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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:30 We are in the book of Revelation...
00:32 Revelation chapter 12 specifically
00:35 and we left off... kind of in the middle of the chapter
00:37 we want to get back into that
00:39 but before we do,
00:40 we have been asking people to send in their questions
00:43 Program after Program... time after time...
00:46 we've been telling people, "Hey, we got this number...
00:48 we've got this e-mail... you can send your questions here
00:51 but you know what we haven't done?
00:52 Taken questions...
00:53 We haven't taken any questions,
00:55 we haven't answered any questions,
00:56 people are writing all these questions
00:58 and they're piling up and we're not...
01:00 We're in Revelation chapter 12 so it's a transition point
01:03 right, so after studying the first eleven chapters,
01:07 people are getting their questions ready
01:09 chapter 12 onward... we start answering questions.
01:12 Sounds good.
01:13 That's a great explanation Ivor, way to pull us out of that.
01:17 All right... so we have a few questions we're going to address
01:21 as we get started in this program
01:24 but let's begin with a word of prayer.
01:25 Yvonne, would you like to pray for us?
01:27 Sure, "Father, we're so grateful to you
01:29 for the privilege of studying your Word
01:31 and we thank you that you've given us this manual
01:34 where we can know just what's going to come...
01:38 as Danny says,
01:39 "We've read the back of the book... "
01:41 and we know Lord that we win because of you...
01:44 because you won... because you are the victor...
01:47 so we just thank you for being victorious
01:50 and for giving us victory as well,
01:52 we just pray right now that your Spirit will be with us,
01:56 guide us and direct us Lord and help us to learn and apply
02:00 the information that we're studying,
02:03 in Jesus' name, amen. "
02:04 "Amen... "
02:05 I really like that... that phrase... "the manual"
02:09 God hasn't really left us without a manual
02:11 and the reason I like that so much
02:13 is because I just bought a vehicle that is...
02:16 well, it has a lot of miles on it so it has a lot of issues
02:19 I got a really good deal on that,
02:20 that's what I like... to be totally honest
02:23 it's a Toyota... but it doesn't have a manual,
02:25 and I really need a manual because I'm troubleshooting,
02:28 I'm trying to take things apart and fix things
02:31 and there's no manual
02:32 but we have a manual...
02:34 God has not left us without a manual
02:35 and the manual is the Bible
02:37 and it tells us how we are created
02:40 and it gives us the big picture of what God's purpose is
02:44 and shows us the details as to how we function
02:47 and it helps us to troubleshoot...
02:49 it helps us to troubleshoot...
02:51 We need that... we need that manual.
02:53 All right, I've got a question here...
02:55 to start us out... it's in relation to Revelation chapter 8
02:58 the chapter that we've covered already,
03:00 and the question here comes from Ray Tucker...
03:04 and Raymond Tucker and he says,
03:05 "Blessings, Saints of God, I was watching the broadcast
03:08 and I heard that the golden altar in Revelation 8:3
03:10 was the altar of burnt offering
03:12 which was from the sacrifice of Jesus
03:14 and brought into the Holy Place
03:15 as I understand it,
03:17 the altar of burnt offering was of brass...
03:18 but both altars of incense
03:21 and the ark of the covenant were gold
03:23 therefore, as the passage continues in verse 4
03:26 with the smoke of the incense,
03:27 it shows that it might be the altar of incense...
03:30 see also Revelation 6 under the fifth seal...
03:33 God bless... I'm enjoying the study. "
03:34 Good question, Raymond.
03:35 So let's just go to the verse,
03:37 maybe Jason, you could read it for us,
03:39 Revelation chapter 8 and verse 3.
03:42 Okay, "And another angel came and stood at the altar,
03:46 having a golden censer;
03:48 and there was given unto him much incense,
03:50 that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints
03:54 upon the golden altar which was before the throne. "
03:58 Okay now, here's the important transition in this verse,
04:02 this verse is talking about two altars... not one altar...
04:05 so the first altar that's mentioned
04:07 is not described as a golden altar.
04:10 The second altar is described
04:12 as the golden altar before the throne.
04:14 So, Raymond was saying here that...
04:17 "I heard that the golden altar in Revelation 8 was the altar"
04:20 excuse me... that the altar...
