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00:09 The escalation of global terrorism, crime, immorality
00:12 and natural disasters, seems to indicate our world
00:15 is spiraling towards its ultimate hour with destiny.
00:18 Who, if anyone, will survive Earth's final events?
00:21 Discover what Bible prophecy reveals about the rapture,
00:24 the mark of the beast, and Armageddon.
00:26 Though shrouded in mystery for centuries,
00:28 the book of Revelation can be understood today.
00:32 Peer into the future, and see what wonderful things
00:35 God has planned for His people.
00:38 And now, Pastor Brian McMahon presents the powerful
00:41 Bible seminar "Revelation Speaks Hope".
00:45 It is our desire, it is our goal in these meetings to instruct
00:50 and edify the body of Christ in such a way as to prepare us
00:54 for His soon coming, would you agree with that?
00:56 Amen.
00:57 How do a people that are waiting for Jesus' soon coming live?
01:00 This is what we're going to talk about tonight,
01:03 and in 2 Corinthians 5:20, these are the words which we read,
01:09 it says: [text on screen]
01:17 "in Christ's stead" - that means in Christ's place,
01:20 [continues to read]
01:22 So here we're told that we are ambassadors,
01:26 now what exactly is an ambassador?
01:29 Well, an ambassador is an individual who lives in
01:31 a foreign country, and there in that foreign country
01:34 that person desires to hold to the laws and regulations
01:38 of the land from which they come from.
01:40 They desire to represent their native land in the very,
01:43 very best way possible. You might call an ambassador
01:47 an extremely important individual.
01:49 An ambassador in the political realm always tries
01:53 to do his very, very best. Here we're told that we
01:56 are ambassadors in the spiritual realm.
01:59 We live in a foreign world, don't we?
02:02 As the Christian song goes: "This world is not my home,"
02:04 "I'm just passing through." In other words,
02:07 I'm hoping for a better world than what this world
02:09 presently provides. But in the mean time while we
02:13 are here, we're placed in an extremely important position,
02:17 we are ambassadors for Jesus, we are in Christ's place
02:21 to represent 2 those who do not know Jesus, the heavenly realm.
02:27 So we have to take it seriously. The problem with some is
02:33 they'll come and they'll say "Well, I know the Bible says"
02:37 "such and so, but why do I have to do it, why can't I to this,"
02:41 "and why can't I do that? Will this little thing"
02:44 "keep me out of heaven?" And I say to myself
02:48 "Is that the way Christ's ambassadors are to live?"
02:52 "Is that the way Christ's ambassadors are to talk?"
02:54 When people say "why can't I do this?"
02:57 and "why can't I do that?", the problem is not the little thing
03:00 they're complaining about, the problem is the heart is not
03:03 in love with Jesus, because when the heart is in love
03:06 with Jesus you don't complain with what Jesus asks us to do.
03:09 When husbands and wives are really in love with each other
03:12 they want to please each other, when you're really in a close
03:15 relationship. Now turn with me to another
03:17 marvelous verse in Ecclesiastes 12:13.
03:22 He said in Ecclesiastes 12:13: [text on screen]
03:36 Now let's go to one in the New Testament together,
03:39 let's go to 1 John 3:22, it says: [text on screen]
03:48 Again, that's what an ambassador would want to do:
03:50 hold to the law the laws of the land of heaven.
03:53 It goes on, it goes further than that, it says:
03:56 [text on screen]
04:00 So John shows us that being an ambassador for Jesus
04:02 goes beyond just the basic laws of the land, an ambassador
04:07 wants to go above and beyond the call of duty,
04:11 and that's what the Christian would want to do
04:12 for his Lord, we want to go beyond those things
04:15 that are just required of us per se, and even go into those
04:18 things that are pleasing in God's sight.
04:22 Friends, do you love the Lord tonight to want to do
04:24 what's pleasing in His sight, if so give me a big "amen"
04:27 out there. [Audience] Amen.
04:30 I appreciate hearing that, and really along with that we would
04:33 want to not do those things that are not pleasing
04:35 in His sight. Do the things that are pleasing
04:38 in His sight, and refrain from those things that are
04:41 not pleasing in His sight. Love has to be the motive
04:43 behind all that we do. Hebrews 12:1 is our text.
04:48 The Bible says: [text on about]
04:51 "compassed about" - that means surrounded about,
04:54 [continues to read]
05:08 In the physical realm if people want to climb high mountains
05:11 they don't take along unnecessary things.
05:14 If they're going to climb these high mountains like Mt. Everest
05:17 and such mountains, they're going to take along
05:19 just the necessities, just the essential things, and anything
05:23 that's not essential they're going to say
05:26 "No, that's going to hinder me, that's going to hold me back"
05:28 "from really achieving my goal." Once again, it's true
05:31 in the physical realm, it's also true in the spiritual realm.
05:34 God would be pleased if we laid aside the weights in our life
05:38 that would hold us back from really living the life of faith
05:41 because God wants us to be free to live as a Christian
05:44 should live. Turn with me to 1 John 5:4,
05:49 it says this: [text on screen]
05:57 So when we have true faith, Christian faith, Biblical faith,
06:00 that faith is such that it accomplishes in our life
06:03 a victory over the things of the world.
06:06 The things of the world are the things that appeal to the carnal
06:09 nature, the things that appeal to what you were before you
06:12 were converted by the Holy Spirit.
06:14 It's kind of a general statement though "overcoming the world",
06:17 what exactly does that mean? Well, John gets more specific
06:20 if you go back to chapter 2. 1 John, same book
06:23 of the Bible, but go back to chapter 2:15: [text on screen]
06:50 You see, it is this desire to live like the world,
06:54 act like the world, speak like the world, dress like the world
06:58 that makes Christianity look so weak in the sight of the world,
07:01 because someone might have a friend who goes to church
07:04 and professes to be a Christian, and that person who has a friend
07:07 will say: "Why should I be a Christian?"
07:10 "My friend who professes to be a Christian, he dresses"
07:13 "the same as me, talks the same as me, goes to the same"
07:16 "place as me, attends the same party, smokes the same"
07:19 "cigarettes, drinks the same alcohol, watches the same"
07:21 "TV shows, goes to the same movies, he says"
07:24 "he's a Christian, I don't, what's the difference?"
