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The Unpardonable Sin

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01:05 In the 12th chapter of the Book of Matthew,
01:08 in Matthew chapter 12, we find the almost incredible
01:14 story of the unbelief, the Scribes and the Pharisees,
01:19 the religious leaders of Jesus time.
01:23 In verse 22, it says they brought him
01:27 a demon possessed man, who was blind and mute
01:37 and Jesus healed him so they could both talk and see.
01:41 You know, I've often thought, I just wish,
01:46 I could have been alive and there when Jesus
01:50 was on this earth, wouldn't you love to
01:54 just see him open the eyes of a blind man?
01:57 Wouldn't you love to been there and watch the
02:00 expression on the man's face when the very first
02:03 thing that he sees is the face of his savior.
02:08 You think the people would have just been
02:10 rejoicing and shouting Hallelujah,
02:16 but they were astonished and they asked, Could
02:21 he be the son of David? Could he be the Messiah?
02:28 The Pharisees heard this, they said no,
02:31 it's only by Beelzebub, the prince of demons,
02:36 that this fellow drives out demons.
02:40 Now they saw Jesus with his own hands open
02:46 the eyes of the blind man, the mouth of the dumb,
02:50 they saw the miracle, they were right there
02:55 and yet instead of believing and trusting him,
03:04 they went and asked their pastors, what about him?
03:13 Now don't misunderstand me, I'm not against pastors,
03:16 we have a good pastor here sitting on the front row
03:20 and I'm a pastor, but we don't take the place
03:24 of God, when God speaks, when Jesus speak
03:29 we believe that whatever any pastor says. Amen.
03:36 And so they went and asked that pastor, the pastor said
03:38 no, no it's just Beelzebub the prince of demons.
03:41 Now, this is an old trick that the devil has
03:46 used forever, he still uses it today.
03:49 It goes like this, if you can't fault the message
03:58 then shoot the messenger, isn't that right?
04:02 They couldn't prove Jesus wrong, everything that
04:06 he said day after day, night after night,
04:09 it was right there from the word of God,
04:10 they couldn't prove him wrong.
04:12 So, the next best thing to do is, oh! He's occult,
04:16 don't go there, don't listen to him,
04:19 he is the chief of demons, possessed by demons.
04:23 Some of you've already heard that,
04:24 some of you have been warned,
04:25 don't go to Revelation Now, that's occult.
04:29 You've heard it, if you haven't you're gonna hear it.
04:33 If you can't fault the message shoot the messenger.
04:39 They tried it with Jesus it didn't work because
04:42 he came up again three days later. Amen.
04:46 And so they said no, this isn't the son of David,
04:51 this is Beelzebub, the prince of demons
04:54 that he drives out demons and Jesus said,
04:57 he said I tell you every sin and blasphemy
05:01 will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy
05:04 against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven
05:08 and that is the unpardonable sin.
05:12 God will forgive every sin except
05:15 for blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
05:19 Now, why does God not forgive blasphemy
05:23 against the spirit, because it's the agent
05:26 of the spirit of God that God uses to reach
05:30 our hearts to bring us to the point of repentance
05:33 to confess our sins and when we severe ourselves
05:36 from the Holy Spirit then there is no way for God
05:39 to reach us, there is no way to repent.
05:43 Well, what is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?
05:46 I want to know, I want to be sure I never do it.
05:51 Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is what we've just seen,
05:55 Jesus worked a miracle and it was obvious that
05:59 the Holy Spirit of God was at word,
06:01 but they said no that's the Devil.
06:03 In other words, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is
06:06 attributing the work of God to the Devil.
06:11 Oh! I'm glad I know that, I'll be sure I never do it.
06:16 Well, that's good, I hope you don't ever do it.
06:21 But it doesn't take the unpardonable sin to be lost.
06:29 People are going to be lost for plain old unpardoned sin,
06:38 but the second reason that that's kind of a dangerous
06:42 approach to take is that those Pharisees,
06:48 those Scribes, those religious preachers
06:51 of the day at first they never dreamed that they
06:56 would ever blaspheme the Spirit of God.
07:00 They never thought they would ever do that.
07:05 Well, then how did they do it?
07:07 How do they ever get to the place where they
07:11 were willing to knowingly say that the
07:13 work of the Spirit of God was the Devil?
07:18 That's the mysterious way of sin
07:21 and that's what we want to talk about tonight.
07:25 How did they arrive at the place where
07:27 they could see the obvious working
07:30 of the Holy Spirit and say no that was
07:32 not the Spirit of God that was the Devil?
07:34 How did they get there?
07:36 Jesus shows us right here in Matthew chapter 12
07:40 in the verse right before the one we just read,
07:42 verse 30, he who is not with me is against me
07:50 and he who does not gather with me, scatters.
07:59 If you're not with God then you're against God,
08:03 if we are not gathering with God, we're scattering.
08:10 In other words, in one sentence
08:12 Jesus is saying that you cannot be neutral about God.
08:22 They were trying to be neutral, you can't be neutral,
08:26 you cannot come to the word of God
08:29 and discover the truth about God
08:31 in his word and walk away from it
08:34 the same person that you were before you came.
08:39 The moment you encounter the truth of God
08:41 in any form or in anyway or at anytime you have
08:45 to make a decision, are you with him or not
08:48 and if you are with him then you're with him,
08:50 if you're not then you're against him.
08:51 You cannot be neutral about God,
08:53 you can't say, it doesn't matter,
08:59 can't say not important.