04:22 "the golden altar in Revelation 8:3
04:23 was the altar of burnt offering. "
04:25 Well, actually, the golden altar in Revelation 8:3
04:28 is not the altar of burnt offering,
04:30 the golden altar before the throne
04:32 is the golden altar of incense before the throne
04:35 but the first altar is the altar of burnt offering
04:38 and a lot of people miss this.
04:40 They think, "Oh, the altar...
04:42 that the angel is standing next to
04:43 is the same as the golden altar... it isn't...
04:45 there's a transition taking place here,
04:47 what God is showing us here is that Christ is taking
04:51 the offering that He made on...
04:53 the sacrifice that He made... on the altar in the Courtyard
04:56 which represents Calvary and the Cross...
04:58 He's taking that sacrifice into the Heavenly Sanctuary...
05:01 He's taking it into the Heavenly Sanctuary
05:03 and when Christ ascended to heaven
05:05 and He brought with Him the merits of His sacrifice,
05:08 He went into the Holy Place,
05:09 He went into the first compartment
05:11 of the Heavenly Sanctuary...
05:13 there's a Sanctuary in heaven, Hebrews 8 tells us very clearly
05:16 and there are two compartments there
05:17 Hebrews 8 and Hebrews 9 tell us that very clearly
05:20 and when Christ went to heaven,
05:21 He... according to Revelation 8:3,
05:23 He went into the compartment that has the golden altar
05:26 that is before the throne
05:27 and that compartment is the Holy Place.
05:29 Just to build on that in verse 5,
05:31 it says that... continues to say,
05:34 "The angel took the censer,
05:36 and filled it with fire of the altar,
05:38 and cast it to the earth... "
05:40 it again mentions the altar,
05:43 right, not the golden altar... the altar
05:46 so if we were to take this and go back to the book of Leviticus
05:48 let's go into the book of Leviticus chapter 16
05:51 and we will see... in Leviticus 16...
05:55 that it was the altar of sacrifice
06:00 which the priest would take
06:03 the coals of fire to light the incense
06:06 so Leviticus 16, verse 12, it says,
06:10 "he shall take a censer... "
06:11 right... so there goes the censer...
06:13 "full of burning coals of fire
06:15 from off the altar before the LORD... "
06:17 Yeah, and that's the same sentence in Revelation 8, okay.
06:21 Absolutely, so the altar here is the...
06:24 is the altar in the Outer Court
06:25 which represents Christ's sacrifice.
06:27 It is this... let's look at it this way...
06:31 everything in heaven... our whole...
06:35 the whole Plan of Salvation
06:36 was based upon the fire from that altar.
06:38 So Christ's sacrifice... allows the Plan of Salvation...
06:42 it is His sacrifice that allows the fire from heaven...
06:45 The Holy Spirit...
06:47 That's right... the Holy Spirit to fall.
06:48 Yeah, He said, "I'm going to heaven...
06:50 and if I'm going... I'm going to send the Holy Spirit. "
06:52 That's right...
06:54 So the angel takes that fire from the sacrifice of Christ
06:56 lights the altar of incense... in the censer
07:02 lights the altar of incense in heaven
07:04 sends that fire down as the Holy Spirit upon us.
07:08 Hmmm...
07:10 So... two different altars...
07:11 Amen... Wow...
07:12 Good stuff... Hmmm... hmmm...
07:14 All right... another question here...
07:15 "Who is Michael in Revelation 12:7 and 8...
07:18 who is Michael in Revelation 12:7 and 8?"
07:22 Okay, let's go with... Revelation 12:7 and 8...
07:27 let's go back to the Old Testament...
07:28 in fact, why don't you read Revelation 12 verses 7 and 8
07:31 first... and then we'll go into the book of Daniel.
07:33 Yvonne, would you like to read those for us?
07:34 Sure... "And war broke out in heaven:
07:36 Michael and his angels fought with the dragon;
07:39 and the dragon and his angels fought...
07:41 but they did not prevail,
07:43 nor was there a place found for them in heaven any longer. "
07:46 Okay, so, the Bible speaks about Michael and His angels
07:51 yeah, Michael and His angels...
