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Participants: Ivor Meyers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:31 The next church is Thyatira... sacrifice and penitence.
00:35 Millions of people are sacrificed for their faith
00:39 during this church period, it's the period of the dark ages
00:44 and it follows what we studied in our last session
00:46 and that is... the period of compromise
00:48 right after the persecution of pagan Rome,
00:51 it ends in 313... Diocletian goes out...
00:54 Constantine comes in and the church is elevated,
00:58 all the properties are given back,
01:00 they become rich... people come in...
01:02 compromise takes place
01:03 by 321, we have the first Sunday Law,
01:05 a combination of paganism with worship of God
01:08 and so you've got the church compromised,
01:11 the faithful now are moving in a different direction,
01:14 they're against the fathers,
01:16 they're not willing to make these compromises...
01:18 Antipas... and that moves us
01:20 into this next church... sacrifice of penitence,
01:24 many people losing their lives
01:26 and martyred through the Dark Ages.
01:27 So let's begin with a word of prayer... we'll jump right in,
01:29 Jason, pray for us would you?
01:30 Sure, "Dear Heavenly Father,
01:32 thank you for another day of studying,
01:34 we are covering some deep material
01:35 but you're making it possible for us to make it practical
01:39 and we ask that you be with us once again
01:43 and help us to comprehend what we're studying
01:45 in Jesus' name we pray, amen. " All: "Amen... "
01:48 So let's just begin by reading the verses
01:51 and Jason, start us out...
01:52 we'll read... starting with verse 18 of Revelation chapter 2
01:58 we're going to read all the way through to verse 29
02:00 and so we got quite a few verses here and just read...
02:02 I don't know... read about half of them...
02:04 Okay, "And unto the angel of the church in Thyatira write;
02:08 These things saith the Son of God,
02:10 who hath his eyes like unto a flame of fire,
02:13 and his feet are like fine brass;
02:16 I know thy works, and charity, and service, and faith,
02:19 and thy patience, and thy works;
02:21 and the last to be more than the first.
02:24 Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee,
02:27 because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel,
02:30 which calleth herself a prophetess,
02:33 to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication,
02:37 and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.
02:39 And I gave her space to repent of her fornication;
02:43 and she repented not.
02:45 Behold, I will cast her into a bed,
02:47 and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation,
02:51 except they repent of their deeds.
02:53 And I will kill her children with death;
02:57 and all the churches shall know
02:59 that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts:
03:03 and I will give unto every one of you
03:05 according to your works. "
03:07 James: Yvonne, you want to finish these verses?
03:09 "But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira,
03:12 as many as have not this doctrine,
03:14 and which have not known the depths of Satan, as they speak;
03:18 I will put upon you none other burden.
03:20 But that which ye have already hold fast till I come.
03:28 And he that overcometh,
03:29 and keepeth my works unto the end,
03:31 to him will I give power over the nations:
03:34 And he shall rule them with a rod of iron;
03:37 as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers:
03:41 even as I received of my Father,
03:43 And I will him the morning star.
03:46 He that hath an ear,
03:47 let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. "
03:51 Twelve verses now,
03:52 there's a lot of information in here,
03:54 but there is some really beautiful stuff,
03:56 some powerful stuff.
03:57 I like the way that it opens up,
04:00 Jesus identifies Himself here,
04:02 He's the son of man in chapter one
04:04 but the same description is used that is found in chapter one
04:09 "the eyes like a flame of fire"
04:10 and it says that his feet are like fine brass
04:13 and here he's identified as the Son of God
04:15 and so we know that the Son of man is the Son of God
04:18 and we know that the Son of God is, of course, Jesus Christ
04:21 and so we see here a description of Himself
04:25 that connects us back to chapter one... why?
04:28 Well, I think one of the reasons why is because
04:31 we want to remember that as bad as the church is
04:35 and it's really getting bad now, this is worse...
04:38 this is the worst condition right here
04:39 in the sense of compromise,
04:41 in the sense of turning away from Christ,
04:43 that Jesus still pictures Himself...
04:45 among the candlesticks.
04:47 In fact, He says right here in the context of this verse 21
04:51 He says, "I gave her space to repent,"
04:52 now we're talking about Jezebel, not Jezebel literally
04:56 but Jezebel-type actions... Jezebel-type spirit...
04:59 do you remember the story of Jezebel and Ahab?
