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00:09 The escalation of global terrorism, crime, immorality
00:12 and natural disasters, seems to indicate our world
00:15 is spiraling towards its ultimate hour with destiny.
00:18 Who, if anyone, will survive Earth's final events?
00:21 Discover what Bible prophecy reveals about the rapture,
00:24 the mark of the beast, and Armageddon.
00:26 Though shrouded in mystery for centuries,
00:28 the book of Revelation can be understood today.
00:32 Peer into the future, and see what wonderful things
00:35 God has planned for His people.
00:38 And now, Pastor Brian McMahon presents the powerful
00:41 Bible seminar "Revelation Speaks Hope".
00:48 Our subject for this evening is entitled: [text on screen]
00:53 Today more and more people are becoming interesting
00:56 in prophecy, and as they become interested in prophecy,
00:59 the question is being asked: would God raise up the true gift
01:03 of prophecy again? In other words, not only would
01:07 we see counterfeit prophets, or false prophets, as the Bible
01:10 says, but would we actually see the true gift manifested
01:14 once again? Well, to show you that there's
01:17 such an interest in it, all you have to do is look at the covers
01:19 of many of these magazines that are popping up all over
01:22 the place, and prophecy is taking a focus on the front
01:25 page of many of the most important magazines of
01:27 the country, and not just the main news ones, but even
01:30 the tabloids, every time they want to sell something they put
01:33 "Prophecy" right there at the front and center because they
01:36 know there's a great interest, and even though it's trash
01:39 what they talk about, still people buy it.
01:41 But more than just tabloids and more than just magazines,
01:44 people are buying books on prophecy, and books on
01:47 the occult, trying to get a look into the future, trying to get
01:50 some kind of an idea as to what is coming on the earth.
01:54 So it is books in the past, such as Edgar Cayce have sold over
01:57 a million copies, books such as this one "A gift of prophecy"
02:00 by the now deceased Jeane Dixon, sold over a million
02:03 copies, so people do have a genuine interest in it.
02:07 Jesus warned us about these kinds of things, false prophets
02:10 aren't always easy to spot, they don't hang a placard around
02:14 their neck saying "I'm a false prophet, don't follow me"
02:16 "or I'll deceive you", but Jesus definitely tells us there's
02:19 going to be deception in this area.
02:21 In Matthew 24:5 here's what we read: [text on screen]
02:32 So He warns us right away that there is going to be deception,
02:36 and then in verse 11 of that same chapter, here's what
02:39 we read, it says: [text on screen]
02:46 Now many means "multitudes" here, and in verse 24 it says:
02:49 [text on screen]
03:01 So as we put these various verses of the Bible together,
03:04 notice how many times Scripture warns us against being deceived.
03:08 In Matthew 24 we're told that there's going to be great signs
03:11 and wonders, and there's going to be deception.
03:13 In 2 Thessalonians 2:9,10 we're told that Satan works with
03:16 powers signs and lying wonders, and then Revelation 13:13,
03:20 which we looked at our last Sabbath morning, also showed
03:23 us this second beast, or as it's often referred to as
03:26 the false prophet, which showed great wonders with which he
03:28 deceived. Are miracles the definite
03:31 evidence of a true prophet? Friends, when you see something
03:34 supernatural going on, don't always think it's of God.
03:38 In Revelation 16:14 we read this, it says: [text on screen]
03:48 So yes, there is definitely going to be supernatural
03:52 miracles worked even by the evil one.
03:55 Matthew 7:21 here's what we read, Jesus says:
04:02 "Not everyone that sayeth unto Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter"
04:05 "into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will"
04:07 "of My Father, which is in heaven." Verse 22:
04:10 "Many shall say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not"
04:14 "prophesied in Thy name, and in Thy name have cast out"
04:18 "devils, and in Thy name have done many wonderful works?"
04:21 Who's name were they doing all these things in?
04:25 Jesus' name. Who's name were they casting
04:27 out devils in? Jesus' name.
04:30 Who's name were they doing many wonderful works in?
04:33 Jesus' name, so because they were doing it in Jesus' name,
04:35 does that automatically mean it's alright? No.
04:38 What does Jesus say in verse 23, it says: "And then I will"
04:41 "profess unto them, I never knew you, depart from Me"
04:45 "ye that work iniquity." That word "iniquity" there
04:49 literally means "lawlessness", so Jesus' saying "you who are"
04:53 "practicing lawlessness, depart from Me",
04:55 that's why we spent some time in the seminar talking about
04:58 God's law. Think about it with me,
05:01 wouldn't it be just like Satan to raise up a false gift
05:04 and deceive people by; he's called "The Great Deceiver",
05:07 so we shouldn't be surprised by that, but think about this
05:10 also: why would Satan try so hard to raise up a false thing,
05:15 or a counterfeit thing unless there was a genuine?
05:19 Some time ago my sister trained to be a bank teller
05:23 and as she trained to be a bank teller they actually
05:25 took her, and others with her, to a certain place where they
05:28 would study about how to identify counterfeit money.
05:32 She told me about the instance, and I don't know exactly how
05:34 many days they spent on this, but as they were studying
05:36 about counterfeit money, how many counterfeits do you think
05:39 they placed in front of them and made them study?
05:42 Friends, it wasn't 100, and it wasn't 20, they didn't put
05:45 any in front of them. What they did was they put
05:48 the genuine bills in front of these people training to
05:51 identify counterfeits, and they made them study the genuine
05:54 so well over and over, looking at every tiny detail and aspect
05:58 of it that if anything other than a genuine came along
06:01 their path, they would instantly recognize it.
06:04 Friends, that's what God wants us to do, God wants us to look
06:07 at the genuine in His word, and by looking at the genuine,
06:11 if anything other than what we read here comes along,
06:13 we'll know that it's a falsehood.
