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The Pale Horse

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Participants: Ivor Meyers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:31 Well, we got to finish this off,
00:33 and then we got to jump into the pale horse,
00:35 and it's not gonna be difficult to make that transition
00:37 into the pale horse
00:38 because there's a connection here
00:39 and we'll see that not only in history
00:41 but allow the symbols kind of interchange
00:43 with each other so,
00:45 we left off with the black horse,
00:47 the darkness.
00:49 Let's finish up a couple of the symbols there.
00:51 The wine and the oil,
00:53 let's begin with the word of the prayer
00:54 and then just jump right in.
00:56 Yvonne, would you have prayer for us?
00:57 Father, thank you so very much again
00:59 for allowing us to have another session
01:02 where we can dig deeply unto Your word,
01:04 and so we need Your insight and Your wisdom.
01:07 And I just pray God that You will be with us.
01:11 Thank you, thank you for being with us,
01:13 in Jesus' name, amen.
01:14 Amen.
01:16 Okay, we talked about Satan seed.
01:17 I want us to look at these verses.
01:18 Jason, look at these verses, 1 John 2:18, 19 and 20.
01:24 Okay.
01:25 This is really gonna connect us
01:27 to the development of this man of sin
01:30 and Satan seed in the Pergamos area
01:32 and the darkness right here in horse.
01:34 And then, Yvonne, would you look up Mark 14:23 to 25,
01:39 we'll just kind of touch on that
01:41 and understand the wine.
01:45 So, look at the phrase the oil and the wine.
01:46 What are they represent
01:47 and what they are they explain to us.
01:52 1 John 2:18, "Little children, it is the last time:
01:56 and as ye have heard the antichrist shall come,
01:59 even now are there many antichrists,
02:03 whereby we know that it is the last time.
02:07 They went out from us, but they were not of us,
02:10 for if they had been of us,
02:12 they would no doubt have continued with us:
02:14 but they went out,
02:15 that they might be made manifest
02:18 that they were not all of us."
02:21 And going on to verse 20.
02:23 "But ye have an unction from the Holy One,
02:26 and ye know all things."
02:28 Okay, read verse 27 also.
02:29 Okay.
02:31 "But the anointing which ye have received of him
02:33 abideth in you,
02:35 and ye need not that any man teach you:
02:37 but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things,
02:42 and is truth, and is no lie,
02:44 and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him."
02:47 Okay, this unction is an anointing.
02:50 It's the anointing of the Holy Spirit,
02:51 it needs to be anointing with the oil,
02:52 that's what the actual Hebrew means.
02:54 The unction means to anoint with oil.
02:56 Here not the oil and the wine,
02:58 the oil is referring to the time in 1 John
03:01 when the antichrist is raising up.
03:02 People are going out from the truth,
03:04 they are not offs, they are going out of it,
03:06 they are going out of it
03:07 and they are going into this darkness
03:11 where as you are holding,
03:13 because you have this anointing of the Holy Spirit,
03:15 you're holding.
03:16 And then he says this and it's really interesting,
03:18 he says, you don't need any man to teach you,
03:20 because you know everything.
03:22 Like really?
03:25 So we don't want anyone watching this program, what?
03:29 No, where in same areas,
03:31 you don't need to rely upon men to teach you.
03:34 God has put teachers and apostles and prophets
03:37 and evangelists in the church, pastors in there to teach.
03:40 When a pastor or a leader teaches,
03:43 that teaching should be based in the word of God.
03:46 And when the congregation hears,
03:48 they should be hearing the teaching of word of God.
03:50 So, that they don't need the man
03:53 in his wisdom to teach,
03:54 they just need to understand
03:55 what the word of God is teaching.
03:57 And when you are anointed with the Holy Spirit,
03:58 and you are listening to someone
03:59 who is anointed with the Holy Spirit teaching,
04:01 you gonna say amen.
04:02 That is exactly
04:04 what the Holy Spirit is teaching me,
04:05 this verse means.
04:07 Amen.
04:08 But if you are not anointed with the Holy Spirit,
04:09 you are going to hear and you are going go,
04:11 wait a minute, that doesn't line up with the Bible.
04:12 And then there is a separation is taking place
04:14 and that's what we're talking about in these dark ages.
04:17 You have people that are now
04:18 all of a sudden compromising with paganism
04:20 and they are going out of the truth.
