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Son of Man

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Participants: Ivor Meyers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:31 You know, we're going to do something in this session
00:33 that is going to be repeated quite often
00:36 in our whole time together in the Book of Revelation
00:39 and that is... we're going to go back
00:41 to the Son of man... back to the Son of man...
00:42 back to the Son of man...
00:44 we're still in Revelation chapter 1,
00:45 we haven't quite made it out of Revelation chapter 1,
00:48 put a foot out here and an arm out there
00:51 but woom... we're back in again
00:52 and that's good because really, in a sense,
00:54 Revelation chapter 1... the introduction
00:57 kind of connects to the rest of the Book
00:59 and it helps us because it's laying down the principles,
01:03 the foundation, the tools, the resources we need
01:06 to be able to interpret the rest of the Book
01:08 and one of those main resources is... the Son of man.
01:11 John sees Jesus first
01:15 and that's what we want to do, we want to make Him first,
01:17 so, we're going to jump into this description of Jesus
01:20 because it's an interesting description
01:22 and we're going to look at it
01:24 try to understand it... what it means...
01:26 and then compare it with some other portions of the Bible
01:29 that have similar descriptions but before we do that,
01:31 Jason, would you pray for us and get us started?
01:34 Jason: Sure... "Dear Heavenly Father,
01:36 thank you for being with us today,
01:38 we invite you to take over
01:43 and help us to understand
01:45 everything that we are studying, thank you for creating us
01:49 and not only creating us but sustaining us
01:51 and so, we ask that you equip us with the tools needed
01:55 so that we can comprehend what we are studying
01:58 and retain the information that we are studying
02:00 and please be with the people at home
02:02 that are watching this as well, in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
02:05 All: Amen, thank you Jason.
02:06 So, in Revelation chapter 1,
02:08 we're just going to look here in verse 12 and onward...
02:12 Yvonne: Before we do that,
02:13 could we just look at Revelation 1:1?
02:15 James: Sure.
02:16 Because I think that just really sets up the entire Book
02:21 and "The Revelation of Jesus Christ... "
02:25 the Revelation of Jesus Christ
02:28 so the Book is revealing Jesus Christ, right?
02:32 it's not just about prophecy,
02:35 but it's revealing the character of Christ
02:39 right, so, "The Revelation of Jesus Christ
02:43 which God gave unto him... "
02:45 so now we have the Father and the Son
02:49 similar to Genesis 1 where...
02:53 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
02:56 And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the deep... "
03:00 so it's kind of like... to me...
03:02 again, "repeat... " right? "and enlarge"
03:05 and so, when I read this,
03:08 I thought, "Wow! we have now...
03:11 we have the Father in this,
03:13 we have the Father revealing the Son,
03:16 and this is what Jesus is going to show to his servant,
03:20 so it's kind of like this... the Father reveals the Son,
03:25 the Son gives to the... the servants...
03:27 James: Hierarchy...
03:29 Yvonne: Yeah and it's...
03:30 to me it was just really, really "revealing" pardon the pun.
03:35 And that's a really good point,
03:36 I wanted to touch on this for a second
03:38 and that is... because theologically...
03:41 on a technical term
03:42 this is a revelation from God of Jesus... from God...
03:48 and so it's actually not just that it's a revelation of Jesus,
03:51 it's actually a message "From... "
03:52 and people will take one or the other sometimes,
03:55 they'll say, "No, no, no, you're wrong,
03:57 it's not a revelation of Jesus, it's a revelation from Jesus,
04:00 revelation from God to us... "
04:03 I don't want to get too technical here
04:06 but I think it's both...
04:07 I think Yvonne's point is really important and significant
04:10 and I think we can prove that and this is how we can prove it,
04:12 is the Book itself a revelation of Jesus?
04:16 And if the Book itself is a revelation of Jesus
04:19 then it's not just a revelation from Jesus,
04:21 it's also a revelation of Jesus, I think it's both.
04:24 Ivor: Let me add to that,
04:26 that... the reason this is so important,
04:29 this whole Book, the Book of Revelation
04:33 is a revelation of Jesus Christ in this sense...
