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Laodicea -part 2

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Participants: Ivor Meyers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:32 Part B... that's what this is... it's Part B
00:36 because last time we got through so fast,
00:39 I mean, time just got away from us
00:40 and we didn't realize that we were only half way through
00:45 so now we're on Part B or Part 2 of the Laodicean church,
00:49 in fact it went so fast that we didn't have time to do the
00:52 sss@3abn. org with your video questions...
00:57 now we made up for that, that's how we ended that one
01:01 and now we're going to do it again... on the end of this one
01:04 so, the reason why I think this message is so significant to us
01:08 is because, as we read these verses we're thinking,
01:11 "Whoa...
01:13 that's... that's me... that's us... "
01:15 this isn't like the other churches
01:16 where we can see it in history,
01:18 and we can kind of make the idealist applications
01:21 of the principles to us but really it applies there,
01:24 as soon as we started reading these verses... we were like...
01:28 gulp... "yeah, that's... " and we see it in our Society today,
01:32 so this message deserves two parts
01:35 because this message is not just about our condition
01:39 but it's also about a remedy
01:40 and we really need to spend some time on that remedy
01:43 so... so it comes home to us
01:44 so Jason, start us out with a word of prayer
01:46 and let's get right into that.
01:47 Jason: All right... "Dear Heavenly Father,
01:49 as we open your Word and study your Word,
01:51 we ask that you'll be with us
01:52 and lead, guide and direct our study,
01:54 in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
01:55 All: "Amen... "
01:56 The emphasis here is that Christ is faithful,
02:01 we talked about that... the faithfulness of the bridegroom,
02:04 the faithfulness of the husband and I can't think of that
02:07 in any other terms...
02:09 that are more practical than our relationships
02:12 not just our relationship with Christ...
02:14 but our relationships with our husbands and our wives
02:17 and our family members who are the ones probably that
02:20 tell us the things that are more sensitive
02:24 and can cause us the most pain
02:27 and yet they're being the most faithful to us
02:29 because they care about us...
02:30 they want us to be more than we are, et cetera,
02:32 you know, there are some people out there...
02:34 they couldn't care what we look like...
02:36 they couldn't care because they just couldn't care about us
02:37 so when we see Christ telling us these things
02:41 it's because He cares
02:43 and because He has a remedy and one of the remedies
02:46 that He really wants us to take a hold of
02:48 is this "gold tried in the fire, gold tried in the fire... "
02:51 but what is that? I mean, is He telling us to...
02:54 to trade in all of our cash and... you know...
02:57 like some people believe
02:58 and have that gold that we need to survive at the end of times?
03:01 Is He talking about monetary gold, figuratively...
03:05 or literally... having gold?
03:07 What is the gold?
03:08 Ivor: So we take a look at 1st Peter chapter 1 and verse 7
03:12 the Bible says there, "That the trial of your faith,
03:18 being much more precious than of gold that perisheth,
03:22 though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise
03:27 and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ... "
03:32 so we read this verse, we see that
03:34 gold... is used to symbolize faith
03:37 and the question we need to ask is, "How does faith come?"
03:42 The Bible tells us faith comes by... what?
03:44 "Hearing... and hearing by the Word of God... "
03:47 now, what is the condition of Laodicea?
03:49 Jesus just said, "you are wretched and miserable,
03:53 naked, blind... in other words... you're filthy,
03:56 you... you are in need of a remedy
04:00 and so He's telling us, "buy of Him gold tried in fire"
04:03 faith... right... how does faith come?
04:06 faith comes by hearing... and hearing by the Word of God
04:10 there's a very powerful verse,
04:11 it's in Psalm 119 verse 9 and it's says,
04:14 "Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?
04:16 by taking heed according to thy word"
04:19 and so it is this "taking heed according to the word"
04:23 and we're going to see the gold represents other things as well
04:25 but Jesus is asking us, He's telling us,
04:29 "You need a faith that is able to withstand fiery trials,"
04:33 so you think about the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
04:37 and how they were brought into a trying situation,
04:42 they were cast into a burning furnace
04:46 because they refused to bow down
04:48 and it's an amazing thing because the fire...
04:52 all that the fire did in that story...
