Salvation in Symbols and Signs

Introduction to the Trumpets part 3

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:30 Revelation 8... the symbols are coming alive,
00:33 they are coming alive,
00:34 we have stepped out by faith in a sense,
00:37 we've said now this is either literal or it's symbolic
00:39 we've said, "It's symbolic"
00:41 and we found the symbols identified
00:43 in other parts of Revelation, specifically Revelation 4,
00:46 the thunders, the lightnings, the voices
00:48 around the throne of God, the seven Spirits,
00:51 we've identified those,
00:52 the fire for example as the Holy Spirit,
00:54 we've looked at the thunders... the voice of God,
00:57 we've looked at the voices as the languages
01:00 and then we've gone to the Bible,
01:02 Bible history... to authenticate or confirm
01:05 the application of those symbols
01:07 and we've seen them when the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
01:10 took place on the Day of Pentecost,
01:12 fire... cloven tongues of fire came down
01:13 and they spake with these languages
01:15 that people could understand,
01:16 and the voice of God came,
01:17 the thunder of God came and spoke
01:19 to Saul and to Peter
01:20 when he had that vision of the sheet and said,
01:22 "Peter, you need to eat with the Gentiles,
01:24 Saul, you need to stop persecuting me... "
01:25 so we've seen in the symbolic language of Revelation...
01:29 the confirmation of that history...
01:33 that early Apostolic History... a Christian church history...
01:36 now, we didn't look at the lightnings,
01:38 it says in Revelation chapter 8 that there were not...
01:41 it was not only fire and it was not only voices and thunderings
01:44 but there was lightnings and there was an earthquake,
01:45 what do the lightnings and the earthquakes symbolize
01:48 and how does that get confirmed in the early Christian Church?
01:51 That's what we want to look at now
01:53 and also, we want to look at a larger picture that we
01:56 are seeing here in relation to prophecy...
01:59 Peter on the day of Pentecost quotes from the Old Testament,
02:02 the Book of Joel, how does that fit in?
02:04 Ivor is going to bring us something there... aren't you?
02:06 How does that fit in? Ivor: Oh boy...
02:08 James: How does that fit in here?
02:09 All: Laughing...
02:11 James: All right, we need to pray...
02:14 we need to pray and then we'll get started with a few verses,
02:16 Yvonne, would you pray for us? Yvonne: Yes, sure,
02:18 "Father God, we just thank you so very much
02:20 for the privilege of studying your Word
02:23 and gaining new insights, Lord,
02:25 they just reinforce how awesome you are
02:27 so we thank you and we praise you
02:30 and we ask for your guidance and your Spirit this day
02:32 in Jesus' name, amen. " All: "Amen... "
02:34 James: And Jason, let's move right into our Bible verses,
02:36 I want us to... there are two verses that I want us to read
02:38 and one of them is in Matthew 28 and verse 3,
02:41 if you can get that for us and then, Yvonne,
02:43 can you get Ezekiel 1 verse 14?
02:46 We're on lightnings...
02:48 what does lightning symbolize or represent?
02:50 It's not literal...
02:51 if it's symbolic... what does it symbolize and represent
02:54 and then we're going to take that and apply it,
02:55 so, we're going to interpret it
02:57 and then we're going to apply it...
02:58 interpretation... application...
02:59 Yvonne: What chapter in Ezekiel?
03:01 James: Ezekiel chapter 1 verse 14 and Matthew 28 verse 3.
03:04 Jason: Okay... Matthew 28 verse 3... reads,
03:07 "His countenance was like lightning,
03:09 and his raiment white as snow... "
03:11 James: This is talking about an angel...
03:13 Matthew 28 is talking about an angel
03:15 that was seen there after the resurrection of Christ
03:18 and the disciples come to the tomb and they're looking around
03:20 and they see this angel,
03:22 and his countenance was like lightning,
03:24 so we're looking at the symbol of lightning...
03:27 we're looking at it...
03:28 representing or symbolizing an angel,
03:29 okay, what have you got?
