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01:04 In the 15th chapter of Revelation, we find
01:08 an interesting scene, just to get a little bit
01:10 of the background. Remember chapter 13 and 14
01:15 describe this cosmic conflict, this struggle
01:20 over the true worship of the true God
01:24 or the worship of the beast, the counterfeit worship
01:29 of a counterfeit God. Chapter 14 shows the
01:34 three angels messages going out to every
01:37 living being on this earth, every person on earth is gonna
01:43 have the opportunity to hear the everlasting Gospel.
01:46 In the setting of the judgment hour,
01:49 the hour of his judgment has come and every
01:53 living person on this earth will hear the call
01:56 to worship God, the creator of the heavens and the earth.
02:01 And then there will be warned about the errors of Babylon.
02:06 Babylon has fallen, Babylon and those who are
02:12 in Babylon trample upon the Holy things. Things that
02:18 God himself had set aside and made Holy and therefore
02:24 they find themselves worshiping the beast
02:27 instead of the creator, the creature rather than
02:31 the creator and then the third angel says
02:35 if anyone worships the beast or his image and takes
02:40 his mark on the right hand or the forehead, he will
02:43 also drink the wine of the wrath of God
02:46 poured full strength from the cup of his indignation.
02:51 So the truth goes to everyone, everyone is
02:55 warned about the false worship and
02:59 warned about the consequences of worshiping the beast.
03:02 Therefore no one has an excuse, no one is left
03:09 with an excuse for not worshiping God.
03:13 God has done everything that he could possibly do.
03:18 Then in the 15th chapter in verse 5, it says I looked
03:24 in heaven, I looked and in heaven the temple
03:29 that is the Tabernacle of the Testimony was opened,
03:33 the sanctuary in heaven is now opened and
03:37 out of the temple came the seven angels
03:40 with seven plagues. They were dressed in clean,
03:45 shining linen and wore golden sashes around
03:49 their chests and one of the four living creatures
03:52 gave to the seven angels, seven golden bowls filled
03:57 with the wrath of God, who lives forever and ever.
04:01 And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory
04:05 of God and from his power, and no one could enter
04:10 the temple anymore until the seven plagues
04:15 of the seven angels were completed.
04:20 Now salvation only comes by faith, by grace through
04:24 faith in Jesus Christ and we've access to Christ
04:29 through the sanctuary in heaven where he ministers
04:33 for us today. So the time is coming, when those
04:38 seven angels with the seven bowls come out of the
04:41 sanctuary and the sanctuary is filled with smoke.
04:48 No one is allowed to enter that means that there is no
04:53 more access to the saving grace of God, every decision
04:59 has been made and now the angels go to pour out
05:02 the bowls of God wrath upon the earth.
05:08 In Revelation chapter 22 verse 11, Jesus says as he
05:17 finishes his ministry in the sanctuary in heaven.
05:20 He stands up and he says, let him who does wrong
05:25 continue to do wrong and let him who is vile
05:30 continued to be vile, let him who does right continue
05:35 to do right and let him who is Holy continue to be Holy.
05:44 Behold I am coming soon and my reward is with me
05:50 and I'll give to everyone according to what he
05:53 has done. In other words, sometime before Jesus comes,
06:03 the temple in heaven fills with smoke. Now one can
06:07 enter, no more access to the saving grace of God,
06:14 the wicked will stay wicked, the righteous will stay
06:18 righteous, Jesus is coming soon. Now, this doesn't
06:25 mean that all of a sudden one day God wakes up
06:30 from a goodnight sleep and says man this is it,
06:34 I've had it. I've had it up to here with those
06:38 stubborn stiff-neck people, that's it,
06:41 I'm finished, no more. That's not what
06:43 it is all about. What it's all about is that God
06:49 knows that he has finally reached the point where
06:54 he has done everything he could possibly do. He bore
07:02 through the years of the Old Testament times
07:05 with the prophets. He send his own son
07:09 Jesus Christ and he died on the cross 2000 years ago
07:15 and even after 2000 years, he has had men and women
07:19 stand for the Cross of Christ proclaiming Jesus
07:23 to the world and then finally at the judgment time
07:28 God raises up a people to say this is the end, time is
07:33 running short. The hour of God judgment has come,
07:37 if there was ever a time to get right with God,
07:40 the time is now and the message goes to every tribe,
07:47 every language, every nation, every people,
07:50 they're warned against the errors of Babylon.
07:53 They're called to come out of Babylon, lest they
07:56 share in her plagues and they are warned against
07:59 taking the mark of the beast and worshiping
08:01 the beast. God knows that the time has come when
08:07 if he allowed time to go on to an eternity,
08:12 he knows that no one else will change their minds.
08:17 He has done all that he can do and all that he
08:21 could possibly do at that point he says is done.
08:29 The righteous stay righteous, the wicked stay wicked,
08:33 I'm coming soon. Now the question is,
08:39 when that day comes what will you be doing?
08:48 What will you be doing on the last day,
08:55 the answer to that question is found in the word of God.
