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The Fourth Trumpet

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:29 Okay, we are marching through the trumpets
00:32 and we just finished trumpet number 3
00:35 and moved into trumpet number 4
00:37 and we're going to pick up trumpet number 4...
00:39 review a little bit and then finish it off
00:42 and maybe we'll even get into the fifth trumpet
00:44 which by-the-way is called the "woe,"
00:46 in fact there are three...
00:48 the last three trumpets are all called woes
00:50 which is something we need to talk about a little bit
00:52 just so that we can clarify that and understand how that relates
00:55 to the last three trumpets
00:57 but first we need to start with a word of prayer,
00:58 Jason, you want to start us out with a word of prayer
01:00 and then we'll go right into it.
01:02 Jason: "Dear Heavenly Father, as we go into our study today
01:05 Lord, we ask that you would send your Holy Spirit to be with us
01:08 and we are covering some deep material
01:11 and need help understanding it,
01:14 getting a full grasp on it
01:16 please be here with us, in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
01:18 All: "Amen... "
01:20 James: So just to recap what we have taking place here
01:23 is basically this outline of history... prophetic history
01:26 and we paralleled it with the churches and with the seals...
01:29 really with the churches a lot
01:31 because we've been looking at some of the similarities
01:33 between the two and we're in this place
01:35 where Jerusalem is fallen and then you've got
01:39 paganism fallen... Pagan Rome...
01:41 you've got Jerusalem, Judaism,
01:43 Papal... Pagan Rome falling
01:45 and in filling up the vacuum of Pagan Rome
01:48 is the rise of a compromised church,
01:51 it's the "falling away" that Paul predicted
01:53 where the church
01:54 extends out to... it's arm and it's hand to the world
01:58 and they come together but in that process
02:00 this compromising takes place and what that does is...
02:03 it affects the waters of salvation that are made bitter,
02:08 it affects the lights of the heavens so that we don't see
02:13 what's really going on in heaven with Christ
02:15 in mediation and intercession which...
02:16 to this... to Daniel chapter 8
02:18 and the Sanctuary and the truth being cast to the ground
02:21 and it's time prophecy predicting
02:22 it will be for so many days... 2,300 days...
02:26 and here that whole history is summarized
02:29 in the context in verse 12 of the fourth angel sounding
02:33 and the third part of the sun
02:35 and the moon and the stars being smitten
02:37 because when this compromise took place,
02:38 there were a lot of people who said,
02:40 "No, we're not going to compromise our faith,
02:42 we can't compromise Christ, we can't change what we believe,
02:45 we're going to hold to what the Bible says"
02:47 and a divide took place, a division took place
02:50 and those who held to the truth of the Bible
02:52 during the Dark Ages as that compromise began to take place,
02:56 they we persecuted by those who did not.
02:59 The gospel doesn't call us to persecute anyone.
03:01 Yvonne: Right.
03:03 James: Jimmy Carter once said,
03:04 "The religion of Christ never persecuted anyone"
03:05 but when you hold to the gospel and refuse to give it up
03:09 and others have compromised that gospel,
03:12 then, an enmity can develop there
03:15 where they will actually persecute you
03:17 because you hold to that truth
03:18 and that's what happened, for example, with Cain and Abel.
03:21 Yvonne: Persecution from within.
03:22 James: Yeah, the persecution with those who...
03:24 who profess to be holy,
03:26 Cain and Abel, both were worshipping God.
03:28 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
03:29 James: Supposedly... but one was holding to the gospel,
03:31 the lamb... the sacrifice... and the other was not,
03:33 he slipped into a righteousness by works
03:36 and when he was rebuked by his brother,
03:37 he killed his brother... he persecuted his brother.
03:40 Ivor: We can take it back to heaven again,
03:42 remember in heaven there was war
03:43 and one-third turned on the two-thirds,
03:47 right, one-third... that number of rebellion
03:49 that was supposed to represent God's people
03:52 are warring against those...
03:54 so... that vision that you're talking about... that split...
03:57 is what we see occurring here... all in the name of Christ
04:00 and yet what you have is the wheat and the tares
04:04 right, you have those who claim to worship God.
04:07 Jesus said, "The time is coming where they that kill you
04:10 will think they're doing God a service. "
04:13 Jason: You know, sometimes change can be uncomfortable
04:16 and it seems like some people pick their religion
04:19 based on their lifestyle so they try and choose a religion
04:23 that fits their lifestyle rather than
04:25 changing their lifestyle to fit what Christ asks of us.
