Salvation in Symbols and Signs

Overview of Revelation

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:30 How exciting is this?
00:32 We're going to be studying the Book of Revelation
00:35 Yvonne: I know...
00:36 This is the culmination of months,
00:39 maybe even... over a year... huh, Yvonne,
00:41 Yvonne: I think so. James: of daring to dream.
00:44 Yvonne: Yes, come on now, come on... come on... ah ha...
00:48 we talked about this actually
00:49 originally... before all of us ended up sitting here together
00:53 we talked about this with a man by the name of Will Pergerson
00:57 and Will was a personal friend of mine
01:00 and of Christ's... he had a vision, a dream,
01:05 he was an Evangelist, a powerful Speaker, a man of God
01:08 and he envisioned a dream for the Book of Revelation
01:11 and explaining the Book of Revelation
01:14 with a very strong emphasis on Christ
01:17 and I believe that Will would have been here with us
01:20 of course, I know he would have been here with us today
01:24 this is... what he wanted but...
01:25 a tragic accident took his life last year
01:28 and we want to dedicate this first program to Will
01:31 and we know he's resting in Christ
01:35 and we know that he is going to hear the voice of Christ
01:39 and that trumpet call in the morning
01:41 and he's going to be there, we will not lose him...
01:44 it says in 1st Thessalonians chapter 4,
01:47 well, this program is
01:49 going to be pretty basic, pretty simple,
01:53 we're going to be opening up the Book of Revelation,
01:55 we're going to be looking through the pages, the verses
01:58 and trying to understand it.
02:00 Now, I come from a background
02:01 of studying this Book for some... 30 years...
02:05 and yet not really understanding it fully still
02:09 and I believe that's because the Book is a masterpiece,
02:11 it's... it's a challenging Book
02:13 and I think we're going to be studying throughout all eternity
02:16 it's a summary of the entire Bible in a way
02:18 but it is a Book that's filled with symbolic languages,
02:21 a Book that's filled with mysterious representations
02:25 of events and history, past, present and future,
02:28 it's a Book that is difficult to understand,
02:31 a Book that's been blessed
02:33 because God wants to encourage us to study and to understand it
02:36 so I'm here at the table
02:38 with that background,
02:40 and I want to know a little bit about your backgrounds
02:42 and your relationship to it,
02:43 but Jason, let's start with you.
02:44 Well, I'm relatively new to the church... coming back
02:48 and Revelation is a Book that's full of symbols and signs
02:52 and it's... it's... confusing to me,
02:55 I mean there is a lot of... it's kind of like a treasure map
02:59 because we're trying to figure out what times...
03:02 what kingdom does this symbol represent
03:05 what are the seven stars, what are the seven candlesticks,
03:08 what are... what are all these things,
03:09 so I'm looking forward to learning about Revelation.
03:15 James: Super... I love it... I love it...
03:16 Yeah, I'm... I guess... I have read Revelation
03:22 more than one time
03:23 and I still don't have the kind of grasp on it that I want,
03:29 I feel like... even though I've read it...
03:33 even though I read a commentary on it,
03:36 I still don't have that feeling of... you know...
03:41 that I really kind of know... know it
03:43 and I guess to kind of reinforce what you were saying,
03:48 I guess you never fully know it
03:50 but I can have a better grasp on it
03:52 so I think that there are a lot of people
03:55 who... you know... who have read through it
03:57 like I have but they just...
03:59 kind of still don't really know
04:00 so, I'm looking forward to this study
04:03 because I really feel like this is going to open it up
04:06 in a whole new way, praise the Lord,
04:09 especially with the Holy Spirit, amen.
04:11 James: Amen... good deal...
04:13 So, my introduction to the Book of Revelation
04:15 came when I was a... 12-years old...
04:19 and I was not a Christian,
04:22 I had a cousin that had a co-worker from England
04:27 and she began to talk to me about the Mark of the Beast.
04:33 At 12-years old... I had seen this movie
04:39 about this little boy
04:41 who discovers he's the Antichrist
04:43 and anyone who finds out his identity...
04:50 he dies a mysterious death
04:52 so she's there telling me,
04:55 "Hey, I know what the Mark of the Beast is...
04:57 do you want to know what the Mark of the Beast is?"
