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Becoming Fireproof

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00:01 You know with what joy we look forward
00:02 to His appearing, but on that day
00:04 when Jesus return's to earth many will discover, too late,
00:08 that all sin is highly combustible.
00:24 It's time to join your guide Jim Ayer
00:27 for an exciting 12 episode journey
00:29 into "Remodeling Your Life."
00:32 You're going to discover that God's transforming power
00:35 is real and He is ready to provide that power to you.
00:39 Now here's your guide Jim Ayer to take you
00:42 on the journey of a lifetime, in amazing
00:45 and dynamic experience with God.
00:51 A French explorer journeyed deep into the Congo
00:53 while on safari many years ago.
00:55 Each night his guides would gather up the sticks
00:58 and branches and dry blades of grass of tender
01:00 for building large fires to illuminate
01:03 and protect the camp.
01:04 They would stoke the fire all night long
01:06 to keep wild animals from venturing too close.
01:10 Well, as the jungle travels continue to cross many miles
01:13 the Frenchmen begin to notice large piles of sticks
01:17 and dry grass arranged in exactly the same way
01:21 as his guides have done each night to prepare the fires.
01:24 Who is doing this, he asked.
01:26 Well, the guide said, the monkeys.
01:29 The monkeys then you see they watch us every single night
01:33 and they mimic all of our actions.
01:34 They have absolutely everything right except the fire.
01:44 We must not be like the monkeys.
01:46 We can no longer afford the play church
01:48 by building fake fires and pretending to serve God.
01:52 We must have the fire of God's spirit
01:54 burning brightly in our hearts right now.
01:58 It's with this fire that God burns up the sins
02:00 in our lives in preparation for His return
02:03 and His coming, the Lord's of brightness
02:05 will be like a consuming fire to all sin.
02:08 Peter asked the question that should ring in our heart
02:11 and in the minds, when all these things
02:14 are about to be dissolved, what sort ought
02:16 you to be and holy behavior and godliness.
02:20 Isn't it time to make sure that God is given permission
02:23 to burnout every sin in your life,
02:25 so you can become fireproof.
02:27 Understand for those who choose to claim
02:29 to their favorite sins,
02:31 those sins remain as part of their DNA.
02:34 When the Lord returns He will not veil His glory
02:37 and all sin will be burned up.
02:39 If you're holding on to sin
02:41 you will go up in flames with those sins.
02:44 This is the time to become fireproof.
02:46 In other words, it's time to become like Jesus.
02:57 You know, on my own on going journey
02:58 of becoming best friends with Christ,
03:01 He led me to start highlighting my Bible.
03:03 Jimmy and I where in Guatemala
03:05 staying with a friend over looking up,
03:06 a beautiful jungle river.
03:08 It was very relaxing time and God impressed me
03:11 to start reading my Bible
03:12 with my yellow highlighter in hand.
03:14 I started marking every text that spoke of
03:17 the mighty power of God and His desire
03:19 to share that power with us.
03:21 The desire of God do separate us from sin.
03:24 The happiness found when we separate from that sin,
03:28 the need to become over comers in this life
03:30 not at a future date and also God's need to abide with us,
03:34 to live in our lives to enable us to become like Him.
03:39 What I discovered was God's amazing longing
03:41 to give us victory over sin.
03:43 His desire to separate us from the devil
03:46 and to keep us from falling into temptation.
03:48 Well, I was simply overwhelmed with my findings.
03:53 Let me give you some examples.
03:54 Allow me to read a sampling of text
03:57 that simply amazed me during my early studies.
04:00 The first one is found in 1John 2:1,
04:04 "My little children these things I write to you
04:07 that you may not sin. "
04:10 Another one is found in Psalms 119:11,
04:16 "Your word have I hid in my heart
04:18 that I might not sin against you. "
04:21 Whoever has been born of God does not sin
04:25 for his seed remains in him and he cannot sin.
