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Unmasking the Mark of the Beast, part 3

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Yvonne Lewis, Jason Bradley


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00:30 Revelation chapter 13, The Mark of the Beast, 666...
00:34 we have covered most of this
00:37 but there are still a couple of points
00:39 that we need to sew up here, one of them is in verse 16
00:43 the forehead or the hand...
00:44 and the other one is... the timing.
00:46 In other words,
00:48 do people have the Mark of the Beast right now,
00:51 if not, when do they have the Mark of the Beast?
00:54 So I think it's really important
00:55 that we answer these two questions
00:57 before we finish this chapter and move into 14...
01:00 by-the-way, 14 is going to be really helpful
01:02 in relation to chapter 13
01:04 because it's going to help us to understand
01:06 what we need to do to get ready
01:07 to not be deceived and receive the Mark of the Beast,
01:10 so, 14 is kind of the answer to that.
01:12 Ivor: 14:1 through 5.
01:14 James: 1 through 5, yes.
01:16 Ivor: There's a strong connection between
01:17 last verses in chapter 13 and the first verses in chapter 14,
01:22 it forms a bridge, so, we'll see that...
01:25 James: And it leads us also to the everlasting gospel
01:28 in the Three Angels' messages...
01:29 it's going to be a whole 'nother session
01:31 so, exciting... let's just pray...
01:33 let's start with a word of prayer,
01:34 Yvonne, would you like to pray for us?
01:35 Yvonne: Sure, "Father thank you so much
01:37 for bringing us together to study your Word,
01:40 we pray for your Holy Spirit to guide us
01:43 and just leading us into all truth, Lord,
01:46 we just thank you so much for the promise of the Holy Spirit,
01:49 so be with us, guide us and direct us,
01:51 we pray in Jesus' name, amen. "
01:52 All: "Amen. "
01:54 So again, we're moving out,
01:56 I just want to give another shout-out
01:57 for the Historicals. com
01:58 these are models that you can use to help illustrate...
02:02 study, Bible Study, Evangelism, whatever you're doing,
02:05 you can get ahold of Brendan at Historicals. com
02:08 and use these... he's got... not just these...
02:10 we're using these for Revelation 12:13...
02:12 but he's also got them for Daniel...
02:14 and we're going to get into Daniel, right,
02:16 Daniel 2, Daniel 7, Daniel 8,
02:17 and you have the prophecies of Daniel,
02:19 the image and the different beasts,
02:21 in Daniel 7 et cetera,
02:23 all of those are available at Historicals. com
02:25 so, if people are interested in doing that...
02:27 that's how they get ahold of them.
02:28 I'm so thankful that we got to use them...
02:30 even this guy with a head that comes off,
02:33 removing... the head being wounded unto death
02:36 and then the wound being healed,
02:38 we've got to pass that on to Brendan
02:40 and make sure he... he works on that...
02:42 and figures out how to do that
02:44 so we can just take the head off,
02:46 okay, so, Revelation 14, 13...
02:48 there's a verse we want to look at here,
02:50 Jason, can you read it for us? It's Revelation 13 and verse 16.
02:53 Jason: Verse 16, okay,
02:55 "And he causeth all, both small and great,
02:57 rich and poor, free and bond,
02:59 to receive a mark in their right hand,
03:01 or in their foreheads... "
03:03 James: Now, this is in contrast in a sense...
03:07 this is in contrast to the "Seal of God"
03:10 we haven't talked about the Seal of God yet,
03:12 we're going to get into that when we get into
03:14 the Three Angels' Messages,
03:16 but the Mark of the Beast, in contrast with the Seal of God
03:19 can be received in the forehead or in the hand.
03:23 In Revelation 7, where the Seal of God is described
03:26 it talks about sealing God's people in their foreheads
03:30 but not in the hand.
03:31 So, what's the deal with the Seal of God
03:34 in the forehead or in the hand?
03:36 Ivor: I think, as we look at the...
03:40 the understanding of what the forehead represents,
03:45 and what the hand represents,
03:47 it will give us a better idea of what's going on here,
03:53 so, we... in the Bible the forehead is actually a symbol
03:58 for the mind,
04:00 that's what we're talking about here,
04:02 the Seal of God is received in the mind,
04:04 in fact, in the book of Hebrews,
04:07 when the Bible speaks about the New Covenant,
04:09 the New Covenant is said to be written in the mind.