04:59 And I'm like... "Oh my goodness...
05:00 if I know what the Mark of the Beast is,
05:03 I'm going to die... "
05:04 Yvonne: Oh! you're taking that movie seriously, huh?
05:07 She told me it was the...
05:09 there were soap companies that produced
05:12 or soap companies that had a label on their boxes
05:18 half circle,
05:19 half a circle with a half moon and a man's face in it,
05:24 she showed me the box... I ran out the house screaming...
05:29 "I'm about to die... "
05:32 that was my introduction to the Book of Revelation
05:35 but... and that kind of put a taste in my...
05:39 after I didn't die... I was like,
05:42 "Okay, man! I think I want to know more about this Book"
05:44 and so it was years later... as a... as a...
05:50 actually as a young adult, it was probably like 21 or 22...
05:53 that I was introduced to the Book in a way that I...
05:58 I'd grown up really skeptical of the Bible
06:01 and someone introduced the Book to me...
06:05 I didn't know his background but he
06:06 was a well-learned young man...
06:09 in the Book of Revelation... and he began to like...
06:12 break things down in a way that
06:14 really caused me to walk away from a contract that I was in...
06:21 in a Music career,
06:23 and it was so powerful... so amazing
06:25 that I actually walked away from this contract
06:27 never to look back
06:30 so the Book of Revelation has become a...
06:33 one of the Books that for me
06:35 is the most exciting Book of the Bible.
06:38 It just... and I know there's a lot of fear
06:42 with people when they come to that
06:44 but... like I was when I was 12...
06:45 you know, "I want to know this stuff
06:47 because there's dragons and...
06:48 things are going to come up out of the ocean!
06:50 I don't want to be here when that happens. "
06:53 But understanding that these things represent
06:56 symbols and signs of greater realities
07:00 and that there's not going to be like a literal locust
07:03 that looked like men and those kinds of things,
07:07 once I got that understanding and the Book became
07:11 my favorite Book of the Bible... so...
07:14 Mine too... mine too... I can totally relate to that...
07:20 and that's why I think this is going to be exciting
07:22 because... okay you have that interest
07:25 in the Book of Revelation, you love the Book of Revelation,
07:27 now I have that same interest and the desire...
07:30 Jason is a novice when it comes to the Book of Revelation
07:34 he's acknowledging,
07:35 "Hey, I really don't get this Book
07:36 I mean it's full of signs and symbols... but I don't get it"
07:38 and Yvonne has read it a few times
07:40 and you've got a grasp on it but yeah...
07:42 I'd like to know a little bit better
07:43 and I think you guys are going to help moderate us
07:46 and together, we're going to be able to
07:48 move through this Book in a way
07:49 that should open up more and more understanding...
07:53 because, I believe the Holy Spirit
07:56 wants to teach all of God's people
07:58 and when we get together even more so
08:00 the Holy Spirit wants to teach you, you, you and me
08:03 and now four times as much
08:05 because all four of us are together.
08:06 Yvonne: Yeah, yeah.
08:08 And I believe that this Book is a Book for the end of times
08:11 specifically and specially now,
08:12 we're going to look at the Book, we're going to break it down
08:15 just as an overview... just to kind of...
08:17 to make it into more bite-sized pieces,
08:20 sometimes when you...
08:21 when you come into the Book of Revelation
08:23 like... "Where do I start?"
08:24 You know... and how do I get even a grip on this?
08:26 Well, we're going to break it down into four basic sections
08:29 with an introduction and a close,
08:32 the introduction is going to be Revelation chapter one
08:35 that's the introduction to the Book... and...
08:38 I'm going to add to that...
08:39 I think one of the things that people look at
08:44 when they get to the Book of Revelation
08:45 is that... they think it's a Book that's really just
08:48 out of order... that there's no rhythm or rhyme to it
08:52 but when you understand that the Book of Revelation
08:55 is... I like to call it... "Divinely Designed"
08:58 that's when you begin to see, "Oh, there is meaning to this "
09:02 and you just can't fit anything in there,
09:04 it has to follow the pattern so when I was 19...
09:08 I had an experience that I've never forgotten,
09:11 I share this all the time,
09:12 I don't know if you've ever seen those pictures
09:14 that are just like zigzag lines
09:17 and... well let me tell you about it...