03:31 Ezekiel 1:14...
03:33 Yvonne: "And the living creatures ran and returned
03:36 as an appearance of a flash of lightning. "
03:39 James: Okay... the living creatures...
03:40 same as the living beasts or the four living beasts
03:43 that were there in Revelation 4... these are angels
03:45 the angels of heaven in Ezekiel chapter 1
03:49 are represented as lightning,
03:51 the appearance of flash of lightning,
03:53 okay, that's the interpretation, we're saying that the lightning
03:57 that's around the throne... represents angels
03:59 okay, and we're told the angels are ministering spirits,
04:02 now what about the application,
04:03 how does that apply to the early Apostolic church?
04:06 Were there angels manifested in that early Christian era?
04:09 Do we hear about them, do we see them,
04:11 are they part of the picture
04:12 when the outpouring of the Holy Spirit takes place
04:15 and the message goes to the world,
04:16 are they part of that picture?
04:17 Here's the application, first of all, we want to look at
04:19 Ivor, can you take us to Acts 5:19 and 20?
04:23 And then also Jason, can you take us to Acts 6:15?
04:28 Ivor: All right, Acts 5:19 and 20,
04:33 the Bible says, "But the angel of the Lord
04:35 by night opened the prison doors,
04:37 and brought them forth, and said,
04:39 Go, stand and speak in the temple to the people
04:42 all the words of this life. "
04:43 James: That's it... so God's people are in prison
04:45 and they're going to be killed, at least, persecuted...
04:49 at least... but killed... and angel rescues them
04:51 and the angel takes them out and says,
04:54 "Now, go and preach... go and preach, go and preach. "
04:56 There is an application of the interpretation
05:00 of lightning... being angels...
05:02 there's an application to the early Apostolic church
05:04 so it wasn't just the disciples,
05:06 they just want to... by themselves...
05:07 it wasn't just them
05:09 and it wasn't just them and the voice of God,
05:10 it wasn't just them and the voice of God
05:11 and the Holy Spirit, it was the disciples,
05:13 it was the voice of God, it was the Holy Spirit,
05:15 speaking in languages, and it was the angels,
05:18 now I want you to think about this,
05:19 because this is building,
05:20 all the power around the throne of God
05:23 is coming down to earth, God is giving His Holy Spirit,
05:26 He is giving them the gift of languages,
05:29 He's speaking words Himself, personally,
05:31 and He's giving them the angels,
05:33 and the reason why this is so significant to me
05:36 is not just because of the history of the early church
05:38 but because that is what God wants to do today,
05:41 we need to look at all these manifestations
05:44 as God's promises for us today, God wants to communicate to us
05:48 and empower us today through these same agencies.
05:51 Ivor: Yeah, and it's interesting because...
05:53 this is what we would consider the "early rain. "
05:55 James: Yes.
05:57 Ivor: Yeah, and in the last days what does God want to do?
06:00 He wants to pour out the latter rain, absolutely.
06:03 Jason: What was that verse that Mark used to always say?
06:05 "The angel of the Lord... "
06:07 Yvonne: "encampeth round about them
06:08 that fear Him, and delivered them. "
06:10 Jason: Yeah, where is it? Yvonne: It is in Psalm isn't it?
06:13 James: It is in Psalms... and... I don't know exactly where
06:16 but that would be another good verse for this
06:19 because the disciples knew
06:20 the angels would encamp about them,
06:22 let's look at a couple more,
06:24 one of them is in Acts 6:15.
06:26 Jason: Okay, "And all that sat in the council,
06:29 looking steadfastly on him,
06:31 saw his face as it had been the face of an angel. "
06:33 James: This is talking about Stephen when he was stoned
06:35 and he had the face as the face of an angel,
06:37 in other words, we have the angelic manifestation again
06:41 in the early Apostolic Age, couple more...
06:44 this one is in Acts chapter 8 verse 26,
06:46 Yvonne, could you read that for us, Acts chapter 8 verse 26
06:49 and then Acts 10 verse 3.