09:02 If God says, I want you to be baptized
09:06 and you understand that that's what
09:08 the Bible says and if you were to say well,
09:11 I don't think it's important to be baptized
09:13 I've been a Christian for 20 years.
09:17 That puts him against God,
09:18 if you're not with me you're against me.
09:25 If God says, remember the Sabbath day,
09:29 you're convinced that that's what the Bible teaches
09:34 and someone says well, I understand that that's Bible
09:38 says, but I don't see why it's all that important.
09:44 If you're not with me you're against me.
09:48 If you're not gathering with me you're scattering.
09:52 You see we can't be neutral about God,
09:54 we can't say well you do what you do and
09:57 I do what I do and it'll all be okay, it doesn't work
10:00 that way. Why? Why is it?
10:05 And this is the part that we have to understand.
10:09 When someone attempts to be neutral about God's truth
10:14 and by neutral I mean indifferent.
10:17 Yeah, it's true, but you know
10:19 it's not important enough for me to change my life.
10:23 When someone tries to be neutral about God's truth
10:27 then sooner or later they will be forced to make
10:31 an excuse to explain their neutrality
10:38 and that excuse will make them the enemy of God.
10:44 You believe the Bible says that you should be Baptized.
10:47 Yeah, it says that.
10:50 Why were you Baptized?
10:52 I've been a Christian for 20 years and
10:54 God has answered my prayers and
10:56 I can heal and do miracles.
10:57 I don't think it's necessary for me,
10:59 that makes them the enemy of God.
11:03 You see when a person tries to be neutral,
11:06 sooner or later they're gonna have to
11:07 explain why they're neutral.
11:09 They'll have to make an excuse and
11:11 that excuse make us the enemy of God.
11:13 And it was excuses that paved
11:16 the way to the unpardonable sin.
11:21 He who's not with me is against me
11:22 and he who does not gather with me scatters.
11:24 I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven
11:27 man, but the blasphemy against the spirit
11:29 will not be forgiven. Since it was excuses
11:35 that explained the way for the unpardonable sin.
11:37 I want to take a look at how excuses work?
11:41 I mentioned that those Scribes,
11:44 those religious leaders, those Pharisees
11:46 at first never dreamed that they would ever
11:48 blasphemy the Spirit of God.
11:51 But you see from the very beginning,
11:55 there were indicators that Jesus was the son of God.
12:01 There was even a prophecy
12:02 that would predict about the time,
12:05 the time that the Messiah would begin his ministry.
12:09 There were all kinds of indicators.
12:10 Jesus showed that he was something special,
12:15 but they tried to be neutral.
12:18 They didn't accept him.
12:20 They would make an excuse.
12:23 Now, when we know the truth and refuse to act
12:26 on the truth and make an excuse, it works back on us.
12:33 You know that when you know
12:35 what's right and you don't do it.
12:37 It kind of bothers your conscious doesn't it
12:41 and not only that if you refuse again,
12:46 it bothers your conscious a little less.
12:48 You know what I am talking about, 'cause
12:50 sin works back and it makes it easier to do it again.
12:56 So they saw Jesus. They had to decide.
12:58 Is this the Messiah? They said no, made excuses.
13:03 But, then the evidence continued to built
13:06 and as the evidence builds, the excuses build
13:09 and each one is just as easy as the one before,
13:13 because it works back on us.
13:15 It takes away our spiritual acumen,
13:18 our spiritual discernment.
13:21 And as the evidence that Jesus was a Messiah
13:24 continued to build more and more and more,
13:26 the excuses went more and more and more right
13:29 with it and it was just as easy to make
13:31 the last excuse as it was the one before it.
13:35 Until finally the evidence was abundantly clear that
13:40 Jesus Christ was performing miracles,
13:43 even opening the eyes of a blind man
13:46 and it had to be by a supernatural power,
13:49 so they were forced to chose either
13:51 it was God or the devil and they chose to believe
13:55 that it was the devil and it was just as easy
13:58 for them to say that was Beelzebub
14:01 as it was to make the first excuse in the beginning.
14:05 You see that's the mysterious way of sin,
14:09 that's how it works on our minds.
14:13 And I discovered as I studied through the New Testament
14:18 that when Jesus was on this earth, he heard excuses.
14:26 I read through and I kind of marked in my Bible
14:30 the excuses Jesus heard, I found five of them.
14:35 And you know the amazing thing to me is?
14:38 That I hear those same five excuses today.
14:44 So, what kind of excuses did Jesus hear?
14:49 The first one is what I call unanswered questions
14:56 Unanswered questions, in John the 9th chapter verse 28,
15:04 they hurled insults at Jesus.
15:06 They said you, at the disciples.
15:08 They said, "You are this fellow's disciple!
15:11 We are disciples of Moses! We know that God
15:16 spoke to Moses, but this fellow,
15:19 we don't even know where he comes from.
15:21 Who is his father anyway?"
15:25 See unanswered questions.
15:28 Remember the other night.
15:29 Elijah has to come first.
15:32 What about that, unanswered questions?
15:38 In fact, in chapter 7 verse 41, verse 40,
15:42 on hearing his words some people said,
15:44 "surely this man is the prophet."
15:45 Others said, "No, he is the Christ."
15:47 Still others said, "How can the Christ come from Galilee?
15:50 Don't the scripture say that the Christ will come
15:53 from David's family and from Bethlehem
15:55 and the town where David lived?"
