Salvation in Symbols and Signs

Introduction to Revelation

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Participants: Ivor Meyers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:30 Salvation in Symbols and Signs,
00:33 that's basically what we've called
00:34 this little Bible study
00:36 that we're having in the Book of Revelation,
00:37 Salvation in Symbols and Signs.
00:38 And really, it's, it's more than just Revelation.
00:41 We want to take in prophecy as a whole,
00:44 but we started with this book.
00:46 And it's gonna be really awesome to see
00:48 how the Lord leads, because the Book of Revelation
00:51 is a summary of the entire Bible in a sense.
00:54 It's, as we looked at the overview,
00:56 it's a picture of a God of love,
00:58 who is the bridegroom and us
01:00 who are the bride being rescued from the dragon, if you will.
01:04 And it's a story with a happy ending.
01:06 It's beautiful story with a happy ending.
01:08 So we're going to be looking at it,
01:09 from the Book of Revelation
01:10 but we're also gonna be delving into other parts of the Bible.
01:14 And eventually we're gonna even get
01:15 into the Book of Daniel
01:16 and connect the two books together which I think,
01:19 it's really gonna bring out this picture,
01:21 this beautiful picture of God's heart and God's love.
01:24 I call it prophetic pictures of God.
01:28 And a lot of times we look at prophecy,
01:29 we attribute it to the antichrist, beast,
01:34 and to dark gloomy pictures.
01:36 But I think its prophetic pictures of God.
01:38 So I'm thinking as we get started right now,
01:40 we should just ask God to bless us
01:42 and guide us and lead us.
01:44 Yvonne, would you like to pray for us?
01:45 Yeah, sure, sure.
01:47 Father God, we just praise Your name and thank You so much
01:49 for the privilege of being able to study this book
01:52 and to learn more about You and Your Son
01:55 through this book.
01:56 We thank You Lord God.
01:57 So we ask for Your Holy Spirit's
01:59 presence here with us
02:01 as we open the pages of this, of Your holy word.
02:05 We thank You Lord God in Jesus' name, amen.
02:07 Amen. Thank you, Yvonne.
02:09 So Salvation in Symbols and Signs,
02:12 I just want to emphasize that, Salvation in Symbols and Signs.
02:14 Yeah. That's really what it's about.
02:16 Yeah.
02:17 And I think that one of the things
02:19 that's really turn this book is verse 3.
02:21 Revelation Chapter 1:3.
02:23 Jason, would you read that verse for us?
02:24 Sure.
02:26 "Blessed is he that readeth,
02:28 and they that hear the words of this prophecy,
02:31 and keep those things which are written therein:
02:33 for the time is at hand."
02:34 Okay.
02:36 There is a threefold blessing in the Book of Revelation.
02:39 And the reason why God has put a threefold blessing
02:41 in the Book of Revelation is to encourage us,
02:44 to read it, to hear it and to keep it.
02:47 Why would we need to be encouraged
02:49 to read and keep and hear the Book of Revelation?
02:53 Why?
02:54 Is there...
02:56 Possibly in God's understanding
03:00 a danger that people would be uninterested,
03:04 disinterested in the Book of Revelation?
03:08 Afraid, perhaps of the Book of Revelation?
03:09 I mean, when I was in Pakistan years ago,
03:11 I was doing a series on Revelation,
03:12 and a young man was translating the meanings into Urdu.
03:17 And my translator came to me between sessions
03:20 and he said to me "Pastor, I need to tell you something,
03:23 I need to tell you something." I said, what is it?
03:25 He said, well, he said, when I started to study
03:27 the Book of Revelation...
03:29 He said, my dad who is an elder in the church,
03:32 and the pastor of my church came to me
03:33 and they said "don't study the Book of Revelation."
03:37 If you study the Book of Revelation,
03:39 scary beast will come to take you tonight.
03:43 I couldn't believe it. I was like, are you serious?
03:45 But yes, he was serious.
03:47 I've been to seminars where people have told me
03:49 that they are dutifully reading through the Bible.
03:52 They are Christians and they believe it's good, it's right,
03:56 it's important to read through the Bible.
03:58 And they will read through the Bible dutifully,
03:59 and when they get to the Book of Revelation,
04:01 they'll do a 180 and go all the way back to Genesis
04:03 and start again,
04:04 but they will not read the Book of Revelation.
04:06 I was...
04:08 Over and over again. Yeah.