06:15 Jesus never said "Beware of all prophets in the last days",
06:20 if He wanted us to be aware of everything, well, He would
06:23 have said so, but Jesus never said "Beware of all prophets",
06:26 He said "Beware of false prophets".
06:28 In the book of Amos 3:7 here's what we read in Scripture
06:34 [text on screen]
06:40 So the Lord is telling us before He does anything
06:43 of great significance in the earth, He's first going
06:45 to reveal it ahead of time through the prophetic gift,
06:48 that's good news, I'm glad God tells us about things before
06:51 it happens, aren't you? [Audience] Amen.
06:54 Of course, we have to pay attention in His word in order
06:56 to get the benefit of that, but here's our question:
07:00 what about modern prophets anyway?
07:03 Is there really such a thing as modern prophets?
07:06 Turn with me to the book of Ephesians, and we're going
07:08 to go and get some insight into this, Ephesians 4:8.
07:12 The Bible says: [text on screen]
07:15 "up on high", that's referring to Jesus ascending back
07:18 to heaven, it says: [text on screen]
07:33 Let's stop here for a moment, do we still need teachers
07:36 in God's church who can faithfully teach the Word of God
07:38 and instruct people in the right way? Amen.
07:41 Do we still need pastors who faithfully watch over
07:44 God's flock? Amen. Do we still need evangelists...
07:48 say amen! [Audience] Amen.
07:50 Okay! [Audience laughs]
07:52 Just checking on that one. Now let's think about it,
07:56 we willingly recognize and very readily recognize
08:00 that yes, pastors are necessary, and teachers are necessary,
08:06 and evangelists have their purpose, but what about
08:09 prophets? It means prophets right
08:11 along with the rest of them. Sometimes people think
08:13 "Well, we've got all these other gifts, but prophets is just"
08:16 "for the Old Testament, that's Old Testament stuff."
08:19 Well, if that's Old Testament stuff, then all these other
08:22 things are Old Testament stuff too, right?
08:24 Let's continue our study by going to 1 Corinthians 1.
08:28 [text on screen]
08:35 "You" - being the church, is what He's talking about,
08:39 [text on screen]
08:45 So here in 1 Corinthians 1:6,7 we're told that the church
08:49 that's waiting for the coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ, is to
08:53 come behind in no gifts. That means they have
08:57 all the gifts, they're not to lack in any of the gifts.
09:00 If we want to find God's last day church as we studied
09:03 our last night together, then we want to find
09:05 a church that has the gift of prophecy as well, because
09:08 the Bible tells us that that last day church is to come
09:12 behind in no gift, which means it has all of the gifts,
09:15 including the gift of prophecy. Revelation shows us God's last
09:18 day church, and it shows us the woman fleeing into
09:23 the wilderness, that's God's church going into obscurity,
09:26 or hiding during the time of the Dark Ages, and then after
09:29 the Dark Ages there's going to be an open manifestation of
09:31 the church once again before Jesus comes back, because they
09:34 are raised up to give a particular message.
09:37 Speaking of that raising up of the church, here we find in
09:39 Revelation 12:17, it says: [text on screen]
10:02 Well, what is, exactly, the testimony of Jesus Christ?
10:05 Let's let the Bible define it for us a little more carefully,
10:08 let's go to Revelation 19.
10:13 Just like 2 coordinates will pinpoint a certain area
10:17 on a grid, a certain specific location on a grid, so God
10:22 gives 2 specific coordinates for His remnant church, His last day
10:26 people: they lovingly keep God's commandments out of faithfulness
10:29 to Jesus, and they have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
10:34 As far as what the testimony of Jesus Christ is, we're going
10:36 to let the Bible define it for us, Revelation 19:10,
10:41 it says: [text on screen]
10:59 So the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy,
11:01 and who is it that has the testimony of Jesus?
11:04 If you go back to that verse it says "...thy brethren that have"
11:07 "the testimony of Jesus", so it's the brethren that have it.
11:10 Well, who are the brethren? Well, the Bible actually answers
11:13 that for us as well, just turn ahead a little bit
11:16 to Revelation 22:8,9.
11:25 Here it says: [text on screen]
11:36 So here the Bible tells us who the brethren are, it says
11:39 "thy brethren are the prophets", so what we're finding
11:43 is that the remnant church has the testimony of Jesus,
11:46 which is the spirit of prophecy, which is found in the prophets.
11:50 People will often say: "Well, we've seen these other gifts"
11:54 "in various churches, pastors, and teachers, and evangelists,"
11:57 "and so on, why don't we see the gift of prophecy"
12:01 "manifested very much, why is it that that gift seems"
12:03 "to be lacking"? I'm going to take you
12:06 the book of Jeremiah 26:4,5, it says here in God's word:
12:12 [text on screen]
12:28 "but you have not hearkened", that means
12:31 "you have not obeyed".
12:33 Notice folks that here God puts 2 very important things together
12:36 in this passage, He speaks about the fact that they did not
12:39 obey His law, and they did not obey the prophets.
12:42 The 2 things, the law and the prophets, go together
12:45 in Scripture. In fact, sometimes the Old
12:48 Testament is just condensed into say it's the law
12:50 and the prophets. Let's look ahead a little bit
12:53 more, go to the book of Ezekiel this time if you would.
12:55 Ezekiel 20:2: [text on screen]
13:06 Let me pause there, how did the people come to enquire
13:10 of God? Well, they came through
13:13 the prophets, if they wanted a word from God,
13:15 they'd go to the prophet, male or female, and they'd say
13:18 "Is there any word from the Lord?", and the prophet,
13:20 if there was a word, would receive it from God and pass it
13:23 on to the people. So then let's keep reading,
13:26 it says: [text on screen]
13:30 Let me pause there again, what the Lord is saying here
13:33 is He's saying "I'm not speaking to you."