15:57 See unanswered questions.
15:58 In fact the unanswered questions got so intense.
16:02 In verse 43, it said, "Thus the people
16:05 were divided because of Jesus."
16:08 The one who came to bring us
16:09 together was dividing people.
16:13 Sometimes people tell me,
16:14 Oh! This can't be right because it brings confusion.
16:19 The truth doesn't bring confusion.
16:22 But Jesus himself brought confusion
16:25 not because of who he was,
16:27 but because of what they were saying he was.
16:31 God told Eve and Adam, she said, he said
16:34 you can eat the fruit from any of the trees
16:36 in the garden, but there is that one.
16:38 Don't eat from that one or you'll die.
16:41 There is nothing confusing about that, is it?
16:44 That's not confusing, but the devil comes along
16:48 and says, you won't die, your eyes will be opened,
16:50 you'll be like God. Now it gets confusing.
16:54 You see the only time things get confusing
16:56 about the truth is when you get your nose out of
16:58 scripture and look around what's going on in the world.
17:01 So keep your nose in here, Amen.
17:03 Follow the lamb and it doesn't get confusing.
17:10 Second excuse, we find it in verse 22 of John chapter 7.
17:18 The Pharisees heard the crowd whispering such things
17:20 about him and then the chief priests and the Pharisees
17:23 sent temple guards to arrest Jesus.
17:26 Go arrest him, so picture this now.
17:28 Here these guards go all the way up wherever Jesus was.
17:31 They go all the way up to arrest him and
17:33 they hear him speak and then they come back
17:36 and in verse 45, when he came back they asked him,
17:40 well, why didn't you bring him in?
17:43 And I love this.
17:45 Why didn't they bring him in to arrest him.
17:47 Listen, verse 46, no one ever spoke the way this man does,
17:55 they went to arrest him, heard him speak
17:58 and it went right straight to their heart.
18:00 No one ever spoke like him.
18:03 Don't you like that?
18:08 And so the Pharisees said,
18:11 "You mean he has deceived you also?"
18:16 Have any of the rulers or the Pharisees believed in him?
18:20 No, just this mob that doesn't know anything.
18:23 There is a curse on them.
18:27 Here's how it sounds today.
18:30 If the things they teach
18:31 in Revelation Now are true and let's face it.
18:34 The biggest thing is the Sabbath.
18:37 If that's true, why doesn't everybody else see it.
18:44 If all the popular evangelists see it, no,
18:51 if it's true why don't they all teach it too?
18:53 What about all the big Churches in town?
18:55 All of these Churches.
18:56 Can they all be wrong and just this little one right?
19:01 No way, if it was the truth
19:04 everybody would see it, you've heard it.
19:12 Just asking that question, just asking that questions
19:19 if it's true why doesn't everybody see it?
19:23 Just asking that question should show you the power
19:28 of the Antichrist because you don't find truth
19:34 by what everybody else sees.
19:39 The truth has never been popular on this earth.
19:44 It was not popular in the days of Noah,
19:47 we learned that last night, a 120 years preaching
19:51 of spirit filled powerful preacher.
19:53 A 120 years and he only got 7, his own family.
19:59 Suppose the Gallup poll would have been around
20:03 when Noah was preaching and they decided to do a poll.
20:08 Is he telling the truth?
20:10 Is there gonna be a flood, destroy the whole world?
20:13 What do you think the answers would have been?
20:18 99.99992% say no and 0.00001% say yes.
20:29 What about in the time of Christ?
20:33 You're walking down the road to Jerusalem
20:35 and you see on the outside of the city, three crosses.
20:43 Two men, they're thieves and one of him in the middle.
20:46 You've never seen anybody like him.
20:49 In fact, there is a sign on the top of the cross it says,
20:54 this is Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.
20:59 Well, he doesn't look like a King hanging on the cross,
21:02 but you look at him and you think,
21:04 Wow! Man, there is something about this guy.
21:07 So you ask the Roman soldiers standing there.
21:09 You ask him, is he really the King of the Jews?
21:12 And the solider just smiles, does he look like it?
21:19 You're not convinced, so you go into town.
21:24 You go to the biggest temple in town.
21:28 And ask the priest, the high priest.
21:31 Surely if anybody knows he would,
21:34 that man out there in the cross priest.
21:38 Sign says, he is the King of the Jews.
21:40 Is he really? The priest smiles, no.
21:47 He is deluded, he is Beelzebub, prince of demons.
21:52 And then you see one of his disciples
21:56 walking across the courtyard.
21:59 Peter, you tell me Peter. Is Jesus the Messiah?
22:05 Peter says, I never knew that cursed man.
22:11 How do you find the truth?
22:13 By taking a survey,
22:16 going door to door or the word of God.
22:22 You see Jesus said, broad is the way that leads
22:28 to destruction and many are going to go there,
22:33 but straight and narrow is the way that leads to life
22:38 and only a few are gonna find it.
22:42 If that's true and it has to be because Jesus said it right.
22:46 If that's true then that means that if everybody
22:50 believes something, watch out because
22:56 the truth is not gonna be popular.
23:05 Third excuse, it cost too much to follow Jesus.
23:13 Rich young man came up to Jesus one time.
23:17 What should I do to be saved master?
23:20 And Jesus said, keep the commandments.
23:22 Oh! I've already done that all my life.
23:26 Jesus said, yeah, but you lack one thing.
