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The Great Disappointment

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:30 Okay we're in Revelation 10
00:32 and we have given a basic overview,
00:35 we've gone through the chapter, the verses,
00:37 we've kind of laid out the connection between Revelation
00:40 chapter 10 and Daniel 10 and 12,
00:43 and we've shown that they connected together,
00:45 these two books connected here and it's really cool because
00:48 the book of Daniel was sealed at the end of his writing
00:51 and now it's open,
00:53 it was sealed for certain periods of time
00:55 and now those times are no longer...
00:57 so the angel that sealed the book...
00:58 went through certain motions...
01:00 came to Daniel glorified... stood on the waters of the river
01:03 had his hands to heaven, sware by him that lives forever,
01:05 that this book will be sealed
01:07 for a time, times and half a time
01:08 then the same thing happens in Revelation chapter 10
01:11 we have this mighty angel...
01:13 stands on the earth and on the sea
01:15 holds his hands up to heaven,
01:17 sweareth by Him that lives forever and ever...
01:19 that time should be no longer and that's why the book's open
01:21 in Revelation 10:1... the book is open...
01:23 it's unsealed... and then there's these seven thunders...
01:26 this message... this perfect message from God
01:30 that comes out of the book of Daniel
01:32 that Daniel or John can't write
01:33 and later he was told to go and eat the book
01:37 so it's not like... "you can't have the message"
01:39 it's like... "Just don't write it out...
01:40 it's already written in Daniel,
01:42 you need to go to the book of Daniel
01:44 and consume it, eat it, assimilate it
01:46 and it will be a sweet experience
01:48 in your mouth...
01:50 but in your belly... it's going to be bitter"
01:53 and that's what we need to do.
01:54 Ivor: Yeah, I think they're like two bookends of one vision
01:58 you have the angel appearing at the beginning of the bookend
02:02 so that will be... at the beginning of the 1,260...
02:04 that's not when he appears but the...
02:07 it talks about the book being sealed for that long.
02:10 At the end of that vision, the angel appears again
02:13 and says, "Okay, this is the end of the vision"
02:15 his face is like the sun...
02:18 this is going to connect us with the fact
02:20 that we are just coming out of the Dark Ages
02:22 and there's about to be light revealed to the people of God
02:27 and the light that is revealed is... I mean... it's light...
02:32 and that light actually is going to help
02:34 the people of God be affirmed in their prophetic understanding.
02:38 James: Hmmm... hmmm...
02:39 Jason: Break down the "sweet in the mouth bitter in the belly. "
02:41 Yvonne: Well, before we do that, let's pray.
02:43 Ivor: Yes.
02:45 Yvonne: Let's get... yeah, but that's a good question, Jay.
02:47 Ivor: Yes, that's a "sweet" question.
02:48 Yvonne: It's a sweet question.
02:50 James: Sweet...
02:51 Ivor: Let's pray... "Heavenly Father,
02:53 we want to ask that you would guide us
02:54 as we continue to go through the book of Revelation,
02:56 we pray that you'll give us understanding
02:59 and we pray that you would open our eyes
03:01 that we may behold wondrous things out of thy book...
03:03 in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
03:05 All: "Amen... "
03:07 James: All right, what's your question for us?
03:10 Jason: So, when it says, "Sweet in the mouth...
03:13 bitter in the belly... " what does that mean?
03:16 James: So basically you have,
03:18 first of all... the book of Daniel...
03:20 so it's talking about God's Word...
03:22 and I love this idea because
03:25 it's actually describing something that
03:27 a particular prophetic Movement went through
03:31 but it's also speaking about our own experiences,
03:32 it's very practical...
03:34 for example... when I first gave my heart to Jesus,
03:37 it was a sweet experience... I was in love with Jesus,
03:41 but in accepting the gospel and seeing God change my life,
03:45 there were some difficulties that I went through,
03:48 for example, with friends, I lost friends over it
03:51 and that wasn't sweet... that was bitter.
03:53 You know, to lose friends, to find people that...