13:36 "I'm not going to speak to you", why not?
13:39 Obviously there's a problem, let's keep reading, He says:
13:42 [text on screen]
13:47 So obviously they weren't being obedient, He says:
13:50 [text on screen]
14:17 Notice what it goes on to say: [text on screen]
14:27 "...them My Sabbaths to be a sign between Me and them,"
14:32 "that they might know that I am the Lord that sanctify them".
14:35 Let's go to another one, go to the book of Lamentations.
14:41 The book of Lamentations 2:9, it says "Her gates are"
14:46 "sunk into the ground" - gates were used to keep the enemy out,
14:50 [text on screen]
15:00 Was Israel keeping the law at this time, yes or no?
15:03 No. Were the prophets finding
15:05 vision from the Lord at this time? No.
15:08 You see, when Israel was especially rebellious
15:11 and defiant, they would not get the kind of communication from
15:14 God as God desired for them. Even King Saul, when King Saul
15:17 was being disobedient towards God, the Bible specifically says
15:23 that God would not speak to him through the prophets.
15:27 So there's something about disobedience to God's law
15:30 that is so severe that God says "No, I'm not going to use"
15:34 "this gift as I normally did", because for God to speak to us,
15:38 for the Almighty Creator to condescend to speak to us
15:40 who are of dust, that is a privilege that we have, that God
15:44 would speak to us; and in the Old Testament the prophet
15:47 was called "The Seer", in other words the prophet was like
15:50 the eyes of the church, and as the prophet was given
15:54 instruction from God and could then pass it on the church,
15:58 the church received guidance they had insight, they had eye
16:01 sight to be able to go where they needed to go, that's why
16:04 the Bible tells us "Where there is no vision, the people perish"
16:07 it's like having a blind church. Here's the answer to our
16:10 original question friends: why is it that so many churches
16:14 today lack the gift of prophecy, it's because they have thrown
16:18 out God's law, and because they have thrown out God's law,
16:22 God will not speak to them through that gift anymore,
16:25 and specifically, they have cast aside God's Sabbath day,
16:31 God's special sign of allegiance to Him, which we've looked
16:34 at on more than 1 night, as God saying "That was My sign"
16:37 "between Myself and My people that they might know that I'm"
16:40 "the Lord their God". Friends, when you cast away
16:42 the Sabbath, you cast away God's special sign.
16:45 You see, some people will say "But I don't know if I want"
16:48 "that gift, we have the Bible, we have the Bible writers,"
16:51 "why should we have an additional gift?"
16:53 Friends, in the book of Acts we're told, and it's really
16:56 quoting from the book of Joel, that God will pour out His
16:59 Spirit on the church in the last days and that His sons
17:01 and daughters will prophesy. It is predicted that the church
17:04 would have that gift. But in 1 Thessalonians 5:21
17:07 Paul says: [text on screen]
17:14 So Paul is saying "Don't despise the gift, but test the gift."
17:18 "If the gift is truly Biblical, if it's along the lines"
17:21 "of what God said His gift would be, then don't despise"
17:23 "it, hold fast because that is a good thing."
17:28 It is a good thing! Well, how in the world
17:29 are we to tell the true from the false?
17:32 There's a lot of people that say that they have that gift,
17:35 just because you say it it doesn't necessarily make it so
17:38 at all, it's got to be along the lines of the Biblical gift,
17:40 it has got to pass the test of a true prophet, male or female.
17:44 Well, the Bible gives specific tests that we can know the true
17:47 from the false, and aren't you glad that God gives us those
17:50 things, so we can understand, so we don't just have to take
17:53 anything what someone might call the gift.
17:55 Turn with me to the first text that we're going to look at,
17:58 it's found in Jeremiah 28.
18:04 When someone says "Well, I don't need any additional gift"
18:07 "because I accept the Bible and the Bible only",
18:10 listen carefully friends, if we accept the Bible and the Bible
18:13 only as our final rule of faith, then that means that we will
18:16 accept what the Bible says about the gift of prophecy,
18:19 does that make sense to you?
18:21 If the Bible is our authority, and it's the Bible that says
18:24 God will have that gift in the church, then we accept what
18:27 the Bible says about that gift. In Jeremiah 28:9 here's what
18:32 we read, it says: [text on screen]
18:42 How many times is it that people have published these tabloids.
18:47 and as they published tabloids they say "this is going"
18:49 "to happen in 1998, and this is going to happen in 1999",
18:52 and it just never happens. Friends, it's false prophecy.
18:57 You see these kinds of things appearing in tabloid covers,
19:02 this one says the second coming is going to happen in 1998,
19:06 another one talking about how Christmas 1999 is going
19:09 to change the world, well it never happened.
19:12 Let's go on in our testing of prophets if you would,
19:15 go to Deuteronomy 13. As you're turning there
19:20 let me share something with you that a lot of people wonder
19:23 about, they'll ask me and they'll say "Hang on"
19:25 "pastor Brian", they'll say, "didn't Jonah predict that"
19:28 "Nineveh was going to be overthrown in 40 days and it"
19:31 "wasn't overthrown in 40 days, so does that make Jonah"
19:33 "a false prophet?" Well no, it doesn't make Jonah
19:36 a false prophet because there's what we call "conditional"
19:39 "prophecy", it was implied, although not explicitly stated,
19:42 that if Nineveh would repent they would not be overthrown,
19:45 otherwise why bother even preaching to them.
19:47 But if they did not repent, they would be overthrown, and of
19:52 course Nineveh repented, at least for a time, and the city
19:55 was spared, and there is what we call "conditional prophecy"
19:58 that is conditional upon the response of the people.
20:01 So no, Jonah wasn't a false prophet at all.
20:04 And secondarily we go to Deuteronomy 13:1.