04:14 This is where God places His law,
04:16 now, remember, the whole
04:18 center... the whole theme of this controversy
04:20 between the dragon and the woman
04:23 is that, he is going after her remnant
04:25 to make war with those who do what?
04:28 Keep the commandments of God
04:30 and have the testimony of Jesus.
04:31 James: Faith of Jesus.
04:33 Ivor: Okay, or the faith of Jesus
04:34 so, what we're looking at here is an issue of...
04:37 it's not a...
04:39 a lot of people think that the Mark is something that you...
04:42 will be tattooed on your forehead,
04:44 or, that they can, like, implant in your hand,
04:48 I've always said, "You know what?"
04:49 I mean, think about it, someone holds you down
04:51 and you you're like, "No, let go of me... "
04:52 they're like, "We're not going to let go of you... "
04:54 "Please... let me go... "
04:55 and then they put this chip in your hand,
04:57 are you lost because you are physically overpowered,
04:59 you know what I'm saying?
05:01 And if so, "Hey, the Bible says,
05:03 if your right hand offend you, cut it off... "
05:05 "Do you know now if I have the Mark of the Beast?"
05:08 I know I think these things sometimes.
05:10 James: But no, a lot of people think,
05:11 I'm serious, we've had these conversations.
05:13 Ivor: Do you no longer have the Mark of the Beast
05:16 because you cut your hand off?
05:17 You know, so... so...
05:20 James: It's more than that. Ivor: Yeah.
05:22 James: The Bible verse in Hebrews is
05:23 Hebrews 10 and verse 16.
05:25 Ivor: Hebrews 10:16...
05:27 James: I'm going to... this is what it says...
05:30 it says, "This is the covenant that I will make with them
05:31 after those days, saith the Lord,
05:33 I will put my laws into their hearts,
05:35 and in their minds will I write them... "
05:37 so the forehead...
05:39 that's why some translations of the Bible say,
05:41 "on the forehead"
05:42 but it's actually "in the forehead"
05:44 the King James says,
05:45 "in the forehead" or "in the hand... "
05:46 so it's talking about something more than just the outward.
05:50 Ivor: So the Mark of the Beast received in the mind,
05:53 is something that you believe
05:55 and have genuinely... genuinely been deceived by,
05:59 okay, so, what about the hand?
06:01 In the book of Ecclesiastes,
06:03 I think, it's chapter 9 and verse 10,
06:06 the Bible says,
06:08 "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do,
06:10 do it with all thy might... "
06:12 do it with all thy might...
06:14 so the hand symbolizes the actions,
06:17 so, for those who receive the Mark...
06:20 whatever it is... in their hand, symbolically in their hand,
06:24 they're going along with the action,
06:28 but they haven't been sold in the mind.
06:31 James: They don't believe it.
06:33 Ivor: They don't believe it and so there's going to be
06:35 two groups of people deceived at the end of time,
06:37 those who are truly deceived
06:39 however, think about this in the context of the
06:42 Great Deception, right, the overmastering delusion,
06:45 those who are truly deceived,
06:46 and then those who receive it in their hand
06:48 would be those who are simply going along to survive,
06:53 right, in fact, they may just be like,
06:55 "Hey, you know what?
06:56 That may be Christ... but I still don't believe... "
06:58 you know what I'm saying? I still don't... or
07:00 "Hey, if this is what we need to do to survive,
07:02 then, that's what we'll do to survive. "
07:04 Right... Yvonne: Ohhhh... okay...
07:06 Ivor: There will be others who are like,
07:08 "Well, I know from my Bible Study that
07:10 that is not Christ but guess what,
07:11 I need to go along with this anyway
07:13 because I want to survive... "
07:15 right, so, this mark between the forehead and the hand
07:19 covers everyone... whether they're mentally deceived
07:22 or they don't really believe
07:24 or they go along anyway to survive,
07:26 or they genuinely know, "Yeah, that's a deception,
07:28 but guess what? I'm afraid to die. "
07:30 James: Hmmm... hmmm... Yvonne: Wow!
07:31 James: Let me give you a nominal illustration of this
07:33 because I've traveled to Pakistan several times
07:36 doing evangelism
07:38 and I remember the first time I went there
07:39 was with fear and trepidation, I mean, I was just like,
07:43 "Whoa" it's an Islamic country, Islam is law there,
07:46 so it's an Islamic State,
07:48 if you're a Muslim in Pakistan and you convert to Christianity,
07:53 the law says that you should die...