04:54 was... it burned away the things that were binding them
04:59 James: The Babylonian things.
05:01 Ivor: The Babylonian things...
05:02 the Babylonian cords that bound them
05:05 and it's because Jesus was with them in the fire, right,
05:08 so the fire is not designed...
05:10 the persecution, trials, tribulations are not designed
05:13 to destroy us... but they are actually
05:16 like God's workmen to bring out the gold
05:20 and to get rid of the dross and...
05:22 we're heading towards the time of trouble
05:25 is what Jesus is telling us in this final church,
05:28 it's the clothing... right... so He's saying,
05:31 "Listen, I need you to be prepared for this time
05:34 and you need a faith... and that's why the Bible tells us
05:37 in Revelation 12 that these are they
05:41 that have the commandments of God and the faith... right?
05:45 "of Jesus" James: Revelation 14:12...
05:48 Ivor: Revelation 14:12... "the faith of Jesus"
05:49 it's His faith... that we need
05:52 because His faith was tried in fire
05:55 so, now, do I want my faith?
05:57 You know, my faith may... no...
05:59 to be safe, give me His faith. James: Amen.
06:03 Yvonne: Not the faith in Jesus, so much as the faith of Jesus.
06:06 Ivor: Right, exactly and where do we find the greatest picture
06:09 of the faith of Jesus?
06:11 We find it in His closing moments of His life.
06:14 James: Yes. Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
06:16 James: I love this because when I think about
06:17 those Babylonian cords, I'm thinking,
06:20 "What kind of Babylonian cords are binding us?"
06:22 And the trials comes and we're like, "Oh I hate these trials"
06:25 but God is saying, "I'm not trying to consume you,
06:28 I don't want you to be even smelling of smoke
06:31 when you come out of this,
06:33 I want to consume the cords of Babylon
06:36 that are binding you, that are restricting you,
06:39 that are causing you to be limited in your walk,
06:41 in your expression, in your connection with me,
06:44 I want to... I want to destroy those cords
06:46 so what kind of Babylonian cords
06:47 we need to ask ourselves...
06:49 are confining us and restricting us
06:51 that God wants to burn away through the fire?
06:54 And those cords are burning... now this fire...
06:57 I want to expand on this fire because the Bible indicates
06:59 that to sin... where we're found God is a consuming fire,
07:02 that His throne is set upon a lake of...
07:06 well, a sea of glass mingled with fire
07:10 and who will be able to dwell in the everlasting fire?
07:14 So you have all of these, I think,
07:16 illustrations of the fact that this gold is actually pointing
07:21 to the person of God, that it's the purest,
07:24 finest stuff to represent the purest, finest person,
07:27 and I think this is brought out in Revelation chapter 1
07:30 and also in the Book of Daniel,
07:32 Revelation chapter 1, would you read here for us
07:36 Jason, in Revelation chapter 1, would you read verse 13?
07:40 Jason: Verse 13...
07:44 "And in the midst of the seven candlesticks
07:46 one like unto the Son of man,
07:48 clothed with a garment down to the foot,
07:50 and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. "
07:53 James: Now, I'm going to have you read verse 17,
07:55 but just a second... I want to make a comment on this verse,
07:58 this is Jesus coming to John in a glorified persona,
08:02 in a glorified form and He's... He's...
08:05 He's pictured as having
08:06 "eyes like fire and feet like brass"
08:09 but He's also pictured as having this belt...
08:11 this waistband of gold around Him
08:13 and when John sees Him in this appearance
08:15 something happens to him, verse 17...
08:18 Jason: Okay, "And when I saw him,
08:20 I fell at his feet as dead.
08:22 And he laid his right hand upon me,
08:25 saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last... "
08:28 James: Okay, so, this is the remedy,
08:31 Laodicea feels "rich and increased with goods
08:34 and in need of nothing"
08:35 and Jesus is outside the door knocking...
08:38 they're not connected with Jesus,
08:39 now, the reason they feel rich
08:41 and increased with goods and in need of nothing
08:43 is because they're connected with prophecy,
08:44 they're connected with doctrine,
08:46 they're connected with experience,
08:47 they have all the trappings
08:49 "of Christianity... of religiosity,"
08:51 they have all the trappings... but they don't have Jesus.