04:09 It's interesting that one of the reasons
04:10 why many Christians avoid the Book of Revelation is
04:14 because they believe that the Book of Revelation
04:17 is really for the future,
04:19 and it doesn't have any relevance for them
04:22 because they are gonna be gone, raptured away.
04:24 Good point.
04:26 And so, you know, I think Christ giving us
04:29 this injunction, listen,
04:31 "Blessed are they who read this,
04:33 who understand it."
04:35 This is the one book that Satan doesn't want you to get.
04:39 It's the last book of the Bible.
04:41 You know the consummation of the Bible.
04:45 And so, it's like the Lord's final sayings to us.
04:51 And He's gonna put His most important information
04:55 in those final sayings.
04:57 So there's a reason I believe that, you know,
04:59 it's actually Satan behind
05:01 making this book look unattractive.
05:05 You don't want to read it
05:07 because things might happen to you.
05:08 I mean, he uses these tactics of fear,
05:14 and, all, well, you know,
05:16 I can't understand about
05:17 or I can understand everything else,
05:18 but no I'm just,
05:20 I'm not a scholar so I can't understand that.
05:22 And I think that's crucial because a failure
05:25 to understand prophecy is what led the people in Christ,
05:31 they too reject Him.
05:34 That's an interesting...
05:35 That's an important connection right there.
05:36 Their misunderstanding of prophecy.
05:38 Yes.
05:40 Led them to reject Him as the Messiah.
05:43 That's right.
05:44 Because they confused His first coming
05:48 with the second coming.
05:50 And I think the same thing is true today.
05:52 You know, a misunderstanding of Christ's second coming
05:56 for His third coming is gonna prepare people
06:00 to receive a counterfeit messiah
06:04 who puts his feet on the ground and...
06:05 You know these are all kind of big things in the Bible,
06:07 but the point I'm making is that,
06:11 if we fail to understand prophecy,
06:14 we're not going to be able to be prepared
06:18 for those events that are coming up on the earth.
06:20 It is true.
06:21 And that's, that's why this verse is so important.
06:24 You know, this is the only book of the Bible
06:26 that has a threefold blessing on it, pronounced on it?
06:29 There's no other book of the Bible, where God said,
06:31 "blesses he that reads, blesses those that keep,
06:33 blesses those that hear the prophecies of this book.
06:36 There's no other book in the Bible
06:37 that has that in it.
06:38 And the word blessed is a really interesting word.
06:40 Do you know what it means?
06:42 The actual literal meaning of the word blessed
06:45 is to be happy, to be happy.
06:48 Now, here's where we start already identifying
06:51 counterfeits of Satan.
06:53 God says, if you read, if you hear
06:56 and if you keep the words of the prophecy of this book,
06:59 you will be happy.
07:00 Satan says, some scholars say, some people say,
07:04 no you will be, you will be afraid, you will be scared,
07:07 it's a fearful book, it's a book of doom and gloom.
07:09 So this is, this is an issue of God's word
07:13 against man's word.
07:14 Of God's word, taking God's word by faith
07:17 versus the experience that we have in our understanding
07:22 of how this book reads.
07:23 And that's why I really appreciate the way
07:25 that we are approaching this book
07:27 because it's different.
07:29 When I was a dad, I'm still a dad,
07:32 but my son is 23 and my daughter is 18.
07:35 So she is Legal Smeagol now, if you know what I mean.
07:38 So once a dad, always a dad.
07:39 But when I was a dad of kids, we played a game in our house.
07:44 I was a guilty of starting it.
07:45 And it will go something like this.
07:48 I will be walking along in the house
07:51 somewhere minding my own business
07:53 and out of nowhere my son or my daughter would say,
07:55 boo, and they would try to scare me,
07:58 and I did the same to them.
08:00 And I remember, I came home one day,
08:02 I was parking in the driveway and going through the garage
08:06 into the house from the garage there was a laundry room
08:09 and the pantry.
08:11 And right off the laundry room,
08:13 and then through the next door was the kitchen
08:15 and you could see the counter.
08:17 As you got to the garage store into the laundry room,
08:18 you could see the kitchen counter.
08:20 And I could see the counter, I was coming home for lunch,
08:22 I could smell the food, and I saw the counter,
08:24 and I saw the plates there.
08:25 And I was just, you know, oh, yeah, I am hungry.
08:28 And but, all of a sudden
08:30 I realized there is unusually quiet.