05:02 One of those stories is pretty clear to me,
05:06 it's a story of when Ahab coveted a vineyard
05:10 that was connected to his property
05:12 and he wanted it
05:14 and he asked the owner of that vineyard to sell it to him
05:17 and the owner said, "I can't sell it to you
05:18 because this is in my family... "
05:20 in fact it was forbidden for him to sell it...
05:22 it had to go back to him at some point even if he did sell it,
05:24 "this is in my family and I can't sell it... "
05:27 and so Ahab went home and he had a pout party...
05:29 and in the middle of this pout party,
05:32 Jezebel comes in and sees the king pouting and says,
05:35 "What's wrong, why are you so pouty?"
05:38 And he basically explains that he wanted this vineyard
05:41 and he offered money for the vineyard
05:43 and the owner wouldn't sell it... and then she says,
05:45 "Don't you worry... I'll take care of all of that"
05:47 and she goes down there
05:49 and she has this guy falsely accused before the townspeople
05:52 and killed... so that she can take that vineyard
05:56 and give it to her husband
05:58 and he takes ownership of the vineyard
06:00 and along comes Elijah and Elijah basically rebukes Ahab
06:05 and when he rebukes Ahab, Ahab responds and repents
06:10 and the Lord is talking here, I'm just reading the last verse
06:13 in 1st Kings chapter 21,
06:15 "And the word of God came to Elijah the Tishbite, saying,
06:18 Seest thou how Ahab humbles himself before me,
06:22 because he humbles himself before me,
06:24 I will not bring this evil in his days:
06:26 but in his son's days will I bring this evil upon his house"
06:30 that is how gracious God is,
06:32 this was wicked... this was pure wickedness that took place
06:36 and yet as he humbled himself, God was gracious,
06:39 God was merciful... "I'm not going to bring this"
06:41 and the thing He was talking about bringing was...
06:44 judgment and justice to Ahab's whole house,
06:47 he was going to take out Ahab's whole house
06:50 because of this and so, "I gave her space to repent,"
06:53 Jesus is among the candlesticks, He's trimming them up,
06:57 He wants them to burn, He wants them to repent.
06:59 We should make sure that it was not just this one incident
07:02 that Ahab did that God said,
07:05 "Okay, your house is going to be punished... "
07:07 they were... they had done much wickedness...
07:09 this is kind of like the final straw...
07:11 James: Years and years... Ivor: Exactly... exactly...
07:13 James: God is long suffering... Ivor: Long suffering...
07:14 James: And we want to bring that into the story here,
07:16 into the church here,
07:17 we've got hundreds of years of compromise
07:19 and God is suffering long... suffering long, suffering long
07:22 through these hundreds of years.
07:23 Ivor: I just want to... this is a pop test...
07:26 for you guys because...
07:28 we don't want to tell you the time period
07:31 but we just want to remember something
07:34 that the first church we were looking at...
07:36 the 70-Week Prophecy...
07:38 church number 2 and 3... we were looking at the interim
07:41 so, church number two from 100 to 313...
07:44 church number 3 from 313 to a certain period of time,
07:50 so, this 4th church... what do you think
07:54 in terms of where we are in time...
07:58 and where would this fourth church bring us?
08:00 Yvonne: Would this be the 1,260?
08:03 Ivor: Absolutely, this would be the 1,260...
08:05 and now, without us saying that,
08:07 because of the principles we've laid out, you're able to say,
08:11 "Yeah, that makes sense because that's what's coming next,
08:14 next, we know where we are in time,
08:16 we know that... the 70-Weeks have passed...
08:19 we saw the church numbers 2 and 3 were the interim...
08:22 so yeah... church number four...
08:24 is going to be in the period of the 1,260...
08:28 so that's why we talked about that measuring stick,
08:30 that it helps you to be able to say,
08:32 "Okay, I'm able to see this now more... in my mind...
08:35 in terms of where we are in prophecy
08:38 and what's coming next.
08:40 James: Very important... I love that.
08:42 Yvonne: this thing with Jezebel calling herself a prophetess,
08:48 now, how is that... it...
08:51 there's some relation to the church here,
08:53 this whole kind of spirit... this attitude... what is it?
08:58 Ivor: What is a prophetess? One who speaks on behalf of...?
09:02 Yvonne: God... Ivor: God...
09:04 so this woman is claiming...
09:06 now remember...
09:08 and this is a principle that we really need to hit
09:11 but in the Old Testament, things that are literal...