07:52 you have the dragon and his angels,
07:55 both representing opposite sides, okay,
07:56 so whoever this "Michael" is... He has angels...
08:01 Hmmm... hmmm...
08:03 He has angels...
08:04 So, we go back to the Old Testament
08:07 to get a good idea of who this Michael is
08:09 because that's where He's first mentioned.
08:11 Daniel chapter 12 and verse 1 and this really is very simple,
08:16 in fact... most of the Protestant Reformers agreed
08:19 with the position of who Michael is
08:21 based upon a study of the Scripture
08:23 but in Daniel 12 verse 1, the Bible says there,
08:29 "And at that time shall Michael stand up,
08:32 the great... " what?
08:35 "prince... " so He's the...
08:37 He's not... "a prince"
08:39 He's "the great prince"
08:41 Hmmm...
08:42 All right, so, who's the great prince?
08:44 Well, just hold your thought there
08:45 and let's go over to the book of Daniel
08:47 chapter 9... we're in Daniel 12...
08:50 now let's just jump back a couple of chapters...
08:53 I'm going to go to Daniel chapter 9 and...
08:57 Daniel chapter 9 is the 70-week prophecy...
08:59 and in that prophecy it speaks of the coming of the Messiah
09:02 and I want you notice what the Messiah is called...
09:05 Hmmm...
09:06 Daniel 9 verse 25... you want to read that Yvonne?
09:10 Sure... "Know therefore and understand,
09:12 that from the going forth of the command
09:14 to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince... "
09:18 Okay, so... "Messiah the Prince... "
09:20 so the Bible just told us,
09:21 "Okay, Michael is the great Prince... "
09:24 Daniel 9... "Messiah the Prince... "
09:26 "the great Prince... "
09:28 Michael and the Messiah are one and the same...
09:31 so the word "Michael" means the One who is as God,
09:34 that's what the name means... "the One who is as God... "
09:37 now, some people object and say, "No, no, no, no, no...
09:39 that's all wrong because Michael is an angel... "
09:43 and we know that angels are created... okay...
09:47 but an angel is not necessarily a created being...
09:50 the word "angel" simply means "messenger"
09:54 so, Michael is the highest messenger...
09:57 that's why He's called "the archangel"
09:59 the highest of all messengers...
10:01 Hmmm...
10:02 Let me share with you just two more verses on this
10:06 and then we can get into the Program, but...
10:09 I got a couple of thoughts too.
10:10 Okay, well then let's just look at 1st Thessalonians...
10:13 no, no, no, let's stay in the Old Testament
10:15 let's look at Malachi chapter 3 verse 1,
10:17 Malachi 3 verse 1...
10:19 and this is speaking to the issue of the angel.
10:24 Was Christ an angel or not?
10:26 Malachi 3 verse 1...
10:28 the Bible says, "Behold, I will send my" what?
10:32 "messenger... "
10:34 and the word there is actually "angel"
10:36 that's what the word "messenger" is in the Hebrew... "angel"
10:39 "and he shall prepare the way before me:
10:42 and the LORD, whom you seek,
10:45 shall suddenly come to his temple,
10:48 even the messenger... " what's the word?
10:51 same word for angel... right...
10:55 so "the angel of the covenant"
10:59 who is that speaking about? Speaking about Jesus... right?
11:03 He is the messenger of the covenant...
11:05 so the angel in this context does not mean a created being
11:09 it simply means, "messenger"
11:12 and so, Michael is the highest messenger,
11:17 He is the "arch... " the highest of all...
11:21 He is the Messiah the Prince...
11:23 in 1st Thessalonians chapter 4 we read that Michael...
11:26 that when Jesus comes again... He descends with a shout...
11:30 with the voice of the archangel...
11:33 so we have two options...
11:35 either when Jesus descends... He's like,
11:37 "Hey Michael, let me borrow your voice for a minute...
11:40 so I could... " or...
11:41 the voice of the archangel is His own voice.
11:44 Hmmm...
11:45 And it is that voice... yeah...
11:47 He says, "My voice... "
11:49 John 5... "they shall hear the voice of the Son of God"
11:53 right... and the dead shall rise
11:55 so when we go back to Daniel 12 the time of...