08:59 In Luke, the Gospel of Luke, the 17th chapter,
09:04 Luke chapter 17 verse 26. Justice it was in the days
09:11 of Noah, so also it will be in the days of
09:15 the son of man. So what was it like in the
09:18 days of Noah? If we can find out what it was like
09:21 in the days of Noah, then we'll know what we will
09:23 be doing then, because look he says in verse 27,
09:27 people were eating and drinking, marrying, being
09:29 given in marriage up until the day Noah entered the
09:32 Ark and then the flood came and took them all away,
09:36 it destroyed them. It says, verse 28, it was the same
09:40 in the days of Lot. People were eating, drinking,
09:42 buying, selling, planting, building. But today that
09:46 Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from
09:50 heaven and destroyed them all. It will be just
09:54 like this on the day that the son of man is revealed.
09:58 What will it be like, it will be like it was in the
10:00 days of Noah. What will it be like on the last day,
10:04 it'll be like it was in the days of Lot, what was it
10:07 like in the days of Noah? What was it like in the
10:09 days of Lot? What were they doing at that time?
10:12 They were eating, drinking, marrying, giving in
10:14 marriage, buying, selling, building, planting.
10:18 Well, what's wrong with those things? Not a thing,
10:26 not a thing, you see that's the point on that day when
10:35 Jesus says it's done, righteous stay righteous,
10:39 the wicked stay wicked, on that day it will be
10:45 business as usual. Things you're doing now
10:51 are probably the things that you're gonna be doing then.
10:55 Business as usual, just like it was in the days
11:01 of Noah, going about life, you see we don't like
11:10 to change. No one likes to make changes in their lives,
11:14 we're creatures of habit, we like to just go on
11:19 doing things the way we've done it all alone.
11:23 Business as usual, the things you're doing now
11:27 are probably what you're gonna be doing on that day,
11:30 just like it was in the days of Noah. What was it like
11:35 in Noah's day? What a man, Noah. He preached for
11:46 120 years that God was gonna destroy this world by
11:54 flood and the only way to be saved was to get into the
11:58 Ark that he was building as a visible evidence of
12:02 his faith and trust in God, 120 years. Now that's a long,
12:12 long evangelistic campaign. Some of you wrote on
12:17 your cards the other night what would you change
12:19 if you could change one thing. I asked you
12:21 some of you said, make it shorter. Imagine living
12:25 in the days of Noah, 120 years and after 120 years,
12:32 he made his final altar call and only seven people
12:36 came forward, and they were his own family.
12:42 After 120 years, sometime I confess I get a little
12:47 discouraged because God doesn't seem to move as
12:50 fast as I wished he would move, but I've never gone
12:52 for 120 years and just seven people. What a
12:58 committed man of God Noah must have been.
13:03 I've got to believe that Noah was so impassioned,
13:07 he was so confident to preach for 120 years
13:10 without ever giving up. He believed his heart
13:13 burned with the truth and I believe he must have
13:16 preach his heart out as deep as he possibly could,
13:21 I believe that he moved the hearts of those people
13:23 they heard things they had never heard before.
13:26 In the way they had never heard it delivered before,
13:30 but they didn't change. Just seven people, why?
13:40 They we're too busy building and planting,
13:43 buying and selling, they didn't want to change.
13:50 As it was in the days of Noah. I'm sure that
13:54 people hearts were touched and I'm sure that when
13:57 people went to hear him preach they thought I never
14:00 heard anything like this before, what if it's true.
14:04 I am sure they even went running to their churches,
14:06 in their temples and wherever they went to worship and
14:09 asked their pastors and their priests what about this.
14:12 He said that God is gonna destroy the world
14:14 in six days, in seven days, God is gonna destroy
14:18 the world by flood. What about it?
14:24 Pastor said, give me a break. God is gonna wipe
14:30 out the whole world, just whoever joins his little
14:34 boat church is gonna be saved. Can't get very many
14:38 people in there, he even said he is gonna save animals
14:41 in there, that doesn't leave room for people and besides
14:45 that God would never do anything like that, he is
14:51 Santa Claus, he gives us whatever we ask him for.
14:59 Or another one would go to that church and pastor
15:01 would say, don't you listen to Noah, he don't
15:06 have it all together up here, he's got a few loose
15:08 screws up there, doesn't know what
15:10 he is talking about. Have you ever seen rain,
15:13 it never rained on the earth before till that time.
15:17 It's impossible, it is scientifically impossible,
15:20 besides that, he is building that boat up on the hill,
15:23 everybody knows water doesn't go up the hill,
15:25 how is he gonna float the boat anyway. One day,
15:33 they were listening and Noah said time is short,
15:40 one day soon you're gonna see the animals coming out
15:44 of the woods and they're gonna lineup and they are
15:47 gonna get in that boat, don't wait until it's too
15:50 late, because one day soon God's angels are
15:56 gonna seal that door shut and when the door shuts
16:00 it will be too late, you need to get in now.