06:51 Yvonne: "And the angel of the Lord spake unto Philip, saying,
06:55 Arise, and go toward the south
06:56 unto the way that goeth down from Jerusalem unto Gaza,
06:59 which is desert. "
07:00 James: Okay and Act 10:3...
07:02 Jason: He saw in a vision evidently about the ninth hour
07:05 of the day an angel of God coming in to him,
07:07 and saying unto him, Cornelius... "
07:10 James: Okay, now, Acts 12 verse 7, Yvonne,
07:12 and then 12:23...
07:15 Yvonne: Chapter 12 verse 7,
07:17 "And behold, the angel of the Lord
07:22 came upon him, and a light shined in the prison:
07:25 and he smote Peter on the side,
07:27 and raised him up, saying, Arise up quickly.
07:30 And his chains fell off from his hands. "
07:32 James: And Chapter 12:23...
07:33 Jason: "And immediately the angel of the Lord smote him,
07:36 because he gave not God the glory:
07:37 and he was eaten of worms, and gave up the ghost. "
07:40 James: Woooo... And then chapter 27 verse 23,
07:44 Jason: That doesn't sound good. Yvonne: Laughing...
07:47 Yvonne: Chapter 27... James: 23 and 24...
07:50 Yvonne: 23 and 24... "For there stood by me
07:54 this night the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve.
07:58 Saying, Fear not, Paul;
07:59 thou must be brought before Caesar:
08:02 and, lo, God has given thee all them that sail with thee. "
08:07 James: Okay, verse after verse after verse,
08:10 story after story after story,
08:11 you see, the early Apostolic Age
08:14 confirms the symbol of lightning
08:17 which was around the throne
08:18 as angels which are sent down to earth
08:20 to minister to God's people.
08:22 So we have the Holy Spirit, we have languages,
08:23 we have angels, we have the voice of God
08:25 and then there's the earthquake, and the last one,
08:27 let's just... just a couple of verses on the last one,
08:28 Acts 4:31... Jason... and then...
08:32 I'm just going to give you, first of all,
08:35 I'm going to give you the application...
08:37 which is Acts 4:31...
08:38 Jason: Okay, "And when they had prayed,
08:41 the place was shaken
08:43 where they were assembled together;
08:44 and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost,
08:47 and they spake the word of God with boldness. "
08:49 James: Okay, the presence of God brings a shaking...
08:52 as in an earthquake, we know this because
08:55 the interpretation that we find in... for example,
08:57 Psalm 68... And when God came down
09:00 to Mount Sinai, there was a great earthquake,
09:02 the presence of God brings this earthquake,
09:05 Ivor: The earth shook... James: The earth shook...
09:07 Yvonne: And also with the return of Christ, the earth will shake
09:10 and the elements will melt with fervent heat...
09:12 James: Yes... so we have that in the future,
09:15 we have it in the Apostolic Age,
09:16 we have it in the past, all through the Bible...
09:18 we see this symbol representing God's presence.
09:20 Jason: What happened with the burning bush, though?
09:23 James: Lights fire...
09:25 Jason: Yeah... I mean, was there any shaking then?
09:29 James: No, and sometimes it's different manifestation
09:32 so with Moses... it was this thing that drew Moses
09:35 to ask this question,
09:36 but later when they come back to Sinai
09:38 and God is delivering His Commandments,
09:41 there is darkness, there is thunder
09:43 and there's lightning and there's an earthquake
09:45 which is another manifestation of God's presence.
09:48 So, one draws... and one causes us to tremble
09:50 and say, "Whoa, this is a holy place... "
09:52 and that was the point in the second one.
09:54 Jason: Okay...
09:55 James: And then there's one more in Acts 16:26...