04:28 Because he has been born of God
04:32 and let me give you another one in Jude 1:24,
04:39 "Now to him was able to keep you from stumbling,
04:44 and to present you faultless before the presence
04:48 of his glory with exceeding joy. "
04:51 And the final one 1John 3:6,
04:58 "Whoever abides in him does not sin,
05:03 whoever sins has neither seen him nor known him. "
05:09 I challenge you to start highlighting your Bible
05:12 as I have done and discover what God has in store for you.
05:18 Well, I don't know about how it sorted,
05:19 I guess it was pretty sorted 'cause I'm going to rebel
05:22 most of my early years
05:23 and my mother was a good Christian woman
05:25 and tried to raise me the best way she could
05:26 but got caught up in the things of the world
05:29 like many of our young people do
05:30 and however came a cigarette but was my beer
05:34 pull out the car as Las Vegas my second home but
05:37 I praise God for His continue mercies
05:40 and the prayers of a good Christian mother
05:42 they continue to try to draw us somewhere else.
05:44 Anyway my mom invited me to come to church.
05:46 I'm a Rebel.
05:48 I have no interest in spiritual things
05:50 and she invites me to come church,
05:51 special speaker coming towards church and I say-
05:53 oh, mom, I am probably working, day shift
05:56 wouldn't be able to make it and I was working 4 to 12.
05:59 I drive up in the church parking lot,
06:01 brand new Corvette, I go inside,
06:04 there is a man speaking gives a real solid
06:06 straight message that day, really was interested in it.
06:10 So I said, hey, John, well, appreciate your messages.
06:13 Well, I'm doing evangelistic meeting coming up
06:14 and I'd like to invite you to come out
06:16 and come to the evangelistic meeting.
06:18 So would I'll try to do that.
06:19 Now the devil got me real busy,
06:21 never made one of them but about a month and a half later
06:23 my mother says to me that preacher you like
06:26 so well he's at our church again
06:27 and I'd like for you to come out to church.
06:30 Mom I'm probably, I'm probably working dayshift again
06:33 and anyway I was working 4 to 12 once again,
06:35 same thing, 25 after 11 I pulled up
06:38 in the church parking lot, brand new Corvette,
06:40 go inside there's a real solid message
06:42 and this time he has an appeal at the end
06:46 and I would recommend appeals
06:49 at your church services all the time
06:51 because God knows there's some people there
06:53 that need to have their lives changed.
06:55 He made an appeal and as I was sitting there
06:57 in the pew listening to that
06:58 the Holy Spirit spoke to me that day.
07:00 Jim, just as clear, I come from military back ground,
07:04 law enforcement background and you have to tell me
07:05 pretty straight and the Lord spoke to me that day
07:08 and said Ron, you've been playing the game long enough.
07:11 Either choose to serve Me today or you are a lost man.
07:15 And I said Lord, I've wasted all these years
07:17 but if You'll have me I'll serve You.
07:20 He'd let me now in His kind loving way that He will have me.
07:22 I went forward that day with tears streaming down my face.
07:26 Didn't really know what was happened to me
07:27 but I went forward and I must say,
07:30 life hasn't been the same since, praise God.
07:35 Well, He did take me on a journey
07:37 and that journey, I remember one night
07:39 and I was struggling with this because you know
07:42 like I said I was living this life as a rebel
07:45 and now all of a sudden things are starting
07:47 changing in heart, in my life
07:49 and all of a sudden the things about going to Las Vegas
07:52 wasn't so important anymore and trying to figure this all out
07:56 and I had married a Philistine girl at the time,
08:00 prior to that and my Philistine wife
08:03 didn't have a clue what was happening to me.
08:07 And so things started to change
08:08 and one of the things that started to change
08:11 is the closer I was getting to God,
08:13 the more the devil was working on my wife.
08:15 He tried to do all he could to derail me
08:18 and she actually became jealous of God
08:22 and I don't know if others experience that
08:24 I'm sure they have but the bottom line was
08:27 it was either God or her.
08:29 And so I had to let her know in the one certain terms
08:33 there wasn't anyone in the world
08:34 that I loved anymore than her,
08:36 but God had to come first
08:38 and that's what I wanted in her life.
