Salvation in Symbols and Signs

Sardis (part 2) & Philadelphia

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Participants: Ivor Meyers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:31 We are still in Sardis,
00:33 okay, we left off in Sardis... we're still in Sardis
00:36 and we're going to recap a little bit,
00:38 I think it would be good for us to pick up
00:39 a little bit where we left off
00:41 before we move into Philadelphia the church of Brotherly Love,
00:44 there's a connection here, there's a great connection
00:46 and we've looked at some of the symbols
00:48 and what they are telling us about what is to come
00:51 and what has happened and where we are
00:54 and it's... it's a beautiful picture
00:56 that is listed out here in the Scriptures,
00:58 I love the way it's all tying together
01:00 with the rest of the Bible
01:01 and bringing us to... this Book...
01:06 and I've said this before and I'll say it again,
01:07 is a masterpiece,
01:09 the Book of Revelation is a masterpiece.
01:11 Only God could have written this book
01:12 and it's... it's taking... and I'll just say...
01:16 in these words, in the Book of Revelation
01:18 the entire Bible meets and ends, okay...
01:21 and I'm borrowing those words but those are powerful words
01:24 that are helping us to understand
01:25 what this Book really means to us as a people.
01:27 So, let's jump in...
01:28 Yvonne, can you have a word of prayer for us
01:30 and we'll jump right in.
01:31 Sure, "Father, thank you so much
01:32 for allowing us to study your Word and giving us insight
01:37 Lord, we just praise you, Lord God,
01:39 because we need your insight and your guidance
01:41 so we thank you for that,
01:42 we invite you to be with us, Lord,
01:45 you are welcome in this place
01:46 thank you again, in Jesus' name, amen. "
01:48 All: "Amen... "
01:50 So Sardis means escaping... that's what the word means...
01:53 and the timeframe of this church is from about 1517...
01:57 that's the time of the 95 Theses... Martin Luther,
01:59 et cetera to about 1798...
02:02 this was the time of the Reformation,
02:04 now we know that because we looked at the previous verses
02:07 in the church of Thyatira
02:09 and we noticed that they were promised the Morning Star,
02:12 John Wycliffe was the Morning Star of the Reformation,
02:14 why? Because Christ is the Morning Star
02:16 and He brought the Bible to the people
02:18 and the Bible... the Word of God is Christ,
02:21 it's a revelation of Christ, in fact, in John 1 it says,
02:24 "the Word was with God and the Word was God
02:26 and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. "
02:28 Ivor: So to clarify, you said Wycliffe brought the Bible
02:31 to the people which is a revelation of Jesus Christ
02:34 which is bringing Christ to the people... yeah...
02:37 James: Yes, yes... and so we have that promise that was made
02:40 at Thyatira... that promise is realized in Sardis
02:43 but what we have in Sardis is we have
02:46 kind of a hesitation or a stopping point...
02:51 slowing down of God's purpose,
02:53 see, God wants to bring His church out of darkness
02:56 into this light and He wants... as it says in Proverbs,
02:59 He wants the path of the just to be as a shining light
03:02 that shines more and more unto the perfect day.
03:06 Well, the first thing He says to the church of Sardis is
03:08 I haven't found your works perfect,
03:10 in other words, you haven't been shining more and more,
03:12 you've stopped,
03:14 and we talked about that with the Denominations
03:16 and how that they had kind of splintered
03:19 and everyone had their little thing that they were emphasizing
03:22 of course, Martin Luther... "righteousness by faith,"
03:24 the Baptists... "baptism by immersion,"
03:26 Calvinists... Methodists... all these little groups
03:29 hunkered around these individuals was not God's will,
03:32 so God is pointing forward now to a time when He is going to
03:37 bring them into accountability
03:40 and bring a message that's going to call them
03:42 out of all these little splinter groups
03:43 into one church and so we see these phrases like...
03:47 for example... "your garments...
03:50 you'll walk with me in white
03:52 and you will not be blotted out of the Book... "
03:55 the Lamb's book of life
03:57 is what this is talking about... the Book of Life,
03:59 these are phrases that are pointing to a judgment
04:02 they are phrases that are pointing
04:03 to a time of accountability
04:05 and that's what we're going to see in the progression of time,
04:06 we've come from the early Apostolic church,
04:08 then this time of persecution and this time of compromise
04:11 bringing us into the Dark Ages, coming out of the Dark Ages
04:14 and now bringing us toward... through the Reformers...
