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Participants: Ivor Meyers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:31 This is fantastic...
00:33 we are about four meetings in to the Book of Revelation
00:36 and we are realizing
00:39 that this is going to be a long-term project,
00:41 our goal, of course, has been to move through the Book
00:44 in fact we could have called this, "Moving through the Book,"
00:46 it's, "Salvation, Symbols and Signs"
00:49 or "Revelation Simplified," there's just so much here
00:54 and I think, Jason, you were mentioning
00:56 that you might even have your AARP Card...
00:59 Jason: By the time we get through it, yeah...
01:02 I'll be retired and be like a grandpa...
01:04 And that's... and that's... and that's good...
01:07 Yvonne: In fact, we'll be grandparents, you and me...
01:09 James: I'm there already...
01:13 No, that's good because our goal
01:14 is not to rush through the Book,
01:16 our goal is to go through it systematically
01:19 verse by verse, point by point,
01:21 truth by truth so that...
01:23 so our Viewers can really get
01:25 a grasp of the Book of Revelation,
01:27 so that we can really get a grasp of the Book of Revelation
01:28 and I don't know about you guys
01:30 but even when I've studied this Book for over 30 years,
01:33 I've been learning things
01:34 as we've been going through this that I didn't know before,
01:36 I think that's part of our goal,
01:38 we want to be open for the Holy Spirit to actually teach us
01:41 while we're going through the Book,
01:43 and I thought it would be really good,
01:45 we've gone through four meetings so far,
01:47 we've done an overview, we've done an introduction,
01:49 we've looked at the Sanctuary symbolism,
01:51 we've looked at Jesus first and some of the themes
01:55 and some of the tools, if you will... to the Book,
01:59 you know, when we buy stuff... when I go to IKEA,
02:03 I buy a bookshelf or a piece of furniture
02:06 and when I get it home in the box,
02:07 I'll take out the instructions and the instructions will say,
02:10 "Here are the tools you're going to need to put this together,
02:13 you're going to need a screwdriver,
02:15 you're going to need a hammer, et cetera,"
02:16 you know how it is and, you know, sometimes guys...
02:19 I don't know why... or what it is about us
02:21 but sometimes we just want to put that thing together
02:22 and not worry about the tools, we just want to figure it out,
02:25 not even right before we read the instructions,
02:27 Yvonne: I know, I know, it's true.
02:30 I'll tell you what! I've learned over the years
02:31 it may take a little time to read those instructions
02:34 and get those tools together
02:35 but it's a lot faster when you get it done right
02:38 and that's the goal for this Book of Revelation
02:41 we want to jump in,
02:42 and we want to just kind of figure it out,
02:44 no... we need to look at the instructions
02:45 and to look at the tools...
02:47 use the tools that God has given us,
02:48 and so we're laying out these tools,
02:50 these tools are basically principles
02:51 that help us to understand how the Book is laid out,
02:54 and we've... we've touched on a number of those principles
02:57 so let's... let's just start...
02:58 open up here with a word of prayer
03:00 and as we... as we get into the Book,
03:02 let's review... let's recap for us and those listening,
03:05 let's recap what we've learned so far,
03:06 Yvonne, would you like to pray for us?
03:08 Sure... "Father God, what a privilege it is
03:10 to come before You, the Creator of the universe,
03:14 the Divine Designer, our friend
03:17 and we can lay everything at your feet
03:19 and right now, we're asking you
03:21 to be in this conversation,
03:22 to let your Spirit who is responsible
03:25 for guiding us into all truth, let your Spirit be with us,
03:28 let your anointing be here, Lord...
03:31 your presence be felt and help us, Lord God,
03:34 as we move through the Book, help us to understand,
03:37 comprehend and to be able to apply what we learn
03:41 thank you again for all that you do
03:43 and for who you are, in Jesus' name... amen...
03:46 All: Amen...
03:47 Ivor, I'm thinking about this...
03:49 tell me what you think...
03:50 we have a lot more
03:52 experience in Revelation
03:54 and perhaps we'll remember more of these things
03:56 because we've studied them more, so I'm thinking,
03:59 we should let these guys go first,
04:00 like... "What do you guys remember?"