11:59 there will be a time of trouble, Michael shall stand up
12:01 and they shall be delivered... everyone that is found...
12:04 written the Book...
12:06 many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth...
12:08 it all brings us back
12:10 to the fact that Michael is another name...
12:13 was the pre-incarnate name for Jesus,
12:16 before He came to this earth.
12:19 So, can we assume that He manifested Himself
12:26 in a different form as Michael...
12:32 was He... did He... you know what I'm asking?
12:36 Well, here's a point maybe that could help clarify that
12:39 and that is... we know that Christ is divine
12:42 John chapter 1 tells us,
12:44 "the Word was with God, and the Word was God"
12:46 in the beginning He was with God...
12:47 and then He became flesh...
12:49 Christ becoming a man does not make Him less divine
12:53 so God can become anything He wants to and still be God.
12:58 He can come... the Holy Spirit can come in the form of a dove,
13:00 God can appear in the form of a burning bush...
13:02 Jesus can some as a man or an angel or a messenger...
13:06 it doesn't mean He's not God,
13:07 and I think this is really important...
13:09 another important point here is...
13:10 is that... the archangel...
13:13 that word in the Greek actually means, "the chief of the angels"
13:15 the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Army
13:18 is the President... he's not an enlisted man...
13:21 he's the Commander-in-Chief
13:23 and it's interesting that if you go through the Bible
13:26 you will never find a place
13:27 where anyone else is ever called an "archangel" but Michael
13:31 no one else is called an archangel... nobody...
13:34 not Gabriel... not anyone else is called the archangel
13:37 only Michael is the Chief of the angels...
13:38 because He's the only One who's the Chief of the angels...
13:40 He's in-charge of them... they're His angels...
13:42 now if they're His angels... what does that tell you?
13:45 That He's an angel? No... not at all...
13:47 so, when you look at all the evidence,
13:49 we don't have to be scared to allow Christ to be a man
13:53 or to be Michael...
13:55 any more than God coming in the form of a dove
13:57 or a burning bush...
13:59 because it doesn't diminish the divinity of who Christ is.
14:03 Christ is divine... Christ is God... yeah...
14:05 Okay, we've got...
14:07 We need to get into the Program.
14:09 Yeah we do need to get into it but there was one more...
14:11 there was one more question I was thinking about
14:13 in relation to... what was it?
14:16 The Program... someone has asked
14:19 why our Programs are only half an hour.
14:21 That's it... I'm going to touch on it.
14:23 That's one of the things that's so special about this Program
14:28 this Vera Marie wrote, "Your Bible Study is awesome
14:33 but very complex and so intricate,
14:35 I believe 30 minutes are surely too short...
14:38 it would pay off to take a good hour to discuss,
14:41 extrapolate and dig into such complex topics...
14:44 and give us a simplistic mind the ability to absorb, digest
14:51 and fully process this precious information.
14:54 Please consider a full hour
14:56 and would you have all the Programs recorded
15:00 available for purchase?"
15:01 We do have all the Programs available for purchase
15:04 and all they have to do is call 618-627-4651
15:09 wait until they hear Ms. Mollie's precious voice...
15:12 and press number 2 and that will take them to the Call Center
15:16 which is open Monday through Thursday
15:19 7:30 a. m. to 5:30 p. m. Central time.
15:22 Good answer... That's a lot of information.
15:25 It was but... taken in bite-size pieces.
15:28 Yeah, bite-size pieces... that's why we do half an hour.
15:32 Let us mention that when we first decided to do the Program
15:36 and James and I were speaking
15:38 the first time we came, we said,
15:39 "We should be able to get to maybe Revelation chapter...
15:42 I don't know... maybe half-way through the book,
15:44 on our first visit...
15:46 and after our first visit,
15:48 I think we had stopped at Revelation...
15:50 at the end of Revelation chapter 2...
15:52 or just beginning chapter 3,
15:54 and I was like, 13 Programs...
15:55 we're like, "Okay, this is going to be
15:57 much longer than we thought so, bite-size...
16:00 so you can digest it
16:03 and we're just taking our time going through the book.
16:05 By-the-way, a lot of people that call the office
16:08 when these Programs go on
16:09 comment on that... and they love it.
