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The Red Horse

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Participants: James Rafferty (Host), Ivor Meyers (Host), Yvonne Lewis, Jason Bradley


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00:31 Amen. Amen.
00:32 We have so far uncovered some beautiful truths
00:36 in Revelation 6.
00:38 The white horse seen here
00:40 going forth conquering to conquer
00:42 is a picture of Christ united with His people.
00:45 We are liken to a horse according to Zechariah 10:3.
00:49 And this whole idea
00:51 of going forth conquering and to conquer
00:52 is a picture what Christ brings to us
00:54 through His righteousness,
00:56 through His life and His death for us.
00:58 So we haven't finished with the white horse yet,
01:00 but we are gonna be primarily focusing
01:03 on the next horse in this program,
01:05 this session together so.
01:07 But I do want us to review just a little bit before we move on,
01:09 because there is a couple of things we missed
01:11 and there's a couple of things you want to just maybe recap,
01:14 and then we move into the red horse
01:15 and focus on that.
01:16 But let's began with a word of prayer, shall we?
01:18 Jason, would you pray for us? Sure.
01:19 Dear heavenly Father, we thank You for another day
01:21 of study Lord.
01:22 We invite You to be here with us,
01:24 help us to understand the truths
01:25 that You have in your precious word.
01:27 Help us to a comprehend them
01:29 and to be able to retain what we've studied
01:31 in Jesus' name we pray.
01:33 Amen. Amen.
01:35 So let's read again Revelation 6:1-2.
01:39 Yvonne, would you like to read those verses for us?
01:41 Sure.
01:42 "And I saw when the lamb opened one of the seals,
01:45 and I heard as it were the noise of thunder,
01:48 one of the four beasts saying 'Come and see'
01:51 and I saw, and behold a white horse,
01:53 and he did sat on him had a bow,
01:55 and a crown was given unto him,
01:57 and he went forth conquering, and to conquer."
02:00 So when we're looking at this,
02:02 we're looking at all of these different symbols,
02:04 and we notice that the white is something
02:06 that represents righteousness
02:08 throughout the Book of Revelation,
02:09 about 12 times that word is connected with Christ,
02:12 with His people, with the robe of righteousness,
02:16 and it's really important to see that,
02:18 because we're going to notice that later on these colors,
02:21 these other colored horses
02:22 are identified with certain images
02:24 in Revelation, identify who it is.
02:25 So we want to identify this white horse
02:28 and we identify the color itself
02:30 with things that are godly.
02:32 And then the horse himself
02:34 and the rider with the white horse
02:36 in Revelation 19:11.
02:38 And then the bow we connected with the child
02:41 been brought forth in Revelation 12.
02:43 This is just review.
02:44 And in Revelation 12, so the bow,
02:46 the weapon is the message of Christ
02:49 being brought forth as our savior
02:51 and then the crown, stephanos not diadem,
02:55 stephanos which is a victor's crown.
02:58 So this is all about victory.
02:59 So far God's people
03:02 in the first section of the churches
03:04 had been covered with kind of a defeat.
03:07 I mean, they just, they need to overcome,
03:09 they need to overcome, they need to overcome.
03:10 Revelation 4 and 5 opens up with one who has overcome,
03:14 Jesus, the Lamb.
03:16 And now, Revelation 6 opens up with a people
03:19 who connect with Jesus
03:20 and because they connect with Jesus,
03:22 they get to overcome.
03:23 Amen.
03:25 Oh, I'm sorry,
03:26 I just had a question about the four beasts.
03:28 Would you review what that is?
03:30 So these four beasts are identified in Revelation 4,
03:34 and we look there in Revelation 4
03:36 at the identification,
03:41 an eagle, a calf, a lion and a man.
03:45 Now these are kind of symbols of the work that they do.
03:49 The beasts are living creatures.
03:50 They're angels. Isaiah 6 brings that out.
03:53 These living creatures are around the throne
03:55 and angels work in harmony with the Holy Sprit,
03:58 and they do work like, they come in the form of men.
04:02 They come to this earth to minister
04:03 and that would be the symbol of an ox, to minister.
04:06 Every man in the Old Testimony had his ox
04:07 like we all have our car, you know,
04:09 and the ox plows the field and does the work.