09:19 I'm in the mall with my friends
09:21 and where... I see all these people around this picture
09:24 and they're going, "Oh, look at that, look at it"
09:25 so they caught my interest, I went over there,
09:27 and it's just zigzag lines...
09:30 and I'm looking at these people like,
09:32 "You are crazy... what do you see?"
09:34 And then someone said,
09:36 "No... no... you have to do this thing with your eyes"
09:38 and I was like, "Do what?" and they were like...
09:40 "You got to focus on a particular... "
09:41 so I'm trying to do all these things with my eyes
09:43 and then suddenly...
09:46 I don't know if I focused in on one point
09:49 or what happened but that picture that was just zigzag...
09:52 zigzag lines suddenly became 3D...
09:54 when I moved... the picture moved
09:57 and now I was like, "What? Do you see this?"
10:01 So to many people, the Book of Revelation
10:04 it's just zigzag lines,
10:07 "I can't see anything, I mean, where is the...
10:10 what are you getting so excited about, James?"
10:12 But when you see that there's a pattern to the Book
10:17 and that's what we'll be talking about
10:19 at least in this opening lesson,
10:20 when we see the pattern to the Book,
10:22 we see that there was One behind that pattern,
10:25 a Divine Designer and that pattern really helps
10:28 to make things come alive...
10:30 come alive... in like... 3D for us... if you would.
10:34 So, we'll be covering those patterns
10:37 and hopefully that will bring it to life.
10:40 Yes, I love that and again...
10:43 it reminds me of when I was first studying
10:45 the Book of Revelation
10:46 and I decided to rewrite it... in order
10:48 I wanted to put all the second comings in order,
10:50 and I wanted to put all the judgments in order,
10:52 and I wanted to put everything about Christ in order...
10:54 so... because it wasn't written in order,
10:55 I don't know who put this together,
10:57 I don't know who inspired this Book and put it in this order
11:01 but you know... it needed to be...
11:02 and since then I've realized
11:04 the more I've studied the Book of Revelation,
11:06 the more I've realized
11:08 how little I know about the Book,
11:10 so, I don't think any of us should be
11:13 handicapped by the idea
11:17 that, "Hey, we're just not scholarly,
11:18 this book is just too much for us,
11:20 this is too difficult"
11:21 it's kind of like, Ivor,
11:23 when he first looked at that painting, he's like,
11:25 "I'm not getting anything out of this,
11:26 man, everyone else is... but I'm not... "
11:27 sometimes, we come to the Book of Revelation that way
11:30 and we don't need to feel as though
11:33 we're on the outside,
11:35 "Oh, that guy knows all about Revelation...
11:37 I'll just sit at his feet, I'll just learn what he... "
11:38 No, God wants to actually communicate to us...
11:42 all of us... and show us what this book means,
11:45 now one of the keys, I think,
11:48 to understand the Book of Revelation is
11:50 to break it down into these sections
11:52 and to allow Christ to be the center,
11:55 that is something that I know was on Will Pergerson's heart,
11:58 Pastor Pergerson's heart,
11:59 and I know it's on Ivor's heart, it's on my heart,
12:01 when we look at the Book of Revelation,
12:04 sometimes we do think about these gloomy pictures,
12:07 we think about negative things,
12:08 Martin Luther wrote
12:10 an introduction to the Book of Revelation
12:12 in the year 1522 and in that introduction
12:15 he said, "Ah... the Book of Revelation
12:17 doesn't really belong to the canon
12:20 it shouldn't even be part of the Bible,
12:21 Christ isn't there, you know,
12:24 He's not known in there, He's not taught in there,"
12:27 but, you know, it was a part...
12:28 so he wrote this introduction
12:30 he talked about the Book of Revelation, eight years later,
12:32 Martin Luther changed his opinion.
12:34 Eight years later in his... in his
12:37 editing of the introduction of Revelation he said,
12:39 "We see now that Christ is both taught
12:42 and center of the Book of Revelation. "
12:45 And that was, I think, a breaking point for Luther
12:48 that really was where his mind now was able to
12:51 grasp the prophecies of Revelation
12:52 because in a nutshell, just in a nutshell,
12:55 what Revelation is doing...