08:34 And my antenna went up,
08:36 and I stopped right at the door,
08:38 right at the steps into the laundry room.
08:40 And I decided to do my fake steps.
08:43 Those are the things that you do while you are walking,
08:45 but you are not actually going anywhere.
08:47 And I made the noise as if I was walking,
08:49 but I wasn't actually going anywhere.
08:51 And right after about the third or fourth step,
08:54 out of the pantry jumped my wife and my son
08:56 and my daughter, boo!
08:59 And I stood there as calm as a cucumber
09:02 and I said "boo to you too".
09:05 They said, oh, dad, you didn't scare us.
09:07 And I said, no, because I knew you were there.
09:09 And that's what prophecy is all about.
09:11 Prophecy is not to scare us,
09:13 prophecy is to prepare us by showing us
09:16 what's hiding around the corner.
09:17 Good, good.
09:18 And so, if we know God is so loving and so kind,
09:21 as to show us what the future holds.
09:23 You know, sometimes I wish 20 years ago, oh, man,
09:25 if I was alive 20 years ago, I know how to invest.
09:28 You know, I know what, because I would have known
09:30 what was coming around the corner.
09:31 When it comes to prophecy,
09:33 we don't have to wish backwards.
09:35 Our vision can be 2020 right now.
09:37 And God is telling us in Bible prophecy,
09:39 this is what's coming, this is what's it gonna look like.
09:41 So we don't have to be deceived,
09:42 we don't have to get in a ruckus
09:44 about events that are taking place in the world
09:46 that aren't identified in Bible prophecy.
09:47 Right.
09:48 God is telling us exactly how it lays out.
09:51 And He tells us once, seven churches,
09:53 then He tells us again, seven seals,
09:54 then He tells us again,
09:56 seven trumpets and He tells us again,
09:57 seven salvation signs.
09:59 And every time He adds another picture of these events,
10:03 He gives more details for us, so that we can understand them.
10:06 So this way you are checking yourself.
10:08 You know, the process is repeat and enlarged.
10:11 So something that is just out of the blue
10:15 that doesn't match what you have seen before.
10:19 Right?
10:20 You know, yet I can't be in it because we are repeating
10:22 and enlarging.
10:24 Yes.
10:25 That is such a good point.
10:27 In fact, as we've been talking about the Book of Revelation
10:29 and the idea that's a summary of the entire Bible.
10:32 Guess what?
10:33 The entire Bible is written this way,
10:35 repeat and enlarged.
10:36 For example, Genesis Chapter 1, Creation Story.
10:39 God created man and woman in His own image,
10:42 He created them, right?
10:43 Genesis Chapter 2, repeat and enlarged.
10:46 How specifically did He create man and woman?
10:49 Well, He created Adam from the dust of the earth,
10:51 but He created Eve
10:53 from the rib in the side of Adam's
10:54 or the rib in Adam's side.
10:56 You see, right from the beginning,
10:57 God uses this repeat and enlarged idea.
11:01 In fact, you start with Exodus and then you go to Leviticus
11:04 and then you go to Numbers and then you go to Deuteronomy
11:07 and you're repeating and enlarging.
11:09 The Ten Commandments in Exodus are repeated and enlarged
11:11 upon in Deuteronomy.
11:13 All of the three days are in each one of those four,
11:16 first four books.
11:17 Then you go to Samuel, 1st and 2nd Samuel,
11:20 repeat and enlarged, 1st and 2nd Kings,
11:21 repeat and enlarged, 1st and 2nd Chronicles.
11:23 And when you read through the Bible
11:25 and you're reading Chronicles Chapter...
11:26 Wait a minute, I already read this.
11:27 This is... This is...
11:29 Or, yeah, it's repeating. Yeah, that's true.
11:30 Psalms, Psalms is the same way.
11:32 David starts a thought and he ends a thought.
11:33 And he starts a thought
11:34 and he ends a thought and he starts it...
11:36 He says the same thing in this, this parallel poetry.
11:39 And then you go through to the New Testament
11:41 and what do you find?
11:43 Mathew? Repeat and enlarged.
11:45 Mark?
11:46 Mark is probably the first gospel
11:48 that's been repeat and enlarged.
11:49 Luke, repeat and enlarged, John.
11:50 Same story told the...
11:52 And it's really interesting, isn't it?
11:53 Because in Daniel, you have Daniel 2,
11:55 Daniel 7, Daniel 8, Daniel 11, you have four repeat enlarges.
