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01:05 If you'll open your Bibles to Revelation chapter 16,
01:10 in Revelation the 16th chapter, verse 12. The sixth
01:18 angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates.
01:22 Now, I want you to get your mental cameras rolling
01:27 tonight and get an image. A good way to study
01:31 Revelation is to try to picture in your minds
01:34 exactly what it is that you're reading, so get an
01:36 image of what's unfolding here.
01:38 The sixth angel pours out his bowl on the great
01:42 river Euphrates and the water is dried up to prepare
01:47 the way for the kings that come from the East.
01:51 And, then I saw three evil spirits that looked like
01:54 frogs that came out of the mouth of the dragon,
01:56 out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth
01:59 of the false prophet. They are the spirits of
02:02 demons performing signs and miracles, as they go
02:06 out to the kings of the whole world to gather them
02:10 for battle on the great day of God Almighty. And, they
02:14 gathered them to the place that in Hebrew is called
02:19 Armageddon. In verse 16, ever since John pinned these
02:28 words on the Isle of Patmos, nearly 2000 years ago,
02:33 men have pondered the significance, the meaning
02:36 of Armageddon. Where is Armageddon? When will this
02:41 great battle on the great day of God Almighty take place.
02:45 What is Armageddon? And, once again tonight
02:49 minds are running, speculation is going at a
02:52 feverish pitch, are we now in Armageddon? Well,
02:59 I'm so thankful that we don't have to turn to
03:04 newspapers, national enquirers like we saw the
03:07 other night. Armageddon has begun or even
03:12 politicians. General Dwight, General Douglas MacArthur
03:18 standing on the deck of the USS Missouri, when he
03:21 signed the treaty bringing an end to World War II.
03:26 He made a statement, military alliance, balance
03:30 of power, league of nations, all in turn have failed,
03:35 we've had our last chance and if we do not device
03:38 some greater, more equitable system, Armageddon will
03:41 be at our door. Now, I wonder is it possible for
03:47 politicians using diplomatic finesse and negotiations
03:52 to put off the battle of the great day of God Almighty?
03:59 General Dwight D. Eisenhower, our president, Dwight D.
04:01 Eisenhower in 1961 reported in the Forth Worth Times.
04:05 He said, "looming in the background is a grim
04:10 reality, nuclear tip missiles place all of us even Chicago
04:15 within 30 minutes of Armageddon. And, again
04:20 I wonder, is it possible for some mentally deranged
04:25 lunatic to press the buttons igniting the fuse for the
04:29 battle of the great day of God Almighty or is there
04:33 something more, if they're missing and once again
04:38 at this very moment as the tanks are rumbling down
04:41 the highways and the deserts of Iraq. Speculation is
04:46 brewing at a feverish pitch, is this Armageddon?
04:52 Is this the final countdown to the final war? The best
05:00 way to answer that question is to let the Bible answer
05:02 it for us, Amen. "Amen."
05:04 And to compare scripture with scripture and line up
05:06 fence posts like we've been doing at Revelation Now
05:10 and we're gonna discover a surprising and exciting
05:13 answer. Let's look in the immediate context of the
05:17 Book of Revelation. First in the immediate context
05:20 of the chapter of the Battle of Armageddon,
05:22 then we wanna look in the whole book and finally
05:25 the whole Bible, all the way through and then
05:27 you'll see crystal clear, what is the significance,
05:30 the meaning, where is Armageddon and what does it
05:32 have to do with you? That's the most important
05:34 question. I wanna begin again, let's read that verse
05:38 that we started with in verse 12, chapter 16.
05:41 The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great
05:44 river Euphrates and its water was dried up to
05:46 prepare the way for the kings from the East and
05:49 I saw evil, unclean spirits coming out of the mouth
05:52 of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet,
05:54 deceiving the whole world gathering them for
05:56 battle on the great day of God Almighty. Now, remember
06:01 the first principle for understanding Revelation
06:03 is that all prophecies must focus in and center on
06:08 Jesus Christ. Well, where is Jesus here? Three angels
06:13 coming out of the beast, mouth of the beast,
06:15 the dragon, the false prophet deceiving the whole world,
06:18 where is Jesus here? Pouring out his bowl on the
06:20 Euphrates River, drying up the water, preparing the
06:23 way for the kings from the East. Where is Jesus here?
06:26 Hold on, hold on, you're gonna see something precious
06:30 and special in this prophecy. The word Armageddon is only
06:36 found one place in the Bible and that's right here.
06:40 So the only way we can really understand it, is to
06:42 find it and look at it in its immediate context. Here it's
06:46 found as the sixth of the seven last plagues.
06:54 Otherwise, known of as the great tribulation,
06:57 as poured out on this earth. The seventh plaque, we
07:04 read in verse 17. When the seventh angel poured out
07:07 his bowl in the air and out of the temple came a loud
07:10 voice from the throne, saying, "It is done!"
07:14 it is done, what is done? It is done he said, and then
07:19 there came flashes of lightning, rumbling, peals
07:21 of thunder and a great earthquake like never has
07:24 occurred on earth since man has been here so
07:26 tremendous was the quake. Verse 19, the great
07:29 city was split into three parts and the cities of the
07:32 nations collapsed. And, God remembered Babylon the Great.
