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Participants: Ivor Meyers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:30 You are not going to believe this...
00:32 we... are on the last church. Yvonne: Wow...
00:35 James: We have reached number seven...
00:36 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm...
00:38 James: And it's going to be just as interesting
00:40 and just as significant as the other six have been.
00:42 We are at the end of one cycle of sevens
00:45 in the Book of Revelation,
00:47 we've got three more cycles to go
00:48 and they're going to layer on top of each other
00:52 and bring out more and more of the story
00:54 until they just magnify in the final fourth section...
00:57 the final fourth cycle.
00:59 Ivor: Those are the seven seals, the seven trumpets
01:02 and the seven plagues.
01:03 James: Then the... the three that are to come
01:06 are the seven seals,
01:08 the seven trumpets and the seven salvation signs.
01:11 Ivor: Ah ha... okay...
01:12 so you're not including the seven plagues.
01:14 James: The seven plagues are in there...
01:15 there are seven kings in there,
01:17 there are seven thunders and the trumpets,
01:19 you know there's more than just the four cycles of seven
01:23 by the four cycles of seven... in the sense of epics...
01:27 from Apostolic Age down to the end of time and beyond,
01:30 well, we need to start with prayer
01:32 and then... as we start with prayer
01:34 we need to get right into
01:35 the seventh church... the Laodicean church,
01:37 Yvonne, would you like to pray for us?
01:38 Yvonne: Sure... sure... "Father God...
01:40 what a privilege it is for us to come together
01:42 again to study your Word and to glean these precious truths
01:46 from your Word so thank you so much
01:49 and please be with us, guide us, direct us,
01:52 help that this discussion will magnify you
01:54 and show your love for us,
01:56 we bless your name this day in Jesus' name, amen. "
01:58 All: "Amen... "
02:00 James: Jason, take us into the verses here
02:02 in Revelation chapter 3 beginning with verse 14.
02:05 Jason: All right,
02:07 "And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write;
02:12 These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness,
02:17 the beginning of the creation of God;
02:20 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot:
02:24 I would thou wert cold or hot.
02:28 So then because thou art lukewarm,
02:31 and neither cold nor hot,
02:32 I will spew thee out of my mouth.
02:35 Because thou sayest,
02:37 I am rich and increased with goods,
02:39 and have need of nothing;
02:40 and knowest not that thou art wretched,
02:43 and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:
02:47 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire,
02:53 that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment,
02:56 that thou mayest be clothed,
02:57 and that the shame of thy nakedness
03:00 do not appear;
03:02 and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve,
03:06 that thou mayest see.
03:10 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten:
03:15 be zealous therefore, and repent.
03:20 Behold I stand at the door, and knock:
03:22 if any man hear my voice, and open the door,
03:25 I will come in to him, and will sup with him,
03:27 and he with me.
03:28 To him that overcometh
03:30 will I grant to sit with me in my throne,
03:32 even as I also overcame,
03:34 and am set down with my Father in his throne.
03:37 He that hath an ear,
03:39 let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. "
03:42 James: The angel of the Laodiceans...
03:45 the true witness... it says here,
03:48 "the beginning of the creation of God...
03:51 the amen, the faithful... the true witness... "
03:52 and He is... He's giving us true witness here
03:55 the Laodicean church is the last church...
03:56 the seventh church... it takes us from about the 1850s
04:00 all the way down to the very end of time
04:02 and Laodicea means, "people judged... "
04:04 it is the time of judgment and it's interesting isn't it?
04:09 Because we're living in a society today
04:11 where people just don't like the idea of judgment.
04:13 Yvonne: That's right, "don't judge me... "
04:15 James: "Don't judge me... don't judge me... "
04:18 and yet, Jesus, now... you should be like Jesus,
04:20 if you're a Christian, you should be like Jesus...
04:23 Jesus wasn't condemning, He was... He was loving...
04:25 He was forgiving, He was merciful
04:27 and so Jesus is the one that introduces Himself here
04:30 as truthful and faithful witness,
04:32 He's going to be faithful to us,
04:34 He's going to be truthful with us,
04:36 He is going to tell us like it is...
