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00:01 I don't understand.
00:04 Why did this have to happen to me?
00:08 I feel like I just can't make sense of things.
00:12 I need answers.
00:15 Where is God?
00:21 One of the most powerful men of prayer in modern day history
00:24 was a man by the name of George Mueller.
00:26 Back in the 1800s, he ran orphanages.
00:29 And many times, they would run desperately low on resources.
00:33 He would pray to God and God would answer him.
00:36 At the end of his life, he had seen the equivalent
00:38 of over 75 million pounds in financial miracles
00:42 as a direct result of those prayers.
00:45 Hi. Welcome. My name is Mark Paden.
00:47 Welcome to Raw Questions Relevant Answers,
00:49 where we are seeking biblical answers
00:51 to the very deepest questions that we as young people face.
00:55 I'm joined by my co-hosts
00:56 Michele Doucoumes and Dee Casper,
00:58 and we are so thankful
01:00 that you have joined us here today.
01:01 Our topic today is prayer.
01:03 How can we pray like George Mueller prayed?
01:06 Or even better yet, how can we pray
01:07 like Jesus Himself prayed?
01:10 Today, we're gonna go ahead and dive in again to questions
01:13 that people, young people around the globe
01:15 have send us on our Facebook page.
01:18 So this first question that we're gonna do is,
01:21 "Why does it feel like when I pray God won't answer?
01:25 My prayers just seem to hit the ceiling?"
01:28 This is from a female, age 16, in the state of Michigan.
01:32 Well, I'll give one of the principles
01:34 regarding when prayer seems to go unanswered.
01:37 This is from a book called Steps to Christ,
01:38 great, great book on just practical Christianity.
01:41 It says, "If we regard iniquity in our hearts,
01:43 if we cling to any known sin, the Lord will not hear us.
01:46 But the prayer of the penitent contrite soul
01:48 is always accepted.
01:50 When all known wrongs are righted,
01:52 we may believe that God will answer our petitions.
01:55 Our own merit will never commend us
01:57 to the favor of God.
01:58 It is the worthiness of Jesus that will save us,
02:01 His blood that will cleanse us.
02:03 But yet, we have a work to do in complying
02:05 with the conditions of acceptance."
02:06 And the principle of this verse,
02:08 this quote comes from is from Isaiah 59:1, 2.
02:12 It says, "Behold, the Lord's hand
02:13 is not shortened that it cannot save,
02:15 nor His ear heavy that it cannot hear,
02:17 but your iniquities have separated you
02:19 from your God,
02:20 and your sins have hidden His face from you
02:22 so that He will not hear."
02:23 It deprives God of being able to hear actively
02:27 and respond to us as He would want.
02:28 It says one category, right?
02:29 If there's known share of sin, but sometimes, God just...
02:33 The answer is no because he sees things
02:35 that we don't in these situations, right?
02:38 The only things that God would ask for us to do
02:40 with the things that we ourselves
02:41 would choose to do
02:43 if we knew what He knew, right?
02:44 We would accept what he's wanting
02:45 if we knew all of what He saw in those moments.
02:47 Yeah.
02:49 Yeah, I like some of those principles.
02:50 Some of it reminds me of James Chapter four.
02:53 We are told in verse three, "You ask and do not receive
02:57 because you ask amiss
02:58 that you may spend it on your pleasures."
03:00 And so what are we asking for?
03:03 Maybe sometimes they are not hearing
03:04 because those things are not according to God's will,
03:07 they are not in line with what they should be.
03:10 Other times though, maybe they are.
03:11 I think of Daniel,
03:13 he was praying for some very good things.
03:15 He was praying for the deliverance
03:16 of his people that were in captivity,
03:18 something that didn't already prophesied, right?
03:22 And so Daniel Chapter 9, he prays.
03:24 He doesn't seem to get an answer for a good while.
03:28 Finally, in Daniel Chapter 10,
03:30 an angel comes to give him an answer.
03:32 But he says something interesting.