11:59 In the gospels you have four repeat enlarges.
12:02 God inspired four people to write these gospels,
12:05 like He did it in fours.
12:06 And four is the significant number
12:08 in the Book of Revelation.
12:09 Four is representative of all people,
12:12 it's north, south, east and west.
12:14 It's a four directions of the compass.
12:17 For the four winds? Yes, the four winds.
12:18 That means everyone is included in this.
12:20 Everyone's included in the gospels.
12:22 I like stuff like that,
12:23 like, you see that's was confusing to me.
12:26 So you have all these symbols, you have all these signs.
12:28 And where do you find the meaning
12:30 like prophetic days, a year or something like...
12:35 Like where do you look for that?
12:37 Where do you find that?
12:38 You know, this is a really good question.
12:41 And sometimes the symbols are identified
12:43 immediately in the text.
12:45 Let me give you an example of this.
12:47 In Revelation Chapter 1,
12:49 Jesus is pictured among the candlesticks.
12:53 Now the candlesticks, that sanctuary language,
12:57 that's sanctuary symbolism, that again is borrowed
12:59 from the Old Testament, from the rest of the Bibles,
13:02 all through the old and the New Testaments and Hebrews.
13:04 Right.
13:05 And in Revelation 1:20, we're told what the mystery of this,
13:11 these candlesticks are.
13:13 It says here, Revelation Chapter 1.
13:15 Yvonne, would you like to read that for us, Revelation 1:20?
13:18 Are you there? Sure. Sure.
13:19 "The mystery of the seven stars
13:21 which thou sawest in my right hand,
13:23 and the seven golden candlesticks.
13:25 The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches:
13:29 and the seven candlesticks
13:30 which thou sawest are the seven churches."
13:33 Yes.
13:34 Now this is, this is sometimes
13:36 how the symbols are broken down.
13:37 Okay.
13:39 In Daniel 7 for example, Daniel sees these beasts
13:42 rising up out of the sea and in this dream.
13:46 And in verse 17, he's told what the beast represent.
13:49 Those beasts that you saw are kings,
13:51 their kingdoms verses 17 and 23.
13:54 So there are times in Revelation 17:15,
13:58 John is told "the waters where that woman is sitting,
14:01 are peoples and nations, and multitudes, and tongues."
14:04 There are times when it's right in the context
14:07 of the prophecy that the symbol is unfolded.
14:09 But then there are other times
14:10 when you have to go search for it.
14:12 And so this day for a year thing,
14:14 that is definitely something that God has used
14:16 in the Old Testament in a number of different places,
14:19 and you have to go look for it and see...
14:21 Oh, and then you have to see, does the symbol fit.
14:24 You can't just take a symbol
14:25 and identify it in a Bible verse
14:27 and then just throw it in there and,
14:28 you know, wield in where you've got to see
14:30 if it actually make sense.
14:31 So...
14:33 When you read the prophecy. Christ is described as a lion.
14:36 Well, we wouldn't say that
14:37 He is the lion in Daniel Chapter 7.
14:40 Six. That's what I'm saying.
14:41 Or Daniel... In Daniel...
14:43 in Daniel 7.
14:44 Oh yeah, right, right.
14:45 He is the, you know, that the lion, the leopard,
14:47 the bear, the dragon.
14:49 So He's not-- You see what I'm saying.
14:50 So the symbol has to match with the context.
14:53 Good point.
14:55 And...
14:57 When you look at, you know, some of these symbols
14:59 you have to actually see the pattern in scriptures.
15:03 So if you look at, for example the number three,
15:06 you'll see the number three.
15:08 You may not realize that first,
15:09 but every time you read about the number three,
15:11 you begin to see.
15:12 Oh, there's something symbolic here.
15:14 And the first time number three is mentioned,
15:17 there's, you know, that, on the third day,
15:20 God brought forth the fruit from the ground,
15:23 and that's immediately something...
15:25 Like, wait a minute.
15:26 So the first fruits were brought forth from the ground
15:31 on the third day.
15:34 So the first fruits were brought forth from the ground
15:38 on the third day.
15:40 And you begin to think, huh,
15:42 Jesus Christ who is our first fruits,
15:46 brought forth from the ground on the third day.
15:50 Now you begin to see, look at that number three
15:52 and see every time three is mentioned,
15:55 the butler and the baker,
15:56 after three days,
15:57 one of you is gonna be let loosed,
15:59 the other one is gonna die.
