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00:09 The escalation of global terrorism, crime, immorality
00:12 and natural disasters, seems to indicate our world
00:15 is spiraling towards it's ultimate hour with destiny.
00:18 Who, if anyone, will survive Earth's final events?
00:21 Discover what Bible prophecy reveals about the rapture,
00:24 the mark of the beast, and Armageddon.
00:26 Though shrouded in mystery for centuries,
00:28 the book of Revelation can be understood today.
00:32 Peer into the future, and see what wonderful things
00:35 God has planned for His people.
00:38 And now, Pastor Brian McMahon presents the powerful
00:41 Bible seminar "Revelation Speaks Hope".
00:51 I am crucified with Christ, therefore I no longer live,
00:58 Jesus Christ now lives in me.
01:04 I am crucified with Christ, therefore I no longer live,
01:12 Jesus Christ now lives in me.
01:29 Embrace the cross where Jesus suffered, though it will cost
01:40 all you claim as yours. Your sacrifice will seem small
01:48 beside the treasure, eternity can't measure
01:54 what Jesus holds in store.
02:03 Embrace the love the cross requires;
02:10 cling to the One who's heart knew everyday.
02:18 Receive from Jesus fountains of compassion, only He can fashion
02:28 your heart to move as His.
02:34 Oh, wondrous cross, our desires rest in you,
02:40 Lord Jesus make bolder to face with courage the shame
02:52 and disgrace You bore upon Your shoulders.
03:05 Embrace the life that comes from dying;
03:13 come trace the steps the Saviour walked for you.
03:20 An empty tomb concludes Golgotha's sorrow, endure then
03:27 till tomorrow your cross of suffering.
03:38 Embrace the cross, embrace the cross,
03:46 the cross of Jesus.
04:20 For our hymn of preparation we're going to sing
04:23 "As we come to you in prayer", and for those of you who'd like
04:26 to come forward, do so, as we sing this.
04:39 Now, Dear Lord, as we pray,
04:44 take our hearts and minds far away
04:51 From the press of the world all around
04:58 To Your throne where grace does abound.
05:04 May our lives be transformed by Your love,
05:11 May our souls be refreshed from above.
05:18 At this moment, let people everywhere
05:26 Join us now as we come to You in prayer.
05:47 May all of you who can, please kneel as we come to our Lord
05:49 in prayer.
05:56 Blessed Lord, we thank You once again so much for
05:59 the Sabbath day, we thank You for the rest from the cares
06:01 of the world, we thank You for lifting burdens from our
06:04 shoulders, there are those in this congregation this morning
06:07 who have first come to know You in this recent series of
06:10 meetings that we have had that we've been so blessed with.
06:13 There are those who have known You for a long time, Lord,
06:16 and wondered away, like the prodigal son, have come back
06:19 to see You Lord, and there are those who have been here
06:22 all along, but maybe are not as close to You now as they
06:25 once were. We ask You, Lord, this morning
06:28 to open all of our hearts to see You, Lord,
06:31 to hear You, to praise You, and to welcome You into our
06:34 hearts that we may enjoy the salvation, and the glory,
06:38 and the love that You have to share with us.
06:41 Please, this morning, bless Your servant, Brian McMahon,
06:43 who is going to speak for us, and who's going to open
06:46 Your Word for us, and help us to listen to the message
06:49 that is poured out by the Holy Spirit, that we may be blessed,
06:53 and that we may know You so much more closely this week
06:56 as we go back out into the world, fortify our hearts
07:00 against sin and temptation. Lord, we ask You also,
07:03 as You know all the cares and all the troubles that are
07:05 in the hearts here, and in the families associated with those,
07:09 to please provide healing and comfort by Your grace, Lord,
07:13 and through Your mercy. We thank You for that
07:15 mercy Lord, as we know that you have given us that which we
07:19 have not earned, but You've given us the sacrifice of Christ
07:22 in our stead. We thank You once again, Lord,
07:25 in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
07:58 We'd like to do one of our favorite songs, "Ancient words",
08:03 the word's will be up on the screen, please sing along.
08:12 Holy words long preserved For our walk in this world,
08:22 They resound with God's own heart
08:26 Oh, let the ancient words impart.
08:33 Words of life, words of hope Give us strength, help us cope
08:43 In this world, where e'er we roam
08:47 Ancient words will guide us home.
08:54 Ancient words ever true Changing me, and changing you.
09:04 We have come with open hearts Oh let the ancient words impart.
09:16 Holy words of our faith Handed down to this age.
09:25 Come to us through sacrifice
09:30 Oh heed the faithful words of Christ.
09:37 Holy words long preserved For our walk in this world.
09:46 They resound with God's own heart
09:50 Oh let the ancient words impart.
09:58 Ancient words ever true Changing me, and changing you.
10:07 We have come with open hearts Oh let the ancient words impart.
10:18 We have come with open hearts Oh let the ancient words impart.
10:31 Oh let the ancient words impart.
10:46 A man walked into my real estate office 20 years ago,
10:52 and as he walked in, I'd never seen this man before,
10:55 he was from the island of Sri Lanka, and he spoke very
10:59 broken up English, but I invited him in and I said:
11:04 "How are you? What is your name? "
11:06 He says "My name is Tom", I said "Come on in Tom. "
11:09 "Can I give you some coffee? " I was a coffee addict at
11:11 the time, I drank about 10-14 cups probably,
11:14 I drank every time someone came into my office, I had a cup
11:17 of coffee, you could imagine what I was like at the end
11:19 of the day. [Audience laughs]
11:22 He said "No, I'm not a coffee drinker. "
11:24 I said "Well, come on Tom, everyone drinks my coffee, "
11:27 "won't you have a cup? " He says "No, no thank you. "
11:30 Now this should have tipped me off that this man
11:33 might have been somewhat different.
11:35 Well, he came in and I said "Well, what can I do for you? "
11:38 He said "I'm interested in buying some property. "
11:42 I said "Well you've come to the right place. "
11:45 So we got talking about a piece of property and then
11:48 after a particular period of time "Well Tom, we've gone"
11:50 "about as far as we can go here on this, let me get in touch"
11:53 "with you, and we'll do the next business. "
11:55 He said "Well, that's fine Brian, I want you to call me, "
11:58 "but just remember this if you would please", I said
12:01 "What's that? " He said "Please don't call me"
12:04 "between Friday evening and Saturday evening. "
12:07 I said "Okay, that's fine, easy enough. "
12:09 He was in my office several days later, we were talking about
12:12 the same business transaction, and as we were parting company,
12:14 once again I said I would get in touch with him, and he said
12:17 "Great, won't you please do that? But just remember"
12:20 "one thing as I go, remember, please don't call me between"
12:22 "Friday evening and Saturday evening. "
12:25 I said "Well Tom, that sounds kind of permanent, what's"
12:28 "the situation here? " [Audience laughs]
12:30 He says "Well I'm a Seventh Day Adventist, and we don't do"
12:32 "do any kind of secular business like this on the Lord's day, "
12:34 "which is Friday evening to Saturday evening. "
12:36 This was brand new to me, I had never consciously met
12:39 a Seventh Day Adventist before in my life, I grew up some
12:41 1 block away from the church, and yet, in all the time I
12:44 walked by there going to school every day, we didn't pay much
12:46 attention to the church, I noticed with some curiousity
12:48 that cars met there on Saturday, so we thought they were pretty
12:51 weird people. [Audience laughs] Well, I went to the Catholic
12:54 church, and as I went to the Catholic church I went there
12:56 every single week on Sunday, and we thought that, well, we had
12:59 the Pope on our side, so that was a pretty good thing
13:01 all things considered, and we thought we were pretty safe,
13:04 why not? The Pope's with us.
