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The Fifth Seal

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Participants: James Rafferty (Host), Ivor Meyers (Host), Yvonne Lewis, Jason Bradley


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00:29 Okay we are in seal number 5, we've done the first four
00:34 the four horses, we've summarized it,
00:36 we brought it together, we've related it,
00:38 we've done a parallel to the parable,
00:40 or parable... parallel... and so...
00:42 now we're in the fifth seal and it's going to continue,
00:45 it's not like we're leaving the others behind...
00:47 they're connected, there's a connectivity here
00:49 because history connects and then, of course,
00:51 the history informs us through today
00:53 so it's a beautiful picture overall, so, as we get into this
00:56 so, let's start with a word of prayer, Jason,
00:59 and then Yvonne if you can read the verses for us
01:01 and then we'll just jump right in,
01:02 Ivor will just give us the interpretation.
01:04 Yvonne: Sure...
01:05 Jason: All right... "Dear Heavenly Father,
01:07 we ask that you'd be with us as we study your Word
01:10 help us to fully understand what we're studying
01:13 and to be able to retain the information,
01:15 in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
01:16 All: "Amen... "
01:18 James: All right... the fifth seal...
01:19 Yvonne starts in verse 9 of Revelation 6,
01:22 Yvonne: How far? James: To eleven.
01:24 Yvonne: Okay, through 11? James: Yeah.
01:26 Yvonne: Okay, "And when he had opened the fifth seal,
01:28 I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain
01:31 for the word of God, and for the testimony
01:33 which they held: and they cried with a loud voice
01:36 saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true,
01:38 dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them
01:41 that dwell on the earth?
01:42 And white robes were given unto every one of them;
01:45 and it was said unto them, that they should rest
01:48 yet for a little season, until their fellowservants
01:51 also and their brethren,
01:52 that should be killed as they were,
01:54 should be fulfilled. "
01:56 James: Amen... these are some powerful verses,
01:59 one of the things that we see in the beginning of this picture
02:04 in verse 9... is the altar,
02:05 and we know that that altar either represents the altar
02:10 in the Courtyard of the Sanctuary System,
02:12 or the altar that was in the Holy Place
02:15 of the Sanctuary System,
02:16 because it's not called the the golden altar
02:18 the golden altar was the one that was in the Holy Place,
02:21 we're inclined to understand
02:23 that as being the one in the Courtyard,
02:26 but verse 2 actually helps us out with that
02:29 because verse two says
02:30 that the souls that are crying under the altar
02:32 are crying out for vengeance on them that dwell on the earth.
02:35 So, this has to do with the earth
02:38 and the only altar that has anything to do with the earth
02:40 is the one in the Courtyard.
02:41 Yvonne: Hmmm...
02:43 James: Does anyone remember what that altar represents
02:44 in the Plan of Salvation,
02:46 what happened at that altar in the Jewish service
02:49 that pointed forward to
02:51 something that happened in the Plan of Salvation?
02:52 What was that altar all about?
02:54 Yvonne: That's where the lamb was slain.
02:55 James: That's where the lamb was slain,
02:57 so what would that represent?
02:58 Yvonne: Crucifixion.
03:00 James: The crucifixion... and Hebrews chapter 13
03:03 verses 10 through 12 tells us that.
03:05 Paul says, "We have an altar,
03:07 that they have no right to eat at
03:08 which serve the tabernacle
03:10 because Jesus was sacrificed outside the gate. "
03:12 So he's taking that altar, he's saying,
03:15 "that altar represents
03:16 where Jesus was sacrificed for our sins. "
03:18 So, when it says that these guys...
03:21 that we heard them under the altar,
03:23 it doesn't mean that they're under a literal altar,
03:26 it doesn't mean that they are in the literal Sanctuary
03:29 in that... you know... place that was set up for God.
03:31 Ivor: And it doesn't mean that they're in heaven.
03:33 James: And it definitely doesn't mean they're in heaven,
03:35 it's telling us... yeah, it's telling us
03:37 that this happened on the earth...
03:39 and that altar represents the cross
03:40 so what that means is these people died for Christ.
03:44 Yvonne: Hmmm... these are martyrs...
03:46 James: These are martyrs... these are people that...
03:48 in that... that's the context of this,
03:50 these are people that gave their life
03:52 because they refused to give up their faith in Christ,
03:55 they held to the cross, they held to Calvary...