07:54 in fact, when I went there, a young girl had...
07:56 a Christian girl had witnessed to a Muslim friend at school
07:59 and the Muslim had become a Christian
08:01 and her parents... the parents of the Muslim girl killed her
08:03 because that's the law
08:04 and then they were taking the Christian girl to Court
08:07 accusing her of being responsible
08:09 because they had to kill their daughter
08:11 because she converted her to Christianity,
08:13 so that was the country I was going into
08:14 and I remember when I first got there,
08:16 I was awakened in the morning by the national alarm clock,
08:19 yeah, they have prayer every... "wrrrrr... rayyyy... "
08:22 and they have these prayers...
08:24 and they're on these big speakers
08:25 on the corners of the streets and everyone can hear it
08:27 and I was sleeping and then... "wah... "
08:29 I felt like someone was standing right over me
08:31 yelling into my ear... it was so loud,
08:33 so, five times a day, they have the prayer there
08:37 and I was really curious to see...
08:38 people are going to be up praying in the morning
08:41 and in the afternoon... no... they didn't...
08:44 everything didn't stop
08:45 and everyone stops and prays wherever... no...
08:47 they're just... people were in business,
08:49 driving... doing whatever...
08:50 and I thought, "Wow! this is an Islamic State,
08:52 I thought everyone would be praying"
08:53 and they said, "No, only the very devout
08:55 go to the mosque during prayer time"
08:56 and then Friday came out...
08:57 Friday is the day of prayer for the Muslim,
08:59 the Qur'an actually teaches
09:02 that the Sabbath day... the seventh day of the week
09:04 is the day that we should worship God,
09:06 that's what the Qur'an teaches,
09:07 because the Qur'an is based on the Torah...
09:09 the first five books of the Bible,
09:10 and the Psalms and the gospels, so it actually teaches that
09:14 but, the way that they practice and the tradition of Muslim
09:19 is that Friday is the day of prayer
09:20 and that's the day they choose to worship,
09:21 you know, they separate themselves
09:24 from Jewish practice and from Christian practice,
09:25 so... Friday...
09:27 so on Friday I was waiting for everyone to
09:28 be out of business clothes... everyone's in the mosque...
09:31 it was business as usual...
09:33 it's like, "Wow! this is strange,
09:35 this is an Islamic Country,
09:37 I thought they would be very rigid about religion,
09:38 no, most people were kind of secular...
09:40 they only do what they have to do
09:43 if they're forced to do it
09:44 so then, Sunday came... Sunday morning I wake up,
09:48 I open up my curtains and guess what I see?
09:51 Nothing... no cars... no business is open...
09:54 no people... everything is shut tight.
09:56 I'm like, "Wait a minute, I'm in an Islamic country,
09:58 why is everything closed on Sunday?"
10:00 So I asked, "Why is everything closed on Sunday?"
10:02 "It's a recent law... "
10:03 this was in the '90s, "it's a recent law... "
10:05 they have switched the day,
10:08 that they close businesses from Friday to Sunday... "
10:11 I said, "Why?"
10:12 They said, "Because of the economic pressure
10:15 everyone in the world is open on Fridays for business,
10:19 the Stock Markets... everything...
10:20 and closed on Sundays...
10:22 we as Muslims, we're closed on Fridays,
10:24 and open on Sundays...
10:25 we were falling behind the rest of the world...
10:27 two days a week... businesswise so we switched"
10:30 I said, "How do the fundamentalists Muslims
10:33 feel about this?" "Oh, they don't like this at all
10:35 they think it's a compromise but we have to do it,
10:37 economically, we have to go along with it... "
10:40 so this is a modern illustration of... "they don't believe it...
10:43 they're Muslims... they don't believe Sunday is sacred or...
10:46 but they're closed for business on that day
10:49 because of the economic pressure
10:50 coming from the rest of the world. "
10:52 So we're already set up for this.
10:54 If you go on the website and you google...
10:57 just search for "Muslim Countries"
11:00 and look up, "Business Hours"
11:02 you're going to find that almost every Muslim country
11:04 in the world is closed for business on Sunday
11:07 except for Saudi Arabia
11:08 because they're independently wealthy.
11:10 So they still close on Friday and open on Sunday
11:12 but the rest of the Muslim world... almost every country...
11:16 business hours... closed on Sundays...