04:17 toward a judgment...
04:18 Ivor: Right... right...
04:20 Yvonne: There are two things that kind of jump out at me,
04:23 one is... that the name
04:27 will not be blotted out of the Book of Life,
04:30 to me... that...
04:32 the whole idea of "once saved... always saved... "
04:35 this contradicts that because
04:38 if your name is in the Book of Life...
04:41 James: you're saved... Yvonne: you're saved...
04:42 if your name is not in the Book of Life... you're not...
04:46 and your name can be blotted out because Jesus says,
04:50 "He that overcometh,
04:52 the same shall be clothed in white raiment;
04:55 and I will not blot out his name... "
04:57 so your name can be blotted out.
05:00 James: And that's the only verse you need,
05:02 that's the only verse you would need.
05:05 James: I mean, there are many verses in the Bible...
05:07 there are many verses in the Bible
05:09 but that would be... just that one would be sufficient,
05:10 the idea of "once saved... always saved"
05:13 is based upon truth and the truth of the matter is...
05:18 is that God has an everlasting gospel
05:21 that's more powerful
05:22 than anything on Planet Earth that Satan can bring against us,
05:24 so when you put your life in the hand of God,
05:27 He's got you and He's never going to let you go
05:30 but that does not violate our choice,
05:32 we can choose to turn away from that gospel
05:36 and to turn away from Jesus and unfortunately,
05:38 many people have done that down through time
05:40 and Jesus is warning about... even the Reformers can do that.
05:43 Ivor: So, if you remember the first church we looked at
05:47 it was the perfect church but then it lost its first love,
05:51 remember that Lucifer was once...
05:54 James: "saved... "
05:56 Ivor: Saved... he was once saved James: In heaven...
06:01 James: Was he always saved? Ivor: Once saved...
06:04 he's not saved now...
06:05 so if... if a perfect angel could fall
06:09 from the... the grace of God,
06:11 fall from his position, then... what makes us think
06:16 that us... you see what I'm saying?
06:18 "Oh yeah, well God's not going to... "
06:20 that's the mistake that Lucifer and angels made in heaven,
06:24 "God's not going to do anything, we can do whatever we want to do
06:26 there's going to be no consequences and what happened?
06:28 They were cast out of heaven and so... just looking at the...
06:32 again... the history...
06:33 even though what occurred in heaven,
06:35 should be enough to... to show that
06:38 the idea of "once saved... always saved"
06:40 is not in accordance with the Scriptures.
06:43 Now, number two...
06:44 about the Bible that you've been bringing out,
06:46 what does that teach us about "once saved... always saved?"
06:49 Ivor: That's right, you actually look at these chosen people
06:53 in the time of Christ they were like,
06:56 "Hey! we're Abraham's seed,
06:57 once we're Abraham's seed,
06:59 Jesus... there's nothing that even you can do about it. "
07:01 James: "Once saved... always saved"
07:03 was one of the biggest mistakes the Jewish nation made
07:06 that ideology is one of the biggest mistakes they made.
07:09 Yvonne: "We are the chosen forever... "
07:10 James: Yeah "and there's nothing that can happen to change that"
07:13 and so, what Ivor was bringing out here...
07:15 when we go back and... we are informed...
07:17 the Book of Revelation informs us of...
07:19 we're informed by the Bible...
07:22 the history of the Bible informs us
07:24 concerning the Book of Revelation
07:26 so what else does it inform us about this question right here?
07:30 We see it over and over again, these nations that are chosen,
07:33 people that are chosen... Saul... Solomon... these others
07:36 and of course, we recognize in their experience
07:39 the fact that God is merciful and I want to...
07:41 I don't want to close this on the negative...
07:43 I want to close it on the positive
07:44 so I want to bring out Manasseh for example,
07:46 wicked King... he was after Ahab...
07:50 Ahab was bad... you think Ahab was bad...
07:52 Manasseh was worse, so bad...
07:54 and God took him... I mean... sent him to Babylon...
07:56 took him to Babylon... it was...