08:40 The Satan went to war,
08:42 using the ones closest to me at the time.
08:45 I guess the biggest battle I've ever fought in my life,
08:48 Jim, was full and complete surrender to the Lord.
08:52 The battle didn't just end when I made an alter call
08:55 went front, went forward, the battle really got started
08:58 even very heated battle and I remember one night
09:02 when I was riding around the patrol car and I just -
09:05 this overwhelming struggle going on
09:08 and I remember going out in the middle of nowhere
09:10 and parking the car and just getting out of the car
09:12 and falling on my knees in the middle of a field
09:14 and just pleading with God that He had to help me.
09:19 There's just no way I could possibly make it
09:21 unless He helped me.
09:22 I had some what of a Jacob's struggle
09:24 so to speak, I will not let You loose,
09:27 I will not turn You loose unless You bless me.
09:29 And the Lord assured me again that night
09:32 that He had a very special purpose in my life for me
09:36 and so I went forward and I continued
09:39 to work in law enforcement for about two more years.
09:42 During that time though I got involved-
09:44 the pastor of the got me involved
09:46 in doing evangelistic meetings and series.
09:49 I got involved in that, as I was doing Bible studies
09:51 and hospital visitations et cetera.
09:53 And the Lord was blessing, with quite a number of baptisms
09:57 I remember the first little meeting I did
09:59 and the Lord blessed with 20 baptisms
10:01 and next one was17 baptisms.
10:03 Most of those people are still in the church today,
10:06 very active and love God's church
10:08 except for some that had fallen asleep in the Lord
10:10 waiting for the resurrection.
10:17 Jim was a drug dealer and alcoholic and a thief
10:20 until God called him, but that was just the beginning.
10:23 As someone said he has lived six life times,
10:27 he became wealthy, lobbied on Capitol Hill
10:29 and was a church leader but he was lost
10:31 until God gave him a second chance.
10:34 You have a family member who no longer loves the Lord
10:37 or who's wandered away in spirit and not in reality.
10:41 I believe the story of my life second chance
10:43 could be a help to them.
10:44 You see I was a drug dealer, an alcoholic and a thief
10:47 and then God spoke to me and I became an on fire Christian.
10:51 Poor time when the riches of the world overtook me
10:54 and I fell but God loves to give a second chance.
10:58 Give your loved one a Second Chance today.
11:01 People tell us when you start reading
11:03 "Second Chance" you can't put it down,
11:05 your loved ones who may be wondering
11:07 if God will give them a second chance will love it too.
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11:38 This will truly be an investment for eternity.
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11:50 To this point in our series we've touched on the part
11:52 you play in a cosmic war between Christ and Satan.
11:56 Now we're going to explore the subject of choice
11:58 in greater depth.
12:00 Salvation has been paid for by, Jesus Christ,
12:02 the road to eternity has been paved with His blood
12:05 and drenched in His tears.
12:07 But they're all hinges upon one of the gift
12:09 He provided humanity in the very beginning,
12:12 free will the power of choice.
12:15 Although I don't believe it
12:16 was said with the ultimate goal
12:18 of the Christian's destiny and mind.
12:20 William Jennings Bryan got it right when he stated,
12:23 "destiny is no matter of chance it a matter of choice."
12:27 and P.B Fitzwater was spot on recognizing that
12:30 "character is the sum and total of a persons choices."
12:35 Every choice you make in your daily life,
12:37 whatever it is leads you on the ultimate road to destiny.
12:41 Remember what Jesus said because "Narrow the gate
12:44 and constricted the way is which is leading on into the life,
12:47 and they are few who will find it."
12:50 TV, computers, magazines
12:52 what every choice you make throughout the day
12:54 no matter how small or insignificant
12:56 it may seem with the time has consequences
12:59 that can dramatically impact your life
13:01 and the lives of those around you for eternity.
13:04 If you listen to our God,
13:06 He will provide us daily direction.
13:08 He says, what is man who fears Jehovah
13:10 he shall teach him in the way he shall choose.
13:25 Every single choice we make in life
13:27 is absolutely life changing.
