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Philadelphia -part 2

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Participants: Ivor Meyers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:31 We don't want to go too fast, we don't want to go too fast...
00:34 we're having an excellent journey,
00:37 an excellent experience in the Book of Revelation
00:40 and I believe that we don't really have an agenda...
00:44 a timetable... we want to go back now, I think
00:47 and... and... look in more detail
00:50 at the verses concerning the Philadelphia Church,
00:52 now, there are two reasons we want to do that,
00:53 one is... there's still a lot here to cover,
00:56 there's still a lot here we need to understand
00:58 and number two is... this is our ultimate destiny...
01:01 Philadelphia is our ultimate destiny,
01:03 Laodicea is the age in which we live,
01:07 that's... that's just par for the course
01:10 but if we're going to be able to deal with Laodicea and that age,
01:14 if we're going to be able to escape and understand
01:17 how it is that God wants us to get out of that condition...
01:21 that Laodicean condition, you know,
01:22 He's knocking on the door, Philadelphia is the goal...
01:25 Philadelphia is the goal...
01:26 God isn't leading us out of Laodicea into nothing,
01:28 He's leading us out of Laodicea
01:30 back into this experience of Brotherly Love
01:31 so, I want us to go through these verses together
01:35 and just try to understand some of these phrases
01:38 and, of course, we need the...
01:39 we need to have a word of prayer first
01:41 because the Holy Spirit is going to be our teacher,
01:42 so, Jason, would you have a word of prayer for us?
01:44 All right, "Dear Heavenly Father thank you for another day
01:49 of life that we can study your word,
01:51 not only do we need you here but we want you here,
01:55 so please be with us today
01:57 as we study Revelation
01:59 and help us to be able to retain the information
02:02 that we studied, in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
02:06 All: "Amen... "
02:07 So, just this first verse,
02:09 "To the angel in the church of Philadelphia write;
02:12 these things saith he that is holy
02:15 he that is true, he that has the key of David,
02:20 he that opens, and no man shuts; and shuts, and no man opens... "
02:24 What's that talking about? "The Key of David... "
02:28 Ivor: So, as we look this verse and listen to Christ saying,
02:35 "I have the key of David,"
02:36 I think it's important for us to understand
02:39 what the key of David is, so let's go back to Isaiah 22,
02:42 and in Isaiah 22, beginning with verse 1,
02:47 the Bible says there,
02:51 Isaiah 22 beginning with verse 21,
02:54 it says, "I will clothe him with thy robe,
02:57 and strengthen him with thy girdle,
02:59 and I will commit thy government into his hand:
03:03 and he shall be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem,
03:06 and to the house of Judah.
03:08 And the key of the house of David
03:11 will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open,
03:14 and none shall shut;
03:16 and he shall shut, and none shall open. "
03:18 James: That's exactly the same language
03:20 that we find in Revelation.
03:21 Ivor: Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely,
03:22 so, when we think of this... the key represents
03:27 "having access to... "
03:29 to open up and when you think
03:31 of something that's locked, you don't have access to it
03:33 so Christ is telling us here,
03:34 "I'm giving you access to something... "
03:37 right? so what's He giving us access to?
03:39 Well, the key of David is the key of the Government,
03:43 "the government shall be upon his shoulders,"
03:45 so let's go back to Isaiah chapter 9...
03:47 James: But let me add something to that,
03:48 because I think, it's appropriate right here too
03:51 and that is when Jesus was talking to the lawyers
03:54 and the lawyers in Luke chapter 11...
03:56 the lawyers... that word "lawyer" means,
03:58 "someone who is an expert according to the law,
04:01 the Legal Laws, Ceremonial Laws,
04:03 an expert in the Mosaic Law... "
04:06 in other words, the law of Moses,
04:07 that included all of the laws, He says to them...
04:10 He says... "You have the key
04:12 and you're not letting people enter in... "
04:15 let me just read the verse
04:16 because I think... the verses is is pretty clear,
04:18 "Woe to you, lawyers!
04:19 for you have taken away the key of knowledge,
04:21 you have entered not in yourselves,
04:23 and them that were entering in you have hindered. "
04:25 So the key is the government...
04:27 is the key... is also the key of knowledge...
04:29 in other words... God wants to open to us knowledge
04:31 He wants to open up to us a revelation of His Government,
04:35 He wants to take us further in understanding of the law...
