41 that I had obtained almost 10 years ago now in 1994
36:46 as soon as it came off the press I got a copy of it,
36:49 it's called as the Third Millennium Draws
36:51 Near and this outlines
36:52 John Paul II plans to bring all of the denominations
36:56 together not just Christian
36:57 but Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim.
37:00 He planned a series of meetings in Jerusalem,
37:03 in Bethlehem and on Mount Sinai,
37:05 reaching out to each of the groups,
37:07 trying to bring them together,
37:08 the final goal of his plan we can read in this regard,
37:12 attention is being given to finding ways
37:14 of arranging historical meetings
37:16 in places of symbolic importance like Bethlehem,
37:19 Jerusalem, and Mount Sinai is the means
37:21 of further dialogue with Jews and Islam
37:24 in arranging similar meetings
37:25 with religious leaders elsewhere.
37:27 The International Eucharistic Conference
37:30 would take place in Rome
37:31 on the occasion of the great Jubilee and it did,
37:34 the Ecumenical and universal character
37:37 of the scared Jubilee can be fittingly reflected
37:40 by a meeting of all Christians
37:42 and then he concludes and here it is, listen,
37:45 "all are called to be a part of this Catholic Unity,
37:49 the new people of God."
37:52 This is John Paul II's plan folks
37:55 and it's already being unfolded
37:57 just exactly the way he envisioned
37:59 that it would happen.
38:04 Cardinal Adam Maida of Detroit said,
38:06 this is a very important document,
38:08 the Holy Father wants to bring all face together
38:10 to try to find the common denominators in
38:12 all of our faiths that will allow us to work together.
38:14 The Pope wants to move rapidly and to breakdown
38:18 The barriers between the churches,
38:20 he wants temporary agreements
38:22 to allow members to worship
38:23 together in special Jubilee programs,
38:26 but beyond that the Pope hopes to move quickly
38:29 toward full communion with the churches.
38:33 I don't know how he can say it any planer than that.
38:35 Well how does Islam feel about this?
38:38 Mohammed Ali Elahi, of
38:40 Detroit Islamic Center of America said,
38:42 'the whole idea of inter faith communication
38:44 between religious scholars is an excellent idea,
38:47 we need to talk more about how Islam,
38:49 Christianity and Judaism can contribute to society
38:52 and help in the healing process of the world.
38:54 What do Protestant scholars have to say about all this?
38:57 Bishop J. Philip Wahl of the
39:00 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America said,
39:03 'personally, I think it is a wonderful idea,
39:06 in our proposed statement
39:08 of the Evangelical Lutheran Church
39:10 we will declare that the conditions existing
39:13 within the Church at the time
39:15 of the reformation no longer exist.
39:20 I don't know if you understand
39:21 the significance of what you've just heard,
39:25 but all of the things that Martin Luther stood
39:27 for are no longer important.
39:32 In fact November 1, 1999, the Everett Herald
39:36 in Everett Washington reported,
39:38 482 years ago Sunday the blunt speaking monk
39:42 Martin Luther nailed his legendary attack
39:44 on the Catholic Church practices to a Church door
39:47 in Germany and triggered the Protestant Reformation.
39:51 Sunday, the leaders of the modern Lutheran
39:54 and Roman Catholic churches
39:56 signed a document that officially settles
39:59 the central argument about
40:01 the nature of faith that Luther provoked.
40:03 The agreement declares in effect
40:06 that it was all just a misunderstanding,
40:13 but all isn't happy in the Lutheran camp.
40:17 Dr A. L. Barry, president of the more conservative,
40:19 Missouri Lutheran Synod said,
40:22 'the Catholic Church has not budged
40:24 since the Council of Trents insistence
40:26 on justification by work.
40:28 ' Who caved in, it wasn't Rome,
40:32 the Council of Trent said if anyone says
40:34 that salvation is trusting through faith alone,
40:38 that we are justified let him be a cursed
40:40 and not one word is changed.
40:43 Just a misunderstanding.
40:51 What about the Pope's plan to bring other groups
40:54 into the fold of the Church.
40:58 Seattle times reported on Sunday,
41:00 August the 8th, 1999, unprecedented meeting
41:03 where two Catholic bishops sat cross legged on a stage
41:06 and smoked the ceremonial peace pipe
41:08 with Indian religious leaders.