04:23 Now, when they says
04:24 they are going out from among us,
04:25 it's going out of the context of 1 John as the truth
04:27 of the word of God, they are going out from that.
04:30 So those who are holding to the word of God,
04:32 because the Holy Spirit of course
04:34 is the author of the Bible, right?
04:36 Inspired the words of God,
04:37 those people are not going to be hurt by that compromise.
04:40 Right.
04:41 They are not going to be giving up their faith.
04:42 Their faith isn't gonna be...
04:44 They are not gonna be fooled by the compromise.
04:46 So under the guidance of the Holy Spirit,
04:48 the Bible tells the spirit will guide us into all truth.
04:51 Yes.
04:53 The wine represents the blood of Christ.
04:56 Okay, read those verses for us. Yeah.
04:57 Yeah. Okay.
04:59 And that's Mark...
05:00 what's that? That was Mark 14:23 to 25.
05:03 23 to 25, "And he took the cup, and when he had given thanks,
05:06 he gave it to them: and they all drank of it.
05:09 And he said unto them,
05:10 this is my blood of the New Testament,
05:12 which is shed for many.
05:13 Verily I say unto you,
05:15 I will drink no more of the fruit of the vine,
05:17 until that day that I drink it new
05:19 in the kingdom of God."
05:25 Let me read that in another book,
05:29 the Book of Mathew.
05:30 'Cause I like how the Book of Matthew puts in there.
05:31 Go ahead.
05:33 It says, "For this is my blood of the New Testament,
05:36 which is shed for many for the remission of sins."
05:40 And then the Book of Luke says.
05:43 "This cup is the New Testament
05:46 in my blood which is shed for you."
05:49 Now, I like that because, you know,
05:51 we talk about blood types
05:53 and, you know DNA that's found in blood.
05:55 Christ is actually telling us that His blood is special
05:58 because His blood contains the New Testament,
06:02 the new covenant.
06:04 It's the law of God,
06:06 that's where the new covenant is I write my law,
06:08 but it's the law in His blood.
06:10 So He is like the reason why my blood gives life
06:13 is because the law is in it.
06:15 So, if you have my blood in you, right?
06:17 You have law DNA, is that what you're saying?
06:19 You have, you have.
06:21 That's what I'm getting from this.
06:22 Absolutely, absolutely. You have the law DNA.
06:24 You have... Yes, you have His DNA,
06:27 His law engravings and he is saying, okay, look.
06:30 What is the table showbread about?
06:31 It's about the word of God.
06:33 What is Satan attacking?
06:34 He is attacking the word of God.
06:36 If you have these two things, the oil,
06:38 the Holy Spirit and my blood,
06:41 you gonna be okay.
06:42 Even in the midst of all these compromise.
06:45 So he is saying,
06:46 don't let anyone take the blood from you,
06:49 because it is by the blood that we what, overcome.
06:54 We need a blood transfusion. We need blood a transfusion.
06:56 That's true.
06:58 And again we're in the holy place,
06:59 we have the spirit
07:00 which is the light candlesticks,
07:02 the oil right there.
07:03 And then we're having the table of showbread,
07:05 so the sanctuary symbolism is right there.
07:07 You know, on the table, you think about it
07:10 when Christ sat at the last supper,
07:13 He sat with 12 disciples, right?
07:16 And they were at right ends.
07:17 Interesting how Jesus said
07:19 the hand that betrays me is with me
07:21 on the table or at the table,
07:23 you know, that type of Judas who was there at the table.
07:30 He is the type of Satan.
07:31 You see what I'm saying who right at the table,
07:33 the mount of the congregation, the size of the north,
07:36 you have this action of Judas who is betraying his Lord,
07:41 and we find this very same principle
07:43 that Satan is seeking to draw others away from the table,
07:48 and that's what we're gonna find
07:49 actually in the fourth seal
07:52 when we get there is Satan is ultimately attempting
07:56 to draw the mount of the congregation,
07:57 to draw the people away from Christ
08:00 through a very ingenious method under the fourth seal.
08:05 And there is a connection there.
08:06 Go ahead, Jason.
08:08 I like what you are saying earlier
08:09 about not relying on other human beings
08:11 to learn the word.
08:13 You have to study it for yourself
08:14 'cause even if you look back
08:15 to when Satan was tempting Jesus.