04:29 James: That's a really good point, Jason, I like that,
04:33 and that is so true because even when we look for
04:36 religions that are going to allow us to continue
04:39 living or doing the things that we do,
04:40 we're not going to necessarily find the truth,
04:42 but when we find the truth, but here's what's really...
04:45 I think it's really powerful,
04:46 I was telling you about my Catholic upbringing
04:47 and God is merciful
04:50 but He wants me to come to a knowledge of the truth
04:53 but He doesn't want to violate my freedom of choice
04:56 and my conscience and... so I'm living this life
04:58 and my life is getting worse and worse and worse,
05:01 in many respects and I'm making choices
05:03 that are okay with my church, let's say,
05:05 as long as I go to confession every week
05:06 but they're bringing dire results... into my life,
05:10 dire experiences into my life
05:12 and finally, I'm just completely exasperated
05:16 with religion and I cry out to God
05:18 and I experience Christ in a personal, powerful way
05:23 and it liberates me from things
05:25 that I knew I couldn't get rid of like alcohol, for example,
05:29 He liberates me and in that newfound freedom,
05:32 I fall in love with Him and in falling in love with Him
05:35 when I read Bible verses that say,
05:37 "If you love me, keep my commandments"
05:39 I start thinking, "Whoa... I do love Christ,
05:43 I'm going to keep His commandments"
05:45 and I start going to church on Sunday
05:46 because I didn't know any
05:49 different than going to church on Sunday
05:50 but I knew that was the Commandments,
05:52 the Commandments... you know, you go to church,
05:53 you keep the Sabbath day,
05:54 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy... "
05:56 and then I'm challenged by my sister
05:58 who happens to be studying the Bible
06:00 which I've never studied up to that point
06:01 and she tells me, "Actually, the Bible teaches
06:05 you should go to church on Saturday"
06:07 and I'm thinking, "That's crazy... that's nuts...
06:11 nobody goes to church on Saturday"
06:12 well, by the way, there are a few million people
06:14 that do and always have gone to church on the Bible Sabbath,
06:17 and so... the point is though
06:20 is that as I fall in love with Jesus,
06:23 as He is placed into the bitter waters,
06:25 as He becomes the center of Bible prophecy
06:27 then it is... that I have the motivation
06:29 the love of Christ constrains us...
06:31 rather than looking for the religion
06:34 that will fit my lifestyle,
06:35 I'm simply looking to submit my lifestyle to the Bible
06:39 because I found the Savior,
06:40 I found someone that can actually take...
06:41 change my lifestyle and cause me to love those things
06:44 that I don't really care for
06:46 and to hate those things that I once lived for
06:49 and that motivates me to be open to whatever the Bible has to say
06:53 that's... and so that's what we want to introduce people to
06:56 not just to truth... but to Jesus
06:57 we want to introduce them to Jesus...
06:59 and that's what Satan is about here
07:01 in Revelation chapter 8 and verse 12
07:03 it says, "And the fourth angel sounded,
07:05 and the third part of the sun was smitten,
07:07 the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars;
07:09 so the third part of them was darkened,
07:11 and the day shone not for a third part of it,
07:13 and the night likewise. "
07:14 The day and the night... I think it's extra emphasis,
07:17 I think this is a key verse, a pivotal point in this prophecy
07:22 and so there's emphasis on all this light...
07:25 not just the heavenly luminaries but the day and the night
07:28 day is day because of the sun
07:32 and night is night in relation to the moon
07:36 and there's something very simple
07:39 and very practical about understanding
07:42 that those two luminaries are darkened,
07:44 the first one is Malachi, for example, chapter 4 verse 2
07:49 if you can look that verse up, Yvonne,
07:50 Malachi 4 verse 2... really interesting verse...
07:54 when it comes to describing the sun
07:59 and then another one, Jason,
08:01 that I was thinking, maybe you could look up would be...
08:03 John chapter 1... John chapter 1
08:08 and I'm going to give you a bunch of verses there
08:09 but if you can just start with verse 1
08:12 it seems Yvonne's done with Malachi 4:2.