16:04 Well, I'll wait till those animals start going in
16:07 and then I'll go in the Ark. I'll wait till I see the
16:12 prophesies unfold then I'll know that it's true,
16:16 I here that all the time, I'm sure glad I learned
16:19 those prophesy in Revelation, I'm gonna wait until I see
16:22 those things start happening and then I'm gonna step
16:25 across the line. Folks they're happening now.
16:30 In the days of Noah, they saw, they saw animals
16:34 lining up, two by two coming out of the woods
16:36 by the unseen hands of the angels guiding them
16:39 up to gangplank into the Ark, they saw it happen,
16:42 they heard the prophesy, they saw a miracle with
16:44 their own eyes and not one person changed
16:47 their mind, not one, why not, business as usual. We don't
16:55 like to change, they didn't like it back then, we still
16:59 don't like it today. I am sure the scientists had an
17:03 explanation. Oh! Those animals just got tired
17:06 of living in the woods, they wanted to try
17:07 something different, so they went inside the boat,
17:10 you know you can explain away anything if you want to.
17:18 Noah makes his last appeal. You've heard me, 120 years,
17:24 you've seen the prophesies, you've see it happen,
17:27 now is the time, this is your last opportunity,
17:32 no one. Oh! How are you gonna get that big door
17:37 closed Noah, you made it too big, its too heavy,
17:39 you'll never get it shut and the unseen hands of the
17:44 angel slowly close that big door to the Ark,
17:50 slam shut. You know I've got to believe that there
17:55 were people standing on the outside of that boat
17:57 wishing they were on the inside, but it was too late,
18:04 they had every opportunity, they didn't want to change.
18:10 Bible says Noah was in that boat for seven days,
18:14 nothing happened and everyday that went by
18:18 the people started feeling more and more relieved,
18:20 whew! Boy then, wow! Glad I didn't get in there.
18:24 Noah, what's it smell like in there by now. Noah,
18:26 come on out, the air is clear and fresh not a
18:28 cloud in the sky, but one day they did see a cloud,
18:36 first one they ever saw and then another one,
18:38 another one and another one. Rains came down
18:44 and flood waters came up, and every living
18:47 person on the earth was destroyed except Noah
18:54 and his seven family members, that is impossible but
19:03 it's true. Sometimes people ask, hey, if the things we
19:08 hear in Revelation Now is really true why doesn't
19:10 everybody else see it? Why didn't they all see it
19:13 in the days of Noah? You can't find truth by what's
19:18 popular. It's eight people in the whole world,
19:25 saw a miracle and nobody changed their mind. As it was
19:29 in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming
19:31 of the son of man. In 18th May, 1980,
19:38 I remember we were driving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
19:43 to do a Revelation Now meeting, we heard
19:46 the news, Mount Saint Helens began to spew ash and some
19:53 of you will remember that. And they had enough warning,
19:58 people were warned to get off of the mountain,
20:00 get out of the area, many did, but you know I saw
20:07 that interview. I'm sure you saw it a number of times,
20:10 crusty old Harry Truman. I've been here 50 years,
20:15 nobody's getting me off that mountain, he is still
20:17 there buried under Spirit Lake, he didn't want
20:21 to change. People will die for what they've been
20:29 living for all along, we just don't like to change.
20:37 79 AD Mount Vesuvius did the same thing, began
20:44 to spit ash into the atmosphere, people and
20:49 citizens of Pompeii were warned to get out of the
20:53 city because Mount Vesuvius is about to erupt and it did.
21:05 My wife and I had the opportunity to visit
21:09 a museum in Dallas, Texas years ago and they
21:13 had brought over some of the artifacts that had been
21:16 excavated from Pompeii, we went to see that. And I
21:23 wanna tell you, it wasn't a very pretty site,
21:28 the art work, the sculpture was the grossest kind of
21:31 immorality you could think of, it didn't take
21:34 a lot of imagination to wonder why God allowed
21:37 Pompeii to be destroyed. But the reason I went was
21:45 because I'd heard about the exhibit that they had
21:51 at the exit door. The last exhibit in the museum,
21:57 it was a large glass case and inside the case were
22:05 two plaster of Paris molds, models, statues
22:13 of people trapped at the instant of their death,
22:20 you see when they excavated the city of Pompeii
22:24 they noticed these empty cylindrical shaped holes
22:29 that looked kind of like people and they thought
22:34 Oh! This can't be, is it true, so they filled some
22:41 with plaster of Paris and then after the plaster had
22:46 time to set they chipped away the lava and what
22:53 was left, it was a perfect replica of those two
22:59 individuals trapped at the moment of their death.
23:04 Now, there were just a handful of dust in the
23:06 bottom of an empty hole and we saw those statues
23:16 made of plaster, the last exhibit on the way out,
23:17 a big glass case, stopped by there, and I read
23:21 the sign, one was a lady, they found her on the door,
23:28 the doorstep of her house. She has had an opportunity
23:33 to escape, the little story told on the wall, she had
23:36 an opportunity to escape. But she went back in
23:41 to get something and they found her over the doorstep
23:48 with a tiny pearl earring clutched tightly
23:52 in each fist. She could have gotten away, but she went
23:59 back to get those earrings and it cost her, her life.