04:02 And then we can fill in the gaps... what do you think?
04:04 Yeah, I think it's a good idea, just before we do that,
04:07 you were talking about the tools
04:09 and how we often like to skip the tools
04:12 and just try to put it together, but there is the...
04:16 the other problem of asking
04:18 someone else to put it together for us,
04:20 you know, "Hey, I don't even know it,
04:22 you do it, you're the expert... "
04:24 people will often come to the Book of Revelation
04:27 looking for someone else to put it together for them
04:31 and so, what we're trying to do on this Program,
04:34 is give you the tools and the confidence
04:38 to know that if you have the right tools
04:42 and you have the right principles,
04:44 you don't need an expert, you can look at the...
04:49 at the framework and say,
04:53 "Yeah, this goes here, this goes here"
04:55 and it empowers you as a student of the Word of God
05:00 to be able to understand your conclusions
05:04 and to know that they make sense
05:06 and to know that... "Yeah, I'm not off in...
05:09 left field somewhere this looks accurate"
05:12 so, yeah, I absolutely think it's a great idea
05:16 that as you were going through this,
05:19 you guys can recap and say,
05:20 "Hey listen, this is... am I right or am I wrong on this?
05:23 These are the principles that we've learned
05:25 and this is how we learn to apply it, so yeah...
05:29 let's go ahead... hear what you guys...
05:31 now you're in the hot seat.
05:33 Now, with that, correct me if I'm wrong
05:38 when I'm going over this stuff...
05:39 Ivor: Sure... sure...
05:41 All right... so we learned about some really important
05:43 numbers... the number three...
05:46 represents like... life and death,
05:49 you have the number four
05:51 which is inclusive of all the people on the earth worldwide...
05:54 the north, east, south...
05:56 north, south, east and west type of thing,
06:00 the number 12 represents God's Kingdom,
06:03 Old and New Testament...
06:06 then we have the number seven
06:09 which represents a complete cycle of time
06:11 so, there are a lot of numbers, 144,000 and 2300 days...
06:21 which I'm sure we'll touch on
06:23 but those are some of the things that I remember.
06:26 Yeah, those... that's great... those are really key
06:29 to understanding some of the things that are taking place,
06:32 the understanding of those numbers
06:33 because again, the Book is symbolic
06:35 and the numbers represent more than just numerical value,
06:39 they might have a symbolic representation.
06:41 One of the things that really stuck out with me
06:45 is the whole idea of the Sanctuary symbolism
06:49 because I had not... in my reading...
06:52 previously... that had not...
06:55 I had not connected with that so that's really juicy for me
07:00 because it kind of gives me...
07:02 again, a framework for the overview,
07:06 if you have that overview... that framework that...
07:10 that outlining of principles, like "repeat and enlarge,"
07:13 you can then navigate through the Book
07:18 and kind of know how to apply that as you navigate,
07:22 and what you just said
07:23 was really important, Pastor Ivor,
07:26 about being able to do this on your own,
07:29 not looking to you guys necessarily,
07:32 to be our "experts" even though you are,
07:34 you're giving us the tools that we need
07:37 to study this on our own,
07:39 God gave us minds, so, we are to use the intellect
07:43 and talents that we have to learn
07:46 we're getting the tools from you
07:49 and then we take those tools and apply it so that's important
07:52 with the Sanctuary... I made some notes...
07:54 the way the Sanctuary was laid out,
07:58 you have the Outer Court,
08:00 you have the Holy Place and Most Holy Place, right, so,
08:04 you have the Alter of Sacrifice and the Laver,
08:09 the Alter of Sacrifice and the Laver,
08:12 the Alter of Sacrifice represents the lamb
08:16 which is Jesus Christ, all right,
08:18 and then the Laver is the purification
08:21 so it's actually forgiveness and purification
08:24 represented in those two areas in the Sanctuary
08:27 and then... we've got in the Holy Place,
08:30 the Table of Shewbread, the Alter of Incense,
08:33 the Candlestick and... I can't read my own writing,
08:38 and it says... so, those three things are:
08:43 how God sustains the repentant sinner,
08:47 so all of these things...
