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Armageddon And The Seven Last Plagues

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00:09 The escalation of global terrorism, crime, immorality
00:12 and natural disasters, seems to indicate our world
00:15 is spiraling towards its ultimate hour with destiny.
00:18 Who, if anyone, will survive Earth's final events?
00:21 Discover what Bible prophecy reveals about the rapture,
00:24 the mark of the beast, and Armageddon.
00:26 Though shrouded in mystery for centuries,
00:28 the book of Revelation can be understood today.
00:32 Peer into the future, and see what wonderful things
00:35 God has planned for His people.
00:38 And now, Pastor Brian McMahon presents the powerful
00:41 Bible seminar "Revelation Speaks Hope".
00:46 Our subject for this evening is entitled: [text on screen]
00:49 People have a lot of questions about that word "Armageddon",
00:52 people wonder "well, who exactly is going to be on the earth"
00:55 "during the battle of Armageddon?"
00:58 Or they'll say "who is going to be fighting this battle?"
01:00 "Is it going to be between the Jews and the Arabs?"
01:03 "Between Russia and the US?" "Is it going to be fought"
01:06 "down at the end of time?" "When exactly is it going"
01:08 "to be fought?"
01:10 People know that the coming of Jesus is a momentous
01:14 event for this world, at least the Christians would know it,
01:17 and to the Christians the coming of Jesus should be the most
01:19 happy, hopeful thing that we could ever think of.
01:23 Turn with me, if you would, to Revelation 14 as we move
01:26 there together tonight, we start in verse 6,
01:29 Revelation 14:6, here the Bible teaches: "And I saw another"
01:35 "angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting"
01:39 "gospel to preach onto them that dwell on the earth,"
01:41 "and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue and people."
01:45 So God's last day message then is to go to all the world
01:50 warning us to make a decision and be prepared for His coming.
01:54 We pick it up in verse 7, it says: "Saying with"
01:57 "a loud voice, Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour"
02:03 "of His judgment is come." In Psalm 119:126
02:08 this is what we read: [text on screen]
02:18 So when God's law is made law is made void by legislation,
02:23 God is going to step in and do His special work in the earth.
02:27 As you go back to Revelation 14:9,
02:31 it tells us here: [text on screen]
02:45 So the punishment that's going to come upon those wicked doers
02:50 is the wrath of God, but what exactly is the wrath of God?
02:54 Let's look at Revelation 15, and it helps explain it to us.
02:58 Revelation 15:1, here it says: [text on screen]
03:13 So what we're seeing is that in the 7 last plagues
03:17 we find God's wrath. We wonder, as this wrath
03:21 is poured out, where are God's people going to be?
03:24 Are they going to be on the earth during that time
03:27 or are they going to be, as some would teach, as many
03:29 would teach raptured off of this earth in some kind of great
03:32 invisible secret rapture. Turn to Revelation 16,
03:37 and we're going to cover something very very quickly
03:39 and then come back and study the chapter in a more detailed way.
03:43 In Revelation 16:1 it says: "And I heard a great voice"
03:47 "out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways"
03:50 "and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth."
03:53 Now, in verse 2 the first angel goes out and pours out
03:56 the first vial. Then in verse 3 the 2nd
03:59 angel pours out the 2nd plague; in verse 4
04:01 the 3rd angel pours out the 3rd plague;
04:03 in verse 8 the 4th angel pours out the 4th plague;
04:07 and in verse 10 the 5th angel and the 5th plague are described
04:11 and then in verse 12 the 6th plague is poured out.
04:14 So that is a lot of tribulation, there is no one that won't
04:17 admit that by the time the plagues are poured out
04:19 the tribulation period has come to this earth.
04:22 But after 6 plagues are poured out notice what it says
04:25 in verse 15, it says: [text on screen]
04:35 So Jesus says after 6 plagues are poured out
04:38 "behold, I am coming as a thief."
04:40 Now here's my question to us all: what sense you it make
04:43 for Jesus to say after 6 plagues "Behold, I am coming"
04:47 "as a thief" if He had already come as a thief before
04:50 all the plagues were poured out? It just wouldn't make
04:53 any sense, and yet that's what most people teach.
04:55 They're teaching today in these various churches that Jesus
04:58 is going to come as a thief and steal His church away,
05:00 and then the tribulation's going to be poured out.
05:03 Here we find in the midst of tribulation Jesus is still
05:06 encouraging His church, He's saying "hang on,"
05:09 "keep the faith, I'm almost there, it won't be"
05:11 "much longer, hold on to your garments."
05:14 What do the garments represent? Well, the garments represent
05:17 the imputed and imparted righteousness of Jesus
05:20 and so, we can see that it's a spiritual issue here,
05:22 that we're to hold on to our relationship with the Lord,
05:25 even in the midst of very trying times.
05:28 Now, I want you to turn with me to the book of 1 Corinthians 10.
05:32 This issue of whether the church is going to be on the earth
05:35 during this time is a very hotly debated issue,
05:38 but really, the fact that we are going to be here
05:41 is the way that God has presented the issue all through
05:43 the Bible, even going all the way back to the times of Noah.
05:47 God could have raptured Noah off of the earth
05:50 when it was the time of the flood, but no, He allowed
05:52 His servant to be placed in an ark of safety,
05:55 and then God was with His servant as he rode out
05:58 the trials of the flood waters. So Noah was there in the midst
06:01 of tribulation and yet, he was preserved by the hand
06:04 of God. We find that in the time
06:08 of the 3 Hebrew worthies in Daniel's day, Daniel was allowed
06:13 to go into the lion's den. Now, the Bible doesn't tell us
06:16 he was raptured away from that time of tribulation,
06:19 God allowed His servant to go into the lion's den to show
06:22 his faithfulness to God, right? And of course, the 3 Hebrew
06:25 worthies themselves, they could have been raptured away
06:28 when Nebuchadnezzar ordered that furnace to be heated up,
06:30 but no, God allowed His servants to go into the tribulation
06:34 once again; and as they were in the tribulation God
06:37 delivered them. The Bible tells us that when
06:40 they came out of that oven, or out of that furnace as it says,
06:43 it says that that furnace was heated 7 times hotter
06:46 than it normally was, if that could be possible,
06:48 and yet, as they came out it says "not a hair of their head"
06:52 "was singed, and neither was there even the smell of smoke"
06:56 "upon their clothes." Can God deliver totally?
06:59 [Audience] Yes. You see, that is showing us
07:01 the incredible power of God to deliver people from tribulation.