08:18 If you notice, he always says,
08:19 it is written because he knew it is written.
08:24 If you look at Matthew...
08:25 Jesus will always say that. Jesus will say that.
08:28 If you look at Matthew 4:6.
08:32 Well, let start with verse 5, it says,
08:34 "Then the devil taketh him up into the holy city,
08:37 and setteth him on a pinnacle of the temple.
08:40 And saith unto him, If thou be the Son of God,
08:43 cast thyself down: for it is written,
08:46 He shall give his angels charge concerning thee:
08:49 and in their hands they shall bear thee up,
08:52 lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.
08:56 Jesus said unto him, It is written again,
09:00 Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God."
09:02 And then if you go to Psalm 119 I believe it is.
09:09 That, you know,
09:10 the devil throws in at 10 percent, he throws in,
09:13 he might put in like 90 percent truth or 80 percent
09:16 but he throws in that little curve ball,
09:18 it really throws people off so.
09:20 Psalm 91. 91, yeah.
09:21 You tell about where he is quoting from, right?
09:22 Yes.
09:24 Psalm 91, and I believe it was that verse 11,
09:29 "For he shall give his angels charge over thee,
09:32 to keep thee in all thy ways.
09:34 They shall bear thee up in their hands,
09:36 lest thou dash thy foot against a stone."
09:39 He left that part out, didn't he?
09:41 Yeah, yeah conveniently.
09:44 He left out part of the scripture.
09:46 Which is why it's so important to study it for yourself.
09:49 This is key right here.
09:50 What we are talking about is key right here.
09:52 It's talking about compromise.
09:53 We are talking about relying on the word of God
09:56 and then we are talking about Satan picking up on that
09:58 and he is going, oh, they're relying on the word of God,
09:59 I think I'm gonna quote some of that scripture too,
10:01 a misquote some of that scripture too.
10:03 And we talked about in relation to newer translations.
10:06 See the Bible we think,
10:07 we can think we're safe when we're in the Bible,
10:09 but we have to know the Bible
10:11 and what it's actually teaching,
10:13 because Satan will come in there, with Christ,
10:15 he will come in there and he'll quote scripture,
10:17 and that's why Judas was a disciple,
10:20 he was on the table with Christ.
10:21 He was called the son of perdition.
10:23 In 2 Thessalonians, it talks about the falling away
10:27 that's gonna take place in the Christian church.
10:28 The apostasy that's gonna take place
10:30 in the Christian church.
10:31 I want you to notice a phrase that is used here
10:34 in 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2
10:39 and it's a hard book to find,
10:41 I'm even having a hard time finding it.
10:43 It's with the T's though.
10:44 Yeah, with the Timothy and...
10:46 Yeah,
10:49 2 Thessalonians 2:3,
10:56 it's talking about the falling away
10:59 and it says, "Let no man deceive you by any means:
11:02 for that day shall not come,
11:04 except there be a falling away first,
11:05 and that's on apostasy,
11:07 and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition."
11:12 See, two places where that word is used.
11:14 And so Paul in 2 Thessalonians
11:16 is using a phrase son of perdition,
11:18 it relates directly back to Judas.
11:20 He was called the son of perdition
11:22 which reminds us that his hand was on the table.
11:25 This apostasy is going to take place in the church.
11:28 This apostasy is going to take place
11:30 in the church.
11:31 So, it's gonna be an apostasy,
11:33 they're falling way from the truth in the church,
11:36 just like it was with Judas.
11:37 That's the compromise that we see taking place here
11:40 in this darkness coming into the church.
11:42 Okay, but the oil and the wine, anointed with the Holy Spirit,
11:45 relying on the blood of Jesus Christ,
11:46 you gonna be good.
11:48 Let's go into Revelation Chapter 6
11:49 beginning with verse 7 and the fourth seal.
11:54 Oh, one more verse as we are looking them,
11:56 just gonna share this verse with you just to summarize.
11:59 "You are chosen generation, a royal priesthood,
12:01 " this is 1 Peter 2,
12:03 "a royal priesthood an holy nation,
12:04 a peculiar people,
12:06 that ye should shrew forth the praises of him
12:08 who have called you out of darkness
12:10 into his marvelous light."
12:12 Out of darkness,
12:13 out of the dark horse into his marvelous light.
12:16 That's what we want to be, the oil and the wine,
12:18 that's what we want to be.