16:11 They love the fact that we're going slow,
16:13 they love the fact that this is bite-size
16:14 and they love the fact that we're doing
16:15 a detailed study in Revelation
16:17 they're just not finding that in a lot of places,
16:19 so they're really appreciating that
16:21 and what I want to say also to this question is,
16:24 if you want an hour, do get the DVDs
16:27 because you can sit through half hour
16:29 and then another half hour and another...
16:31 another half... you can go through hours of them
16:33 one after another
16:34 so they are being aired every day...
16:36 On Dare to Dream every day at 6:30 p. m. Central time.
16:40 Yes.
16:42 So, if people want to see it every day,
16:44 they can watch it on Dare to Dream,
16:46 if you want to see it... I think on Parent Network
16:49 it's on... twice a week... once on Sabbath afternoon
16:52 or evening... and just check the schedule for
16:56 on the Parent Network... but we are on everyday
17:00 so... depending on... you know, if people want more
17:03 they can get more or they can purchase the DVDs.
17:07 Not to mention but... like... we want to learn this stuff too
17:11 so we need 30 minutes...
17:13 if we do an hour and all this stuff is coming our way...
17:17 Overload... overload.
17:19 Hmmm... hmmm...
17:20 So Ivor, you mentioned the dragon and his angels...
17:24 and we have this model that has been loaned to us.
17:27 Yeah we have the dragon on all Programs.
17:29 Yeah, that's good.
17:30 Here it is...
17:32 This is one of a number of models
17:34 that we're going to be using from Australia
17:36 and we're going to give in the Credits...
17:37 we're going to give the information for our Viewers
17:39 they can get ahold of these,
17:40 they can use them in classroom illustrations
17:43 they can use them in Evangelism Bible Studies,
17:45 these are great illustrations,
17:47 you can see here that this dragon has seven heads
17:50 and there are ten horns there
17:52 and then in the tail there you see...
17:54 what it is basically is...
17:56 is a picture of the universe with all the stars
17:58 and the point here is...
18:00 he deceived the third part of the stars of heaven...
18:03 it's like heaven with all the stars
18:05 so this is illustrating Revelation chapter 12's dragon.
18:08 The seven heads connect to Daniel chapter 7
18:11 where you have the succession of kingdoms
18:14 with a total of seven heads,
18:16 you have: Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece which had four heads
18:19 and Rome... seven altogether
18:21 and then the ten horns in Daniel chapter 7 again
18:26 with crowns... that are monarchies...
18:27 so this is illustrating that
18:29 in Revelation 12 you have a continuum of the book of Daniel
18:33 with these nations coming to pagan Rome
18:35 which is typified by the dragon
18:38 the dragon is, of course, Satan
18:40 where he's working through these earthly kingdoms
18:42 and he's seeking to up-end and to distort and misrepresent God
18:47 and God's kingdom and God's Plan of Salvation
18:50 through these various earthly kingdoms
18:52 so one of the things that we're going to see in Revelation
18:55 is the symbolism, you know there's heavy symbolism
18:59 but if you break down the symbols
19:01 it's really easy to understand what's taking place here
19:03 so God uses these symbols because...
19:05 you know, it's interesting isn't it?
19:07 You look at this right here and you think,
19:09 "Whoa, that's the kind of stuff that a lot of kids are into...
19:12 all these different figures and action figures or whatever
19:15 and it's all over the place now,
19:16 we've got dragons and dinosaurs and whatever... "
19:18 so God actually was way ahead of the game.
19:21 He foresaw the interest... the intrigue...
19:24 the curiosity that we would have toward these kinds of images
19:27 and so He uses them in Bible Prophecy
19:30 to get our attention and to introduce us
19:32 to the powerful truths of history, and prophecy...
19:37 that bring us the Plan of Salvation.
19:38 Hmmm... hmmm...
19:40 These visual aids are definitely helpful because you can see it.
19:44 Yes... yeah...
19:45 good way to get it going especially for young people,
19:48 we're going to get a couple more as we go through these Programs
19:50 but right now we're in Revelation 12...
19:51 so this one parallels Revelation chapter 12,
19:54 the dragon that we've been taking about here
19:56 I think we left off in about verse 12 of Revelation 12...