04:38 the Mosaic Law... the Ceremonial Laws...
04:40 all of that...
04:42 and I think that's connected to the Sanctuary,
04:43 He wants to take us further in our understanding of this,
04:46 Jesus says, "You closed it up...
04:47 you lawyers have closed it up... " but now He says,
04:49 "I have that key and I'm going to open it,
04:51 I'm going to give you more knowledge. "
04:53 Ivor: Look at Isaiah 9, verse 6 and 7,
04:56 it says this, "For unto us a child is born,
04:59 unto us a son is given: and the government
05:01 shall be upon his shoulders... " we just read that in Isaiah 22,
05:05 Ivor: "his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor,
05:08 The mighty God, The everlasting Father,
05:10 The Prince of Peace.
05:11 And of the increase of his government
05:14 and peace there shall be no end,
05:16 upon the throne of David,
05:18 and upon his kingdom, to order it,
05:21 and to establish it with judgment and with justice
05:24 from henceforth even for ever.
05:26 The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this. "
05:29 So, I think of it this way... the verse you just read, James,
05:34 about the key of knowledge... not letting people enter in...
05:39 a key opens up a door which leads to a particular path
05:46 or a particular way, you shut that door,
05:49 you cannot enter, Jesus said, "I am the door,"
05:53 right? and He says, He invites us to follow Him
05:57 so that key really opens up the way of God to us,
06:00 so that we can enter in and walk in that way,
06:04 well, guess where the way of God is found?
06:07 It is found in the Sanctuary... "Thy way of God... "
06:11 James: "is in the Sanctuary... "
06:13 Ivor: The way you do things, the way your government operates
06:16 James: The plan of salvation.
06:18 Ivor: The plan of salvation, everything...
06:20 the entire Scripture...
06:22 your understanding the entire key to knowledge
06:25 is the key to the sanctuary,
06:26 so David said, "even with the wicked,
06:29 I didn't understand their end, until I went into the sanctuary"
06:34 James: Psalm 73 verse17...
06:35 Ivor: Psalm 73 verse 17...
06:36 "I didn't understand the end of the wicked
06:40 till I went into the sanctuary,"
06:41 so the Sanctuary reveals the way of God...
06:45 the Government of God...
06:46 by-the-way... that's where God's throne is
06:49 and the throne is the symbol of His Government,
06:52 so when Jesus says to the Philadelphia church,
06:55 "I have the key of David... "
06:58 He's saying, "I have something special for you
07:01 that will open up an understanding for you
07:04 about how my Government operates
07:07 and guess what was given to the Philadelphian church?
07:10 They received an understanding of God's heavenly Government
07:14 by understanding the Sanctuary message.
07:18 Yvonne: Hmmm...
07:19 James: And it's really interesting too because,
07:21 because, it says,
07:23 "I'm going to open this door and no man can shut it,"
07:26 so the implication here is...
07:27 is that people tried to shut it...
07:29 people tried to shut out this knowledge,
07:30 people are still trying to shut out this knowledge,
07:33 in other words,
07:34 when you look at the history of the Millerite Movement,
07:35 you see that they went through a
07:37 devastating disappointment in 1844...
07:39 and we're going to look at that more
07:40 when we get further into Revelation,
07:42 it's really identified and magnified in Revelation 10
07:45 but it's touched on right here,
07:46 and what happened when they went through this devastation
07:49 was... people kind of mocked the message and they said,
07:52 "Ah, that wasn't true... " and they said,
07:53 "No, it was true, it had to be true,"
07:55 and then they realized that...
07:57 that their disappointment was based on a misunderstanding
08:00 of the Sanctuary... and so, this is the promise,
08:03 I want to open up your understanding,
08:05 I'm going to give you the key to knowledge,
08:06 I'm going to give you the key of the Government of God...
08:07 I'm going to help you understand this Sanctuary,
08:09 before this time, most Christians believed
08:12 the Sanctuary was the earth
08:14 and the idea that the Sanctuary was going to be cleansed
08:17 at the end of the 2,300 days,
08:18 was taken to mean that Jesus was coming back
08:21 to cleanse the earth with fire from sin and sinners,
08:24 the misunderstanding was, the Sanctuary was the earth,
08:27 the Bible teaches that the Sanctuary is in heaven
08:30 and that Jesus now is opening the door
08:32 into a further understanding of this Sanctuary truth
08:36 by taking us from the Holy Place
08:38 where He had been ministering for years,
08:39 into the next apartment of the heavenly Sanctuary...
