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00:09 The escalation of global terrorism, crime, immorality
00:12 and natural disasters, seems to indicate our world
00:15 is spiraling towards its ultimate hour with destiny.
00:18 Who, if anyone, will survive Earth's final events?
00:21 Discover what Bible prophecy reveals about the rapture,
00:24 the mark of the beast, and Armageddon.
00:26 Though shrouded in mystery for centuries,
00:28 the book of Revelation can be understood today.
00:32 Peer into the future, and see what wonderful things
00:35 God has planned for His people.
00:38 And now, Pastor Brian McMahon presents the powerful
00:41 Bible seminar "Revelation Speaks Hope".
05:09 It's so good to be with you again.
05:11 The subject that we're going to cover this morning we've
05:13 entitled "Overcoming through the Word!"
05:16 Some 13 years ago, after Saddam Hussein and the army
05:21 of Iraq had entered into Kuwait the US began
05:26 a campaign of liberating that country.
05:30 I remember that as I listened to the news Saddam Hussein
05:33 made a great boast, he said that if the US dared to come
05:37 against him with their army that he would give them
05:41 the mother of all battles, do you remember that boast he made?
05:45 Of course, the battle didn't last very long, only a few days,
05:49 so historians, as they write back upon it they say
05:51 what he really did was make the mother of all surrenders
05:55 because it didn't last very long, but they analyzed
05:58 that short war and they realized that the Iraqi army did not
06:03 lose simply because they had no weapons, they actually
06:05 had a lot of sophisticated weaponry that they had purchased
06:08 from the former soviet union. But they realized that they had
06:12 never learned to use that weaponry properly, they had
06:17 never really learned how to use that which they had.
06:21 Now, we are in the battle of all battles right now in
06:24 the Christian war, amen? We're in the battle between
06:27 good and evil, and we need to know how to use weaponry that
06:31 God has given us effectively. This last campaign that the US
06:36 has now embarked on to liberate the Iraqi people, I remember
06:40 that as they were interviewing the various branches of
06:43 the military, before they actually entered into Iraqi
06:46 they asked them the question, they'd ask the people
06:49 of the army, they would say: "Are you ready to go"
06:51 "into this battle?" and the army would say "Yes, we're ready. "
06:55 They'd be so confident about it, and so the news people
06:58 would ask them "How do you know that you're ready? "
07:01 And they would say "We're well trained, Sir. "
07:04 They would ask the air force, "Are you ready to go into this"
07:06 "battle with your weaponry, with your planes, and so on? "
07:09 "Yes, we're ready. " "How do you know you're ready? "
07:12 "We're well trained, Sir. " They'd ask the Marines:
07:14 "Are you ready? " "Yes, we're ready. "
07:16 "How do you know you're ready? " "We're well trained, Sir. "
07:20 Confident, knowing that they knew how to use the weaponry
07:24 that had been provided to them, so should we be confident
07:28 in what God has given to us. So one of the greatest things
07:31 that I have been blessed to learn as a Christian is what
07:35 I'm going to share with you this morning.
07:37 We all are beset with evil temptations, various habits
07:40 that we wish were not in our life, not all habits are bad,
07:43 by the way, sometimes habits can work very well for us,
07:46 learning how to tie your shoe when you're young is a pretty
07:48 good habit, isn't it? Learning how to type on
07:52 a typewriter, or on a computer, a very good habit.
07:54 Learning how to drive should be a good habit, we hope
07:57 we're learning good habits there, sometimes we might
08:00 learn bad habits, but what happens when habits are not
08:02 so good? What happens when thoughts
08:05 come into our mind that we really shouldn't have there?
08:08 You see, habits are simply thoughts and actions that are
08:12 repeated over and over and over, and God has given us
08:15 a way for the Christian to have victory over those kinds
08:18 of things, and that's what I'd like to share with you.
08:21 In the evening session I shared a little short story of how
08:24 a lady came to me one day and she said "Pastor, we get"
08:27 "a lot of sermons on what to do, but very few sermons on how"
08:31 "to do it." That always stuck in my mind
08:35 that if I have an opportunity I want to give some "how to"
08:38 sermons so that we feel empowered with the Word
08:41 in our hand. So turn in your Bibles with me
08:43 this morning to Joshua 24. First of all, we must realize
08:49 as you're turning there that no victory is going to come
08:54 to the Christian without our cooperation; in other words,
08:59 if we desire to be set free from alcohol, God is not going
09:04 to reach down with a great, almighty hand from heaven
09:07 and sweep the alcohol out of our house, God does not do that
09:10 for us because victories come as a cooperative effort.
09:14 If we desire to quit smoking the Lord is not going to reach
09:17 down from heaven with His hand and snatch a cigarette out of
09:20 anybody's mouth, or blow a hurricane force wind through
09:23 our home and sweep out pornographic material that may
09:26 be there, the Lord does not do those things for us.
09:29 We cooperate with Him, but our cooperation begins with our
09:33 choice, and that's what we read in Joshua 24:15, here's what
09:38 it says, Joshua 24:15: "If it seem evil unto you"
09:46 "to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve."
09:54 Brothers and sisters, right living begins by making
09:58 right choices. If we really want to overcome,
10:02 we've first got to choose whom we're going to serve,
10:05 either the Lord Jesus Christ, or the evil one, let's choose
10:08 the Lord, amen? So in other words, if I say
10:11 to myself, I'm going to perhaps use some illustrations this
10:13 morning that maybe don't pertain to your place where
10:15 you're at, they maybe don't pertain to your life,
10:18 but you use the same principle and apply them where you're at.
10:22 So if I want to quit smoking, for example, and I say
10:25 "Well, I'd kind of like to quit smoking, it would be a good"
10:28 "idea if I overcame, one day I will quit smoking."
10:32 Is that making a choice? No, not at all.
10:34 If I really want to quit, I will quit right now and I
10:38 will say "I choose this day to not smoke anymore. "
10:41 That is exercising a faculty of the mind that we call
10:44 the will, it's not what we often think of as "will power",
10:48 that means our power, no, it's using our will, which is
10:52 the ability of the mind to make deliberate choices, and then
10:57 those choices can be followed by a determined action,
10:59 but first we have to make that choice, once we've made the
11:02 choice, then we ask God to give us the power to backup
11:05 that choice; power's what we're often lacking.
11:08 Many times people have tried to quit, maybe 100 times,
11:11 but they've never felt the power to really do it.
