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The Two Witnesses part 2

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:29 Okay, we have just about finished Revelation 11,
00:33 not really, you got at least one more program to get through.
00:36 Revelation 11 is a little complicated
00:39 in a way because we've already gone through this
00:43 Revelation 10 Millerite Movement and that Great Disappointment
00:46 and it seems like we're out of the Dark Ages already
00:49 and now we're going back
00:50 into the Dark Ages that's what we're doing
00:52 but the reason for that is because Revelation chapter 10
00:55 is kind of what I call an interlude,
00:58 it's kind of a pause in the flow,
01:00 see, we've been going through the seven trumpets
01:02 and in Revelation chapter 9, we finished the 6th trumpet
01:06 which is called "the second woe"
01:08 so, Revelation 9 has the first woe and the second woe
01:10 which is the fifth and sixth trumpets
01:12 but where's the seventh trumpet?
01:13 Well, the seventh trumpet doesn't sound
01:15 till we get to the end of Revelation chapter 11
01:18 and that is when it mentions, "Oh, by the way,
01:21 the second woe is passed and the third woe is coming quickly"
01:23 and that phrase... that terminology...
01:25 indicates that we've kind of been in an interlude,
01:28 there's kind of been this little bit of a pause...
01:31 "Let's look at some stuff that's taking place in the world
01:33 developments that are taking place...
01:35 oh, now let's get back on track again"
01:36 so I think, Revelation chapter 10 is this interlude,
01:39 and out of that interlude comes
01:41 this reflection back into the Dark Ages
01:45 and some of the things that were taking place that...
01:47 that... that... that brought the development
01:50 of the Millerite Movement and the emphasis on
01:52 "measuring the temple... measuring the altar...
01:54 and those that worship therein" and what we've seen
01:56 that brought those developments and that message is...
01:58 is the darkness... a darkness that excluded
02:01 the Word of God... the witness for God...
02:04 a darkness that brought persecution against the Bible,
02:07 we're going to see that more and more... and that darkness
02:09 out of which the Millerite Movement came,
02:11 was to proclaim a fuller,
02:13 clearer picture of the character of God,
02:15 what He's really like, because He's been obscured,
02:17 His witness has been obscured, the Bible has been obscured.
02:19 So, that's what we've got so far.
02:21 Ivor: I think that it would be good to really show the flow
02:27 of the book of Revelation and I'm actually,
02:29 just seeing this but it's like...
02:32 if you look at the seven churches,
02:34 the seven seals, the seven trumpets,
02:36 you find these major events are juiced down into like...
02:45 two to three verses... James: Yes.
02:47 Ivor: So, it's like God has given us these little pieces
02:50 showing us, "Okay, this is what's been going on"
02:52 from the time of His ascension to heaven
02:55 little pieces here, "I just want to keep you on track,
02:57 follow the trail, follow the trail...
02:59 because, I really want to take you
03:01 to the major events that began to occur around 1798 and 1844."
03:06 So, when we get to Revelation chapter 10,
03:10 we now have this whole chapter, right,
03:12 in Revelation 11, this whole chapter,
03:15 Revelation 12 and 13...
03:17 there are like these major chapters
03:19 where the whole chapter is talking about a single event,
03:22 as it were, so, it's almost as though
03:28 God is giving us little steps that lead us to that crescendo
03:33 of, "All right, this is the main emphasis...
03:35 and I want you to know that
03:36 this is the time period we're talking about...
03:39 this is the main time period of 1798... 1844
03:42 and what occurs beyond
03:43 but to make sure you got that right,
03:45 I'm going to give you these little steps that take you
03:49 and crescendo in this Revelation 10 and 11"
03:52 and once we get to Revelation, when we've got to Revelation 10,
03:55 we'll see, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14
04:01 all just... it's almost like you can separate those there...
04:05 they are the... they are the meat...
04:09 James: They're the center of the sandwich.
04:11 Ivor: They're the center of the sandwich, like,
04:13 "This is what God needs us to understand"
04:15 so 1 through 9 are the clues that get us to...
04:19 "Yeah, in Revelation 10,
04:20 we know we're talking about this time period"
04:22 and once we get to that time period,
04:24 11 and 12... 13, 14... we can have a clear understanding
04:28 of the meat of what God is trying to show us
04:31 especially at the end of time.
04:33 James: All right, let's pray together
04:34 and get into this right now. Ivor: Yes.
