Salvation in Symbols and Signs

The Sixth Trumpet

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:29 We have been moving through the most challenging part
00:31 of the Book of Revelation, I just want to remind us of that
00:34 not to get us nervous or anything
00:37 but just to help us and encourage us... that if we're
00:40 having some difficulties here, there's a reason for it.
00:42 There's a lot of difference
00:45 in the interpretation of these verses...
00:48 going through... even Historicism,
00:51 there are a lot of different takes on this
00:52 and we're moving through an interpretation that lines up
00:57 with what we've seen in the prophetic cycles.
00:59 So we've looked at it from the perspective of the Dark Ages
01:02 and I want us to just review a couple of those points
01:05 that we made in our last program
01:07 as we start... first we'll start with a word of prayer
01:09 and then we'll review a couple of points...
01:11 look at a couple of key verses, then we'll move right into
01:14 the 6th trumpet or the 2nd woe same thing...
01:16 6th trumpet... 2nd woe...
01:18 all right, who wants to pray for us?
01:19 Yvonne: I'll pray... James: Thanks, Yvonne.
01:21 Yvonne: "Father, we thank you so very much
01:23 for bringing us together again to study your Word
01:26 and to bring its precious truths
01:28 so now we just ask for your Holy Spirit to lead and guide us
01:32 and thank you so much, Lord God, for our Viewers,
01:34 please continue to bless them in their study as well,
01:37 in Jesus' name. Amen. "
01:38 All: "Amen... "
01:40 James: All right, leading up to verse 1
01:42 of chapter 9 of Revelation,
01:44 I'm just going to read it here, "And the fifth angel sounded
01:45 and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth:
01:48 and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. "
01:50 Leading up to this, we have seen
01:53 the light obliterated, we've seen this fallen angel
01:58 in the third trumpet coming in like a lamp
02:00 and obscuring the light of the heavens,
02:03 obscuring the sun and the night... light...
02:06 and seeking to counterfeit if you will
02:10 the truth of the gospel and so verse 1 of chapter 9
02:15 is kind of a summary, if you will...
02:16 this power... this angel...
02:18 is given the key of the bottomless pit...
02:20 now there are a couple of verses we want to look at
02:23 the first one is Genesis chapter 1 verses 1 and 2, if you could,
02:26 Jason, could you look at those for us and read it for us?
02:27 Jason: Sure, "In the beginning God created
02:30 the heaven and the earth.
02:31 And the earth was without form, and void;
02:33 and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
02:35 And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. "
02:38 James: All right, in the beginning
02:40 when God created the heavens and the earth,
02:42 darkness was upon the face of the deep
02:44 and that word, "deep" is abuss... or abussos,
02:48 it's the same word that is used here in Revelation chapter 9...
02:51 when it says, "bottomless"
02:53 the bottomless pit the abussos... the deep...
02:56 so, in Genesis chapter 1,
02:59 before the Spirit of God moves on the waters,
03:01 before the spirit of God moves on the earth,
03:04 the earth is abussos... abyss... it's dark...
03:06 there's no Spirit of God hovering...
03:09 there's darkness everywhere
03:10 so we're talking about the Dark Ages,
03:12 so God is borrowing that terminology from Genesis
03:16 to describe what's taking place here in this time...
03:20 in earth's history... it's dark... there's darkness...
03:24 it's the Dark Ages... and the Spirit of God is not there,
03:27 the Spirit of God is withdrawn
03:29 the Spirit of God isn't working right now
03:31 because of the darkness that's come upon the earth.
03:32 Ivor: There is... there's chaos. James: There's chaos...
03:35 Ivor: It describes a period of chaos
03:37 and you need to look at Revelation 20
03:40 and we were talking about this a little bit earlier
03:42 in Revelation 20, the Bible describes
03:45 Satan being cast into the abyss...
03:47 and what we'll see when we get to Revelation 20
03:50 is that... that abyss
03:51 is a description of the earth in a chaotic state
03:55 so in Revelation 20, it's literal...
03:58 in the verse we're just looking at... Revelation 9,
04:03 it's a spiritual chaotic... spiritual darkness...
04:07 so that's what we're looking at when we see this power
04:11 it's a description of the bottomless pit...