13:06 But going to church on Sunday and being a Catholic left me
13:09 with a lot of questions, questions like
13:11 "who is God anyway? "; and "what does He expect"
13:13 "of me? "; and "what is the judgment really going to be"
13:16 "about? "; and "what happens when you die? "; and I would
13:18 lay awake at night as a little boy looking up at the ceiling,
13:21 thinking about all of these things and having no answers
13:23 whatsoever. As a Catholic, I went to what
13:28 we call "Catechism Class", which would be Catholic
13:30 equivalent of Sabbath school, or Sunday school for some
13:33 churches, and as we went to Catechism class we studied,
13:36 not from the Bible, but from what they call "The Catechism",
13:38 and we'd ask our questions, and the teacher would give
13:41 the answers, and she would give the best answers that she knew.
13:44 One day when I was about 7 year of age, I remember
13:46 sitting in the Catechism class and one little boy asked
13:50 the teacher this question, the little boy said "Teacher, "
13:54 "how does God know whether you're good enough to go"
13:57 "to go to heaven, or bad enough to go to hell fire? "
14:00 And the teacher answered it this way: "well it works like this: "
14:05 "When you do something good, God records that on a piece"
14:08 "of paper and puts it in a jar of good deeds, when you do"
14:11 "something bad, God records that on a piece of paper, "
14:14 "and puts it in a jar of bad deeds, and these 2 jars sit"
14:17 "on opposite shelves up in heaven. Over the term of your"
14:21 "life these good and bad deeds accumulate in these 2 jars, "
14:25 "and then when you die, God takes the 2 jars off of"
14:28 "the shelves, and in His hands He goes like this, "
14:33 "and weighs them up, and whatever jar is heavier, "
14:37 "that determines what direction you're going to go. "
14:40 Well, it sounds kind of cold, I suppose that's about as far
14:42 as you can go in salvation by works, and I'm not here to say
14:45 this morning that every Catechism teacher teaches that,
14:47 but that's what I was taught, and when you're a 7 year old boy
14:50 it makes a difference, believe me, because nobody had to tell
14:54 me what jar was the heavier jar, I knew it wasn't the good deed
14:59 jar, so that really worried me. Well, my father, on occasion,
15:03 would get all us kids into the car, he'd take us down
15:06 to church to confess our sins to a priest.
15:10 When we did that we would go in and we would say
15:12 the things that we knew how to say, sometimes we'd make them
15:15 up on the spot, but nevertheless we'd go in there and we'd
15:17 say what we said, and then the priest would always tell us
15:20 to say certain prayers as a way of atoning for the sins,
15:23 he'd say "Say 5 'Hail Mary' prayers, and 7 'Our Father' "
15:26 "prayers and you'll be forgiven", so I would do that,
15:29 and I got to be very good at saying those prayers, those
15:32 are about the only 2 prayers I really could say, but I got
15:34 to be very good at saying those prayers.
15:37 When it came to the "Our Father prayer", well, you know
15:40 that, but the "Hail Mary" prayer, it goes like this:
15:42 Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is with thee.
15:44 Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit
15:47 of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God,
15:49 pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of death.
15:52 Amen.
15:54 I don't have to try to say it, it's just there, when you've
15:56 said it 10,000 times, you know it. [Audience laughs]
15:59 So I would say those prayers over, and over, and over again,
16:02 sometimes 50-100 times as I would lay on my bed looking
16:04 up at my ceiling, and every time I said one of those prayers
16:07 I thought of God, or an angel, or someone up in heaven,
16:09 recording the fact that I'd say that prayer, because that's
16:11 a good deed, and putting it in my good deed jar.
16:13 So I thought "Well, I'll get it a little heavier", but
16:16 the problem is you never know when you might be 1 slip
16:19 of paper short. So you'd say another 50
16:21 prayers, well that's pretty good, but maybe
16:24 I don't get a slip of paper for every
16:26 prayer, so I say another 100 prayers, and then next night
16:29 I'll say another 50 prayers, and still I would think that
16:32 good deed jar just isn't heavy enough yet.
16:35 I'll tell you dear friends how glad I was when I saw
16:39 that verse in the Bible one day "For by grace are ye saved"
16:42 "through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift"
16:45 "of God, not of works, lest any man should boast. "
16:48 That had special meaning to me growing up like I did.
16:51 After a while church became very dry, and cold, and formal,
16:56 I would say in church every week "Lamb of God, who takes"
16:58 "away the sins of the world, have mercy on me. "
17:01 "Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world,"
17:04 "have mercy on me. Lamb of God, who takes away the sins"
17:06 "of the world, grant us peace. " We'd say that every week,
17:09 I had no idea who the Lamb of God was, no clue.
17:11 I didn't know John 3:16, I didn't know one verse in all
17:13 the Bible, but I got a lot of gifts from Catechism class.
17:16 When I was about 15 years of age, I went to the movie
17:19 theater, I'm certainly not advocating that, but I went
17:22 to the movie theater and I saw a horror movie.
17:25 You know how Hollywood just absolutely slanders the Word
17:28 of God, they never get it anywhere close to being right,
17:31 but they mentioned the book of Revelation, and the mentioned
17:35 the beast, and they mentioned the 666, and I went home scared.
17:38 So I tried to find a Bible in our house, that was not an easy
17:42 thing in our house, we never read from the Bible,
17:44 for obvious reasons I didn't know a verse, so I tried to find
17:48 a Bible, I searched through the house, and in my brother's
17:51 bedroom, one of my 3 brothers, I went down there, and on
17:53 the shelf, he had a little tiny pocket Bible, and I grabbed it.
17:58 I opened up to the book of Revelation, and I read in there
18:01 and I found where it said "All the world wondered after"
18:04 "the beast", and I saw that number "666", and I saw
18:08 where it mentioned the dragon, and I said to myself
18:10 "Why would they all wonder after the beast? "
18:12 I said "Wouldn't they know it? Couldn't they see it? "
18:16 "It can't be a good thing. Why would they do it? "
18:20 And then I prayed the first prayer that really came
18:23 from my sincerity of heart, and I said "Dear God, one day"
18:28 "I want to know what all those things mean. "
18:31 I closed up that little Bible and I put it back in its place
18:34 on the shelf, and I forgot all about it.
