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The Unpardonable Sin

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00:09 The escalation of global terrorism, crime, immorality
00:12 and natural disasters, seems to indicate our world
00:15 is spiraling towards its ultimate hour with destiny.
00:18 Who, if anyone, will survive Earth's final events?
00:21 Discover what Bible prophecy reveals about the rapture,
00:24 the mark of the beast, and Armageddon.
00:26 Though shrouded in mystery for centuries,
00:28 the book of Revelation can be understood today.
00:32 Peer into the future, and see what wonderful things
00:35 God has planned for His people.
00:38 And now, Pastor Brian McMahon presents the powerful
00:41 Bible seminar "Revelation Speaks Hope".
00:47 Our subject for this evening is entitled: [text on screen]
00:50 I have met people who have committed sins in their life,
00:55 and those sins are so burdensome to them that they feel that they
00:59 have committed a sin that is unpardonable before heaven.
01:03 For some, they think that sin is murder, they think
01:06 "Well, I've committed murder, certainly God couldn't accept"
01:08 "me", but we know that murder is not the unpardonable sin.
01:12 Why? Because we see great people
01:14 in the Bible, such as Moses, and even David, who
01:17 committed murder, and yet God forgave them, didn't He?
01:19 In fact, they went on to become great leaders for the Lord.
01:22 Some would say "Well, perhaps it would be denying Christ,"
01:26 "it would be denying Him to His face, as it were, with great"
01:30 "swearing and cursing", as some have done, but even then we know
01:34 that that is not unpardonable because Peter did that very
01:36 thing, did he not? And the Lord forgave him,
01:39 and he became a great leader in the Christian faith,
01:43 in the early church. Some say suicide is
01:45 the unpardonable sin. Well, certainly, suicide would
01:48 be a very undesirable way to leave this world, but even
01:51 suicide is not what the Bible calls "the unpardonable" sin.
01:56 God alone is the judge as to who will be saved and who
01:58 will be lost. And God alone will judge
02:01 the condition of that person's mind and heart as they left
02:04 this world, but what exactly is the unpardonable sin,
02:07 and why are we talking about it tonight?
02:10 Well, one reason we're talking about it is because Jesus
02:12 talks about it, and if Jesus talks about it, it must be
02:15 important for you and for me, wouldn't you think so?
02:18 There must be a reason. I will tell you this though,
02:20 and I hope you'll find this as good news, we're not talking
02:23 about the unpardonable sin because we think that anybody
02:26 in this room has committed it. Had you committed
02:28 the unpardonable sin, the chances are you certainly
02:31 would not be here tonight. So why are we talking about it?
02:34 We're talking about it because as we learned the steps
02:36 that lead up to the unpardonable sin, then we'll make
02:39 the decision in our hearts that we don't want to take
02:41 any of those steps. So let's go take a look
02:44 at Matthew 12:30, He says: [text on screen]
02:53 What we're seeing here is that Jesus is taking away
02:55 all neutral ground, He's saying "You're either with Me,"
02:58 "or against Me", there's not sitting on the fence, you can't
03:01 just say "Well, I'm not going to make a decision"
03:03 "and somehow I'm going to slip through", no.
03:06 Jesus' is saying "there is only one of 2 sides and you have"
03:09 "to be on My side totally", and then He goes on and talks
03:12 about the one and only sin He can't forgive.
03:14 In verse 31 He says: [text on screen]
03:37 So here the Bible says all manner of sin shall be
03:41 forgiven, what's another word for "manner"?
03:44 Another word for "manner" would be "kind" of sin.
03:47 So any kind of sin, or any type of sin, the Lord says
03:52 it shall be forgiven, isn't that good?
03:55 Don't we serve a wonderful God? We read these verses in John 1:9
04:00 where it says: [text on screen]
04:07 So we may be great sinners, but don't we have a wonderful
04:09 Saviour; no matter what kind of sin you can name,
04:12 whether it be murder, or lying, or stealing, or committing
04:15 adultery, that's a kind of sin, Jesus says that can be forgiven.
04:18 So we know that we don't have to walk around with a great
04:21 burden of guilt on us, we can come to Jesus, we can lay
04:24 that burden down and He says "that can be forgiven",
04:26 we just have to claim His promises, but what about this
04:29 sin that is so unpardonable that it can't be forgiven,
04:32 the Lord says "in this world, or in the next".
04:35 Well, in order to understand the unpardonable sin we have
04:38 to understand the delicate way that the Holy Spirit speaks
04:40 to the human mind. To start doing that, let's go
04:43 to John 16:7, the Bible says: [text on screen]
04:50 "expedient" - which means "necessary", [continues to read]
05:00 Some people think the Holy Spirit is an impersonal force,
05:03 but friends, the Bible tells us the Holy Spirit is one of
05:06 the Godhead, the third member of the Godhead, it has
05:09 personality, you can wound the Spirit, you can grieve
05:12 the Spirit, you can resist the Spirit, so let's go on
05:14 to verse 8, where it says: [text on screen]
05:27 Sin, of course, because the Holy Spirit will convict us
05:29 of what is right and what is wrong, the Holy Spirit
05:32 also of righteousness, to lead us to want to do what is right,
05:34 and of judgment to come, to lead us to an understanding
05:37 that we are accountable to our Creator, but this is all
05:40 the works of the Spirit in our life.
05:43 So we know that forgiveness is a gift of God, but did you
05:46 know repentance is a gift of God as well?
05:49 ...that God gives repentance unto people.
05:52 "So is it possible", we ask, "that rather than say 'yes' "
05:57 "to God as God speaks to us, we say 'no' to God?"
06:02 Well, it is possible. Every time we say "no" to God,
06:05 Who is trying to speak to us and say "change your life"
06:08 "here, resist doing this or that evil", "stop doing this"
06:12 "mistake, give your heart to Jesus", every time the Holy
06:16 Spirit is speaking those kinds of words to us, if we resist
06:20 that voice and say "no, I don't want that" in my life, it's as
06:24 if you take a step away from that voice, and you harden your
06:27 heart and that voice is not as clear the second time because
06:29 you've resisted the conscience. So the Holy Spirit again speaks
06:32 to us and says "Come back to Me", and you take another
06:35 step away by saying "no". And every time you say "no"
06:38 it's like putting bricks in a wall between you and God.
06:41 The interesting thing about this "brick in the wall" analogy,
06:45 when you start putting bricks in the wall by saying "no"
06:47 to the voice of God, it becomes easier to say "no" again,
06:50 and pretty soon you're putting in more brings, and more bricks.
06:54 The unpardonable sin is not when a person starts putting bricks
06:59 in the wall, it's when a person has put so many bricks
07:01 in the wall, you've said "no" so many times to that voice
07:05 that you've shut off that voice entirely, and don't
07:07 hear it anymore. It's not that God stops calling
07:10 us, but we're losing our ability to hear.