41:11 The purpose of the meeting was to explore ways
41:13 to bring unity between the two groups
41:16 and Bishop Albert Andrews said
41:19 there is a rope from heaven and it unravels
41:24 and each strand in the rope is a different religion.
41:30 Wrong, wrong, wrong!
41:34 There is a rope from heaven,
41:37 but there is only one strand and that's Jesus Christ.
41:45 News Week Magazine April 16th, 2001,
41:48 Pope through a curve ball at me I'll have to confess,
41:52 I thought I had it all figured out.
41:54 Folks, you'll never have it all figure it out,
41:56 I thought that this new church would insist
41:58 on towing the line and adopting all of the doctrines
42:01 taught by the church in the Dark Ages,
42:04 but he threw me a curve ball,
42:06 in an article in news week entitled,
42:08 'the changing face of Christian church,
42:11 'talking about the explosive growth of the church
42:13 in third world countries, here's what he said.
42:19 News week Tributes
42:21 The growth of the Christian church
42:24 to a growing syncretism that tends to mix tradition
42:28 with the trues of scripture.
42:30 Syncretism means joining together,
42:34 taking the truth and mixing in a little tradition
42:37 and they work together.
42:41 As in the past today's New Christians,
42:43 listen to this folks, as in the past
42:46 today's new Christians tend to take from the Bible
42:50 whatever fits their needs and ignore
42:52 whatever fails to resonate
42:54 with their own religious traditions.
42:57 I see that all the time here,
42:59 not just in third world countries.
43:02 For example in India, Vandana Mataji,
43:06 a Catholic nun in India sings and prays of Jesus
43:10 and Hari Krishna four times a day.
43:15 Notice the blending together,
43:19 taking the pagan thoughts and
43:21 bringing them into the Christian church.
43:25 In Africa, many theologians insist
43:30 that tribal witchcraft and ideal worship are simply
43:35 the spade work of the Holy Spirit.
43:39 In fact Archbishop Peter Kwasi Sarpong,
43:42 Catholic Archbishop Peter Kwasi Sarpong
43:44 of Ghana said, the problem is not
43:46 how do we Christianize Africa,
43:49 but how do we Africanize Christianity.
43:54 You see the church is desperately reaching out
43:57 to the non-Christian groups and it's even
43:59 willing to compromise some of the very principles
44:03 that it stood for in order to make itself
44:05 appealing and attractive, but
44:06 they will never compromise on one thing,
44:09 her authority to change the law of God
44:12 from the seventh day to the first day of the week.
44:17 She will think to change the set times in the laws.
44:21 September 11th has changed the landscape
44:24 of the religious theme forever,
44:27 I don't know if you remember that view
44:30 in the National Cathedral Friday
44:31 following the attack on September 11th.
44:34 I don't know if you remember it,
44:35 but I can still see it
44:36 vividly a Protestant minister,
44:39 a Roman Catholic bishop, a Jewish Rabbi
44:42 and a Muslim minister all on the platform
44:45 together for a national day of prayer.
44:48 On the surface it Sounds good,
44:52 our country needs to comes together and pray,
44:55 don't misunderstand me, but I couldn't help
44:58 but wondering how long will it be
45:00 until the calls for a national day of prayer
45:04 becomes calls for a national day of worship.
45:10 It's already sounding. In fact in a joint
45:17 Anglican Roman Catholic
45:18 International Commission report three,
45:22 it stated within his wider ministry,
45:25 this is Protestant and Catholic agreement,
45:28 within his wider ministry the Bishop of Rome
45:31 offers a specific ministry concerning
45:35 the discernment of truth as an expression of his
45:39 universal primacy in other words
45:41 he is the final authority, the final voice of truth,
45:45 the Bishop of Rome. We joint declaration
45:50 Protestant and Catholic, we believe
45:52 that this gift is to be received
45:55 by all of the Churches.
46:02 Thank God there's one religious world leader
46:05 who refuses to go along
46:06 with the politically correct notions of the day
46:10 and he said we affirm that our historical position,
46:14 the spiritual authority is vested in the Bible
46:17 and the Bible only as a word to God
46:19 and not as an individual for Seventh-Day Adventists,
46:23 the authority of scripture and the authority
46:25 of the Bishop of Rome are incompatible.
46:28 Jan Paulsen, President of the
46:30 Worldwide Seventh-Day Adventist church.
46:32 Thank God that at least one man is not afraid
46:35 to stand up and say that there is
46:38 a truth in this world today and we must
46:40 follow the lamb and not the traditions of man.