11:17 so it's already there...
11:18 and notice, God is really smart about this,
11:21 it's centered in economics... He knows...
11:24 He sees that for most people...
11:27 see, money is not the root of all evil
11:32 but what is the root of all evil?
11:34 The love of money is the root of all evil
11:37 and the final evil that is going to overwhelm the world
11:40 is going to come through our love for money
11:42 that supersedes our love for God.
11:45 Ivor: Yeah, yeah, yeah,
11:46 one of the things that we wanted to touch on
11:49 and again, with this issue of the Mark of the Beast
11:52 and trying to nail it down to what it is,
11:54 I find it very, very interesting and I think it reveals a lot
11:58 everything Satan does
12:00 is a counterfeit of what God does
12:01 and so, it's interesting that in the book of Revelation
12:05 you have four things that you're warned about
12:07 regarding the beast,
12:09 there is the worship of the beast,
12:10 there's the image of the beast,
12:13 there's the name of the beast,
12:15 and there's the mark of the beast,
12:17 so I just want you to think about that,
12:19 four things, okay, you have the Ten Commandments
12:22 the first four deal with how we worship God
12:25 the first commandment is,
12:27 "Thou shalt not have any other gods before me"
12:28 you know, you worship God only,
12:30 the second commandment deals with worshiping images,
12:33 the third commandment is about His name,
12:36 so, wow! if these three things are actually counterfeits
12:42 of the first three commandments
12:43 then, Man! the Mark of the Beast...
12:46 Yvonne: Hmmm... wow!
12:48 Jason: I never heard it like that before...
12:50 Yvonne: I haven't either.
12:52 Ivor: Yeah the Mark of the Beast must be something
12:54 that counterfeits the Sabbath commandment,
12:57 so, now what we have... and it's really amazing because
13:03 what happens is... you look at the book of Daniel, for example,
13:09 first three chapters... Daniel chapter 1,
13:11 you have Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and Daniel,
13:15 they're not... they refuse to eat the kings meat,
13:19 right, and drink his wine...
13:21 so in Daniel chapter 1 you have a group of people
13:24 who refuse to drink the wine of Babylon,
13:28 that's the kingdom we're talking about, right,
13:30 as a result of that, in Daniel chapter 2,
13:32 they're given special understanding
13:35 of prophecies regarding Babylon
13:39 and so they preach a message to Nebuchadnezzar,
13:42 "Babylon is going to fall"
13:43 that's the message that they preach, right,
13:46 and as a result of this Nebuchadnezzar is like,
13:49 "No, Babylon is not going to fall...
13:52 what we're going to do is, we're going to set up an image"
13:53 so now you have this image set up,
13:56 and now, whosoever does not bow down to this image
13:59 will be what? Will be killed, right?
14:02 So, in a sense, we can look at this pattern and see,
14:05 "Okay, so, it's only when something is...
14:08 when this thing is set up that forces people... " right,
14:14 to do it... in direct contradiction to the law of God,
14:19 that's when we know
14:21 that the Mark of the Beast is here... is passed, right,
14:26 so it's not something like people say,
14:27 "Well, Pastor, you're saying if I don't keep the Sabbath now
14:30 or if I'm going to church
14:31 on the wrong day of the week, I have the Mark of the Beast?"
14:33 No, there's coming a time...
14:35 as we've been kind of building to this
14:38 that this will be enforced by decree,
14:41 so the verse says,
14:44 "Whosoever does not do this should be killed. "
14:47 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
14:48 James: And you can't buy or sell...
14:50 and when it comes to that point of crisis,
14:52 that's when the Mark of the Beast
14:53 becomes a test for everyone,
14:55 not just for believers or Christians
14:58 but for everyone,
15:00 it becomes a test because it's more than just the day,
15:02 it's the principle behind it
15:04 and the principle behind it reveals
15:06 whether we have the spirit of Satan
15:08 or whether we have the spirit of Christ
15:10 which takes us into Revelation 14,
15:12 because Revelation 14 is in a sense the answer
15:16 to our crisis in Revelation 13
15:20 okay, let's start with Revelation 13,
15:22 actually go back to Revelation chapter 12,
15:24 Revelation 12 is not just a picture of prophecy,
15:29 it's a picture of character,
15:30 now Ivor talked about Hebrews 10:16 and 17...
15:35 the Law of God or the Covenant...