03:56 that because you're different now
03:57 and that you don't do the things you used to do,
03:59 they no longer want to hang around with you
04:01 and be with you and they're uncomfortable around you
04:03 that's a bitter experience... so the sweet-bitter experience
04:06 you see that... all through the Scriptures with God's people.
04:09 It's the sweetness of accepting His Word...
04:11 and in the bitterness of the disappointments that come
04:14 as we go through various experiences in life,
04:16 but more specifically here...
04:18 there is an experience that a group of people have
04:21 based upon understanding the prophecies of the book of Daniel
04:26 and just in a nutshell, before we go there,
04:29 the idea is... is that the book of Daniel was sealed
04:32 not because God didn't want people to know about it,
04:35 but rather, because, it couldn't totally be comprehended,
04:38 because it was so far ahead of its time...
04:40 Yvonne: Hmmm...
04:41 James: So Daniel was trying to figure out
04:43 how does this book relate to what's happening today
04:46 and God told them basically,
04:48 "Ah... it's not for... a long time ahead...
04:52 many days in the future,
04:54 your people in the end of time
04:55 are going to understand these prophecies"
04:56 and so Daniel is told to seal it up...
04:59 then when we get to that time period,
05:01 in the end... after the 1,260 and the 1,335 and the 1,290
05:04 those time prophecies are... have ended...
05:06 we get to the place where Daniel's book is actually open
05:10 Revelation 10 where he's standing in his lot,
05:12 bearing his testimony... it says there in Daniel 12:13
05:16 and that causes people to study it
05:19 and as they start studying it
05:21 they come to this conclusion about this time prophecy
05:24 I understand to be the 2,300 days
05:27 and they see it as a day for a year
05:29 as beginning in 457...
05:31 as ending with the cleansing of the Sanctuary
05:34 and they come to a conclusion
05:35 that the cleansing of the Sanctuary
05:37 must be when Christ comes back to the earth
05:38 to cleanse the earth with fire
05:40 because the Sanctuary is the earth,
05:41 at that point they have no clue
05:43 there's a Sanctuary in heaven according to Hebrews
05:45 there's a Sanctuary in heaven, they're not thinking...
05:48 the whole Christian world basically believes
05:50 that the earth is the Sanctuary
05:51 so they proclaim this message based on the 2,300 days
05:55 that in 1844... Jesus is going to return
05:57 and cleanse the earth... and it's a sweet...
05:59 they have a sweetness... ah sweet...
06:01 it's so clear... the delineation begins and ends where it does
06:06 that's set... they're clear on that...
06:07 they're just wrong on the event
06:09 and so they have the sweet experience...
06:11 they sacrifice everything... friends...
06:12 everything that's dear to them they leave it all behind
06:14 and they're waiting for Jesus and He doesn't return
06:17 and they go through a bitter disappointment.
06:19 That's the short and the long of it,
06:21 that's the basic summary of it.
06:23 That's the sweet-bitter experience.
06:24 Ivor: Let me, again, try to put this into perspective
06:28 and we're going to look at
06:29 what's happening in Revelation 10...
06:30 this sweet and bitter experience...
06:32 this bitter experience of 1844 and what that meant
06:38 to God's people at the time
06:39 so, let's go back a little bit and remember that...
06:45 just before this you have the Dark Ages
06:48 okay, this is the Papacy... dominating...
06:50 okay, one of the things that the Bible tells us
06:53 that the Papacy would do during the Dark Ages,
06:56 is found in Daniel 7:25
06:59 where it says that this little horn
07:01 "that he shall think to change times and laws"
07:07 okay, so that word, "times"
07:09 is used elsewhere in the book of Daniel
07:13 and is referred... and in Revelation as well...
07:15 we're looking at the little power ruling for how long?
07:18 Time, times and half a time... okay...
07:21 now why is that significant?
07:23 Because Martin Luther and many of the other
07:27 Protestant Reformers began to identify
07:30 the Papacy through this time prophecy,
07:33 "Wait a minute, a day for a year,
07:35 if that is Biblical
07:38 then this power is not ruling for three-and-a-half years,
07:40 or 1,260 days... it's ruling for 1,260 years...