09:13 are applied spiritually in the New Testament
09:16 particularly in the Book of Revelation,
09:18 so for example, Old Testament... literal lamb slain...
09:21 New Testament... Jesus, "behold the lamb of God... "
09:23 right? Old Testament... literal candlestick...
09:26 New Testament... "You are the light of the world.
09:28 A city set on a hill cannot be hidden...
09:30 Neither do men light a candle... "
09:31 right, so, we can go through many examples...
09:34 James and Ivor: Literal Israel, spiritual Israel...
09:37 Ivor: literal circumcision,
09:38 New Testament... circumcision of the heart...
09:41 so, Jezebel... Old Testament... literal...
09:43 James: Literal woman... Ivor: Literal woman...
09:45 New Testament... spiritual church,
09:48 James: Spiritual woman... church...
09:51 Ivor: That's right, a woman in Bible prophecy
09:54 symbolizes a church,
09:56 so Christ says, "Husbands, love your wives... "
09:58 it's a love story... husbands love your wives...
10:00 even as Christ loved the church...
10:02 so, Jezebel then would represent a church
10:06 claiming to speak on behalf of... God...
10:09 who... while doing this,
10:14 is putting the people of God to death.
10:17 Yvonne: Hmmm... Jason: Wow!
10:20 Ivor: Ah... and all of that... based on principle...
10:23 not, "okay, let's see what fits so what sounds good... "
10:27 no... because of the timing...
10:29 now we can say, "Okay, what church
10:32 would have arisen...
10:34 or would have been present at this time
10:36 1,260... that would claim to be speaking on behalf of God...
10:40 what power... what authority...
10:42 would claim to be speaking on behalf of God
10:45 and yet persecuting the people of God
10:48 as literal Jezebel did in the Old Testament?
10:51 James: And even adding to that, it says here in verse 20,
10:53 "Jezebel, which calls herself a prophetess, and teaches...
10:58 to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication,"
11:02 again... that's spiritual fornication...
11:03 faithfulness to God...
11:04 so she's teaching doctrines that lead to unfaithfulness to God.
11:07 Ivor: Which points us to Revelation chapter 17 and 18
11:11 where the woman is described as "Mystery Babylon... "
11:16 James: Right... and then it goes on to say,
11:18 "and eats those things sacrificed unto idols. "
11:21 So, what you have here...
11:23 is you have this spiritual fornication that's taking place,
11:25 you have seducing... teaching things that are
11:28 seducing people to be unfaithful to God,
11:31 you have "spiritual idolatry" taking place,
11:34 so, in the context of this, you have a church
11:37 that is worshipping idols and teaching false doctrines
11:40 and yet claims to be a follower of God.
11:42 Ivor: While persecuting the people of God.
11:44 Yvonne: Hmmm...
11:45 Ivor: So that's how that Old Testament story
11:48 now sheds light...
11:49 we're not looking for a literal Jezebel here,
11:52 now, who was named Jezebel... during the 1,260...
11:55 what woman... no, there was no woman...
11:57 who carried that name... right?
11:59 I mean... you know in terms of literal history
12:02 that the Bible is talking about, this is symbolic... symbols...
12:05 we're understanding the symbols and saying,
12:07 "Okay, this is what this symbol is explaining to us. "
12:11 James: And then you're looking at verse 19...
12:13 now, this is another aspect of the characteristic
12:16 of this "woman," okay, verse 19...
12:19 "I know thy works, charity, service, faith,
12:22 and thy patience, and thy works;
12:24 and the last to be more than the first. "
12:26 So, now you have a system, a religious system...
12:30 that is filled with works and faith and patience
12:33 and more works at the end than at the beginning,
12:36 so, what kind of religious system
12:38 is professing to speak for God
12:41 while seducing his servants into apostasy and fornication
12:46 but at the same time, you're filled with charity
12:49 and works and faith... in other words...
12:51 honest people... people who follow God...
12:54 who serve God... who are honestly seeking after God
12:56 and yet are being deceived and seduced
12:58 by the teachings of this church
13:01 that are not in harmony with the Word of God.
13:02 Ivor: And... and to add to that,
13:04 for the time period we're looking at
13:07 which would be the 1,260 years, right?
13:11 Now how would we know that 1,260-year period?
13:13 Again, going back to the Book of Daniel,
13:16 we see Daniel describing a power that is just like this,
13:19 it's called the "Little Horn," it's supposed...