12:19 Amen. Okay.
12:20 Jason, take us off here.
12:22 Oh, Yvonne, you haven't...
12:23 we haven't heard from you in a while.
12:25 What you are trying to say? Get us going here.
12:27 Get us going here.
12:28 You've just been listening it all.
12:30 Get us going here in Revelation 6:7.
12:35 Yeah, 7 and 8.
12:37 Okay, 7 and 8.
12:38 "And when he had opened the fourth seal,
12:40 I heard the voice of the fourth beast say,
12:41 Come and see.
12:43 And I looked, and behold a pale horse:
12:44 and his name that sat on him was Death,
12:47 and Hell followed with him.
12:49 And power was given unto them
12:51 over the fourth part of the earth,
12:52 to kill with sword,
12:54 and with hunger, and with death,
12:55 and with the beasts of the earth."
12:58 Okay, Ivor, unpack this for us.
13:00 This is incredible stuff right here.
13:02 So I think one of the first things
13:04 that jumps out is that this horse is pale.
13:07 Now, when something or someone is pale,
13:09 what does it mean?
13:11 They don't have a lot of blood.
13:12 Sickly. No blood.
13:14 No blood. Oh, I like that.
13:16 Okay. What, no blood.
13:17 We just talked about the blood of the lamb,
13:19 the blood of the covenant.
13:20 Right.
13:21 So, Satan, you know, he is like, oh, you know,
13:23 attack not the oil and the wine, you know,
13:26 that's how they are overcoming,
13:28 then we got to go for the blood.
13:29 We've got a...
13:30 you know, we've got...
13:32 So, this pale horse now represents
13:33 an entity that has no lives.
13:36 That is against the covenant.
13:38 It's draining out of the blood of Jesus Christ.
13:40 Out of its whole system
13:41 the blood of Jesus Christ is coming out,
13:43 that's just putting in its place
13:44 something completely different.
13:45 That's right.
13:47 So, it's interesting here
13:48 that's how the name of this rider is called death
13:52 and hell followed him, death and hell.
13:55 So we want to focus on, all right, whatever this is,
13:59 it has to do with death and has to do with hell.
14:02 Now, once again, just like we did in previous studies.
14:06 We're looking at these seals,
14:07 we want to kind of get a reference
14:09 of what time period of we are talking about.
14:11 The third seal we saw covered, you know,
14:13 around the time of Constantine
14:15 and if we parallel that with the churches,
14:18 we're in a third church period.
14:20 Third church, third seal,
14:22 so the fourth church is gonna parallel us with the...
14:25 Oh, I'm sorry, the fourth seal is gonna parallel us
14:27 with the fourth church
14:28 which is where we are introduced
14:30 to a power called mystery Babylon.
14:34 Right?
14:35 Jezebel, she is described as,
14:37 but it's a symbol for mystery Babylon.
14:39 We know that Babylon represents the papal period
14:43 that lasted how long?
14:44 1260 years.
14:47 So now we are talking about error,
14:50 open error that would be used
14:53 against the mount of the congregation.
14:57 Now, here's what's interesting.
14:58 Under the second horse, red horse,
15:01 the persecuting power was anti-god, right?
15:06 And it's easy to hold on when you know,
15:08 oh, the wicked ones are against us.
15:09 Right?
15:11 But now, when you are not being persecuted by others
15:14 who called themselves Christians.
15:16 Yeah, you begin to wonder man, do I have this wrong?
15:19 Or do they have this wrong?
15:21 You see, so, Satan changes his mask
15:23 and says, okay, since I can't beat you,
15:26 I'm gonna come on the inside and persecute you
15:29 from the inside and that's gonna do, you know.
15:32 What that's gonna is it's gonna make you wonder,
15:35 am I wrong?
15:36 Am I heretic?
15:38 Am I, you know, do I have this thing wrong?
15:40 Why am I going with everyone else?
15:43 I can't beat him, I'm gonna hijack him,
15:44 I'm gonna take it. That's right.
15:46 I'm gonna take it. Yeah.
15:47 That's right. Join it and take it.
15:48 So what did they do?
15:50 They begin to...
15:51 Well, they alter the teachings of God
15:53 and we believe that two teachings specifically
15:57 that they use to begin to misrepresent God
16:04 to the mount of the congregation
16:06 is death and hell.