15:37 new Covenant... God's law in our hearts and in our minds,
15:39 so, the Law of God is a Law of love,
15:41 it's revealing the character of God
15:44 so you have the character of God
15:45 and you have the character of Satan,
15:47 now, from the beginning,
15:48 Revelation chapter 12 is revealing to us
15:50 not just history but the characteristics of Satan
15:53 for example, in Revelation 12 verse 3 it says
15:55 that he took a third of the stars of heaven with his tail
16:01 pause...
16:04 excuse me, that's verse 4,
16:05 "And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven,
16:07 and did cast them to the ground... "
16:09 in Isaiah 9:15 it says, "the tail...
16:11 the prophet that teaches lies, he is the tail. "
16:15 So the tail of the dragon symbolizes the deception
16:19 that he brought against the stars of heaven
16:20 which were the angels of heaven,
16:21 and the way he deceived them and cast them down with him,
16:24 he brought them down with him through deception
16:26 so, do we deceive people?
16:28 Are we being deceptive?
16:30 And then you have in Revelation chapter 12 and verse 10,
16:34 you have this picture of how the accuser of our brethren
16:38 which accused them before God day and night, is cast out.
16:41 Are we judgmental and full of accusations?
16:45 Is this the kind of character that we have
16:48 and then you have in Revelation chapter 12 verse 17,
16:51 you have this picture of the dragon
16:53 who was wroth with the woman,
16:54 went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
16:56 he's angry, he's mad, he wants to fight,
16:58 so, are we developing the characteristics of anger
17:02 and are we wanting to fight in a negative sense
17:06 and then in Revelation chapter 13,
17:08 he's filled with blasphemy which is basically a pride
17:12 and he is controlling the economic system,
17:16 he's a control freak, so no man can buy or sell
17:20 and so he's forcing people
17:22 to go the way he wants them to go,
17:24 so are we controllers?
17:26 Are we forcing people? Are we angry with people?
17:29 Are we filled with pride?
17:31 Are we judgmental and critical of people?
17:33 Are we deceiving people and do we want to just kill people
17:38 which... another word for kill is hate.
17:40 Ivor: Yeah, and Revelation 13:4 the beast has a deadly wound
17:44 but the deadly wound is healed,
17:46 remember we talked about how it did not die,
17:49 right, it was wounded by the sword...
17:52 it was wounded by the sword so, do we...
17:56 James: Sword is the Word of God.
17:57 Ivor: That's right,
17:59 do we allow the Word of God to put us to death...
18:02 we die daily... or are we only wounded by the sword?
18:05 Or do we only... we go to church and the Pastor preaches
18:08 we're like... "Owh... oooh... ooh... that hurt, that hurt... "
18:11 but we don't allow it to actually take us out.
18:14 So we only get hurt... and Satan is all about healing.
18:18 So, "Man! you're hurt, let me heal you up...
18:21 get you back to your old self again... "
18:24 All: Hmmm... hmmm... ah... ha... ha... ha...
18:26 yeah... you don't want to be your old self,
18:28 you know, you need to be a new man in Christ, so,
18:31 these characteristics, right,
18:34 lead us to the ultimate picture of... "these are the ones,
18:39 who will end up following...
18:41 these are the ones that end up 'wondering after the beast. '"
18:44 Why? Because like attracts like
18:47 even in Revelation 13 verse 11
18:51 where it talks about the beast having the horns of a lamb
18:54 but speaking as a dragon,
18:55 Man! when people look at you, do they see a lamb?
18:59 And then they try to talk to you and you're acting like a dragon.
19:02 These are the very ones, right,
19:05 that when this manifestation appears,
19:09 oh yeah, they're going to wonder
19:11 because the characters connect.
19:14 James: Ivor, I think this is really important
19:16 because we're talking here about prophecy
19:18 and a lot of times, we can get caught up in prophecy
19:21 from the perspective of, "Oh, that power over there
19:24 and that power over there
19:25 and that person over there
19:27 and that person over there...
19:28 we miss the personal, practical application.
19:31 The beast is a composite of us,
19:34 the reason why it becomes an earthly kingdom is because
19:38 it has subjects, it has people that support it
19:41 and the people that are supporting that beastly System
19:43 are people who are like that System,
19:45 who are taking on the characteristics of that System,
19:48 who are revealing anger and control
19:51 and all of the characteristics that we're seeing here
19:54 that are outlined in describing the dragon...
19:59 in describing the beast powers and in counter to that...