04:39 now, when we talk about being faithful
04:43 in the scenario of marriage, in the scenario of romance,
04:47 in the scenario of relationship,
04:49 have you ever been in a situation
04:50 where you are in public
04:54 and there's something amiss in your appearance?
04:58 Maybe you've got a little something on your face
05:01 you know... a little something over here...
05:03 and you know, you might be around friends
05:05 you might be around acquaintances,
05:06 they're not going to really say anything,
05:08 and it's kind of hard... but if your wife is there,
05:11 if your husband is there,
05:12 I mean, if it's... if it's my wife, if Risé...
05:15 and if I'm with her, I'm going to say,
05:17 "Hey, honey, honey, honey... take that off,"
05:19 or "you got a little thing right here... "
05:20 or she's going to say,
05:21 "Hey, honey, honey, you need to get that off,
05:23 you got to get that thing right there. "
05:24 We are a little bit gun-shy when it comes to correcting people,
05:28 when it comes... but God is faithful, He's faithful...
05:31 Ivor: He's going to tell you the truth.
05:32 James: He's got to tell us the truth.
05:34 Ivor: The other day... I was driving home from church,
05:38 after having preached a... hopefully a great sermon...
05:42 and later on in the day,
05:45 I got a text from one of my church members,
05:48 the church member said to me,
05:50 "Hey, I loved your shoes today, new style... "
05:53 and I thought to myself, "What is he talking about?"
05:56 And I looked down at my shoes,
05:58 only to discover in horror...
06:01 that I had worn two different pairs of shoes for church,
06:06 and I thought to myself, "No one told me...
06:09 no one likes telling me,
06:11 where were the faithful witnesses?"
06:14 And for the guy that texted me,
06:17 if you're watching this, "Yes. "
06:22 So, you know, yeah... often we see people that
06:26 we're kind of embarrassed for them,
06:28 "Oh, I don't want to say anything, it's not my place... "
06:30 but Jesus describes Himself as the faithful witness,
06:33 "I'm going to tell you... "
06:34 you may be like... "Ah... at first...
06:37 but it's for your good. "
06:38 He tells us for our good, not to try to embarrass us,
06:42 not to try to make us look foolish
06:45 but He... He's out to save us
06:46 so He's going to be as honest as He is with us
06:53 to let us know, "Listen, you're in danger
06:55 and this needs to be corrected. "
06:57 James: In fact, it's not only that
07:00 He's not wanting to embarrass us
07:03 but He doesn't want us to be in there,
07:04 because... because it says right here in the text
07:07 down below, it says,
07:08 and right here I'm looking at verse 18,
07:11 "I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire,
07:13 that thou mayest be rich and white raiment...
07:15 that thou mayest be clothed,
07:16 that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear... "
07:20 He doesn't want us to be embarrassed,
07:22 He doesn't want us to be seen as naked,
07:24 as without the covering of His righteousness,
07:27 the gift of His righteousness, so let's go through the text,
07:30 let's just start from the beginning,
07:32 we've done the true and the faithful witness,
07:34 and then it says here in verse 15,
07:36 "I know thy works... "
07:37 Yvonne: Well, can we go back, I'm sorry...
07:39 James: Yeah, let's go back, sure, what have you got there?
07:40 Yvonne: Verse 14... one of the things that...
07:42 there are some Denominations
07:44 that teach that Jesus was a created being
07:47 and this phrase here,
07:49 "the beginning of the creation of God... "
07:52 is often misinterpreted as Jesus having been created
07:58 but we know that in Him was life
08:02 unborrowed, underived,
08:04 He has always been... "In the beginning was the Word
08:06 and the Word was with God and the Word was God... "
08:10 so we know that He was there from the beginning
08:13 but this phrase is a little misleading... so...
08:16 Ivor: Yeah, what it... what the phrase is saying
08:19 is that creation did not begin without Him...
08:22 Yvonne: Okay, so He is the source...
08:23 Ivor: He is the starting...
08:25 Yvonne: He is the source of creation.
08:26 Ivor: Exactly... He is the starting of the creation.
08:28 Yvonne: So the key is in the
08:29 translation of the word... "beginning... "
08:31 Ivor: Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
08:33 understanding it not as... He was the first to be created
08:38 but He was the start of creation...