07:14 To have the Holy Spirit in our life means: [text on screen]
07:25 But what about those who know what God's will is and continue
07:28 to resist and not do it? That's deliberate.
07:31 Well, Jesus said in John 14:15, and you know this from coming
07:35 to the seminar, He says: [text on screen]
07:38 We read that verse a number of times, but what often people
07:41 don't read is what comes after that, because in John 14:16,17
07:46 here's what we read, after telling us to obey Him, He says:
07:49 [text on screen]
08:07 In Acts 5:32, this is another verse that we have seen
08:10 previously, the disciples said: [text on screen]
08:23 So once again, God gives the Holy Spirit to those who desire
08:30 to obey Him. Here's another question for us:
08:32 What is the main reason that God pours out His Spirit
08:35 upon His people? Well, in Acts 1:8,
08:39 this is what we read, the Bible says: [text on screen]
08:53 So the Lord says "When I pour out My Spirit, My sons and"
08:59 "daughters will be witnesses unto Me."
09:02 This is, again, one of the main reasons God desires to fill us
09:04 with His power. Another verse, Acts 4:31,
09:07 the Bible says: [text on screen]
09:17 So the result of being filled with the Holy Ghost is not
09:20 that they could speak in tongues necessarily, there are some
09:23 times in the Bible where it tells us they were given
09:25 that gift, but that is not primarily the reason God poured
09:28 out His Spirit. God poured out His Spirit
09:30 that the gospel will be carried to all the ends of the earth
09:33 with a boldness that they did not have previously.
09:36 Let's go back to John 16:13, the Bible says this:
09:41 [text on screen]
09:56 This is telling us about another work of the Holy Spirit,
09:59 and that is that the Holy Spirit is sent to us to be a teacher,
10:04 and therefore, to resist any teaching of the Bible is not
10:10 simply to resist a teaching, per se, but is to be resisting
10:13 the Holy Spirit that is meant to guide us into that teaching.
10:16 The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,
10:19 today and forever, Hebrews 13:8, Malachi 3:6 said "I'm the Lord,"
10:23 "I change not." Think about this with me,
10:25 the same Holy Spirit that inspired the Bible writers
10:30 to write down the words so many years ago that we now
10:34 call "Holy Scripture", that exact same Holy Spirit is
10:38 present here with us tonight to speak to our heart,
10:42 to lead us to understand what those words have to say.
10:45 It's the same Holy Spirit that never changes.
10:48 So when the Holy Spirit is here tonight, the Holy Spirit is
10:51 the same Holy Spirit that caused these words to be written,
10:54 no change. Therefore, if I study the Bible
10:58 and I find out what the Bible says on death, for example,
11:01 and because of my past background, because of my
11:04 past cultural upbringing, I desire not to listen to what
11:09 the Bible has to say, but I insist on clinging to what I
11:12 used to believe, I'm not just resisting a teaching, per se,
11:17 I'm resisting the Holy Spirit that desires to lead me into
11:20 the truth of that teaching. In the day when the Millennium
11:22 is over, and the second resurrection takes place
11:25 and multitude upon multitude raise up in the second
11:28 resurrection, the forever lost, there is going to be
11:31 the greatest feeling of conviction that there has ever
11:33 been, but it's going to be too late.
11:36 At that time they're going to realize when the Bible says
11:38 [text on screen]
11:40 "...that they may have right to the tree of life and may enter"
11:43 "in through the gates into the city", God said what He meant
11:46 and meant what He said.
11:49 At that time they're going to realize they should have
11:51 listened to what the Word had to say.
11:53 Once again, the Bible tells us in Revelation 19:15, speaking
11:56 of the second coming of Jesus, it says: [text on screen]
12:00 What is this sword? Well, Hebrews 4:12 says
12:03 "The Word of God is a sharp sword", so the Word of God
12:06 is pictured coming out of the Lord's mouth and smiting
12:09 the nations, why are they smitten with the Word?
12:12 Because they have not obeyed the Word, the Word was there,
12:15 they could have obeyed it, this goes right along with
12:18 John 3:19, we've covered this on a previous night.
12:21 In John 3:19 the Bible says "And this is the condemnation",
12:24 which is another way of saying "this is why people will be"
12:26 "condemned", [continues to read]
12:34 Being a committed Christian is not just living up to
12:38 the truth that you do know, it's having our minds open
12:41 to the truths that God wants to share with us that we
12:43 don't know. It's living up to what we do
12:46 know, but it's also being open to what the Bible has to say
12:49 about what we don't know, because, again, God wants
12:52 to always lead us onward. In John 7:43, here's what
12:57 we read, it says: [text on screen]
13:09 In other words, what they were saying was:
13:12 "we are convicted, this is different than what we've"
13:15 "heard, we feel that this could be right, never have we heard"
13:18 "things that have come from this man."
13:20 Okay, so then listen what they said back: [text on screen]
13:28 Can you see what they're saying? They're saying "Hey listen,"
13:32 "until the popular people have believed it, then you don't"
13:34 "have to believe it, until the popular ministers believe it,"
13:39 "then you don't have to believe it", it' no different today.
13:43 Let's go to 2 Thessalonians 2:9, Paul says: [text on screen]
13:54 So you see, it is Satan that depends upon the wonders
13:57 and the signs, because he can deceive people by it.
14:00 Let's read on: [text on screen]
14:08 The insincere person tries to change the Word to fit
14:12 his desires, the sincere person says "Lord, change my desires"
14:16 "to fit Your Word." Let's keep reading, it says:
14:19 [text on screen]
14:32 It's not that God sends a lie necessarily, but if you turn
14:35 away from truth, that's all there's left is lies,
14:38 you shut off the light, there's darkness, why?
14:41 Because you only have the 2.
14:43 When you turn away from truth, you're going to accept a lie
14:46 somehow, someway, Satan will provide it.
14:49 If I am going to believe with all my heart, and all my soul,
14:52 that my beloved grandmother is up in heaven right now,
14:55 is it going to make it so? No, because the Bible says
14:57 "the dead know not anything". The Bible says the dead are
15:01 asleep awaiting the call of the life giver, Jesus, in
15:04 the resurrection. So I might want to believe it,
15:07 I might be sincere in believing it, it's not going to make
15:10 it so though. Be careful of excuses friends,
15:15 because people can use excuses when they don't want to
15:18 really follow what God has to say.
15:21 There's a story in the Old Testament that I want to share
15:24 with you, and that is the story of King Saul.