04:13 it's a description of the state of the states...
04:17 the state of the nations during the Dark Ages.
04:20 James: Now, I want us to read another verse
04:23 and it's Isaiah 14:12...
04:25 to see how the nations got into this state
04:27 Isaiah 14:12...
04:29 Yvonne: Isaiah 14:12...
04:31 "How art thou fallen from heaven,
04:33 O Lucifer, son of the morning!
04:35 how art thou cut down to the ground,
04:37 which didst weaken the nations!"
04:39 James: Okay, now, I want you to notice
04:40 something here that's really significant,
04:43 Lucifer is identified as this fallen star
04:46 and that's what we see in Revelation chapter 8
04:49 and Revelation chapter 9,
04:51 we got the star fallen from heaven and what is he doing?
04:54 He's weakening the nations, he's weakening the nations...
04:57 that's exactly what the symbolism is...
04:59 that we see is taking place here
05:01 in Revelation chapters 8 and 9, we see a fallen star coming down
05:04 and weakening the nations,
05:07 now when we get to our last prophetic cycle
05:09 which begins in chapter 12, the symbolism is almost dropped
05:14 it simply says there that Satan has come down to the earth
05:18 having great power, his time is short
05:20 and he's seeking to deceive those who dwell on the earth.
05:22 It's just plain and simple,
05:24 right now we've got the symbolism
05:26 we've got an angel fallen from heaven
05:28 and he's given the key of the bottomless pit,
05:30 we've got to figure that out all the symbols,
05:32 well, key represents control...
05:33 bottomless pit is the earth in the state it was in before
05:37 before God moved upon it with the Spirit...
05:39 it was dark and without form and void and chaotic
05:42 and this angel represents Satan but in Revelation 12,
05:45 all the symbols are dropped and it's clear... crystal clear
05:47 Satan is there... he's deceiving the world...
05:50 so as we look at these prophetic cycles,
05:53 again, they help us, now we're moving forward
05:54 instead of backwards but I wanted to move forward
05:56 because the next one really helps us to understand.
05:58 Ivor: I'm just thinking about
05:59 something as we're talking about this
06:01 and it is very interesting because
06:02 what are the two things that are dark in here?
06:05 It's the sun and the air... it's the light and the air...
06:08 remember we talked about how the air is symbolic
06:11 of the Holy Spirit, you go back to Genesis...
06:13 the earth is without form and void
06:16 and what is it missing?
06:17 It's missing two things... the Spirit... and light...
06:19 there's the first thing that "Let there be light... "
06:22 the Spirit of God moved so we're actually looking at a reversal
06:25 it's almost like Satan is trying to undo...
06:29 you know what I'm saying... what God has done,
06:32 he's warring against God's desire
06:36 to bring order and harmony, you know what I'm saying?
06:39 So, the Dark Ages... represent Satan saying
06:42 "I'm trying to weaken the nations,
06:45 I'm trying to mess everything up that I possibly can. "
06:48 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm... Ivor: Yeah.
06:49 James: And there's a connection there also
06:51 because in Genesis, we're in creation,
06:53 and creation reminds us of God's creative power
06:56 and, of course, that's connected to the Sabbath
06:58 which is a memorial of creation
07:00 so we're going to see more of that develop
07:02 as we get into our 4th prophetic cycle
07:04 in connection with the Sabbath and worship
07:06 and how the whole world is called to worship God
07:09 or to worship Satan... through a counterfeit system...
07:11 so that's going to be real interesting,
07:12 okay, let's get right into where we left off here
07:16 in Revelation chapter 9
07:18 because we're looking at the rise of this locust army
07:21 and just to summarize in just a couple of sentences
07:24 the locust army represents the Muslims
07:26 who were raised up...
07:27 just like the locust army in the Old Testament...
07:29 Nebuchadnezzar... raised up to chastise God's apostate people
07:32 and as the Muslims come in... as Nebuchadnezzar came in...
07:36 they protected those who were faithful to God
07:38 Jeremiah was protected by Nebuchadnezzar
07:40 and the Muslims... it says there in verse 4...