07:38 So, the ultimate final end result of the battle of
07:42 Armageddon is the destruction of Babylon
07:45 the Great. God remembered Babylon. Now, why is it
07:52 important that Babylon is destroyed, why is it
07:55 important that God remembers Babylon and brings this
07:59 final destruction on her as the sixth and the seventh
08:03 plaque, because in chapter 18 verse 20,
08:06 talking about the destruction of Babylon, "rejoice
08:09 over her, oh! Heaven! Rejoice, saints and apostles
08:12 and prophets!" God has judged her, why? For the
08:16 way she has treated you. In other words, in verse 24,
08:22 in her Babylon was found the blood of the prophets
08:25 and of the saints, and of all who have been killed
08:28 on the earth. Sometimes, it seems as though the
08:34 bad things happen to good people and the wicked get
08:37 a free pass. It seems as though God has forgotten,
08:43 but finally he says, I'm here. I remember, I know
08:50 the suffering you've been through and Babylon
08:54 is history. In order to understand Armageddon
09:00 we've got to fully understand the meaning of the
09:03 destruction of Babylon. And in order to do that,
09:06 remember our second principle was, that the
09:09 Book of Revelation quotes the Old Testament,
09:12 one more time, how many? Over 600 times and here's
09:16 another one of those places, he is referring to Daniel.
09:20 In Daniel the 5th chapter, we find the fall of Babylon
09:23 in the Old Testament. We've already talked about
09:25 that so I'm gonna go quickly and kind of review
09:28 several things tonight, but remember the background
09:30 for the Book of Daniel is in Daniel chapter 1 verse 1,
09:33 King Nebuchadnezzar send his armies into Jerusalem,
09:36 they captured the city, they captured the people,
09:38 they went into the temple, and they took those Holy
09:41 cups and they brought them back to Babylon
09:43 along with the people captive, put them in the
09:45 Babylonian temple, used them to drink to the
09:48 Babylonian Gods. Thus profaning the things,
09:51 putting to a common use that which God has
09:54 said is Holy. And, finally God sent a message
10:00 to Babylon. In chapter 5 verse 1, King Belshazzar
10:04 gave a great banquet for a thousand of his nobles and
10:07 he drank wine with them. And, while he was in the
10:09 mist of this drunken stupor, he gave the order to bring
10:12 in those gold and silver goblets that Nebuchadnezzar
10:15 had brought from the temple of God, then put them in the
10:18 Babylonian temple and he filled them with Babylonian
10:21 wine and began to drink to the Babylonian Gods.
10:24 Again trampling underfoot the thing that God had set
10:29 aside and made Holy, treating it in a common
10:32 ordinary way, so God sent him a message remember,
10:35 it was a hand, just a hand of a man and it wrote a
10:39 message on the wall, Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin
10:42 and Daniel interpreted, he translated the message,
10:46 he said to King Belshazzar, he said, you knew what
10:49 you were doing Belshazzar. You knew about the Most
10:53 High God, but you've not humbled yourself.
10:56 In verse 23, you've set yourself up against the
10:59 Lord of heaven. Now, how did Belshazzar set himself up
11:03 against the God of heaven. You brought those vessels,
11:07 you brought those goblets from the temple and you and
11:10 your nobles and your wives and your concubines drank
11:13 wine from them. You praised the Gods of silver and gold,
11:16 of bronze, iron, wood, stone, which cannot see, hear
11:18 or understand. But you did not honor the God, who holds
11:21 in his hand your life and all of your ways.
11:25 Therefore, he sent the hand that wrote the
11:27 inscription. And, this is what it says Mene, Mene,
11:30 Tekel, Upharsin. Mene: God has numbered the days of
11:34 your reign Belshazzar and brought it to an end.
11:37 Tekel: You've been weighed in the balances and found
11:40 wanting. Upharsin: Your kingdom is divided and given
11:46 to the Medes and the Persians. In other words
11:50 Babylon has fallen. Belshazzar, you knew
12:00 all of this, it wasn't as though you were ignorant,
12:05 it wasn't as though you didn't understand, it wasn't
12:08 as though you didn't realize what you were doing,
12:11 when you drank from those golden cups, you knew
12:13 that you were profaning God and trampling underfoot
12:18 the things that he had said were holy, Belshazzar
12:21 you knew. And, that's why he said, Babylon has fallen.
12:29 Now, notice that when Daniel made the proclamation
12:37 that Babylon has fallen. Babylon was still there.
12:45 It wasn't until later on that night that Babylon
12:48 actually fell. So, why did God let time elapse between
12:56 the announcement that Babylon has fallen and
12:59 the actual destruction of Babylon. Let's take a look,
13:08 in verse 30. That very night Belshazzar, king of the
13:14 Babylonians was slain, and Darius the Mede took over
13:18 the kingdom at the age of 62. Now, history tells us and
13:28 the Bible confirms it, we'll see it in a moment, how
13:32 Babylon actually fell. King Cyrus sent Darius
13:45 the Mede, he was a king from the Medo-Persian
13:51 Empire to capture Babylon. Now, I want you to get
13:58 that picture back in your minds that we had when
14:00 we read the first few verses tonight. Because you
14:04 see the Medo-Persian Empire was the kingdom
14:09 that lay to the East of Babylon. And Cyrus was
14:19 the king who came from the East to attack the City
14:26 of Babylon. And, the way he did it was that Babylon
14:33 was built on the waters of the Euphrates River. In fact
14:39 the river went under the gate on one side of the city,
14:44 through the city and out under the gate on
14:47 the other side. The Euphrates River was the lifeline of
14:53 Babylon, without the Euphrates there could have
14:57 been no city there. But the king, who, Cyrus the
15:04 king who came from the East put a dam across the
15:10 Euphrates River, drying up the water, diverting it
15:15 around the City of Babylon and his armies marched
15:19 through on a dry river bed underneath the gates into
15:23 the city just in time to catch them in the mist of
15:26 their drunken celebrations and captured Babylon without
15:30 firing a shot, so to speak. Now, put together
15:36 in your mind what you're seeing with the verse we've
15:38 read in the beginning. The sixth angel poured out
15:41 his bowl on the great river Euphrates, its water was
15:44 dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East.