07:45 hey, there is only one power
07:47 that has been ruling for centuries and it's the Papacy"
07:52 so the Papacy was like,
07:54 "Well, man, we are losing people
07:56 because of this, what are we going to do?"
07:58 So in the 1500s... they have this Council
08:00 called the "Council of Trent"
08:01 and the Council of Trent...
08:02 they decide to come up with two new schools of prophecy
08:06 we talked about this in one of our first programs,
08:08 Preterism and Futurism...
08:10 James: Alcasar and Ribera.
08:12 Ivor: Absolutely and these guys
08:14 came up with these schools that said,
08:15 "Hey, these prophecies are all in the future"
08:17 Futurism...
08:18 or they're all in the past... Preterism...
08:20 but in order to do that... guess what they had to change?
08:22 James: Times...
08:24 Ivor: Times... Yvonne: Hmmm...
08:26 Ivor: "This is not a- day-for-a-year...
08:27 what are you talking about?
08:28 This is a day-for-a-day... " so there is this deep argument,
08:32 "Is the day-for-a-year principle even legitimate?
08:35 Come on, look, it's not so. "
08:37 So, when 1798 is approaching,
08:42 and these scholars are saying, "Well, you know what?
08:47 if the day-for-a-year principle is right,
08:51 then... because we don't really have
08:53 any way to prove it, we're just assuming
08:55 but if it's right, then guess what?
08:58 by 1798... the Papacy should receive a deadly wound. "
09:01 And guess what happened?
09:03 1798... the Papacy receives a deadly wound.
09:05 James: It could hardly wait to get there
09:06 because it was February of 1798...
09:08 Ivor: Absolutely.
09:09 James: Let's pop in there... let's do this.
09:11 Yvonne: Wow!
09:12 Ivor: Wow! but the Bible says this,
09:14 "In the mouth of two or three witnesses,
09:16 let ever word be established. "
09:17 So, you know what God does?
09:19 "Because, hey, maybe that was just chance... "
09:21 Yvonne: Ah ha... ah ha...
09:23 Ivor: You know what else he does?
09:24 He gives them the prophecy of the 391 years and 15 days.
09:30 So, now, when 1840 rolls around, they're like...
09:34 see, at 1798... after 1798... what this did,
09:38 remember, the book is now opened now they're like,
09:41 "We get it... a day-for-a-year principle...
09:44 okay, it fits... "
09:45 James: That's with the 2,300 too.
09:47 Ivor: That's right... that's when they began studying
09:49 the 2,300-day prophecy and they're like,
09:50 "We're getting it, we're getting it... "
09:51 so, if that's true... then, 1844 must also be true,
09:56 right, so now they're moving along...
09:58 in the mouth of two or three witnesses,
10:01 guess what God does?
10:02 He now gives them the 1840 prophecy
10:03 and now they're like,
10:05 "Oh yeah, we know for sure now. "
10:07 Yvonne: "And we're doing it right
10:09 because we can confirm it. "
10:10 Ivor: "We're doing it right... we can confirm it...
10:11 we can point to 1840... we can point to 1798"
10:16 so, now when 1844 rolls around, and by-the-way,
10:20 the Christian world is like, "Whoa, there's something to this
10:24 day-for-a-year principle I mean, look, look... "
10:26 but in the mouth of two... "Maybe it's coincidence"
10:28 the second time it happens, "Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... "
10:32 now, guess what happens when 1844 disappoints?
10:36 All of a sudden they're like, "Wait a minute... "
10:40 James: We were on a roll here.
10:42 Ivor: "Were we wrong, was something going on?"
10:45 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm... James: Yeah.
10:46 Ivor: And it's amazing because what really came into question
10:49 was this day-for-a-year principle...
10:51 And this is the key thing is that...
10:54 after 1844... all those people
10:56 that were on the verge of accepting this prophecy...
10:59 they turned and rejected the day-for-a-year principle.
11:02 James: Hmmm...
11:03 Ivor: And as a result, they went back to Preterism
11:05 or Futurism... only one Movement...