07:43 hurt everyone except those who have the seal of God
07:45 and, of course, the seal of God is definitely an end-time test
07:50 we know that... but the seal of God is also
07:52 eternal experience that God's people have always had
07:56 that means we've settled into the truth by the Holy Spirit
07:58 and, of course, that settling in the truth is a sealing
08:02 that we receive from God and in Ephesians chapter 1
08:04 the sealing takes place through the Holy Spirit
08:06 and in the last days it's especially going to be
08:08 applicable to... I believe...
08:10 this worship issue... this issue of worship...
08:12 and the Sabbath that we'll develop more
08:15 in our 4th prophetic cycle.
08:16 Yvonne: Can we review again how you came to
08:19 the understanding that it's the Muslims
08:22 because I think that's a...
08:25 a lot of people are going to wonder
08:27 like, how again did you get there
08:29 and so I'd like to just kind of review that.
08:32 Ivor: Let me summarize that if we can
08:33 and we're just going to summarize it
08:35 using the principles that we've been talking here
08:37 going through each portion of the sevens...
08:39 cycles of sevens... Yvonne: Yes... yes...
08:41 Ivor: And churches, seals, trumpets, right... so...
08:45 so, we're in the... we're in the fifth trumpet
08:49 right and we're looking at what just came before that
08:54 okay, so, we know that is the Roman Catholic System
08:59 we learn that from church number four
09:01 that this was a church that are the Dark Ages...
09:04 we know that the trumpets
09:05 are an answer to the prayers of the saints
09:08 right, the saints are praying why?
09:10 Because they're being persecuted.
09:11 Yvonne: Right.
09:12 Ivor: So... Jerusalem... first enemy of the church...
09:14 they fell under the 1st trumpet...
09:17 Rome... the second enemy of the church...
09:21 200... 300 A.D. they fall at the 2nd trumpet
09:24 the next enemy of the church of the Papacy...
09:28 okay, I'm sorry... not the Papacy...
09:30 of God's church is the Papacy and that lasts
09:35 all the 1,260 years... so during this time period,
09:40 the trumpets that come after this...
09:42 are all pointed towards the papacy...
09:45 we are looking for an army...
09:48 which is... remember how we talked letting prophecy
09:51 determine the history we had before? Yvonne: Yes...
09:53 Ivor: So as we see this army attacking the Papacy...
09:55 "Man, well, did an army attack the...
09:58 what army attacked the Papacy during the Dark Ages?
10:01 Oh, there's only one power, it's not the Chinese,
10:04 it's not the Russians...
10:05 it's one power and one power only... "
10:08 it's an inescapable conclusion
10:10 that the army we're looking at here is Islam.
10:14 Yvonne: Wow! that's good thank you.
10:16 James: Then what we did was we just looked at
10:18 some of the characteristics
10:19 so we looked at... and I've got a list on here
10:21 and I'm just going to go through them real quickly
10:23 because I think it will be helpful as we go through this.
10:26 Yvonne: Yeah, while you're looking, I mean,
10:27 I just think this is so good because people are going to say,
10:31 "How did we get there?"
10:32 And... because they don't see the actual Word
10:36 so, how did we get there?
10:40 And so, what you guys are doing is just a blessing.
10:43 James: Yeah and it's... it's... a lot of times,
10:46 the Bible is very explicit
10:48 in how it identifies a specific power
10:50 in Daniel, for example, it will talk about a he-goat
10:54 and a ram and then at the end it says,
10:56 "You know, that was Medo-Persia and that was Grecia... "
10:59 but in other times... like in Daniel 7,
11:02 it doesn't actually identify the power
11:04 that's described there as the "little horn"
11:06 it doesn't identify it by name but it gives characteristics
11:10 so, we're sitting at the table right now
11:13 and the characteristics that God gives
11:16 to try to identify would be like me saying,
11:18 "Okay, one of us... sitting at this table has a tie on"
11:22 and so far you've nailed that down to three people
11:26 and you're excluded, okay. Yvonne: Right.
11:27 James: Okay, "The same person that has a tie on
11:29 has blue in the tie... " and now we've just excluded me
11:33 "and that same person that has a tie
11:36 and has blue in the tie is black...
11:40 and has a mustache... "
11:42 now I haven't limited these two yet... you see what I'm saying?
