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00:09 The escalation of global terrorism, crime, immorality,
00:12 and natural disasters, seems to indicate our world
00:15 is spiraling towards it's ultimate hour with destiny.
00:18 Who, if anyone, will survive Earth's final events?
00:21 Discover what Bible prophecy reveals about the rapture,
00:24 the mark of the beast, and Armageddon.
00:26 Though shrouded in mystery for centuries,
00:28 the book of Revelation can be understood today.
00:32 Peer into the future, and see what wonderful things
00:35 God has planned for His people.
00:38 And now, Pastor Brian McMahon presents the powerful
00:41 Bible seminar "Revelation Speaks Hope".
00:47 Our subject for tonight we've entitled:
00:49 "God's test of loyalty". If you would open up
00:51 your Bibles with me to Acts 17 as we begin tonight.
00:54 Acts 17:10 and onwards. The Bible says [text on screen]
01:26 Now notice the 2 groups, there were the Thessalonians
01:30 and there were the Bereans. The Thessalonians were not open
01:34 to studying, they were not open to see whether those things
01:37 were so, but then there were the Berean group,
01:39 and the Bible calls them noble, doesn't it?
01:42 Why did the Bible call them noble?
01:44 Because they were open to truth, they wanted to see
01:47 whether those things were so, and how did they do that?
01:52 Did the Bereans find out things by going to their neighbor
01:57 and asking for their opinion, yes or no?
01:59 No. Did the Bereans go and ask
02:01 their pastor what he thinks, and whatever he thinks is okay
02:03 with them? No.
02:05 They didn't ask their pastor, they didn't ask their priest,
02:07 they didn't ask their rabbi, rather, they searched
02:10 the Scriptures, didn't they? And notice when it says
02:13 they searched, that means they put some effort into it.
02:17 They did not do as some have done, where they simply
02:19 determine, or predetermine, what they want to believe
02:23 and then no matter what the rest of the Bible says
02:25 they're going to believe what they want to believe.
02:27 Well, we've covered opening night that that's not the way
02:29 to find out truth. So they searched the Scriptures,
02:32 they had a longing to have their minds enlightened
02:34 with what the words of God really says.
02:36 In Daniel 12:4 the Bible says: [text on screen]
02:54 God wants to increase knowledge in His word to your mind
02:58 and to my mind. In Revelation 13:3 it says:
03:02 [text on screen]
03:12 There's another verse very much similar to it in verse 8
03:15 where it says: [text on screen]
03:24 So Scripture's telling us dear friends that in the last days
03:27 there's going to be such great deception that it's going
03:30 to take in the world. I'm so glad that the Bible
03:33 qualifies it by saying that there will be some who will not
03:36 be deceived, but they will be in the minority, dear friends.
03:39 So when we search the Scriptures as the Bereans did,
03:43 if we find something there that is truth, and yet the world
03:48 is following something else, should it surprise us?
03:51 Should it startle us? Well, it shouldn't dear friends,
03:53 and the reason is because the Bible has already told us
03:56 that in the last days the vast majority of people will be
03:59 going down the wrong way. They'll be following down
04:01 the wrong road. I believe that for those people
04:03 that are living in that last days of this earth's history,
04:06 God wants them to know truth from error, amen?
04:09 And sometimes the truth surprises the Catholic,
04:12 and sometimes the truth surprises the Protestant,
04:14 sometimes it surprises the atheist, sometimes it surprises
04:17 the Jew, but everything that we're going to study tonight,
04:19 I had to study out for myself from the Word of God,
04:22 and make a decision whether it was truly taught in the Bible
04:24 or not, and I know that you're going to want to do
04:26 the same tonight. So having said all of that,
04:29 do you still want the truth tonight?
04:31 - [Audience] Yeah. - Amen, well let's go find it
04:34 together then. Go to Revelation 14 with me.
04:37 Here we find God's last grand closing message to the world
04:41 before Jesus returns. Revelation 14:6:
04:45 [text on screen]
04:53 So it's a Christ centered message, why?
04:54 Because it's called the everlasting gospel.
04:57 It's the good news that Jesus saves.
04:59 And it says: [text on screen]
05:05 So folks, this tells us it's not just for 1 denomination,
05:09 it's not just for people of 1 language, or 1 creed,
05:12 here is a message that is to sweep the world.
05:15 It's to span the oceans, it's to leap across
05:18 all the geographical boundaries that this world has set up,
05:21 and it's to speak to people of every language,
05:24 every kind, every persuasion. "Fear God" - which means
05:28 reverence Him, worship Him, respect Him
05:31 [continues to read]
05:36 So what the Bible is telling us then is that it is announcing
05:39 that there's going to be a certain time in this earth's
05:41 history when we are living in a generation that's
05:45 just leading up to the coming of Jesus,
05:47 and notice in this time that's called "the judgment hour"
05:50 there's a special call that goes to all the world.
05:53 It says: "And give glory to Him for the hour of His judgment"
05:58 "has come" [text on screen]
06:05 Okay, now why do I share this with you?
06:06 Because Revelation 14:7 is calling us to true worship,
06:11 it says: "worship Him that made these things".
06:14 Revelation 14:9 is warning us against false worship.
06:19 Verse 9 begins saying: "And the 3rd angel followed"
06:21 "them saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast".
06:25 So in the last days of this earth's history
06:27 people are either going to worship God as the Creator
06:30 or they're going to worship that one which the Bible
06:33 calls the beast. So what's the central issue?
06:35 The central issue, friends, is loyalty.
06:37 The central issue is allegiance to God.
06:40 The central issue is worship, what are we going to do
06:43 with our worship?
06:45 Remember those key points, we go down to verse 12,
06:48 and in verse 12 God sets up a contrast here.
06:51 In Verse 12 it says: "Here is the patients of the saints,"
06:54 "here are they that keep the commandments of God"
06:58 "and the faith of Jesus." So the Bible is contrasting
07:01 for us those that are worshipping the beast
07:04 and following that with those that are keeping
07:06 the commandments of God, so that's why it's so important
07:08 that we understand what the true commandments of God are,
07:11 what do you say out there?
07:12 So go back with me to Revelation 14:7,
07:17 where it says: "Worship Him who made heaven, and earth,"
07:21 "and the sea, and the fountains of waters."
07:23 What do we call the one who made all of these things:
07:26 heaven, earth, the sea, and the fountains, what's another
07:28 word for the maker of all things?