08:49 we can find represented in Revelation
08:54 which I had never seen before
08:56 and then, one of the things that you said, Pastor James,
09:00 that was so good for me was that
09:02 the whole pre- and post-1844 interpretation
09:06 and I had never seen that either
09:09 so if the Alter of Sacrifice is mentioned,
09:13 then we know that that's pre-1844
09:17 so all of that... I never knew that before,
09:20 this is so great for me because I love learning all that stuff
09:24 so that plus the numbers that Jay mentioned...
09:29 those things are really important
09:32 and then the whole "repeat- and enlarge-thing,"
09:34 we're going to see here,
09:36 then you're going to see it here with a little bit more detail,
09:39 then you're going to see here with a little bit more detail
09:42 and so, you're seeing the Divine Designer in action,
09:46 you're seeing how you just broadens this whole thing
09:51 He's making sure that we know it and the last thing...
09:55 you guys didn't hear me before.
09:57 James: The more you say the less we have to.
10:01 Yvonne: And the last thing...
10:02 is the whole, which for me
10:04 as being like the romantic person that I am,
10:07 is a love story, Jesus loves us so much
10:10 that He would put in this book
10:14 how He's going to protect, provide and profess
10:19 his love... which is us...
10:22 so, to me,
10:24 thinking that Revelation now is a love story, that's beautiful.
10:30 Ivor: Divine Romance...
10:32 Yvonne: Divine romance... I love it,
10:34 that's another title we can use...
10:36 Ivor: Divine Romance... Yvonne: Divine Romance.
10:39 I just want to touch on this, Yvonne, since you brought it up
10:42 so that we can all be really clear on the language, there's,
10:46 there's... the language itself is found
10:48 in Revelation chapter 21,
10:50 it says here in Revelation chapter 21
10:54 and verse 9,
10:57 "And there came unto me one of the seven angels
11:01 which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues,
11:04 and talked with me, saying, Come hither,
11:06 and I will shew thee the bride, the Lamb's wife. "
11:10 There's the... the language is explicit...
11:13 it's just not symbolic, it's explicit
11:15 and so you have this... these...
11:17 these seven letters to the churches,
11:19 these are love letters,
11:20 in fact in the last letter He said,
11:22 "as many as I love" and all the way through
11:26 you have Jesus Christ wooing and calling...
11:30 the Book of Revelation could be summarized in that sense
11:32 by John 12:32, "And I, if I be lifted up
11:36 will draw all unto me... "
11:37 He's knocking on the door,
11:39 He's throwing the little pebbles at the window,
11:41 He's beckoning, beckoning, beckoning,
11:44 "Come, come, follow me, follow me, follow me... "
11:46 and finally there is a group of people
11:48 that follow the Lamb wherever He goes,
11:50 they don't love their lives
11:51 and they've fallen in love with Jesus
11:53 and they... and they... this is manifest
11:56 in Revelation 12:17 and Revelation 14:12
11:59 by two verses that indicate that there's a people
12:03 who keep the commandments of God,
12:05 now if you compare that with John,
12:07 the gospel of John, chapter 14 and verse 15,
12:11 you'll find what Jesus says there,
12:14 "If you love me, keep my commandments"
12:16 they've fallen in love with...
12:18 the fact that they keep the commandments of God
12:20 indicates they've fallen in love with Jesus,
12:21 "If you love me, keep my commandments"
12:23 now prior to that time there are a number of...
12:25 I would say, religious experiences
12:28 that we have, that others have...
12:30 that... that the world has
12:32 that keep the commandments of God out of obligation,
12:34 the Jews kept the commandments of God out of obligation...
12:37 not all of them but many of them that turned from Christ
12:40 and crucified Christ, they still kept the commandments
12:43 they wanted to keep the Sabbath,
12:44 but it was obviously out of obligation,
12:46 they hadn't fallen in love with Jesus...
12:47 they hadn't fallen in love with God,
12:49 but here's a people who are going to fall in love...
12:51 so in love with Him that, "well, if you love me... "
12:53 then they're going to keep His commandments.