15:51 You see it, see heads nodding all over the place.
15:55 You see it, but what does it mean? Well, the key to
16:00 understanding what it means is the identity
16:05 of King Cyrus. Who was Cyrus? Who was this king that came
16:15 from the East, dried up the Euphrates River, captured
16:20 Babylon? Isaiah chapter 41, verse 2, who has stirred
16:25 one up from the East, calling him in righteousness
16:30 to his service. Chapter 42, verse 1, here is my servant,
16:37 whom I uphold, my chosen one in whom I delight.
16:42 Look, chapter 44, chapter 44, verse 27, who says of the
16:48 watery deep be dry, and I will dry up your streams,
16:54 who says of Cyrus, he is my shepherd and he will
17:03 accomplish all that I please and he will say of Jerusalem,
17:08 let it be rebuilt and of the temple, let its foundations
17:11 be laid. This is what the Lord said to his anointed
17:14 one, to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of. Now,
17:24 this is a remarkable prophecy folks, why?
17:31 Because Isaiah wrote that prophecy, hundreds of years
17:36 before Cyrus was even born and identified him as the
17:45 one who would dry up the Euphrates River and capture
17:50 Babylon. Now, why is that important, I'll tell you why?
17:59 If God knew who Cyrus was by name before he was
18:07 even born then it means that God knows who you are,
18:15 by name, and he knew you even before you were born.
18:22 He knows everything about you. In fact he even
18:26 knew before you were born that you would be
18:29 sitting right here in this place tonight. Nothing
18:35 happens to you that God isn't aware of. Sometimes
18:41 it seems like it, sometimes it seems like he is long ago
18:46 and far away. Sometimes it seems like our prayers are
18:49 just bouncing off the ceiling, sometimes it
18:53 seems like life is just caving in all around us,
18:58 sometimes it seems as though the devil has nothing at all
19:00 to do on this earth expect camp at our doorstep.
19:06 What about you? You lost a loved one? Are you battling
19:13 a life threatening disease, cancer. Babies, perhaps die
19:20 before he takes his first breath. Is the devil camping
19:24 at your doorstep, is your home about to fall apart,
19:31 are the bills stacking up and the checks getting
19:33 smaller, does it feel like you're on the brink of
19:37 financial ruin. Is the devil camping on your doorstep.
19:45 Take courage, God knows what's happening.
19:51 He knows you, in fact, when Saul went out and
19:55 persecuted all the people, Christians, believers in
20:00 Christ when he persecuted them, Jesus caught him
20:04 and struck him blind he said, Saul, why are you
20:08 persecuting me? Whatever happens to you,
20:12 happens to him. He knows you, he loves you, he cares for
20:17 you, he is right next to you and he is gonna make it right
20:24 and that's what Armageddon is all about. Now, why did
20:29 God raise up Cyrus, what purpose did he have?
20:36 Verse 13 of chapter 45, chapter 45:13 tells us,
20:42 I will raise up Cyrus in my righteousness and I will make
20:47 all of his ways straight. Notice, I'll make all of his
20:52 way straight and he will rebuild my city and set
20:56 my exiles free. In fact in chapter 44, verse 25, it
21:02 says he will say of Jerusalem let it be rebuild and the
21:05 temple, let its foundations be laid. Why did God
21:09 raise up Cyrus? Because Jerusalem was in ruins
21:14 and God's people were in Babylon. And, the temple was
21:19 the focal point of Israel's worship, that's where the
21:24 Ark of the Covenant was, that's where the mercy
21:27 seat was, that's where the Shekinah glory of God
21:30 was, that's where God met with his people and
21:33 as long as that temple was in ruins then the true
21:36 worship of the true creator God was not found
21:40 on this earth. But when God said, I will raise up
21:45 Cyrus and he will set my people free and sent them
21:49 back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple then they would
21:53 restore the true worship of the true God, and that's why
21:59 he raised up Cyrus. You must always look for the purpose
22:04 behind the prophecy. God isn't just a crystal
22:08 ball gazer saying, here's what's gonna happen in
22:11 the future. God has a purpose for everything that he says
22:15 and his word contains the power to make it happen.
22:21 Now, I don't know if you caught it, but just in case
22:25 you didn't, let me make it crystal clear. Isaiah said
22:29 that Cyrus was the servant. The Cyrus was the Shepherd.
22:38 Cyrus, the anointed one. Cyrus, the chosen one.
22:43 Cyrus, the righteous one. But the New Testament says,
22:53 Jesus is the servant. Jesus is the Shepherd,
23:01 Jesus is the righteous one, Jesus is the chosen one,
23:08 Jesus is the anointed one. You see Cyrus was a type,
23:14 a shadow pointing forward to a greater king who would
23:18 come from the East, King Jesus, now you see
23:25 Jesus in Revelation 16. The angel poured out his
23:29 bowl on the Euphrates River. The water was dried up to
23:32 prepare the way for the kings from the East, that's Jesus.
23:36 It's not the Chinese or the Japanese or the Arabs,
23:42 it's Jesus? He is the center of Revelation. Now, Cyrus
23:50 was not the Messiah, he was not a Messiah, he was a
23:56 type of the King Jesus, a shadow pointing forward
24:02 to Jesus, not in what he was, but in what he did.
24:09 Because God's people were captive in Babylon,
24:12 he captured Babylon, he destroyed it, and he set
24:15 God's people free to go back to Jerusalem, rebuild the
24:18 temple and restore the true worship of the true God.