07:30 Creator, so in an age of evolution,
07:34 God is calling us back to our roots, isn't He?
07:37 He's telling us that we're not just the result
07:39 of some big cosmic bang, some big bang, we're not just
07:44 an evolution accident here, we are the result
07:47 of a creator's handiwork, aren't we?
07:50 Why do we worship God anyway? Have you ever thought of that?
07:53 What's the basis of worship? Why do we give God
07:57 our total allegiance? Well, the Bible actually
07:59 answers that for us. Go to Revelation 4,
08:01 you're already in Revelation, so it's not difficult to turn there
08:03 Revelation 4 is our text: [text on screen]
08:13 "for" - which is just another word for "because",
08:16 [continues to read]
08:23 So the very basis of worship is that God created us.
08:29 Has our loving God, has this all powerful Creator
08:34 given this world something to remember Him by?
08:38 Hasn't God, in His wisdom, given this world
08:41 something so we would never forget that there is a God
08:45 in heaven, and we are His creatures here on earth,
08:47 and we owe our allegiance to Him?
08:49 Well friends, God has given us something,
08:51 and we want to take a look at it tonight, together.
08:53 Turn with me to Exodus 20:8, the Bible says: [text on screen]
09:30 Tonight we're going to study the topic of the 4th commandment,
09:33 the one that deals with remembering God's Sabbath day.
09:36 And as we do so, I have a suggestion for us all,
09:40 let's be like the noble Bereans who searched the Scriptures
09:46 whether those things were so. Rather than ask our favorite
09:51 Uncle Willy, or Aunt Hazel, or anyone else we might love
09:55 and trust, what do you say we go to the Bible for the answers
09:58 on this subject tonight, amen?
10:00 Because that is what God would want us to do.
10:02 I know that you heard some people say:
10:05 "Oh that 7th day, that's the Jewish Sabbath."
10:08 I know you've heard people say that perhaps,
10:10 but notice it doesn't say "the Sabbath of the Jew" here,
10:13 but rather it says: "the Sabbath of the Lord thy God".
10:18 When God made man on the 6th day of creation,
10:21 after that day was over, how many human beings
10:26 were alive on planet earth. 2, and what were their names?
10:30 Adam and Eve. Were they Jews?
10:32 No, they were not Jews, as a matter of fact
10:35 there were no Jews for hundreds and hundreds of years
10:40 after Adam and Eve. After He finished making man
10:43 on the earth, on that 6th day, there were no Jews
10:46 after that, but we do want to go and find out when God
10:50 did establish the Sabbath, this will help us tonight,
10:52 so with me to Genesis 2.
10:56 The book of beginnings is where we're going to turn.
10:59 Let's begin reading in verse 1: [text on screen]
11:08 "...seventh day" - on the what day?
11:12 Seventh day. [text on screen]
11:18 He rested on what day? Seventh day,
11:23 "He rested on the Seventh day from all His work"
11:25 "which He had made." Verse 3: [text on screen]
11:29 He blessed the what day? Seventh Day.
11:33 "...because in it", that "it" is the seventh day,
11:36 "He had rested from all His work which God created and made."
11:41 This is a wonderful account of the creation week
11:45 and the final day of that week.
11:48 When God created, we know that on the 1st day
11:53 He made a special work. He made the light,
11:55 and separated it from the darkness, and called
11:58 the light "day" and the evening He called the "night".
12:00 The 2nd day He created the firmament, and divided it
12:03 and had the atmosphere above and the waters beneath.
12:06 On the 3rd day He added something else.
12:09 He made the dry land appear, and then we had the grass
12:12 on top of it, the trees came forth, and the fruit trees,
12:16 and so on. He started to make it beautiful.
12:18 On the 4th day He put things up in the heavens.
12:21 The sun, the moon and the stars, and they were to guide
12:23 the seasons and the days and the years.
12:26 Then on the 5th day, He put the creatures in the seas,
12:30 and in the air, He started to populate them,
12:34 but He wasn't finished yet. Then we have the 6th day,
12:37 and on the 6th day He made the land animals
12:39 and, of course, human beings, Adam and Eve,
12:42 but He wasn't finished, the week was not complete rather.
12:46 His creation was finished, but God wanted to finish out
12:49 the week with a very special memorial.
12:51 So on the 7th day He set up that memorial of Himself
12:55 as the Creator, and on that day, we're told,
12:57 He rested, He blessed the day, and He sanctified it,
13:01 that means He set it apart for Holy use.
13:04 [text on screen]
13:08 Dear friends, once again, after that week there were no Jews,
13:13 and that's when the Sabbath was created.
13:15 In fact, you could take your Bible, you could read it
13:18 from cover to cover, Genesis to Revelation and back again,
13:21 you will never ever find the expression "Sabbath of the Jews"
13:25 A lot of people say that, and they can sound
13:27 ever so convincing when they do, but the Bible never says it.
13:31 It always says "the Sabbath of the Lord thy God"...always.
13:36 Now let's go take a look at who the Sabbath was made for.
13:39 If you would turn to Mark 2.
13:45 I know you hear that a lot, people saying the Sabbath
13:47 was only for the Jew, but Mark 2, here's the words
13:50 of Jesus, and Jesus makes it very plain.
13:53 We're going to look at Mark 2:27.
13:55 In the words of Jesus is says: [text on screen]
14:07 "M. A. N." that's a funny way to spell "Jew", isn't that right?
14:11 Okay, the Sabbath was made for who?
14:13 Man, and that's the generic term for all mankind.
14:16 So the Sabbath wasn't made for the Jew, it was to be a blessing
14:18 for everybody, wasn't it? And yet somehow
14:21 people can continue to say that the 4th commandment
14:24 is Jewish. I'm going to ask you a question,
14:26 those of you who have been coming, you especially know this
14:28 because you've been studying here with us.
14:30 The commandment that says: "Thou shalt not kill",
14:33 is that only for the Jews? No.
14:35 Does the one that says: "Thou shalt not commit adultery",
14:37 is that Jewish in nature? No, of course not.
14:40 Is the one that says: "Thou shalt not covet",
14:43 "Thou shalt not bear false witness",
14:44 are those to be only for the Jews?
14:46 No, of course not. You see, the 4th commandment
14:49 is no more Jewish than the other ones are.
14:51 All of them were for humanity, not just 1 or 2, or whatever.