07:27 And you know what, he's right; there ought to be a difference
07:30 between one who professes to serve Jesus and one who
07:33 does not. It's the desire on behalf
07:35 of so many people to want to hold on to Jesus with one hand
07:39 and hold on to the things of the world with the other hand,
07:41 and have them both, and yet, Jesus Himself said it's not
07:44 possible, He says "you are either for Me, or you are"
07:48 "against Me." You can't have the love
07:50 of the Father and the things of this world, that passage
07:53 told us, we want to have God and God alone.
07:58 You can find, if you're wanting, a church that will approve
08:01 of just about any kind of lifestyle out there.
08:04 If a person wants to drink alcohol, you'll find a church
08:07 that says "that's okay", if a person wants to smoke,
08:10 someone'll say "that's okay". Friends, we should be very
08:13 accepting as we have people come, but God's church
08:15 is a church of standards, it represents something,
08:19 it's a high and holy calling, and it is not our desire
08:21 as Christians to bring the Bible down to our lifestyle.
08:25 Friends, the Bible is high and holy and we should
08:28 leave it there. It is up to us to surrender
08:31 our life to the work of the Holy Spirit so that He can then
08:33 lift us up to the true standards of heaven.
08:36 In other words, it is the insincere person that wants
08:40 to change the Bible to fit his lifestyle, the sincere person
08:43 says "no, change me, Lord... change me."
08:45 We're going to 1 Peter 2:9, it says in 1 Peter 2:9:
08:51 [text on screen]
09:00 When it says "peculiar" it doesn't mean "queer",
09:03 it doesn't mean "weird", it doesn't mean "strange",
09:06 but if you're going to be peculiar it means you will be
09:09 acting differently than the one who doesn't profess
09:12 to serve Jesus. It goes on, and it says:
09:14 [text on screen]
09:23 Isn't it a wonderful thing to come out of darkness?
09:25 The Bible says "Thy word is light", so when you come out
09:29 of darkness and you read the light of God's word,
09:31 that means you read the light of God's will for our life,
09:34 and we want to surrender to it, and that's coming out of
09:37 darkness so we can show forth the praises of God who has
09:40 done this for us, that's our desire.
09:42 So we're going to talk about some of the ways
09:45 we can do that, what are some of the ways we can show forth
09:48 the praises of the One who brought us out of darkness?
09:51 Let's talk about the senses.
09:54 If the Devil wants to get into your life, he tries to do
09:57 that primarily through the 5 senses; the things that we
09:59 taste, and touch, and see, and feel and so on,
10:02 and of all those 5 senses 2 of them primarily are really
10:05 used by the Devil, and that is the things we look at
10:08 and the things we listen to. What about the things
10:11 we listen to, do you think it really matters?
10:14 Go with me to Mark 4 and here it says, speaking of Jesus:
10:19 [text on screen]
10:27 It makes a difference what we listen to.
10:30 In Isaiah 33:15, we looked at this our last night together,
10:34 and it's speaking of the righteous, it says:
10:36 [text on screen]
10:39 So in other words, the Christian is going to stop his ears,
10:42 hold back from listening to things that are detrimental
10:45 to our faith, that are really not appropriate for Christian
10:49 listening. We're going to talk about
10:52 some music here because music is always a controversial
10:55 subject talked about by many, and I know that as soon
10:58 as someone says music they right away think
11:01 "Oh, he's going to bash rock 'n' roll".
11:03 Well, yes, I think rock 'n' roll is probably one of those things
11:06 that heaven wouldn't approve of, and of course, "rock 'n' roll"
11:09 itself is a term that's sexually explicit, but what about music?
11:13 Can we so listen to the wrong kinds of music that will be
11:16 a weight in our life, because remember, we're talking about
11:19 things that are detrimental to our experience,
11:22 we're wanting to run the race, as Paul talks about it.
11:26 We are in a battle of all battles as Christians,
11:28 and we want to make sure we win the race, but if we have weights
11:32 that are holding us down, wrong kinds of things perhaps
11:36 filling our mind, we're not going to run that race
11:38 very well, and we may not finish at all.
11:41 You see, if a cereal company can sell us a certain brand
11:46 of cereal by playing the same 30 second commercial over
11:49 and over and over again, how much can the Devil put into
11:54 our head if we play the wrong kind of song, 4 minutes worth,
11:58 over and over and over again?
12:01 Sometimes people say "Oh well, I just love the melody",
12:07 but the lyrics are really bad. It's true, music is a very
12:11 powerful medium. You can get caught up
12:14 with a certain kind of melody because it's a beautiful melody,
12:17 and you can start singing that song, and all of a sudden
12:19 you're singing things that you really don't even believe,
12:22 you can start singing things that you know you don't
12:25 even understand, or you know are not Christian,
12:28 yet the melody carries you along because it's very powerful.
12:31 I don't care if it's rap, or reggae, or blues, or funk,
12:33 or pop, or whatever it is, it matters what we put
12:36 into our minds, and I'm talking about more than rock 'n' roll
12:41 tonight; you talk about certain kinds of country music,
12:43 that's really big today, isn't it?
12:47 When I say country music I'm not talking about [Marty] Robin
12:50 singing "Home, home on the range" stuff, I'm not talking
12:53 about that. But if you listen to some
12:56 of this country music that's played, isn't it depressing?
13:02 Country music can really be depressing because it's all
13:05 about what the guy's problem is: he lost his wife,
13:10 he lost his job, he lost his house, he lost his dog,
13:14 he's always loosing something in his life.
13:18 Back in the 1970's, when I listened to a lot of
13:20 rock 'n' roll music in my life, not something I'm very
13:23 proud about, but they had a certain method of taking
13:28 records, yes, records... [Audience laughs]
13:32 ...and you could take them and put the needle down and spin
13:35 it backwards with your finger. Some of you are saying
13:38 "why would you ever want to do that?"
13:41 Well they called it "backward masking" when certain
13:44 sounds would come out of the record by spinning it backwards,
13:47 and they never were very righteous sounds, they were
13:50 always sounds that seemed to glorify the Devil, or give
13:53 praise to him, and so on. So certain people would learn
13:56 what records had this backward masking available on it
13:58 and they would do that, but now they don't have to backward
14:01 mark anything, they just sing it forward, they just say it.