24:22 He says I'll raise up Cyrus in my righteousness and
24:25 I'll make all of his ways straight, and he'll rebuild
24:28 my city, and set my exiles free, but this prophecy was
24:32 not fully fulfilled, because all of his ways were not
24:37 straight, not Cyrus, but all of 'his ways' were straight.
24:48 You see the Old Testament as I've said before and
24:52 I want to make it clear tonight; it's like one giant
24:55 arrow that points forward to Jesus. Jesus is the King
25:02 that comes from East. Jesus even said, Jesus even
25:04 said, as lightening flashes from the East to the West,
25:09 so will the coming of the son of man be. In Revelation
25:12 chapter 7, look at it with me, in Revelation
25:14 the 7th chapter, verse 1, I saw four angels standing
25:18 at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four
25:21 winds of the earth to prevent any wind from blowing
25:23 on the land or the sea or on any tree. Look at the
25:26 angels, they're holding back the winds of destruction,
25:29 they're holding it back, why? Because God said
25:32 in verse 2, I saw another angel coming from the
25:34 East, having the seal of the living God. You see
25:38 God's messengers are always portrait as coming from
25:42 the East, because that's where Jesus comes,
25:47 from the East and we read about it in the 19th chapter
25:50 of Revelation. In Revelation chapter 19 verse 11, I saw
25:55 heaven standing open and there before me was a
25:57 white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True.
26:05 With justice he judges and makes war. He even says
26:11 in verse 15, he treads the wine press of the fury of
26:14 the wrath of God Almighty. On his robe and on his thigh
26:17 he has this name written, "King of Kings
26:21 and Lord of Lords." Jesus is the king, who comes from
26:27 the East riding on a white horse, his name is Faithful
26:32 and True. You can trust Jesus, he is faithful,
26:39 you can trust God, he is true and he has promised
26:45 that one day, no matter how bad life gets on this earth,
26:49 no matter how much the devil beats up on you, one
26:53 day he is going to come and set you free, you can
26:57 trust him with your life. But, who does he come to
27:03 make war against, it tells us in verse 19. Then I saw
27:11 the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies,
27:17 all the wicked gathered together to make war
27:21 against the rider on the horse and his army. So, he
27:27 comes to make war against the beast, the kings of the
27:33 earth, cause they wanna make war against him.
27:38 It's our last chance, they don't wanna let it slip away.
27:44 Notice where they are? They're gathered together,
27:50 the beast, the kings of the earth, the army, all every
27:54 wicked person on this earth is gathered together to make
27:57 war against the rider on the horse, that's Jesus.
28:01 So, where are they gathered to? Back to
28:07 Revelation, chapter 16 in verse 12, the sixth angel
28:13 poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates and
28:15 the water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings
28:18 from the East, it's Jesus. And, then I saw three evil
28:22 spirits that looked like frogs, that came out of the
28:24 mouth of the dragon, the beast, and the false
28:26 prophet, they're the spirits of demons performing
28:29 miraculous signs and they go out to the kings of the
28:32 whole world. You see the kings of the East cannot
28:37 be China or Japan or the Arabs or any other nation
28:42 on this earth because the kings of the whole world
28:44 are gathered together by the demon spirits coming out
28:49 of the mouth of the dragon, the beast and the
28:50 false prophet. The kings in the East are Jesus and his
28:53 armies. So, they're gathering them to battle on the great
28:59 day of God Almighty. Now, remember in Revelation 19,
29:03 the rider on the white horse comes to make war with
29:05 justice to judge and make war and the kings of the
29:07 earth and the beasts are gathered together to make war
29:10 against him, and here we see the evil spirits coming out
29:13 of the mouth of the dragon, the beast, the false prophet,
29:15 gathering them together to make war, against who?
29:18 The rider on the horse. Now, where are they
29:22 gathered to. Verse 16, they gathered the kings
29:26 together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.
29:34 Where is that? Where is Armageddon? John gives
29:48 us a clue. Notice what he says, they were gathered to
29:54 the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.
29:59 That's an interesting. The New Testament wasn't
30:02 written in Hebrew, it was written in Greek. So, why
30:09 did he say in Hebrew. He is saying if you want to know
30:16 where Armageddon is, you need to know Hebrew,
30:22 at least one word, actually two, because Armageddon is
30:28 two Hebrew words. Ar in Hebrew means mountain.
30:36 Mageddon from the Hebrew Megado means slaughter.
30:45 The Dragon, the beast, false prophet gathered the
30:50 kings of the earth and their armies to make war against
30:55 the rider on the white horse, and they gathered them to
30:59 the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon,
31:03 the mountain of slaughter. Armageddon is no single
31:13 place on this earth. Armageddon is every place that
31:19 there is someone who is an enemy to the people of God.
31:27 Well, then where are God's people during all of this?
31:31 Revelation chapter 14 verse 1, I looked and there
31:36 before me was a lamb standing on Mount Zion and with
31:39 him the 144000 who had his name and his father's
31:43 name written on their forehead, who are they?
31:46 Verse 4, these are those who did not defile
31:48 themselves with women, they did not go after
31:51 the Babylonian harlot and the filth of her adulteries and
31:54 unfaithfulness to God. What did they do? They
31:57 followed the lamb wherever he goes.
32:00 "Amen." And so God's people are
32:03 standing on Mount Zion and practically the whole world
32:08 is gathered to the Mountain of Slaughter.
