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Woman in the Wilderness

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:29 Okay, so we're continuing in Revelation chapter 12
00:33 we... I think we could finish it up,
00:35 I think we could finish it up.
00:36 We want to get through and get into the "meat"
00:39 of the book of Revelation for us...
00:41 at least in the time in which we're living
00:43 which is going to be 13 and 14,
00:44 that's where we're going to hit some major stuff there,
00:47 so we're going to pick up in Revelation 13,
00:50 we want to have one question that we ask...
00:52 and I'm thinking if we just give a little time for questions
00:54 we'll have one question that we'll address
00:57 and then have a word of prayer
00:59 we can start with a word of prayer...
01:00 get into the question and then get into our verses
01:02 and just dive in how does that sound?
01:04 Yvonne: Sounds good. Jason, would you pray for us?
01:06 Sure, "Dear Heavenly Father,
01:08 we thank you for the privilege and opportunity
01:10 that we have here to study your Word,
01:12 we ask that you would send your Holy Spirit to be with us
01:15 and to lead and guide us into all truth,
01:17 in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
01:18 "Amen. "
01:20 All right, what's our question?
01:21 All right, so the question that we have is
01:23 involving the seven spirits
01:26 that are before the throne of God in Revelation chapter 4
01:29 who are they?
01:31 So let's go there, Revelation chapter 4...
01:33 And what verse are we reading?
01:35 We're going to look at verse... let's read verse 2.
01:39 Yvonne, can you read that for us?
01:40 And then we're going to also read verse 5.
01:42 Two and five of Revelation 4...
01:44 Four verse two...
01:46 "Immediately I was in the spirit;
01:48 and, behold, a throne was set in heaven,
01:50 and one sat on the throne. "
01:52 And then five...
01:53 "And from the throne proceeded lightnings
01:55 and thunderings and voices:
01:57 seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne,
02:00 which are the seven Spirits of God. "
02:02 Okay, so Revelation 4:5
02:04 describes these seven lamps are burning
02:06 and it says: these seven lamps burning
02:08 are the seven Spirits of God.
02:10 So the question is: "What are these Spirits?"
02:13 So... want you to notice here...
02:14 we gave the Father... He's sitting on the throne...
02:18 before Him... you have these lamps which represent...
02:20 and the verse tells us... "the seven Spirits of God"
02:23 so the question is,
02:24 "What are these seven Spirits of God?"
02:26 All right, so, I'm going to give out some verses,
02:28 let's everyone take one okay. Yvonne: Okay.
02:30 Ivor: Let's go to John 16 verse 7,
02:32 maybe Yvonne, you could take that.
02:34 Yvonne: Sure.
02:35 Ivor: We want to go to Zechariah chapter 4 verse 6,
02:37 we want to go to John 3 verse 3.
02:40 Jason: I'll do John 3 verse 3. Ivor: So, John 3 verse 3.
02:43 James: All right, I'll do Zechariah
02:44 since no one can find that book but me.
02:46 Laughter...
02:48 That's why... you know it's just two books back of Matthew...
02:52 that's all you have to remember.
02:53 Ivor: All right, so, and I'm going to find
02:55 1st Corinthians 2 verse 9 and 10.
02:57 So, let's go with...
02:59 first of all, I want you to notice here
03:01 that whatever these seven Spirits are...
03:05 they are sent, right, into all the earth.
03:08 Did we read that verse?
03:09 James: No we didn't... Ivor: Let's go ahead and...
03:11 James: I did... but... Ivor: We didn't read it right?
03:13 James: I didn't read it out loud.
03:14 Ivor: Yeah, I thought we had read it,
03:16 do you want to just touch on that real quick.
03:17 James: Yeah, that's Revelation chapter 5
03:19 so in Revelation chapter 4
03:20 the seven Spirits are before the throne,
03:22 in Revelation chapter 5, verse 6,
03:24 "And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne
03:27 and of the four beasts,
03:28 and in the midst of the elders,
03:29 stood a Lamb as it had been slain,
03:31 having seven horns and seven eyes
03:33 which are the seven Spirits of God
03:35 sent forth into all the earth. "
03:37 Okay, so these seven Spirits are sent forth
03:40 into all the earth, right,
03:42 it's called the "Spirit of God"
03:44 ah, hmmm... well we just got our answer
03:48 right, because what does God send out?