07:57 and if you look at... because there's two records...
07:59 of "repeat and enlarge... "
08:01 there are two records of his history...
08:02 one is in Kings... the other is in Chronicles...
08:05 if you read Kings... Manasseh is lost...
08:07 he was taken captive... he's done...
08:09 you read Chronicles... after he's taken captive
08:12 he turns his face to the Lord,
08:13 he repents and the Lord restores him
08:16 and takes him back to Israel... back to Judah...
08:19 and he fortifies and then he knew that the Lord was God.
08:23 Ivor: So, once lost... not always lost...
08:25 James: Yes... that's what I wanted to say.
08:27 Ivor: And once saved... not always saved...
08:29 James: Yes... Yvonne: Come on... I love it...
08:30 Jason: Now, the whole thing,
08:33 Lucifer... falling out of heaven and all that...
08:36 it shows how dangerous pride is
08:39 because if he would have repented and truly been sorry
08:44 for what he's done, God would have forgiven him.
08:47 Ivor: Absolutely...
08:48 because God is the same yesterday and today and forever,
08:51 but it was not like, God was like,
08:52 "I'm not going to offer you mercy... " no...
08:54 but he rejected that mercy.
08:56 Jason: He was so proud that... James: He was unwilling...
09:00 Yvonne: The second thing that
09:03 I just want to bring out from this
09:04 was... a lot of people say... "I read the Bible...
09:09 why do we have so many Denominations?"
09:11 Like, "Why isn't it just clear, why can't I just read the Bible
09:16 and know... this is where I'm supposed to be?"
09:18 I've had... I know people who wonder
09:21 about why all the Denominations?
09:23 This answers that... this addresses that...
09:27 James: This history addresses that...
09:29 Yvonne: And I never knew that it was alluded to...
09:32 in the church of Sardis, the Reformation...
09:35 the Reformers stopped
09:37 at a certain point and didn't continue,
09:40 that's why we have all these Denominations.
09:42 James: And if you... oh, go ahead...
09:44 Ivor: I was going to say I think it's a good place actually
09:46 to recap that history
09:48 and that will kind of launch us into the Philadelphia church
09:53 because these two churches actually go together,
09:55 they are like bookends
09:56 so, we saw that the first four churches,
10:00 Ephesus started out pure but lost its first love,
10:04 that reminds us of Adam and Eve, the creation of man... perfect,
10:08 but then they fell from grace... lost their first love,
10:10 second church... Smyrna...
10:12 points us to the period of persecution in the early church
10:16 and that reflects the history of persecution
10:19 among God's people in Egypt that's in the Book of Exodus,
10:21 then we saw the third church as where...
10:23 the church comes out of persecution
10:27 and now they are beginning to compromise "in good times,"
10:32 just as Old Testament Israel enters into the Promised Land,
10:36 escapes out of captivity, enters the Promised Land
10:39 and they begin to compromise in the very same way,
10:43 they choose a king over their Priest
10:45 just as... the early church... chose Constantine
10:49 to be protected by Rome over their High Priest...
10:52 Jesus Christ in heaven.
10:53 The Fourth Church...
10:55 we saw... pointing us to that power called Babylon,
10:58 just as... because of the compromise
11:01 this woman, Jezebel, ends up dominating the church
11:07 in the same way the Old Testament history
11:09 you have the Children of Israel...
11:10 because of their compromise in the Promise Land,
11:12 end up in Babylonian captivity
11:15 perfect parallel...
11:17 James: By the way it was Ahab and Jezebel
11:19 for whom the final judgment was brought...
11:21 because of their apostasy
11:22 even though we read it, the Bible said,
11:24 "I'm going to wait till he passes... till he dies...
11:26 but I'm still going to bring that judgment... "
11:28 and that judgment was Babylonian captivity.
11:30 Ivor: They... they... instigated...
11:32 they brought upon the Nation of Israel that judgment.
11:36 Ivor: So it's no... it's no "chance thing"
11:38 that Jezebel herself is mentioned in this church...
11:40 Ivor: Within that context, absolutely...
11:42 and that's like, Chronicles, Kings...
11:44 right after Chronicles and Kings you have the Book of Ezra
11:48 and the Book of Ezra talks about Cyrus...