15:27 King Saul started good, and then he started going his own thing
15:31 he wasn't listening to God as closely as the Lord wanted
15:34 him to, and finally the Lord was going to give him a test,
15:37 and said "King Saul, you go down among the Amalekites, they are"
15:39 "so wicked they've passed the time of their probation",
15:42 and I'm paraphrasing some here, but He said "I want you"
15:45 "to go down with your army and slay everything, EVERYTHING,"
15:49 "I don't want nothing left." King Saul said "Okay,"
15:52 "I'm going to do it." So there's King Saul, he takes
15:54 his army down among the Amalekites, and he slays
15:58 everything,'s the "but", remember what the goats
16:01 are known for? "Butting".
16:04 ...but he leaves the king alive and some of their animals,
16:08 because "Hey, why slay our animals in sacrifice, why not"
16:10 "use their animals and keep ours alive?"
16:13 So he rationalizes this out. He comes back from the victory,
16:17 and who does he meet coming along the way, but the prophet
16:20 Samuel, isn't it interesting that the prophet always comes
16:23 along at just the right time? God's timing is perfect.
16:26 So the prophet Samuel comes marching down the road
16:30 and King Saul says "I've obeyed the commandment of the Lord."
16:37 And Samuel just cuts right through that and says
16:40 "Oh, is that right? Why do I hear this bleating"
16:43 "of sheep in my ears if you've obeyed God?"
16:45 "In other words, if you've obeyed God, I would not"
16:48 "be hearing the sounds of animals."
16:51 Then Samuel says this to King Saul, which is so pertinent
16:54 to our subject tonight. It says in 1 Samuel 15:22:
16:57 [text on screen]
17:11 Friends, you can do all kinds of things in the name of worship,
17:14 all kinds of things as a pretense of obeying God,
17:17 but unless you really are obeying God, the Lord says
17:21 "It means nothing", to obey is better than sacrifice,
17:25 better than the pretense of worship.
17:29 Friends, that's what God was looking for then, He's looking
17:31 for that also tonight, isn't He? Remember, if we're not
17:36 the hearers of the law, or just before God, but the doers"
17:39 "of the law shall be justified." So once again, be careful
17:42 of excuses because if we start getting down the path
17:45 of excuses, the Devil will give us 100 excuses, if not 1000,
17:49 as to why we don't have to really follow the will of God.
17:53 You can follow an excuse if you want, but you'll still be held
17:56 accountable.
17:59 I've shown some people things that in the Bible that are so
18:02 plain, so clear, you couldn't deny it, and yet they'll just
18:07 say "Well, I don't think it's that important."
18:10 What would God think of that, if you say "Well I just don't"
18:13 "think that is important." In other words, "Lord,"
18:15 "You wrote that it in there, but I guess it was just"
18:18 "to fill up space." That's playing the Holy Spirit
18:21 if we think that we'll decide what's important and what's
18:23 not important. Some insist on saying
18:26 "Well, that's just the way we've always done it."
18:29 "Yes, the Bible says a different thing, but we've just always"
18:31 "done it that way, my father did, my grandfather did it,"
18:34 "so I guess I'll have to do it." What that person is really
18:37 saying is "God I've already made up my mind what I'm going"
18:40 "to believe, so what You have to say really doesn't matter."
18:43 Let's just say it the way it really is.
18:46 Friends, know this: that God does not reveal all of His will
18:48 to us at any one time. He does that out of love for us,
18:51 you knew that, didn't you? Because if He did it would
18:54 overwhelm us, but what they don't realize is that because
18:56 you have been a good Christian, because you have been living
18:59 up to the light that you knew, God is blessing you
19:02 with more light, it's not to be a burden in your life,
19:05 it's a blessing to you, it's actually a reward to you
19:08 for your faithfulness. So don't think that you can't
19:12 see new light just because you've been a Christian
19:15 for past years and have not seen it before.
19:18 In other words, Jesus says "Walk while you have the light"
19:20 "lest that light turn into darkness", so the light can only
19:23 be with us a period of time. Proverbs 4:18 says:
19:26 [text on screen]
19:33 If we are not willing to continue in growth then
19:35 that verse can't possibly be fulfilled in our life;
19:38 to shine more and more unto the perfect day, as God
19:41 desires it to happen in our life.
19:43 If someone says "My church follows something differently",
19:46 we have to say to our self "What is going to be the final"
19:49 "authority in our life? Is it going to be God's Word,"
19:52 "or is it going to be the church we happen to attend?"
19:54 In Acts 18:24 the Bible says [text on screen]
19:58 "eloquent man" - there's the first nice thing the Bible
20:01 has to say about this man, "and mighty in the Scripture",
20:04 there's the second nice thing, [text on screen]
20:21 "synagogue" - let's stop there. This man was eloquent,
20:25 this man was instructed in the way of the Lord,
20:28 this man was fervent in the Spirit, this man was bold
20:31 in his preaching, this man...
20:33 well, let's face it, everyone would love to have him
20:36 as a pastor in their church. You look at all those
20:39 qualifications, does that mean he couldn't be taught anything?
20:42 Does that mean he couldn't grow? Let's look what it says next:
20:46 [text on screen]
20:57 Could he learn? Yes, it doesn't matter friends
21:02 how eloquent a person is, how bold, how fervent,
21:05 how instructed, they always could be taught more.
21:09 They took him and said "You, with all of your gifts,"
21:12 "can know the way of God more perfectly still."
21:15 So it is today. There are many who insist
21:19 on running to their pastors, priests or rabbis, they'll say
21:21 "Pastor, Priest or Rabbi, whatever you say is okay"
21:24 "with me, I've got a question: I learned an issue down"
21:27 "at the seminar, and I'm not really sure about it, I mean,"
21:30 "it's what the Bible says, but we teach differently on it,"
21:33 "so I'm going to throw it over to you, and whatever you say,"
21:35 "that's okay with me". Do you know, now listen
21:38 carefully lest you misunderstand these next words,
21:41 that is a cult mentality? I'm not saying they're in
21:43 a cult, but I'm saying it's a cult mentality to simply say
21:46 "Here's our leader, and whatever our leader has to say",
21:48 it's talking about a human leader, "then that's what"
21:51 "we're going to do", that's one of the characteristics
21:54 of a cult. Friends, it's like tossing your
21:56 eternal life over to someone and saying "here, you handle"
21:59 "it for me, I can't figure it out, so you take care of it."
22:02 How dangerous is that? You see, I don't mind
22:05 if people come to me and ask me questions, in fact, I quite
22:07 enjoy it, I enjoy a good discussion in God's Word,
22:10 but even though I enjoy that, and I'm willing to give as good
22:13 answers as I know how, I don't want anyone putting their
22:15 final trust me because I'm a fallible human being.
22:18 So I will always say: put your final trust in the Bible
22:21 and follow the Bible because that's what we want to do.
22:24 So we don't want to be gullible and go down that road
22:26 and say "Well, whatever my pastor says, I'm just going"
22:29 "to take that and throw out what I've learnt."
22:31 Some will say "Well, I can't follow what I've learned."