03:50 Who has John 16 verse 7? Yvonne: I do.
03:52 Ivor: Why don't you read that for me?
03:54 Yvonne: Okay, "Nevertheless I tell you the truth;
03:56 It is to your advantage that I go away:
03:58 for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you;
04:02 but if I depart, I will send him to you. "
04:05 Okay, so, Jesus says, "When I depart from here,
04:08 I'm going to send the Holy Spirit into the earth.
04:12 Hmmm... Hmmm.
04:14 These seven Spirits represent the Spirit of God.
04:17 It represents the Holy Spirit sent into all the earth,
04:22 now, how do we know this?
04:23 Because, when you go back to the Old Testament,
04:25 you remember that in the Sanctuary,
04:28 there was an article of furniture
04:31 called the seven-branched candlestick
04:34 that had seven fires burning on that candlestick.
04:38 So, James, why don't you read Zechariah chapter 4
04:43 just read verse 6, let's describe what's happening
04:47 Zechariah's in vision, he sees a seven-branched candlestick
04:51 and what else?
04:53 Two olive trees on either side of the candlestick.
04:57 He doesn't know what it is, go ahead.
04:59 Zechariah 4 verse 6, "Then he answered and spake
05:02 and said unto me, This is the word of the LORD
05:05 unto Zerubbabel, saying,
05:07 Not by might, nor by power,
05:08 but by my spirit, says the LORD of hosts. "
05:11 "By my spirit... " in other words,
05:12 He's identifying this seven-branched candlestick
05:16 as His Spirit, okay,
05:19 so, you have the seven-branched candlestick...
05:22 now, let me ask... "What does a candle do?"
05:25 It gives light, so what you're saying then is
05:28 that you cannot see, right, without light.
05:31 Guess what the job of the Holy Spirit is?
05:34 The Holy Spirit enlightens us, the Holy Spirit helps us to see,
05:41 in fact, Jesus said in John 3:3,
05:43 I don't think it's verse 3, what verse did I give you?
05:46 You gave me John 3:3.
05:47 Go ahead and read that, let me see if that's it.
05:49 "Jesus answered and said unto him,
05:50 Verily, verily, I say unto thee,
05:52 Except a man be born again,
05:53 he cannot see the kingdom of God. "
05:55 Okay, so, he cannot... what?
05:57 See the kingdom of God.
05:59 Why does he need to be born again?
06:00 The Holy Spirit is given to him that is born again
06:02 so the Holy Spirit enables us,
06:05 just like the candlestick...
06:07 the purpose of the candlestick is to allow us to see
06:08 Jesus said, "When I send the Comforter
06:11 He will show you things to come...
06:14 He will show you things to come. "
06:17 And John 16 again where Yvonne left off
06:20 in verse 13, "Howbeit when the Spirit of truth is come,
06:26 He will guide you into all truth... "
06:27 He will guide you into all truth,
06:29 He will show you things to come.
06:30 Yes, and then, of course, we have...
06:31 most people who study this question go back
06:34 to Isaiah chapter 11 verse 1 where it actually speaks
06:38 about the Spirit of God... the Holy Spirit...
06:41 and identifies it in seven different ways.
06:44 The Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of the Lord,
06:46 the Spirit of understanding... might...
06:48 I don't know all the seven off the top of my head
06:53 but this is the correlation between the candlestick...
06:57 so the candlestick represents these seven Spirits
07:00 and this is very important to understand
07:03 you have... in Revelation 4 and 5...
07:05 you have: Father... you have these seven Spirits...
07:08 and you have the Son... all in one setting.
07:13 Three distinct beings... all in one setting
07:17 pointing us to the Godhead...
07:20 the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.
07:22 Separate individuals...
07:24 but the Holy Spirit... sent out into the earth to enlighten.
07:27 James: You're talking about the Lamb in Revelation 5...
07:28 Ivor: That's right, the Lamb in Revelation 5.