04:38 that Christ is seeking
04:43 to manifest Himself within his church,
04:45 when the church fully reflects Christ or reveals Christ,
04:52 in character, that's the end purpose of this Book,
04:56 this is how God is going to perfect His people
04:59 and thus have His people reveal Christ
05:05 so when the Bride is finally without spot and wrinkle,
05:08 there is the revelation of Jesus Christ,
05:11 see, it's now totally reflecting Jesus Christ,
05:14 so the Bible tells that the hope of glory is what?
05:18 Christ revealed in us,
05:22 the whole Book of Revelation is showing
05:24 how Christ is going to accomplish that work
05:27 and bring about a bride that reflects the Son...
05:30 right? The Son of righteousness
05:33 and so in that sense, the Revelation of Jesus Christ
05:37 is really showing what God wants to do in His people.
05:41 And how does He do that? and I really...
05:43 by-the-way also the Holy Spirit,
05:45 we talk about Creation...
05:47 the Holy Spirit is mentioned in verse 4,
05:48 "the Seven Spirits... " capital S
05:50 "which are before the throne"
05:52 so all three are there,
05:53 as this comes forth, "grace and peace be unto you
05:55 from Him and was and is... and is to come;
05:57 and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne... "
05:59 the Holy Spirit... because when
06:00 John begins his vision in verse 10, what does he say?
06:05 Jason... or... yeah... go ahead... read it for us...
06:09 Yvonne: I took over Jay...
06:10 "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day
06:13 and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet... "
06:17 All right, so, he's in the Spirit
06:19 so then we got the Godhead, we got all three there now,
06:21 just like in Creation, we got all three,
06:23 and as Ivor said and I think that it's important,
06:24 God is working to recreate His image in us,
06:28 He created us in His image
06:30 and now He wants to recreate us in His image,
06:31 so we see this... this theme being brought out here
06:34 in Revelation chapter 1.
06:36 You know, James, I just had a thought and really,
06:41 remember how we talked about the numbers one through seven?
06:43 And what God did in that first one through seven
06:45 is what He's seeking to do again
06:48 in these cycles of one through seven.
06:51 In other words, in one through seven in Genesis,
06:54 you had Creation but the devil marred it,
06:56 disrupted it and so now it's as though God is saying,
07:00 "Okay, you thought to mess up my plan,
07:01 we're going to do this again. "
07:03 And so, this cycle of one through seven
07:06 is the way and the process through which God is recreating.
07:10 James: Hmmm... hmmm... Yvonne: Wow!
07:12 Ivor: Yeah.
07:13 James: And we know that... that's confirmed again
07:15 by the fact that in the garden,
07:17 God came to be with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day
07:19 and when we get to the end of the Book of Revelation,
07:22 God comes to dwell with us
07:23 and then, in the garden, we ate of the tree of life
07:28 and in Revelation,
07:30 we're going to be eating of the Tree of Life,
07:32 the Garden is restored...
07:33 the Garden is restored, there we are...
07:36 Yvonne: Whew, I might have to shout up in here in a minute.
07:39 It's good stuff... this is some good stuff right here.
07:43 So, he's turning...
07:45 he's in the Spirit and he turns to look
07:47 and he sees... in the midst of the throne,
07:50 in the midst of the candlesticks...
07:51 excuse me, not the throne, in the midst of the candlesticks
07:53 verse 13... he sees "one like unto the Son of man"
07:56 the Son of man...
07:57 now this is really interesting
07:59 because when he sees the Son of man,
08:01 who is Jesus Christ,
08:02 the way he sees Him... the way He is described here
08:06 is a little bit... could be a little bit unnerving,
08:09 I mean... okay... let's just read through it here,
08:12 Revelation chapter 13,
08:14 Jason, can you read Revelation chapter 1,
08:16 excuse me, verses 13, 14, 15 and 16.
08:23 So, Revelation chapter 1 verses 13 through 16?
08:26 Okay, "And in midst of the seven candlesticks
08:29 one like unto the Son of man,
08:31 clothed with a garment down to the foot,
08:33 and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.
08:36 His head and his hairs were white like wool,
08:39 as white as snow;
08:40 and his eyes were as a flame of fire;
08:43 and his feet like unto fine brass,
08:45 as if they burned in a furnace;
08:47 and his voice as the sound of many waters.