11:46 "And is nice looking and young... "
11:51 Jason: Oh, thank you... thank you...
11:55 James: "And has a girlfriend. "
12:03 James: "Who he considers to be his wife... "
12:07 Yvonne: Oh...
12:11 James: Okay, see so, this is how we're looking at the timeframe
12:14 we've looked... all of that's there...
12:15 and then we have these characteristics
12:17 and so, one of the characteristics is,
12:18 "They torment for five months"
12:20 prophetically speaking, that's 150 years.
12:22 When we look at the history of the Muslims,
12:25 we look at these attacks... these incursions...
12:27 into the Eastern Roman Empire, where they go in and they leave,
12:30 they go in and they leave... and it was tormenting because
12:33 they would take out the livestock
12:37 and wreak havoc everywhere and then they would leave,
12:41 and the people would start all over again...
12:42 and they start all over again.
12:44 Ivor: That 150-year period,
12:45 30 days in a month times 5 months...
12:50 one day equals a year... and that's how we get the 150 years
12:54 from that five-month period, right,
12:57 when it says five months, yeah.
12:59 Yvonne: Oh...
13:00 James: And so, they would torment
13:02 and men would want to die but they couldn't die
13:05 because their life was just like... so futile
13:08 in just working and developing...
13:10 can you imagine you work for 10 to 20 years
13:14 and you buy a house and you start...
13:16 and then the economy flops and you lose everything,
13:18 then you start all over again,
13:19 well, that's what happened with these incursions of the Muslims
13:23 they come in and they take out everything and then they leave
13:25 and then they'd have to start all over again.
13:26 And then another indication here was... it says...
13:29 that they were riding horses... horses...
13:32 they were like horses riding the battle with...
13:34 that was the chief weapon of the Muslims,
13:36 they would come in on those horses,
13:38 Kooh... they'd go in... and kooh... they'd go out...
13:40 that was their chief weapon... and then it says
13:43 they had crowns of gold and these were
13:45 the turbans that they would wear that would shine in the sunshine
13:49 they had these golden turbans and they had hair like women
13:53 well, these turbans were wrapped around their heads
13:55 and they would hang down and they would look like
13:57 the hair of a woman and then it says,
14:00 "They had breastplates of iron" well the horses...
14:02 they would clad them with these iron breastplates
14:04 they would have their heads covered and they'd armor them up
14:07 so they were protected and then it says,
14:10 the sound of their wings was the sound of many horses
14:12 running the battle
14:13 and then it goes on to say that they had...
14:17 let's see what else... "A king over them... "
14:20 and so... at some point... and we're getting into our...
14:23 our sixth trumpet right now, at some point,
14:26 they all organized together under one Leader
14:29 and became the Ottoman Empire under Othman,
14:31 they became the Ottoman Empire so all of the characteristics
14:35 that we're seeing through here in addition to the timeframe,
14:38 add weight... so we say... "Okay, I guess the guy with the
14:42 with the tie... that's blue... that's nice looking...
14:46 and is young and has a girlfriend
14:49 that is actually his wife... is Ivor... after all...
14:52 and a mustache. "
14:55 Jason: Congratulations... Ivor: Girlfriend...
14:57 Yvonne: A perennial girlfriend, right...
15:00 Ivor: Let me add something here, James,
15:01 just to... kind of like... bring this together...
15:04 we may ask, "Well, why is... why is this history important?"
15:10 Right, okay, so you have Islam attacking...
15:13 making these raids... what was happening is
15:17 as Islam is attacking the Eastern Roman Empire,
15:20 they are calling out for help from guess who?
15:24 The Papacy... right... so Papacy, in the meantime,
15:29 their war is against... guess who?
15:32 The Protestant Reformation
15:33 but now they have to go and help Eastern Rome,
15:39 they're sending...
15:40 these Crusades were about sending warriors...
15:43 those who would fight to help Eastern Rome
15:47 from these Islamic invasions
15:49 so their attention is now being diverted, okay,
15:53 now, I'm going to have them turn to
15:56 Revelation 12 because we're just going to...
15:58 I just want to read these two verses very quickly
16:00 and kind of show you the context of what's going on here
16:03 in Revelation 12 verse 15,
16:05 could you read verse 15 and verse...