14:04 If they want to run with the Devil, they'll say "I'm running"
14:07 "with the Devil." I went into a record store
14:10 and actually saw a record that on the backside of it
14:12 it had a contract where a person could sign away their soul
14:15 to the Devil. I wanted to buy it
14:18 just to show people that this really was out there,
14:20 but I didn't want to put money towards the record
14:23 and the record company, so I didn't do it, but yes,
14:26 it was there, I actually saw it. I see on the covers
14:29 of some of these CDs and other types and forms of music,
14:32 I see more Satanic symbolism than probably anywhere
14:34 other than a Satanic book store. Someone will say
14:37 "Oh, you know, I don't listen to the covers,"
14:40 "I just listen to the music." Friends, it matters what we
14:43 look at as well as what we listen to.
14:46 Today when people listen to country music, people always
14:48 say "you mean to tell me I'm going to go to hellfire"
14:51 "for listening to country music?"
14:54 Friends, I'm not saying that tonight, but I will tell you
14:57 that if you're listening to music that is filled with
14:59 lying, and cheating, and stealing, and rebellion,
15:02 and adultery, you can be lost for that because the Bible says
15:04 "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."
15:07 Again, this is going back some years, but I had a record
15:10 collection from about here to the wall there, and it was
15:13 just filled with some of the most expensive records
15:15 because I'd go up and buy the rare things, the ones
15:18 that are hard to find, and then when I became a Christian
15:21 and realized that those kind of things are not the principles
15:23 by which I wanted to live, I had to make a hard decision:
15:26 what am I going to do with all of this?
15:29 Well, I knew I'd spent the money, but if I listened to it
15:31 and ruined my mind, that's even worse.
15:34 So I got rid of it, sometimes you have to make those
15:37 kind of hard decisions. If you have a certain mix
15:39 of music, you keep the best and you get rid of the other,
15:42 get rid of the rest, and you go out and you get some good
15:45 music because if you really are a lover of music
15:48 you want to replace that which you got rid of, otherwise you're
15:51 going to go back to the other; so go out and get some good
15:54 music and listen to that, and then you'll find that the Spirit
15:56 of heaven will come and visit you because you're not filling
15:59 your mind with all kinds of things like that.
16:02 Sometimes we get on our young people for all sorts of things,
16:04 but we listen to, as adults, music that's bad as well.
16:07 Here's another question that goes along with music,
16:10 and that is the question of dancing, is dancing really
16:12 right for the Christian? So whenever you deal
16:15 with an issue such as dancing, you want to ask yourself:
16:18 is Jesus going to participate in this?
16:21 Is this something that Jesus would approve of?
16:23 There'll be people that say "Oh, but didn't David dance"
16:26 "before the Lord in the Bible, and therefore dancing"
16:28 "is approved of?" Listen friends, we have to be
16:31 honest with what the Scripture says, the kind of leaping
16:34 of joy that David did because of the Ark of the Covenant
16:36 being brought towards Jerusalem, that kind of leaping of joy
16:39 bared no resemblance to what goes down at the Saturday
16:42 night discotheque. [Audience laughs]
16:44 Let's not pretend that it does. When you look at what goes
16:47 along with dancing, often that's the real problem
16:50 because it's very dark, and there's all kinds of poor music
16:52 being played there, alcohol is flowing, and there is a lot
16:55 of sexual things taking place that would not be normally
16:57 proper to take under the influence of dancing,
17:00 under the influence of alcohol, and then there'll be people
17:03 who come up and they'll say "Oh, but Pastor, listen,"
17:07 "I go there, but I just do it for the exercise."
17:09 Again, if they made all the men dance with the men,
17:12 and all the women dance with the women, how long would they
17:15 do it "just for the exercise"? [Audience laughs]
17:17 Maybe a few would, but by and large, that would be it.
17:20 There's other ways to get good exercise.
17:24 Look what it says in Isaiah 33:15, we go back
17:29 to that verse where we were. It says: [text on screen]
17:36 So the principles of heaven go beyond the things that we
17:39 listen to, but it even goes into the things that we look at.
17:42 In Proverbs 23:26 the Bible says: [text on screen]
17:47 When we give God our heart, what will follow?
17:50 It says: [continues to read]
17:55 So we want to observe the ways of God.
17:59 Turn with me in your Bibles to Psalm 101:2: [text on screen]
18:11 Then David goes on to answer himself and he says:
18:14 [text on screen]
18:18 When we walk within our house with a perfect heart,
18:21 the Lord will draw close to us, won't He?
18:26 If you go out to church, all dressed up nice,
18:29 it can be easy to put on for an hour or two,
18:33 even though you may not feel like it inside, you can act
18:36 like a Christian for a while, but when you're out
18:39 on the street, or at the job, that can be a different
18:42 matter all together. You can't imagine how many
18:44 people come and tell me they were offended at so-and-so
18:47 who came to church and looked real good, but out in the job
18:50 they screamed, and yelled, and ranted, and raved,
18:52 and people said "I don't want to become a Christian if that's"
18:55 "the way they are", it's a lot harder when it's out
18:58 in the street. But how is it when we're
19:00 at our house, as David prays here?
19:03 How is it when we're in our home, how is it when we're
19:06 in our home alone? Then we have the real test,
19:08 do we still walk within our house with a perfect heart?
19:11 Then in verse 3 David says: [text on screen]
19:15 Does that have relevance to our day?
19:18 You're getting kind of quiet there.
19:21 Does that have relevance to our day?
19:24 - [Audience] Yes. - Amen, sure.
19:26 He says "I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes."
19:28 "I hate the work of them that turn aside, it shall"
19:31 "not cleave to me." There's a lot of things
19:34 going on on TV that are wicked, and you don't need me
19:37 to tell you that. I'm not even going to talk
19:39 about movies tonight, because I think that a discerning person
19:42 could easily see that there are desperately few things
19:45 that are put out of Hollywood that a Christian would want
19:48 to look at, just very very little that is any good at all,
19:52 that would really edify you, but when it comes to TV
19:55 a lot of people sit down and they watch all kinds of things,
19:58 and they watch these things on TV and they think
20:00 "Well, it's okay because it's in my home."
20:03 Let me share with you a couple surveys that have been done
20:07 on TV watching, if I could.