13:29 I found a couple exams on the web
13:31 let me read them to you about changes in life.
13:36 My sister, her friend
13:37 and I got caught stealing a bunch of things in Wal-Mart.
13:41 We had to go to court.
13:42 I honestly never thought it would happen to me
13:45 and the one day I try it I get caught.
13:48 I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
13:50 If I could take it back, I would.
13:53 And the second one, about a month ago
13:56 I sent a photo to someone.
13:58 It was meant be private but my step dad
14:00 got a hold of the picture.
14:02 My heart was crushed and my spirit was broken.
14:05 I feel like an idiot.
14:07 I don't know how to comeback from this
14:09 I'm afraid that my mom and my family
14:11 will see this picture.
14:13 Can someone give me some advice?
14:16 You know, every choice we make
14:18 is life changing, every single choice.
14:21 The Bible gives us some interesting choices as well,
14:24 choices that affected entire outcomes
14:26 or may be not only one person
14:27 but in some cases families and nations.
14:30 King David, you know, taking a moment
14:33 in the middle of night to peer over his balcony
14:35 there he saw Beersheba
14:37 and that moment that-- moment of indiscretion
14:41 led to the killing of the husband and eventually,
14:45 it virtually destroyed his kingdom in so many ways.
14:49 Then there was Achan.
14:50 Remember Achan was told do not touch anything,
14:54 go in take over this city but do not touch a single thing
14:58 and later Achan he just couldn't resist
15:00 taking a little bar of gold
15:02 and what he called it goodly Babylonish garment.
15:06 His entire family was destroyed because of that.
15:10 You see choices matter, choices matter
15:12 and on the flip side on the good side
15:14 there's some very good choices too.
15:16 I mentioned a while back about Joseph,
15:19 Joseph had worked in a household
15:22 and there was a lady in that household
15:23 that wanted Joseph so badly.
15:25 Well, Joseph one day when the master was gone
15:28 the lady virtually attacked him.
15:30 He ran out of the house with torn off, torn shirt
15:34 and he ended up because of his
15:38 faithfulness to God I mean he ended up in prison
15:40 but eventually God put him as a second command
15:42 of all of the Egypt,
15:44 because he held fast his choices.
15:47 There is another one, Moses, you remember Moses,
15:50 why he said I'd rather suffer affliction
15:53 with all of my people than sin for a day.
15:57 Just for a little season
15:58 I'd rather suffer with God's people
16:01 and you know what happened to Moses,
16:02 is one of the greatest of all of earth's history.
16:07 And then I thank of the young lady named Esther.
16:10 Why Esther because of her faithfulness to God,
16:13 her desired serve God with all of heard
16:15 saved an entire mission the people.
16:18 Absolutely, choices are life change.
16:21 Every single choice we make in life
16:23 affect our life for one way or the other
16:27 for good or for evil.
16:30 Choices, your daily moment by moment choices
16:34 will make all the different in your Christian experience
16:36 and in your eternal destiny.
16:39 Turn it my warning in the Lord says
16:41 "Behold, I will pour out my spirit to you,
16:43 I will make my words known to you."
16:46 Well, I cannot stress enough just how responsible you are
16:50 for your own salvation.
16:51 God is paid for it but you're responsible for it.
16:55 God will lead you to the water of life
16:56 but it's up to you to drink, not just once but every single day.
17:05 Some Christians become so hung up on justification
17:08 they wanted throw our transformation all together.
17:11 They become highly paranoid when anyone
17:13 talks about the need to change their ways and habits
17:16 before Jesus comes.
17:18 It's a sad mistake because it's really all about
17:20 the power of God working in us and through us
17:23 to do just that to changes right now.
17:30 But He continued to lead me and one day He let me know
17:34 that He was calling me after to do some more work for Him.
17:39 But long story short my Philistine wife
17:44 found a shoulder to lean on
17:45 decided she didn't want to married any longer
17:48 and she decided live a different life.
17:52 Well, I studied pleading with God at that time,
17:54 Lord, if you ever want me to marry again
17:56 then You have to choose for me someone
17:58 that we continue together to do Your work.