08:41 He started creation... and without Him,
08:44 Creation would not have been. Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
08:45 James: I'd like to add to that, there's a verse in Revelation 13
08:49 that will also give us some light on this
08:52 and it's one that is powerful
08:54 because Revelation 13 is a very challenging chapter...
08:58 it's very eschatologically charged with
09:02 the Mark of the Beast and these two powers that are coming in
09:05 and forcing worship...
09:07 and in the middle of that you can imagine,
09:08 "Well, where is... you know, where is Christ...
09:10 where is the gospel in all this?"
09:12 Well, He's smack dab in the middle,
09:13 the lamb... the cross... we talked about the lamb
09:16 as being a symbol of the cross because it's introduced...
09:19 we'll see in Revelation 5 as the lamb slain
09:21 and it says here in Revelation chapter 13
09:23 and I'm looking here at verse 8,
09:26 that all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him,
09:29 whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb
09:34 slain from the foundation of the world.
09:36 Yvonne: So... worship who?
09:38 James: To worship the beast...
09:39 to worship of the beast and receive his mark and his image.
09:42 So... "all of them on the earth who'll worship him,
09:44 the beast, his image... whose names are not written
09:46 in the book of the lamb slain...
09:49 the book of life of the lamb slain
09:50 from the foundation of the world,
09:52 we know that Jesus wasn't literally slain
09:54 at the foundation of the world.
09:55 Yvonne: Right... Ivor: Hmmm... hmmm...
09:57 James: But before the foundation of the world...
09:58 before creation started,
10:00 before this whole beautiful picture...
10:02 that God has brought to us in Genesis... took place,
10:06 there was this plan...
10:09 this "what if" pause... if you will
10:13 and God said, "You know what?
10:15 There's the possibility when we create free agency...
10:19 that there might be what has taken place there
10:23 and that is the possibility that they would choose
10:27 to go in a different direction
10:28 so before we put this creation in place,
10:30 we need to have Plan B...
10:32 and that Plan B is described here as
10:34 "the lamb slain before the foundation of the world...
10:36 before the foundation of the world... Jesus Christ... "
10:38 so the beginning of the creation,
10:40 God... is the fact that He was there from the beginning
10:43 and also the fact that the plan
10:45 for Jesus Christ to become a human...
10:48 to become one with the human race was there in the beginning,
10:51 that was created from the foundation...
10:53 that was from the very beginning of God's creation...
10:56 that plan for Jesus Christ to become a man.
11:00 James: So, the beginning of the creation of God...
11:04 "I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot:
11:10 I would that thou were" get this... "cold" stop...
11:15 Ivor: Hmmm... hmmm... Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
11:17 James: "I wish you were cold. " Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
11:19 James: Really? Really? Really? Why?
11:25 now I understand why He wishes we were hot...
11:28 but why would He wish we were cold?
11:29 Let's just pause on that for just a minute...
11:31 why would He wish we were cold?
11:33 Yvonne: It's a place of discomfort.
11:34 James: Okay.
11:36 Yvonne: You're not comfortable if you're cold...
11:39 James: Yeah, yeah... you want to get warm.
11:41 Yvonne: Yeah... yeah... it's a place of discomfort.
11:44 James: And the colder you are,
11:45 the hotter you want to get, isn't that it?
11:46 even warm isn't good enough,
11:48 I've experienced that in the few days I've been here,
11:53 72... is not good... I want it at 74... 76... 77...
11:57 now I'm getting hot... Yvonne: Yeah, yeah...
12:00 James: Now I'm getting hot... so God is saying, basically,
12:02 "you know, it would be better if you were cold
12:04 because if you're cold, you'll feel your need. "
12:06 Yvonne: Right...
12:07 James: When you're cold... you'll feel it,
12:08 when you're lukewarm, you don't feel your need
12:10 but when you're cold... you feel your need,
12:11 it's not that God wants us to be cold,
12:13 God does not want...
12:14 cold... in practical terms...
12:17 in spiritual terms... cold is lost...
12:19 cold is lost... okay...
12:21 it's out in the world... it's lost... cold is lost,
12:23 so God doesn't want us to be lost,
12:24 He doesn't want us to be just like... out there...