11:13 So first we make the choice, after making that choice
11:15 God says "Okay, now I'll give you the power. "
11:18 Let's see how that works. Go to 1 Corinthians 15:57.
11:27 I want you to turn in your Bibles because we want to
11:33 really use the Word, we're talking about overcoming
11:38 through the Word, so let's use the Word and look it up
11:41 in our own Bibles. 1 Corinthians 15:57 says this:
11:45 "But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory"
11:49 "through our Lord, Jesus Christ."
11:51 God will give us victories if we need them, we don't have
11:55 to earn them, and we can be thankful for that;
11:57 we don't have to try to muster up the strength from within us.
12:01 Victories are not going to come to us through motivational
12:04 classes, through pulling ourselves up by our own boot
12:08 straps, as we might say. When we know that there's
12:11 a habit in our life that is sinful before God then we don't
12:15 have to say "Lord, if it is Your will that I stop smoking"
12:18 "then please give me the victory", "Lord, if it is"
12:21 "Your will that I stop looking at improper reading material"
12:23 "please give me the victory", "Lord, if it is Your will"
12:26 "that I stop drinking alcohol, please give me the victory. "
12:29 We know that it is God's will that we do not sin.
12:31 So when we know that something is God's will then we can pray
12:34 confidently that God will give us the victory for that area.
12:37 We say "Thank You God for the victory."
12:39 Let's put that up on the screen if we could, Cheryl.
12:49 There we go. So we make a choice, now
12:52 we'll put step 2 up if we could, step 1, we've made the choice,
12:56 now step 2: we claim the promise for victory.
12:59 So we can confidently claim the promise in those areas
13:02 that we know God wants us to have the victory over.
13:06 Now, put this one in 1 Corinthians 15:57 together
13:09 with this next text because they really do belong together,
13:12 go to Mark 11. When we know something is God's
13:17 will we can claim it. For example, when we read
13:21 about the children of Israel marching around the city
13:25 of Jericho, God has them claim the victory and shout that
13:29 victory even before the walls came down, even before they saw
13:32 a crack in the wall, they were to have the confidence
13:36 and faith that God was going to give them that which they
13:38 asked for. Mark 11:22, the Bible says:
13:48 "And Jesus answering sayeth unto them, Have faith in God",
13:52 it's not a faith in your self plan, that's why people fail,
13:55 it's because they try to believe that they can do it.
13:58 No, this plan works because God does it, God does it through
14:01 us, so yeah, it says "have faith in God", now verse 24,
14:04 Jesus says: "Therefore I say unto you, what things so ever"
14:07 "ye desire", allow me to pause there, some of you will desire
14:11 a victory in 1 area, and some of you will desire a victory
14:14 in another area, you apply that principle exactly where
14:17 you need it, "what things so ever you desire when you pray"
14:20 "believe that you do receive them and you shall have them."
14:25 If you were to knock on someone's door that you had
14:28 done something wrong to and confessed that you had
14:31 done that wrong, and asked for forgiveness and they said
14:33 "yes, I forgive you", and then you came back the next day
14:36 and you knocked again on the door and you said
14:37 "Would you please forgive me for that sin that I did"
14:40 "against you? ", and they said "Yes, I forgave you yesterday, "
14:43 "go in peace. " "Okay. "
14:45 You came back the next day and he knocked again on the door
14:47 and he said "Would you please forgive me? "
14:50 Wouldn't they start to wonder if there was something
14:53 wrong with you? Why, when God tells us that
14:55 He is going to do something in our life and we claim
14:57 the victory, we need to believe that He has given that
15:00 which He has promised. A lot of people will kneel
15:03 down by their bed and they'll say in prayer "Lord, "
15:05 "please give me the victory over this habit in my life."
15:09 And then the next day they'll pray the same prayer
15:12 "Lord, please give me the victory", and 2 weeks later
15:14 "Please give me the victory", and 20 years later they're
15:17 still saying the same exact thing, "Lord, please give me"
15:20 "the victory. " What God wants us to do
15:22 is to believe that we have received and then get up
15:26 off our knees and walk as a son or a daughter of God,
15:29 believe that God has given us that which He has asked us to.
15:33 A gift becomes ours when we receive it.
15:36 Someone can hold out something all day long, but unless we take
15:39 it it never really becomes ours. Someone will say, "Oh, in that"
15:42 "case I want $1 million in my bank account, so I'll just"
15:45 "believe that I receive it and I'm going to look in my"
15:47 "bank account the next day and it should be there. "
15:50 Some people preach that, right? You see them on TV
15:53 "name it and claim it" preachers, and they talk about
15:56 prosperity and how you just have to believe that you're
15:58 going to be rich and you will be rich, we don't always know
16:00 what is God's will in those areas.
16:03 Many people have been destroyed through having something
16:05 that really wasn't best for them, and isn't it interesting
16:08 that these preachers on TV that say that they always say
16:10 "God wants you to be rich, but first send me a bunch of money"
16:15 "as a faith pledge", they say. Well, no, we don't always
16:19 know that, but we can know that repentance is a gift,
16:24 forgiveness is a gift, and the power that comes from heaven
16:28 to help us to walk right before heaven is also a gift.
16:34 Jesus says when you pray believe that you receive it and you
16:37 shall have it. So the first step to overcoming
16:41 is up here on the screen this morning: [text on screen]
16:48 We make a choice, and then the second point,
16:51 1 Corinthians 15:57 is: [text on screen]
16:54 And now turn with me to Romans 6, here is the next point
17:02 in God's plan for victory over evil temptation.
17:08 Romans 6:11, the Bible says: "Likewise, reckon ye also"
17:19 "yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive"
17:23 "unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord."
17:26 So claiming this promise, we say "I'm going to be dead"
17:31 "to that sin that has enslaved me".
17:35 Remember, this is the King James I'm reading from here,
17:38 it says "reckon ye also", that means "consider yourself"
17:41 "to be dead to sin". If we had a corpse up here
17:44 at the front, let's try to just imagine it for a moment,
17:47 there's a person lying in the casket and I'm going to come
17:50 down to that corpse lying in the casket, and I'm going to
17:54 try to tempt this corpse to sin, I'm going to hold out
17:59 in front of this dead person a cigarette, maybe this
18:04 person died of chain smoking, so now I'm going to hold out
18:07 a cigarette in front of that person and wave it in front
18:09 of their nose, is there going to be any reaction to that?