20:10 It says: [text on screen]
20:26 Okay, so 40,000 murders during that time,
20:29 absolutely unbelievable. It goes on, and he says:
20:33 [text on screen]
20:58 They wrote that in 1984. [text on screen]
21:19 So he's identifying through 20 years of survey that yes,
21:23 TV truly does have an effect on the way people live,
21:26 "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he."
21:29 They have found as they have studied prime time TV,
21:31 prime time TV is that time from 7-10 o'clock at night,
21:36 and they've studied the channels, ABC, CBS, NBC,
21:39 the so called "nice channels", and they have looked at those
21:42 channels and found out that every single hour they have
21:45 10 or more instances of profanity, of violence,
21:50 of sexuality outside of the God ordained marriage relationship,
21:55 let me ask you this question, I want to hear on this,
21:57 can you watch violence to the glory of God, yes or no?
22:00 No, you can't. Can you watch profanity
22:03 to the glory of God, yes or no? Can you watch adultery
22:06 to the glory of God, yes or no? No.
22:09 Here's the question: Can you watch then,
22:12 prime time TV to the glory of God? No.
22:14 But that's what it all is, that's what prime time TV is.
22:17 People are watching it, and watching it and they're just
22:20 filling up, and then they go out into the street and people
22:22 start acting out these things because it doesn't bother them
22:25 because of the fact that they're so immune to it because they've
22:28 been watching it all of these years.
22:31 John told us in 1 John 2:15 "Love not the world,"
22:37 "neither the things that are in the world."
22:40 Some years back they were trying to find out
22:43 what would be the appropriate labeling to put on TV
22:46 for certain programs, "should we make it R rated"
22:49 "for Restrictive, or PG-13", and they were trying to come up
22:52 with all kinds of rating systems in order to label it
22:55 for what it was, and then this one cartoonist came up
22:58 and he said "Well, as it turns out, one ratings category"
23:01 "covers it all: G for Garbage". [Audience laughs]
23:04 I thought that was pretty good. Friends, I'm not saying
23:07 that I don't ever watch TV, I watch the History Channel
23:11 because I enjoy that, and there's some of the other things
23:15 that are on there like Discovery Channel,
23:18 after you get by the evolution slant to it, you can maybe
23:21 enjoy some things on Animal Planet, but basically
23:25 even those channels, the commercials are getting so bad.
23:31 My father raised me to be kind of a newsaholic, and we had
23:35 more than 1 newspaper, and we had more than 1 news magazine
23:37 coming in, so I was always reading the news
23:40 and trying to find out what was going on with the news,
23:43 but it just seems like things are getting so bad you can
23:46 hardly watch the news today, it's just so graphic,
23:48 almost pornographic in some cases.
23:51 So we're looking at principles tonight, and it even goes
23:54 beyond TV, it can even go into the kinds of reading
23:56 that we have. People are filling them self up
23:59 with romance novels and fiction type material.
24:03 What happens is they get so filled with the fictitious
24:08 that the real has no impact anymore.
24:12 They start going off into dreamland through all of these
24:15 kinds of fictitious novels, and then all of sudden you want
24:20 to tell them what the plan of salvation, and they don't
24:23 seem to have an appetite for it, they don't seem to have a mind
24:25 that can grasp it because of the fact that their mind has really
24:28 become mush from all of this terrible reading that they've
24:31 been doing. There's a good, safe rule
24:33 that we can follow. Let's look at it together,
24:36 Philippians 4:8 says this: [text on screen]
24:47 "whatsoever things are lovely," [text on screen]
24:55 That's a pretty good principle right there, isn't it?
24:58 Absolutely friends. If you follow that guideline,
25:01 you're always going to be blessed, you're going to
25:04 truly put it by the test of what would Jesus want?
25:06 What would Jesus want me to do?
25:09 This next area that we're going to study tonight,
25:13 we're going to go into a different realm of what we've
25:16 been covering so far. We're going to talk about
25:19 what John says, "the pride of life".
25:21 Speaking of pride, I want you to notice how the Bible
25:24 contrasts 2 beings, the first one being Lucifer;
25:27 in Isaiah 14:13,14 Lucifer said: [text on screen]
25:39 Lucifer was filled with pride, that was the root of his being,
25:44 filled with pride about himself. Contrast that to
25:47 the lovely Jesus, and Jesus talked about Himself,
25:50 and He said in Matthew 11: "Come unto Me all ye that labor"
25:54 "and are heavy laden and I will give you rest."
25:57 He said: [text on screen]
26:03 Can you see the difference in the character of Jesus?
26:06 He was the Lord of heaven, He had everything,
26:09 and He came and He said "I am meek and lowly in heart".
26:13 We want to be more like Jesus, but the Devil wants to put
26:17 pride into our hearts. In this next area that we cover
26:21 we're going to talk about how we can try to fight
26:23 against that, the Devil is always looking for ways
26:27 to put it in us, we have to be looking for ways to get it out
26:31 of us, amen? To get it out of our life.
26:34 Sometimes it's so subtle we don't even recognize it,
26:36 sometimes it's so subtle we don't even realize how
26:39 the Devil's doing it. We're going to talk about
26:42 in this next area how we dress. I know it's a sensitive area
26:45 when it comes to dress because we're all affected by it,
26:48 so I'm going to ask this of you: if what we cover in the next
26:50 area affects you where you're at, I want you to be
26:53 perfectly comfortable in studying here with us tonight.
26:57 As we started out tonight, remember, some learn things
27:00 one night, other learn things another night.
27:03 Tonight you might learn something about the way
27:05 we dress as Christians, but if so, just know that all of us
27:08 are covered by the grace of God and none are any better
27:11 than anyone else, we're all sinners at the feet
27:14 of Jesus, thanking Him for His wonderful love for us.
27:17 Okay, so having said that, turn to the book of Genesis,
27:21 the book of beginnings. We're going to talk
27:23 about ornamentation tonight, and what the Bible has to say
27:27 about ornamentation. Remember if you were here
27:30 earlier in the seminar, we got some questions in from some
27:32 of you asking about jewellery and the Christian,
27:35 and how the Bible looks at it; well I'm going to share
27:38 with you in this next little while about what the Bible
27:40 has to say about it.