22:34 I'll say "Why not?" "Well, others would make"
22:37 "fun of me."
22:41 What did Jesus say? "Blessed are you"
22:44 "when men shall revile you, persecute you and say"
22:47 "all manner of evil against you falsely for My name's sake,"
22:50 "rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward"
22:56 "in heaven, for so persecuted they the prophets that were"
22:58 "before you." So we can't think that we will
23:04 never ever face opposition because we know truth.
23:08 If someone makes fun of us for being a Christian, is that
23:11 the worst thing that can come to us?
23:14 When millions of people have laid down their life to follow
23:17 Jesus in the past? Why, as I shared with you,
23:20 I think it was a week ago, when someone makes fun
23:23 of us friends, God is giving us an opportunity to build strong
23:25 spiritual muscles. We are building the spiritual
23:29 muscles that are necessary to take us through to the end.
23:32 So rather than be glum and despondent about it,
23:35 rejoice in it, as Jesus says, and says "Listen, you have"
23:38 "a reward for following truth," but any experience like that
23:41 that comes to us is a necessary experience, did you know that?
23:44 I'm going to tell you tomorrow morning about my personal
23:46 testimony, as much as I can fit in the time that we have,
23:49 and I will share with you how I went through a lot of these
23:52 very same things, but I'm so glad now I went through them,
23:55 it wasn't enjoyable at the time, I don't think I jumped up
23:58 and was exceeding glad at the time, but I will tell you now
24:00 as I look back on it, I am glad God put me through.
24:06 There'll be those that'll come up to me and they'll say
24:09 "Well, Pastor Brian, I went to your seminar and I learned"
24:12 "the things that you shared, and I couldn't help but seeing"
24:14 "that it was in the Bible, but I went home and talked to my"
24:17 "brother-in-law and he disagrees with you"
24:20 "Pastor Brian, and furthermore, he has got a Ph.D."
24:26 I'll say "Really?" First of all, he didn't say what
24:28 he had a PhD in, it could be a PhD in Entomology,
24:32 the study of insects, we don't know. [Audience laughs]
24:36 What could it be? It might not be necessarily
24:39 Theology, furthermore, every church has PhDs.
24:41 Now, I'm not against higher education, as long as it
24:44 doesn't mix us up in the Bible, but I'm not against higher
24:47 education at all, but friends, every church has PhDs,
24:50 the Catholic church has PhDs, and the Baptist church has PhDs
24:52 and the Seventh Day Adventist church has PhDs, and there are
24:55 differences in beliefs, so PhDs are not an
24:58 assurance of having a proper understanding in the Bible.
25:00 But I like to share it this way, I say "Listen, there's no one"
25:03 "with a PhD that's going to stand beside you in"
25:06 "the judgment and answer for you."
25:09 That's number 1, number 2, the only degree we really need
25:12 to go through is what I call a TBA, we're all going
25:17 to need that, and you know why? Because that stands
25:19 for "Truly Born Again", [Audience] Amen.
25:22 ...Jesus said "unless you're born again you shall not"
25:25 "see the kingdom of heaven", so we all need a TBA,
25:28 and you know what, truly born again people will follow
25:30 the Word of God for what it says, so we don't have to
25:33 worry about that. Someone will say
25:36 "But Pastor Brian, my pastor sees differently than you do",
25:42 I like to say "Well no, it's not what I say, it's what the Bible"
25:45 "says", but nevertheless they'll say "My pastor sees differently"
25:48 "than that, and furthermore, he is so sincere."
25:53 I get this one almost as much as anything, they'll say
25:56 "He is such a sincere man, how can he be wrong when"
26:00 "he just oozes sincerity?" So how can he be wrong?
26:06 My wife and I, when we're not in seminars, we travel a lot,
26:08 we do a lot of driving, so we're going down the road
26:11 and I don't know what it is, when we're traveling together,
26:15 my wife and I, I like to be the one behind the wheel,
26:19 you know, men, what I'm talking about?
26:21 I could sit over in the passenger seat, but I don't
26:24 like it over there, I want to be the one behind the wheel,
26:26 it's a man thing. I guess it's a control thing,
26:29 I don't know, but I've got to have the wheel, I've got
26:32 to be in charge of the wheel. Then she sits over in
26:35 the passenger side there and I give her the map, and I think
26:38 "I'll let her think that she's the navigator, but who do I"
26:47 "really think is the navigator?" I think I'm the navigator,
26:50 but I'll let her play that part. So we're going down the road
26:54 and she will say to me, she'll say "honey, we need to turn"
26:58 "over here", now I think "no we don't, it's up here."
27:03 So I drive a little bit, I drive past the exit and I go up
27:06 and I'll say "no, I know where I'm going" and I'm driving
27:11 up here, right? I don't see the exit and I
27:14 think "Hmmmm...?" And I drive a little bit further
27:16 and sweat starts coming down, she says "you know, we really"
27:19 "should have turned back there", "No, it's up here, I know"
27:23 "it's up here", more sweat, [Audience laughs]
27:27 because I don't like being wrong on this.
27:29 Pretty soon I realize... I'm sincere, it's not that I
27:33 like driving 20 miles by the exit, I don't like doing that,
27:37 I don't like wasting time, but there are times when I'm
27:40 really sincere about thinking I know where I'm going.
27:45 Then what do I do? Swallow down, humble myself,
27:47 turn around, head back to where she said she should exit
27:51 because she was right, as usual.
27:53 So you see, my point being, you can be sincere, you can
27:57 still be sincerely wrong. That's why the conscience
28:01 needs to be educated with the Word.
28:03 There are people over there on the other side of the world,
28:06 and even right here in the US who will do all kinds of
28:09 incredibly brutal and horrible acts thinking that it's
28:11 the right thing because their consciences are not educated
28:14 according to the Word of God. So what is the end result?
28:17 I can't depend on feeling, I can't depend on tradition,
28:21 I can't depend on habit, all of those things can be wrong,
28:25 I can't depend even on sincerity.
28:27 God wants us to be sincere. The only thing I can do is come
28:32 to the Lord with an open heart and an open Bible and say
28:35 "Dear Lord, You show me what is right and that's what I'm"
28:37 "going to do", once again, the Spirit will lead us.
28:42 Some people "Well, I am going to do it, I'm just not"
28:45 "going to do it now." Okay, I'm going to see if you've
28:48 been paying attention now.
28:53 3 frogs are sitting on a log on a pond, and one of them
28:57 decided to jump off, so how many is left? [Audience] 2.
29:01 Most of you didn't get it, so I'm going to have to say
29:03 it again, only this time I'll emphasize the key word
29:07 and then you're going to get it: 3 frogs are sitting on a log
29:12 on a pond. One of them decides to jump off,
29:16 so how many are left? [Audience] Three.