18:12 No. What if I hold out his favorite
18:14 brand, Marlboros, well, it used to be; is there now going
18:18 to be any reaction? No.
18:21 What if I hold out a whole carton?
18:23 Same thing. There's no reaction because
18:25 that person is dead. The Bible says we should
18:30 consider ourself to be dead, we are very much alive
18:33 and breathing this morning, we should be, amen?
18:36 And we are to consider, in other words, when we consider
18:39 ourselves to be dead, what that's doing is it conditions
18:42 the mind to continually reject that thing and to hate it.
18:46 We can say I can no more respond to that sinful
18:50 temptation in my life than a dead person could,
18:53 that's what it's telling us; you consider yourself to be dead
18:56 to that thing that has formerly overcome you.
18:59 Somehow, and I'm not sure why, I'm not a neurologist, I don't
19:03 know all the workings of the brain, I do know a few things
19:05 from what I've studied, but somehow we remember things
19:08 well in groups of 3, even better than twos and fours,
19:11 when something's in a 1, 2, 3 plan, we do remember it
19:14 very well. So what I'm going to do at this
19:16 moment is take the first 3 principles that we've looked
19:19 at and reduce them down to very short phrases
19:22 because when you're tempted to sin we may not have our
19:24 Bibles with us, we may not be able to review this whole
19:27 sermon in your mind, but you can remember what we're about
19:30 to do, so the very first thing we do when we are tempted
19:33 to sin is we make a choice and we say [text on screen].
19:36 The next thing we do is we claim the victory and we say:
19:40 [text on screen]
19:43 And the third point we're going to put up on the screen is say:
19:45 [text on screen]
19:47 Now, I only heard about a third of you, so let's go through
19:49 it again, the first thing is "No!", the second is:
19:52 "Thank You God for the victory", and the third is
19:55 "I'm dead to it", good, now you're sounding alive.
20:00 You see, when sinful temptation comes and the very thing
20:04 we do next is we say "No! Thank You God for the victory, "
20:07 "I am dead to it", you don't know how easy it is
20:11 to overcome because how can you submit yourself to that
20:14 temptation when you're saying "No" to it, you're rejecting it,
20:18 you're saying "I already have the victory over it",
20:20 notice it doesn't say "Please give me the victory", it says
20:23 "Thank You God for the victory" because what Jesus
20:25 said was "believe that you receive it and you shall"
20:27 "have it", so we're already claiming it, and then you say,
20:30 Romans 6:11, "I'm dead to it, I don't even respond to it. "
20:32 Dear friends, it works absolutely marvelously.
20:36 We make a choice, we thank God for the victory, and we say
20:40 "I don't respond to it", and when you say "no", say it
20:43 like you mean it, don't say [in a high, scared voice] "No. "
20:49 "Thank You God for the victory...I think."
20:53 Put a smile on your face, I have found that when you say "No"
20:59 to evil and you smile because you are happy about it,
21:04 there is power there, have you found that?
21:06 And praise God for that, there is power in praising God,
21:09 can I hear an "amen" for that? [Audience] Amen.
21:12 Okay, so you say "No" and you smile and you say "Thank You"
21:15 "God for the victory, I am dead to it".
21:17 Some people act, you've heard this before, from probably
21:20 Pastor Doug, some people run from temptation hoping
21:24 to escape it, others crawl, hoping it overcomes them.
21:29 Well, we don't want to act like we're divorcing a best friend,
21:33 "Oh I've got to give up this, oh, I've got to give up,"
21:36 "oh, it's so terrible", evil is an enemy in our life so you say
21:42 "No, this is a good thing that I'm doing", smile about it
21:45 and say "I am so thankful that God has given me a way"
21:47 "to overcome. " So now let's go to the next
21:49 point, go to Romans 13. We want to make sure that
21:55 temptation is held to a minimum, how do we do that?
21:59 Romans 13:14 gives us the answer to it, and God always
22:02 has answers for these things, Romans 13:14 says this:
22:08 "But put you on the Lord Jesus Christ and make not"
22:12 "provision for the flesh to fulfill the lust thereof. "
22:15 Do you notice the 2 parts to this verse, the first part
22:18 is putting on the Lord Jesus Christ, that's the absolute
22:21 essential part in that we have to start each day asking God
22:25 for a converted mind, because if we start a day without
22:27 a converted mind we're already knowing that we're going
22:30 to fail; so we ask for the Holy Spirit.
22:32 The Bible says "walk in the Spirit, you shall not fulfill"
22:34 "the lusts of the flesh". Have you noticed that when
22:37 you start each day with some time on your knees, start each
22:41 day with some time in either the Bible or a good spiritual
22:43 book that you do feel extra strength to go out and meet
22:47 the day, no question about it. And when you don't do that,
22:50 all of a sudden when a sinful thought comes, or some kind
22:53 of temptation comes, you just don't feel the power to meet it
22:56 as we should. Proverbs 16:3 is a verse
23:05 that I have tried to commit to memory, and I hope that you
23:08 will too, it says: [text on screen]
23:15 So when you commit your works, or your life, to the Lord in
23:18 the morning, it establishes your thoughts for that day.
23:21 Once again, you want to have a connection to heaven as you
23:24 go out and try to meet the evil that is going to be coming
23:26 your way during that day. Galatians 5:16 is one that
23:30 goes right along with it. Paul says: [text on screen]
23:37 That's a promise to us, he says if you will walk in the Spirit
23:40 you will not fulfill the things that the fleshly mind wants.
23:44 The fleshly mind wants to sin, the fleshly mind,
23:46 or the carnal mind, wants to get impatient, the fleshly mind
23:50 wants to get angry, and enjoys it, the fleshly mind wants
23:53 to use profanity, enjoys it; the fleshly mind wants to
23:56 over eat, or to smoke, or do many of the other things we
23:59 probably could mention this morning, but anyway,
24:02 the fleshly mind wants to do that and we will either be
24:04 in the fleshly mind or we'll be in the spiritual mind, and so
24:07 we have to commit our life early in the morning, and ask
24:10 God for conversion.
24:14 Now let's look at the last part of the verse, it says:
24:16 "make not provision for the flesh".