20:14 It says: [text on screen]
20:40 "proveth you", which means "tests you", [continues to read]
20:47 So what the Bible is telling us here is that a prophet can make
20:51 a prediction, and that prediction just might come true,
20:55 but if that prediction leads people away from the Bible,
20:58 we are not to go after that prophet, we are not to follow
21:01 what that prophet says because all true prophecy leads us
21:05 back to Scripture, never away from Scripture.
21:09 Sometimes God raises up prophets, either male or female,
21:14 to lead His church through a specific period of time, often
21:18 a crisis period of time, and it's very important that we
21:21 listen to the messenger that God sends.
21:25 For example, in the book of Luke 7:28-30, Jesus said:
21:30 [text on screen]
21:52 What we're learning here is that it says the words of John
21:55 the Baptist were the counsel of God, that sounds like a very
22:00 serious thing, doesn't it? It was when they rejected
22:02 what John had to say, it says they rejected the counsel
22:06 of God, so is it a serious thing to listen to God's
22:08 prophets? Amen, we don't want to reject
22:11 any of the counsel of God, we want all the counsel that God
22:15 sends us. The first test then is:
22:20 [text on screen]
22:31 1 John 4:1,2 is where we want to read, John says:
22:36 [text on screen]
22:47 But what are the true prophets going to talk about?
22:50 Here in 1 John 4:2 it says [text on screen]
23:00 So the true gift is going to exalt the ministry of Jesus,
23:04 exalt the life of Jesus, talk about the death of Jesus,
23:08 the teachings of Jesus, the High Priestly ministry of Jesus,
23:11 it's going to talk about every aspect of Jesus, why?
23:14 Because we want all that God has to give us through His Son.
23:18 Have you noticed what some of these world famous psychics
23:21 even talk about, here's one, Star Magazine.
23:24 It says "Jeane Dixon, Summer Predictions By World's"
23:27 "Top Psychic", so what is the world's top psychic supposedly
23:32 talking about? Well, here's some of her
23:34 predictions: there's going to be a new baby for Demi,
23:37 that's a Hollywood personality, a new love for Dolly,
23:41 fed up Oprah's going to dump her fiance, Goldie's going to be
23:43 in a love triangle, Liz's lucky summer and Queen Di fights
23:45 for her kids. Not very spiritual in terms
23:49 of its content, amen? There's another one I want
23:52 to share with you, another test of the true gift.
23:54 Go with me to the book of Isaiah 8.
23:56 The Bible says the true gift is high, and holy, and noble,
24:05 it is accurate, it leads people back to the Bible, it leads
24:09 them to Jesus, it recognizes Him as the Son of God,
24:13 these Hollywood personalities, and these Hollywood psychics,
24:16 many of them don't even claim to be Christians, let alone
24:18 lifting up Jesus. Okay, Isaiah 8:20,
24:25 the Bible says: [text on screen]
24:34 It doesn't matter how rich that church may be, how big
24:36 that church may be, how popular that church may be,
24:39 the Bible says "to the law and the testimony", if they don't
24:42 speak according to that there is no light, and we need light
24:46 in a spiritually dark world, don't we?
24:49 In the book of Numbers we're told in chapter 24:4 that
24:54 [text on screen]
25:01 These are the kinds of things that only a Bible student
25:04 recognizes, but you don't often hear when you talk about
25:07 people, or you listen to people who say that they get
25:09 dreams and visions. The dreams and visions
25:12 that God gives His servants come only in a specific way.
25:16 Now, there is another one in the book of Daniel 10, and it tells
25:19 us that in prophetic vision the prophets lose
25:22 their own physical strength and God supernaturally
25:25 strengthens them. Just in case that wasn't enough,
25:28 also in Daniel 10, the prophets do not breathe in vision,
25:34 it's not just for Daniel 10, it's talking about in general.
25:36 When people are given a specific vision of the Lord,
25:41 as true prophets, they do not breathe.
25:44 That means something supernatural has taken place,
25:47 God is supernaturally sustaining them for the period of time
25:50 in which they're given this vision.
25:53 So there's physical tests then that are involved in God's true
25:57 prophets, but there's another one that we're going to look at,
25:59 turn to Matthew 7 where we were earlier tonight.
26:02 Matthew 7:15, this test is that a genuine prophet is going
26:07 to have spiritual fruitage. What do we mean we say
26:10 "spiritual fruitage", that means that the prophet's main
26:13 concern, the prophet's counsels, the prophets focus in life
26:18 is going to be about spiritual matters.
26:20 Now, the prophet's not going to write book after book after book
26:24 to try to make millions of dollars and get rich,
26:27 the prophet is going to write in such a way that people are
26:30 saved into God's kingdom, that just makes sense.
26:33 So Matthew 7:15, and here the Bible says: [text on screen]
26:47 How are we going to know who truly is the true from
26:50 the false, look what Jesus has to say here in verse 16,
26:53 Jesus says: [text on screen]
27:01 And then in verse 20 Jesus reiterates that and He says
27:04 in verse 20: [text on screen]
27:07 So that is to say: "what is the spiritual fruitage of this"
27:11 "person's life? Were they Godly people?"
27:14 "Did they live in such a way and conduct them self in such a way"
27:17 "as a true prophet of God would, or were they immoral?"
27:22 "Were they evil", and that's one way of knowing it wasn't
27:25 a true prophet of God. So it's very important that
27:28 true prophets show that they are by their fruits, by that which
27:32 their life reveals. There's another insight that
27:36 goes along with that in 1 Corinthians 12:28,
27:39 here in the Lord's word it says this: [text on screen]
27:55 So where does God put the true gift?
27:58 God puts the true gifts in His church, that His church may
28:02 receive the benefit, that His church may receive edifying,
28:05 that His church may be ready for the soon coming of Jesus.
28:08 The true gift is found in God's church.