27:42 This affects not just the ladies, it affects the men
27:45 just as much, and as you're turning to Genesis 35,
27:49 I'd like you to remember that we're talking about weights,
27:55 how weights in our life can hold us back from doing
27:58 the will of God, sometimes we don't even realize they're
28:01 weights, we might not even realize that poor music
28:04 is a weight in our life that can so fill our mind
28:07 that we can't sense the Holy Spirit.
28:09 Sometimes we don't realize that TV, poor viewing habits,
28:12 can be a terrific weights in our life, sometimes we don't
28:15 realize that reading the wrong kind of literature,
28:19 romance novels, and other kinds of fictitious stuff
28:21 can be a terrible way of diverting our mind from
28:24 the realities of the gospel, they're weights in our life,
28:27 it's not that it's necessarily an incredibly sinful thing
28:31 in and of itself, but it's a weight that will hold you back
28:34 from living the true life of faith, so we're going to talk
28:37 tonight about how dress can be a weight as well.
28:39 Genesis 35:1, it says: [text on screen]
29:25 When he said he hid them that means they weren't
29:28 going to go and dig if up later, he hid them meaning that
29:31 was it, they were going to remain there.
29:34 So there is something in this passage that early on
29:37 in the Bible tells us that God was displeased when they
29:40 draped ornamentation all over them, it was drawing
29:42 their hearts away. When God says:
29:45 "You're going to go and you're going to consecrate yourself"
29:48 "and consecrate your family, these are some things"
29:51 "that need to be disposed of because they're strange gods,"
29:54 "there are earrings in the ears, and they represent the world."
29:56 Remember what we looked at earlier tonight, 1 John 2:15,
29:59 "love not the world, neither the things that are in"
30:02 "the world", and people have for long years recognized
30:05 that ornamentation was something that was a representation
30:08 of worldly life. That's one verse, that's just
30:11 one passage, let's go to another one together.
30:13 Let's go to Exodus, second book of the Bible, we looked
30:16 at the first book, now let's go to the second.
30:19 Exodus 33.
30:21 Dear friends, it's not that God doesn't like jewels,
30:23 God made a lot of wonderful gems in the earth,
30:26 but God doesn't always like what they do to us when we put
30:29 them on, because it can have the ability of drawing the heart
30:33 away from Jesus and focusing on our self.
30:37 You'll think "look at me." I'm not judging anyone
30:39 here tonight, and every time I get into this subject
30:42 I tell you, I almost wish I could preach it
30:45 with a blindfold on so that no one would ever think
30:47 that I'm looking at you, because everything I'm sharing
30:50 with you tonight, believe me, I had to learn it myself,
30:53 and you know what that means.
30:56 I was not immune to this kind of thing.
30:58 We go on, Exodus 33:1-6. It says: [text on screen]
31:14 "And will send an angel before thee, and I will drive out"
31:17 "the Canaanite, the Amorite, and the Hittite,"
31:20 [text on screen]
31:33 Why will God not go up in the midst of them?
31:36 There's obviously a spiritual problem, isn't there?
31:39 Then he goes on, it says: [text on screen]
31:41 "stiff necked people" - that means "a stubborn people",
31:44 [continues to read]
31:46 So God is identifying the problem, they're stubborn,
31:49 they were rebellious, and He goes on and it says:
31:52 [text on screen]
32:24 So, early on in Scripture we can see that God said
32:29 they had a spiritual problem, they were still rebellious,
32:32 they needed to consecrate them self before God would go up
32:35 in the midst of them, and the reaction to that was
32:38 they said "God is not pleased with our dress."
32:41 Now, there may have been some other things as well,
32:44 the heart is the issue, but the dress reflects the heart.
32:47 So the heart is the issue, but the dress was reflecting that,
32:50 and they changed their dress, and they took off
32:52 the ornamentation. Now, people say
32:54 "well that's the Old Testament", remember now, whether we read
32:57 in the Old Testament or whether we read in the New,
33:00 the principles of heaven don't change.
33:03 Sometimes applications can change in certain ways,
33:05 but the principles don't change, and God's character doesn't
33:08 change, so let's go to the New Testament now, and see how
33:11 it's revealed there to us as well.
33:14 We're going to go to 1 Timothy. You know how to find 1 Timothy:
33:16 Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians,
33:20 Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians,
33:23 then the 5 books that start with "T", 1 and 2 Thessalonians,
33:26 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus, right through there.
33:29 We're going to 1 Timothy 2:3.
33:38 It says: "For this is good and acceptable in the sight"
33:41 "of God, our Saviour,", what is good and acceptable in God's
33:44 sight? Let's keep reading.
33:46 "Who will have all men to be saved and to come unto"
33:49 "the knowledge of the truth." So God wants all to know truth
33:52 and that's what we're looking at tonight.
33:55 Now let's go down. It's talking about coming
33:57 into the knowledge of truth, and go ahead for the sake of time
34:00 to verse 7, it says: "Whereunto I am ordained"
34:03 "a preacher, and an apostle, I speak the truth in Christ,"
34:05 "and lie not; a teacher of the Gentiles in faith and verity."
34:08 So Paul is trying to make it very clear that he's speaking
34:11 truth to them, he's mentioning it more than once.
34:14 Verse 8: "I will therefore that men pray everywhere,"
34:17 "lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting."
34:19 Now verse 9, it says: [text on screen]
34:31 We're going to stop right there.
34:34 This is an interesting passage. When it says "broided hair"
34:39 by the way ladies, we don't really understand that
34:41 to mean braided hair, most of the time when people look
34:43 at this passage and try to analyze it, they think it might
34:46 have been referring to a practice they had of weaving
34:48 jewels through the hair, and that would be more what broided
34:51 hair means, rather than braided hair because a woman's hair
34:54 is her glory, it's a wonderful thing, but we see that God
34:57 is not pleased when adornment becomes the focus in the issue.
35:04 Scripture tells us in Matthew 4: "Man shall not live"
35:09 "by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth"
35:13 "from the mouth of God." Does this passage come
35:16 from the inspired mouth of God as well?
35:20 This passage in 1 Timothy, is it inspired of the Lord?
35:25 That's pretty quiet, how about a little louder "amen"?
35:29 - [Audience] Amen. - Okay, that's better.
35:31 So, should we live by that too? I want to hear an equally loud
35:35 "amen" to that one." [Audience] Amen.