14:57 And yet, people somehow think that the 4th commandment
15:00 is only for the Jews. If you go back
15:02 to the commandment itself there in verse 10,
15:05 it says right in the commandment of Exodus 20:10:
15:08 [text on screen]
15:20 "stranger that is within thy gates."
15:22 So see, right there in the commandment it tells us
15:24 it's not just for the Jew only, it's also for the Gentiles.
15:27 So in the command God says: "I want you to remember this day."
15:33 We might say: "Well, why Lord? Why should we remember"
15:36 "this day?" He goes on in verse 11:
15:38 [text on screen]
15:50 Well what he's doing is he's quoting from Genesis 2.
15:54 Where we just were a moment ago in Genesis 2,
15:56 where God rested on that day, and blessed that day,
15:58 and sanctified that day, Moses, as he writes down
16:01 these words in Exodus, he's commenting on that act
16:05 that God did back there in creation week.
16:09 So in this commandment God is telling us the fact
16:13 that He is the creator, which is exactly what Revelation told us
16:18 we're to give worship to. Do you know that that's
16:21 what distinguishes the true God from all those false things
16:24 that are called God. You see, the Devil knew
16:29 that if he was going to draw attention away from the true God
16:32 somehow he had to get mankind's attention away
16:37 from the Sabbath day, because if everybody was keeping
16:40 the Sabbath day, then everybody every single week
16:44 would have a reminder of the fact that there's a true God
16:46 up in heaven.
16:48 Satan doesn't want you to know that, and Satan
16:50 doesn't want people to remember that.
16:52 If everybody kept the Sabbath, could you have a doubter of God?
16:56 Could you have an atheist? Could you have a skeptic?
16:59 Well no, not really, because how could you doubt God
17:02 or not believe in God if you keep a day every week
17:05 in honor of God. That's what God intended,
17:08 that we would never forget Him.
17:10 So by causing people to disregard the Sabbath,
17:13 by causing people to neglect the Sabbath, or reject
17:17 the Sabbath, he has led multitudes of people
17:20 away from the true God, and they start believing in things
17:22 like evolution, or no God at all.
17:27 Think carefully with me, the Sabbath is a gift from heaven
17:32 to mankind, did you ever think of it that way?
17:35 When in the 4th commandment God says "I'm going to give you"
17:37 "a special gift every single week, and that's a gift"
17:40 "of My presence and my time." Isn't it a wonderful thing
17:44 to think about it in heaven, to think that we get to be
17:46 with our Creator. Aren't you looking forward
17:48 to heaven because we get to be with Jesus?
17:51 God is saying: "I'm going to give you a little foretaste"
17:53 "of heaven even while you're here on earth."
17:55 "I'm going to give you one day every single week"
17:59 "when we can meet together in a special way,"
18:02 "and you can have My presence in a special way"
18:04 "that is not there the other 6 days of the week."
18:08 The Devil knew that the perfect 7th day Sabbath
18:11 honored the true God, so the Devil does everything he can
18:14 to get people to get their eyes off of that day of the week.
18:17 And yet God said that if you keep this day,
18:19 "it will always be a special sign between Me and you."
18:22 So let's take a look at a couple of texts that tells us that
18:24 in Exodus 31:17, notice what God said about this day:
18:33 [text on screen]
18:42 So quoting the fact that God made the heavens and the earth
18:45 in 6 days, then He says, and the 7th day, that's a special sign.
18:51 Dear friends, it was a special sign then, and guess what,
18:55 because the commandments are still for us today,
18:57 it is a special sign now, it hasn't changed, God doesn't
19:01 change, the commandments do not change, God's special day
19:05 doesn't change, it's still a sign between Him and his people.
19:08 Let's look at another one in Ezekiel 20:12.
19:11 He says regarding His people: [text on screen]
19:25 Throughout the Old Testament, and even the New,
19:28 He's saying "The Sabbath is a special sign of loyalty"
19:31 "between Me and My people."
19:34 Here's an article that I cut out of my paper
19:37 near my home town, sort of cut off a little bit off the top,
19:41 but it talks about remembering the Sabbath,
19:43 and it goes on and talks about how churches has overlooked this
19:47 and really have suffered a loss because of it.
19:50 Another article I found from "Christianity Today" magazine,
19:54 again, I apologize, I've cut off a little bit off the top there,
19:56 but it says at the top: "Rediscovering the Sabbath".
20:01 In other words, the churches have long misunderstood
20:04 the fact that the 7th day is for us today as much as it
20:08 ever was to the Israelites of old.
20:12 Why does God want us to have this special time with Him?
20:16 Friends, He wants us to have this time with Him
20:18 because God is relationship oriented.
20:21 In other words, Jesus didn't just say:
20:23 "Keep My commandments", but rather Jesus said:
20:26 [text on screen]
20:29 So God puts the commandments in the context
20:32 of a relationship of love. I know that Satan
20:36 seeks to nullify everything that honors God,
20:39 so Satan is working very hard tonight to cause people
20:42 to think of the Sabbath as done away with,
20:46 do you know why this is one reason why we covered
20:48 the 10 commandments our last 2 nights?
20:51 It's because so many churches today are trying to find a way
20:56 to do away with the Sabbath that they're willing to say
21:00 that the whole law is done away with, so we've proven
21:03 from the Scriptures on more than 1 night that is just not so.
21:07 The churches that say the law's nailed to the cross,
21:09 the churches that say that the 10 commandments are no longer
21:12 binding, they don't really mean that,
21:14 the people that say that, they thought it trough,
21:16 they don't really mean that, think about it with me.
21:20 Every single church in this area, or I could say
21:23 in the city of Sacramento, every single church believes
21:27 "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me",
21:29 they all believe that; every single church but one
21:32 believes: "Thou shalt not make any graven image"
21:34 "and bow down and worship it", every single church but one
21:36 keeps that. Every single church believes
21:40 "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain."
21:43 Every church believes "Honor thy father and thy mother",
21:45 "thou shalt not kill", "commit adultery", "steal"
21:47 "bear false witness" and "covet",
21:48 they all believe in those things but there is 1 commandment
21:51 that gives them difficulty, and that is the 4th commandment.
21:55 So in order to try to get around the fact
21:57 that they're not honoring the 4th commandment
21:59 as it is listed in the Bible, their way around that
22:02 is to say that all of the commandments have been
22:05 done away with. They say the whole law
22:07 was nailed to the cross, and then they come right back
22:10 and they say: "But in the New Testament, we keep"
22:12 "9 of them." Now, for thinking, perceptive people,
22:17 that just doesn't make sense. Isn't it more
22:22 than just interesting that the one commandment
22:25 that people today are saying it's okay to forget
22:30 is the 1 commandment that God said: "remember"?