12:56 it's introducing us to Christ and the gospel
12:59 and then introducing us to that power... that influence
13:03 that is symbolized by a dragon
13:04 that is going to counterfeit Christ and the gospel.
13:07 That's it in a nutshell.
13:09 It's Christ and the gospel, here's the gospel,
13:12 here's Christ, here's how it all works
13:13 now, be aware of this dragon
13:16 because he has actually come down
13:17 and he's trying to take from you what Christ has given to you
13:21 and he's trying to counterfeit
13:23 everything that Christ has established
13:24 and we're going to see that,
13:26 all through Revelation, we're going to see the truth
13:27 counterfeit, the truth... counterfeit...
13:29 truth... counterfeit... in all the symbols.
13:30 I would say the best way to understand really...
13:36 any subject of the Bible, is, "How can I juice this down,
13:41 if you will, to a level that...
13:45 I can explain it in a minute," you know,
13:47 so just like what we've just heard,
13:49 "Okay, really, it's about Christ and the dragon
13:51 and them warring over the people of God,
13:56 over humanity... " you know, at the...
13:59 the more ways you can sum it up for your own self,
14:04 the better... you begin to feel more comfortable
14:06 approaching the Book because now you're going to be
14:09 trying to trace that theme right, okay, so,
14:14 Christ, dragon, people,
14:16 where will I find that in Revelation one,
14:17 Revelation two, Revelation three,
14:19 going all the way through so the more you can...
14:22 you can... you can find these patterns,
14:25 these parallels, these themes,
14:28 and then you now have something,
14:31 you can trace through the whole book.
14:33 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm... James: Love it...
14:35 Instead of just jumping in and
14:37 around and reading Revelation 11,
14:38 where does this fit? what is it about?
14:41 without the theme or without the context,
14:44 yeah, it's zigzag lines.
14:46 James: Well, let's look at that, Jason, would you read for us
14:48 Revelation chapter 1 and verse 5?
14:49 Jason: Sure.
14:51 And we'll just pick this out here in this verse.
14:53 "And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness,
14:56 and the first begotten of the dead,
14:58 and the prince of the kings of the earth.
15:00 Unto him that loved us,
15:06 and washed us from our sins in his own blood. "
15:09 Now, what Ivor was just saying applies to this verse,
15:12 what we have here is we have a picture of Christ,
15:15 and we have a picture of Satan and we have a picture of us,
15:18 okay, the picture of Christ is a picture of love
15:21 and by-the-way, it's really interesting
15:23 a few years ago, there was a CNN Blog,
15:26 they have a religious blog on CNN
15:28 and in this blog, it was March of 2012,
15:32 they had interviewed, basically,
15:34 a Scholar, Biblical Scholar
15:38 and asked him about the Book of Revelation
15:40 and this Biblical Scholar said,
15:42 "Basically, the Book of Revelation
15:43 was forced in the canon... "
15:44 kind of like what Martin Luther came up with,
15:46 "it was forced into the canon, it doesn't really belong there,
15:48 we don't even know if John was the author
15:50 and we don't know if the author read even the gospels
15:53 and there's nowhere in the book of Revelation,
15:55 it even says that Jesus died for our sins... "
15:57 and the thing that got me about that
16:01 is, that really brought home to me is...
16:04 because really, Revelation chapter 1 and verse 5,
16:07 the verse that you just read, Jason,
16:09 tells us that Jesus Christ died for us,
16:10 loves us and washed us from our sins...
16:12 that's the gospel right there,
16:13 so when this "Scholar" who was interviewed on CNN said this,
16:17 I said, "Wow! so much for scholarship...
16:19 so much for scholarship"
16:21 in other words, we don't need to depend on the scholars
16:24 when we open up the Book of Revelation,
16:26 in fact... it might be good not to depend on the scholars.
16:29 See, that's really good thing to think about because
16:31 you kind of ordinarily think,
16:34 "I've got to have somebody break it down for me"
16:37 we're kind of doing that here but yet
16:41 we're asking the Holy Spirit to guide us
16:44 and so in our private study too,
16:47 we can ask the Holy Spirit to guide us
16:49 but this does... I've never noticed this before,
16:52 this verse has the gospel.
16:53 James: It's John 3:16.