35:38 Okay, that's good, now I know you're still with me.
35:40 So we should live by this too. As we look at this,
35:44 Paul tells Timothy, he's ordained to teach truth,
35:48 he instructs them not to wear these things.
35:51 What does that word "not" mean?
35:53 When the Lord told Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
35:56 they were not to eat of the fruit of the tree of
35:59 the knowledge of good and evil, they were not to eat
36:02 of that fruit, did that mean they could eat a little bit?
36:04 Did that mean they could eat sometimes?
36:07 Did that mean they could eat just a small fruit?
36:10 No, it means nothing. So someone will say in this
36:15 passage "well Paul doesn't mention diamonds,"
36:19 "so diamonds must be okay because he didn't mention"
36:21 "it here." Well Paul could have said
36:24 "Not with broided hair, or gold, or diamonds, or pearls",
36:27 but then somebody would say "Oh, but he didn't mention"
36:30 "emeralds, so I can wear emeralds."
36:32 No, he could have said "Not with gold, pearls,"
36:35 "diamonds, emeralds" and someone would say
36:38 "he didn't say rubies". The point being this folks:
36:41 Paul doesn't have to mention every precious stone
36:43 under the sun to get a point across.
36:46 The point is that we are to be concerned with the inward
36:49 character and not the outward dress, not to say you can't
36:53 dress nice, it's not to say you can't wear quality clothes,
36:55 but that's not to be our focus, the focus is that we are
36:58 to be concerned with the character within, and not
37:02 necessarily showing things from without.
37:04 Do you know that as we look more and more at our world,
37:07 isn't it true that people are going to extremes?
37:10 Isn't it true that people are going to even extremes
37:12 with the piercings of the body?
37:15 You've got tongue piercing, and if that wasn't bad enough,
37:17 people are starting to pierce all kinds of things,
37:20 you've got nose piercing, eye piercing, lip piercing,
37:23 how about head piercing? It's hard to look at,
37:26 it's amazing what people get into.
37:30 All parts of our society are going to the extremes,
37:34 but you know, all it is is a carrying out of a more
37:37 extreme part of the very principle of piercing the body,
37:42 which we've accepted in our society for some time
37:44 as far as the world goes. Friends, I want you to know
37:47 that Christians of long ago spoke out against ornamentation
37:53 very loudly and very clearly. Those of you might be Methodist
37:58 here, or have a Methodist background, I hope that you'll
38:00 especially appreciate this, but even if you don't,
38:03 I'll hope you'll pay attention to what John Wesley had to say,
38:05 he was a great man of God, fantastic preacher,
38:08 and John Wesley spoke out about ornamentation this way,
38:11 he said: [text on screen]
38:13 Really what he's doing is he's looking at this passage
38:16 and basically almost quoting from it, he says:
38:19 "I do not advise women", let me pause there,
38:22 today he would say "I do not advice men and women",
38:26 [text on screen]
38:44 That's what John Wesley used to teach, but that's what a lot
38:47 of other Christian teachers also used to teach
38:49 because it was well known that ornamentation
38:52 was of the world, and not of the Christian faith.
38:55 Again, we go back to our text where we began tonight
38:58 in 1 John 2:15,16, it says: [text on screen]
39:04 We look at the things that the world says we are to wear,
39:07 we have to be careful, lest by doing so we're showing an aspect
39:10 of pride that we really don't want to as Christians.
39:12 I've heard it say, and I'm sure you have too,
39:16 that Christianity does not consist of a list of dos
39:19 and don'ts, checking off "I will do this..."
39:22 "and will do this... and will do this...",
39:25 "and I won't, won't, won't..." and so on,
39:28 and judging others because they're not living the way
39:31 we think they should. Friends, that's not Christianity,
39:33 Christianity is not trying to have a checklist religion,
39:36 as I like to say; Christianity is having a very close
39:39 and abiding relationship with Jesus,
39:42 and of course, the Holy Spirit.
39:44 But brothers and sisters, there are things that will
39:47 happen when the gospel enters our hearts and minds.
39:50 The gospel is an active gospel, it changes lives.
39:53 Take a look at this next text in Romans 12:1,2, it says:
39:58 [text on screen]
40:09 When we are transformed by the renewing of the mind,
40:12 which means the born again experience, then look
40:15 what comes next, Paul says: [text on screen]
40:21 Unless you're born again and have a transformed mind,
40:25 the subject tonight, well I can guarantee you, you won't
40:28 like it. Unless you're born again
40:31 by God's Spirit and you really have a desire to follow Jesus,
40:33 you will not want to do the kind of things we're talking about,
40:36 because the kind of things that we're talking about,
40:39 remember our verse there in Romans earlier?
40:42 They're weights that will hold us back from running the race
40:46 that God wants us to run, and we're talking about
40:49 how to be able to live the true life of faith,
40:52 but the carnal mind wants those things, and the spiritual
40:56 mind says he doesn't want those things, so it's a contest
40:58 between the 2, but we're not going to recognize that
41:02 until we are transformed, so he says "don't be conformed,"
41:06 "but be ye transformed". In James 1:27 James says:
41:11 [text on screen]
41:20 Sometimes people say "well, it's just a little thing",
41:23 friends, little things lead to big things,
41:25 little spots lead to big spots. It is true that we are
41:29 saved by grace, and I like to say this every night
41:32 we're together, yes, we're saved by grace,
41:35 but you know, for the Christian, grace places us under greater
41:38 obligation than we were before, to the servanthood of Jesus.
41:42 When we are saved by grace we become servants of the most
41:46 high God, and as servants we will do what the Master asks.
41:51 The 144,000, it says in Revelation "they follow"
41:54 "the Lamb whithersoever He goeth."
41:58 Do you want to follow the Lamb whithersoever He goes tonight?
42:00 Amen, I know you do.
42:02 So baptism means that we are born again.
42:10 I have 2 children, 2 girls, and I had the high privilege
42:15 of seeing them born. I went right into the room
42:19 where they were born, and as they were being born
42:23 the doctor turned to me and he said "would you like"
42:26 "to cut the umbilical cord?" I said "Yeah, I would."
42:31 So he handed me this big pair of sheers, these big
42:33 pair of snips and I got the privilege to do that once,
42:38 and twice when my daughter, Kelly, was born.