22:35 Once again, even though churches in their heart of hearts
22:37 don't really believe that, it's the easiest way
22:40 that they have tried to find to do away with the fact
22:42 that they're not honoring that commandment.
22:45 I'm going to share something with you as you turn there
22:47 that I hope you'll never forget. When the Devil comes to people
22:51 to try to get them to disregard the Bible,
22:55 and to do something that is wrong, he doesn't have
22:59 the Scriptures on his side. The Scriptures are a safeguard
23:02 for us to do what's right. So what the Devil does
23:07 is he uses arguments, carefully crafted and scripted arguments
23:13 that will lure people away from following what the Bible
23:16 plainly says, so that's why we need the Scriptures
23:19 to cut through all of those deceptive arguments.
23:22 So don't fall for that one about the commandments being done
23:26 away with.
23:27 In James 2:10 here's what we read: [text on screen]
23:46 We've talked a little bit about it, but this is also important
23:49 because it is controversial in asking what day of the week
23:53 actually is the Sabbath. If you look at an almanac,
23:57 or an encyclopedia, or a dictionary, the calendar,
24:01 and especially the Bible, you will see that in all of those
24:04 areas it is absolutely certain what day of the week
24:07 the true Sabbath is, but again, we're going to go
24:10 to the Bible, it's our ultimate authority.
24:12 Turn with me to Revelation 1.
24:17 This is a well known text so we want to be sure that we cover it
24:21 We want to find the true Sabbath in the New Testament,
24:24 and once again, go to the Bible as our final authority.
24:26 Revelation 1:10, the Bible says, and this is John,
24:34 the revelator speaking: [text on screen]
24:39 "and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet."
24:43 Notice, John had a vision. He had it on a certain day
24:46 of the week, and he called that day "the Lord's day",
24:49 that means it's different than other days.
24:52 It's different than the other days, that specific day
24:53 was the Lord's day, it belongs to the Lord.
24:56 Unfortunately, he doesn't get too specific about what day
24:58 he's talking about here, he doesn't tell us exactly
25:01 what day of the week it is, he simply says he had
25:03 a vision, it the Lord's day. >From Genesis to Revelation,
25:07 you don't that exact term "the Lord's day" used again,
25:12 this is the only place in the Bible it's used,
25:14 here in Revelation 1:10, but this much we do know:
25:18 long after the time of Jesus walking the earth
25:22 and ascending back to heaven, there was a special day
25:24 called the Lord's day. So right away we know this,
25:28 that this immediately does away with this false theory
25:30 that in the New Testament all the days are the same.
25:33 That's another arguments that the Devil uses.
25:35 He twists things to cause people to think: "Well, there isn't"
25:39 "really a Sabbath day any more because all the days"
25:42 "are the same, they're all of the same nature."
25:45 Well, we know that can't be true otherwise how could
25:47 John say 70 years after Jesus walked the earth
25:51 that he was in the spirit on the Lord's day if there was
25:53 no day that was the Lord's day, that wouldn't make sense.
25:56 So I would say this: if there is a Lord's day,
25:59 how about we ask the Lord Himself what day of the week
26:03 it is? Does that make sense to you?
26:05 Who would know better than Jesus what day He's Lord of.
26:07 So let's do it, go to Matthew 12 with me.
26:10 Here's we're looking at verse 8: "For the Son of man",
26:13 that's Jesus, [text on screen]
26:20 Now if Jesus if the Lord, and He's the Lord of the Sabbath,
26:24 then that must mean that the Sabbath is the Lord's day.
26:26 If English language makes any sense, has any meaning at all
26:29 that's exactly what Jesus is saying, in fact,
26:31 right back in the commandment itself it tells us
26:34 the 7th day is the Sabbath, and it's the Sabbath of the Lord.
26:38 That means the Lord's day is the 7th day of the week;
26:42 it belongs to God in a special way.
26:45 In Mark 2:28 we find something very similar,
26:49 here the Bible also says: [text on screen]
26:54 So the Sabbath is, therefore, the Lord's day.
26:59 In the book of Revelation, for those of you who have spent
27:03 any time there at all, I'm sure that you've noticed
27:05 that numbers have meaning. The number 12 is very prominent
27:10 in the book of Revelation, and there's another number
27:12 that's very prominent in the book of Revelation,
27:14 and that's the number 7. So as we go there
27:17 let me share with you just a little bit about the number 7.
27:19 It says in Revelation there were [text on screen]
27:34 Popular opinion and tradition has replaced the Bible for many,
27:38 and for many churches, but I'm going to politely and kindly
27:44 challenge you tonight. The reason most people keep
27:47 a different day other than the 7th day is simply
27:50 from tradition, it's not from the Bible at all.
27:53 So let's now go through some more verses here
27:56 and let's keep establishing what day the disciples kept.
27:59 Would you turn with me to Luke 23 tonight.
28:05 The Bible has a prophecy that there is going to come a power
28:09 against God's commandments that would seek to change God's times
28:12 and laws, we're going to look more at that on another night,
28:16 but has it been fulfilled? Well, if you go to the history
28:18 books, the encyclopedias, go to the libraries,
28:22 go to various other sources of information,
28:24 you will find it very clear what day of the week the 7th day
28:27 Sabbath is, but let's go to the Scriptures now,
28:29 Luke 23:54, here it says: [text on screen]
28:39 Talking about the day that Jesus died, "And the Sabbath"
28:42 "drew on" - meaning the Sabbath had not yet come,
28:44 "and the women also, which came with Him from Galilee"
28:46 "followed after, and they beheld the sepulcher and how His body"
28:50 "was laid, and they returned and prepared spices"
28:53 "and ointments, and rested the Sabbath day according"
28:56 "to the commandment." Now chapter 24:1,
29:01 it says: [text on screen]
29:11 "And they found the stone rolled away"
29:13 "from the sepulcher." What we have here is 3 days
29:17 mentioned in quick, but nevertheless orderly succession.