03:57 they held to the blood, right,
03:59 they didn't go with the pale horse,
04:00 they didn't go with the black horse,
04:02 they didn't compromise, they weren't persecuted out,
04:04 they held to the blood, they held to the Lamb
04:07 slain... that was opening the seals...
04:09 they held to the Lamb... that white-horse rider,
04:12 all right, what else do we have in here, Ivor?
04:14 Ivor: I think it's interesting that the Bible points out here
04:17 that they were slain... verse... I believe it's...
04:23 Yvonne: Nine?
04:25 Ivor: Nine... "they were slain for the Word of God. "
04:26 James: Yes.
04:28 Ivor: The Word of God... the Word of God... right?
04:29 James: Yes.
04:31 Ivor: Right? And for the testimony which they held
04:32 so, put those two things together...
04:34 Word of God and Testimony... it reminds us of
04:36 the commandments of God...
04:38 those who keep the commandments of God
04:39 and the faith of Jesus Christ or the Testimony of Jesus Christ
04:42 but remember where the seals are unfolding,
04:45 they're unfolding at the Table of Shewbread,
04:48 so the mention here of the Word of God
04:51 within this context, again, just reaffirms to us
04:54 that these are the things that are surrounding
04:57 the Table of Shewbread... the Word of God
05:00 and this battle for Satan
05:04 to attempt to get the mount of the congregation, God's people,
05:07 to separate from the Word of God
05:09 but here we have a group of people who are saying,
05:12 "Yeah, just... just... you might as well then
05:14 take my life because I'm not
05:16 going to let go of the Word of God
05:18 and I'm not going to let go of the blood of Christ
05:21 and the testimony of Jesus... "
05:22 now here's the interesting thing,
05:25 if we take the fifth seal...
05:27 "You guys should already be like... yeah...
05:29 I know where he's going next,"
05:30 so we take the fifth seal and we want to know
05:34 how can we check what... you know...
05:36 what we're looking for here, we would want to go time-frame...
05:40 we would go over... go back to the fifth church
05:44 the fifth church is the church of Sardis,
05:47 that is the church of the reformation
05:49 and we understand that under the Sardis church
05:52 people were being persecuted
05:55 because of the Word of God. James: Hmmm... hmmm...
05:58 Ivor: So when we're looking at here... primarily...
06:00 is that period of time
06:02 that points us to the Protestant Reformation
06:06 and those who are being persecuted
06:09 through this Reformation
06:10 but there's something else
06:12 that I think is very important to understand here and
06:14 I'll just... let's take a look at Genesis chapter 4 verse 10.
06:21 James: Okay.
06:22 Ivor: Genesis 4 verse 10, speaking of Abel...
06:25 the Bible says,
06:26 "And he said, what hast thou done?"
06:29 "The voice of thy brother's
06:32 blood crieth unto me from the ground. "
06:36 James: Okay, so the context of this... is Cain and Abel...
06:41 the sons of Adam and Eve... and they are told to worship God
06:46 they're coming to give offerings for God
06:48 and Abel goes along with what he's been told
06:51 and he sacrifices a lamb...
06:52 Cain, on the other hand, decides to bring the fruits
06:55 of his hands... the works of his labor...
06:58 and basically... Abel, you know,
07:00 "that's not going to work"
07:02 Cain says, "Don't worry about me... "
07:04 and then as they offer... Cain's offering is rejected,
07:08 Abel's offering is accepted
07:10 and Cain gets upset at his brother...
07:12 and even though he's remonstrating with him
07:15 and loves him...
07:16 Cain ends up getting so angry
07:18 with him that he kills his brother.
07:19 Ivor: Persecution...
07:21 James: Persecution... and he kills his brother,
07:22 there's the person that's relying on
07:24 the works of his own hands,
07:26 rather than on the offering of Jesus Christ and the Lamb...
07:29 so the person who's relying on his works...
07:31 is killing the person that's relying on Jesus,
07:33 you see the connection now to our timeline right here?
07:36 Ivor: And... ah... Cain was worshipping...
07:39 James: Yes, he was a worshipper.
07:41 Ivor: So it's not like he was like,
07:43 "I don't want anything to do with God... "
07:45 he brought a sacrifice, so he was worshipping...
07:48 much like we saw with this pale horse who was supposedly
07:52 worshipping... like... this is... in the name of God,
07:56 we're doing this in the name of God
07:57 but it was absolutely against the will of God
07:59 so... so... one of the points that we need to see here
08:03 is that "the blood of those crying out under the altar"
08:07 does not only represent the Protestant...
