Salvation in Symbols and Signs

The Sixth Seal

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Participants: James Rafferty (Host), Ivor Meyers (Host), Yvonne Lewis, Jason Bradley


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00:32 So we are in seal number six
00:35 we've just left off at seal number five
00:37 and we're going to really this piggyback on seal number five,
00:41 seal number six is connected to seal number five
00:43 and we've seen that all through the churches,
00:45 we've seen those connections,
00:46 in fact, I've to be honest, Ivor... in our conversation
00:50 and this is outside of the time we've been here
00:53 I've seen things in this connection between number five
00:56 and number six that I haven't seen before.
00:57 I've seen seal number five in ways I've never seen it before
01:00 so I really feel like God is giving us insight here
01:04 to the connectivity of the history,
01:06 the overlapping with the churches has helped,
01:09 it lays a powerful foundation so we go back and we check
01:11 and check and we check and then... that opens up more
01:14 of what's taking place in the seals.
01:16 Ivor: Yeah you were sharing just a little bit earlier that
01:18 if we don't have the churches right...
01:20 because the churches lay the foundation
01:23 for everything else we read in the Book of Revelation
01:25 because now we can check it
01:27 against the backdrop of the churches, all right,
01:30 where does this unfold in the context of the seven churches?
01:32 And that just helps us as we open the seals
01:35 to really be able to understand where we are at every point,
01:38 you can drop your finger on a chapter and verse in Revelation
01:42 and when you get its context,
01:44 you can say, "Okay, well this would put us
01:46 here within the context of the seven churches,
01:48 or here within the context of the seven churches... "
01:50 so, it's absolutely crucial.
01:51 James: Absolutely, and this is really going to help us
01:54 when we get into the trumpets
01:55 because the trumpets are even harder...
01:56 I think the seals are pretty basic and pretty easy
01:59 compared to the trumpets, the trumpets are hard...
02:01 but the reason they're harder is because
02:04 we've already been given these churches and the seals,
02:07 and so we've got this...
02:08 this true north already back here... this foundation already.
02:11 Ivor: Which will make the trumpets actually pretty easy
02:15 once we begin to see how it unfolds
02:17 okay, the trumpets look complex but we...
02:20 when we measure it in the context of the seals
02:23 and the churches... "Oh, okay... yeah, this is... "
02:26 James: Though, there's some new stuff in the trumpets
02:28 that hasn't been... Ivor: Yeah... more detail.
02:31 James: Jason, you know what we need to do right now don't you?
02:34 Jason: Pray...
02:36 James: That's right, pray and then we'll read the verses,
02:38 Yvonne, can you read the verses for us then we'll get into it.
02:40 Yvonne: Sure...
02:41 Jason: All right... "Dear Heavenly Father,
02:43 we thank you for the rich blessings
02:44 that we've been receiving from studying your Word
02:47 and we invite you to be with us again
02:49 as we dig deep into your Word...
02:51 and please lead, guide and direct our study
02:54 in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
02:55 All: "Amen... "
02:57 Okay, Yvonne, we're in Revelation 6
02:59 and we're going to read verses 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17.
03:06 Yvonne: Okay...
03:07 "And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal,
03:10 and lo, there was a great earthquake;
03:12 and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair,
03:15 and the moon because as blood.
03:17 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth,
03:20 even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs,
03:23 when she is shaken of a mighty wind.
03:25 And the heaven departed as a scroll
03:27 when it is rolled together;
03:29 and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.
03:32 And the kings of the earth, and the great men,
03:35 and the rich men, and the chief captains,
03:37 and the mighty men, and every bondman,
03:40 and every free man, hid themselves
03:42 in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;
03:44 And said to the mountains and rocks,
03:46 Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him
03:49 that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:
03:52 For the great day of his wrath is come;
03:55 and who shall be able to stand?"
03:57 James: Wow, so... so this seal, this sixth seal
04:01 takes us right into the second coming of Jesus,
04:04 you see that in the last few verses
04:06 so... this is... this is amazing...
04:08 so right now, we just read verses that tell us
04:11 where we are in history. Yvonne: Hmmm...
