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Abomination of Desolation

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:29 So let's get into some good conversation
00:32 and we're talking about Bible conversation,
00:34 we're talking about Bible-prophecy conversation...
00:36 we're talking about being set among the beasts
00:38 here we are sitting among the beasts
00:40 of Revelation 13 and we're not afraid.
00:42 That's right...
00:43 Why we're not afraid?
00:45 Because as we have noted in Revelation 13
00:47 the Lamb is there...
00:49 the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world
00:51 is there so the Lamb is with us
00:53 and you know how the words of that hymn go...
00:56 "Anywhere with Jesus I can... " All: "safely go. "
01:00 James: "Anywhere... " All: Anywhere...
01:01 James: "fear I cannot know. "
01:03 So this is the basic theme that we're bringing
01:05 to the conversation and this is a conversation...
01:08 it's not like we know everything we've been studying this...
01:11 this book... these books for a long time
01:14 Ivor and I... for many, many years
01:16 I don't want to give away my age here but only 30...
01:19 and yet there are still things that we don't understand,
01:22 there are still questions that we have,
01:23 there's still light that needs to come to the table,
01:24 so this is a discussion and as we discuss this,
01:28 we ask questions
01:29 and those questions bring us more light and understanding
01:31 and we have some questions that our Viewers are asking,
01:33 one of them that we're going to ask right now
01:35 has to do with the 24 Elders,
01:36 we have a question that Yvonne brought up
01:39 about the "abomination of desolation"
01:40 and we want to get into that
01:42 and we want to continue our study in Revelation...
01:44 Matthew 24 and Revelation chapter 13...
01:46 Jason, would you pray for us before we get into it?
01:47 Sure, absolutely, "Dear Heavenly Father,
01:49 we thank you for the opportunity to study your Word again,
01:52 we ask that you would please send your Holy Spirit
01:55 to lead and guide us into all truth
01:56 and be with the Viewers and listeners,
01:58 and allow them to receive a blessing from this Program,
02:01 from studying your Word, in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
02:04 "Amen. "
02:06 So the quick question here that is coming from Elsa is:
02:11 "Who are the 24 Elders in Revelation chapter 5
02:15 and also, do you have Bible Studies
02:17 to go along with your presentations?"
02:19 Now I'm going to answer the first part of that question
02:21 after...
02:23 pause...
02:25 Yvonne answers the second part of the question.
02:27 I think that I was caught... I was kind of hesitant there...
02:30 Yvonne: No it's fine... no, no, no, no...
02:32 we are actually editing the Bible Studies,
02:36 we do have 1 to 15 done.
02:38 James: Really? Yvonne: Yes, praise the Lord
02:42 and so, they should be up the website soon,
02:44 just check the website for the Bible Studies.
02:46 James: When you say 1 to 15,
02:48 you're talking about 1 to 15 of 50?
02:50 Is it one per program or is it...
02:52 Yvonne: No, it's just going to cover topics
02:56 so, we just... yeah, we're connecting...
02:59 and it will say that it's related to Programs 1 and 2
03:04 or 14 and 15... or... like that...
03:06 so, you know...
03:07 James: I just want to clarify that for our Viewers
03:09 because, we've done 50 so far
03:11 and with that... got us to Revelation 12...
03:13 and we're hoping in the next 15 or so...
03:16 to finish the book of Revelation we'll see what happens,
03:18 but that doesn't mean there's going to be
03:20 65 outlines or 70 outlines
03:23 and I think that's important because
03:25 some of our topics aren't necessarily an outline.
03:27 Jason: And if they don't know the website, it's D2Dnetwork. tv
03:30 that's where they can get them.
03:32 James: Can you say that one more time... that was...?
03:34 Jason: D2Dnetwork. tv
03:36 James: D2Dnetwork? Jason: Yeah.
03:38 James: Okay... 2 is a number?
03:40 Yvonne: D2Dnetwork
03:42 James: So 2 as in Dare 2 Dream.
03:44 Yvonne: Right. Jason: That's right.
03:45 James: D2D... I like that.
03:47 Yvonne: Yeah, D2Dnetwork. tv
03:49 James: Okay, the first part of the question,
03:50 "Who are the 24 Elders of Revelation chapter 5?
03:52 And I will just give a quick summary of that...
03:55 we have covered this in more detail
03:56 and there is a study on this
03:58 and I can sent the study to 3ABN that I have on it
04:01 if you want it to work off that,
04:03 I don't know how much they've done those
04:04 because I haven't seen it yet but I'd love to.