13:22 it's a religious power that persecutes the people of God,
13:24 that claims to speak on behalf of God
13:27 so when we have this understanding
13:29 of who this little... what this Little Horn is
13:31 and the time period allotted to it... 1,260...
13:33 we again go,
13:34 "Okay, as I'm reading this description of this woman,
13:38 this sounds just like the Little Horn of Daniel 7,
13:42 this must be the 1,260-year period we're looking at.
13:46 Yeah, I really need to review that area of interpretation
13:52 because I really just guessed that 1,260...
13:55 I know, praise the Lord, it was a good guess
13:58 but I really want to know, like, how do I know
14:01 that it's in the 70 or the 1,260 or the 2,300?
14:04 Ivor: So, we can say that any time you see...
14:07 you can identify... that power
14:09 that persecutes the saints of God,
14:11 speaking on behalf of God, that is 1,260...
14:15 Yvonne: Why?
14:16 Ivor: That's the time period allotted to it
14:18 in the Book of Daniel chapter 7
14:20 in other places in the Book of Revelation,
14:22 the same time period is described
14:24 as 42 months... okay...
14:28 it is described as "a time, times and a half"
14:32 in several different places,
14:34 so you're looking at the same time period
14:36 being revealed in different places in Revelation
14:39 and in the Book of Daniel, so once you...
14:42 if I say, "1,260... "
14:45 you should say, "Mystery Babylon"
14:46 if I say, "Mystery Babylon," you say, "1,260... "
14:49 right, so wherever you see "Mystery Babylon"
14:52 doing these things to the people of God,
14:55 you can assume... this is 1,260...
14:58 unless it's in the context of what's coming after...
15:02 at the very end of time. Yvonne: Okay...
15:05 James: And that's 2,300... right?
15:06 Ivor: So, think about it like this...
15:08 the days of the week...
15:09 you don't go from Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
15:12 and then skip Wednesday and jump to Thursday...
15:14 same with the churches,
15:16 we started in one period, in 31 A.D. to a 100...
15:19 the second period...
15:21 and now we saw that relating to the 70-Week Prophecy...
15:24 31 A.D. connects us to the 70-Week Prophecy,
15:27 but then the second church from 100 A.D.
15:30 when Roman persecution really hit the church,
15:33 and lasts till about 313... this is an interim...
15:35 this is not the 70... it's not the 1,260...
15:38 right, so after that second church
15:41 you have the third church which is Pergamos,
15:43 where a compromise began
15:45 but this woman isn't on the scene yet,
15:46 it's not the little horn yet so we can't say,
15:49 "this is the little horn" this is only pre-little horn...
15:53 pre-Jezebel...
15:54 once we get to Jezebel...
15:56 and we identify what she's doing,
15:58 we're going, "Wait a minute,
15:59 yeah, this is exactly what's described in Daniel
16:02 under the 1,260-year Prophecy
16:05 so this must be beginning in 538, right,
16:09 and extending throughout the dark ages. "
16:13 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm... hmmm... okay...
16:15 Ivor: Okay... so that...
16:17 that's why I said those three time prophecies
16:19 70... 1,260... 2,300...
16:22 if you can get those in your mind,
16:24 and hammer those down and it may be new...
16:26 "Okay... how do I... " but once you get those,
16:29 70... 1,260... 2,300...
16:31 everything in the Book of Revelation,
16:34 revolves around those three prophecies...
16:36 James: Yeah, and they're consecutive...
16:38 they're consecutive... so in other words,
16:40 when you start with the 70...
16:41 the next thing you do is 1,260...
16:43 and the next thing you do is 2,300...
16:44 you're going to go from one to the next to the next...
16:47 so if you're in the 70...
16:48 and you see that coming to an end...
16:50 then you know you're moving toward the 1,260...
16:51 as you see that coming to an end...
16:53 you know you're moving toward 1844...
16:54 because it's all progressive
16:55 and then we get to the Seals...
16:57 we start all over... we go back to the 70...
16:58 Apostolic Age and then we go through the same time periods
17:01 all over again, and they're just one indicator,
17:04 we have a number of different indicators
17:06 that we're using on this... that's one indicator,
17:08 so... and it's a good one, it's a really good one because
17:11 it is outlined again in Revelation chapter 12...
17:14 actually 11 and 12 and Daniel chapter 7 as well
17:17 and Daniel chapter 12... all talk about the 1,260
17:20 and in different ways...