24:05 See people will die for the things that they've been
24:09 living for all along. The man, the other statue was
24:13 a man, they found him in the center street of Pompeii,
24:19 trying to run and escape the molten lava, he was
24:23 carrying a big wooden chest full of gold and silver
24:29 and gems and it was so heavy that it slowed him down
24:36 and he died, he could have just set it down and run
24:41 for his life, but he died. He died for what he had
24:46 been living for all along. On that day it will be
24:49 business as usual, that's why we need to be sure
24:56 that now, today, our business is God's business.
25:04 Amen. "Amen." And there was the,
25:14 the prophet Balaam. Numbers, chapter 22, if you
25:20 wanna follow with me tonight. In Numbers 22, Balak the son
25:28 of Zippor saw all that God had done to Amorites
25:33 through Israel and he was terrified because there was
25:38 so many people, indeed all of Moab, that was his country,
25:43 all of Moab was filled with dread, afraid of
25:47 the Israelites. And so in verse 4, it says Balak
25:51 the son of Zippor, who was King of Moab at the time
25:53 sent messengers to summon Balaam the prophet,
26:00 so they went to call Balaam and the messenger said in
26:04 verse 6, now the King says to come and put
26:07 a curse on these people the Israelites, come and put
26:11 a curse on these people. Because they're too powerful
26:14 for me and perhaps then I'll be able to defeat them
26:18 and drive them out of the country. Now, Balaam
26:22 was a prophet. He knew that is was not God's plan
26:28 to crush and destroy his own people. Balaam knew that,
26:35 but the Bible tells us that he told them in verse 8,
26:38 he said spend the night here, Balaam said and I'll bring
26:44 you back the answer that the Lord gives me. Now the
26:47 King said come with us and put a curse on the
26:51 Israelites and Balaam knew that it wasn't
26:57 God's plan, he was a prophet, but he said you wait here
27:02 I'm gonna go pray and seek God's will and
27:05 I'll tell you what God says. Now don't misunderstand me,
27:12 I believe in prayer, I believe in much prayer
27:18 and I believe in seeking God's will, but Balaam
27:24 already knew God's will and there's a difference. So
27:31 the Lord said to Balaam in verse 12, he said don't go
27:34 with them. You must not put a curse on these people
27:38 because they are blessed. Now God's will is
27:41 crystal clear. Amen. "Amen."
27:43 I mean there is no way to understand this, do not go
27:47 God said it, don't bless them don't go and curse them,
27:50 they're blessed people. So the next morning verse 13,
27:53 Balaam got up and he went to Balak's prince's, he says
27:56 go back to your own country the Lord has refused
27:58 to let me go. No doubt that he understood what
28:01 God said crystal clear. Well then verse 15,
28:06 Balak sent the other princes even more
28:08 numerous and more distinguished then the first
28:10 ones and they came to Balaam and said, this is what
28:14 Balak the son of Zippor the King, this what the
28:16 King says, do not let anything keep you from
28:21 coming to me because I will reward you handsomely
28:26 and do whatever you say, come and put a curse on
28:30 these people. Wow! I've never been tempted like that,
28:38 have you? I've never had a king tell me anything
28:42 you want, you can have. Now Balaam knew,
28:46 remember no doubt about it, Balaam knew it was
28:49 not God's will, but he could not resist. He was
28:54 blind to his own evil desires, he wanted, he wanted
29:00 more and so he tells them verse 19, stay here tonight
29:08 just like the others did and I'll find out what else
29:10 the Lord will tell me. So he said, you wait here
29:14 and I'm gonna go pray and I'm gonna seek God's will.
29:18 So he prayed. In verse 20, God said go with them,
29:27 go with them. So Balaam got up in the morning
29:32 verse 21, saddled his donkey and he went with him.
29:35 verse 22, God was very angry when he went
29:40 and the angel of the Lord stood in the row to
29:43 oppose him, well why did God say go with him and then
29:46 get angry at him because he went, listen to me
29:51 and please get this, it is very, very dangerous
30:01 to ask God what to do when he has already
30:09 clearly told you what to do. God doesn't
30:14 force anyone. The devil forces. God loves and
30:22 you can't force love. And Balaam showed
30:29 by asking God what is your will, he showed
30:33 that he really didn't want God's will.
30:36 He wanted to do his own thing and God is
30:40 not gonna force Balaam or anyone else. And so
30:45 what he really said was Balaam if that's what
30:47 you want, what can I do? I've loved you,
30:50 I've given you everything and if you
30:53 want to do that after I've made it clear that
30:56 it's not my will then go with them. Folks,
31:02 I hear it all the time. Yeah! Pastor, I've
31:07 never heard that before. Saturday is the
31:10 Sabbath day, not Sunday. Is it clear in
31:15 the Bible to you? Yes, it's clear, it's clear.