07:05 We do not have to fear if God is on our side.
07:08 This next text we're going to look at in 1 Corinthians 10
07:11 really sets the foundation for everything else that we're
07:13 going to study tonight. It says: [text on screen]
07:18 "for ensamples" - that's the King James way of saying
07:21 "examples", [continues reading]
07:24 "admonition" - that's kind of a big word, what does that mean?
07:27 That means our learning, or our instruction, it says:
07:30 [continues reading]
07:34 So what happened to ancient Israel was an example
07:38 of what will happen to us. You see, these plagues that
07:41 we're talking about tonight are called in Scripture
07:43 the seven last plagues, were there any plagues before
07:47 these plagues then? Yes.
07:49 Where were the other plagues talked about in the Bible?
07:52 Back in ancient Egypt, and how many plagues were there there?
07:54 10, 10 plagues in ancient Egypt, but 7 last plagues here.
07:59 You see, back in the days of ancient Egypt, the first 3
08:02 of the 10 were poured out over all the land, but after the 3rd
08:06 plague God drew a line and He said: "No more will these"
08:09 "plagues fall upon the land of Goshen where My people are,"
08:12 He says "they will only fall upon the land where"
08:14 "the Egyptians dwell, the wicked Egyptians."
08:17 So this is an assurance to you and to me tonight
08:20 who study Scripture and want to be ready, that when God pours
08:23 out the 7 last plagues they won't be poured out
08:26 indiscriminately upon all the land, but rather, they will be
08:30 poured out only upon the wicked, God will hold His hand
08:33 over the righteous.
08:35 In the last days church and state are again going
08:38 to unite just as they did over there in Egypt's time.
08:40 And at the end it's going to look dismal for a while,
08:43 it's going to look like there's no way out, but God's people
08:46 have faith, and that's a mighty weapon, amen?
08:50 [Audience] Amen. We're going to see it
08:52 again tonight, and as they exercise that faith,
08:55 God is going to pour out the 7 last plagues upon the wicked.
08:58 Again, God's people are going to be delivered, and again,
09:02 they're going to go on towards the promised land.
09:05 The very miracle that brings down the destruction upon
09:08 the wicked and salvation for God's people.
09:11 Let's go back to Revelation 16 and let's see how these plagues
09:14 are poured out, because there is lessons in each one
09:17 of these plagues. It says: [text on screen]
09:37 So here is this sore that is poured out, a terrible thing,
09:41 a physical punishment comes upon those that tried to enforce
09:45 the mark of the beast, or the image of the beast.
09:47 Why would God give them this physical punishment?
09:50 Well, hold your place here, and you can keep a mark
09:53 in Revelation 16, we're going to be here all night,
09:56 but we are going to go to some other places as well,
09:59 but go with me just 3 chapters back to Revelation 13
10:02 and in Revelation 13:15 it tells us this: [text on screen]
10:15 So think about it with me, those that tried to enforce the mark
10:19 of the beast, of the image of the beast, they said:
10:21 "unless you take this mark we will physically harm you",
10:25 so what is the lesson in the first plague?
10:28 The lesson in the first plague is this dear friends:
10:31 if you want physical security, put your trust in God, not man.
10:39 We need to make a full and total surrender to Jesus,
10:42 and Revelation 16 is the chapter of the plagues
10:45 that helps us to come to commitment.
10:48 Revelation 16:3, it says: [text on screen]
10:57 Can you imagine if something even remotely like this
11:00 took place? If God looked at the oceans
11:03 and seas of this world and turned them into blood,
11:06 and not just turned them into blood, but turned them into
11:09 what the Bible calls the "blood of a dead man",
11:11 a coagulated mess. You see, the seas,
11:14 or the oceans are the great avenues of commerce, it's where
11:18 the grain shipments move, and the oil shipments move,
11:21 and just an enormous amount of other economic cargo
11:24 moved by the avenues of the sea. If the sea became as the blood
11:28 of a dead man and impassible, the economy of the world
11:31 would collapse over night. In fact, that's what
11:34 Revelation 18 tells us, it tells us that there's going
11:37 to be a great economic collapse, and the merchants of the earth
11:40 are going to wail because of it. What about God's people,
11:43 what's going to happen to them?
11:46 Let's take a look, go to Isaiah 33.
11:48 We can have hope in God, dear friends, what a confidence.
11:51 Do you know that weak character will always side
11:55 with the multitude in a crisis. Let me say that again:
11:59 weak character will always side with the multitude in a crisis
12:03 because there'll be those people that will take the mark
12:06 and they will take the image of the beast, and why will those
12:08 people take the image of the beast?
12:09 Because they are going to say "We have to take it,"
12:12 "we have to take our risk, Lord, we may not agree"
12:15 "with what's going on, but we've got a house payment,"
12:18 "we've got a car payment, we've got other kinds of bills."
12:21 "We have got to be able to buy and sell", and in the time
12:23 of the crisis because their faith is so weak,
12:26 they will take the mark.
12:28 They're going to say "Lord, we're going to bail out"
12:31 "right now because we're going to go with the multitude."
12:34 What is God going to do with His people?
12:37 Isaiah 33:14, it says here: "The sinners in Zion"
12:40 "are afraid" - you see, in the end the sinners will be afraid.
12:44 [text on screen]
12:51 It's a way of saying "who is going to survive the great"
12:54 "crisis to come?" Verse 15 is the answer:
12:57 [text on screen]
13:26 Is that a beautiful promise? Here is real security.
13:30 God is says our bread and our waters are going to be sure.
13:34 God has shown that He can provide for His people.
13:36 In the time of the ancient Israelites wondering around
13:39 in the wilderness, did God rain manna from heaven
13:42 for 40 years? You bet.
13:44 When Elijah, His servant, went out into the wilderness,
13:47 did God send food in the beaks of birds to bring to him?
13:50 Yes He did, didn't He? You see, God can provide
13:53 in marvelous ways. There's a beautiful promise
13:56 that I've been longing to share with you, but I've waited
13:59 until tonight to do it, so let's go to Psalm 91,
14:01 we're going to begin in verse 1, we're not going to read it
14:04 all the way through, although I with we could.
14:07 It's a Psalm that I think was written just for the time
14:10 of tribulation in a special way. It's comfort for us now
14:13 and we can read it now, but it's especially for the great time
14:15 of tribulation that is to come. Psalm 91:1, here it says:
14:19 [text on screen]
14:30 That is the basis for what comes next, it is trusting in God
14:33 and not our self; it's trusting in God and not what man
14:37 will do in the time of tribulation.