29:19 Three, you got it now. Why?
29:22 Because deciding to is not the same as doing it.
29:25 You can sit there all day long and say "I'm going to do it,"
29:28 "I'm going to do it," Friends, when you really
29:31 want to do something, you're going to do it right now.
29:33 Can I say I am going to quit smoking after I smoke this pack
29:37 and this pack, and this carton, am I really sincere?
29:40 Can I say "Yes, you know, I've got a shoplifting habit,"
29:43 "and I am going to quit stealing, yes I'm going"
29:46 "to quit stealing, I just want to hit this store, and that"
29:48 "store, and hit that store over there"? [Audience laughs]
29:51 When you really are sincere you're going to quit right now,
29:54 you're going to do it right now, that's what it really means.
29:57 Turn with me to Psalm 51, the Bible says: "If I regard"
30:02 "iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me."
30:05 Well, why is that? Because you're planning to do wrong.
30:08 You can't fully repent, at the same time plan to do what's
30:12 wrong. David, of course, did something
30:15 that was very, very wrong. When he did his horrible sin
30:19 with Bathsheba, he thought that he might have gotten away
30:22 with something, but God sent the prophet Nathan up to David
30:25 and in essence he said "David, you know when you did that,"
30:28 "God wasn't sleeping. God wasn't off in some corner"
30:31 "somewhere and didn't watch it. God knew all that you did."
30:34 The wonderful thing about David is that David is a man that knew
30:38 how to repent, didn't he? He could do some things
30:41 wrong at times, but boy, could this man repent,
30:44 And that might be what sets David above some of us
30:47 sometimes, but Psalm 51, here's a beautiful passage here,
30:51 we can't read it all through, I hope that you will if you
30:54 haven't already. Let's go down to verse 10,
30:56 put your name right in there: [text on screen]
31:05 Verse 11 is the vital verse: [text on screen]
31:14 Why did David pray "Lord, don't take your Holy Spirit from me"?
31:17 Because David knew that if God took the Holy Spirit from him,
31:21 he would remain in his sins, because it's only the Holy
31:24 Spirit that leads him to want to repent.
31:27 David said in Psalm 19:13, David said: [text on screen]
31:40 "Presumptuous sins", David said "Don't let me commit those,"
31:44 "those are sins, when you go into it knowing what you're"
31:47 "doing, but you're going to do it anyway."
31:51 So here's the question folks: what is the sin against
31:54 the Holy Spirit? What is the 1 sin that can't be forgiven?
31:56 Let me try and say it in as simply a language as I know how:
31:59 the sin that God does not forgive is when you know
32:02 something is wrong, but you persistently continue to do that
32:08 thing which is wrong, and you refuse to do that which is right
32:11 and finally, you don't hear God's voice anymore calling
32:14 you to want to repent.
32:17 There's a wall of resistance that's been built up in
32:20 the mind, there's a callousness that's gone there,
32:23 that's what Paul means when he says to Timothy
32:26 that the conscience is seared with a hot iron, remember
32:29 reading that? That's what he's talking about,
32:32 there's a callousness there that all of a sudden, it's not
32:34 that that person can't be forgiven, God could forgive it,
32:38 any type of sin can be forgiven, the unpardonable sin is not
32:41 murder per se, an adultery per se, or lying, or stealing
32:44 per se, God can forgive all of those things, can't He?
32:48 It might be what might be considered a little thing,
32:50 but that person consistently cherishes it, and holds on to
32:53 it, and won't let it go, it's not that God wouldn't forgive
32:57 it, but that person doesn't want it to be forgiven,
33:00 so they don't give it over to God, they don't let God
33:03 forgive it. [text on screen]
33:16 Jesus sent the Holy Spirit into this world, we read in John 16,
33:21 to convict of sin, righteousness and judgment, and to lead us
33:26 into all truth. So if we refuse to allow
33:30 the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth, we're refusing
33:33 the Holy Spirit to do the work that He was sent into this world
33:36 to do. When the Bible says that
33:38 the Holy Spirit was sent to convict of sin, remember
33:41 what we learnt what sin was? Sin is the transgression
33:46 of the law. So that means that the Holy
33:49 Spirit is going to convict us of where we are
33:52 transgressing God's law. It might be that we're
33:55 committing adultery. When someone might first
33:58 commit adultery they might be convicted about it,
34:01 but you can do something and be convicted about it,
34:04 but then remain in it, and keep doing it,
34:07 and doing it, and pretty soon they don't feel
34:10 anything wrong with it, "No big deal" they'll say.
34:12 What have they done? They've pushed the Holy
34:14 Spirit's voice away. I'm going to share with you
34:17 my personal testimony tomorrow morning, but I will tell you
34:20 this, there was a time in my life when God was convicting
34:23 me about His law, and there was finally a time when it built up
34:26 in my mind to such a degree I said "I can no longer"
34:29 "continue to do this and sin against God."
34:31 That's what conviction is, that's what conscience is,
34:34 God wants us to have our spiritual antenna up on high
34:37 so that we will easily, continually, receive those
34:41 messages from the Holy Spirit. Sin in our life is a slow
34:48 strangulation of the spiritual nature.
34:53 Some people will say to me, they'll say "Well, I can't"
34:56 "keep the Sabbath", I'll say "Why can't you keep"
34:59 "the Sabbath?" They'll say "Well, if I keep"
35:03 "the Sabbath I can't make the kind of money I'm making now."
35:06 "And because I've been working on that day, I've been able"
35:09 "to not only get a bigger house, I've been able to get 2"
35:12 "of the most late models cars, I've been able to get"
35:15 "a ranch in the High Desert, I've got a lot of things"
35:20 "because I worked on that time." When that person raises
35:26 up in the second resurrection and they're outside of the walls
35:31 of the New Jerusalem, which we've talked about on the night
35:34 of the Millennium, and they're saying "Lord, Lord, why?"
35:37 "Why am I not in, why am I outside and not inside"
35:40 "those walls?" And Jesus says "You did not"
35:44 "show yourself a faithful steward, you did not show"
35:47 "yourself desirous of keeping the laws of heaven,"
35:50 "and because I couldn't trust you there, I can't trust you"
35:54 "here". And that person will say
35:56 "But Lord, look what I've been able to accumulate."
36:00 "I worked on the Sabbath, sure I did, but I got a lot of stuff"
36:03 "from it." The Lord is going to say
36:06 "Well where's those things now? What good are all those things"
36:10 "to you now?" I don't know all Jesus would
36:13 say to that, but He might say something like this: He might
36:15 turn to the New Jerusalem and say "Well you know what?"
36:20 "We own it all here, we own everything here."
36:26 "And all of this glory could have been given to you"
36:29 "for free for eternity, but you did not choose to be faithful"
36:37 "on earth, I can't trust you here."