12:55 So that love story theme is just beautiful
12:57 and I really appreciate... as we talked about that,
12:59 Ivor kind of brought this out and I said,
13:01 I knew that words were there,
13:02 "oh, the bride... the bridegroom... "
13:04 but as he... it's the...
13:06 it's a theme, it's s tool, it's the tape measure,
13:09 it's the hammer, it's the screwdriver,
13:11 whatever it is, it's a theme, I thought,
13:12 "Whoa, we really have to nail that because that is powerful. "
13:16 Yvonne: Powerful, yes.
13:17 Okay, anymore that you guys can remember,
13:20 anything else that you can remember
13:21 before we add a few to it?
13:22 Jason: Just that there's pretty much like a check...
13:26 checks- and balances-type system so...
13:29 like you were saying, you can realize...
13:32 you can find out whether or not you're in left field
13:35 or if what you're learning is correct and true
13:38 and test it and prove it.
13:40 James: Love it... Ivor: It's all good...
13:43 Yvonne: It's rich... this is some rich stuff right here
13:45 and I'm thankful because, again,
13:47 it's giving me a different feel for the Book
13:51 because it... actually I mean,
13:53 and I'm sure that I'm not the only one that feels this way,
13:55 you know, I've read it but I'm like,
13:57 "I'm just reading through it just like... reading it...
13:59 just not... " not connecting the dots
14:01 so what you are telling us is helping to connect the dots.
14:06 James: Amen... Yvonne: Well, praise God...
14:08 All right so... another principle I think
14:11 is important for us to look at too, is Jesus first...
14:13 we talked about that... we mentioned it
14:16 but it's in the Book of Revelation...
14:18 it is clear that Christ is the first thing that John is shown,
14:24 the first person that John is shown,
14:25 the first vision that John is shown is a vision of Christ
14:27 and the first message that John is given
14:29 is the message of Christ's love,
14:31 it's the gospel in Revelation 1 verse 5
14:34 from him who loved us and washed us from our sins
14:37 in His own blood and it's the vision of Christ
14:39 amidst and among the candlesticks
14:42 that John has first seen,
14:43 it's not showing the vision of the dragon
14:45 or the beast or the horses... any...
14:47 he's shown a vision of Christ and, you know, we talked about
14:50 the words of that hymn, "Anywhere with Jesus... "
14:53 Yvonne: Yes, "I can safely go... "
14:55 James: "Anywhere, anywhere... fear I cannot know... "
14:58 and so that's the point,
15:00 the point is that the Book of Revelation
15:02 introduces us to the One who displaces all fear
15:05 because Jesus... God is love...
15:07 and the Bible says in 1st John chapter 4,
15:10 that love casts out all fear.
15:12 So we want that love... that will cast out all that fear
15:16 so Jesus first is another principle,
15:18 if you're studying the Book of Revelation,
15:20 look for Jesus, look for Him first
15:22 and He is going to be able to guide you
15:24 as you focus on Him, He will be able to guide you.
15:26 Jason: And that's not usually presented that way,
15:30 it's usually the beast, the leopard and the spots
15:31 and all these other stuff,
15:33 they're not usually presented in that...
15:35 James: Which is there but it is in chapter 13,
15:37 and many times we want to jump in there,
15:39 when I was... Ivor talked about this
15:41 in his experience, when I was a teenager...
15:44 and I was raised as a Christian,
15:46 I said my prayers every night whether I was drunk or sober
15:49 but I didn't have a relationship with God
15:51 but I was interested in Revelation
15:54 and we watched the same movies about, you know,
15:56 all this stuff and what the 666 is
15:58 and I remember when we...
16:00 we partied and we'd opened up the Book of...
16:02 we'd talk about Revelation 13...
16:04 666...
16:06 so in our minds, Revelation 13 was 666...
16:08 Revelation... and what... Jesus, Jesus... no, no, no...
16:12 Revelation 13 is 666, that's it...
16:14 that's the Book of Revelation, it's all scary stuff
16:18 so, we missed the first half of the Book many times
16:21 and God... I believe... understands
16:23 that the world itself and we as individuals
16:27 are attracted by the idea of all of the mystery and the number
16:31 and so it's there to attract us.
16:34 Most people that you'll talk to...