04:36 James: Jason, you want to pray for us?
04:37 Jason: Sure, "Dear Heavenly Father,
04:39 you have some powerful messages
04:41 that you want to share with us today,
04:42 we ask for your Holy Spirit to lead, guide and direct us,
04:46 into all truth, In Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
04:48 All: "Amen. "
04:49 James: We call it... in a Theological terminology,
04:52 we call it, "eschatological... "
04:54 Yvonne: What?
04:56 Jason: You mentioned that the other day.
04:57 James: Eschatological means end-time prophecy
04:59 what Ivor's saying,
05:00 God wants to take us to the end-time prophecies
05:03 where He really explodes out the details
05:05 of what we're going to be facing,
05:07 and so, when you start Revelation...
05:09 the first churches, seals, trumpets,
05:11 it's kind of history leading up to that...
05:12 history leading up to that... history leading up to that
05:15 and now, all of a sudden, the last part of Revelation
05:17 is all eschatological in emphasis and focus,
05:19 there's little bit of history there,
05:20 but boom! it's giving us all the details.
05:22 So, I really... that's good...
05:24 a really good way to try to explain what we're doing here,
05:26 how the journey is taking place,
05:28 okay, so, let's pick up where we left off in verse 5
05:31 Yvonne, can you read that for us, verse 5?
05:34 Yvonne: Sure.
05:35 James: Because we've identified the two olive trees
05:38 and the two candlesticks, the Word of God,
05:41 the testimony for God's Word and so now we're going to go into
05:44 more details and characteristics so we can really nail it down.
05:47 Yvonne: "And if any man will hurt them,
05:49 fire proceedeth out of their mouth,
05:51 and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them,
05:54 he must in this manner be killed. "
05:57 James: Okay, so, Ivor, you're going to take this for us, okay,
05:59 but I want to say this, just because we've identified
06:04 that the Bible... Old and New Testament
06:06 as the witnesses, now, we want to make sure
06:08 and confirm that identification,
06:12 we're going to make sure it hits all the characteristics,
06:14 so how does it meet the characteristics of verse 5?
06:16 it's met... so far, it's met the ones previously,
06:18 how does it meet these characteristics?
06:20 Ivor: Right, so let's go over to Revelation chapter 22
06:25 and what we have... we'll look at verses 18 and 19.
06:28 James: Okay.
06:30 Ivor: And before we read that, let's see, here we go...
06:35 what we see happening in verse 5 is that there's this...
06:39 sort of like... look... you do this to my witnesses,
06:43 the same thing will happen to you,
06:45 okay, that's the gist of what's being said here,
06:48 "you hurt them... in that manner you will be hurt"
06:51 so, Revelation 22 verse 18 and 19...
06:54 Jason you want to read that for us?
06:57 Jason: Sure, "For I testify unto every man
06:59 that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book,
07:02 If any man shall add unto these things,
07:04 God shall add unto him the plagues
07:06 that are written in this book.
07:07 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book
07:10 of this prophecy, God shall take away his part
07:13 out of the book of life, and out of the holy city,
07:15 and from the things, which are written in this book. "
07:17 James: Hmmm...
07:19 Ivor: So, here you see the same principle
07:20 regarding the Word of God. James: Yes.
07:23 Ivor: "You hurt the Word of God, you're going to get hurt.
07:25 You take away from the Word,
07:27 your name is going to be taken out of the book of Life,
07:28 you add to... you're going to...
07:30 the plagues are going to be added to you. "
07:33 So, we find it fits another description
07:36 of the characteristics we're looking for
07:39 with these two witnesses,
07:41 we're talking about the Word of God,
07:43 the Old and New Testament, so, we can go back
07:46 to our chapter... do you want to add anything to that?
07:48 James: No, that's perfect, that fits perfectly
07:50 that's another characteristic that is fulfilled.
07:52 Ivor: Right... James: Good.
07:53 Ivor: So, now we go to verse 6 of Revelation 11.
07:56 James: Yvonne, can you read that for us?
07:58 Yvonne: Sure,
07:59 "These have power to shut heaven,
08:01 that it rain not in the days of their prophecy:
08:04 and have power over waters to turn them to blood,
08:07 and to smite the earth with all plagues,
08:09 as often as they will. " Continue?
08:12 Ivor: Okay, we can go ahead and...
08:14 we've actually talked about this in our previous program.