04:11 So they're ministering,
04:13 they're coming in the form of human beings,
04:16 they fly like eagles, and they also have authority.
04:20 The lion is a symbol of authority of kingship,
04:23 authority, they have authority from heaven.
04:25 So when we go about our daily business
04:27 when we're doing Bible studies, when we're doing evangelism,
04:30 when we're doing outreaching work,
04:31 opening the word of God,
04:32 when we're taking people to the Book of Revelation.
04:34 Angels are actually working in harmony with us.
04:37 And angels are bringing people, touching people's hearts,
04:40 and bringing people "hey, check this out,
04:42 this guide, there's some stuff here,
04:43 you need to come and see this, come and see this,
04:45 come and see this" trying to break down that fear
04:47 and open up that door, that avenue.
04:50 So angels are working together with Jesus,
04:53 come and see, come and see.
04:55 And I think one of the points
04:57 that I think is really important for us to understand,
05:01 is that when we--
05:03 Remember we talked about in last program how, you know,
05:06 this rider on a white horse goes forth conquering
05:09 and to conquer.
05:10 And we talked about the years
05:11 that we were conquered by Christ,
05:13 you know, when Christ overcame,
05:14 you know, pulled us out of darkness and made us.
05:19 When you conquer someone,
05:21 they become your prisoner, you know.
05:23 And Paul even writes, you know,
05:24 he calls himself the prisoner of the Lord.
05:27 What does that mean?
05:28 He's been conquered by the Lord.
05:30 And so, you know,
05:31 when I become a prisoner of the Lord,
05:33 when the Lord conquers me,
05:35 then His mission becomes my mission.
05:38 Amen.
05:40 So now I'm to go forth conquering.
05:42 When I go, give a Bible study, when I'm witnessing,
05:45 you know, to other people of the Lord and His goodness.
05:49 The goal, the mission is to conquer,
05:52 is to conquer, is to, you know,
05:54 bring that person out of darkness
05:57 into God's marvelous light.
05:59 The connotation of a prisoner makes people think like,
06:05 "Oh I don't have any will."
06:07 Right.
06:08 But that, but the real deal is,
06:11 we're going to be a slave or servant to someone,
06:15 either to God or to Satan.
06:18 So it's not as though, you know, we're not gonna be.
06:21 We have our own.
06:23 We do have a choice,
06:24 we can go with God or we can go with Satan.
06:26 That's our choices.
06:28 So the word prisoner, if we say,
06:30 "will you gonna be a prisoner?"
06:31 like any inmate is watching this would be like,
06:34 "oh I'm not gonna be a prisoner."
06:36 But the whole idea is,
06:38 you're going to be conquered by either God
06:43 or the enemy, Satan.
06:45 Yeah, and thing that I like this,
06:46 the Bible and the Old Testament describes that term,
06:50 use a term prisoners of hope, prisoners of hope.
06:55 There's a whole different concept that being a prisoner--
06:57 Now, that switches it.
06:59 Yeah, if I could be a prisoner to joy and happiness,
07:01 man, lock me up.
07:03 Yes.
07:04 Say that prisoners,
07:05 it does have a very negative connotation
07:08 like a, for me
07:10 even if you put the hope in there it's just,
07:13 I hear prisoner and so that really just--
07:16 Here's another word, captive.
07:18 I'm captive to my wife's love. Yes.
07:22 I'm captivated by her. Absolutely.
07:23 I like. I like that. Come on now, come on now.
07:25 Well, we're talking about, it's a love story
07:27 It's a love story. It's a love story.
07:29 So when Paul talks about being a prisoner,
07:32 he is talking about being captive
07:34 because Bible defines God as love.
07:36 So we're captive to love. Yeah, you're prisoner of love.
07:40 Oh man, lock me up.
07:44 Aren't you locked up right now?
07:46 Yeah, definitely. You're locked up.
07:48 Now that word means something to you, right?
07:50 Yeah. I'm a prisoner.
07:51 That doesn't sound half as bad.
07:53 Take me prisoner, Tiffany, take me he's there.
07:57 Yeah, that's good, that's good. Good stuff.