16:36 if you're out doing door-to-door work
16:39 and you have two books and one says,
16:41 "Steps to Christ"
16:43 the other one says, "The Mark of the Beast"
16:44 "Oh, give me the book on the Mark of the Beast,
16:46 I want to know about the Mark of the Beast,"
16:47 see, a lot people are in that... so God allows that
16:50 because He knows that would get our interest
16:52 but, lo and behold, what do you know?
16:54 Here is a book about the Mark of the Beast
16:56 that actually starts with Jesus,
16:58 well, what do you know about that?
17:00 And so that's where I think we want to be,
17:02 is... we want to be starting where God starts,
17:04 God starts with Christ and we want to start with Christ.
17:07 You guys talked about tools
17:11 and having the tools and reading the instructions beforehand,
17:14 people might be wondering like what...
17:16 just like how you have course work, right,
17:19 when you're in college, there are certain prerequisites
17:21 you have to take before you get into your Major,
17:23 so what are the prerequisites
17:25 for reading the Book of Revelation
17:28 and understanding the Book of Revelation?
17:30 James: That's a good question.
17:31 I would say, first of all,
17:35 the Book of Daniel and Revelation go hand-in-hand
17:38 and Daniel was written first for a reason,
17:41 the Book of Revelation is based upon the Book of Daniel
17:45 and so, we're going to be covering Daniel in this series
17:50 as well... or in this Program as well,
17:52 a little bit further down the road
17:55 but understanding the Old Testament in general...
17:59 the Book of Revelation is the consummation
18:01 of all the books of the Bible,
18:02 okay so, from the Book of Revelation
18:05 you're going to find ideas and themes
18:09 that were woven throughout the entire Scripture
18:11 which almost sounds kind of daunting,
18:14 "You mean, I have to study the whole Bible
18:16 in order to get the Book of Revelation?"
18:17 James: That's the prerequisite,
18:19 you've got to be a student of the Bible...
18:21 Ivor: Yeah, in reality, it's...
18:23 this is how I'd like to compare it,
18:26 imagine in your...
18:30 I don't know if you ever played the game called "Concentration"
18:33 when I was a child, you know, you have the cards
18:35 and you... all the cards are facing down
18:38 and then you flip a card... you have to find the match
18:41 right? somewhere else
18:43 and so, as you're going through the game,
18:44 you have to remember,
18:46 "Man, where was that... five or where was that... three?"
18:48 And when you find a match you're like, "Ah, I got it. "
18:51 The Book of Revelation is much like that,
18:54 compared to the whole Bible,
18:55 so as we're reading these stories in the Old Testament,
18:59 you're going to find themes
19:01 in the Book of Revelation and you're...
19:03 "Where, where have I seen this before or something like it?"
19:07 And when you can identify those pictures and make a match,
19:10 you get excited, "Oh, man, look... "
19:13 so, the key thing is,
19:15 you have to have those pictures in your mind,
19:17 right? you have to have the...
19:19 you have to have those pictures,
19:20 you have to be familiar with those stories
19:23 of the Old Testament, so, for example,
19:26 in the Book of Revelation,
19:28 there's a story about three unclean...
19:30 there's a particular verse about three unclean spirits
19:32 come out like... like frogs coming out of the mouth of
19:35 the Beast, Dragon and the False Prophet,
19:38 "Where have I heard about frogs before?
19:40 Oh, you know what? I've heard about frogs before
19:43 in the story of the plagues of Egypt... "
19:45 so, now I'm going to go back there to see
19:48 does the story of the plagues of Egypt give me any insights
19:51 into the frogs in Revelation chapter 6, right?
19:54 So the more we're able to do things like that,
19:57 right, that's the basis for which...
20:01 those are the... the...
20:03 you know we talked about the tools and then...
20:05 you're putting a bike together,
20:06 you got the tires, you got the...
20:08 all the different parts for the bike,
20:10 the different parts for the Book of Revelation,
20:12 are in the other books of the Bible.
20:15 So once we can get those ideas and bring them together,
20:19 that is the prerequisite
20:22 to understanding the Book of Revelation.