08:50 And he had in his right hand seven stars:
08:53 and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword:
08:56 and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength. "
09:02 Okay now, the reason why I say
09:04 this can be a little bit unnerving
09:05 is because you notice what happens
09:07 in verse 17 when John sees the Son of man,
09:11 "And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead"
09:14 Yvonne: Hmmm...
09:16 You can look at this picture and you can say,
09:19 "Whoa, this is scary, what is this?"
09:22 It's Jesus and I think it's important
09:25 for us to break down the symbols here
09:27 because it's not that John is scared, per se,
09:31 like horrified... John is more overwhelmed
09:34 with this picture of burning that he sees,
09:37 for example, his eyes were like a flame of fire...
09:39 have you ever sat in front of a fire?
09:42 Yvonne and Jason: Hmmm... hmmm...
09:44 the logs... the flame... it's mesmerizing, yeah,
09:48 I could just sit there and just look and look...
09:51 what is it about that? And I'm not...
09:53 this is not unique to me,
09:54 "Oh, you're one of those people who likes to look into a fire,"
09:56 you know what I'm saying?
09:57 No, this is all of us isn't it?
09:59 It's like, "Wow!"
10:01 And so, when the Bible describes his eyes like a flame of fire,
10:04 what it's saying is, "His eyes are mesmerizing,
10:06 we want to look into his eyes"
10:08 they're just beautiful, they're just attractive
10:10 we can just look in His eyes forever...
10:12 we can just sit there all night and look into His eyes.
10:14 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
10:15 Of course, we experience that sometimes,
10:17 with our first-love experience,
10:18 we just want to look into her eyes
10:20 or look into his eyes, right? We just want to...
10:21 and this is what we're looking at here,
10:24 we're looking... because later on...
10:26 right in Revelation chapter 2,
10:27 we're going to talk about the first-love experience.
10:29 In verse 15 it says,
10:31 "And his feet were like fine brass"
10:33 He's got the Coppertone look,
10:34 He's got that nice, attractive, those eyes, the Coppertone look
10:39 and then it talks about here... it talks about His voice,
10:41 he says, "His voice is as the sound of many waters"
10:43 have you ever sat at night listening to water
10:47 a stream running, a river running,
10:49 the waterfall... just that...
10:51 people buy this little water apparatus
10:53 that they can put in their house to listen to that...
10:56 it's soothing, in other words, Jesus is attractive
10:59 and so when we see Jesus in the Book of Revelation,
11:01 we don't just see Him... "Oh, there's the Son of man... "
11:03 we see Him in a very attractive light,
11:05 so attractive and so overwhelming
11:08 so beautiful, so gorgeous,
11:09 so... that John just falls down...
11:11 I mean, it's like... it's like,
11:13 when you see that woman... for the first time.
11:16 Jason: Yeah like Tiffany...
11:17 Like Tiffany... there you go...
11:19 you're going to meet her later
11:21 but now you see her, "I want to meet her now"
11:23 Jason: Yeah...
11:24 James: This is the way Jesus is coming across,
11:26 "I want to meet Him now, I want to connect with Him now"
11:29 And there's a very powerful lesson there
11:32 that we talk about the need to die to self,
11:34 well, the best way to die to self is to look at Jesus
11:39 because no man can see Him and live, it's right there,
11:43 no man can see Him and live,
11:45 so, as I look at His face,
11:47 I look at His glory, self dies, in His presence
11:52 a new life in Him,
11:55 it's how we get the revelation of Christ in us.
11:57 Yvonne: Nice... nice...
11:59 it's interesting because this depiction of Christ
12:03 is different from the one in Isaiah
12:05 where we're told that He had no comeliness
12:07 that we would desire Him so this is a different...
12:11 this is a different Jesus... James: Glory... glory...
12:15 Yvonne: This is the body that was prepared for Him on earth,
12:18 is different from this one.
12:20 James: He's glorified now... Yvonne: He's glorified now.
12:22 And I love what Ivor brought out too
12:24 because John dies and that's a great illustration
12:27 death to self but then Jesus revives him,
12:31 "Don't... " He puts His hand on him...
12:33 "Fear not, stand up, be revived"
12:34 and we see the same picture by-the-way in the Book of Daniel
12:37 in Daniel chapter 10, we see a similar picture
12:41 of Christ... He's the man clothed in linen
12:45 in Daniel chapter 10,
12:46 Yvonne, can you read two verses for us there
12:50 in Daniel 10 verses 5 and 6?