18:37 But God didn't forget about it, and God didn't forget that I
18:40 said that prayer. Well, after I graduated from
18:42 high school I went into a real estate career, and I thought
18:45 "This is what it's all about; by and sell property, "
18:48 "get lots of money, die rich", and I thought "this is what I'm"
18:51 going to do, I'm going to be the best real estate agent ever.
18:54 We went and we attended all of these success classes,
18:57 I'm in British Columbia, Canada, but we'd have these teachers
19:01 come and tell us how to make a million dollars, I always found
19:04 it interesting that they always came from California.
19:07 [Audience laughs]
19:09 Why that is, it was just that way.
19:10 So they would come, and they would teach us all of these
19:13 catch phrases, like "Whatever the mind can conceive"
19:16 "and ardently believe, it can achieve", and I would say
19:18 "Oh, that's great, I want to do that".
19:21 So we'd remember all of these things and we'd come
19:23 supercharged to work, but still I had an emptiness in my heart,
19:26 and now one day after being a real estate agent for some
19:29 5 years, here was this man in my real estate office telling me
19:35 in effect, that God had demands on my life.
19:38 You see, up until then it was all about what we can do,
19:41 "I'm going to do it, I'm going to get rich, I'm going"
19:43 "to get success", it was all "me, me, me", and now here
19:46 this man was saying "No, God is involved in your life. "
19:49 This was new to me, I never thought of God in a personal
19:51 way, God, to me, was always a big angry sheriff, or police
19:56 officer, a billion miles away that was waiting to catch me
19:59 in something wrong, so He could say "Aha, I got you. "
20:01 But now to know that God was a personal God, and that He
20:04 cared for me, I thought "Okay, this is interesting. "
20:08 So Tom said "Don't call me between Friday evening"
20:11 "and Saturday evening. " 6 days later I was in the home
20:14 of an older couple, they'd called me up and asked me
20:17 to come over, they wanted to put their house on the market.
20:19 I said "Okay, I'll come", and we were over there, and we
20:22 talked a little while. This man's name was Ralph,
20:25 and Ralph said to me, "Brian, we've got about as far"
20:28 "as we could go", I said "That's right, I'll leave you, "
20:31 "we'll talk about it more later", and then he said
20:33 "Brian, before you go, I just want to mention something"
20:36 "to you, please don't call me between Friday evening"
20:39 "and Saturday evening. " [Audience laughs]
20:42 I said to myself "Now hang on a second, I'd just heard"
20:44 "that line. " I said "Do you know Tom",
20:49 I mentioned his last name, he said "As a matter of fact"
20:52 "I do. " I said "Do you go to his church?"
20:54 He said "Yes, I do". "Are you a Seventh Day"
20:57 "Adventist too? " He said "Well, as a matter of fact"
21:00 "I am. " I thought to myself, "Wow, "
21:02 "two in 6 days. " The Lord knew I needed a
21:04 one/two combination; one wasn't enough, I had a very
21:07 thick skull I suppose. So we got talking, and Ralph
21:10 said "Would you mind waiting here just a moment",
21:13 I said "Sure", and he went in his bedroom and he got his
21:16 Bible out, and he said "May I share with you just a little"
21:18 "bit about why we keep the Sabbath? "
21:21 I said "Well, I'm open, go ahead. "
21:23 Then he opened his Bible and Ralph started going through
21:25 his Bible so beautifully, and so naturally, Genesis, Exodus,
21:29 Old Testament, New Testament, back and forth, he knew it.
21:32 Then he closed it up and he says "This is why we do this".
21:36 I said "Wow, Ralph, you are the most amazing man I have"
21:41 "ever seen in the Bible. " He was the only one I had
21:43 ever seen in the Bible, but I said "Ralph, you're the most"
21:46 "amazing man, how do you know all those things? "
21:49 He said "Well, I've just memorized where it is, "
21:52 "and now I can turn to it. " I had memorized sports
21:55 statistics like you could not believe.
22:00 I grew up in Canada, you know what sport we play up there,
22:03 right? I played hockey for 18 years,
22:06 ice hockey that is, and I could tell you who won
22:09 the Stanley Cup championships from that current year
22:12 all the way back to the beginning, I could tell you
22:15 who played in what team, how many goals the'd scored,
22:17 how many points they had, I could tell you all of that
22:20 and much, much more, useless trivia, I had it all up here,
22:24 but I could not tell you 1 verse in the Bible, and I could
22:27 not believe how this man knew where there was a verse
22:29 in the Bible. So I said "How do you know it? "
22:32 He said "I've memorized it. " I said "Ralph, can I ask you"
22:34 "a question? " He said "Sure Brian, you go"
22:37 "ahead, you ask whatever question you want. "
22:40 I said "Ralph, who is the Antichrist and what is"
22:43 "the mark of the beast? " [Audience laughs]
22:45 And he said to me "What faith did you say you were? "
22:48 [Audience laughs]
22:49 And I sort of stuck out my chest and I said
22:52 "Well, I'm a Catholic. " Ralph had an awesome decision
22:54 to make. [Audience laughs]
22:57 We know that it is in God's providence that truth is
23:00 unveiled gradually that we are better able to assimilate it,
23:02 and receive it, but somehow God must have impressed Ralph
23:05 that he could share with me a little quicker than usual,
23:08 so Ralph started to share with me about some future events,
23:11 and I wasn't angered, I wasn't upset, but I was interested.
23:14 I said "Wow, that is amazing", he said "I knew that it would"
23:17 "be amazing to you. " He said "Before you leave, "
23:20 "can I just share a book with you? "
23:22 I said "Sure, that's okay. " What book do you think he shared
23:25 with me? Well, Ralph shared with me
23:30 this book called "The Great Controversy". [Audience laughs]
23:33 But you knew that; and I took this book home,
23:36 "The Great Controversy", and I started to devour it.
23:40 I couldn't put it down, I read it when I was eating my
23:43 breakfast cereal, I like breakfast cereal, and I read it,
23:46 and read it, and then I took it to work to read it,
23:50 except most days I stayed home from work to read it.
23:53 I'm ashamed to say I tried to read it while driving one
23:55 day, [Audience laughs] ...not a smart thing.
23:59 I stopped that practice, but what I'm saying to you is
24:02 it was fascinating to me. It answered every single
24:04 question I ever had growing up, and when I'm finished that book
24:08 I put it down, and without knowing the author, or anything
24:12 else about it, I said to myself "Whoever wrote that book"
24:16 "must have been inspired of God", and sure enough,
24:20 that book did what it was meant to do, which was to lead me
24:23 to the Greater Book. I said to myself "I don't own"
24:25 "a Bible, but that book is saturated with Bible texts, "
24:28 "so I need to go get a Bible", so I went down to the Christian
24:31 book store and I bought myself a Bible, and I started to read
24:33 that Bible, and I started to find out that all the things
24:36 that that book talked about are in the Bible.