04:14 James: We're not at the second coming of Jesus,
04:16 the event hasn't taken place yet,
04:18 that's ahead of us, but we've seen these signs, now,
04:20 now we want to look at some of these signs,
04:22 when the sixth seal is opened there is 1... a great earthquake
04:25 the sun becomes black as sackcloth of hair,
04:28 the moon becomes as blood
04:30 and the stars of heaven fall unto the earth,
04:33 now these signs... I'm just going to comment
04:35 before Ivor... before you give us some dates on this,
04:38 these signs are directly connected with the fifth seal
04:41 because the fifth seal pointed us to
04:44 a judgment that's coming... 1840 to 1844 Movement
04:46 and the beginning of the Investigative Judgment,
04:48 it pointed us to a time when those who had been slain
04:51 under the altar were going to receive white robes
04:54 now that Millerite Movement... when it started proclaiming
04:57 the judgment hour... the hour of His judgment
05:00 and the everlasting gospel, it was directly confirmed
05:03 by these signs that the earthquake... Lisbon earthquake
05:07 and the stars fall... all of these signs were a confirmation
05:10 to the Millerite Movement, that they were indeed on track
05:13 and by-the-way... they expected these verses
05:16 to be fulfilled very, very quickly,
05:18 they expected it to just roll right in
05:19 to the second coming of Jesus Christ
05:21 and we're going to find out why they didn't roll right into that
05:24 in chapter 7... but that is for another program,
05:27 two or three... we'll see...
05:29 so tell us about these signs, Ivor, what have we got here?
05:31 Ivor: So... just want to point out a couple of things
05:33 very quickly first... you see... we just read that the sixth seal
05:37 takes us down to the second coming of Christ,
05:41 what's interesting about this seal...
05:43 and we'll see it in the pattern of all the seals before it
05:45 is that each seal covers a period of time,
05:49 okay, it's not coming... it's not like... one day...
05:52 so, someone can read this and say,
05:53 "Oh, this looks like a one-day event... "
05:55 you know, "Oh, earthquake... and...
05:57 and this is the coming of Christ... "
05:58 but the sixth seal covers a specific period of time,
06:02 it covers a period of time
06:04 just as the fifth seal covered a period of time...
06:07 the fourth, third, second and first,
06:09 all covered a large section of time...
06:12 hundreds of years... covering that
06:15 general period of time. James: Dark Ages...
06:17 Ivor: Exactly... Dark Ages... et cetera...
06:18 we see the fifth seal and we saw that each seal
06:22 takes us... first seal... the rider on the white horse
06:25 takes us down to the Second Coming... right,
06:27 because the gospel is going to go forth to the Second Coming,
06:30 the second seal... persecution down to the Second Coming,
06:32 each seal... compromise... James: The horses keep riding...
06:36 Ivor: Exactly... the horses keep riding,
06:38 the fifth seal... martyrs will be...
06:40 martyrdom will be happening... up until the close of probation
06:44 and so the sixth seal... same thing...
06:48 but each time period starts us a little bit... yeah,
06:51 closer... further down... okay?
06:53 Ivor: I want to read a a verse in Matthew 24...
06:57 and let's just turn there very quickly...
06:59 Matthew 24 and verse 29...
07:04 Matthew 24... and verse 29,
07:09 if one of you gets that... just go ahead and read that for me
07:14 24... verse 29 and 30...
07:17 Jason: "Immediately after the tribulation of those days
07:19 shall the sun be darkened,
07:21 and the moon shall not give her light,
07:23 and the stars shall fall from heaven,
07:25 and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:
07:28 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven:
07:31 and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn,
07:35 and they shall see the Son of man
07:37 coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. "
07:40 James: Hmmm... Yvonne: Wow!
07:41 Ivor: So... in verse 29 and 30 you have...
07:44 in Matthew 24 what Jesus is doing,
07:46 He's giving... He's speaking to His disciples
07:49 and He's telling them of things that happen...
07:51 from His time... all the way down to the end of time
07:54 so... while these events look compact like this and this...
07:58 they're covering the period of history
08:01 from the early church all the way down to the end of time.
08:04 James: Yes, same history...
08:05 Ivor: same history... right... James: Same history...
08:07 Ivor: So what's interesting is that if you look at verse 29...
08:10 it says, "Immediately after the tribulation of those days... "
08:13 okay... so remember...
08:14 what have we just covered in the fifth seal?