18:00 Yes, I won't marry I let You choose.
18:03 And that two years the Lord led me to someone
18:08 and so we continued to call each other,
18:13 see each other and in about two years
18:14 we knew that God was leading us together.
18:17 So one day when I came over after I had married again
18:20 my beautiful wife Pat I-- Lord impressed me
18:25 that was time that we turned in the batch,
18:27 we gave up her state retirement and it was time to go
18:31 do something for the Lord.
18:32 And so when I came home and share with her about that
18:34 I believe the God was calling us out do His work
18:36 in a full time basis.
18:37 Not knowing where we gonna go
18:39 and really what we are gonna do knowing--
18:41 not knowing the financial situation
18:43 but wife said well, we need to get packing
18:45 and so we gave up the state retirement
18:47 and not knowing the financial situation what was gonna happen
18:50 we had two adopted children at that time
18:52 and but we knew that the Lord was leading us
18:55 and we continued to seek the Lord
18:57 and He shared the text with us in Matthew6:33,
19:01 "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness
19:04 and all these things shall be added unto you."
19:06 So, the Lord let us out and start doing His work
19:09 in a move full time basis and now we were run a ministry
19:14 called Project Restore.
19:16 And we-- by God's grace we've been able
19:19 to print over 50 million, 32 page full color magazines
19:23 and books and right now we're printing the Great Controversy,
19:26 the full edition of the Great Controversy.
19:29 They are going out many places around the world.
19:33 Just recently a million books went into New York City
19:36 getting ready to do other cities like that.
19:38 We want to see Jesus come. We must go home.
19:42 Never, he has never let us down we can never
19:45 where is our never time when we had to worry about
19:48 what we gonna eat or be able to drive
19:50 or whatever was to do, you know, He's never let us down.
19:54 We found out and I found out a long time ago
19:56 even before I started coming back to church
19:58 if you're honest with God in your tithe and offerings
20:01 and returning into Him,
20:03 He's promised He will take care of it.
20:05 He has every single step of the way
20:09 and yes He leads and He will speak to us, He will guide us.
20:13 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart
20:14 and lean not unto thine own understanding.
20:16 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
20:24 This is perhaps one of the greatest books
20:27 ever written on the Biblical teachings of Christ.
20:30 Jesus used parables to open the vistas of heaven
20:32 to the people and to expand their thinking.
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20:38 the parables allowing us to see Christ our salvation
20:41 revealing all of His beauty and splendor
20:43 throughout each and every page.
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21:56 Jesus shared many kingdom truths in the form of parables.
22:00 Through out His earthly ministry
22:01 He sought to impress upon the crowds
22:03 the necessity of complete and total commitment to Him.
22:07 In Matthew 13:44-46 we discovered two such parables.
22:12 They both focus upon the discovery of something
22:14 far beyond their wildest dreams.
22:17 Listen, "Again the kingdom of heaven
22:20 is like treasure hidden in a field
22:22 which when a man has found it he hides it
22:25 and for joy he goes and sells
22:27 all of that he has and buys that field."
22:30 Again the kingdom of heaven is like into a merchant
22:33 seeking beautiful pearls who only had found
22:36 one pearl of great price.
22:38 He went and sold all that he had and bought it.
22:42 The book Christ's Object Lessons
22:44 sheds some beautiful light upon
22:46 this particular subject of these parables
22:48 that truly apply to both parables.
22:51 "In the parable the pearl is not represented as a gift.
22:55 The merchantman bought it at the price of all that he had.
22:59 Many question the meaning of this,
23:00 since Christ is represented in the Scriptures as a gift.
23:05 He is a gift, but only to those who give themselves,
23:08 soul, body, and spirit, to Him without reserve
23:12 we must give everything.
23:13 All that we are, all the talents
23:15 all the capabilities we possess, are the Lord's,
23:18 to be consecrated to His service.
23:21 When we thus give ourselves wholly to Him,
23:24 Christ, with all the treasures of heaven, gives Himself to us.