08:00 The other question that I had
08:03 was the phrase conquering and to conquer,
08:07 and that suggested sanctification to me,
08:10 like this, this process,
08:12 this life long process where I've overcome this in
08:18 by the power of the Holy Sprit not my own,
08:21 and then now the next phase,
08:23 like I still have this, this and this
08:25 to deal with, right?
08:26 So Jesus came conquering,
08:31 and to continue to as I walk that journey,
08:35 continuing to conquer.
08:36 Yeah. Am I, is that?
08:38 Yeah, absolutely.
08:39 Is that the right interpretation of this phrase?
08:41 Absolutely.
08:42 And if you take this back to, you know, Revelation 12-11,
08:45 they overcame him.
08:47 Been other word for overcome, conquered.
08:50 They conquered by--
08:51 Same Greek word.
08:52 Yeah, by the word of the Lamb, by the blood of a Lamb
08:54 and the word of their testimony.
08:56 If you go back to the seven churches,
08:59 what is Jesus appealing into each of those churches?
09:01 What is He saying to him that--
09:02 Overcome.
09:04 Overcome, okay how do we overcome?
09:06 Come and see. Come and see.
09:09 You overcome by the word.
09:12 So the answer to the question,
09:14 the answer to the dilemma of, you know,
09:17 to him that overcometh is found in that white horse
09:20 and that overcoming means, not only overcoming,
09:24 you know, others, you know,
09:25 bringing them into to the gospel truth
09:28 but it means overcoming yourself.
09:30 You know, overcoming the tendencies
09:34 that we have to, you know, to do evil, to do wrong.
09:37 So the Bible says, do not be overcome with evil
09:41 but overcome evil with good.
09:43 That's a really good verse,
09:45 that's in Romans Chapter 12, right?
09:48 Yes. Romans Chapter 12.
09:49 Yeah, we need to reference that verse
09:51 because we're gonna be moving into the next horse
09:54 and the next horse is going to be an opportunity for us
09:57 to use that verse.
09:59 Do not be overcome of evil but overcoming with good.
10:01 So, as Ivor described this overcoming
10:03 as it relates to us
10:05 and it relates to an evangelism,
10:06 there's also gonna be this other obstacles
10:08 identified as horses.
10:10 A red horse, a black horse, a pale horse
10:12 that are going to come into our path
10:14 and they're gonna need to overcome.
10:16 And again, they represent history.
10:18 Primarily they represent history.
10:20 But if we don't get the history right,
10:22 how can we make the application overtime?
10:24 So the history has to be right first,
10:26 and then we see the principles and how they apply to us today.
10:29 If the history of the white horse
10:31 is antichrist, then what principles,
10:33 how does that anything in that horse,
10:35 white horse area,
10:37 anything in that white horse description apply to us?
10:40 If the history of the red horse isn't accurate,
10:42 how can we make the application to us?
10:44 So the Book of Revelation points out the history,
10:47 identifies the history,
10:49 so we can see that history and then say, ha-ha, wow,
10:52 that same history has some lessons for us today.
10:55 What lessons do we have to learn from this today?
10:57 So, Jason, take us into this next horse.
11:00 Revelation 6:3-4 All right.
11:04 "And when he had opened the second seal,
11:07 I heard the second beast say, Come and see.
11:09 And there went out another horse that was red,
11:11 and power was given to him
11:13 that sat thereon to take peace from the earth,
11:16 and that they should kill one another,
11:18 and there was given unto him a great sword."
11:21 All right, any questions there?
11:22 Well, we got that,
11:23 should we be going to the black horse real quick.
11:26 We will save that for a little while.
11:28 We wait, I can't wait.
11:32 One thing you notice right away is that
11:34 it's the second beasts says "come and see."
11:35 When he'd open the second seal, excuse me,
11:37 I heard the second beast say, "come and see."
11:39 So immediately we understand that angels are involved again,
11:44 and it's not like saying, oh the first angel,
11:47 the first piece, the first living creature,
11:48 the first angel, came and said come and sees the first one,
11:51 it's a same one.
11:53 That first angel says come in. No, it's a second angel.
11:55 So this is deliberate.
11:57 God is telling us that they're angels involved.
12:00 Four is not this four angels in heaven
12:03 and, you know, one of them came
12:05 and then he went back and the second came.