12:53 Sure, "Then I lifted up mine eyes, and looked,
12:56 and behold a certain man clothed in linen,
12:59 whose loins were girded with fine gold of Uphaz:
13:03 His body also was like the beryl,
13:06 and his face as the appearance of lightning,
13:08 and his eyes as lamps of fire,
13:10 and his arms and his feet like in colour to polished brass,
13:14 and the voice of his words like the voice of a multitude. "
13:17 You see that... that's similar and then we have
13:20 a similar response in Daniel, what does Daniel do?
13:23 In verse 7 he talks about how he saw...
13:26 "all the men fled," but then in verse 8,
13:29 he says, "I was left alone, I saw this great vision,
13:33 and there remained no strength in me: for my comeliness... "
13:37 my goodness, my righteousness,
13:39 all those good things that I thought I had and was,
13:41 "they were turned into corruption,
13:45 I retained no strength. "
13:46 And he says, "I heard the voice
13:48 and when I heard the voice... " verse 9...
13:49 "then I was in a deep sleep on my face, toward the ground. "
13:53 Same thing... Ivor: "as if dead... "
13:54 James: As if dead...
13:56 And then what happens?
13:57 He's revived, heaven revives him.
13:59 God revives him,
14:01 hand is laid on him... a voice is spoken...
14:03 hand is laid on him, a voice is spoken,
14:04 see, this is the process we go through
14:06 we need to remember that when we see Jesus,
14:09 when we behold Jesus,
14:11 we're going to be overwhelmed by His goodness
14:12 and His unselfishness and His love
14:14 and it's going to knock us out,
14:15 we're going to feel unworthy, we're going to feel corrupt,
14:18 Daniel was a blameless politician, okay,
14:21 he was a man who could stand without fault
14:25 before fellow politicians,
14:26 there are men like that around, here and there even today,
14:30 okay, I'm not going to mention any names,
14:33 and yet, when he saw Jesus,
14:35 all that blamelessness was corruption
14:38 because he... he recognized the failure...
14:42 we recognize the failure
14:43 and so what's going to happen is,
14:44 when we're going to see Jesus, we're going to go,
14:46 "Ah man! I don't even know why... what... I don't...
14:48 I might as well just give up and we die... "
14:50 but then Jesus revives us, everyday this happens,
14:53 we see Jesus... we die... He revives us...
14:55 "Why did I speak that way to my wife?"
14:57 "Why am I so selfish towards people?"
14:59 "Why is it that I can't be courteous
15:00 when I'm driving down the road and someone cuts me off?"
15:02 "Why is that I've got all this anger inside?"
15:05 "Lord, I just want... I just give up!"
15:07 And then Jesus says, "It's all right... "
15:08 He touches us, he revives us... He touches us, he revives us
15:11 and we go through this process...
15:12 Ivor: Death, burial, resurrection
15:14 James: Yes!
15:15 Ivor: Death, burial, resurrection
15:16 so the more we practice death, burial and resurrection,
15:18 the more we'll be prepared
15:20 for the actual death, burial, resurrection process.
15:23 And look, this is an incredible connection now we just made
15:27 between Revelation and Daniel,
15:28 we're going to... we're going to make that connection more
15:30 as we go through the Programs,
15:31 right now we're in Revelation, but here's a connection
15:33 and this connection reminds us of...
15:36 the Book of Revelation is a supplement to the Book of Daniel
15:39 there are some principles in Revelation
15:40 that help us to understand Daniel...
15:42 that will help us to understand the Book of Revelation.
15:44 So, we want to actually look at one more principle
15:48 that we decided that it was pretty crucial for us to get,
15:51 notice again, we haven't jumped into the churches or the seals
15:54 or the trumpets yet,
15:55 once we get this understanding, then I think we're ready to go
15:59 so here's the thing... in the Book of Revelation...
16:04 like, if I were to invite you somewhere,
16:06 invite you to a wedding,
16:08 what two things would you need to know?
16:10 When and where.
16:14 Timing and location, those two things are crucial
16:19 for understanding the Book of Revelation.