03:34 Verse 13, he says, "But the prince
03:36 of the kingdom of Persia withstood me 21 days."
03:40 There was a spiritual battle going on
03:43 where this angel could not get through,
03:46 and then finally he could, and he came with an answer.
03:50 He was sent at the beginning of Daniel's prayer,
03:53 but there were some bigger picture things
03:55 that Daniel couldn't see that made it a wait
03:59 instead of a now.
04:01 So maybe sometimes there is a wait,
04:04 and we give up pretty easily.
04:06 Yeah.
04:07 You know, one of the principles too
04:08 that I want to bring in here is found in Hebrews 11:6.
04:13 "But without faith, it is impossible to please Him,
04:16 for He who comes to God must believe that He is,
04:20 and that He is a rewarder
04:22 of those who diligently seek Him."
04:23 You see, many times in the gospels
04:25 when people came to Christ asking for certain things,
04:29 they didn't believe it.
04:31 And so it didn't happen.
04:33 Or in many cases, Christ reproved their unbelief
04:37 and then they fell in penitence on Christ saying,
04:39 "Lord, I believe, help my unbelief."
04:41 So another principle of prayer in the sense is that
04:45 we need to believe, first of all, that God is,
04:48 that God is who He says He is, that He is almighty God,
04:52 and that He has the ability.
04:54 And also, that He is a rewarder of them,
04:57 the diligently seeking.
04:58 So if we seek God, He will be found of us.
05:03 And we're also promised
05:04 that if we pray according to the will of God,
05:06 we will receive an answer 1000%
05:09 and we're guaranteed of that in scripture
05:11 that if we're praying in accordance with God's will.
05:13 So one of the things...
05:15 And it's not just like we say
05:16 in Jesus' name at the end of a prayer,
05:17 so we should just say
05:19 and Your will be done at the end of the prayer,
05:20 like we should, it should mean something to us
05:23 when we say that.
05:24 Another really important premise in prayer
05:26 is the soil of the heart, right?
05:29 Not just what the words of the mouth are
05:31 but the actual soil of the heart.
05:32 So if we say, "Oh God,
05:34 you know, I'll do whatever you want
05:36 or you know, I'll go wherever you want."
05:38 But then in your heart you say, "But oh, not yet."
05:41 God has to answer the prayer of the heart
05:43 over the prayer of the mouth.
05:45 And sometimes
05:46 there is a contradiction internally, right?
05:48 There is internal inconsistency
05:49 that what we say with our mouth is not in harmony
05:51 with where our heart is at that point in time,
05:53 whether what we want or how we're living
05:55 or what we believe.
05:57 You know, to another part of this is,
06:00 sometimes we may ask for something
06:03 that isn't against God's will
06:07 but it isn't necessarily promised in scripture, right?
06:09 You know, we have times
06:11 where maybe we've lost something,
06:12 maybe we were...
06:13 There's a loved one that is getting really sick,
06:16 and in those times,
06:18 it can often be really quite a struggle
06:22 to know how to feel in our minds
06:25 because we want to believe.
06:26 But at the same time, will God actually do it?
06:29 You know one thing I think in those situations
06:31 is to trust the heart of God.
06:33 Wow. Yes.
06:34 To know that God will do the very best thing for us
06:38 and to leave it in His hands.
06:40 And in those moments where it's just mentally painful,
06:43 and we've all been there,
06:45 it's that process of saying, "Lord,
06:48 I'm putting this in Your hands."
06:49 And continually surrendering it to Him
06:50 and looking up to remember His promises,
06:53 and not to trust, "Okay, He is going to do this,"
06:55 but to say, "Lord, Your will be done.
06:58 I'm resting in You for it."
06:59 And then trust him because He's faithful.
07:01 I think it's an important point that if we have
07:03 a true conception of who God is,
07:05 we're going to give Him the benefit of the doubt
07:07 in those things that we don't understand.
07:08 Yeah.