28:13 So we find that it's very important that the gift is:
28:17 [text on screen]
28:31 The work of a prophet is often thought by people just for
28:34 telling the future, but that is really only 1 part,
28:36 and sometimes a small part of a prophet's mission.
28:40 For example, the true gift of the prophet involves:
28:43 [text on screen]
28:59 So all of this is involved in the true work of a prophet.
29:04 Let's go back to our text in Revelation 12.
29:09 Remember that in God's last day remnant church, God was going
29:14 to place this gift. In our last study,
29:18 just in the previous night, we found a very detailed
29:23 description of God's last day church in Revelation 14,
29:28 and in that description we found that many characteristics
29:33 putting together, only identify 1 specific church,
29:37 that God's last day church would rise up after 1978, they would
29:41 preach the everlasting gospel, they would preach loyalty
29:43 to all of God's commandments, they would be keeping God's
29:46 7th day Sabbath, because that's one of His 10 commandments,
29:49 they would preach the hour of God's message has come...
29:52 all of this has come from Revelation 12, and especially
29:55 Revelation 14...they would give glory to God through
29:58 a health message, they would speak of the mark of the beast
30:00 and the image of the beast, which is Revelation 14:9-11,
30:03 they would have the gift of prophecy, which is what we're
30:06 looking at tonight, they would teach about death being a sleep
30:09 to the resurrection day, they would teach the truth about
30:11 the second coming of Jesus, that's Revelation 14:14,
30:14 and they would call people out of Babylon, Revelation 14:8,
30:17 and they would be a worldwide church with a worldwide message.
30:20 All of that described God's last day remnant church,
30:23 all of that came right from the Bible itself, and then we can be
30:26 objective about it and say "what is the only church"
30:30 "that fulfills all of that criteria?"
30:33 Friends, I shared with you last time that there is only 1 church
30:36 and may I say it ever so humbly, without pretense,
30:39 that is the Seventh Day Adventist church, the church
30:42 that is bringing you this very seminar on Bible prophecy.
30:44 Friends, having said that, you could very well be asked:
30:48 has God placed this gift inside that church to show that it's
30:53 His last day church? Sometimes people will say
30:55 "Oh, I hear you have that gift in your church,"
30:58 "why is that?" Friends, if the Bible says
31:01 the gift is going to be in God's last day church,
31:04 then the better question would be, if a person doesn't have
31:07 that gift in their church, you might well ask:
31:10 why don't you have that gift in the church?
31:12 It shouldn't be surprising to us that God has the gift
31:15 if the Bible says the gift will be there.
31:18 So again, we would ask the question: why is it that so many
31:20 churches don't have it? But that's not what I want
31:23 to be concerned with right now. How is it that God restored
31:26 that gift to His remnant church? I want to tell you the thrilling
31:29 story of that right now. After that long period that we
31:32 call the Dark Ages, God again was going to have an open
31:36 manifestation of His last day message, of His people,
31:39 they were in obscurity during the time of the Dark Ages,
31:42 but after the Dark Ages, God wanted a visible church
31:45 preaching a special message. So at the end of the Dark Ages
31:51 Bible societies started to spring up everywhere, millions
31:53 of Bibles were published, and there was a tremendous spiritual
31:57 revival, called "The Great Awakening" in America.
32:00 People were focused on the second coming of Jesus,
32:03 they thought that Jesus was going to come very, very soon,
32:05 even in the 1840s. Now, what was happening was
32:08 people were being rejected by their churches for wanting
32:12 to step out and preach that Jesus was coming soon, they
32:15 were students of the Word, and there were Baptists,
32:18 and Methodists, and Presbyterians and Christians
32:21 from other churches, and they were coming out and they were
32:24 giving all their heart to the fact that they believed that
32:26 they should get their lives ready for the coming
32:29 of the Lord. Of course, Jesus didn't come and
32:32 they were bitterly disappointed, but what was God going to do
32:36 with this group of people who were saying to them self
32:39 "We want nothing in our Christianity, but that which"
32:42 "the Bible says", now that's a worthy goal, amen?
32:46 "We want nothing except a 'Thus sayeth the Lord...' "
32:49 "for our faith"; they were tired of the traditions of the church
32:52 they were tired of the words of man and the philosophies of man,
32:56 they wanted only what the Bible said, in other words,
32:59 they wanted the truth as it is in Jesus.
33:01 What was God going to do to put His stamp of approval
33:05 on a group of people that would be a movement of destiny
33:08 and take His last day message to the world?
33:12 Well, again, I want to go back to an earlier text,
33:14 in Amos 3:7 it says: [text on screen]
33:23 God would use the gift of prophecy once again
33:26 to show that He had an end time people with an end time message.
33:30 So yes, faithful to His word, God is going to raise up
33:33 that gift of prophecy to guide His people, and unify them,
33:37 not just here in America, but all over the world.
33:40 So God laid His Spirit upon a certain individual.
33:46 You might very well ask me the question up here and say
33:50 "Have you ever seen a case where all the prophetic tests"
33:54 "that we've gone over fit the ministry of any"
33:57 "particular individual?" I'm going to share with you now,
34:00 a few moments, about 1 particular person that I
34:03 believe had that true gift of prophecy in their life and in
34:06 their ministry. I don't ask you, dear friends,
34:09 to believe it simply because I'm telling you, we learned
34:12 opening night in this seminar that we are to prove all things
34:15 and hold fast that which is good, and that you don't have
34:17 to believe anything that I say because I'm saying it, but we
34:20 should all take the time to prove it, and now that we've
34:25 shared with you the tests of a prophet, now you can take
34:30 those tests and you could apply them to any particular person,
34:33 including the one that I'm about to tell you about.
34:36 If God is going to put His Spirit upon someone, how does
34:39 He do that? Would you look with me
34:41 to the book of Numbers 12. I don't think we've been there
34:46 in the entire prophecy seminar, but that's the 4th book
34:49 of the Bible, Numbers 12:6.