12:07 Now, four is a number that talks about the totality,
12:10 it's a number that represents north, south, east and west.
12:14 The four angels are holding back the four winds,
12:15 means there's angels just belting the earth,
12:17 just covering the earth,
12:19 holding back the forces of evil.
12:20 Thousands times
12:22 and thousands and thousands of angels are ministering to us
12:25 and they're involved in this one after another
12:27 coming one, two, three, four
12:29 coming to encourage us to come and check out word of God
12:31 and the truths of salvation.
12:33 So these four horses then would encompass
12:36 in some way the whole globe.
12:39 In other words, these four horses
12:40 tell us of the conditions, you know, of the whole world.
12:47 You know, every one of us we talked about it,
12:49 is going to represent or it's gonna be symbolized
12:52 by one of these four horses.
12:55 Yeah.
12:56 One of the things that I liked
12:57 that we brought out in the last session
13:01 that we had was that, the seals,
13:05 the seal is opened
13:07 and that doesn't mean you go to the next one
13:09 and that's the end of that first one.
13:11 So it's kind of a continuum,
13:14 so the first seal is opened and it stays opened.
13:17 And then the next one is opened and its stays open
13:20 and to me that, I mean,
13:22 again it's something that I had never considered before
13:24 and it's just--
13:26 We're gonna see that even more as we get into this,
13:28 because when we identify--
13:29 First of all, I mean for example,
13:31 we've identified the white horse.
13:33 Well, that Jesus only go forth to conquer
13:37 in the early Christian church and that's it
13:39 or does He continue on to the very end of time.
13:42 How we got the red horse?
13:43 Wherever the characteristics are of this horse
13:45 and what the activities are,
13:47 is this just gonna be in this timeframe
13:48 or it's gonna continue on?
13:49 That's the question I've asked on each one of these.
13:51 And we're gonna see that, yes, these continue on.
13:54 These seals are opening up the mysteries
13:56 that compass the globe from here to the very end,
14:00 from their timeframe to the very end of time.
14:02 And as, Ivor said,
14:03 they represent every single human being,
14:06 comes under one of these characteristics,
14:08 so the application is--
14:09 So, what's the red? Yeah.
14:12 Interesting, last time we talked about
14:14 how the white is used in the Bible in relation to,
14:19 especially in Revelation,
14:20 dozen times in relation to things
14:22 that have to do with God and His people.
14:24 And so, that's how we connected the white horse to Christ
14:27 rather to antichrist.
14:29 The red however is connected in Revelation12
14:33 to the dragon, "The Great Red Dragon."
14:37 So now we have a color,
14:39 that is connected directly with the dragon
14:42 and we know the dragon,
14:43 Satan, the devil is the one behind antichrist.
14:45 So really if you want to identify
14:47 the work of antichrist,
14:48 you want to identify the work of the devil.
14:50 Here it is right here.
14:51 Any religion that persecutes
14:55 is in harmony with the activities of the dragon,
14:59 of the Satan, of the devil.
15:00 And let me add this, James, not only any religion,
15:03 but any power period that persecutes
15:07 is in connection with the devil.
15:09 That color red--
15:11 Any persecuting power.
15:12 So when you think of red, you know,
15:14 when it comes to the Bible,
15:15 what's the first thing we think of?
15:17 Blood. Right.
15:18 That's the color of blood. Right.
15:19 So, here you have this combination of dragon
15:22 and blood.
15:23 What is that tells you of persecution?
15:25 Yeah.
15:26 Here is a time period
15:29 'cause remember we're looking at time periods here.
15:31 So the first time period, the gospel going forth.
15:34 But that's gonna be followed by time period of persecution
15:39 and guess what, if you are to take that second seal,
15:44 and go back and check it against the second church,
15:48 which is the church of Smyrna,
15:50 which we discovered was the persecuted church
15:53 we go, oh, look at this, it's a match.
15:55 We're not coming up with something,
15:57 you know, out and that feel we've got a match here.
16:00 And that match tells us we are on the right path.
16:02 Right.
16:03 Amen, so we've got the first century church
16:05 to about hundred eight years so,
16:07 and then we got this persecution that's following.
16:09 So, this is taking us into the second and third centuries.