08:42 the Most Holy Place... Yvonne: Hmmm...
08:44 Ivor: So... so think about this, remember our timeline, right?
08:47 70 weeks...
08:48 we saw... the first church revolved around the 70 weeks,
08:53 okay, and, we find Jesus ministering in the Holy Place,
08:58 right, seven-branched candlestick...
09:00 we get down to the second church we find, it's the interim,
09:04 between the 70 weeks and the 1,260...
09:06 we get down to the third church, we find the same thing,
09:08 so, first church... 31 A.D. to 100 A.D.,
09:12 second church... 100 A.D. to about 313 A.D.,
09:15 third church... 313 or 323 roughly...
09:20 down to about 538...
09:22 the fourth church... we saw... brought us into the 1,260...
09:26 538 A.D... that's when the 1,260 year prophecy begins...
09:31 538 A.D. takes us down to 1,517 with the Sardis church,
09:36 the Sardis church goes from the Reformation
09:39 all the way down to 1,798...
09:41 then we're introduced to church of Philadelphia,
09:44 it is after 1798 and it is introducing us
09:50 to the 2,300-day Prophecy, to cross check that
09:55 Christ says, "I have the key of David"
09:58 I'm about to open a door that no man can shut
10:02 and He's making reference to the door between the Holy Place,
10:08 the door that leads from the Holy Place
10:10 into the Most Holy Place where we find judgment beginning,
10:16 the final judgment, the final work of God
10:18 and that work commences
10:21 when God's people finally reunite again,
10:23 to have a completed gospel not a partial gospel... Sardis,
10:29 but a completed gospel,
10:31 now that the completed gospel has been restored,
10:34 judgment can begin to go forward.
10:36 James: And I see this also, Ivor, there's a connection here
10:40 in verse 10, "Because thou hast kept the word of my patience,
10:44 I'm going to keep you from the hour of temptation
10:47 which shall come upon the whole world,
10:48 to try them that dwell on the earth. "
10:50 Now there are two points here, the first one is...
10:52 "you've kept the word of my patience,"
10:54 is a direct connection to Revelation 14,
10:56 because in Revelation 14 and verse 12,
10:59 it describes a people who have "the patience of the saints,"
11:04 it says, "here is the patience of the saints... "
11:07 so you've kept the word of my patience,
11:08 you have the patience of the saints,
11:10 what did these people do?
11:11 They keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.
11:15 Where are the commandments of God?
11:16 In the Most Holy Place, in the Ark of the Covenant
11:19 and it's disclosed in Revelation 11 and verse 19.
11:21 Ivor: Absolutely.
11:23 James: So here is one connection,
11:24 then you have the hour of temptation
11:25 that's going to come up on all the world.
11:27 Basically, what we see God allowing here
11:30 as we get further into the book,
11:31 but we're in the Philadelphian Age
11:33 so we're there... we're just not expanding it yet
11:35 until we get into the other part of Revelation
11:38 is... He's allowing a test
11:40 that's going to come upon all the world
11:41 small, great, rich, poor, free and bond,
11:43 everyone's going to be...
11:44 the whole world... is going to be tested
11:46 and in that hour of test,
11:47 you're going to be kept, because why?
11:49 Because you are walking further in the light...
11:52 you are walking through that door,
11:54 you have seen what I have for you in the Most Holy Place,
11:57 you're recognizing the goal
11:59 and you're going to embrace by my patience...
12:03 you're going to embrace that light which is... revealed
12:05 "keeping the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus"
12:08 and so I'm going to keep you from the hour of temptation...
12:10 being kept from the hour of temptation... in this...
12:12 as it says in Revelation 14 and I love this,
12:14 is the experience of following the lamb wherever He goes,
12:19 "follow the lamb... "
12:21 He has gone in to the Most Holy Place
12:24 and He wants us to follow Him in
12:25 to the Most Holy Place, just follow the lamb...
12:27 you'll be okay if you just follow the Lamb
12:29 and of course the Lamb is... the Word...