08:15 Yvonne: Malachi 4:2, "But unto you that fear my name
08:18 shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings;
08:21 and you shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall. "
08:25 James: "The Sun of righteousness... "
08:26 how does that spell that sun?
08:28 Yvonne: Sun... James: Sun...
08:29 James: Okay, so here is a direct connection again
08:33 to our Bible verse... the day is when the sun shines,
08:36 sun... what is the sun that's being obscured?
08:39 What is the day that's being obscured during this apostasy?
08:42 The Sun of righteousness... Jesus Christ.
08:44 He's being obscured... He's being counterfeited...
08:46 He's being left out of the picture...
08:48 His High Priestly work...
08:49 the work that He is doing in the Heavenly Sanctuary
08:51 is being left out of the picture.
08:52 Ivor: And so, when the sun is darkened,
08:54 I mean, when the sun is not shining,
08:56 you have darkness,
08:57 this entire period of time is called the Dark Ages,
09:01 they shut out the light of Christ
09:04 so if you shut out the light, then... what do you have left?
09:08 Darkness... but even in darkness...
09:10 God doesn't leave us without... without light.
09:13 Yvonne: Hmmm...
09:14 Ivor: So what light does He give us in the darkness?
09:17 James: Yeah, let's go to these verses and I ask
09:21 Jason to read and then that's... I like... I like that.
09:24 Jason: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
09:27 and the Word was God. "
09:29 James: Verse 4... Jason: Verse 4...
09:30 "In him was life; and the life was the light of men. "
09:33 James: Ooooh... verse 5...
09:34 Jason: "And the light shineth in darkness;
09:36 and the darkness comprehended it not. "
09:37 James: And then verse 9...
09:39 Jason: "That was the true Light, which lighteth every man
09:42 that cometh into the world. "
09:44 James: Light, light, light, light, light...
09:46 it's all about Jesus, it's all about Jesus
09:48 but I want you to notice again, verse 1,
09:50 can you read that first verse again?
09:52 Jason: Sure, "In the beginning was the Word,
09:54 and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. "
09:56 James: The Word... so we're not just talking about
09:59 anything... we're talking about the Word...
10:01 the specific attack was not just on the righteousness of Christ,
10:05 but it was also on the Bible...
10:06 the Word of God itself was being attacked during this time
10:09 the Bible became a book
10:11 that was not made available to the people
10:14 and it was also a book that it was illegal to have,
10:17 you could not have a Bible,
10:19 common people didn't own one,
10:20 they didn't know what the Word of God taught,
10:22 so, of course, if you're a religion
10:24 that assumes to have the prerogatives of Christ on earth,
10:30 and you're teaching things that are wrong,
10:33 how are people going to know that if they don't have a Bible?
10:35 Yvonne: Right. Ivor: Hmmm... hmmm...
10:36 James: So this is one of the ways
10:38 that so many people were put in the darkness
10:40 because the Bible wasn't made available.
10:42 Jason: That's a thing to... I guess, something to look at
10:46 in today's time too because there are a lot of people
10:49 that go to church and they just
10:51 take what the Preacher's saying,
10:52 you have to study the Word for yourself
10:54 because you can still end up lost...
10:57 you don't know if... I mean... your Pastor is human,
10:59 he might misquote something by accident,
11:01 or he might do it on purpose, you never know
11:04 and if you're not in the Word of God yourself,
11:07 you're not going to know the difference.
11:08 James: It still applies to us today...
11:10 we've got to be in the Word of God today,
11:12 we've got to be following the Bible today.
11:13 I think one of the dangers that I've experienced
11:16 in the modern world is that there are so many Bibles
11:18 and so many Bible translations
11:20 and I think that we need to remember
11:22 that the Bible today
11:24 is the best-selling book in the world every year,
11:28 it would be on America's top bestseller list
11:31 every single year... but it's just taken for granted,
11:35 I mean, in other words,
11:37 you can't just put it on there every single year,
11:39 but it is... and one of the...
11:41 one of the negatives about that is that
11:44 there are a lot of companies that produce Bibles,
11:46 simply to make a profit
11:48 so the Bible is produced to make money
11:50 not because the people producing it
11:52 necessarily believe in it or believe that it's a book
11:54 that needs to be duplicated and what happens is
11:57 these companies... in order to make money...
11:59 you have to have a Bible
12:01 that's not copyrighted by somebody else
12:02 because you're not going to make the money
12:04 on somebody else's Bible, it's copyrighted...