36:40 Friends, when light comes, we need to see it as a
36:43 precious thing. Don't say to yourself:
36:47 "One day I'll quit smoking, let me smoke this carton first."
36:50 Or don't say "One day I'll keep the Sabbath, let me make a few"
36:53 "more dollars first." Or don't say "I'm going to soon get"
36:56 "my anger under control, let me get rid of my spouse first"
37:00 [Audience laughs] Don't say that friends.
37:02 The problem is not the Sabbath, and the problem is not your
37:05 spouse, the problem is we need new hearts, and if we get
37:10 a new heart it'll solve these issues, and when God has
37:13 people that have new hearts, and God has people that want
37:16 to serve Him, and the Holy Spirit writes His law in their
37:19 heart, that they want to do all that God says, but then
37:22 what does God do with these precious people?
37:25 Well the Bible has an answer to that in 1 Corinthians 12:13
37:28 it says: [text on screen]
37:43 In other words, what we're told here is that God will then
37:46 take these precious people that desire to follow all that
37:49 the Bible says, and He baptizes them into that 1 body.
37:54 What body is that? Friends, that's the body that
37:56 we've been covering about here in these last nights
37:59 of the seminar, the one that the Bible calls "God's remnant".
38:02 God's remnant people are those people that God is using
38:06 to give a message of truth around this world.
38:09 In Acts 2:41, remember that the Scripture says: [text on screen]
38:15 Are you glad to receive His word out there tonight?
38:18 [Audience] Yes. Friends, some of you have
38:21 been baptized, I know, and some of you are planning on it
38:23 as well, and we praise God for that, but then it says
38:26 "And the same day there were added onto them", "them" being
38:29 the church, "about 3000 souls". So did God just let them be
38:32 baptized and wonder out into the world without putting
38:34 them to work? No, He says "I've got a body"
38:37 "for you to join" and He added them unto God's church.
38:40 Verse 47 says: [text on screen]
38:46 How does God add people to His church?
38:48 How does He awaken people to a knowledge that they need
38:51 to be added to His church? He does it by sending a
38:54 message around the world, did you know that?
38:56 In Revelation 14, and we've read this a number of nights,
38:59 it says: [text on screen]
39:09 Friends, why a loud voice? Because the soft voice you won't
39:12 pay attention to, the soft voice you won't think is important.
39:16 What the Bible is telling us by giving us this passage
39:20 is that in the last days, the Lord is going to shout a
39:23 message to the world "Babylon is fallen, is fallen; it's not"
39:27 "coming back, there's truth to follow. There's a message"
39:32 "to listen to, don't stay in Babylon", this is the loud
39:35 voice. In other words, urgent times
39:39 demand an urgent message. We're not living in pleasure
39:44 as usual, business as usual type of times.
39:47 God says "I've got a message, I've got a people to give"
39:50 "that message", and Revelation only gives 2 groups folks,
39:54 it gives Babylon and the remnant, those are the only
39:57 2 choices we have, in all of the book of Revelation is says
40:00 there is Babylon, and all the world is wondering after
40:02 the beast, and all that goes with that, and then there's
40:05 the remnant. Friends, as the old cliché says
40:08 "Either we are part of the problem, or part"
40:11 "of the solution."
40:13 those are the only 2 sides. Jesus says "You are for Me,"
40:16 "or you are against Me." We've looked at all
40:18 the wonderful characteristics of God's remnant church,
40:21 we studied that this last week, I hope that you were here
40:24 and if you weren't I pray you'll get the information on this.
40:26 Friends, God has a people that's giving that very message,
40:29 and He says He will do it before Jesus comes back.
40:32 Are we living in the last days? [Audience] Amen.
40:35 Can you say it louder than that for me?
40:37 [Audience says louder] Amen. Did God say He's going to have
40:40 a message go all the way around the world before Jesus comes
40:43 back. [Audience] Amen.
40:45 Did He says it's going to be every nation, kindred, tongue
40:47 and people? Yes.
40:50 Then we should be able to see that message tonight,
40:52 and we do, and that message is found in the church
40:55 that happens to be bringing you this seminar,
40:57 the Seventh Day Adventist church, and not because those
41:00 people are anything more special or sanctified, but here is
41:03 a group that God is calling and adding to daily, such as should
41:05 be saved and friends, it is our privilege to know this message.
41:08 Would you please turn with me to Matthew 10, Jesus says
41:11 regarding message "If any man has ears to hear, let him hear".
41:13 Friends, I hope you've got big ears tonight, I've hope
41:16 that you've got ears that are listening to what God
41:19 has to say, Matthew 10:32-39, kind of a long passage,
41:22 but you might be sitting there saying "Well you know Pastor,"
41:25 "I'm getting a lot of heat at home, I've got a spouse that's"
41:28 "giving me a terrible problem", and I'm sorry to hear that,
41:31 but it's often the truth. Sometimes those who are closest
41:33 to us are most outspoken against us when we want
41:36 to follow truth, it's just a sad thing, but Jesus even speaks
41:39 to this issue, and in Matthew 10:32 the Bible says:
41:43 [text on screen]
41:59 Let me interject something here, Jesus came to bring
42:03 peace within, but outside there could be a sword of trial
42:07 and difficulty at times, let's keep reading: [text on screen]
42:27 "and he that loveth son or daughter more than Me"
42:30 "is not worthy of Me, and he that taketh not his cross,"
42:33 "and followeth after Me is not worthy of Me".
42:40 Jesus tells us that sometimes those that are persecuting us
42:46 can be those that are closest to us.
42:48 Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can have
42:51 nobody really pay attention to you, you can be out
42:54 in the world as I was, living for self, and for foolish pride,
43:01 and nobody bothers you, and then all of a sudden you want to come
43:04 to a prophecy seminar and do what's right, and you've got
43:06 more counselors than you know what to do with.
43:09 Isn't that right? And people are coming up to you
43:12 out of nowhere calling you from across the country at times
43:15 saying "Oh, hang on a second, are you really sure you want"
43:17 "to do that?", and all you want to do is follow the Bible.
43:20 And they say "Oh, don't go so fast, that would be fanatical",
43:23 or "don't do that, that'd be legalism", and they've got
43:26 all these ways of trying to talk you out of doing what is
43:28 the Christian life. Isn't it amazing?
43:31 They didn't care about you when you were out in the world,
43:34 but then you want to get your act together and straighten out
43:36 and walk according to the ways of Jesus, and they want to give
43:39 you all this counsel; friends, don't be fooled by it.
43:42 Many people want to keep you back from following the Word
43:45 of God because if what you're doing is right, that is
43:47 convicting to them that what they're doing is wrong,
43:50 and the old saying is "Misery loves company", and often
43:52 they would rather hold you back than follow what the Word says
43:55 them self, that's just the basic facts of the matter,
43:59 and I know you've gone through it.