24:18 To make not provision for the flesh, let me try to update
24:23 that language if I may, "don't put yourself in a situation"
24:29 "unnecessarily where you know you're going to be tempted. "
24:33 For example, if an alcoholic was to walk into a tavern,
24:36 some kind of bar room, knowing that he already has a weakness
24:40 for alcohol, and there, he sits down on a bar stool, lifts up
24:43 his eyes to heaven and says "Dear Lord, help me not"
24:46 "to drink while I'm here. " Does it make any sense?
24:49 Not at all. What's the first thing the Lord would want him
24:52 to do? Get out of temptation's way.
24:55 How can we pray to be delivered from temptation when we put it
24:59 all around us. I've talked to many young
25:03 people about their Christian life, and sometimes they'll come
25:06 to me and they'll say "I just don't have a desire to read"
25:09 "the Bible, I don't have desire for spiritual things. "
25:11 And I'll say "Well, show me your music collection. "
25:14 So they show me their music collection and it's some of
25:16 the most satanic music I've ever laid my eyes on,
25:19 and I say "Do you play this? " "Oh yeah, I love this stuff. "
25:21 They've got CDs and all kinds of other things piled around
25:25 their player and I'll say "here's what you need to do: "
25:28 "take all of this stuff, put it in a brown paper bag, "
25:31 "take it out to the dumpster there and throw it in, "
25:34 "and go out and buy some real good Christian music",
25:36 kind of the stuff we've been hearing this morning, amen?
25:39 [Audience] Amen! " some of this kind"
25:41 "of music and put that in your mind, and you will notice"
25:44 "a tremendous difference in your life. "
25:46 How can you ask to be delivered from something that you're
25:49 putting in your mind over and over and over again?
25:51 If a person wants to quit smoking, I have a little test,
25:55 they'll come to me and they'll say "Pastor, I really want"
25:58 "to quit smoking", I'll say "You want to quit? "
26:00 They'll say "Yes", I'll say "Alright, hand over your"
26:03 "cigarettes right now. "
26:05 Oh, you should see the reactions I get, "you mean right now? "
26:08 I say "You wanted to quit didn't you? "
26:11 "Yes", "Well then quit right now. "
26:13 Oh, you can't imagine the fun I have asking that question,
26:15 [Audience laughs] and I can always tell
26:18 the sincerity between the 2 because some will say
26:21 "You bet", lay those pack of cigarettes right down,
26:23 they'll say "I hate those things, I want to be done"
26:25 "with them", I can tell that person's serious.
26:27 When the other one says "Well, I was kind of thinking"
26:30 "of maybe, sort of, quitting on Friday", [Audience laughs]
26:33 I'll say "You come back when you're serious and we'll talk. "
26:36 Then the person who puts down the cigarettes on the table
26:39 I'll say "Now you go out in your car, do you have any in"
26:41 "you car?" "Well yeah, I think I have"
26:43 "a few there. " "Go out into your car"
26:45 "and bring them in, put them on the table too. "
26:48 So they do that; then I say "Do you have any at your home? "
26:50 "Don't worry, I won't follow you home, but do you have"
26:53 "any at home? " And they say "Yeah, I think"
26:56 "I do have half a pack there. " I say "Now here's what I want"
26:58 "you do to, you go home and you take that half a pack"
27:01 "and you crush it in your hand and throw it down in"
27:03 "the garbage, or the toilet or wherever you want, "
27:06 "and you thank God for the victory right then and there, "
27:09 "thing I'm going to do". I know that that person is going
27:11 to have a victory, because if that person was to leave
27:14 even half a cigarette alone, knowing they knew
27:16 it was there in the house, they're saying to them self this
27:19 "I'm going to fail, and I'm leaving this here for when"
27:22 "I fail because I'm just going to make it easier to grab"
27:24 "something rather than have to go down to the store."
27:27 In other words, they really don't believe they've been
27:29 delivered at all. Once again, some people run
27:32 from temptation, others crawl hoping it will catch up
27:35 with them. There was a time in my life,
27:39 and I'm certainly not proud of what I'm going to tell you,
27:40 but I'm going to share with you this story because it might help
27:44 some, but in my pre-Christian days I noticed that some people
27:48 around me were making their own homemade wine,
27:50 and I was a drinker of alcohol of that time, and I said
27:53 "I'm going to make my own homemade wine", and I went down
27:56 to the hardware store and I bought this crazy equipment
27:59 and I started to do it, and I learned that you can make
28:01 different kinds, there's apricot wine, and peach wine,
28:04 and whatever else kind, and I would make these
28:07 various kinds and I would put them in my basement on
28:10 a shelf, and I became proud of it because it was myself
28:12 that made it, I didn't have to go buy it, I made it.
28:15 Then, by God's grace, He brought the truth to me that that
28:18 kind of thing destroys the mind, and I said "I don't want"
28:20 "to drink it", so I got rid of all of the beer, and the hard
28:22 liquor and these kinds of things, but I didn't want
28:25 to get rid of this, the wine on the shelf, because I made it.
28:30 Then you try to rationalize it and justify it, and I said
28:32 "Well, they say it gets better with age, so that's my reason"
28:34 "for leaving it there", it's amazing how the mind tries
28:38 to rationalize sin, and every time I went down into
28:42 the basement and looked at those bottles sitting there
28:45 it was as if they would call out to me and say:
28:47 "Ahem, over here, drink me, see if I'm better with age. "
28:50 I would say "No, I don't want to drink that", but I didn't
28:54 get rid of it either. It was the strangest thing,
28:58 I'd go down in my basement, whatever time, I'd look over
29:00 at that and it would still be sitting there on the shelf,
29:03 and it's as if it would call out to me and say "drink me, "
29:07 "see if I'm better with age, I've been sitting here another"
29:09 "2 months", or whatever it's been.
29:11 Finally, I realized how stupid that was, so I took all of those
29:14 bottles, I wiped them all off the shelf, poured them out,
29:19 except 1, and I left 1 solitary bottle on that shelf, it did not
29:25 matter whether it was 20, or whether it was 1, it was
29:28 the same temptation: "Drink me, see if I get better with age. "
29:32 Finally, when I woke up and regained my senses I popped
29:37 the cork off that bottle and without even taking the smallest
29:40 sip I poured it down the drain, and I know at that moment
29:43 I had a victory over that substance, because now I had
29:46 made the real choice, before that I was just playing with it,
29:49 now I had really made the choice and I knew that God could
29:52 bless my life. This next point is absolutely
29:56 essential, turn with me to James 1:12,13.