08:10 those who were persecuted during the Protestant Reformation,
08:14 but it really represents all the way going back to Abel...
08:18 in other words, it's not just...
08:22 it wasn't just people in the Protestant Reformation
08:25 who symbolically are crying out, "How long, O Lord... "
08:28 this is taking us all the way back to the very beginning...
08:31 to the very first martyr which is Abel which means
08:34 the fifth seal... in a sense...
08:36 starts all the way from the beginning of time
08:39 but brings us down with an emphasis
08:43 on the Protestant Reformation.
08:45 James: I wouldn't say "starts with the end of time,"
08:46 I would say, "takes us to... "
08:48 Ivor: Right... takes us back...
08:49 James: It reminds us of something that has been
08:51 held off from Abel's time...
08:54 something that's been held off and held off...
08:56 in fact, it even comes out in the church where it says,
08:58 "I gave her space to repent... "
09:00 because what you have in the Protestant Reformation is
09:02 you have Martin Luther,
09:03 you have Jerome and Huss and Wycliffe,
09:05 they're all part of the church,
09:06 they don't want to start another church,
09:08 they're... they're remonstrating
09:11 with their brothers in the church...
09:13 and their sisters in the church
09:14 well, that's what Abel did with Cain, he's remonstrating...
09:17 "Hey, you know... you need to... the lamb, the lamb, the lamb"
09:20 and these... in the church history right here,
09:23 these guys... so... really what God is doing is...
09:25 he's connecting this story right here...
09:27 this fifth seal right here to the story of Cain and Abel,
09:30 it fits perfectly... remonstrating, remonstrating...
09:33 compromising... compromising...
09:34 trusting in Jesus and the blood of the Lamb,
09:36 trusting in the works of our own hands
09:37 and notice what happens, even in the story...
09:40 after Cain slays Abel... God comes to him...
09:43 remonstrates with him and then gives him time...
09:46 gives him time... doesn't kill him...
09:48 but marks him... gives him time...
09:50 and so that's the same thing that's happening right here.
09:52 There's the timeframe that's given,
09:54 even when the Reformers started preaching...
09:57 God gave more time... more time...
10:00 before we have a deadly wound that's inflicted in 1798
10:03 and there's time being given here
10:05 for more of the Word of God,
10:06 for those who are going to be slain,
10:08 for the testimony of Jesus to draw, to draw but...
10:11 there's an impending judgment, there's an impending judgment
10:14 that has to sit and white robes need to be meted out.
10:17 Ivor: Yes, so they're asking, "How long... before you judge?"
10:21 So, this tells us something very important to get
10:26 is that during this fifth seal,
10:29 at some point within this fifth seal,
10:31 they're asking for judgment
10:33 but judgment is not yet being given, they're saying,
10:36 James: "How long, how long, how long?"
10:38 Ivor: Yeah, how long? How long? How long?
10:40 which means, "How long dost thou not judge?"
10:42 Okay, so there comes a transition where
10:47 judgment does begin and we see that in...
10:50 in the next verse, so the next verse reads,
10:54 verse 11, "And white robes were given unto every one of them;
11:00 and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet
11:03 for a little season... " and just remember that time period
11:05 a little season... James: Yes, yes God.
11:08 Ivor: that's really good news, I'm thinking about...
11:10 and James, I think you're thinking with me,
11:11 we'll let you know...
11:13 but that little season is like "Wow!"
11:15 okay, but... but... so... so here it says,
11:17 "white robes were given unto them"
11:19 now, white robes are a reward, it signifies purification right?
11:27 James: The righteousness of Christ.
11:29 Ivor: Righteousness of Christ, okay, so the question is,
11:32 "Why weren't white robes given to them before?"
11:34 I mean, Abel was righteous, you know,
11:36 think about all these guys that died in the name of Christ...
11:39 why weren't white robes given to them,
11:41 why is it that after a certain time...
11:43 now white robes are given to them,
11:45 and the answer... is just profound...
11:47 so, let's go over to the Book of Zechariah,
11:49 very quickly... Zechariah chapter 3
11:52 and... maybe I can have one of you read from verses 1 to 4,
11:57 Zechariah 3 verses...
11:59 James: Zechariah is hard to find but if you go to
12:01 Matthew... the gospel of Matthew
12:03 and you just go back two books...