16:55 Yvonne: I love the idea of finding Christ
16:59 in this Book, in every nook and cranny
17:03 that we can because... it gives it a new meaning
17:07 now we're not just focusing on the dark side,
17:11 right, but now we're focusing on
17:14 the love of Jesus and what He did
17:17 and how He's going to protect us in the end
17:20 and all of that, so to me,
17:22 that's... that's... that's awesome...
17:24 to find Jesus in every... in every nook and cranny.
17:28 And that is definitely important
17:30 what you guys are saying about learning...
17:32 you have to learn it for yourself
17:33 because somebody else might get it wrong
17:38 and they're teaching you wrong,
17:39 you need to learn for yourself what truth is.
17:43 James: Amen, absolutely, now...
17:45 Ivor: And I'm going to share this is that
17:48 the fact that the Bible, I believe, is divinely designed
17:52 is a way of actually checking your conclusions
17:56 because, just like a Math problem,
17:58 you do a Math problem and then you reverse the problem
18:00 and see if you got it right,
18:02 the Bible... especially the Book of Revelation,
18:05 has those built in mechanisms where you can see,
18:09 am I right on this or am I wrong?
18:11 You know, because as you...
18:13 it's got to fit in the pattern,
18:15 if you understand the big picture, the pattern,
18:17 you know, "Well, I can't fit this in there
18:20 because that just throws off the entire pattern,
18:24 the entire design... "
18:26 and so, all those things come into play,
18:28 but what he's saying about this...
18:30 the gospel being in Revelation chapter 1 verse 5,
18:34 is a beautiful thought, you know, the first chapter,
18:38 you have the gospel
18:39 and we should be looking for that theme...
18:42 James: All the way through. Ivor: Straight through.
18:44 Because an introduction to any good book,
18:47 introduces the theme of the book.
18:50 So what was the theme of the book?
18:52 Well, Revelation 1:1,
18:53 it's the Revelation of Jesus Christ,
18:55 who loved us and washed us from our sins
18:57 in His blood and here's the conflict...
18:58 you were talking about the conflict,
18:59 we were talking about the summary of the Book...
19:01 you have Jesus and you have the devil
19:04 and you have us,
19:06 where is the devil in this verse?
19:07 who washes from our sins, where did sin come from?
19:10 Well, sin came from the devil,
19:12 sin came from that adversary who tempted Adam and Eve
19:16 who began the whole process of... if you will...
19:19 rebellion in the universe which, by-the-way is...
19:22 in a sense the... the zenith of the Book of Revelation,
19:25 chapter 12, it gives us a picture
19:27 of this whole great controversy
19:28 and how it started in heaven,
19:30 so Revelation 1:5 also introduces, in a sense,
19:34 to that dark side,
19:35 to sin and guilt and shame
19:37 and the thing that led us to hide from God,
19:39 and be afraid of God
19:41 and Jesus wants us to know right away...
19:43 the first thing he wants us to know,
19:45 right away in Revelation, first message of Revelation...
19:47 it's not about a beast,
19:48 it's not about an Antichrist, it's not about a dragon,
19:50 the first thing He wants us to know is,
19:51 "I love you and I've washed you
19:52 and I've taken care of the guilt
19:54 I've taken care of the sin,
19:55 I've taken care of the very thing
19:57 that was brought upon you
19:58 by venturing into that good and evil
20:01 that knowledge I didn't want you to have
20:02 and listening to the accusations... the insinuations
20:06 of the dragon which was the serpent which is the devil,
20:10 I've cleansed you from that, I've washed you from that,
20:13 I accept you, I believe in you,
20:15 you are mine... "
20:16 and this is the picture we're having here
20:18 it is... I think it's so significant and beautiful...
20:22 I want to take you on a very quick... just all of you...
20:26 of that very theme in the Book of Revelation
20:29 and it was interesting
20:31 because as James and I were talking
20:33 and sharing some of these, some of our different thoughts,
20:36 before our Program and we were just like...
20:39 we never really studied the Book of Revelation together
20:41 but we were amazed at how much...
20:43 we were like, "Whoa, we are on the same page,
20:47 are we seeing this in the very same way"
20:49 but one of the things that we were sharing is that
20:53 the Book of Revelation,
20:55 and this is how I'd like to put it,
20:56 is actually a love story...