24:38 Then I really began to be convicted because Tom had
24:42 talked to me about the Sabbath, and Ralph had talked to me
24:45 about the Sabbath, and that book mentioned the Sabbath,
24:47 and this book sure mentions the Sabbath, so I began to drive
24:51 around on Saturday trying to sell real estate, but the Holy
24:55 Spirit would speak to me, not in an audible voice, but in
24:58 the closest voice you could get to audible, and this is what
25:01 the Holy Spirit would say to me? "Brian, all your life you have"
25:05 "wanted to know truth, and now you know, what are you going"
25:08 "to do about it? " I'll tell you, it was just
25:12 like an arrow through me, "Lord, I don't know what I'm going"
25:15 "to do", the voice would come back even stronger,
25:18 "Brian, all your life you have wanted to know truth, and now"
25:20 "you know, what are you going to do about it? "
25:23 And I don't know what it was in me that inspired me to ask
25:29 Ralph that question that day about the Antichrist,
25:31 and the mark of the beast, but the only thing I could think of
25:36 was when I was that 15 year old boy, and I prayed that prayer
25:40 "Lord, one day I want to know what all these things mean",
25:43 and God had remembered that prayer, even though I hadn't,
25:46 and now God had brought those things to my attention
25:48 and was saying "Well, now you know, what are you going"
25:51 "to do? " Finally I said "Lord, there's"
25:54 "only 1 thing I can do, I've got to follow You. "
25:58 So I got out of bed one Saturday morning, got dressed in my
26:02 best real estate suit and I drove to the local Seventh Day
26:07 Adventist church. When I drove to the local
26:10 Seventh Day Adventist church, interestingly enough, the local
26:12 SDA church in my little town of [?], British Columbia,
26:15 was on 7th avenue. [Audience laughs]
26:19 So there it was, 7th avenue was a busy, busy thoroughfare,
26:24 other than main street down town it was the was busiest
26:26 street, it could be argued it might even be busier.
26:28 So this was a main road, now I was convicted, but I wasn't
26:31 converted, so I said to myself "I don't want any of my"
26:34 "friends seeing me go to church" because I grew up in Canada
26:37 where it's very agnostic, they don't have the religious
26:40 background of the US, and people laughed at you for going
26:42 to church, my friends laughed, it didn't matter what day
26:45 you went to church, they'd laugh at you, and I didn't like
26:47 being laughed at, so what I did was I parked my car round
26:50 the back, and I got out of my car, and I looked left, and I
26:53 looked right, and when no one was looking, and no cars were
26:56 coming by, I ran to the front door. [Audience laughs]
26:59 Absolute truth. I got in that front door,
27:02 and I sat in the back row, and I said "I don't think anybody"
27:04 "saw me, I'm safe", and I heard my first Protestant
27:08 sermon. Now, you know the Lord saw
27:10 me coming because you don't catch God by surprise, do we?
27:13 And in that morning, the minister spoke on the 3 angels'
27:16 messages of Revelation 14, God's last day, final warning message
27:20 to the world, and it grabbed my heart, and I grabbed
27:23 the minister afterwards by the arm as he was walking down
27:25 the aisle, and I said "Can I ask you a few things? "
27:28 He was very, very kind, and he said "Sure, go ahead",
27:30 and he didn't know what he was in for, because I had saved up
27:33 1000-2000 questions all my life, and I poured it out on him.
27:36 This man was so kind, and so gracious, and he knew his
27:39 Bible so well, the Bible to him was like an extension on his
27:43 right hand, to this day I have never met a man that knew his
27:48 Bible more than that minister in [?], British Columbia,
27:51 Canada, he's deceased now, his name was Nick Trenchuk.
27:54 Nick Trenchuk was from the Ukraine, but boy, did he know
27:57 his Bible, he would wear them out, one after another,
27:59 the pages would be falling out, he'd buy a new one, he'd wear
28:02 it out till the pages were falling out of that one,
28:03 he knew his Bible. He would carefully explain
28:07 things, and talk to me about it, and finally I got so excited
28:12 I called up my best friend, Ron, and I said "Ron, you have"
28:16 "got to get down here now. " Ron was looking for a church,
28:22 I wasn't looking for a church at the time.
28:25 In the parable of the prodigal son, the prodigal son went
28:29 away from home, and when the time came he knew how to walk
28:32 home; in the parable of the lost sheep, the lost sheep
28:35 got lost and the shepherd had to come out and get that sheep
28:38 and bring it back, but in the parable of the lost coin,
28:40 there was a lost coin sitting out there, and it didn't even
28:43 know it was lost, that was me, I didn't even know.
28:46 God came and got me, and brought me to where He needed me
28:48 to be, but you see, Ron was looking for a church at the
28:51 time, and sometimes enthusiasm can carry the day,
28:54 even when you don't have much knowledge, I didn't have
28:57 much knowledge, but I had enthusiasm that moment,
28:59 and I said "Ron, you've got to get down here", so Ron
29:02 came down, and I said "Ron, Ron, I've learned so much things",
29:05 and I poured it, I was talking a mile a minute, and he said
29:08 "Oh, be careful, you know you don't know".
29:10 I said "Ron, we're going to do some visiting",.
29:13 I got a tape recorder, I didn't have a meeting like this
29:15 where we could come, and night by night systematically go
29:16 through the fundamentals of the Christian faith like this
29:19 in a wonderful way from God's word, I didn't have that
29:22 opportunity at the moment, so what we did was we got
29:24 a tape recorder, and we went to visit some local ministers
29:26 around that area, and we'd call them up, and we'd say
29:29 "Can we come and see you? " They'd say "Sure, go ahead",
29:31 so we'd come, and we'd say "Do you mind if we tape"
29:34 "record this? ", and they'd look sideways at us, and they'd
29:36 say "Well, I guess it's okay. " So we'd tape record it just to
29:38 be able to take it home and remember what we talked about.
29:40 I asked the only questions that I knew, I didn't know much,
29:43 but I said "What do you think about the 10 commandments? "
29:45 "Are they for us or not? " "What's the old covenant"
29:48 "to you, what's the new covenant to you? "
29:50 I'd ask these basic questions, and the minister would answer
29:53 the best way he knew, and we'd take it home and we'd listen
29:55 to it, and we'd say "No, it doesn't square with the Bible, "
29:58 "what he's saying is not what the Bible says, we've got to"
30:00 "keep looking. " If you were coming to my seminar
30:03 you'll remember that it was in this series of going around
30:05 interviewing ministers that I actually had one minister say
30:08 to me that it would have been alright if he went out in
30:10 the street with a machine gun and mowed people down,
30:12 it didn't really matter in the long run because he was saved
30:14 by grace. Ron and I looked at each other
30:18 and said "Next church". [Audience laughs]
30:22 Well, we kept looking, and we kept looking, and finally we
30:26 decided if we didn't find a church with any more truth
30:29 than the one we were at, we were staying put.