32:12 In other words, the time is coming when the whole world
32:14 would be assembled on two mountains, Mount Zion,
32:17 those who follow the lamb and worship God, the creator
32:21 of the heavens and the earth, and has his name
32:23 on the forehead and the hand and those who are
32:25 gathered to the Mountain of Slaughter, cause they
32:29 worship the beast and have his name on their
32:32 foreheads and their hands. So, which mountain are we
32:41 gonna to be gathered to? Mount Zion? Or the Mountain
32:47 of Slaughter? They gathered the kings together to the
32:52 place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.
32:56 Now, I want you to notice something that often goes
32:59 unnoticed, because you see in our little book
33:04 series Left Behind, it sold over 50 million copies.
33:12 They tell us that church isn't here for the great
33:16 tribulation, church isn't here for the seven last
33:21 plagues. Because Jesus comes like a thief in the
33:26 night, remember, he comes like a thief in the night
33:30 and snatches the church out of the way and everybody
33:33 is wondering where did they go. Watch this, here we
33:39 are in the middle of the great tribulation, the seven
33:42 last plagues, last because with them the wrath of
33:46 God is complete, there is no more after this.
33:50 So, this is the great tribulation, here we are,
33:53 the sixth of the seven last plagues almost at the end
33:56 of the great tribulation. Chapter 16 verse 16, they
34:02 gathered the kings together to the place in Hebrew
34:04 called Armageddon, the final climax of the great
34:07 tribulation is the battle of Armageddon, where the
34:10 wicked are slaughtered on the Mountain of Slaughter.
34:12 So, where is the church, look in verse 15, just
34:16 before that in the middle of the spirits gathering
34:19 the whole world, the beast, the kings of the earth to do
34:21 battle on the great day of God Almighty to the place
34:24 called Armageddon, in the middle of that verse 15,
34:27 look its written in red if you've a red letters edition,
34:30 that's Jesus words, "behold I come like a thief."
34:36 Hey, I thought he already came like a thief
34:39 before the tirbulation.
34:44 It doesn't fit, does it,
34:47 here we are at the end of the tribulation
34:49 and he says behold I come like a thief,
34:52 blessed is he who stays awake
34:54 and keeps his clothes with him,
34:56 so that you will not go naked and be shamefully exposed.
34:59 That's exactly what he said to the church of Laodicea,
35:02 the last of the seven churches.
35:04 He says, buy from me clothes to wear
35:06 to cover your shameful nakedness,
35:08 you see those only can stand through
35:11 through the battle of Armageddon
35:12 are the ones who are clothed in their white robe
35:14 of the righteousness of Christ.
35:17 Clinging to the cross of Jesus,
35:19 holding to the Gospel and the good news
35:22 that we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus,
35:24 because those who obey the commandments of God
35:27 are the ones that are being attacked
35:29 by those who worship the beast.
35:33 There's the church,
35:35 right in the middle of the great tribulation
35:38 don't let anybody tell you that the church isn't there.
35:41 Don't let anybody tell you the church got Raptured out.
35:45 In John 4:1, when John heard a voice saying
35:48 John come up here and in the spirit he went up there,
35:51 that's not the Rapture of the church,
35:53 that's just John having a vision.
35:55 Other places he is back down here again,
35:58 did he get unraptured,
36:00 he's a yo-yo, up down, up down.
36:05 Here is the church
36:06 right in the middle of the tribulation.
36:10 Verse 14, the woman who was given the wings,
36:13 of the two, of a great eagle so she would fly
36:15 to the place prepared for in the desert
36:17 and she was there time, times and half a time,
36:19 out of the serpent's reach.
36:21 Remember, God during the time of the Dark Ages,
36:23 when the church was trying to persecute,
36:25 the Spanish Inquisitions, Saint Bartholomew Massacre,
36:28 trying to destroy God's people,
36:30 wipe those who are faithful to the word
36:32 of God off of the face of this earth.
36:33 God still had people on this earth
36:36 that were faithful to him.
36:38 Always hidden, hidden in the wilderness,
36:41 but they were faithful to God
36:43 and then out of serpent's mouth
36:45 he spewed water like a river,
36:47 waters represent multitudes, nations, people.
36:49 So here in this mass multitude,
36:52 this strive of Europe trying to devour and destroy
36:55 the people of God and overtake the woman
36:58 sweep her away with a torrent,
36:59 but the earth helped the woman,
37:01 a quite uninhabited part of the world
37:03 the pilgrims came to the United States of America
37:06 in the late 1700s,
37:08 they established a nation guaranteeing the freedom
37:11 and the right to worship God as we please.
37:14 Wow! That, isn't this good stuff?
37:23 And then the dragon is angry at the woman,
37:28 he goes to make war against the remnant
37:31 of her offspring,
37:33 those who obey God's commandments
37:35 and have the testimony of Jesus.
37:41 Do you want to be a faithful and obedient
37:43 to the commandments of God.
37:46 And hold to the faith in the testimony of Jesus,
37:49 then the dragon's at war with you here tonight.
37:55 Some of you have already begun to recognize that.
37:59 He doesn't let go without a fight.
38:02 So how does he fight that war.
38:04 I saw another beast,
38:06 a beast coming up out of the sea,
38:07 he had ten horns and seven heads;
38:09 we have already identified that beast,
38:11 he antichrist, false system of worship.
38:14 He gave his authority to the beast so that
38:16 those who worship the beast actually worship the dragon,
38:19 because he gave him his authority.
38:22 And the whole world worships the beast
38:24 and say who is like him,
38:25 who can make war against him
38:27 and I saw 144000 on Mount Zion with the lamb,
38:31 those who can stand against him.
38:34 And so the battle rages,
38:36 the whole world is worshiping the beast.
