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The Third Woe

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:29 We are almost there,
00:31 when I say "almost there" I'm talking about Revelation 12
00:34 seriously, Revelation 12 is going to be
00:38 a phenomenal chapter. Yvonne: Oh, good.
00:40 James: Oh, it's just like... this is the turning point,
00:42 this is half way through the book...
00:44 when we get done with Revelation 11,
00:45 we've got 22 chapters
00:46 so Revelation 12 is half way through the book
00:49 but Revelation 12 is also where we begin
00:51 our fourth and final prophetic cycle.
00:53 Yvonne: Hmmm... James: This is the last one.
00:55 You're saying, "But wait a minute...
00:57 we've had the churches... that's one...
00:58 we've had the seals... that's two...
01:00 we have the trumpets... that's three...
01:02 and that's 11 chapters...
01:03 and you're saying that there's still 11 more chapters
01:06 and we've only got one cycle left?"
01:07 Yvonne: Hmmm...
01:08 James: Exactly... and we're going to look at that
01:10 because it's going to be interesting to see,
01:13 so, we are not done, though, with Revelation 11,
01:16 we're thinking we're going to finish it up
01:18 because this is the last... 14 to 19... the last few verses,
01:22 and I think we can cover it,
01:23 it's actually... the subject of it is...
01:25 is the third woe...
01:27 so, let's start with a word of prayer
01:29 and then we'll get right into that, Jason, pray for us.
01:33 Jason: Sure, "Dear Heavenly Father,
01:34 we thank you for another blessed opportunity to study your Word,
01:38 we ask that you would ask us to retain all of this information
01:42 and be able to share it with others,
01:44 in Jesus name we pray, amen. " All: "Amen. "
01:47 James: All right let's just start, Yvonne, get us into this,
01:49 let's just read all the verses that are left,
01:51 14... all the way through verse 19
01:53 and we're going to see where we are,
01:55 the verses are going to tell where we are,
01:57 it's going to be really clear.
01:58 Yvonne: "The second woe is past;
02:00 and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly.
02:02 And the seventh angel sounded;
02:04 and there were great voices in heaven,
02:06 saying, the kingdoms of this world are become
02:09 the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ;
02:11 and he shall reign for ever and ever.
02:14 And the four and twenty elders,
02:15 which sat before God on their seats,
02:17 fell upon their faces, and worshipped God,
02:20 Saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty,
02:24 which art, and was, and art to come;
02:26 because thou hast taken to thee thy great power,
02:30 and hast reigned.
02:31 And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come,
02:34 and the time of the dead, that they should be judged,
02:37 and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants
02:40 the prophets, and to the saints,
02:42 and them that fear thy name, small and great;
02:45 and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.
02:48 And the temple of God was opened in heaven,
02:51 and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament:
02:54 and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings,
02:58 and an earthquake, and great hail. "
03:00 James: Wow! so... so...
03:03 Yvonne: A lot going on there.
03:05 James: Yeah, there's a lot going on there so...
03:06 so, going back to verse 14, we'll just start there
03:08 and we'll just go through it systematically,
03:10 in a nice organized fashion, so going back to 14...
03:13 "The second woe is past... " yeah, it's past...
03:16 I mean, we finished the second woe back in chapter 9
03:18 and since then we went through chapter 10
03:20 and most of chapter 11, so it's way past... right?
03:23 But, this phrase is made because, it's like John saying,
03:27 "Oh, by the way, the second woe we're back on track now,
03:30 remember that's an interlude that we had in Revelation 10,
03:34 it's kind of an interruption, a pause, if you will,
03:36 to re-calibrate the focus on God's people
03:41 and what God is doing in response to these trumpets,
03:44 remember the principle that we've identified
03:47 that when the trumpet is blown...
03:48 that's an opportunity for God's people to move forward
03:50 and so, Revelation 10 is giving us a picture
03:53 of God's people moving forward, the development
03:55 of what we call... in history the Millerite Movement
03:58 and the awakening... the great awakening...