42:41 Wow, I'll never forget that. But it signified to me
42:45 that the birth was not fully complete until that cord
42:49 was cut. We are now talking,
42:52 as Christians, about being born again.
42:57 But in that desire to be born again there is a spiritual
43:02 cord that needs to be cut, and that cord is the cord
43:07 of temptation and pride that wants to bind us to the things
43:10 of the world. Satan will do everything he can
43:14 to try to keep you from cutting that cord, he will fight it,
43:18 he will fight it hard. Friends, that cord of pride
43:23 is often one of the last bits that people want to hang on to
43:30 before they really let go and they let Jesus take control.
43:33 Tonight I'm urging you to do that, if for any way,
43:37 in any shape or form you're saying "But Lord, I will"
43:40 "surrender all, but I want this to myself."
43:44 Remember, the ambassador that we are for Christ,
43:48 2 Corinthians 5:20, says we not only keep His commandments,
43:51 but we do those things that are pleasing in His sight.
43:55 Do you want to please Jesus tonight?
43:58 Think on these things that we're sharing here.
44:00 The Bible tells us that the way that we dress outwardly
44:05 makes a big difference in how we represent ourselves
44:07 to the world. In Revelation 2 women
44:09 are presented. We've covered this,
44:12 but in Revelation how they're presented indicates what kind
44:14 of church these 2 women are. You have one that's dressed
44:17 in purity, in white, she represents God's true people,
44:21 then you've got another woman represented in Revelation 17,
44:24 she represents the harlot woman, she's adorned in a totally
44:27 different way, a very worldly way we might say.
44:30 So the outward representation of these 2 women alone,
44:34 one decked in gold and precious stones representing the fallen
44:38 church, should indicate to us that God desires the we not
44:45 pattern our self after that kind of thing.
44:48 I want to tell you a story that happened back in the days
44:51 of the civil war. Back in the days of civil war,
44:54 you know the civil war was between the North and the South,
44:57 and 2 different colors were used to distinguish the North
45:00 from the South. The North wore blue
45:02 and the South wore grey. They had the Mason-Dixon line
45:05 running between the North and the South, and the Mason-Dixon
45:07 line was that which was to separate those from the North
45:10 and those from the South. Here was a man
45:13 that by circumstance, and I guess coincidence,
45:17 happened to have his house on the line.
45:22 He had his house right on the Mason-Dixon line.
45:26 So he thought he'd use that to his advantage in not
45:28 declaring himself for either side, he says: "I don't want"
45:31 "to get in trouble with the North, and I don't want"
45:34 "to get in trouble with the South, I don't want"
45:37 "to have to take a stand, so I'm just going to declare"
45:40 "myself in this way: he more blue top and grey bottom."
45:42 [Audience laughs] He thought:
45:45 "I'll out-fox them both because my house is on"
45:48 "the border anyway." I'll tell you what,
45:51 by wearing the 2 colors he had a divided profession.
45:55 When the armies of the South came along and saw that
45:57 blue top they said "this guy can't take a stand",
46:00 they shot him in the blue. When the the armies of the blue
46:03 came along they said "this guy can't take a stand",
46:06 they shot him in the grey. He didn't make out so well.
46:09 [Audience laughs] You can't send a confused
46:12 signal like that of your allegiance.
46:14 In the same way, as Christians it's confusing when we don't
46:18 take a stand all the way for Jesus.
46:20 We need to take that stand and show people, not just by dress,
46:24 but by many other ways, who we really profess to serve.
46:28 When the Christian church is willing to step out and show
46:30 who we really professed to serve, people will recognize
46:34 that we are peculiar people "who should show forth"
46:37 "the praises of Him who has called us out of darkness"
46:39 "into His marvelous light," and what is light?
46:42 "Thy Word is light." In case you feel like you've
46:45 gotten a little bit shot at tonight, I hope you'll recognize
46:49 we always want to do it in love, we don't want in anyway
46:52 to do anything, but edify the body of Jesus, but I want
46:55 you to know that God has ornaments.
46:58 That's good news for some of you who want to have ornaments,
47:01 but God has ornaments in Scripture, and let's take
47:04 a look at what kind they are. Go with me 1 Peter 3.
47:19 As you're turning there, I'm not going to read this yet,
47:23 I know that some of you have asked me this question,
47:25 they've said: "Pastor Bryan, I noticed that you don't wear"
47:29 "ornamentation, why is that?" Well, the reason we don't
47:34 is basically the verses that I've been sharing with you,
47:37 and the one that I'm about to share with you,
47:39 but I have actually had people tell me as they came in the door
47:46 opening night of the seminar, they said: "Pastor Bryan,"
47:50 "if I saw you up there wearing a whole bunch of ornamentation,"
47:55 "looking like some of those people on TV who are begging"
47:58 "for money even though they're wearing all of this stuff,"
48:00 "I would have turned around and walked out, and not"
48:03 "even attended." It matters how we represent
48:05 our self. I could wear it if I want,
48:08 I have a ring, would you like to see my ring?
48:14 Here's my ring. Now, my ring is so big
48:21 that I have to have 2 fingers to wear it.
48:24 [Audience laughs] So if I wanted to wear it
48:27 I could come up here with ornamentation and I could
48:30 be preaching to you at night, and as I was preaching to you
48:33 and trying to convince you to look to the word of God,
48:37 what would you be looking at? [Audience laughs]
48:40 Yeah, sure. And what if I got up here
48:43 and said "we're kind of short on funds", [Audience laughs]
48:46 "and we would really appreciate you giving a big offering."
48:49 What would you think that offering might go towards?
48:52 Maybe another one for this hand.
48:56 It matters how we represent our self.
48:58 I don't want to put that kind of mixed signal towards people,
49:02 so I don't wear it. By the way, that got given
49:06 to me, it's worthless.
49:11 But God has ornaments, let's look at it, 1 Peter 3:3.
49:26 It says in the word of God: "Whose adorning",
49:30 here's your adorning, [continues to read]
49:50 Friends, God has ornamentation, the good news is it's
49:55 the ornaments from within and not without.