38:39 How does he get his power, after the 1260 years,
38:43 a deadly wound is inflicted,
38:45 it looked as though this counterfeit system
38:47 of worship is gone forever.
38:49 Then in verse 14, another beast comes up
38:52 out of the earth,
38:53 he had two horns like a lamb
38:55 but he spoke like a dragon,
38:57 the beast comes out of the earth,
38:58 we've identified this beast didn't we,
39:01 quite, relatively uninhabited portion of the world
39:05 and he exercised all the authority
39:06 of the first beast and he made the earth
39:08 and its inhabitants worship the first beast
39:11 whose fatal wound had been healed
39:13 sometimes after 1798,
39:15 the infliction of that deadly wounds
39:17 sometime after that we see this nation rising,
39:22 that is rising to power, it looks like a lamb.
39:26 It has two horns like a lamb
39:28 and we've already learned
39:30 that this is Protestant America,
39:33 the country that God raised up to establish
39:36 the freedom and the right to worship God,
39:38 but now she begins to speak like the dragon
39:42 and forces all who refuse to worship
39:44 the dragon to be killed.
39:48 How can that be?
39:52 Who cares about how we worship God?
39:56 Some say, well we live in a free county,
39:57 we have the right to worship,
39:58 we're pleased that could never happened here.
40:00 It will happen here,
40:02 how it happens maybe study and understanding
40:06 and we'll see more and more as we unfold,
40:08 but I'm telling you this, it will happen here,
40:10 it will happen everywhere on this earth.
40:12 Because the false prophet erects
40:14 image in honor of the beast
40:15 and he forces everyone on earth to worship
40:18 the image or they'll be threatened
40:19 with a death decree, it will happen here.
40:26 Why does anybody wanna kill somebody
40:28 over the way they worship?
40:31 Who cares if I keep the Sabbath
40:33 a Sunday or why do people worry about that?
40:37 I'll tell you why,
40:41 First John chapter 3 verse 12,
40:42 do not be like Cain who belonged to the evil one
40:47 and murdered his brother.
40:49 Why did Cain murder his brother Abel?
40:54 And why did he murder him,
40:56 he says because his own actions were evil
40:59 and his brother's actions were righteous
41:04 What did Cain do that was so evil.
41:07 He worshiped, he worshiped God,
41:13 but he didn't do it God's way,
41:14 he did it his way,
41:17 instead of a lamb he substituted vegetables,
41:22 his brother Abel sacrifice a lamb
41:27 and God accepted it,
41:28 rejected Cain and Abel, Cain became so angry
41:30 he murdered his brother,
41:32 over the issue of worship.
41:35 Don't be surprised my brothers
41:38 if the world hates you.
41:43 Folks Satan hates the Sabbath,
41:47 he hates it,
41:49 because it's a symbol of the memorial to the
41:51 creative power of God and he can't do that.
41:55 It's a reminder of memorial that the God
41:57 who made us,
41:58 is the God who fixes us when we break
42:01 and recreates us again and he can't do that.
42:04 And he hates it and he hates the Sabbath.
42:07 Some of you have discovered that
42:09 learned about the Sabbath and you ran to share it,
42:12 all the good news with people that you love
42:14 and care about and they were not that excited to hear
42:18 and its gonna get worse.
42:21 The world will hate those who do things God's way.
42:26 How was it gonna happen,
42:28 I don't know exactly how it's gonna happen,
42:30 but I read, I read something in a book,
42:33 it was written 300 years before Christ
42:35 came and it wasn't in the Bible.
42:38 Written by a pagan Greek philosopher named Plato.
42:43 Listen to this,
42:44 in the course of time the democracies become too free,
42:52 free in politics,
42:55 anything goes,
42:58 promise them whatever it takes to get in there.
43:02 Free in economics, money rules, free in morals,
43:09 have you noticed lately,
43:12 even the Washington Post says that the number
43:15 one problem in America is the moral decline.
43:20 Free in even literature and art, free,
43:27 until it lasts even the puppy dogs in our own homes
43:32 rise up on their hind legs and demand their rights.
43:37 Today we call it animal rights.
43:42 People are in prison today for such things
43:45 as plowing up their field and killing a kangaroo rat.
43:53 Now, I am all in favor of animals,
43:55 don't misunderstand.
43:59 But watch this,
44:01 disorder grows to such a point and the disorder comes
44:07 from groups demanding their rights,
44:12 does it sound familiar today.
44:16 Deny them those rights and they riot
44:22 and now watch, disorder grows
44:24 to such a point that a society will then abandon
44:27 all of its liberties to anyone who can restore order
44:33 and that's the false prophet.
44:37 And then comes the fourth form of government,
44:41 tyranny or dictatorship and the monarchy maybe restored
44:45 and the process begin over and over again, not this time.
44:50 In other words, the rebellion grows,
44:53 the riots grow and then the people in the street
44:58 begin to fight and to kill
45:00 and to bring disorder to the country,
45:03 so that now they're ready to virtually surrender
45:07 their rights to anyone
45:11 who can promise them peace
45:13 and I am looking for my note and I can't find it,
45:16 I just got it a couple of days ago.
45:18 I'll just tell you what it says,
45:20 it was an article in the Atlanta Journal,
45:25 the war is not about Iraq,
45:27 the war is not about Saddam Hussein,
45:31 the war is not about oil,
45:32 the war is not about terrorists,
45:36 the war is about establishing
45:38 the United States of America as the global peace-keeper.
45:44 I don't know if that's true or not,
45:47 I'd rather believe and have more confidence
45:49 in our leaders in our administration then that,
45:51 I don't believe that.