04:00 and the disappointment of 1844...
04:02 based on that little book that was unsealed...
04:04 the book of Daniel...
04:05 and how they were called to prophesy again,
04:08 about God's temple and His altar
04:11 and to be witnesses for Him...
04:13 that testimony that was supposed to uncover
04:17 God's character of love,
04:18 through the cross and be a witness
04:20 or testified to... by God's people,
04:22 and then goes into the Dark Ages which we just went through
04:25 and that history recaps the background
04:28 out of which God's Millerite Movement
04:31 and God's people are going to be prophesying again,
04:33 there's a great darkness that's come on the earth,
04:35 people have been so upset with God and the Bible
04:37 they just burn it in the streets they got rid of it,
04:38 they persecuted the two witnesses
04:40 and destroyed them but then they realized...
04:42 "Whoa... that didn't work very well"
04:44 and they turned it around and the Bible was exalted
04:47 and now we get a chance to... well, the table is set
04:50 we are right now in contention with these forces
04:54 to actually bring out more and more of the character of God,
04:57 to do better than what was done in the Dark Ages,
04:59 so then we get on track... the second woe is passed...
05:01 okay, it's passed so the third woe comes quickly.
05:05 Now, a lot of people have come to the conclusion
05:08 that because the first woe dealt with Islam...
05:12 the rise of Islam
05:14 and the second woe dealt with Islam...
05:16 and the history... through the Dark Ages
05:19 of its assaults against this Papal Power, et cetera,
05:22 that, therefore, obvious conclusion...
05:25 the third woe must be Islam...
05:27 we don't actually find that as a truism in the Bible,
05:32 well, because the first church was this,
05:34 and the second church was this the third church would be this,
05:35 the first seal was this and the second seal was...
05:37 in fact, we find just the opposite,
05:39 the first seal... reveals the White Horse Rider
05:43 which represents Christ and His church
05:44 but the second seal and the third seal and the fourth seal
05:46 reveal... actually enemies of God's people,
05:49 so, it is not for us to come to conclusions
05:52 without investigating the text.
05:54 Yvonne: That's a really good point.
05:56 James; What does the text tell us, what does the text say?
05:59 And it's really important for us... when we look at this
06:02 to let the Bible be the source of our interpretation.
06:05 Yvonne: And not coming with pre-conceived
06:07 notions and ideas about it
06:09 but really finding out what the Word says
06:11 and not just assuming that it's going to say something.
06:14 Ivor: And I think it's important for us to remember again
06:17 that when we lay out principles in the Bible,
06:19 these principles help us to know "Well, it cannot be this,
06:24 we can safely rule this out because of the principle"
06:27 so if you look at the principles of the trumpets
06:30 and what we laid as a foundation that... number one,
06:33 when a trumpet is blown,
06:34 it represents the fall of the enemies of God's people,
06:38 okay, the fall of the enemies of God's people...
06:42 so, the... the... the object of the trumpet is
06:46 the enemy of God's people, okay,
06:48 so, while we have... under the first trumpet,
06:51 we have the enemies falling because they are the ones that
06:55 are attacking the people of God, okay,
06:57 so people of God are being attacked by a Power
07:00 and that trumpet... deals with that Power,
07:03 okay, to remove that power,
07:05 same with the second trumpet,
07:06 same with the third and the fourth and the fifth...
07:08 so when we get to the seventh trumpet,
07:10 guess what we're looking for? If you...
07:12 if you take it as Islam against the enemies of God's people,
07:19 then, what you basically have happening is that
07:21 God's people are finally delivered because of what Islam
07:25 or what the Muslim power does,
07:27 "And, phew, our final deliverance came from Islam... "
07:31 no, no, no, no, no,
07:33 our final deliverance does not come from Islam,
07:37 it comes from no earthly power so, we just have to ask,
07:40 "What is the... who is the final deliverer
07:43 of God's people from their enemies?"