16:08 actually, you know what? Verse 14 to verse 16.
16:11 Yvonne: "And to the woman were given two wings
16:14 of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness,
16:17 into her place, where she is nourished for a time,
16:20 and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. "
16:23 Ivor: Okay, pause right there,
16:25 so the woman... we know... represents the church,
16:29 the time times and a half represents the 1,260 years
16:32 she's gone into the wilderness
16:34 where she's trying to be protected
16:37 from the face of the serpent,
16:38 okay, we know the serpent is the dragon,
16:40 all right now, next verse.
16:42 Yvonne: "And the serpent cast out of his mouth,
16:44 water as a flood after the woman,
16:46 that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. "
16:49 Ivor: Okay, so, in the Bible water or flood would...
16:54 water represents peoples, nations, multitudes and tongues,
16:58 Satan is casting out of his mouth
17:00 peoples, nations, multitudes and tongues after the church
17:03 okay, in other words, he's trying to destroy her
17:07 and he's using military power, right,
17:09 he's using the... he's using the nations
17:11 because remember, he's ruling over the...
17:13 the Papacy is ruling over the nations
17:15 so they're using these nations, military might
17:18 to try to destroy the Protestant Movement.
17:21 James: And specifically the flood in Isaiah 59
17:23 represents the enemy...
17:24 when the enemy shall come in like a flood
17:26 so it's the enemy of God's people...
17:28 Ivor: Absolutely... so here you have them
17:31 diverting the... you know... trying to destroy the woman
17:34 but look at verse 16.
17:36 Yvonne: "And the earth helped the woman,
17:38 and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood
17:41 which the dragon cast out of his mouth. "
17:43 Ivor: Okay, so, remember what we just talked...
17:45 what did we open the program with?
17:47 James: The Abyss...
17:48 Ivor: The Abyss... what is that?
17:50 It's the earth before it was... in darkness... right...
17:55 here, the Bible is telling us that
17:57 the earth opened up its mouth and when it does that
18:01 this event helps the woman by swallowing up the flood.
18:06 In Revelation 9, what do we see happening?
18:10 The earth opens her mouth, Islam comes out
18:14 and guess what?
18:15 The rise of Islam diverts the flood...
18:20 "Oh man, we got to go deal with this power... "
18:23 and that diverting of the flood helps the woman...
18:27 gives her time to grow... gives her time to be nourished
18:33 this is what we have happening here
18:35 so even though it looks like Islam is rising up and like,
18:38 "Oh man, this is an evil, wicked power"
18:40 remember God is using this power
18:42 to divert the attention of the Papacy
18:45 to answer the prayers of the saints...
18:48 Yvonne: Hmmm...
18:49 Ivor: Which is the purpose of the trumpet.
18:50 Where is all this folding at? The Altar of Incense
18:54 the saints are praying,
18:56 "Lord, you've got to finish the work,
18:58 you've got to finish the work... "
18:59 God says, "We're going to blow a trumpet,
19:01 we'll then get these people...
19:02 we're going to get my people moving
19:04 and we're going to help them to accomplish their mission. "
19:08 Yvonne: Wow! James: Hmmm... hmmm...
19:09 Ivor: Okay, so that kind of gives again, the big picture of,
19:13 "Okay, this is what's going on,
19:15 this is why this history is important. "
19:17 Yvonne: Right... right...
19:18 it's so amazing to me because you can check with history
19:23 and see what happened at this particular point
19:28 and then that corroborates with the Word.
19:30 Ivor: Absolutely.
19:32 James: Yes, and that's what we want to do.
19:34 We want to let the Word, in Bible prophecy, especially,
19:37 interpret itself... and so we go to the Bible
19:39 and we look at, "What does the bottomless pit mean,
19:41 what's this fallen star... what is...?"
19:43 and then... "What are the locusts?
19:44 How does God use those before... "
19:46 so when we go into the Bible especially the Old Testament
19:48 and look for the typology and look for the symbolism
19:50 and then we apply it...
19:52 then we want to see if history confirms that.
19:54 Does history confirm what we just figured out here?
19:56 Yvonne: Right.