20:02 in contrast to that... we have these characteristics
20:04 that describe God's people in Revelation 14.
20:06 Ivor: Wait... before you go to Revelation 14,
20:10 wait... so... remember in Revelation 13, right...
20:13 James: Yes.
20:14 Ivor: We have this manifestation that we've been talking about
20:18 Satan appearing as Christ Himself,
20:20 this sets us up for the first verse in Revelation 14,
20:24 so let's just look at a couple of verses very quickly
20:27 let's go over to Isaiah chapter 4 verse 5 and 6
20:31 and if someone else can go to Isaiah 33 verse 20.
20:34 Pause...
20:36 I'm going to go to Psalm 48 verse 1 and 2,
20:42 so, Isaiah 4 verse 5 and 6...
20:46 Isaiah 33 verse 20...
20:51 and James, could you get Psalm 48 verse 1 and 2?
20:54 okay so, let's go with Psalm 48 verse 1 and 2 first.
21:00 James: Okay, Psalm 48 verses 1 and 2,
21:03 pause...
21:07 "Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised
21:10 in the city of our God, in the mountain of his holiness.
21:13 Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth,
21:15 is mount Zion, on the sides of the north,
21:17 the city of the great King. "
21:19 Ivor: Okay, when Satan comes again, right,
21:21 guess what he's going to try to fulfill?
21:23 James: Sides of the north... Yvonne: Hmmm...
21:24 Ivor: Sides of the north,
21:26 "Hey, I am the king, this is Mount Zion,
21:28 and beautiful for situation,
21:31 here we are on the sides of the north. "
21:34 James: And by-the-way, the Muslim world believes
21:36 that when Christ comes the second time,
21:37 He'll come to Jerusalem in the North Gate of the city
21:40 which they have blocked with a graveyard
21:42 and so they're looking for that to happen.
21:43 Ivor: And most of the world believes
21:45 He's coming to Jerusalem right,
21:46 so here we have, okay, wow! this is Biblical
21:49 but Satan is going to try to use this
21:51 to relate to himself, right,
21:53 all right, now, Isaiah 4:5 and 6.
21:55 Yvonne: "Then the LORD will create
21:57 above every dwelling place of mount Zion
22:00 and above her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day,
22:03 and the shining of a flaming fire by night:
22:06 for over all the glory there will be a covering.
22:09 And there will be a tabernacle for a shade in the daytime
22:12 from the heat, for a place of refuge
22:15 and for a shelter from storm and rain. "
22:17 Ivor: Okay, so, the Bible tells that God
22:19 is going to set up His tabernacle...
22:22 right, where? On Mount Zion...
22:25 where is that? On the sides of the north.
22:27 All right, so, what do we have here?
22:29 When Jesus comes, the view is that,
22:31 He's going to set up a kingdom on earth,
22:34 Mount Zion... He's going to set His tabernacles
22:36 right, upon Mount Zion.
22:39 Now, Isaiah 33 verse 20, who has it?
22:42 Jason: I got it, "Look upon Zion,
22:45 the city of our solemnities: thine eyes shall see Jerusalem
22:50 a quiet habitation,
22:52 a tabernacle that shall not be taken down;
22:54 not one of the stakes thereof shall ever be removed,
22:57 neither shall any of the cords thereof be broken. "
22:59 Ivor: All right, now, let me read one more verse
23:01 and then we're going to tie this all in, okay,
23:03 so this is Ezekiel 37 verse 26 to 28
23:09 and it says here, "Moreover I will make a covenant
23:13 of peace with them;
23:14 it shall be an everlasting covenant with them:
23:17 and I will place them, and multiply them,
23:19 and will set my sanctuary in the midst of them for evermore.
23:22 My tabernacle also shall be with them:
23:24 yea, I will be their God, and they shall be my people.
23:28 And the heathen shall know that I the LORD do sanctify Israel,
23:32 when my sanctuary shall be in
23:34 the midst of them for evermore. "
23:35 What we have happening here
23:36 is in Revelation 13 verses 13 onward,
23:42 you basically have Satan
23:44 claiming to be the king of the North
23:48 or setting up his tabernacles, right,
23:51 as king over all the earth
23:53 and he's got his subjects and his people.
23:57 In Revelation 14, verse 1, God is showing us,
24:00 "This is who the true Mount Zion is... "
24:05 and then He goes to describe their... what?