14:39 So, because we have trust in God and not man,
14:42 look what it says in verse 5: [text on screen]
15:07 Notice again, the wicked are here and we're there too,
15:10 but we're not affected, [continues to read]
15:27 Let's go back to Revelation 16:4,5.
15:32 It says: [text on screen]
15:47 Why would it be that God would cause blood to flow out
15:50 of the faucets of homes in such a way at this time?
15:54 Well, we keep reading here and it tells us the answer.
15:56 In verse 6 it says: [text on screen]
16:06 God gives them blood to drink because they have tried to take
16:09 the blood of his people; they've tried to kill His people.
16:14 At first they might have just been threatened,
16:17 at first they might have just been boycotted, but eventually
16:20 things will progress to the point where they will even
16:22 try to take the lives of those that want to be faithful to God
16:26 at the end of time. Isn't it amazing
16:29 what religious people can do? In John 16:2 Jesus says:
16:36 "They shall put you out of the synagogues", the modern
16:39 equivalent of that would be "churches", He says:
16:41 [text on screen]
16:49 You can have a lot of religious activity without really knowing
16:53 the one who they profess to serve.
16:56 Here, these people who say they serve God, who say they know
16:59 God, they're willing to put people to death even though
17:02 they're serving God, it's an amazing thing, and yet,
17:05 we see it even today in this world.
17:08 So God satisfies their bloody thirsty desire and says:
17:10 "You try to take the blood of My people, you're going to have"
17:13 "blood to drink." What's the lesson
17:15 of this plague? The Bible tells us
17:17 that in Jesus Christ we live, we move and we have our being.
17:23 In the 3rd plague it's telling us: put your entire life
17:27 into God's hands, give everything, put your entire
17:32 life into God's hands because it's going to come down to this
17:35 dear friends: the powers that be before it's all said and done
17:38 are going to say "if you want physical protection, you better"
17:44 "take the mark; if you want financial protection,"
17:47 "you better take the mark of the image of the beast;"
17:49 and finally they're going to say "If you want to live,"
17:52 "you better take the mark." If there already is
17:55 within the human mind the tendency to compromise,
17:59 then it's going to come out at that time.
18:03 People are going to say "Well Lord, this is where"
18:07 "I bail out, I may have suffered here, I may have done a little"
18:11 "denial there, but when it comes to my life Lord, I'm not"
18:13 "going to risk that", and they're going to take
18:16 the mark, but God's people, and this is the good news,
18:19 and I pray this is all of us here tonight,
18:22 God's people are going to say "Lord, no matter what"
18:25 "economic hardships are put on me, no matter what social"
18:28 "pressures are put on me, no matter what physical"
18:30 "pressures are put on me, no matter what family or peer"
18:34 "pressure is put on me, I will not sell my soul"
18:38 "like Judas did for 30 pieces of silver."
18:41 "I will not sell out cheap, I am putting my entire life'
18:45 "in Jesus' hands", and then we can say to the authorities
18:48 that be "you may choose to take my life, my physical life,"
18:54 "but my eternal life is safely hid in Jesus, and you can never"
18:59 "take that away." Once we have that kind
19:01 of faith, then we're ready. Let's go to Jeremiah 12,
19:08 it says: [text on screen]
19:21 So the prophet is saying if you're racing against
19:24 the footmen and you're getting tired, what are you going
19:27 to do when you start racing against horses?
19:29 And then Jeremiah says: "If you're living in a time"
19:32 "of peace and it's difficult for you to take a stand"
19:35 "for God, what are you going to do when the crisis breaks?"
19:38 If you had a little child, 5 years old, that wanted
19:42 to get strong, would you throw him a 100 pound barbell
19:44 and say "here, curl this"? No. If you really wanted
19:48 to exercise his muscles you might give him just a very
19:51 small weight and say "Well, you work your muscles"
19:54 "with this, and then when you get a little bigger, a little"
19:56 "stronger, I'll give you a little more, and when you"
19:59 "get bigger I'll give you a little more."
20:02 You start out small and you work up to it.
20:05 If you knew that you were going to be in the Olympics
20:08 and in the Olympics you were going to have to lift
20:11 a 500 pound barbell above your head because that was what
20:14 the competition had and you are going to want to exceed that,
20:16 when would you start practicing? The day before?
20:19 The week before? Well, if you knew that test
20:22 was coming, you would start a long time before
20:24 because you knew that you would have to exercise your muscles.
20:28 Well guess what, God wants us to exercise spiritual muscles
20:32 because if we don't ever have an opportunity to exercise
20:35 our spiritual muscles, we're going to be very
20:36 weak Christians. I'm going to ask you a question:
20:39 have any of you here experienced some difficulty as a result
20:43 of coming to this seminar? I mean, you've started to come
20:46 to the seminar and all of a sudden people that didn't
20:49 even show an interest in you before, all of a sudden
20:52 they're showing all this interest in you and saying
20:55 "Oh, are you sure you want to go?"
20:57 Or "that might not be the right thing",
21:00 "Oh, I'm really concerned about you because of what you're"
21:03 "learning there", and "you're wanting to change"
21:06 "you life, why are you changing your life?"
21:08 "Don't go back!" And all of these things
21:11 are all of a sudden being said. Are you experiencing
21:14 some trials maybe at home, maybe on the job, maybe economically
21:17 because you're wanting to pay tithe, or something like that?
21:20 Friends, don't despair. God allows trials to come
21:23 into our life to put us through the laboratory of Christian
21:26 experience, to exercise our spiritual muscles so we can be
21:28 strong Christians, what do you say?
21:31 So we can be prepared for things to come.
21:34 You see, Jesus said "blessed are you when men"
21:37 "shall persecute you, revile you, say all manner of evil"
21:39 "against you falsely for My name's sake,"
21:42 "rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward"
21:45 "in heaven; for so persecuted they the prophets"
21:48 "who were before you." Friends, I wish every time
21:50 somebody persecuted me I could rejoice and be exceeding glad,
21:53 I'm not quite there yet, but I sure want to be
21:56 by God's grace. By God's grace I want to
21:59 see it as a blessing, I want to see it as God's way of helping
22:01 me to be able to exercise spiritual muscles and get to be
22:04 a stronger Christian. I did go through a lot
22:07 of things when I became a Christians, a lot of things,
22:10 I'm going to share them with you next Sabbath morning,
22:13 but I will tell you now that I'm thankful that I went
22:15 through them; I will tell you now that I'm a lot stronger
22:18 Christian than I used to be because of it.