07:45 And whatever that answer is because we're being consistent,
07:48 every trumpet is the removal of an enemy,
07:51 but, but... under the sixth trumpet,
07:52 God is using earthly entities,
07:56 things that are occurring in the natural realm,
08:00 the final deliverance... that's what we're looking for,
08:04 whatever the third woe is,
08:05 it must be the same thing as the final deliverance
08:08 so, guess what? You guys already...
08:10 I know we have a whole program left to go,
08:12 but we already know what that third woe is going to be.
08:18 Yvonne: Yes.
08:19 Ivor: And the woe... when you say, "woe,"
08:21 I mean, that's...
08:22 it is not "whoa" like "Whoa, that's amazing"
08:24 but "Woe... " it's something that's terrifying
08:27 to the inhabitants of the earth, right,
08:29 so, who are the ones... it's not God's people saying, "woe"
08:33 it's the enemies of God's people saying, "Whoa... "
08:36 and what is that final thing that is going to
08:40 be a "woe" upon the enemies of God's people?
08:43 It's pretty obvious,
08:45 that it's got to be the return of Christ.
08:47 James: Which is really interesting, Ivor, because
08:50 look at this, the way that the first description
08:52 is given to the third woe,
08:54 just look at the first description,
08:55 "And the seventh angel sounded... " excuse me...
08:57 verse 14 again... "The second woe is past;
09:00 and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly. "
09:03 Let me just read to you a few verses...
09:04 Yvonne: Ah...
09:05 James: Just a few verses here, in Revelation, okay,
09:07 the first verse is going to be found
09:09 in Revelation chapter 3 and verse 11,
09:12 and Jason, can you read the second verse which will be
09:14 in Revelation 22:7,
09:16 and then Yvonne, can you read the third verse
09:18 which will be in Revelation 22:12,
09:21 and then, Ivor, can you read the fourth verse,
09:24 which will be in Revelation 22:20,
09:27 so, got those verses?
09:29 Revelation 22:7, Revelation 22:12,
09:32 Revelation 22:20 and I'm going to read Revelation 3:11,
09:35 Jesus is speaking to His church and He says,
09:37 "Behold, I am coming quickly: hold fast what you have,
09:41 that no one take your crown. "
09:43 Jason: Okay, "Behold, I come quickly:
09:46 blessed is he that keepeth
09:47 the sayings of the prophecy of this book. "
09:49 James: Okay.
09:50 Yvonne: "And, behold, I come quickly;
09:52 and my reward is with me, to give every man
09:53 according as his work shall be. "
09:55 Jason: "He which testifieth these things saith,
09:59 Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. "
10:02 James: The last verse is key because the person who says,
10:05 "I'm coming quickly... " is the Lord Jesus Christ.
10:07 Yvonne: Right.
10:08 James: "The second woe is passed and behold...
10:10 Jesus Christ is coming quickly" Yvonne: Hmmm...
10:12 James: "The third woe cometh quickly... "
10:14 Jason: Yes.
10:15 James: It just lines up perfectly,
10:16 the very principles that Ivor laid down
10:18 connected with the actual interpretation
10:21 of the verse in the book of Revelation,
10:23 God is not going to apply this phrase
10:25 to any other power when He's applying it to himself,
10:27 time and time and time and time again,
10:29 so immediately, we get on track with who this is referring to,
10:34 it's referring to Jesus. Yvonne: Hmmm...
10:36 Ivor: This is... this is really amazing
10:37 and so, watch this, in Revelation 11 verse 13,
10:41 the last part of that verse,
10:44 we covered it in our previous program,
10:46 right, it says, after this French Revolution thing, right,
10:51 it says, "the remnant were affrighted"
10:54 or feared... "and gave glory to the God of heaven. "
10:58 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm... Ivor: Okay...
11:00 so, this we know... ties in with the first angel's message
11:03 given in Revelation chapter 14,
11:05 and they begin to preach, yeah,
11:07 "Fear God, and give glory to Him"
11:09 why? "for the hour of His judgment is come:
11:12 and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea,
11:16 and all in that in them is"
11:17 so what you have happening here,
11:19 is, the beginning of the preaching
11:22 of the three angels' messages, now remember,
11:24 the angel... the two witnesses...