08:16 What was happening in the fifth seal?
08:18 What were the saints crying out for?
08:19 James: The slaying of the martyrs.
08:21 Ivor: Yeah... James: Persecution...
08:22 Ivor: There was tribulation going on, persecution right?
08:26 And so the verse says,
08:27 "Immediately after the tribulation of those days... "
08:30 a reference to the Dark Ages,
08:32 the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not show...
08:36 James: Perfect connection.
08:37 Ivor: Perfect connection because in the sixth trumpet,
08:40 what you have is... right during the time...
08:44 just about the time of the close of the 1,260-year prophecy
08:48 you have these major events happening in the heavens
08:52 one occurs in 1780... one occurs in 1755...
08:57 the other occurs in 1833... this is the Dark Day...
09:01 this is the great Lisbon Earthquake,
09:04 this is the falling of the stars...
09:07 these major events in the heavens...
09:10 the Millerite Movement looked at these signs and said,
09:15 some happened before the Millerite Movement
09:18 came upon the scene, just years earlier...
09:21 not a long... but years earlier
09:22 they looked at these signs and said,
09:25 "Okay, these signs are significant
09:27 of end-time events to come... " this is what actually gave...
09:31 James: Impetus...
09:34 Ivor: Yeah... to the Movement of 1844...
09:36 because when people saw these signs, they were like, "Okay. "
09:39 James: They saw Matthew 24 before...
09:42 they saw the signs that we're looking at under the sixth seal
09:44 and said, "Whoa, this is exactly what Jesus predicted...
09:47 this is exactly what Revelation is talking about. "
09:49 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
09:50 Ivor: Absolutely, so what you have is
09:53 a time of great tribulation, the 1,260...
09:55 immediately after those days, you have the sun being darkened,
09:59 the moon... so this is showing that the sixth seal
10:03 actually opened up around 1840, 17... late 1700s
10:08 1840s... which again... guess what it does?
10:11 It parallels perfectly to the sixth church
10:14 which is the church of Philadelphia
10:17 which we saw fit the time frame of 1798 till around 1844...
10:23 the Millerite Movement fulfills the Philadelphian church,
10:29 okay, so now we compare the Philadelphia church
10:32 and this great earthquake and these things that...
10:36 the sun being darkened... we see this connection
10:39 and what is it that their attention is being brought to
10:41 they thought it was being brought to
10:43 the second coming of Jesus Christ,
10:44 but in actuality it was bringing them to...
10:47 the beginning of the judgment... and remember...
10:52 under the fifth seal... what are the saints crying out?
10:55 James: Judgment. Ivor: How long before judgment?
10:58 Well, we know that judgment,
11:00 Jesus says, "I come and my reward is with me"
11:02 so sometime between the fifth seal
11:04 and the sixth seal... judgment has to have begun
11:09 and that judgment must precede the second coming of Christ.
11:14 So this... this seal... what it looks like
11:17 it's all happening in one dark day, earthquake,
11:20 the coming of Christ, there are events within
11:24 that time period that will fulfill all these things.
11:28 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
11:29 it's interesting because I have read about the earth...
11:34 the great earthquake and the dark day and all that
11:37 and I knew that it was 1700s and all that
11:42 and it just seemed so disconnected
11:44 because here we are in the 2,000s...
11:47 and it just seemed like... "Okay, that happened back then
11:50 but now what's...?"
11:51 James: How is this playing out?
11:53 Yvonne: How is that... yeah... how it connected?
11:54 James: Is this right before Christ is coming?
11:55 Yvonne: Exactly.
11:57 James: Like... this... is this really the Lisbon Earthquake?
11:58 This is the question I've asked myself,
12:00 "Is that really the Lisbon earthquake?"
12:01 Yvonne: And that is what I was asking.
12:03 James: Is the dark day really 200 years ago?
12:04 Yvonne: Right.
12:05 James: Because... you know, we're still here...
12:07 shouldn't this like... "
12:08 and I get that question asked to me a lot of times...