08:17 Ivor: These two things were performed by Elijah...
08:21 Elijah spoke by the Word of the Lord
08:24 and the Word of the Lord said,
08:27 "it will not rain for these three and a half years"
08:29 and by the same word of the Lord the book of Exodus chapter 4,
08:33 you have Moses bringing plagues upon Egypt
08:36 and so, again, it's showing us that
08:40 these two witnesses, the Old and New Testament,
08:44 the Word of God...
08:45 is the source through which the prophets spoke
08:48 and brought these plagues or these calamities upon the earth
08:52 and so, again, we see that it fits...
08:56 it's fitting the characteristics
08:59 that are laid out for us in Revelation chapter 11,
09:01 these two witnesses are the Word of God...
09:03 the Old and New Testaments, anything you want to add, James?
09:05 James: No, now there's more description for them,
09:07 Yvonne, can you read for us verses 7 and 8?
09:12 "And when they shall have finished their testimony,
09:15 the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit
09:17 shall make war against them,
09:19 and shall overcome them and kill them.
09:21 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city,
09:24 which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt,
09:28 where also our Lord was crucified. "
09:30 Ivor: Okay, so this... we're looking for a beast now
09:35 okay, now, let's see if we can remember this in the Bible
09:40 and actually we haven't even covered this yet,
09:44 so, in the Bible, a beast is symbolic of a nation
09:47 okay, we can go to the book of Daniel...
09:50 James: Like the kingdoms, nation, kings...
09:52 Daniel 7 verses 17 and 23, so let's read those two verses
09:56 just so our Viewers have those verses
09:59 under their belt, Daniel chapter 7
10:02 and I believe it's 17 and 23 which identify
10:07 beast as kings and kingdoms.
10:10 Jason: Verse 17 and 23... "These great beasts,
10:14 which are four, are four kings,
10:16 which shall arise out of the earth. "
10:18 Verse 23 says...
10:20 "Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be
10:22 the fourth kingdom upon the earth,
10:23 which shall be diverse from all kingdoms,
10:26 and shall devour the whole earth,
10:28 and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. "
10:31 James: All right, kings and kingdoms,
10:32 kings and kingdoms... on the earth...
10:34 earthly kings and kingdoms
10:35 so the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit,
10:38 we already identified the bottomless pit
10:39 when we studied chapter 9,
10:41 the bottomless pit is this earth in the state of darkness,
10:45 in the state of chaos, the Dark Ages,
10:48 what kingdom... what earthly power
10:51 came out of the Dark Ages, what kingdom was produced
10:55 by the chaos and the darkness
10:57 and the obscuring of God's character in the Dark Ages?
10:59 There was a power or kingdom
11:02 that is spiritually called "Sodom and Egypt"
11:05 Sodom and Egypt... now, it's interesting...
11:08 Egypt... in the Bible...
11:10 represents a nation that denied the existence of God.
11:14 We can read that in Exodus chapter 5 and verse2.
11:17 Exodus 5 and verse 2... when Moses was sent eventually
11:21 to Pharaoh... Moses was to tell Pharaoh,
11:25 "Let my people go... " but he said it this way,
11:27 a confirmation of what we've been talking about,
11:29 "Thus says the Lord...
11:31 thus says Jehovah... let my people go"
11:33 and you know what Pharaoh's response was?
11:36 "Who is Jehovah that I should let His people go?
11:40 I don't know Jehovah, neither will I let His people go. "
11:42 Exodus 5 verse 2,
11:43 okay, so there's an earthly king
11:46 that denies the existence of God,
11:49 "I don't know Jehovah, who is this Jehovah, there's no... "
11:51 so, when we see the spiritual Egypt here,
11:54 it says, "Spiritual Egypt"
11:56 it's going to be a power that denies the existence of God,
11:59 and what we call that today is Atheism...
12:01 an Atheistic power...
12:03 a power that denies the existence of God
12:05 so, did an Atheistic power arise out of the Dark Ages
12:10 and make war upon the Bible, upon the two witnesses.
12:14 Ivor: We should add to that,
12:16 again, we're putting our clues together
12:17 and all we need to do is go to history and say,
12:20 "Okay, so, we know what we're looking for,
12:22 is it in history?"
12:23 But, something interesting in Revelation 11 and verse...
12:27 latter part of verse 7, it says,
12:29 "this beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit
12:31 shall make war against them,
12:32 and shall overcome them and kill them. "
12:34 Okay, "kill them... " in other words...