11:27 we learned about in the last program,
11:29 they ascended up into the cloud, at that very same time,
11:34 you see this angel standing with...
11:36 clothed with a cloud with this book in his hand
11:39 to give the people a final message,
11:41 that final message, is, "Behold He cometh quickly. "
11:48 Yvonne: Oh... Ivor: "He cometh quickly"
11:50 the preaching of the three angels' messages,
11:53 may be summarized as the preaching of the third woe.
11:56 "Behold He cometh quickly... " it was only then that they...
12:00 because, remember, at first, what were they...
12:02 they were preaching, "He commeth quickly"
12:05 but they didn't understand that His Movement
12:08 was... and this... we'll get into more detail
12:11 when we actually cover the 2,300-Day Prophecy
12:13 in the book of Daniel, we'll cover some of it here
12:16 but the Great Disappointment
12:18 was that they thought that Jesus was coming
12:20 to the earth... but in actuality...
12:22 He was moving from one phase of His ministry,
12:25 to the final phase of His ministry
12:27 which would begin the judgment which basically,
12:30 at that point, when they discovered that,
12:32 guess what they began to prophesy again?
12:34 They began to prophesy again, "Behold... He's coming quickly,
12:39 He is coming quickly, the third woe is coming...
12:43 He's coming quickly,
12:44 "World... Babylon... He's coming quickly...
12:51 if you don't want this woe, fear God and give glory to Him
12:56 for the hour of His judgment is come. "
12:58 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm... does this mean...
13:02 in verse 13 that... there will be people from
13:05 that whole Atheistic frame of mind
13:10 that will be a remnant...
13:11 that will be frightened and give glory to the God of heaven?
13:15 Is this a reference to France
13:19 or is this a reference to all people who...
13:21 James: It's a reference to all of Europe...
13:23 everyone that looked on to what was happening in France
13:26 because the whole world was seeing
13:27 what was happening in France. Yvonne: Right...
13:28 James: Everyone was seeing it
13:30 and so, France sent a shockwave throughout the world,
13:32 Bible Societies were raised up in America and in England
13:36 and other places and the Bible became available
13:39 to people all over the world who had been influenced
13:40 by the philosophy of France, by Voltaire, by the liberty...
13:43 the principles of liberty that France developed
13:45 became part of the cornerstone of the United States of America,
13:47 they helped us in the Revolutionary War
13:50 so, all of that... had its impact on us,
13:52 you got to remember, 1798... 1776...
13:54 were all intertwined... the whole world is intertwined
13:57 and America could be one of the nations
14:01 that... that... not one of the nations of the city
14:04 but one of the nations of the world
14:05 that looked on this and said, "You know what?
14:07 We need to have God as part of the foundation
14:09 even though we are Deists... "
14:11 that's what a lot of our Founding Fathers were
14:12 we need to have the principles of the Bible as the foundation
14:15 because we don't want to repeat what happened there,
14:17 we want everything that France has to offer, except for that...
14:20 except for that... we don't want that,
14:22 so, basically, that's what we're seeing
14:24 in that verse that had that... verse 13...
14:25 Yvonne: Oh okay...
14:26 Ivor: So you look at... verse 15 where it talks about the...
14:30 "the kingdoms of this world are become
14:33 the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ;
14:34 and he shall reign for ever and ever. "
14:36 Ivor: And this is going to be a reference
14:37 to the second coming of Christ, right,
14:39 when the kingdoms of this world, Daniel chapter 2...
14:44 they fall... and the kingdom of Christ is set up
14:48 at this time... not on earth...
14:50 we'll get into that as we get further into Revelation,
14:53 particularly Revelation chapter 20,
14:55 but the kingdoms of this world fall...
14:57 this is a reference to the second coming of Christ,
15:00 okay, the message that God's people began to preach
15:03 was that... "Christ is coming again... "
15:06 it would be... when they began to preach this in 1844,
15:10 I want to make a parallel between the 7th trumpet
15:14 and the 1st trumpet... okay...