12:05 you go Matthew, Malachi, Zechariah.
12:07 Ivor: Or if you have a computer you can use E-Sword...
12:10 Laughter...
12:13 Yvonne: Zechariah 3... from what?
12:16 James: One to four...
12:18 Yvonne: "And he shewed me Joshua the high priest
12:20 standing before the angel of the Lord,
12:22 and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him.
12:24 And the Lord said unto Satan, The Lord rebuke thee, O Satan;
12:28 even the Lord that hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke thee:
12:31 is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?
12:34 Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments,
12:37 and stood before the angel.
12:39 And he answered and spake unto those that stood before him,
12:42 saying, Take away the filthy garments from him.
12:45 And unto him he said,
12:46 Behold, I have caused thine iniquity to pass from thee,
12:49 and I will clothe thee with change of raiment. "
12:52 Ivor: Okay, so, according to what was just read, right,
12:56 here you have Satan accusing one of God's own...
12:59 okay, and then at some point God says,
13:02 "Okay, I'm going to cause your iniquity to pass from you
13:06 and I'm going to change your raiments... "
13:07 so the change of raiments would be connected with
13:12 iniquity passing from him, purification, cleansing...
13:17 okay, so, we take this back to Revelation
13:20 and the saints are asking,
13:23 "symbolically speaking" because we know that...
13:25 these aren't really dead people speaking,
13:27 this is symbolism... what God is showing us...
13:31 is that a judgment process begins for the dead
13:36 okay, a judgment process begins for the dead
13:41 in which a cleansing or purification happens
13:46 that allows God to give them white robes...
13:50 and that would point us
13:52 to what we call the Investigative Judgment.
13:54 Yvonne: Huh... wow!
13:56 James: But... and what's really powerful about this...
14:00 that judgment is not taking place when Jesus returns,
14:03 because even though they're judged, they have to wait,
14:05 so this double confirms an Investigative Judgment
14:10 because, if this was the final judgment,
14:11 where Jesus is coming, there's a final judgment,
14:13 then white robes are given to every one of them
14:15 and... boom... but it says,
14:17 "But you must rest a little bit longer,
14:19 we're going to Revelation 14 next, right,
14:22 you must rest a little bit longer
14:23 till your brethren... that should be killed as you
14:26 whether they will or not we'll see, will be fulfilled,
14:29 there's a little bit time left to be fulfilled,
14:30 so here we have this space of time
14:32 from the beginning of the Investigative Judgment
14:35 until those final brethren go through an experience
14:38 and... and Jesus returns.
14:40 Yvonne: Hmmm... Ivor: Yeah, yeah James: So, it's incredible.
14:44 Ivor: Yes, so the people here... this is to signify to us that
14:47 a judgment is coming,
14:48 under the fifth seal... no judgment...
14:51 and then suddenly they're given white robes
14:53 but they're told, "Wait a minute...
14:55 there are others who are to receive these white robes
14:59 and be killed as well, once that number is complete
15:03 the end comes... "
15:05 once the number is complete, the end comes,
15:07 now what's interesting about this is,
15:09 we're going to... I guess we need to jump a little because
15:12 when we understand that the judgment occurred...
15:14 the judgment begins with the cleansing of the Sanctuary,
15:18 right, that's the process of the judgment
15:20 and the everlasting gospel begins to go forward,
15:24 let's look at Revelation chapter 14...
15:26 James: Let me say it this way. Ivor: Yeah.
15:28 James: Revelation chapter 14 is the fourth enlargement...
15:32 we got the seals, the trumpets and the seven salvation signs
15:36 so in Revelation chapter 14 now,
15:37 we're just going to jump into this,
15:39 we're not going to give the details
15:40 but we're going to jump into this
15:41 and we're going to show the connection now
15:44 between Revelation 14 and this fifth seal,
15:46 so in Revelation 14, we have the gospel
15:48 which would correlate with this white... I mean, excuse me...
15:52 this... what does it say there? White robes...
15:55 the white robes... righteousness of Christ or the gospel
15:58 and then we have the "hour of His judgment is come"
16:01 okay, so that's the judgment message
16:04 and those messages are 1840 to 1844...
16:06 the three angels' message is given...
16:08 Yvonne: Is that after the "little season?"
16:09 Ivor: No...