23:28 We obtain the pearl of great price."
23:33 What are you willing to give in exchange for eternal riches?
23:41 I met Milo in Nepal sometime ago.
23:44 Sweet little man I am guessing he is about 65.
23:47 Its difficulty they live such a hard life
23:49 in some of those countries hard to tell how old he was
23:51 but he shared with me an amazing life.
23:55 You see, most of his life he was a Buddhist monk.
23:58 Went to the temple every day continually set his prayers.
24:03 He took me there to that temple it was amazing
24:05 gold everywhere inside that the symbols that would sound,
24:09 the trumpets that would blow,
24:11 the horns that would blow and the music
24:13 everything told your senses it's absolutely wonderful,
24:16 absolutely amazing but Milo said
24:18 I just had no piece in my life just no piece whatsoever.
24:23 One day he said I was tuning the radio
24:24 and I came across a program
24:26 it was talking about Jesus Christ.
24:28 For the first time in my life I had peace.
24:31 Jesus gave me peace.
24:32 He said, I could no longer go to the temple.
24:35 I could no longer listen to these things
24:36 and do these things because now I had Jesus.
24:39 He said, now he said, I everyday or every week
24:42 I should say I saved up money all week on
24:45 so I could take a bus and go to church in weekend.
24:48 The neighbors told me said oh,
24:50 you're just going to that church because they pay you.
24:52 He said no, no, no, I don't go there for that
24:54 he says I go there because I love Jesus Christ.
24:58 Friends, that's what its all about
25:00 surrender all to Jesus
25:01 and falling in love with Him like Milo.
25:11 Milo gave up everything in his life
25:13 for real treasure how about you?
25:16 Is the happiness and peace that only comes from Jesus
25:19 worth everything to you?
25:22 Christ in heaven are worth all we are in possessed.
25:25 Is there any part of your life that is worth too much,
25:29 too precious to you to give up in order to obtain heaven?
25:34 After 65 years Milo's focus turned from himself to Jesus.
25:38 Well, that's where real life begin.
25:41 The apostle Paul discovered the pearl a great price
25:43 is of who and not a what.
25:45 Here Paul's onwards and easy to read translation.
25:48 He says at onetime all things were important to me
25:52 but because the Christ I decided that
25:55 nothing was worth it, none of these things.
25:56 Not only these things but now I think that all these things
25:59 are worth nothing compared
26:01 with the greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord,
26:04 because of Christ I lost all these things
26:07 and now I know that they are worthless trash.
26:10 All I want now is Christ. I want to belong to Him.
26:15 My friends, I invite you to choose
26:17 the most important Jesus Christ.
26:19 Will you say with Paul, I want to belong to Him?
26:26 A letter came into my possession
26:28 that brought tears of joy to my eyes
26:30 and I'd like to share some of with you.
26:32 "In all of my life I never knew
26:34 there was any other religion other that Hinduism and Buddhism
26:37 but you've introduced me to Jesus Christ.
26:40 Thank You, for allowing me to taste
26:42 that sweetness of God."
26:46 I hope it touches you as much as its touched me.
26:49 You know in Psalms 34 it says,
26:50 "Taste and see that Jehovah is good,
26:54 blessed is the man who trust in Him."
26:56 I found these enlightening words in the book of
26:58 "Faith to Live By" that I also like to share with you.
27:01 "Our growth in grace, our joy, our youthfulness
27:04 all depend upon the union with Christ.
27:07 It is by communion with Him daily, hourly
27:10 by abiding in Him that we're to grow in grace."
27:20 Arnold Toynbee had it right when he said,
27:22 "Sooner or later, man always had to decide
27:25 whether he'll worship his own power or the power of God."
27:29 Giving time to make sure that God has given
27:32 permission to burn out every sin in your life,
27:35 this is accomplished by following more deeply
27:37 in love with Him allowing Him to occupy
27:40 every corner of your heart so that nothing else can
27:43 hence you become fireproof.
27:45 I urge you see the things of God's kingdom.


Revised 2014-12-17