16:20 Think of the Book of Revelation
16:22 as an invitation to the Wedding Feast,
16:23 and at every point in the Book of Revelation,
16:27 there's a journey that we're on, we need to know where we are.
16:30 So, if I drop my finger anywhere in the Book of Revelation,
16:34 you should be able to tell me time and location
16:37 of what's happening here,
16:39 the way that we get location,
16:41 we've already discussed... the Sanctuary...
16:43 we have to know where we are at any given point
16:46 in the Book of Revelation,
16:47 "Am I in the Holy Place or the Most Holy Place?"
16:50 Right? so that's one thing,
16:52 if you don't know where you are, what are you?
16:54 Lost... and there's a reason why many people are lost
16:58 in the Book of Revelation because, they're like,
17:00 I don't even know where this is, so, once you have location,
17:03 that's step one,
17:05 the other thing that you need is timing,
17:07 so let's talk about that very quickly,
17:09 oh well, let's talk about that.
17:12 In the Book of Daniel there are three "Time Prophecies"
17:15 okay, and we're going to go into this in more detail
17:19 again in a later study,
17:21 but we're just going to kind of summarize it now.
17:23 There is the 70-week Prophecy that's found in Daniel 9,
17:27 now that prophecy basically pointed forward
17:30 to the coming of Christ, okay, that's just in... in a nutshell,
17:34 it pointed forward to the coming of Christ as the Messiah,
17:38 the 1,260-year Prophecy is found in Daniel chapter 7,
17:43 and that prophecy points to this power
17:46 that is identified as the "Little Horn"
17:50 who would think to change "times and laws,"
17:53 okay, the third prophecy is the 2,300-day Prophecy,
17:57 which brings us down to the year 1844
18:01 and again we'll go into this in more detail later on.
18:04 And that's in Daniel 8, so you have Daniel 7... 1,260
18:06 you have Daniel 8... 2,300, Daniel 9... 70 weeks.
18:09 Now, the key thing to understand is that
18:11 three prophecies are really one,
18:13 they're just one time prophecy
18:15 so they are different sections of the same prophecy,
18:19 so when the 70 weeks, we understand the 70 weeks
18:23 and all scholars understand the 70 weeks
18:25 to be 70 weeks of years,
18:26 so the 490 days... 70 weeks... is really 490 years
18:32 but since the 1,260 and the 2,300
18:34 are connected to the same prophecy,
18:37 then they're all what...? A day for a year... right?
18:42 Very simple, so you have 490 years...
18:44 that's the 70-weeks,
18:46 the 1,260... years... and then the 2,300 years...
18:51 this is the measuring stick for the entire Bible,
18:55 okay, specifically for the Book of Revelation,
19:00 this is how we get Historicism.
19:02 Historicism is a teaching that
19:05 once again, these prophecies unfold over a period of time
19:08 and that the "day for a year principle"
19:11 is a measuring stick for these prophecies,
19:14 the issue is, during the Protestant Reformation,
19:19 most Protestants were using the 1,260-year Prophecy
19:24 to point to the Papacy as the fulfillment of this prophecy,
19:29 so they had a Council... because they were like,
19:32 "What are we going to do, we've got to do something
19:34 because people are leaving in droves... "
19:35 well, guess what they did?
19:36 James: You were saying the Papacy had a Council...
19:38 Ivor: Yes, Council of Trent, okay
19:41 and in this Council,
19:42 they decided to come up with two new schools of prophecy,
19:47 prophetic interpretation,
19:48 one was called Preterism... one was called Futurism...
19:53 both these schools of prophecy changed "times"
19:58 Yvonne: Hmmm...
20:00 Ivor: So remember Daniel 7:25 says,
20:02 "this power will think to change times and laws"
20:05 now we usually talk about the Sabbath being changed
20:07 but "times... " wait a minute...
20:10 so they're going to attempt to change time prophecy to do what?
20:14 Throw you off from the correct interpretation
20:17 so you don't know where you are... or what time it is...
20:22 so if you don't have the right time, you're off...
20:26 Yvonne: Right...
20:27 Ivor: You're lost... location, time, location, time,
20:29 so these two schools of prophecy,
20:31 Preterism... it's all in the past,
20:32 Futurism... it's all in the future...