04:06 So, Revelation chapter 5... the 24 Elders plain and simple
04:09 are redeemed... the redeemed who were taken to heaven
04:12 with Christ at His resurrection
04:14 and you can find that a captivity was taken with Christ
04:18 at His resurrection...
04:19 a couple of verses in the Bible, the first one is in
04:22 Matthew chapter 27 27... and verses 52 and 53
04:30 I'm just giving the references, I'm not going to read them,
04:33 because we want to get into our study,
04:34 so Matthew 27:52 and 53 tells us how that Jesus...
04:38 at His resurrection... at his death...
04:41 many that were in their graves were resurrected...
04:45 they came forth after His resurrection
04:47 and they were taken to heaven according to Ephesians chapter 4
04:49 Ephesians 4 and verse... what is it?
04:54 Here it is... verse 8...
04:58 "Wherefore when he ascended up on high,
05:00 he led captivity captive. "
05:02 Now, the reason why we know these are the redeemed
05:05 is in the context of the text,
05:07 I'll tell you one thing for sure,
05:09 Elders... hundreds of uses in the Bible...
05:12 never applied to anyone but a human being,
05:14 never applied to anyone but a human being...
05:16 that word is never used to
05:17 describe anyone but a human being
05:19 so, it's here... what's really cool is that,
05:22 in Revelation chapter 4, you have a throne-room scene
05:25 and in Isaiah 6, you have a throne-room scene
05:28 and in Ezekiel 1 and 2, you have a throne-room scene,
05:31 in the Old Testament,
05:33 the throne-room scene never had the Elders...
05:34 Yvonne: Hmmm...
05:36 James: But in the New Testament, in Revelation...
05:38 when the Lamb slain is introduced,
05:39 now, you have the Elders.
05:41 Yvonne: Oh... great.
05:42 James: It's really a beautiful picture when you think about it
05:43 because God is saying,
05:45 "They're here... they're here, they're here... "
05:47 How do we know they're redeemed?
05:48 Because, the context of it tells us,
05:50 it says, "The 24 Elders were sitting on seats... or thrones
05:54 they had white raiment and crowns of gold on their heads
05:57 every one of these...
05:59 all three of these are what is promised to the seven churches
06:03 "to him that overcomes will sit on the throne with me...
06:06 to him who overcomes will have the white raiment...
06:07 to him who overcomes will have a crown... "
06:09 so these are the promises made to the seven churches
06:11 which represent God's redeemed, of course... every generation
06:14 and so, 24 Elders are given all of these
06:18 as... if you will... what's the word?
06:22 A promise, okay, that applies to all of us...
06:27 all of the redeemed
06:29 and then, finally, if you go back down here
06:30 to Revelation 5 in verse 8, it says
06:33 that when Christ takes the book, the four beasts...
06:37 "and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb,
06:40 every one having harps of gold,
06:42 harps... and golden vials full of odours,
06:45 which are the prayers of the saints.
06:47 And they sing a new song," verse 9...
06:48 "saying, Thou art worthy to take the book,
06:50 and open the seals thereof: for you were slain
06:52 and you have redeemed us to God
06:55 by your blood out of... " where?
06:57 "every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation. "
07:01 Okay, now, I really love the King James on this,
07:04 you're going to get some other versions...
07:07 they're going to... change this a little bit
07:10 and it makes it... doesn't quite give the same meaning
07:12 that you have here... but meaning is just nails it,
07:14 so, you've got the context of Revelation 4,
07:17 the white raiment... the golden crowns...
07:19 the thrones... you've got the context of Revelation chapter 5,
07:22 "you have redeemed us by your blood
07:23 out of every nation, kindred, tongue and people... "
07:25 the fact that "Elders" are only ever applied to human beings
07:27 and then you've got the throne-room scene
07:29 in the Old Testament minus the 24 Elders
07:31 but then when Jesus is crucified there's the 24 Elders
07:34 then you've got Christ raising that group of captives
07:36 from the grave
07:38 when He went to heaven at His resurrection.
07:40 Yvonne: Wow! Beautiful!
07:41 James: That's it... and then there's a full study on it
07:43 if you'd like to have it...
07:45 we can send that to you, just ask for it.
07:46 All right, we're in Matthew 24, we left off in Matthew 24.
07:50 Ivor: Yeah.