23:29 Sell everything you own, give it to the poor,
23:33 take up your cross and follow me.
23:36 The rich young man just hung his head
23:41 and walked away because he was afraid it
23:45 would cost too much to follow Christ.
23:52 And sometimes today we face
23:54 the same kinds of challenges.
23:59 The Bible says, six days you'll labor
24:03 and do all of your work, but the seventh day
24:07 is the Sabbath on it you won't work.
24:10 I don't know if you've noticed it or not.
24:12 But the world is not setup for that today.
24:20 On it you won't work.
24:22 Oh! Man, that's my busiest day at work,
24:25 they'll never let me off,
24:29 got to earn a living for my family.
24:33 God knows that. Doesn't he?
24:35 You know what Jesus said about that,
24:37 you know people coming to me all the time,
24:39 you know, God said to work he wants me
24:41 take care of my family, of course he does.
24:44 He is the one who created families.
24:48 You know what he said about that.
24:50 He said, your heavenly father knows that you need food,
24:56 a place to live, you need things.
25:02 Seek ye first his kingdom and his righteousness
25:09 and he'll take care of the things you need.
25:12 You believe that. He will.
25:15 Now it doesn't say he'll give you everything you want.
25:20 But he says, he'll provide what you need.
25:25 It takes faith to follow God.
25:31 But when we take that step with faith,
25:33 he always comes through.
25:36 Just two nights ago, a young lady came up
25:39 to me and said, you know Pastor I prayed about it
25:42 and I wanted to do what the Bible says.
25:44 I went up and talked to my boss and told him
25:47 that I believe that the Saturday is the Sabbath day.
25:49 And I can't work on Sabbaths anymore?
25:52 And the boss said, well, I am not going to put
25:54 an obstacle on your way to keep you from walking
25:56 down the pathway that God's leading you.
26:00 She said it was easy.
26:02 Sometimes, I think we make it too hard.
26:06 Just follow God.
26:07 You know sometimes, you know, God does test us.
26:10 He let's us be tested anyway.
26:13 I remember one lady had just been,
26:16 had been working in a large department store
26:19 for years and years and she was a department manager
26:22 there and had really worked her way up
26:25 and she came to Revelation Now and decided
26:29 that she wanted to start keeping the Sabbath.
26:32 So, she had went into talk to the store manager
26:38 and the store manager says, what are you saying,
26:40 you are not going to be able to work on
26:41 Friday nights and Saturdays anymore and she said well,
26:45 I just I have to do what the Bible says.
26:49 Can you help me?
26:51 And he said, well, I guess so,
26:52 we can help you find another job.
26:56 She said after all these years, you're gonna let me go,
26:59 you know that's our biggest day,
27:00 we need you here and besides that
27:03 it's really too bad because we're just opening up a
27:05 brand new store on the other side of town and
27:08 we had decided that you are the one that should be
27:11 the manager, double her salary, brand new car.
27:16 Do I have to work on Saturdays?
27:19 Yes, you will.
27:20 She said, I can't.
27:25 So, they even had a farewell party for her,
27:28 I mean she was finished.
27:29 She lost her job.
27:32 Had a farewell celebration party Monday night,
27:35 Tuesday, she was unemployed.
27:39 Wednesday phone rang.
27:43 We don't know what to do without you around here.
27:44 Can you come back?
27:47 Do I have to work on Saturdays?
27:48 No. God comes through. Amen.
27:54 Seek ye first his kingdom and his righteous
27:56 and he will take care of the things that you need.
27:57 God will never let you down, never.
28:00 Now don't misunderstand that.
28:02 I am not saying that if you take your stand
28:04 for the Sabbath and you lose your job,
28:06 that God will give you a better one
28:07 or that God will get it back for you.
28:09 I am not gonna tell you that,
28:12 because I believe the Bible shows the time
28:15 is coming when people are gonna lose their lives
28:17 over the way they worship God.
28:20 But I'll tell you this, you take your stand.
28:23 You do what God says and he is gonna take care of you.
28:27 He will never let you down.
28:29 He is going to take care of you.
28:32 It doesn't cost too much to follow Jesus?
28:34 The truth is, it cost too much not to follow Jesus.
28:40 One of these days, we are going to walk
28:42 in to those mansions up there on the streets of gold,
28:44 nothing on earth is worth that.
28:47 Just to be in the presence of Jesus,
28:51 it cost too much not to follow him.
28:53 The next excuse number 4, this is the toughest of all.
28:59 The devil doesn't ever play by the rules folks.
29:02 He is not afraid to kick when you're down,
29:05 stomp and this one hurts the worse.
29:10 I hear it like this Pastor.
29:13 I really want to get baptized.
29:15 I really wanna be a Christian.
29:16 I really wanna follow Jesus.
29:18 I really want to become a part of the Church,
29:20 I've never been a part of a Church family.
29:24 But my husband or my wife is saying
29:27 if I do that they'll leave me.
29:31 I hear that a lot, a lot more then you might think.
29:38 Jesus said, some of the hardest words for me
29:42 to understand that Jesus ever spoke is on this topic,
29:46 Matthew chapter 10, verse 34,
29:50 do not suppose that I've come
29:52 to bring peace to the earth.
29:55 I did not come to bring peace,
29:57 but a sword and it's Jesus speaking.
30:01 For I have come to turn a man against his father,
30:03 a daughter against her mother,
30:04 a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law,
30:06 a man's enemies will be the members of his own household.