16:12 There was heavy persecution in a church of Smyrna.
16:14 We even saw a ten day, day for year,
16:17 ten year period from 303 to 313,
16:20 the equation boom
16:22 and tensed persecution took place right there.
16:24 And that was just before we got into the comprise
16:26 that began to take place in the church
16:28 and that was of course taken us
16:29 into to the next couple of churches.
16:31 But right here we have the same thing
16:33 taking place in the horses.
16:35 So as, Meyers, said we're following that same pattern.
16:37 The red is representing, well, look what it says here,
16:40 it says and he that sat around was given power
16:44 to take peace from the earth,
16:47 that they should kill one and other.
16:50 So, right here you having the very words,
16:52 you have this idea of peace.
16:54 Now, I looked up this word peace,
16:55 and let me just give you the definition of it,
16:56 because it's really makes a close connection
17:00 to the gospel.
17:01 The word peace here in the Greek is means,
17:07 "The Messiah's peace,
17:08 the way that leads to peace or salvation."
17:11 So, this is in a sense, this is identifying the fact
17:17 that this persecution came
17:19 specifically against Messiah's people, Christians.
17:24 And that's what we find the record indicating.
17:26 You know, there is lot of persecution
17:27 that goes on in the world.
17:29 All of the time, but in this period of time,
17:32 Christianity had developed and grown
17:34 under the apostolic age,
17:35 to become a worldwide known religion
17:38 from this tiny, you know, though, who is this messiah?
17:43 Who is this Jesus Christ?
17:44 Who are these followers claim to be?
17:45 Oh, they're from Nazareth,
17:47 that's nothing, it will go away.
17:48 You know, just let it, it will go,
17:50 it will go away, you know, but it didn't, it grew.
17:52 And Paul says the gospel was preached
17:54 to every creature under heaven
17:55 and it was in nearest household,
17:57 was everywhere,
17:58 and so now it becomes a problem.
18:00 So in this context of the apostolic age,
18:03 we have this heavy persecution coming against it,
18:05 they're not gonna just let this go away,
18:07 they're gonna try and kill it and destroy it.
18:09 Let me mention here,
18:10 let's remember some of the things
18:11 we talked about in the last programs,
18:14 specifically the location
18:16 where these seals are unfolding.
18:18 They're unfolding at the table of showbread, right?
18:21 Which is on the sides of the north.
18:23 And remember we saw that the--
18:27 according to Isaiah 14:13,
18:28 Lucifer wanted to sit on the sides of the north.
18:32 He wanted to sit on the mount of the congregation,
18:36 which is located on the sides of the north.
18:37 So, what we saw there is that the seven seals
18:41 are a depiction of this battle,
18:44 you know, between God and Satan,
18:46 this controversy over the mount of the congregation.
18:49 Satan wants to destroy
18:51 or to rule over the mount of the congregation.
18:53 So, in the first seal, you have the word of God going forth.
18:58 That is how mount of the congregation overcomes.
19:01 So, what do you have in a second seal?
19:03 You basically have Satan
19:05 going after the mount of the congregation saying.
19:06 "I'm gonna destroy you,
19:08 I'm gonna make things so difficult for you
19:11 that you will let go off the word of God."
19:14 And that's what the Roman persecutions
19:15 were really all about.
19:17 By the way, we need to,
19:18 and I think we need to stress this here
19:19 because we're gonna see
19:21 the persecution happens also under the fourth seal.
19:27 But there're two different persecutions.
19:30 So the persecution under the second seal
19:32 is by pagan Rome.
19:35 Okay, this is, we hate God and you must hate God too,
19:39 we're gonna find that the persecution--
19:41 In other words, Satan switches,
19:44 puts on a mask under the persecution,
19:48 we're gonna find on the fourth seal.
19:49 We will get to that, you know, in a future program.
19:53 But you have this open anti-god entity
19:57 that is persecuting the people of God saying,
19:59 let go off the word of God, or we gonna kill you.
20:02 Now that when you were talking about the word peace
20:04 and this is quite interesting.
20:06 I just want to read because I just pulled
20:07 a couple of sentences up online.
20:10 But, when it talks about powers given to tame,
20:13 to take peace from the earth.