16:08 To pull the blood out, to pull the life out,
16:10 to pull the hope out,
16:11 to pull the covenant blood of Jesus Christ out of it
16:15 was death and hell,
16:16 and death has been completely distorted
16:19 in the context of the Bible.
16:22 The context of the Bible tells us all about death.
16:24 How we are created?
16:26 How we are formed?
16:27 What happens when we die?
16:28 It's very clear in the Old Testament.
16:30 It's very clear in the New Testament.
16:31 Death is like a sleep.
16:34 When you die, your body goes back to the dust
16:38 into the grave and your spirit goes to God.
16:41 Now, those two entities separate
16:43 and that ceases to be a living soul.
16:46 That person ceases to be a living soul.
16:48 When you say spirit,
16:50 'cause that's what people often get confused.
16:53 Your spirit goes to God people think.
16:55 Many people think, well,
16:58 my body is here but my spirit
17:01 who knows and worships and does all that goes to God.
17:04 So how would you guys explain that?
17:06 Spirit is like breath.
17:08 Okay, the breath of life, the spirit of God.
17:10 So when you say to someone, oh, you have a good spirit.
17:14 Are you talking about some physical entity?
17:18 No, you are talking about their character,
17:20 their personality.
17:21 That goes to God.
17:23 God keeps intact our personality
17:24 and our character
17:26 and this is really we were talking about this
17:28 on the way down, it's really interesting.
17:30 We are talking about, so, when Jesus returns,
17:33 He is returning to resurrect the saints.
17:37 Why would He do that if they're already in heaven?
17:40 Why would He come back to the earth
17:41 to raise if they are already up there?
17:43 And wouldn't everybody want to die then
17:45 if you can just go straight to heaven.
17:46 Yeah, I can't wait to die.
17:48 You ask people, "Are you looking forward to death?"
17:50 No, no one is looking forward to death.
17:52 We look forward to the resurrection.
17:55 And this one I like to share
17:56 that you know Christ is our example.
17:58 So the question is, when Christ died,
18:01 did He died and go to heaven?
18:03 No, He died, was buried,
18:06 was resurrected and then went to heaven.
18:08 So, if we just, if we cut out everything else
18:11 just Christ example.
18:13 Wow, in order to enter heaven,
18:15 I've to die, and then be resurrected
18:18 and then I go to heaven.
18:20 So very simple then, you want to know
18:21 if your loved ones are in heaven,
18:22 just go, dig up the grave,
18:24 and if their body is still there, guess what?
18:26 they're still on the ground.
18:28 If the body of Jesus could be found,
18:31 what would happen to and just take Christianity?
18:35 That Christianity rests on the fact that
18:38 there was an empty tomb.
18:39 That's right.
18:40 If the body could be found, Christianity is dead.
18:43 So the same way then that Christ Himself had to resurrect
18:47 before He went to heaven, so with us.
18:49 And He still rested on the Sabbath.
18:51 And He still rested on the Sabbath.
18:52 Good. That's good.
18:54 And He told Mary
18:55 on Sunday morning when she came,
18:56 and He showed her Himself to her.
18:58 He told her, "Hey, don't detain me,
19:00 I've not yet ascended to my father.
19:02 But I must ascend to my father and your father.
19:04 So, what the church began to do is they open the way for hell
19:10 by teaching that a person doesn't really die.
19:13 So, now once they're teaching
19:14 that a person doesn't really die,
19:16 then they created purgatory, which says, look,
19:20 God sends you to a place of burning,
19:22 and if you want to get out, just give me money.
19:28 And what this began to do?
19:30 This began to change the picture of God
19:34 in the eyes of the mount of the congregation.
19:36 Yes.
19:38 Now they're like, "Is this who God is?"
19:40 So in essence they were using
19:43 death and hell to kill, to destroy.
19:48 To destroy God's character and think about it.
19:51 The blood is no longer needed.
19:53 If our salvation is fully in the blood of Christ,
19:56 in his perfect life and in his perfect death
19:58 is substitutionary death for us.
20:00 But now, there is purgatory, now there is merry,
20:02 now there is earning, now there is pain,
20:04 now there is fluctuation,
20:06 and climbing upstairs on your knees
20:08 in order to earn God's merry and earn God's favor,
20:11 then the blood is drained out,
20:12 there is no longer any need for this blood.