11:52 this man named Cyrus... who comes as a Deliverer,
11:56 he makes a decree which basically dries up Babylon,
12:00 the rivers of Babylon are dried up,
12:04 the people leave Babylon, he opens the gates of Babylon,
12:07 so that the people can leave and go back
12:09 to build spiritual Jerusalem.
12:12 Guess what we just learned about Sardis?
12:14 Martin Luther makes a "decree" if you will,
12:18 against that power described as Babylon
12:21 people start to leave her, what is the task?
12:24 To go back to build spiritual Jerusalem
12:28 God's house, but what did we find?
12:30 We found that when they went there,
12:33 it's interesting... in the Book of Nehemiah,
12:36 Nehemiah enquires about those who had "escaped"
12:39 and he used the word, "escaped"
12:41 what does Sardis mean? James: Escape...
12:43 Ivor: The ones escaping...
12:44 Yvonne: Wow! Ivor: The ones escaping...
12:46 and so, he wants to know the condition,
12:48 what's going on with them?
12:50 What does he find out?
12:51 That they went there and the House of the Lord
12:53 is still not built,
12:55 they were beginning to build their own houses...
12:58 building their own houses...
13:01 while the House of the Lord lay desolate.
13:04 James: And so you have all these different houses here,
13:07 you have all these different Denominations
13:09 and now God wants to bring us out of that
13:11 and it reminds me of my own experience,
13:12 this is practical and it's personal,
13:14 I was raised a Catholic so I come into this
13:17 in the Dark Ages... inexperience...
13:19 I come into this in the Dark Ages,
13:21 I'm an Altar Boy, I go to church every week,
13:23 I go to Catholic School, I'd say my prayers every night,
13:26 as I grow up and become a teenager,
13:29 I'm "Catholic" by name only
13:31 and I'm saying my prayers every night
13:33 whether I'm drunk or sober,
13:34 I'm going to Confession every once in a while
13:36 when I go back to see my mom in England
13:38 but I'm not really into the Word of God
13:40 and I'm not really connected with Jesus,
13:42 then as I turn 21...
13:45 I go through this incredible experience...
13:47 this conversion experience and I accept Christ as my Savior
13:49 and I have people that have been witnessing to me at work
13:52 and I join this non-denominational church
13:54 and I start going to a Pentecostal Church
13:57 and these folk... Ivor: You enter Sardis...
13:59 James: Yeah... I go through this incredible change
14:02 and I'm growing and I'm just hungry for the Word of God
14:05 and of course in the Pentecostal church
14:07 there's an emphasis on the gifts of the Spirit
14:09 which is a good thing... I mean...
14:10 we want the gifts of the Spirit
14:11 in the church that should be there
14:13 in the non-denominational church,
14:14 there's an emphasis on basic relationship with Christ,
14:18 baptism, forgiveness,
14:19 that kind of thing, so I'm into that,
14:22 but then my sister comes on the scene
14:24 and she's been studying with this other denomination
14:26 that is teaching her things
14:29 that are totally weird in my understanding.
14:32 Ivor: Almost like Philadelphia.
14:34 James: Yes, one of the things that she's teaching me about...
14:37 she's telling me about is,
14:38 that you should go to church on Saturday.
14:41 "Church on Saturday!" I'm thinking, "That is crazy,"
14:44 I'm thinking... and the thing is...
14:47 is that a lot of people who would hear that, because I know,
14:49 a lot of my friends I shared that with later...
14:52 there were just like, "No way... "
14:53 they are not even going to follow up on it
14:54 but I followed up on it,
14:56 I went to the Word of God and the point is...
14:58 is that this admonition is,
15:00 "Go to the Word of God and follow the Word of God. "
15:03 Martin Luther started by following the Word of God,
15:05 Wycliffe started by preaching the Word of God,
15:07 Calvin, Zwingli, Huss, Jerome...
15:09 all these Reformers... Knox... all of them...
15:11 looking at the Word of God,
15:13 Tyndale translating it into the language
15:15 of the common people in England,
15:17 and these people are getting the Word of God
15:18 and they're following the Word of God...