17:21 Okay, so,
17:23 verse 21, "I gave her space to repent
17:25 of her fornication; and she repented not. "
17:27 This is what we saw God going with Ahab and Jezebel.
17:30 "Tell them I'm going to judge them and let's see what he does"
17:34 He repents... wow... but she doesn't repent...
17:36 now the space that God gives her to repent is 1,260 years...
17:40 Yvonne: Hmmm...
17:41 James: Why did God allow His people
17:43 to be persecuted for that long?
17:45 Because He had people in there
17:46 that were faithful and charitable
17:48 and had good works and faith and He's moving through this
17:49 and giving them the opportunity to repent and to come around
17:52 and to come around... but they wouldn't... they wouldn't.
17:54 Yvonne: Not the literal Jezebel but the spiritual Jezebel...
17:56 James: The Spiritual Jezebel...
17:58 Ivor: So, James, do you remember
17:59 in our last program, we talked about...
18:01 I don't know if it was the last one or before...
18:03 we talked about how Christ said "if you have ought against
18:06 your brother, go to him yourself... " right...
18:09 Christ comes to humanity Himself
18:12 70-Week Prophecy...
18:13 all right... you don't listen... you reject me...
18:15 all right... I'm going to send two witnesses,
18:17 that takes us to Revelation chapter 11
18:20 that introduces those two witnesses
18:22 who prophesied for guess how long?
18:24 1,260 years, right,
18:28 so what are those two witnesses doing?
18:30 they're pointing to Jezebel, right, saying, "Repent... "
18:33 so, just as you're saying, "He gave them space to repent"
18:37 that space is 1,260 years, what does she do?
18:41 She rejects the two witnesses.
18:43 James: Which is the Word of God. Ivor: Which is the Word of God.
18:46 James: And in that context, He brings her into tribulation.
18:50 Now, we're going to jump ahead a little bit here
18:52 but I just want to bring this out
18:54 because it's going to be... recapitulate this...
18:57 it's gong to be in the Trumpets...
18:58 we're going to see this in the trumpets
18:59 but it says in verses 22 and 23, "But I will cast her into a bed,
19:03 and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation,
19:07 except that they repent of their deeds.
19:09 And I will kill her children with death;
19:11 and all the churches will know
19:12 that I am he which searcheth the reins and heart:
19:14 and will give unto every one of you according to your works. "
19:16 Part of this tribulation that this power went through
19:20 was... came in the form of Islam...
19:24 it came in the form of a group...
19:27 a religious group that rose up in the Middle East
19:30 and came against the Medieval Church
19:32 that was worshipping idols
19:34 in the form of chastening and judgments,
19:36 in fact, a lot of the leaders of the Muslim armies
19:39 said... as they went to battle
19:41 against this compromising Christian church, they said,
19:44 "Kill only those
19:46 who are worshipping idols and have shorn heads...
19:48 don't kill those who worship God without worshipping idols... "
19:51 and that's what it talks... in Revelation chapter 9 about...
19:55 "don't hurt those that have the seal of God,
19:57 don't hurt those who are settled into the truth,
19:59 who not worshipping the idols... "
20:00 so this was affliction... this wasn't a time...
20:02 and we'll look at this more in Revelation chapter 9...
20:05 Ivor: Let's point out James a verse you pointed out to me
20:09 a little bit earlier, let's just read that
20:10 in the context of Islam
20:12 and their attack on apostate Christianity
20:16 and we won't go into detail
20:17 but the last verse in Revelation 9:21 says,
20:20 "Neither repented they of their murders,
20:22 nor of their sorceries,
20:23 or their fornication, nor their deeds... "
20:25 that ties in with the verse that was just read about Jezebel
20:31 and her children not repenting of their deeds
20:34 even though they were cast into great tribulation.
20:37 James: The one before that...
20:38 "the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues
20:41 yet repented not of the works of their hands,
20:43 that they should not worship devils,
20:44 and idols of gold, and silver, brass and stone,
20:46 and wood which can neither be seen nor walk nor hear... "
20:49 and that goes back to the Old Testament
20:51 and all this idol worship that God's people got into
20:54 being repeated... that's why Jezebel is being used,
20:56 "I'm giving her space to repent, she's not repenting... "
20:59 now you got to understand... what we're looking at here...
21:01 what Ivor just pointed out is...