09:57 "And suddenly there was a great earthquake,
09:59 so that the foundations of the prison were shaken:
10:01 and immediately all the doors were opened,
10:02 and everyone's hands were loosed. "
10:04 That's when, Paul, I think... Silas were in prison
10:06 and the angel came to deliver them... God came to deliver them
10:09 and there was a mighty earthquake,
10:10 so, basically, what we have here I'm just going to summarize it,
10:13 after the resurrection of Jesus, He goes to heaven
10:17 and when He goes to heaven, He takes His sacrifice to heaven
10:20 mingles it with the prayers of the disciples
10:23 who were praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
10:24 and Jesus takes fire...
10:26 symbolizing the Holy Spirit from heaven,
10:28 casts it into the earth,
10:29 there is voices, thunders, lightnings
10:31 and a great earthquake
10:32 and we see this manifestation taking place
10:34 in the Apostolic Church.
10:35 Ivor: That's right, so this brings us...
10:37 the trumpets... the opening scene of the trumpets
10:41 were introduced to the Day of Pentecost
10:43 and what happens after that
10:45 now, we've just seen that on the day of Pentecost...
10:49 fire falls... and let's go back to the Book of Acts
10:53 chapter 2 and we're going to notice verse 15...
10:57 Acts chapter 2 verse 15, and the Bible says,
11:01 "For these are not drunken, as ye suppose,
11:05 seeing that it is but the third hour of the day... "
11:07 so they were saying, you know,
11:09 "They are speaking in these languages or they must be drunk"
11:11 then notice the very next verse,
11:13 it says, "But this is that
11:14 which was spoken by the prophet Joel;
11:16 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God,
11:20 I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh:
11:22 and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
11:25 and your young men shall see visions,
11:27 and your old men shall dream dreams:
11:30 And on my servants and on my handmaidens
11:33 will I pour out in those days of my Spirit;
11:36 and they shall prophesy... "
11:37 they shall do what? Yvonne: Prophesy...
11:39 Ivor: Prophesy... "And I will show wonders
11:41 in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath;
11:44 blood and fire and vapor of smoke:
11:47 The sun shall be turned into darkness,
11:49 and the moon into blood,
11:51 before that great and notable day of the Lord... "
11:54 just let me shake my head for a moment, please.
11:57 James: This is amazing... it is amazing...
11:59 Ivor: Okay... "Before the great and notable day of the Lord come
12:02 James: We're ahead on this, we're just apologizing...
12:04 Yvonne: That's all right... that's all right...
12:05 just bring us up there... so...
12:07 Ivor: Yes, we will... we will... "And it shall come to pass,
12:08 that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord
12:10 shall be saved. "
12:12 So, just imagine for a moment that you are there
12:15 when Peter's preaching the sermon and He's like,
12:17 "Yup, this is what Joel was talking about...
12:20 it's coming to pass...
12:22 blood mingled with fire... the sun's up... "
12:26 and you're looking around going,
12:27 "Hmmm... where is the blood mingled with fire?
12:30 what is he talking about, the sun's going to be darkened"
12:33 None of that happened on that day
12:35 but he's saying, "it's fulfilled... "
12:37 so, in order for us to get... "What is he talking about?"
12:40 it might be a good idea,
12:42 we were just talking a little bit earlier,
12:43 "This is like a scavenger hunt" you know like God says,
12:46 you know, we were reading Revelation 8
12:48 and we see fire falling...
12:49 God's like, "Where else did fire fall
12:51 in answer to the prayers of the saints?"
12:53 "Oh! the day of Pentecost... "
12:55 okay, so we go to the day of Pentecost
12:56 and then we see Peter's sermon...
12:59 "Oh, where does Peter quote from?"
13:01 He quotes from the Book of Joel
13:02 so let's go over to the Book of Joel chapter 2,
13:06 Joel chapter 2...
13:07 James: While you're turning there, I just want to tell you,
13:09 God keeps saying to me in my brain right now,
13:11 "Thou shalt not steal... thou shalt not steal,
13:15 thou shalt not steal... this is his material... "
13:18 Yvonne: That's right...
13:20 James: It's good stuff man, so, this is good.
13:22 Ivor: Joel chapter 2 is where Peter quotes from, right?