45:53 But folks whether we believe it or not
45:55 it's gonna happen
45:58 and the more powerful the presence
46:00 of the United States is, the more capable
46:03 we are of enforcing our ways on the world
46:08 and the time is coming when Protestant America
46:10 will be involved as the false prophet arises
46:13 performing miracles saying that God is punishing us
46:16 because we are away from the commandments of God.
46:20 The United States of America will be in the position
46:24 to launch global national decrees
46:29 demanding the worship of the state
46:35 and the whole world will honor the beast.
46:39 In Revelation chapter 16,
46:41 the three angels messages have gone
46:42 to every living person on this earth,
46:44 everyone has the opportunity to learn about God,
46:46 to know God and to trust God.
46:49 And everyone has been warned about the deceptions
46:51 and the errors of Babylon
46:52 and everyone is warned don't worship the beast
46:55 and take his mark,
46:56 worship the creator of the heavens and the earth.
46:58 Everyone is gathered on two mountains,
47:00 the Mountain of Slaughter, and the Mount Zion,
47:03 the Mountain of God.
47:04 Everyone has the mark of God
47:07 or the mark of the beast, then.
47:11 Then, in chapter 16 verse 1,
47:14 I heard a loud voice from the temple
47:15 saying to the seven angels,
47:16 go and pour out the seven bowls of God's wrath
47:19 on the earth,
47:20 the first angel went and he poured out his bowl
47:21 on the land and ugly, painful sore was broke out
47:24 on the people who had the mark of the beast
47:26 and worshiped the image,
47:27 only those who take the mark
47:29 receive the wine of the wrath of God.
47:32 The others are sealed with the seal of God,
47:35 obeying the commandments of God.
47:38 First angel poured out his bowl and ugly,
47:39 painful sore was broke out on those who had the mark,
47:42 second angel poured out his bowl on the sea
47:44 and it turned into blood
47:45 like a blood of a dead man,
47:46 every living thing in the sea died,
47:49 third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers
47:50 and springs of water and they became blood why?
47:53 Why is God pouring out these bowls on the earth
47:56 and then I heard the angel in charge of the waters say,
47:58 you are just in these judgments,
48:01 you who are and who were the holy one, why?
48:04 Because you've so judged them
48:07 for they have shed the blood of your saints
48:08 and prophets and you've given them
48:10 blood to drink as they deserve.
48:13 Now God is settling the score
48:15 and now God is answering the question,
48:18 where are you God? How are you
48:20 letting this happen to us God.
48:22 Now he is saying, here I am.
48:26 And I heard the altar respond,
48:28 "yes Lord, God Almighty,
48:29 true and just are your judgments on this earth,''
48:33 fourth angel poured out this bowl
48:35 on the sun and the sun was given
48:36 power to scorch with fire
48:37 and they were seared by the intense heat
48:39 and they cursed the name of God,
48:41 but they refused to repent and glorify him.
48:44 Now we have the answer, because you see
48:46 these people who took the mark are persecuting
48:49 those who are sealed by God,
48:51 because they believe that they are
48:54 the people of God and that God is punishing
48:57 and destroying this earth,
48:58 because of this people who go along
49:01 with God's law and God's commandments
49:04 instead of the traditions of the state
49:05 and the religions of the state
49:07 they've been persecuting them,
49:08 thinking they are carrying out
49:10 the righteous judgments of God,
49:12 but now they begin to show their true colors.
49:17 Now they cursed the name of God.
49:20 Remember Jesus, God could have destroyed
49:22 Lucifer the moment he rebelled in heaven,
49:25 but he couldn't really,
49:26 because if he did
49:28 everyone would be worshiping him
49:29 out of fear instead of love.
49:31 So he had to let sin go, he had to let it grow,
49:34 he had to let it demonstrate to the world,
49:36 how wicked, how wild,
49:38 how evil sin is, he had to let us suffer,
49:40 he had to let us die,
49:41 he had to let us do battle with cancer,
49:44 he had to let babies die
49:45 before they were even born,
49:46 but he is remembering all of this,
49:48 he hasn't forgotten,
49:51 and he is gonna make it up to us.
49:54 Now Babylon showing it,
49:56 now the devil is showing his true colors,
49:58 now we can see what it's like
50:00 and they cursed the name of God.
50:02 Fifth angel poured out his bowl
50:04 on the throne of the beast
50:05 and the kingdom was plunged into darkness,
50:07 men gnawed their tongues in agony,
50:09 cursed the name of God of heaven,
50:11 because of their pains and their sores,
50:14 but they refused to repent of what they had done,
50:17 their hearts were hard, they rebelled against God.
50:20 They claim to be the children of God,
50:22 but now they are showing who they really are.
50:24 You see, God can't come
50:26 and put an end to sin until everyone knows
50:29 that those who are finally destroyed
50:30 are in fact the ones who have rebelled against him.
50:34 And now Babylon is showing her true colors.
50:37 And then sixth angel poured out his bowl
50:39 on the great river Euphrates
50:40 and its water was dried up to prepare
50:42 the way for the kings from the East.
50:46 What is that, kings from the East are Jesus,
50:49 so how does drying up the Euphrates prepare
50:52 the way for Jesus,
50:54 can't he get across without drying it up.
50:57 The Euphrates is a symbol,
50:59 Babylon is a symbol, Babylon is a symbol
51:02 of a corrupt church, a harlot church,
51:06 unfaithful to God. The Euphrates,
51:09 what does it mean? He explains this plague
51:12 in the 17th chapter of Revelation,
51:14 chapter 17 verse 1, one of the seven angels
51:16 who had the seven bowls came and said to me,
51:18 come and I will show you the punishment
51:21 of the great prostitute who sits on many waters.