21:02 this is another recapitulation of the same history,
21:05 Revelation 9 are the trumpets... is recapitulating
21:08 the same history we're seeing here
21:10 in Revelation chapter...
21:11 Ivor: And we're checking our interpretation
21:13 but using a totally different angle, so let's check it,
21:15 are we right? Yeah... look...
21:17 James: And another thing we noticed in Revelation 9
21:21 is that this judgment comes from a voice
21:23 before the four horns of the golden altar...
21:25 which is pre-1844... it's the "rock of ages" time...
21:28 it's Holy Place time...
21:29 so there's now the Sanctuary image that tells us
21:31 time and location, where we are in History,
21:34 okay, so all we're going now is we're just seeing
21:36 how this continues to be confirmed, confirmed, confirmed,
21:39 as we go through this... you see...
21:41 what people do in the Book of Revelation is,
21:43 many times, they will read through the "church" and say,
21:46 "Oh, that applies to this... "
21:47 and then they'll start in the "seals" and say,
21:49 "Now, this has got to be something completely different"
21:50 and they start interpreting it and completely...
21:52 and then they'll come to the "trumpets... "
21:54 "Oh, and this is completely different... "
21:55 but the way that this actually interprets and reads is...
21:59 is as though I am giving you directions,
22:02 you know how it is when you give someone directions
22:04 and it can be difficult, you know,
22:05 and so you might say to someone...
22:07 "Well, yeah, what you do basically... "
22:08 if you were to come to my place, I'd say,
22:10 "Well, what you do basically... from the airport,
22:12 you get on I5... and you go south on I5...
22:15 until you hit 126... and when you hit 126,
22:17 you're going to take that to Main Street,
22:18 when you get to Main Street,
22:19 you're just going to go straight through the light
22:21 and you're going to be on Jasperville Road
22:24 and we're at mile four... that's... that's... that's...
22:27 that's the seven churches' directions
22:29 okay, so now I'm going to go over to the seven seals
22:31 and so now, when you are on I5,
22:34 you can drive 60... that's the speed limit
22:36 but when you get to 126... it's 55...
22:38 when you get on Jasperville Road,
22:41 you're going to have to go down to 45...
22:43 well, 55 at first but down to 45...
22:44 then down to 35 when you get into Jasper and be careful
22:47 because a lot of people get tickets right in there
22:49 so make sure you get down to 35, okay...
22:51 and then again route mile... Marker 4... "
22:53 that's the seals, I'm covering the same territory
22:55 but I'm giving you now some warning signals,
22:58 I'm giving you some speed limit warning signs, okay,
23:01 now I'm going to give you the seven trumpets,
23:03 now, as you're coming to my location,
23:06 you're going to see some big smokestacks,
23:08 not smoke... but steam... it's a big plant...
23:11 that processes hydro... electricity... and then
23:13 when you get to Main Street, there's going to be lights...
23:15 and there's going to be one lane going straight
23:17 and two lanes going left...
23:18 make sure you get in the far right lane
23:20 and as you get through there,
23:21 you're going to see a river
23:23 then you're going to see a bridge
23:25 and then you're going to see a store
23:26 and as you come past all of that,
23:29 you're going to go under a railroad crossing
23:30 and you're going to come out
23:32 and there's going to see a big wood mill on the left
23:34 and there's going to be a school on the right
23:35 and we're just past the wood mill...
23:36 that's the seven trumpets.
23:38 I'm giving you the same direction,
23:40 I'm covering the same ground
23:41 but I'm giving you different markers,
23:43 as you're driving down the road, you are going to go,
23:45 "Oh, we must be in the right place
23:46 but it seems like... are we there yet?
23:48 we're on 126... I don't know... oh, there's the light...
23:50 oh... there's the bridge or there's the river
23:53 or there's the... yeah... we are... "
23:54 if you've gone to mile marker 5,
23:56 you've been too far, turn around and go back
23:57 and so, this is what we're talking about,
23:59 and we're talking about all these different indications here
24:02 to give you those directions, in layers
24:05 helps you to have more information
24:07 about the direction you are going,
24:10 God is giving us directions to heaven
24:12 and He has given us these directions in layers
24:15 so we can have as much information as we want
24:17 and we start making the connections,
24:19 "Oh yeah, the bridge and the store, and mile marker
24:22 and the speed limit sign... and it's all coming together. "
24:26 Ivor: Time and location... time and location...