13:24 How does Joel chapter 2 begin?
13:28 Whichever one of you finds it, just go ahead and read
13:31 Joel chapter 2 verse 1 and try not to get excited.
13:33 Jason: "Blow ye the trumpet in Zion... "
13:36 Ivor: All right, stop right there...
13:38 Yvonne: Oh... Ivor: What? Do what?
13:40 Yvonne: Blow ye the trumpet...
13:42 Ivor: Now this just affirms to us
13:44 Peter's sermon... he is quoting from the very chapter
13:48 that begins, "Blow ye the trumpet... "
13:50 James: Yes... Ivor: What are the...
13:51 what are the... what do we see as the opening vision...
13:54 the opening vision leads us into the trumpets...
13:57 okay, now, this is amazing because
14:01 we read a little bit earlier, hold your place in Joel 2
14:03 because we're going to stay in Joel 2 for a while,
14:05 but let's go back to Ezekiel 33 verses 1 through 4
14:09 and whoever finds that... just go ahead and read it,
14:11 Ezekiel 33 verses 1 through 4,
14:14 we're going to see here again the reason...
14:17 one of the reasons for the trumpet being blown.
14:21 Jason: Chapter 33 verses 1 through 4...
14:25 "Again the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,
14:28 Son of man, speak to the children of thy people,
14:31 and say unto them,
14:32 When I bring the sword upon a land,
14:34 if the people of the land take a man of their coasts,
14:37 and set him for their watchman:
14:39 If when he seeth the sword come upon the land,
14:42 he blow the trumpet, and warn the people;
14:44 Then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet,
14:47 and taketh not warning;
14:48 if the sword come, and take him away,
14:50 his blood shall be upon his own head. "
14:52 Ivor: Okay, you can stop right there,
14:54 so, what we're seeing here is that the trumpet again
14:58 signifies a warning... so what is Peter doing
15:02 on the day of Pentecost?
15:03 He is issuing a warning... he's saying,
15:08 "Listen, whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord,
15:11 will be saved...
15:12 but if you don't, something's coming... "
15:14 Peter is warning that something is coming
15:17 so, let's go back to Joel chapter 2
15:20 and let's figure out the context of Joel chapter 2.
15:23 So, Joel 2 and verse 1, I'm going to read...
15:27 it says, "Blow ye the trumpet in Zion,
15:29 and sound an alarm in my holy mountain... " where?
15:31 James: Holy mountain... Yvonne: In Zion.
15:34 Ivor: Where's His holy mountain? Yvonne: In Zion.
15:35 Ivor: So God's people... sound an alarm, where?
15:37 In Zion... in Israel,
15:39 well evidently something must be coming upon...
15:42 Israel... blow the trumpet, send the warning,
15:45 "let all the inhabitants of the land tremble:
15:47 for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand;
15:50 A day of darkness and of gloominess,
15:52 a day of clouds and of thick darkness,
15:55 as the morning spread upon the mountains:
15:57 a great people and a strong;
15:59 there has not been ever the like,
16:00 neither shall be any more after it,
16:02 even to the years of many generations. "
16:04 Yvonne: Hmmm...
16:06 Ivor: So now he's saying, "Listen, an army is coming... "
16:09 Peter is quoting from the chapter
16:11 that says, "an army is coming...
16:13 because of the sins of Israel," okay, let's read on,
16:17 For... "The appearance of them is as the appearance of horses;
16:21 and as horsemen, so shall they run. "
16:24 Now, we need to put something in context here
16:26 because what Peter is doing is,
16:28 he is quoting from the Book of Joel...
16:29 the Book of Joel... in its original context
16:32 is speaking about the Kingdom Babylon
16:34 that would overthrow Jerusalem, would overthrow Israel,
16:38 people of Israel, but what Peter is doing is,
16:41 he's saying, "Listen, just as Babylon overthrew Israel
16:45 before the time of Christ, because of their sin
16:48 in putting Christ to death, he is warning...