20:16 During this time period, interestingly enough
20:18 there was something called the Pax Romana.
20:21 Let me just read a little bit about it,
20:24 two sentences real quickly.
20:25 It says "The term Pax Romana
20:26 which literally means Roman peace,
20:29 where first at the time period from 27 BC to 180 CE
20:34 in the Roman Empire.
20:35 It says the Pax Romana
20:37 initiated by Caesar Augustus quelled crime,
20:40 allowed for the development of roads throughout the Empire,
20:43 and gave citizens the leisure
20:45 to think about religious matters.
20:48 Well, when in the--
20:49 under the second seal when it says peace was taken.
20:54 When this Pax Romana ends,
20:56 that's when the persecution of Christians,
20:58 I mean, there was some persecution ends around 180 CE.
21:01 So there was some persecution going on before.
21:04 But after it ends--
21:05 That's right in the middle of that timeframe.
21:07 That's right, that's when it really picks up,
21:09 and you find this heavy persecution
21:12 so it's just very, I think significant
21:14 that the words here peace was taken from the earth
21:18 that they might kill one and other
21:19 is mentioned during this time period.
21:22 Now, Yvonne just took her glasses off,
21:24 when she takes her glasses off
21:25 that indicates she is gonna say something--
21:27 Right?
21:31 You are observant. Let's do it.
21:34 Well, no, I just find it so interesting
21:38 that history and it kind of reinforces,
21:43 you know, the Bible, when this was written.
21:46 This was written before that period,
21:50 so it's, you know, it just reinforces
21:54 how accurate the Bible is.
21:56 And this is just one little verse.
22:00 This is one little prophecy. Yeah.
22:02 In a book of prophecy,
22:04 in a Bible that's filled with prophecy.
22:06 Yes. And all of that is accurate.
22:10 I mean just try to wrap your mind around that.
22:12 Just try to wrap your mind around.
22:13 This is incredible, when we think about this.
22:16 All of this prophecy
22:17 and here in the Book of Revelation,
22:19 layers, layers, I'm gonna say it once,
22:22 I'm gonna say it this way, let's say it again now
22:24 and it's layers on top, let say it again
22:26 now layers on top.
22:27 The images and symbols all being different
22:29 but each one of them bringing more to the table.
22:31 For example, you know, we talked about red horse,
22:34 we talked about blood.
22:36 Well, there is a famous saying
22:38 from the time of this persecution
22:40 that the blood of martyrs were seed for the gospel,
22:44 which is gonna take us into our next horse
22:46 because that's why we have these next horses,
22:48 this transition taking place.
22:50 This compromise had to take place
22:52 because it didn't work.
22:54 And here's another point I think it's really significant
22:57 God has one way.
22:59 It's white, it's pure, it's true, it's holy,
23:03 it's undeviating.
23:05 Satan has one way,
23:06 then he has another way, then he has another way.
23:08 See he's gonna use any and every means he can,
23:11 you know, if this doesn't work, I'm gonna try this.
23:13 If this doesn't work, I'm gonna try this.
23:14 And sometimes you make a mistake
23:16 as believers to think,
23:17 "Oh, this is God and this is Satan."
23:20 No, no, this is God.
23:22 This is Satan, this is Satan, this is Satan,
23:23 he is working through all that stuff, he is even,
23:26 as we'll see he's even working through religious tithe.
23:29 That's why we said, you know, Jimmy Carter once said this,
23:32 he said the "religion of Christ never persecuted anyone."
23:35 The religion of Christ never persecuted anyone.
23:37 That's true.
23:38 So when we look at this, and by the way,
23:40 in the Roman Empire, in the pagan Roman Empire,
23:43 Christians were looked upon as atheists.
23:47 They were looked upon on us as non-religious.
23:49 That was the issue.
23:50 The religion of the Roman Empire,
23:52 the pagan religion
23:53 was the religion of worshipping the gods.
23:55 And the Christians wouldn't worship the gods.
23:57 They wouldn't burn the incense.
23:59 They wouldn't acknowledge,
24:00 they wouldn't bow down to the emperor.
24:02 They were atheists.
24:03 So they actually,
24:04 the definition of the word atheist
24:06 back in that time was a denial of the Roman gods specifically.
24:12 So Christians were viewed as atheist.