12:27 but when we're in the pig pen... feeding the pigs,
12:30 then we think, "Wait a minute...
12:33 wait a minute, wait a minute...
12:34 my Father... even his servants do better than this,
12:38 I'm going to go back to Him
12:40 and He'll make me as one of his servants,
12:42 I'm sure He'll make me as one of His servants,
12:45 phew, I got that wrong... " far beyond that.
12:47 So, yeah, so God would rather have us be cold because
12:49 then we can feel our need and that's what the goal is.
12:52 Yvonne: I was... recently I was...
12:55 well, let me just preface this by saying that
12:58 we too... even though we're in ministry...
13:02 can... can kind of move over to a warm place
13:04 and not be hot... on fire...
13:08 and I was praying about something
13:11 and I just wasn't getting an answer
13:15 I'm like, "Lord, I'm just... I'm just not hearing you...
13:18 please... tell me what to do, I don't know what to do,
13:21 I'm not hearing you, I'm not... I don't know what to do... "
13:25 and I got this impression that the Lord wanted me to be...
13:29 He wanted to stimulate some kind of passion in me again,
13:34 the fire... let's turn up the fire a little bit,
13:38 have me really seeking Him harder to get the answer
13:42 because I wasn't hearing and I was just
13:46 kind of praying about it but I wasn't really...
13:49 like really laboring over it
13:51 and I think sometimes we can get where we just... kind of...
13:57 lackadaisical... you know... in asking the Lord,
14:00 "Well, could you help me with this?"
14:01 No He wants... "Let's turn up that fire a little bit,
14:04 I'm your first love... "
14:06 and so... that... I think we should really
14:09 think about how this applies to us too
14:12 even though we're not "lukewarm" per se...
14:15 but we can kind of go over into that lukewarm area.
14:19 Jason: Another interesting thing about being like lukewarm...
14:22 when you're... if you have one foot in the church
14:25 and one foot in the world, you're not enjoying either one,
14:29 you're not... Yvonne: That's true.
14:30 James: It's miserable... Yvonne: Yeah.
14:32 Jason: You're not enjoying God's kind of benefits
14:36 of being faithful to God
14:39 and then on the other side you're not enjoying
14:42 what you shouldn't be enjoying... your sin...
14:45 so, you have... it's better to be hot...
14:49 Yvonne: Right.
14:50 Ivor: Remember where this is all unfolding...
14:52 it's unfolding within the context
14:54 of the seven-branched candlestick, where God is like,
14:57 "Look, your fire is going out, I want you to be hot...
15:00 you're fire is going out, you're not...
15:03 that flame isn't burning in you like it should be... "
15:07 that the flame is dying... is what He's saying.
15:11 So, yeah, it's crucial for us to understand
15:14 the condition of the church in this time...
15:19 is really a dangerous position to be in...
15:23 and He needs us to recognize it
15:24 and the problem is... that the people in this...
15:28 in this portion of Scripture are not recognizing their condition.
15:33 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
15:35 James: And I don't know if you've noticed this
15:36 in... in our conversation so far
15:39 but unlike all the previous churches,
15:42 we naturally relate to the verses we're reading,
15:48 it's almost "given" that this is us,
15:51 this is our generation, this is our church,
15:54 I want to say generation... this is our space in time...
15:56 this is it... we're just reading this verse and going,
15:59 "Yeah, this is... yeah... God would want us hot and cold,
16:01 you know how it is, we get lukewarm and...
16:04 the other ones were like, "that fits...
16:06 they were persecuted and oh yeah,
16:07 they went through this experience,
16:09 oh yeah, they went through that open door, that's right...
16:10 we need to remember, oh Smyrna, yeah... "
16:12 but we're reading this... we're going...
16:15 "Yeah, that's... that is us isn't it... "
16:17 oooh... you're just reading and you're thinking,
16:20 "Oh yeah, that's... wow... "
16:22 and... but what I love about these verses is
16:25 there's a remedy...
16:27 and the person that's speaking this...
16:29 one of the worst rebukes,
16:31 I mean, when we look at the churches
16:32 we talked about how two of them...