44:02 I love it when people say "I'm willing to change my"
44:05 "understanding of Scripture." "Why?"
44:08 "Because I'm getting ready for heaven."
44:10 And some people, because you've come to this seminar,
44:13 you're saying "I'm changing my diet", "Why?"
44:16 "Because I'm getting ready for heaven, I want heaven's diet."
44:18 Some of you are saying "I'm changing my dress", "Why?"
44:21 "Because I'm getting ready for heaven".
44:24 Some of you are saying "I'm changing my day of worship."
44:26 "Why?" "Because I want to get on"
44:29 "heaven's schedule." I'll tell you, that's why we're
44:31 doing it, we're not doing it for any other reason other than
44:34 we love Jesus and we're getting ready for eternity here,
44:37 that's what it's all about. That's the price
44:39 of discipleship. I know that some of these
44:42 decisions that you've been making are difficult now,
44:44 and I could have, if I wanted to, and some of these other
44:47 pastors that are present here, if they wanted to,
44:50 they could get up here and preach smooth things,
44:52 but the Bible says "Don't preach smooth things, preach"
44:55 "the straight truth", and they'll say "Pastor, you know,"
44:58 "you preach straight, and this church is straight."
45:00 Let me tell you something, I thank God it's straight.
45:03 The Bible doesn't talk about going the broad road, it says
45:06 we should go the straight and narrow way;
45:08 that's the way we want to go in. Night by night I could have
45:11 stood up here and preached the smooth things if I thought
45:14 I wanted to get a larger audience at times, but God says
45:16 "Don't do that, love the people enough to tell them the truth",
45:19 and I do love you enough, by God's grace, to want to share
45:22 truth with you, and as I said one other night, I'd rather
45:24 preach the truth to 1 person sitting here tonight
45:27 and have a clear conscience about it, then compromise
45:29 and get an audience of 10,000, I can't do that by God's grace.
45:32 There might be others willing to do that, but I'm not going
45:35 to do it, and you don't want me to do it, amen?
45:38 [Audience] Amen. I know it.
45:40 I thank God for all the decisions that have been made
45:43 in this seminar, but I know there's going to be some more
45:45 made tonight, by God's grace, and I hope that you'll just be
45:48 sitting there saying "Lord, whatever passes me, I'm going"
45:51 "to move ahead, and I'm going to follow what I know is right."
45:54 Tonight I want to encourage you, and I want to please with you,
45:56 if you hear a conviction in your heart, if you feel it,
45:59 then God is trying to move you ahead.
46:02 There was a time when I was 14 years old and I got the most
46:04 amazing present as a Christmas present.
46:08 Are you ready for this? This was hot on the market,
46:11 newest technology, just out. I opened up this gift and my
46:18 eyes about popped out because there in front of my very eyes
46:22 and in my hands was a radio alarm clock.
46:26 They took a radio and they took an alarm clock, and they managed
46:30 to put it together in 1 package, isn't technology
46:33 amazing? Am I old or what?
46:35 [Audience laughs] So we had not seen this before,
46:41 and it was one of those alarm clock where as the numbers come
46:45 over, they were like little flaps, it would turn and fall,
46:50 anybody have one? [Audience laughs]
46:53 You get mesmerized by it, you watch it because you think
46:56 "It's about to turn, it's about to turn, there it went."
46:59 [Audience laughs] Ahh, we didn't have much
47:01 to do back then, [Audience laughs]
47:04 but it had something else. On the top of it was a big
47:10 wide rectangular bar, and it said "Snooze Button" on the top.
47:15 So what I did was, I said this was new technology too,
47:18 I thought, so what I did was I put my bed, and here's my little
47:21 night table, and I put that radio alarm clock just an arms
47:24 length where the snooze button was, so that if I woke up
47:27 my hand could just turn over, and whack, right on that white
47:30 button, 5 more minutes, and then I could even do it
47:33 this way, whack...and you get to be really good at it,
47:36 I could hit that thing. I learned something by hitting
47:39 the snooze button, if you hit that snooze button too
47:41 many times, each time the alarm is going off and you shut
47:45 it off, and the alarm goes off and you shut it off,
47:47 pretty soon you can snooze right through that alarm.
47:50 I used to be a real estate agent, I'll tell you a little
47:53 bit about that tomorrow morning, but when I was a real estate
47:56 agent we would ask people who were living right near
47:59 a railroad track how many trains came by, because we knew whoever
48:01 wanted to buy the house would ask the same question,
48:04 so we'd say "Well, you're living right here by the railroad"
48:07 "tracks, how many trains come by?", and they'd say
48:09 "What trains?" We'd say "The trains that come"
48:12 "by here in the day, how many?" "I don't know, I heard them"
48:15 "when we first moved here, but we've lived here so long"
48:18 "I don't hear them anymore, I couldn't tell you if there's"
48:20 "1 train, 5 trains, I don't know, we just ignore them,"
48:23 "we tune it out." That's why the Bible says
48:25 "Saying with a loud voice", because God is saying
48:28 "don't tune it out, tune it in, don't snooze while the message"
48:32 "is being preached around the world, calling people to come"
48:36 "into God's remnant fold." Friends listen, don't tune
48:40 the Spirit out tonight either. In Romans 8:14 we read
48:44 these words: [text on screen]
48:51 So God's children might say "Lord, I might be 15 years"
48:55 "of age and starting out in life", or "I might be 85 years"
48:58 "of age, grey haired, and I don't know how many years"
49:01 "I've got left, but I still want to follow Your Spirit."
49:03 Whatever it is, we tune God in because we're sons
49:06 and daughters of God, and those who desire to be led, they are
49:09 the true family of God. I want to know if God is
49:12 pleading with you tonight friends.
49:15 So often people say "Well Pastor Brian, I sense God is leading"
49:18 "me, I feel His Spirit convicting me, and I know"
49:22 "that I should make changes in my life, I'm just not going"
49:25 "to do it now." It reminds me of the man
49:29 who wanted to have a sidewalk. So he made the forms for his
49:32 sidewalk, and then he went out and he mixed up the cement
49:35 mixture, the concrete mixture, and he came with his machine
49:39 and he poured it out, then after pouring it out he said
49:43 "Ahh, kind of hungry, I think I'll go to lunch",
49:47 any contractors here? Any sidewalk makers here?
49:51 Friends, when you pour it out you don't go to lunch,
49:55 that's not the time to go to lunch, why?
49:57 Because there's a period of time when that mixture is
50:01 pliable, workable, movable, but if you go lunch and you come
50:06 back, that mixture, which was once so soft, is now hard
50:10 as concrete. In the same way, the human
50:14 heart is like that. We could have hearts that are
50:16 moved by God's Spirit, and want to do God's will, and we
50:20 may want to move forward, but you don't know how the Devil
50:23 is going to attack you in days to come, and if you tell
50:25 the Devil "I'm not going to do it now, I'll do it 3 months"
50:28 "from now, 6 months from now, someday...", friends, do you
50:31 know what the Devil's favorite word is?