30:10 Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me
30:12 is not worthy of me, anyone who loves
30:14 his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.
30:19 Wow! I thought how can he ever say this,
30:23 I mean that is hard,
30:26 didn't come to bring peace but a sword.
30:29 I thought he was the prince of peace.
30:33 You see the truth is at the moment you accept
30:38 Jesus Christ as your savior,
30:41 at that moment you're at peace with God.
30:48 At the same moment,
30:51 you've become an enemy to the world.
30:57 And, don't be surprised, if the ones who hurt you
31:01 the most come from your own family,
31:05 but you know what I found out,
31:09 that if you can just hang in there
31:11 and put Jesus first then you're doing
31:16 the one thing that can strengthen your family
31:19 more than anything else, because you see
31:22 a family relationship between husband and wife
31:24 is triangular, did you know that?
31:28 It's a triangle, you're at one corner
31:31 and the husband and wife at the other
31:33 and God is at the top, and you see the
31:36 closer you come to God, the closer you get to each other,
31:41 it's only when we put God first
31:44 and some of you are here without spouses,
31:47 your husband, your wife hasn't come.
31:50 If you were to know the truth and try to be neutral,
31:53 they know what you believe,
31:54 they know what you're doing.
31:58 If they know that God wants you
32:00 to be baptized for example,
32:02 but they say no, you can't be baptized
32:06 and if you refuse to be baptized,
32:08 you're saying to them what you think
32:12 is more important to me then what God thinks,
32:17 and you've tied God's hands,
32:19 you can't use it to reach to the ones you love the most.
32:24 But when you're step forward and take your stand
32:29 for God in spite of the opposition then
32:33 you're doing the one thing that enables God to use you,
32:37 to reach out to the ones that you love the most.
32:40 Now, I'm not gonna guarantee you that if you take
32:43 your stand that your husband or your wife is just gonna
32:45 automatically fall all over you to do and to follow,
32:49 they've to make their own decisions.
32:51 But, I do guarantee you when you take your stand,
32:54 you're doing the one thing that enables God
32:56 to reach out to the hearts of the ones you love the most,
32:59 husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter,
33:02 you're doing the one thing
33:04 that frees up God to reach them.
33:10 We were in Louisville, Kentucky doing a
33:13 Revelation Now Meeting years and years ago
33:17 and a young couple sat right on the front row,
33:22 first three nights right down there, every night.
33:26 Fourth night, she was sitting there,
33:30 but George was gone, wasn't there.
33:34 So, after the meeting, I went down and say,
33:35 Hey, where is George? I got to know him already.
33:38 Where is George?
33:39 She said, oh! He is not
33:41 gonna come anymore,
33:42 why not?
33:43 Well, he just says he lost interest,
33:45 you're gonna keep coming,
33:46 oh! yeah, yeah I'm coming,
33:48 I just wanna follow Jesus.
33:49 So, every night she came and she learned about baptism
33:54 and learned about different things and she decided
33:57 you know I wanna be a Christian,
33:59 I'd never been baptized, had an alter 'cause
34:01 so I came down to the front,
34:02 she said, Pastor I wanna to be baptized
34:06 and I said praise the Lord.
34:07 So, she went home and told George,
34:09 George I'm gonna get baptized
34:13 and George said over my dead body,
34:17 you're not getting baptized.
34:22 What would you do?
34:23 I mean it's easy for us to sit and answer well,
34:29 I do it anyway, I mean what would you really do.
34:34 So, the next night she came,
34:37 she said Pastor, George said I can't get baptized.
34:40 I don't know what to do,
34:43 what should I do, I said well,
34:48 what does the Bible say?
34:52 The Bible says that I should be baptized
34:56 and I said look just follow the lamb,
35:02 follow the lamb, you'll never go wrong.
35:08 She says, I'm gonna do it,
35:11 so she decide to be baptized the next night.
35:14 Her friend went to pick her up and George locked her
35:19 in her bedroom and she couldn't get out
35:24 and she opened the window, stuck her head out
35:28 the window and hollered at her friend,
35:30 George locked me in and I can't get out.
35:33 Well, he was really mad about that,
35:35 whole neighborhood knows what's going on.
35:38 So, he opens the door and he says
35:41 okay, you can go, but don't come back.
35:49 What would you do?
35:55 She showed up at the meeting that night
35:57 with a little bag, she had a towel,
36:00 a change of clothes and she said I wanna be baptized.
36:10 Wow! What courage! You know,
36:14 I'll never forget when she came out of that water.
36:20 The next night George was sitting
36:26 right next door in the front row.
36:32 Seek ye first my kingdom and my righteousness
36:39 and it opens the door for God to do
36:41 all kinds of great things in your life.
36:45 Put God first and then the next excuse, don't rush me,
36:57 give me more time, call me at a convenient season,
37:04 I need to study more, you know, you don't realize it,
37:14 but you probably know more about the Bible now
37:16 than 90% of the people that live in this town,
37:19 not because I'm such a great teacher,
37:22 it's because of the message that God has given,
37:26 the three angels messages of Revelation.
37:29 It make sense, makes the Bible
37:32 easy to understand and you probably
37:36 don't realize this, but in the last four weeks,
37:39 24 meetings, that's over six months of going to church.
37:48 I need more time, six months worth of going to church,
37:55 I don't think we've realize how dangerous
37:57 it is to put off following God,
38:03 to put off doing what God is speaking to
38:05 your conscious to do, you can't play games
38:10 with the devil, if you try playing
38:13 his games folks you're gonna lose every time.