12:38 this is getting rid of the two witnesses
12:41 when you get rid of the Bible,
12:43 like, "Hey, I don't believe in the Bible
12:44 it doesn't exist... it's not... "
12:45 that is, again, summarizing the simple term, Atheist,
12:50 we're looking for a kingdom that would arise
12:53 sometime around the close of the 1700s...
12:56 sometime around 1798...
12:58 we shouldn't say, "A kingdom that arises... "
13:01 what we should say is, "a kingdom in which
13:05 this Atheistic spirit would dominate...
13:09 would present itself"
13:10 now here's what's interesting about this is that
13:12 Atheism has always existed, okay, but,
13:16 never... yeah... Pharaoh... and...
13:20 people have... but during the Dark Ages...
13:22 if you said you were an Atheist... it was death...
13:26 so people weren't... as it were,
13:28 coming out of the closet... being an Atheist,
13:31 okay, but, here we have a nation in which
13:33 all of a sudden, it becomes... the people are like,
13:36 they're coming out of the closet, if you will,
13:39 like, "Yep, we are... we do not believe in God"
13:42 so, we're looking for a nation that fits that characteristic,
13:44 the term "Sodom" represents lawlessness...
13:48 so, you remember, God destroyed Sodom
13:51 because out of it came immorality and licentiousness
13:53 which is what happens when you get rid of the...
13:55 the Word of God, right?
13:56 So, there's only one nation that fits this
13:58 as we look in history we see that it is France,
14:03 and it is a French Revolution which occurred why?
14:07 Because of all the... because of the mystery of iniquity,
14:13 right, that it changed the character of God.
14:16 "Yes, God burns people forever and ever... "
14:19 go down the list...
14:21 the people of France rejected the picture...
14:24 the counterfeit picture of who God is,
14:27 and in doing so they turned their wrath upon, guess what?
14:32 James: The Bible. Yvonne: The Word of God.
14:33 Ivor: The Word of God which is exactly what happened
14:35 during the French Revolution
14:37 because the French Revolution for the first time...
14:40 an entire nation declared that there was no God
14:44 and made it legal.
14:46 So, this, we see is what occurs, in other words,
14:50 it fulfills to a T the prophecy that we're talking about,
14:55 the history fits the prophecy, yeah.
14:58 James: And there was an intensity that took place here,
15:00 it's really interesting, it says
15:02 that they shall kill them and then it says in verse 8,
15:05 "And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city,
15:07 which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt,
15:09 where also our Lord was crucified. "
15:11 And in verse 9 it says,
15:14 "And they of the people and kindreds and tongues
15:15 and nations shall see their dead bodies
15:17 three days and a half... "
15:18 three days and a half which, if you do that prophetically,
15:21 a day for a year...
15:23 that's going to come out to three and a half years.
15:24 All: Hmmm...
15:26 James: So, the French Revolution...
15:27 the intensity of the French Revolution,
15:30 lasted exactly three and half years
15:32 when the Bible was prescribed,
15:35 when it was burned in the streets...
15:36 when it just lay there... all the nations were looking on,
15:38 "Whoa, France has gotten rid of the Bible...
15:40 they've got this revolution that's taking place
15:42 and they're doing away with all of the morality
15:45 and it's become like Sodom and Gomorrah
15:47 and they're denying the existence of God"
15:48 and that continued for three and half years,
15:50 thousands of people lost their lives,
15:51 people had to flee... the monarchy was destroyed,
15:54 it all went down and eventually then...
15:56 they kind of came out of that...
15:58 and they tried to kind of do a little bit of a...
16:00 of recovery from that... but they still never fully recovered
16:04 I think... I think still... to this day,
16:06 the Country of France is the highest
16:07 in its Atheist population of all the nations of Europe,
16:11 all those western nations anyway, and so...
16:13 and so, it comes out of that just a little bit
16:15 but for three and half years, the Bible's dead.
16:18 Ivor: There was actually a ban that was placed on the Bible...
16:21 that ban lasted... literally... three and a half years...
16:24 it was lifted and...
16:26 I should have brought the research with me but
16:29 there was... a decree that went forth
16:32 three and a half years later
16:33 through the work of some people who were saying,
16:36 "Look, look at what's happening to our streets
16:38 because we have banned religion,
16:39 we at least need to allow them the freedom to have it,
16:43 we don't need to believe it
16:44 but we need to allow them the freedom"
16:47 and it went through their court system
16:49 and just about the three-and-a-half-year mark...