12:10 so, one of the principles
12:13 that I think we're talking about which is really significant
12:15 is that we see the succession of events
12:18 and what God is laying out in the Book of Revelation
12:21 is that He is generous to every generation,
12:25 Amos says in chapter 3 verse 7,
12:28 "Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
12:32 except he reveals his secrets to his servants the prophets"
12:35 so in every generation God has signs and truths
12:40 for that particular group of believers that affirms them in
12:46 where they live and what's going on
12:48 every single group,
12:49 so that's what we've seen over and over again,
12:52 in the Book of Revelation we've seen for example
12:54 the Apostolic Age,
12:56 in the Apostolic Age we saw this white horse and its rider
12:59 and we saw the Apostolic church of Ephesus
13:01 and we saw them take the gospel to all the world...
13:03 and so that was a sign for them to know
13:05 that "Oh, we're really living in this age... "
13:07 in the red horse, we saw this persecution
13:09 and in Smyrna we saw a ten-day period of intense tribulation,
13:13 well that was a ten-year period, a- day-for-a-year principle
13:17 of Diocletian when he ruled from 303 to 313...
13:20 and just really hammered the Christians,
13:22 well that really helped them to see,
13:23 "Wow, this... this is where we are... "
13:25 Ivor: "We're living in the fulfillment of this prophecy. "
13:27 James: Yes, yes...
13:28 Ivor: So the third church and the fourth church
13:30 may not have any... they're probably looking for
13:33 like, "Well, what is this? A woman... Jezebel... "
13:35 like, you know, "I don't get this... "
13:37 but it wasn't for them at that time,
13:39 so these signs in these previous church eras
13:43 help us to be confident that what we're looking for
13:47 in the seventh church, right,
13:50 or under the sixth and seventh seal...
13:52 will have significance to us because,
13:54 "Okay, that was for them... now this is for us"
13:56 so it's important for us to understand
13:59 what signs are we looking for in our time.
14:01 James: And here's where it gets interesting, Yvonne,
14:03 because, we may say, "Well, I want these signs"
14:06 no, God proportioned those to the Millerite Movement
14:09 but we have some... we have some signs...
14:12 are you ready for the signs that God has given us?
14:14 Yvonne: Yes... yes...
14:16 James: We're talking about the beast coming out of the sea,
14:17 getting a deadly wound but the wound is healed
14:20 and all the world wonders
14:21 and another beast coming up from out of the earth
14:23 with two horns like a lamb... but he speaks like a dragon
14:25 and all the world...
14:27 and there's this mark that's enforced on everyone,
14:28 and no man can buy... these are the signs...
14:30 and we're going to go, "Wow!" when we see those things...
14:32 "Well, I don't know if I need that earthquake anymore,
14:35 because there's another 'earthquake'
14:37 taking place right here,
14:38 this is amazing fulfillment of prophecy...
14:40 I'm glad these guys got that because that helped me to know
14:42 why they were on track and now I know I'm on track... "
14:44 you know what I'm saying?
14:46 God is not neglectful because in Revelation one He says,
14:49 "I am the God that is and was and is to come"
14:52 and this prophecy is what you've seen,
14:55 what is and what will come
14:57 so these principles of interpretation
14:59 are vital for us so... not so we get greedy
15:02 and I think the reason why we ask this question
15:04 why you ask it... why I've asked it... why others have asked it,
15:07 it's not because we're greedy to have it for ourselves,
15:09 we want to understand it and we want to understand,
15:11 "Is it significant for us?" And it is...
15:13 because that history is significant for us
15:15 to know that God led His people step by step
15:17 in every past generation
15:18 and He has something for us in this generation.
15:20 Ivor: In Revelation chapter 3
15:24 when we go back to the Philadelphia church
15:26 and we're looking at the comparison between
15:28 sixth seal and...
15:30 James: I really wanted to do this, by the way...
15:32 I said, "I want to look at that seal again and see... "
15:34 let's do this... let's hear it.
15:36 Ivor: Yeah and look at verse 7,
15:37 it says, "To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write;
15:40 These things saith he that is holy, he that is true,
15:43 he that has the key of David,
15:45 he that openeth and no man shutteth;
15:48 and shutteth, and no man openeth;
15:51 I know thy works: behold I have set before thee
15:54 an open door and no man can shut it... "
15:57 so here we have Christ talking about this open door
16:01 in the Philadelphian church...
16:04 in the Philadelphian church period,
16:07 and He's saying, "Hey, there's an open door"
16:09 now if we compare that open door and ask,
16:12 "What is that open door,
16:13 what happened in the 1800s that had to do with an open door?"