29:21 You've got the preparation day mentioned, you've got the
29:24 Sabbath Day mentioned and you've got the first day of the week
29:27 mentioned as well. I'm going to put another verse
29:31 up on the screen, it's Mark 15:42, and it says:
29:35 [text on screen]
29:40 The Bible is going to share with us how it defines
29:43 the word "preparation", [continues to read]
29:54 So the Bible says that the preparation day is the day
29:58 before the Sabbath, that's the day that we would call
30:01 in many of the Christian churches "Good Friday",
30:05 the day that Jesus died. So we've got the preparation,
30:08 the day that Jesus died on the cross.
30:10 Now let's go to Mark 16:9.
30:16 And here the Bible says: [text on screen]
30:24 Well now we've got the day when Jesus rose from the grave,
30:27 and it talks about it as the first day of the week.
30:31 So we've got the preparation day identified, the day
30:33 that Jesus died, the first day of the week identified,
30:36 the day that Jesus rose from the tomb, and now we've got
30:39 1 day in the middle. We go back again
30:42 to Luke 23:56 and here's what it says: [text on screen]
30:54 So now we've got the day in the middle identified.
30:57 The Sabbath day, the day that came between the day
31:00 that Jesus died and the day that Jesus rose, is called
31:03 the Sabbath day. I know that many of you
31:06 know exactly how to make a sandwich.
31:08 You start with a slice of bread on top, and a slice of bread
31:10 down below, and then you put something in the middle of it.
31:14 Well, here we've got a sandwich of days, you've got
31:17 the top part, the day that Jesus died,
31:19 you've got the bottom part, the day that Jesus rose,
31:22 and then you've got that part in the middle,
31:23 the sweetest part of all, the time that Jesus laid
31:27 in the tomb, which the Bible calls the Sabbath.
31:30 I don't know anyone who can straighten this controversy
31:33 out better than Jesus Himself, so in Matthew 24
31:36 we have Jesus talking to His disciples.
31:39 Jesus was telling them about a time when His church
31:42 would have to flee form Jerusalem because it would
31:44 be destroyed. We go down to verse 19,
31:48 speaking as the prophet He was, it says: "And woe unto them"
31:53 "that are with child, and to them that give suck"
31:56 "in those days," [text on screen]
32:04 Jesus is speaking about a time when Jerusalem was totally
32:07 annihilated. The Roman armies came
32:09 and surrounded it, this was in 70 AD, almost 40 years
32:14 after Jesus spoke to His disciples.
32:16 Here's, the point: [text on screen]
32:37 ...if it wasn't a commandment anymore?
32:39 Jesus would never have given that counsel to His people.
32:43 So we have a crystal clear text that tells us the Sabbath
32:46 was important before, in the Old Testament, the Sabbath
32:50 was important in the life of Jesus, and the Sabbath
32:52 was important in the New Testament, and of course,
32:55 that means all the way down to our time as well.
32:57 There's more evidence though, in the book of Hebrews 4:9
33:02 Paul says, and Paul's believed by many to be the author
33:05 of the book of Hebrews, it says: [text on screen]
33:11 You know that word "rest" that's in the King James,
33:13 it's actually in the original Greek: [text on screen]
33:18 Paul is telling us that there's a Sabbath keeping experience
33:22 left for the people of God. You see, we rest from our sins
33:27 on the inside because we trust in Jesus as our Saviour,
33:31 but there's an outward keeping of the Sabbath also
33:34 that people can evidence that we have that peace and rest
33:37 inside. So yes, there remains
33:40 a Sabbath keeping for the people of God.
33:42 But what about the apostles, many people believe
33:45 that the disciples taught something different, or kept
33:48 a different day, so we want to go and look at that as well.
33:50 Go to Acts 13, in the New Testament,
33:57 what about the early church? Let's take a look there.
34:00 We're going to begin reading in Acts 13:14.
34:07 Here's what the Bible says: [text on screen]
34:20 They went into the synagogue on what day?
34:22 The Sabbath day. In other words, Paul preached
34:24 on the Sabbath day, but what did he preach?
34:27 It goes in verse 15: [text on screen]
34:37 So Paul preached the law and he preached prophecy as well.
34:41 So here's this great apostle to the Gentiles, the apostle Paul,
34:46 and he is keeping the Sabbath of the Lord.
34:49 Well, someone will always say: "Well, he went into"
34:51 "the synagogue because that's where the Jews were,"
34:54 "and the Gentiles, well, they weren't in there,"
34:55 "so they didn't have to keep the Sabbath."
34:57 Well, let's keep reading. It's amazing how people
35:00 stop too soon. Go to verse 42, it says:
35:03 [text on screen]
35:13 "Now when the congregation was broken up, many of the Jews"
35:17 "and religious proselytes followed Paul and Barnabas,"
35:20 "who speaking to them persuaded them to continue"
35:24 "in the grace of God," [text on screen]
35:33 Are you following along in your own Bible on this?
35:35 This is so beautiful, it says that they were keeping
35:40 the Sabbath, both Gentiles and Jews, and Paul says:
35:43 "You continue in the grace of God", that tells us
35:45 that grace saved Christians believe in the commandments
35:49 of God, including the 4th commandment.
35:51 They were keeping it because Paul says: "you continue"
35:54 "in that grace that you're in", and that's exactly
35:56 what he would say to us tonight.
35:58 When the Gentiles wanted to hear Paul preach,
36:01 he didn't say: "well, we've got the Jews getting preached to"
36:03 "on the Sabbath, and we're keeping a different day now"
36:05 "so you come back the next day", he didn't tell them that.
36:09 In fact, it tells us that the next Sabbath almost the whole
36:15 city came together, in other words, all of them were keeping
36:18 the exact same day of the week, that's the teaching
36:22 of the early church. We're not done yet.
36:23 Go to Acts 18:4.
36:36 Paul is in a Gentile city, there's a church raised up
36:39 and what do they do? It says: [text on screen]
36:52 I hope the Bible is making it clear to us tonight.
36:55 Every Sabbath. We'll look at 1 more.
36:57 Go to Acts 16. When people say that there's
37:00 no evidence of them keeping the Sabbath in the New Testament,
37:03 I know one thing: they haven't read the New Testament
37:05 because there's verse after verse of them keeping
37:07 the Sabbath.
37:09 Acts 16:13, here's what the Bible says: [text on screen]
37:23 This wasn't a meeting in a synagogue, this was a meeting
37:26 out by the riverside. They were still keeping
37:28 the Sabbath, they didn't have to be in the synagogue,
37:30 they didn't have to be with Jews at all to keep the Sabbath
37:32 because the commandment was just as much for the Christian church
37:34 as it ever was for Jewish people.
37:37 Notice something else as you read this passage folks.