12:05 so you have to... and in order to have your own Bible,
12:07 you have to change the Bible enough
12:09 a certain percentage
12:11 in order for you to have your own copyright.
12:12 Jason: That's a scary thing.
12:14 James: So every year we have new Bibles coming out,
12:16 we have, The Teenager Bible
12:18 and the Kids' Bible and the Fisherman's Bible
12:20 the Hunter's Bible, we have Sports Person's Bible,
12:22 we have the Grandpa's Bible and the Aunt's Bible,
12:24 and we have the Ladies' Bible and we have the...
12:26 all these different versions, The Chronological Bible...
12:28 you start reading through...
12:30 I read through The Chronological Bible
12:31 a couple of years ago, I don't recommend it to anyone
12:33 because the footnotes are terrible,
12:34 the footnotes actually undermine the Bible,
12:37 I'm thinking, "Why are they saying this?
12:40 This is the Bible... " it... it was amazing
12:43 but it was published by a secular company
12:45 basically to make money...
12:46 and so we can see the same thing happening today
12:49 that we're talking about here in this prophecy.
12:51 Yvonne: So, scholarship wise...
12:53 which Bibles do you guys recommend?
12:55 If our Viewers want to know, "What Bible should we get?"
12:59 Because there are so many versions out there
13:02 and sometimes it's really nice to do the
13:04 parallel version comparison you know,
13:07 but you want to make sure that you have a standard
13:10 against which you can base all of them.
13:13 James: So, I absolutely recommend...
13:16 every single person needs to have in their library
13:19 King James or a New King James, that Bible stands alone
13:22 as the standard... it's based on the Textus Receptus,
13:25 it's a completely different set of manuscripts
13:27 than most of the other modern versions
13:30 which are all based on the Vaticanus and Sinaiticus
13:32 the Westcott-Hort Greek or the Nestles
13:36 and they are two different families of manuscripts
13:40 that bring us to those versions
13:41 so a lot of people like the NIV... the ESV... the NAS...
13:45 all of those are easy re-translations
13:48 and some of them are more accurate than certain verses
13:51 in the King James or the New King James
13:53 so it's not an issue of excluding modern versions
13:57 or excluding all those versions
13:58 but it's an issue of... like you said,
13:59 of having a standard and for me, it's the King James
14:02 or the New King James... that's the standard
14:04 and if you're really going to study the Bible,
14:06 you've got to have a King James and a New King James
14:08 because that's where you're going to find the Bible
14:10 in it's whole... some of these other versions
14:13 even in the margin it will say,
14:15 "These verses aren't found in the earlier manuscripts"
14:18 and I could go into all the history of that
14:20 but we don't have time, or... they aren't there...
14:22 there'll be verses that actually aren't there,
14:24 they're not in there. Yvonne: Right.
14:26 James: So that's my take on that.
14:28 Ivor: KJB... and I'll use other translations
14:32 and kind of compare and... so, I think it's good to...
14:36 I'll just always love the KJB,
14:38 that's what I came into the church... I mean...
14:40 I didn't even know they had other translations
14:42 so I was like, "Okay, KJB, here we go"
14:44 I had no idea that there were other translations
14:47 until sometime afterward but it's just my favorite,
14:51 I think it's... for me it reads the best
14:53 and it just... I think... comparing the other Scriptures
15:01 you use the other versions to what you see here,
15:04 can sometimes help round out a picture for you
15:07 but this is what I use, that's what I have so...
15:11 but regarding the night...
15:15 and we're talking about the Bible and the Sun...
15:19 in the night... we were saying that God still leaves us a light
15:24 right and in 2nd Peter chapter 1 verse 19
15:26 and I'll... I'll go ahead and read it
15:29 because I have it open right here... here is what it says,
15:31 "We have also a more sure word of prophecy;
15:35 whereunto you do well that you take heed,
15:38 as unto a light that shineth in a dark place,
15:41 until the day dawn,
15:43 and the day star arise in your hearts... "
15:45 Ivor: So, in this verse... prophecy is that light
15:50 when there's darkness around right,
15:53 so we're to be dependent upon prophecy
15:57 when there's darkness until the day star arise in your heart...
16:01 until the day dawns... so, okay,
16:03 they block out the Sun... all right, there's darkness...