30:31 Friends, 20 years later I'm still here.
30:34 [Audience] Amen. So we said "We've go to do"
30:36 "what we've got to do, we've got to be baptized. "
30:39 So I was baptized, but just before I was baptized I began
30:42 to be convicted of that fact that I was working on Saturday.
30:44 I was trying to sell real estate because that was the busiest
30:47 day, and finally I said "No, I'm not going to sell"
30:50 "real estate on Saturday anymore", Oh, I got mocked
30:52 for that, I got scoffed at for that, there were 59 real estate
30:59 agents in my home town of [?], so you know who
31:01 your competition is, and of those 59 agents I knew of only
31:06 1 that went to church, just kind of giving you an idea
31:08 of the religious mindset, and she was married to a minister,
31:12 so we always said to ourself, "Well she has to go, that's why"
31:15 "she goes". [Audience laughs] So I said "They're never going"
31:18 "to understand the fact that I'm not going to sell real"
31:22 "estate", and sure, my office came to me and they'd say
31:24 "Brain, you got to sell on Saturday, it's the busiest"
31:27 "day, don't you know how much you're going to miss? "
31:29 I said "No, I'm not going to do it"; the Bible says
31:32 "I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed"
31:34 "begging bread". To God's glory, and not man's,
31:37 I was in the top 5% of the real estate bracket for that
31:39 area when I became a Sabbath keeper, when I left that
31:42 industry I was still in the top 5%.
31:45 God knows how to sell more real estate in 6 days than man can
31:48 in 7. So I took care of that problem,
31:52 I said "No, I'm not going to sell on Saturday", and the Lord
31:55 blessed, but I also was playing hockey every opportunity
31:59 I could, I played it on 3 or 4 teams at once if I could.
32:02 I'd literally lived at times in a hockey ring.
32:05 Well, you know that the tournaments are always on
32:08 the weekends, so I finally said "Well, I'm not going to"
32:11 "play hockey on the Sabbath anymore, so I'm going to go"
32:13 "to my team. " Well, I went there, you've got
32:16 to imagine this team of men, they care for neither God,
32:20 nor man, they were certainly not at all inclined to have
32:24 someone come and tell them that for religious reasons you're
32:26 not going to play, and it wasn't like I was unimportant, I was
32:30 the captain of the team. So here I was going to them,
32:35 standing before them, telling them that no, I'm not going
32:38 to play on the Sabbath anymore, they didn't even know what
32:41 the Sabbath was, and after that was all done, and they certainly
32:47 didn't understand, then I was also playing on a football team,
32:50 totally different set of guys, and I went before them and said
32:53 the same thing, I'm not going to play on the football team
32:55 anymore. I want to tell you this morning,
32:58 that was probably the hardest thing I've ever done,
33:00 and I was co-captain of the football team.
33:03 So to stand before those 40 men, and say what I said, it wasn't
33:07 easy, but I want to tell you, brothers and sisters,
33:10 it was good for me. When you lose the fear
33:13 of what man does, or what man says because of your
33:17 stance for God, you have got a tremendous victory in
33:20 your life. [Audience Amen]
33:21 ...and after I took that stand in front of those men,
33:24 I felt like a tremendous weight had been rolled off my
33:26 shoulders, and I was free to serve God as I desired to serve
33:30 Him. Well, at that particular time
33:33 I noticed a difference, my house used to be the popular
33:36 house, people would come by all the time, and parties would
33:38 go on there, and I'm not going to go into all the background
33:41 of things that were done, because we all know that sin
33:43 is ugly, and we all know that we should leave it alone,
33:46 what do you say? But all of a sudden the phone
33:49 didn't ring like it used to, all of a sudden people weren't
33:51 coming by like they used to, no one was knocking on the door
33:54 like they used to, and I began to wonder "How come nobody's"
33:56 "coming by anymore? " And I realized that the Bible
34:00 says "Can two walk together except they be agreed? "
34:04 Then I would read my Bible, and Romans 8:5 would come up
34:07 and said "For they that are after the flesh do mind"
34:10 "the things of the flesh; but they that are after"
34:13 "the Spirit the things of the Spirit. "
34:15 So the Lord began to impress me, "Yes Brian, you're becoming"
34:18 "more spiritually minded, and the fleshly doesn't want"
34:21 "what the spiritually wants. " I would sit at night at home
34:23 and I'd open up my Bible, Sabbath would come on a Friday
34:26 night and I would read the Psalms, and for the first
34:28 time in my life I had peace, perfect, beautiful peace.
34:31 I'd read Psalms like Psalms 16:11, where it says
34:33 "At Thy right hand are pleasures forever more. "
34:36 Oh dear friends, I thought "That's what I want, "
34:39 "I want God's approval, and not man's approval. "
34:41 People would come up to me and they'd say "Don't you"
34:44 "know what you're giving up, don't you know, what you're"
34:46 "sacrificing", and I'd say "Yes, I know what I'm sacrificing, "
34:49 "I'm not sacrificing anything that's worth more than"
34:53 "the approval of Jesus. " Then people started to come
34:56 to me, from the church now, they started saying
34:59 "You know Brian, I feel impressed that you might want"
35:02 "to be a minister", and I said "No, you're not impressed with"
35:05 "that, don't even say that to me". [Audience laughs]
35:09 I thought of a minister, priesthood, something like
35:11 that, I said "No, that's not for me", and then someone else
35:13 from the church would come up and say "You know Brian, "
35:16 "all you're doing is studying all the time, you're sharing"
35:18 "Bible studies with people", and that's true, I was doing that
35:20 more than I was selling real estate, I was giving Bible
35:23 studies, and trying to witness as I could, and they would
35:25 say "I think you should maybe become a minister. "
35:28 I'd say "Please don't tell me that, that's the last thing"
35:30 "I want. " And then another one would
35:33 come up, and another one, and I began to say to myself
35:35 "Oh, I get it, it's a conspiracy", they all got
35:38 together and they said "Now you go tell him, then I'll go tell"
35:40 "him, then you go tell him", but no, that actually didn't happen,
35:43 they were impressed one by one to come up and say,
35:45 share with me what they thoughts were, sometimes we recognize
35:48 things in each other before we recognize them in ourself.
35:50 Then I began to think about it, and I began to think
35:53 "It's true Lord that I really don't have a burden to do"
35:56 "what I was before, and I really do have a burden to do"
35:58 "this and this only. " So I knew that I needed to pray
36:01 because I couldn't open up the Bible and find a verse that
36:05 said "Brian, you need to go to college and study for"
36:07 "the ministry", I knew that verse wasn't in the Bible.