16:51 he's like a trumpet voice warning something's coming,
16:54 if you don't repent, the same thing that happened to us
16:57 back in the day is going to happen again.
17:00 James: It's a judgment. Ivor: It's a judgment.
17:02 James: Babylon is a judgment on old Jerusalem
17:03 and there's another judgment that's going to come upon
17:05 present Jerusalem... Peter's saying.
17:07 Ivor: That's right... so, it's as though Peter is saying,
17:09 "another nation... " right, "is coming upon you
17:12 if you don't learn from what happened the last time,
17:15 if you don't repent... " so now he's quoting these horsemen
17:18 but I want you to notice how Joel chapter 1 verse 6
17:21 describes these same horsemen, all right,
17:24 Joel chapter 1 verse 6, the Bible says here,
17:26 "For a nation is come up upon my land,
17:29 strong, and without number,
17:30 whose teeth are as the teeth of a lion
17:33 and he has the cheek teeth of a great lion. "
17:36 So we've just seen this mighty army great... without number...
17:39 and now they're being compared to having...
17:41 as having Lion's teeth,
17:43 I want you to go to Revelation chapter 9
17:45 and just notice verse 8,
17:47 in fact, one of you can stay in Revelation 9
17:49 because we're just going to jump back and forth
17:51 a little bit to the Book of Joel and Revelation
17:52 so, read Revelation chapter 9 verse 8
17:55 and let's see what that says.
17:56 Yvonne: "And they had hair as the hair of women,
17:59 and their teeth were as the teeth of lions. "
18:01 Ivor: Okay, this is a brief description of an entire...
18:04 an army... an army of horsemen, if you read the whole context
18:08 they're being described as having Lion's teeth
18:11 and so is there a comparison here,
18:12 is there a connection? James: Yes.
18:14 Absolutely, what we're seeing...
18:15 what we're going to see is that the Book of Joel
18:18 is in essence... giving us this outline, as it were,
18:21 symbolically speaking of what's going to happen
18:24 under the seven trumpets, seven warnings, right,
18:28 and notice again with me, Joel chapter 1 verse 19,
18:31 in Joel 1 verse 19, the Bible says here,
18:34 "O LORD, to thee will I cry: for the fire has devoured
18:38 the pastures of the wilderness,
18:40 and the flame has burned all the trees of the field. "
18:44 James: Thou shalt not steal, come on now...
18:47 All: Laughing...
18:49 Ivor: What does Revelation 8 verse 7 say?
18:51 James: It says, "the trees were burned up... "
18:52 the third of all the trees were burned up
18:54 and all the green grass was burned up...
18:56 Ivor: So, in Joel chapter 2... Joel is using symbolism
19:00 to describe a nation being destroyed.
19:02 James: Judgments, judgments, judgments... judgments.
19:04 Ivor: So this is how we know, one of the ways that we know
19:06 that what's happening in Revelation chapter 9
19:08 is not literal, it is symbolic language
19:11 describing judgments coming upon various nations.
19:15 Let's just look at a few more, in Joel chapter 2 verse 10,
19:19 Joel chapter 2 and verse 10, the Bible says here,
19:23 "The earth shall quake before them;
19:26 the heavens shall tremble:
19:28 the sun and the moon shall be darkened,
19:30 and the stars shall withdraw their shining... "
19:32 you know what happens when you open up the...
19:35 the... what is it... the fifth seal or sixth seal?
19:37 James: It's the fifth seal.
19:38 Ivor: Fifth seal... it talks about the sun
19:40 and the air being darkened as a result of this army...
19:44 James: This locust army...
19:45 Ivor: Locust army, this locust army.
19:47 James: And in Joel, it's also locust...
19:49 because the first verses talk about the locust army.
19:51 Ivor: Absolutely, absolutely,
19:52 it mentions the term "Locust" right?
19:54 So now, let's go... let's...