07:52 James: We're in Revelation 13 but we're in Matthew 24
07:53 and we're making the connections.
07:55 Ivor: So, let me just do a little re-cap...
07:57 we talked about in the book of Revelation 13
07:59 that the deadly wound... when it is healed...
08:04 it parallels the fire that falls... the miracle fire
08:08 in Revelation 13 that we read as well...
08:09 that miracle is what moves the people to make this image
08:13 and the image is what brings
08:16 the people of God face-to-face with persecution.
08:18 So, in other words, just like the story of Daniel
08:21 or Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego...
08:23 when the image is set up
08:24 whosoever doesn't bow down, you're going to be persecuted,
08:27 so then we went back to Matthew 24
08:30 and saw that Jesus said that there was going to be
08:33 something that we should look out for
08:35 when we see this thing...
08:36 that's when the whole world is going to "wonder"
08:39 but you guys don't wonder because
08:41 you know that when I come, this is how I'm coming.
08:45 When you see the "abomination of desolation"
08:47 and that's the question that you have...
08:49 "What is the abomination of desolation?" Yvonne: Right.
08:51 Ivor: When you see the abomination of desolation
08:53 stand in the Holy Place,
08:54 then, let him who reads, understand
08:57 that when you see this thing... you know that this is it.
09:01 Right, so, Matthew 24 verse 15 is a verse that tells us
09:05 "when you see the abomination of desolation
09:07 standing in the Holy Place. "
09:08 In the book of Luke, there's a parallel
09:11 and let's look at what Luke says in Luke 21
09:17 and we're going to look at verse, I believe, it's 20.
09:22 James: By-the-way, Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13
09:26 are all prophetic chapters that parallel Revelation...
09:30 Daniel and Revelation,
09:31 same with 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2.
09:34 So, when we're looking at Luke 21,
09:36 we want to be thinking, "Ah, this is prophecy... "
09:39 because, you know, we're thinking about Luke,
09:40 "Oh, that's a gospel... Matthew, that's a gospel... "
09:43 but Luke 21 is prophecy... Matthew 24... it's prophecy...
09:46 Mark 13... it's prophecy...
09:47 those are three prophetic sections of these gospels.
09:50 Ivor: Yep, yep, so, Luke 21 verse 20,
09:53 this is Luke's parallel, right, to what Matthew wrote
09:59 but Luke says it this way,
10:00 "And when you shall see Jerusalem
10:03 compassed with... " what?
10:06 "armies, then you shall know
10:08 that the desolation thereof is nigh.
10:10 Then let them which are in Judaea... "
10:12 so you see the parallel...
10:14 James: I circled that word... Ivor: Say again...
10:15 James: "armies" I circled that word.
10:16 Ivor: "armies... " circled that word.
10:18 James: And all of a sudden... boom!
10:19 Ivor: James and I are having a moment here.
10:21 James: Yeah. Yvonne: Oh okay... all right.
10:24 Laughter...
10:25 Ivor: So, "armies" right?
10:26 Armies... so the question is, okay, well, in order to find out
10:30 what the "abomination of desolation" is
10:32 all we need to do is see, "Who are the armies...
10:34 surrounding God's people at the end of time. "
10:37 Let's go back to the book of Revelation
10:39 and we'll see that... what the army consists of.
10:45 So, Revelation... we'll go to let's go to chapter 16,
10:52 let's go to Revelation chapter 16
10:54 and Yvonne, if you can read for me, verse 13.
10:58 "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs
11:02 coming out of the mouth of the dragon,
11:03 out of the mouth of the beast,
11:05 and out of the mouth of the false prophet. "
11:07 Ivor: Next verse.
11:08 Yvonne: "For they are the spirits of demons
11:10 performing signs which go out
11:12 to the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them
11:15 to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. "
11:18 Ivor: Okay, so here we see this parallel again
11:20 in Revelation 13,
11:23 the whole world wonders
11:25 when the wound is finally fully healed...
11:27 in Revelation 13 verse 13, fire comes down on the earth
11:31 and the whole world is deceived by these miracles
11:34 and they make this image which brings about persecution.
11:37 We go over to Matthew 24,
11:39 when you see the "abomination of desolation"
11:41 everybody is going to wonder... what...
11:44 "but know, that when I come
11:46 my coming is going to be like lightning. "
11:48 And by-the-way, we saw in the last Program,
11:51 that when it talks about fire in Revelation 13,
11:53 the word there is used for lightning...