16:00 Jonah, in the belly of the whale, three days.
16:06 The, Abraham, sees a place where he is to sacrifice
16:09 his son three days, right?
16:13 All these examples of the number three,
16:15 leads to the conclusion that three has something to do
16:18 with life and death.
16:20 So when you look at different numbers or symbols,
16:25 you want to be careful to look for repetition,
16:28 because that's what's happening.
16:30 When you see something being repeated,
16:31 connected with a certain symbol or sign,
16:35 take note of that repetition.
16:37 So if you were to go home right now and do a study
16:39 on the number three.
16:41 All the three days of scripture,
16:43 you would find, oh, wow, look at this.
16:47 So many of them tie into that particular
16:52 thought of the dividing line between life and death.
16:56 So that would be just one example
16:58 of how to find symbols, how to find signs.
17:02 And when you see the pattern,
17:05 I'm seeing a pattern here with this number three.
17:07 I'm seeing a pattern here with this number four,
17:09 or with the number seven.
17:11 Those things are gonna be crucial
17:13 when you come to the Book of Revelation.
17:15 What about the number 12?
17:17 Number 12 is...
17:18 and before we get there, I want to just hit on
17:20 what Ivor said just to expand on the thought.
17:23 So a number of points that Ivor just mentioned,
17:26 I've never heard before.
17:27 Okay, I've been studying the Book of Revelation.
17:29 I've been studying Bible for 30 some years,
17:30 never heard it before, and that is the way it is.
17:33 Yeah.
17:34 Okay, God, the Holy Sprit teaches individuals,
17:37 they bring forth stuff that's new and old.
17:39 And some of the ideas are brand new to us.
17:41 And what I tell people as I say, write it down,
17:45 write, take notes.
17:46 Use your Bible if, you know, if that...
17:48 make the connections,
17:50 because now that you have heard this
17:51 and it make sense and it's biblical,
17:54 you're gonna have an opportunity
17:55 and now God is gonna give you an opportunity
17:56 to share with somebody else.
17:58 And when, it's not when you hear it, that it lodges,
18:00 that it's, that it click.
18:02 It's when you share it, that it becomes yours.
18:04 Right.
18:05 That's when it really lodges in your heart,
18:07 in your understanding.
18:08 Now 12 is another symbolic number.
18:11 How do we...
18:12 How do we identify that number?
18:14 Well, we go back to the Old Testament again
18:16 and we realized that when God first developed His people,
18:19 they were developed as 12 sons that became 12 tribes.
18:22 The 12 tribes of Israel, they were God's people.
18:26 And then when we go to the New Testament,
18:27 we find Jesus doing something very significant with 12.
18:31 He calls 12 apostles.
18:33 The 12 apostles become God's New Testament church,
18:37 or we understand today
18:39 they will be the Christian church.
18:40 So God had an Old Testament Church,
18:42 the 12 tribes of Israel.
18:43 God had a New Testament Church, the 12 apostles.
18:47 Wow, 12, 12, that number is now connecting
18:51 with God's church, God's people.
18:53 The number 12 represents God's organized church
18:56 or organized people on planet earth.
18:58 When you get to the end of the Book of Revelation,
19:00 you have the city the New Jerusalem
19:02 that we're all gonna enter and guess what?
19:04 It has 12 gates and it has 12 foundations,
19:07 and the name of the 12 tribes over the gates,
19:09 and the foundations have the 12 apostles,
19:11 12 times 12 is 144.
19:13 144,000 is the symbolic number of the redeemed,
19:18 God's people, God's kingdom.
19:20 So we connect all of this together.
19:21 The Book of Revelation connects all of this together.
19:23 The numbers play out and give us understanding,
19:27 representation of certain aspects of truth.
19:30 The three, the life and death, the 12, the Kingdom of God,
19:33 the four, the all inclusiveness for example
19:35 going back to the four.
19:37 When Jesus Christ gave a parable
19:39 of the sower and the seed,
19:41 He was talking about the word of God
19:43 being sown in the earth, in all the earth.
19:46 How many types of ground that He identify in that parable?
19:49 Not three, not five, but four, four types of ground,
19:53 one good, three bad.
19:54 When you get to Revelation Chapter 6,
19:57 you have the opening of the seals.
19:59 And in Revelation Chapter 6, there are four horses.
20:03 Not five, not three, but four.