19:57 James: Was there an army that came against the...
19:59 during the Dark Ages... and actually helped?
20:01 Yes, there was an army that came against the Papacy
20:03 during the Dark Ages and actually
20:05 it was like a Locust Army with horses and breastplates
20:07 and it actually helped... it actually relieved
20:10 the persecution that came against the woman
20:12 and the Reformation was able to grow because of that army.
20:14 Ivor: And another thing, the crucial thing
20:17 is understanding the context of the story
20:20 because, again, if we said,
20:22 "No, this 5th trumpet is something else... "
20:24 it's, you know, "the bombing of the World Trade Center"
20:28 it will be like... "I'm just... "
20:31 "How would that fit into the big picture?
20:34 How would that fit into the context
20:36 of the time period we're looking at?"
20:37 The reason why these... the things we've been doing
20:40 to kind of set all this up is so important
20:42 is because, you begin to see everything
20:44 fall into place in context.
20:46 You understand the, "Why" it's not just,
20:48 "Oh okay, this represents an invasion of Islam... "
20:52 there's a "why" to it... and when we can begin to understand
20:55 the "whys" everything begins to make sense,
20:58 it's easier to look and understand and read
21:01 and see it in the context of the bigger picture.
21:04 James: That's really important, all right, let's get into it,
21:07 Revelation chapter... not 12... not 11...
21:10 though 11 is going to have some interesting points in it too,
21:13 the timeliness... we're looking at Revelation chapter 9,
21:15 let's just start reading here,
21:17 Jason, you want to read for us Revelation chapter 9
21:20 and verses 12, 13, 14... yeah, 12 through 14.
21:28 Ivor: James, do you want to touch on the five months,
21:31 the beginning time and...
21:32 because I don't think we touched on that...
21:34 the five months or do you want to wait
21:36 and connect it with...
21:37 we didn't touch on the starting point of the five months
21:41 and the ending point.
21:43 James: Yeah, you're right, that's a good question,
21:46 we should probably touch on that
21:48 but let's do that as we get in this time period
21:50 in verse 15. Ivor: Hmmm... hmmm...
21:51 James: We'll start with the introduction to the first...
21:52 and second woe
21:54 and then we'll get into this as we hit the time...
21:55 then second time point.
21:57 Jason: All right, starting on verse 12,
21:59 chapter 9, "One woe is past;
22:03 and, behold, there come two woes more hereafter.
22:05 And the sixth angel sounded,
22:07 and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar
22:10 which is before God,
22:12 Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet,
22:15 Loose the four angels which are bound
22:17 in the great river Euphrates. "
22:19 James: Okay, now, oh, and let's read verse 15, sorry Jason.
22:23 Jason: Okay, "And the four angels were loosed,
22:25 which were prepared for an hour, and a day,
22:28 and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men. "
22:31 James: All right, now, in this...
22:33 Jason: There's that "third" again.
22:35 James: There's that "third" again
22:36 and in this second woe,
22:38 we're introduced to a time period
22:39 and this time period can either be punctiliar...
22:43 that is... a point in time... a day, an hour, a month, a year
22:47 a date in time or it can be cumulative,
22:49 in other words, we're taking all of those
22:52 little phrases and we're adding them together
22:54 and coming up with a time prophecy.
22:55 Now, either one of those is interpreted by many scholars
23:00 for hundreds of years the Historicist's position has been
23:06 that it's cumulative...
23:07 and that's the position we're going to take.
23:09 but there are many voices that say, "It's punctiliar"
23:12 in other words... it's a time in history...
23:14 it's a place in history...
23:15 now, there's good reason for both interpretations
23:20 and I don't want us to go into all of the detail of that
23:22 for those who are viewing the Program,
23:25 we'll put it in the notes,
23:26 we'll have it available in the notes
23:27 but what we want to do is, we want to see
23:30 if the cumulative interpretation actually fits
23:35 with events that took place in history,
23:37 we're going to do the same thing we've been doing,
23:39 we're going to look at how the Bible interprets this
23:41 and then we're going to see if it fits in history
23:43 and the first thing we want to note
23:45 in relation to the Bible interpretation
23:46 before you get into the 150 and...