16:33 Smyrna and Philadelphia don't have any rebukes
16:36 okay, then we looked at the other churches,
16:38 they have a number of rebukes against them
16:40 and we saw the sandwich, you know,
16:42 and truly... they are sandwiches,
16:45 I love that because you've got the good... the positive,
16:48 then you've got the correction right here,
16:49 and you've got... "And I'm gong to give you,
16:51 I'm going to give you and I'm going to give you"
16:52 you've got the sandwich in there,
16:54 of all the churches though this church right here
16:58 receives the worst rebuke
17:00 but also receives the greatest admonition,
17:03 "as many as I love, I rebuke and chasten... "
17:07 but the worst rebuke is,
17:09 "You know what? You make me want to throw up
17:11 you make me want to throw up... "
17:13 I just want to get... I just feel sick...
17:15 and now... the way that I like to portray that is,
17:19 not so much that God is just like... eeewww...
17:23 but so much as that He is sick about that...
17:26 aren't there things that people do... things that you do
17:29 that just... you're just sick about it...
17:31 "Why did I do that... why did I say that?
17:33 I'm just sick about that... oh, I'm just sick about that,"
17:36 that's the picture of Christ, "I just feel bad about this... "
17:39 and the reason why I think is because as we move through this
17:41 we realize that... and that's verse 16...
17:46 "So then because thou art lukewarm,
17:48 and neither cold nor hot: I will spew thee out of my mouth. "
17:50 That's the sickness... that's where He's feeling sick
17:52 because we realize... why is this?
17:54 "Because... " verse 17...
17:56 "thou sayest, I'm rich, and increased with goods,
18:00 and have need of... " what?
18:01 Yvonne: "nothing... " James: "nothing...
18:03 and you don't know that you're miserable and wretched
18:06 and poor and blind and naked... "
18:08 ah... now this is key right here
18:10 because there are only two places in the Bible,
18:13 where the word "wretched" is used,
18:15 there is Revelation chapter 3 and verse 17
18:19 and Romans chapter 7, those are the only true places
18:21 where the word "wretched" is used,
18:23 and what's interesting about this is
18:25 that the word is used in those two places differently.
18:28 In this place, there are people
18:32 that are professing to be followers of Christ,
18:34 "which increased with goods and in need of nothing"
18:37 who don't realize that they're wretched
18:39 they're not aware of it but in Romans 7...
18:42 Paul is speaking of his experience
18:44 and the experience of the Christian
18:46 and he's saying, "the law is good and holy
18:49 and just but me... whew...
18:51 I mean, I know what I'm supposed to do but I don't do it
18:55 and I know there are things I'm not supposed to do
18:57 but I keep doing those... " and then he says,
18:59 "Oh, wretched man that I am... "
19:01 that's the key... "that I am... "
19:04 the Laodicean church... not wretched...
19:06 Paul... "wretched man that I am
19:08 who can deliver me from this body of this death?"
19:11 And he says, "I thank God... through Jesus Christ. "
19:13 Now, what Paul is doing here is
19:15 he's showing us the two ways that we respond to Christ.
19:19 See, what happens is when Christ comes to us...
19:22 the faithful witness... and shares with us,
19:24 "Hey, there's something on your...
19:26 there's something there on... "
19:28 "There is not! don't, don't... don't touch me,
19:30 now get away... there's nothing on my face,
19:32 there's nothing there... " you see what I'm saying?
19:34 Or this, "Oh please, take it off take it off, take it off. "
19:36 Yvonne: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
19:38 James: you see... so... Paul got... he's got that...
19:40 a lot of people think, "Oh Paul, he was just...
19:42 Romans 7 isn't really the Christian experience,
19:44 Romans 8 is the Christian experience... "
19:45 well, that's because we chaptered the Bible
19:47 but originally the Bible was never chaptered...
19:50 there was never Romans 7 and a Romans 8,
19:52 originally it was just a continuum...
19:53 Romans 7 is the continuum into Romans 8...
19:58 it just continues into Romans 8,
19:59 Romans 8 is the continuum of Romans 7,
20:01 so, to get to Romans 8 you have to go through Romans 7.
20:05 Ivor: To realize your wretchedness.