35:03 It says: [text on screen]
35:20 So God says "If there's going to be a prophet, I am going"
35:23 "to speak to that person in visions and dreams", and that's
35:26 exactly how God does speak to them.
35:29 God doesn't speak through crystal balls, and Ouija boards,
35:34 and seances, and tea leaf reading, and any one
35:37 of a hundred things that the false prophets use, God has
35:40 a specific way, He says I will give visions in the day
35:43 and dreams at night. Friends, God laid His
35:46 Holy Spirit upon a young 17 year old girl, her name at
35:51 the time was Ellen Harmon, she later married a minister
35:54 named James White, so her married name was Ellen White.
35:57 She was only 17 years of age when this happened.
36:01 She first became a spokes person for Him in the year 1844,
36:04 I hope that year rings familiar in your ears, she was born
36:09 in 1827, she died in the state of California in the year 1915.
36:14 She had a ministry of some...oh my, it was over 60 years I guess
36:21 it was. Friends, this lady, 17 years
36:26 of age at the time, was inspired by God to write out what
36:31 she had seen in her visions and in her dreams.
36:34 During her lifetime it is estimated that she wrote out
36:38 more than 100,000 manuscript pages, because the had over
36:43 2,000 visions and dreams, it is said that she wrote out
36:46 some 25 million words, and she's been quoted by some
36:51 as being so translated, so widely translated that she was
36:57 the most translated American author in all of human history,
37:03 the most translated American author of either male or female,
37:08 the 4th most translated author in all of history, most in
37:14 American history, but 4th most in all of history, and the most
37:18 female translated author in all of history.
37:21 I'm going to have pastor Mike bring out just a couple things
37:23 that I'm going to refer to as I go through this next part.
37:26 Thank you pastor, I appreciate that.
37:29 God called her to be a spokes person for Him, she wrote
37:32 on many, many subjects that she had never before studied,
37:35 she wrote on health, she wrote on science, she wrote on
37:38 theology, she wrote on marriage, she wrote on the family,
37:41 she wrote on history, she wrote on, especially, the great
37:45 controversy between good and evil, that was her favorite
37:48 topic, she wrote about how to have victory in Jesus,
37:51 she wrote about how to be a Christian, she wrote about
37:53 all kinds of subjects, and yet she had very little formal
37:56 education. There is a depth and there
38:00 is a power to her writings that can't simply be explained
38:03 through human influence. The Bible says it would be
38:07 the testimony of Jesus. The gift is not the person,
38:12 but the gift is the prophetic influence that works through
38:15 the person to bless the church; Jesus says there's a gift
38:18 of evangelism, a gift of teaching, a gift of pastoring,
38:23 so there is a gift of prophecy that God uses in order to bless
38:26 His people. In spite of the fact that she
38:30 was initially quite shy, God strengthened her to be able
38:33 to speak before large crowds without the use of a microphone,
38:35 she spoke before 20,000 people without the aid of a microphone.
38:39 I have a hard time speaking to you with a microphone, and yet
38:43 she had no problem because she was supernaturally strengthened.
38:47 Now let me share with you just a few things about
38:51 Ellen White. This was one of the smallest
38:53 books she ever wrote, called "Steps to Christ", a fantastic
38:57 book about how to become a Christian, this book was
38:59 published by so many millions of copies that they lost count
39:03 of it, it's inestimable how many millions of copies have been
39:07 printed of the book, "Steps to Christ";
39:09 translated in over 120 languages of the world, we're going
39:12 to give you this copy, not this copy, but a soft cover,
39:17 when you go out tonight, just so you can get a little glimpse
39:19 into how beautiful her writing is.
39:21 This book about how to become a Christian is such a beautiful,
39:25 profound book, it doesn't matter if you've been
39:28 a Christian for 1 week or 50 years, you can come back to this
39:31 book and be blessed by it, some of you already know
39:34 what I'm talking about. Let me just turn this table
39:38 if I could. There we go.
39:43 1 particular book she wrote, oh, I love this book,
39:45 this is called "Christ Object Lessons", this book,
39:48 "Christ Object Lessons" is all on the parables of Jesus.
39:51 Have you ever read the parables of Jesus and some of them are
39:54 quite short and you wonder "Am I getting all the information"
39:57 "that this parable really has for me?"
40:00 "Am I getting everything that God intended for me to have"
40:02 "through this parable", well, you read this book,
40:05 "Christ Object Lessons" all on the parables of Jesus and
40:07 there'll be 1 parable and there'll be page, after page,
40:10 after page, not leading away from the Bible,
40:14 but it's like a magnifying glass on the Bible that just shows
40:18 the beauty of it. Absolutely astounding truth
40:23 coming out of the words of Jesus through the gift of prophecy.
40:27 Another book that she wrote called "Education",
40:33 this book, "Education", is an absolute masterpiece on
40:37 Christian education, and this book has become the blueprint
40:41 for a Christian educational system that has gone around
40:44 the world, so much so that people have tried to plagiarize
40:46 it and make it their own, simply because they knew that nothing
40:49 better could be found. This book is all about how
40:53 to raise children in Godly schools, and what the true
40:57 purpose of Christian education is all about,
41:00 making us more into the image of Jesus.
41:03 Fantastic material there, such as I've never seen
41:06 anywhere else. There is another book that
41:10 Ellen White wrote and it's called the "The Desire of Ages",
41:14 let me just share with you a little bit about this book,
41:16 "The Desire of Ages". Ellen White, as she wrote about
41:20 the life of Jesus, again, I'm telling you: [text on screen]
41:34 She was widely travelled, spoke in many different ways and means
41:43 and churches, and so on, but it's very important that
41:45 Ellen White, along with anyone else, fits the prophetic tests
41:49 of a true prophet if that's indeed what she was.