37:40 When Luke, who records these words, says:
37:44 "And on the Sabbath" he didn't say: "And on the day"
37:48 "that used to be the Sabbath", he did not say:
37:51 "And on the day that the Jews call the Sabbath",
37:55 he says: "And on the Sabbath we did this..."
37:57 "and on the Sabbath we did that..."
37:59 "And on the Sabbath Paul preached", and why did he
38:01 say that? Because it was still the Sabbath.
38:05 It hadn't changed, nothing different about it,
38:08 it wasn't a controversy back then, it was understood
38:10 that all the commandments are still there, it wasn't
38:12 an issue at all. It has since become an issue,
38:15 it certainly wasn't an issue to the disciples.
38:17 The New Testament church kept the Bible Sabbath.
38:21 They loved Jesus enough to what He said and want to keep
38:25 His commandments. The Sabbath is also a memorial,
38:30 it's a memorial of God's creation.
38:32 Can you change a memorial simply because another day
38:35 is more convenient to you? The US received its independence
38:39 on July the 4th, 1776, but if I want to celebrate it
38:43 on July the 3rd, or July the 5th, does it change the fact
38:46 that July the 4th is the Independence Day?
38:48 It doesn't change that fact, I can celebrate it everyday
38:50 if I want to choose, it doesn't change the fact
38:52 which day is Independence Day. It's sort of like my birthday.
38:56 My birthday is March 30, 19... oh, you don't need to know
39:00 the year. [Audience laughs]
39:03 My birthday is March 30th. All my celebrations on
39:07 March 29th, and all my festivities of March 31st,
39:11 doesn't change the fact that my birthday is March 30th.
39:15 In the same way, all the celebrations a person wants
39:18 to have on a different day of the week doesn't change
39:21 the fact that there is only 1 day that God set aside
39:24 as His special day of rest, and He intended that all the world
39:27 come together on that day, and honor God as the Creator.
39:32 Now, there is 1 other very common misconception on this,
39:35 and I want to address it to you tonight, and that is
39:38 that people will say, and these are very sincere people too,
39:41 and they will say: "It doesn't matter what day you keep"
39:45 "because I keep every day holy."
39:49 Friends, we want to be very careful about Bible truth.
39:52 I want you to listen very carefully to what I'm about
39:54 to say, lest you go away with a misunderstanding tonight.
39:59 We can't keep every day holy.
40:03 Why? Because first of all,
40:05 the same commandment that says "Remember the Sabbath day"
40:08 "to keep it holy" also says: "6 days shalt thou labor".
40:12 In Ezekiel 46:1 it calls the other days the 6 working days,
40:16 not every day is a holy day, so 6 days are working days,
40:21 only 1 day is called holy in the Scriptures.
40:24 God didn't say: "Keep all days as the Sabbath",
40:27 He said: "Keep THE Sabbath". Here's something else
40:29 I want to follow with: we aught to live for God
40:31 everyday, what do you say? We aught to live holy lives
40:35 everyday. Through the power of Jesus
40:38 living through us, that we aught to do everyday,
40:41 but that's different than keeping every day
40:43 as the Sabbath. You might say:
40:45 "Well, where exactly do we get this idea that the Sabbath"
40:49 "is the first day of the week, the day that we'd call Sunday,"
40:51 "or some say it's not any day." Well, let me share with you
40:53 some quotes tonight to catch you up to speed.
40:56 This is "The Covert's Catechism of Catholic Doctrine"
40:59 and in this particular book, which also I studied
41:02 growing up as a Catholic, by the way, they have some
41:05 interesting statements that I would like to share with you
41:07 here tonight. In this Catechism
41:09 the Catholic church asks themselves the question:
41:12 [text on screen]
41:21 In other words, "why then are we keeping a different day"
41:23 "other than what the Bible says?"
41:25 They go on and they answer the question: [text on screen]
41:30 "solemnity" - which means the sacredness, [continues to read]
41:34 So they say the Catholic church did this change,
41:37 or at least this official change.
41:38 Let's go on to another one. "A Doctrinal Catechism",
41:42 page 174: [text on screen]
41:48 They are asking themselves the question, here's the answer
41:50 that they give: [text on screen]
42:11 So they say again: "We're the one that changed the 7th day"
42:14 "to the 1st day, and the Bible does not tell us to do it."
42:17 "We did it on our own." There's another quote.
42:19 "The Catholic Encyclopedia" says this: [text on screen]
42:30 The Bible never calls it "the Jewish Sabbath",
42:32 they use that term, but the Bible never uses it,
42:35 [continues to read]
42:43 Now why did they refer to it as the 3rd commandment
42:45 rather than what the Bible says, the 4th commandment?
42:47 Because they took the 2nd commandment out
42:49 in the Catechism. The 2nd commandment has to do
42:52 with "thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image,"
42:53 "or any likeness of anything that is in the heaven above,"
42:55 "or in the earth beneath. Thou shalt not bow down"
42:57 "thyself to them, nor serve them" because the Catholic
43:00 church had the images in their church, and that was
43:03 a very condemning thing, they took that commandment out,
43:06 and that bumped up the 3rd commandment to the place
43:08 of the 2nd, and the 4th to the place of the 3rd,
43:10 and that's why they're calling it the 3rd commandment.
43:12 So they're saying: "Yes, we made that change and therefore"
43:16 "we did it." Let's go on to another one:
43:18 this one is from a Catholic apologist, Karl Keating.
43:21 In his book "Catholicism and Fundamentalism", page 38,
43:24 he says: [text on screen]
43:42 So he's saying: "Yes, nothing in the Bible at all"
43:45 "says that Sunday should be the Sabbath, it was the Catholic"
43:47 "church again." So he's very open
43:51 in saying this. Here's another very famous
43:53 Catholic, Cardinal James Gibbons, in his book
43:57 "Faith of Our Fathers", page 561, here's what
43:59 he had to say: [text on screen]
44:14 So because the Catholic church claims authority to be able
44:17 to change the Bible, then they are very willing and open
44:21 in saying that they did it, but they also agree
44:25 that there's nothing in the Scriptures that say
44:27 that we should be keeping any other day other than
44:29 7th day Sabbath, the day that we would call Saturday.
44:32 Well folks, you can read the Bible from cover to cover
44:35 there are over 140 passages, or places, where it mentions
44:41 the 7th day Sabbath, over 140!