07:10 Because we know He would never leave me somewhere
07:11 that I would want to go if I knew or He knew.
07:13 Yeah, yeah. It's a great point.
07:15 Hundred percent. Okay.
07:16 So here's the second question. And this is quite practical.
07:21 "How do I pray when I always get distracted
07:24 or fall asleep when I try?"
07:26 Oh, man.
07:27 I will start that off because I have been there,
07:30 I feel that.
07:31 You know, for a long part of my Christian experience,
07:35 prayer was like this much,
07:36 and then studying the Bible
07:38 or things was a much larger portion
07:40 primarily because I had a difficult time praying.
07:44 I mean, I would pray,
07:46 but then a little bit through my mind would be over here
07:50 and what I had to do and then the other things
07:52 and then I fall asleep.
07:55 I feel their pain.
07:56 There are different things that help.
07:58 Some people really enjoy praying out loud, you know?
08:01 That can be a big thing.
08:02 Just go somewhere where you can pray out loud.
08:05 Don't pray in your bed lying down.
08:08 Right. That's a good...
08:09 I've noticed that one.
08:11 But also, one thing that's actually helped me a lot
08:13 is I started writing my prayers.
08:15 I journal a lot.
08:17 And that is a way that I focus.
08:19 And it really started to transform my prayer life
08:25 and that prayer started to transform my spiritual life,
08:28 and that's a huge encouragement.
08:29 If you're studying with prayer, don't give up on it.
08:33 If we think about it, in the book, Steps to Christ...
08:36 Actually no, it's in the periodical,
08:38 Signs of the Times, first of all.
08:40 February 3, 1904, it says,
08:42 "Prayer is the breath of the soul.
08:45 Jesus lived in dependence upon God
08:47 and communion with Him."
08:49 And as we pray, it grows a relationship,
08:55 and that's what I started to see.
08:56 It's like studying the scripture is the bread.
08:59 But have you have ever had bread
09:01 and it's kind of dry and you have no water?
09:04 To me, prayer is like the breath
09:06 or maybe the water that goes with it in a way,
09:09 and we need those together.
09:11 And so I would encourage you, if you're struggling with this,
09:14 try some different things, try speaking your prayers,
09:17 try writing your prayers,
09:18 pray with other people sometimes,
09:20 some people like a prayer special closet or a place
09:24 or going outside to pray,
09:26 so maybe switch it up some to a way that you can focus
09:31 and start to have that communion with God.
09:34 You know, one other principle here that I love
09:35 in Psalm 116:1, 2.
09:38 It says, "I love the Lord because he has heard my voice
09:42 and my suffocations
09:44 because he has inclined his ear unto me,
09:46 therefore will I call upon him as long as I live."
09:49 I think one of the biggest motivators to prayer
09:51 is really an experience
09:54 where we test the promises of God and He comes through
09:57 because when we...
09:59 Like George Mueller. Yes.
10:00 When he was in need, doing work for the Lord,
10:03 like that 75 million pounds
10:05 wasn't just for him to buy a Ferrari, right?
10:08 He was doing Practical Ministry with that money,
10:11 and when he was a need, when he was testing
10:13 the promises of God, God came through.
10:15 And so do you think
10:17 George Miller struggled with praying
10:19 after all those times when he had prayed
10:21 and God had shown Himself faithful?
10:23 I don't think so.
10:24 When we are willing to test the promises of God
10:27 in that practical visceral way...
10:30 Yeah.
10:31 For me, one of the things that was a big help
10:33 was walking and praying.
10:35 So that's generally what I do every day is
10:36 I'll just take time to walk and pray, and I will...
10:39 Even when I'm just praying in my room,
10:41 I'll just pray just under my breath,
10:42 I'll have to enunciate, I'll have to speak.
10:44 But it's not loud enough
10:45 for anyone in the room to hear it,
10:47 and it focuses my mind
10:48 because more than one of my senses is being engaged,
10:50 but walking has been a big help too.