11:08 only one people actually said,
11:10 "Wait a minute... wait a minute"
11:12 so in Revelation chapter 10,
11:14 when the angel gives him this book...
11:16 and says, "Look, you're going to have a disappointment
11:19 but don't worry about it, I'm showing you
11:23 that what you did not understand I've already prophesied it,
11:28 you are right, the day-for-a-year principle
11:31 it is accurate... you just got the event wrong
11:34 and I didn't tell you the event...
11:37 'Angels, don't write it... '" James: Hmmm... hmmm.
11:39 James: "John, don't write it. "
11:40 Ivor: "John, don't write it" right,
11:42 "John, don't write that part" you know...
11:43 "I need to have this happen
11:45 because what this is going to do is... "
11:47 how many of you remember the story of Gideon?
11:49 When Gideon had the... he had this great big army
11:51 James: Yeah... Yvonne: Yeah...
11:53 Ivor: All right... God was like, "Yeah, but you know?
11:54 Some of these guys aren't ready so whoever... "
11:57 and He brings it down from like, 21,000 or whatever
11:59 down to the 300...
12:01 1844 reveals the 300...
12:04 that small group of people
12:07 because remember, I mean... so many were disappointed,
12:10 it was literally only a handful of people
12:13 and were it not for Revelation chapter 10,
12:16 that would have been it, everyone would have been...
12:18 so, I'm just going to share one more verse with you
12:21 and then we're going to come back to 2,300 days,
12:22 let's go back to Daniel chapter 12
12:24 and I'll show you this very quickly, one verse...
12:26 James: Yeah, do it and just in saying,
12:28 I don't think we should touch the...
12:30 do the 2,300 days right now,
12:31 I think we should do it when we do Daniel...
12:32 Ivor: Yeah, I've been thinking. James: Okay...
12:34 Ivor: Yeah, we've... we've done half...
12:36 James: Yeah, and I've got a good way for us to segue from this.
12:39 Ivor: So, Daniel 10 and notice this, Daniel...
12:44 I'm sorry, Daniel 12...
12:45 Daniel 12 and verse...
12:49 verse 8... so it says,
12:53 "And I heard, but I understood not:
12:54 then I said, O my Lord,
12:56 what shall be the end of these things?
12:57 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel:
12:59 for the words are closed up
13:00 and sealed till the time of the end. "
13:02 1798... right? James: Hmmm... hmmm...
13:04 Ivor: So after that... look at the very next verse,
13:07 "Many shall be... " what? Yvonne: Purified...
13:09 Ivor: Give me another word for "purified. "
13:10 Yvonne: Cleansed...
13:12 Ivor: Cleansed... huh?
13:14 "Many shall be purified, and made white... "
13:16 wow, you know what? That reminds me...
13:19 James: And tried...
13:21 Ivor: Tried... what does it mean to be tried?
13:23 It means "to be judged" it means "to be tested"
13:25 and made white... huh?
13:26 isn't it under the 5th trumpet?
13:29 James: Yes... white robes were sealed..
13:31 Ivor: White robes were given to every one of them.
13:33 This is pointing us to the judgment...
13:37 right, purified... white robes...
13:39 judged or tried... now look at this...
13:41 "but the wicked shall do wickedly:
13:43 and none of the wicked shall understand;
13:46 but the wise shall understand. "
13:50 James: Hmmm... hmmm... Yvonne: Hmmm...
13:51 Ivor: What happened in 1844? "Those who truly... "
13:55 those who were motivated by some other...
13:57 "Oh, is Jesus coming?" "Oh, well we'd better get ready,
13:59 I mean, I don't believe with love in my heart
14:00 but we'd better get ready"
14:02 those who really desired the coming of Christ,
14:05 were separated from those who were
14:07 kind of going along with the Movement
14:09 just because they thought,
14:11 "Oh yeah, He's coming, I'd better get ready. "
14:12 Yvonne: Right...
14:13 Ivor: So, the wicked did not understand...
14:15 but the wise understood. Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
14:17 Ivor: They had a sweet experience in their mouth
14:19 but it was bitter in their belly
14:20 then they went back and said, "What went wrong?"