31:18 You tell me, have you given any thought to
31:21 keeping the Sabbath on Saturday now that you
31:23 know that's what the Bible says. Well, I'll
31:27 tell you what I'm gonna do pastor. I'm
31:29 going to pray about it. And I'm gonna see
31:32 what God wants me to do. Don't do it folks.
31:38 Now don't misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong
31:40 about praying and there is nothing wrong
31:43 with saying God give me the strength and the
31:45 courage to do what you're telling me to do.
31:48 But don't say God do you want me to do it.
31:51 When he has commanded over 400 times in his
31:54 scripture to keep my commands, when he
31:56 wrote with his own finger on the tables of
31:58 stone and then we say, God do you want me
32:02 to do this. What you're really saying is, I don't
32:10 want to do it God, show me a way out.
32:14 And he'll show you a way out because God
32:16 loves you. And he knows that he can't
32:19 force love and he is going to say go with
32:24 them. So Balaam saddled his little
32:29 donkey, he went. The God was angry.
32:33 An angel of the Lord stood on the road to
32:35 oppose him. Verse 23 says, the donkey saw
32:38 the angel, not Balaam, the donkey. And so the
32:42 angel had a sword in his hand and she
32:44 turned off the road into a field and Balaam got
32:49 so angry at his donkey that he beat her and got
32:53 her back on the road. Blind to the divine
32:58 intervention of God because he was
33:00 possessed with his own evil desires, as you see
33:03 it was business as usual for Balaam. And
33:10 so then verse 24, says the angel of the Lord
33:13 stood in a narrow path between two vineyards
33:16 with walls on both sides and the donkey
33:19 saw the angel of the Lord and so she
33:21 pressed close to the wall trying to get
33:23 around that angel with the sword drawn and
33:26 crushed Balaam's foot against the rock wall.
33:29 Oh! Balaam wasn't very happy about that,
33:33 so he beat her again, the Bible says. So
33:37 possessed with his own evil desires, blind to
33:40 the intervention of God, he beat his
33:42 donkey again. The donkey saw the angel
33:44 and Balaam didn't. In verse 26, the angel of
33:49 the Lord moved on and stood in a narrow
33:50 place, where there was no room to go, either
33:52 right or left. Now the poor little donkey
33:55 didn't know what to do. So she just sat
33:59 down. She knew what was coming, but she
34:03 didn't have any choice and she just sat down
34:07 and the donkey saw the angel of the Lord,
34:09 she sat down on the Balaam and he was
34:12 beside himself. He was so angry this time he
34:16 beat her with his stick and then verse 28, the
34:21 Lord opened the donkey's mouth and
34:25 she said to Balaam, what I've done to you
34:29 to make you beat me these three times
34:31 haven't I always been a good donkey. Now
34:37 you would think that Balaam would begin to
34:41 get suspicious. Something unusual is
34:47 going on here, the donkey is talking to
34:49 me, but he was so blind to the intervention
34:54 of God. The Bible says, Balaam answered
35:00 the donkey. Balaam stood there and talked
35:05 back to the dumb beast. You made a fool
35:10 of me, he said, if I had a sword in my hand
35:12 I would kill you right now. Then the Lord
35:18 opened Balaam's eyes in verse 31, and he saw
35:21 the angel of the Lord standing in the road
35:24 with the sword drawn, so he bowed low and
35:28 he fell face down to the ground. Verse 32,
35:33 the angel of the Lord asked him, why have
35:37 you beaten your donkey these three
35:38 times, I have come here to oppose you
35:42 because your path is a reckless one before
35:46 me. The donkey saw me these three times
35:49 and turned away and if she had not turned
35:53 away I would certainly have killed you by
35:56 now. But I would have spared her. Balaam
36:02 said to the angel of the Lord, I've sinned,
36:10 I have sinned. I didn't realize that you're
36:15 standing in the road to oppose me. I have
36:18 sinned. Now you would think that at this
36:24 point Balaam would hop back on that little
36:28 donkey, turned her around and head home
36:31 as fast as those little legs would take him.
36:37 Is that what he did, no. He said, now if you are
36:46 displeased I'll go back, unbelievable or is it?
36:57 You see it just isn't human nature to
37:00 change. Business as usual all the way
37:05 through the end. And so the angel of the
37:09 Lord said to Balaam, go with the men. God
37:15 doesn't force anyone. God knows the heart
37:22 and he is going to give you what you desire in
37:25 your heart. Let's be sure we desire him,
37:28 Amen. "Amen." Go with the men, so
37:32 Balaam went. Unbelievable, I don't
37:40 know, not really, it's just human nature.
37:46 You know many times people wait until the
37:49 last minute to do things. Did you know
37:53 that, how many of you have already finished
37:56 your income tax. Few of you, I haven't, I'll
38:01 wait till April 14th. Deathbed conversions
38:09 do happen. I've seen people at the last
38:15 moment accept Jesus Christ as their savior.