15:16 remember in the first trumpet that...
15:18 what day was the first trumpet blown,
15:21 we know the day that the first trumpet was blown,
15:26 remember, the... the... prayers of the saints...
15:31 are ascending up... and then... fire falls
15:34 and the first trumpet is blown, right,
15:37 and that trumpet represents the events that occurred in 70 A.D.
15:40 Yvonne: Right... right...
15:42 Ivor: Okay, but when was the trumpet like...
15:44 when was the... when did the warning go forward
15:46 of when... of this event to come...
15:49 it went forward in 31 A.D. on the day of Pentecost
15:53 when Peter begins to preach and He quotes from Joel chapter 2,
15:57 so when he's quoting...
15:59 James: Even when Jesus was preaching,
16:00 He was talking about this.
16:02 Ivor: Yes, absolutely, but when Peter blows his trumpet
16:04 the Jews were looking around saying,
16:06 "We don't see any... blood and fire mingled with smoke,
16:10 why are you quoting Joel chapter 2?"
16:12 Right, but Peter was warning of the event to come,
16:15 the warning went out before the event happened
16:19 so it didn't come like...
16:20 James: That's the whole point of the trumpets' sequence.
16:23 Ivor: That's right... that's right.
16:24 James: The angels are given trumpets...
16:26 but then there's a pause... Ivor: Yes.
16:27 James: and then there's an angel with a sensor and incense...
16:29 going in... we pause and we see mediation,
16:32 we see fire poured out and we saw...
16:34 we see a warning message...
16:35 always you have the warning message ahead of the trumpet...
16:38 that's the point... Ivor is bringing here,
16:39 first there's a warning message before the trumpet comes.
16:42 Yvonne: Isn't this so much like in the Old Testament
16:45 where God would always warn His people first?
16:48 Yvonne: Before the Babylonian captivity,
16:51 he warned them for years...
16:53 before the flood, He warned them...
16:55 and then when there's...
16:57 when the response is not happening,
16:59 there's a consequence.
17:01 Ivor: Absolutely... so the third woe...
17:02 the warning begins... they begin to cry out in 1844,
17:06 "Behold He's coming... He's coming... "
17:07 James: "Coming quickly... "
17:09 Ivor: "Coming quickly... " the woe doesn't hit... right...
17:12 until the second coming of Christ.
17:13 Yvonne: Okay... Ivor: So...
17:15 James: So, what we see in these verses that follow
17:17 are depicting the second coming of Christ...
17:19 but we've got a pause here that's taking place...
17:21 that's why we have Revelation 10,
17:22 that's why we have the following verses,
17:24 we have a pause taking place between the actual fulfillment
17:27 and the time when the horn is blown...
17:28 the trumpet's blown...
17:30 Ivor: And what's interesting about this particular trumpet
17:34 is that the trumpet almost... in a sense...
17:37 because remember the people in 1844
17:39 thought that Jesus was returning then...
17:42 it's almost like this trumpet is kind of like...
17:45 remember that... that...
17:46 the bitter-sweet experience? Yvonne: Yes.
17:48 Ivor: They were thinking one thing
17:49 but it was actually something else.
17:50 In a sense this trumpet almost has like a... bookend
17:55 at the beginning of the trumpet and at the end of the trumpet
17:59 because if you look at chapter, I mean... verse 18 and 19...
18:02 "the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come,
18:05 and the time of the dead, that they should be judged... "
18:08 okay, when does that happen?
18:09 The time of the dead that they should be judged.
18:13 James: Well, there are two applications...
18:14 the first one, of course, is 1844...
18:16 Ivor: Absolutely.
18:17 James: And the second one...
18:19 Ivor: Yes, so you have this... it's almost like a mirror
18:21 like what's happening in...
18:24 there's a first application of the time of the dead
18:29 that they should be judged... 1844...
18:31 but when Jesus returns... right...