20:34 couldn't possibly be the Papacy,
20:35 it's in the future, or it's in the past,
20:37 it was designed to throw one off
20:41 from the true prophetic interpretation, okay,
20:44 so, understanding this, we need to realize, okay,
20:47 "I need to know what time it is"
20:49 the 70 weeks, the 1,260 and 2,300
20:51 are crucial to understanding prophecy
20:54 so let me show you just a couple of examples,
20:56 we talked about this a little bit earlier...
20:57 in our last program,
20:59 the life of Christ, okay,
21:01 is a snapshot of the life of the church,
21:06 we are to follow His example, okay,
21:08 "these are they that follow the lamb withersoever He goes... "
21:12 so look, just as Christ was born,
21:13 you have the birth of the early church,
21:16 just as Christ was baptized,
21:19 you have the baptism of the early church... Day of Pentecost
21:22 after Christ was baptized, where does he go?
21:25 Oh, by-the-way, the birth and baptism of Christ,
21:28 points us to the 70-week Prophecy... right?
21:32 the 70-week prophecy points to the birth of Christ,
21:34 so, after this... His birth and baptism,
21:38 you then have Christ going into the wilderness.
21:41 Yvonne: Right...
21:43 Ivor: Wait a minute... that points me to the 1,260...
21:46 when the church goes into the wilderness, right?
21:49 When Jesus comes out of the wilderness,
21:52 this is amazing! one of the first things He does
21:55 after coming out of the wilderness,
21:57 He goes to a wedding feast and then He cleanses the Temple,
22:02 so remember, the 1,260 brings us down to 1798, right?
22:08 then when Jesus comes out of the wilderness,
22:10 it would reflect the church
22:12 also coming out of the wilderness after 1798
22:16 and then what does He do? He cleanses the temple,
22:18 the prophecy of the 2,300 days
22:21 point's us to the cleansing of the temple.
22:24 And also, He ordained...
22:27 not ordained but He calls His disciples,
22:29 so when the church comes out of the wilderness,
22:32 God calls His people out of all these churches
22:34 to start this remnant that we call, "The Remnant Movement,"
22:37 "The Last-day Movement" "The Church of God. "
22:40 Absolutely, so... so this force is the 2,300
22:43 and by-the-way, the Jews said to Him,
22:44 "Forty and six years we've been building this temple,
22:47 will you raise it up again in three days?"
22:50 If you take 46 years, and add it to 1,798
22:53 you come to 1844, that's just crazy...
22:57 that's just crazy!
22:58 So, after that, what do you have Jesus doing?
23:01 He's preaching, teaching and healing,
23:04 what is God's church doing at the end of time?
23:06 Preaching, teaching, healing,
23:08 then, He gets persecuted because of Sabbath,
23:12 what's going to happen to the church at the end-time?
23:15 The very same thing, okay,
23:17 then He goes through His Gethsemane experience,
23:19 and then death, burial and resurrection,
23:21 death decree... death, burial and resurrection,
23:23 so we find in the life of Christ this 70... 1,260... 2,300...
23:29 we find the same thing in the Book of Revelation,
23:33 in fact, if you look at this, you know what Jesus said,
23:36 "if you have ought against your brother, go to him...
23:39 and if he won't hear, take two witnesses,
23:41 if he won't hear it, take it to the church... "
23:43 70 weeks, Christ had been with His church,
23:47 He comes to them Himself, they reject Him,
23:51 so guess what He does, He sends two witnesses...
23:54 1,260-year Prophecy, and what happened?
23:59 they reject those two witnesses, so what next?
24:02 Okay, I'm going to bring it to my church... 1844...
24:06 if they don't hear the church, that's it,
24:10 this process of 70... 1,260... 2,300...
24:12 is found all throughout the Scriptures...
24:15 And by-the-way, in that thing... I mean, in that story...
24:20 in Matthew 18... the context of that...
24:23 Peter says, "How often shall we forgive... seven times?"
24:27 And Jesus says, "Seventy times seven... "
24:29 He's referring right back to that prophecy...
24:31 see the... the Bible is profound
24:34 and the lessons here are deep
24:36 and the layers are just intimate and God is the author
24:40 and there's just beautiful pictures that just flow...