16:05 okay, but you know what?
16:06 In darkness, prophecy can guide us
16:09 and keep our steps and so, what do they do?
16:12 They shut out the light of the night as well,
16:15 in other words... they manipulate Bible prophecy
16:20 right... to... because here's what was happening,
16:24 we have the Reformation coming up on the...
16:27 upon the scene during the time of this...
16:30 James: And even Paul is predicting the very falling away
16:34 that is being fulfilled by this...
16:36 Ivor: Absolutely, absolutely, and so what they're doing is...
16:38 as more and more fingers eventually begin to point
16:41 to the Papacy as... "wait a minute... you...
16:44 wait a minute... wait a minute,
16:45 bitter waters... sun being darkened, moon... "
16:49 and as more fingers are pointing and realizing,
16:52 "Wait a minute, the Papacy is actually in Bible prophecy"
16:55 they're like, "No, no... "
16:57 they're obscuring those prophecies to say,
16:59 "That's not us... no, no, no, no, no...
17:01 that's some other time... "
17:03 we kind of talked about this a little bit earlier,
17:04 Futurism and Preterism...
17:05 the sun and the moon we're told...
17:10 were put in the sky to help us discern times and seasons,
17:14 according to Daniel 7, the Bible says,
17:17 "This little horn will think to change times and laws... "
17:21 in other words... "We're going to manipulate prophecy
17:24 so that you can't point to us as a fulfillment
17:27 of the very things we're fulfilling. "
17:29 Yvonne: Ah...
17:30 Ivor: But there's another verse I'm going to show you,
17:31 just go back with me to the Book of Proverbs 31
17:34 and then we can elaborate on this a little bit more
17:37 but in Proverbs 31 we talked about
17:40 the fact that Proverbs 31 describes the woman...
17:43 right, who was a representation of the church... the true church
17:47 and in Proverbs 31... verse... I believe it's verse...
17:53 let's see here... verse 18...
17:56 speaking about this woman, it says,
17:59 "She perceiveth that her merchandise is good:
18:01 her candle goeth not out by night. "
18:05 Yvonne: Hmmm...
18:06 Ivor: "Her candle goeth not out by night... "
18:09 so here you have this true woman
18:11 the Bible says, the true church...
18:12 the true woman... she has the light of prophecy,
18:15 that light doesn't go out by night
18:17 but in Revelation you've got this power...
18:20 seeking to darken the light that is given for those in darkness.
18:25 All: Hmmm...
18:27 Ivor: Taking away prophecy...
18:28 and we know that this is exactly what happened
18:30 during the Dark Ages...
18:31 the Word of God is tampered with
18:33 as a result, prophecy is misunderstood,
18:36 I mean, they're keeping the Word of God from the people,
18:39 there's compromise... all these things are happening
18:42 and what's important for us to... and this is something...
18:45 remember in the last program I was like,
18:47 "I'm going to say something... no I shouldn't say it... "
18:48 Yvonne: Yeah, yeah, yeah... yeah...
18:50 Ivor: Well, I'll say half of it now
18:51 and half of it now is this,
18:53 you'll notice that the 3rd and 4th trumpets
18:56 appear to deal with doctrinal issues,
19:00 with spiritual teachings... right... Bible...
19:04 prophecy... light... what we're going to see
19:09 as we get to the 5th and 6th trumpet,
19:12 is that these seem to be more military...
19:15 right, more political as it were in nature...
19:19 now remember, what is the Papacy?
19:21 It's a Church... James: Ecclesiastical Power...
19:25 Ivor: State... Entity...
19:26 it is a religio-political power so, if we're right,
19:31 then look at what's happening
19:32 in trumpets 3 and 4, God is revealing the weakness
19:38 of the "religion side" of it,
19:41 in trumpets number 5 and 6, we're going to see
19:44 the political or military aspect
19:47 and both of these together combined
19:50 is what helps to bring down the fall of the Papacy in 1798,
19:56 remember when the trumpet is blown,
19:57 it means the enemies of God's people are going to fall,
19:59 we don't see a fall...
20:01 we saw a fall in the first trumpet,
20:03 you know, Jerusalem fell,
20:05 we saw a fall in the second trumpet... Rome fell...
20:08 but in trumpet number 3 we don't see a fall...
20:10 we see something being revealed
20:12 in trumpet number 4 we don't see a fall...