18:33 that's when the second...
18:34 the, I want to use the second application but
18:36 it happens in reality, right, what happens symbolically...
18:42 I'll show you another one.
18:43 Yvonne: Yeah, because it's... here's my question...
18:48 if the Investigative Judgment is going on now,
18:49 then why is it that... that it's talked about in the future...
18:56 they would be judged,
18:58 because it's supposed to be going on now,
19:01 so, how do we justify that?
19:03 Ivor: So your question again,
19:05 let me just get your question straight
19:06 so, if the Investigative Judgment is going on...
19:09 Yvonne: If it started in 1844... and it's going on now,
19:13 then those... because those who died before 1844...
19:17 if it started in 1844... then it's going on from...?
19:21 Ivor: Okay, so, when Jesus returns,
19:23 okay, is there a judgment that is going to begin?
19:27 James: Yes.
19:28 Ivor: Yeah, a judgment of the dead...
19:30 James: Yes, yes...
19:32 Ivor: Right... right...
19:34 James: It's the 1000-year judgment.
19:35 Ivor: It's the 1000-year judgment.
19:36 Yvonne: Oh... I got you.
19:38 James: And that's where this applies primarily...
19:39 Ivor: So, as you're reading this you're actually seeing
19:42 "Okay, hey, 1844... the judgment of the righteous dead began,
19:47 but at the second coming of Christ,
19:49 the judgment of the wicked dead. "
19:50 James: that's why in verse 19 when it says,
19:52 "the temple is open in heaven... "
19:53 in 1844 the temple was opened in heaven and we did go in there
19:57 but at the end of that time...
19:59 Ivor: By faith... James: By faith...
20:00 but at the end of time, it literally is opened.
20:02 Ivor: Yes. James: You see what I'm saying?
20:03 Yvonne: I see...
20:04 James: In the end of... in this judgment...
20:06 in 1844 judgment... by faith, we enter into judgment
20:08 but when this actually happens, it's literally a judgment...
20:11 people are literally going to be standing
20:13 before the books of heaven...
20:14 the believers will never stand before literal books in heaven,
20:17 we'll never actually face the record of our lives
20:20 in a literal sense, because it's a faith venture
20:23 for this is foreshadowing,
20:25 this reality that this is talking about
20:27 is foreshadowing for us of our faith venture,
20:30 we enter in judgment in 1844 by faith,
20:32 we enter into the Most Holy Place in 1844 by faith
20:36 because we are not going to be experiencing
20:38 the reality of having to actually see the books open
20:41 and actually see the temple open and actually face the Law of God
20:44 without having that mediation. Yvonne: Hmmm...
20:46 Ivor: yeah, judgment begins in the house of God
20:48 right... James: 1st Peter 4...
20:50 Ivor: Yeah, judgment begins in the house of God...
20:52 James: verse 17...
20:54 Ivor: Yeah, and what that means is
20:55 God's people are judged first.
20:57 James: Everyone that professes faith in God...
20:58 everyone that professes faith in God.
21:00 Ivor: Yes, yeah...
21:02 James: Some of them may not be righteous,
21:03 it's everyone who professes, that's why they're judged.
21:06 Ivor: Those who are redeemed... those who are saved... right...
21:08 so, yeah, we want to be those that are...
21:10 that have faced judgment as it were,
21:13 and passed it... in the first judgment.
21:16 James: Yeah... Yvonne: Right.
21:17 Ivor: We don't want to be a part...
21:19 we don't want to be being judged
21:20 in that second judgment.
21:22 Yvonne: So, it's kind of like the two resurrections,
21:23 Ivor: Exactly.
21:24 James: It's exactly like the two resurrections.
21:26 it's exactly the same.
21:27 Yvonne: I never got that, okay.
21:29 James: So, you've got a parallel here that's taking place,
21:31 now, what's really interesting is...
21:32 and we're moving through this...
21:35 we've touched on the shadow,
21:36 the 1844 reality... okay...