24:08 their character... so from Revelation 12
24:11 you're seeing all the attributes of the characteristics
24:14 that lead up to this counterfeit Mount of Zion.
24:18 James: On this earth. Yvonne: Ooooh!
24:20 Ivor: And then God says, "All right now John,
24:22 now I want you to check out the real Mount Zion
24:24 and I want you to look at the characteristics
24:26 of the real people of God. "
24:28 Ivor: And it starts with them having His name...
24:31 which represents what?
24:33 Character written in their foreheads.
24:37 James: Yeah. Yvonne: Wow!
24:39 James: That's beautiful, that's a powerful picture,
24:41 so you've got Satan's counterfeit
24:43 and you've got the true right here
24:44 and also in this context
24:47 you've got an answer for a dilemma that we have
24:49 and that is, "How do we discern the true from the counterfeit
24:55 and what do we do to get ready for all of this?"
24:58 Because you know, you can think,
24:59 "Well, the way I get ready is,
25:01 I know what's the right day and I know what's the wrong day
25:03 and that's intellectually fine
25:07 but what about character development?
25:09 Like, how can we prepare ourselves
25:12 so one of the answers is given and I love this answer,
25:15 in Revelation chapter 14 when God shows John and us
25:18 the real picture of the true Mount Zion,
25:20 He says, that not only do they have His name
25:22 written in their forehead
25:24 but how do they get His name written in their forehead?
25:25 Well notice verse 4,
25:27 "These are they which were not defiled with women:
25:29 for they are virgins,
25:31 These are they which follow the Lamb withersoever he goeth. "
25:37 They follow Jesus, remember the words of that hymn,
25:41 "Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go. "
25:44 Anywhere? Jason: Anywhere...
25:47 James: Fear I cannot know
25:49 and this is why I think the book of Revelation
25:52 is so filled with "Lamb language. "
25:54 It begins in the beginning and it goes all the way through.
25:57 Jesus is the One that brings us safety
26:01 in the midst of our greatest crisis,
26:04 there's a great crisis coming...
26:06 a huge deception coming to Planet Earth
26:08 and the way we prepare for that is to stay very close to Jesus.
26:11 Ivor: Hmmm... hmmm...
26:12 James: This is what allows us to be dependent on Christ,
26:15 the crisis can be looked upon as a negative or a positive
26:19 a crisis in our lives today
26:21 can direct us for more dependence on Jesus...
26:24 to lean more heavily on our Savior
26:25 or it can pull us away from Him,
26:27 those little crises prepare us for the big crisis
26:30 and the answer in the big crisis is automatic,
26:34 it's right here in Revelation 14,
26:36 "Follow Jesus wherever He goes, just follow Him wherever He goes
26:39 you know how you have been following Him sometimes?
26:41 You know, how you look like Him
26:42 but you're not really connected,
26:43 you know how once a week you follow Him
26:45 but the rest of the week you don't,
26:47 well, that's not going to work when the crisis...
26:49 when the final crisis hits.
26:51 You're going to need complete and total commitment
26:54 to Jesus Christ... surrender...
26:55 you got to die all the way, you can't just be wounded. "
26:57 Ivor: This is the picture of the true Mount Zion.
27:00 The true Mount Zion
27:01 is made up of those who follow the Lamb.
27:04 All those characters that we're looking at
27:07 from Revelation 12 onward,
27:08 that's a false Christ that's coming
27:11 so depending on which characteristics you have,
27:14 those will determine which "Jesus" you end up following
27:18 the counterfeit one or the true One.
27:21 James: Hmmm... and that's why you have this...
27:23 this also being described as...
27:25 it says in verse 4,
27:27 "These are they which are not defiled with women. "
27:29 Ivor: Hmmm... hmmm...
27:30 James: Here it's not talking about literal...
27:32 it's not talking about people that aren't married,
27:34 it's talking about "women" as in "churches. "
27:35 Ivor: Right.
27:36 James: Not defiled with other church doctrines, basically,
27:39 they're not defiled... they're first fruits...
27:41 James in chapter 1 says,
27:42 the first fruit is someone who's born again.
27:44 They have the genuine born-again experience
27:47 first fruits... they depend totally on Jesus Christ
27:50 and that is what God is calling us to...
27:52 to be able to prepare for this crisis.
27:54 Total... total surrender to Jesus...
27:57 total dependence on Christ, that's what we need.
27:59 "Amen. "


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