11:55 this miracle of fire is a miracle of lightning,
11:58 what did Jesus say? "When I come,
12:00 it will be like lightning from the east even unto the west. "
12:03 So what we're seeing here
12:05 is that the "abomination of desolation"
12:07 is a combination of the dragon...
12:11 Satan himself appearing as Christ...
12:14 the beast... the Papal authority
12:17 and the false prophet... apostate Protestantism
12:21 which we are going to identify
12:23 once we get further into the book of Revelation 13
12:25 but these are the armies that basically
12:28 are surrounding the people of God
12:31 at the end of time, they're the ones going out
12:33 and they're doing this... they...
12:35 they gather the world through miracles...
12:38 miracles... so remember...
12:40 now when I think of "abomination of desolation"
12:42 oh! when I see this three-fold union...
12:46 of dragon... beast... false prophet...
12:49 right now, we actually see a union of how many?
12:53 Two... we see apostate Protestantism
12:56 and we see the Papacy working together
12:59 but they don't have as much authority,
13:02 Islam isn't listening to them, you know what I'm saying?
13:05 It's like, "Whatever, whatever... "
13:07 the whole world is like, "Whatever, whatever... "
13:08 Well, guess what? When someone comes
13:12 appearing as the Messiah Himself,
13:15 yeah, then everyone is going to listen up,
13:18 and by-the-way, the Bible says...
13:23 and when Jesus speaks of the "abomination of desolation,"
13:25 He says, "When you see the 'abomination of desolation'
13:27 stand in the Holy Place"
13:28 now, that's interesting because it doesn't say
13:30 we see him standing in the Most Holy Place
13:32 it says, "when you see him stand in the Holy Place"
13:35 so what's in the Holy Place?
13:36 Do you remember? James: Hmmm... hmmm...
13:38 Ivor: The three articles of furniture, right?
13:40 There is the candlestick, there is the Altar of Incense
13:43 and there is the Table of Shewbread.
13:45 Okay, where is the Table of Shewbread located?
13:49 On the sides of the north.
13:52 Ha... so, what did Lucifer want to do in heaven?
13:56 He wanted to sit on the sides of the north.
13:59 The thing that got him kicked out of heaven,
14:01 the thing that made... okay, done...
14:03 when he wanted to sit in the temple of God,
14:06 showing himself that he is God. Yvonne: Wow!
14:09 Ivor: He says, "When you see the abomination of desolation
14:12 stand in the Holy Place... "
14:13 ah... this is what... in fact, Paul warns us
14:18 that the "man of sin" which is a power...
14:22 it's not a specific individual per se,
14:25 it's a power... it's a...
14:27 this power "the man of sin" is a combination
14:30 of dragon, beast, false prophet
14:33 with Satan himself leading out
14:36 and I don't know if you've ever seen this, James,
14:38 but when the Bible says in 2nd Thessalonians
14:42 that he will sit in the temple of God
14:44 showing himself that he is God and it says,
14:49 "Let no man deceive you for that day shall not come
14:53 except the man of sin be revealed... "
14:54 that word, "revealed" is the Greek word, "apokalupto. "
15:00 All: Hmmm...
15:01 Ivor: Apocalypse...
15:03 why that's what the book of Revelation is called
15:06 which means "the revealing" or the revelation of Jesus Christ
15:12 Oh... so you mean Satan himself will come as an angel of light
15:18 performing miracles and telling the world,
15:22 you know what? You guys have been...
15:23 talking against the Papacy,
15:24 you've been talking against...
15:26 these are my people, this is true
15:28 and here is a miracle just to show you
15:29 that what they have been trying to tell you
15:31 he has been right all along.
15:33 James: What's really interesting I think
15:35 Ivor in what you're saying now...
15:36 and I've got a lot of thoughts going through my brain here
15:38 and so I want to share a few of them...
15:39 first of all, that Satan will likely then appear
15:43 as the person that is revealed in Revelation chapter 1
15:47 the personage of Christ in Revelation chapter 1,
15:49 because there's a picture of Him there,
15:50 He's got hair like wool down to the shoulders
15:53 feet like brass...
15:54 that's the personage that I think Satan's going to take on
15:57 the counterfeit... he's going to take on
15:59 so he would be getting into the Word of God
16:00 and trying to counterfeit the Word of God,
16:02 as much as possible,
16:03 if possible the elect will be deceived,
16:05 and then you have this correlation...