20:14 in trumpet number 5 and 6 when those are completed...
20:18 guess what we end up having? The fall of the Papacy...
20:22 those four trumpets together
20:24 help bring about the fall of this religio-political power.
20:28 First two trumpets, trumpets 3 and 4...
20:32 religious in nature,
20:34 trumpets 5 and 6... political in nature...
20:38 James: Okay, a couple of verses that I want to use
20:41 us to look at to confirm this, Yvonne,
20:43 if you can look up for us Daniel chapter 7
20:45 and begin with verse 2 and then I'm going to give
20:48 Jason, Matthew 2:12 to 14...
20:51 so, just picking up where Ivor left off
20:56 on the night... because Daniel 7 verse 2...
20:59 because I've always understood that Sun
21:02 but the night has been a little bit difficult for me,
21:04 and I definitely can connect
21:07 with that verse in 2nd Peter chapter 1 verse 19,
21:09 but as I was thinking about this
21:12 and Ivor and I were chatting about this,
21:13 all of a sudden it hit me, the night... the night...
21:15 the night... what does God do...
21:16 what light does God give us in the night
21:19 that would have been obscured by this power...
21:21 Ivor already nailed it but I want Bible verses
21:23 so Daniel chapter 7 verse 2
21:25 and I want you to read verses 2, 7 and 13.
21:28 Yvonne: "Daniel spake and said, I saw in my vision by night,
21:32 and, behold, the four winds of the heaven
21:35 strove upon the great sea. "
21:37 James: Okay, stop right there, he saw where?
21:39 Yvonne: In the night...
21:41 James: In his visions at night, what visions were they?
21:43 Prophetic visions,
21:44 7 prophetic visions, okay, verse 7.
21:46 Yvonne: "After this I saw in the night visions,
21:49 and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible,
21:53 and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth:
21:56 it devoured and brake in pieces,
21:58 and stamped the residue with the feet of it:
22:00 and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it;
22:03 and it had ten horns. "
22:05 James: Okay, now verse 13.
22:06 Yvonne: "I saw in the night visions, and behold,
22:10 one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven,
22:13 and came to the Ancient of days,
22:15 and they brought him near before him. "
22:17 James: Night vision, night vision,
22:18 night vision, night vision. Yvonne: Yeah.
22:19 James: Do you have night vision? Do you have night vision?
22:22 See, God's people have night visions
22:25 and those night visions come from God
22:27 and they help us to understand where we are
22:29 especially when the sun is obscured,
22:31 the night vision helps us to understand where we are.
22:33 So, he's trying to obscure the Sun...
22:34 Christ's righteousness, the gospel
22:36 and he's also trying to obscure prophecy... see that... okay
22:40 what else does prophecy do, Jason, Matthew chapter 2
22:43 verses 12 through 14.
22:45 Jason: Okay, "And being warned of God
22:47 in a dream that they should not return to Herod,
22:50 they departed into their own country another way.
22:53 And when they were departed, behold, the angel of the Lord
22:56 appeareth to Joseph in a dream saying,
22:59 Arise, and take the young child and his mother,
23:01 and flee into Egypt,
23:02 and be thou there until I bring thee word:
23:04 for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him.
23:08 When he arose, he took the young child
23:17 and his mother by night, and departed into Egypt. "
23:20 James: Okay, the angel is coming to the Magi... the wise men
23:23 telling... "Hey, don't go back to Herod"
23:25 when does he come to them? At night.
23:26 The angel comes to Joseph,
23:28 "Hey, you need to flee into Egypt"
23:30 which, by the way, was a prophecy...
23:31 of Him fleeing into Egypt.
23:34 God's people were also taken into Egypt by Joseph
23:40 you remember that? Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
23:42 James: Joseph took them in to take care of them
23:44 so, Egypt was a place where God's people were
23:46 protected for a while in the Old Testament,
23:48 Egypt was a place where Jesus was protected for a while
23:51 in the New Testament,
23:53 and both of those visions were given...
23:55 well, both of those visions...
23:56 the specific vision that Joseph had was given to him at night.
23:59 So God, not only gives us prophetic visions
24:02 but also gives us instruction, direction,
24:05 that's being obscured by this power,
24:08 when it says the sun and it says the night...