46:49 Speaking on the eve of the dedication
46:51 to John Paul II Cultural Center,
46:54 President George W. Bush said in a tribute
46:57 that we should listen to his teachings
47:01 and put his teachings to action in America.
47:06 I'm not sure what he meant, I don't know for sure
47:12 what he meant, but I can't help but wonder
47:16 if he would include the call for a national legislation
47:23 to enforce Sunday worship, may be he didn't mean that,
47:29 I hope he didn't, but folks one day soon
47:33 it's gonna come and we are on the march today.
47:40 The last step not only do the
47:42 Protestant churches unite, not only do
47:44 the Protestant and Catholic churches unite,
47:47 and not only they bring in the
47:48 non-Christian religions into the fold.
47:51 The last step is somehow they must secure
47:53 the political cloud, the political power
47:56 of the state to enforce the doctrines of Babylon
47:58 as worldwide super church.
48:00 October 11 and 12 and the Christian coalition held
48:04 its road to victory rally
48:05 at the Washington Convention Center,
48:06 Joyce Meyer popular television preacher stated,
48:10 the separation of church
48:11 and state is a deception of Satan.
48:16 Folks the separation of the church and state
48:18 is that provision that allows you to have the freedom
48:21 to worship and the government
48:22 cannot form any establishment
48:23 having to do with religion.
48:25 She is saying that is a deception of Satan
48:27 and we are bringing the
48:29 political and the spiritual together.
48:33 In fact, Senator Inhofe promised
48:36 the cheering crowd that we are winning
48:39 and he noted that the
48:40 Christian coalition is fighting in the holiest
48:42 of all wars and we are a clear majority.
48:46 The rally was a celebration
48:47 of a union of church and state,
48:49 an impressive flexing of political muscle fueled by
48:53 religious fervor, reminds me of the crusades,
48:57 the inquisition, the Saint Bartholomew Massacre.
49:02 Haven't learned our lessons yet.
49:07 Time is coming the prophet said and Elijah warns
49:10 that there will be a super church.
49:13 The Protestant churches will unite
49:15 with the Catholic Church
49:16 and non Christian religions will all unite together
49:19 and they'll unite under the banner of that golden cup,
49:22 trampling on the things that God said are Holy,
49:25 bringing in the traditions of the world and
49:27 establishing them over the commandments of the God.
49:30 Babylon the great will solicit the powers
49:33 of the kings of the earth to enforce her filthy
49:36 doctrines and her decrees
49:37 What should I do, people ask?
49:41 What can I do? I belong to a church
49:45 that goes along with the teachings of Babylon.
49:48 My church doesn't say that
49:50 we should obey the commandments of God.
49:52 My church says that the Sabbath isn't holy,
49:55 what should I do?
49:56 I'm thankful that I don't have to answer
49:59 that question for you,
50:01 because I would never have the courage
50:02 to do it, but God does.
50:06 In Revelation chapter 18 in verse 1,
50:09 I saw another angel coming down from heaven,
50:11 he had great authority and the earth
50:13 was illuminated by it's splendor,
50:14 noticed this is a angel from heaven with a loud voice
50:18 and with great authority he shouted,
50:20 fallen-fallen is Babylon the great,
50:23 she's become a home for demons
50:25 and a haunt for every evil spirit.
50:27 Verse 4, then I heard another voice from heaven,
50:30 this is not Jac Colon, this is not my church,
50:33 this is not anybody's church on earth,
50:35 this is a voice from heaven,
50:37 'Babylon has fallen, come out of her my people,'
50:42 come out of her.
50:46 What can I do?
50:47 My church is going along with this come out of her,
50:50 my people, you see God has people in Babylon.
50:59 I said last night
51:00 that you don't have to be a Seventh-Day Adventist
51:03 to be saved,
51:04 you need to follow the lamb
51:06 and there are many people who never heard
51:08 of Seventh-Day Adventists, but they spent their life
51:10 following the lamb and they're gonna follow the lamb
51:13 all the way into the kingdom,
51:14 but in the last days God has a message
51:17 in the spirit and the power of Elijah
51:19 and he says I have people, but they are in Babylon
51:23 and Babylon is about to be destroyed
51:26 come out of her my people.