30:04 The next very important, and even fascinating point
30:07 in God's plan for victory over sin.
30:11 Do not keep pornographic material in the house and say
30:13 "Lord, I want to be delivered from it", do not keep cigarettes
30:16 in the house and say "Lord, I want to have victory over it",
30:19 Jesus said sometimes you've got to make some very tough
30:22 decisions. "If thy eye offend thee, "
30:24 "pluck it out, if they hand offend thee, cut it off, "
30:27 Jesus isn't saying "maim yourself", but He's saying
30:29 "sometimes you're going to have to make some drastic"
30:31 "choices and you're going to have to do that if you really"
30:34 "want a victory." Some people say "Oh, how can"
30:36 "I get rid of all of this music collection when I spent so much"
30:39 "money on it? " If it's bad, okay you wasted
30:42 your money, if you listen to it it's worse than wasted
30:44 because now you're continuing to contaminate your mind.
30:47 In other words, we need to do what we need to do.
30:49 James 1:12, 13, here's what the Bible says:
30:59 "Blessed is the man that endureth temptation, for when"
31:02 "he is tried he shall receive the crown of life, which"
31:06 "the Lord has promised to them that love Him."
31:08 "Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God, "
31:11 "for God can not be tempted with evil, neither tempteth"
31:14 "he any man, but every man is tempted when he is drawn"
31:17 "away of his own lust and enticed. "
31:20 Now notice what it says next: "Then when lust has conceived, "
31:25 "it brings forth sin. " Back in the 1970's when my
31:33 family and I watched a lot of TV, there was a very, very
31:36 popular show on, this is before some of you were even born,
31:40 so there's only a fraction here who are going to know
31:42 what I'm talking about next, but there was a very, very
31:46 popular show, it was called "The Flip Wilson Comedy Hour",
31:49 okay, there's a few. Now, Flip Wilson was at the top
31:53 of the ratings then, a funny man, you had to say,
31:56 he was funny, so we would watch the Flip Wilson Comedy Hour,
32:01 and Flip Wilson, because they had drama skits and things
32:03 in there, he would always be getting himself worked into
32:06 various kinds of trouble, and then at the height of his
32:08 predicament he would shout out and he would say:
32:11 "The Devil made me do it", do you remember that line?
32:13 He became famous for saying that line, "the Devil made me"
32:17 "do it", well, you can be assured, it was a lot more funny
32:20 when Flip Wilson said it. Well anyway, the point is,
32:23 even though he became very popular and he was very funny,
32:27 what he was saying is a lie, the Devil can't make us do
32:31 anything. The Devil can pressure us,
32:35 the Devil can persecute us, he can sorely tempt us,
32:39 but thank God that the Devil can't make us sin.
32:43 Why? Because God has not given him
32:45 that ability. Every single one of us here
32:47 this morning has, as it were, a door in your mind,
32:52 and God has not given the Devil the power to open up
32:54 that door and walk in whenever he chooses, he might knock
32:57 on that door, but it is up to us because we have the power
33:01 to open that door, or to keep that door shut.
33:04 I like how Billy Graham would always say it, he would say
33:06 "When the Devil comes knocking on the door of your mind"
33:08 "don't you think you have the power to go answer it, "
33:11 he says "you send Jesus to the door, He'll be able to handle"
33:14 "it a lot better than you can. " Well, that is so true because
33:18 if we open up the door and we allow him in, it's different
33:22 than simply allowing the knocking, or knowing that
33:25 the Devil knocked there, because temptation is not sin,
33:28 Jesus, our Lord, was tempted, we're told in Scripture
33:31 and yet He was without sin, it's only when we open the door
33:34 and we allow the temptation to come in that it becomes sin,
33:37 why? Because we desired it now,
33:39 we desired it to remain, it didn't have to remain there,
33:43 but we desired it to remain, and that's why it becomes sin.
33:47 The key to this is that when the sinful thought comes
33:51 to your mind and knocks there, refuse that evil thought
33:56 immediately, do not wait 30 seconds, do not wait 10 seconds
34:00 and allow it to grow and conceive, as James says,
34:03 but immediately say to yourself, let's put it back on the screen
34:07 Cheryl, immediately when temptation comes we want
34:12 to say: [text on screen]
34:18 Again, the absolute key is to do it immediately, and you'll
34:22 be amazed how easy it is to say no to that thought
34:26 and say "Thank You God for the victory, I am dead to it. "
34:29 And don't just refuse the thought because all of us
34:33 are thinking human beings, and our mind has to dwell
34:36 on something. It's like that old story
34:40 when they say "Don't think of the green monkey, whatever"
34:42 "you do, don't think of the green monkey", what are
34:45 you going to do? All you're going to think about
34:48 is the green monkey. So, we have to not just get
34:51 that thought out of our head, but we have to put something
34:53 good in our head. When Jesus was at His weakest
34:57 in the wilderness of temptation, the Devil comes to Jesus
35:00 and tries to get Him to sin, Jesus answered 3 times
35:03 and said "It is written... ".
35:08 If Jesus did it, we would be well served to do it too.
35:12 "Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not"
35:15 "sin against Thee." The Devil doesn't care how many
35:18 Bibles we own, the Devil doesn't care how prominently we display
35:21 them in our house, the Devil only cares if we get it
35:25 in our heart, and if we get it in our heart we can quote
35:28 it back, and that's where power comes, we quote it back.
35:30 When we say verses like this in 1 Corinthians 10:13,
35:33 this is my favorite: [text on screen]
35:43 Wow, that's a long verse, isn't it?
35:45 By the time you quote all that through, you almost forget
35:47 what you were tempted with. [Audience laughs]
35:50 But that's the one I like and I like a lot more, by the way,
35:53 but I quote that, and I just quote it and I believe it,
35:55 and I know that it's going to be so.
35:57 Many people fail because they fail about the problem rather
36:02 than the solution to the problem, for example,
36:04 they'll say "I am going to stop smoking Friday 5 o'clock"
36:07 "after work", so Friday 5 o'clock after work comes,
36:10 they go back home, they find their favorite easy chair
36:13 and they sit down, and they grab one hand on one arm
36:15 of the chair, and another hand on another arm of the chair,
36:18 and they sit there and they say "I'm going to be a non-smoker, "
36:21 "I will not smoke, no I'm not going to smoke, no I won't"
36:24 "do it, I will not smoke, I said I wasn't going to and I'm not"
36:27 "going to, how long as it been? Oh, I've been a non-smoker"
36:30 "5 minutes", and they're sweating and all of these
36:33 things. What's the problem?