20:06 James: Yeah, you have to realize your wretchedness
20:08 to get... and the Laodicean church
20:10 is stuck in Romans 7, we could actually put them
20:12 in Romans 7 where they're saying,
20:13 "I know what I'm supposed to do... "
20:15 I know the law is good and just and holy
20:16 and even though I'm not doing what I'm supposed to do,
20:18 shhh... don't tell anyone that,
20:20 and I know I'm not supposed to do that
20:22 but shhh... don't tell anyone I'm doing that... "
20:23 whereas Paul is not like that, all he's saying...
20:25 "You know... this is me... this is me...
20:28 honestly, this is me...
20:30 but I have a hope, I have a Savior,
20:35 I have a husband, He's faithful,
20:38 He sticks by me, He loves me...
20:41 in my unfaithfulness, he points things out,
20:43 He does it because He loves me
20:44 and He's going to help, He's going to deliver me
20:47 and I'm going to go into that Romans 8 experience. "
20:49 Ivor: I have a remedy, there is a...
20:51 we talked about cross checking,
20:57 we've been cross checking with every church
20:59 and we closed off with Philadelphia
21:02 and we saw their whole experience...
21:05 Adam and Eve... perfection, they fall,
21:08 Smyrna... which is what? Persecution...
21:10 that reminds us of the Exodus in Egypt
21:13 or their time in Egypt, we have...
21:16 Pergamos... which reflects the time of compromise
21:19 within Israel once they got into the Promise Land,
21:23 Thyatira... Babylon...
21:25 the Children of Israel end up in Babylonian captivity
21:28 because of their rebellion... then we have Jezebel...
21:31 we saw Sardis... those coming out of Babylon
21:35 and beginning the work of Reformation,
21:37 ties right in with Ezra
21:39 and the work of the Children of Israel
21:42 leaving Babylon and going back to rebuild
21:44 but they... they stopped building,
21:46 you see Philadelphia which summarizes...
21:48 which brings together the people of God
21:51 to finish the house of God
21:52 relating to the Millerite Movement
21:54 and then... this is amazing... because
21:56 Jesus comes the second time in the seventh church
22:02 so what would be the parallel when Jesus came the first time?
22:07 What was the condition of Israel
22:10 when Jesus came the first time? James: They didn't need Him...
22:14 Ivor: They were neither hot nor cold... they were lukewarm,
22:18 so lukewarm that when Jesus came, it was three wise men...
22:22 no one else was even looking for Him,
22:25 there were wise men from the east
22:28 that were prepared for the coming of Christ
22:31 and so in the same sense, we have to realize,
22:34 "Whoa, history is being repeated... "
22:37 there are going to be people... and here's the thing
22:39 the Jews put stock in the fact that they...
22:43 "Hey, I've been a Jew for X long... " right...
22:47 so what are we doing today?
22:48 You ever heard of "a 4G?"
22:49 That's a term for Adventists, did you know that?
22:53 James: No, I didn't know that.
22:55 Yvonne: 4 G? James: Enlighten us...
22:56 Ivor: Yeah. Yvonne: No, unpack that for us.
22:59 Ivor: "I'm a 4th G Adventist. " Yvonne: Oh...
23:01 Ivor: What? Fourth Generation...
23:02 Yvonne: Okay... laughing... Ivor: 4 G...
23:06 so I have a special connection with God because I'm 4G...
23:09 what are you? I'm 3G...
23:10 what are you? I'm 2G... you know...
23:12 or "I'm 5 G... "
23:13 James: Oh, you weren't raised in the church?
23:15 Oh, you guys are interesting...
23:18 Ivor: Really... there is only 1G we are all...
23:23 God doesn't give us kudos
23:25 because our father was an Adventist or...
23:28 no... 1G... everyone of us must be born again,
23:31 everyone of us must have our own experience
23:33 and can not put stock in...
23:35 "I know the truth... and my family and their family"
23:37 so that's what the Jews in Christ's time were doing,
23:42 and the remedy for that...
23:44 it's interesting because there was a remnant...
23:48 within the people of God so some were lukewarm
23:51 some were cold... but there was a remnant
23:53 and even the remnant kind of struggled but they had a remedy
23:57 and that remedy was the cross, because think about it...
24:01 Peter thought he was hot... Yvonne: Yes.