07:30 James: The Lamb... the Father and the Spirit,
07:32 and then you've got this phrase, "Holy, Holy, Holy... "
07:35 so, Isaiah 11:1 or verse 2,
07:39 "And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him,
07:40 the spirit of wisdom... of understanding,
07:42 and the spirit of counsel and might,
07:43 the spirit of knowledge and the spirit of the fear of the LORD."
07:45 Yes.
07:47 So, it's really important then to make that connection again
07:49 that we've been making,
07:51 the book of Revelation is not some new document,
07:53 it's not some new fabrication that God pulled out of thin air,
07:56 the book of Revelation is a summation of the entire Bible,
08:00 so if we want to understand the book of Revelation
08:02 and the symbols of Revelation... we go back to the Word of God
08:05 and as we've been doing here
08:07 John chapter 16 and John chapter 3,
08:10 and Zechariah chapter 4 and Isaiah chapter 11,
08:14 identify for us what the seven Spirits of God are
08:17 and that's what we do in this program,
08:19 what we do in this program is, we dig back into the Word of God
08:22 we go back to the Manual... and we find out how we're wired,
08:26 right, God has not left us without a Manual.
08:29 I love that, "God has not left us without a Manual. "
08:31 We find out how we're wired, how we get fixed,
08:34 what God's plan is, what the future holds...
08:36 all of it is in the Manual.
08:37 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm... James: All right.
08:39 Yvonne: So the seven Spirits are actually one Spirit
08:43 with seven different aspects of that Spirit.
08:46 Ivor: That's right, because... notice this...
08:48 the candlestick... it was one candlestick...
08:50 it was one... with seven parts...
08:53 one candlestick... so, it's one candlestick...
08:56 it's one light, right,
08:58 the seven Spirits of God is the one Spirit of God.
09:00 James: And not forgetting also that seven represents...
09:03 or signifies complete and perfectness.
09:04 Yvonne: Right.
09:06 James: So the seven-branched candlestick, for example,
09:07 represents the seven churches,
09:09 well there aren't just seven literal churches...
09:10 there are more than seven churches
09:12 but seven is a number that represents complete and perfect
09:15 so... the complete and perfect Spirit of God.
09:17 Is God limited to seven characteristics?
09:21 No... no... no... He's got way more than seven characteristics
09:23 but seven again is... denotes "complete and perfect. "
09:25 Ivor: Perfection. James: Yes.
09:27 Ivor: All right, let's jump in. James: Shall we?
09:29 James: Revelation chapter 12, Jason let's pick it up here,
09:34 with verse 13 and we'll read all the way through,
09:38 verses 13 to 17.
09:39 Okay, "And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth,
09:43 he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child.
09:47 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle,
09:51 that she might fly into the wilderness,
09:52 into her place, where she is nourished for a time,
09:56 and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.
09:59 And the serpent cast out of his mouth
10:02 water as a flood after the woman,
10:05 that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.
10:08 And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth,
10:13 and swallowed up the flood
10:14 which the dragon cast out of his mouth.
10:16 And the dragon was wroth with the woman,
10:18 and went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
10:22 which keep the commandments of God,
10:24 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. "
10:26 All right, so, here we have an account... a second account
10:31 of a woman fleeing in the wilderness,
10:33 now this is just a repeat and enlarge,
10:36 we already touched on this
10:37 in the earlier part of Revelation chapter 12,
10:40 in verse 6 the woman flees into the wilderness
10:42 and there, it's described in verse 6,
10:46 as her... going into her place
10:50 where she should be prepared of God
10:53 where she should be fed there
10:54 for a thousand two hundred and three score days...
10:56 1,260 days... a score is twenty,
10:59 three score will be sixty... so 1,260 days.
11:02 We understand these to be prophetic days
11:05 that means... a day is equivalent to a year
11:08 now we base this on Ezekiel chapter 4 and verse 6
11:11 and Numbers 34 and verse 24
11:14 where it talks there about this...
11:18 these days that God gives His people, equaling a year,
11:21 so 1,260 days equals 1,260 years...
11:24 the time, times, and a half a time,
11:27 is the same designated time period...
11:30 God is using a different way of describing the same period.
11:34 A time... according to Daniel chapter 4 represents a year
11:39 Daniel chapter 4... Nebuchadnezzar had a dream
11:42 of this tree that was cut down
11:44 until seven times should pass over it
11:47 and that seven times were seven years...