20:24 Yeah, that's powerful
20:26 and we see that over and over again,
20:27 and when we get into the churches,
20:29 we'll read about, for example, Balaam,
20:30 we'll read about Jezebel
20:32 and that's why it helps us
20:34 because we recognize that these are
20:36 Old Testament illusions or illustrations,
20:39 these are Old Testament characters
20:40 that have been brought into the Book of Revelation,
20:42 they're not literal people now
20:44 in the literal churches that are mentioned here,
20:48 these are illusions to people whose story inform us
20:51 about what's going on in the history of these churches
20:54 and so you go back to the story,
20:56 you've gone... or what's gone on in the story,
20:57 you bring it back now to the history of the church,
21:00 you see where it fits in our Christian history
21:03 and say, "Oh, yes, okay, that's where we're at... "
21:05 and you're going to see this over and over again
21:08 in the Book of Revelation because,
21:09 primarily the Book of Revelation is a revelation of history,
21:12 it's the story of the world,
21:15 it's the story of the church in the world...
21:17 it's the story of how the world
21:18 tries to encroach upon the church,
21:20 it's the story about how Jesus rescues His bride from the world
21:22 protects her, woos her and finally purifies her
21:27 Revelation chapter 12 verse 1 is really our goal,
21:32 a lot of times when we talk about
21:33 the Book of Revelation, we jump, you know,
21:36 and think about Revelation chapter 13
21:38 but I want you to look at Revelation 12 verse 1
21:40 because we were alluding to
21:42 the words in Revelation, for example, 21...
21:46 talk about the bride... making herself ready,
21:49 well, Revelation 12:1 says,
21:50 "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven;
21:52 a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet,
21:56 and upon her head a crown of 12 stars... "
21:58 this is the bride right here, this woman is the bride...
22:01 she's clothed in white, she's clothed in the sun,
22:03 white righteousness of Jesus Christ,
22:05 according to Malachi chapter 4 and verse 2
22:08 and this is our goal, once we get to this goal,
22:11 we've arrived... we're where God wants us to be
22:14 and then, the dragon is left loose,
22:16 see, it's not until Revelation 12
22:18 that we see the dragon let loose,
22:19 the dragon... we get his history...
22:21 we understand what he's all about,
22:23 and what is he trying to do?
22:24 well, he's trying to woo that woman
22:26 who has been prepared for Christ,
22:27 he's trying to woo that woman away,
22:29 just like he did in Eden,
22:30 that's why in the context of Revelation 12,
22:33 he's called the serpent.
22:34 Yvonne: Ahhhhhhhh...
22:36 Because he wooed her away in the garden
22:37 and now he's getting another chance in the end of time.
22:40 There is something else... that thing about this theme
22:43 of the love story, in Revelation 17 and 18,
22:48 what you have there is the harlot
22:52 and I'd like to call her the devil's girlfriend,
22:55 so, here you have the devil's girlfriend,
22:57 right? trying to turn the world
23:00 against the true bride of Christ,
23:03 and in fact, you should be aware
23:06 of the company you hang out with,
23:08 the devil's girlfriend is trying to tell the true church,
23:11 "You don't need a man... " you know,
23:14 "you don't need Christ in your life... "
23:16 in other words, she is trying...
23:18 the devil sends his girlfriend out to try
23:20 to corrupt the Bride of Christ.
23:24 Every story in the Book of Revelation,
23:27 every chapter in the Book of Revelation,
23:29 as we look at it in the context of a love story,
23:32 so you look at it in the context of this...
23:35 the stories given in the Old Testament,
23:38 you begin to see pictures emerging
23:41 that reveal divine things, right?
23:45 Again, the Book is not just thrown together
23:47 and, "Okay, this chapter is talking about this...
23:49 and everything is disconnected... "
23:50 everything is connected revealing an amazing story,
23:54 a story that Hollywood couldn't even put together,
23:58 and in fact Hollywood usually lifts its stories
24:02 so again... understanding these things
24:08 and in fact, in the Book of 1st Corinthians
24:10 it says that "things that were written aforetime
24:12 were written for our admonition
24:15 upon whom the ends of the world are come... "
24:17 the Book of Revelation is really
24:20 a revelation of a repeat of history,
24:23 you have so many things repeated
24:26 in the history of Israel in the Old Testament,
24:29 in New Testament Israel, in Spiritual Israel
24:32 so understanding the history of Israel
24:35 then being upon the borders of the Promise Land
24:38 gives us an insight of where we are
24:41 and what the devil is trying to bring at us
24:43 as we are upon the borders of the heavenly promise land,
24:47 and so, understanding these things again
24:50 really help to crystallize
24:52 and bring together the Book of Revelation
24:54 in a... in a beautiful way.