24:04 Ivor: "I'm not going to deny you no way... "
24:08 it was not until his encounter with the cross
24:11 and I believe, that's the remedy for the Laodicean church,
24:16 Christ and Him crucified, right,
24:19 Christ lifted up as a remedy
24:21 because when we fix our eyes on Christ,
24:24 "Woe is me... "
24:26 remember when John sees Him and he falls as dead at His feet,
24:31 when Daniel sees him, he says,
24:32 "my comeliness was turned into... " what?
24:34 Corruption... he is acknowledging
24:37 that his condition without Christ is miserable, wretched,
24:44 naked, blind... so when we see Jesus,
24:47 we see ourselves for who we really are
24:50 and we see Jesus for who He really is,
24:52 and that is the remedy, that is what opens our eyes,
24:55 that is what clothes us with the white raiment,
24:58 we are washed in His blood and sacrifice,
25:01 and it's interesting that he says,
25:05 "I will cause you to sit on my throne,"
25:07 right? "those who overcome"
25:09 but look... you can't... there's no throne...
25:11 no crown... before the cross...
25:14 so to overcome... we need the cross...
25:17 and then... the throne...
25:19 Yvonne: When... when... we talk about... when...
25:25 here it talks about how... because you say,
25:29 "I'm rich and increased with goods
25:31 and have need of nothing... "
25:33 I think about Society, at large,
25:35 I think about our Country,
25:37 I think about the fact that years ago,
25:38 we sent missionaries out to third-world countries
25:41 to win souls for Christ
25:44 and now they need to send missionaries here,
25:46 because the third-world countries
25:48 are growing exponentially,
25:49 because they know that they have a need,
25:52 but here, we are pushing God out of everything,
25:56 we're pushing Him out of just everything...
25:59 James: We're self-sufficient... Yvonne: We're self-sufficient...
26:02 self-reliant... it's all about us...
26:05 and in so doing, we feel... we feel like...
26:08 we don't need... what do we need?
26:10 But if we only knew what we are missing...
26:13 if people only knew what they were missing...
26:17 by not having God... by not... you know...
26:20 by not knowing Jesus Christ for themselves...
26:23 they would...
26:24 and that's what we're all about...
26:26 just trying to share that.
26:27 Jason: Well, when we turn on the news,
26:28 we see what a Society without God looks like,
26:31 we see all these killings and rapes and murders and...
26:35 just... I mean... all kinds of stuff
26:37 that we see on the news,
26:39 that's what a Society without God looks like,
26:41 they took God... they're taking Him out of schools
26:44 and everything else
26:45 but they're introducing all the things that are spoken against
26:50 in the Word of God...
26:51 and then you wonder why all this stuff is going on.
26:54 James: Hmmm... and then we're highly medicated,
26:57 Society is highly medicated... with drugs, with sports,
27:00 with entertainment, all of this stuff is calculated,
27:04 we'll see this in Revelation 16
27:05 with the unclean spirits like frogs
27:08 it's all calculated to medicate Society
27:10 so that we don't feel the need of Jesus,
27:11 in some of these third-world countries
27:13 where they don't have that much stuff...
27:15 now they're catching up... it's growing there,
27:17 the medication is being shared more and more
27:19 because you know that's why... that's the danger
27:21 that Satan sees to His kingdom
27:23 is that these countries would feel their need
27:26 so he tries to soothe them with this same medication,
27:29 we got about 30 seconds left and I hate to close this out
27:31 but we're going to continue with the Laodicean church
27:34 let's just close with a word of prayer,
27:36 "Father I just want to thank you again for your Word...
27:38 and for the remedy in Jesus Christ...
27:41 and as we look to Him... as we lift Him up...
27:44 we pray that He will indeed become precious to us
27:47 and attractive to us and that we will hear His voice
27:50 calling... beckoning... outside the door
27:52 knocking for entrance and that we would find
27:55 a way, by your grace, to open that door,
27:58 to let Him in and to sup with us and for us to sup with Him
28:01 so continue to guide us
28:03 as we study this beautiful message
28:04 of the Laodicean church that helps us to see our need
28:07 help us, guide us, direct us we pray
28:09 and those watching, in Jesus' name, amen. "
28:11 All: "Amen... "


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