38:19 And I believe that you can be saved on your
38:22 deathbed. But folks, I also believe that it's
38:27 extremely dangerous to wait till then.
38:36 Acts chapter 24, verse 25, Paul preached a sermon
38:41 to Felix and he made a powerful and passion
38:48 plea for him to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ
38:51 and to be saved and Felix responded. He
38:55 said, Paul, call me back at a convenient
39:02 time, see it wasn't convenient for him
39:06 then, Paul I got a few things I got to get
39:10 taken care of first. You know, I got my work
39:14 here and I got these things and I got my
39:16 family, I got to work it through all, work it all
39:19 through with them and I got, I just got a lot of
39:21 stuff that I have to get worked out, but then,
39:24 you know, it makes sense when I get the
39:26 time to think it over a little bit more,
39:28 studied all through again and then I'll
39:30 make my decision. Call me back when it's
39:33 more convenient Paul, I'm too busy right
39:35 now. We never read in the Bible where that
39:39 convenient time ever came, never. Paul
39:46 appeared before came King Agrippa, same
39:51 thing in passion Gospel appeal,
39:53 surrender to Jesus Christ as Lord and
39:56 Master. Agrippa said, Paul, it sounds good.
40:02 You have almost persuaded me. Oh! I'm
40:05 right there, but we never read where he
40:08 was ever persuaded. Can we say no to God
40:15 when God tugs at the strings of our own
40:17 hearts. When God appeals with us,
40:20 appeals to us to come to him, can we say, no
40:24 God, not yet? Can we say, no God, I'm not
40:27 ready yet, no God I got a few more things
40:29 I want to do first, no God I want to live out
40:31 a little more my life first, no God it's not
40:33 convenient. Well, God I'm close just hang on,
40:36 no God not quite yet. Can we say no, no, no,
40:39 no to God and then finally, well, God here
40:41 I'm, I'm ready. Did you know the Bible
40:46 says the time is coming when the Spirit
40:47 of God won't be tugging at the string of
40:49 hearts, at the strings of men's hearts? In fact,
40:53 in John chapter 6, verse 43, 44, Jesus said
40:58 no one can come to me unless the father who
41:01 sent me draws him. We can't say no to
41:07 God over and over again, every time he
41:10 calls us and then when we decide the time is
41:12 right. Here I'm God. He may not be calling
41:15 anymore. I'm gonna show you that
41:17 tomorrow night. Time comes when he doesn't
41:20 call anymore. Nope, on that day it will be
41:26 business as usual just like it was in the days
41:29 of Lot. What was it like in the days of Lot.
41:35 In Genesis, the 18th chapter verse 1, the
41:38 Lord appeared to Abraham, sitting under
41:40 the tree in the shade, the angel of Lord
41:42 appeared to him. In fact, it says the Lord
41:44 appeared to Abraham. In verse 20, the Lord
41:48 said to Abraham, the outcry against Sodom
41:52 and Gomorrah, the two cities in the plains, the
41:54 outcry against them is so great and their sin is
41:59 so grievous that I'm gonna go down there
42:01 and see if what they have done is as the bad
42:03 as the outcry that has reached me and then
42:05 I'll know, that's interesting. Did God
42:10 have to go to Sodom and Gomorrah to see
42:12 how wicked they were. No, he didn't have to
42:15 go. He knew how bad they were. So why did
42:19 he have to go because God was about to
42:23 destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and he
42:26 wanted to be sure that Abraham understood
42:30 why, and so he appeared to Abraham
42:34 and he told him that. Abraham said, Lord,
42:38 you can't do that, will you sweep away the
42:42 righteous with the wicked. Lord, you
42:46 can't do that. What if there are 50 righteous
42:48 people there far be it from you, will not the
42:51 judge of all the earth do right. Can you see
42:54 Abraham was scared to death that God was
42:59 about to do something that would prove that
43:01 he wasn't fair. He was worried about God.
43:06 How can you destroy the righteous along
43:08 with the wicked, won't the judge of all the
43:10 earth do right. You see he was worried God
43:14 was gonna be show that he wasn't fair, that
43:16 he wasn't trustworthy, that it wasn't just. And
43:20 so God said no if there are 50 righteous people
43:23 there, no, I won't destroy it. Then Abraham
43:29 started counting up, no he couldn't get to 50?