16:11 James: No, so... this is starting the "little season"
16:13 so you've got 1840 to 1844,
16:16 you've got this message being given,
16:18 you've got the judgment being opened
16:19 and then you have a little season coming after that
16:22 and that's what it says in verse...
16:23 Ivor: Chapter 14 verse... 13? James: Let's look at verse 12.
16:27 Ivor: Okay, verse 12 is the closing off of the...
16:29 is the final part of the Third Angel's message,
16:32 it says, "Here's the patience of the saints:
16:35 here are they that keep the commandments of God,
16:37 and the faith of Jesus,"
16:40 remember what they are being persecuted for?
16:41 The Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus, right,
16:45 and now watch this, so the three angels' messages
16:48 go together... they goes simultaneously
16:51 and right at the end of the three angels' messages,
16:54 right, I'm not talking about in time...
16:56 I'm speaking in terms of where it's found in the Scripture,
16:59 okay, right after that in verse 13 it says,
17:01 "And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me,
17:05 Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
17:08 from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit,
17:11 that they may rest from their labours;
17:14 and their works do follow them. "
17:16 James: Yep.
17:18 Ivor: So before... before this time period,
17:20 the dead are symbolically crying out,
17:22 "Lord, when are you going to judge...
17:23 when are you going to judge, when are you going to judge?"
17:25 Rest... white robes... and then you find here
17:30 that when the judgment message begins
17:33 there's a blessing to those who die now
17:36 because they're not crying out, "Lord how... "
17:38 no... judgment is going on now, so blood is not crying out,
17:41 judgment is going on... "Blessed are those who die
17:44 so, between the fifth seal, the ending of the fifth seal
17:49 basically is pointing us to... to the judgment that is to come
17:52 which... in which all the redeemed receive white robes.
17:58 James: All those who were dead and so what's happening is,
18:00 in Revelation 5... excuse me... in Revelation's 5th seal...
18:03 you have the intimation, white robes, the crying out,
18:06 rest for a little season,
18:08 in Revelation 14, it expands upon that,
18:10 you have the everlasting gospel, "the hour of judgment is come,"
18:12 it didn't actually say that
18:14 in the fifth seal but now it's saying it,
18:15 "the hour of judgment is come
18:17 and blessed are the dead that die in the Lord"
18:18 you'll receive white robes, you'll rest a little while,
18:21 blessed are those that die in the Lord,
18:22 why? because they're receiving white robes
18:24 and they're resting for a little while,
18:25 you see, so the connection is right there,
18:27 the two are right there,
18:28 now, going back to chapter 5, chapter 6 and the fifth seal,
18:33 we're talking about the Reformation era
18:36 and what we're doing now is we're moving from
18:39 Sardis into Philadelphia in the fifth seal,
18:42 we're moving from Sardis which is the Reformation Era...
18:46 the Reformers came and they recovered what?
18:49 The Word of God...
18:50 the Morning Star of the Reformation... John Wycliffe,
18:53 and what did he do?
18:55 Translate the Bible into the English language
18:58 and they recovered the Word of God
19:00 and then it talks about how the, in a loud voice...
19:03 white robes are talked about in verse 11,
19:05 white robes would point to the gospel of Jesus Christ,
19:09 the altar would point to the gospel of Jesus Christ,
19:13 what was the main focus of the Reformers?
19:15 To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ,
19:18 then, as they moved on... as we move on through history
19:21 these Reformers... they lived, they contributed, they died,
19:25 they lived, they contributed, they died,
19:27 but the Reformation didn't stop with them
19:28 it went right into this Movement called the "Millerite Movement"
19:31 1840 to 1844... the Millerite Movement
19:34 and that Movement,
19:35 is bringing us to the time of judgment,
19:38 the actual time of judgment, and in that Movement,
19:41 we move into the next seal which is going to help confirm
19:44 the timeframe of all of this by giving us some other
19:46 yeah... confirming signs in the sun, moon and stars.
19:49 Ivor: So the Millerite Movement would correspond then
19:52 with the sixth church... Philadelphia.
19:54 James: Yes, yes. Ivor: Absolutely.
19:56 James: Yes, but we're not there yet,
19:57 we're still in the fifth church, we're still in Sardis
20:00 and we're still correlating the symbols right here...
20:03 they're taking place under the fifth seal
20:05 with Sardis and with, of course,
20:07 the future message of the judgment, all right.
20:10 Yvonne: So, I have a question, so, white robes...
20:12 in this case... it's the gospel,
20:17 is it also the righteousness of Christ?