23:49 is, we want to note this phrase which is in verse 13
23:52 because as soon as the second woe was introduced,
23:56 the first woe is passed... the second woe is introduced...
23:58 it says that the sixth angel sounds
24:00 and there's a voice from the four horns of the golden altar
24:02 now that tells us something significant,
24:05 if we're following the Sanctuary symbolism,
24:07 the four horns of the golden altar... is Holy Place.
24:09 Yvonne: Right.
24:11 James: That means, that in the sequence of this history,
24:15 we are still in the Holy-Place ministry of Christ
24:18 which is pre-1844 so we're still before 1844
24:22 which is perfect for us
24:24 because so far, that's what we've established.
24:26 We've established that this rising up of this...
24:28 of this locust army
24:30 is all taking place during the Dark Ages.
24:33 So, now what we want to do is,
24:34 we want to go into the history of the Dark Ages
24:36 and we want to find out, was there...
24:40 were there specific dates
24:42 that relate to the rising up of this power
24:45 and its incursion into the Eastern Roman Empire
24:47 as well as... it's ability to come in
24:50 and bring death and destruction to this Empire
24:53 and indeed there was so we go back to the five months
24:56 we find that the day-for-a-year principle
24:59 30 days Biblically for a month...
25:01 150 years... a day for a year 150 days... 150 years,
25:05 we see a beginning date of July 27, 1299
25:10 now, July 27, 1299 is the time when we see
25:15 these Muslim powers coming together
25:18 with a king over them and starting to have an offensive
25:22 against the Eastern Empire, they've been going in...
25:26 they've been going in here and there
25:27 but now they've united... they have a king over them
25:29 and that's what we read here in verse 11,
25:32 "they had a king over them
25:34 which is the angel of the bottomless pit
25:35 whose name in the Hebrew is Abaddon,
25:37 but in the Greek tongue his name is...
25:38 he has his name Apollyon. "
25:39 And that word in Greek and Hebrew simply means,
25:43 "the destroyer... the destroyer... "
25:45 and again, we talked about how Satan is weakening the nations,
25:48 Jesus says in John 10:10,
25:50 that he came to do nothing but to kill and to destroy.
25:55 There are three words there...
25:56 Ivor: Kill, steal and destroy. James: Kill, steal and destroy.
25:58 He's stealing God's property, he's stealing this earth,
26:01 stealing the nations... killing and destroying.
26:03 So, behind the scenes, Satan is working...
26:06 he's working through every particular nation
26:09 that he can... and his ultimate goal is to destroy.
26:12 Yvonne: Hmmm...
26:13 James: Okay, and so they unite together...
26:15 they're coming in force... but then...
26:17 at 150 years from July 27, 1299 it brings us to July 27, 1449
26:25 and what happens in the Eastern Roman Empire
26:28 is John Palaiologos ascends to the throne
26:32 but only with the consent of the Muslim Emperor,
26:36 so he says, "I need your consent to ascend to the throne
26:38 of the Eastern Roman Empire... " now, you've got to understand,
26:40 he's in Muslim territory, almost,
26:43 there's a wall there,
26:44 Constantinople is like the last city that is just
26:48 a stronghold against the Muslims and so he's asking for consent
26:52 in other words, he's actually in a sense...
26:53 submitting himself to this power and its protection
26:58 and so that history and those historic events
27:02 give us a timeframe for the beginning and the ending
27:05 of this prophetic period,
27:06 we're running out of time right now
27:08 so, what we're going to do is, we're going to pick this up
27:10 review it a little bit and pick it up
27:11 and really get into it, you know, as we get back.
27:13 Yvonne: It's a cliffhanger...
27:15 James: Yes, it's a cliffhanger
27:16 so we'll continue, it's good stuff.
27:18 Jason, tell us what we need to do
27:19 if people want to get ahold of this program and ask questions.
27:22 Jason: Well, if they want to ask questions,
27:25 they can send their questions to sss@3abn. org
27:28 James: All right, so we'll look forward to questions.
27:30 Yvonne: And there are going to be
27:31 Study Guides available as well.
27:33 James: Yes, we want to have Study Guides... good deal
27:35 all right, so we'll get right back into this
27:38 in our next lesson.


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