15:19 and when they find things in the Word of God,
15:21 they're being persecuted for that thing
15:23 and so they isolate themselves
15:24 but now God is bringing all of those little things,
15:27 these little truths together in one Denomination
15:30 and as I'm looking at the Word of God
15:33 and I'm saying, "Wow! the Sabbath is in the Word of God,
15:35 the seventh day is the... Saturday is the seventh day,
15:38 it is the Sabbath, it's the Lord's Day... "
15:41 I didn't realize that, so the thing that...
15:43 that God is bringing to us now
15:45 as we get into the Philadelphia Church,
15:46 Philadelphia begins in about 1798, it means, "Brotherly Love"
15:52 it is the missionary age, it brings us to
15:56 what we understand to be,
15:57 in history, the Millerite Movement
15:59 and it brings us to an experience of love
16:02 that is God given... God breathed...
16:05 that causes us to just want to be all out for God,
16:08 whether it's missionary work... whether it's following the Word
16:11 and I remember, all the evidence that I had
16:13 all of the things that people shared with me,
16:15 all of the warnings, "Don't become an Adventist,"
16:18 all of the encouragement, "follow the Word of God... "
16:21 I remember the one thing that hit home with me
16:23 was when I read the words of Jesus,
16:25 "If you love me, keep my commandments"
16:27 and I was in love with Jesus, I was in love with Jesus
16:30 and that is where we find this church of Philadelphia,
16:33 it's all about love,
16:35 the love relationship is being restored completely and totally
16:38 in the Philadelphian Church.
16:39 So, let's read those verses, Jason, read those verses for us
16:43 of the Philadelphian Church, begins in verse 7 of chapter 3
16:47 and let's read all the way down to verse 13.
16:50 Jason: All right...
16:51 "And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write;
16:54 These things saith he that is holy,
16:57 he that is true, he that hath the key of David,
17:00 he that openeth and no man shutteth;
17:02 and shutteth, and no man openeth;
17:04 I know thy works: behold I have set before thee
17:08 an open door, and no man can shut it;
17:10 for thou has a little strength, and hast kept my word,
17:15 and hast not denied my name.
17:16 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan,
17:20 which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie;
17:24 behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet,
17:28 and to know that I have loved thee.
17:31 Because thou has kept the word of my patience,
17:35 I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation,
17:38 which shall come upon all the world,
17:40 to try them that dwell upon the earth.
17:43 Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast,
17:47 that no man take thy crown.
17:50 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar
17:53 in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out:
17:57 and I will write upon him the name of my God,
18:00 and the name of the city of my God,
18:03 which is new Jerusalem,
18:05 which cometh down out of heaven from my God:
18:08 and I will write upon him my new name.
18:11 He that hath an ear, let him hear
18:14 what the Spirit saith unto the churches. "
18:16 James: Amen... Jason you do an excellent job reading,
18:19 I just want to say that every word... every word...
18:21 this is beautiful, this is powerful,
18:24 this is the experience God wants us to have,
18:27 this is renewed love experience and I don't know...
18:30 there were a few phrases in here,
18:32 I'm not sure that you caught them
18:33 but there's one phrase that I just wanted to highlight
18:35 and that is... did you notice where He said,
18:37 He mentioned again,
18:38 "Those which are in the synagogue of Satan
18:40 will say they are Jews and are not... "
18:43 do you remember that from a previous church?
18:44 All: Hmmm... hmmm...
18:46 James: There's a previous church where that same phrase is used,
18:49 "those who say they're Jews and they're not... "
18:52 Smyrna... now what does Smyrna and Philadelphia have in common?
18:55 Ivor: No rebuke... James: No rebuke...
18:57 when you're undergoing persecution
18:59 and when you are filled with brotherly love
19:02 and what happens is... when you're undergoing persecution,
19:06 a demarcation takes place,
19:08 a distinction takes place
19:09 between those who say they're Jews...
19:11 and we're talking about spiritual Jews now,
19:13 who say they're true followers of Christ
19:14 and are not... and when you're filled with brotherly love,
19:17 a demarcation... a distinction takes place
19:20 between those who say they're followers of Christ and are not,
19:23 these are the two churches that that phrase is used in
19:28 because there are the two experiences
19:30 that show the difference between those who say they are
19:33 and those who say they aren't, really important.