49:58 Now having said that, I want to be sure to tell you something
50:00 before you go home tonight. There'll be some people
50:02 that will come to church every week, and they wouldn't dare
50:05 watch those things on TV that we talked about,
50:08 and they wouldn't dare to watch some of those movies that we
50:11 talked about, and they wouldn't dare look at wrongful books,
50:14 and they wouldn't dare wear ornaments, and they wouldn't
50:16 listen to rock 'n' roll, but oh friends, the same people,
50:19 it's possible to come to church and they can be nasty
50:23 to talk to, they can be mean spirited, they can hateful,
50:28 they can be prejudiced, they can be all kinds of those
50:31 sorts of things, and friends, that sort of thing
50:34 ought not to be in God's church.
50:37 Do you know that when that kind of stuff walks into church,
50:40 that that is far worse in God's sight than someone who might
50:44 happen to wear a piece of ornamentation.
50:47 Do you recognize that? Because what does God really
50:49 care about? The heart is what He's really
50:52 is trying to change anyway. Sometimes people haven't
50:54 learned that the outward needs to reflect that inwards,
50:58 but what it really is in terms of importance is the inward,
51:03 so when those kind of things come in, let's not fool
51:06 our self, God is offended when those things walk into church,
51:08 it doesn't matter how you dress.
51:13 Let's just understand that we can fool others at times,
51:19 but we can't fool God.
51:22 I want Jesus to be the pearl of great price in my life.
51:28 Turn with me to the book of Titus, we're about to finish
51:32 tonight, I know that there are some that feel that maybe
51:38 being born into this world, God didn't really make them
51:42 the way they think they should be: didn't make them
51:44 beautiful enough, didn't make them important enough,
51:47 didn't make them something, so they want to somehow add
51:51 some value into their life by putting on some ornaments.
51:54 Dear friends, would you please pay close attention to what
51:57 I'm about to share with you, I hope you have all along anyway,
52:01 but friends, listen to me, when God sent Jesus into
52:05 the world to die for the sins of the world, Jesus would have died
52:09 just for you, do you know that? If you had been the one
52:14 lone sheep gone astray, Jesus would have given His life
52:17 for you, are you valuable? You better believe
52:21 you're valuable, you are valuable exactly as you are.
52:25 I don't care what colour your skin is, I don't care how tall
52:28 or how short, I don't care how much education you have,
52:30 I don't care how much money you have in the bank,
52:33 I don't care what your job is, you are of eternal value
52:37 with God. It doesn't matter if you put on
52:40 every jewel in this world, you wouldn't be 1 penny more
52:44 valuable than you are already.
52:46 I just want you to know that.
52:49 In Titus 2:11 here's what we read: [text on screen]
53:00 When the wonderful grace of God appears to us,
53:03 what does it do? The very next word
53:05 in verse 12 says what? "Teaching us",
53:08 does grace teach us? Yes it does.
53:11 What does it teach us? Let's read on: [text on screen]
53:42 Friends, if you think this subject has been tough
53:45 for you tonight, and I know for some perhaps it is,
53:47 you're learning new information, it always is when you learn
53:50 new information, and you know you have to change some things,
53:53 but I want you to think of one thing when you go home tonight.
53:56 When you leave this place and you're driving home tonight,
53:59 I want you to think of 1 thing, I want you to think that Jesus
54:02 gave Himself for you. Jesus gave Himself for you
54:04 that He might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto
54:09 Himself a peculiar people. If Jesus gave all of heaven
54:13 for us, couldn't we give a few things back to Him?
54:19 Couldn't we be willing to surrender some things
54:21 back to Him? It might be surrendering
54:24 bad TV habits, might be surrendering some bad
54:27 music habits, it might be surrendering even some of
54:30 the things the we might normally want to wear,
54:33 but when you think about it, are we really giving
54:37 a big sacrifice next to what Jesus gave?
54:41 I used to be a real estate agent...
54:44 never could tell, would you? [Audience laughs]
54:48 I did, that was my career before I became a minister.
54:51 As a real estate agent you get used to looking at houses
54:54 because houses are your commodity.
54:57 So you would drive around and you would look for houses
55:00 that you thought were going to go on the market for sale.
55:04 Sometimes you would, because you especially notice places,
55:07 sometimes you would see a house that was...the paint
55:10 was flaking, the grass was this high, the fence was broken down,
55:14 the window was broken, maybe a junk car or two out in
55:17 the front yard and back yard. You'd look at this place
55:20 and you'd say "You know, it's really too bad because"
55:23 "the property itself is nice, and the house itself"
55:26 "is a good house, but all these other things are so distracting"
55:31 "from it." Well, you might procrastinate
55:33 and not necessarily knock on the door that day, but you'd
55:36 come down that same street another time and look toward
55:39 what you thought you were going to see, and all of a sudden
55:42 you looked and then you did a double take because the house
55:45 has been painted, and the lawn is cut, and the fences
55:47 and windows mended, the junk, garbage is hauled away,
55:51 and then you look at that place and say "Oh, it's such"
55:54 "a beautiful place." You couldn't see it necessarily
55:57 before, but it sure looks good now with all those other things
56:01 taken away, and then the thought hits you:
56:04 "Ahh, a new owner has moved in."
56:14 Many times when we're out in the world we act in a way,
56:20 and we dress in a way that's really distracting from the kind
56:23 of person we really could be. When the Holy Spirit,
56:27 that new owner, moves in, there can be such a wonderful
56:31 change in the life, have you found that?
56:33 People who used to be mean spirited, unloving,
56:41 discourteous, rude, maybe not even care very much about
56:46 the way they dress at all, but all of a sudden you look
56:49 at that person again and the ornamentation is gone,
56:53 the smile is on the face, a joy and a radiance is there
56:58 that never was before, the frown is gone;
57:02 and then you look at that person and you say "Ahh, there's been"
57:05 "a change here, a new owner has moved in", and that
57:09 new owner is the Holy Spirit. God wants to work inside
57:12 of our hearts, doesn't He? If you want spiritual
57:15 discernment, the good news is God'll work that inside of you,
57:18 God works from the "inside out" principle.
57:21 You can't put it on, God works it through you.
57:24 If you need wisdom, God says "I'll work that through you,"
57:27 "I'll start in you and I'll work it from inside out."
57:31 That's how God works on all of these wonderful things.
57:34 Friends, the Lord desires for you and for me to be a sermon
57:39 in shoes.


Revised 2014-12-17