24:29 I want to add something here, another marker,
24:33 the things that were written for ancient Israel,
24:37 are written for our admonition
24:39 upon whom the ends of the world are to come,
24:40 we saw the first church... purity...
24:42 then they lost their first love,
24:43 compare that to Adam and Eve... the creation of mankind...
24:46 we saw the second church... persecution...
24:48 we compare that to the next book, Exodus,
24:51 they're in... 400 years of captivity,
24:53 we saw the third church...
24:54 they had now come out of persecution
24:57 but they began to compromise,
24:58 we see that with the history of Israel
25:00 when they get into the Promise Land,
25:02 the fourth church is Jezebel...
25:05 land... when the children of Israel get into
25:07 the Promise Land and they're there for some time,
25:10 guess what happens next in their history?
25:12 You have Jezebel, the literal Jezebel...
25:15 and this literal Jezebel and Ahab
25:17 lead Israel into so much apostasy
25:19 that they end up in captivity to a power named "Babylon. "
25:27 Yvonne: Wow!
25:28 Ivor: This woman, Jezebel, according to Revelation,
25:32 her title is "Mystery Babylon. "
25:35 James: She brings God's people into captivity... her apostasy.
25:38 Ivor: She brings God's people into captivity to Babylon
25:41 so literally, in the history of the first four churches,
25:43 you have the entire history of the Old Testament
25:46 being repeated, which is another checkmark,
25:48 yeah, interpretation... correct
25:51 because all these checkmarks can't be pointing
25:54 to the same thing, by "coincidence. "
25:57 Yvonne: Right... right...
25:59 James: And then what God is going to do is
26:00 to get down into the last epic
26:02 which is Revelation chapter 12 all the way through chapter 22,
26:05 He's going to do stuff like,
26:07 He's going to actually identify now,
26:08 He's going to get specific,
26:09 He's going to blow it up, so he's going to say,
26:11 "Okay, this woman... Mystery Babylon...
26:13 identified... she's got a cup... she's... "
26:15 the details are spelled out, here it's... it's Jezebel...
26:17 she's going to... come into fornication
26:20 but then the details are spelled out.
26:21 Ivor: We need to mention that her daughters...
26:23 "I will kill her children... "
26:25 that death represents the daughters...
26:27 those churches that come out of her
26:29 Yvonne: Apostasy.
26:30 Ivor: Exactly and the promise, you know,
26:33 in verse 26, it says, "And he that overcometh,
26:36 and keepeth my works unto the end,
26:38 to him will I give power over the nations:
26:39 And he shall rule them with a rod of iron;
26:41 as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers:
26:44 even as I received of my Father. "
26:47 This points us to the fact that
26:50 as the nations were persecuting God's people,
26:54 during the Dark Ages, God is saying,
26:56 "I'm going to give you power over those nations
26:58 if you remain faithful to me. "
27:00 And then He says, "I'll give him the morning star. "
27:01 James: The Morning Star...
27:03 and darkness... brings a morning star,
27:06 when you see this first star
27:07 as it begins to dawn toward morning
27:10 and in the context of the Dark Ages,
27:12 the Morning Star was John Wycliffe,
27:14 John Wycliffe was... was understood
27:15 to be the Morning Star of the Reformation
27:17 why? he translated the Bible and got the Bible to the people
27:21 and, of course, the Morning Star is Christ
27:23 and Christ is the Word... and so he's bringing Christ...
27:26 bringing the Word to the people...
27:27 he was the Morning Star of the Reformation.
27:29 So that's basically the...
27:30 what we see here in the history of this fourth church
27:33 we are indeed out of time... All: laughter...
27:35 James: We're just moving through it,
27:37 moving through it, moving through it...
27:38 but we want questions, we want questions at:
27:42 Jason: sss@3abn. org James: sss@3abn. org
27:46 Yvonne and Jason: Video questions...
27:47 James: Absolutely, all right,
27:50 let's close out with word of prayer, Jason...
27:51 "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much
27:54 for allowing us to have another study together,
27:56 and as we depart from here,
27:59 please don't let
28:00 what we've learned depart from our hearts and minds,
28:04 please be with everybody that is watching this program
28:08 and help them to retain
28:10 the information studied as well
28:12 and inspire them to study this deeper
28:15 than what we've touched today,
28:16 we pray all these things in Jesus' name... amen. "
28:18 All: "Amen... "


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