11:49 seven years that Nebuchadnezzar was acting like a crazy man,
11:53 and so, a time would represent one year,
11:56 times would be plural so that would be two years,
11:59 and then half a time would be half a year.
12:01 So a time... one year... times... two years...
12:04 half a time... a half a year... three-and-a-half years
12:07 well, 1,260 days equaling 1,260 years
12:12 three-and-a-half years you've got, 30 days and a month
12:15 you've got three-and-a-half months
12:17 which is 36... 42 months...
12:20 42 months comes out to 1,260 literal years,
12:23 if you give a day for every day of the week,
12:27 it comes out the same,
12:28 so the time, times, and half a time,
12:30 and the 1,260 and the 42 months
12:33 which is... we're going to look at in the next chapter,
12:35 all of these time periods are exactly the same...
12:38 they're the same time period
12:40 and they take us back to the book of Daniel
12:42 Daniel chapter 7 talks about the same period of "persecution"
12:46 where the woman flees into the wilderness
12:49 now, the wilderness is a desolate place,
12:51 it's a place where the woman has to go
12:54 to escape from persecution or the flood
12:57 and there's a verse here that I want us to look at,
12:59 that kind of... again... Old Testament,
13:02 Isaiah 59, I believe it is, let me see if I can find it
13:06 that gives us an understanding of what's taking place
13:09 with this flood, it's Isaiah 59...
13:13 where is it?
13:16 the verse is...
13:20 pause...
13:22 oh, I'm going to just
13:24 give it right now...
13:26 I'll find it here in a second... it says,
13:28 "When the enemy shall come in like a flood,
13:31 the Spirit of the LORD
13:33 shall lift up His standard against him. "
13:34 So when it talks about here that...
13:37 Yvonne: Verse 19... James: Verse 19... Okay,
13:40 Isaiah 59 verse 19,
13:41 yeah, "When the enemy shall come in like a flood,
13:44 the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him"
13:45 when it talks here in Revelation 12 about the serpent
13:50 remember now we've got the serpent
13:52 that's working through earthly powers, right,
13:56 and the serpent has deceived
13:58 a third part of the angels in heaven
13:59 and now the serpent is coming down to the earth
14:02 and he's working through these earthly powers
14:04 and he's working... it says here...
14:05 and he's throwing out this... this flood of water...
14:08 this flood of persecution because in Revelation 17:15,
14:11 waters represent nations, peoples, multitudes and tongues.
14:14 This flood of persecution is coming
14:16 like an enemy against God's people.
14:18 he's persecuting the woman... God's people...
14:21 and it says here, "the earth helps the woman"
14:25 the earth swallows up this flood of persecution
14:28 that's coming against her and so, in Revelation 12:6,
14:32 it was the wilderness that helped the woman.
14:35 It was a place where she escaped to,
14:37 in Revelation 12... in verse 15 it says... or 16 it says,
14:42 "the earth helps the woman"
14:44 so the earth and the wilderness are very similar...
14:48 they're both helping the woman escape this persecution...
14:50 they're both... they're both designated as a place
14:53 for the woman to flee so, the earth and the wilderness
14:57 would be a place that is less populated, we would say,
15:00 than the seas... the waters...
15:03 peoples, nations, multitudes and tongues.
15:04 The woman went into less-populated areas
15:07 of the Planet Earth
15:08 to flee or escape from the persecution of the dragon.
15:11 There's a story that comes to mind
15:14 as we're looking at this woman hiding in the wilderness
15:18 and I want to give two verses so let's split these verses,
15:21 let me have someone go to 1st Kings chapter 17 verse 1.
15:24 James: Jason, you got that? Jason: Yes.
15:25 Ivor: And then, Yvonne, why don't you go to
15:27 James chapter 5 verse 17.
15:29 So, 1st Kings chapter 17 and verse 1.
15:34 You want to read that?
