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00:01 I don't understand.
00:04 Why did this have to happen to me?
00:08 I feel like I just can't make sense of things.
00:12 I need answers.
00:15 Where is God?
00:21 Hello and welcome to Raw Questions Relevant Answers.
00:25 Today we're talking about media and entertainment.
00:29 Media and entertainment.
00:31 You know, if you're watching this right now,
00:33 then you have some participation in media.
00:36 It's everywhere, it's something
00:37 that you can't really get away from in this day and age,
00:39 but what is appropriate for the Christian?
00:43 How do we handle the issues of media and entertainment?
00:46 I have special guests with me today,
00:48 our co-host, actually, Dee Casper and Mark Paden.
00:52 And we are going to be looking at this together.
00:56 So the first question
00:57 that we have here today is from a 21 year old male
01:01 who is asking,
01:02 "Does it matter what we watch or listen to
01:06 if it's just in moderation?"
01:09 Yeah.
01:10 So...
01:12 I let you go first on that one.
01:13 I'll give in. Yeah, this is kind of my job.
01:15 You're a filmmaker.
01:16 Yes, I make films.
01:18 And actually, the first thing
01:20 I want to do
01:21 is just define some of the things in the medium.
01:24 So the Open that people just watch,
01:27 this is a film that we did specifically for this.
01:32 It is a very distilled form of communication, film is, right?
01:36 In that, like I could break down each shot of that,
01:39 how it's put together, what is in each shot,
01:42 how it's framed,
01:43 how we shot off the slow motion,
01:45 everything about it is there specifically
01:47 to communicate very strongly a certain thing,
01:52 and that's all of film,
01:53 you know, in the whole industry.
01:55 It's a very distilled form of art and communication.
02:00 There's another principle that we have that
02:03 by beholding you become changed, right?
02:05 In anything in life, the more we look at something,
02:08 the more we become like that, right?
02:11 Now when those two things collide,
02:14 the effectiveness of the film medium
02:18 and the principle that by beholding we become changed,
02:21 we come up into a situation
02:22 where when we're watching stuff
02:24 that is communicating principles,
02:27 that are decidedly unchristian,
02:29 we have very little barrier to those principles
02:32 becoming our own.
02:34 So if you or I spend a tremendous amount of time
02:37 watching stuff that is not Christian in nature,
02:40 that is putting out principles that are bad,
02:43 and it may not even be just drugs, sex, or violence,
02:45 but do we really want to watch a lot of stuff
02:48 and become a lot of stuff
02:50 that is a lot of backbiting, gossip,
02:52 and hatred, and those types of things?
02:55 That's what we open ourselves up
02:56 to when we start partaking
02:59 of these different types of entertainments.
03:02 There's another principle, I think,
03:03 that's important here in the idea of like,
03:07 how we may be view the topic of temperance, you know.
03:10 Like, it's that we...
03:11 The idea of moderation,
03:13 you know, like if it's okay
03:15 if I take in things that I know
03:16 that I shouldn't be around,
03:18 but as long as I don't do a lot of it,
03:20 it's not a problem,
03:21 which is somewhat implied in the question.
03:22 This is an area where we can get ourselves in trouble
03:25 because anytime we take a willful step in a direction
03:28 that we know isn't in our best interest,
03:29 no matter how far we go, it's not the right step.
03:32 Yeah. Does that make sense?
03:33 Like, if we know if God has convicted us
03:35 that this is not something that is in harmony
03:38 with the will of God
03:39 or with the principles of how heaven operates,
03:41 it's not a wise choice for us to make,
03:44 to move in that direction
03:46 even if it's a short step, right?
03:48 For our personal enjoyment and downtime.
03:49 If someone's going to be a missionary in a hostile area,
03:52 that's a whole another situation, right?
03:53 But when someone's willfully
03:55 subjecting themselves to influences,
03:58 it's best for us to abstain from things
04:00 that are not in our best interest.
04:02 The principle temperance is actually to abstain
04:03 from what's not in your best interest,
04:05 and to, in moderation,
04:08 partake of the things that are in your best interest.
04:10 Say about some other principle to maybe consider.
04:13 Philippians 4:8 tells us, "Finally, brethren,
04:16 whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are noble,
04:19 whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure,
04:22 whatsoever things are lovely,
04:23 whatsoever things are of good report,
04:25 if there is any virtue
04:27 and if there is anything praiseworthy,
04:28 meditate on these things."
04:30 And I ask myself sometimes, with a lot of the media
04:34 or entertainment that I'm taking in,
04:36 does it fit those characteristics?
04:39 And if it doesn't, should I be meditating on it
04:42 even if it's a little bit?
04:44 And there's a couple of things here.
04:46 First of all, there are some things
04:47 that are okay in moderation,
04:50 but if you have too much,
04:52 it's not a good thing, right?
04:54 Food, you need it actually, though in the wrong amounts
04:58 or the wrong types, it's not good.
05:01 Media can be like that.
05:02 Some of it is good,
05:03 but too much of it can be a problem,
05:05 and then some of it just may not be helpful at all.