08:53 It's very similar, I think, to the first church,
08:56 the church of Ephesus, Jesus is outside
08:58 and when you don't have Jesus, you're not seeing the gold
09:01 and when you're not seeing the gold,
09:02 you're not feeling your need
09:04 and when you're not feeling your need...
09:05 John felt his need, he fell as dead...
09:07 and then what happens?
09:08 He says, "Don't fear, fear not... "
09:10 what happens with Daniel?
09:11 In Daniel chapter 10,
09:13 let's just look there in Daniel chapter 10
09:15 and I want you to look here,
09:16 we've seen these verses already once
09:18 but Yvonne, could you read
09:20 Daniel 10 and verse 5 and then verse 8?
09:26 Yvonne: Daniel 10 verse 5,
09:29 "Then I lifted up mine eyes,
09:33 and looked, and behold a certain man clothed in linen,
09:35 whose loins were girded with fine gold of Uphaz... "
09:39 and verse 8, "Therefore I was left alone,
09:43 and saw this great vision,
09:44 and there remained no strength in me:
09:46 for my comeliness was turned in me into corruption,
09:49 and I retained no strength. "
09:51 James: Here it is again, notice now how
09:55 this man in linen which is Christ
09:56 because the appearance is the same as in Revelation,
09:59 He appears to Daniel, He's got the gold
10:02 and when Daniel sees Him, he falls like he's dead
10:06 and as soon as he falls like as if he's dead,
10:09 then the voice comes to him and says,
10:10 "Hey, Daniel, it's okay" and He touches him
10:14 and He lifts him up and He says, "Daniel, you are beloved,
10:16 you're are greatly beloved... " over and over again...
10:19 I just want to... I don't know,
10:20 I don't know if we should to go into Daniel here
10:22 because we're going to do it later so I won't,
10:23 but the point I want to make here is...
10:25 we talk about Daniel 7, we talk about Daniel 8,
10:28 we talk about Daniel 11, we talk about Daniel 12,
10:30 we talk about Daniel 2... we don't talk about Daniel 10,
10:32 this is the broccoli, these are the veggies,
10:37 this is the superfood right here,
10:39 this is the stuff that we're not interested in,
10:42 that I'll slip into my dog under the table
10:44 because I want to get to my main course,
10:46 this is the stuff where the nutrients are,
10:48 this is connection with Christ and what's happening is
10:51 the same thing that happened with me when I was a kid,
10:53 my mom would serve me my dinner and it would have the broccoli
10:57 and it would have the veggies and it would have the meat
11:00 and I'm a meat and potatoes kid,
11:02 so I'm eating my meat and I'm eating my potatoes
11:04 but I'm not wanting to eat that broccoli,
11:06 and I don't want to eat those greens
11:07 and so I'm slipping it to my dog under the table,
11:09 the problem is... my dog doesn't like the veggies either
11:13 so they're ending up on the floor and my mom's seeing that,
11:17 but... and so I had this plan and the plan was
11:21 eat down... scarf down the veggies first
11:24 and then you can get the taste out of your mouth
11:26 save the good stuff for last and that's what we do sometimes
11:31 we save the good stuff for last
11:34 and we try to get the other stuff out of the way,
11:38 we just try to go through it but we don't realize
11:39 that the stuff we're going to get out of the way
11:41 is the good stuff,
11:42 Daniel 10 is the good stuff,
11:45 this connection with Christ see... what we're doing is
11:48 we're getting ready now to go into some
11:50 very complicated prophecies,
11:52 we're going to go into the seals next,
11:54 and then we're going to go the trumpets,
11:55 then it's going to get more intense and more intense,
11:57 we need Jesus, we need Jesus...
11:59 He's the One who's going to unseal these prophecies for us
12:02 in fact, when we get into the seals...
12:04 the Lamb opens the seals, the Lamb opens...
12:05 seals are things that are mysterious,
12:07 that they can't be understood, the Lamb opens the seals...