43:32 And so he says Lord what if there were just
43:34 five less then that 45. No, I won't destroy it,
43:40 he's counting again, can't get the 45, 40,
43:43 no, 30, no, 20, no. Lord what if there 10
43:50 righteous people there. Would you destroy
43:52 that whole city if they were 10 righteous
43:55 people. Would you destroy the righteous
43:56 with the wicked. What if they were 10. God
43:59 said, no, I wouldn't. I don't know why he
44:03 stopped at 10? May be he thought, may be
44:08 I push God far enough here or most likely he
44:14 thought, aha! Surely there are 10. You mean
44:20 in the whole city, 10. Truth is there weren't
44:27 even 4 and so Lot was sitting at the gate and
44:38 that's the position of honor and leadership
44:42 in the community in Bible times. And two
44:45 angels arrived in Sodom in the evening,
44:47 while Lot was sitting at the gate. So, Lot
44:52 knew there was something special
44:53 about these two men and he knew how
44:55 wicked Sodom was. It's evening time, sun
44:59 going down. The men were beginning to
45:01 break up, going to their own little immoral
45:03 parties. And here are these two righteous
45:07 looking strangers coming and so Lot said
45:11 to them in verse 2, my lords please turn aside,
45:13 come to your servant's house, you can wash
45:15 your feet there and spend the night and
45:17 then go on your way in the morning. You
45:19 don't want to be here overnight and they said
45:21 no we want to spend the night in the square.
45:24 We want to see what Sodom is really like,
45:27 but Lot in verse 3, insisted so strongly
45:30 that they went with him, so he went and
45:33 entertained his two angels in his home.
45:36 Verse 4, before they've gone to bed, all the
45:38 men from every part of the city of Sodom both
45:40 young and old surrounded the house.
45:42 They called to Lot, where are those men
45:44 they came to you tonight? Bring them
45:46 out here to us, so that we can have sex with
45:49 them. Now that's how wicked Sodom was.
45:54 Lot goes out and he says, no my friends,
45:57 don't do this wicked thing. Who do you
46:00 think you are, get out of the way, we will do
46:01 worse to you then we would do to them.
46:04 Verse 10, but the men inside, those two
46:09 angels reached out, pulled Lot back into
46:12 the house and they shut the door and then
46:16 they struck the men outside with blindness,
46:21 they couldn't see. Now you think that they'd
46:25 get suspicious. There must be something
46:28 unusual going on here. Help me get back
46:31 home, no, struck with blindness. The Bible
46:36 says they varied themselves, groping
46:39 for the door. Blind to the divine intervention
46:44 of God, possessed with their own evil desires,
46:47 they were not gonna change because it's
46:49 business as usual on that day. As it was in
46:53 the days of Lot. So the two men said to the
46:58 Lot, do you have anyone else here in the
47:00 city? Sons-in-laws, sons, daughters,
47:02 anyone else, go out there and get them out
47:05 of here because we are going to destroy this
47:08 place. The outcry to the Lord against its
47:11 people is so great that he has sent us to
47:13 destroy it and so Lot went out. He spoke to
47:19 his son-in-laws. Imagine in the middle
47:22 of the night, 'dad, what are you doing here in
47:27 the middle of the night?' Lot tells them
47:31 the whole story. You can't be serious dad.
47:39 You're saying that we need to pack up, now.
47:44 Take everything we own now and get out
47:46 of here and leave our house, so looters will
47:49 come in, take everything. God isn't
47:52 that way, he is not gonna destroy all of
47:54 these people. They are good people. I mean
47:57 they don't believe exactly like we do,
47:59 they have their own ideas about what to do,
48:01 but you know, who are they, they are good
48:03 people. God isn't just gonna just destroy this
48:05 whole city and besides that you have told us
48:09 all our lives, how God let you and Uncle
48:12 Abraham down here and he brought us to
48:14 this place. He led us here. Do you think he
48:17 would lead us here and now ask us to go on
48:20 somewhere else. No dad, you just had a bad
48:25 day. Why don't you go home and soak your
48:29 feet in a tub of hot water, you feel better
48:31 tomorrow morning. And so Lot goes to the
48:38 next door. And it was his daughter, Dad,
48:45 what you doing here in the middle of the night
48:47 like this, and he tells the whole story. Oh!
48:51 Dad, you got to be kidding. You know my
48:55 husband does not believe the way we do,
48:58 if I started packing up and taking the kids out
49:01 of here, he would just tear this place apart, he
49:03 does not understand, I need more time, you
49:06 know, just the other day, he asked me
49:07 a little bit about God and so I know that he
49:09 is gonna come around. I know, I shouldn't
49:11 have married him, dad you told me, I shouldn't
49:13 but I did and I just need a little more time
49:15 with him now. No dad, you just had a bad day.
49:20 God isn't gonna do anything that quick,
49:22 that fast. Why don't you go home and take
49:26 an aspirin or two, you'll feel better
49:27 tomorrow morning. Goes to another son,
49:32 knocks on the door, dad, what's going on?
49:37 Tells him the story, you know I can't
49:41 believe God wants us to do that. We just
49:43 brought that big plot of land on the East side of
49:45 town. We are gonna build a shopping mall.
49:46 We'll have a lot of money that we can
49:48 make and put more into the church
49:50 offering and build the church up really nice.