05:09 And then why am I doing that?
05:11 I know for me
05:12 this is a struggle because growing up,
05:14 I wasted a lot of my childhood watching TV and media.
05:19 I would just come home and I would say,
05:21 "No, I'm just going to watch one thing."
05:22 And then four hours later, there we were.
05:25 And I realized for me, it actually was an addiction,
05:28 that whether I was watching bad or good stuff,
05:30 that was a problem,
05:31 and I had to just stop in order to get away from that.
05:35 And so weighing that up,
05:37 and then also the content that we're looking at.
05:40 It's a highly emotional vehicle too,
05:42 whether it be music or digital media and movies,
05:45 they're highly emotional.
05:47 And sometimes one of the reasons
05:48 why we're going there in the first place
05:50 is because we're just looking to escape reality.
05:53 We want to live vicariously through the emotions
05:55 that we're partaking of.
05:56 And again, even if it's,
05:58 you know, Christian music,
05:59 but they just really gets us jazz
06:00 and excited or moves our emotions
06:02 to one direction or another,
06:03 even if it's stuff that we feel
06:05 that heaven would approve of,
06:06 the problem is we're running to something else
06:08 to deal with the current problem internally,
06:10 emotionally, and psychologically
06:13 as opposed to coming to Jesus with our pain,
06:15 and that's where even something that's a good thing
06:17 can be a problem
06:19 because we're using it to supplants
06:20 or usurp the place in our heart that only God should have,
06:24 that He's the thing
06:25 we should run to when we're hurting,
06:26 not something else if that make sense.
06:30 Do you have any other point you want to go through?
06:31 Yeah, I just wanted to also comment...
06:34 You know,
06:36 I've seen a lot of my peers growing up within the church
06:40 and I've seen in my own experience
06:41 and how starting down a road
06:46 of watching stuff that isn't the worst,
06:50 I mean, it just has a little bit of...
06:52 I mean it's not...
06:53 You wouldn't say it sinful, but, you know,
06:56 you get what I'm saying, right?
06:57 You start down that road, and I know in my experience,
06:59 once I started down that road, it ended when...
07:03 I started this far from God, I ended this far from God.
07:06 And that's something
07:08 that we really have to take into consideration
07:09 is that these types of things...
07:12 You're playing with your eternal salvation.
07:14 Right. It's not a laughing matter.
07:17 You give him an inch, he takes a mile
07:18 as far as Satan like.
07:20 To willfully take a step in a direction
07:22 that heaven would not have us take
07:24 is opening a door that's not easy to close
07:27 because it's by degrees many times that people end up
07:30 in places they never thought they would, right?
07:32 And no one comes out of their high school graduation
07:35 thinking, "I'm going to be a drug addict,
07:36 living on the side of the road in,
07:38 you know, in a metropolitan area."
07:40 Like that's not what they want to do,
07:42 but this is what happens, that you know one decision
07:44 leads to another decision leads to another.
07:46 And it's far better for us to take steps
07:48 that would be in the direction that heaven would approve of,
07:51 than to try to survive
07:52 and think that we could handle a situation
07:55 that's not in the direction heaven could approve of.
07:57 True. Good points. Good points.
08:00 We'll get a little more specific on this next one.
08:02 Let's do this.
08:03 We have someone that's asking,
08:05 "Do I really have to give up pop music etc.
08:08 to get into heaven
08:10 as long as it doesn't have cussing
08:12 or saying bad things?"
08:14 So can you get into heaven as long as you're not cussing
08:17 and saying bad things?
08:19 Good question, right? Yeah.
08:20 I think this is...
08:22 The fundamental thing in this question that I see,
08:26 we want to have as much of something
08:29 as we possibly can
08:31 while still thinking that we're okay, you know.
08:34 And I'm not just putting this on the asker of the question,
08:36 I'm saying like, I've seen this in my own experience.
08:39 When I ask similar types of questions, it's like...
08:42 "You know, I really want to do this and, I mean,
08:44 as long as it doesn't have this and it doesn't have this..."
08:47 My biggest thing with this whole type of question is,
08:51 okay, maybe it doesn't have...
08:53 Maybe it's not dropping the F bomb,
08:55 maybe it's not doing some of these other things,
08:58 but is it really advancing good principles?
09:00 Let's take a lot of the love songs.
09:02 Are the love songs really advancing
09:05 true genuine deep Christ-like love?
09:07 Yeah. Or is it an emotional frenzy?
09:10 Like Christianity is not just made up of...
09:13 Not of the world's version of morality,
09:16 there's this world's version of morality
09:18 that as long as it doesn't have drugs, sex, or violence,
09:20 then it's morally okay.
09:22 From the Christian perspective, it goes a lot deeper.
09:24 Not only is it those things, it's also,
09:26 are we loving like Christ loves?
09:28 Are we selfish?
09:29 Or are we backbiting?
09:31 Are we criticizing?
09:33 There's a host of other principles
09:35 straight from the character of Christ
09:37 that God wants us to be like.