16:18 We're going to go back to the judgment
16:21 because it is there where Christ
16:25 moves from a Holy Place emphasis
16:29 into a Most Holy Place emphasis where judgment begins
16:33 and we're being invited into an open door,
16:37 so, fifth seal... how long before judgment?
16:40 God says, "Don't worry, judgment is coming... "
16:44 sixth seal... opens up with these great signs
16:47 and these great signs lead the Millerite Movement to think
16:50 to see... "Something is going to happen
16:53 in 1844... as we have been saying
16:55 and this sign just confirms it... "
16:57 and what did they think was going to happen?
16:59 The Second Coming of Jesus
17:00 because it's right there in the text,
17:01 you know, it looks like it but
17:03 they didn't understand that the door to be opened
17:05 was actually the door of the judgment
17:09 and so, he goes on to say,
17:11 "Behold I will make them of the synagogue of Satan,
17:14 which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie;
17:16 behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet,
17:19 and to know that I have loved thee. "
17:21 You see, during the Millerite Movement,
17:22 there were those who were claiming to be followers of God
17:27 but were scoffing at this idea that Christ would return.
17:31 James: Yeah, yes... now, let's break this down,
17:33 "synagogue of Satan... " because...
17:34 I mean to say "they are Jews but they're not... "
17:36 so we would automatically say,
17:37 "Well, that might be talking in a literal sense... "
17:39 it's not talking in a literal sense... literal Jews...
17:43 Paul talks about this and I'll just give you one verse
17:45 just so that we can have it in our notes in Romans chapter 2,
17:49 Paul says in the last verse here, he says,
17:52 verse 28... he says,
17:55 "For he is not a Jew which is one outwardly;
17:57 neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh:
18:01 But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly;
18:03 and circumcision is that of the heart,
18:05 in the spirit, and not in the letter;
18:07 whose praise is not of men, but of God. "
18:09 So when they say, "We're Jews... "
18:11 they're saying, "We've been circumcised in our hearts,
18:14 we're believers, we're Christians,
18:16 because we're spiritual Jews... "
18:18 that's what Paul is talking about in Romans chapter 2,
18:20 he talks about it in Galatians, there's Romans also
18:22 later in the chapter so... those who say,
18:25 "We're Christians, we're followers of Jesus... "
18:26 but we're not... we're really of the "synagogue of Satan"
18:29 and the thing that I like about "the synagogue of Satan" is this
18:32 Satan is an accuser of the brethren
18:34 so in Revelation 12:11, to be of the synagogue of Satan,
18:38 is to be an accuser of the brethren...
18:40 this is what they were doing,
18:42 they were ridiculing and accusing... God's people
18:45 even though they professed to be Christians and this is
18:47 exactly what happened in the Millerite Movement.
18:48 Ivor: Absolutely... absolutely yeah, yes it's quite interesting
18:55 that I've got my Strong's open here
18:58 and the word for "synagogue" is assemblage of persons,
19:02 the meeting or the place
19:06 by analogy of the Christian church...
19:09 assembly... congregation... synagogue...
19:12 remember where this is all unfolding,
19:14 it's unfolding within the context of the
19:17 "sides of the north... the mount of the congregation"
19:21 and now here you have this distinction
19:23 that God is about to make between those who claim to be
19:26 of the synagogue of God
19:29 but are really not of the mount of the congregation,
19:31 they're really of the "synagogue of Satan,"
19:33 totally different synagogue but claim that they are Jews
19:37 and so again you find this...
19:39 and so now there's this distinction, as it were,
19:41 who is on God's side
19:45 and who is not... and the only way to find that out
19:48 would be through a judgment, right?
19:49 Yvonne: Hmmm... James: Right.
19:51 and so it's interesting because
19:53 if you go back to Revelation chapter 6
19:55 and look at verse... verse 7...
20:00 or... in fact we'll look at verse 15,
20:04 "And the kings of the earth,
20:06 and the great men, and the rich men,
20:07 and the chief captains, and the mighty men,
20:09 and every bondman, and every free man,
20:10 hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;
20:13 And said to the mountains and rocks,
20:14 Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him
20:18 that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:
20:22 For the great day of his wrath is come;
20:25 and who shall be able to... " what?