20:01 is that correct?
20:03 Let's just pick up there... Revelation chapter 12
20:05 and verse 12... Jason, can you read that for us
20:08 and we'll go from there.
20:09 "Therefore rejoice, ye heavens,
20:12 and ye that dwell in them.
20:13 Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea!
20:16 for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath,
20:19 because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. "
20:21 Okay now, this is the conclusion
20:24 of this picture that we've seen here of the cross of Calvary
20:28 and basically what's happened here
20:30 is that we have been redeemed
20:32 by the deception of Satan by the cross...
20:35 the cross has revealed
20:36 the self-sacrificing other-centered love of God.
20:40 The unselfish love of God has been revealed
20:42 to the whole entire world.
20:44 Christ coming as a man-God in human flesh coming...
20:47 and giving Himself as a sacrifice...
20:48 not just for our sins
20:50 but also for the sins of the entire world
20:52 redeeming this planet from the deception of Satan
20:56 and so, salvation has finally come
20:59 and the heavens are rejoicing
21:01 because there have been questions...
21:03 the deception of a third part of the stars of heaven here
21:06 illustrated in the tail
21:07 there have been questions even in the heavenly universe
21:10 about God's character and they've been answered.
21:12 God is a God of love
21:15 and these questions have been answered in the heavens
21:18 but what of the inhabitants of the earth?
21:20 What's going on there?
21:21 The devil has come unto you with great power
21:24 because he knows his time is short
21:26 so what is taking place here as we move into these...
21:30 these verses following?
21:31 That's what we want to unfold.
21:33 I also want to just ask you guys to really focus on that term...
21:40 "short... has a short time... "
21:43 because we're going to pick up on this theme
21:45 actually throughout the rest of the book of Revelation.
21:48 Hmmm...
21:49 It's kind of interesting that as you look at Revelation
21:52 in chapters 1 through 11,
21:53 you've been seeing just lines of history...
21:57 God's taking us from the cross
22:00 all the way down to the end of time...
22:02 cross... that's what happens with the seven churches...
22:04 seven seals... the seven trumpets...
22:06 they begin at a certain time and then take us down...
22:09 Revelation 12... we saw...
22:10 it's a re-cap of the entire book...
22:14 the entire book of Revelation,
22:16 in fact, you know what's interesting...
22:17 I don't know if we're going to be able to finish this
22:21 but Revelation chapter 12 is... is so powerful because
22:24 it is literally the entire Bible in one chapter.
22:30 Hmmm...
22:31 The entire Bible in one chapter.
22:33 It begins with the woman
22:35 who is told that she's going to be...
22:39 she's going to be having a child
22:40 and, of course, remember in our previous Program
22:43 we took it all the way back to Eve,
22:45 the promised Messiah was given...
22:48 the promise of the Messiah was given to Eve
22:50 so in that first verse of Revelation 12,
22:51 we basically have the whole history of the Old Testament
22:54 waiting for the coming of the Messiah,
22:57 then you get into the Messiah coming,
22:59 then you get into what happens after He comes...
23:03 He dies... He ascends to heaven...
23:05 and then you see this history of the dragon
23:08 being cast down to earth,
23:10 we're going to see this woman fleeing into the wilderness
23:13 for a time... times... and half a time...
23:16 which we're going to see is 1,260 years...
23:19 once we go into it
23:20 and then it ends with the final conflict
23:24 between the dragon and God's end-time people
23:27 that's the entire great controversy
23:29 all in there... from beginning to end...
23:31 the entire Bible juiced down into one chapter.
23:35 Wow!
23:37 That's just great.
23:38 It's amazing... Revelation 12 is an amazing chapter.
23:40 So, that short space or that short time,
23:43 really takes on a special significance
23:46 once we get into chapter 13
23:48 because like... chapter 13 onward...
23:50 it says, "Okay, now we're going to focus on
23:53 what that short time really, really is all about.
23:58 Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
23:59 Okay, so He was cast out... in the beginning...
24:02 we see he was also cast out again...
24:04 at the death of Christ in another way
24:07 but there's a final way in which the dragon comes down.