19:35 Ivor: Absolutely, so this history then
19:40 points us to... as we talked about the Millerite Movement
19:45 which would bring us down to that time prophecy
19:47 of 1844... so again if we're looking at
19:50 our time markers... 70 Weeks... 1,260... 2,300...
19:56 church number 6 introduces us to that 2,300-Day Prophecy, right?
20:03 Actually it brings us to the close of the 1,260
20:06 and moves us forward to the 2,300-Day Prophecy
20:12 and in that Movement, the focus was the Sanctuary
20:18 and the cleansing of the Sanctuary
20:22 which brings us into what?
20:23 The understanding that we have just moved
20:27 from Holy Place to Most Holy Place, right?
20:30 Now see that that's happening at the end of the 7 churches
20:34 right? It's not in church number 2 or church number 1
20:37 or church number 4 or 5,
20:39 it's happening in church number 6
20:41 so we know when we get to church number 7,
20:43 we are in the... we are in the time of judgment,
20:46 we are in the 2,300-Day Prophecy...
20:48 James: Post 1844... Ivor: Absolutely...
20:50 and the purpose of the Philadelphia church
20:52 was to bring unity...
20:54 it gathered together all the people into one Movement,
20:58 we understand that Movement to be the end-time Movement,
21:02 the Remnant who keep the commandments of God
21:04 and have the faith of Jesus and what they did was
21:07 they built the house of the Lord.
21:09 James: Hmmm... hmmm... love it...
21:10 Ivor: now here's why this is interesting...
21:12 because remember... remember our history check right?
21:15 We always want to cross check what we're coming up with
21:17 so let's go back to the history once more
21:20 and we just laid out, first church, second church,
21:23 third church, fourth church,
21:24 fifth church... we saw...
21:25 that under this decree from Cyrus,
21:29 Ezra and others went forth to do this work
21:32 but after a while... the work waned, right?
21:35 So, what happens?
21:38 Everyone is like focusing on their own houses,
21:41 this Reformation begins but it dies out
21:44 so who does God bring up on the scene?
21:46 He brings up on the scene a man by the name of Nehemiah.
21:49 Nehemiah has been called to do what?
21:53 Finish the work... so what does Nehemiah do?
21:57 He goes to Jerusalem, he sees all that is broken down
22:00 and he gathers the people together
22:05 to unite upon finishing the work
22:09 and if you read Nehemiah chapter 2,
22:12 you'll see one word appearing over and over and over,
22:15 repair, repair, repair, repair...
22:19 well, guess what God's people are called?
22:21 James and Yvonne: The repairers of the breach...
22:24 Ivor: The repairers of the breach, Isaiah 58...
22:27 so let me share some things with you very quickly
22:29 that happened in the Book of Nehemiah.
22:31 In Nehemiah, there are people who are trying to hinder
22:35 the work of rebuilding the city.
22:39 Yvonne: Tobiah and Sanballat.
22:40 Ivor: Absolutely, right? They are under persecution,
22:43 under persecution the people come together,
22:46 they got a sword in one hand and a hammer in the other,
22:49 they're focused on their work, all the people are of one mind.
22:53 Within this story,
22:55 it's in Nehemiah chapter 7 verse 64
22:59 it tells us there
23:04 that there is like a roll call
23:06 and all whose names are not found on the genealogy,
23:10 are put away from the priesthood as polluted.
23:13 Almost like this work of judgment begins to occur,
23:17 okay... Yvonne: Hmmm...
23:18 Ivor: This is absolutely amazing in Nehemiah 7 verse 67 and 68,
23:24 it tells us that roughly about 50,000 people
23:27 were a part of this Reformation, I don't know if you...
23:31 well, I asked this question a little bit earlier before
23:34 so, how many people were a part of the Millerite Movement?
23:38 who came out of the... these other churches to participate?
23:42 50,000 people... James: 50,000 people...
23:45 Yvonne: Wow!
23:46 Ivor: Nehemiah chapter 8,
23:47 the Law is brought before the people
23:49 and read in their hearing so that they can understand,
23:51 in this Philadelphia Movement, the Law is given preeminence,
23:55 in other words, the Law is brought to...
23:57 to the minds of the people, in Nehemiah chapter...
24:00 chapter 10, there is a sealing...