20:20 James: It's the same thing those are the same...
20:21 you just said the same thing. Yvonne: Okay.
20:23 James: The gospel is the righteousness of Christ.
20:24 Yvonne: Okay.
20:26 James: It is... it's the good news of Christ our righteousness
20:27 that's the gospel so... we're taking some liberty here
20:32 to expand these phrases and see their worth,
20:36 you know, to really spread them out
20:38 and then connect them with all these different areas
20:40 in the Book of Revelation, in the Old Testament
20:43 and show the fullness of what this symbol is
20:46 because here's what's happening,
20:47 John is being given the Book of Revelation
20:50 it is a distillation of the entire Bible
20:54 only God could do that
20:55 so God takes 66 books... well 65 without Revelation
21:00 and he takes those books and he just says... kukushushu,
21:03 oooooh... Revelation
21:04 Ivor: he juices it down and...
21:06 James: He juices it down, this is... this is juice...
21:08 I mean, that's a good way to describe it,
21:10 so you just take a little glass of that stuff
21:13 and you're just powered for the whole day,
21:15 and so, every word has meaning,
21:17 every word has to be uncapped and, "What's in there?"
21:21 wow! look at that... you know... we unseal this
21:23 and it's just all the stuff coming out of here,
21:26 how do we do that? We go to the rest of the Bible,
21:28 the New Testament, the Old Testament,
21:30 you go to the rest of the Bible, you look up these phrases,
21:31 we make the connections
21:33 and we let it just absorb into our minds
21:35 and so this is what we're doing here...
21:38 is we're making connections to the Old Testament
21:41 making connections to the seven churches
21:43 and making connections forward
21:44 to areas we haven't gone yet,
21:46 because we haven't gone to the seven salvation signs yet,
21:48 but when we get there, we're going to see judgment,
21:50 when we get into the
21:51 seven salvation signs, we're going to see white robes,
21:53 we're going to see the connections we've made here
21:55 and again, God is just going to repeat and enlarge,
21:57 repeat and enlarge, repeat and enlarge
21:59 to give us a fuller picture.
22:00 Yvonne: Hmmm... so, I guess a little recap would be good
22:06 just to make sure that it kind of gets sealed in here.
22:09 James: Absolutely, yeah...
22:12 Yvonne: I think it would be good for us to do a recap.
22:14 James: Let's do it Ivor.
22:16 Ivor: All right, so you're going to recap.
22:17 Yvonne: Me?
22:20 James: No we got to do that later,
22:22 you got to take notes right now, take notes,
22:24 because it's coming back to you, go for it.
22:26 Ivor: So, again, what we're looking at with the fifth seal,
22:30 the fifth seal is going to correspond with the fifth church
22:33 it's going to point us to the
22:35 time period of the Protestant Reformation,
22:37 it's going to bring us into the understanding that a judgment
22:43 was... there was a judgment being asked for,
22:46 when will this judgment occur?
22:48 And then we see that there's a time
22:50 pre-judgment and then the judgment beginning
22:53 okay, we're going to see that this judgment
22:56 is going to begin with the dead,
22:59 it begins with the souls under the altar... and...
23:02 James: That's why it says their blood is crying out.
23:05 Ivor: Yes. Yvonne: Hmmm...
23:07 James: I mean, here, now this is really interesting,
23:09 I think it's a really good point for us,
23:10 here, it says that they cried out with a loud voice
23:13 but in Genesis chapter 4,
23:15 it says that Abel's blood cries out,
23:18 and so that's the clarification we need to have
23:20 because we understand that when you're dead, you're dead
23:24 so... so... Genesis 4 is instructing us what it means
23:27 that "they're crying out... "
23:29 they're dead and crying out and then Genesis 4 tells us,
23:32 "Wow! not only does it tell us that,
23:34 but it also has these amazing correlations
23:36 with the sequence of history right here,
23:39 because Cain trusted in his works
23:41 and that's what the church has come to do
23:43 and Abel trusted in the Lamb
23:44 and that's what we've got with the white horse rider,
23:46 and you've got those who trust in the blood
23:48 and those who are pale,
23:49 who don't trust in any blood or whatever
23:51 and they're completely gospel-less
23:53 and then when Abel realizes
23:56 that Cain's sacrifice isn't accepted by God,
23:59 he demonstrates... he... not demonstrates but he
24:02 entreats his brother and what does his brother do?