24:10 all of that is being obscured by this power
24:11 so we won't have the direction of the Word,
24:13 we won't have the direction of prophecy,
24:14 we won't have the instruction
24:17 that God wants to give us from heaven...
24:19 those luminaries are obscured...
24:21 darkness... and we don't know what to do.
24:22 Honest people have not known what to do
24:25 because those visions and those prophecies
24:28 were obscured or they were... they were misinterpreted
24:30 to mean something that... that God never intended.
24:33 Ivor: I'm going to mention something here
24:35 that I think... will set us up for our next program as well.
24:37 James: Okay.
24:38 Ivor: Is that what... and this is the...
24:40 this is the principle that...
24:42 another principle that we should mention
24:45 is the way that we come to the Book of Revelation
24:50 to understand it is that we allow prophecy
24:53 to show us what history we're looking for.
24:56 James: Yes.
24:58 Ivor: We don't look at history
24:59 and then go back and try to find it in prophecy
25:02 right, we understand the prophecy...
25:05 we understand... we try to understand the prophecy first,
25:08 what is the framework? What should I be looking for?
25:10 And then once you get that,
25:12 "Okay, now I know what I'm looking for... "
25:14 and you go and you find it in history.
25:15 What gets a lot of people in trouble is that,
25:18 they'll look at something historical
25:19 and go, "Okay, this must be prophecy"
25:21 and then go back and... you see what I'm saying?
25:23 So we become more "history based"
25:26 in our prophecy... "What is...?"
25:28 Versus, prophecy based... in our prophecy...
25:30 so, for example, as we just said,
25:32 looking at these four trumpets so far...
25:35 we were able to say, "Look, according to the prophecy
25:38 these are the things we should be looking for"
25:41 not... "Is there history that fulfills it. "
25:43 "Ah, yes there is... look... look... "
25:45 it's obvious, right?
25:47 We know we're looking for... we know the generals...
25:49 and so, we're like, "Okay, this fits in... "
25:52 this is going to be crucial when we get to trumpet number 5
25:56 and trumpet number 6 because all we have to do
25:58 to understand the parameters, all we have to do
26:01 is say, "Okay, well, let's look for the history,"
26:03 we know what we're looking for,
26:05 "Where is the history?" And guess what?
26:06 It's right there before our eyes.
26:08 Yvonne: Hmmm...
26:09 Ivor: So I just thought it's important for us
26:10 to kind of set the path as we get into trumpet number 5.
26:15 James: Okay, and then one last thought here
26:17 and that's verse 13
26:20 which really isn't a trumpet, per se...
26:23 it's kind of... instruction
26:24 and the instruction that we have here is,
26:26 basically telling us that the last three trumpets
26:29 are called, "woes. "
26:31 Verse 13 in Revelation 8, "And I beheld,
26:33 and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven,
26:36 saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe,
26:39 to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices
26:43 of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound!"
26:45 The last three trumpets are called "Woes"
26:48 and I just want to clarify this,
26:50 it's not that there are three woes and three trumpets,
26:52 so six... that's not what he's saying here,
26:55 he's simply saying, "the woes are the trumpets"
26:57 but these specific trumpets are called, "woes"
26:59 and that's for a specific reason
27:02 and the "woes" are to the inhabitants of the earth
27:04 and we can close this with the idea that...
27:07 that we don't want to be an inhabiter of the earth,
27:10 we want to be sitting in heavenly places
27:12 with Christ Jesus. Yvonne: Amen.
27:14 James: And when we find ourselves
27:15 sitting in heavenly places with Christ Jesus,
27:16 we're going to find that these woes aren't really for us,
27:20 we are going to be protected or covered, if you will,
27:25 in fact, in the first one, it talks about
27:27 "not hurting those who have the seal of God"
27:29 we're going to be protected or covered
27:31 from these "Woes"
27:33 that are coming upon the inhabitants of the earth
27:35 and that's really what we want.
27:36 Yvonne: Amen.
27:37 James: So, Jason, what do we have for connecting with us
27:40 for those who have questions?
27:42 Jason: Oh, if they have questions,
27:44 they can submit it to sss@3abn. org
27:46 we'd love some video questions.
27:49 James: Yes, video questions, any questions you have
27:53 bring them to sss@3abn. org now when we get together,
27:56 again, we're going to be moving right in
27:57 to Revelation chapter 9.


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