22:21 So don't despair when you have trials come into your life,
22:24 especially when you want to follow God, because Jesus
22:26 is your friend, and if Jesus is your friend, you have
22:29 something very very precious. We're going to go to
22:32 Revelation 16, we're going to look at the next plague.
22:36 Yes, God is teaching us to build the muscles of faith.
22:39 He wants a group of people who are going to be loyal
22:42 no matter what is going around, even plagues falling.
22:45 God has promised that our bread and water is going to be sure
22:48 during that time. So we've got the first plague:
22:51 sores; the second plague: the salt water turning to blood;
22:54 the third plague: the fresh water turning to blood;
22:57 and now the 4th plague starting in verses 7,8.
22:59 It says: [text on screen]
23:25 What significance would this plague have right here?
23:28 Notice, back in the time of ancient Egypt, when God sent
23:32 the 10 plagues upon ancient Egypt, God plagued them
23:36 with many of the exact same things that they
23:39 worshipped falsely. They worshipped insects,
23:43 and God plagued them with insects, they worshipped
23:45 the Nile, and God turned the Nile to blood so it stank,
23:48 they worshipped the cattle, He put a plague upon
23:51 the cattle. Now, I don't know if they
23:53 worshipped everything that they were plagued with,
23:56 but they certainly worshipped a lot, then God sent them
23:59 some extra things. They worshipped the sun,
24:01 and God plagued them with that.
24:04 Now we come back to the sun here.
24:07 Do you know that the sun has always played a prominent
24:09 part in false worship, from the time of ancient Babylon
24:12 all the way down through the stream of time?
24:15 I've shown you that last night during our slide presentation.
24:18 Egypt worshipped the sun, they called the sun god Ra,
24:21 Babylon called Bel-Marduk, Romans had a form
24:23 of sun worship. Sun worship has always
24:26 played a part, and sun worship came into the Christian church
24:29 in the early Dark Ages under the disguise of honoring
24:33 the resurrection day of Jesus. So, because the Pagans
24:37 were already doing it, part of the ways of evangelizing back
24:40 then was to accept the Pagan rites into the church
24:44 as a way of allowing the Pagans to do what they were already
24:47 doing, only doing it in the name of Christ, so sun worship
24:50 was brought right into the church in honoring
24:52 the first day of the week. But God has always
24:55 had a way to counter that, and that is to keep the Sabbath
24:58 holy, by keeping the 7th day Sabbath, it was a way of always
25:01 remembering that God is the one that made the sun,
25:04 and we're not to worship the creation, but the Creator.
25:07 Yet, God sends a message in the last days, and in sending
25:09 a message in the last days, He is going to waken
25:12 people's understanding to the fact that we're to give glory
25:15 to God and not to man. Yet, many people will not
25:19 listen to that message, they insist on holding on to
25:22 their traditions, they insist on holding on to the things
25:25 as they used to be, because that's what they're comfortable
25:28 with, that's what the popular way is, that's what they
25:31 want to do. Finally, when all the information has been given
25:35 and God has done everything He can to help people
25:38 to give glory to God, if people still hang to the day of the sun
25:44 He will say "if it's the sun you want, it's the sun you"
25:47 "shall have", and He turns up the heat in the 4th plague.
25:51 People will realize how awful a thing it is to worship
25:57 the creation rather than the Creator.
25:59 It's not so much that God arbitrarily puts plagues
26:03 down upon the earth, but people are reaping the consequences
26:06 of their action, that's a Biblical principle,
26:09 the Bible teaches "whatsoever you sow, that shall you"
26:11 "also reap." They're just reaping
26:14 the consequences of their actions. But God's people
26:17 will have allowed God to fully write His law in their hearts.
26:21 We studied last night in Hebrews 10:16,
26:24 the new covenant experience is that God will write His laws
26:28 in to our hearts and in our minds.
26:31 So God's people said: "Lord, write all Your commandments"
26:34 "there, not just 8, not just 9, but all 10,"
26:38 "including Your holy Sabbath." Let's go back to
26:41 Revelation 16:10. It's no coincidence that these
26:48 2 sides are brought out, those that worship the Creator,
26:51 and those that are worshipping the beast, because this is
26:53 an issue over worship that's been with us for hundreds,
26:56 yea, even thousands of years, now it's just coming
26:59 to a climax in this chapter on the plagues.
27:02 Revelation 16:10,11. It says: [text on screen]
27:22 Here we find that darkness is poured on the very seat,
27:27 or the kingdom of the beast power.
27:30 Up to this time, why would God put a plague right here?
27:34 Especially here? Because up to this time
27:37 men and women have been deceived into wondering after
27:41 the beast power, as we read in Revelation 13:3.
27:44 So many have followed the traditions of the beast power
27:47 rather than the commandments of God.
27:50 So the beast power for centuries and centuries has been
27:53 spreading spiritual darkness over all of the earth.
27:58 Finally in the end, God is going to put a great literal
28:02 darkness on that kingdom. Friends, you don't want to be
28:05 there during that time. That's going to be such
28:08 an incredible darkness that it says it's going to be a darkness
28:11 that can be felt it's going to be such a powerful darkness.
28:14 It's really a darkness that shows that people have been
28:17 looking in the wrong direction. God wants us to follow
28:22 the light: "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light"
28:27 "unto my path." So rather than following
28:30 the light of God's word, they've been looking to traditions
28:33 of men.
28:35 Jesus said "walk while you have the light, lest that light"
28:38 "turn to darkness."
28:40 When God's light is with us, we should follow it.
28:43 When God's light is with us it's a dangerous thing to say
28:45 "No Lord, I don't want that, I'm going to follow"
28:48 "what I want to do." Do you know that there is
28:51 a tremendous famine that's going to be coming upon this world?
28:54 In some ways it's already here, but it's going to get
28:57 even worse, I'm going to show it to you.
28:59 Go it Amos 8. To go to Amos you can go
29:02 to Daniel, and it goes Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos.
29:05 Amos 8.
29:08 Those that have been following the beast power, even though
29:11 God has sent a clear message warning them to turn
29:14 from this, finally the Lord will say "If it's darkness"
29:17 "you want, it's darkness you shall have."
29:20 The literal darkness represents the spiritual darkness
29:23 that is there. Amos 8.
29:27 Do you realize that what the Bible is teaching us here
29:29 in plague Nr.4 and plague Nr.5 is that all religious security
29:33 is in Jesus Christ? Amos 8:11,12.