12:09 the Lamb opens the seals... the Lamb opens the seals,
12:10 we've got to have Jesus to help us to understand
12:13 and we don't feel the need of Him, we're Laodiceans,
12:15 we feel rich... increased in goods and in need of zero,
12:18 so when we see Jesus, here's the difficult part,
12:21 we see Him and we're overwhelmed with our need
12:23 and we're overwhelmed with our comeliness
12:25 and our unrighteousness and we're like,
12:27 "Ah man, that's no way... " but that's when we feel our need
12:30 and Jesus is there to help us, over and over again,
12:33 to lift us up and to touch us
12:34 and to lift us up and to touch us
12:35 and that's what Daniel 10 is telling us
12:37 and that's what we need to see,
12:38 that's the remedy that Laodicea needs,
12:40 we need that remedy,
12:41 and I think the Jews needed that remedy too
12:43 when we go through it...
12:45 we see that history played out again and again,
12:48 we make a connection to...
12:51 because Revelation is not some item over by itself,
12:54 it's reconnecting us to the rest of the story back here
12:57 and the progression of history, how it applied to the Jews...
13:00 and the need that they have
13:02 and I really love that,
13:03 I love the way we make that connection
13:05 to... to the rest of the story.
13:06 Ivor: I think if we look at the connection
13:09 and actually build some more on that,
13:11 seeing the condition of Israel at the first coming of Christ
13:16 and comparing it with the condition of the church...
13:19 second coming of Christ,
13:20 we can still pull a lot of lessons from that...
13:23 that will help us not to make the same mistakes that they made
13:27 so if you remember in our previous discussions
13:31 we have been looking at the fact that... that the churches...
13:35 the seals... and the trumpets... all parallel
13:37 and we can check the seals as we begin to go through them,
13:41 we can go back and check with the churches
13:43 yeah, that's a match...
13:44 same with the trumpets... yeah, that's a match
13:47 but the churches come first and it would appear
13:49 that there is nothing we can match the churches with
13:52 until we realize, "Wait a minute...
13:54 the seven churches are a reflection or a parallel
13:57 of the history of the Old Testament Church
14:00 so let's run through that rapidly,
14:03 we'll start with... about the fourth church,
14:05 we'll move on down to the seven...
14:06 and then begin to make these applications
14:08 so, you'll remember the fourth church,
14:11 symbolized by that woman, Jezebel,
14:13 a representation of Babylon, we saw that that parallel...
14:18 the period of history in which
14:20 God's people were in Babylonian captivity
14:22 because of their rebellion,
14:23 we saw that the fifth church, Sardis,
14:26 represented those escaping
14:28 the Protestant Reformation which began...
14:31 they left, they were leaving out of Babylon
14:33 and going back to rebuild
14:35 but they did not complete the Reformation,
14:38 we saw this history parallels
14:40 the story of the children of Israel,
14:43 leaving Babylonian captivity
14:45 and beginning to do the work of the Lord
14:47 but the work died out...
14:51 we saw that the sixth church, Philadelphia
14:54 represented the Millerite Movement
14:57 and the completing of that Reformation
14:59 which parallel the history of Nehemiah
15:02 coming in and finishing the Reformation that...
15:05 those under Ezra's time had begun.
15:08 So, perfect parallel there...
15:10 then we see that actually Nehemiah was...
15:12 since he's waiting for the coming of the Lord now,
15:14 and when the Lord comes,
15:15 the first coming... what is the condition of Israel?
15:18 They are not hot, they are not cold,
15:21 they are lukewarm,
15:22 it is the wise that are prepared for the coming of the Messiah,
15:27 we think about the parable of the five wise
15:30 and the five foolish virgins,
15:32 we begin to see all these parallels
15:34 between what happened in Israel, they were eventually spued out
15:39 because they rejected... who? The Messiah...
15:43 in the same way that Jesus says,
15:46 "Look, I will spue you out of my mouth
15:49 because of your lukewarmness... "
15:52 and then this whole picture opens up then
15:57 of how we can actually be prepared
15:59 for the second coming of Christ by looking at
16:02 not only how Christ sought to prepare His disciples,
16:05 but even the mistakes the disciples made
16:07 because He gave them Gethsemane,
16:10 to prepare them for the time of trouble.
16:13 What can we learn from that?