24:04 He gets angry with him and kills him
24:06 so you got persecution, a persecuting church,
24:08 you got a compromising church, a persecuting church
24:10 a bloodless church and then you've got
24:12 Abel representing the white horse
24:14 and so the whole point is when that voice says,
24:18 "How long you're not judged"
24:19 that takes us all the way back to Cain's time
24:21 that takes us back to the beginning
24:22 and that makes sense because the judgment is inclusive
24:24 even of Abel, the judgment is inclusive,
24:27 everyone all the way from the beginning.
24:29 Ivor: Absolutely, and that's going to be crucial
24:31 to understand when we get into Revelation chapter 7
24:33 but what's also interesting is that Cain receives a mark
24:38 because of his rebellion.
24:40 James: Wow! how about that? Hmmm... hmmm...
24:43 Ivor: How about that? And as we... again...
24:45 Yvonne: Oooooooh!
24:47 Ivor: as we again move forward in the Book of Revelation,
24:48 we're going to see that those who do as Cain did,
24:52 are going to be marked,
24:54 there's going to be a death decree
24:56 right, and those who actually partake in that death decree,
25:01 those who side with that death decree,
25:02 will be marked... will be marked
25:05 and they'll be marked for the same reason that...
25:07 that... that Cain was marked,
25:09 it was a sign of his rebellion against God.
25:14 Yvonne: Wow... James: Hmmm... hmmm...
25:15 Ivor: And of course God marked... the Bible says,
25:18 "God marked Cain to protect him as well"
25:20 but you think about the reason he received that mark...
25:22 was because of his rebellion,
25:24 it was because of an evil action that he did
25:26 so there is an amazing parallel there as well
25:29 and so again we see this fifth seal...
25:32 this fifth seal is a pre-judgment seal
25:35 letting us know that there was a time of no judgment
25:38 and now we will see the judgment coming,
25:40 white robes are given unto those
25:42 who are crying out for them,
25:44 they've been just... they've been...
25:46 their iniquity... something about their iniquity
25:49 has been blotted out
25:50 which is what the cleansing of the Sanctuary is all about.
25:54 James: Yes, and that... and that...
25:56 and then a double confirmation of this,
25:58 "rest for a little season,"
25:59 so this isn't happening right when Jesus comes,
26:02 you see, they've still got to rest,
26:04 there's still going to be some persecution,
26:06 yeah, there's still going to be some persecution coming up
26:08 so they're still sleeping,
26:09 and there's still some time coming up,
26:12 where there's other brethren that are faithful to God,
26:14 that are holding to the white horse
26:16 and its rider that are following Christ,
26:18 there's still some...
26:19 some persecution that's going to take place,
26:20 it's going to put them in the same situation.
26:22 Ivor: For those who keep the commandments of God
26:24 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ,
26:26 so, blessed are they who die in this time period...
26:30 when the judgment is going on because they're not crying out,
26:33 "How long before you judge?"
26:35 No, white robes are being given to them
26:38 in preparation for the second coming of Christ.
26:41 James: All right, our time is almost up
26:44 and we need to tell people
26:46 where they can send their questions.
26:47 Yvonne: sss@3bn. org
26:50 James: You know Jason,
26:53 you've been taking some furious notes here brother,
26:55 we've been talking, talking, talking...
26:57 and you've been writing, writing, writing...
26:59 so, when we come back for the quiz,
27:01 we know who to turn to... we know who to turn to,
27:04 close us out with a word of prayer, would you?
27:06 Jason: All right, "Dear Heavenly Father,
27:08 we thank you for another day of studying your Word,
27:12 thank you for allowing Pastor Rafferty and Pastor Myers
27:15 to break this down for us in a form that we can understand
27:18 and hopefully, we will be able to repeat
27:21 in the next Program, please be with us as we depart
27:26 and help us to retain what we've studied
27:28 in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
27:29 All: "Amen... "
27:31 James: Now we're seeing this connection right here
27:32 we're seeing that we've got these four horses
27:35 that take us from the Apostolic Age
27:38 all the way through to the Dark Ages,
27:40 the persecution, the compromise, the Dark Ages
27:42 which leads to a misrepresentation...
27:44 misrepresentation of God's character,
27:46 and therefore, eventually to Atheism
27:48 and then we see the judgment and we're going to move
27:51 right from this seal
27:52 and we're going to go right into the sixth seal
27:54 and make the connection between those two
27:55 and that's going to be fun.


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