14:23 "Oh, that's the missing... that's what we didn't hear... "
14:26 "That's the... and even the... "
14:29 so we can know that even the disappointment
14:32 was God ordained... because God said,
14:35 "John, don't write that part. " James: Yeah.
14:37 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm... Ivor: "Don't write that part. "
14:38 Yvonne: That is so interesting because
14:41 honestly, I've always wondered, like...
14:44 "Was it a false prophecy?" I mean, you know, just...
14:50 to be upfront... was it a false prophecy
14:53 and was this all based on a false prophecy?
14:57 But to know that God made provision for that.
15:01 Ivor: We need to go to the 70 weeks.
15:03 James: We got another parallel, that's what we got to do...
15:06 so, so, when you bring this up, here's another point
15:08 that I think is really powerful with the 2,300 days
15:11 is broken into two parts...
15:12 and again, we're not going to go into the details
15:14 in this program, we're going to do it in Daniel
15:16 but we're still going to look at the big picture
15:18 and the parallels... so the first part is the 70 weeks,
15:21 and that 70-week part of the 2,300 days...
15:23 applies to Christ,
15:25 His disciples and their disappointment
15:29 and then you've got the latter half of the prophecy
15:32 that's connected to it that applies to the Millerites
15:34 and their disappointment
15:36 and there are incredible parallels...
15:37 first of all we need to recognize,
15:39 I'll just make the first parallel...
15:40 it was predicted the disciples would forsake Christ...
15:45 it was predicted that they would forsake Christ,
15:47 that was a prophecy just like it was predicted
15:49 that you would have a sweet experience
15:50 but you go through a bitter disappointment
15:52 the disciples... Jesus said,
15:54 "All of you are going to forsake me tonight
15:56 you're all going to forsake me"
15:57 that was a prophecy that Christ gave
15:58 "but afterwards I'm going to go before you to Jerusalem,
16:00 I'm going to lead you before you get into Galilee,"
16:03 so, the disciples went through a bitter disappointment
16:06 even though God told them what was going to happen
16:09 over and over and over again, Jesus said to them,
16:11 "I'm going to go to Calvary I'm going to go to Calvary,
16:13 I'm going to go to Calvary... I'm going to go to Calvary"
16:15 over and over and over again, He told them that
16:17 but they still didn't get it and so, it was so sweet,
16:22 Jesus was coming into Jerusalem and they were... triumphal entry
16:25 and they were, "Hosanna, yes " and "this is the Messiah. "
16:27 Ivor: Sweet in the mouth. James: Sweet, sweet, sweet,
16:30 three days later... devastated...
16:32 everyone that was proclaiming His... Him as the Messiah
16:37 and were throwing their coats down and their...
16:38 all those people... hundreds... thousands of people, gone...
16:41 the disciples... hiding in a room,
16:44 going through this bitter disappointment
16:46 and God purged out all of that great multitude
16:49 and brought it down to just a handful of faithful
16:52 added to their number, poured out His Spirit... pooh...
16:55 exploded... and they went to the world with this message.
16:58 So you see the parallels there in that one area.
17:00 Ivor: I want to add to that parallel because
17:02 what was supposed to be the death knell for the disciples,
17:08 became the very cornerstone of their Movement.
17:10 Yvonne: Hmmm... James: Good, good, good.
17:12 Ivor: In other words, it was like,
17:13 you know, "Yeah, Jesus died... now what?"
17:15 Guess what? The bitter experience...
17:18 became... they never let go of that bitter experience...
17:20 that bitter experience was actually sweet.
17:22 Yvonne: Hmmm...
17:23 Ivor: So that became the very...
17:25 they weren't like, trying to hide it...
17:26 "Oh yeah, know that... yeah but we still... "
17:30 no, no, no, no... they were like...
17:31 they were pointing people to that very thing...
17:34 that was so bitter to them, it became the cornerstone
17:37 1844... that bitter disappointment
17:40 became the cornerstone... now here's the...
17:42 amazing thing... when it became the cornerstone,
17:46 they were like, "Oh yeah, no, no, no, no, no,
17:48 we thought Jesus was to coming to this earth to be a king
17:52 but no... He's entered into a heavenly Sanctuary. "
17:54 James: Hmmm... hmmm...