49:58 Dad, why don't you to just go home and put
50:00 cold rag on your head. I think you just had
50:02 bad day. Poor Lot, all the excuses he heard
50:07 seem to make sense. Nobody wanted to
50:10 listen. So he went home and you know,
50:17 I really like this part of the story. Went home
50:21 he sat down on his big easy chair, his mind
50:25 whirling, confused, not sure what to do. Verse
50:30 16, when he hesitated, the men grasped his
50:35 hand and the hands of his wife and one of his
50:37 two daughters and let them safely out of the
50:40 city. He hesitated, but God loved him so
50:48 much. He sent those angels to take him by
50:52 the hand, come on Lot, it's time to go. See
51:00 that's the way God works. And I know
51:04 some of you have probably felt like
51:06 Pastor you're coming on a little strong in
51:08 these sermons. Just leave me alone, don't
51:14 push me, some of you maybe feeling like that
51:18 right now. Don't resent it when God send
51:23 someone to tap you on the shoulder and say
51:27 time is running out, it's time to go, this is the
51:33 way God works. He could have finished his
51:37 work with angels. He could have finished it
51:39 himself, shouting out the Gospel in a loud
51:41 voice, but he chose to use people. Don't
51:45 resent it, when someone cares enough
51:48 about you to be to risk being rejected because
51:53 they want you to take by the arm and say
51:54 hey, it's time. It's the way God works. So
52:02 they took him by the hand and they led him
52:06 and his wife and two daughters, safely
52:10 outside to the edge of the city. What a God!
52:15 He will do everything he can do to save even
52:18 just one and here were four, the rest didn't
52:24 care. He couldn't do anything else with
52:30 them. And then the angel said flee for your
52:31 lives and don't look back. Wow! That's not
52:37 easy to do. You see we're creatures of
52:41 habit, we don't want to change, we always
52:42 want to look back. We make a decision then
52:45 we look back, should I had done this? Don't
52:49 look back. There is Lot. He is standing on
52:52 the edge of the city. The angel had to let
52:54 go. He can't take the next step for him. He
52:58 will get us so far, but the next step is up to
52:59 us. You can't force people. You can't
53:03 pressure people to make their decision.
53:07 Just left to let them do it and pray to God they
53:09 do the right thing. And so the angels let go of
53:13 his hand and there was Lot and his one
53:16 daughter and other daughter was standing
53:19 there. Everything he owned, everything he
53:20 worked for, everything he lived for was
53:22 behind him. Flee for your life and don't
53:25 even look back. I'm sure the Lot thought
53:27 Oh! What am I gonna do? Man, I don't have
53:31 anything, I don't even have my clothes with
53:32 me. I didn't even bring my tooth brush, what
53:35 am I gonna do? But you know the more he
53:37 thought about the goodness of God and
53:40 the glory of God and how he even sent the
53:42 angel to come and to lead him to edge of the
53:43 city. He took that first painful step and then
53:47 another one, but the more he thought about
53:49 the goodness of God, the easier those steps
53:52 came in, he and his daughters fled. But
53:56 there were somebody else there that day, it
54:00 was Lot's wife. She was there. He couldn't
54:06 take her. She had to make her own
54:09 decision. I wish God could save us as a
54:13 group, but it's an individual thing
54:16 because it's a love thing. And she had to
54:20 love God. So she is standing there on the
54:24 edge of the city. Everything she owned,
54:26 lived for, loved and cared for practically
54:28 was behind her, and the angels said, don't
54:31 look back. How can they even ask me not
54:35 to look back. My daughter is there, my
54:39 sons are there. My daughter is about to
54:41 get married. We got the biggest wedding
54:43 planned that Sodom had ever seen. We
54:45 rented the biggest hall in town. I just moved
54:47 into my new house. I got three brand new
54:49 camels parked in the garage. Don't look
54:53 back. How can he do this to me? About to
55:00 become a grandmother, grandchildren, grand babies,
55:03 I can't go on, I won't go on. She turned and
55:06 looked back. The Bible says, she froze into a
55:13 pillar of salt, an eternal reminder. She came so
55:20 close, so close, but not close enough and so
55:31 some of you have come a long way, have
55:36 been studying your Bible night after night,
55:38 almost four weeks now. You've learned
55:42 more in the last four weeks. Some of
55:44 you've told me that you have never learned
55:46 in our whole life about the Bible and about the
55:48 word of God. But you haven't yet quite made
55:53 that decision. Many have, but a few are still
55:57 standing on the edge, trying to decide what
55:59 to do. And I know some are still looking
56:04 back. How can I leave. My family doesn't see
56:09 it the way I do. My Church doesn't see it
56:12 the way I do. I love those people there.
56:14 They have loved me. They've poured out
56:15 their lives to me. How can I just walk on and
56:18 leave, without even looking back. Jesus
56:24 said, don't look back. Just follow the lamb.
56:32 He will never lead you astray. Don't look to
56:36 the left, don't look to the right, don't look to
56:40 the person behind you, in front of you, to the
56:42 right or to the left. Follow the lamb.
56:48 Don't look back. Just move straight ahead.
56:51 There is destruction back there. There is
56:55 a city of God straight ahead. That's where
56:58 the lamb's going. And you will always be
57:02 safe when you follow the lamb.


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