20:58 Yvonne: Hmmm...
21:00 so when you put that for me...
21:01 what? Revelation a love story? No it's not...
21:03 it's about beasts and dragons bringing fear about...
21:05 the Book of Revelation is about...
21:08 James: So are love stories by-the-way...
21:11 Christ rescues the woman from the dragon...
21:13 Ivor: What do you have...
21:15 you have the Prince, Jesus Christ,
21:17 you have His Bride... the Church...
21:20 and you have this power saying,
21:22 "Give me some time with your woman
21:24 and I bet you, I can take her... "
21:27 Yvonne: Wow...
21:28 Ivor: That's basically what he's saying...
21:29 so the entire Book of Revelation,
21:32 that theme of Christ, His Bride and the dragon saying,
21:37 "I'm going to steal her from you... "
21:39 so Revelation becomes a love story
21:41 and now, just think of it,
21:43 when you think of the Book of Revelation,
21:45 within that context,
21:46 we know that in Revelation chapter 1
21:49 you have John... who is...
21:51 who Jesus says, "John, I want you to...
21:53 I'm calling you to do something for me... "
21:55 So, John, in essence...
21:57 we can look at him as the friend of the bridegroom,
21:59 okay, then in chapters 2 and 3...
22:02 you have the letters to the seven churches
22:04 so what are those?
22:05 Those are Jesus' love letters to His bride.
22:09 Okay, in Chapters 4 and 5...
22:11 you have Jesus standing before the Father,
22:13 but what is He doing there?
22:15 He is standing there on behalf of His bride, right?
22:19 Chapter 6 deals with the... with the seals...
22:25 Okay, here... you see the story of how Satan
22:29 is trying to corrupt the Bride,
22:31 trying to lead her away from her love,
22:35 Revelation Chapter 7,
22:37 you have the sealing of the people of God,
22:39 so, what is that sealing?
22:41 It's really the perfecting of God's... of Jesus' Bride.
22:45 Okay, Revelation 8 to 11 are the trumpets...
22:48 what is Jesus doing there?
22:50 In the trumpets, He is protecting His Bride
22:53 throughout the ages, right?
22:54 From the time of the cross, which we'll get into more detail
22:57 but this is just an overview,
22:59 Revelation 12 to 13,
23:02 you have Satan physically assaulting the Bride.
23:05 Going to make war with the Remnant of her seed...
23:08 "I'm going to persecute you,
23:09 and I'm going to demonstrate
23:11 that this woman doesn't love you"
23:12 so I'm going to institute something called
23:13 "The Mark of the Beast" and I'll bet you
23:16 that to save herself, she'll receive it.
23:18 Jason: Wow! Yvonne: Hmmm...
23:20 James: Those are the basic sections of Revelation,
23:22 you've got the seven churches,
23:23 the seven seals, the seven trumpets...
23:24 and then in that last section
23:26 which we call, "The seven signs of salvation"
23:27 those are four basic...
23:29 and all of those sections repeat and enlarge
23:31 they tell the same story from a different angle.
23:33 It's very similar to Daniel,
23:35 Daniel 2, 7, 8 and 11 are four chapters
23:39 that repeat and enlarge... on the same basic theme,
23:41 so you got an introduction in Revelation 1
23:44 and you've got a close in Revelation 22,
23:46 and then you've got these four basic themes...
23:48 or stories that are told from different angles
23:51 covering the same ground
23:52 and giving more insight and more understanding
23:55 until we finally get to this picture
23:57 in Revelation 12, 13, 14 and onward...
23:59 that I think, primarily applies to us today
24:03 and in the future to us...
24:05 in other words... that is just before us...
24:08 And James, the story ends happily ever after.
24:10 Jason: See, I've never heard it broken down like that before.
24:14 Yvonne: Oh Wow! I love it.
24:15 Christ comes to take His Bride, comes to take His Bride home
24:18 after He saves her... saves the day...
24:20 those plagues... really... the plagues at the end of time,
24:25 are really, God saying,
24:26 "You're not going to touch my woman,
24:28 how dare you try to put a hand on her?"
24:31 so the plagues are God's... or Christ saying...
24:34 "I'm protecting her... " He comes to get the Bride,
24:36 goes home with her to a wedding...