44:43 There is not 1 time it ever says that Sunday is a holy day,
44:49 or that the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday,
44:51 or anything like that, not 1 single time.
44:54 If you were to leave here tonight, and you were to go
44:57 to an average minister who is keeping Sunday,
45:02 along with his congregation, and if you were to ask the question:
45:05 "why are we keeping the 1st day of the week, when the Bible"
45:08 "clearly says that we should be keeping the 7th day"
45:10 "of the week, the day that we would call Saturday."
45:12 "Why are we going to church on Sunday?"
45:15 He would give you almost inevitably 1 of 3 answers.
45:19 Answer 1: he would say "we keep Sunday in honor"
45:23 "of the resurrection." Well, I would too,
45:28 if God told me to do it, but God doesn't tell us
45:31 to do that, nowhere in the Bible does God tell us
45:34 to do that, so no, we can't do what God doesn't tell us
45:37 to do, amen?
45:40 People say: "do you mean you want us to forget that"
45:42 "Jesus rose from the grave?" No of course not,
45:44 in almost every church there is a table that is brought down,
45:48 if it isn't already there, they bring it down
45:49 on special occasions, and there that table is used
45:53 to commemorate the death of Jesus, and it says:
45:56 "This do in remembrance of Me."
45:59 Do what?
46:00 Holy communion, it commemorates the death of Jesus.
46:03 Well what about the resurrection of Jesus?
46:05 That's why we have Bible baptism friends.
46:08 Bible baptism, you read about it in Romans 6,
46:10 and the book of Colossians, it tells us that in Bible baptism
46:14 we are buried with Christ and we rise again like Jesus
46:17 rose from the grave. We remember that Jesus died
46:20 and rose from the grave every time we hold a Bible baptism.
46:27 We'll talk more about that on a night to come.
46:30 So if they can't get you with this idea that we do it
46:33 because Jesus rose from the grave the 1st day of the week,
46:36 then they will say this: "the law was nailed"
46:39 "to the cross", in fact, they might even say that first.
46:42 We've studied 2 nights together, we know
46:43 that isn't true, can you say amen?
46:47 The 10 commandments are as eternal as God Himself.
46:51 So if they can't fool you with the law being nailed
46:53 to the cross, and if they can't fool you with this idea
46:56 that we keep it in honor of the resurrection, when the Bible
46:58 never says it, then they'll come down to #3,
47:02 and they'll say: "where did you learn this anyway?"
47:06 And you say: "Well, I was attending the Amazing Facts"
47:08 "Seminar, and I was opening up my Bible every night"
47:12 "and I studied it from the word of God, and I learned"
47:15 "it right there in the Scriptures."
47:19 And they might just tell you not to come back.
47:23 Friends, that's what I call, to use the common vernacular,
47:27 "a cop out".
47:30 I told you opening night, if we're going to make claims
47:32 from the front here, either we're going to back it up
47:33 from the word of God, or you don't have to believe me
47:35 at all, what do you say? [Audience] Amen.
47:37 This is verse after verse, Old Testament, New Testament,
47:41 it is back and forth, the way to the evidence is there.
47:45 Sometimes people say this: "Well how can we be sure"
47:50 "what day of the week is the Sabbath?"
47:53 "Haven't calendars been changed? And because calendars have"
47:56 "been changed, how do we really know what day"
47:58 "is the 7th day anyway?" Well folks, isn't it amazing
48:02 that first of all, they always leave that argument for the end,
48:05 this idea that of the calendar being changed.
48:07 They never give a shred of evidence for it,
48:10 but they're hoping that if they can just throw that argument
48:12 out there, and say the calendars have been changed,
48:14 so time has been mixed up, and therefore we don't know
48:16 what day the Sabbath is, and they always are hoping
48:18 that you'll never call them on it because they certainly
48:19 can't prove it. Think it through with me:
48:23 if the calendars have been changed, and we don't know
48:27 what day Saturday really is, then we don't know
48:29 what day Sunday really is, amen?
48:32 And yet, how many of them will stand up and say:
48:34 "this is the day that Jesus rose from the grave,"
48:36 "so this is why we go...", and they're so certain
48:38 they know what day Jesus died on, but they can't find
48:40 the day that comes before that.
48:43 In the days of Jesus they used the Julian Calendar
48:45 named after Julius Caesar. That was the calendar
48:48 that was in operation Jesus' day.
48:51 >From that time onward it was used throughout the Dark Ages,
48:55 coming up unto the year 1582.
48:58 In the year 1582 in the month of October they did make
49:02 a significant calendar change, and this is what happened:
49:05 in order to bring the calendar more in line
49:07 with the times of the seasons, they decided
49:09 they would drop 10 days out of the calendar.
49:12 So as they went to the month of October in 1582,
49:17 the 1st of the month fell on a Monday, Tuesday was the 2nd,
49:21 Wednesday was the 3rd, and Thursday was the 4th,
49:23 now Friday would normally be the 5th,
49:25 but dropping those 10 days out, they simply made Friday the 15th
49:28 and then Saturday was the 16th and time went on,
49:30 but looking at that calendar, did that ever interrupt
49:32 the order of the days of the week? Sunday, Monday,
49:34 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,
49:37 did it interrupt that order?
49:38 No, in fact, in all of the ways that they discussed
49:42 making this change, never once did they consider
49:46 interrupting the order of the days of the week.
49:48 Astronomers, or Chronologers, those who keep track of time,
49:53 will not only tell you that they haven't lost any days
49:55 of the week, but not even a fraction of time has been lost.
50:01 They could chart it so carefully through the years
50:07 that they know that they haven't lost an hour, a minute,
50:10 and some will say even a fraction of a second,
50:12 it's all there folks.
50:14 "There has been no change in the continuity of the weekly cycle",
50:18 so says those that keep a track of time.
50:21 Do you know that even in the languages of the world
50:25 we can tell what day the true Sabbath is?
50:27 How many of you speak Spanish here tonight?
50:29 Alright. The 7th day of the week in Spanish is what word?
50:35 - [Audience] Sabado. - Sabado, thank you so much.
50:38 In Russian, in Bulgarian, in over 105 languages
50:45 of the world, the day that we call,
50:49 unfortunately in the English, Saturday,
50:52 they call the "Sabbath". In over 105 languages
50:56 of the world, and you say: "what languages are they?"
50:58 I don't have time to go over them, but they're all here,
51:02 just in case you might wonder.
51:06 You see dear friends, how did that happen?