21:39 there's where we see application to these two verses
21:42 in verses 18 and 19 in the Millerite Movement,
21:46 okay, but now we want to go back...
21:48 we want to see what is the reality...
21:50 how does this take place in reality because
21:52 this is closing out the third prophetic cycle.
21:55 The third prophetic cycle has to close out
21:57 not just with the second coming of Jesus,
21:58 remember, what is the third prophetic cycle,
22:01 what does each prophetic cycle close out with?
22:03 What does it take us to, where does it take us,
22:05 where is the end of the cycles?
22:07 The end of the cycles
22:08 is always the new heaven and the new earth,
22:10 it's always the new heaven and the new earth.
22:12 In Revelation... seven churches...
22:14 the promises are made to the new heaven and the new earth.
22:16 In Revelation... seven seals... we have the great multitude
22:19 standing before the throne,
22:20 and they don't hunger anymore, they don't thirst anymore,
22:23 He leads them besides rivers of waters,
22:24 in Revelation... seven trumpets, notice this,
22:27 as you come through here,
22:28 and what's really interesting is,
22:30 in the first woe... there's an army of horses,
22:36 the Muslims... an army of horses
22:38 that protect God's people, the sealed ones,
22:41 they come against the enemies of God's people
22:44 and they don't hurt the sealed ones.
22:45 Yvonne: In the second woe... there's an army of horses
22:49 that come against the enemies of God's people
22:52 but they don't hurt the sealed ones.
22:53 When Jesus returns... according to Revelation 19,
22:56 He comes on an army of horses... Yvonne: Hmmm...
23:00 James: He comes with an army of horses
23:01 and when He comes, He protects God's people,
23:04 He comes against the enemies of God's people,
23:06 but the sealed ones aren't hurt, so, the parallelism's here,
23:10 it's as though the second...
23:12 the first woe and the second woe are picturing for us
23:14 the reality of what's going to happen when Jesus returns.
23:17 There's the reality of what's going to happen
23:19 and when He returns in this context,
23:23 that's the time when the kingdoms of this world become
23:25 "the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ"
23:27 and in the context of verse 18 of Revelation 11...
23:29 not only... "the nations were angry,
23:31 and thy wrath is come,
23:32 and the time of the dead, that they should be judged,
23:34 and reward is given to the prophets... "
23:37 but notice what it says here, also, it says,
23:40 "reward is given unto thy servants they prophets,
23:42 and to the saints, and them that fear they name,
23:45 small and great; and that you shouldest destroy them
23:48 which destroy the earth. "
23:49 And that points us all the way past the 1,000 years.
23:51 Yvonne: Hmmm...
23:52 James: All the way down to the time...
23:54 when this heaven will be made new,
23:56 when the New Jerusalem comes down
23:58 and fire comes out of heaven and consumes those
24:02 who have turned against God
24:03 and we see a new heaven and a new earth,
24:05 it's the new heaven and the new earth again.
24:07 Ivor: So a couple of things that you want to remember
24:09 as you're looking at this is...
24:11 number one... you talk about the first woe... the second woe
24:14 and how they culminate in the third woe,
24:15 if you look at all the trumpets, look at the enemies...
24:19 how the enemies of God's people seem like they...
24:22 they grow larger and larger with each trumpet.
24:24 First it was just Jerusalem, right, under the first trumpet,
24:27 then it gets a little bigger... under Rome...
24:29 right, but now, in the third...
24:31 three through six it gets a little bit bigger...
24:33 it's now the Papacy...
24:35 under the 7th trumpet, it's not just the Papacy,
24:39 we're going to see as we study
24:40 get into Revelation 13 and all of that...
24:43 there is not just the Papacy but there's the dragon...
24:46 there's the beast, there's the false prophet...
24:48 James: The nations of the world.
24:50 Ivor: Yes, the nations of the world... it's the entire world
24:52 that is now gathered against the people of God...
24:54 James: "You'll be hated of all nations... "
24:56 Ivor: That's right, "You'll be hated of all nations... "
24:57 so when it says, "the kingdoms of this world...