12:31 the Word of God... made flesh... so the Word of God...
12:35 the Lamb of God... He wants to woo us...
12:37 the love story again... He wants us to be the bride...
12:39 He wants us to be prepared... He wants us to be robed...
12:42 He wants us to follow Him all the way...
12:44 no man can shut that door,
12:45 if you listen to men... the door is going to be shut,
12:47 the Lawyers in Christ's day tried to shut up the...
12:50 the key of knowledge...
12:51 but if you follow me... you're good.
12:54 Ivor: I don't know if you remember how we talked about the
12:58 three compartments of the Sanctuary...
13:00 right, there's the Outer Court
13:02 which had the Altar of Sacrifice and the Laver,
13:05 there was the Holy Place
13:07 that has the three articles of furniture,
13:09 and then there's the Most Holy Place,
13:11 so this understanding of the Sanctuary really helps us here
13:15 because, remember in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,
13:19 we're being pointed to the Altar of Sacrifice,
13:22 right, and from the Book of Acts...
13:27 all the way over to Jude, we're looking at the Laver,
13:32 all that's the Outer Court,
13:34 but when we get to Revelation, what we see is...
13:37 Christ standing in the midst of the candlesticks,
13:40 we're see Him in the Altar of Incense,
13:43 we see Him at the Table of Shewbread,
13:45 right, but within the context of the seven churches,
13:48 this now all comes together when you realize,
13:51 "Whoa, each prophecy is like moving us...
13:55 stage by stage to the Sanctuary
13:57 so 70 weeks points us to the Outer Court,
14:00 the 1,260 points us to that period of time
14:03 covering three to four churches
14:06 and then the 2,300 is what... is when Christ is saying,
14:11 "I'm going to open this door that no man can shut"
14:14 and brings us into that Most Holy Place
14:16 which sets the foundation, so, put it like this,
14:19 if we didn't have the seven seals
14:20 or the seven trumpets,
14:22 just the understanding of the seven churches
14:25 let's just say, all we had were the seven churches
14:28 and then Revelation 12... 13... 14...
14:31 that alone... right, from Revelation...
14:34 from the sixth church onward,
14:36 you would have Revelation 12, 13, 14...
14:39 because that's where all... Most Holy Place...
14:42 events now begin to occur, so phrase it another way...
14:48 the 70 and the 1,260... you find them occupying
14:53 most of the first church, second church, third church,
14:56 fourth church, fifth church...
14:58 when you get to the sixth church,
15:00 the 70 and the 1,260 fall off the scene.
15:03 Now we're dealing with 2,300-Day 1844 language,
15:10 focus... and that's what this open door does,
15:16 it brings an understanding
15:18 this key unlocks the understanding of the Sanctuary
15:22 as it relates to end-time events.
15:24 James: And you know,
15:25 the seven churches is to the Book of Revelation
15:28 what Daniel 2 is to the Book of Daniel.
15:29 Ivor: Absolutely.
15:30 James: Daniel 2 is the basic framework
15:32 and you have this image... all of it is there,
15:35 everything is there, we have the image,
15:37 it goes from Babylon, Medo-Persia,
15:38 Greece, Rome, you got the ten toes,
15:40 you've got the nations of Europe,
15:41 you've got the miry clay mixed with the iron
15:44 and Church-State... mixed with civil power,
15:47 and then you've got the stone
15:49 that comes and smites the image at the feet
15:51 and becomes a great mountain and fills the whole earth,
15:53 the whole thing is there,
15:54 second coming... the whole thing is there,
15:56 even thousand years... it's all there...
15:57 but the details... the details...
15:59 so, the seven seals and the seven trumpets
16:01 and Revelation 12... are going to give us more details,
16:03 but what is it that says here,
16:06 "you've kept the word of my patience... "
16:07 oh, what does that mean?
16:09 Oh, Revelation 14 tells us what that means, right?
16:10 "The word of my patience... "
16:11 now why don't you look at this verse that follows,
16:14 it says, verse 12, it says, "Him that overcomes,
16:17 will I make a pillar in the temple of my God,
16:19 he shall go no more out... "
16:22 Out of what? The Temple...