24:39 happily ever after.
24:41 Wow! you know, wow, that is so deep,
24:44 one Author has said,
24:46 "If a man is really in love with a woman,
24:49 he'll do the three P's, he'll protect her,
24:52 he'll provide for her and he'll profess her"
24:55 and Jesus does all of that.
24:58 James: I like that...
24:59 that wraps up the picture really well,
25:02 so when we're looking at the Book of Revelation,
25:04 Ivor, you're going to say something?
25:06 Let's go into the... into the... sections.
25:10 Yeah, when we're looking at the Book of Revelation,
25:12 we're going to be looking at these four sections
25:14 Revelation Chapter one
25:16 is what we wall the Introduction or the Prologue,
25:18 Revelation Chapters 2 and 3... Seven Churches...
25:22 Revelation Chapters 4 through 8:1... Seven Seals,
25:26 Revelation Chapter 8 verse 2
25:29 to Revelation 11:19... Seven Trumpets...
25:31 and then Revelation Chapter 12
25:33 all the way to 22 and verse 5,
25:35 is what we call the "Seven Salvation Signs"
25:38 and we'll talk a little bit about what we mean by that
25:41 and in Revelation Chapter 22:6, all the way through 22:21,
25:45 that's going to be the Epilogue or the Close...
25:47 that's going to be the basic layout of the Book of Revelation
25:51 that we're going to be looking at
25:52 as we move through it step by step...
25:54 and in our next Program,
25:55 we just got a couple of minutes left here,
25:57 time has flown by,
25:58 but in our next Program, we're going to do
26:01 an introduction and we're just going to spend
26:03 as much time as we need in Revelation Chapter 1,
26:06 we kind of touched on it a little bit
26:08 but we're going to start in Revelation Chapter 1 now,
26:11 our goal for this series, this first series,
26:13 on Bible Prophecy,
26:15 our goal is to make it half way through the Book,
26:19 Ivor and I talked about it, we sat down
26:20 and we... over the phone and we went through
26:23 a number of different
26:24 sessions together, outlines... and we thought...
26:26 "How far can we get in the first session?
26:28 Can we cover the whole book? No, we can't cover...
26:30 there's no way we're going to cover the whole book...
26:31 what about half way through?
26:33 Yeah, let's make that a goal... "
26:34 so our goal is to get through Revelation 11...
26:36 to make it to Revelation 12 verse 1,
26:38 however, we are not cemented into that goal,
26:42 we don't have to get there, we're just going to move through
26:45 if we only get to Chapter 2,
26:47 in the whole 13 Sessions, that's fine,
26:50 if we get further than that, that's fine too.
26:52 What we'd like to do is, we would like to make sure
26:55 that you guys... Yvonne, Jason...
26:57 that you are moderating us,
26:59 we want to be able to move through this Book,
27:01 no faster than you guys can comprehend it
27:04 and we want to be able to understand and explain it
27:07 in the sense that anyone that's just listening in
27:10 on our conversation about this Book,
27:12 is going to get it, it's going to click.
27:13 So, what do you guys think, you think it's a good plan?
27:18 Oh yeah, I think that's great, I like the idea...
27:21 of just not just being forced into a timeline, you know,
27:26 we just get it as we go... as the Spirit moves, we get it.
27:30 Jason: Yeah, because this is heavy stuff.
27:32 Yvonne: Yeah, this is heavy stuff.
27:33 It is, and yet, looking at the illustrations that...
27:37 some of the illustrations that Ivor brought out,
27:39 you know, the love story illustration,
27:41 and the illustration of Christ standing for His Bride...
27:44 while... you know, the dragon...
27:46 looking at these illustrations to me
27:47 really is going to help us to comprehend these truths
27:51 so I'm looking forward to the adventure
27:53 that we're going to have in our Sessions together.
27:55 Yvonne: Yes amen... James: Praise God...
27:56 Let's pray together as we close.
27:58 Father, we just want to thank you for this opportunity
28:01 for this Program, for all You're doing
28:03 and you do and pray that you'll continue to bless us,
28:05 guide us, lead us as we study the Book of Revelation
28:07 we pray in Jesus' name, amen...
28:09 All: Amen... amen...


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