29:37 It says: [text on screen]
29:58 This is going to happen in the future, but when I said
30:01 it's happening in some ways now, it's a famine of indifference.
30:04 People have multitudes of Bibles available, and yet,
30:07 they don't read it.
30:09 But in the end, they will search for it, but it'll be too late.
30:12 When this verse takes place, 2 classes of individuals
30:16 have developed, and fully developed.
30:19 What are those 2 classes of individuals?
30:22 Let me review them for you: there'll be the class that fully
30:24 accepted the word of God, and there'll be the class
30:27 that accepted the word of man over the word of God.
30:30 Those that accepted the word of God will accept
30:33 the true commandments of God, and those that fully accepted
30:36 the traditions, or word, of man will accept the substitutes
30:39 that man gives. Those that accepted
30:41 the commandments of God will accept the true Bible Sabbath
30:44 as a sign of a covenant relationship with the Lord.
30:47 Those that accepted the traditions of man
30:50 will accept the counterfeit Sabbath and receive
30:52 the mark of the beast, or the image to the beast.
30:55 Remember that these 2 days, Sabbath versus Sunday,
31:00 are not really the issue at all, it's not a 24 period of time
31:05 versus a 24 hour period of time, it's what stands
31:09 behind those 2 days that is the issue.
31:11 The issue is: who are we going to worship?
31:14 Are we going to worship the Creator?
31:16 Or are we going to worship what man has to say?
31:20 And really, who's behind man? It's the Devil himself,
31:23 who wants worship for himself. At this time probation
31:25 is closed, people are searching for truth, they had
31:28 the opportunity, they could have followed the light,
31:32 but they turned from that. Do you realize that there was
31:34 a time many many years ago when Noah was building
31:37 that ark, and preaching was going on on this earth,
31:42 and as Noah was building that ark, finally at some point
31:44 in time a door was put in that ark, and as the door was put in
31:48 I'm sure a ramp was put up to that door, and Noah said
31:53 "Time is up, the animals have gone in, all the food"
31:56 "provisions have gone in, is anyone else going to go in?"
32:01 Well, Noah's wife went in, his 3 sons and their wives
32:05 went in, and then Noah said "I'm going in, is there"
32:09 "anyone else that will go in?" and no one else did.
32:12 So those 8 people went in and the door of the ark was shut
32:16 by the hand of God, and those that were in were in,
32:19 and those that were out were out, and God drew
32:21 a line for that world. Probation closed.
32:28 Did the floodwaters come that very day that the door
32:31 of the ark shut? No.
32:33 You're Bible students, I can tell.
32:36 No, the flood waters actually came 7 days later.
32:40 All the time that Noah and his family were in that ark,
32:44 the sun was shining for those 7 days.
32:47 Can you imagine the test that they went through.
32:50 I'm sure there were man people on the outside
32:52 of that ark yelling and screaming to them,
32:55 pounding on the sides saying "Noah! Noah!",
32:58 mocking him and ridiculing him in every kind of derisive way.
33:01 Yet, they sat there in that ark for those 7 days
33:03 because they knew that God was going to bring those waters,
33:06 and God did, on the 7th day.
33:09 Now, in the end of time God again, will close probation
33:11 for this world when all have made their choice
33:14 and no one from the one side is crossing to the other,
33:17 they've made their decisions about who they're going
33:20 to serve. Probation will close,
33:23 that line will be drawn, but the Lord will not come that day.
33:26 Rather, there won't be 7 days, but there'll be 7 last plagues
33:31 that will be gone through, and then Jesus will come
33:33 and deliver His people. Friends listen,
33:36 I want to appeal to you. Because we know that day
33:39 is coming and we know that line is again going to be drawn,
33:42 is there anything worth hanging on to that's going to keep
33:45 us out of that ark of safety?
33:48 Is there any tradition that you're holding into your life
33:50 right now that you know keeps you from a close and abiding
33:54 relationship that's worth hanging on to more than
33:57 the favor of God?
33:59 Friends, if we have something in our life that we know
34:02 is not right, let's give it up tonight.
34:05 Give it up, it's not worth it. Is there anything
34:07 that could possibly be worth hanging on to more than
34:11 the approval of heaven, and knowing His hand is over us?
34:14 I dare say not.
34:16 Let's go back to Revelation 16. God is giving His final call,
34:22 eternity was going to close its door once again,
34:26 and verse 12 and onwards is where we're going to read.
34:29 Revelation 16:12 and onward. It says: [text on screen]
35:10 Have you ever wondered how to make sense out of that passage?
35:13 It's amazing to me, with the book of Revelation so filled
35:16 with symbolic language, that people will take those 4
35:19 verses right there, and they will apply them to the literal
35:23 drying up of the literal River Euphrates.
35:27 There's a book that was published a long time ago,
35:29 Hal Lindsey's "Late Great Planet Earth".
35:32 In that book the author talks about how China is waiting
35:35 with a 200 million man army, and they're going to sweep
35:38 across the nations west, and they're going to come
35:41 upon the land of Israel, but they're waiting for
35:43 for the River Euphrates to dry up.
35:46 He's, of course, trying to comment on this passage,
35:49 and he's saying the Euphrates river is going to dry up,
35:52 and then they're going to move their army, but they can't
35:54 do it until the river dries up.
35:57 Friends, let's think about this: China is a nuclear power.
36:01 Does China need a river to dry up before it can move
36:05 an army? The US can fly their army
36:08 half way around the world in a matter of days,
36:11 I think China could build a bridge if they wanted to.
36:14 [Audience laughs]
36:16 They're certainly building a lot more than that right now
36:19 over there. It doesn't make sense.
36:22 Let's look at it in an understandable and Biblical way.
36:24 One of the great problems people have in understanding
36:27 end time events in Bible prophecy is that there are
36:30 very few people that are really deep students of the word,
36:33 and can take passage like this and take the time
36:36 to work it through. Time doesn't allow me to go
36:38 into all the detail, but listen to this principles here
36:41 and you're going to gain a lot by it.
36:44 Many of the prophecies that were fulfilled in the Old Testament
36:47 on a literal and local basis to Old Testament Israel
36:50 have a double, or dual, application, as we sometimes
36:53 say, and they are fulfilled in the last days to spiritual
36:58 Israel, which is God's church, in a worldwide way,
37:02 in a very dramatic sense. For example, and I'm going
37:05 to run down a number of these for you, in Old Testament
37:08 times ancient Israel was persecuted by literal Babylon.