38:19 Its like, like getting a new job that requires you
38:28 to get up about an hour earlier in the morning and
38:32 so you set your big alarm clock in the morning,
38:36 that things goes off and Oh! Man you're not ready
38:39 to get up yet, I mean that's an hour early,
38:42 bed is so warm and cozy and comfortable and soft
38:47 and you forgot to put the heater up
38:49 and it's cold out there and Oh! Man you reached
38:51 out there and you hit the snooze button, if I can
38:53 just get five more minutes, that would feel so good.
38:57 So, you hit that snooze button, you sleep five
38:59 more minutes, it goes off again and you drag yourself
39:02 out of bed off to work, next morning the alarm goes off
39:07 Oh! Man I'm not ready to get up yet snooze button,
39:10 you know, that last five minutes of sleep that
39:13 you get after the alarm goes off is the best
39:15 five minutes of the whole night, you sound
39:18 like you're talking from experience of that, I'm.
39:23 Then, the next morning you know hit the snooze button
39:26 until onetime you wake up and you hear sounds that are
39:32 different from what you've been hearing, and you notice
39:35 the angle of the light is just a little different coming
39:37 into your window and you look at that clock and you
39:41 realize, Oh! I'm already late for work, you grab
39:45 that clock, you shake it and why didn't you ring?
39:51 When you look at it you realize it did ring just
39:53 as loud and longer than it ever rang before,
39:56 it rang all the way down and you didn't hear it.
40:03 So, the next day, on next, that day
40:05 on the way home from work,
40:06 you stop at the hardware store
40:07 and you buy one of those old fashioned alarm clocks
40:10 with the double clanging bell on top.
40:14 And, you wind that thing up as tight as it will go
40:17 and you set that there on your bed in the morning
40:19 that things goes off, you shut it off
40:22 and when your heartbeat settles down
40:23 just a little bit, you jump out of bed,
40:25 get dressed and off to work.
40:28 You see, God made us, so that we can tune out
40:36 the things that distract us and annoy and bother us,
40:44 he made us so that we can sleep
40:45 through an alarm clock ringing if we want to.
40:51 In fact, I remember I was assigned to sack crew B-52,
40:57 somebody just coming here tonight, said I was
40:59 in the sack too and one of the things we had to do,
41:03 we had to spend seven days in a row, a whole week living
41:11 out in a little building on the end of the runway right
41:14 next to those airplanes fully loaded with fuel and nuclear
41:18 weapons ready to go to war at a moment's notice.
41:22 First day after intense target study
41:25 and preparation and learning what our mission was,
41:28 where we would go, we went to war.
41:31 I crawled into my bed that night,
41:34 I mean I was bone tired,
41:36 just wanting to sleep,
41:38 I don't know if you've ever tried sleeping out
41:40 on the end of the runway with the 8 engines of a B-52
41:45 jet roaring over your head all night long.
41:48 I would just about would be dozed out
41:50 and roar there goes an airplane.
41:52 Oh! What was that?
41:54 Just about to go to sleep again and roar,
41:56 here comes another one.
41:59 I hardly got a wink that first night.
42:02 Second night, I managed to get
42:03 a little bit more, third night a little more
42:05 by the time that week was over,
42:08 I could sleep through the whole night
42:09 and never hear an airplane going off.
42:13 You see God made us to tune out distracting,
42:16 I remember when I was a bachelor,
42:18 a single Pastor and I go to grocery store
42:23 every week to get my weekly bag of beans and rice,
42:27 it's only thing I knew how to make and what I see
42:31 the mothers there, their kids hanging on their skirts,
42:35 jeans and things falling out off the carts and kids
42:40 knocking stuff off the aisle and I'm thinking
42:42 how do they keep their sanity? You know, now I know.
42:47 See God makes us, so that
42:48 we can tune out, distracting to us.
42:51 Given a Bible study one time,
42:53 studying the Bible in the living room
42:54 with a young lady who had a little boy,
42:57 you know, about that big,
42:58 I don't know, if you've ever
42:59 done this when you're visiting
43:00 with people who have little kids
43:01 they gotta go and get every toy out of their toy box
43:03 and coming and show you,
43:05 wow! This kid had a brand new airplane
43:07 and a train, and he had that I'm trying to study the
43:10 Bible with his mother and Wahaaaoo!!
43:13 You know, and choo, choo, choo, choo,
43:15 all up and down my pants leg and I'm just not even
43:20 thinking, can't figure out what's the next, text,
43:22 what am I supposed to say next and she says
43:24 Oh! don't pay attention to him,
43:26 I don't even hear him.
43:30 You see God made us that way,
43:32 otherwise these distracting things
43:35 would just drive us insane and
43:40 he made us that way spiritually.
43:44 You know, you can study the Bible
43:47 and discover God's truth and then if a person
43:53 doesn't act on it, it bothers their conscious, doesn't it.
44:00 If they still don't act it, it bothers
44:02 them less and then less and less and
44:07 then it doesn't even bother him anymore.
44:08 I remember Bill, a young man who was coming to
44:11 Revelation Now meetings, he was a pastor of a church
44:13 and they were a Sunday church, a nice little
44:16 group, I met some of them, a great fellow.
44:18 We got to be friends and then when I covered
44:21 the Sabbath he came up to me afterwards
44:24 he says, wow! They didn't teach me
44:26 that in the seminary, I said what do you think?