24:55 And as Ivor and I were talking yesterday,
24:57 he was sharing with me that also, it's, in a sense,
25:01 the Book of Revelation is an outline
25:02 of a repeating of the life of Christ
25:05 and so you see Christ in His life,
25:08 walking through these different areas
25:10 of growing up as a child, being baptized,
25:13 going out into the wilderness,
25:15 being met out in the wilderness,
25:16 in Revelation 12, we see the woman
25:18 led out into the wilderness,
25:19 we see the church anointed with the Holy Spirit,
25:22 Christ was anointed with the Holy Spirit,
25:23 we see the woman being tempted, to be unfaithful to God,
25:27 the hour of temptation comes upon the whole world,
25:31 the Mark of the Beast is enforced,
25:32 that's that pull that... and so we see all of this
25:36 in the life of Christ is a picture, if you will,
25:39 of the experience of God's people
25:41 because it's Christ in you, the hope of glory
25:43 and so when Christ comes into us
25:45 and we live the life He wants us to live,
25:46 the devil comes against us,
25:48 the same way the devil came against Christ,
25:50 there's nothing new under the sun, he has no new schemes,
25:52 he just comes... in these different angles
25:54 and it's the same basic history
25:56 that we see repeated all over again.
25:57 Ivor: Yes...
25:59 Well, we have run out of time again and I'm thinking
26:01 as we move through this, that there's going to be people
26:05 listening who are going to have questions
26:07 and we want to encourage questions
26:09 that's why I think it's so good that we're all here together
26:12 because we... even on the Set we're having
26:14 these different questions that are coming up,
26:16 "Hey, what about this, what about that?"
26:18 And this is a very informal, very casual study,
26:22 it's not... we're not having an agenda,
26:23 we got to get through this and this and this
26:25 and so, I'm thinking...
26:26 we want to encourage people in their questions.
26:29 Yvonne: Yeah, and they should send them to sss as in
26:34 Salvation in Symbols and Signs, sss@3abn. org
26:40 James: sss. @3abn. org
26:42 James: And we will take questions
26:44 and we'll try to answer them,
26:47 we'll throw them out there and...
26:49 Yvonne: And we want videos...
26:50 James: And video questions that we can put up...
26:52 oh, that will be so... that will be super...
26:55 Everyone can do video questions now, right with their iPhones?
26:57 Yvonne: That's right...
26:59 Take your phone, just ask the question and
27:02 send it to... forward it to us, sss@3abn. org
27:05 James: Now, that's a good idea.
27:07 Jason: By submitting it, they agree to be on TV.
27:10 James: Okay... you'll be on worldwide 3ABN television,
27:12 and get your face up in there.
27:15 Yvonne: Yeah... and they can include their e-mail address
27:17 so we can send them a release form and that kind of thing...
27:19 James: Okay.
27:20 Yvonne: But if they just send it to us and we can... address it
27:25 because as things come up,
27:27 people are going to have questions
27:29 so we need to be able to address those.
27:30 James: Okay, praise the Lord. Yvonne: Yeah... amen...
27:33 James: Ivor, close us out with prayer.
27:34 Ivor: Yeah, let's do it.
27:36 "Heavenly Father,
27:38 we are so thankful that you are giving us the opportunity
27:41 Lord, to open your Word, to go through it,
27:44 to understand the tools and the principles
27:48 and the laws that govern your Word,
27:49 Father, we pray that you would
27:51 continue to guide us in our study,
27:52 we pray that you will continue to open our eyes
27:55 and give us new revelations of your glory and character,
27:59 we thank you Lord for answering this prayer
28:02 because we pray it in Jesus' name... amen.
28:04 All: Amen...


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