36:35 The problem is they're thinking about the problem
36:38 until finally it builds, and it builds, and it's cherished,
36:41 and they build, and then they say "Oh, I just have to smoke"
36:44 and they run off to the store and grab some.
36:46 They didn't have to smoke, what did they do?
36:49 They failed to look to the solution and they let their mind
36:52 be filled with the problem.
36:54 "No! Thank You Lord for the victory, I am dead to it. "
36:59 If you respond immediately you can turn your whole life around.
37:03 When I was about 14 years old, going off to junior high school
37:08 I found that I was always late for school because when
37:13 the alarm went off in the morning I woke up and I said
37:19 to myself "Do I want to get up right now? "
37:23 and I said "No", and then I would go back to sleep.
37:29 You know, the snooze button would get hit and the alarm
37:32 would go off again, and I would wake up and I would say
37:35 "Now do I want to get up? " "No, I don't want to get up. "
37:37 And this would go several times, and finally the alarm would go
37:40 off and I look at the watch and say "oh, I'm 45 minutes late"
37:43 and I'd jump out of bed and try to get all done,
37:45 no, I couldn't do it all on time.
37:48 The thought came to me, and I know God must have given
37:50 this to me, even though I wasn't a Christian, I didn't
37:53 know the Bible, I'm sure that God gave this to me:
37:55 I said to myself "The problem is I'm thinking about it, "
37:58 "I'm thinking about the problem", so I said to myself,
38:00 as a young 14 year old boy, I said "when the alarm goes off"
38:03 "I'm not going to ask myself the question 'Do I feel tired?', "
38:05 "I'm just going to get up. " So the alarm went off
38:08 the next morning and I jumped to my feet, I didn't think
38:10 "Do I want to get up? ", I didn't think "Am I tired? ",
38:13 I said "I'm jumping to my feet" and I did, and then I thought
38:16 "Well, I'm already up, I might as well go have a shower"
38:18 "and get ready, no sense in going back to bed, I'm already"
38:21 "up, you just don't go back to bed when you're already up. "
38:23 And then the next morning I did it, and the next morning
38:26 I did it, and pretty soon I wasn't late for school anymore,
38:29 I developed the habit of acting rather than thinking about
38:31 what I want to do. I acted on what I knew was
38:34 right to do, and it's the same way when temptation comes.
38:38 Here's the good news, this is great news: the brain has
38:42 a pathway that develops as a habit develops, and the Lord has
38:47 given us the ability to develop another pathway that makes it
38:52 easier to say "no" to the habit than the pathway that said
38:55 "yes" to the habit. So every time you say this
38:58 "No! Thank You Lord for the victory, I am dead to it",
39:00 the brain fires down a different pathway.
39:03 Then the next time you say it it becomes easier and you fire
39:06 down that pathway again, and then again, and again,
39:08 and pretty soon you close up the high way that said "yes"
39:11 to that sinful habit, you've developed a super highway
39:13 that says "no" to it, and the brain will fire down that
39:17 pathway every time, it's powerful the way that works.
39:21 God has given us the ability, even as you analyze it
39:26 in the physical sense to resist sin, this is what
39:31 the Bible speaks about when it says, 2 Corinthians 10:5
39:34 we are to: [text on screen]
39:40 Once again, we look at this famous verse in Philippians 4:13
39:43 [text on screen]
39:48 We're told in James to submit ourselves unto God,
39:53 and when we do that, you can resist the Devil and he
39:55 will flee. Now, there's something else
39:58 I have not really mentioned too much, but we need to take
40:02 the remainder of our time and really go into this.
40:06 In Isaiah 45:22, here's what the Scriptures say,
40:11 Jesus says: [text on screen]
40:19 There is a powerful principle here, and that is we look
40:23 to God and not to ourself. So many people fail because
40:26 they simply say "I can do it, I'm strong enough, I've got"
40:30 "the ability, I've got the will power", and the Lord says
40:34 "No, you don't, look to Me and be saved".
40:38 In 1 Corinthians 1:18, is another powerful verse
40:43 of Scripture, it tells us: [text on screen]
40:53 The Greek more accurately reads here "but unto us which"
40:55 "are being saved, it is the power of God. "
40:58 It says "the preaching of the cross", let's understand what
41:01 that means, to try to put it in as simple terms as I can
41:04 this morning, when we say "the preaching of the cross",
41:07 isn't it true that what we're saying is "the preaching"
41:10 "of God's incredible gift of love in giving His Son,"
41:14 "Jesus Christ, to come and die in our place. "
41:18 That incredible gift of a loving God towards His
41:22 creatures is the preaching of the cross, and it says
41:27 that is power for us who are being saved, so if we're not
41:31 finding the power, maybe we're not dwelling enough on
41:36 the preaching of the cross and what the cross is all about,
41:38 what do you say? [Audience] Amen.
41:41 We're not thinking enough about what Jesus did for us,
41:44 we're not thinking about that great gift.
41:46 So often we do something that the Bible says not to do,
41:51 we say "I have this sin in my life, and yes, I know that"
41:55 "it's wrong, and perhaps God would want me to give"
41:57 "that up, but at least it's not as big a sin as that guy"
42:00 "over there. Boy, he's got some whopping big sins,"
42:04 "so mine aren't that bad, because look at that one over"
42:06 "there too, whoa, they've really got some big ones",
42:09 in other words, we compare ourselves among ourselves
42:12 and by ourselves, and the Bible says that's foolishness.
42:16 The only way to really understand the evilness of sin
42:22 is to understand what sin costs, and the only way to know
42:28 what sin costs is to understand what it cost God.
42:33 And if it cost God the death of His Son, listen dear friends,
42:39 then that sin that we have deceived our self into thinking
42:44 might be small, if that sin is evil enough that Jesus would
42:50 have to die that it may be forgiven, now that will create
42:53 a hatred towards it in our minds, we understand that?