24:43 So I'm going to share this last point,
24:45 I know we're running out of time, but,
24:47 so taking that understanding,
24:50 we should be able to go anywhere in the Scripture...
24:53 in the Book of Revelation and we should be looking,
24:55 "Where am I? Am I in the 70...
24:58 am I in the 1,260? or am I in the 2,300?"
25:02 James: Post 1844...
25:04 Ivor: Post 1844, if you look in Revelation 12,
25:06 you'll find all three prophecies there,
25:07 first you have the birth of Christ,
25:09 what is that? what time?
25:12 James: That's 70 weeks... Ivor: 70 weeks,
25:13 then we have the woman going into the wilderness,
25:16 what is that?
25:17 James: 1,260... Ivor: 1,260...
25:19 then you have the dragon going to make war with the remnant,
25:21 "who keep the commandments of God,"
25:23 what is that? James: Post 1844...
25:25 Ivor: 2,300... and here's what's amazing, James,
25:27 after Revelation 12,
25:29 the 70-week Prophecy... falls off the scene,
25:32 you're only now dealing with 2,300-Day Prophecy
25:36 and 1,260... James: And post-1844...
25:37 Ivor: before Revelation 12,
25:39 you have 70 weeks... 1,260... 2,300...
25:42 after Revelation 12, you have only 2,300...
25:45 James: Yeah, which just lines up perfectly
25:47 with the principles we've been learning.
25:48 Ivor: Absolutely...
25:49 James: Primarily pre- primarily post 1844...
25:53 you divide it... and another thing that's really interesting,
25:55 if you look at the gospels, each one of them has a chapter
25:59 that is dedicated to prophecy, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21,
26:03 John doesn't... because John...
26:04 God led him to write the Book of Revelation,
26:06 but each one of them have a chapter dedicated to prophecy,
26:09 and each of those chapters talks the 70-week part,
26:12 the 1,260 part and the end of time,
26:15 each one of them breaks up those sections, okay...
26:16 Ivor: Absolutely, absolutely.
26:17 James: And we don't... we're not going to get into details
26:19 because we are running out of time,
26:21 but here's one point that I wanted to make,
26:22 Jesus... after he gives the prophetic declaration,
26:26 in Matthew 24... He gives a parable in Matthew 25,
26:30 about the ten virgins,
26:31 five were wise, five were foolish
26:33 and the foolish virgins missed the time,
26:36 they missed the time
26:37 they were studying their Bibles,
26:38 they were looking at it but they missed the time,
26:40 and the bridegroom came and went and they were thinking,
26:42 "no... this is going to be... at some future time,
26:43 this is going to be at some future time," they weren't ready
26:46 and they were so wrapped up in the world that they weren't...
26:48 and that's the mistake we can make with Bible Prophecy,
26:51 is to allow the world to interpret it for us
26:53 and to be so wrapped up in events
26:55 that we miss what God has actually declared
26:57 and what He's actually saying.
26:59 Yvonne: Yes... yes... yes.
27:00 James: Okay, we are almost out of time,
27:03 we want to, I think, remind us
27:05 and those who are watching
27:07 that we are interested in answering questions,
27:09 we're covering some good material here
27:12 the table is being set
27:14 and there's one course after another...
27:15 one course after another,
27:17 we haven't even gotten to dessert yet,
27:18 though we did take a little taste of it
27:20 when we talked about the Bible
27:21 but we want to answer questions and they can...
27:25 those questions can be sent in to...
27:26 Yvonne: sss as in Salvation in Symbols and Signs,
27:31 sss@3... the number
27:35 SSS@3ABN.ORG
27:38 send in your questions and we will attempt to answer them.
27:40 Yvonne: Video questions.
27:42 James: Video questions, we want video questions.
27:43 Yvonne: We want video questions,
27:45 that will make it even more interesting.
27:46 James: Yvonne, close out for us.
27:47 Yvonne: Sure, "Father God, thank you so much
27:50 for this study and the richness of your Word, Lord,
27:54 we can just mine the depths of your Word
27:57 and just get all of these gems,
27:59 so thank you so much and continue to bless us
28:01 and keep us Lord
28:03 and help us to be focused on you and not distracted,
28:06 we pray in Jesus' name... amen.
28:08 All: Amen, amen.


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