20:04 And what do we say, the four represents?
20:07 Four is inclusive of all the people of the earth,
20:09 north, south, east and west,
20:11 the four directions of the compass,
20:12 the four winds of earth.
20:14 So, so in Revelation 6, you have these four horses.
20:17 One of them, the white horse is good, three of them,
20:21 the red, the black, and the pale are bad.
20:23 Same with the ground.
20:24 In fact, there's a perfect parallel between the horses
20:27 and the sower when they see the parable
20:29 of the sower and the seed.
20:30 And when we look at that as we get into Revelation 6.
20:32 So four is symbolic of God's sowing seed in all the world,
20:35 of everyone being included in the seed sowing,
20:37 everyone being included in the horses.
20:39 Twelve, God's Kingdom, God's New Testament Church,
20:43 Old Testament Church.
20:44 So when the angel...
20:46 In the Book of John, I mean it's now Revelation 7,
20:50 there are four angels,
20:52 standing on the four corners of the earth.
20:55 It symbolizes that the sealing message
20:58 is not a local message, it is a global message.
21:02 Yes.
21:04 So now that we begin to see the number,
21:05 when we look at the number, we say, okay,
21:07 I know that number four represents worldwide.
21:09 So when I see it now,
21:12 I can bring into my understanding
21:14 or my interpretation, this has something to do
21:18 with something that is global and worldwide.
21:22 And it is something to do
21:23 with what we're doing right here on Dare to Dream.
21:25 That's right.
21:26 We're taking a message
21:27 that God has blessed to every nation,
21:30 kindred, tongue, and people,
21:31 we're taking into the world because Revelation 7
21:34 and the symbolism there of four tells us
21:35 that's what we should be doing.
21:37 Absolutely.
21:38 And another symbol
21:39 that's identified in relation to that is,
21:41 what we call the Three Angels' Messages,
21:43 but actually it's four angels.
21:45 If you have Revelation 14, the 1, 2, 3,
21:47 and you got Revelation 18, what we call the fourth angel,
21:50 the message of the fourth angel.
21:51 And it lightens the earth with the glory of God.
21:54 So these are, how these symbols break down.
21:57 It's beautiful.
21:59 It's basic, it's simple, but it's beautiful
22:02 when you look at this.
22:03 It's so amazing to me, that it's so designed,
22:08 that it's not have hazard, that it's not,
22:11 all of these things have meaning,
22:14 have deeper meaning.
22:15 And that's, you know, it just bespeaks of an omniscient God,
22:22 Who just knows everything there is to know,
22:26 and yet can break it down for us.
22:28 Yeah.
22:30 This is incredible to me.
22:31 I think when we approach the Book of Revelation,
22:32 we need to approach it like it's a science,
22:35 and there are laws that govern science.
22:38 So there are laws that govern the understanding
22:41 of the Book of Revelation.
22:43 And I think many times people approach it,
22:45 and there's no law to how they approach it.
22:49 You know, it's just like okay, we'll make this mean,
22:51 this is this, and then, this,
22:53 I think that means this is this.
22:55 I mean, if we went through science like that,
22:57 we be in trouble.
22:58 You know, so just as there are laws that govern science,
23:02 there are laws that govern the Book of Revelation.
23:04 And when you understand those laws,
23:06 then you know this couldn't possibly fit
23:09 the description of what this beast states or,
23:12 you know, what these seals are
23:14 or what these churches represent
23:16 because the laws dictate the interpretation.
23:19 Right, right
23:21 Right?
23:22 So there is a symbol, actually a design that,
23:26 that I want to share with you that,
23:27 again kind of shows this principle
23:30 of repeat and enlarged but also divine design.
23:33 And that is the fact that when we look
23:34 at the Book of Revelation, we see Jesus.
23:37 The book opens up with Christ
23:38 standing in the middle of seven golden candlesticks.
23:43 Now that should ring a bell to us because, wait a minute,
23:46 that's from the sanctuary, right?
23:49 So as you go through the Book of Revelation,
23:52 you'll find the Book of Revelation
23:54 has many symbols from the sanctuary in it.
23:58 Which means, that it would be a good idea for us to have a,
24:01 an understanding of the sanctuary
24:03 if we want to understand the Book of Revelation.
24:07 So we'll see that the Book of Revelation
24:09 is based upon the pattern of the sanctuary.
24:14 So take for example,
24:15 we'll just run through the sanctuary very quickly.