19:56 we're in the Book of Joel, chapter 2,
19:58 let's look at verse 28 and 29
20:01 and in verse 28 and 29 it says this,
20:03 "And it shall come to pass afterward,
20:05 that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh;
20:07 and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
20:09 your old men shall dream dreams,
20:12 your young men shall see visions:
20:14 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids
20:17 in those days will I pour out my spirit. "
20:20 You know what?
20:22 If we follow this pattern and look at what happens
20:24 after the fifth and sixth seal, speaking about this Locust Army,
20:29 you have Revelation chapter 10
20:31 which is the call for God's end-time people
20:34 to prophesy again,
20:36 and He pours out His Spirit upon His people...
20:39 and they begin to have visions and dreams.
20:43 James: It's like the former rain and the latter rain.
20:44 Ivor: Absolutely.
20:46 James: Which is... let's go to Joel chapter 2 and verse...
20:51 now check this out... Joel chapter 2...
20:53 because you didn't get this so I can have this one.
20:55 verse 23... check this out, "Be glad... "
20:59 this is Joel chapter 2 verse 23,
21:00 read it for us Jason, are you there? Joel 2:23...
21:03 Jason: Yes, "Be glad then, ye children of Zion,
21:05 and rejoice in the LORD your God;
21:07 for he hath given you the former rain moderately,
21:10 and he will cause to come down for you the rain,
21:14 the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month. "
21:17 James: Check that out... now he's implied and implicated
21:21 in my thievery right now... so...
21:23 Jason: Oh great... I'm an accessory.
21:25 James: But the Book of Revelation is borrowing
21:28 from the Book of Joel... borrowing from the Old Testament
21:31 the Book of Revelation is really a distillation
21:34 or summary of the entire Bible
21:35 and so when we look at these symbols,
21:37 we identify them and we unpack them,
21:39 by going back to the Old Testament stories
21:41 and we've got to get those stories right,
21:43 we have to understand those stories
21:45 so we know that Joel was a story about
21:46 alarm and trumpet blowing
21:48 that brought judgments and or... repentance
21:51 and that's where we take transfer the Book of Revelation,
21:54 the trumpets bring alarm and warning
21:56 and talk about judgments and that's how we understand
21:59 the Book of Revelation by going back and understanding
22:02 those symbols in the Old Testament.
22:03 Ivor: Absolutely, let's... let's look at verse 31
22:05 and we'll just look at a few more verses
22:07 before we close this connection or establish this connection
22:10 with the Book of Joel and other trumpets, so verse 31...
22:13 Yvonne: In which chapter?
22:15 Ivor: This is chapter 2 and verse 31...
22:17 James: Of Joel? Ivor: Right...
22:18 "The sun shall darkened... turned into darkness,
22:20 and the moon into blood,
22:21 before the great and the terrible day of the Lord. "
22:25 Now, remember, we're talking about
22:26 a sequence of events, you look at the trumpets,
22:28 you look at the trees being burned,
22:32 the first trumpet...
22:33 you go down to the fifth and sixth trumpets,
22:35 this great army...
22:36 and then you see here that the sun and the moon
22:39 shall be darkened before
22:40 the great and terrible day of the Lord,
22:42 that brings us down to the sixth seal
22:44 which parallels the sixth trumpet...
22:46 and so, there are these connections,
22:50 let's jump to chapter 3 and verse 11,
22:53 let's just go to verse 11, it says,
22:55 "Assemble yourselves, and come, all ye heathen,
22:58 and gather yourselves together round about:
23:00 thither cause thy mighty ones to come down, O LORD.
23:03 Let the heathen be wakened,
23:05 and come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat:
23:07 for there will I sit to judge all the heathen round about.
23:12 Put ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe... "
23:15 the whole Book of Joel... you have this parallel language
23:19 with the events that are occurring in the seven trumpets
23:24 so it's important for us to understand
23:25 that if we want to unlock... unfold the seven trumpets,
23:30 we've got to take Peter's statement...
23:32 the only way we get to Peter's statement
23:34 is by seeing that fire... fell from heaven on that day,
23:38 Peter quotes the Book of Joel and so, here's what we know,
23:41 that the Book of... the Book of...