16:24 "and I will write upon him the name of my God,
16:27 and the name of the city of my God... "
16:28 that is... "I'm going to seal him with the seal of God,
16:31 the name of the city of my God... the new Jerusalem,
16:33 this is talking about the sealing now
16:34 because the sealing takes place
16:36 during the Philadelphia experience
16:38 that started right there,
16:39 the sealing time began during the Philadelphia experience,
16:42 so "I'm going to write on him the name of my God,
16:44 I'm going to write on him the new Jerusalem,
16:47 and which comes down from heaven from my God:
16:49 and I will write upon him my new name. "
16:50 So God's people are going to be sealed in this time now,
16:53 here's the point I want to make about this verse...
16:56 Ivor: Let me... let me just back up
16:58 to something you just said, James: Okay.
17:00 Ivor: So, in Revelation 14 and verse 1, it says,
17:02 "And I looked, and lo, a Lamb stood on Mount Zion,
17:05 and with him a hundred forty and four thousand,
17:07 having his Father's name written in their foreheads. "
17:12 We know that the seal of God is received in the forehead
17:16 and so the seal of God is... in a sense...
17:20 the Father's name being written
17:22 so this correlates us... it let's us know
17:24 that we are definitely looking at end-time events here,
17:28 in Revelation chapter 3 when it tells about Philadelphia...
17:31 having the name of God written upon them.
17:34 James: Yes, and it talks about in Revelation 22...
17:38 it talks about the fact that they...
17:41 "the redeemed will see His face
17:42 and His name shall be in their foreheads"
17:44 so everyone that's in heaven is going to have His name
17:47 in their foreheads and the name of God
17:48 is synonymous with the character of God...
17:50 is synonymous with the Law of God.
17:51 Ivor: That's right.
17:52 James: This is another reference to the Law...
17:54 in the Most Holy Place.
17:55 and here's something really...
17:56 Jason: Now, so, what about the Mark of the Beast then?
17:58 and the name of God is written on the forehead,
18:01 the Mark of the Beast is... written on the forehead as well?
18:05 James: Yes... no... yes... or in the hands, or in the hands
18:09 so here's a real quick response to that...
18:13 to that statement and that is,
18:16 we can only receive the seal of God in the forehead
18:19 because... to be sealed... with the name of God
18:22 is to have His image reflected in our hearts, in our minds,
18:26 so we are like God...
18:28 the Mark of the Beast can be received
18:30 in the forehead or in the hand because the Mark of the Beast is
18:34 either reflecting the image of the beast
18:36 which ultimately is selfishness, versus selflessness,
18:40 or just going along with it,
18:42 in other words, you don't really actually believe this,
18:45 you don't really actually hear this
18:48 but because of the financial pressure,
18:50 the economic pressure, the death threat,
18:53 you're going to go along with it.
18:54 All: Hmmm... hmmm...
18:55 James: And so there's those two options,
18:57 but with God, it has to be genuine,
18:58 you can't... right now with God you can go along...
19:02 you can pretend, you can just go along with it
19:04 but the test is going to distinguish
19:07 between those who just go...
19:08 who say they're Jews and they're not...
19:09 and they're liars... Philadelphia church...
19:11 you can't just go along with it with God...
19:13 when the test comes,
19:15 it has to be a genuine experience.
19:16 Ivor: And let me add this
19:18 that those who receive the Mark of the Beast
19:21 on their forehead, will be those who are
19:23 genuinely deceived,
19:26 which will be
19:28 almost the whole world...
19:31 who doesn't understand the Scriptures,
19:34 those who receive the mark in the hand
19:36 are those who understand the Scripture...
19:39 they're not deceived... James: They're not deceived.
19:41 Yvonne: Ahh... that's interesting...
19:44 wait... give us that again... unpack that a little bit.
19:47 Ivor: So, remember, the whole world is going to be
19:50 deceived but... really it's not the whole world,
19:53 those... those who are deceived in their mind
19:56 receive the Mark in their forehead,
19:57 they're the ones that are like, "Oh yeah... "
20:00 they have no clue...
20:01 they don't understand the Scriptures,
20:03 those who receive the Mark in the hand
20:05 are those who are not deceived...
20:07 Ivor: They understand... you understand what I'm saying?
20:12 They understand the Sanctuary,
20:15 yeah, they understand the everlasting gospel,
20:19 they know it here but because of pressure
20:23 and because their characters have not been developed,
20:26 in time of crisis, they know better
20:29 but they go along.