16:15 First of all, Peter thought that he was hot,
16:18 he thought he was rich,
16:20 increased with goods, needed nothing,
16:23 Jesus said, "By the time the cock crows three times,
16:26 you would have denied me thrice... " so think about this,
16:29 how many times... we're going about our business and
16:31 I was born in Jamaica, raised up in New York,
16:35 when I married my wife, Atonte, she lives in California,
16:40 in the country... in California,
16:41 so I remember when I went out to California
16:43 and the first morning I woke,
16:48 there was a rooster crowing and I wake up like...
16:53 "Wait a minute... what was that? Where am I?"
16:57 And I began to think,
16:59 "Am I going to hear this, like, every morning?
17:00 like, I am really in the country what?"
17:04 The rooster was crowing and I was like,
17:07 "This is a movie... this can't be real... "
17:10 now I'm used to it, but think about it,
17:13 that rooster is like the Holy Spirit,
17:16 think about every time you know that you're supposed
17:20 to be doing something and you don't,
17:21 you know that... that you shouldn't laugh at that joke
17:25 but you do and I can just imagine the Holy Spirit,
17:29 like that rooster, crowing... ahhhhhhhh...
17:33 I can't even do it... and you hear that voice
17:36 and you're going, "Oh man, I just denied Him...
17:39 I just denied Him... I just denied Him. "
17:40 Remember the Holy Spirit like that divine rooster
17:45 always there to say,
17:47 "Listen, you're very off-track, you're very off-track... "
17:50 so as we look at this and say, "Wow!
17:52 this is Christ trying to tell us,
17:54 "You don't even know yourself, you think you're rich
17:56 and increased with goods,
17:58 I'm telling you, you're going to deny me...
18:00 and so, I'm giving you this experience... "
18:03 which brings us to John chapter...
18:05 chapter 6 where... we can actually tie in John chapter 6
18:12 with what happens at the last supper
18:15 because remember the message to the Laodicean is what?
18:18 "I want to come in... " and do what?
18:21 "Sup with you... "
18:23 so what is Christ doing
18:24 right before this time of trouble hits
18:27 for Him and His disciples?
18:29 He's eating with them, the bread and the words...
18:32 that takes us to John 6.
18:34 James: And He says,
18:35 "this bread is my body and this wine is my blood... "
18:38 and John six it's the same thing,
18:40 John six is... the whole chapter is...
18:43 well not the whole chapter
18:44 but the whole later half of the chapter,
18:46 I'm just going to summarize it, it's basically Jesus saying,
18:50 "Listen, the bread that came down from heaven is me...
18:54 I'm the bread of life, you need to eat me,
18:55 you need to eat my flesh, you need to drink my blood... "
18:58 and they try to... they try to throw it out...
19:00 "What? we're not cannibals,
19:02 what are you talking about eating flesh and drinking...?"
19:04 They know what He's talking about...
19:07 He is talking about "supping" on Him
19:09 as the bread of life... it's... it's... very simple...
19:12 it's very practical, it's this, it's the Word of God,
19:14 okay, the Word of God... it's not the media,
19:17 it's not Facebook, Fox News and CNN,
19:20 it's not sports and it's not music,
19:25 it's not all of the stuff that distracts us,
19:28 it's the Word of God and Jesus says,
19:30 "You know, you're so distracted,
19:33 even... even by your "religiosity" you're distracted,
19:36 you need to be in the Word of God
19:38 and so, when He's supping with the disciples,
19:41 He's reminding them of that truth,
19:42 and then we're... we're taken back to John chapter 6,
19:45 he reminds them of that truth
19:47 and then we go to Revelation chapter 3
19:49 He's knocking on the door, "Who is it?"
19:52 "It's me... it's Jesus... "
19:53 "Well, what do you want?" "I just want to sup with you,
19:55 I just want to come in and eat with you. "
19:58 And that knock... that rooster crowing...
20:00 that knock comes every single day, every morning,
20:03 evening, afternoon... Jesus is knocking on the door,
20:06 every time we turn on the media device,
20:09 every time we have this moment of opportunity
20:12 it's a moment for us to turn our hearts to God,
20:15 when people are texting us and e-mailing us
20:19 and sending us these little requests,
20:21 I just got one in our break, you know,
20:22 "Please pray for me... " a friend of mine...