17:56 Ivor: And, the people of the time,
17:58 "Oh, wow! how convenient...
18:01 face-saving prophecy, right?
18:05 Now He's in the heavenly Sanctuary that we can't see
18:08 hmmm... hmmm... "
18:09 James: "All of us can see that structure
18:11 we got... earthly Sanctuary right here,
18:12 that's where we should be going... "
18:14 Ivor: Exactly, so, they were saying,
18:16 "Yeah, you guys are just making this up to save face. "
18:18 Yvonne: Right...
18:20 Ivor: To save face...
18:21 James: "You stole His body... He wasn't resurrected. "
18:23 Ivor: "Yeah, yeah, come on...
18:25 He's not in the heavenly Sanctuary,
18:26 I mean, obviously, this is a failed prophecy"
18:29 very same... in other words
18:31 the parallel is absolutely amazing...
18:33 James: On the other end of the same prophecy.
18:34 Ivor: On the other end of the same prophecy...
18:36 one more thing, it was two disciples...
18:39 James: Let's say it... say it Ivor, say it Ivor...
18:41 on the other end of the same prophecy,
18:43 you have this disappointment and the whole world's saying,
18:46 "Oh, you guys are just face-saving...
18:47 your prophecy wasn't fulfilled
18:49 and you're just saving... oh, He went into the... what?"
18:52 The Most Holy Place of the heavenly Sanctuary
18:54 same... same issue...
18:56 the disciples... He went into the Sanctuary,
18:58 the Millerites... He went into the Sanctuary,
19:00 here He went into the Holy place...
19:01 here He went into the Most Holy Place.
19:03 Ivor: And those who did not believe
19:04 that He had entered into the heavenly realms,
19:07 were not benefitted by His ministry...
19:09 James: In the disciples' time...
19:10 Ivor: In the disciples' time and the same...
19:13 those who were like, "Yeah, no, no, no... "
19:15 could not be benefitted by the understanding
19:18 of what was actually occurring in 1844
19:20 and how that relates to the very end of time.
19:22 Yvonne: Hmmm...
19:23 Ivor: The day after the Great Disappointment...
19:26 James: Here it comes... here it comes...
19:28 Ivor: You got two disciples...
19:29 James: My feet are getting hot, my feet are getting hot...
19:31 it was good right... it was good right?
19:33 Ivor: Yeah, you got two disciples
19:35 walking on the road to Emmaus...
19:37 James: At night... they didn't want anyone to see them,
19:40 they're all... just like, "Let's go... "
19:43 Ivor: When they receive the revelation
19:47 "Oh! that's what it is... Jesus is alive. "
19:49 James: He's walking with them
19:52 and He's opening up the prophecies...
19:53 Ivor: Yeah, He's opening the prophecies to them.
19:55 James: Yeah, He's revealing it all to them.
19:57 Ivor: The day after October 22, October 23...
20:00 a man by the name of Hiram Edson and one other guy...
20:03 I cannot remember the guy's name we were just trying to...
20:05 are walking in a cornfield...
20:06 because they don't want anyone to see them.
20:08 James: They're not down the main road,
20:09 they're going through the cornfield...
20:11 they're going the back way...
20:14 right here in Illinois cornfield.
20:16 Ivor: Yeah and it is there that he receives the revelation,
20:20 "Wait a minute, the Sanctuary is not the earth, it's the heavens"
20:28 and that realization helped to move the Adventist Church
20:34 forward... "Go forward, but you must prophesy again"
20:40 because before... they were like,
20:42 "Oh, we're going forward... " and then boom!
20:44 it's disappointment... "Were we wrong?
20:47 Were we wrong about 1798? No, we know we weren't wrong"
20:51 in fact, I believe James...