24:05 there is a sealing that occurs in Nehemiah chapter 10,
24:10 well, guess what? That points us to the fact
24:12 that we can look and see, you know what?
24:14 A sealing work begins to take place
24:17 and I shouldn't even use the word, "begin'
24:20 but a sealing work is made prominent
24:23 within the end-time church and then the last thing you see
24:28 is that in Nehemiah chapter 13 there is Sabbath Reformation.
24:33 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
24:34 so when you look at all these things happening
24:37 under the rule of Nehemiah and you compare it
24:39 historically with what's happening
24:42 in the Philadelphia Church, it's beyond words.
24:47 Yvonne: Wow!
24:48 James: It fits because the Philadelphia Church
24:50 remember... takes us past 1844 to the 1850s,
24:53 It's not till 1850s that we start seeing this transition
24:57 into the Laodicean experience, so during the Millerite Movement
25:01 and beyond... into the 1840s... the Sabbath is discovered
25:04 judgment, of course, is proclaimed,
25:06 you have the 42,000
25:09 I think it was in the Book of Nehemiah,
25:10 you have 50,000... Ivor: 42,000 plus 7,000 others.
25:15 James: Okay, so it's almost 50,000...
25:18 James: it's 42,300... plus another...
25:21 Ivor: It's 49,924...
25:24 Laughter... Yvonne: Wow!
25:28 James: It's amazing how this is all coming together
25:30 and when you look at the church of Philadelphia,
25:33 this is the experience that God wants us to...
25:36 He never intended that we would
25:37 fall into the Laodicean condition,
25:39 of course, God foresaw that... He sees that...
25:40 He understands that... He knows that experience...
25:43 but He wants us to actually experience the repentance,
25:45 we'll talk about that... in the Laodicean message
25:47 the repentance that brings us back
25:49 to this Brotherly Love experience
25:50 and the Brotherly Love Experience will also coincide
25:54 with the Smyrna persecution in the end of time
25:56 so both of those experiences
25:58 will be the experiences of God's true people in the end of time
26:01 and that's Idealism... Ivor: Absolutely.
26:02 James: that's understanding the history of these churches,
26:05 how each one has a certain age that it applies to
26:08 but the principles of that history... always apply
26:11 to every... all of God's people.
26:13 Ivor: We can even say now that today,
26:14 there are people in Thyatira, there are others in Sardis...
26:19 but our mission is to pull them into Philadelphia
26:24 right, and then prepare them for Laodicea.
26:28 James: Right... Yvonne: Hmmm...
26:30 Ivor: So if it all ties in together
26:31 in so many different ways, you see these patterns
26:35 that just show the gospel from like 360 degrees.
26:37 Ivor: That's what we're doing, we're like a camera
26:40 moving around the Bible...
26:42 moving around the Book of Revelation...
26:43 and showing it from several different angles.
26:45 Yvonne: Oh! I love it.
26:46 James: And that's what the Book of Revelation does,
26:48 it naturally brings us right into this...
26:51 this place where we can see
26:52 the 360 degree angle of the entire Bible.
26:55 Revelation forces us
26:57 by using these symbols and these phrases,
26:59 forces us to go back and look at the history of the Bible
27:02 and to go back and look at the history of the church
27:04 and to bring it all together so you can see the...
27:06 God doesn't want us to forget any of the past,
27:08 not in the Old Testament
27:10 and not in the history of the Nations...
27:12 Ivor: They were written for our admonition.
27:14 Ivor: "Upon whom the ends of the world are come. "
27:16 James: We are out of time. Yvonne: Wow...
27:18 James: What are we going to tell people
27:20 who want to ask questions?
27:21 Jason: That they need to send their video submissions
27:23 to sss@3abn. org
27:27 that's sss like Salvation in Symbols and Signs
27:30 at 3abn. org
27:32 James: Jason, pray for us, take us out.
27:33 Jason: "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much
27:35 for this beautiful love story that we're learning about
27:39 thank you so much for equipping us with signs of the times
27:42 and making it in a format that we can comprehend
27:46 with due diligence and prayer and studying...
27:49 please be with the people at home
27:53 and inspire them to do their due diligence as well
27:56 and allow this program to be a blessing to them,
27:58 in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
28:00 All: "Amen... "


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