20:24 "we're in a situation, this is the situation,
20:27 call for prayer... " "Okay, I'll pray for them... "
20:28 no... pray for them right now
20:30 because you won't pray for them... down the road,
20:32 do it right now, this is a little reminder,
20:34 right now, it's a little reminder, and...
20:37 Ivor: What happens is the voice of God...
20:39 just like the rooster...
20:40 you... first morning... "That was a rooster!"
20:43 A week later... "yeah, that was a rooster... "
20:46 a month later... you're not hearing the rooster anymore
20:49 because you've become so used to the voice,
20:52 you've learned to shut it out
20:53 and that's Laodicea's problem...
20:56 is that we've learned to shut out the knock,
20:59 it's become a "white noise"
21:00 yeah, you don't even hear that knock anymore
21:05 and Jesus is saying,
21:06 "Look, I'm trying to prepare you for what's coming,
21:10 you're not even hearing me knocking... "
21:12 you're not hearing the rooster anymore.
21:13 James: Tone deaf... Ivor: Tone deaf...
21:15 James: It's a fact that sometimes we're so tuned out
21:19 certain noises... including human voices...
21:22 that we become tone deaf to that noise,
21:25 we're just kind of tone deaf again...
21:27 Ivor: People living next to airports...
21:29 they no longer hear the roaring of the airplane,
21:32 I mean, how loud is that?
21:34 They no longer hear the roaring of that plane,
21:37 think about the issue of the disciples in Gethsemane,
21:41 Jesus said, "Look, I want you to watch with me...
21:46 pray with me... something's coming,
21:48 we need to be prepared... " so look...
21:51 if that happened for the first coming of Christ,
21:53 are we going to have a Gethsemane experience
21:56 in this time of Laodicea? Absolutely!
22:00 We can know that because the history is parallel
22:02 and Jesus is trying to show us,
22:04 "Look, don't make the same mistake
22:07 that the disciples made who said,
22:09 'We'll never forsake you, no, no, no, no, no,
22:11 we will go with you to the death,
22:13 we're ready to... we're ready to... what? Mark?
22:16 What Mark? A Mark on this forehead?
22:19 No, I'll... I'll rather die... '"
22:22 And then suddenly that trial comes and you find...
22:26 God says, "Look... "
22:28 back then... they had a second opportunity
22:30 when this hits, there is no...
22:34 you fail this... there is no second opportunity.
22:36 James: Hmmm... hmmm... so we're looking...
22:39 we're looking at the Laodicean condition
22:41 and we're seeing that it is bleak... it is intense...
22:44 it is critical... we are...
22:48 we are being admonished in the strongest way
22:51 but also... it is hopeful,
22:52 God has this deep love in His heart,
22:56 this deep desire to sup with us, to connect with us,
22:58 and the thing that's getting in the way
23:00 is all of our self-righteousness and self-dependence,
23:04 when... when all we need to do is
23:06 open that door and let Jesus in so that He can sup with us
23:09 and there's nothing like that.
23:10 Yvonne: You know that whole idea of choice,
23:14 it is our choice to open that door,
23:17 He doesn't push the door in, He doesn't barge in,
23:21 He leaves it up to us,
23:23 behold I stand at the door and knock,
23:26 if any man hears my voice and opens the door... "
23:28 so it's up to us, to open the door
23:31 but it's even God that brings us to repentance,
23:34 so, it's like, "Yeah, it's our choice
23:37 but in His mercy,
23:39 it's even Him... that makes us want to choose Him,
23:42 God is so merciful but the idea that nothing could take away
23:48 our power to choose, nothing...
23:50 so He's... He leaves it up to us,
23:53 if we open the door, He will come in and connect...
23:56 I like that word... connect with us,
24:00 He wants... when you think about somebody
24:01 coming over to eat, you're hanging out... you know.
24:04 James: Jason... Jason... Yvonne: Yeah, I know... Jason...
24:07 Just coming and connecting, that's what Jesus wants,
24:13 He just wants us to connect with Him.
24:15 James: Now, now let's look at this,
24:16 just for a second, let's just touch on this,
24:18 let's just get a little more out of this, okay,
24:20 we're talking about food right now
24:22 and could Jesus have put it in better words,
24:24 at least for some of us,
24:26 could He have put it in better words than that,
24:27 what is Jesus saying?