15:36 Sure, "And Elijah the Tishbite,
15:40 who was of the inhabitants of Gilead,
15:44 said unto Ahab,
15:45 As the LORD God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand,
15:48 there shall not be dew nor rain these years,
15:52 but according to my word. "
15:53 Okay, so Elijah makes this announcement
15:56 that there's going to be no rain
15:57 and the term uses "for all these years"
16:00 okay, we don't know how long "all these years" are as yet
16:03 but we're about to find out when we read
16:04 James chapter 5 verse 17,
16:06 so what does James chapter 5:17 say?
16:08 "Elijah was a man with a nature like ours... "
16:10 Ivor: Hold your place Jason, okay, go ahead.
16:14 "Elijah was a man with a nature like ours,
16:17 and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain:
16:19 and it didn't rain on the land
16:21 for three years and six months. "
16:23 Ivor: Okay, so, that's 42 months...
16:25 James: Hmmm... hmmm... Yvonne: Hmmm...
16:26 Ivor: That's three-and-a-half years.
16:28 Okay, time, times... but this is literal time, right,
16:31 so Elijah is in the... well, let's see what happens,
16:35 let's go back to 1st Kings 17
16:37 and Jason, read verse 2 to verse 4.
16:41 Jason: Okay, "And the word of the LORD came unto him saying,
16:45 "And get thee hence, and turn thee eastward,
16:47 and hide thyself by the brook Cherith,
16:50 that is before Jordan.
16:51 And it shall be,
16:53 that thou shalt drink of the brook;
16:55 and I have commanded the ravens to feed thee there. "
16:59 Ivor: Okay, so, Elijah is hiding in the wilderness
17:03 for how long?
17:05 Three-and-a-half years...
17:07 he's hiding at a time
17:09 where apostasy is basically happening in Israel.
17:15 James: Yeah, Baal worship. Yvonne: Hmmm...
17:17 Ivor: Okay, Baal worship...
17:18 incidentally, within this story of Elijah,
17:22 there's a woman named Jezebel,
17:24 and now we can begin to put together,
17:27 "Ah Man! I remember that now with the seven churches
17:30 that... we've got the same period of time...
17:33 we've got this woman, Jezebel... "
17:35 so, these pictures...
17:37 remember how we talked about the book of Revelation
17:39 kind of brings the entire Bible together
17:42 when we have the Bible... all the pieces...
17:44 Revelation is a puzzle put together
17:46 right, so, God says,
17:50 "Okay, here are the pieces... " He puts them out on the table,
17:51 He doesn't just scatter them all,
17:53 He makes little pictures... and He says,
17:56 "But these little pictures belong to a bigger picture. "
17:59 That's what He's doing here in Revelation chapter 12
18:02 so now we see, "Okay, this woman...
18:05 who goes into the wilderness,
18:07 hiding for 1,260 years
18:11 'oh, that reminds me of the story of Elijah... '"
18:15 and what was Elijah fed in the wilderness?
18:17 One of the things he was fed was bread...
18:19 what is God feeding His church during this period?
18:23 He's feeding them the Word of God
18:25 because apostasy is going on all around them,
18:29 so, the woman, represents the church
18:32 being preserved from the apostasy surrounding her
18:37 during this period of time.
18:39 So, we now talk about the... the earth opening up her mouth
18:44 and James, you mentioned Revelation chapter 13 verse 11
18:49 that this beast is seen coming up out of the earth
18:52 with the horns of a lamb that speaks as a dragon.
18:56 We're not going to get into too much detail of that now
18:59 but we will sit... can we just go ahead and say it?
19:02 James: Hmmm... hmmm... yeah... that's good.
19:04 Ivor: This power as a kingdom represents America,
19:06 the United States of America
19:08 and we'll see this in more detail
19:10 as we get to Revelation 13
19:12 but it's interesting that it was the founding of America
19:16 that basically helped the Protestant Reformation survive.
19:21 The earth opened her mouth to help the woman,
19:24 by-the-way, the dragon sends out of his mouth
19:27 water as a flood
19:29 and I think he still operates the same way today.
19:31 So, he still is sending out peoples, nations, multitudes
19:35 and tongues after the people of God
19:37 so my advice is, let's not get carried away.
19:40 That's what the flood is all about, right,
19:42 trying to get us carried away...
19:44 carried away... right...
19:46 Yvonne: That's good, that's good Ivor: Let's not...