36:10 So what could I do? I said "Well, I'll be like"
36:12 "Gideon, I'll throw out Gideon's fleece "
36:15 So I got down by my bed, I knelt down on my knees and I prayed,
36:19 and this is what I prayed, Id said: "Lord, school starts in"
36:22 "about a month, I've got this big fancy car I just bought, "
36:26 "I got a loan on it. I can't take that to college"
36:28 "because I won't be making any money, and I don't want to make"
36:30 "payments, so that's got to be sold, but Lord I need some"
36:33 "money for college, so it's got to be sold full price",
36:35 see, what I'm going to do is put so many conditions on God
36:37 that He's not going to answer it, He can't answer it because
36:40 I've put so many conditions, so I said "You've got to sell my"
36:42 "my car, if You want me to go to college and study for"
36:44 "ministry, then You've got to sell my car", it was a flat
36:47 market, nothing was selling, real estate wasn't selling,
36:49 nothing was selling, interest rates were sky high.
36:51 I said "You've got to sell my car, and Lord, you need to sell"
36:54 "it within 30 days, and Lord, I want full price. "
36:57 [Audience laughs]
37:00 I got off my knees pretty confident because I didn't want
37:03 to go. What happened next, brothers
37:06 and sister, happened just this way.
37:08 When I got off my knees the phone rang, there I was in
37:11 the bedroom, I walked around the corner to the kitchen,
37:14 I picked up the phone, like this and I said "Hello".
37:17 A lady was on the other end, she said "I hear you have a car"
37:20 "for sale". [Audience laughs]
37:24 And I went: [demonstrates]
37:28 And I said "...yes... " She said "Well, can I see it? "
37:35 After I took a breath I said "I guess so", I drove that car
37:40 over there, she bought that car full price, and I had to say
37:45 "Lord, that's quick enough for me". [Audience laughs]
37:48 Now lest anyone get depressed over this story, I want to tell
37:51 you that's the only time I've ever had a prayer answered
37:54 that way; the Lord has answered prayers for me,
37:56 but never in that way, but the Lord knew I needed it then,
37:59 it was a life changing moment, and God gave me that moment,
38:03 and I thank Him for that. So I said "Well Lord, I think"
38:05 "that You're telling me something here. "
38:07 So I started having garage sales, I said "I've got all"
38:09 "this worldly stuff I've accumulated through the years, "
38:12 "I really don't need it anymore, I'll start selling it off. "
38:15 So I sold off all kinds of books, and sold of equipment,
38:18 and sold name it. Garage sales are great when
38:20 you want to get rid of stuff. So I said "Well, I'm selling"
38:24 "all this stuff off, I've got to keep my hockey stick because"
38:27 "you never know who I might impress at college by how fast"
38:30 "or hard I can shoot a hockey puck, and I've got to keep"
38:34 "my football because you never know who I might impress"
38:37 "by how far I can through a football", I didn't have many
38:40 talents, you've got to use what you have.
38:44 So I kept my hockey stick, and I kept my football, and I kept
38:48 one other thing, I had to keep this.
38:55 When I was flat on my back with the flu one time,
38:59 someone, you know what this is, [shows a Rubik's Cube] and it
39:02 was a real rage in the mid 80s, so someone threw this into my
39:05 hand, early to mid 80s, someone threw this into my hand and
39:09 said "Here, play with this while you're sick there on the couch",
39:12 so I looked at that, and having a real mathematical left brain
39:15 mind I said "Well, sure, I'll figure that out. "
39:18 So I scrambled it up, and I learned the key, the codes
39:20 to it, the equations to it, so I started to get faster,
39:23 and faster, and faster, pretty soon I was like the neighborhood
39:26 champ, I wasn't ready for the national level, but I was fast
39:31 enough at it that I thought I could impress people at
39:34 get togethers. So we'd have a social, a party
39:36 would happen, and at the right time, or at the right moment
39:39 I'd whip this out of my pocket and scramble it up,
39:41 and put it back together again, "See, pretty good, right? ",
39:44 put it back, well I took my Rubik's cube to college thinking
39:48 it would impress somebody. You've got to understand that
39:51 this is a Christian college, this is Weimar College here
39:54 in California, just up the road. When I got to Weimar College
39:58 they didn't care about my hockey stick, they didn't care how hard
40:02 I could shoot a hockey puck, they didn't care how far I
40:04 could throw a football, and they sure didn't care about my
40:07 Rubik's cube. So, not having anyone to impress
40:10 I put my Rubik's cube up on my shelf in my dorm room,
40:13 and about every month or so I'd take it back down, and I'd
40:15 scramble it up, and put it back together again,
40:17 I thought if I couldn't impress anyone else, I'll just impress
40:19 myself I'll guess. Then I'd scramble it up, and put
40:23 it back together and say "Ahh, still the champ",
40:26 put it back up. But I was getting involved
40:28 in Christian activity now, and I was getting involved in
40:31 outreach, ministry, Bible studies more and more,
40:35 and finally one day after so many months of college I took
40:38 my Rubik's cube down, scrambled it back up, and I couldn't
40:40 remember the first thing about how to put it back together.
40:43 I couldn't remember the first level even, it was frustrating
40:46 to me, and I had anger all over my face, and I was trying,
40:48 and trying, and trying, and just one of the dorm mates
40:51 walked into my room and he saw all this frustration on my
40:53 face, he said "Brian, what is the matter with you? "
40:56 And I told him the whole story of the Rubik's cube, how I used
40:59 to be the neighborhood champ, and now I can't remember at all,
41:02 and he got the biggest smile on his face folks, and he said
41:04 this, he said "Brian, you ought to be rejoicing today, God has"
41:07 "just healed your mind. " I said "You know what? "
41:12 "I get your point, this is a time waster", so I looked
41:16 for the round file in the corner and I went [does action],
41:18 2 points right in the corner, I said "No, that's not what"
41:21 "I'm going to spend my time with, I'm going to spend my"
41:23 "time with this. " I had a Rubik's cube wasting my
41:26 time, I don't know what you have wasting your time this morning,
41:29 but we all have these little Rubik's cubes that are taking
41:32 up time in our life; some might be TV, some might be improper
41:35 reading, whatever it is, but I decided that if I really wanted
41:39 to make good use of my time I'm going to study God's word
41:41 like never before. So I made a renewed commitment
41:44 to it, and we had a dorm hallway there, and I would walk up
41:46 and down, and up and down, and I would take passages, like
41:49 the sermon on the mount, long passages, and I would commit
41:52 them to memory, 1 Corinthians 13, Psalm 91,
41:55 Psalm 23, Psalm 1, Psalm 51, all of these beautiful passages,
41:59 I'd commit them to memory and it's amazing how much you
42:03 can commit to memory when you really put your mind to it.
42:07 Just before I'd left Canada to come down to Weimar College,
42:11 someone had thrown a set of camp meeting tapes in my hand.
42:15 They said "Well, it's a 1000 mile trip, here's something"
42:17 "to pass the time. " I took the little cassette tapes
42:19 and I said "Great, who is the speaker? "
42:22 They said "Well, his name is Joe Crews".