41:53 She was prophetically accurate. In other words, all of her
41:58 writings, the things she said, have come true.
42:01 One of the things that she wrote about was about
42:03 the fact that tobacco was an insidious poison in the body.
42:08 Let me just put this up here, in the book of "The Ministry"
42:11 "of Healing", which I'm going to talk to you about
42:14 in just a moment, she said [text on screen]
42:17 Now she wrote that at a time when doctors were actually
42:21 prescribing tobacco for lung ailments, in other words,
42:24 she went directly against the medical advice of her time,
42:28 she wasn't one to fall in line with anyone, she wrote what
42:31 God showed her to write, and she didn't write what God
42:33 didn't show her to write. In other words, she was
42:36 absolutely accurate, and of course, modern day science
42:39 has revealed that that was true. She wrote about how
42:44 the influence of the mother, even the mental condition
42:49 of the mother can affect the unborn child in the womb,
42:52 that's just coming out in recent years, she wrote about
42:54 how the diet of the mother can affect the unborn child.
42:58 In other words, modern day science, one after another
43:02 after another is confirming what she wrote over 100 years ago.
43:06 Now, what about a Biblical faithfulness, that was another
43:09 test that we wanted to talk to you about.
43:11 I'm going to give you a couple quotes from her books,
43:14 this one from the book "Great Controversy", what was
43:17 her relationship to the Bible? She said this: [text on screen]
43:34 Then she went on and she says [text on screen]
43:44 She did not say "listen to me because of my wisdom,"
43:47 or "listen to me because I'm something special", she said
43:50 "No, the Bible is the authoritative standard in"
43:54 "the Christian life", this is very different from what some
43:56 other churches have for their spokes people.
44:00 For example, the Mormon faith, they claim that Joseph Smith
44:03 was a prophet. Now, Joseph Smith claimed that
44:06 his information was superior to the Bible, Joseph Smith said
44:08 "if there's a conflict between what I say and what"
44:11 "the Bible says, take what I say because I'm more recent",
44:14 and he would have his own reasons, friends we would have
44:17 to reject that because the Bible says the spirit of the prophets
44:19 is subject to the prophets, that means that any prophet
44:22 that comes after the time of the closing of the canon
44:25 of Scripture, is always going to agree with what the former
44:28 prophet said, they're going to come into harmony with
44:31 the Bible. No person that calls them self
44:34 a prophet is every going...or no true prophet, I should say,
44:39 is ever going to speak against what has already been confirmed
44:43 as spiritually inspired of God. Now there's another quote
44:49 from the book "Great Controversy", one of my
44:52 absolute favorites, here she said: [text on screen]
45:07 So you can see, all through her life she was constantly lifting
45:10 up the Bible and saying "Friends, follow the Bible".
45:14 This reminds me also that no person is a self appointed
45:20 prophet. In other words, if a person
45:23 comes along, and they, all of a sudden get up in front
45:25 of you, or any kind of congregation, and they start
45:28 saying "I'm now going to have that gift", you're going to know
45:31 right away that that's not a true prophet because God always
45:34 calls the prophet. Do you realize that the church
45:37 has been given authority to ordain a teacher, the church
45:44 has been given authority to ordain the pastor,
45:47 and the church has been given authority to ordain
45:50 the evangelist, but only God ordains the prophet.
45:53 The church can't call the prophet, and no one can self
45:56 appoint them self as a prophet, so we realize that God has
46:00 to call that person in a specific way.
46:03 So yes, she was Biblically faithful.
46:06 What about exalting Jesus? Here's what she had to say,
46:09 this is just 1 of thousands we could quote.
46:11 In the book "Gospel Workers" she said: [text on screen]
46:25 Friends, that was her life work in order to try to show people
46:29 truly the ministry of Jesus, beautiful, beautiful work that
46:34 it is. I'm going to share with you
46:38 from one of her books, let's see if we have it here,
46:42 I hope we do.
46:58 No, we don't, I don't have that book up here, it's okay.
47:03 I am going to share with you about one of her books
47:06 called "The Desire of Ages". In the book "The Desire of Ages"
47:10 there have been literally thousands of books written
47:14 on the life of Jesus throughout time, and one particular
47:21 Library of Congress librarian was asked this question:
47:25 "Of all the books on the life of Jesus, what one book"
47:29 "would you pick? If you could pick 1 book,"
47:31 "which one would it be?" And this is what this librarian
47:34 had to say, he said: [text on screen]
47:56 When she wrote the book "The Desire of Ages", you feel
47:59 you were right there with Jesus as He was preaching,
48:02 you feel you were right there with the disciples by the sea
48:05 of Galilee, you feel you were right there at the Mount
48:08 of Beatitudes when Jesus gave the blessings there, it is just
48:11 amazing how you are transported into that very time,
48:15 and a blessing, as you listen to the words that are written.
48:17 Again, we don't exalt any human being, we want to only exalt
48:22 Jesus, but the gift is meant to exalt Jesus, absolutely.
48:28 Now, what about commandment keeping?
48:31 She, throughout her life, always directed people to God's
48:34 commandments, that was her desire to lead people back
48:38 to commandment keeping, just as all of the prophets of old did,
48:41 and what about physical tests? It's important that I share
48:43 this little bit with you too. The Bible says that the true
48:47 prophet will be supernaturally sustained, was she?
48:49 Absolutely friends. In fact, not only was she
48:53 supernaturally strengthened during the time of her visions,
48:56 but she did not breath during the time of her visions,
48:59 she had over 2,000 visions and dreams and people who were
49:02 critics would often be invited in to actually be able
49:05 to observe this taking place, so that they also could see
49:08 that God was moving in her life and in her ministry.