19:47 some people say, "Hey with Christianity,
19:49 don't go too far, let's not get carried away. "
19:51 That's getting carried away,
19:52 right, we ought to be fully grounded in the Word of God
19:58 so that we are not carried away of that flood
20:01 right, so again, this woman...
20:04 I mean, this earth opening up her mouth to help the woman
20:09 is a symbol that... that the Protestant Reformation was able
20:14 to survive as a result of this new power coming upon the scene.
20:19 James: Hmmm... hmmm... Yvonne: Hmmm...
20:20 James: It's really interesting too...
20:22 okay, so we look at the symbols here,
20:23 you got the woman representing God's people
20:25 the story of Elijah reminds us of that...
20:27 two wings of a great eagle,
20:29 now, when God took His people out of Egypt,
20:31 into the Promised Land... He...
20:34 it says in Exodus... He took them with...
20:37 or gave them two wings of a great eagle,
20:40 that's... that was the symbolism that was used
20:42 to describe God delivering His people to the Promised Land.
20:45 So, the place that God took His people in the Old Testament...
20:49 that place was designated by God describing Him
20:52 as taking them by two wings of an eagle,
20:54 now you got a place that God is taking His New Testament Church
20:57 and God borrows that same terminology that He used
21:00 in relation to His people in the Old Testament...
21:04 two wings of an eagle...
21:05 and He applies it now to the New Testament church
21:07 why is that so important?
21:09 Because, I believe the United States becomes
21:12 God's New Testament Place for His people...
21:15 just like Jerusalem...
21:17 the Promised Land was God's Old Testament place
21:19 for His people,
21:21 now we have the United States... America... I'm going to say,
21:24 the Continent of America...
21:26 being the New Testament place for God's people.
21:28 It was going to be a land flowing with milk and honey...
21:31 it was going to be a land of religious liberty
21:33 for God's people... economically blessed
21:35 and religiously free for God's people to be nourished,
21:39 now, it's during the 1,260... it's during this...
21:42 this time of persecution that the woman flees,
21:45 not just in the wilderness but also into this earth
21:49 that swallows up the flood of the dragon
21:51 and the reason why this is important
21:53 is because... if you look at the history
21:55 there are two places where God's people fled
21:57 during this 1,260 years of persecution,
21:59 from 538 to 1,798...
22:02 there are two places that God's people fled the persecution
22:05 one... was the wilderness regions of Europe,
22:07 the Alps and areas in Europe in Italy and other places
22:12 where they were able to escape to the mountains and find refuge
22:17 from the persecution.
22:18 The second place... during this period
22:21 was the United States of America
22:22 now, it wasn't the United States of America when they fled here
22:25 it wasn't even a Colony here,
22:26 there was nothing here, it was the land...
22:28 but as they started coming over, during that same period of time,
22:32 we're talking about... during the Dark Ages
22:35 because America was discovered before 1798...
22:38 hundreds of years before 1789
22:40 and it was during those first centuries of discovery
22:43 that more and more of the pilgrims...
22:45 more and more of the persecuted...
22:48 religious-persecuted people came over
22:50 to this Continent and eventually of course, it was established
22:53 as the United States of America
22:55 so it's amazing when you think about it,
22:58 you have Isaiah 59:19... the flood represents...
23:02 waters of flood represents persecution,
23:04 you've got Revelation 17:15...
23:07 that the waters represent peoples, nations
23:09 and multitudes and tongues who were persecuted
23:11 and then you've got this picture of this woman
23:14 who was being lifted by the wings of an eagle...
23:18 now, wings denote being lifted off the ground
23:21 in order to get to this country,
23:23 you had to cross over the seas,
23:24 you have to cross over... over you couldn't just be on the land
23:27 like in the European wilderness
23:30 you had to go over this massive ocean
23:32 to get into this earth... this continent of America,
23:36 all of these symbols here that God has given us...
23:39 it's amazing if you think about it,
23:40 fit history like a glove...
23:42 it's a perfect fit,
23:44 and what's going to be amazing and Ivor already touched on this
23:48 is that when you get... we get into Revelation 13
23:51 we have the rise of a new kingdom...