24:14 That's kind of crazy. That is.
24:16 I want to mention a point.
24:17 Well, go ahead, Yvonne, what you're gonna say.
24:19 I just wanted to clarify one thing
24:22 because I don't want any confusion about--
24:26 You know, we've the different colors
24:27 of the horses
24:29 and each one represents something,
24:31 and the white represents God and purity and all that.
24:34 I just want our viewers to know
24:36 that everybody is included under the flag of purity,
24:42 because it could be misunderstood.
24:44 And so we just want everybody that every nation,
24:47 every kindred, every tongue
24:49 and people represented under that kind of flag.
24:55 It's a flag, it's not one race, it's not one color,
25:01 it's what that represents
25:02 and it's important to make that distinction.
25:04 Well it is and here's another way
25:06 to add to that distinction.
25:07 That white horse represents Christ's righteousness
25:10 that He gives to us.
25:11 Yes. So no one race has it.
25:13 Yeah. Yes.
25:14 Nobody has that-- And I think it's important --
25:15 This is Christ. This is Christ.
25:17 Because some people will misinterpret that.
25:18 That which represents Christ, and Christ gives it to us,
25:23 so nobody has it in and of themselves.
25:26 Yeah.
25:28 I was gonna mention that I think is crucial
25:30 to understand as well is that, you know,
25:32 the Bible says think it not strange
25:34 concerning the fiery.
25:35 What color is fire? Red.
25:37 The fiery trial that is to try.
25:39 When you mount that white horse,
25:42 or when you are become symbolize by the white horse
25:45 because now you've given your life to Christ
25:47 just know
25:48 that there is a red horse around the corner,
25:51 waiting to make life so miserable for you,
25:54 that you'll give up the white horse,
25:56 that you'll give.
25:58 He wants you to dismantle,
25:59 he wants you to move away from righteousness of Christ,
26:01 so what we see happening
26:02 in the second and third century after Christ,
26:06 we can see happening on a very personal level.
26:09 You know, when I accepted the Lord,
26:10 I was so happy.
26:11 I thought things were gonna be great,
26:13 and then as soon as I accept the Lord,
26:15 persecutions begins to come.
26:16 You know, my job, my family, you know,
26:19 friends I used to hangout with, all of a sudden now,
26:22 you know, all this, you know,
26:24 issues and trials are coming to me.
26:25 But know that, that is the process
26:27 because Satan is real
26:29 and he's gonna try to get you away from the white horse.
26:32 Right, if nothing has happened unto you,
26:34 you got to kind of question that--
26:35 We do.
26:37 What am I doing in my life that Satan's leaving me alone?
26:40 Yeah.
26:41 You know, it's interesting that you'd say that
26:43 because, this year was proclaimed
26:46 the year of evangelism.
26:48 And when I tell you
26:49 that so much has broken out against before here at 3ABN
26:54 and all of that, this year, not that,
26:57 I mean we were doing it all along,
26:59 but now this is real concerted effort
27:02 to really focus on evangelism and bam.
27:06 That means Satan has just really been waging war so--
27:10 Get not estrange. That's right.
27:11 Get not estrange.
27:13 All right, we doubt we are out of time,
27:14 got about a minute left, Jason, closes out with our viewers
27:18 on how they can send their questions into somewhere.
27:25 If they have any questions they can go to
27:31 And send an email to
27:34 Salvation, signs and symbols?
27:36 Salvation in symbols and signs.
27:38 No signs? Yeah that too.
27:39 I'm gonna remember this, you know,
27:41 I'm gonna remember this at some point.
27:43 But we need to close out with prayer.
27:45 So close out with prayer, would you, Jason?
27:46 Sure.
27:48 Dear heavenly Father, thank You for blessing us
27:49 with the powerful study
27:50 and teaching us about the four horses,
27:54 and the angels,
27:56 and all the symbolism in the red--
27:58 what everything represents Lord.
28:00 We asked that You be with us in our future studies,
28:04 and help us to have a firm understanding of this
28:09 and help our viewers to have a firm understanding of this
28:12 and to study it out for themselves as well.
28:15 Thank you so much for blessing this day
28:17 in Jesus' name we pray.
28:19 Amen. Amen.


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