42:57 When we really understand it we'll say "I hate that thing"
43:01 "because I love Jesus, and I don't want to do anything"
43:05 "that would cause Jesus to have to die, that that sin"
43:08 "would have to be forgiven. " The ultimate way to quit sin
43:14 is to know what God gave that that sin would have
43:17 to be forgiven. Overcoming begins with
43:21 believing, do you know how you look at the churches in
43:24 Revelation 2 and 3, and in every single case God says
43:28 "to him that overcometh will I give to eat of the fruit"
43:31 "of the tree of life", "to him that overcometh I will grant"
43:34 "to sit down with Me in My throne, even as I also overcame"
43:38 "and sat down with My Father in His throne",
43:40 "to Him that overcometh will I give a new name",
43:42 all of these beautiful promises, "To him that overcometh...",
43:46 overcoming begins with believing, with having faith,
43:52 believing in what God says. Notice the words up on
43:55 the screen right now: [text on screen]
44:02 We should rise each morning and say this to ourselves folks.
44:05 Notice, it doesn't say "I wish I could be an overcomer",
44:08 it doesn't say "It would be a good idea if I overcame",
44:11 it does not say "One day I might be an overcomer",
44:16 no, it says "Through the grace of God I am an overcomer".
44:20 I want you to say this out loud with me right now, if you could
44:24 please, here we go: "Through the grace of God I am an overcomer",
44:28 again, "Through the grace of God I am an overcomer".
44:32 One more time "Through the grace of God I am an overcomer".
44:38 It makes a difference, "believe it, though you have not seen it"
44:42 "and it will be true in your life. "
44:45 You say to yourself: "I want joy, I will have joy", "I want"
44:52 "to be free, through the grace of God, I am free",
44:55 "I will surrender, I do surrender to Jesus. "
44:59 You can change your whole life with a different attitude.
45:03 I'll never forget, I was working in a retail store, I had
45:06 the midnight to 8.30 shift stocking shelves; I'll tell you,
45:08 when you don't get any sleep the day before, that's a long shift,
45:15 and we would go and we would have all of our good times
45:19 all through the day, and up through the night,
45:21 and because we were young we thought "We're invincible",
45:24 it's amazing how young people think they're bullet proof,
45:26 but anyway, you find out later on you're not.
45:29 Anyway, we would go all day long and up to midnight, and then
45:31 start our shift, and then we'd go through the night, and by
45:34 the time we got to 5.30 in the morning, we were grumbling
45:37 and complaining a lot. And in would come Fred,
45:40 Fred was the meat manager and Fred was about to stock
45:44 his shelves, we were at one of these food retail stores,
45:48 and Fred would come in, and he would walk by us on his way
45:51 to the meat department, he would say "Good morning everyone, "
45:54 "isn't it a great morning? " "Oh Fred, get out of here. "
45:57 [Audience laughs] We would say "Go away Fred. "
46:00 Then Fred would come in the next day "Hello to you all, isn't it"
46:03 "a wonderful day? How are you all? "
46:05 Just the biggest smile on his face, and we would say
46:07 "Fred, we don't want to hear it, we're not in the mood, "
46:10 "please go away", every single day he was like that.
46:15 So, one time when we were by our self and I could,
46:19 I pulled Fred aside, I said "Fred, come on, nobody's"
46:22 "that happy." [Audience laughs]
46:25 "What's going on here? Would you share with me"
46:28 "how is it that you could be always so happy? "
46:32 Well, Fred was kind of a jokester, but for the first
46:34 time he got more of a serious look on his face and he said
46:38 "Brian, I wasn't always this way, in fact, I used to be"
46:42 "just the opposite, I used to be negative, I used to be"
46:46 "unhappy, I used to be all the things that I don't"
46:48 "want to be; and I made up my mind one morning I was not"
46:51 "going to be that way, and I was not going to spend the rest"
46:54 "of my life that way, and I said: 'I am going to be happy' "
46:57 " 'even if I don't feel like it right night, I'm going to' "
46:59 " 'act it, I'm going to act like I have joy, and I'm going' "
47:03 " 'to talk about joy, and I'm going to greet people with' "
47:06 " 'a smile on my face' ", and he said "at first I did that, "
47:09 "and I have to admit, I didn't feel it in my heart, "
47:12 "but the more I did it, the more I did feel it in my heart, "
47:15 "and I became that individual, and now it's just natural"
47:17 "for me, I don't have to put on anything, that's the kind"
47:20 "of person I am", we can change our life by the grace of God.
47:25 You say to yourself "I will be free, I am free in Jesus. "
47:32 "I want to surrender, I do surrender. "
47:36 "I will overcome, I am overcoming through the grace"
47:41 "of God in my life. " Can you get up in the morning,
47:45 and can you say, along with David, "I delight to do"
47:49 "Thy will, O my God, yea, Thy law is within my heart. "
47:52 Can you say "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven"
47:55 and really mean it? Some people try to act
47:59 happy in spite of their religion, have you ever
48:03 found that, someone like that? "Oh, I've got to do this, "
48:05 "and I can't do that, and I can't wear this, I can't"
48:08 "wear that, I can't listen to that; oh, I'm so unhappy, "
48:10 "but I've got to be a Christian. "
48:13 Some people are trying to be happy in spite of their faith,
48:15 God wants us to be joyful because of our faith.
48:18 [Audience] Amen. The wise person will always
48:21 think it more important what their faith gives them than
48:23 what their faith denies them. What does my faith give me?
48:26 It gives me the love of God in my life, it gives me joy,
48:29 it gives me peace, it gives me all of these wonderful things,
48:31 think on those things.
48:35 When the Devil comes to you and says that you're a great
48:39 sinner, what should you say? You should say "I know it, "
48:44 "but I have a great Saviour, and Jesus came not to call"
48:47 "the righteous, but sinners, to repentance. "
48:51 "Come ye weary, heavy laden, crushed and ruined in the fall,"
48:57 "if you wait until you're better, you'll never come"
49:00 "at all. Not the righteous,"
49:04 "not the righteous, but sinners, Jesus came to call. "
49:09 Say to yourself when you get up in the morning:
49:12 "Jesus is my Saviour, I will love Him because He first"
49:17 "loved me. "
49:21 The Bible predicted a time, a time like ours, when the world
49:25 would be plummeting towards its final destiny;
49:29 nature thrown out of her course, some of the worst fires,
49:33 and natural disasters ever recorded in history,
49:36 with violence, and crime spreading like cancer
49:39 in the big cities. And the passions of men
49:42 spilling over into global conflicts that seem to involve
49:45 every nation on earth. [text on screen]
50:00 In 2002 Pastor Doug Batchelor presented "Visions for Life"
50:04 in Cameroon, Central Africa, this 24 night series was held
50:08 in the city of Yaoundé. The program was broadcast
50:12 in 24 languages, and reached more than 30 counties,
50:16 5,000 people were baptized in Cameroon alone,
50:20 there were 1600 down link sites on the continent of Africa,
50:23 and many countries participated in the "Visions for Life"
50:27 satellite evangelistic effort.