09:38 And if we're listening to a lot of things
09:41 that are pushing out principles
09:43 that are totally not Christ-like,
09:45 that's what we're going to become.
09:47 The world view of the artist is what comes along the medium
09:52 that they're using, right?
09:53 And so like if...
09:54 It's a very good point that Mark is making
09:56 that if their world view is that women are objects,
09:59 and even if we don't use bad words,
10:01 but we're implying that women are objects.
10:02 This is not a world view that heaven would approve of
10:04 because women aren't objects,
10:07 they are precious valuable beings
10:10 made in the image of God and should be treated as much.
10:12 If it's teaching about...
10:14 It's about hustling and getting what you need
10:16 to get forward at the expense of anyone else around you,
10:19 but they don't use bad words, it's still not a principle
10:21 that the King of the heaven could approve of.
10:23 And we could go on and on and on...
10:24 Yeah.
10:26 There are emotions tied to what's delivered,
10:28 and they know this as far as how these things are packaged,
10:30 whether it be movies or whether it be music.
10:32 Even in novels and stories and stuff like that.
10:35 But two, with that comes there...
10:38 You may have an emotional connection
10:40 and what comes with that emotional connection
10:41 to what you're hearing
10:43 is a world view that you don't agree with,
10:45 and those two come as a one size fits all package,
10:48 you get it all in one.
10:50 You can't choose one or the other.
10:51 "I just connect emotionally here,
10:52 but I don't like that."
10:54 You're willfully accepting both.
10:56 Yes.
10:57 And that's where we need to choose wisely
10:58 when it comes to the shopping.
11:00 The scripture tells us
11:01 that out of the abundance of the heart,
11:03 the mouth speaks.
11:04 And the big thing I found with music especially
11:07 is that it speaks to the heart.
11:09 Yes.
11:10 It has a way to move us that just words alone don't.
11:14 And because of that, music can be
11:16 humongously powerful,
11:18 but it can also have a big effect
11:20 we don't realize at less than even cerebral level,
11:23 those messages come in.
11:25 And this kind of relates to the next question
11:28 which, in the light of all this,
11:30 someone is asking,
11:31 "So how do we know
11:33 what is best for a Christian to watch
11:35 or listen to without being legalistic?"
11:38 It's a 22 year old male saying, "What do I do now?"
11:41 So here's one thing that I just want to say,
11:43 let's define legalism.
11:44 Legalism is not obedience.
11:46 Legalism is trying to obey to earn God's favor.
11:50 There's nothing legalistic about saying,
11:52 "God, what do you want me to do?
11:54 How can I best live in accordance with Your will?"
11:56 That's obedience. Christ did that.
11:58 So the first thing is to recognize
12:00 as long as I'm not trying to do
12:03 as many principals as I can just
12:04 so I can be saved,
12:05 if I'm coming out of from the perspective of God,
12:07 I want to be yours.
12:09 I want to really have a mind that is fit for heaven,
12:13 that's not legalism.
12:15 That Paul was saying like there are things
12:17 that are lawful for me, but not all are beneficial.
12:19 Yes, exactly.
12:20 And I've heard it said this way that if we choose...
12:25 If in our decision, we vow not to dishonor heaven,
12:28 a plain path will be set before our feet.
12:31 And I think that's a principle that we can abide by
12:33 in this particular context that...
12:36 Who's the messenger?
12:38 What is their world view?
12:39 And where are they wanting to drive me?
12:41 And it's just like a...
12:43 Like you're not going to get in some stranger's car.
12:44 You don't know how good a driver they are,
12:46 you don't know where they're going,
12:47 you don't know if they're trustworthy,
12:49 it's no different.
12:50 You're getting in their emotional vehicle,
12:51 and they're going to take you somewhere
12:53 whether you want to go there or not.
12:54 That's what these mediums are meant to do.
12:57 They're vehicles to get from one place to another.
13:00 And so the process of storytelling
13:02 and the process of music
13:04 are the two vehicles of storytelling
13:05 and music are immensely powerful,
13:08 and God uses both.
13:10 Satan himself as a musical being, for instance.
13:12 We're told in Ezekiel 28,
13:14 "Your timbrels and your pipes..."
13:15 He was someone who understands the principles of worship
13:18 and how powerful it is to guide the soul.
13:22 Yes, he can use them for evil,
13:23 but it's not that we just abandon music,
13:25 we abandon story,
13:27 it's who's driving the vehicle of these powerful mediums.
13:31 And that's the question, I think,
13:33 that's helpful for me when asking,
13:35 even if it's a Christian,
13:36 are they driving some other vehicle?
13:39 Does that make sense?
13:40 Like if they're using a foreign vehicle
13:42 to transport a message, it still has an impact.
13:44 I need to look into those things.
13:46 Right.
13:48 So as we pull this together,
13:51 what I hear you saying is that that we are God's.
13:55 Whatever we are eating, drinking, or doing
13:57 is for the glory of God.
13:59 And so no, we're not going to be able to give
14:02 all the answers right now on exactly what to do and not do,
14:05 but hopefully these principles help to give
14:07 at least a direction.
14:08 Thank you for watching.
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