20:31 Jason: Okay let me ask you this question...
20:33 what about that verse...
20:35 "God winks at our ignorance," what does that mean?
20:39 James: That means that there are people, even now...
20:42 and this is why we're still...
20:44 we're still looking in relation to this,
20:47 we're still looking for
20:48 a culmination of what we're developing right here,
20:51 there are people who are in Babylon... who are God's people.
20:54 The final message that we're going to see proclaimed...
20:58 as we expand this
20:59 and repeat and enlarge on this in Revelation 18...
21:01 the final message we're going to hear proclaimed
21:02 as the earth is lightened by the glory of God is...
21:04 "Come out of her my people, come out... "
21:07 they're honest... they... we've looked at Sardis,
21:10 we've looked at Thyatira,
21:12 we see honest people in those churches,
21:14 "I'm not going to put any burden,
21:15 what you have... hold fast till I come...
21:17 you haven't found your works perfect,
21:19 you need to progress, come out, come out,
21:22 I even gave Jezebel space to repent,
21:23 and she repented not,
21:25 do you see Ahab...
21:27 how he's repenting, how he's humbling himself,
21:28 what about Manasseh?"
21:30 Manasseh is actually going to be in heaven.
21:31 "Oh, Nebuchadnezzar, that wicked king
21:33 who was ready to kill all his wise men
21:34 because they couldn't interpret his dream?"
21:36 He's going to be in heaven.
21:37 Ivor: And he was the king of Babylon.
21:39 James: God winks at our ignorance
21:40 but there's a time coming... there's a test coming...
21:42 and there are people who know... they get it in their hand...
21:45 there are people who not only... as Ivor said,
21:48 are going to be people who know but go along with it,
21:50 there's also going to be people... they may not know
21:52 what we know as far as the truth goes,
21:54 but they do know that that is not true
21:56 and they're just going along with it,
21:57 even though they know that's not true
21:58 they're just going along with it
22:00 because they haven't fully embraced the truth,
22:02 their only safety is in the truth.
22:04 Now, let me... oh, go ahead...
22:05 Yvonne: The whole idea of having God's name in our heads,
22:10 I love the idea that He knows my name,
22:13 "Fear not for I have redeemed thee...
22:16 I've called thee by name... thou art mine... "
22:18 so, I am His... now His name is in my head...
22:24 and so, I know Him and I am now...
22:29 He's giving me a new name...
22:31 I'm going to shout up here in a minute now!
22:34 I'm getting ready to shout up here...
22:36 James: Think about this...
22:37 let's just pull this out a little bit...
22:40 my wife... before I married her...
22:44 her name was Khadia... I wooed her, dated her,
22:50 courted her, drew her, asked her,
22:52 she said, "Yes," we got married,
22:55 now her dad wanted her to keep her maiden name,
22:57 but I'm giving her a new name... I'm giving her a new name...
23:02 Yvonne: Right... right... James: That's great because
23:04 her first name is Risé... Risé Rafferty...
23:06 Yvonne: Oh, nice... it has a ring to it,
23:08 it has a ring...
23:09 so God is wooing us... you see...
23:12 God is the bridegroom and He's courting us,
23:14 you see... and He is enclosing us in His arms of love,
23:18 He's drawing us to Him and He's getting us ready...
23:23 the marriage of the Bride has come...
23:26 and if we marry Him, we get a new name...
23:29 we get a new name.
23:30 Yvonne: Ah ha...
23:32 James: So the whole... the whole package is there,
23:33 it's all there.
23:34 All right... this verse... I want to unpack this verse,
23:36 I've been anxious to do this
23:37 just because... it's a new idea to me
23:40 and I think it's really important... verse 12...
23:41 "Him that overcometh
23:44 will I make a pillar in the temple of my God... "
23:48 okay... the need to overcome,
23:53 the issue that they had to overcome was this disappointment
23:56 the Philadelphian church had overcome this disappointment,
23:58 they had to accept that God had this in hand
24:01 He knew what was happening,
24:03 they had to accept and trust the bridegroom,
24:06 they had to trust Him,
24:07 there were some rumors about Him that... you know,
24:09 where... He was a shady guy... you can't trust Him...