23:52 a new earthly power and it comes out of the earth
23:56 Revelation 13 is going to point us... point by point,
23:59 step by step to the rise of America in Bible prophecy
24:03 and show us exactly what the future holds
24:05 in relation to this country
24:06 which by-the-way we're fitting the prophetic picture
24:10 almost perfectly today
24:12 we are stepping right in to what God has predicted here
24:15 in Revelation chapter 13,
24:16 but we're still in Revelation 12
24:19 let's be sure and finish this up
24:20 "And the dragon... " verse 17...
24:22 "was wroth... " angry with the woman
24:24 "and went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
24:26 who keep the commandments of God,
24:28 and have the testimony of Jesus. "
24:30 Now what is this... what is this referring to?
24:32 What is this talking about?
24:33 Ivor: So, when we get to Revelation 12:17,
24:38 there's a shift from this 1,260-year prophecy
24:43 Revelation 12:17 actually introduces us to the end-time.
24:50 It introduces us to the remnant of God's people
24:55 okay, "remnant" means remainder...
24:56 and they are described as having the commandments of God
25:01 and the testimony of Jesus Christ
25:02 so we're going to see that the commandments of God
25:05 and the testimony of Jesus become a centerpiece
25:09 from Revelation 12... Revelation 13 on out,
25:13 that becomes the centerpiece of the controversy
25:17 Satan is after those who keep the commandments of God,
25:20 have the testimony of Jesus
25:21 and by-the-way, the testimony of Jesus
25:24 represents in Revelation 19:10
25:28 it talks about the Spirit of Prophecy
25:31 and what is the Spirit of Prophecy?
25:34 The Spirit of Prophecy really is the Holy Spirit, right,
25:38 the Holy Spirit that guides us into all truth...
25:42 that shows us things to come,
25:46 that's the job of the Holy Spirit.
25:48 So that's how the prophets...
25:50 they were motivated... they were moved...
25:52 James: By the Holy Spirit. Ivor: By the Spirit of God.
25:54 That's the Spirit of Prophecy manifested through the prophets.
25:58 So again, as we close Revelation 12:17,
26:01 the dragon... the woman has "escaped"
26:05 right, that woman is a reference
26:07 to the church during the Dark Ages
26:09 who, again, came to America
26:11 when it was densely populated...
26:12 I mean, just... not a lot of... it wasn't...
26:15 James: It was not densely populated.
26:18 Ivor: It was not densely... sparsely... I'm sorry...
26:21 sparsely populated... but she gets her footing here, right
26:26 and the remnant is going to be produced in this place
26:30 is going to spread around the whole world...
26:32 and Satan now goes after that remnant,
26:34 so that's what we're going to see
26:35 as we begin to get in Revelation chapter 13
26:37 how he seeks to destroy...
26:40 Revelation 12:17...
26:42 is Revelation 13 to 20 juiced down into one verse.
26:49 Everything from here on out describes
26:51 the conflict of Revelation 12:17.
26:54 James: And I love the fact that this woman is...
26:56 excuse me... this remnant is the remnant of the woman
26:59 because the woman is identified in chapter 12 and verse 1
27:02 as being clothed with the sun of righteousness of Jesus Christ
27:06 standing on the moon... the Word of God...
27:08 having twelve stars organized for service
27:10 we talked about this in more detail.
27:12 One more reference I want to give is Numbers 14:34,
27:15 I gave the wrong reference earlier for "a day for a year"
27:17 Numbers 14:34...
27:19 but just... let's just close this up quickly
27:21 with this thought...
27:22 the remnant of the woman means
27:26 that the reason why she keeps the commandments of God
27:28 is because she is clothed
27:30 with the righteousness of Jesus Christ,
27:31 so commandment-keeping is a fruit
27:34 of being clothed with Christ's righteousness...
27:36 I love that picture. Yvonne: Oh! that's great.
27:38 James: Jason, close us out with
27:40 how our Viewers can get ahold of us.
27:41 Jason: Well, they can send their questions to: sss@3abn. org
27:46 sss@3abn. org
27:47 we are planning on answering at least one question per program
27:51 we've had a number of questions come in,
27:53 we're moving through them
27:54 and we're going to try and get all those questions answered
27:56 so stay tuned... come back... join us...
27:59 ask your questions, we're going to answer them.


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