20:27 Yvonne: "stand"
20:28 Ivor: " to stand" that is a very significant question,
20:31 "What shall be able to stand?"
20:33 If you hold your place here and let's go over to...
20:37 let me ask you to find Psalm chapter 1,
20:40 Psalm chapter 1 and let's look at verse 5,
20:44 Jason, why don't you open that up for us, Psalm 1 verse 5
20:48 because I'm not getting it very fast,
20:52 here we go... Psalm 1 verse 5...
20:59 Jason: "Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment,
21:03 nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. "
21:06 James: Okay...
21:07 Ivor: "The ungodly shall not stand... "
21:10 James: "stand" I'm circling that word right now.
21:12 Ivor: Where? They shall not stand... in the what?
21:15 Yvonne: In the judgment...
21:16 Ivor: judgment and the sinner shall not be where?
21:18 Yvonne: in the congregation or the righteous.
21:19 Ivor: In the congregation. do you see that? Two words...
21:22 congregation and judgment.
21:24 James: and "stand"
21:26 Ivor: And "stand" right? Yvonne: Yeah, yeah.
21:28 Ivor: So this question is really bringing our attention
21:31 to the fact of a judgment, right,
21:35 and of the Mount of the congregation,
21:38 and who will be able to stand?
21:40 So who were those who were able to stand?
21:42 Those who make it through the judgment
21:45 which then lets us know that the judgment
21:48 has to have occurred some time
21:51 between the sixth seal and the fifth seal
21:55 because in the fifth seal... "How long before the judgment?"
21:59 Under the sixth seal... "Who shall be able to stand?"
22:02 And then we're going to find the answer
22:04 in Revelation 7... by-the-way...
22:07 if you look at the Book of Ezekiel,
22:10 I did... I was doing a word search on the word, "stand"
22:14 and I can't find anything with "stand... " so I did... "stood"
22:16 I was like... here's a story in the Book of Ezekiel,
22:20 Ezekiel chapter 37... it is the valley of dry bones...
22:24 in the valley of dry bones... guess what happens?
22:27 James: You have this dead, dried... lifeless...
22:31 Ivor: Yeah... and the Bible says that these dry bones
22:33 represent the what...?
22:34 James: The whole house of Israel.
22:36 Ivor: How much? The whole house of Israel,
22:39 the "mount of the congregation," if you will
22:42 and something happens with the Spirit of God
22:45 you know, Ezekiel speaks and prophesies.
22:47 James: That's what he does first.
22:48 Ivor: Yes.
22:50 James: That's what he does... have you ever done that?
22:51 Have you ever preached to people who are...
22:54 like they're dead, like they're not listening...
22:56 like... can you imagine going out in the field
22:58 and preaching to a bunch of bums?
23:00 And see... that's what God... and that's a faith venture
23:02 this is a faith venture,
23:03 what we're doing right now is a faith venture,
23:06 we're preaching... and we believe
23:07 that there are people listening to us
23:09 we're studying and we're...
23:11 we're bringing forth the Word of God,
23:12 we believe there are people listening to us
23:14 who may be like that valley of dry bones
23:15 and it seems like there's no hope and Ezekiel says,
23:18 he says, "So I prophesied as I was commanded... "
23:20 Ivor: Yes, because He even asked "Ezekiel, can these bones live?"
23:25 James: "You know... I don't know...
23:27 but I promise I'll look at it," and behold...
23:31 the Spirit of God moved on these bones and bone came to bone
23:34 and they were... and they stood...
23:36 Ivor: And they stood... they stood...
23:38 what does that "stand" mean? They were resurrected,
23:41 they were able to stand before the Lord,
23:43 so when this question is asked, "Who shall be able to stand
23:47 at the Second Coming of Christ?"
23:48 Those who stand at the second coming of Christ
23:51 are those who have made it through the judgment
23:53 and what will be the result? They will stand upon their feet
23:57 out of the graves like an army, they will be able to stand,
24:01 in other words, the righteous dead will be raised up
24:04 while the wicked are going to pay...