24:12 they had to trust Him
24:13 and then they had to
24:15 enter into this understanding of the temple,
24:18 and if they would enter into this,
24:20 they would become pillars in the temple,
24:22 now, a pillar in a temple is something
24:24 that holds up the temple, it supports the temple
24:27 and they wouldn't go out of the temple,
24:29 they'd come in,
24:31 they support the temple and they don't leave it,
24:33 see, there are people that wouldn't go in
24:35 they wouldn't support the temple idea,
24:37 they wouldn't support the "Most Holy Place idea,"
24:40 they wouldn't support the idea that this was a disappointment
24:43 because we misunderstood the earthly Sanctuary,
24:45 it's really the heavenly Sanctuary,
24:47 so they wouldn't go in...
24:48 Ivor: They were the pillars of our faith.
24:49 James: These are the pillars of our faith
24:51 that support our understanding of this truth
24:53 and we don't leave it,
24:54 now there are people that went in and then they go out.
24:56 there are people that come in and then they've gone out
24:58 but those who overcome... are going to go in...
25:02 they're going to be in that temple,
25:04 they're going to support that temple,
25:05 they're going to support that Sanctuary truth,
25:06 they're going to support those pillars and not going to leave.
25:08 Yvonne: So, this represents the 1844 experience then?
25:12 Ivor: Absolutely.
25:13 James: And our experience today
25:15 because we are walking in the footsteps of 1844,
25:17 we have to revisit that...
25:19 we have to go back and we have to say,
25:21 "Do we believe in the experience that they had?
25:24 Do we accept the message that God gave them
25:27 and do we step into that temple and support those...
25:30 are we supportive...
25:32 are we going to be pillars of that temple truth?"
25:35 Ivor: And I think, what's beautiful... as we look at again
25:37 at the correlation of Old Testament history,
25:39 we look at what happened under the work of Nehemiah,
25:42 these were people who were
25:44 at one time busy building their own homes,
25:46 who now come together to focus on the Lord's house,
25:49 and what I think... one of the most beautiful things
25:53 about the Millerite Movement was that in essence, Adventism...
25:58 was made up of people who came
26:01 from their different Denominations
26:04 and all became pillars in the one house of the Lord
26:07 and so, it's not that the Lord is saying,
26:10 "Hey, I have a... you know...
26:11 I like these people better than those people... "
26:13 He's saying, "I want all my people,
26:15 to come out of Babylon and go back to Jerusalem. "
26:18 Yvonne: Hmmm... yeah...
26:19 Ivor: "Come out of Babylon... and go back... "
26:22 and that's exactly what you see happening
26:24 under Sardis, Philadelphia... the history repeats itself,
26:28 these people came out of Babylon,
26:29 by-the-way, some chose to stay in Babylon.
26:31 James: Yes, and several calls were made...
26:33 Ivor: That's right... James: Come out...
26:35 and we need more priests, we need more people...
26:36 they were comfortable in their locations,
26:38 they were comfortable in this world,
26:40 and in our Denominations, and in the direction...
26:43 and we're not as willing...
26:45 we're reluctant to come out of all of that comfort...
26:47 and to step forward in what God has for them...
26:50 Ivor and James: Into the house of the Lord...
26:52 Ivor: Into spiritual Jerusalem. James: Israel...
26:54 yes, and we see them suddenly become pillars of that truth,
26:58 so it's... it's amazing... this... this...
27:01 all these verses are bringing out these entire experiences.
27:03 Yvonne: Yes... yes... yes...
27:05 James: And I know that... that there may be some questions
27:07 that people are going to be asking...
27:08 and if there are questions...
27:10 Jason: How do they send them in?
27:11 Yvonne: Ah... you're asking me, triple "s"
27:15 so it's: sss as in Salvation in Symbols and Signs,
27:19 @3abn. org
27:22 James: Amen... close us out with a prayer, Yvonne, please.
27:25 Yvonne: "Father God, thank you,
27:26 thank you so much for allowing us to just see
27:29 all of this new information and you're just so gracious
27:33 and just so good to us, Lord, we just thank you so much
27:36 continue to be with us, continue to guide us,
27:39 continue, Lord God, to direct our steps,
27:42 thank you again for all that you do and for who you are, Lord,
27:46 we just praise you, we just magnify you right now
27:49 as the Divine Designer, in Jesus' name, amen. "
27:52 All: "Amen... "


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