16:07 we correlated the two beasts here,
16:09 you've got the dragon which represents primarily Satan
16:11 working through earthly powers
16:12 and the dragon was a wonder that John saw in heaven
16:16 and so, this power began in heaven,
16:18 then you've got the land beast
16:21 which has the same basic configuration
16:23 seven heads, ten horns, crowns on his head...
16:25 seven heads... ten horns...
16:26 so here now is the earthly manifestation
16:29 of the work of Satan that began in heaven.
16:31 James: So you've got the heavenly manifestation
16:33 deceiving the angels,
16:34 you've got the earthly manifestation
16:35 deceiving the world...
16:37 two forms of the same power coming at us.
16:39 Ivor: And I need to just throw this in here... right in here
16:41 just... the little horn of Daniel 7...
16:45 in Revelation 12, the Bible says,
16:48 "the dragon cast the stars to the ground"
16:51 you read about the description of the Little Horn...
16:54 in Daniel 7... the final...
16:56 the power that thinks to change times and laws...
16:59 what does it do?
17:00 It cast down the stars to the ground...
17:03 the Bible said that the Little Horn
17:05 uprooted the third of the stars...
17:07 I'm sorry... the dragon uprooted the third of the stars...
17:10 the Little Horn uproots one third of the ten horns.
17:14 James: Yeah. Yvonne: Ohhhhh! James: It's a parallel.
17:16 Ivor: So it's almost as if God is saying to you,
17:18 "Look, if you've seen the Little Horn,
17:21 you've seen... you've seen Satan. "
17:22 James: The power behind him.
17:24 Ivor: You've seen the power behind him. James: Yup.
17:25 Ivor: Jesus said, "You've seen me...
17:27 you've seen the Father. "
17:28 You look at the Little Horn,
17:29 you're looking at the work that Satan has done
17:31 but ultimately, Satan himself...
17:33 and well I think we said it in the Program before,
17:35 "The Little Horn is to Satan
17:36 what John the Baptist was to Jesus. "
17:38 James: Yeah, you did say that.
17:39 Ivor: He prepares the way
17:41 for the coming of the "final deception... " yes.
17:45 James: I like where we're at right here in Revelation 16,
17:49 the reason I like this is because
17:50 these verses are not really taking place... in 16...
17:56 16 is like... close relation to...
17:58 these verses are taking place now
18:00 and we know that because when you read the verses,
18:03 the next verse says, Revelation 16 verse 15,
18:07 "Behold, I come as a thief.
18:09 Blessed is he that watches, and keeps his garments,
18:11 lest he walk naked, and they see his shame. "
18:14 That's holding on to the righteousness of Christ,
18:16 that's holding on to our gift of salvation... grace...
18:20 that's holding on to Christ with everything we've got
18:23 because we have nothing else to offer
18:24 and we're doing that as we're being bombarded by frogs
18:28 and frogs... that plague of frogs was really interesting
18:31 because the frogs... the plague of the frogs was that
18:35 they were everywhere... they were everywhere,
18:38 so these three unclean spirits are bombarding us
18:41 and they are gathering us, now, verse 16 repeats that thought
18:45 and I just want to bring this out...
18:47 I don't know if we have time.
18:48 Ivor: I know, I was thinking, shall we go and see...
18:50 but... we'll do it again.
18:51 James: It's good, it's good because this...
18:53 all of this really needs to be unfolded
18:54 before we get to this in time
18:56 otherwise, it will not make sense... yeah,
18:59 so verse 16 says this, "And he gathered them... "
19:02 and who is he gathering... He's gathering the entire world,
19:04 he's gathering the entire world
19:05 "he gathered them to the place called
19:08 in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon"
19:10 the only place in the Bible,
19:11 New Testament... Armageddon is used,
19:13 the only place... Armageddon... "battle of the Megiddo"
19:15 in Mount of the Megiddo, I don't want to go to that yet,
19:17 I want to go to the word, "gathered"
19:19 you look up the word "gathered"
19:20 in verse 16, you know what it means?
19:22 One of the definitions for the word, "gathered"
19:26 in verse 16 is, "to entertain"
19:29 to entertain... in other words...
19:32 Satan is working through these... this...
19:35 these frogs... which are everywhere...
19:37 Satan is everywhere... entertaining us,
19:39 everywhere... he's entertaining us,
19:41 he wants to entertain us out of the kingdom of God.