51:08 Is that coincidence that all of these people around the world
51:12 could get together and say: "Hey, let's just call"
51:14 "the 7th day of the week "Sabbath" ",
51:16 of course not. What happened was
51:18 as they went out from the Tower of Babel,
51:20 and some went to this part of the world, and some to this part
51:22 of the world, and some to that part of the world,
51:23 they took the knowledge of the 10 commandments and the Sabbath
51:26 with them; as they were naming their particular
51:28 days of the week, they called it "Sabbath".
51:33 In fact, do you know that the Jews are a people
51:36 that have been keeping the Sabbath for centuries
51:38 throughout time, they still keep the exact same day today,
51:40 as we would call Saturday, that really is Friday sundown
51:43 to Saturday sundown, that's the Biblical day,
51:45 I'll mention more about that another time, but they keep
51:47 the exact same day.
51:49 The only way time could be mixed up for them
51:52 is if a whole nation of people around the world
51:54 all of sudden slept over an extra 24 hours and no one
51:57 told them about it, I don't think that happened.
52:00 So you can prove what day is the true Sabbath
52:05 from time, you can prove it historically, you can prove it
52:09 from archeology, you can prove it linguistically,
52:12 you can prove it Biblically, all of these ways, and yet,
52:17 the Devil still attacks it today.
52:20 Isn't it just more than coincidence that the one
52:25 commandment that God says "remember" is the one
52:28 that Satan is attacking today. And isn't it more than just
52:32 coincidence that that one commandment is the one
52:34 that points us to the true God? In a time when churches
52:38 and schools are teaching evolution,
52:41 at a time when we are turning our hearts to the Creator,
52:44 just before Jesus comes back, and now is the time
52:47 that the Devil is taking people away from our roots
52:51 as a people, as to how we got here.
52:54 You see, you can look up at the stars tonight
52:58 and as you look up at the stars you can see why we have
53:01 a 24 hour day. The time that the earth
53:04 turns on its axis, that's why we have a 24 hour day.
53:07 You can see why we roughly have a 30 day month,
53:09 the lunar cycle, the moon goes around the earth.
53:12 You can see why we have a solar year as we do, 365 days,
53:16 that's the earth going around the sun,
53:18 but why do we have a 7 day week?
53:21 You can't look up at the stars and see a 7 day week.
53:25 Why do we have a 7 day week?
53:27 We have a 7 day week because God in the very beginning
53:32 made this world in 6 days and He rested on the 7th day,
53:37 and the hand of providence protected that 7 day cycle
53:42 on down through the centuries even unto our very day.
53:47 God divinely kept His hand on that weekly cycle
53:51 so that no one in the judgment would ever be able to say
53:54 "Well Lord, how do we know what day the true Sabbath is?"
53:58 God would say: "Did the order of the days ever get mixed up?"
54:00 Jesus had no problem knowing what day
54:03 the Sabbath was, He went into the synagogue on the Sabbath.
54:05 Friends, there's one other thing I want to bring
54:08 to your attention tonight.
54:09 As you go out the door tonight you're going to get
54:14 your regular handout. You're also going to get
54:16 a little piece of paper like this in that handout.
54:19 As you look at this it says "The Church's Comment",
54:21 in other words, we've given some select quotes here
54:24 from the various churches that are even keeping Sunday
54:26 as their day of worship, and yet they agree
54:29 with what we're saying here from the Bible.
54:31 There's the Baptists agreeing, the Catholics agreeing,
54:34 the Christian church, the church of Christ,
54:35 the Congregationalist Church, the Episcopal Church,
54:37 the Methodist Church, the Lutheran Church,
54:39 the Presbyterian Church, as well as the dictionary
54:41 and encyclopedia, it's all here.
54:43 You say: "well Pastor, if they are agreeing with it,"
54:46 "why aren't they doing it?" I can't answer for them.
54:50 I can't speak for them, but I will tell you this:
54:53 it's a lot easier for a person to see the truth and change
54:57 than it is for an institution to change.
55:00 Once something becomes institutionalized
55:02 it's very difficult for them to ever change,
55:05 the tradition becomes too great.
55:08 Folks, God calls people to the light of truth.
55:15 This subject is so important that God wants it to go
55:20 all through the world before He comes back,
55:23 so that we know the difference between the commandments
55:25 of God and the traditions of man.
55:28 You can't get into the study of Daniel, you can't get
55:31 into the study of Revelation without confronting
55:34 this very issue that we're looking at tonight.
55:36 The Bible says: "Here is the patients of the saints,"
55:39 "here are they that keep the commandments of God"
55:42 "and the faith of Jesus."
55:44 The choice is clear.
55:49 Jerome was taken from his dungeon cell in 1416,
55:56 and 1416, they brought him before
55:59 the papal council and they tried to get him
56:02 to recant his faith, but Jerome's courage
56:06 had been bolstered by the martyr John Huss,
56:08 who had given his life shortly before.
56:12 As they brought him before the papal council, they tried
56:15 to get him to recant his faith, but he wouldn't do it.
56:19 Even his enemies who wanted to spare his life said:
56:22 "Give up what you believe and follow what the church says",
56:25 and he says: "No, I can't do it"
56:30 "because to follow the traditions of men"
56:34 "would be to give up the true faith of Jesus."
56:36 When they saw that they would not get him to change,
56:39 they led him in chains to the place of execution.
56:44 As he walked to the place of execution, even his enemies
56:48 were struck by the noble bearing of this individual.
56:54 He went on his way singing, he held his head high.
56:57 They took him to the stake, they tied his arms and legs,
57:01 they put the wood all around and there, Jerome,
57:06 in his last moments, he sensed the executioner about
57:10 to light the fire from behind and he called out to him,
57:14 and he said: "Light the fire before my face."
57:16 "If I had been afraid, I wouldn't be here."
57:20 As they lit the fire, Jerome's final words were this:
57:26 "O Lord, Holy Father, have mercy on me,"
57:31 "and forgive me of my sins, for Thou knowest"
57:33 "I have always loved Thy truth."
57:38 They took Jerome's life that day, but what they could
57:41 never take was his example of following Jesus.
57:48 I want to know Jesus more, don't you?
57:50 The Sabbath is all about knowing Jesus more,
57:53 coming to prepare our hearts for heaven, coming to get ready
57:56 and develop that relationship that Jerome had,
58:00 and that John Huss had, and that many many others had,
58:03 and I want to know Him more, and I know you do too.


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