20:14 So this symbolism is really insignificant here
20:18 because it's talking about how it was
20:20 that the blood of Christ was drained out
20:24 in order for this whole
20:26 misunderstanding of God's character
20:28 to come to the forefront,
20:29 you have to get rid of the blood,
20:31 you have to get rid of Christ,
20:32 you have to get rid of His sacrifice,
20:34 but in the same sense maintain religiosity.
20:38 Maintain this religious front and so it's not as though
20:41 we are going completely out into the world,
20:42 we still are religious.
20:44 Yes, so this is not the red horse.
20:46 Right.
20:47 The red horse is totally we hate God.
20:50 The pale horse is, you know,
20:52 oh, yeah, we have a semblance of God,
20:54 but we just don't have any life in us.
20:56 And, you know, there is some discussion
20:58 as whether this pale horse looked yellow,
21:00 yellow greenish or but if you are at a distance,
21:03 and if you put a white horse
21:04 and a pale horse at a distance, guess what?
21:07 They'll probably look, and if you're at a distance,
21:10 at a distance, hey which is which?
21:13 You know one looks pale, which is which.
21:14 So the pale horse is almost like a counterfeit
21:18 of the white horse.
21:20 We're writing in the name of Christ.
21:22 We're doing this in the name of Christ
21:24 which is really interesting
21:26 because when it says that
21:27 this power killed with the sword.
21:30 What is the sword in the scripture?
21:33 It's the word of God.
21:34 So, they are now using the word of God
21:36 against the mount of the congregation.
21:38 Wow!
21:39 They kill with hunger.
21:41 You can't read the Bible.
21:42 You have no access to the word of God.
21:44 They kill with death what we just talked about.
21:46 You know the whole concept
21:48 and understanding of death and purgatory
21:50 and they kill with the beast of the earth
21:52 and that's interesting because the beast of the earth
21:55 is the symbol of nations.
21:57 And we know that the church use their military
22:00 might and use their authority over nations
22:03 to persecute Christians throughout the dark ages.
22:06 So we're looking at this persecution
22:08 but now coming from a legit Christian source
22:12 which ultimately leads...
22:15 We gonna see this is a pale horse,
22:17 this teaching,
22:18 this horse ultimately leads to total rejection of God.
22:23 Yeah, in atheism.
22:24 And we see that as we develop through the Book of Revelation,
22:26 we're gonna see that in the trumpets.
22:28 See as you repeat and enlarge,
22:30 there are certain insights that are,
22:33 you gain as you go further on into the Book of Revelation,
22:36 just like with Daniel.
22:37 Each one of those chapters,
22:39 those epics in Daniel 2, 7, 8 and 11.
22:41 It gets little bit longer and little bit larger
22:43 with little bit more detail.
22:44 When we get to Revelation 11,
22:46 we're gonna see all of a sudden, now,
22:47 we're gonna see a beast come out of the bottomless pit
22:49 that we identify as making war against
22:52 two witnesses Old and New Testament,
22:53 making war against the Bible and God's people.
22:56 Where that guy come from?
22:57 Well, in the context of Revelation 11,
22:59 he is immersed in the history of the dark ages,
23:02 in the history of this papal system.
23:05 When you destroy the character of God
23:07 and you make him out to be this tyrant
23:10 who is torturing people
23:13 in the place called hell for all eternity
23:15 or having them in a place of purgatory
23:17 until they earn enough merit to get out.
23:18 People turn away from that, they reject that.
23:20 And they reject the Bible outright,
23:22 because you're using the Bible to do that.
23:23 So this produces,
23:25 this power comes out of the system
23:28 that is completely denying the word of God.
23:31 So remember the French Revolution occurs
23:33 right at the end of the 1260 years.
23:37 Right?
23:38 That is what actually leads to
23:42 the papacy receiving this deadly wound in 1798.
23:47 So the French Revolution and atheism
23:50 which rose out of the French Revolution.
23:52 Atheism is the direct result of the papacy
23:57 changing the picture, the image,
24:00 the character of God,
24:02 draining the blood as it were from the gospel,
24:06 and the end result is death and hell.
24:09 End result is a total rejection of God.
24:10 Yeah.
24:12 And we are living in that time.
24:13 We've come now to the end if you will.
24:17 Almost at the rise of atheism, almost in to the 20th century.