16:53 they decided, "Okay, we're going to allow
16:55 the churches to open again,
16:57 we're going to allow the Bible to be possessed"
16:59 and all those different things so, it's fulfilling the prophecy
17:02 down to a T... which brings us right to the fact that
17:06 it says there, "the two witnesses came to life. "
17:10 Yvonne: Hmmm... James: Yes, verse 11.
17:12 Ivor: Voltaire...
17:14 very interesting... the story of Voltaire,
17:16 who was part of the French Revolution,
17:18 and said that Christianity would die out...
17:21 when the decree was lifted, it is interesting because
17:27 right after that... the Bible began to be
17:29 published and pushed like it had never been before
17:33 because, remember, during the Dark Ages,
17:35 it was sackcloth...
17:36 a little bit here, a little bit there, people...
17:39 James: Heavily persecuted.
17:40 Ivor: Yeah, heavily persecuted.
17:42 James: If you had a Bible, you could die.
17:43 Ivor: Right... so people didn't have the access to the Bible
17:45 that they... until after the French Revolution
17:49 and Voltaire's house became one of the major printing places
17:52 for the Bible, after he died, yeah.
17:54 James: They set up a publishing house there
17:56 and that's what it means in verse 11, it says here,
17:58 "And after three days and an half
18:01 the Spirit of life from God entered into them,
18:03 and they stood upon their feet,
18:04 and great fear fell upon them which saw them. "
18:07 That's in Europe... "great fear" was the fact that
18:09 "You know, you can't just get rid of the...
18:12 look what happens when you get rid of the Bible... "
18:13 whole of Europe was saying,
18:14 "Look what happens when you get rid of the Bible"
18:16 so then what they do is... verse 12,
18:17 "And I heard a great voice from heaven saying, Come up...
18:21 saying unto them, Come up hither.
18:24 And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud;
18:26 and their enemies beheld them. "
18:27 And so, basically, what's happening is,
18:28 the Bible is being exalted now, the Bible is being lifted up,
18:31 all of these Bible Societies are developing
18:34 in the late 18th century, early 19th century,
18:38 and the Bible is being printed, even in Voltaire's house,
18:40 the Bible is being printed in many different languages
18:43 to all these different nations and in verse 12,
18:46 oh excuse me, verse 13...
18:49 "And that same hour, there was a great earthquake,
18:52 and the tenth part of the city fell,
18:54 and in the earthquake were slain of men
18:56 seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted,
18:59 and gave glory to the God of heaven. "
19:00 Now, that same hour means,
19:02 in the same timeframe that this is going on,
19:04 so basically, this is just a rehash of what's happened,
19:08 in that timeframe... France was shaken like an earthquake,
19:12 spiritually shaken and in that same time,
19:16 one tenth of the city...
19:18 when we're talking about one-tenth here,
19:20 we're talking about the ten horns...
19:21 or ten nations of Europe,
19:23 so we're talking about one-tenth being France...
19:25 France was shaken and 7,000 were slain,
19:30 7,000 is a number that's used in the Old Testament
19:33 to represent God's people,
19:34 remember when Elijah was fleeing,
19:36 and he said, "I'm the only one left, just me"
19:39 God says, "Hey, I've got 7,000... "
19:40 Yvonne: Who have not bowed their heads...
19:43 James: Yes... so the faithful... during this time,
19:44 the faithful and persecuted and slain,
19:46 so, all of this... this verse 13 is just kind of
19:48 rehashing... but the remnant were afraid,
19:51 the people that remained in these other nations,
19:53 they said, "No, we never want this to happen to us"
19:55 and they gave glory to God so this is kind of a rehash here.
20:00 Ivor: So, I want you to notice... cover the things here,
20:04 we talked about this in the last program,
20:06 in verse 12, it says, "They ascended up to heaven
20:09 in a... " what? Yvonne: Cloud...
20:11 "in a cloud... and their enemies beheld them"
20:14 okay, we're talking just around 1798, right,
20:17 very close to the year 1798,
20:19 if we go back to Revelation chapter 10,
20:21 that being... right...