44:29 It makes sense, he said, every word of it.
44:32 Saturday is the Sabbath day, crystal clear to me,
44:36 I said well Bill, what are you gonna do about it?
44:40 Well, that's a different story he said.
44:42 If I started preaching that in my church, they'd run me
44:45 out on a rail and my wife already thinks I'm crazy
44:48 just for coming to these Revelation Now meetings.
44:52 I said, yeah, but Bill the most important thing to you,
44:57 you said was to follow the lamb
45:00 isn't that right? Boy, he took a deep breath,
45:05 I could just see him agonizing,
45:08 I said what are you gonna do this Sabbath, Bill.
45:11 Man, I work in a lumberyard,
45:13 pastor, didn't have enough people to pay his
45:16 enough salary, he had to have another job,
45:19 that's our busiest day, I said Bill, you're gonna
45:23 follow the lamb and he said I'll be there.
45:28 So, Sabbath morning I was looking for him,
45:30 he didn't show up and that night he came
45:34 to the meetings and he didn't even to look
45:36 at me, and I don't know why and its not me,
45:41 but he just looked down, sat down, he wasn't the same.
45:45 So, I ran over there after the meeting, I said
45:47 what happened Bill, he said man I just couldn't do it.
45:51 He said I know I should have been here
45:53 and my conscious has been bothering me all day,
45:55 but I just had to go to work.
45:59 I said, well there's another time, next week, he says
46:03 okay, next Sabbath, didn't show up,
46:05 didn't come to the meeting that night.
46:08 I mean this man was so under conviction,
46:11 it was bothering him so bad,
46:13 but he didn't do it, didn't come Sunday night,
46:18 first two nights he missed, so the next Monday
46:23 I went to see him and he said Jac,
46:26 said that I've enjoyed Revelation Now,
46:28 but I'm not gonna comeback anymore,
46:30 I said why not Bill?
46:31 He said I went to see my district supervisor and
46:34 he said yeah, he says the Bible teaches Saturday is the
46:37 Sabbath day, but that's not as important, what's
46:40 important is that you teach people to love one another.
46:45 That's what God was all about, it's all about love,
46:49 doctrines come second, don't worry about doctrines
46:53 just love, teach love, preach love, just preach Jesus.
46:58 That's all and he said Jac, I'm gonna do that,
47:03 I'm just gonna preach Jesus.
47:06 I said you know Bill, that's what we're supposed to do,
47:10 we supposed to preach Jesus,
47:13 but tell me which Jesus are you gonna preach?
47:19 Are you gonna preach the one who said,
47:20 if you love me keep my commandments
47:24 or are you gonna preach the Jesus that said
47:27 commandments aren't important,
47:29 which lamb are you gonna follow?
47:34 And he said, I just don't believe
47:37 it anymore, just like that.
47:42 See that's the mysterious way of sin,
47:45 don't give the devil an inch because he'll take your life.
47:52 I think we've realized the danger
47:54 in delaying and putting it off.
47:57 So, you buy that big double clanging alarm clock on your
48:01 way home, you wind it up
48:03 as tight as it'll go the next morning.
48:04 Oh! You're hearts' beating,
48:06 but you get out of bed and get dressed and
48:07 next few days you respond instantly just like that.
48:12 And, you know what after about
48:13 two or three days of that, you don't need
48:15 that old double clanging bell on top anymore; do you?
48:19 A clock radio works fine, you keep responding to that
48:22 clock radio and pretty soon you can hear that little click
48:29 before the music even comes on, and if you respond to
48:33 that, then soon you won't even need the radio anymore.
48:38 See, I've had those kind of experiences too.
48:42 God made us, so that we can
48:45 tune out those distracting things,
48:48 in fact the Bible tells us in First John 4 verse 2,
48:51 such teachings come through hypocritical liars whose
48:54 consciousness have been seared as with a hot iron.
48:57 You see, he made us that way,
48:59 he made us so that we can reject him,
49:02 because he made us that way so that we could be free ages.
49:04 We can choose to accept Christ or we can choose to reject him
49:08 and we can reject him and live with that choice,
49:11 see if he made you so that every time
49:13 you rejected Christ your conscious bothered you,
49:15 more and more and more and more every time
49:18 then soon you'd be driven either insane or you would
49:21 have to obey and so he made us, so that we can
49:25 reject him and be comfortable with that choice.
49:30 And our conscious becomes seared with a hot iron.
49:34 Some people say that's the unpardonable sin.
49:37 The unpardonable sin is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.
49:42 It's dangerously close, I've been there,
49:47 I've said no to God over and over again,
49:50 I've been to the place where I couldn't hear
49:52 the Spirit calling me anymore,
49:53 I've sat in church and I've seen people's tears
49:56 streaming down their cheek and I'm laughing at them,
50:01 that isn't the unpardonable sin praise God for that.
50:05 The unpardonable sin is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit,
50:08 I was close somehow God got through
50:12 and if you just respond some of you here
50:14 maybe wondering, have I done it?
50:16 If you're wondering, you haven't committed it yet.
50:18 You maybe close, but you need to respond
50:22 and as you respond, its just like that alarm clock,
50:25 it's just the Bible says that light gets brighter
50:27 and brighter and brighter until the perfect day.
50:32 But don't wait until it's too late.