24:17 If you're familiar with it, great.
24:19 If not, then you'll get familiar
24:21 with it very quickly.
24:22 But there were six articles of furniture in the sanctuary.
24:27 The first was the alter of sacrifice,
24:31 this is followed by the laver.
24:32 Now of course we know that those point
24:35 to the death of Christ, the altar of sacrifice,
24:38 and the laver represents baptism,
24:42 you know being washed.
24:43 And they're in the courtyard, they are on the outer part
24:45 of the sanctuary.
24:46 They are in the out, they are in the courtyard, absolutely.
24:48 So those two articles of furniture show
24:52 how Christ came to redeem us from sin,
24:57 how He forgive us and purified us, okay?
25:01 He was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
25:03 He was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
25:04 And that's Revelation 13.
25:05 Absolutely, and He washes us in Revelation 1:5.
25:08 And the Lamb slain is the first symbol
25:10 in Revelation Chapter 5 that we find identifying Christ.
25:13 Absolutely.
25:15 And when we look at the Lamb slain,
25:16 I don't want to deter,
25:18 but when you look at the Lamb slain
25:19 in Revelation Chapter 5,
25:20 the Lamb slain is a symbol of the cross.
25:24 From that point on,
25:26 there are another 28 references to the Lamb
25:29 in the Book of Revelation,
25:30 which is also sanctuary language.
25:31 Absolutely.
25:33 Every time that reference is made to the Lamb in Revelation,
25:35 it's a reference to the cross,
25:36 because it goes back to the Lamb slain.
25:38 Therefore the cross is a central theme
25:40 of the Book of Revelation.
25:42 In the Old Testament,
25:44 the sinner would place his hands
25:46 on the head of the lamb
25:48 and confessed his sins over that lamb,
25:50 and then the lamb was slain.
25:52 So when John the Baptist sees Jesus for the first time,
25:56 the first thing he does is, he uses sanctuary language.
25:59 Behold the Lamb of God.
26:01 Right?
26:03 You wouldn't have understanding of Lamb of God.
26:05 Okay, unless you understood the sanctuary, oh,
26:08 this is the one that is gonna take up on the sins
26:11 of the whole world and die for their sins.
26:13 Right?
26:15 So that's the altar of sacrifice
26:17 and then the laver.
26:19 In the holy place, you had three articles of furniture,
26:22 they were the table of showbread,
26:24 the altar of incense
26:25 and the seven branched candlestick.
26:29 And those articles of furniture,
26:31 the table of showbread represents the word of God,
26:34 the altar of incense represents prayer,
26:37 and the candlestick letting your light shine.
26:40 Christ is our light witnessing.
26:42 But those three articles show
26:44 how God sustains the repentant sinner.
26:48 All right, so after I'm, I've accepted Christ,
26:50 am I born again?
26:52 Okay, now this is how I sustain my walk with Christ.
26:56 Okay. Okay?
26:58 Then you get into the most holy place,
26:59 and this is where Christ does the work
27:01 of finally removing sin once and for all.
27:05 Okay, that's the Day of Atonement.
27:07 And remember what happened on the end of the Day
27:09 of Atonement, Christ would...
27:10 I mean, the high priest would lay his hands on the head
27:13 of the scapegoat and send the scapegoat out
27:16 into a desolate place.
27:17 Right, right.
27:19 When you look at this pattern, you find
27:22 that the whole New Testament is based off of this.
27:24 Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John,
27:25 deal with the sacrifice of Christ.
27:28 That's your altar of sacrifice.
27:29 The laver, Pentecost, the Book of Acts,
27:35 from Acts all the way to Jew,
27:36 tell us how we ought to be purified.
27:39 When you get to Revelation, you have the candlesticks,
27:42 the table of showbread and the altar of incense,
27:47 which takes us into the holy place.
27:48 Revelation 11, brings us into the most holy place
27:52 and from there on now you have the close of the book.
27:56 Wow. Wow.
27:58 That is beautiful and we are out of time.
28:00 This, where did the time go?
28:02 So let's just close with a word of prayer
28:04 and we'll continue on in our next study together.
28:08 Father, I want to thank You,
28:09 You've been leading and guiding us step by step
28:11 and we just praise You for that.
28:12 I ask, You'll continue to do so
28:14 as we continue to study this book.
28:15 We want the blessings.
28:17 We thank You for them in Jesus' name, amen.
28:19 Amen.


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