20:52 and I'm just kind of saying this that
20:54 if 1798 and 1840 had not occurred,
20:57 they would have no reason to have even... stuck around
21:00 and said, "Maybe we got... maybe we got something wrong,"
21:03 no, because 1798 and 1840 were the two pivotal
21:09 points that made them say,
21:11 "Okay, we must have got something wrong
21:14 the date had to be right, something else is wrong. "
21:17 James: Yeah. Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
21:18 Ivor: And those who ended up rejecting 1844,
21:21 also rejected 1840... also rejected 1798...
21:24 which does away with the understanding of the Papacy,
21:26 does away with the understanding of time, times and a half
21:29 and then you are left with only two choices,
21:31 Preterism or Futurism.
21:33 James: All right, feeling the heat on your feet?
21:35 Ivor: I'm feeling the heat.
21:36 James: Here's a little bit more, the predecessor to Christ
21:41 when He came the first time was John the Baptist,
21:43 John the Baptist... out in the wilderness...
21:46 eating locusts...
21:47 John the Baptist out in the wilderness... eating locusts,
21:50 and eventually he's beheaded
21:53 but he's confirming that this is the Messiah...
21:55 the people are believing John the Baptist,
21:58 they're convinced He's a prophet of God
21:59 and so he points to Jesus...
22:00 and because he points to Jesus, the people are directed to Jesus
22:04 and he dies... he languishes and has his head lopped off
22:07 then you go to the 391-year prophecy...
22:09 15-day prophecy and you've got this prophecy
22:12 that's... it's all mixed up with these locusts...
22:14 and this wilderness... this desolate place...
22:16 that's pointing to the Millerite Movement...
22:18 that's confirming the Millerite Movement
22:20 and right now... in a Theological sense
22:22 the head's been lopped off of that prophecy
22:24 and it's just lying desolate somewhere
22:27 just like John the Baptist, the parallels are incredible,
22:31 John the Baptist was so convincing...
22:33 such a firm... an affirmation of Christ...
22:35 and this prophecy was such an affirmation
22:38 of the Millerite Movement
22:39 and both of them... the greatest prophet...
22:42 the greatest time prophecy,
22:43 I'm going to say, "the greatest time prophecy"
22:45 not because of what it predicts
22:46 because the one that's the greatest prediction
22:48 is the 70 weeks... because it points to Jesus
22:51 but the greatest in how accurate it had to be
22:54 it had to go right to the day, you see
22:56 and John the Baptist was it, he was the greatest prophet,
22:59 not in the sense that he wrote the Old or New Testament,
23:01 he didn't... we don't have his writings
23:03 but in a sense that he was just pointing people to Christ
23:05 he had a large following but he pointed people to Jesus.
23:08 Jason: And when John the Baptist was in the wilderness,
23:10 he was literally... that...
23:12 that eating locusts was literal or was that...?
23:14 James: You had to ask that question...
23:16 and we were just flowing along
23:18 and everything's going really good
23:20 and all of a sudden... now we're talking about...
23:22 now we're talking about baked locusts...
23:25 oh ooooh... no... what it was was...
23:28 in the Middle East,
23:29 there is what is known as the locust plant
23:31 and it's a tree... it's actually a tree, a carob tree
23:34 and these locusts... this locust tree
23:38 it's this plant... it has little kernels
23:43 that you can grind up and make bread out of,
23:45 even today they call it "Saint John's Bread"
23:48 but... but the people that ate that,
23:50 you see, that was the kind of stuff
23:52 that you fed to the animals
23:53 this stuff wasn't really like the food that you would eat
23:57 if you had any kind of money
23:59 so if you had to eat the locust bread...
24:00 if you had to eat that kind of food,
24:02 then, you must be pretty poor,
24:06 and if you're poor, you must be...
24:07 God must not be blessing you therefore, if you...
24:10 God's not blessing you, you must need to repent.
24:13 What was the message of John the Baptist?
24:15 "Repent... " so the diet that he ate
24:18 went along with the message that he gave.
24:20 He had camel's hair... he ate locusts...
24:22 which was the locust plant
24:23 and the locust plant was a diet
24:25 that was usually given to animals,
24:27 if you had to eat this kind of diet
24:29 which was animal feed, you must be really poor,
24:32 therefore, God must... must not be blessing you
24:34 and, therefore, you need to repent,
24:36 and his message was a message of repentance
24:37 but yeah... and even to this day
24:39 yeah, the locusts are there, not insects...