20:24 with his face shining like the sun and clothed in a cloud,
20:27 he's standing upon the sea and earth
20:29 and he tells us that... we know that this is occurring
20:32 at the end, according to Daniel,
20:33 time, times and a half, at the end of the 1,260 years
20:38 in Revelation 11, the book is ascending up into the cloud,
20:43 in Revelation 10, it's almost as if it's the same time
20:48 the angel has his hand... in his hand... this book
20:52 and it's opened and he is giving it, right,
20:57 to his people,
20:58 it's going to be sweet in your mouth
20:59 bitter in your belly,
21:01 well, what is the message that he started preaching?
21:03 He started preaching the message that is found
21:07 in Revelation chapter 14 verses 6 and 7, which say what?
21:11 "Fear God, and give glory to Him... "
21:14 okay, just pause right there
21:15 and let's read verse 13 again, "The remnant... "
21:19 that word... "the remnant... "
21:21 "the remnant... were affrighted" that word really means fear
21:27 they feared and gave glory to the God of heaven.
21:31 The people who were watching what was happening
21:34 in the French Revolution
21:36 and saw the calamities... saw the catastrophe...
21:38 they saw what's happening when you get rid of God,
21:41 those people... and by-the-way...
21:43 William Miller... struggled with his faith,
21:47 he kind of wavered between, "Does the Bible really...?"
21:50 And when he looked back at the passage...
21:53 James: He was a Deist... before he became part of...
21:57 he was a Deist... raised a Christian...
22:00 then he became a Deist... got into bad company,
22:02 kind of went... you know... and...
22:04 Ivor: So, Miller... looking at what happened
22:08 in the French Revolution, and others...
22:10 you know, the Bible says,
22:11 "the remnant that saw what happened were affrighted"
22:14 and it's very interesting that they would use this term
22:16 "they were affrighted... " or feared...
22:19 "and gave glory to the God of heaven"
22:22 this is the exact term that is being used in the preaching of
22:25 the three angels' messages, in other words...
22:27 James: That's amazing, that's a good connection.
22:29 Ivor: Yeah the French Revolution that helped the people to see...
22:31 plus the prophecy being fulfilled
22:33 because remember in connection with this,
22:34 we're going to see that the Papacy received its deadly wound
22:39 all of this led the people to go "We need to give glory to God"
22:44 and this is exactly what the first angel's message is
22:47 that began to be preached as a result of the book
22:50 that had ascended up into the cloud
22:52 and now being opened and given to the people...
22:54 they go forward... preaching this message,
22:57 "Fear God, fear God, give glory to Him... "
23:00 why? because the hour of His judgment is coming,
23:03 how do we know that? Because... 1798...
23:05 right... look at what events happened
23:08 with the fall of the Papacy,
23:09 with the French Revolution that occurred
23:11 two... three years before that...
23:12 look at all these things that are happening,
23:14 they are signs that Jesus is coming again.
23:17 "Fear God and give glory to Him. "
23:18 James: That is a really good connection, Ivor,
23:21 and I really believe that you've got,
23:23 in a sense, two bookends here,
23:25 the bookend that Ivor just mentioned here is
23:29 verse 13... because verse 14 is going to get back on track now,
23:32 "Oh, by-the-way, the second woe passed,
23:34 the third woe comes quickly... "
23:35 so, what God is doing here is...
23:37 as He's going through the history of the trumpets
23:39 and He's given us this interlude of the Millerite Movement,
23:42 it's kind of a pause in there, He's saying now,
23:44 in the context of the French Revolution,
23:46 there is a development in history
23:50 that causes people to see what happens
23:52 when you get rid of the Bible...
23:54 when you get rid of the Bible,
23:55 you see this catastrophe take place on Planet Earth,
23:59 and that causes people to go, "Whoa... "
24:01 because at first... it says in verse 10 here,
24:04 "They that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them,
24:07 and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another;
24:09 because these two prophets tormented them
24:12 that dwelt on the earth. " Ivor: Tormented.
24:13 James: At first, it's like, "You know the Bible,
24:15 it torments us... it vexes us, it's so difficult, it's so hard
24:19 and so we're so glad these witnesses are gone... "
24:21 but then all of a sudden
24:22 what happens when the witnesses are actually gone?
24:25 "Whoa, this is... this is... this is terrible...