37:13 Jeremiah 50:33,34, and yet, New Testament Israel,
37:18 or the spiritual Israel, the church, is also
37:20 persecuted by spiritual Babylon, Revelation 17:6.
37:24 Ancient Israel was forced to worship a literal image,
37:26 Daniel 3:13, but spiritual Israel, the church is also
37:30 forced to worship an image, Revelation 13:15.
37:34 Ancient Babylon was called "Babylon the Great",
37:36 Daniel 4:30, and yet, spiritual Babylon is called
37:39 "Babylon the Great", Revelation 17:5.
37:41 Ancient Babylon sat on the many water, that's found in
37:44 Jeremiah 51:13,14, and yet, spiritual Babylon sits
37:48 on the many waters in Revelation 17:1.
37:51 Ancient Israel was rescued by the drying up of the River
37:54 Euphrates, we'll look at that in just a moment,
37:57 that's Isaiah 44:27,28, spiritual Israel is rescued
38:00 by the drying up of the River Euphrates, Revelation 16:12.
38:04 Then we find that ancient Israel was called out of Babylon,
38:13 Jeremiah 51:6-8, and spiritual Israel is called out of Babylon,
38:17 Revelation 18:4. Ancient Israel was rescued
38:22 by one called "the anointed", Isaiah 45:1,
38:26 and the rescuer of spiritual Israel is called "the anointed",
38:29 Daniel 9:24.
38:32 Both the rescuers came from the east, for ancient Israel
38:35 it was Cyrus the Great, he's talked about in Isaiah 41:2,25,
38:37 and for the church it's Jesus coming from the east,
38:40 Matthew 24:27.
38:43 Those are some of what we could go over.
38:46 Even the 144,000 plays into this, in that in the Old
38:48 Testament there were 12 tribes, in the New Testament
38:51 there's 12x12x1000; it's talking about a worldwide church,
38:57 it's not talking about literal Jews, as many think it is.
39:00 So what we're seeing here is that in the last moments of time
39:06 spiritual Israel is again going to be persecuted by
39:11 the evil forces.
39:14 It tells us that the River Euphrates is going to dry up.
39:19 Remember what we learned opening night,
39:22 if you something in Revelation like this, the River Euphrates
39:25 drying up, ask yourself the question: is there anywhere else
39:28 in the Bible where a river was dried up,
39:30 where we can then use that information to see what
39:33 Revelation might be talking about?
39:36 Well, actually there was. When Cyrus the Great
39:39 came with the armies of the Medes and the Persians,
39:41 they came up to the walls of ancient Babylon.
39:44 Now, ancient Babylon was a mighty city,
39:47 it was heavily, heavily reinforced with very tall
39:50 and very thick walls. It says that the walls were so
39:52 thick they could have chariot raves along the tops of them,
39:55 and they had lots and lots of food stored in.
39:58 Some scholars think that they had enough food stored in there
40:01 to outlast a siege for 20 years, and they had the fresh water
40:04 Euphrates running through it, so they had all the fresh water
40:06 they needed, so it looked like they were impregnable,
40:09 in other words, no army could possibly come against it.
40:12 Well, Cyrus the Great came up against those walls
40:15 and he said "We're not going to try to go through it,"
40:17 "we're going to be smarter than that", he backed off his army
40:20 out of sight of the walls and he set his engineers to work.
40:23 One historian writes about it and says they actually
40:26 diverted the waters away so the water level dropped.
40:28 God prophesied that the inner gate would be left open.
40:31 You see, Babylon was so sure of itself that in the time
40:34 when the enemies armies were actually surrounding them
40:37 they had a great big party, a drunken party.
40:40 In that night that they were so sure of them self
40:43 that they would never have a problem, rather than having
40:46 a siege that would last years and years and years,
40:50 the river level dropped, the river gate was left open
40:56 and Cyrus the Great marched his army down that lowered
41:00 river bed under the gate, and Babylon fell in 1 night.
41:06 Because of the River Euphrates drying up, so to speak,
41:11 Babylon fell. In the last days we're going
41:14 to see something very similar, only in the symbolic,
41:17 or spiritual sense of it. How does that work?
41:20 In Revelation 16:14 we read this: [text on screen]
41:29 That's the political powers right there.
41:31 So the religious powers go out towards the political powers
41:37 and because of the miracles that are worked, it draws them
41:40 together in this coalition of evil.
41:44 Things are supposed to get better, religious laws
41:48 are passed, laws the conflict with the principles and laws
41:52 of heaven, so persecution starts coming upon those
41:55 that try to serve God, and want to keep His commandments,
41:57 but things don't get better in the earth,
42:00 rather, they get worse and worse and worse,
42:03 and finally look what takes place in Revelation 17.
42:10 When they see that the plagues are falling, and God has not
42:13 been with them, but rather they have been working
42:16 against the hand of God, Revelation 17:16-18 says:
42:20 [text on screen]
42:23 This is talking about the political powers now,
42:26 [text on screen]
42:41 So here you find that the political powers were supporting
42:44 the beast power for a time, they united with the beast
42:48 power for a short period of time, but then when they see
42:51 that they've been deceived, they've been tricked into
42:55 this coalition, and they really weren't on the side
42:57 of God, now they withdraw their support.
43:01 What props up spiritual Babylon?
43:05 What is it that supports false religion?
43:07 It's the masses of people that are deceived by the miracle
43:10 working, they think it's the moving of the Holy Spirit.
43:13 We're seeing some of that even today in some of the false
43:16 revivals that are going on. People are doing all kinds
43:19 of things under what they say is the Holy Spirit.
43:22 Many of those things contradict the Bible, it's not the moving
43:25 of the Spirit, not in all those cases, there is the genuine
43:27 working of the Spirit, but not all the things you see
43:30 going on the TV are the workings of God, so be careful
43:33 what you watch.
43:34 Then it goes on in verse 18 and it says: [text on screen]
43:39 That can be only 1 city talked about there, and that is
43:41 the Vatican that has controlled the kings of the earth
43:44 for centuries. When the masses of the people
43:47 realize for the first time that they have been duped,
43:52 they have been tricked and deceived, they're going
43:54 to withdraw their support and spiritual Babylon is going
43:58 to fall once again, they're going to fall.