50:33 "Tomorrow", because as long as the Devil can get you to say
50:36 "tomorrow", tomorrow he'll say what? "Tomorrow".
50:38 The next day, and the next week, the Devil will still
50:41 come to you and say "don't do it now, just do it tomorrow."
50:44 Pretty soon you run out of tomorrows, and that's exactly
50:47 what the Devil's hoping for. So don't say tomorrow,
50:49 say "Lord, by your grace, I'm going to make a decision today."
50:53 "Today is the day of salvation", so says the Word of God.
50:57 I know that many of you might be sitting there tonight saying
51:00 "Pastor Brian, since I've been coming to this seminar"
51:03 "I have been going through such turmoil in my mind."
51:07 "I have been having fitful sleeps", I can relate, I went
51:13 through this, "I have been waking up in a sweat,"
51:17 "I have been going through a spiritual tug of war",
51:21 and that's exactly what it is. You're saying "What is going"
51:24 "on in my mind?", I'll tell you what's going on
51:27 dear friends. There's a battle called
51:30 "The Great Controversy" between good and evil, between Christ
51:32 and Satan, there are armies on both sides, and both are
51:35 vying for our loyalty. In your mind you're making
51:39 a decision for God, or not. When the Devil knows that
51:44 you are right in that valley of decision, that moment
51:47 of decision, the Devil is going to try as hard as he can
51:50 to hold you back. God isn't going to just let
51:52 you go without a fight friends, God is going to fight
51:55 as hard as He possibly can, as hard as you will let Him
51:58 fight, He will fight for you, and for me.
52:01 So what you have is a spiritual tug of war, it's the Spirit
52:04 of God fighting against the Spirit of Satan, both sides
52:06 desiring to have your allegiance, and here's the good
52:09 news, when you say "Lord, I'm going to follow what's"
52:12 "right, Lord, I am going to do what the Bible says,"
52:15 the Lords says to Satan: "Get thee behind this person"
52:17 "because they are giving Me permission to work in their"
52:20 "life", God steps in and all of a sudden, what was so fitful
52:23 a sleep, now all of a sudden you can sleep like a baby
52:26 because the best pillow in the world is a peaceful conscience.
52:33 You, all of a sudden, will be able to sleep so well
52:36 because you know you really did what is right.
52:39 I want to share a verse with you before we go home tonight,
52:42 it's found in Isaiah 41:10. God weeps over those who
52:54 turn away, but even though He weeps over those who turn
52:59 away, God will not change what the Word has to say.
53:06 In the days of Noah God said "If 8 are getting in the Ark"
53:09 "then 8 all that I will take."
53:11 The Lord is no different tonight.
53:14 In the story of the rich young ruler, the rich young ruler
53:17 came to Jesus and said "Lord, what must I do to have"
53:21 "eternal life?" Jesus says "If thou will enter into life,"
53:24 "keep the commandments", and he said "all these things"
53:27 "have I done from my youth, what yet I lack?"
53:29 Jesus saw the point in his life where he was covetous,
53:34 He put His finger right on that soft spot, and He said
53:37 "This is your problem", and He named it, He says
53:40 "Go and sell what you have and give it to the poor, and come"
53:42 "follow Me." Friends, that man counted
53:45 the cost, he thought the cost was too high, he turned
53:50 around and walked away. The part that impressed me
53:54 so much when I read that story is not just tragically that he
53:59 turned away, but that Jesus did not compromise His principles
54:05 for that man. He loved that man, He longed
54:09 for that man in His kingdom, but Jesus didn't run after
54:11 that man and say "Oh, wait, wait, now hold it a second,"
54:14 "ahhh, let me reconsider, you're walking away, okay,"
54:17 "meet Me half way, sell half of what you have."
54:21 "I'll give a little, you give a little."
54:23 Did Jesus do that? No, Jesus laid out the terms
54:26 and He said "this is what it's going to take."
54:29 You see, dear friends, for some of you it's going to mean
54:32 giving up worldly friendships, walking away from peers
54:37 that don't want to follow the Word of God.
54:39 For some of you it might be sacrificing some finances
54:42 because you won't work on God's Sabbath, I don't know
54:45 what it's going to be for you, but whatever it is, God is there
54:49 to see you through, greater is He that is with us, than he
54:52 that is against us. Isaiah 41:10 us a promise
54:59 for all of us, and I would like to ask you if you would
55:02 read this out loud with me together, okay?
55:05 Let's go, together Isaiah 41:10, here we go: [text on screen]
55:15 "I will strengthen thee", [text on screen]
55:23 Friends, that's a promise to all of you tonight.
55:26 God isn't going to leave you, God isn't going to forsake you
55:29 when you want to do right. If God was with you
55:32 when you did things wrong in ignorance, how much more
55:35 is God going to want to be with you when you want to do
55:38 what's right? Don't think that God isn't
55:40 striving with you, the very fact that you are still here
55:45 after 20 nights is the sign that God is striving with you
55:50 and that you are willing to hold on and still come.
55:54 That's a great sign. That should encourage you
55:57 that God is with you, and God is working in you because you are
56:02 here after all of these nights. In Psalm 29:11 it says this:
56:07 [text on screen]
56:13 Many of our relatives did not know the things that we've
56:18 learned in this seminar, our fathers, mothers perhaps,
56:20 grandfathers, great grandfathers maybe even more so,
56:24 maybe they didn't know the truth of the clean and unclean foods,
56:27 maybe they didn't know the truth of the Sabbath,
56:29 maybe they didn't know the truth of the state of the dead,
56:32 but God is calling people around this world to understand
56:35 what the Bible says, so that He could have a people
56:37 ready for Jesus. Shall we stand tonight
56:40 as we close with a prayer. Father in heaven, I thank You
56:43 again that we can come tonight, open Your word, and realize that
56:49 You are leading Your people, some ever so gently,
56:52 some with great conviction, but Lord, you are leading
56:55 as a good shepherd will, the sheep of Your pasture.
56:58 You will speak, and Your sheep will hear Your voice and follow.
57:02 So may all of us have the kind of hearts that long to be
57:06 molded, filled with Your Spirit, and lead by the heavenly
57:10 Shepherd. So guide us now we pray tonight,
57:14 continue to bless tonight, and tomorrow night, and each
57:18 night that we come together, that all these things
57:21 that we have learnt can be part of our faith, the Christian
57:23 faith, the faith of Jesus. Bless us now, and send us
57:27 from this place, but Lord, not from Your presence ever,
57:30 and bring us back again we pray, tomorrow morning.
57:32 In Jesus' name, amen.


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