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Program Code Duration Description Participants
SF000001 Video Transcript 1:29:02 For Such A Time NA
SF000002 Video Transcript 0:52:33 Mary's Song NA
SF000003 Video Transcript 0:57:00 The Great Advent Awakening Jim Nix (Host)
SF000004 Video 0:36:30 Majestic Creation (Nature Video) NA
SF000007 Video Transcript 0:58:30 Young Age of the Earth Dr. Robert Gentry
SF000018 Video Transcript 0:57:59 G M T B Music Special Ken Cox (Host), Dona Klein, Joe Pearles
SF000019A Video Transcript 0:58:30 NA
SF00020A Video Transcript
SF00020B Video Transcript
SF00020C Video Transcript
2:55:56 Mending Broken People Documentary NA
SF000021 Video Transcript 0:58:30 Joy To The World Fountainview Academy
SF000022 Video Transcript 0:58:30 Joy To The World* Fountainview Academy Choir and Orchestra
SF000023 Video Transcript 0:58:29 Communion and Consecration Service 2010 NA
SF000025 Video Transcript 1:09:44 2011 Annual Council Worship Sermon Pastor Ted Wilson
SF000026 Video Transcript 0:56:30 O Come, All Ye Faithful Fountainview Academy Orchestra and Choir
SF000027 Video Transcript 0:58:30 Go Tell It On The Mountain Fountainview Academy Orchestra and Choir
SF000028 Video Transcript 0:59:48 Redemption Moncrief Michael, Pr. Ezra Mendinghall, Rodney A. Johnson, Willette Johnson (narrator)
SF000029A Video
SF000029B Video
SF000029C Video
0:55:29 N Y 13 Shawn Boonstra (Host), G. Earl Knight, Jose Cortes Senior, Ted Wilson, Trevor Baker, Charles Cheatham, Dan Jackson, Don King, Frank Bondurant, Frank Tochterman
SF000030 Video Transcript 0:44:47 Majesty Of Creation (MCMS) NA
SF000031 Video Transcript 0:57:59 Love Rules Danny Shelton
SF000032 Video Transcript 1:28:14 Sing Joy! NA
SF000033 Video 0:58:29 Communion And Consecration Service 2012 Danny Shelton (Host), Jim Gilley (Host), Brian Hamilton, C.A. Murray, Jay Christian
SF000034 Video Transcript 0:54:33 Zimbabwe: This Soil Also NA
SF000035 Video Transcript 0:58:05 Silent Night Various Musical
SF000036 Video Transcript 1:00:04 Raising the Commandments Pr. Ezra Mendinghall (Host)
SF000037 Video Transcript 0:56:47 God in Ancient China Herb Kersten
SF000038 Video Transcript 0:59:05 Star of Bethlehem Debbie Thompson-Kippel (Host)
SF000039 Video Transcript 0:58:30 Communion and Consecration Service 2014 Danny Shelton (Host), Jim Gilley (Host), Brian Hamilton, C.A. Murray, Jim Gilley, John Lomacang
SF000040 Video Transcript 1:38:00 The Jack Blanco Story NA
SF000041A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Earth's Final Crisis Steve Wohlberg
SF000043A Video Transcript 1:26:15 Leopard Vision Chris Hudson
SF000044A Video Transcript 0:58:00 Single Creek Chris Lang
SF000045A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Peace on Earth Shawn & Jean Boonstra (Host)
SF000046A Video Transcript 1:58:00 Kid's Time Reunion Brenda Walsh (Host)
SF000047A Video Transcript 0:58:25 A Christmas Journey to Freedom Wintley Phipps (Host)
SF000048A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Peace on Earth Shawn & Jean Boonstra
SF000049A Video Transcript 1:15:00 The Dragon Revealed, Part 1 Documentary on Martial Arts
SF000050A Video Transcript 1:34:00 The Dragon Revealed, Part 2 Documentary..The Secrets, Spirits and Powers behind the martial arts.
SF000051A Video Transcript 0:59:45 Journey Interrupted NA
SF000052A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Vop Sponsorship Sermon NA
SF000053A Video Transcript 1:02:45 Daniel and the Revelation “The Return of Christ” NA
SF000054A Video Transcript 0:59:15 Daniel and the Revelation: The Return of Christ, Part 2 NA
SF000055A Video 0:15:45 Music Music
SF000056A Video 1:31:30 The Story of Jesus NA
SF180609A Video NA No Information Available NA


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