19:45 So you got it right here, on your phone... you got your TV
19:49 you got your movies, you're on the plane...
19:51 you know, it used to be...
19:52 it used to take a lot of money to watch a movie on a plane,
19:55 now-a-days, you just dial them in...
19:56 and they're just right there...
19:58 everywhere you go, you've got your Red Box
20:00 for a dollar... whatever it is...
20:02 you've got everywhere...
20:04 you just download events...
20:05 everywhere... entertainment, sports,
20:07 one thing after another,
20:09 even our political system,
20:11 I'm going to say this year was all about entertainment
20:13 who could entertain the most was going to get the most votes
20:16 that's basically what it was, it's about Twitter...
20:18 I'm not saying we shouldn't use these,
20:20 I think we should use them, I think...
20:22 I use Facebook, I use Twitter, I use media
20:24 to reach people with the gospel
20:26 but we need to be so careful
20:28 because there's such a fine line there
20:29 between ministry and outreach
20:32 and then, mesmerism, hypnotism
20:34 and just being completely taken in and mesmerized
20:38 and hooked on one form of entertainment after another
20:41 including news... it's just a form of entertainment
20:44 because God is opening up for us in chapter 16,
20:47 God is opening up for us
20:49 how these powers are actually working
20:51 they're working to entertain us, so we're talking now,
20:54 Ivor is breaking down what it's going to look like
20:58 when the religious and the civil powers come together
21:01 there's going to be persecution, there's going to be this...
21:03 that's true...
21:05 but how does that work out practically in our lives?
21:07 When we leave here today
21:08 when our Viewers turn off this Program and they go about...
21:11 what is it that is preparing them either for heaven
21:15 or preparing them to be deceived?
21:17 It's entertainment.
21:19 Are we holding on to Christ's righteousness?
21:21 Are we studying Christ?
21:23 Are we following the Lamb wherever He goes?
21:24 Are we spending time in the Word of God?
21:25 Are we surrounding ourselves with spiritual influences
21:29 or are we being entertained out of spiritual places...
21:33 away from Jesus Christ.
21:35 Is the majority of our time spent
21:38 focusing on anything and everything but Christ?
21:41 Ivor: So let me build something on that now.
21:43 James: Build on...
21:45 Ivor: So, these frogs, okay...
21:48 can we think of another place in the Bible that deals with frogs?
21:53 Yvonne: Egypt... Ivor: Egypt...
21:55 okay, when these frogs... in the Old Testament,
22:00 you've got the story of the frogs
22:02 with the plagues and Moses...
22:05 the reason that these...
22:08 when you look at the story of Moses,
22:10 you'll see that on the first plague
22:12 Moses, I think he turns the water to blood...
22:18 and then the magicians... they counterfeit that miracle.
22:25 Okay, when it gets to the frogs, they counterfeit that miracle
22:30 the frogs were a miracle from God...
22:33 but the magicians counterfeited that miracle,
22:38 okay, after the frogs...
22:40 they could no longer counterfeit any of Moses' miracles,
22:43 so check this out... the frogs were the last miracle
22:47 that they were able to pull off...
22:52 what is the last miracle... that Satan will pull off
22:58 the impersonation of Christ.
23:00 Now, along with that, okay, this... these...
23:04 we're talking about these frogs and the miracles,
23:07 when Jesus comes again,
23:10 what happens when He comes again?
23:13 Yvonne: Every eye will see Him. Ivor: Every eye will see Him...
23:15 yes, but there's something else that happens too,
23:17 Yvonne: We'll be changed in a moment...
23:20 Ivor: We'll be changed... praise God...
23:22 but there's something else that happens too.
23:23 James: The resurrection of the righteous.
23:25 Ivor: The resurrection of dead people,
23:27 you can talk to me... I'm going to get excited...
23:31 Yvonne: Ohhhhh... come on... come on...
23:33 Ivor: When Jesus comes again,
23:34 the dead are going to come back to life.
23:36 James: That's right. Jason: Hmmm...
23:38 Ivor: Satan's final miracle is not only,
23:43 "Hey, look, Christ is here... but to verify that I am Christ,
23:47 look, you've got dead people that are now talking to you. "
23:50 Now, watch this... if you haven't been studying your Bible
23:54 and being... "Oh... hey, what are we going to do now?"
23:58 When this overwhelming deception hits,
24:04 where you have dead people appearing and saying,
24:08 "Yeah, this is the Lord... "
24:10 if you don't know your Bible,
24:12 if you haven't been taking the time to really know
24:15 what you know... guess what?