51:23 Verse 5, says this was written on her forehead,
51:26 mystery Babylon the great,
51:28 her name is Babylon, the mother of prostitutes
51:31 and her abominations here is the super church,
51:33 Protestant and Catholic uniting together,
51:36 persecuting the people of God
51:38 because they stand on the commandments of God
51:41 alone instead of the traditions of man.
51:45 Well, what does it all mean?
51:47 Chapter 17 verse 15, the angel said to me,
51:50 the waters you saw where the prostitute sits
51:52 are people, multitudes, nations and languages.
51:56 The beast and the ten horns
51:57 you saw will hate the prostitute,
51:59 they will bring her to ruin
52:00 and they'll leave her naked,
52:01 they'll eat her flesh and burn her with fire,
52:02 for God has put it in their hearts to accomplish
52:05 his purpose by agreeing to give the beast
52:07 their power to rule until God's word are fulfilled.
52:09 The woman is the great city that rules over
52:11 the kings of the earth. They'll hate her flesh,
52:16 they'll devour her, you see Rome
52:19 and the super church has no power,
52:22 except as the people support her.
52:25 But when the waters of
52:27 the Euphrates are dried up,
52:29 she has no support anymore.
52:32 What dries them up, the sudden realization,
52:35 the darkness that comes when they realize
52:39 the people they have been persecuting
52:41 are the ones that are not receiving the plagues.
52:44 And they have been deceived,
52:46 they have been deceived by their leaders,
52:48 they have been deceived by the false prophets,
52:50 they have been deceived by the false miracles,
52:52 they have been deceived by the smooth words
52:56 and they'll turn against their leaders,
52:59 and Babylon loses her power
53:02 and the Euphrates is dried up.
53:07 And God can finally come in and remove sin
53:12 from this universe forever
53:14 and everyone will know that it's an act of love.
53:18 Don't go after the false prophets,
53:22 go after the lamb.
53:25 A man is coming to Revelation
53:27 Now, about a year ago and he believed
53:32 what the Bible said,
53:33 he believed Saturday was the Sabbath day
53:36 and he took his stand to keep the Sabbath
53:39 and he went back and told his pastor
53:42 and his pastor told him, oh! It's not important,
53:44 just love Jesus and love the people
53:46 and that's all you need to worry about,
53:47 doctrines aren't important.
53:48 You know the same thing,
53:49 we are not under the law, we're under grace,
53:51 it doesn't matter. So, he came back
53:53 and asked me and we sat down
53:55 and studied it out again
53:56 and he was convinced, I see it,
53:59 God expects us to obey the commandments.
54:01 If we really love him, we're gonna do it,
54:03 so he went back and told his pastor again
54:06 and his pastor got angry at me,
54:08 sent me a nasty letter
54:10 and I wrote him a nice letter back.
54:12 And I explained to him and the pastor said,
54:15 I agree Saturday is the Sabbath day,
54:17 but you can keep any day,
54:18 you pick the day and I said,
54:21 but wait a minute I explained how,
54:22 in Sabbath, in the Bible times
54:25 in the New Testament
54:26 the Greek word for the first day of the week
54:27 is the first day after the Sabbath.
54:30 So you can't just Pick any day
54:31 it has to be the Sabbath day
54:34 and here is what he said.
54:37 The Greek text that you refer to is man's word,
54:44 what can I say, his word is God's word
54:48 and the Bible is man's word.
54:51 And my friend listened to his pastor,
54:56 he listened to his friend
54:58 instead of listening to the word of God.
55:03 Don't follow any pastor,
55:06 Don't follow any pastor,
55:08 don't follow any Evangelist,
55:11 don't even follow Jac Colon, follow the lamb.
55:17 Because he is the one
55:18 that's gonna take you on to safety,
55:22 it's going to be a dark time,
55:24 it's going look as though
55:25 God's people are going to be wiped off
55:26 of the face of the earth
55:29 and we are going to be crying out,
55:31 Lord, how long, fifth seal, they cried out,
55:35 Lord, how long till you avenge
55:37 the blood of those who slay us,
55:39 how long? Jesus said
55:42 hold on just a little longer.
55:45 You know, one time I was,
55:48 took my boy to the doctor's office
55:51 because he was riding his little bike
55:53 and caught it under the handle
55:55 in between the bottom of our RV,
55:57 it was kind of rough, sliced through his hand.
56:01 So I took him to the doctor,
56:02 had it all wrapped up, and the doctor came,
56:06 had that big needle cabinet,
56:07 so he could sew him up.
56:09 My son's eyes got big as saucers
56:14 and the little lips started quivering,
56:16 you know, how they do
56:18 and he looked up at me, he didn't say it,
56:21 but I knew what he was saying.
56:24 Daddy, you're not gonna let him do this to me
56:27 are you? Boy, I am telling you
56:30 Everything Inside of me wanted to take that thing
56:32 and smash it on the ground,
56:33 you are not gonna stick my boy with that,
56:36 but I knew in just a little while
56:41 it would all be okay, sometimes it hurts,
56:46 it'll be okay and my heart was aching
56:51 when he stuck that needle in my boy's hand.
56:55 God hears us, just a little while,
57:00 just a little while, but God they're hurting us,
57:03 how long, how long?
57:07 God, they're killing us and we are looking up
57:11 with those big expectant eyes,
57:13 do something God.
57:16 Finally he says, that's enough,
57:22 I'm done. And God's people are delivered
57:29 at a place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.


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