24:11 James had just mentioned earlier
24:14 that the dragon is working through earthly powers
24:18 but there's a time that he actually sheds
24:21 the earthly powers and comes as himself.
24:24 Hmmm... hmmm... Hmmm...
24:25 Not as himself but...
24:27 comes himself... as somebody else.
24:28 As somebody else.
24:30 Hmmm...
24:31 He's no longer working behind kingdoms,
24:32 now he's... "I'm here myself...
24:34 but as somebody else to claim my kingdom. "
24:36 Wow!
24:38 It is true, if you look at...
24:39 we're in the 4th prophetic cycle,
24:41 Revelation 12 begins the 4th prophetic cycle
24:44 so the 7 churches as one... the 7 seals as two...
24:46 and the 7 trumpets as three... this is four...
24:48 this prophetic cycle actually ends in Revelation 14
24:51 if you think about it.
24:53 It's just 12, 13 and 14...
24:55 it's a kind of a summary and rehash of everything we've got
24:58 but it's climaxing in the end of time
25:00 15 judgments... plagues...
25:03 16... plagues... details...
25:05 17... judgment of the whore,
25:07 18... re-cap of the loud cry... the judgment...
25:11 Babylon is fallen...
25:12 19... judgments...
25:14 20... 1,000 years... he's here...
25:17 saints in heaven... books opened...
25:20 everything is finished...
25:21 21... New heavens and new earth.
25:24 So really... 13, 14... is it...
25:26 we're moving into the last actual...
25:29 and the thing about this that's so interesting is
25:32 everything we've been studying so far...
25:34 most of it is prophetic history,
25:36 prophetic history... prophetic history,
25:38 now, we're moving into the future,
25:40 we're moving into prophecy that has not been fulfilled yet
25:43 and we are going to be looking at some predictions
25:47 that are so absolute... so powerful...
25:49 based upon the history of what we've seen
25:51 that they're really going to help us to understand
25:53 what the future holds...
25:54 a lot of people are not sure,
25:56 "Is it going to be this... is it going to be that?"
25:58 we're into Muslim... Islamic terrorism...
26:02 we're into, "Why is China...
26:04 what place... role do they play,
26:05 what role does Russia play, what about United States,
26:07 is the Papacy still a valid power?"
26:09 Revelation 13 makes it very, very clear
26:11 who the main players are.
26:13 Hmmm...
26:14 Very clear... Wow...
26:15 And we can be happy that it is just a short time.
26:20 Yes... Yes... yes.
26:22 Because if this time were not shortened...
26:24 even the very elect... right?
26:27 So, He's letting us know,
26:30 "Hey, the things I am about to tell you,
26:31 they look... they look bad...
26:33 but I promise you...
26:35 the devil knows that when this happens, it's just a short time
26:39 so what you're going to see in Revelation 13, 14 onward...
26:43 short time...
26:44 Yeah, we are there...
26:46 So, Revelation chapter 12 is going to finish up in a sense...
26:51 re-cap for us a little bit of the history
26:53 that we've already looked at in some of these verses
26:55 the woman in the wilderness
26:57 but it's really powerful because there's a connection
27:00 between this woman that's given two wings of a great eagle
27:03 in Revelation 13... there's direct connection there
27:05 there are certain symbols that are mentioned here
27:08 that are going to take us into Revelation chapter 13
27:11 and give us a good foundation
27:12 for what's taking place right there,
27:15 namely the earth is mentioned here,
27:17 in Revelation chapter 12,
27:18 the earth helps the woman in verse 16
27:21 and in Revelation chapter 13:11
27:23 a beast comes up out of the earth
27:26 so we're going to make a connection there
27:28 but we have run out of time for this Program
27:30 so Jason, close us out with the number
27:32 that people can call to get ahold of us...
27:34 they can get the Programs and ask questions.
27:36 Okay, they can call: 618-627-4651
27:41 and press the number 2 when they hear the voice
27:43 that's to order the DVDs.
27:45 now for the questions,
27:47 they can e-mail us at: sss@3abn. org
27:51 All right, thank you so much we are out of time right now
27:53 but we are going to get right into Revelation chapter 12
27:57 finish it up and then... move into Revelation 13 and 14.
28:00 Yea...


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