24:29 He's saying, "I've got some food that is out of this world,"
24:33 now think about this... haven't we partaken some of that food
24:37 as we've doing this study through the Book of Revelation?
24:40 We go, "Wow! that was good... Man! that was good stuff... "
24:44 Yvonne: Yeah...
24:45 James: See, if we never would have opened the door,
24:47 if we never would have opened the door,
24:49 if we never would have opened the door...
24:51 and just opened it, and just... and what Jesus is saying is,
24:53 "You know, the more I feed you,
24:55 the more you're going to experience something
24:59 that is so tasty, so delicious, so satisfying,
25:02 so filling, but the other stuff...
25:04 phish... you just can't be satisfied...
25:05 Ivor: And see, this is the thing...
25:07 He's not asking you to prepare the food...
25:08 you know, if I say, "Hey, I want to come eat with you. "
25:11 "What? I have to cook? Maybe next week... "
25:15 Jesus says, "Look, I brought the food with me...
25:19 so, I'm not asking you to cook, I'm just... I brought the food"
25:23 and what is the food?
25:24 He says, "This is my body which is broken for you,"
25:27 He's trying to bring the cross to us,
25:28 He's trying to let us see that Christ and Him crucified,
25:32 Christ and Him lifted up is the remedy,
25:35 that's what opens our eyes,
25:37 that's what clothes us with the white robe,
25:40 that's what brings us the faith of Jesus
25:43 I want that faith, as I behold Him on the cross,
25:45 by beholding... I become changed...
25:49 so think about those guys back in Israel who...
25:52 when they were being bitten by the serpents
25:55 as they looked up at the serpent on the pole,
25:57 something miraculous was happening in them
26:01 that made them impervious, if you will,
26:04 to the venom of the serpent, but if they look down...
26:07 and that's what we like to do, if you're around snakes,
26:09 man! the natural tendency is to look down.
26:12 Yvonne: Right.
26:13 Ivor: God tells Moses, "Put up a serpent on the pole
26:15 and lift it up... where they have to look up,"
26:17 yeah, "but I need to look down because of... "
26:19 "No, no, no, no, no... an exercise of faith... "
26:22 I need the faith of Jesus, I'm going to be able to look up
26:25 when serpents are around me on the ground
26:28 and I naturally want to look down
26:31 look at my old wounds...
26:32 He says, "Don't look at yourself, look at me,
26:35 and by looking at me, you'll become changed. "
26:37 Yvonne: Yes...
26:38 James: Perfect illustration for the challenge that we have today
26:40 not to be self-sufficient,
26:42 not to look down and try to protect ourselves,
26:44 but to look up by faith and know
26:45 that Jesus is going to take care of us,
26:47 He's going to take care of us, we have our own little trials,
26:50 even... even in doing these programs,
26:53 we're facing some trials
26:54 and we need to know that God is opening these doors
26:56 and that God is going to continue to open the doors
26:58 and we need to look up to Him
26:59 and see where the door is being opened
27:01 and no man can shut, no man can shut that door
27:04 and how He's going to be bringing that food,
27:06 bringing that food, bringing that food...
27:08 nurturing us... nurturing us, nurturing us.
27:10 Ivor: That's around the table... food that's around the table...
27:14 Yvonne: Come on now... come on now...
27:15 okay our time is up again, we want to remind our viewers
27:19 to send in their video questions...
27:21 Yvonne: To sss... as in Salvation in Symbols and Signs,
27:26 @3abn. org
27:29 James: And we want to have our closing prayer
27:30 Yvonne, would you pray for us?
27:31 Yvonne: Sure... "Father God, how rich is your Word
27:35 thank you so much, thank you for loving us
27:37 and giving us the power to choose you
27:39 and giving us the abundant life, Lord, because in you...
27:43 there is life more abundantly...
27:45 so we thank you so much for that,
27:46 for your presence and your power, Lord,
27:49 we just praise your name and we bless you
27:52 and we thank you for loving us
27:53 when we don't even love ourselves,
27:55 loving us when we were sinners
27:58 and as we continue to make mistakes and sin, Lord,
28:01 you love us still... thank you,
28:03 in Jesus' name we pray Father God, amen. "
28:05 All: "Amen. "


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