10:52 I wanted to give some resources
10:54 that have been immensely helpful for me
10:56 on the topic of prayer in some of these categories.
10:58 The first was Roger Morneau.
11:00 He has a book, MORNEAU,
11:03 Roger Morneau, has a book called
11:05 Incredible Answers to Prayer is what it's called.
11:08 And he would pray in his car, he did traveling business.
11:11 And so he would have this massive list
11:13 for people he would pray for every day.
11:15 And while he was driving he would pray.
11:17 So just take some time to turn your radio off,
11:19 turn the other stuff off,
11:20 and just pray to God, listen to God.
11:23 His book has been an amazing resource.
11:25 A second resource is from a friend of ours
11:26 Melody Mason.
11:28 It's called Daring to Ask for More,
11:30 and it's another great asset
11:32 where it just kind of walks through
11:33 the whole principles of prayer, the soil of the heart,
11:36 what lies are you believing, what are your practices,
11:38 what's your view of God and yourself?
11:41 It kind of goes through a lot of it...
11:42 Super practical resources.
11:43 And the third is
11:45 you are going to search this in Google.
11:46 Pavel Goia, P-A-V-E-L,
11:48 and his last name is Goia, G-O-I-A,
11:51 and search Vital Prayer.
11:52 There's a whole series of sermons he does
11:54 that deal with a lot of other components.
11:56 Those three together have revolutionized
11:58 my view of prayer, and I've seen tons of answers,
12:01 huge miraculous answers,
12:03 by implementing those principles.
12:04 What you mentioned,
12:06 Pavel actually lists, that he says,
12:07 "It's not safe to ask
12:09 until we've praised Him enough to trust."
12:11 Yeah.
12:12 And the point was that when you start
12:14 your prayer experience in praise,
12:16 you're reminding yourself that you're speaking
12:18 to a faithful God.
12:19 You are coming into the presence
12:20 of the Almighty God of the universe
12:22 who's been faithful to you,
12:24 and if that's in the forefront of your mind, when you ask,
12:26 you're already believing that He hears
12:28 and He's going to answer
12:29 because you've had previous experiences with Him.
12:32 You are not thinking, "God, are you there?
12:33 Do you care? Here it is.
12:35 Hope it works."
12:36 You know whose presence you're coming into
12:38 and who you are speaking to.
12:39 I think that's a big thing is sometimes we think
12:41 a prayer is just going through our list,
12:44 "Please be with aunt Mary who has cancer,
12:47 or please be with this and that,"
12:49 but prayer is more than that.
12:50 We see that even in the Lord's Prayer.
12:52 You know, our Father in heaven, hallowed is Your name.
12:56 Starting with maybe praising God for who He is,
12:59 remembering who He is,
13:00 then Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,
13:02 submitting ourselves to God,
13:04 or maybe praying through even confessions
13:07 that we need to make in our own heart.
13:09 Sometimes, there is stuff that needs to be cleared
13:11 between us and God, to pray about those.
13:14 And then praying through the actual requests
13:16 that we have,
13:18 and then thanking God for things.
13:19 Yeah.
13:20 And so my prayers have become
13:22 a lot more of just my daily dialogue about life with God
13:26 and not just a list of things that need to be done.
13:31 Well, I think the power of that is that
13:33 prayer isn't just something that we were required to do
13:36 in order to expiate or make atonement,
13:39 get rid of our sin,
13:41 prayer is something in which it's a daily experience
13:44 of communion with God as to a friend,
13:46 opening the heart to God as to a friend
13:48 whether that's about where we've messed up,
13:49 or what we're happy about, or what we need.
13:51 Another big thing too
13:53 is claiming the promises of God.
13:54 There are so many rich promises in this book
13:56 that if we claim them,
13:58 He's pledged Himself to respond.
14:01 So if you want to pray more,
14:03 I encourage you to dive into the Word of God,
14:06 really come to God and make that a priority.
14:09 Thank you so much for joining us.
14:11 God bless.


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