23:42 the seven trumpets are going to be a story
23:47 of how warnings were being given
23:49 to the enemies of God's people, remember, who was the...
23:53 who were the... who was the church's first enemy?
23:55 Their first enemy... in the early Christian era
23:58 was not Rome... it was Israel...
24:00 so this trumpet warning is to Israel...
24:04 "Israel, if you don't repent,
24:06 something's going to happen to this nation... "
24:08 Did something happen to that nation?
24:09 It absolutely did and that's what we should be looking for
24:12 in the first trumpet, this is God's mercy call
24:15 the trumpets are about God's mercy...
24:18 His warnings before judgment comes.
24:20 Yvonne: Just expanding on that a little bit...
24:24 in Joel 2 and verse 13 where it says,
24:28 "And rend your heart, and not your garments... "
24:30 don't give a superficial repentance.
24:33 Ivor: Yes, this is genuine repentance
24:36 and by-the-way... what happens at the altar of incense?
24:39 It's intercession...
24:40 what did Jesus do on the cross for His enemies?
24:43 He prays, "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do. "
24:46 What does Jesus say to us? Pray for your enemies,
24:50 so the prayers of the saints are going on
24:53 throughout the duration of the seven trumpets,
24:55 what are they praying for?
24:56 They're not praying, "Lord, destroy my enemy... "
24:58 they're praying...
24:59 "Lord, please open the hearts of our enemies... "
25:03 because that's what they've been called to pray for
25:05 but the time comes where just as they reject this prayer,
25:09 God has to bring probation closing upon them,
25:13 so you have this probation closing
25:15 upon each of these... powers
25:17 as we go through the trumpets in a sense.
25:20 James: And it is... it is a trumpet judgment
25:22 is also mingled with mercy and so God is manifesting mercy
25:27 and that's why He's blowing the trumpet,
25:28 it's kind of like when Ivor and I were sitting at
25:30 dinner the other day, you know, I'm a little older,
25:33 my sense of taste isn't as refined as Ivor's is...
25:35 he's a lot younger than me
25:37 and we were eating this tofu and it's off a little bit
25:39 and I can see Ivor, he's like... "hmmm... "
25:41 I'm like, "what?" he's like, "My tofu is off"
25:43 and I'm like, "Well, is mine off?
25:45 Why don't you taste a piece of mine?"
25:46 I hadn't touched it... so he takes a piece of mine and said,
25:48 "It's off too... " and I'm like, "Ah, thank you"
25:50 in other words... that was a warning,
25:52 that was a blowing of the trumpet...
25:54 Ivor: It's love... James: But it's love because
25:56 "I don't want you to eat all that... 'off tofu'"
25:58 and this is what God is saying,
26:00 that's what God is saying to us,
26:01 the trumpets begin with this message
26:03 of this picture of intercession
26:05 and then the trumpets get ready to be blown
26:07 and as they're blown... they're calling us back to God,
26:09 calling us back to God...
26:10 and the only way that God can do that
26:12 and the only way the He must do that
26:14 and that is sometimes
26:15 during these judgments, they wake us up...
26:16 that make us aware of our situation
26:19 and so I know people are going to have questions
26:21 and we need to let them know how they can ask those questions.
26:23 Jason: And that's exactly why they should e-mail us at
26:26 sss@3abn. org
26:28 sss as in Salvation in Symbols and Signs at 3abn. org
26:32 James: Yvonne, will you pray us out?
26:34 Yvonne: Sure, "Father God, we thank you
26:37 so very much as your presence has been with us Lord
26:39 and we just ask for your continued guidance
26:42 be with all of our Viewers,
26:44 be with us Lord as we continue to study your Word,
26:46 in Jesus' name, amen. "
26:48 All: "Amen... amen... "
26:50 James: So, we're going to continue on...
26:52 and we're going to into the first trumpet
26:54 in our next session, it's going to be good...
26:55 it's going to be good.
26:57 Yvonne: Amen, it's great.


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