50:30 So in these seminars we're presenting Jesus, we're talking
50:33 about Jesus as the resurrection and the life, Jesus as
50:36 the Saviour of the world, Jesus as the theme of Bible
50:40 prophecy, Jesus as the soon coming King, Jesus as our
50:43 mediator between us and God, people are meeting Jesus,
50:47 people are becoming one with Jesus, they're being changed
50:51 by Jesus, that's going to continue to happen as long
50:55 as we have breath to proclaim His message.
50:58 I'll tell you about a friend of mine named Tim,
51:01 he'd learned some things from the Bible, he'd started watching
51:05 some TV programming, and he'd started watching Doug Batchelor
51:08 in the "Millennium of Prophecy". He woke up one Saturday
51:14 morning and he said "Okay, I know it's the Sabbath, "
51:19 - "I'm going to church today. " - You understand that as I
51:23 prayed this prayer, I don't have a clue where a Sabbath
51:27 keeping church is, and I'm in Sacramento, as I was going
51:30 I said "Lord, I'm going to church, and You're just going"
51:33 "to have to direct me where to go."
51:37 I noticed a neighbor was backing out of their drive way,
51:44 a man and his wife, and they were dressed in nice clothes.
51:48 I don't know where they're going, but I was impressed
51:53 to follow them, so this is like a 10 mile trip, and I'm going
51:59 "Where are these people going", we were a long way from my
52:03 house now, they pulled off of the freeway, and into a school
52:08 parking lot, and I felt impressed to keep following
52:11 them. So I got out of my car,
52:14 and they went into the school, and they went into an auditorium
52:18 and I was right behind them, and lo and behold, when I walked
52:21 into the auditorium, there was a Seventh Day Adventist church
52:25 meeting in this school auditorium, so it was the very
52:29 first time that I had ever attended church on Sabbath.
52:34 Amazing Facts employs 12 evangelists like John Bradshaw,
52:39 their combined efforts last year brought in 15,000 souls.
52:43 Amazing Facts has over 65,000 people enrolled in the Bible
52:48 school, all of the materials used for the Bible school
52:51 are made available free to the thousands seeking
52:55 to understand God's word. More than 110,000 people
53:00 visit Amazing Fact's websites each month, the websites provide
53:04 a vast resource for the searching heart.
53:10 ...Because I wanted to know the Bible better, and I had
53:14 this desire to want to share my faith with people, but I
53:17 didn't know how, I wanted to know how.
53:20 AFCOE and incredible experience. I learned how
53:25 to work with people, how to share my faith, how to be able
53:28 to reach the heart, and it was an experience that just
53:31 completely changed my own life. The teachers at AFCOE
53:35 are wonderful, they're funny, they're down to earth,
53:39 but they're spiritual, very, very spiritual people.
53:44 Amazing Facts College of Evangelism, or AFCOE,
53:47 offers a 4 month, a 2 week condensed program,
53:51 a 1 month introductory program, and a 6 week "Youth in action"
53:56 "literature evangelism course".
54:02 It's interesting because my husband and I are always
54:06 asking the Lord to show us ways to witness to people.
54:09 I was introduced to Amazing Facts by Kimberly, she came
54:13 through, I work at Bel Air, and she had come through
54:16 my line and I noticed that she ate very well.
54:21 She grabbed some of my eggplant, and holds it up and says
54:24 "how do you cook this?" and I said "Well, since I'm"
54:27 "vegetarian, this is the way I do it...",
54:29 and she immediately says "Oh my word, I've been wanting"
54:33 "to learn how to cook vegetarian. "
54:35 It was interesting from the very beginning, Shauna was like
54:37 "Well, I don't know if I'd believe in God".
54:39 ...It's a personal being that loves me.
54:42 But I just have such a different perspective,
54:44 it just brings tears to my eyes to know that there's God
54:48 up there who loves each and every one of us, and wants
54:50 - to save us. - So we really found we needed
54:53 some tools. The Millennium of Prophecy video
54:57 set from Amazing Facts was an excellent tool in guiding
55:00 - Shauna and David. - I am actually, my husband
55:04 and I getting baptized next week, next Saturday,
55:07 we are so excited, I never imagined.
55:15 It's about 23 years abusing drugs, alcohol, cigarettes,
55:21 and about anything I could put into my body, I abused.
55:25 Well, I was a drug addict for 25 years and I found myself
55:30 a 3 time felon back in jail again with weapons charges
55:34 and facing state prison time, and ended up that the last
55:40 time I went into prison I realized that if I didn't stop
55:44 using now I was going to die. We were clean and sober
55:48 and we had a little 19" or a 13" TV with rabbit ears,
55:51 and he started flipping the channels, and lo and behold,
55:54 channel 27 came on, and it was Pastor Doug Batchelor.
55:58 We were having trouble understanding the Bible
56:00 because everything was so hard to read, and the words were hard
56:03 to pronounce, but we would have a question, we turned
56:06 the TV on that night, and he would answer the question;
56:08 whether it would be on Sabbath, or tithing, or the state
56:11 of the dead, and we knew that it was the truth, we knew
56:15 that he was speaking from the Bible, and the Bible only.
56:17 One day I walked into Taco Bell and there was
56:20 Pastor Doug, so I walked up to him and I asked him if he was
56:24 the man on TV, and he said yes he was.
56:27 So I told him a little bit about our testimony, and he ran
56:30 out to his car and he got a book and invited us to church.
56:33 ...And it was Pastor Doug, he said "How you guys doing? "
56:36 I said "Pastor Doug, I just quit smoking", he said
56:38 "Well, you know it's time to get baptized. "
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56:55 and 210 TV stations in the US. Every Sunday evening Pastor
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57:04 call in program, over 150 radio stations in the US carry
57:08 the program, enabling people to learn many wonderful truths
57:12 from God's word. Your involvement in this
57:15 ministry will make a difference to people all over the world.
57:19 We solicit your prayers for God's guidance in the future.
57:22 Now is the time.
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