44:04 I'm going to tell you something, people are going to be angry
44:07 in that day, people who have gone to their ministers
44:11 to try to ask questions about what is right, and their
44:14 ministers many times... and please, I'm not against
44:16 all ministers, don't think that I am, but friends,
44:19 there are many ministers that are wolves in sheep's clothing,
44:22 there are many ministers that are more interested in their job
44:25 than in what is right. There are many ministers
44:27 that are more interested in keeping other people back
44:30 than surrendering their own hearts and doing what is right,
44:33 and I've seen this over the years that I've preached.
44:36 I've had ministers tell their congregation one thing
44:38 in public and then tell me something else in private
44:41 because they knew they couldn't fool me in the word
44:44 of God. But they said: "I can't preach"
44:47 "that to my congregation, if I do I'll loose my congregation."
44:50 Friends, don't think that a lot of ministers don't know
44:52 the very things that I'm sharing with you tonight.
44:55 Then there are the other kind, there are the sincere,
44:58 Godly ministers, that are yet to see these things,
45:01 and I believe God is going to show them and they are
45:04 going to follow it in the end if they are sincere.
45:06 Friends, before it's all over God is going to have
45:09 His people standing on His side. Many people today complain
45:12 that it's hard to be a Christian.
45:14 You show them the will of God and they say "Oh my, it's tough"
45:17 "and I have to go through this, and I have to got through that,"
45:20 "and Jesus said bear the cross, and all these things."
45:23 Friends, let me tell you the difference between the cross
45:25 of Jesus and yoke of Satan. When Satan comes to you
45:28 he says "wear my yoke, because boy, it's a pleasure,"
45:31 "it's delight, and I'm going to give you all of these things."
45:34 At first when you take Satan's yoke it seems pretty neat
45:36 because he gives you pleasure, he gives you things you want,
45:39 the carnal mind wants, rather. Jesus says "come unto Me"
45:42 "all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest."
45:46 "Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me for I am"
45:48 "meek and lowly in heart, for My yoke is easy"
45:51 "and My burden is light." When you take the yoke
45:55 of Satan at first it seems easy, but Satan isn't even good
46:01 to his own. You start walking with the yoke
46:03 of Satan and it gets heavier, and heavier, and heavier,
46:08 and eventually it will crush out your life.
46:11 You take the cross of Jesus upon you, and yes, at first
46:14 it might seem difficult because you have to deny
46:16 the carnal nature, but Jesus says "don't you worry,"
46:19 "I will give you power to become a son and daughter"
46:21 "of God, I will give you the power to bear that cross",
46:24 and you start walking with the cross of Jesus
46:26 and it gets lighter and lighter till finally you say
46:29 "Lord, what you're asking I want to do anyway."
46:34 That's the difference between the cross of Jesus and the yoke
46:36 of Satan. Revelation 16:16 says:
46:42 [text on screen]
46:49 What does this word "Armageddon" mean?
46:52 Many people who look at this word "Armageddon"
46:54 and they say "Oh, I know what that means, that has to do"
46:57 "with a battle over oil fields in the Middle East."
47:00 They've been reading too many novels if they think that.
47:02 No, it's not a battle over oil fields in the Middle East,
47:05 what does a battle over oil fields in the Middle East
47:08 have to do with your salvation and mine?
47:11 Nothing. God's last day events
47:13 in the book of Revelation, they do not center around oil fields,
47:16 God isn't about the geography, God is concerned about
47:20 people being saved into His kingdom.
47:23 What we see here is that the battle of Armageddon
47:28 has to do with the forces of evil mobilizing against
47:32 the forces of good. It has to do with God's army
47:35 battling with Satan's army, with the followers of both sides
47:38 being involved, that means you and I are going
47:41 to be involved in this battle right here.
47:43 When it comes to this particular verse, it's a little bit
47:47 of a strange verse because it harkens us back
47:50 to the Hebrew tongue. Here's where we get into more
47:53 of the subject tonight. The verse calls us back
47:56 to a Hebrew word for "Armageddon", Hebrew
47:58 is the word for the Old Testament.
48:01 To understand the battle of Armageddon, realize
48:04 that no place now, nor ever has been called "Armageddon".
48:07 Some people think that it comes from 2 Hebrew words,
48:10 [text on screen]
48:12 Some believe that the latter part, "mageddon",
48:16 comes from the word "mageddo". There was a city of Mageddo
48:21 and a Plain of Mageddo, and a Valley of Mageddo,
48:23 but there was no Mount of Mageddo.
48:26 Let's not put that one up yet Cheryl, I'm not there quite yet.
48:30 Let's go back to where we were, there we go.
48:33 The first part "har" means "mountain" or "hill",
48:36 so for it to be the Mount of Mageddo, there seems
48:39 to be something lacking there because there was no
48:43 Mount of Mageddo in the Old Testament.
48:45 Some think that could be, because from the Plain
48:48 of Mageddo there is a mountain off in the distance,
48:51 that's Mount Carmel, so maybe that's the mountain that's
48:54 being talked about, because on that mountain there was
48:57 a tremendous showdown between true and false worship,
49:00 and in the end the showdown is going to be between
49:03 true and false worship, so there could be a plausible connection,
49:06 but there does seem to be a little bit lacking.
49:08 We know that the battle isn't going to be about the literal
49:11 Plain of Mageddo because I've actually been over there
49:14 on the literal Plain of Mageddo, and it's very small
49:17 compared to the armies of this world.
49:19 A lot of people think the armies of this world are going to meet
49:22 in that plain and battle it out. Well, you couldn't even put
49:25 the army of the US in that plain, it's not that big,
49:28 let alone all the other armies of the world.
49:30 So yes, there's a possible connection between Mount Carmel
49:33 where there was a showdown between true and false worship,
49:36 but there might be another explanation, I want to show that
49:39 also to you tonight. Another possible explanation
49:42 to this word "Armageddon" would be that the latter part
49:44 of the word taken from the Hebrew over into the Greek
49:47 would mean "Har Mo'ed", that means "congregation",
49:50 or "assembly". Keep in mind that when you
49:52 take words from one language over into another,
49:55 sometimes letters are added and dropped, so that could
49:58 be the very case here for those who have studied out
50:01 that last word "mo'ed", or that last part "mageddon"
50:03 as the "g" is added to bring it into the Greek language.
50:06 But if it came from these 2 Hebrew words,
50:11 "har" and "mo'ed", the Bible says "in the Hebrew tongue".
50:15 There is only 1 place in the Old Testament where
50:18 those 2 words "Har Mo'ed" are used, and that is
50:21 in Isaiah 14:13. In Isaiah 14:13 Satan made
50:27 a tremendous boast. He said: [text on screen]
50:39 That term, "mount of the congregation" is the term
50:42 "har mo'ed".