42:25 "Joe Crews? Never heard of him, what's he about? "
42:28 "Oh, he has a ministry called 'Amazing Facts', it's on"
42:30 "the east coast", I said "Never heard of it".
42:33 So I listened to these tapes, and as I listened I said
42:36 "Wow, that is powerful preaching. "
42:38 I said to myself, "Well, it was nice to listen to Joe Crews' "
42:41 "tapes, but I'll never meet the man, his ministry's on"
42:44 "the east coast", at that time it was, "and I'm here on"
42:47 "the west coast, but it was nice listening to Joe's tapes. "
42:50 So when I got to Weimar College, being a single man,
42:54 I looked around and I saw a beautiful, sweet and petite
42:59 lady names Heidi, and Heidi was there for just that 1 year,
43:06 and as it turns out, Heidi was Joe Crews' secretary.
43:11 I didn't know that until she informed me of it, but she had
43:14 taken a year out of being Joe Crew's secretary at Amazing
43:16 Facts on the east coast, then it was in Frederick, Maryland,
43:19 and she decided she would come to the college that year.
43:21 Well, when we got to know each other as friends
43:23 she found out that I had an interest in Joe Crews, and she
43:26 was Joe Crews' secretary, so one day she came to me and she said
43:30 "You know, Joe crews is doing a series of meetings",
43:33 similar to what I've been sharing with you here,
43:35 "in Hayward, not too far away, would you like to go? "
43:38 Well, I said "Yes", but I really had an ulterior motive, I wanted
43:42 to go to see Joe, but I wouldn't mind being with her either,
43:44 [Audience laughs], so I said "Yes" on 2 fronts.
43:48 So we went there, and I listened to Joe preach,
43:52 and the Spirit spoke to me and said "Brian, this is what"
43:54 "I want you to do. "
43:57 Not only did I meet Joe Crews, but to show you how the Spirit
44:01 works, I married his secretary, Joe did the wedding,
44:06 and then I went to work for his organization, so God does
44:08 lead His people. Time is not adequate this
44:14 morning to share all that God has done in my life, but I do
44:17 want to share this with you, this is a precious faith.
44:22 Being a Catholic, like I was, it was coming out of a dark,
44:27 dark closet into the light of the noonday sun.
44:31 When you come out of darkness into light, sometimes you've got
44:34 to rub your eyes to get adjusted, but oh, when you get
44:36 adjusted the light is sweet.
44:38 Being a Seventh Day Adventist gives you 2 very, very precious
44:41 things, it gives you many things, but I'm going
44:44 to summarize it in 2 things: it gives you the clearest
44:49 understanding of who God really is; all of the other faith
44:54 emanates from what your understanding of God is,
44:57 so that's so important. So it gives you the clearest
44:59 understanding of who God really is, and secondly, it gives you
45:04 the clearest understanding of what God's will is for
45:08 your life. Those 2 things together are
45:11 very powerful. When I first started
45:15 studying the Bible, there was a girlfriend that was there,
45:19 not Heidi, but a girlfriend that I knew, she invited me over
45:23 to her house, she had a bunch of people that were Sunday
45:27 attenders in her house, I had just started to read the Bible,
45:31 and I remember that I was like the new person, the new
45:34 Christian, so I said "I'll just be quiet and listen", and they
45:37 were talking about all kinds of subjects, and they were
45:41 giving their input, but most were just giving opinion.
45:45 Then when it came around to me, and I said "Brian, what do you"
45:47 "think on the matter? " I said "Well, in Genesis it"
45:50 "tells us over here, and in Matthew it says here, and in"
45:53 "the Old Testament it tells us this, and in the New"
45:55 "Testament...", and I was going like this back and forth,
45:58 and there mouths dropped open and they said "How do you know"
46:00 "all these things? We've gone to church all our"
46:03 "life and never known these things, we've gone to church"
46:05 "school all our life and never learned these things",
46:07 and then it hit me, we had a saying in real estate, it went
46:11 like his: "You can have 20 years experience, or you can have"
46:14 "1 years experience and repeat it 20 times. "
46:18 Some people could have 20 years of church attendance and have
46:21 20 years of Christian experience, or they can have
46:24 1 year of Christian experience and repeat it 20 times.
46:27 It's not how long you go to church that matters, it's what
46:31 you put in the years, it's what you put into it.
46:35 I determined that I wanted to put the most into it.
46:39 I had a girl come to me one time and she said "Brian", this is
46:43 back at home now, she said "Brian, I thought you would be"
46:46 "the last one to become a Christian", oh, that hurt.
46:50 I said "Was I really that bad? " She said "No, you really"
46:53 "weren't that bad, but I just never thought of you as"
46:57 "a Christian", and that really spoke something to me,
47:01 we ought not to write anybody off; the enemies of the church
47:05 today could be the champions of the church tomorrow.
47:07 Never underestimate somebody, Paul was turned around
47:09 in 1 day, and so can many people who are opposing God's truth
47:13 today, God is calling people out of Babylon as we sit
47:17 here this morning, and this set of meetings that we've been
47:19 having, people have been coming out and standing for truth,
47:22 and when you come out of Babylon you've got to come into
47:25 something, you can't just come out and wonder around
47:28 with no meaning and purpose, God calls us out, so that we
47:31 can come into the remnant. And as we sit here this morning,
47:36 thousands of people across the US, and millions of people
47:39 across this world are being called out of Babylon to
47:41 an understanding of God's remnant church.
47:45 It's not the man that gives the message that matters,
47:47 the message can carry itself, and it's because of the message
47:51 that we have that so many people's hearts are moved.
47:56 Is Satan going to attack that message?
47:59 Absolutely. Is he attacking it now?
48:01 Yes, he is. Will he continue to attack it?
48:04 Yes, but nothing is going to stop this message, why?
48:06 Because it's the message of Jesus, it's the faith of Jesus,
48:09 and I want to be part of that faith, don't you?
48:12 I want to be like Paul, in 2 Timothy 4:7,8 Paul said:
48:16 "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, "
48:20 "I have kept the faith, henceforth there is laid up"
48:22 "for me a crown of righteousness which the Lord, the righteous"
48:25 "Judge is going to give me that day, and not to me only, "
48:27 "but to all of them also that love His appearing. "
48:30 I want to be like Paul, in Isaiah 25, I want to be like
48:33 one of those who when the Lord comes will say: "This is"
48:36 "the Lord, and He will save us; this is the Lord, we'll be glad"
48:39 "and rejoice in His salvation. " Don't you want to be one
48:42 with those that lift up your heads and your voices, and say
48:45 that very thing? This morning I wonder how many
48:49 of you are giving up things so that you can be part of this
48:51 remnant movement. Some of you this morning
48:54 have been giving up jobs, some of you are giving up maybe
48:59 worldly friends, some of you are giving up a past diet,
49:03 or lifestyle, some of you are giving up churches that you
49:07 used to belong to, but friends, whatever we give up,
49:12 if the Lord asks us to move in a certain direction, He's only
49:15 asking us to give up that which hinders us in the heavenward
49:19 journey. God will always supply us with
49:23 something better, will He not? In my life there was that time
49:27 when I was afraid to be seen going into that church,
49:31 by God's grace, it wasn't long before I was standing
49:34 on the porch of that church waiting for cars to drive by
49:38 so that I could wave to them just like this, and I could say
49:41 "Hi, this is where I am, this is my church, you should be"
49:45 "here too", isn't God wonderful? God always gives us grace
49:49 for what we need, and God always supplies something better
49:53 for what we give up. I wonder how many champions
49:56 we have this morning for God's faith right here?