24:17 The whole world "wondered" when this deadly wound was healed...
24:23 when this thing happens...
24:25 and by-the-way...
24:27 I don't know what your definition you saw
24:30 for Armageddon... but from what I've studied
24:33 it's two words... "Har" which is Mount...
24:35 and "Megiddo... " congregation...
24:38 it is the Mount of the Congregation
24:41 which is the sides... on the sides of the north.
24:45 So, he's gathering all this... specifically to war
24:49 against the Mount of the Congregation,
24:51 against God's people...
24:53 the armies are going to surround God's people
24:56 and your senses are going to be overloaded with miracles
25:02 and if you're not firmly rooted on the Word of God,
25:06 understanding... look... this is... oh yeah...
25:11 Yvonne: Wow!
25:12 James: There are two definitions of Armageddon...
25:16 Armageddon... valley of Megiddo is another one
25:19 but both of them lead to the same conclusion
25:21 because if you go to the valley of Megiddo,
25:23 in the Middle East,
25:25 the Mount that you see there in Megiddo, is Mount Carmel.
25:28 Fire from heaven... Mount Carmel...
25:30 when you go to Mount Carmel, you have the same war...
25:33 the same battle that's been revealed right here
25:35 you have a call to an apostate people,
25:37 who are following Jezebel and worshipping "the lord,"
25:40 to worship God...
25:41 you have a decision that has to be made between Baal and God.
25:45 You have the three-and-a-half years,
25:46 you have the fire coming down from heaven,
25:47 you have all of the same principles
25:50 being revealed there in that Old Testament story
25:52 that you see being duplicated now in the New Testament.
25:55 Only, this time, the counterfeit fire comes before the...
25:58 the counterfeit lightning comes before the real lightning
26:01 and we're calling people not to believe the counterfeit
26:03 so Baal's prophets weren't able to bring down counterfeit fire,
26:07 but in the end of time,
26:08 there's going to be some counterfeit fire
26:10 before the real lightning comes.
26:11 Ivor: And again, this is what makes the whole world...
26:14 you talk about ISIS... you talk about all the...
26:18 James: Islam... they're looking for the second coming of Christ,
26:20 they're looking for the second coming of Christ.
26:22 Ivor: And for Atheists... guess what?
26:23 Seeing is believing... so hey, "You guys... "
26:27 when they see this, hey...
26:30 James: The Atheists are very impressed with the Pope
26:31 simply because of the way that he conducts himself,
26:33 "Who is able to make war with him?"
26:35 Is what the Bible says
26:36 and before we're through here,
26:38 the question on the "abomination of desolation... "
26:40 we've just answered it,
26:42 so the "abomination of desolation"
26:43 is the counterfeit of the truth,
26:45 it's the counterfeit of the truth.
26:47 So, not just one counterfeit but every single counterfeit
26:50 is an "abomination of desolation"
26:51 because it's an abomination to counterfeit Christ,
26:55 to put a counterfeit law in Christ's place...
26:57 to counterfeit...
26:58 everything that counterfeits the truth
27:00 is an abomination that does what?
27:01 It makes us desolate... Yvonne: Hmmm...
27:04 Ivor: Let me add this in here, remember that the set up...
27:07 when he is standing on the sides of the north,
27:09 the Table of Shewbread... we pointed this out
27:11 was changed every Sabbath,
27:13 when Satan appears in the form of Christ
27:16 claiming to have power to change the Sabbath
27:20 from what it really is, to the first day of the week,
27:24 then you know... persecution begins as a result of something
27:29 that the people are forced to bow down to
27:31 which is in direct contradiction to the Law of God
27:34 which is why Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
27:36 did not bow down...
27:37 they were like, "Nah... that's breaking God's law,
27:39 we're not doing it. "
27:40 James: And it was a counterfeit of the genuine...
27:41 you've got an image...
27:43 it was an image that God showed him...
27:44 so the counterfeit always resembles
27:46 very closely with the genuine.
27:47 That's what we're seeing all the way through here.
27:48 We are running out of time again,
27:50 but that's okay, we're not in a hurry,
27:52 we want to really break down these verses,
27:54 we want to understand them,
27:56 I think God has blessed
27:57 and we'll just continue with the journey.
27:58 Ivor: Praise the Lord. Yonne: "Amen. "


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