24:22 You know, we've got, we've got this power rising up
24:25 you know 1798, coming into the 1900s.
24:29 So you've got this power
24:30 1798, 1898 coming into the 1900.
24:33 We got this power rising up in the earth
24:36 and we're dealing with it today.
24:38 So today there are people that you and me,
24:41 that you'll sit next to him on plains
24:43 or in trains or on buses
24:46 and these people if they find out.
24:49 You're reading your Bible,
24:50 and they're looking, they're like
24:51 oh, they're Christian.
24:53 Yeah, I'm a Christian, you know, I love the Lord.
24:55 Oh, I couldn't ever love a God
24:57 that would burn people in hell for all eternity.
25:00 I can never love a God like that.
25:02 Oh, and the Christian says, well, I couldn't neither.
25:05 I can never love a God like that.
25:07 No, you don't understand,
25:09 I hate a God who burns people in hell for ever and ever,
25:13 and the Christians says, well,
25:14 yeah, I hate that kind of god too, small g.
25:18 I would hate a god who would burn...
25:19 Wait a minute,
25:21 that's the Bible teaches that your God,
25:22 Christians believe that God burns people
25:24 in hell for ever and ever.
25:25 No, the Bible actually doesn't teach that.
25:27 That's a distortion of what the Bible teaches.
25:30 This is the pale horse draining the blood.
25:33 We believe Jesus Christ was the one
25:35 who paid the price for our redemption.
25:37 We don't believe that you can earn salvation.
25:39 We don't believe that
25:40 God is gonna punish us for all eternity.
25:42 There is place called hell.
25:43 There is actually a hell,
25:45 but it's not an eternity burning hell,
25:47 it's not burning right now.
25:49 It's a time and a place
25:51 it takes place at the end of judgment,
25:52 but we do not believe in that God.
25:54 Really?
25:55 See, we're living in a time when this world is inundated
25:58 with this pale horse.
25:59 Now, the persecute, the red horse is riding
26:01 and that's there too, and the dark horse,
26:04 and that's there too,
26:05 but the pale horse is something we just see
26:07 in millions of people being affected by right now.
26:09 And we are going to see the white horse conquer,
26:13 conquer all of these horses,
26:15 continuing riding, continue to ride
26:18 and that's where we come in.
26:19 We connect with Christ.
26:20 We are hooked up with Him,
26:22 hooked up with that white horse,
26:23 then we are called to delivered,
26:25 to help people to see the light and the truth of the gospel.
26:27 So, the white horse is basically
26:29 going forward to conquer those on the red,
26:32 but those who are of the red, those who are of the black,
26:34 and those who are of the pale.
26:36 The purpose of the white horse is to redeem those people
26:40 who have been either let us astray
26:42 or deceived in one word
26:44 or are persecuted the people of God.
26:47 You know, Paul.
26:48 Paul, Saul, why persecute us, tell me.
26:51 Absolutely.
26:52 All right, we're out of time again that we are.
26:55 In our next program what we gonna do is
26:56 we gonna summarize this.
26:57 So we gonna go right back,
26:59 we gonna look at the four horses,
27:01 we gonna look at the parable, and we'll start with the quiz.
27:05 We'll get these guys you know, we'll ask small questions.
27:08 We'll go back and forth like Yvonne would go white horse,
27:10 Jason with the red, and then the black
27:11 and then the pale and then we get into that.
27:12 So be prepared.
27:14 Yeah, that's the heads-up.
27:15 Pray for us.
27:17 Yeah, until our next program to get it right.
27:18 Yeah. Okay, all right.
27:21 If there is any questions,
27:23 they can be submitted to
27:27 as in salvation and symbols and signs.
27:29 Amen. We'll say a word of prayer.
27:31 Thanks You, Lord, once again for being with us
27:33 as we study and continue to learn about the four horses.
27:37 The stuff is so deep.
27:38 I mean it just builds and builds and builds,
27:42 but there is ways to verify it.
27:44 We thank You for making Your word clear to us
27:48 and blessing us with the opportunity
27:51 to study with Pastor Rafferty and Pastor Myers
27:53 who have gained a firm understanding
27:56 of Your word as well.
27:59 Please be with us as we depart from here
28:02 and help us to take what we've learned with us
28:04 in Jesus' name we pray, amen.
28:06 Amen. Amen.


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