50:00 God is looking for champions of the faith this morning,
50:02 God is looking for people who, in their inmost souls, are
50:06 true and honest, God is looking for people who are going
50:10 to stand up for what is right when champions are few.
50:14 This morning I want to know if there are some champions here,
50:17 I believe that you're all champions for the faith.
50:19 There's a song that I'd love to close this message with
50:22 called "Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour", can we get
50:24 that song played here, I don't know who we have playing
50:27 the piano this morning. Here we are.
50:31 As Seth plays this song and as we put the words up on
50:35 the screen, I'm going to ask you to stand right now, would you
50:39 stand, up in the balcony, would you stand?
50:44 Listen dear friends, brothers and sisters in the faith,
50:50 some come down when it's time for prayer because you have
50:54 a burden on your heart, I'm going to ask you to come down
50:57 to the front this morning because you want to be
50:59 a champion of the faith. You may never have come forward
51:02 before, come forward this morning.
51:05 When Paul stood before the governor Felix, Seth, play a
51:09 a little quieter, when Paul stood before the governor
51:14 Felix, Felix said to him "Paul, go your way, when I have"
51:20 "a more convenient season, I'll call for you", the Bible never
51:24 records any time when Felix ever made that call.
51:28 God is calling people this morning, is He not?
51:31 Today's the day to say "Lord, I want to be a champion of this"
51:34 "faith", come forward as we sing this wonderful song
51:37 right now.
51:42 You all can see it on the screen so let me hear your good voices.
51:47 Pass me not, O gentle Savior, Hear my humble cry;
51:57 While on others Thou art calling, Do not pass me by.
52:07 Savior, Savior, Hear my humble cry;
52:17 While on others Thou art calling, Do not pass me by.
52:29 My brothers and my sisters, did Jesus suffer publically
52:32 for us? Amen. Did He go to the cross publically for us?
52:36 Amen. Jesus asks us to publically
52:39 acknowledge Him as He publically died for our very sins.
52:43 Those of you up in the balcony, don't think you're up in
52:45 the balcony you can't come forward, you can start
52:47 early, okay? Just start early, come on down
52:50 and join us down here, we don't want to leave you out.
52:52 I think it's important that when we leave a place
52:55 of worship we leave closer to God than when we came in.
53:00 I thank God that all of these people are standing up in front,
53:03 but we've got room in these aisles, I can see the room down
53:05 this aisle, and I can see some room down this aisle,
53:08 we've got some room in these other aisles, and I'm going
53:10 to ask, just as a public acknowledgment that you want
53:13 to be a champion of the faith, you don't want to just come
53:15 to church every week and go through the motions, but you
53:18 do truly want to stand for what this faith believes,
53:21 it's the faith of Jesus, it's the faith that honors
53:24 the commandments of God, is it not?
53:26 Is that what you want for you life, brothers and sisters?
53:28 Then do something this morning that will let heaven know
53:30 that you want to take a stand, let's fill up these aisles
53:33 right here, and as we do so, come on down from the balcony,
53:35 and make a more to show that you too want to be part of this
53:37 faith, and heaven takes notes of these things, we don't just do
53:40 it for exercise, we do it because heaven takes a note,
53:43 let's fill up these aisles and sing together.
53:48 Thou the Spring of all my comfort, More than life for me,
53:58 Whom have I on earth beside Thee? Whom in Heav'n but Thee?
54:08 Savior, Savior, Hear my humble cry;
54:18 While on others Thou art calling, Do not pass me by.
54:30 Aren't little children wonderful?
54:34 We're told to be like little children, have a trusting faith,
54:37 some of us get above that, we feel too proud for whatever
54:40 reason to take a stand for Jesus, but heaven notes it,
54:44 and the Holy Spirit is given to those that especially want
54:48 to witness for the faith. Some of you are giving up
54:52 worldly lifestyles, some of you are giving up body destroying
54:55 vices, or you're giving up just the approval of peers,
54:59 but to take a stand for Jesus means something.
55:02 "Blessed are you when men shall revile you and persecute you, "
55:04 "and say all manner of evil against you for My name's"
55:07 "sake, rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward"
55:10 "in heaven. " I hope you're exceeding glad
55:13 for the faith. Never think it more important
55:17 what you're faith denies you, than what your faith gives you.
55:21 The true Christian will always say "What does my faith"
55:23 "give me? " I hope that you feel this
55:25 morning a joy, and a love in your heart for Jesus
55:27 because of what your faith gives you.
55:29 Let's finish this wonderful song together, and let's fill up
55:32 these aisles just a little bit more for Jesus' sake
55:34 this morning.
55:38 Thou the Spring of all my comfort, More than life for me,
55:47 Whom have I on earth beside Thee? Whom in Heav'n but Thee?
55:57 Savior, Savior, Hear my humble cry;
56:07 While on others Thou art calling, Do not pass me by.
56:19 Let's pray together as we close. Father in heaven, we thank You
56:25 that You love us enough to take us through trials
56:27 and difficulties, don't remove all the mountains Lord,
56:31 but give us strength to climb them, don't remove all
56:34 the valley's of difficulty, give us the faith to walk through
56:37 them. Lord, help us to know
56:39 that no matter what we go through, no matter what we
56:42 deny ourself for Jesus' sake, it's going to be worth it
56:45 because one day we're going to get to be with You,
56:48 and Lord, when we're with You all of these things will have
56:51 passed away, and we'll be so thankful that you allowed us
56:57 to go through it, for Your sake. So bless us this morning Lord,
57:01 I ask for Your blessing especially on all of those
57:04 who have stood for the faith this morning, maybe they've
57:07 come to church for a lot of years, but never really stepped
57:09 out of the pew into an aisle before.
57:12 Lord, I want to thank You, and ask You to honor that stepping
57:14 out this morning, and give them a greater portion of Your
57:17 Spirit. And those this morning that
57:19 maybe had difficulty doing that, Lord, bless them also,
57:22 give them courage, give them a great faith, Lord,
57:25 give them an understanding to know that You are wanting
57:28 to move in their life too, and help them to be standing
57:31 up for champions before Jesus comes back.
57:34 Lord, we ask You now to bless us each one according
57:37 to our faith in Thee, give us a greater faith, and help us
57:40 to all be ready when You come soon, Father,
57:43 for Jesus sake, amen.


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