50:40 In verse 10, of Second Thessalonians chapter 2,
50:45 oh, let me start at verse 9,
50:46 the coming of the lawless one
50:47 will be in accordance with the work of Satan
50:49 displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles,
50:51 signs and wonders and in every sort of evil
50:53 that deceives those who are perishing,
50:55 they perish because they refuse to love the truth,
51:00 it doesn't say they perish because
51:02 they didn't believe the truth,
51:04 you can believe the truth without loving the truth,
51:08 loving the truth is believing it so much that you embrace
51:11 it and bring it into your heart, in your life and
51:14 you'll obey it, you can believe it without loving it,
51:16 they perish because they didn't love the truth.
51:19 They didn't believe the truth, they didn't
51:21 believe it enough to bring it into their hearts.
51:25 Now, listen to this, some of the most
51:27 frightening words in scripture verse 11,
51:29 for this reason God sends them a powerful
51:33 delusion so that they will believe a lie.
51:40 God sends it and they'll believe that lie just
51:44 as sincerely as they believe the truth.
51:50 Why does he do it?
51:53 Because God gave us the choice,
51:56 we can choose to love him,
51:59 and we can choose to reject him and live with that choice.
52:05 Not real peace, real peace only
52:07 comes if we surrender to God
52:12 I don't think we understand how dangerous it is to delay
52:17 and put off serving God, a young boy who was born
52:20 into a poor family in the Swiss Alps, his father didn't
52:25 even earn enough money to feed his family.
52:28 So, this young boy, his father taught this young boy, how
52:32 to go out into the woods and look at the nest of big eagles.
52:37 Oh! He could find, he could spot those eagles nest
52:40 where nobody else could see them
52:41 and he studied those nests and he knew when just the
52:44 right time was he could climb up the tree,
52:46 take the eagle eggs out of that nest and keep the
52:49 mother eagle laying eggs just as long as possible,
52:51 he knew how to do all that, and that was the way
52:53 he helped to take care and feed his family.
52:56 One day he spotted an eagle nest high up on a ledge,
53:00 he kept watching it and watching,
53:02 he knew now the time is right,
53:03 he need to go up there and get those eggs.
53:05 So, he went to the base of the cliff
53:07 and just shear straight wall,
53:10 he couldn't climb up, but he knew
53:13 those mountains like the back of his hand.
53:14 So there, I can go around the backside
53:16 and go up the top and then go down to the ledge,
53:18 so he went around the backside,
53:19 he got up to the top and discovered
53:21 that the ledge was actually underneath an overhang,
53:24 it was beneath and below him,
53:26 there's just no way that he could climb down to it.
53:29 Still no problem because he had a rope,
53:30 all he need to do is tie his rope to a tree, let it down
53:33 over the edge and then lower himself until he could just
53:36 swing over there and bend down to pick up the egg.
53:39 So, he carefully tie that rope to a tree, check the knot,
53:44 really good I mean he was way up, way up high
53:47 and then he puts some little knots in the end few inches
53:50 apart, so his hands wouldn't slip and he lowered himself
53:55 over the edge of that cliff on the rope, hanging up there,
54:00 hundreds of feet up in the air,
54:03 one slip, instant death on the rocks below.
54:08 He wasn't even afraid, he had done that kind
54:10 of things so many times, so he just lowered himself
54:13 down to his feet where leveled with the ledge
54:16 and then he started to swing on the rope,
54:19 wider and wider and wider until all he had to do was
54:23 just step off on the ledge and he bend down to pick
54:28 up those eggs out of the eagle's nest and suddenly
54:31 he froze in a moment of panic because he realized
54:36 he had let go of the rope, and he turned to watch it
54:40 swinging away, you know, in times like that, it seems
54:43 like your mind just races at an incredible speed and
54:46 he thought, now I gotta climb up, he couldn't.
54:47 Sheer overhand, he couldn't climb up.
54:49 I'll climb down, oh! too straight,
54:51 he couldn't do it, call for help,
54:53 there is nobody is going to hear me I'm so far away.
54:57 And he also realized that in just a few days
55:00 he would become so weak,
55:01 he'd be easy prey for that mother eagle
55:03 and she would just tear him to shreds.
55:06 He knew his only hope was the rope
55:12 and by now it was coming back,
55:15 he also knew that the first time that rope came back,
55:19 it would be as close as it would ever get,
55:23 if he waited till the second time,
55:25 it would be further out there and the third time
55:28 even further until if he waited too long,
55:32 it would just be hanging motionless
55:34 far out of his reach, the rope was coming
55:38 he had to make the choice and he had to decide quickly,
55:42 so he stood up on the cliff, on the edge, his toes hanging
55:47 over the edge of that cliff, hundreds of feet up in the
55:49 air and one slip and it was all over and he waited until
55:54 that rope came and at just the precise moment, when
55:58 it hung motionless there in front of him and just before
56:01 it began to swing away, he flexed his muscles in his
56:05 legs and with all of the energy he could muster,
56:09 he just threw himself out into space, grabbed hold
56:14 the rope and climbed up to safety.
56:21 The rope is still swinging for you,
56:26 the rope is Jesus and he is reaching out with all of
56:30 the love that he can pour out of his heart to you,
56:35 it will never be any easier for you to make your choice
56:41 to follow the lamb then it is right now,
56:46 the longer you wait, just like that rope the
56:50 further it would be out there and more difficult
56:53 it's gonna be, that's why the Bible says today,
56:57 today if you hear his voice,
57:01 harden not your heart, this is the day of salvation.


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