24:42 you could actually eat them, people do actually eat them,
24:46 right now, there's a huge Movement in the United States
24:50 for locust protein... locust protein...
24:54 you grind it up and just mix up in your blender and shoosh...
24:57 down it goes... and you've got some protein.
25:00 Yvonne: Oh... Jason: I'd rather have...
25:01 Ivor: And there's another one too...
25:02 James: Yeah... it's really worse...
25:04 Ivor: Which we cannot discuss in the program,
25:05 it's worse than this, yeah.
25:06 Yvonne: Ugh...
25:08 Ivor: Anyway, I think... this Revelation chapter 10
25:11 really summarizes nicely why we just went through
25:15 all we went through with the trumpets...
25:17 especially trumpets 5 and 6 and the whole Dark Ages
25:23 it helps us to step back again and see,
25:25 "Yeah, there's a reason why God is doing this"
25:28 He's doing this because remember the trumpets also mean
25:32 advance... and these trumpets are allowing God's people
25:36 to see, "Yeah, God is with us, God is behind us,
25:40 God is ahead of us...
25:41 we're not just like... wandering in the wilderness"
25:45 those trumpets in the wilderness every time they were blown,
25:47 when the children of Israel were on their journey,
25:49 they were blown... "move forward... move forward"
25:52 and this is God saying,
25:54 "Look, in case you're doubting, in case you're wondering,
25:56 'where am I?' I want you to know,
25:58 my hand is over these things, move forward. "
26:02 Jason: I really like that one... the prophecy where it was like
26:05 to the day... how it worked... 391 years... 15 days...
26:10 James: That's the one I'm talking about.
26:11 Jason: Prescise.
26:12 James: Yeah, that's the John-the-Baptist prophecy,
26:14 that's like... boom!
26:15 Ivor: And you get rid of those two prophecies,
26:17 you get rid of one of those prophecies...
26:19 and you really lose the message
26:22 of what God is trying to tell His people
26:24 in Revelation chapter 10,
26:25 the emphasis of the Great Disappointment,
26:28 is kind of... you don't really get it
26:30 unless you understand it
26:32 in the context of that 1840 prophecy and the 1798 prophecy.
26:37 James: And I really hope that...
26:39 that our Viewers are understanding
26:41 the point that's being established
26:42 through these programs and that is...
26:44 the book of Revelation is tied together,
26:46 it's closely tied together,
26:47 every prophecy... every section of this book,
26:50 these prophetic cycles that repeat and enlarge...
26:52 each one is dependent on the other
26:54 and each one brings more meaning to the next section,
26:57 so if you look at the history that's taking place here,
27:00 you see it growing and growing and growing
27:02 because by the time we get to
27:03 Revelation chapters 12, 13 and 14,
27:05 basically, we've got a summary
27:07 of everything we've already covered,
27:09 the everlasting gospel is not some new thing
27:10 that God just threw in there at the end of time,
27:12 it's something that we've been developing all the way through,
27:15 the light... the Sun of righteousness
27:16 all of these prophecies pointing us to Jesus
27:18 and directing us away from men.
27:20 Now, there's one thing that we haven't covered here
27:22 that I wanted to remind us of...
27:24 for our next program and that's the mystery of God,
27:26 here's going to be what we're gong to find
27:28 another confirmation... everything we just talked about,
27:31 the fact that the time prophecies... come to an end
27:34 that we're not into Futurism, that we're not into Preterism,
27:37 is going to be confirmed
27:39 by this ides of the mystery of Godliness,
27:41 we've got to remember to touch on that
27:43 as we get into our next Program.
27:44 All right, what do our Viewers need to do
27:46 to get ahold of these Programs?
27:48 Jason: Well, they have to send us an e-mail at sss@3abn. org
27:53 James: You heard the man, sss@3abn. org
27:56 so send in your e-mails and videos.
27:59 Jason: Yes. Ivor: Amen.
28:01 Yvonne: Amen.


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