51:29 Jesus even said it when he was on this earth in John,
51:33 the Gospel of John the 10th chapter
51:35 one of our favorite passages of about Jesus,
51:37 he said in chapter 10 verse 14,
51:40 "I'm the good shepherd,
51:42 I know my sheep and my sheep know me,
51:48 just as my father knows me I know the father
51:51 and I lay down my life for the sheep."
51:56 Now listen, I have other sheep
51:59 that are not a part of this fold,
52:03 but I must bring them also,
52:06 they too will listen to my voice
52:09 and they will be one flock and one shepherd.
52:13 What is the fold?
52:15 Those who obey the commandments of God
52:18 and the testimony of the Jesus.
52:21 Come out of her my people,
52:23 my sheep know my voice they'll hear my voice
52:28 and they will come.
52:30 Those who are following the lamb know the lamb
52:34 and they're gonna follow him where ever they go.
52:37 Some say, well pastor, I can't do that,
52:40 I've been in this church for 50 years, I can't just go.
52:43 Jesus says come out of her my people,
52:45 lest you share in her plagues.
52:50 But I want to change my church,
52:51 you can't change your church.
52:52 Babylon has fallen,
52:54 she's not gonna change, it's time to come out.
52:57 Jesus couldn't even change
52:59 the religious institutions of his day.
53:02 He had to call out his church,
53:06 but my grandma and my grandpa were there
53:09 and my mom and dad were there
53:10 and I promised them
53:12 that I would always stay faithful to that church.
53:16 Your promise is to follow the lamb
53:20 and stay faithful to him,
53:23 but I can't leave all of my friends behind,
53:26 don't leave them behind, leave them out.
53:32 Come out of her my people,
53:36 how long will you waiver between two opinions.
53:39 If the Lord is God then follow God,
53:42 if the beast is God then follow the beast,
53:45 but how can you claim to follow God
53:48 when you're taking the traditions of the beast
53:50 and putting them over the commandments of God.
53:53 How long will you waiver,
53:57 come out of her my people,
54:03 there is only one way into the kingdom of God,
54:10 there's not a rope with multiple strands.
54:14 It's not a lot of voices calling out
54:16 in many different directions,
54:18 all roads do not lead to Rome
54:21 and all past do not lead to that city.
54:25 There is only one way into the city
54:28 and that is to follow the lamb.
54:32 Sometimes it isn't easy,
54:35 sometimes the lamb goes in places we don't wanna go,
54:41 but I know this that every time he's tried to lead
54:44 me some place I didn't wanna go,
54:46 once I go I can look back and say wow!
54:50 That's what I would have chosen if I knew.
54:53 You'll always be safe if you follow the lamb,
54:57 how long will you waiver.
55:00 For Lord's day, is the Lord's day then go ahead
55:04 and follow it, but if Sabbath is Saturday
55:06 then follow that.
55:08 How long can you claim to worship God
55:12 and observe the traditions of the Rome,
55:17 follow the lamb.
55:21 Now I want to take a minute to talk to you
55:23 out in the television audience,
55:25 night after night we've been studying the Bible
55:28 and many of you have been learning some new things.
55:31 Things that you've never heard before,
55:34 things that have made an impact on your life
55:37 and you've been making decisions right along with us.
55:41 You've learned about the Sabbath day,
55:43 you learned what happened when people die,
55:45 you've learned about the second coming of Jesus,
55:47 you've learned that God has a remnant church.
55:50 He raised up in the last days for the purpose
55:53 of proclaiming the three angels messages
55:55 and you want to start keeping the Sabbath.
55:57 And some of you would like to find a church
56:00 that you could attend that teaches the things
56:02 we have learned at Revelation Now.
56:03 So, I want to just challenge you
56:05 and appeal to you if you would,
56:06 as soon as we go off the air,
56:09 pickup your telephone book,
56:11 turn to the yellow pages and look up
56:14 the nearest Seventh Day Adventist church
56:17 in your community, in your town,
56:21 call the pastor, talk to him,
56:24 tell him that you have been watching Revelation
56:26 Now on the broadcast, the 3ABN broadcast
56:30 and that you are interested in learning more
56:33 about the Seventh Day Adventist church.
56:34 Would you do that, just look up the phone number,
56:38 call the pastor and get the instructions to go
56:41 and next Sabbath morning you just purpose
56:45 in your heart to be worshiping with those
56:47 who obey the commandments of God
56:49 and have the testimony of the Jesus
56:51 and I know that God will bless you in a wonderful way.
56:54 Thank you so much and God bless you,
56:57 just remember to follow the lamb.


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