50:45 Satan had a desire to reign over God's people,
50:49 he wanted to put himself in God's place, that is only
50:52 the privilege of God, and Satan has always had that desire.
50:56 Down at the end of time Satan still has that desire.
50:59 He wants to put himself upon the mount of the congregation.
51:05 This brings us back to the end of time; in the end of time
51:08 this is the battle to end all battles, there's the forces
51:12 of evil, there's the forces of good, which is really
51:14 the forces of Satan versus the forces of God.
51:17 No other possibility is, that is a showdown
51:19 over worship, that's why we're all going to be involved in it.
51:23 The Bible tells us that this battle goes out to the kings
51:27 of the world, the kings of all the earth,
51:30 so we know it's a worldwide battle.
51:32 Revelation's focus is on the focus in heaven,
51:35 we've covered that already. Many people are trying
51:38 today that it's all about the temple, it's going to be
51:41 the 3rd temple that's going to be built in the Middle East.
51:43 Revelation doesn't focus on a rebuilt temple in
51:46 the Middle East, it focuses on a temple in heaven.
51:49 So again, we know it's a spiritual temple.
51:52 We see that the affects of Armageddon stretch far
51:55 beyond the Middle East. The primary system identified
51:57 and destroyed is spiritual Babylon, not literal Babylon,
52:00 so we realize it's going to be a spiritual battle,
52:03 and we also realize that in Revelation 16 it is the robes
52:06 of righteousness that are at stake, Jesus said:
52:09 "Keep your robe, don't let anyone take your garments away."
52:13 So it's a spiritual battle. When we see this battle
52:17 taking place, can you just imagine it for just a moment
52:20 with me dear friends? All the forces of evil
52:22 mobilizing at the end of time, just like Pharaoh mobilized
52:25 his army with the chariots, and the swords, and what other
52:29 weapons they had, and they raced against Israel,
52:32 and here's Israel with the shepherd, Moses,
52:35 as their leader, they don't have weapons of war,
52:39 they don't have chariots, they don't have anything to battle
52:42 back with, except 1 thing: they had their relationship
52:46 with the Creator, God.
52:48 So it is in the end of time. Satan will come with all
52:51 his forces of evil, they've got the tanks, they've got the guns,
52:53 they've got all these other kinds of great weapons
52:56 of man, but God's people don't need any of those things,
52:59 they only need 1 weapon, and that 1 weapon is their spiritual
53:02 relationship with their Creator, which God will certainly honor.
53:07 But God has weaponry, don't you think?
53:09 Look what it says in the book of Job 38:22.
53:15 The Lord says to Job: [text on screen]
53:29 So God says "Job, have you not seen all the hail I have here?"
53:32 He says: "Job, I've got the hail and I'm reserving it",
53:34 that means He's holding it back, "until the time of trouble."
53:37 Friends, this is the time of trouble right here.
53:40 Now let's see how God releases it.
53:43 Go back to Revelation 16 and we're going to read it out
53:46 to the end.
53:48 Keeping in mind, in essence, Armageddon, tremendous contest
53:51 between Christ and Satan and the followers of both sides
53:54 being involved, and now God is going to pour out
53:57 the heavenly artillery. Revelation 16:17,
54:01 it says: [text on screen]
54:08 Pause there with me for a moment.
54:11 At the creation God said "it is finished", and at the cross
54:14 Jesus said "it is finished", and here at the end God says
54:17 "it is done", which means "My people have suffered enough."
54:21 "Everything that needs to be demonstrated is demonstrated,"
54:24 "no more is necessary, I am going to come again",
54:27 and the 7th plague starts to fall.
54:30 Let's keep reading: "And the 7th angel poured out"
54:33 "his vial, into the air and there came a great voice"
54:36 "out of the temple from heaven from the throne, saying,"
54:39 "It is done." [text on screen]
54:53 So you can see the calamities that are going on.
54:56 [continues to read]
54:58 Keep in mind, this is spiritual Babylon, not literal Babylon.
55:02 It says: [text on screen]
55:09 You can see what's going on here, can't you?
55:11 It says: [text on screen]
55:15 So all nature is turned out, there's chaos in
55:18 the natural world, and it says: [text on screen]
55:28 I'll get back to that in just a moment, [continues to read]
55:35 When it says that hail came down from heaven the weight
55:38 of a talent, we're talking about 70 pound hail.
55:43 I've seen what little tiny sized hail can do,
55:45 it can damage cars, just little tiny hail; can you imagine
55:49 70 pound hail coming down, that's some kind of artillery
55:52 from heaven. It's going to flatten everything.
55:56 When God sends this artillery, we're in the very last moments
56:01 of time. Jesus is about to come,
56:05 and what do the righteous do at this time?
56:07 They don't have to worry, God's hand is over them.
56:10 A thousand can fall at one side, ten thousand on the other hand,
56:12 but it won't come near God's people.
56:15 They look up with open arms as it says in Isaiah 25:9,
56:18 they say: "Lo, this is our God, and we have waited for Him,"
56:21 "lo, this is the Lord and we have waited for Him,"
56:23 "and He will save us." Friends, you don't have
56:26 to worry, God is going to be with you during this time.
56:31 It is my prayer for you tonight that you will experience
56:34 that peace as you put your total trust in Him.
56:37 I'd like to have prayer with you as we close tonight
56:39 that we can all put out trust in Jesus in even a deeper way
56:43 after going through this night's subject.
56:46 Father in heaven, once again we can see that the mark
56:49 of the beast is coming, the image to the beast,
56:51 the time of trouble, all of these things are foretold
56:54 in Scripture, but we don't have to worry, for we have
56:57 a great God, and a great savior on our side
57:01 If God be for us, who can be against us?
57:04 So Lord, what we really ask tonight is for a greater faith,
57:07 and faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word
57:10 of God, so help us to be students of Your word,
57:13 and help us to be living out which we learned,
57:15 putting into practical application the things
57:18 that we know are right. Help us to be building
57:21 the muscles of faith, even now, in the little things,
57:23 for Jesus said "he that is faithful in little will be"
57:26 "faithful also in much." Knowing this, we don't have
57:29 to worry about that time, for we know that You will give us
57:32 the courage that is necessary if we are faithful to Thee now.
57:36 So bless each one of us now and we thank You for this time
57:39 we could spend together in Your word.
57:41 Bring us back together again soon, we pray in Jesus'
57:44 wonderful name, amen.


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