24:58 are become the kingdoms of our Lord"
25:00 it's because the kingdoms of this world
25:02 are all against God's people and this time,
25:05 "Wow, who can God use to deliver His people?"
25:07 nobody... because everybody...
25:10 is now against them... Yvonne: Wow!
25:12 Ivor: So, now, He, Himself... is going to come
25:14 to deliver His people. James: I love that.
25:17 Yvonne: Wow, that's why this is a love story, right?
25:19 Ivor: Exactly... exactly, plus, remember this,
25:21 another point on this, under the... the trumpets...
25:24 under the 7th trumpet in particular,
25:27 when Peter blew the trumpet, he began to warn of this,
25:32 this is being fulfilled, blood, fire...
25:34 they're looking around like, "What are you talking about?
25:36 We don't see anything... "
25:38 they couldn't see what he was talking about
25:40 but at the... when the trumpet came to be fulfilled,
25:43 then they saw it...
25:45 Ivor: Okay, "The temple of God opened in heaven,
25:48 what do you mean, Jesus in the Most Holy Place,
25:50 what do you mean... what are you talking about,
25:53 ha... what...?"
25:55 James: But when the seventh trumpet is blown...
25:58 Ivor: When He comes again... guess what?
26:00 they're going to see...
26:01 exactly what the people of God have been preaching.
26:07 James: They're going to see... it's going to be a reality...
26:09 Yvonne: Beautiful... James: It is...
26:11 Yvonne: Wow! this is some beautiful stuff right here.
26:12 James: And when we look at this now, just really quickly,
26:14 we'll summarize this, when we look at this verse,
26:16 there's an order to it and I think it's really significant
26:19 God... when He sets up His kingdom...
26:22 at that point... when this reaches its complete fulfillment
26:25 at that point, in verse 18 it says,
26:27 "the nations were angry"
26:29 that's... "You'll be hated by all nations for my name's sake,"
26:31 so the nations were angry... so that's past...
26:33 that's led to the death decree,
26:35 that's led to the final test for God's people,
26:37 "and thy wrath is come"
26:38 that's present... when Jesus comes...
26:40 the seven last plagues are poured out,
26:42 so the wrath of God has come...
26:44 in the seven last plagues which also parallel the trumpets
26:47 I wish we had time to go over that... but let's finish this...
26:49 "and the time of the dead, that they should be judged... "
26:51 that's the next thing... so the nations were angry
26:53 okay, hated of all nations, death decree...
26:55 "thy wrath is come... " probation's closed,
26:57 seven last plagues...
26:59 "the time of the dead, that they should be judged"
27:00 you've got a resurrection
27:01 and you've got us going to heaven
27:03 and the 1,000 years begin...
27:04 the time for judgment for those
27:06 who rejected Christ in that 1,000 years, and,
27:08 "that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets,
27:11 and to the saints, and them that fear thy name... "
27:12 we're being rewarded... we've got this resurrection
27:14 we're given new bodies,
27:15 we're in heaven for all eternity,
27:17 we've got our crowns, our robes,
27:18 and that thou "shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth"
27:21 after the 1,000 years...
27:22 comes back down with the New Jerusalem City,
27:24 everyone's resurrected in the second resurrection,
27:26 there's a judgment and a final destruction.
27:28 This is the order...
27:29 verse 18 gives us a perfect order of events...
27:32 "And the temple of God was opened in heaven,
27:34 and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament:
27:36 and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings,
27:38 and an earthquake, and great hail. "
27:40 That's part of the second coming of Christ
27:42 because all these verses
27:43 are speaking of the second coming of Christ,
27:45 so that's part of the second coming of Christ,
27:47 His temple will literally be opened,
27:49 people will literally see the ark coming forth
27:51 and they'll literally face the record of God's Law.
27:54 We are out of time... we are out of time,
27:56 so I'm glad we got through that.
27:58 Yvonne: That was rich. James: Good... good.
27:59 Jason: Amen. Yvonne: Amen.


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