24:27 this is what God has been trying to keep us from"
24:30 so there's this bookend that basically takes us back
24:32 or not... takes us back
24:34 but takes us forward to
24:35 the ultimate proclamation of the gospel,
24:37 at the end... and then there's a bookend at the beginning,
24:40 and the bookend in the beginning was this idea of measuring God,
24:44 measuring the character of God
24:45 which takes us to the everlasting gospel also,
24:47 because the everlasting gospel says,
24:49 "Fear God and give glory to Him
24:50 for the hour of His judgment is come"
24:52 All: Hmmm...
24:53 James: So you've got the hour of His judgment
24:55 connected with the first part of Revelation 11,
24:56 and you've got, "giving glory to Him"
24:57 connected with the last part of Revelation,
24:59 those two bookends,
25:01 they call us to give glory to God and His...
25:03 or in... yeah... or in our boxing up,
25:07 what happens when you reject God and when you persecute God
25:10 and you do away with the Bible and you just let it go?
25:13 Ivor: But remember, the reason that they rejected God
25:15 is because of a misrepresentation
25:18 of the two witnesses, all right...
25:20 they're clothed in sackcloth and it's...
25:24 it's kind of interesting because you know,
25:29 who clothed them in sackcloth?
25:30 You know what I mean? I mean, sackcloth...
25:33 it just looks like, oh... it looks depressing,
25:35 who made the Bible look like that?
25:38 You know, it was almost like papacy itself was like,
25:41 "Yeah... " and it caused this book to be viewed in a way
25:45 that was depressing.
25:46 James: It was vexing... tormenting...
25:48 you've been tormented.
25:49 Ivor: "Man! this... ah this... ah... "
25:51 James: "We're so glad we're free from that... "
25:52 Yvonne: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
25:53 Ivor: This book is depressing, why?
25:56 Because the church made it appear so.
25:58 They made it look like, "Yeah, man, what?
26:00 Do you know that if you don't keep the first day of the week,
26:05 you know what God's going to do?
26:07 God is going to do this, right?
26:09 And if you don't do this, yeah, if you don't do this,
26:11 God is going to... " and it made the people...
26:14 it was presented in such a way
26:15 that made the character of God just like...
26:17 "all right, if this is who God is,
26:20 I don't want anything to do with Him. "
26:21 James: Okay, you're talking to us right now,
26:23 you're talking to us right now.
26:24 The witness has to be right,
26:26 the bottom line of the message in Revelation 11 so far
26:29 is the witness has to be right, in the beginning and at the end
26:32 God doesn't want people to toss the Bible out...
26:34 He doesn't want them to go through what's going to happen
26:36 when you reject the Word of God...
26:38 the two witnesses... at the same time
26:40 we've got to be able to show people what God is really like.
26:43 We've got to be able to see, they've got to be able to see
26:46 the altar... the sacrifice of Jesus,
26:48 and we've got to be a witness... a light to that
26:50 so people... when they stand back and they...
26:52 they have this awesome fear of God,
26:55 the fear that comes from seeing how good He really is,
26:58 from seeing the Bible lifted up and seeing the gospel exalted.
27:01 That's where you're bringing home their hearts right now,
27:04 Ivor, where we as Christians need to come up higher
27:06 and do better than what happened in the Dark Ages.
27:08 Ivor: That's right...
27:10 James: Well we are out of time, pretty much,
27:12 so, we're not done with Revelation 11 yet
27:14 because we've still got the third woe,
27:17 we've got to cover the third woe,
27:18 and we will cover the third woe in our next session together
27:21 but as far as questions go, Jason,
27:23 what... how can people get ahold of us?
27:25 Jason: They should e-mail us at: sss@3abn. org
27:29 "s" as in Salvation in Symbols and Signs.
27:32 James: Salvation in symbols... these are symbols and signs
27:34 but it's all about salvation. Yvonne: That's right.
27:36 James: I think that's been made very clear here
27:37 as we've gone through this message.
27:38 Yvonne: Amen.
27:40 James: Let's praise God for how He's led us... so...
27:41 so, we'll pick up in Revelation chapter 11
27:43 and probably around verse 14 with, "The second woe is past;
27:47 and, behold, the third woe comes quickly. "
27:50 What is this third woe that comes quickly?
27:52 Because that's going to take us to the rest...
27:54 the end of Revelation 11
27:55 and then we've going to be hitting Revelation 12
27:56 and ooooh... I'm excited about that...
27:58 it's so exciting...
27:59 Yvonne: Another cliffhanger... James: Yes.


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