49:11 So that was also confirmed in her, and what about
49:14 spiritual fruitage, what was the result of her long life
49:19 called of God? Well, there were schools that
49:22 were raised up around the world, there were hospitals raised up
49:26 around the world because we're not just spiritual beings,
49:30 we're mental, and we're physical beings, and God wants
49:32 to minister in all of those areas, and of course,
49:35 missionaries were sent out in those days to brings the Word
49:39 all over the world. We have, today, ADRA, which is
49:44 basically the same as The Red Cross, and that's giving
49:49 ministry and aid to people all around the world.
49:53 So because of her work, because of her writings, the church has
49:57 been raised up to do all of these wonderful things which God
50:00 desired for us to do.
50:03 Remember, when someone says "Oh, I hear you have"
50:07 "an additional gift of prophecy, do you have another Bible then?"
50:09 Friends, I've only had 1 book up here all these nights,
50:12 and that is the Word of God. When you have the Word of God
50:15 that is all you need to be able to preach the Christian
50:18 faith from, but the true gift is going to lead us back
50:21 to the Word of God, and exalt the Word of God, in fact,
50:24 Ellen White herself said if everyone would study the Word
50:26 as we should, there'd be no need for an additional gift
50:29 of prophecy, but the true gift always leads us back
50:32 to Scripture. You might say "Well, you're"
50:36 "going to say nice things about her because the was part"
50:39 "of your church", well let me share with you what some
50:41 people said that were not of our church, just to give
50:44 this to you. When she died in 1915 in California,
50:47 the St. Helen's California Star Magazine said this:
50:51 [text on screen]
51:02 In other words, here was a secular paper that recognized
51:05 in her life and ministry, spiritual fruitage.
51:08 Now, another one, The New York City Independent newspaper
51:10 said this: [text on screen]
51:19 "filthy lucre" - means she did not write to get herself rich,
51:23 in fact, just the opposite, this newspaper said: [text on screen]
51:31 Isn't it amazing that a secular newspaper would look at her life
51:34 and say "This was truly the work of a prophet."
51:38 Now, you've heard of Paul Harvey perhaps,
51:40 Paul Harvey News, well Paul Harvey had this to say
51:43 not too many years ago: [text on screen]
52:28 Isn't interesting the way he ends that? He's saying there's
52:31 something to be a great blessing here.
52:34 Now you've heard of Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family,
52:38 he was quoted as saying this: [text on screen]
52:50 I find that very interesting as well.
52:52 I haven't shared with you all that I have up here,
52:56 but God inspired her to write on a number of subjects
53:02 as I've said, and in a time of crisis God desires us to have
53:10 special insight to take us through that crisis.
53:13 Are we in a crisis with the family today?
53:17 Isn't it true that the Devil is especially trying to attack
53:20 the very foundation of society, which is the Christian family,
53:24 and tear it apart. Well, she wrote a book all about
53:27 how to have Godly, Christian families, beautiful, beautiful
53:32 book called "The Christian Home", she also wrote about how
53:38 to raise Godly children, are our children under special attack?
53:43 Are children especially being separated out by the Devil
53:46 to try to get them to walk away from the foundation of the home
53:50 and rebel against the parents, and rebel against here
53:53 and there? Friends, she wrote all about
53:55 how to raise Godly, Christian children. I share that with you
54:01 because God wants to prepare people for heaven,
54:08 and the Devil wants to get us to miss the blessing that we
54:14 could have through that gift of prophecy.
54:17 Tonight I know many of you are looking for God's church,
54:21 and as you're looking for God's church
54:27 you're saying "Lord, where do I go?"
54:32 As you're looking for God's church you're saying
54:35 "Lord, where is Your truth, and where is Your message?"
54:39 And the Bible answers it back and says "The Dragon was wroth"
54:44 "with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her"
54:47 "seed, which keep the commandments of God and have"
54:50 "the testimony of Jesus Christ." And the Bible says
54:52 the testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy.
54:57 God is going to have a remnant people preaching a special
55:02 end time message, and as our last verse tonight, I want you
55:06 to turn with me to 2 Chronicles 20.
55:12 2 Chronicles 20:20.
55:32 And here the Bible says: [text on screen]
55:53 The Devil doesn't want men and women to sense that God
55:55 has a special movement on the earth, the Devil doesn't want
55:59 Christian homes, the Devil doesn't want families together,
56:03 the Devil doesn't want Godly children, the Devil doesn't
56:07 want you to have insight into the Scriptures, the Devil
56:10 doesn't want us to have any of these, Jesus is always first,
56:15 the Bible is always first, but if God has a true gift then
56:20 that's what the gift of prophecy is, it's a gift.
56:24 If God has a true gift, the least we can do is open up
56:28 that gift and take a look at it. We look to no human leader,
56:33 we only look to Jesus, but I want what God has to give
56:36 me through that gift, and my prayer for all of us tonight
56:39 as we finish this subject is that the Lord, God, will
56:42 continue to lead us, to guide us in His word, and have
56:46 all the blessings of the gifts of the Spirit in our life.
56:49 I pray that for myself, and I pray that for you.
56:51 Would you stand with me as we close tonight in prayer.
56:58 Father in heaven, we stand here to our feet, and we thank You
57:01 that You have not left Your church to be blind in this last
57:05 day, but You have given a tremendous amount of information
57:10 inspired of heaven, that no matter where the Devil has
57:14 sought to attack, we can counterattack, Lord,
57:19 with inspired counsel. Lord, I thank You that You
57:23 are putting a hedge about Your last day people.
57:26 Again, Lord, You have counseled us to prove all things,
57:29 hold fast that which is good, and if You have given us
57:32 a wonderful gift in the gift of prophecy, help us to receive
57:36 that gift and to be blessed by that gift.
57:39 Dismiss us now, we pray, from this place, but not from Your
57:42 presence, for we ask it all in the lovely name of Jesus,
57:46 amen.


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