24:06 they're not going to be able to stand when He comes again
24:10 so again, this Revelation six... the sixth seal is kind of
24:15 directing us... bringing us into this crescendo
24:18 to show us who are the ones
24:21 that are going to be able to stand, right,
24:24 who are the ones
24:25 that are going to make it through the judgment?
24:27 Who are the ones that are going to come up out of the graves
24:30 and be able to see Christ face to face
24:34 and that introduces us to chapter 7...
24:38 James: And it is... it's good... it's good...
24:41 I want to make this point and bring this home
24:44 to everyone too... and that is... is that...
24:47 those who will come up out of the graves
24:50 which is the most significant application of this
24:53 in the sense of Revelation 7 which is to come...
24:56 are those who seem to be
24:59 dead in transgressions and sins right now,
25:01 those who may be walking the earth right now
25:04 and overwhelmed with the fact that there's no way
25:06 because the house of Israel... Ezekiel is like...
25:07 "there's no way, there's no hope we've given up hope... "
25:10 and you've got to understand...
25:11 Ezekiel is prophesying when his people were in captivity
25:14 and yet Ezekiel prophesied... prophesy is powerful
25:18 then the Spirit of the Lord came upon them,
25:21 the Spirit of God is powerful,
25:23 you may be dead in trespasses and sins...
25:25 we may have given up all hope
25:27 but prophecy... God's Word... the Spirit of God is powerful
25:31 and it can bring us back to life.
25:33 Ivor: So... so... what you have here...
25:37 is the bread... it was by the Word of God
25:41 right, the Word... Ezekiel prophesied the Word...
25:45 and the Spirit came so you got the "oil" as well
25:48 and it was through the Spirit...
25:50 through the prophesying of the Word
25:52 that these dead bones came to life
25:54 and God is showing that those who stand
25:57 in the mount of the congregation on Mount Zion
26:00 when this is all said and done
26:04 were those who overcame by the Word of God.
26:08 James: All right... quick summary...
26:10 so we start here in verse 12, we have the signs
26:13 that are also in Matthew 24, the sun... the moon... the stars
26:19 the earthquake that vindicate the Millerite Movement
26:22 these were the signs that they saw as vindication
26:25 of the time in which we lived
26:26 and they use that to proclaim this message
26:28 of the soon coming of Christ, then you will transition
26:31 right into the second coming of Christ
26:33 and between this Millerite Movement
26:35 and the second coming of Christ...
26:36 there's a work of judgment that seemingly takes place
26:39 and that's going to be explained in Revelation 7
26:41 those were the things I saw...
26:43 but one of the things that I wanted to point out here
26:45 as a confirmation of what we studied
26:47 in relation to the four horses,
26:48 is where it says in Revelation chapter 6 and verse 15...
26:51 "the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men,
26:55 the chief captains, the mighty men,
26:56 every bondman, every free man... "
26:57 this is the whole earth,
27:00 the four horses are symbolic of everyone,
27:02 north, south, east and west, so this is just a confirmation
27:05 that we're looking at everyone right now
27:07 it's coming to a place of decision...
27:09 valley of decision
27:10 and what's going to bring them to that decision on God's side
27:13 is the white horse and its rider...
27:14 the everlasting gospel... Yvonne: Hmmm...
27:15 James: Okay... what do we have to tell people?
27:17 Laughter...
27:18 Jason: If they have any questions
27:21 they can send us an e-mail at sss@3abn. org
27:25 that's sss as in Salvation in Symbols and Signs
27:29 @3abn. org
27:31 James: Pray us out then...
27:32 Jason: All right... "Dear Heavenly Father,
27:34 thank you again for a wonderful day and a blessed study Lord,
27:37 there is so much information to remember
27:41 that we need your help,
27:42 we need your help to fully comprehend what we're studying,
27:46 and so much symbolism, Lord, trying to keep up
27:50 so I ask that you will continue to be with us,
27:53 continue to bless us and continue to help us
27:56 as we strive to understand
27:58 the prophecy that you have laid out for us,
28:01 in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
28:02 All: "Amen... "
28:04 James: So we're going to pick up... we're not done...
28:06 we're going to pick up right now with the 7th... excuse me...
28:11 the... Revelation chapter 7
28:12 and what takes place in the sealing time.
28:15 Ivor: Hmmm... hmmm... Jason: Amen...
28:17 Yvonne: Hmmm...


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